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Brian Ross

Brian Elliot Ross (born October 23, 1948) is an American reporter for ABC News. He has been with ABC News since July 1994. From 1974 until 1994, Ross was a correspondent for NBC News.

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CBS = Charlie Rose. NBC = Matt Lauer. ABC = Brian Ross. But please, keep looking down your noses at talk radio and new medi…
ABC News has suspended fake news liar Brian Ross for one month without pay for his completely FAKE report about Michael Flynn
Brian Ross isn't fired yet, really ABC???! The market lost 300 points in minutes because of your fake news, that's screw…
It started with libtards jumping for joy thinking Trump would now be impeached. It ended with Brian Ross being suspended…
-No collusion. -Tax reform went through the senate. -Brian Ross is suspended. -ABC is fake news. -Trump has done nothing illega…
Congratulations to News for suspending Brian Ross for his horrendously inaccurate and dishonest report on the Rus…
ABC's Brian Ross fired for misreporting Flynn story. Maybe and Michael Che should be fired for calling T…
In 2012, Brian Ross also falsely suggested that the Aurora shooter Jim Holmes had been a member of the Colorado Tea Par…
He caused a huge loss in the NYSE. Suspension is for word choice, glad Brian Ross doesn't have the influence for nu…
.referring to Brian Ross story as "inaccurate". . This was a well thought out planned propaganda hit piece on Trump & Gener…
New: ABC News has suspended Brian Ross for four weeks, without pay, for his erroneous report about General Michael Flynn.
Brian Ross gets a slap on the wrist for lying to millions and tanking the stock market. General Flynn lies to FBI over n…
It wasn't just Brian Ross' fake news story that was wrong. Brian Ross brought down the stock market from his falsified r…
Since is suspending Brian Ross for his incorrect reports about Flynn and Trump, should take note. Jake Tapper, A…
ABC's Brian Ross blows it again. Why is he still on air?
BREAKING: ABC News apologizes for 'serious error' and suspends reporter Brian Ross for 4 weeks over faulty Michael Flynn story
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ABC News suspends Brian Ross for false reporting on Michael Flynn bombshell story.
The media that enabled all these sex abusers and still hasn’t fired Brian Ross wants me to dump Roy Moore...
Brian Ross from ABC says a source familiar with the matter says Michael Flynn is prepared to testify against trump, tru…
There has been a lot already today: Mueller expanding to Flynn, Manafort, Sessions. Brian Ross w/a…
After wetting a pair of 3's Brian Ross was tripped by Grayson Allen aka Will Steven. No Class
Mentor's Brian Ross guts out a hard-fought decision over Perry's Nick Mason on Friday.
Double sub for Cowdenbeath : David Robertson and Brian Ross on for Burton O'Brien and Lewis Moore
Some people were having a buy 2, get 1 free sale all watch Ross & Brian's Who's Your Daddy episode again:
VIDEO: reposting this ghoulish, coolish snack idea for skull-shaped stuffed
Brian Ross ABC News Report: 100s of Millions of Dollars Paid to Donald Trump by Russian Oligarchs
32. My favorite Game Grumps are as follows (in order) : . Barry . Brian. Ross. Danny. Arin. Kevin. Suzie
Ross Sea in Antarctica will become the world's largest marine protected area... by via
Jane Mauser of knows what's up! "Change in The World Starts in Seattle" is up on Slideshare now:…
VIDEO: A rescued squirrel becomes a new house pet!
Is BRIAN going to go to JAIL with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE for taking a voting booth selfie?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Iain Vigurs, Paul Lawson, Michael Fraser, Marc Fitzpatrick, Brian McLean and Mark Brown have all played for Motherw…
We've just issued out October newsletter - focussing on - new blogs on our site
.Interviews 'Archbishop' of Fringe Church Pushing 'Miracle Cure.' Full story tomorrow on
Remember, no matter how rich, successful, or famous you are, Ninja Brian still thinks you suck. Big time.
Brian Ross Ritchie Brian exactly 17 yrs ago in
VIDEOS: These 3 vids can help fill your Halloween table with eerie edibles, from horrifying hot dogs to creepy...
