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Brian Wilson

Brian Douglas Wilson (born June 20, 1942) is an American musician, best known as the leader and chief songwriter of the group The Beach Boys.

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Matt Cain should reinvent himself as a bearded reliever with long blond hair. A Timmy Lincecum/ Brian Wilson combo
Song of the week time. We caught Brian Wilson and Al Jardine and band last night in Boise. It was an emotionally... https:…
For all whose claim to fame, I had the honor and privilege of having Brian Wilson as a dinner guest in my home in northern California. My father Arthur Taylor was an avid jazz drummer who sat in a few sets for Dennis Wilson in the late 60s early 70s. Brian Wilson stopped by for my mom's cooking and good conversation with my pop regarding music. As I got older, because children were seen and not heard, I found out that Charles Manson liked hanging out at the Wilson's house and Brian would come down to get away from the nut. He said he hated going home and soon to find out he would make the long journey to Carmichael, California to have a good meal and good company with a glass of wine or a cold beer to discuss music with my old man. So those of you who say Charlie and Brian were good friends, it's not true he gave him a contact in the music business to further his career as a musician which we all know was a joke.
Brian Wilson's opinion.. laughable how often does h…
It's a typical Labour line, the kind you might hear from B…
gang, I'm just being a bum lately, though I've been extremely busy. How are you?
splendid stuff from - the SNP are simply failing to govern for most Scots.
Another team record! Brian Wilson places 6th in the 200 Fly in a time of 1:57.02!
The First Minister should have stuck to business and left her referendum dream at home, says Brian Wilson……
Brilliant article by - Nicola Sturgeon should leave indyref2 fetish at airport
I'm at the Brian Wilson concert with the youngest person in the building. Me and the other…
Copies of the Brian Wilson bio sold out instantly, but we still have Springsteen, Simon & McCartney.…
I'm at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts - for Brian Wilson in Orlando, FL
Brian Wilson! (@ Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts - in Orlando, FL)
your cousin knew Brian Wilson too right? He had alot of permanent damage from his use in the 60s. Thats sad about y…
We have a question for you! What's your favorite Beach Boys song not written by Brian Wilson?
the only one trying to sectarianise Scottish politics is Brian Wilson, and his his Tory mates.
Bruce Johnston, Terry Melcher and Tony Asher with Brian Wilson at a Pet Sounds recording session in March 1966 https:/…
I see Charlie Blackmon graduated from the same dyed gnarly beard school of d-baggery that Brian Wilson went to.
American pop singer and songwriter Brian Wilson of the pop group The Beach Boys.
Brian Wilson of the rock and roll band 'The Beach Boys' poses for a portrait with his wife Marilyn i
Somethin that makes me laugh is pretending Brian Wilson didn't tell anyone he was going falsetto on Barbara Ann & all of the…
End of the day. End of the week. This... Surf's Up (Brian Wilson solo, Autumn 1967)
Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney on a day like this in 2003. They recorded the song A Friend Like You for Brian's next…
Saw Rodriguez open for Brian Wilson in Detroit - great talent
Brian Wilson "spins a miraculous life story from tragic circumstances," says in his latest book review:
Brian Wilson w/ Al Jardine - Help Me, Rhonda help me get her out of my heart
Brian Wilson says that holding a referendum on the breakup of the UK during Brexit would be damaging to Scotland... ht…
She said you're just like Mike Love, but you wanna be Brian Wilson
Jeez, Brian Wilson is good at this writing lark. This is simply spot on. .
This is brilliant from Brian Wilson of Labour. Best piece yet on IndyRef2. Will Greens listen?
So now can we debate education or NHS for 2 days?
I really imploded though. Like full on Brian Wilson bed dwelling.
Brian Wilson's article:. 1.Tory Brexit Britain best. 2.Soft border in Ireland with UK border in Irish ports. 3.Hard border fo…
Tom Harris and Brian Wilson together - anything but anything is better than the SNP, even loony Tories. All perspective…
In reflecting on Bebe’s current status on the Raps, I wrote a bit about Brian Wilson, Surfs Up and the Beach Boys.
