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Bridget McCormack

Bridget Mary McCormack is a professor at the University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor, Michigan and serves as the associate dean of clinical affairs.

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Justice Bridget McCormack a panelist at 'Economics of Court-Appointed Appeals' on Nov. 18 -
ICYMI: joined on this a.m. discussing customer satisfaction in MI trial courts
ICYMI: Hear Justice McCormack on talking public satisfaction in MI courts
Don't miss Justice Bridget McCormack on Wednesday at 9:45AM. Listen live:
7 Oxbridge colls now run by ex-journos. BBC's Bridget Kendall to be first female master of oldest Cambridge college htt…
Justice Bridget McCormack kicking off 16th Family Court Forum of the Family Law Section.
On our way to Dante's to see the sold out Doug Stanhope show. And drinking. Bridget Mccormack
So...the thermometer just read 46 degrees.and we're still moving house!! This is agony.. :-/
bridget sing "WANTEEDD" even more inspiring? lmfaoo oh, i guess thats not what people do during the song anymore..
The amazing Mark Bernstein being sworn in as UM regent by Justice Bridget McCormack with the blessing of John Dingell.
I liked a video Walk and Talk the Vote - West Wing Reunion - Bridget Mary McCormack
Congratulations Bridget Mary McCormack for your successful election to the Michigan Supreme Court
And if you were following election for Michigan Supreme Court Justice - Bridget McCormack won. This may have helped
Get to know our new Supreme Court Justice-elect:
Q&A with Ann Arbor's Bridget McCormack on being elected to the Michigan Supreme Court
Congratulations and welcome to the newest member of the Michigan Supreme Court, Bridget Mary McCormack!...
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Did you see that Bridget Mary McCormack won her race for Supreme Ct. Judge after the WestWing Cast video? Very cool!
WOO! I just checked, Bridget Mary McCormack WAS elected to the Michigan Supreme Court! Awesome!
Delighted to learn that Bridget Mary McCormack was elected to the Michigan Supreme Court. This probably helped:
Thanks to and West Wing cast for helping Bridget Mary McCormack to MI Supreme Court!
A BIG Congratulations to Bridget McCormack and the state of Michigan! Bridget is best known for leading the...
Bridget Mary McCormack takes her seat on the Michigan State Supreme Court!
Bridget Mary McCormack will soon be a Michigan Supreme Court Justice. Go Bridget!
Oh, yay! Just found out Bridget Mary McCormack won! Thanks et al!
Mark Bernstein, Shauna Ryder Diggs elected to Board of Regents; Bridget Mary McCormack wins high court spot.
Beautifully said!! How do we formally address you now? Honorable Bridget Mary McCormack? Justice Bridget Mary McCormack?
Just saw that Bridget Mary McCormack won her judicial race in Michigan. The is everything.
Great event in MI for my sister, Bridget McCormack
Bridget McCormack (the judge who got the West Wing cast to re-unite to do an ad for her) won her election. This helped
Bridget McCormack, for whom the West Wing cast made that great ad, is now a Michigan Supreme Court Justice. Congrats
Numbers still not final in Mich. Supreme Court race, but Bridget McCormack now leading Markman. O'Brien more than 100K out, Kelley conceded. featured in NBC s Science of Love
we need your help to send a message that Bridget McCormack will be elected to the MI Supreme Court Nov 6th
I notice Bridget Mary McCormack was successful too. Never underestimate the power of the
you should remind people in MI to vote for Bridget McCormack tomorrow!
for fans of West Wing, enjoy this advert again, now that Bridget McCormack won in a close race
Looks like that West Wing reunion advert paid off for Bridget Mary McCormack...
Thrilled to wake up to news that Bridget Mary McCormack will sit on MI Supreme Court. Sad AA voted down new library.
Happy to see Bridget McCormack won a seat on the MI Supreme Court. I do think her sister Mary and her West Wing friends helped. ;)
Gongwer is calling Stephen Markman and Bridget McCormack the winners for the two full terms on the Supreme Court. Court says 4-3 GOP.
West Wing cast may win an election... Bridget Mary McCormack (who cast reunited to cut commercial for) poised to win MI Sup Ct seat
You will know - did Bridget Mary McCormack win Supreme Court in MI???
Ok, unless there is a serious disaster, I feel like I can call the Michigan Supreme Court race w/ 75%: Bridget McCormack WILL be a judge.
Just back from the big Dems party at Webers. What a glorious night! Much whooping, hollering and hugging! I was campaigning for Carol Kuhnke early this morning, so it's been a long day. Sadly, looks like Prop 2 went down, but Carol Kuhnke is our new District Court Judge, Gretchen Driscoll is our State Rep., Debbie Stabenow is still in the Senate, looks like Bridget McCormack will be on the state Supreme Court, and I have to say: I just love it when I go to bed and Barack Obama is President!
Looks like Bridget Mary McCormack is ahead for Michigan Supreme Court. Any info?
Bridget Mary McCormack(big sis) +I on election night in Detroit. Fingers crossed
Close race for Bridget Mary McCormack, she who inspired the West Wing reunion video/ad. (MI Supreme Court)
Bridget McCormack is now in the top 2 for MI Supreme Court!
