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Bridget Kelly

Bridget Kelly (born April 8, 1986) is a pop/R&B singer and songwriter from New York City.

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Bridget Kelly, former Chris Christie aide, returns to stand to face prosecutor
Bridget Kelly, on persona and how to avoid his "wrath."
Bridgegate defendant Bridget Kelly says 1 of her jobs was to make sure wasn’t standing too long behind another…
Bridget Kelly testifies that Christie knew about George Washington Bridge lane closures a month ahead of time
Bridget Kelly: Christie knew about GWB lane closures plan a month before it was carried out
It was always clear that Christie threw Bridget Kelly under the bus, and the real culprit was Gov. Blowhard himself
Newsworthy: Ex-aide says Christie knew about bridgegate - Bridget Kelly, former top aide of New Jersey Gov. Chr...
Former IGA staffer Chris Stark testifies in his opinion Bridget Kelly didn't have "the capability" to order the lane closures on her own.
I hate bags. I never carry a bag. I am terrified of bags. I don't want to have to be responsi
I don't know how to say this, but Cece is turning out to be a little b-i-t-c-h.
BRIDGEGATE: Kelly has a good day– and who knew Christie and Cuomo were BFFs?: Michael Critchley and Bridget Kelly…
This looks like a vice principal debate. Thoughts on grinding at school dances gentleman?
"Suddenly feels like screen goddess in manner of Grace Kelly." -Bridget | TIKET PREMIERE GRATIS >>
"Cuomo spokesman John Kelly, who isn't related to Bridget Kelly, denied the conversation between governors took place"
At Bridgegate trial, Wildstein admits he once told prosecutors Bridget Kelly never made decisions on her own.
Bridget Kelly attorney Michael Critchley seeks to discredit David Wildstein by showing his thuggish side.
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Wildstein admits Bridget Anne Kelly had nothing to do with report on bogus traffic study, but other top Christie officials were involved
Bridgegate---Wildstein admits defendant Bridget Kelly had nothing to do with report covering up lane closure but bigger guns were involved.
thank you froshy... I'll be back soon for some hibachi 😘❤️
hbd to my fav person. Thanks for being my fan & loving Tokyo diner & good life as much as me. Love & miss u bunches💖
. Listen to Bridget Kelly on it's a pretty good late night medley💋🤗
well not sure if I really believe any of it but if you answered my texts u'd know I said don't walk alone 🙄🙄🙄
Kim K was held at gunpoint, there's clowns terrorizing everyone, and Brad and Angelina broke up. 2016 is cancelled, see y'…
Sneak a peek at Pretty Wicked by Kelly Charron and enter to win a $50 gift card!
Special Delivery by Bridget Kelly will always be my fav song
Bridget Kelly . 👉 🏃🏃🏃🏃 . " I could do bad all by myself, but I choose to take this journey with YOU .." ~ DJrg
Wildstein testifies they bragged to Christie bc Bridget Kelly told them earlier "the gov is going to love this" during planning
David Wildstein testified he told Bill Baroni, Bridget Kelly, Bill Stepien about the month before it happened.…
"I did not think she was joking," Wildstein says of Fort Lee email from Christie deputy Bridget Kelly.
Christie nominates Bridget Kelly's lawyer to NJ Supreme Court, is now governing using only middle fingers.
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Kelly and Bridget slowly stripping to expose *** and Bridget.
Listen to Bridget Kelly - Quickie (Remix) by oh_hai_its_jaree on Not quickfix no hit it and get it💋💋
Tbt to drunk texting me last night saying "it's us against the world" 😂😂😂😂
After he threw Bridget Kelly under the bus, you knew. Christie fluffing Trump is Gop perfection. Never get a woman's vote.
It’s the final day to win a signed copy of A Criminal Magic by & an Journal https:…
Glad I get to drive through this mess just to sit at a desk for 2 hours and do nothing 🙃
Just what to say hi to Bridget and Kelly hope use having a good day
Bridget Kelly's Summer of 17 EP puts me in an unusually good mood.
I would love to direct a music video for a song off your latest album. I just directed Bridget Kelly music video it was 🔥🔥🔥
"Maybe Gods rejection is Gods protection"- Bridget Kelly
Can't wait for David Wildstein or Bridget Ann Kelly to explain how $155M giveaway to Fox will only cost $9M:
Kelly coming back in with a bang amirite??!!!?
Wonder when my mom will start choosing Christmas cards that I actually look good in?
Hi Sade! I would like to invite you to an event this Friday at Music Choice ft. Rico Love, Bridget Kelly & Kreesha Turner.
hey corruption King, how much r u paying Bridget Kelly to keep her mouth shut? How much did Exxon pay u 2 settle the bay way?
Where's when I need someone to go on an impromptu Sura trip with me 😢
I like This BRIDGET KELLY Project... I almost Forgot she had A Dope project B4 Until I seen she recycled SEEK N DESTROY
I am sure J Bubbles will not be able to sleep tonight. Lol. Hashtag going to bed.
Congratulations Bridget Kelly! You have WON a 3 day double pass to Disconnect Festival THIS coming weekend at...
I'm sure u can find at least 1. hashtag invite Sam to work out w u. lol
the Prov locals aren't as nice to look at as Jake Layman
Nice!! Go Terps!!! Impressed u r at the gym so late!! Hope u r scoping out the boys in the gym too..
Wow J Bubbles r u actually watching the game??