A CK moment from See the entire shoot at this link: … … …
Check out my feature on hunk with images by the talented … … … …
Hi Ross, please dm your home address so that we can investigate this for you. - Brian
PHOTOS: Some of the most AMAZING and GEEKY pumpkin carvings you have ever seen!
i love how everyone is terrified of zombie Ross except for Brian, who just looks /so done/
Didn't Brian and KF continue to persue Ross Pierschbachter post verbal comit then visit to Al
Our CEO, Zara Ross, is getting into the spirit of Hats on for Mental Health Day. Join her at
Bob Ross on TV at the coffee shop. Perfect inspiration for catching up on some work
also throw in an edgy reimagining of Never Give gonna you up by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross sung by Brian Molko
Arin's the dad, Suzy's the mom, Dan's the uncle, Brian's the grandpa, and Barry & Ross are the children
Kaneesha Ross creels . Brian Wynn watch till the end LOL
that was painful to see Ross chase that. Could've got on the board with a walked in run.
You just knew Miller was gonna get Ross to chase there. Couldn't check the swing back in time.
PHOTO ALBUM: You can vote NOW in Alaska. Brian shows you how with photos and information links.
can anyone in Ross's Green Party explain how their *unconditional* support of Indy is compatible with their desire to tackle…
Ross Clark was bearish on $NVDA, it is at all time highs today. Another wrong call.
"We’re trying to win & we’re going to continue to try to win," says Ross Atkins as tricky winter looms for https:/…
Ross Atkins, on Bautista and Encarnacion, the holes to fill, the manager – and no stepping back: My story:
VIDEO. Look at these tiny, creepy hands squeezing up between the porch slats.
I hear Brian Ross from news. When and why did they become
Mentor's Brian Ross with an 8-2 dec at heavyweight. Final: Mentor 44, Perry 17
I'm Brian Ross. I gave $250 to I live in Garden City, NY. I work as an Attorney at Graubard Miller.
ABC News' Brian Ross and Matt Gutman continue to track the latest developments emerging from the deadly attacks in Paris, France.
Writer at liberal Daily Kos arrested on terrorism charges. Brian Ross still looking for a link to the Tea Party.
Brian Ross, a professor in LAS, to serve as executive associate dean of LAS and assist acting Chancellor Barb Wilson
you mean like Brian Ross of ABC did with James Holmes "Tea Party" connection. pot meet kettle~~~ Brock run out of blow tonight?
Waiting for Brian Ross to report Tea Party links for Lafayette theatre shooter. Come on, you know he wants to.
“Something surreal about Brian Ross reporting that Abdulazeez is kid “typical American kid"
Remember James Holmes, the Aurora shooter at The Dark Knight movie theater, the guy Brian Ross thought had to be...
Just like Brian Ross is an honest journalist...
...obviously Brian Ross is part of the msm blame America & conservatives team...pity..I remember when he was a good reporter
Brian Ross is obviously on drugs or has brain damage!
There’s something surreal about Brian Ross reporting that Abdulazeez was a “typical American kid"
I saw Huey Lewis and the news years ago they were awesome in concert. This could be a lot of fun! Brian Ross...
ABC's Brian Ross: We don't pay for interviews. NYT's David Carr: Except when it's Casey Anthony. You funded her defense.
CNN's Cuomo calls black French Terrorist "African-American", he must have attended the Brian Ross school of journalism.
thought Ross could've done more on end-around. Tate w the presnap penalty. Not a great drive.
omg, Ross Noble doing an impression of Brian Blessed bellowing, "My soft entrance has been violated!" was the funniest thing!
Before Rolling Stone, there was this. Check out how ABC's Brian Ross perpetuated this lie and refused to apologize.
.Glad to hear. W/ I'm continually exploring opt to eliminate the excuses for using fixed & offer alternatives.
Southport's last FA Cup second round win came in 1998, David Gamble and Brian Ross scoring in a 2-1 success at Mansfield Town
No we saw his profile on the Tea Party site Brian Ross blew him out on ABC. TK
Oh, I agree. I've had some citizens recently ask to replace heavy benches in favor of more flexible options.
Derrick Ross wearing a "I can't breathe" shirt during warm ups in support of Eric Garner
This is the opener for Ross and the debut of head coach Brian Gunter
"FINAL: No. 11 Providence 3, No. 3 2. Friars advance to Final Four" bummer end result but great season.
You do realize I was being sarcastic, right?
Doug, Aunt G, Brian, and Ross leading an Edwardsville ladies group in Christmas Carols.
Brian Ross lead vocalist for Satan and Katon - HIRAX Whiskey a go-go. http…
First for Coach Brian Ross & the beginning of many more. Congratulations Brian. Remember the Vanover name too!
Today's match refree at Pittodrie is Brian Colvin, assisted by Alasidair Ross & Mark McLean and fourth official Gavin Duncan
Oh Anita is a Saint? Cool. As a Feminist, what is her relationship with Bart Baggett?.
1 millionth person to prematurely call dead. Congrats you won the laughs of your peers.