I liked a video Dewey Cox goes all Brian Wilson
ICYMI: Could the Be Interested in Brian Wilson or Eric Gagne? by https…
I'll settle for the Manics, Frank Turner and Brian Wilson at Kendall Calling mate 👌😉
If you haven't seen it, a show with both a Brian Wilson interview and how Lovely Rita was recorded:
I like to watch a documentary abt Brian Wilson to center myself
Ya know, with the whole Zach Duke/possibility of Brian Wilson thing, I've forgotten about my hate for this dude
A new favorite from Wild Christopher (Soundcloud): Push by Brian Wilson on
and Brian Wilson, Jeff Kent, Jason Schmidt (the game he played), Brett Butler, Kevin Correia (lol)...
George Edmundson not fully fit, so imagine it will be Brian Wilson alongside Peter Clarke for the two games Gerrard misses,
Brian Wilson, Kris Medlen, Brandon Beachy & Francisco Liriano all either out of baseball or shell of former selves after Tommy John surgery.
Terry Melcher introduced Brian Wilson to in 1966. Soon after that they started working on Smile toget…
Lauren Hanna announced as new DM of Lomond and Clyde Pipe Band following retirement of Brian Wilson
Festival news: Brian Wilson and PJ Harvey to headline UK summer fests
Love this! Brian Wilson announced as Sunday headliner, and is set to play Pet Sounds in full
Sorry to rub it in but *** I had a great night at Brian Wilson 😍 God Only Knows & Caroline No nearly killed me
While watching an old episode of Night Flight, I stumbled upon this Brian Wilson, John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd gem:
Brian Wilson would have loved synths - he was too early with Pet Sounds ☹️
oh and I think you meant Caroline, No by Brian Wilson was the white people connect. 😜
As I understand it, we can add Mike Love's pathetic version of The Beach Boys to the list. Brian Wilson must be furious.
70’ Brian Wilson is booked for preventing a quick Gillingham throw in.
In 2000, Michael Vick was taken in front of Russell Martin, Tony Gwynn Jr. and Brian Wilson.
Mike 'White Delight' Wilson takes his perfect 15-0 record into the ring on Friday. I'll air his story…
This is how Brian Wilson found out about Tony Asher and used him as lyricist for Pet Sounds. No joke.
Tough loss for the Oil tonight, had to find a way to shut down Doug Wilson and Brian Lawton.
Brad has joined Brian Wilson on the drums for 4 live performances.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Rain drop. Drop top. My new live tools will mostly be hip-hop
"Life with you, is worth fighting for.". -Brian Courtney Wilson
Hotter (?) take: I'm not sure any version of Smile Brian Wilson might have finished would have been better than Pet Sounds
Wait, was this the thing delivered to Rick Wilson that he never published?
From October So they took what I told Rick Wilson and added a Russian spy angle to it. They still believe it
Today in 2016, Brian Wilson attended the 73rd Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton with
The Brian Wilson-free Beach Boys recorded the theme song to the 1990s John Ritter kid's movie 'Problem Child.'
I feel like Brian Wilson has released "Smile" every year for the past decade
Ugh. Love & Mercy is such a good movie. Now I'm off to listen to Pet Sounds and Brian Wilson for an hour or 5.
.Good link. Brian discusses Mark's perspective in our interview.
I liked a video Brian Courtney Wilson - I'll Just Say Yes (Audio)
Time to continue my quest for a whole year beard is looking nice right now on Wilson come hang out with me
One hypothesis for the evolution of art... complements your recent interview with Brian Boyd, .
Fun fact: Brian Boyle was named after two of my idols, Brian Wilson and Danny Boyle.
There are still good tickets left for at Bowl May 28.
Watch the Brian Wilson-free Beach Boys' 1990 video for the 'Problem Child' theme song
A year ago Paul Dano should have gotten a Golden Globe award for his amazing portrayal of Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy…
I wish I could talk to brian wilson
At 7 it's Derek Scott with tracks by Lumineers, Ray Davies, Frankie Miller, Byrds, Neil Young, Nilsson, Brian Wilson plus loads more
Paul Dano would have won awards for playing Brian Wilson if he had done both parts, which he couldve.