Trump still may be on Gov. Christie Christmas card list but what about Dave Wildstein? Bridget (gate) Kelly and Bill Baroni?
I THON for the families and children fighting cancer everyday
Bridget kelly has an amazing album tho
Bridget Kelly with the two simp Kuttz>>>
Mr. Innocent Idibia crosses international borders as he duets with Roc Nation diva Bridget Kelly...
The singer Bridget Kelly remind me of a young Tina Turner man she is fine..Im a fan
Manheim township girls tennis defeats Cocalico 7 to 0
Last time I was at SOB's in NY, Jay and Pharell were there watching Bridget Kelly. Now I get to watch rock out. Blessed 🙏🏿
Anyway, let me listen to Bridget Kelly.
I'll miss being able to nap after class 😭💔
just that 3-5 songs.that's not enough for me.. I've merged both of Bridget Kelly's EP's to make one CD. 😩
Baby gifts for all boys and girls! We love bridget.kelly.sf and her designs for all things baby. Stop…
Happy first day of school just spilt half my water bottle in my bag :)
Performing at London, welcome NYC Star 24th November, check it:
Summer of 17 - EP - Bridget Kelly Bridget Kelly came to notice as a singer w
Thks Bridget Kelly interview is actually interesting.
Tried to get freshman to go see a show at PPAC last night..
Having trouble staying motivated? How about a free pass - here's your chance to stick with it:
Desperately need to get back to the gym 👊🏼💪🏼
Would love to know where some people get their information from ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Bridget Kelly could've won song of the year for Special Delivery.
Photo: teenagedarlings: gulcayn: Bridget Hall by Kelly Klein for Vogue Russia September 1998 teenage...
Didn't care for Bridget Kelly new EP reminds me too much of Melanie Fiona music
bridget kelly is cool.. go on YouTube, Keke's vocals are insane. Her & Jazmine are the best vocally, imo
idk if I will be prepared for Bridget Kelly and Ginette Claude doing a song together.listen.if I heard right in the snapchat...🙌
Tuface - let somebody love you ft Bridget Kelly"Ordinary people/Cobhams
"That's not usually how I wrap my wrap." -😂 He cracks me up
So I recently got put on Bridget Kelly she sing good but baby craazy like real deal crazy
"It's okay if no one knows your favorite musician, you should be glad… ♫ Special Delivery by Bridget Kelly —
"Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly at the 28th Academy Awards, 1956.always classy OG QUEENS
Thank you, Bridget Kelly for organizing and leading a terrific in-company reading of Waltz of the Toreadors by...
sad 😔😔 cause I actually am going to the beach tomorrow ugh
Happy Birthday to Mike, Kelly, and Bridget 3 of my favorite people in the world!. I've been blessed to have you...
I really love that song , Bridget Kelly - Special delivery.
Michael Critchely, Bridget Kelly's attorney wants to see the "work product" - interview transcripts, notes, etc.
Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni also named in federal court as co-conspirators in
Former Chris Christie aide Bridget Kelly: "Ludicrous" to think I was the only one to know about the bridge scandal
Anybody really think that anyone besides Bridget Kelly & maybe David Samson will get indicted? Scooter Libby redux.
Enjoyed the 963rnb showcase last night! Hosted by Brandy with Bridget Kelly, Gabi Wilson, Justine…
SXSW finally has a decent r&b showcase and I'll miss it. Brandy, Elle Varner, Bridget Kelly, Justin Skye, and Tiana Thomas? Sheesh!
Chris Christie said he believes David Wildstein and Bridget Kelly deflated the balls... Y'all N.E Pats are scumbags 😂😂😂
I added a video to a playlist Bridget Kelly - Special Delivery
Would you like to play Bridget Kelly or Siobhan Martin again in Ringer?
Do you think Chris Christie is just missing Bridget Kelly? Things just don't seem the same...
Whenever you're ready Bridget Kelly! I'm all ears. She sings and WRITES! Grammy-award winning. Ask Kelly Clarkson, she'll tell you.
I love her, and don't understand why she hasn't broke through, it pains me -- " All the best to Bridget Kelly!"
i still want to know why Bridget Kelly sent that email
The idea is that David Wildstein and Bridget Kelly ordered them because they thought
Christina Renna just testified under oath that Bridget Kelly was NOT the architect of the scheme to close the GWB lanes in Bri…
If "Bridget Kelly was not a decision maker" then claim that she was loose cannon falls apart
Bridget Kelly, David Wildstein, who had deep ties to Gov. Christie, unemployed ... - New York Daily News
25 FACTS U DID NOT KNOW 1. Brandy and Snoop Dogg are first cousins. 2. Rap is not the only talent that Philly rap veteran Beanie Sigel hones on the regular — he also has a passion for oil painting. 3. Before Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., was known to the world as Lil Wayne, his rap moniker was Shrimp Daddy. 4. Surprisingly, a young Lauryn Hill was booed at the Apollo’s amateur night. 5. Azealia Banks, Nicki Minaj, Jean Grae, Dana Dane, Kelis, Bridget Kelly, Eartha Kitt, MC Serch, and Slick Rick were all once students at the Fiorella LaGuardia High School of Music & Art in New York City. 6. The Chicago Bulls’ ball boy position was once filled by Windy City’s own Common. 7. Future is the cousin of Rico Wade, a member of the three man Atlanta production team Organized Noize. Organized Noize not only produced TLC’s hit ‘Waterfalls’ but were the backbone of legendary Dungeon Family collective that includes Outkast and Goodie Mob. In fact, Wade gave the ‘Honest’ creator his rap name and Future s ...
