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Brian Schweitzer

Brian David Schweitzer (born September 4, 1955) is an American politician who has been the 23rd Governor of Montana since January 2005. Schweitzer currently has one of the highest approval ratings among governors in the nation, with polls regularly showing a rating of above 60 percent.

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I challenge you to be dreamers; I challenge you to be doers and let us make the greatest place in the world even better. . Bria…
Congratulations to Jason Kenney winning the leadership race for UCP along with Brian Jean and Doug Schweitzer for running.
And Brian is still in the party to battle for unity…
But Kenney has to fulfill promises he made to Brian Jean and Doug Schweitzer -ones made to shut 'em up about…
"I do feel a lot more comfortable when my dog is with me"- Brian Schweitzer -
Congras beating rivals Brian Jean (31.5%) and Doug Schweitzer on the first ballot (7.3%), with 61% of the
Many thanks to for his hard work. Hope sees that B…
In your toolbox it's important to use the for the right nail!. Jason Kenney - 61.2%. Brian jean - 31.5%. Doug Schweitzer - 7.3%.
The sun sets and we have hope of a new Alberta. Congratulations Jason Kenny! Thanks Brian Jean and Doug Schweitzer!
Congratulations to Jason Kenney : The next Premier of Alberta. Thanks to Doug Schweitzer and Brian Jean. You both strengthen Alberta.
Kenney won 61% of the votes. Brian Jean captured 32% and Doug Schweitzer with 7%.
Party members have chosen Jason Kenney over Brian Jean and Doug Schweitzer to become the leader of the UCP.
The former Calgary MP beat out former Wildrose leader Brian Jean and lawyer Doug Schweitzer on the first ballot.
.has won the UCP leadership with 61% of the vote! Brian Jean: 31.5%, Doug Schweitzer: 7.3%
Kenney offers strong praise for both Brian Jean and Doug Schweitzer.
MORE: Kenney wins UCP of Alberta leadership on 1st ballot, beating Brian Jean and Doug Schweitzer…
Kenney now inviting Brian Jean and Doug Schweitzer to the stage - praising them for their unity efforts
Jason Kenney invites Brian Jean and Doug Schweitzer to the stage
It wasn't even close. members vote overwhelmingly for with 61% of the vote. Brian Jean got 31% and Doug Sc…
Kenney told me earlier this week he’ll offer key posts on his UCP leadership team to defeated rivals Doug Schweitzer and Bri…
kenney now asks crowd to join him in thanking Brian Jean and Doug Schweitzer. Invites them to the stage.
Brian is talking about health care, taxes, equalization, & criminal jus…
Rebel actions are indefensible, when…
Also to be fair Brian said in no way is "white s…
Brian is a great guy. He defends reasonable gestation limits…
‘Good ideas are the backbone of good government’ - Brian Schweitzer
why are you plagiarizing Brian Lilly?
And, the few respectable people at the Reb…
Brian Jean whose campaign manager's a director for Rebel Media REFUSED to explicitly condemn its coverage
Your Rebel Media hire sounds a LOT like DJT's hire of Bannon... and we…
Brian, like you're also having trouble denouncing I'll extend…
Yeah Jason and Brian.what do you have to say now?!?!…
Brian's campaigning on protecting freedom of speech, exactl…
Brian's campaigning on protecting freedom of speech, exactly what the alt-ri…
The alt-right would like to control speech just like the alt-left. Bri…
Doug Schweitzer tries to get Jason Kenney and Brian Jean to condemn TheRebelMedia for supporting Nazis. Crickets
You are a prime example of exactly WHY Brian and Jason n…
Are implying Brian Jean is morally corrupt and will be labeled racist i…
did Brian answer? He can clear up or confirm my doubts about him with a single answer.
Speak up, Brian, I'm a little hard of hearing and there is an echo in here.
Boarding the bandwagon Brian Jean? EVERY Race thinks their the best, it…
How would brian ensure universities dont limit free s…
Brian is saying he will pull funding if a university…
No, but giving nazis a platform allows this garbage t…
Brian, we cannot have what happened in happen in Albert…
I was leaning that way a bit but now it back to Brian
So you won't be appearing on Rebel media again Brian?
Back it up Baby Brian by not supporting The REBEL anymore!!! 😡😡😡
Centrist Dems have been running and flopping in red states for decades. The few Dems who do…
Ben Jealous leads Russ Feingold leads Michelle Obama and no one voted for Brian Schweitzer. You have 16 hours to vo…
Kinda like many Dems briefly saw ex gov-Brian Schweitzer as a savior (he's white! he hunts! he says 'that dog won't hunt!")
Tulsi Gabbard. George Clooney. Brian Schweitzer. Mark Cuban. All much more dangerous to Trump than Obama.
Oh why so butthurt davie boy? Is brian schweitzer crying sad tears tonight too? boo hoo!
(2/3) Trish Cowl Schweitzer who was promoted to Chief of Communications, Brian Keenan who was promoted to Chief Mechanical Officer
We can push Montana forward and we can do it with out raising taxes.
It's too bad Brian Schweitzer has foot in mouth disease, he was seen as a rising star and almost ran himself in 2016.