Yo any1 wanna see Brian Wilson play Pet Sounds live in April at the Murat w me
But I'm a massive Brian Wilson fan and at root Kevin Shields is the heir of Brian Wilson.
If ever there was an artist so perfectly able to tap into the creativity of his inner child, it was Brian Wilson
'Brian Wilson was 23 when he made Pet Sounds, you'd better hurry up', I used to tell myself when I was 19. Now, not so much.
Eric Burdon from The Animals was pretty brutal. Other notables: JBL, Ovechkin, Andre Rison, Robert Plant, and Brian Wilson.
Daniel Bennett brings 'Brian Wilson jazz' back home Sept. 21.
Mind you Brian Wilson is not in the group and Carl and Dennis are passed. It's really just Mike Love and Johnston.
It's not the "real" Beach Boys. Only cousin Mike Love & backup band. Brian Wilson not involved. Dennis & Carl are gone.
For my Brian Wilson bio pic, should I cast Clark Duke or Haley Joel Osment?
Brian Wilson and Mike Love with Sharon Marie rehearsing on a day like this in 1963
Al, Brian Wilson, and a Warner Bros. Catalog Daffy Duck sweatshirt for the win!
he lost the plot a bit. Although so did Brian Wilson
No. I won't. You got rid of Brian Wilson which was beyond stupid. For what?
You mean it was invented neither by Dave Thomas or Brian Wilson?
Brian Wilson's Love and Mercy. Libera - Love and Mercy - Kennedy Center Honors.
Today in 2015, Brian Wilson played at the Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner Center, benefit for Give An Hour in Tysons Co…
Daniel Bennett brings 'Brian Wilson jazz' back home -
So was Eric Gagne / Brian Wilson / Holland / Andrew Bailey. But yeah, he's young so his ARM is good forever ... lol
Brian Wilson is one of the greatest composers of the 20th century. (Leonard Bernstein).
Baez. No. I'd rather have friggen Brandon League or Brian Wilson or even GEORGE SHERRILL right now
Any individual who serves as the main influence on John Lennon, Keith Richards and Brian Wilson is a game-changing artist. Go, Johnny, Go.
Today in 2013, Brian Wilson played at the Roberts Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ
Today in 2013, Brian Wilson played at the Beacon Theatre in New York with Jeff Beck and Al Jardine
. Amazing close on kitchen/ bath appliance order by Brian Wilson @ 39…
In better news, just bought tickets to see Brian Wilson at the Lincoln Theater in May so I can hear "God Only Knows" as the whole ship sinks
tix on sale: Brian Wilson, Emily Jane White, Somos, Cloud Nothings, more
Brian Wilson will continue his 'Pet Sounds: The Final Performance Tour' through 2017
Dajaa scored a ticket to Brian Wilson performing Pet Sounds tonight. So happy for her! She worships that album.
Listen for your chance to win tickets to see Brian Wilson at Hartman Arena!
I'm going to Brian Wilson at Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC - May 3
I might go to Brian Wilson at Lynn Auditorium in Lynn, MA - Apr 29
Brian Wilson (has extended his Pet Sounds anniversary tour
Brian Wilson coming to Wichita April 2, 2017 Hartman Arena. Tickets on sale Friday at 10am. Your chance to Win Em...
Seeing you in London on Thursday, Brian Wilson playing Pet Sounds on Fri, then you again in Exe on the Monday. Exciting times!
A few events you can’t miss this weekend: Brian Wilson , , Maria Semple, and
News Beach Boys frontman Brian Wilson misses Fox Theatre sellout by more than 1,200 tickets
Jealous of everyone that went to see Brian Wilson. I hope it was great! Was it great? Is Al Jardine still most underrated? Bruce Johnston?
Rob Sheffield on two new Beach Boys memoirs from Brian Wilson and Mike Love
I sat four rows away from Brian Wilson and an incredible band tonight. Absolutely blown to pieces. Music is sacred.
When you try to sneak out of class early to go see Brian Wilson but trip on a girl's skateboard and fall in front of th…
Just bought Pet Sounds to help me cope until Nov 8th ...and BTW: Brian Wilson is NOT on tour with the Beach Boys.