.insists that David Wildstein, Bill Stepien and Bridget Kelly are not giving info on
Bridget Kelly - Special Delivery . Speaks how Im feeling right about now ...
The sweet girls in my AWANA class colored my binder cover for me. I sure will miss Kelly, Bridget,…
Special delivery - Bridget Kelly just some music we can appreciate 😘
I hope these treats I cried on the paper don't dry before they make it to your side bridget kelly
pls play me special delivery bridget kelly. Thanks
You should listen to this girl named Bridget Kelly she's alright saw her from jarell
"And that my good Presidents, is part of my Job requirement on Earth and on your S-P-A-C-E Probe" -QUOTE Bridget Kelly's Alien Foundation for the Coopers
Saw Elle Varner, Bridget Kelly, & Martell Webster all in one day.. Pretty good day I guess you can say
Bridget is getting turnt while taking an online test.that's my girl✊
Bridget and Kelly, two lovely Victor HS juniors, came in for Updos for their prom tonight. Can you say...
Comm. Kelley: Do you know Melzer or do you Own Melzer. Comm. Kelley No two fingerprints are the same. I believe that this is a safe bet. Bridget Kelly FBI. I know you all hear me, why are you not following ORDERS. TSA Pre™ Application Program | Transportation Security ... Security Administration Now accepting applications at more than 250 locations. The TSA Pre✓™ application program is one of four DHS Trusted Traveler programs. ... A. For the in-person fingerprint collection, TSA has procedures to accommodate individuals who
Bridget Kelly arrives in the UK next week. UK tour.
My words of advice for Meghan before her match
Bridget Anne Kelly, key figure in bridge scandal, said she will not answer subpoena
Kim is one of my favorites, a mixture of Grace Kelly & Bridget Bardot.
Bridget Kelly (hits the studio with Christopher Uman (for debut album.
Chris Christie can run but he cannot hide According to Scott Raab, who has been covering the Port Authority and Bridgegate for Esquire Magazine, David Wildstein is cooperating with United States Attorney Paul Fishman’s investigation of the now infamous Fort Lee lane closures to the George Washington Bridge in September, 2013. The unexpected closures caused extreme traffic delays and inconvenience to commuters into and out of New York City. Wildstein, who was appointed to the Port Authority by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, gave the infamous order to close the lanes after he received an email from Bridget Kelly, Christie’s Deputy Chief of Staff that said, “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.” He responded, “Got it.” The rest as they say, is history, or about to be. Because Bridget Kelly also has offered to cooperate. Wildstein and Kelly offered to tell all in exchange for immunity. Whether Fishman agreed to their terms remains to be seen. Between them they know where all of the bod ...
Lisa Brennan on Bridget Kelly: "She could be next" on talking with investigators, but not clear when it will happen.
Bridget Kelly and Bill Stepien can claim a 5th Amendment privilege against self incrimination as a bar to...
Congratulations to the winners of our Chicago Paddle Company NCAA tournament bracket! First place is Bridget Kelly, second place is Denise Werner, and third place is Brian Muhr! Please contact us at infoto claim your prizes. And congratulations to the UCONN Huskies on their National Title!
They tried to pair Kendrick Lamar with Bridget Kelly but he really didn't back her like Chris Brown did for Sevyn and Drake for Jhene Aiko.
I don't live in New Jersey, and I am SO over Chrispie Creme AKA Govenor Chris Christy. What did he think was going to happen: a commission that he put together is going to find that there was no wrongdoing on his part and put all the blame on everyone else on his staff -- plus make mention of an inappropriate relationship that may or may not have happened. Then he has a media blitz and goes out on the road to drum up supporters for his presidential bid. How quickly he forgets that Bridget Kelly is still being investigated by the feds. If I was her, I would sing like Patti Labelle.
In an effort to discredit his former aide Bridget Kelly, Chris Christie and his legal team chose to paint her in the most unflattering way possible.
A lawyer for an aide fired by Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for ordering traffic to be blocked near the George Washington Bridge says the only credible investigation into the lane closings is being conducted by the U.S. attorney's office. Ex-aide Bridget Kelly's lawyer Michael Critchley casts doubt on the credibility of a report commissioned by Christie that exonerates him and blames her.
Bridget Kelly knows everything. And now you see the classic "defense" that Chris Christie is setting up. It is the same as the boss having an affair with his secretary. "If you ever tell anyone I will deny it and destroy you". The "report" was a clear shot across the bow. Setting her up as the crazy, emotional, unhinged, lying jilted woman. Chris Christie and his high paid hack lawyers should go straight to *** for this.
Why Chris Christie believes his misogynistic attacks on Bridget Kelly are helpful to him is a mystery to me, but using the "Blame Bridget" strategy has angered many people.
Why did internal investigation note that Bridget Kelly was dumped by her boyfriend? To humiliate her. http:…
Chris Christie investigating himself on Bridgegate with NJ tax dollars is analogous to Tony Soprano's sleazy lawyer investigating the sudden disappearance of Ralphie.and then there's his top aide that sweetheart Bridget Kelly.anyone remember Haldeman & Erlichman...birds of a politcal feather...