Last Golf Society outing of the year in the Ross Golf Club. The Captain for 2015 is Brian O' Callaghan.
Casually watching Bob Ross with Brian while working on my genetics paper.
shout out to Karl Ross Brian and Daniel?!
Good luck to Alum Ross Bowers as he wraps a storied career in the Class 4A State Title Game tomorrow night.
Thanks for the mention. I loved how that project changed the sociability & function by simply adding moveable furniture.
.Like how Brian Ross never named his anon sources that claimed Iraqi anthrax ingredients.Anon unless lie, then blam, shld be rule.
The scorers that afternoon were David Gamble and Brian Ross. This is the match report
(bib 11) solid run into 4th place, +0.31 behind teammate Ross. Was actually ahead by 0.02 at fourth split time. Nice return!
Brian Haigler / Ross-Haigler Group is looking for a buyer on 1005 White Marsh Court
Brian McKnight is a thief so he deserves no Grammys. Surprised about Miss Ross, but back in the day it was harder to win.
Lorde has Grammys. Diana Ross has no Grammys. Brian McKnight has no Grammys.
BOB HOYE So what's ahead, seasonally? Ross Clark is updating the "Turn-Of-The Year" model
How's my programming? Brian Poole & Tremoes Do You Love Me into Jackson 5 I want you back.. Into Diana Ross & Supremes Keep Me Hangin On
Listen today at 6pm EST to guests Brian Mohr of and Ross Mason, founder of
Brian Hoyer has a better chance of getting his hair back than his starting job
"if you're a good boy this year, Johnny, Santa just might leave some peaceful holiday protests for you!"
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Massive congratulations to Ricky Ross who will be joining ambassadors such as Lorraine Kelly, Brian Cox, myself...
I don't associate myself with those who associate with Brian Oconnell.
I realized I've held on to memory of Brian hard but that keeps me from losing my mind that was my storm & my test
Rick Ross rey tell meek bout them PEARS he been eating 😂😂
get D-Ross for $6mil a year for two years. We don't need to drop a big contract right now. Those have not been good lately.
Wofford fumbles and Brian Ross recovers. Paladins ball at their 36-yard line.
I HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM,, The Forty Five Percent and Rising. I can no longer post their. The reason I can only guess, is that I asked a few questions regarding their Zero Tolerance Policy, And I criticized Admin for what I regarded as their rude answers to peoples simple questions. I will Cut and paste all my posts to The Forty Five And Rising... I have also asked Brian Ross, whom I am not sure if he is Admin or not? But he is certainly pushing the Group, if he can tell me why my questions have not been answered?. And why I have been removed without being able to comment on the page? I Thank you for patience with this long post,,But I feel very strongly that these questions need answered, and as I have been disappeared from The Forty Five And Rising page , this is the only way I can make comment and ask questions. I WOULD THANK YOU TO REPOST THIS IN THE SAID PAGE..As I Have Been Censored on said page. I am wondering if the Admin of the page are quiet as open as they would have us think? Do they have ...
Brothers bar with Brian Ross, the regular with the hookup
ABC News' chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross reported that the former Guantanamo Bay inmates released in exchange for U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will have “a year-long, all expenses paid vacation” during their required stay in Qatar. Ross reported that the detainees will be provided with…
3 killed at Jewish museum in Brussels,ABC's Brian Ross working feverishly to determine if there is a Tea Party connection
Harvey Specter and Mike Ross couldn't retain this much info
Brian McBride versus Nick Ross in the men's high jump. Only two left.
Wel that was a crazy adrenaline rush ride here! I'd like to thank Brian Ross for teaching me how to drive highways and staying with the pack!! ;)
At my brothers watching Brian Ross doing his thing...
Brian Ross ate all of my toffee peanuts not once but twice... Will he make it back home ? Lol idk
Congratulations to Brian Ross on winning Player of the Year award. taught him everything
May 24 UPDATE - UMP MODS to race May 24! With the impressive car counts and racing May 17, Ed Kennedy announced last night that he wants the Mods back in action for May 24! We hope this doesn't inconvenience any drivers, but MODs added with the Pro Late Models for May 24 along with our 600 sprints, Super Street, and the always competitive Thunder Stocks gives the fans a 5-in-1 show! The Late Models invade the "playground of power" for the first time.and not only is 2012 Plymouth asphalt Late Model Champion Brian Ross going to compete in the Pro Late Models next week, but also 2012 Plymouth asphalt Sportsman Champion Shawn Amor will pilot a LM around the 3/8 mile dirt oval!!! Two local heroes battling with some of the best LM drivers in the area! Come join us May 24 for a FULL SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL alongside the Pro Late Model East vs. West Showdown!!!
