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Brice Johnson

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How/why did the Celts pass Kris Dunn, Buddy Hield, and Brice Johnson all in one night?
I'll be very happy if wiz can land Brice Johnson. we need an athletic rebounder.
North Carolina PF Brice Johnson & Notre Dame PG Demetrius Jackson are receiving the most votes for the @ 20
Trevor Cooney, Malachi Richardson and Brice Johnson in shooting drill.
if they keep the 1st pick - Poeltl & Sabonis are intriguing. IMO, trade down & take Brice Johnson & hope T Prince falls for 2nd p
Brice Johnson is yet another player that I see as being under-valued in this
Per Brice Johnson is working out for the Nuggets on June 9.
looks like it's June 13. For this season only his DMX is comparable to Chriss, Brice Johnson.
Select Ben Simmons with trade Okafor for and select Dunn, and take Brice Johnson, Tyler Ulis, or Thon Maker with and
1st team: Embiid, Saric, Simmons, Dunn, and a free agent SG. 2nd team: Noel, Brice Johnson, Grant, Covington, and Smith. Then add veterans
Brice Johnson and Bembry are the best college guys I expect the Hawks could get at 21. A big international might be the actual best pick.
prefer him if Brice Johnson & Taurean Prince are both gone. Kinda like Thon Maker at 26 too
Ok I've got 5 targets. Hopefully one is available at 25. Demetrius Jackson, Timothe Luwawu, Taurean Prince, Domantas Sabonis, Brice Johnson
Do you think Brice Johnson would be a good draft for the Warriors?
What makes Brice Johnson an interesting NBA prospect?
I'd like to draft Brice Johnson if he's available, but if we got Young or Horford so to say, then Beasley would be great.
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Who's the best big man in the draft? Here's a sleeper for you from Johnson:
Brice Johnson is headed to Phoenix on June 8th for a workout with the Suns (
Brice Johnson has scheduled a workout w/ the Suns on June 8th (via
I've seen some mocks say Brice Johnson to Hornets at end of RD1. Can only hope.
PJ Buckets Washington just look at the year Brice Johnson had and watch film on Antwan Jamison. You're next
Marvin Williams Id prefer more. At least he can space. I am high on Brice Johnson, who I know you have shown interst in as well
New scouting profile on Brice Johnson w/stats,videos, and analysis.
Perspective I am most curious about: how do people feel about Brice Johnson as the senior ahead of Buddy, Valentine, and Prince?
Serious ? The pacer have Rak Christmas on their Dleague. Why Brice Johnson?
I had a weird dream that was on a podcast with Ben Simmons and Brice Johnson. I need to stop consuming NBA draft content before bed
I'm with it Nerlens doesn't really do much Brice Johnson can't do and we can get him with our 24th pick
bro dunk on him ur big Brice Johnson my favorite heel (and theo, of course)
Brice Johnson is a relentless rebounder like Thompson on the glass. That's what is needed badly. Worse than a point guard.
my big board for the Pacers is this:. Denzel Valentine. Thon Maker. Brice Johnson. Malik Beasley. Dejounte Murray
I really want to see Lee Brice and Cody Johnson on July 15 😩
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Some of y'all don't like Nerlens for Teague? What does Nerlens bring except energy that Brice Johnson could bring if we draft him 24
THI's Countdown of the Top 30 UNC basketball players ever today is at No. 29: Ed Cota (No. 30 is Brice Johnson) https:…
From Yogi Ferrell to Brice Johnson, these players improved their draft status during the big tourney:
There are only four prospects that I even want the Pacers to consider: Brice Johnson, Thon Maker, Demetrius Jackson, and Malik Beasley
yeah the same unc team that loses Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige?
Our backcourt better and our big men better, we still got Hicks and Meeks and we got Tony Bradley coming in to replace Brice Johnson
Gonna need the Lakers to acquire another pick to draft Brice Johnson and sign Marcus Paige as a UDFA just to see block me.
If the Pacers keep their 2 Draft Picks, would you like Brice Johnson (round 1) and Marcus Paige (Round 2)?
