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Brian Roberts

Brian Michael Roberts (born October 9, 1977) is an American Major League Baseball All Star second baseman, nicknamed B-Rob.

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really enjoyed the evening thank you. Brian Roberts. will this do for a a Selfie??
it's certainly not great but he has worst ones: 'Bye bye Brian' for Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts is the all-time great in almost-Cubdom. He left behind a tough legacy to top.
Do you think New Orleans point guard Brian Roberts is an adequate ... - The Times-Picayune
Way to go Cashman .170 batting average Brian Roberts is a Hall of Famer compared to Drew
Does Brian Roberts and Comcast know the meaning of Cust Service?
Cashman still broke camp with no backup 1B unproven 3B and Brian Roberts as our everyday 2B.
Remember when Cashman said Refsnyder wasn't an upgrade over Brian Roberts? I guess Refsnyder should be jobless then too.
Yeah thanks for Brian Roberts. Where were your superpowers when we needed to re-sign Cano?
Nothing against Brian Roberts, but Martin Prado has made a couple of plays at second base that would've been hits a month ag…
It's a sequel to "Monty Williams's Life of Brian Roberts".
Join in AIB John Roberts Sq Waterford tomorrow 1-5pm & learn about the finance options for students
Hey Brian Roberts (CEO of) I cannot live without internet for 10 days so maybe you could help me out
Brian, was Roberts Ridge made into a movie or just a book?
They called it within the last 5 minutes.
I first thought that was Brian Cox, and was surprised.
_. When. is. CEO. BRIAN ROBERTS. going. to. explain. to. shareholders. why. he. paid. $6 BILLION. for. this. SCAM?.
Ruff Ryder's Anthem on the warm up.
_. JOHN S. MIDDLETON. "Say what you will about. COMCAST CEO. BRIAN L. ROBERTS but. he knows how to. SWALLOW!. ╭∩╮(-_-)╭∩╮".
Come on when is our main guy Brian Roberts going to do the Ice Bucket Challenge? I would love to see that.
thanks for never showing up today or even calling to cancel. Send Brian Roberts to my house to service this garbage.
I suppose Brian Roberts' face on Huell's body would look weird.
This one is for GCU! - Accepted ALS challenge by Brian Roberts!
Add 1 cup of Brian Roberts, a dash of ...
Check out new work on my portfolio: "Entrevista a Brian Roberts, Canberra University"
oh glad u went. Its a fave of mine. My friend dr brian a leader in infectious disease is an owner.
Brian Roberts played for the Baltimore Orioles 2001-2013 too
anyone remember Brian 'Harry' Roberts? we bought him ourselves for £10,000 supporters "Buy a Player Fund
Read more about Internet’s most powerful man – Brian Roberts, Chairman and CEO of Comcast .
Knowing Magaths liking for playing youngsters IF Roberts goes I doubt very much that it will have been his choice
Pelicans point guard Brian Roberts to sign with Charlotte Hornets - ...
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Will Brian L. Roberts hire some good reporters for MSNBC?
Yeah seriously. Not much of an upgrade from Brian Roberts or Kelly Johnson
Can't sleep as per the norm lately. I think I'll make a Brian Roberts meme.
Great pass, better catch. RGIII to Andre Roberts.
Jonathan Schoop AB in BAL/CHW. He's no Brian Roberts, that's for sure.
hopefully he doesn't take sliding lessons from Brian Roberts well, now Yankee.
"Robbie Cano who?!?!" . "Jeez, where is Brian Roberts when you need him?!?"
congratulations to Brian Roberts on winning 4 green fees passes with cart you can pick them up at the Pro Shop when ever your ready
Spent my morning with the amazing Brian Roberts at TCOE catching up and reliving old memories. I'm so…
No sign of Brian Roberts w Pres Obama in 1st week; maybe this week.
Brian Roberts is better than Pedroia smh
Point guard Brian Roberts becomes a Hornet all over again
Replacing David Gregory with Chuck Todd is like replacing Brian Roberts with Steven Drew.
New Orleans lose free agent point guard Brian Roberts to the ... - The Times-Picayune
Brian Roberts and Kelly Johnson were signed last winter to fill the void left by Robinson Cano and Alex...
