Brian Stann & Jon Anik

Brian Michael Stann (born September 24, 1980) is an American mixed martial artist and U.S. Marine who competes as a middleweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Jon Anik (born July 3, 1978) is a former ESPN anchor and host of's MMA Live. He currently works for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) as a commentator. 3.3/5

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Joe Rogan is the key. Him and grt someone like Dominick Cruz, Jon Anik, Brian Stann to replace that loser Mike Goldberg.
Listen to Jon Anik takes his victory lap after winning his Super Bowl bet with Brian Stann by SiriusXM Rush
Jon Anik and Brian stann are really fond of the term 'Flat-footed'
Jon Anik looks like a Brian Stann clone that went wrong.
Dan Hardy will join Brian Stann as the FS1 studio analysts for Saturday’s Jon Anik & Kenny Florian will be calling the fights
Jon Anik and Brian Stann will be calling the fights on Sunday in Pittsburgh on FS1
Jon Anik and Brian Stann will be calling UFC Fight Night 67 on Saturday. Yves Edwards will be one of the studio analyst for the event
That was an uncomfortable comeback from commercial w/ Jon Anik & Brian Stann! I thought one was about to propose to the other
can we PLEASE see Jon Anik and Brian Stann awkwardly staring into the camera in the next TTTHS ?
This isn't a comment on talent or being good at one's job, but Jon Anik just looks weird next to Brian Stann.
Awkward silence and fidgeting from Jon Anik & Brian Stann was better than most of the card
Jon Anik, you're talking about how rare it is to knock someone out in their guard, while you're sitting next to Brian Stann, and don't think to bring up when he KOed Sakara in his guard?
Today on UFC Singapore we learned that Jon Anik and Brian Stann can't do math. A fighter was deducted 2 points in round 1 for illegal elbows, and the whole fight they've been continually saying "HE HAS TO FINISH TO WIN". He wins all 3 rounds, therefore the scores are 8-9 10-9 10-9 28-27 is not a draw, dumbasses.
Sitting next to Jon Anik & Brian Stann. They're having a meeting to find out what to say at tomorrow s fights. I didn't wanna interrupt. Getting ready for weigh-ins. Thanks UFC & Mark for hooking up the great room & view at the Marina Bay Sands!! It's gonna be a great weekend!!!
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