Last chance to win a fantastic musical visit to the genius of Brian Wilson continues, he's 74 today.
the day after today I am seeing Brian Wilson...? honestly that just sounds fake
Life imitates art as Brian Taaffe demos the Ideate software featured on our exhibit booth
From the CD Release at a Top 10 Show this Fall. We'll be there to open.
I want to say this before I listen: if he doesn't mention Brian Wilson, I know nothing about music.
I could never hope to produce anything as good as the first thing Brian Wilson ever did lol. God *** !!
Florence Welch, Brian Wilson and more channel The Beatles to paint for Youth Music…
This is a v cool design but I refuse to support Mike Love on a t-shirt BEFORE Brian Wilson
your portrayal of Brian Wilson in'Love and Mercy'was absolutely brilliant! Every nuance, twitch, desperation/redemption
Wouldn't it be nice? Beach Boys singer Brian Wilson lists lakeside home for sale
Probably not much of a song left in me, you know, if any, because I've written so many, som
The genius that was and is, Brian Wilson.
Watch: There’s a good reason for two Brian Wilsons in exclusive ‘Love & Mercy’ clip
"But you should probably read more." - Anthony H. Wilson. Here's a good list to start with, according to Brian Eno…
Just was at The Brian Wilson show.. And a fan mentioned this show to me... Yes Thats why The Boys are beyond legendary.. Look…
Beach Boys singer Brian Wilson lists lakeside home
one of my many dreams once i actually start wrestling is for my older bro and i to go to NJPW or ROH and join BULLET CLUB.
I meditate and I also think about meditation. Which is funny. I think about Maharishi, about
Currently crushing pretty *** a young Brian Wilson. . I don't have to explain myself to the likes of you.
Poor got exposed tonight. *** Brian Williams may get his job back. We already know the nation doesn't care about lying.
I'm reminded that despite this, a few days ago I saw Brian Wilson do "You're So Good to Me" in a soundcheck before his Pet Sounds show.
Today in 2013, rehearsals for the Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck tour began at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood,…
Brian Wilson in 1959 driving the 1957 Fairlane 500 Club Sedan he got for his 17th birthday. Colonial white on to…
.will play "Pet Sounds" in its entirety in New Orleans next year
Going to see Brian Wilson perform tomorrow. Hopefully doesn't take videos of me crying the whole time.
Man the Beach Boys were so *** good for their time. Brian Wilson wrote is 50 yrs ago Song writing, harmony & production are just amazing
Today in 2015, Brian Wilson attended The Campaign to Change Direction at the National Press Club in Washington DC
Had great time seeing Brian Wilson and Al Jardine preform the…
Today in 2011, Brian Wilson played the Reimagines Gershwin album at the Royal Festival Hall
don't you mean Al Jardine, Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson and the Beach Boys?
Tonight Wed 9/14 the legendary Brian Wilson @ Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Hollywood, FL performing all of...
Tessey, this is so sweet, and I cherish those memories! I'm going to see Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, Blondie...
I can't put into words how great Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and the band sounds! The Beach Boys sound is a pure...
What a rush, to meet Brian Wilson and Al Jardine. I grew up listening to The Beach Boys - met 3 originals now! 😻😻😻😻
Today in 2015, Brian Wilson played at the Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco with Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin
Today in 2007, Brian Wilson played at the Royal Festival Hall in London, England
Ever wonder what it's like to have a painfully awkward interview w/ a living legend? Here's my story on Brian Wilson
I did not fire Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. I cannot fire Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys
Warhol to Wordstock, Amy Schumer to Brian Wilson: 70 shows you can’t miss in PDX this fall.
Bruce Springsteen, Brian Wilson and Shep Gordon autobiographies all hitting in late September. I gotta learn to read.
The Pet Sounds artwork inspired Australian artist Nathan Jurevicius to create this illustration of Brian Wilson.
“Any Emotions (feat. Brian Wilson)” by Mini Mansions, from the album The Great Pretenders
Nice day in Folkestone with Hilary and Brian Wilson… and Monty. Hooray!
Journey writing tunes with Faith +1 in a rhumba style, produced by Brian Wilson
Win a signed 'Pet Sounds' LP. Yes, Brian Wilson himself will be signing one for us! .