Seb Ross and Murdoch played well yesterday, fair chance to get a gig after the bye
Vandy's Brian Miller is the RHP version of Mississippi State's Ross Mitchell.
he's done a Ross fae friends in the spray tan booth
Whilst I wait on Ross and Brian I think im going to have another cheeky vodka
Jim Spence, Ricky Ross, Brian Taylor, Lorraine Kelly, George Galloway (when not supporting Celtic). Your team took a *** of a beating.
Oh by the way, my Mothers Day also consisted of a great present from Amanda n Brianna n Brian Ross, they got me a ticket for a hot air balloon ride which I've always wanted to do.. So now I'm going to schedule my time soon... I so love my family...
now this is how our family has a friday night Denise Tozzi Janet Morgan Lynn Ross Niblick Brian Ross
New official alarm is Brian running down the hallway singing Rick Ross, can't argue that it's not better than the r Kelly days
Girls night in with Brian Ross David Morris and rickety cricket. Root beer floats and the new Evil dead!!
EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW!. Steve Brian teams up with Jason Ross for the massive 'Good Love'. .
ABC News Brian Ross on the latest terror threat facing the Sochi Olympics
was released this day 1966. Brian: I kinda think it's because it was made with love and love lasts forever …
I am filled with joy on this day and so very grateful to God for the blessings He has given! Alton Esau III graduated with the Class of 2014 -Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts. My mom, Annie Mae Latson-Shed and William Shed would have been so proud of their second favorite grandson! There are so many people to thank after God, but here goes. Yetta NineTen Letrice, Katecia, Aunt Trish and my niece and nephews, Nana Esau, his grandad MC Latson, all my Aunties and cousins, big sister Tanya, Doris Neal, Elise White, Sherrel Meriweather Jackson, Susie Hudson, Azalee Bellamy, Corina Esau-Mack Rozetta Esau-Faust, Marilyn (hubba), Rhett Esau, Ann White-Washington; the best uncles in the world - Joe Esau, Alfred, James, Winston (RIP), Marion (papa); Shandra Butts Stringer, Brian Burnett, cleve Maloon, Brian Ross, Evan Rogovin, Pedro Hernandez, Bishop Hightower and his entire family, Pastor Marilyn James, the Dunklin & Tucker family, the entire PCOGIC family and youth team, Robert Shuford, George & Tori ...
Ask Ross or Jason or Jr, they were there when I gave my IQ.
Brian Ross we could do this to cricket!!!
Off home for a nice dinner being cooked for me by Brian Ross . Can't wait for our holidays on Monday!
Check out the preview of my new track with - 'Good Love', out soon on
The players at Leeds have let Brian, down badly, without ROSS we would be in league 1..
Brian rest of season in ROTO using QS - how do you rank Roark, Kuechel, Pomeranz, and Tyson Ross?
Kinley knocked it out of the park as Betsy Ross at her Living Wax Museum
Do you think his draft record might be better if he has Brian MacLellen and Ross Mahoney on his staff?
Sorry, don't agree. Too many stinkers this series. Even Brian has sounded embarrsd...
haven't ever heard Brian get that angry but don't think anyone can believe the purple lunatic in the corner
Cross party agreement that UKIP candidate is an intolerable lunatic. Sounds like Brian Taylor may strangle him.
Brian Taylor's Big Debate on now with Scotland's MEP candidates including
.on Brian Taylor's Big Debate right now! Listen live:
Here's the latest Enhanced exclusive preview from & - 'Good Love'
Bob Ross was in the military and known for being tough and screaming all the time.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Video: Do You Know How Old Your Tires Are? - ABC’s Brian Ross shows consumers how to check the age of their...
Draco and the Malfoys are a wizard rock band founded in Woonsocket, Rhode Island in 2004. The group is composed of half-brothers Brian Ross and Bradley Mehlenbacher, who both perform under the persona of Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter book series.