NJ Gov. Chris Christie finally accepts blame and responsibility for Bridgegate — for trusting, too much, in the people he hired. As for everything else, the expensive law firm that he hired to do an internal investigation, (did not talk to any of the adverse parties,) said that he didn't do anything wrong and it was all the fault of Bridget Kelly and PMS — Please move along. There is nothing to see here.
Whew.hats off to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Her investigative coverage of the Christie scandal is commendable to say the least. The best of writers could not have written the intricate, subtle and delicate wording and posturing involved in a conspiracy scandal such as we have seen in the NJ bridgegate. Tonight, riveted to how this unfolded today in the million dollar payoff to the lawyers, results from the investigation that got down to two suggestions; Gov. Christie is really the poor guy who simply had no clue, clueless they suggest and Bridget Kelly is a *** with hormone issues that caused her poor judgement. *** Shaming' is what Rachel Maddow called it. Not surprised, but none the less, aghast at what New Jersey Taxpayers footed the bill for. What great insight into not only local city and state corruption among public officials, the lunacy of legal representation as a free for all financially, but the audacity of the suggestion that a woman, who they claim is not stable intimately, overly emotional a .. ...
The report finds that former Port Authority of New York and New Jersey official David Wildstein and ex-Christie aide Bridget Kelly were behind the closures.
Report into wrongdoing by Christies office in the GW Lane closures heavily blames Bridget Kelly & David Wildstein. Plan was hatched by them
Mastro says David Wildstein orchestrated the lane closure with Bridget Kelly.
“A lot of it was a non-answer” – NJ resident Fred Kanter who asked Chris Christie about Bridget Kelly's firing.
That Bridget Kelly Special Delivery be having me in my feelings.
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Had a nice lil road trip to get rubi with time now 😅📚
Cheers to Tima who nominated me to post up a pic for Cancer Awareness. I donated £5 from my penny jar. I.e the bank. Here's my make up-less mug and my wonderful mamma who quite happily walks the earth without the stuff. To all those who carry negative vibes surrounding this cause. A big massive middle finger right up at you, you shallow tarts. Oh... And might I add, no filter actually adds a tan to my skin.. Which I dislike. Donate - don't hate. My nominations - Natasha Diane Wozniak, Erica Egan, Sana Chaudhry, Bridget Kelly O'Sheehan, Inci Looter, Ant Millson (yes cuz, I want another one! Lol) Xx
Redacted Bridget Kelly email reveals, "Time for some amazing Korean BBQ in Fort Lee." Got it?!
E-mails show Stepien was told of mayor's frustration via
Need Bridget Kelly to give me some new music. Gonna rock with her EP in my meantime.
I just used Shazam to discover Goosebumps by Bridget Kelly.
WSJ’s discusses fmr. Christie aide Bridget Kelly’s court appearance and its effect on
You know, "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee"? Since that Major News Event that derailed Chris Christie's career, I find myself wondering how often similar situations occur that we never hear about. In particular, I'm wondering about the fact that since the beginning of the year my GHI checks are being sent to my patients instead of to me approximately one out of four sessions. I can picture the Emblem Health version of Bridget Kelly saying, "Time for some financial diversion for Dr. Maher." Is that what they do when they think your interpretation of "medical necessity" differs from theirs? Or am I just being paranoid?
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I'm asking what is making you say that
Ezra isn't dead I refuse to believe that
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Torn between wanting to know who A is and never wanting the show to end
BREAKING: Another Bridget Kelly email revealed -- "Time for some traffic problems in Malaysia"
Dr. Bridget Kelly everyone. She was my first professor at and in that first class reassured…
Shaquana Edwards leads the Beavers with 10 points at the half Bridget Kelly has five for the Indians
We recently met up with Find out about her journey before & more:
I hope Bridget Kelly blows up this year! Love her voice! 👌
Are we sure Chris Christie and Bridget Kelly have nothing to do with that missing plane?
yes Kelly, I'll leave a 3 month old to fend for himself so that you can have coffee.
"Bridget Kelly x Special Delivery." Hurry hurry, please mister mail man! Over night it if you can I meds you to feel me!
Bridget Kelly; Special Delivery be my shiet all da time. 👌
SHappens x Bridget Kelly “What y'all listening to on this sunny Tuesday morning?”
Christie is a *** crook and he is hiding something so is that dumb broad Bridget Kelly about Christie,no doubt about it.
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I would like to fornicate with Bridget Kelly.
Bridget Kelly fighting 'Bridgegate' subpoena: Former Chris Christie aide Bridget Kelly, who is at the center o...
PHOTO: Bridget Kelly, former aide to N.J. Gov. Chris Christie at center of bridge scandal, arrives for court hearing:
It annoys the *** out of me how Bill Stephien and Bridget Kelly of the Republican Chris Christie GW Bridge Scandal are being protected by using the 5th Ammendment.drives me crazy how these White collar, politicians get away with this "ish " and Young Black low level criminals have no such protection and are buried under the jail !.
I have a question... If the government is monitoring our phone calls & e-mails, via the NSA as confirmed by Edward Snowden... Then how come Bridget Kelly and Bill Stapien are exempt from turning over phone records & e-mails? If I sent an e-mail that was incriminating, I'd be sitting somewhere in a jail not able to assert my 5th Amendment rights. However, these two feel they are exempt from the same laws that govern the rest of us. They are covering up something for Chris Christie, and I'm eager to see why happens to all of them. As they say everything done in the dark eventually comes to light.