Today in 2013, Brian Wilson was rehearsing for the Love and Mercy Wrap Party with
Its a Sunday filled with praise on Brian Courtney Wilson - I'll Just Say Yes
Beautiful pic taken on by Brian Wilson. town just visible in background. in Erris!
& might be my new favorite film. Truly beautiful & inspiring. What a dear heart Brian Wilson is.
Just finished the Brian Wilson autobiography and was YouTubing some clips and came across this
Beach Boys' Brian Wilson's vacation home on sale for $3.3 million
Brian Wilson was (is)a geni.. Phil Spector, Paul Mc Cartney Lieber&stoller is a mark in the musichistory. Thank you for the music.
What in the world is a hangover cure?
Love and Mercy by Brian Wilson on repeat
What an unbelievable first set! Closed with a high energy version of 'Brian Wilson', like there's any other kind.
"Dr. Landy tell me you're not just a pedagogue,. cause right now I'm . [Chorus]. Lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did..."
Yeah Phil sectors crazy but sanity relative he created the wall of sound he and Brian Wilson are genius
"Review: Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughn, Cliff Chang, Matthew Wilson" . If you're a fan of Stranger Things...
Brian Wilson among stellar free lineup at State Fair.
Yes, THAT Brian Wilson is giving some love.
27th Aug, 1966, The Beach Boys 'God Only Knows' peaked at No.2 on the UK singles chart. The song broke new ground... ht…
Happy Birthday Glenn Jones...Brian Wilson's bus driver who gets us around!
After not even fully recovering from black sabbath I'll be seeing Brian Wilson playing Pet Sounds in its entirety tomorrow. Life rules
Was lucky to see the film premiere in Toronto. Brian Wilson and his wife were there, too. Loved the film.
Concert review: Brian Wilson and company re-create the magic of 'Pet Sounds' -
Waiting for Brian Wilson at Caesars Atlantic City. Happy to report that I'm NOT the oldest person in audience.
Congrats to has named I AM BRIAN WILSON 1 of the 52 best things about music this fall!
You know what? I'm not always in a positive, happy place. But I'm able to concentrate enough t
He is & we are honored to host him on TUES 10/18 at 6pm.
seeing dat beach boi Brian Wilson w/ a truly impressive # of ppl and instruments on stage
Brian Wilson's "A Friend Like You" definitely sounds like something that would've came out of a Thomas song. Lyrics, melody and everything.
Brett Anderson plus Caesers in a downtempo style, produced by Brian Wilson
Today in 1974, Brian Wilson attended the Keith Moon's 28th birthday party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel
Hung velvet overtaken me. Dim chandelier awaken me. To a song dissolved in the dawn. Surf'sUp,Jeff Beck&Brian Wilson .
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Today in 2013, Brian Wilson, Jeff Foskett, Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin were recording at Ocean Way Studios
on . Emile Haynie - Falling Apart [feat. Andrew Wyatt and Brian Wilson]
Good call, Joe. That one and "Caroline No" by Brian Wilson did the 60's split for me.
I'm going to Brian Wilson at Royal Albert Hall in London, United Kingdom - Oct 28
You're just like Mike Love but you want to be Brian Wilson
Just watched that Brian Wilson biopic, Love and Mercy. Great movie. And I now have a better understanding of what made Mike Love such a ***
Brian Wilson, Mike Love, and the psychodrama behind the Beach Boys’ sun-streaked legacy
You're just like Mike Love but you'll never be Brian Wilson!!
Brian Wilson striking out Ryan Howard on the perfect pitch will never get old. My favorite non-WS clinching moment
We should have signed Cody Ross and Brian Wilson yesterday!
do U agree nick, that barrett looks like a young Brian Wilson out there pitching? Great fastball / good arm.
Mark Oliver Everett has always been Brian Wilson's rightful heir
they're close but need another fringe veteran Brian Wilson or Chris Perez available? 😂😂
Depends if you've seen movies like the Hunger Games trilogy, Love & Mercy (Brian Wilson bio), Wet Hot American Summer
remembering Brian Wilson's fit when he was the Dodgers 😂😂
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
"I think we prove him wrong, right?" Vattenfall boss on Brian Wilson's comments on offshore wind in Scotland:
There's only one way to describe Brian Wilson's voice on Caroline, No and that's like a hot knife through butter.