Well it's here.eekkk.thank you to my amazing family and friends for all there help, not been easy at all but without them there would be no shop,or me ha ha.My mum Janet Flowers thank you for feeding me :-) thanks to Helen Ross for all the furniture you painted and hard work for tonight,Brian Ross for all the things we could not billed,and for teaching Chris Weldon. Ann Roberts for being on the end of face time and giving ideas, my dad for every inch of the shop.words can not say what an amazing dad I have.Rachel Squires, Michelle Tomlinson, Lisa Whittle,andi,dan thanks for all your help and being amazing friends.thank you to my amazing husband chris bring on tonight yay.see you all
Hey everyone! So a few of the seniors (Max Stein, Shaun Murray and I) have decided that we'd like to hold a little college seminar for the underclassmen and juniors planning on majoring or minoring in music in college. We know that Brian Ross held a little meeting earlier this year with a focus on getting into music schools, but we feel that our personal experiences and recommendations are very valuable!! We want to share our experiences mainly to help those of you who will be going on the same audition track in a year or so. Max, Shaun and I will be preparing a 30-45 minute talk where we will discuss all aspects of the audition process. Between the three of us, we auditioned at many types of music schools. From large/universities to conservatories, we covered it all during our own individual audition tours! In case anyone had specific questions or interests in one or more music schools below, these are the schools we auditioned at: Indiana University University of Miami New England Conservatory Universit ...
Good luck to all friends and customers doing granite city rally today stay safe and Brian Watson any chance off giving Brian Ross an *** kicking today ?
Brian Ross found James M Holmes on Tea Party site not James E Holmes,
Prayers go out to the Ross family as we lost a great man today!! He was probably the strongest man I've ever known! He never let cancer determine his love of life! He never quit or gave up! He didn't get down or depressed! He went to work everyday after chemo and radiation! He always smiled and had a funny story! He knew no strangers!! I know that he was overjoyed today to finally see his mama again! Stupid cancer shouldn't be allowed to take people like this or split families!! He fought nine long years!!! He was much stronger than I could ever be!! To Karen Ross and Brian Ross words can never explain the condolences that I have in my heart for you!! Know that you were loved more than words could ever say! John Ross, I love you and I'm so sad but know you're in a place you're so deserving of!! May God bless you and our family and may you rest in peace!!!
Hm.who does this make me think of? Carmen Boyer, Jessica Hudson Jessamyn Lane, Lindsey Stanford Carlitos Hermano, Monica Ivette Galaz LeeAnn Conaway, Monica Ochoa Canez Sereva Ball Brian Ross, who else? Tag and share! Lol!
Billionaire Ross Triples Money in Bank of Ireland Share Sale - SFGate via
Joining CEO Brian Ross on stage are City Council Pres and Franklin Co.
.CEO Brian Ross: 12 short months after unveiling our strategic plan, I stand before you proud of the progress we've made
I SWEAR RICK ROSS GOT THE BEST ALBUM OUT RIGHT NOW. and I'm not even a big Ross fan but my goodness.
Rick Ross album go so hard *** look like he lost a few pounds after releasing it.
Meek Mill be promoting rick ross too much
Ross was just talking bout bringing out on power 98. Salute.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Ross on the radio talking bout how much love he got for the city. Thuglife.
Rick ross look crazy without his shades
I wish the news story would have actually shown our city administrator responding, as well as our code enforcer. I think the fact that they were referred to makes it looks like we, as a city, do not care about resolving the problem. I know that is not the case. I would like to see Randy Railsback fro GHRP facilitate a problem solving session w Bob, renters, and city officials including full council to look for long term solutions. I do not believe that anyone can control whether or not he is able to buy more homes. I also wish that the IRS or an independent news reporter like Brian Ross would investigate what he is showing as profit each year. Unless many of them are not rented, I have reason to believe that income is allegedly understated.
What if this Brian and Ross guy just joined our convo out the cut😂
my mans Ross is straight up from Newfoundland and my other shoota Brian is an investor
Brian Ross and started yoga tonight. I knew I had let myself get chubby but *** I barely made it through the part where they just teach the moves
Cyber Security Experts Warn Target Data Breach Only The Beginning Warning do you know about Keylogging, Do you know how venerable you are, Cyber Criminals will get access of your Logins and Passwords. Online Theft Surpassed the Profits of International Drug Dealing according to the Department of Justice. Who is at risk... ABC News Brian Ross Robbing Your Nest Egg Keylogging Stolen Logins and Passwords: How to protect yourself from Keyloggers: Feel free to contact me if you have questions . Opportunity Presentation
Here's a pic of CEO Brian Ross, Mayor the Cbus team pitching the today.
I'm not referring to tabloid/ET journalism either! Think of the likes of Brian Henderson, Peter Harvey, Ian Ross!
ABC News pays Brian Ross to repeat the government's position.
We are going to take a quick break from snow coverage. Talking Brian Orakpo, Ross Detwiler's performance, & Russell Wilson playing baseball?
Hidden-camera video of Torture of Tennessee Walking Horses. This is the epitome of shameful.
I can only imagine. With mike telling you to take it slow and Brian on your back
Happy birthday Brian, hope you had a brilliant day!