Brian Schweitzer from Montana is a surprisingly strong choice for HRC. 1) great attack dog 2) brings the middle 3) puts Montana in play
Julian Castro, Elizabeth Warren, or former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer are my predictions.
- Brian Schweitzer for Governor of Montana. The page
Albert Schweitzer Awards dinner ft. ,Hugh O'Brian, and Oscar from The office!
Pickax can be the producer. Brian Schweitzer is the Montana ex-governor. He's partners on the…
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Most prominent O'Malley supporter I can think of is Former MT Gov. Brian Schweitzer
Some week for - first Brian (NRA-endorsed) Schweitzer, now Eliot Spitzer. Who's next, Zell Miller?
Face The State -- Schweitzer talks about the future of energy -- complete video:
Check out this article! Former Montana governor backs O'Malley Article posted at... October 26, 2015 at 01:48PM
Former Gov. Brian Schweitzer was in town yesterday to promote his new book pushing energy independence.
Democratic presidential hopeful Martin O'Malley picks up an endorsement from former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer.
If Brian "I hate Obamacare" Schweitzer is co-chairing Martin O'Malley campaign, that's an automatic X for O'Malley in my …
Brian Schweitzer endorses O'Malley. Maybe his biggest endorser so far.
You know what they say, as goes Brian Schweitzer, so goes the nation.
.picks up endorsement from former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer.
Brian Schweitzer endorsed Martin O'Malley today. 3 & 1/2 years ago he talked to me about polygamy communes in Mexico https:…
Biggest endorsement yet! Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer!. Yeah, I have no clue who he is either.
Some needed good news from the camp, former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer gives endorsement
Former Montana governor backs Martin O'Malley for president
.ironically just endorsed by Brian Schweitzer who once indicated 2 msnbc hadn't accomplished much featured in NBC s Science of Love
Brian Schweitzer: team "just haven’t been very good at running things." Nice co-chair,
Interesting co-chair for campaign: Brian Schweitzer "loathes Obamacare"
Cheers Brian Schweitzer now on rose 2, among Dem. candidates past 60min discussed
Dem. Gov. Brian Schweitzer: is new generation of GOP that causes problems for Democrats.
Remember when Brian Schweitzer was going to be Democrats' Hillary alternative in 2016?
. Brian Schweitzer is a real moderate with an NRA membership.
Area man who once argued that Rand Paul, Brian Schweitzer or Jim Webb would be next prez has opinion
Thanks Brian Schweitzer for joining the majority! via
From the moment he entered the Montana governor s office in 2005 Brian Schweitzer made it clear he was going to be a very different kind of politician. In place of a tailored...
Sanders 1 but lordy this guy is right behind him for me.
Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, once A-rated by the NRA, pushes for background checks at gun shows and...
Brian Schweitzer still considering 2016 bid, opposes U.S. intervention in Iraq against ISIS:
Bloomberg’s internet security prevents me from reading Brian Schweitzer’s Playboy interview. Is it NSFW?
Can anyone really say they have an exclusive with Brian Schweitzer? He answers his cell...
Former Montana governor featured in Playboy Magazine: Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer has made it into the…
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Schweitzer interview with Playboy news missing some key demographics?
Surprised to read that Schweitzer is not your "typical" democrat when it comes to gun rights. Totally worth reading.
You should probably read this Playboy interview with former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer:
Brian Schweitzer: Former Montana governor featured in Playboy Magazine, but why? via
"A unique political figure" on display: Playboy interview with Brian Schweitzer via
If there was a Democrat I'd be Ok supporting, he'd be the closest to it.
Joe, I know you talk of dropping off on the podcast. Montana has a very cool governor, interesting read.
he wants feedback. A long read, but worth it.
Brian Schweitzer for President? A wide ranging discussion with Playboy.
Playboy Interview: Brian Schweitzer - still running for pres? via
Here's the interview with Jeff Greenfield for Playboy that just appeared. Let me know what you think.
"A Democrat in a place like Montana is one who can sit down at a table with a bunch of miners and fit in."
The only governor to ever walk into my office and say, "Hi, my name is Brian." - -
Playboy recently interviewed former Mont. Gov. Brian Schweitzer -- it's a lot of ink:
"You know, I’m just a guy who knows a thing or two about horses." Playboy Interview: Brian Schweitzer
Ya know, for the articles. Playboy Interview: Brian Schweitzer
Missoula News - Brian Schweitzer's in Playboy - Relax: we said Playboy—not Playgirl. There are no shots of our for...
A politician who is definitely NOT from the mold. My PLAYBOY interview with Brian Schweitzer.
It worked for the nuclear engineer turned peanut farmer turned governor...
Playboy Interview: The good Guv is in the media again.
We interviewed unconventional polititian Brian Schweitzer, who's looking to give Hilary Clinton a run for her money -
As John Walsh bows out, Brian Schweitzer declines to seek Montana Senate nomination
Do you think Brian Schweitzer or Nancy Keenan will replace John Walsh in the U.S. Senate race, if he steps down?