I really thought Brian Roberts and Kelly Johnson were going to carry the Yankees to another World Series title. :)
New York Yankees DFA INF Brian Roberts to make room for their newest acquisition Stephen Drew
well, he can't be any worse than Brian Roberts and Brendan Ryan.
So long, Brian Roberts. I rooted for you. It just never happened...
All those Suzyn Waldman w/ Yangervis Solarte, Kelly Johnson and Brian Roberts "Star of the Game" awards don't matter any more.
Yanks should propose Brian Roberts, Suzyn Waldman, Kelly Johnson, all profits from NYY Steak, and McCarthys wife for Cole Hamels
lineup vs. - Brian Roberts sits again; New York not in on John Danks or Brett Anderson
Everybody loves to forget that Brian Roberts and Andy Pettite used steroids.
Should I do Robinson Cano and Nick Swisher for Vladimir Guerrero, Brian Roberts, and Luke Scott?
What do you expect with an old Brian Roberts, Kelly Johnson, old Ichiro, broken down Beltran, a 40 year old shortstop??
Brian Roberts to me has alright trade value. So package him and Kelly Johnson for some prospects or a medium talent arm.
“.That's what I do! It's a part of my game.” Brian Roberts and I are Shooters. We think alike!
New idea. Trade Kelly Johnson and Brian Roberts for SP. Call up Refsnyder to take 2B. BAM.
DFA Kelly Johnson. DFA Brian Roberts. Bring up Refsnyder and Zolio Almonte and just go for it. What the *** do they have to lose?
monday with Brian Roberts/ Kelly Johnson batting 5/6 with 5 errors rminded me of the late '60s/early '70s. How far we've fallen!
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Will somebody please tell Brian Roberts of the that the Yankees don't wear white shoes! He's seriously out of uniform.
Still can't wrap my head around letting Cano go for nothing and depending on scrubs like Kelly Johnson and Brian Roberts. Brutal to watch
we got Brian Roberts, Gerald Henderson, Gary Neal, Cody Zeller, Bismayc Biyambo. Bench goes to us.
Why media is not reporting the real story in the ... because all are owned! is owned by Murray Rothstein. He changed his name to Sumner Redstone to pass himself off as a blue-blooded Gentile. is owned by Brian Roberts who with his sitcom, “The New Normal,” is corrupting the morals of our youth and annihilating the core of a stable society, the traditional family. is owned by Sydney Bass with Robert Iger as CEO, successor to Michael Eisner. — along with and — all under the umbrella of Time-Warner—is primarily owned by Israeli multi-millionaire Aviv Novo who hired a public relations company to shield him from public exposure. CNN’s CEO is Jeff Zucker, former CEO of NBC. is owned by Rupert Murdoch—born to Jewish mother Elisabeth Greene—making him by Talmudic law, a Jew. In the print media, Murdoch also owns the and the is owned by Jane Harman and Barry Diller. The is owned by the Meyer-Graham family, with Donald Graham as Chairman. Dave Goldberg is CEO and Barry Diller is Senior Executive. An ...
y'all need bullpen or clutch power... You should look into getting Cris Carter or Brian Roberts
Nahh. There might not be a Austin Rivers or a Eric Gordon or a Brian Roberts.
Brian Roberts & Jason Smith gone, that should reduce the chance of by 77%
Going to guess that in reality, Comcast guy is getting drunk with Brian Roberts at this moment.
Why? You've gained Vonleh, PJ, Marvin Williams and Brian Roberts. And you lost Gary Neal and Ridnour
Brian Roberts played two seasons with the Pelicans.
[NBA NEWS] Report: Hornets agree to deal with PG Roberts
The Charlotte Hornets have come to an agreement with point guard Brian Roberts on a two-year, $5.5 million deal to back up starter Kemba Walker next season.
[NBA] . Report: Hornets agree to deal with PG Roberts.
AP Source: Hornets agree with PG Brian Roberts on 2 year $5.5M deal.
Hoop Scoop Report: Hornets agree to deal with PG Roberts: A person familiar with the contract says free-agent ...
Report: Hornets agree to deal with PG Roberts
Report: Hornets agree to deal with PG Roberts.
Brian Roberts and Mike Miller offered the same contract?