. I don't know how but I want Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige on this team dammit...
Roy Williams has arrived at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago. Justin Jackson, Brice Johnson, Marcus Paige are pa…
it'd be nice but I kind of want Brice Johnson too.
Sign Beal. Draft Hield. Draft Deyonta Davis or Brice Johnson. Trade the 3rd pick. Call it a summer.
Former North Carolina forward Brice Johnson has accepted an invitation to participate with the USA Basketball Select T…
I don't think it's unpopular - I'd take a Brice Johnson or Marcus Paige over Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram any day
How about this as an option if free agency fails?. PG: George Hill . SG: Monta Ellis . SF: Paul George . PF: Brice Johnson . C: Myles Turner
HOT TAKE: Brice Johnson solves all of the Hornets' problems
Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige have both been invited to the NBA combine, source told ESPN.
Brice Johnson won the Dean Smith Award tonight as UNC’s 2015-16 MVP at the team’s award ceremony.
Congratulations to Brice Johnson, winner of the Male Athlete of the Year award at the 2016
Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson won the Rammy for best record-breaking performance, and The… htt…
Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige win record-breaking performance of the year. Theo Pinson comes with them to accept.
In classic Theo Pinson fashion, he crashes Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson winning Record-Breakimg Performance at the
a dunk I got tonight against Marcus Paige , Brice Johnson and more 🏀🙏🏾
"The way [Brice Johnson] runs the floor... reminds me of a young Rasheed Wallace, another Carolina great." -
ICTV: Roy Williams, Seniors Address Crowd - Watch and read what Roy Williams, Marcus Paige, Brice Johnson and J...
Brice Johnson and eventually Joe Barry will have greater NBA careers & championships than any philly college no name players! Guaranteed!
Thank you Brice Johnson, Marcus Paige, and James Jones for all the memories! Go UNC!!
lol gotta be annoyed with UNC too..Roy Williams keeps doing it. Brice Johnson, John Henson, Ed Davis..
Nova not a top trend. It's North Carolina, Roy Williams, Brice Johnson.
The Celtics have 3 first round picks. If they keep all of them, they could EASILY get hield, Valentine, and Brice Johnson. 😱
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you need to tell your boy Gotlieb that...hes destroying Brice Johnson...poor form for Doug
A Brice Johnson bucket cuts the Wildcats' lead to 70-69. One minute remains in the second half.
Nova got Brice Johnson on that Buddy Hield treatment 🔒
Brice Johnson slams one off a rebound after UNC missed their last 8 FGs. Tar Heels have cut Nova's lead to 6.
Brice Johnson, Isaiah Hicks, Marcus Paige, Theo Pinson, and Justin Jackson should be on the floor for the
Would love to see Perry Ellis and Brice Johnson touches against Nova... Great scheme from Jay Wright.
Why isn't Brice Johnson a factor in this game? I hope there's a "Jay Wright is coaching his *** off" reason
if only Illinois could've kept Sean May out of the game like Villanova has done with Brice Johnson
let us not forget Brice Johnson working on his triple jump at half court 5 minutes in
Joel Berry, Justin Jackson, Marcus Paige, Brice Johnson, and Isaiah Hicks are about to be the top 5 draft picks 😏😏😏
Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson gotta put in work tn
Brice Johnson is gonna go off, mark my words. He always does.
UNC was my national title pick and I'm sticking with it. Tar Heels by 10. Brice Johnson will be too much. Roy Williams gets his 3rd natty.
Meanwhile, in the UNC locker room, Ol' Roy delivers the final pre-game instructions to Brice Johnson. 🏀💪
On everything bro 😂 the big three of Kennedy Meeks, Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige
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NCAA prediction. UNC up by 10, Roy Williams passes out, Brice Johnson tears his ACL, Villanova wins by 30.
no it is not. Her name is Renee. You must be thinking of another Brice Johnson.
Roy Williams has been preparing Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson for today for four years
Brice Johnson waits for Roy Williams so they can head into locker room together, victorious! https:/…
Brice Johnson didn't want anyone to make him late for the press conference, not even coach Roy Williams.