Brian Schweitzer apologizes for comments about Eric Cantor and Dianne Feinstein
Brian Schweitzer's *** dar' did pick up on something about Southern men
Good FRIDAY afternoon! If you missed today's show, fire up your radio to Channel 124, or pull it up on your smartphone app, The Michael Program Replay airs at 6 PM East / 3 PM West! First up, we've brought back an old segment to the program - "The Muzzle Meter." We're asking about recent controversial comments, on a PC scale of 0-10, where do they rank? 0 is no harm, get over it, not offended, 10, is they need to be muzzled - they are awful. Our Muzzle meter issues today: 1) George Will's comments on sexual assault 2) Rick Perry's comments on homosexuality and alcoholism 3) Brian Schweitzer's comments on Dianne Feinstein 4) The Death of Klinghoffer Opera HD simulcast cancellation Tune in and join the conversation here in the comments section!
Brian Schweitzer 'deeply sorry' for remarks
Brian Schweitzer is sorry for calling Dianne Feinstein a prostitute and saying Eric Cantor seems kinda ***
Meant to say Lindsey Graham? MT Brian Schweitzer apologizes for saying Eric Cantor set off his "gaydar"
Brian Schweitzer says his ‘gaydar’ goes off when he sees Eric Cantor – CNN Political Ticker Lol. Not good
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Brian Schweitzer says his 'gaydar' goes off when he sees Eric Cantor.
Brian Schweitzer must think he is part of elite Evolver party. Mrs Hillary Clinton he is not.
Former Montana Governor and current MSNBC contributor Brian Schweitzer has some interesting thoughts, shall we say, about ousted House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and about how the Republican congressman... erm, well... sets off his gaydar.
The Fix: The Brian Schweitzer presidential speculation was fun while it lasted
Brian Schweitzer is pure Montana...but is he presidential material? Well, he's sure entertaining.
Brian Schweitzer tells me why he's hanging out with Mitt Romney this week: h/t
The suspects in this weekend's shooting spree in Las Vegas reportedly have ties to anti-government activists. Richard Cohen of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Brian Schweitzer and Michael Eric Dyson discuss.
If you're like me, you've often wondered: How do so many politicians strike it rich when they only make a salary? Well, a seasoned politician in Montana has provided the answer. Aspiring Democratic presidential candidate and former Governor, Brian Schweitzer, is showing us exactly how to get rich without breaking a sweat. While in office, Schweitzer apparently saw promise in the mining business... and he decided to join the fun. Soon after leaving the Governor's mansion, he targeted Montana's largest mining company, Stillwater Mining Company (SWC), which produces palladium and platinum. Schweitzer launched a massive propaganda campaign against Stillwater, claiming mismanagement by the Stillwater Board of Directors and, specifically, their longtime CEO, Frank McAllister. Schweitzer teamed up with a New York hedge fund, the Clinton Group, and - through public denouncements and intimidation - forced the Board of Directors to fire McAllister. By then, Schweitzer was unemployed, and he became part-time Chairma ...
Biggest advantage for Schweitzer 2016: Reporters get to expense Montana trips in order to profile him.
File: Brian Schweitzer at Washington Post Live’s Energy & the Election breakfast forum at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012 (The Washington Post) Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (D) said in a newly… [ 184 more words. ]
"I'll believe that corporations are people when I see Texas execute one." Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer. From Robert Herold's article "The Warren Way" Inlander 6-5-14.
Here is the text of the TIME article: The Montana Governor hopes to pose a serious challenge to Clinton’s nomination If you want to get former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer talking, take him out riding a paint horse named Yukon up the foothills of the state’s Anaconda Range, through lodgepole forests to a place so wide open and silent you can see for 30 miles and hear the next horse breathe at 20 paces. This is where he was raised, nearly two miles above sea level, and where he still lives, over dirt packed with silver, copper and sapphire, and grass that feeds some of the priciest pure-bred stock in the world. If Schweitzer runs for President in 2016, as he has been hinting in recent months, this is the country he will be angling to leave behind for an Oval Office literally built on a swamp. That’s a problem Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and the rest need not fret over. “If I win, I have the most to lose,” he says, turning his speckled horse to take in the view, with the snow-capped Pintlers t ...
Read this interview with and tell me he doesn't get it. Plain-speaking progressive
"Are you f—ing crazy," Brian Schweitzer tells Time Magazine he would've asked the Senate this in leadup to Iraq
"He's running. Oh yeah, he's running."! Schweitzer actually going to do this?
Brian Schweitzer trying to connect himself with Robert Byrd for some reason.
LOL at the idea of Brian Schweitzer pretending to be more liberal than Hillary Clinton so he can try and challenge Hillary.
Maybe Schweitzer is running. "Schweitzer: ‘Of course’ he’d be a better President than Hillary Clinton"
ICYMI, dropped an F-Bomb when describing the mental state of Iraq War supporters. .
Watching the Ed Show and saw David Cay Johnston and former Dem. Governor of Montana Brian Schweitzer discuss the new jobs report as well as candidates for the 2014/2016 elections. Mr. Johnston said the current avg. wages are 6% lower then what they were in in 1973. Mr. Schweitzer had written an article about how dangerous it was to have a presidential candidate tied to and thus beholding to big business, banks, big Pharma etc. Well Okay It's time for Elizabeth Warren!