Person familiar with deal: Hornets agree to 2-year deal with PG Brian Roberts - The Republic
Donnie and I watching the O's game: Announcer mentions Brian Roberts is up to the plate. Me: Traitor Donnie: the O's didn't want to resign him Me: doesn't matter. He signed with the Yankees he's a traitor. Any Oriole or Met that signs with the Yankees is a traitor. Donnie: I agree on that but, the O's didn't want to resign him. Me: he's still a traitor. That *** Beltran is a traitor too.
Somehow the Yankees looked at Kelly Johnson and Brian Roberts and told themselves they wanted these guys to be their infielders
I will always cheer for Brian Roberts.
Happy to see Dayton's own reppin' in the NBA. CJ, C. Wright & Devin Oliver all on NBA teams & Brian Roberts signing the big contract today
-Luol Deng signs with Miami for $20 million over 2 years. They also re-sign Chalmers -Dallas sign Chandler Parsons as Houston doesn't match -Brian Roberts signs with the Hornets for 2 years -Bonner re-signs with Spurs and Hinrich re-signs with Bulls -Germany win the World Cup
I'll be very happy if Brian Roberts gets to a 700 OPS.
Every time Brian Roberts does anything without getting hurt, I'm impressed.
Now batting for the Yankees numba 14 Brian Roberts numba 14
Some background on new Hornets point guard Brian Roberts:
William Tonking doubles through Brian Roberts at the feature table. Updates on
New Orleans Pelicans lose free agent point guard Brian Roberts to ...
Comcast continues to grow under Brian Roberts
Wait Brian Roberts went from New Orleans Pelicans to Charlotte Hornets? These name changes are killing me
Everything from Chandler Parsons to Trevor Ariza to Brian Roberts to Richard Jefferson updated in free agency roundup ht…
6.6M pot at feature with Brian Roberts (JJ) against Tonking's (KK)
It's hard to see my guys and Brian Roberts go, but I know they are gonna do big things for their new t…
The best thing about Brian Roberts? He's not Luke Ridnour. Bound to be an improvement offensively and at worst a wash at …
Also, as Lowe pointed out, Roberts' deal fits into an exception. CLT can make a $11-$12m splash, then officially sign Bri…
Feeling bitter that the money you spent on a Brian Roberts jersey is now going to waste?!
Note on CHA's Brian Roberts' deal -- it fits room exception, meaning CHA would wait to sign him to keep open as much spac…
Only Brady Anderson (703) & Cal Ripken (674) played more games at Camden Yards than Brian Roberts (661). host
Let's all congratulate Brian Roberts on his new deal with the Charlotte Hornets!
According to Dayton's fourth all-time leading scorer Brian Roberts has signed a 2-year, $5.5M deal w/ Charlot…
Free agent guard Brian Roberts has agreed to a two-year, $5.5M-plus deal with the Charlotte Hornets, league sources tell Y…
they could potentially get three guys at the price of Miller (Brian Roberts, Daniels, Hamilton)
Sources: Detroit Pistons and Memphis Grizzlies have expressed interest in free agent point guard Brian Roberts.
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What's the difference between Brian Roberts and Jerryd Bayless?
Brian Roberts: 4-for-4, 3 doubles, a triple. Career day.
Make that three doubles and a triple for Brian Roberts. All because the Yankees followed all that "fire Kevin Long" advice. Oh, wait...
Of course Brian Roberts is due up... It's just fitting right?
I usually have blacked out before that because I just watched Kelly Johnson, Brian Roberts and Alfonso Soriano pretend to hit.
Yankees despite last nights HR should call up one of those young 2b in the minors and cut ties with Brian Roberts or Kelly Johnson
Well, it's the offseason now. Best time for lists. Here's my list of the best STARTING point guards from every team, and why they're placed where they are. 30. Raymond Felton- Knicks. Felton's career hit an all-time low, and I don't know what can turn it around. He can't score, he's not a great passer, and he plays no defense. And he's not getting any younger, either. 29. Brian Roberts- Pelicans. Holiday was injured most of the season, so Roberts started the majority of the games. 9 points and 3 assists on 41%? Quality backup, bad starter. 28. Mario Chalmers- Heat. Given the role he has on the Heat, Chalmers was pretty good. But once LeBron was neutralized in the Finals, he really showed how ineffective he is when relied on. Great spot up shooter, but there's more to being a point guard than just that. 27. Kendall Marshall- Lakers. Plain and simple, the Lakers were playing with D-League talent last year. Marshall made the most of his opportunities with LA, averaging 8 points and 8 assists. While he wouldn ...