Brice Johnson says the Tar Heels feed off of Roy Williams' energy:
Joel Berry, Isaiah Hicks, Justin Jackson, Brice Johnson and Theo Pinson should become the first Tar Heels to play 40 games in a season.
Brice Johnson played his high school ball in South Carolina. . More 🎥
If we auctioned off a chance to punch Brice Johnson and Greyson Allen in the face, I feel like we could raise a pretty sizeable sum of money
Jake Layman, Wayne Selden, Malcolm Brogdon, Nigel Hayes (if he declares?), DeAndre Bembry, and Brice Johnson all in that range
Brice Johnson's PER is higher than anyone in the 1st RD of Mock Draft. Also higher than Steph Curry
Let's just put this in perspective. Marcus Paige & Brice Johnson arrived to UNC the same season as TJ Warren, Rodney Purcis, & Tyler Lewis.
[Chicago Tribune] Final Four: Players to watch (who aren't Buddy Hield or Brice Johnson)
Which finalist will be the biggest Final Four difference-maker: Buddy Hield or Brice Johnson?
Shouldn't that be the other way around? Brice Johnson got invite to Jameel Warney's block party...
cute Key Lime likes to make out and hook up with other girls on her cam Brice Johnson
Brice Johnson and Zach Auguste are two of the most annoying players of all time
ii like Brice Johnson too he mite be better than Ben Simmons right now
23rd double-double of the year for Brice Johnson, who has 21 points & 10 rebounds.
all good bro. UNC would've beat us anyway. Brice Johnson is a stud
History! Brice Johnson sets school record with 23rd double-double of the season.
Coach Mike Brey and Notre Dame would be in the but Brice Johnson and did work.
Mike Wilbon just now on PTI said those who don't have Brice Johnson in first round of their mock drafts "should be fired…
Brice Johnson sets a school record with his 23rd double-double of the season, moving past Billy Cunningham (22 in 1964).
Brice Johnson records his 23rd double-double of the season, breaking the North Carolina school record.
Brice Johnson puts up his 23rd double-double of the season (25 Pts, 12 Reb), breaking UNC single-season record.
UNC IS HEADED TO HOUSTON!. Brice Johnson posts 25 and 12 as Tar Heels beat Notre Dame 88-74 to advance to http…
Congratulations to Brice Johnson for setting a record no one has ever set before in UNC history 23 double double's!!
I was so wrong about Brice Johnson, that dude can ball
Glad to see Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson getting to the
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Brice Johnson breaks the UNC single season record for double-doubles.
Brice Johnson is an absolute monster! It would be dope to see a UNC vs. Oklahoma championship game
Brice Johnson killing the midrange game today but he's got nothing on Mike Large. that man never missed a midrange jumper
Double double aka the usual for Brice Johnson.
Brice Johnson had 8 Reb in the 1st half. Notre Dame had 7.
To recap, Mike Brey can curse at and berate the refs all night, but Brice Johnson can't toss the ball behind him
Ref gave Mike Brey (adult) a warning for cursing him out but gives Brice Johnson (kid) a technical for tossing a ball up in the air. Fair.
Warning for Mike Brey but no warning for Brice Johnson? T him up
Coaches can scream bloody murder for 40 minutes, but Brice Johnson gets a T for *that*?
Brice Johnson, what exactly are you doing? Providence's Mike Stephens dishes out the discipline. Deserved technical foul.
15 points for Brice Johnson less than 16 minutes into the game. In Marshall Plumlee / Duke parlance, he’s got a good look on his face.
UNC's Brice Johnson nearly has his head at the rim, came from the corner for this block
Eric just asked me if this was Brice Johnson. L
Mike Wilbon is fully intent on dying on the Brice Johnson hill
Meika, it would be wandaful for. Coach Williams to win another title..Brice Johnson..that kid there..
Just trying to imagine how hated Duke would be with a starting frontcourt of Zach Auguste, Brice Johnson and Devin Thomas
Bring on Indiana. Brice Johnson dominates with 21 points, 10 rebounds as UNC clobbers Providence, 85-66.