Asa lower class American filled with the AmericanDream Brian schweitzer and Elizabeth Warren forV/VP
If Clinton runs, she'll get the nomination, but Brian Schweitzer's interview with TIME makes me think he is underestimated.
"If they've been writing you the fat checks, you're beholden to them." ~ former Gov. Brian Schweitzer on the
HOLD THE PRESS. Brian Schweitzer doesn't belong on your show. He is reasoned and intelligent. Please stick with privileged blowhards
Kudos @ Brian Schweitzer (talking about Hillary) for saying "you can't be beholden to Wall St. and be a populist at the same time".
Brian Schweitzer is clearly a gender play in scrum - so if you'd prefer "tough talkin' dude" to female nom, he's your...well...dude.
Schweitzer takes on Hil Clin: Politico - Brian Schweitzer isn’t on board with the Hillary Clinton 2016 coronat...
Go away, former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer. Go back under the bridge.
Tune in to in the 4PM ET hour to watch discuss his profile of Gov. Brian Schweitzer from the new issue of
In a Time magazine interview, former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer sits on just this side…
I like what this guy is saying: Brian Schweitzer via
For some reason, TIME magazine is currently featuring a story on the presidential aspirations of former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer. We went through a similar buzz at the end of…
Re: Brian Schweitzer, if he's on record opposing (or saying anything about) the Iraq War in 2002, 2003, 2004, Westlaw doesn't have it.
.on the that doesn't just control the GOP. . .
Democrat Brian Schweitzer: I’d be a better president than Hillary Clinton:
"You can’t be the candidate that shakes down more money on Wall Street...and be the populist"
Dear Democratic friends:. Tell Brian Schweitzer to sit down. He would so not be a better president than Hillary. Hugs & kisses,. ElitistGay™
How Schweitzer evokes *** rights "in San Francisco" gives you a pretty good idea of why he's not ideal lefty 2016er.
and the enormous ego of the day award goes to.Brian Schweitzer!
Should Democrats ever vote for somebody who was so dumb and/or corrupt they supported the Iraq War?.
When asked if he would make a better president than Hillary, Brian Schweitzer said "I think so, of course."
.and Brian Schweitzer on horseback in this week's
Schweitzer says he'd make a better president than Hillary: Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) has no dou...
Brian Schweitzer, Hopeful Hillary Contender – TIME Your browser, Internet Explorer 8 or below, is out of date. It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other websites. Learn how to update your browser Via: Brian…
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"We are a big and diverse country and for the Democratic Party to be successful we have to be a big and diverse party. It has to be that same party that not only respects *** and *** rights and transgender rights in San Francisco, but respects that blue collar guy who takes a shower at the end of the day and not in the morning." - Tidligere Montana-guvernør Brian Schweitzer (D)
Brian Schweitzer has zero chance of election, zero. Bernie Sanders is a more legitimate candidate than him.
Protests and armed anti-government militias pop up across the west, prompting the FBI to launch an investigation into the armed standoff near Cliven Bundy's ranch. Ed Schultz, former Gov. Brian Schweitzer and Brian Maffly discuss.
The Federal Preparation of the Battlespace Continues. Ed Schultz and Brian Schweitzer work themselves up into...
Former Democratic Governor Montana, Brian Schweitzer, speaking about GOP 2016 chances: “Can you win a horse race if you ain’t got a horse?”
Seriously, I could see a Brian Schweitzer or Joe Manchin type.
On the KEYSTONE XL, Ed Schultz and Brian Schweitzer are sounding more and more like snake oil salesmen!
"Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing." -Albert Schweitzer
I always thought Brian Schweitzer would be a good running mate for HRC.
hypothetical quest Britt. He hates the GOP and loathes BO, so would former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer make a good Pres?
Watch: Ed Schultz talks with former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) about their support for
People don’t have to agree with every position you take, but they have to believe that you believe it. Brian Schweitzer 2007
Running against prez in your own party NEVER works
If does become the nominee in 2016, she should consider former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer as her running mate.
Who wants to bet against me that it's Brian Schweitzer vs Rand Paul in 2016? This country is off-kilter enough to do it
We in Montana know that Gov Schweitzer is an even bigger bully than Christie is. Brian is vicious.
Interesting prediction on Brian Schweitzer's candidacy on He will be a force from the left in2016.
Energy indépendance begins with mark potochnik, Ed Schultz and brian schweitzer. How much energy indep are YOU?
Why Brian Schweitzer Has Already Lost via because he's an a$$hole?
Has the Pipeline already been OKed despite all the negativity from the public? Has Our President already made up his mind? This just sent to me by my friend in Delaware: Magy, I just saw an interview with your former governor on the Ed Show, he is supporting the pipeline and says the pipeline is already approved in each state. The only sticking point is the border crossing (between Canada & the US). He says no matter what people think the pipeline will be approved. If the border crossing is not approved they will truck the tar sands across the border to the pipeline. Try to catch the interview, I was speechless. Much respect for your former governor Brian Schweitzer.
THANK YOU for so clearly SPEAKING OUT on this very important issue on which Ed Schultz & Brian Schweitzer are DEAD WRONG
Brian Schweitzer is LYING. Venezuela oil is non-bituminous. Canadian tar sands oil is Bitimun. NOT the same!