I disagree, and I'm a Yankees fan. If a pitcher cant get Kelly Johnson, Brian Roberts, and Ichiro out, they should be in AAA.
SEE YA! AND TIE GAME! Brian Roberts with the clutch solo homer to right and we are tied at 3.
Kelly Johnson grounds out to James Loney, one out for the Yankees as Brian Roberts heads to the plate.
Yeah but Brian Roberts is as ballplayer.
What did Brian Roberts tell himself when he looked in the mirror? on reluctant white knight
I am in the minority, but I still think there is a solid chance Brian Roberts returns. If Rivers is traded, I can't see Russ Smith getting
“Pelicans will not extend a qualifying offer to guard Brian Roberts. Roberts will become a free agent.” RUSS GETTING BURN
“Point guard Brian Roberts did not get a qualifying offer from the Pelicans
I'm disappointed with Dell's results last night, but Russ Smith as at least an improvement over Brian Roberts.
Pelicans acquiring Russ Smith in tonight draft doesn't look good for Brian Roberts future. Hoping they trade Austin Rivers.
Russ Smith is about to make it hard for Brian Roberts down in NOLA
Russ will be hard pressed to make the . Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holliday, Eric Gordon, Austin Rivers, and Brian Roberts already there.
Id rather Russ Smith than Brian Roberts or Austin Rivers good trade
Pelicans got a pretty nice lookin team. Holiday, Gordon, Evans, Davis and Asik with Ryan Anderson and Brian Roberts on bench.
In your article this morning you stated that Solarte fired a wild throw past Mark Teixeira but it was actually Brian Roberts
Was this Brian Roberts mentioned in the Mitchell Report, or was it someone else?
Derek Jeter singles to score Brian Roberts and John Ryan Murphy. He’s 3-for-3 with 2 runs and 2 RBI. lead 6-1.
Kara Haynesworth talks about Brian Roberts reaching out to Manny Machado after his poor behavior this past...
I looked it up it says Brian Roberts lmfao
Love it! Getting him ready to take over for a horrible Brian Roberts
Congrats to Rob Refsnyder called to AAA yesterday Great article about next stop
Video: To-busy-for-Congress CEO has for 45 minutes to spoon with veritically integrated Re/code crew |
I voted Brian Roberts because he may be injured. I'm only voting for injured people in the AL
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Please nobody show our kittens this video. They're bad enough already and don't ideas like this going through...
“We don’t wake up every morning and go to work and say, ‘we want to be hated.’” -Comcast CEO Brian Roberts
With Rob Refsnyder's promotion to AAA, Brian Roberts is officially a placeholder for now.
Yes I can't wait until August when Refsnyder Womacks Brian Roberts.
“Refsnyder is coming for your spot, Brian Roberts. Praise and Amen!
Brian Roberts better start looking over his shoulder.
MT “Cable Haters Gonna Hate: via thought of you Worth a watch.
Refsnyder is coming for your spot, Brian Roberts.
Brian Roberts: you will believe me when you standing in the unemployment line; don't forget to call me when you there if you ignore me now.
Brian Roberts: you better quickly learn how to manage your portfolio CNBC-guys here are waging a war against you - you under threat
please go out and have some fun you odd child! Drink a crate of beer or something
he was venting to me about Brian Roberts and how he'd write me in to the ASG instead of Roberts
Would be nice if team would replace Brian Roberts with Jose Pirela or Rob Refsnyder. Or let Kyle Roller backup 1B.
Saw Roger Burnham on my tl and I was like yay Roberts awake, but it's just Brian.
Billionaire Comcast CEO Brian Roberts boasted that his cable company had "modestly" added TV subscribers for the first time since 2007.
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Its june 10th and brian roberts is not on the DL
It appears Brian Roberts is not as good at baseball as Robinson Cano; same with Johnson and A-Rod.
Brian Early gives credit to Steve Roberts & for laying a foundation for success at A-State. ($)
Wait. . . The advertising slogan for 'NBC Nightly News with Brian Roberts' is 'It's personal'...? . . Er, really?!