Lets see...Christie said he didn't know Wildstein, but was seen in numerous pictures standing next to him. He said he fired Bridget Kelly..then he said he had someone fire her. That's his excuse for not asking her why he did it. He said he didn't know the Mayor of Ft Lee, wouldn't be able to recognize him if he seen him, but it was later found that he had him over to his home for dinner. Looks like a pattern to me. Now he said that he thinks Samson should stay at the Port Authority that he is a good man. Come to find out Samson wasn't as good as he said he was when he was using his position at the Port Authority to help individuals that his Law Firm handled. Sounds to me that the whole stinking bunch needs to be gone and quickly. And Christie should quit. He is still a lawyer, and lawyers are known to be a little edgy so he will do just fine. New Jersey's Christie allies joke about another traffic jam: documents
Rabbi Mendy Carlebach, chaplain to Port Authority police, was targeted by former Chris Christie deputy chief of staff Bridget Kelly and former Port Authority official David Wildstein.
Rachael Harris should play Bridget Kelly in any Chris Christie movie, but who should play the man himself?.
Kathy Nicolaus is to Scott Walker as Bridget Kelly is to Chis Christie.
Bridget Kelly, Alice Smith...some of them may not have full albums out just yet.
No mention of traffic study seems like smoking gun put together with David Wildstein and Bridget Kelly back and forth.
David Wildstein relaying information from texts to Bridget Kelly, then-Christie deputy chief of staff...
'Bridgegate!' Someone or something is rotten in NY/NJ and Chris Christie has become the 'Target of Choice!' Assuming Christie has engineered lane closures at the GWB, why then would David Wildstein and Bridget Kelly plead the "5th" (I refuse to answer on the grounds I may incriminate myself). Wildstein and Kelly also seek immunity from prosecution! NLMAO!
There was no reason for Chris Christie to ask Bridget Kelly what happened on the GW bridge, HE ALREADY KNEW, HE …
Lawyers for Chris Christie seeking to interview Fort Lee Mayor, Bridget Kelly, and former ally David Wildstein.
Is it wrong to enjoy watching twist in the wind? Lets ask David Wildstein and Bridget Kelly, I'll bet they have an opinion
Bridget Kelly, former aide to Chris Christie, takes the 5th. Won't talk. Gee, I thought these people were going to cooperate with everyone!!
Do you think Bridget Kelly is protecting Chris Christie? Vote, discuss at
Christie is throwing Bridget Kelly under the bus or into the George Washington Bridge.
AFLAC AFLAC!!! Why so little media on Christie's. chief of staff Kevin O'Dowd?! Job was to manage Bridget Kelly & protect Gov. Come on media
as set to to 'of on Friday Paul Lewis in Washington, Sunday 2 February 2014 19.36 GMT Jump to comments (…) Chris Christie The Chris Christie, was at a event in Times Square, on Saturday. Photograph: Erik S. Lesser/EPA The the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, could deepen on Monday when the state legislative committee investigating allegedly lane on the bridge, which happened in September, receives its first tranche of subpoenaed documents. Speculation over whether Christie knew about the closures intensified on Friday, when a key figure in the controversy alleged that the Republican governor had lied to the public. On Sunday, it was confirmed that a member of Christie's administration who was one of 17 people subpoenaed resigned on Friday. Christina Genovese Renna reported to deputy chief of staff Bridget Kelly, who apparently set the lane closings in motion and who was fired by Christie last month. Renna confirmed her resignation through a statement to the Associated Press from h ...
New York vocalist and Roc Nation signing Bridget Kelly peforms her recent hit 'Special Delivery' at her debut UK headline show @ The Jazz Cafe
Bridget Kelly loses her "connected" lawyer: Is she about to turn on Chris Christie?
Among those who were sent subpoenas, according to a source: Christie’s former deputy chief of staff Bridget Kelly and his former campaign manager Bill Stepien, as well as spokesman Michael Drewniak, Director of Communications Maria Comella, chief counsel Charles McKenna, chief of staff Kevin O’Dowd,...
hires Bridget Kelly then she files for divorce
Dennis Rodman should fill in for Bridget Kelly
Eagerly waiting the Daily Caller to publish its story how many times Chris Christie met with Bridget Kelly over the last five m…
She's the woman in the Chris Christie bridge scandal everyone is talking about. So, who is Bridget Kelly? Check out the AC360 report.
There's been a mystery about just who David Wildstein was texting with in those now infamous texts where he says "I feel badly about the kids ... I guess" and the mystery person replies "They are the children of Buono voters." Well, it was Bridget Kelly.
Things we have learned about has 'full confidence' that his pick for Attny Gen (Kevin O'Dowd) can fairly and impartially conduct an investigation into a violation of NJ law that we do not, as yet have clear proof that neither O'Dowd nor Christie was not involved in! Really, Chris?? We're supposed to trust this guy...the way you trusted Bridget Kelly? Until Bridget Kelly testifies, David Wildstein quits hiding behind the 5th amendment and those redacted e-mails get un-redacted, Kevin O'Dowd is NOT free of suspicion in this case and clearly can NOT head the investigation into it. Even by typical GOP "Fox guarding the henhouse' standards, this is untenable. Plus, at BEST, O'Dowd has demonstrated a profound lack of attention to what his own deputies are doing right under his nose. Should he really be given supervisory authority over all the state prosecutors? Something is rotten in the state of New Jersey
Chris Christie, David Wildstein and Bridget Kelly all majored in How's it different - productively - from
Chris Christie threw Bridget Kelly under the bus; luckily the bus was 4 hrs late cos they'd closed all those bridge lanes.