Good discussion re. pipeline. People should hear facts before reacting. Brian Schweitzer adds good data. Drive a car? You use oil.
Brian Schweitzer-was he selling tar sands oil or snake oil?
Brian Schweitzer is an oil industry tool. He may have been an effective governor, but he is wrong on
Why don't u have RFK Jr debate Brian Schweitzer?? Now u r putting a labor leader on who is pro Hardly a discussion Ed
Who does Brian Schweitzer work for these day?
No, Brian Schweitzer, we do NOT need to burn more bitumen
Very, very sad that and Brian Schweitzer are marketing Keystone XL propaganda. Just factually wrong.
U actually hve Brian Schweitzer on ur show after he said the only positive thing abt Obama is his historical claim as 1st black Prez
Ed has turned on his Listeners & Viewers. Only persons he's listening2 are Brian Schweitzer & Phil Griffin
Please have Brian Schweitzer on your show to speak about
Former Governor of Montana Brian Schweitzer (whom many in Move to Amend met when he stopped in Fort Atkinson) will be on the Ed Schultz TV show tomorrow (Friday), That's on MSNBC at 4 pm central. Just thought you'd like know.
Come on Team Duck Fiabetes Nor Cal. It would be awesome if we could all ride in the tour come May wearing the same jerseys. Time to kick our fundraising up a notch; Leeta Hightower, Red Straub, Sheila Hightower-Womack, James Womack, Brian Schweitzer, Craig Henninger, Jan Armenta-Alber, Clint Ostenberg, Tiffany Schweitzer, Ryan Sanchez and (Karen Sanchez Henninger)
In my 7.5 years of being an Air Force wife, I've never experienced heartache like I did tonight. I've had people come and go, but never anyone close to my heart. Brian Schweitzer and Drumonya Schweitzer, I'm going to miss having you so near. I'm going to miss the kids having great friendships. I'm going to miss our card games. But most of all, I'm going to miss you guys. I wish you nothing but the very best. I know you'll like NM because NMicans are great people. I love you guys, safe travels to you. See ya later!
Flathead Beacon - New Governor, Same Stalemate - Homeland Security officials recently told Montana that the licenses and identification cards it issues do not comply with a number of federal rules implemented by 2005’s REAL ID Act. Gov. Steve Bullock disagrees. And if this all sounds familiar, it should, since we’ve been waging this battle for several years. If you recall, former Gov. Brian Schweitzer famously fired a shotgun at clay pigeons branded with a federal lice...
To ALL people who DISRESPECT our President: Robert Gates (trying to sell a book), Brian Schweitzer (Former Dem.Governor), Senator Manchin, Ted Nugent, Noem Baker, and all the other Racist Members of the Theatre of Absurd. No MORE, PLEASE.
Tonight, Ed discusses the job killing TPP agreement with former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer.
e-Election in 2014 Can the party keep their majority? By Dustin Hawkins There are 21 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2014 that are currently held by Democrats, with more than half of those being vulnerable. These seats were won during the 2008 sweep year when President Barack Obama brought millions of new first time voters to the polls, and helping many of the down-ticket candidates along the way. While the Republicans are defending 14 seats in mostly conservative states, Democrats are defending a mixture of liberal, moderate, and conservative seats. The GOP would need to swing 6 seats to take control of the US Senate Likely Safe Democratic Seats There are nine seats that will probably stay safely in Democratic hands: Delaware - Chris *** Illinois - Richard Durbin; Massachusetts 2013 Special Election - Open; Hawaii - Special Election; New Jersey - Frank Lautenberg (Retiring); New Mexico - Tom Udall; Oregon - Jeff Merkley; Rhode Island - Jack Reed; Virginia - Mark Warner. There could be changes t ...
Scanned from the front page of "The Missoulian" newspaper, Jan. 22, 2010, this article was too old for me to find a link. It remains a great source of pride to me. There are two factual errors, however. It resided not in the Governor's Mansion, but in the Native American Conference Room in the Montana Governor's suite of offices, under Brian Schweitzer. Secondly, the $ 3000.00 donation was split between the Native Warriors' Society, to help offset the cost of maintaining the graves of fallen Native soldiers, and The Louie Atlee Memorial Fund, where it was used to help in the creation of a Winter gathering place for guests of the Salish-Kootenai Confederation. The title of my piece is "Home of the Brave".
SALMON, Idaho (Reuters/Laura Zuckerman) - Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer declared on Wednesday he was ready to order state game officials to kill off entire wolf packs in defiance of federal protections under the Endangered Species Act.
Beyond Hillary and crazy Joe who could run for the *** party? Here's the top *** as of right now. Martin O'Malley, Brian Schweitzer, Andrew Cuomo (it would at least get him the *** out of New York) Elizabeth Warren lol, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, Mark Warner. The only one I kind of like is Schweitzer.