Williams says Brice Johnson has improved the most over 4 years more than any other player he's coached.
Roy Williams shines when he talks about Brice Johnson. I know he's gonna miss him and Paige next year.
Brice Johnson: 21st double-double of the season. . Only Ben Simmons (23) has more among major-conference players. https:/…
Brice Johnson's dunk was great, but wait 'til you see this bench reaction.
They lost by 20 and that's what happens when you man up on Brice Johnson the entire game..
Why I love Brice Johnson: he brought back that PHYSICAL Tyler Hansbrough play back to UNC. We've needed that DESPERATELY.
Lol coach Williams said Brice Johnson didn't have a good work ethic😂
Brice Johnson getting the Tyler Hansbrough calls right now.
Kevin Harlan saying "The angular Brice Johnson," reminds me of when Howard Cosell used to label players "the angular one," on ABC.
Nobody beating UNC if Paige is consistent and Brice Johnson is eating like he has been
Brice Johnson has three. Take it at him. If he gets before the 10 minute mark, you got a chance.
Brice Johnson is a better pro prospect than Tyler Hansbrough. Game changer
Brice Johnson is so good. Does Roy Williams close his eyes when he gets the ball? would destroy teams if he only got the ball more
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Brice Johnson is an animal.. Only person I think could stop him is Devin Williams and well.. They're just not here
2009 we had Tyler Hansbrough. 2016, we have Brice Johnson.
Why isn't Brice Johnson predicted to be a top 5 pick???
Brice Johnson with the monster block!
Well, that would be why Roy Williams has been riding Brice Johnson so hard.
Yeah, K-Mac, but Roy Williams coached Brice Johnson into the NBA lottery. | .
Jameel Warney got the invite to Brice Johnson's block party.
Brice Johnson was a defensive monster with a career-high 8 blocks tonight to go with 18 Pts and 7 Reb.
Brice Johnson out there looking like Dikembe Mutumbo
Brice Johnson emphatic blocks at one end, Isaiah Hicks emphatic dunk at the other. Billy Packer Time in Raleigh. UNC 63-46, 12:01 left.
I think I hate Brice Johnson more than I hate Tyler Hansborough
Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige are the 2 players that will carry us. Maybe Hicks. The only 3 men on this team.
Grayson Allen as a projected 1st round pick's an absolute joke. Many mocks have him ABOVE Brice Johnson, Melo Trimble, Malcolm Brogdon.
UNC is losing Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige after this year... Duke's getting Harry Giles Jayson Tatum and Frank Jacks…
Brice Johnson's jersey will join teammate Marcus Paige's in the rafters after being named 1st-Team A-A by https…
BREAKING: Brice Johnson's jersey headed to rafters. Story:
Brice Johnson is a 1st-team USBWA All-America & will have his jersey honored in the Smith Center rafters. htt…
Justin Jackson or Brice Johnson can't guard perry Ellis , but Ellis can't guard Johnson so it's a toss up
Brice Johnson reminds me so much of Kawhi Leonard
I HATE UNC but Brice Johnson is so talented. In awe of him every time I watch the Heels
Brice Johnson watching uncomfortably from the bench.
Beautiful pass by Brice Johnson out of the double team to a cutting Justin Jackson.
Brice Johnson has been nominated for the 2016 John R. Wooden Award Presented by Wendy'
Brice Johnson, when he heard Roy Williams swear in the press conference today
Brice Johnson's double-double (19 Pts and 10 Reb) helps UNC advance to semifinals with 88-71 victory over Pitt.
19 and 10 almost seems like an off day for Brice Johnson at this point
ACC-leading 20th double-double of the season for Brice Johnson, who has 15 points & 10 boards.
Brice Johnson walks up to ref Mike Eades during break, stares him down, tries to playfully slap ball out of his hands.
Brice Johnson has been named First Team All-America by Sports Illustrated
decided that watching Brice Johnson vs. Zach Auguste was much more important 🏀
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Brice Johnson named to All-ACC First Team. Justin Jackson and Marcus Paige get honorable mention.