In response to a legislative subpoena to former Port Authority Executive Wildstein for all documents relating to the lane closures, State Assembly Transportation Committee chair Wisniewski reported that over four thousand documents were produced. "Included in these documents is a reference to what appears to be a meeting between Port Authority Chairman David Samson and the governor one week before Bridget Kelly issued the order to cause ‘traffic problems' in Fort Lee," Wisniewski said in a statement. "By submitting these documents, Mr. Wildstein is telling us they are related to the lane closures in some way. The question that demands answering is - how?"
Fric an Frac 101 : Christie claims to have fired Bridget Kelly. I doubt that it was anything more than political theater to make Christie look executive, and to "prove" that he didn't know. Normally, with evidence so damning, the implicated individual would quietly resign, especially if s/he is just an aide. Just look at Bill Baroni and David Wildstein. Yet she didn't, without any statements of defense. It's clear to me that she made a deal with Christie to be fired. Whether her motive is money, loyalty or something else, who knows? Either way, it seems to have worked and pundits are praising him for taking charge. He even got to say that he refused to even hear her explanation before firing her. The Tough Guy image continues... what amazes me is people all over the country I talk to think this guy is somehow "smart" and politically "savvy" because of his Law Experience. This guy was a moron from Day one, Hand Picked...and Represents New Jersey Exactly as Mr. Corzine and MF Global. I doubt , like Corzine ...
From these new emails, it becomes very apparent that Bill Stepien, Bridget Kelly, Michael Drewniak were all working closely with Wildstein. It will be a great day for New Jersey when he is forced to resign and faces criminal charges.
If Rachel is right and they grant Bridget Kelly & David Wildstein immunity, Christie will likely resign in disgrace and it will be over. Her "THEORY" looks spot on to me.
Lawrence O'Donnell just made an excellent point; Christie's Chief of Staff, Kevin O'Dowd (The fired Deputy Chief of Staff, Bridget Kelly's direct supervisor) was nominated by Christie to be the state Attorney General. That means he'll control the state level investigation of his own current staff, himself and the man who nominated him. Let's see if the confirmation hearings on Tuesday go as "swiftly" as he expects and, if confirmed, will he actually let this investigation go forward HONESTLY.
I'll take 5 to 1 odds that Bridget Kelly and Justine Sacco open a PR firm together in the next three months. :)
This just in: Bridget Anne Kelly to host new show on Fox News
Weeks ago when it first broke how many staff members did you ask? They all mustve lied if you asked more than Bridget Kelly
Why didn't fire Bridget Kelly directly? He loves 2 yell at voters, why not employee? Always has others do dirty wo…
Hey -All the trending topics are associated w/ Fort Lee David Wildstein Bridget Kelly
I presume people who know Bridget Anne Kelly will never again call her "Bridge"
I hope Bridget Kelly has put her blue dress somewhere safe.
If Bridget Anne Kelly had only wasted $600M in taxpayer money on a crap website, she'd be fine.
Chris Christie is placing all the blame on Deputy CoS Bridget Kelly and portraying himself (not the people of New Jersey) a…
Chris Christie: 'She Lied to Me': New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he terminated Bridget Anne Kelly, the em...
Bridget Kelly appeared in Up Close . www.monstermmorpg. com. and follow
Christie, who fired Bridget Kelly, says he has not spoken with her ask for an explanation for why she lied to him. This seems v…
BRIDGEt Kelly sounds like a fake person to blame a bridge scandal on. is something I stop at when the bridge is up.
Is it a coincidence that BRIDGEt Kelly? I think not.
So what reporter is going to get the first Bridget Kelly interview?
fires aide Bridget Kelly denies knowledge of traffic closure
Biggest Q about Christie story: why did his Gov office culture allow/encourage this? Bridget Kelly=rogue? Hard to believe.
Well, I tried to warn Bridget Kelly not to get in the car if Silvio Dante offered her a ride today. Sheesh.
Bridget Kelly has been with Chris Christie for 5 years and he just threw her under the bus, climbed aboard, turned it on, a…
Gov. Christie fired Bridget Anne Kelly, deputy chief of staff "because she lied to me."
One key question: why did Bridget Kelly,part of Christie's "tight-knit" inner circle, think he'd look with favor on creating gridlock?
If Bridget Kelly is still using a Yahoo email address in 2014, she should be fired!
Advice to Bridget Kelly: If Silvio Dante offers you a ride today, run the other way.
fires Bridget Kelly because she lied to him -- not because she made the bridge blockage happen. Interesting.…
Well, that wraps up the scandal, it is clear Bridget Kelly did it all on her own. Thanks for clearing that up!
Bridget Kelly needs to be charged with second degree murder! A lady died due to this stunt.
BREAKING: NJ Gov. Chris says he will fire top aide Bridget Anne Kelly right after a delicious plate of baby back b…
Governor didn't fire Bridget Anne Kelly in person. Apparently he always has someone else do his dirty work...
Bridget Kelly, at some point you will need to ask yourself, .."am I willing to go to jail for this man?"