Roberts reaches out to Machado about bat-throwing incident: Yankees second baseman Brian Roberts considers for...
Frank Finesse and Kash Davis. Both need opponents for Muhummed Brian Roberts hoodbreed event. Let me know if yall interested
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Brian Roberts steal of second base is single handedly the most important single play in Red Sox history
If a combined Comcast/TWC worries you, here's a valentine from Brian Roberts: "I think we'll try to be more global."
Source: have traded 2nd baseman Brian Roberts to the in exchange for 3rd baseman Josh Donaldson
Brian Roberts singles through the left side with the bases loaded. Jacoby Ellsbury scores. 4, 3, 12th i…
John Kruk is lazy and doesn't know baseball because he is questioning walking Ichiro Suzuki with a base open to face Brian Roberts.
Brian Roberts is hitting second and Kelly Johnson is hitting cleanup. OK.
Brian Roberts and ZOILO Almonte have the same number of homers as Cano
Brian Roberts and Cano have the same amount of home runs.
Love watching Brian Roberts hustle around those bases for his 2nd triple. Just like Cano used to do.yeah right
That awkward moment when Cano's replacement is Brian Roberts...
Brian Roberts has now had more triples in this game than Robinson Cano has had the past 2 years lol
Yankees @ Mets Update:. Bottom of the 2nd. Yankees 1 Mets 0. RBI Triple by Brian Roberts. -Anthony(Yankee Admin)
Brian Roberts has more triples than Cano has had in the past 2 years
Amazing that that Eric Young Jr. dive/Brian Roberts "triple" didn't elicit the loudest and longest Keith Hernandez sigh in SNY history.
Brian Roberts has an RBI triple after Eric Young misplays it. Solarte scores! Yankees lead 1-0!
Who needs Robinson Cano when you have Brian Roberts?
Mark Ruffalo would be a great choice when someone goes to make a movie about Brian Roberts' life.
Upcoming event Brian Roberts 6pm at Sunset Grille and Raw Bar
I just voted for the Brian Roberts to win today's of the day!
Se ya! Brian Roberts hits his first HOME RUN in a big spot as they take back the lead over the Angels (LIVE …
The most outrageous inning in baseball today: Top of the eighth at Angel Stadium. Score tied 1-1. Jared Weaver on the mound. 1. Kelly Johnson singles on a line drive to right fielder Collin Cowgill, deflected by second baseman Howie Kendrick. 2. Brian Roberts singles on a sharp ground ball to shortstop Erick Aybar. Kelly Johnson to 2nd. 3. Ichiro Suzuki singles on a bunt ground ball to third baseman Ian Stewart. Kelly Johnson to 3rd. Brian Roberts to 2nd. New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi ejected by HP umpire Laz Diaz. 4. Brett Gardner strikes out swinging. 5. Derek Jeter grounds into a double play, second baseman Howie Kendrick to shortstop Erick Aybar to first baseman Albert Pujols. Ichiro Suzuki out at 2nd. Inning over. NO ONE SCORED! (Girardi, yelled something about a strike call to the Plate Umpire and was ejected for arguing balls and strikes. He got in the Umps face and got his money’s worth. Good old fashioned Manager/Umpire interaction.)
Brian Roberts sneaking in there lol brb
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Brian Roberts is winning over all the Yankees fans who hated him tonight lol
Brian Roberts moves into 3rd base with 1-out by stealing 3rd in key situation. Good throw Longo can't handle it cleanly
Lol everyone all of a sudden loves Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts with leadoff single against Joel Peralta - this inning already interesting
Who is an Les Moonves, Dan Rayburn, Brian Roberts, Gordon Smith, Dennis Wharton, & the *** at the NAB!
Yankee 2b Brian Roberts is not my favorite Yankee
Yeah, guess you're right. 'Cause I'll boo the *** out of Brian Roberts when he brings him and his Great Gazoo helmet to B-More
Murphy, Betances lead Yankees past Angels It was a game of firsts as John Ryan Murphy hit his first major league home run and Delin Betances picked up his first major league win to help the New York Yankees defeat the Los Angeles Angels 4-3 on a cool 61 degree, partly cloudy day in Yankee Stadium in front of a crowd of 40,908. Mike Trout homered to deep right center to put the Angels up 1-0 in the top of the first. The Yankees scored three runs in the bottom of the second. Mark Teixeira was hit by a pitch. Brett Gardner singled, sending Teixeira to second. The Yankees loaded the bases with a walk to Brian Roberts, sending Teixeira to third and Gardner to second. Angels pitcher Hector Santiago then committed a balk, allowing Teixeira to score, with Gardner going to third and Roberts to second. Gardner and Roberts both scored on a single to shallow right center by John Ryan Murphy. The Angels scored two runs in the top of the fourth to tie it at three. Albert Pujols singled to left center. Howie Kend ...