Brice Johnson named first-team All-ACC after averaging 16.8 ppg and 10.8 rpg during his final regular season.
Brice Johnson named 1st-team All-ACC, Isaiah Hicks the ACC Sixth Man of the Year http…
So much respect for Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige
Brice Johnson is the first player to ever have 20 rebounds on the road in a Duke-UNC game.
Not a bad way to end your regular season. Have a day, Brice Johnson.
Brice Johnson had a killer game tho
Really happy for Brice Johnson to get a win against dook
Brice Johnson finishes with 18 points and 21 rebounds, 12 offensive. That's your ACC POY.
Another thing to go wrong for SU. Brice Johnson now has 21 rebounds breaking Tyler Roberson's record for most by a visiting player at Duke.
Brice Johnson and Kennedy Meeks killing duke inside and Grayson Allen gunning like his life depended on it
Brice Johnson gotta be josh cox older brother. Same demeanor on the court 😂
Roy Williams recruited Marcus Lee, dude would've been a 1st rd pick at like Brice Johnson bout to be
Brice Johnson a finalist for another national award.
gets three of 11 finalists for including Brice Johnson and Grayson Allen ...
Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige had some strong words of appreciation for Hubert Davis tonight.
Tonight will be senior Brice Johnson's final game at the Dean Dome. It's safe to say he's done alright at Carolina.
From paid cbb analyst Seth Davis:. Brice Johnson over Malcolm Brogdon for seriously.
Brice Johnson has been a monster this year 🔥😈.
Cat Barber has as many rebounds as Brice Johnson & Kennedy Meeks combined
It may not have counted...but this full court shot by Brice Johnson was ridiculous.
VIDEO: Brice Johnson hits full-court buzzer beater... after the buzzer
Brice Johnson gets tackled and Joel berry touches the kids elbow and it's a foul
Coach Larranaga just compared Brice Johnson to Tar Heel great Antawn Jamison. Talked about his quickness and ability to run the floor.
Despite the loss, Brice Johnson had a MONSTER game.
*** ..Brice Johnson had 29 & 19 and shot twice in the last 17 minutes and they lost...hard to understand
Brice Johnson gotta pull a Zeke Elliot and call out his coaches
Get me a Brice Johnson jersey my goodness
Dear NBA,. Brice Johnson wants you to know his name should be called on Draft Day. Look at his stats right now. Sincerely,. Randy Millard
Never thought it would be repeated but Brice Johnson is playing like Antawn Jamison's 35 and 11 game
Brice Johnson has 18 points & 11 rebounds on 8 of 10 shooting. Justin Jackson has 11 points.
We're not even at the half and Brice Johnson already has a double double (18 points, 11 rebounds).
Brice Johnson leads the ACC with 15 double-doubles this season.
Brice Johnson doing to duke what Derrick Williams did in 11
Brice Johnson and Justin Jackson playing out of their mind tonight. Go get it done, boys.
Brice Johnson is such a spark for UNC
this is true they are always close but we have Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige
I know it looks more like Brice Johnson than Brandon Ingram.
What you think the key matchup Wednesday will be Brice Johnson vs Brandon Ingram ?
I just voted for Brice Johnson for the Cast your vote here:
Brice Johnson had five rebounds to move ahead of three-time NBA champion Scott Williams into 12th in UNC history with 8…
Brice Johnson is among 20 candidates for the USBWA’s Oscar Robertson Trophy
Brice Johnson one of 20 players (four ACC players) named to midseason watch list for USBWA’s Oscar Robertson Trophy for…
Brice Johnson was just named ACC Player of the Week for the third time this year. Had 27P/11R vs WF and 19P/17R at VT.
UNC hangs on at VaTech. Brice Johnson with 19 pts 17 boards. Heels still undefeated in the ACC
At least we can cheer on Brice Johnson. The North Carolina Tar Heels battled poor shooting and ESPN outages but...