NEWSFLASH: Politicians in scandal screw a staffer then cover it up. This morning, screwed Bridget Kelly and bragged on
Bridget Kelly btch u just got fired its time for you to start talking to ALL THE MEDIA and spill ALL THE TEA!! Like today!!
Chris Christie just threw his aide Bridget Kelly under the bus, which is moving pretty slowly due to some traffic prob…
Chris Christie isn't mad that peoples lives were put in danger. He's mad Bridget Kelly lied to him. . This is
Wonder if Chris Christie firing Bridget Kelly compares to Tony Soprano dealing with Adriane?
Bridget Anne Kelly has BRIDGE right there in her name! Too perfect.
I'm surprised Christie did not question Bridget Kelly. Joe Scarborough said he'd burn his own office down to find out.*snick…
Chris Christie said he was "dumbfounded" after his "work-out" about Bridget Kelly & e-mails. He's so fit, he can throw woman under a bus!
Ramsey Friends of Bridget Kelly, the fired 'Bridgegate' emailer, circled the wagons around her after Thursday's gubernatorial press conference.
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OK, so let's be clear about Bridgegate. This didn't just happened, it happened over 3 months ago, in September of 2013. AND 1. Christie's Deputy Chief of Staff and former Communications Director, Bridget Kelly knew, but he didn't. 2. Christie's highest ranking Political Operative and 2 time Campaign Manager knew, but he didn't. 3. Christie's highest appointment to the Port Authority, Bill Baroni knew, but he didn't. 4. Christie's old High School buddy, who he gave a job to in the Port Authority, David Wildstein, knew, but he didn't. At worst, Christie knew and is now throwing everyone he can under the bus, to save his own very large *** OR At best, Christie has got a bunch of out of control people, working for him in very high positions, who have managed to keep him in the dark for the past 100 days. We don't have to elect either the "at worst" or "at best" Chris Christie, to the highest elected office in our Country.
watching the lack of testimony by Wildstein my guess that Bridget Kelly will answer in the same fashion.
"You're an embarrassment to dialogue." -Jon Stewart to ex-Christie staffer Bridget Kelly for her on-the-nose emails
So Christie knew nothing about it, right? Boy what a stupid governor, huh? Sure, I believe that. Now Bridget Kelly and that other dude can hang out with Scooter Libby and see what their life will be like. 'Cause whatever he promised you, Bridget, honey, you won't be seeing any day soon .
Christie should have started his press conference by saying, "Bridget Kelly messed with the George Washington Bridge, so I put her on suspension." Then just started laughing and laughing and laughing. Then walked off.
Live from The Hungry Cat in Hollywood, California, Roc Nation's Bridget Kelly explains why she's bringing "Something Different" to R&B. Camera A: Jessica Rew...
Ari Melber One of the more concerning inconsistencies: Christie says he's doing intense investigation - but won't talk to fired aide, Bridget Kelly.
Breaking news, Politico: "New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Thursday that he is 'embarrassed and humiliated' by the actions of aide Bridget Kelly and has fired her, effective immediately, for her involvement in the scandal surrounding the closure of lanes on the George Washington Bridge. "Christie apologized to the people affected by the lane closures, calling Kelly's behavior "completely unacceptable" and said it 'shows a lack of respect for the appropriate role of government.'" He should fire himself too.
The fact that NJ Governor Chris Christie's (now fired) Chief of Staff is named Bridget Kelly is not lost on me
As Governor, Chris Christie could have immediately opened those toll booths. The reason he didn't is because he is guilty. I wonder what kind of sweet job he got Bridget Kelly to shut her up. Probably a lobby job in 3-6 months from now. She is political "Death" right now. That is Jersey politics...
C'mon, Christie! You're not "taking responsibility" when you publicly fired Bridget Kelly over it and repeatedly state that you, "had nothing to do with it".
I sure hope MSNBC's Rachel Maddow has an interview with Bridget Kelly!
Unanswered question which Christie says he does not himself know the answer to: why was Bridget Kelly obsessed with Sokolich?
Well I hope the house is as clean as he says it is cause who ever Bridget Kelly gets to write her tell all is gonna get it all when she gets up from under that bus...
Breaking News 1/9/14 11:30pm: NJ Gov. Chris Christie is on TV right now firing his aides/staff; including Bridget Kelly (his chief of staff) says he was lied to about the bridge closures and is not interested in explanation from them. (Note: Christie flips to an from his passive voice, indicating a fish still in the bag.)
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I can't draw. But I can picture a cartoon where Christie is driving a bus over Bridget Kelly, Bill Stapien, Bill Baroni, David Wildstein and Brett Shundler. And the people of Fort Lee...
... watching Gov. Christie's press conference, was suddenly struck with the thought: ... "is Bridget Kelly Christie's "Scooter" Libby"?
Chris Christie is on the radio now! Tune to NPR 93.9 for live feed I guess. Bridget Kelly is fired btw she should be played by a younger meg Ryan. Thinking... Thinking
After firing her and calling her stupid, Chris Christie better hope Bridget Kelly doesn't have any dirt on him. *gets popcorn*
So, watching Chris Christie talk about the GW Bridge scandal. "I had nothing to do with it. I didn't know anything about it. I fired Bridget Kelly" who somehow cooked this all up herself? Christie's going to apologize to the mayor of Fort Lee, perhaps he should apologize for the hardships he caused people who were very late to work, he should be held accountable for the traffic, the accidents that inevitably happened & for being so stupid as to not "know" about it. He believed it just coincidence shutting down 2 lanes with nothing scheduled for work. Is he dumb? And so today Christie is stunned. Yup, I'll bet. I still find Christie a bad joke, but hey what the *** do I know?