As you might imagine, I've experienced some really amazing moments. Brian Wilson playing "Caroline, No" (2/4)
20July/1963: Jan & Dean start 2 wks at in the US with "Surf City" (Brian Wilson)
1963, Jan and Dean started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Surf City', written by The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson
53 years ago, ft the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean went to in the US with Brian Wilson's Surf City... ♫
& Dean hit on the US singles chart, with "Surf City". Writer, Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys, backing vocals.
Brian Wilson performed 'Pet Sounds' in Chicago. Who cares if it was good?
Brian Wilson is going to be touring Pet Sounds into October?! Someone free him
Brian Wilson tells us what he's learned:
Bearded 'Beef' turning heads at at This guy is golf's Brian Wilson. Good piece
John Stamos on stage with Brian Wilson. Jesse and the Rippers reunion!
Come on. This is pretty cool. If you wanted to see an enthusiastic Brian Wilson you would've been born 50 years earlier
Strawpeople synergising with David Gray in a two-tone style, produced by Brian Wilson
Onto the Beach Boys now. Here's one of Brian Wilson from the Bob Harper Art back catalogue. God Only Knows what...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
thankfully I'm only one of those. Brian Wilson and John Reid not so much
Brian Wilson is the new face of supreme. Catch Terry Richardson standing behind him on stage
like Juan Uribe, Jeff Kent, Brian Wilson and Jason Schmidt going to the Dodgers. That rivalry is much older too
yeah. 2012 is one of Rob's go to films.Genuinely get angry when I think of JC in it.That film about Brian Wilson was good though
Jazz fest: Brian Wilson revisits the endless harmony of Beach Boys' Pet Sounds
Rob Wasserman, bassist for Lou Reed, Neil Young, Brian Wilson and more, has died. He was 64
Acclaimed rock bass player Rob Wasserman dies: He worked with the likes of Bob Weir, Lou Reed, Neil Young and Brian Wilson.
As wonderful as Paul Dano is as Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy…. I can't stop thinking of Lionel Messi.
Paul Dano as Brian Wilson in Love and Mercy is freaking amazing
wants this house even to taking on Linda as daughter until he learned that the HOUSE not residence belongs to Brian Wilson or does it?
Today in 2013, Brian Wilson celebrated his 71st birthday with Gerry Beckley
it wasn't weird when Brian Wilson pitched for the Dodgers, but this one was, lol. I knew he'd be back at it again!
At this point, Brian Wilson is starting to out-Spector Phil Spector.
Caroline, No by Brian Wilson is one of the best songs ever
I wonder what happened to Brian Wilson. (Not the singer)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
"We shall not see his like again," on Brian Wilson at Liverpool Philharmonic:
That was awesome that Gavin Newsom got a convertible and not Timmy Lincecum or Brian Wilson or Cody Ross or.
my son at Brian Wilson concert in Raanana. Far too close for comfort - apparently 2nd terrorist caught
to feature Brian Wilson, the Raincoats, more
As far as I can tell, 1980s Aussie university Vice-Chancellors were selected for sharing names with musicians: Brian Wilson, Robert Smith...
Turin Brakes working on a show with Brian Wilson in a dark ambient style, produced by Phil Ramone
Great to hear you've got Brian Wilson tomorrow! Saw him this week btw & here's my review!
The Kanye/Pete Rock/Phil Spector/Brian Eno/Brian Wilson of is a homeless dude in the subway banging his head on a bucket
And Bruce Johnston got it wrong too, as it's about Brian Wilson ;)
Beach Boy, Brian Wilson, the tallest one wrote this song; California boys. 🎸😊🎶
I'm going to Brian Wilson at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN - Sep 16
Coming to a Berkshire County summer music fest near you: Dolly Parton, Brian Wilson, Chick Corea and many others.
Gene Belcher is a fat Eric Byrnes with a splash of Harold Reynolds. Louise is Brian Wilson. This is obvi all personality
In the kitchen with Brian Wilson of
Brian Wilson on Gumbo Burgers, Cooking at Telegraph, and Not Being a Beach Boy: Brian Wilson has heard a Beach Boys
Update your maps at Navteq
But no one will deny that Brian Wilson is the only Beach Boy that matters. No one.