Brice Johnson had his 10th double-double of the season vs. Wake Forest Photo by … htt…
Brice Johnson recorded his 10th double-double of the season. 🔥
UNC will have none of these upsets. Brice Johnson goes for 27 and 11 as No. 2 Tar Heels handle Wake Forest, 83-68. https…
Brice Johnson, between free throws, looks at Pinson: "THEO!" Clap clap clap "THEO!" trying to build Pinson up.
Brice Johnson already up to 19 points with breakaway dunk, UNC’s lead now 52-32
This game also is a joy because: Brice Johnson vs. Devin Thomas. Two of the best big men / least predictable personalities in ACC.
Brice Johnson hasn’t dunked on every defender in college hoops. His mixtape just makes it seem that way:
because as much as u want Brandon to give Brice Johnson, Damion Lee & Gbinijie BUCKETS! I won't be shocked if he doesn't.
great job Brice Johnson playing facilitator and finding Isaiah Hicks under the basket..GREAT JOB & GREAT WIN Fellas
Isaiah Hicks, Justin Jackson, and Brice Johnson shot 20-for-27 against SU tonight. Just light the box score on fire on your computer.
Brice Johnson, another amazing game...but Isaiah Hicks, dude is clutch! 👌🏼💯
Brice Johnson with a season high 8 assists:
Brice Johnson deserves to be player of the week in the ACC in spite of Trevor Cooney's tremendous game for Cuse!
Brice Johnson & Isaiah Hicks have that chemistry going
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that Brice Johnson and Isaiah Hicks combo is lethal.
Isaiah Hicks is the new Brice Johnson and Brice Johnson is the new Marcus Paige.
Stupid pass by Brice Johnson then he makes up for with the assist to Isaiah Hicks.
Brice Johnson is playing better than anyone in college rn
Brice Johnson drives for the lay-in at the buzzer. We're tied at the half.
ICYMI: Brice Johnson did something only KD & Blake Griffin have done in the last 20 years:
Brice Johnson is second Tar Heel ever with at least 39 points & 23 rebounds and first Tar Heel to do it in 52 years - B…
Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige first Tar Heels to score 30 in same game since Shammond Williams (42) & Antawn Jamison (…
Brice Johnson: 39 pts, 23 reb. In last 20 yrs, only other DI players to reach 35/23? Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin.
Brice Johnson's performance was fun to watch. If you missed it 39 and 23. That's a career for some guys.
Why should Leonard Hamilton be fired? Look at the talent on his roster. Look at UNC's score. Look at Brice Johnson's stats.
Brice Johnson playing like a grown man
Brice Johnson doing his best Sam Perkins/Rasheed Wallace imitation.
Brice Johnson is having an unbelievable night for UNC. Has 32 and 18, not to mention his defensive activity.
Brice Johnson looking like a hall of famer out there
Brice Johnson is balling out tonight
alums making plays all over the court in UNC FSU game. Dwayne Bacon, Malik Beasley, Brice Johnson
Leonard’s plan on offense: throw small guys at Brice Johnson
Joel Berry and Brice Johnson paced the North Carolina Tar Heels in a close win over the Georgia Tech Yellow...
Brice Johnson with his 7th double-double of the season with 14 points & 13 rebounds so far tonight.
Brice Johnson and Isaiah Hicks combined, last 3 games: . 45-55 FG, (82%). 39 rebounds (13 pg).
UNC's Brice Johnson in the three games that Kennedy Meeks has been out: 24.7 PPG, 9.3 RPG, shootign 75% from the field. Burgeoning star.
Brice Johnson is averaging 24.7 ppg on 75.6% shooting (31-41) since UNC announced it was sitting Kennedy Meeks due to a…
Brice Johnson has been stepping up big time while Kennedy Meeks has been out.
Isaiah Hicks got jealous of all of this Brice Johnson dunkery and decided he wanted to dunk the basketballs too
Our national player of the week is senior forward Brice Johnson.
Brice Johnson scores career-high 27 again as UNC puts away UCLA
And you can see that Brice Johnson isn't missing Kennedy Meeks much, 2nd HUGE game in a row. 27 and 9 on 11-12 shooting. Dominant.