Thank you Penny & Brian Ross, Brant Gamma, Carolyn Chapman, Mark Combs, Linda Wachmeister, and everyone else who put on the Plain Dealing Horse Trials yesterday. Hard to believe we were jumping around in 55 degree weather!!
Brian Ross man I miss u my bro..yu betta come see us wen u get in town B Rizzle..
This Thursday, Search Party (Brian Ross and I of Higher Organix ) featuring Wiley Griffin of Mun at Garcias at the Cap. Space Bacon supports!
ended up missing that Ross event smh
Ross Detwiler isn't so sharp this inning. Back to back base-hits by Brian Roberts and Francisco Cervelli.
Ross Detwiler looked sharp in the first. Hit 94 mph on his fastball. Struck out Brian McCann looking on what appeared to be a curveball.
11th pitch of lefty Ross Detwiler's scoreless first is a curve that gets catcher Brian McCann looking. 1-2-3 frame, 2 Ks.
Having a great time w/our troops in Afghanistan and especially with US Marine Officer Ross from VA. http…
Brian James and Joey just showed up my house asking for money if they shoveled lmao
Chef Brian Ross with ideas for a Valentine's Day Dinner, like fried veggies with a Tzatziki sauce
ROSS CLARK The 1980 Iraq/Iran war was the only example that failed to produce a multi-month rally
ROSS CLARK However a price failure here would point toward a retest of the $1270-$1275 range
Did a lot of listening to Fred, Brian, Roger & John this weekend. My 10 year old son is getting into Queen... … ♫
ICYMI: Why 'American Hustle' is off, per central player in the real story, on -
Having looked back at the tape of the England match, Brian O’Driscoll has admitted that Ireland weren't very good.
Brian O’Driscoll and Andrew Trimble are expected to train fully this week. Peter O’Mahony to perform running drills today.
An injury update will kick things off, then Brian O'Driscoll is up for questioning.
"""Whatever happened to starehe is their current principal bruh""smh
It automatically suggested you and Brian Ross
New Blog Post: Hugos, Ross and fear. This was kind of hard to write.
News of putting boot on Piers Morgan has me wondering if Jeff Zucker is whom I met with Brian Ross & Brenda(?) from @ Yale in 90s
Don't worry Brian I know how to handle this
I want this so bad - Harley Quinn comic cover by Alex Ross recreated with Sideshow HotToys 1/6 figures
Brett (front), Ross (middle) & Brian (rear) recording an episode of the Two Funny Guys and Ross show.
lol @ this crowd chanting "Jerrys Kid" at Brian Christopher and Jim Ross acknowledging it.
Good productive day... hot dog with chips and cinnamon bun's at ikea then Brian Ross decided to buy a new...
Capitol Square today: This week Columbus learned it is one of eight cities being considered to host the 2016 Republican National Convention. City officials are in Washington this weekend pushing efforts to land the Democratic National Convention. So, what do Arena District businesses think about the possibility of landing one of the biggest conventions in the world? We’ll hear from them along with Brian Ross from Experience Columbus and senator Sherrod Brown.
I couldn't have said this better myself : from old friend and industry vet, Steve Meyer on the passing of Indy Giant Jerry Brenner. A VERY PERSONAL COMMENTARY AND ONE MAN'S OPINION THIS WEEK JERRY BRENNER, 1940-2014, R.I.P. This past week Jerry Brenner, one of the music industry's legendary, most loved and respected independent promotion men, passed away at his home in Swampscott, Massachusetts after a battle with cancer. If you didn't know Jerry, you missed working with a man who was loved by everyone who worked with him, for him, and all the radio people he talked to for decades. He was the best of what an "Independent Promotion Man" represented. I wrote this back in the newsletter back in 2004: "As an industry veteran of some 30 years, I remember well the Federal investigations that were sparked by Brian Ross's NBC Nightly News piece about the alleged 'Network' that controlled radio and had a chokehold on the record industry. I also remember telling investigators at that time (under oath), if the indep ...
The Free Beacon Offends the Clintons Brent Bozell's column is released twice a week. Brent Bozell IIIBy L. Brent Bozell | Brent Bozell III – Wed, Feb 19, 2014 Media liberals are howling at the apparent injustice of the "anti-Clinton" Washington Free Beacon website, which has dared to paw through old Hillary Clinton history. The hypocrisy is stunning. Let us recall the avalanche of mean-spirited and sleazy "fair game" the networks assembled for us just a few years ago in the last election cycle. Sarah Palin? She didn't even run, but NBC and Savannah Guthrie needed no documentary evidence to repeat every scurrilous accusation of leftist author Joe McGinniss: She was a horrible mother who used her children as props. Her marriage was a mess of incessant fighting on the verge of divorce. Both Palins used cocaine. And Sarah Palin once slept with pro basketball player Glen Rice. Michele Bachmann? ABC's Brian Ross used a leftist *** activist from the group Truth Wins Out to create a "pray away the *** scandal . ...