"the corpse of Brian Roberts" is holding back some journeymen, don't get the rush to dfa him.
Top 3rd. One out. Brett Gardner steals 2nd and 3rd followed by a RBI Single for Brian Roberts and the Yankees lead 6-0!. -William
If you told me the would turn a triple play through Yangervis Solarte, Brian Roberts, and Scott Sizemore at the start of the year..
A very nice 3 for 5 game for Brian Roberts last night for the Yankees and Finished a homer short of hitting for the cycle.
Brian Roberts with his 3rd hit of the night drives in another run. The lead is now 8-1 in the 7th.
That was Brian Roberts' first triple since August 11 of last season. Prior to that, he hadn't tripled since April 1, 2011.
Yankees lead 2-0 in 2nd. Brian Roberts drove a triple to CF wall. CF Brandon Guyer dove for it, but had no real chance.
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Recent observations: 1) Strasburg suddenly looks very normal, not the next Walter Johnson. 2) Kevin Kouzmanoff is taking advantage of a new lease on life...once a hot prospect, he was banished to the minors until Adrian Beltre got hurt. he's hitting the cover off the ball in Texas. 3) Carlos Gomez may be the best all around CF in baseball right offense to Adam Jones, but Gomez is a nightly highlight reel glove, steals more bases, and displays power and average...another prospect who finally blossomed. 4) Is Lombardozzi a younger but better Brian Roberts, a switch-hitting 2b?
No Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson, Brian Roberts, Jason Smith or even Austin Rivers. How'd we pull that one off?
Hey Yankee fans, just passing this along as you get to know your new players. On or about April 14 each year is the traditional first MRI on Brian Roberts. This time it's his lower back. Enjoy!
Jrue Holiday, Jason Smith, Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, Anthony Davis, Tyreke Evans and Brian Roberts all on the injury…
Currently, the Yankees infield consists of: Dean Anna, Yangervis Solarte, Brian Roberts and whoever they bring up from the minors to play 1st base. The injury bug hit early this year.
Brian Roberts had precautionary MRI due to lower back soreness ... MRI negative
Pelicans' Tyreke Evans + Greg Stiemsma game-time decisions; Brian Roberts out; Howard, Beverley playing for Rockets:
Guys you don't want to give up walks to: Billy Hamilton, Ellsbury, Brian Roberts, Dee Gordon & Jackie Bradley Jr.
It's weird to hear Brian Roberts get the Yankee Stadium chant introduction.
Brian Roberts just flew out to right field at Yankee Stadium, the first time ever anyone has hit the ball to RF and it wasn't a home run.
I'll never be used to seeing Brian Roberts in Yankee pinstripes
Oh man. Brian Roberts is gonna get a Yankee Stadium roll call. /vomits
Playing fields where old Yankee Stadium stood. Brian Roberts was the final hitter in old Yankee Stadium!
The New York Yankees place first baseman Mark Teixeira on 15-day DL. The New York Yankees have placed first baseman Mark Teixeira on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right hamstring and recalled catcher Austin Romine from Triple-A Scranton. Teixeira left Friday's game in the second inning after he was injured while trying to field a foul grounder. Kelly Johnson moved from second base to first and Brian Roberts came in to play second. Manager Joe Girardi says Teixeira will undergo an MRI exam when the Yankees return home Monday. Johnson started at first base Saturday, and Girardi says Johnson will get the bulk of the playing time in Teixeira's absence. Dean Anna, Francisco Cervelli and Yangervis Solarte could also see time at first. Teixeira was limited to 15 games last season after hurting his right wrist at the World Baseball Classic.
Something random I learned today: Brian Roberts was at Dodger Stadium as a fan for Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series home run.