This weekend was absolutely amazing. I got to spend time with my wife, family and friends. Angelita Alvarado I Love you. Amanda Wake-Skaar Travis Stappert Erik Gomple Brian Schweitzer Thank you for the laughs friday. Andrew Alvarado Jentri Hoffman-Alvarado Jenilee Splittgerber Shane Splittgerber Nicholas Alvarado and Nicky, Dustin and Gina. Tonight was so fun and Kinsley you are so amazing. I love you all thank you for a memorable weekend.
guy on TV said who can beat Hilary? I can tell you former Gov brian Schweitzer. Because Hilary is a loser canidate, if she managed to steal the DNC nomination then get ready to watch Blue states go red regardless to the knuckle dragging mouth breathing tea-bagger the Re-thugtard nominate.
So, should Hillary be the Democratic nominee in 2016 (which, I am on board thinking that she almost certainly will be) who do you think her Veep pick will be? I think it's really between two top contenders with a few others as maybes. Top of the list are Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia and Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Second tier would be Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri (who is only in the second tier and not the top because apparently there's no love lost between those two) and Gov. Martin O'Malley of Maryland. Third tier would be the once and future Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida and (if he plays his cards right) Fmr. Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana. Anyone got another maybes? Don't say Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, she has no interest in it as she will have more ability to do her progressive stuff right in the Senate than as Veep.
On a Tuesday in early 2005, Brian Schweitzer was sworn in as governor of Montana. Next day, he was bundled into a National Guard helicopter and flown to the state’s northwest for the funeral of an 18-year-old reservist killed in Iraq.
Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer is continuing to position himself for a possible 2016 presidential run, talking about running a Democratic campaign against the policies of President Barack Obama in a new interview.
Brian Schweitzer is running for president as the anti-Obama.
Nah they have so many better ones.Martin O'Malley, Brian Schweitzer and Mark Warner. Granted I wouldn't vote for either but solid.
For month, Montana’s Populist Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer has been quietly staking out a position to the left of his party’s likely Democratic presidential nominee in 2016, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Today, however, Schweitzer’s effort is no longer so quiet.
Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer said Monday that while he hasn’t decided yet whether he will run for president in 2016, he said a bid would “ruin” his life. The Democrat has been stoking rumors that he might mount a 2016 campaign, including with a recent Iowa speech in which h...
Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) said Monday that a presidential bid in 2016 would "ruin" his life, although he didn't rule it out entirely. Schweitzer ...
Good morning everyone! Happy Monday to you! Hope you had a great weekend. Joining us for today's show, we have: Nicolle Wallace, Richard Haass, Jon Meacham, Mike Allen, Fmr. Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Jim Miklaszewski, Rep. Peter King, Fmr. Rep. Jane Harman, Allen Salkin, Bob Costas, Peter Alexander and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
Brian Schweitzer hammers Bill Kristol: ‘Perpetual war in the Middle East’ has failed! via
Brian Schweitzer called the inspector general’s report “much ado about nothing” and ignored it. Schweitzer blew off the investigative report as “a completely partisan end run in the National Guard attempting to embarrass him (Walsh).”
Former Governor Brian Schweitzer (D-Montana) is the guest on the December 27 edition of Iowa Press.
President Barack Obama's recent approval ratings have been falling, the lowest numbers the President has seen so far. Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer visited Iowa for the 2013 Progress Iowa holid...
Lawrence O'Donnell last night was questioning why Gov. Brian Schweitzer was in Iowa questioning Hillary's support for the Iraq War. Good question, but Karen Finney's answer was pure Hillary spin. Anyone who hopes that Iraq is "old news" still has to explain Hillary's unexplainable support for the wars in Afghanistan and Libya, her demand for a missile strike on Syria and her general support for the unwinnable unaffordable wars of the last decade. Votes in the peace state of Iowa will want answers. Equally important is her embrace of Wall Street at a time when most Democratic voters are demanding an alternative to economic inequality. The question is why she is in disagreement with a majority of her Democratic base?
Senator Max Baucus may be appointed ambassador to China. If so, Montana Gov. Bullock should appoint a progressive to replace Baucus, someone like Brian Schweitzer, Pat Williams, or Carol Williams. Sound like your kind of Senator? Sign here!
A dark horse candidate - former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer - has indicated that he might launch a bid for the White House in 2016. Amy Walter and...
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President Obama is expected to appoint Max Baucus an ambassador, throwing new heat onto the U.S. Senate race.  Brian Schweitzer appeared tonight in one of the most influential presidential stumping states.  And an e. coli warning is forcing some East Missoula residents to boil their water tonight.
Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer and the Democratic Future National Review: Mark my words: if Brian Schweitzer runs for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, he will do exceptionally well. Michael Warren’s profile of Schweitzer in the Weekly Standard helps illustrate why. Consider that though Howard Dean was widely regarded as a moderate governor of Vermont, his forceful opposition to the Iraq War helped him vault to prominence as a champion of the Democratic left. Schweitzer has moderate bona fides as well — his defense of gun rights, his entrepreneurial bent, the emphasis he placed on tax cuts and spending restraint as governor — yet he is also a populist who championed causes like the re-importation of prescription drugs from Canada. The reason I think Schweitzer could shake up the race is that, as Warren notes, he has been a consistent critic of Obamacare from the left: So what are Schweitzer’s progressive bona fides? For one thing, he has no patience for Democratic third way-ism ...
Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has work to do in Iowa
Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) has labeled President Obama a “corporatist.” Says O has moved “Right.” What does “Right” even mean these days?By Nick Sorrentino on December 16, 2013Schweitzer is trying to “out progressive” Hillary Clinton and other challengers by throwing some bombs. In this case – at lea...
I'm tired of the RINO's and I'm tired of the DINO's. So what an awesome surprise to hear about Democrat Brian Schweitzer running in 2016! He's State's Rights, pro coal, pro gun rights, medical freedom of choice, anti-corp takeover of our government. This man, hopefully, if he manages to win, will stand up for our rights and get America off the brink of going bankrupt.
Brian Schweitzer, former governor of Montana, “If you’ve run a business, like I have, if you’ve run a state, like I have, then you like to get things done. I get up at 4:30, 5:00 in the morning, and I decide, ‘What can we do right now, today, to change the world?’ and then you can start doing things to make that come true.”
.I’m setting up an ACORN type organization for Brian Schweitzer anything to help a Montana grown democrat!
1st serious challenger to Hillary emerges: (WEEKLYSTANDARD) — Brian Schweitzer sounds content with bei...
>If MT Brian Schweitzer, does announce in Des Moines his run for POTUS, his life will be in danger by Hillary's arrangements
Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer making POTUS noises. Let's hope his Uncle is Albert. That would help a lot. (Tho not with me ...)
Brian Schweitzer sounds content with being a “former” pol. As we chat on the phone, he is looking out the window of his home on Georgetown Lake in western Montana. By mid-November, the lake is frozen, and the Pintler Mountains to the south are covered with snow. Schweitzer’s home sits at the end of…
Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer has labeled PBO a "& warned that Hillary Clinton could do the same
Here is a more readable version of the Brian Schwietzer article. This dude is the real deal -
former montana gov. brian schweitzer (D): "is a corporatist"
Brian Schweizer looking to run for President? Has this man no decency?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I need to stop getting my hopes up about Politicians. Brian Schweitzer (D-Montana) was getting pushed at me by the Weekly Standard as "fiscally conservative and socially liberal," and though I disagree with him on a few of the things they outlined, they were issues I'm willing to live with after a little bit of debate. However, no. I'm not looking him up. No. Because seriously, even if he were awesome sauce incarnate, 2016 is a long way off.
Brian Schweitzer, former Gov of Montana (D), might run for President. He's the first Democrat I'd consider voting for. Don't fall for the Hillary hype, give this guy a good look.
Brian Schweitzer is shocked, SHOCKED that Progressive rhetoric gives way to corporatism.
Seems like every few months, I re-up this thing on Brian Schweitzer positioning himself as 2016's progressive hope.
Brian Schweitzer, potential '16 candidate, is speaking on Wednesday to Progress Iowa near Des Moines. My profile:
Ex-Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is acting like a presidential candidate. My story in the new
OPINION: Question of the week poll results: Do you think former Gov. Brian Schweitzer should run for president...
Most popular among Iowa Democrats? Hillary Clinton (89%) - Joe Biden (71%) … 70% don't know who Martin O'Malley or Brian Schweitzer are...
Great Weekly Standard profile of Brian Schweitzer, who is probably the Democrats' strongest Presidential candidate
Brian Schweitzer is doing anything to raise his profile ahead of 2016--even talking to the Weekly Standard:
Dem Brian Schweitzer, who wants to run for president, on Washington: “There’s a smell that emanates from that city.”
Brian Schweitzer is funnier, more likable, and more progressive than Hillary, which is why he's weighing a 2016 run:
Meet Brian Schweitzer, the anti-Obamacare, pro-gun progressive populist who wants to challenge Hillary in '16:
Join former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and our next 6th District Congressman Andrew Romanoff for some holiday cheer. Monday December 16, 7 PM, at CB & Potts
Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) on Sunday continue to fuel speculation that he's gearing up for a presidential run in 2016. During the final segment on MSNBC's "Up With Steve Kornacki," TPM's Sahil Kapur asked Schweitzer point blank if he intends to launch a White House bid. With a referenc...
When David Sirota was Brian Schweitzer's campaign manager I relentlessly picked on the thin-skinned little twerp.
See Gov. Brian Schweitzer one week from today -- get your ticket here!
US Senate Candidate John Bohlinger Introduces Montana Constitutional Amendment to Protect Digital Privacy HELENA - On World Human Rights Day, former Lt. Governor John Bohlinger introduced a Montana Constitutional Amendment to protect the Right of Digital Privacy. "I believe there is a threat to the civil rights of all Americans from the NSA’s sweeping warrantless invasion of our telephone and internet data," Bohlinger said at a press conference in front of the Secretary of State's office. "Therefore today, I have launched a citizens’ initiative to amend the Montana Constitution to explicitly prohibit warrantless governmental intrusion into our telephone and internet communications." The citizens' initiative would add 35 words to Montana's Constitution expand our current protections for paper documents and communication to digital documents and communication. "It would shock us to the core if we learned that the United States Postal Service was keeping track of who we write, or that they were steaming ...
Butte News - Brian Schweitzer pours for the Mother Lode
Brian Schweitzer bartends to raise money for Butte, Montana's Mother Lode Theatre.