Brian Ross on Obama and Tony Rezko: via Obama, "I done remembered my conversation w/ Tony Rezko
ABC correspondent Brian Ross smashed his BMW into a jaywalking pedestrian outside the network’s studios on the Upper West Side Sunday evening, authorities said. The man he hit, a 52-year-old…
serves the *** right Roman Dati said he broke his arm walking across a street in the Upper West Side when ABC News reporter Brian Ross hit him with his vehicle.
The view from the Clingman's Dome Observation Tower yesterday afternoon. NPS Photo by Brian Ross.
Icicles hang from the observation tower at Clingman's Dome. NPS Photo by Brian Ross.
Brian Xanders is now on his second day of interviewing with Dolphins owner Steve Ross, today interviewing in Miami per
Per Brian Xanders began speaking with Ross in NYC yesterday, doing full interview in Miami today for GM job.
ROSS CLARK $CAD Down & Dirty. We are now seeing signs of excess in the RSI & TD Sequential indicators on daily charts
First thing people say when they see my beard "Rick Ross" . Cant i just be Brian with a beard?.?
The platform on the Clingman's Dome observation tower. NPS Photo by Brian Ross.
I'm like Ross. I'm mayor of the zone.
Hi, we hv skilled devs. nd wld like to help you. Plz contact kevin.rossto discuss in detail.
Brian Zanders the next GM at Miami. Heard he is still interviewing with Ross. Brian is a great guy.
Bill Ross, exec dir of newspaper guild, denies hedge fund associated with Brian Tierney will partner with guild to buy
After two years of being in-and-out of court on various charges; a Scottsbluff man is facing a prison sentence...
Brian Xanders interviewed today. Did Marc Ross or Tom Gamble ever get squeezed in? If not I guess is saying they're out.
played in a tournament at marine with him last yr, still a big fella, can still finish. He & Brian Ross were great for Marine
A great marine afc striker along with Brian Ross !
Fin GM interviews have changed venues. Now back in NYC, where owner Stephen Ross lives. Brian Xanders (DET) interviewed there, not Miami...
Chris Camden and Brian Ross struck fear into non League defenders when they were at Marine!
Hi Brian, plz ask your friend to contact at kevin.ross. We hv skilled Android devs. nd wld like to assist.
Hi Brian, it's been a while since we've last talked. I hope all is well! Have a great day :)
If you didn't Hang out with me whitey frog Chris taj Ross or will or Brian back in the day, sorry but your childhood just wasn't worth it
If true, bring on Marc Ross and Brian Xanders. Really curious about Xanders’ scouting system in Detroit.
Interesting guy this Brian Xanders for the GM job with the But I don't believe that Ross will hire anyone by the end of the week.
ROSS CLARK $DDD $SSYS $ONVO positioned for consolidation. Sharp corrections after parabolic upside moves are the norm
"true prayer is not an effort to get Christ to do something. it is a desire to be in union with Him." - Richard Ross
No sir, theyre both businessmen, their rap styles are different but along the same lines and I see Ross being in that spot soon.
American talk shows like Conan O'Brian and Jimmy Kimmel are so good, shame the closest we have is Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross.
“im just saying in general but yea FDB” it's ok Brian. Cheer up!
Who still wears a Cody Ross t-shirt? No one! Who still owns a Brian Wilson jersey? Oh wait I still do.
Leighton Baines and Ross Barkley have agreed new contracts with Everton
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Brian Cox knows everything and love Ross Noble's bonkers theories
ROSS CLARK Violation of January 6th $SPX low with continued MACD decline could serve as the catalyst for a break
ROSS CLARK $SPX Continued Signs of Shift in Credit Markets. HighYield are underperforming HighGrade Corps
RIP Brian Ross-Edwards, 2003-2014. You were terribly behaved and we'll miss you xxx
Check out this article that wrote after a little time in the studio with me.
Which of these guys do I need to own? shump, James Johnson, Terrance Ross, and/or Brian Roberts.
Christie's bogus 'stages of grief': Peggy Drexler says when Elisabeth Kubler-Ross proposed the 5 stages of grief, it was to help thos...
So rick ross has his own wing place but I can't have my own taco place, life's not fair. 