One more political time and then you won't hear anything political from me again. Remember, I'd like to encourage you to vote for Sheila Johnson, Connie Kelly and Bridget McCormack for Supreme Court Justices. Looking at the ballot from Petersburg, McCormack and Kelly are grouped together and Johnson is running for the partial term. PLEASE, WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR FAMILIES! Thank you!
Make sure you vote straight Democratic ticket. DO NOT VOTE FOR EACH PERSON, JUST VOTE ONCE FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Then, on the back, vote for the judges, Connie Kelly, Sheila Johnson, Bridget McCormack... they are Democratic and we need them on the MI Supreme Court that is now Republican.
MEA has recommended three candidates for the Supreme Court because they have a proven track record of supporting the rights of middle class families to a fair and honest judicial system. Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Connie Kelley, Southfield District Judge Sheila Johnson, and University of Michigan law professor Bridget McCormack have all dedicated their careers to standing up for families against corporate special interests and taking a tough stand on violence against women and children. AND REMEMBER YES YES YES ON 2! THANK YOU !
Republicans really do rely on the ignorance of the public. I saw an ad featuring the mom of a soldier killed in the war in Afghanistan. Our heart goes out to her. Too bad our brain can't go out to her too. She was complaining about State Supreme Court candidate Bridget McCormack, who had the audacity to defend an alleged terrorist in Guantanamo. First, Mom, alleged criminals, including alleged terrorists, under our system of justice, are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Also, Mom, under our justice system alleged criminals, including alleged terrorists, have a right to an attorney. So Bridget McCormack was doing her duty under our system of justice, which seems to me to make her highly qualified to serve on the Michigan Supreme Court.
My last political status report before the election. Limited to Michigan and Oakland County judicial elections. In Oakland County Circuit Court, I endorse the incumbent slate. The two challengers are funded by an unknown, out-of-state organization that noone knows anything about. That's scary in my mind. As for the "nonpartisan" Michigan Supreme Court, I strongly endorse Bridget McCormack (D) and Brian Zahra (R) as intelligent moderates. For the third spot, either Connie Marie Kelley (D) or Colleen O’Brien (R) would be a good choice, depending on where your political allegiances lie. I know it's wishful thinking, but here's to hoping that the moderates can prevail.
Please take a moment to watch this video on Michigan Supreme Court candidate Bridget McCormack and her radical...
I just got a robocall with some woman telling me that as a Democrat I should vote for Colleen O'Brien for Michigan Supreme Court! O'BRIEN IS A REPUBLICAN!! How low can they go? They know the majority is going to vote for the democrats so they are trying to confuse the voters. Vote for Shelia Johnson, Connie Kelly, and Bridget McCormack, the Democrats!
A conservative legal advocacy group based in Washington D.C. began a major television advertising campaign today criticizing University of Michigan law professor and Michigan Supreme Court candidate Bridget McCormack for volunteering to provide legal representation to terror suspects held at the G...
Interesting. I just found out that the candidates for the 3 open spots on the Michigan Supreme Court are supposed to be non-partisan and are presented on the ballot as non-partisan, but they are in fact nominated by parties at the party conventions. There are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Natural Law Party, and US Taxpayer Party candidates. I also learned that $1 million from out of state has been spent on a last minute add against Bridget McCormack. That alone makes me inclined to vote for her if that kind of out of state money is against her. I think we need a better way to nominate our Supreme Court judges and get the political parties, not to mention the money, out of the candidate selection.
So if you are in Michigan check out , Bridget McCormack running for Supreme Court
Not qualified for MI Supreme Court: college professor Bridget McCormack has never been judge or prosecutor. SC not a job training program.
Bridget McCormack is running for Michigan's Supreme Court, and it's definitely not going ...
History does repeat itself. The Democratic party in Michigan has put up a "family advocate" (is that like a community organizer?) Bridget McCormack for a seat on Michigan's highest court. Forget about the fact that she has never been a Circuit judge or an Appellate judge, just put her on the Michigan Supreme Court. And once again the Democratic party shows how important they believe the moron vote is to them.
Michigan Democrats Announce Halloween Costumes LANSING, Mich. Oct. 31, 2012 – Today, the Democrat Party made big news by announcing the Halloween costumes of its most prominent members. According to reliable sources the Democrats will dress as the following: · Pres. Barack Obama plans to dress up as the tax man and take 50% of the candy collected by neighborhood children. · Gary McDowell will attend festivities as a political chameleon given his recent attempt to reinvent himself as a fiscal conservative. · Bridget McCormack is dressing up as defense counsel for Al Qaeda terrorists. · Judge Shelia Johnson will play dress as a boxing promoter who helps free famed boxers who beat 13 year old children. · Judge Connie Kelley, not to be outdone, will suit up as scandal ridden Bob Ficano’s lawyer. · Justice Diane Hathaway will dress as a real estate agent, though it is unclear if she’ll give answers or candy to the FBI. · Finally, No Budget Debbie Stabenow will hideout in her swanky D.C. home where ...
-hasaci*news : West Wing ad for Supreme Court candidate Bridget McCormack a smashing success – here are the numb...
Help us celebrate Bridget's nomination by helping us reach 3,000 "Likes". Please "share" with your friends and family to send a message that we want Bridget McCormack as our next Michigan Supreme Court justice!
Because they can't run for judge, we need our judges to stand up for them. Judge Connie Kelley, Judge Shelia Johnson and Bridget McCormack, are three candida...
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