Happy 16th Birthday to my sister Julia Ann Conley! It's almost like it was yesterday that you and Brian Schweitzer decorated my room with Christmas lights and here we are 13 years later. You are more then just my little sister, you are one of my best friends. I'm so proud of the beautiful young lady that you have become, and I'm excited to see your next 16 years. Love you kiddo!
Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer called President Obama a corporatist, pointing to Obamacare as proof. [W]e've had five years of Obama, which I would argue in many cases, he has been corporatist, he explained on MSNBC on Saturday. The health care bill that was written by the insurance compan...
While my primary focus is on 2014 and the mid-term elections, i have to share this. Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has just stated he will be doing some campaigning for the presidency in Iowa. He has declared himself to be a progressive ,insinuating that Hillary is a...
Formidable Democrats are in the wings if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decides not to seek the party's nomination for president in 2016, says Ben Jacobs, a reporter for The Daily Beast. In addition to the obvious — Vice President Joe Biden — they include New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, Jacobs told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV. I'm going to be checking into each of them to see what I can learn.
Turns out former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer does indeed have aspirations for higher political office, and he chose a classroom at Highlands College in Butte Thursday to make it official.
There are TWO excellent talks to attend today, if you can bundle up and venture outside! -Nick Tucci, MBMG researcher, will be talking about Groundwater under the Butte Hill--The Flooded Underground East Camp Mines and the Berkeley Pit. 4:00 pm today, Room 128 in the Natural Resources Building. --Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer will talk about Montana's political landscape on entering the 21st Century. Today from 5:30-6:45 at Highlands College (Tech's south campus), Room 111. Come warm up with some exciting talk!
That one time at girls state, I started the slow clap for Brian Schweitzer..
pres obama says we are not repealing Obamacare as long as he is president then I say let impeach and get a new guy Like former Montana Govenor Brian Schweitzer to repeal Obamacare and replace it with Single payer healthcare. Because Paying premiums deductibles and co pays to the private for profit health insurance cartel should be a federal felony like giving money to Terrorist groups like Al Kaita. Blue cross premiere Etna kaiser are like giving money to terrosit and organized crime
In an interview with MSNBC this week, former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer signaled that he will run for the Democratic nomination, saying that he plans to visit all of Iowa’s 99 counties. Iowa is the first caucus in the country ... Read More
In case anyone didn't know, Brian Schweitzer is awesome. That is all.
domain names
Former Democratic Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer shared a rather odd conclusion about America's treaty with Iran during his appearance Sunday on MSNBC. What's interesting is not that we are going to have a treaty with Iran, it's going to tip the balance away from the Saudis and the Egyptians to the P...
Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer hints that he’s interested in visiting all of Iowa’s counties.
Brian Schweitzer just explained the ACA to Steve Kornacki in 60 seconds better than most Democrats have in four years.
Brian Schweitzer is on with Steve Kornacki on
the democrats have a deep deep bench all those listed and add Cory Booker , Julian Castro , Brian Schweitzer. CLINTON YES
Democrat Brian Schweitzer, a popular former governor of Montana whose name pops up as a possible 2016 presidential candidate, will be in Iowa to give a speech in December.
Former Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-Mont.) may run for president in 2016: What questions do you have for him?
BARRY BEACH TRIES FOR CLEMENCY, AGAIN (from Montana Cowgirl blog - 29 Sept. 2013) Barry Beach, serving a 100 year prison sentence with no possibility of parole, has applied to the Montana Board of Pardons for clemency. If he gets what he wants then the Board will recommend to Governor Bullock that Beach be made eligible for release, having now served 30 years in prison for a 1983 crime he says he did not commit. Bullock could then accept or reject the recommendation. An all-star lineup of politicians has written letters on Beach’s behalf including Conrad Burns, John Tester, Brian Schweitzer and John Bohlinger. Bullock’s duty as Attorney General was to argue in support of Beach’s conviction, but that doesn’t preclude him from now allowing Beach to be paroled. But this is all assuming that the Board gives Beach a favorable ruling. If the Board turns Beach down then it’s the end of the line for Barry. He will live out the rest of his life in prison unless he lives to the age of 118. In 2011, a ...
HELENA - After former governor Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) announced his intention not to run for U.S. Senate in 2014, the grassroots group Montana Wants Brian
The decision by former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer not to run for the Senate in 2014 has encouraged Republicans about their chances of winning the majority in the Senate.
news- Surprise announcement: former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer says he won't run for the U.S. Senate in 2014
Nat Journal: Brian Schweitzer's decision not to run for greatly increases the odds of takeover in 2014.
Why Schweitzer's decision not to run for Senate is a gift for the GOP, according to
Schweitzer rekindles GOP Senate hopes via for iPhone
Re: Brian Schweitzer, the slow drip of recent dark $$ stories just the tip of the iceberg of what our research turned up. U…
A big blow to Americans not jut DEMS “Blow dealt to Senate Dems
My analysis of what Brian Schweitzer's decision not to run means to the national Senate landscape.
Not so happy about this—wonder who steps up. Former Governor Won’t Run for in 2014
I've been walking around the whole day saying "freaking Brian Schweitzer" under my breath. No one in FL cares. Heart = broken.
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