If Brian Ross was covering this story on Law & Order about this shooting - he would have blamed the Tea Party.
pooh some fine performers up here... hm love them all hm it's Brian Cranston! YES
You and CJ Ross are awesome judges Brian
and Ross up front with Kebe but new players of quality needed and fast we all believe Brian's the man now he has to prove it
Diana Ross: "So, Brian, you promised to behave properly, got it?"...
We've been asked a few times lately to pick our top five book boyfriends, and its sooo hard. We read so many good ones... If YOU had to pick 5, who would they be? (just pick the first five that you think of) Mine are: Kellan Kyle (Thoughtless series) Jake Wethers (Mighty Storm) Travis Maddox (Beautiful Disaster) Brian Ross (Rock Me) Gavin Blake (Collide/Pulse) ~Tracey
wish I had been there to watch u win. :)
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a Gus Johnson/Jim Ross announcing duo would be my dream
Brian Griffin comes back to Family Guy on December 15th.
got to say The Jonathan Ross Show was amazing: Professor Brian Cox's interview was hilarious and Tom Daley's was so touching
Brian Cox on Jonathan Ross. "Fecking boring, isn't he?" says my mam. I Weep at this harrowing vision of my future.
Buzzin 4 this ellie goulding performance on jon ross plus
Brian Cox was fab on Jonathan Ross. the liquid nitrogen experiment got me in stiches!
Brian Griffin is returning to Family Guy in two weeks!
Brian Cox and Jonathan Ross always very funny together. Tonight's discussion on evolution on other planets was hilarious.
i watched Brian Cox on Jonathan Ross tonight, thought of you for the WHOLE slot. hope we can talk about it and fangirl on tuesday.
and it's like both of your perfect episode of Jonathan Ross tonight, brian cox and tom daley 😂😂
Great Jonathan Ross show tonight, fascinating with Brian Cox & the science experiments! Wish he'd taught me!
On Jonathan Ross tonight Prof Brian Cox and Tom Daley who this week declared that he quite liked Cox
go brian. are awesome, disregard the insignificant life form know as Jonathan Ross bo
Jonathon Ross just ruined Brian cox's experiment he just kept talking and showing off... Ahh! He really annoys me. I'm sorry but he does!😡
Brian Cox blowing up comets on the Jonathan Ross show. That was very cool.
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Listening to my Dad getting irritated by Jonathan Ross for not paying attention to Brian Cox is hilarious.
I wish Jonathan Ross would stop being a *** long enough for Brian to show some cool science.
please tell me you were just watching Jonathan ross? Brian cox was getting ever so geeky about science
I love Jonathon Ross with Brian Cox, what cuties.
Brian Cox teaching science in a suit with Jonathan Ross might just be the highlight of forever
Watching Brian Cox trying to control Jonathan Ross and Tom Daley is hilarious
Tom Daley and Brian Cox on the Jonathon Ross show! Then time for the Football League show :)
Brian Cox came to our school and did our assembly, and hes sitting right next to the dream guy i was obsessed with, on Jonothan Ross' Show
Brian cox on the jonathon Ross show just reminds me of those miserable days in mr Lancaster physics lessons
I'm missing my hun on Jonathan Ross (Brian Cox)
Brian Cox on Jonathan Ross.. how can a comet be coming for a million years if the earth is only 2013 years old?
I'm watching Jonathan Ross and Pr Brian cox is on, you're right ,he is a bellend, if you see him manc, please slap him
Brian Cox has huge hands on Jonathan Ross show is he really an alien
Brian Cox on the Jonathan Ross show. Man, geek is sexy!
why did mehher just ring me to tell me Brian Cox is on the Jonathan Ross show, do I care, no
Jonathan Ross interviewing Brian Cox, is a complete fool. Why does he do that? Pretending we are as stupid as him?
Just realised that half of my mind is Prof Brian Cox and the other half is Jonathan Ross
Watching Jonathan Ross; Brian Cox comes on, lets see what else is on
Brian Cox interview on Jonathan Ross is just reminding me of Le Petit Prince.
Brian Cox is looking very smart tonight on Jonathon Ross c:
Brian Cox doing very well not to swear at Jonathan Ross.
Saturday night, me watching Brian Cox on the Jonothan Ross Show 😭
Jonathan Ross is too funny, Brian Cox is being torn apart
Brian Cox on The Jonathan Ross show is funny
professor brian cox is sat talking about planets n stuff & jonathan ross is sat there with a blank face like "wat" IM LAUGHING FAR TOO MUCH
Can't be doing with Jonathon Ross. Let Brian Cox talk, he's a thousand times more intelligent than you. ***
Prof Brian Cox and Jonathon Ross is possibly one of the best combinations ever.
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