The same Beach Boy who resented Brian Wilson for Pet Sounds
We were at Royal Concert Hall to see Brian Wilson & Al Jardine of the Beach Boys 50th anniversary of Pet Sounds. Unbelievable!
Brian Wilson live was amazing last night at the Usher Hall Edinburgh, mon the Hearts ❤️
At the Brian Wilson concert at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. Brilliant - and with 2 of the original 5 Beach Boys here
Lashing down all day in Edinburgh so here's Brian Wilson singing Surfer Girl in the Usher Hall
Brian Wilson about to get underway at the Usher Hall. Excited!
Up with the gods but no matter. Looking forward to Brian Wilson at the Usher Hall.
At the Usher Hall in Edinburgh to see Brian Wilson! Expecting a shout out from him. Dreams can come true...
Great review of Brian Wilson live from
just sitting in the house drinking whisky waiting to hear back if I've got a date/ticket to Brian Wilson at the Usher Hall
Brian Wilson doing Pet Sounds at the Usher Hall tonight. Canna wait.
Check out what I found. Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) Pet Sounds concert programme (2002) via
Review: Brian Wilson at Manchester O2 Apollo: . Chris Slater joins the celebrations as the Beach Boys legend ...
Brian Wilson and Al Jardine put on a blinding show at the Manchester Apollo; worth every penny.
Brian Wilson (and a bit of Al Jardine) drawn at the Manchester Apollo tonight. Wonderful.
Just seen the genius that is Brian Wilson at the Apollo. Pet Sounds plus the best of Beach Boys
Brian Wilson @ Manchester Apollo. So far, so (very) good... I await the Pet Sounds set
Brian Wilson at Apollo Manchester singing Californian girls. Does it get better than that?
About to watch Brian Wilson with my papa excitement @ O2 Apollo Manchester
I'm at the Apollo Theatre Manchester, waiting for Brian Wilson to start the show ☺☺
What a legend May 2016 has turned out to be. Louis Theroux, Peter Doherty and now Brian Wilson 🤘🏻
Going to Gigs: . I'm looking forward to seeing both Brian Wilson and Neil Young as they tour UK. In addition and...
I spoke to BBC Sussex about Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds and Together The People fest: (from 2:09:30)
The most under-appreciated musical genius in the realm of Brian Wilson is a Scot by the name of Roy Wood. Not Ron. Roy.
Love & Mercy is a really great, albeit sad, film. Brian Wilson is truly the Godfather of vocal harmonies.
naw, he's doing his best Brian Wilson impression
Kamasi Washington and Brian Wilson performing all of Pet Sounds, all at the Ottawa Jazz Fest. Speechless.
Brian Wilson performing Pet Sounds tonight was incredible. Surpassed all expectations. What an album, what a band http…
There is a common theme when I attend RC Quakes games: rehab and wind. I've unintentionally seen Brian Wilson, Josh Beckett, and now Ryu
In case you missed it, watch our playout IN FULL - Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson talks to Emily Maitlis
Wow Emily you have Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys on this evening, Brilliant. Im glad hes doing London Palladium
TONIGHT on Beach Boys' legend Brian Wilson talks to Emily Maitlis. Tune in at 22.30.
“I just really like how the accordions came out..." Brian Wilson on Pet Sounds at 50!
With a backdrop verging on Twin Peaks, I give you Brian Wilson and his band...
I have tix for Brian Wilson, B&S, Lloyd Cole & Teenage Fanclub. Would like to see Divine Comedy & Robert Forster too.
Sorry to be missing this - asked Brian Wilson to reschedule his gig but he politely declined
2x tickets to the sold out Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) London show this Friday, for under face value!!
Big night in tonight with legend Brian Wilson playing live! We've got tables for a pre-show bite.
I liked a video Brian Wilson on Jim Rome's Show_9.3.10
Brian Wilson and Tony Asher constructing the complex Pet Sounds songs in 1966
seeing Brian Wilson perform this live on Wednesday - can't wait!
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