Obama could learn something from how Christie is handling this scandal. (Who got fired over IRS Scandal? Who is accountable? Benghazi?). "I terminated her employment because she lied to me" Christie has fired Bridget Kelly. "I take this action today because it's my job. I am responsible for what happened. I am sad to report we fell short" "I am ultimately responsible for what happens on my watch, the good and the bad" "Just to be clear, I had no knowledge in this issue, it's planning or execution and I am stunned by the abject stupidity" "Actions have consequences" And he is going to Fort Lee in person to apologize to the Mayor. There is plenty not to like about Christie. But wouldn't this be refreshing if it came from the White House.
Either Christie's telling the absolute truth or a whole boat load of hush money's been delivered to Bridget Kelly and Jim Stepian. Welcome to the incivility of it all. How long until it and Mother Nature send us back to the Stone Age? Sure, it was a mere traffic jam they orchestrated, but it was over an election endorsement for God's sake. Using this logic, why even bother having elections? Fight it out on the streets and winner gets the power. Welcome to the Fourth World.
This fat lying *** *** blaming his staff he fired Bridget Kelly I hope she sues him for wrongful firing blame everybody else you spin less *** you *** impeach this *** right now the people of New Jersey deserve a lot better stick your apologies up your fat *** *** you cost lives you *** you don't deserve to be governor or president
BREAKING: fires Bridget Kelly: 'I terminated her employment because she lied to me.'
NJ Gov. Christie: I terminated the employment of [aide] Bridget Kelly, effective immediately - live video
Christie talking now, he has fired Chief of Staff Bridget Kelly...
Governor Christie apologizes for GWB lane closures and fires top official Bridget Kelly. Does the Governor still have your confidence ?
If you're a member of the media looking to interview Bridget Kelly, you can currently find her underneath a bus.
NJ politics as usual . when accused throw someone under the bus. Bridget Kelly looks like your the speed bump on this one !
For those keeping score, Christie has thrown one person under the bus, Bridget Kelly. My guess is.she had the smoking gun? Let the investigations begin!
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Gov. Christie is holding a press conference and denying he knew of bridge tactic. Terminating Bridget Kelly "because she lied to me." Beware the smoking gun Gov. Or the taped conversation. Iamnotabully
Anyone know what happened with the government, Fort Lee & Bridget Kelly? Breaking news just interrupted Jerry Springer.
BREAKING NEWS: Chris Christie has fired his top aide "Bridget Kelly."
What the Christie scandal has made me think about is the overwhelming lack of empathy displayed not just by conservative men, but by conservative women, too. In case after case - gun control, medical care, food stamps, now deliberately jamming up traffic with no concern for the lives of those thousands of people trapped by what Christie's Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Kelly seemed to applaud, if not design, we see an apparent lack of concern for the potential suffering of others. Maybe I'm operating from my own stereotype here, but I expect selfish, self-interested behavior from men more than I expect it from women. Maybe the conservative philosophy just infects all who embrace it equally. Maybe it trumps whatever instincts towards compassion people have.
Buy now! iTunes: Music video by Bridget Kelly performing Special Delivery. (C) 2013 Roc Nation, LLC.
Your game surprised me! thanks for Bridget Kelly and Siobhan Martin ) you have excellent)
I'm going to guess that Christie senior staffer Bridget Kelly will fall on her sword for the greater cause, only...
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Check me out in the lab with JayZ's artist Bridget Kelly!!!
Day 7: Special Delivery by Bridget Kelly! Big tune! Hope you enjoy ;) x
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You can come in a shirt, no shirt, sports bra, tight yoga pants, booty shorts, tattoos or piercings all over, unshaved legs or underarms, long hair, short hair, bald, make-up, no make-up. You can be tall, short, thin, chunky, or obese. You can be a garbage man, teacher or a CEO. GUESS WHAT? NO ONE CARES. You're there for you and you alone. There's no judgment. When I was first told this I didn't believe it. After all, I had been apart of a church where no judgment was preached but I still experienced judgment from attendees. Surely I would feel judgment from someone. Nope! What a wonder feeling! It makes my heart indescribably warm. I appreciate each one of you that brings your wonderful energy to this amazing place, Raja Hot Yoga. Love yall! -Bridget Kelly (Student at Raja)
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Angie Martinez, Bridget Kelly and the Hot 97 team were out in Coney Island serving soup off the Soupman truck. They also went to the Coney Island Cathedral ...
Through this page in context with the busy lives we live I have rekindled some lost family ties ..people and cousins who we grew up with, one of whom was my cousin Bridget kelly RIP.With permission from her dear sister Margaret (Maggie C Kelly) I post these words in memory of a true kind hearted person the words of her sister "I find it difficult to put into words how much I miss her, how I'm lost without her and how much of me died with her" For those who knew her Bridget Marian Avenue in summers light.. where cousins met and played till night her pretty face and warm soft smile.. engrains my memory all the while.. Sisters played with sisters there.. friendship and laughter in the the light of lampost the fun we shared, summer and friendship, intrinsically paired. I see her picture now.. reminds me of those times and how..those carefree days wherein I look. and bound in pages of lifes book.. and pictures in my mind I took, for comfort sought I often look. we’ll meet again..down summers way ...
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