Photos: Career Nights for Berry and Johnson - NEW YORK -- Joel Berry II and Brice Johnson each had career-high ...
Photos --> Career Nights for Joel Berry II and Brice Johnson
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Carolina pulls away in the second half, beats UCLA, 89-76. Great performance by Brice Johnson (27 pts) & team w/o Kenne…
Brice Johnson was fantastic but Joel Berry was even more impressive. Great win for
Here's Roy as well as Brice Johnson and Joel Berry, who both finished with career-highs in points.
Joel Berry II and Brice Johnson at the podium for the Tar Heels after career highs.
Brice Johnson, Roy Williams, Joel Berry here at the podium. Two of those three men had career highs today.
Proud of Brice Johnson. Also great game for Joel Berry III
The monster lob from Joel Berry II to Brice Johnson!
Brice Johnson picked up the slack for injured Kennedy Meeks, scoring a career-high 25 points in UNC's win vs Tulane http…
Brice Johnson directed to a seat by Roy so Roy can start yelling at him
Brice Johnson not happy to be taken of game just then. Tried to wave Roy off. Nonetheless, to the bench after his second foul.
Roy Williams called Kennedy Meeks and Brice Johnson "one-arm swingers.". Ya know, trash men, aka garbage men.
A day after Ol' Roy called them "one-arm swingers," Kennedy Meeks, Brice Johnson responded to the challenge:
Kennedy Meeks, Brice Johnson get Roy Williams' message, improve effort as UNC beats Wofford.
The story from UNC, where Brice Johnson and Kennedy Meeks responded well to Roy's first challenge of the season:
Roy Williams challenged Brice Johnson, he responded with 14 rebounds. Watch:
and you better not say Brice Johnson or Kennedy Meeks
Brice Ramsey just took Jeremy Johnson to another level, way to go buddy!
Brice Johnson made like 9 straight shots in the background.
Before I block this too, Kathy, that's my photo & includes Brice Johnson of 2 images without permission. Stop!
hey guys would you drop David Johnson and pick up Brice butler or Chris Simms PPR league. Thank you!
good bye September, it was fun knowing you!
Marcus Paige & Brice Johnson are seniors...where did the time go
& no Brice Johnson pouty face this season. Get angry young man, get a T for cursing and getting in peoples faces not for whining.
hope Coach Williams can work his magic. They'll need an athletic/skilled big to replace Brice Johnson
Markkanen has a little Brice Johnson/John Henson in him. Very active in the paint like Johnson, aggressive around the basket. Runs floor.
UNC likely gonna lose Paige, Brice Johnson, Meeks & Justin Jackson after this season. If we can't get no decent recruits.Man Listen
should I play mariota this week or newton? And d.murray or d.johnson?
Happy birthday today to Tar Heel senior Brice Johnson.
Next year's draft is gonna be awesome with Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson in it. Heck, we may even see Justin Jackson, too.
Brice Johnson presser gets laughs when he mentions teammate Marcus Paige -- a member of the college reporting class mixed in with
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Lol that is the dumbest argument I've ever heard. John Henson, Brice Johnson & Hubert gained tons of muscle at UNC.
ok yeah Brice Johnson and maybe depending how Isaiah Hicks develops. Kennedy Meeks ehh idk bout that one
Confirmed: Brice Johnson will return to for senior season. Read story here:
Mf kicked Brice Johnson while he was going for the layup and he hooked Justin Jackson's leg trying to break it.
My boy Brice Johnson is killin it right now.
Kaminsky says Brice Johnson's combo of size/athleticism is not something he sees a lot in college ball...excepts when …
yeah me either unless Brice Johnson jumps to the nba.. Duke Notre Dame and Virginia will lose big players this year thank God
Tar Heels are moving on! Brice Johnson drops 22 Pts as UNC tops Louisville. They'll play Virginia in ACC semis.
To start the second half I think unc should go with . Nate Britt . Marcus Paige . JP Tokoto . Isaiah Hicks . Brice Johnson
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