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Some combination of Brian Roberts, Kelly Johnson + Yangervis Solarte. TBD now that they have to make up for Tex being hurt again
Mark Teixeira leaves game with an Injury, Kelly Johnson now moves to 1B, Yangervis Solarte moves from 2B to 3B, Brian Roberts enters the game to play 2B -Anthony(Yankee Admin)
Brian Roberts spent Spring Training at the jersey shore I think
the bench would come in and have me with Brian Roberts, aj morrow, me, Greg stemesia, Joe Smith. Then they start bussin r ***
And the absolute indifference to Brian Roberts is laughable.
My Takeaways from Opening Day: 1:) Chris Tillman just might be legit. I wonder how the Mariners are feeling now that they realize thy gave us our Opening Day Starter and our starting Center Fielder in exchange for the decaying elbow of Erik Bedard...Epic Fail. 2:) the free agent pickup of Nelson Cruz was an absolute steal. It's only game one but nobody got solid wood on anything Lester threw today til Cruz got him in the 7th. We'll see how Ubaldo Jimenez looks on Wednesday. 3:) If the Oriole hitters get the plate discipline the Red Sox hitters displayed all day, they'd be even more dangerous. *** Dustin Pedroia was responsible for half of Tillman's pitch count for goodness sake. Work these pitchers and make em throw strikes. Then make em pay when they do. Side Note: Brian Roberts is DEAD TO ME. Look I get you're a free agent but you go THERE??? Really?!?!?! He must not know I'm a hater 365 days of the year. It's my hobby...Screw you and your squad Brian Roberts!!! Screw you and your squad!
Definitely. Brian Roberts and Mark Teixeira never stay healthy, Jeter's old and who even plays 3B?
Wow. Nunez left OFF the Yanks 25-man while Kelly Johnson and Brian Roberts start. Probably shoulda traded him for Cliff Lee, eh?
Pelicans point guard Brian Roberts expected to miss his second consecutive game with bone bruise in his left knee.
What do you think... keep him saved for tomorrow? Play Morrow tonight with Eric Gordon and Brian Roberts still out?
I miss seeing Brian Roberts in a Baltimore Orioles uniform. he's now wearing a New York Yankees uniform...
Been repping dayton and going to games since the London Warren, Marcus Johnson, Chris Wright, Brian Roberts days
I wish the offseason comes so we can get rid of Brian Roberts and Eric Gordon
Pelicans point guards Brian Roberts and Austin Rivers doing ton of damage on drives into the paint vs. Raptors. Combined 19 points, 7-10 FGs
ATTENTION PASTORS in the Cape Atlantic District Héctor A. Burgos, Brian Roberts, Ed Davis, Delloyd Green, James Rixon, Diane Pacione, Virginia Keiser, Grant Buttermore,Tom Stark, William M Williams III, and others not on my FB) ... please share the word with your youth leaders and young people! It's annual LOCK IN TIME!
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Ugh. The have had an exciting spring, with many players outperforming expectations. But a lot of the upcoming roster decisions seem to be headed horribly wrong. Alex Gonzalez is a much better option to fill in at 3rd than Ryan Flaherty. Flaherty has minor league options, so he can get more seasoning at AAA Norfolk, without hurting his longterm place on the team, if he has one. Keeping him on the roster just because he's been on the team for 2 years doesn't change the fact that he was an automatic out his entire Orioles career, other then a brief period right before Brian Roberts came off the DL. Jemile Weeks seems to be a bust, other than freeing up FA money from trading Jim Johnson, but at least he has speed. Kelvin De La Cruz and Evan Meek have had way better springs than the pitchers being mentioned above them for the last bullpen spot, as did Eddie Gamboa and Brock Huntzinger, who have already been sent down. Britton and Stinson will be there since they are out of options, but give the last spot (if t ...
Yankees 2B Brian Roberts, if stay healthy, could be another steal in free agency.
While many of the Yankees are in Panama, Ichiro and Brian Roberts are coming to Sarasota. Kyle Roller and Mason Williams are, too.
Do you think Brian Roberts can fill Cano's shoes? Get GEARED UP for the Yanks at Bark Tees NY!
Just beat Palmer 117-80 with the pelicans vs the timberwolves and had 73 with Brian Roberts 😂
Ross Detwiler isn't so sharp this inning. Back to back base-hits by Brian Roberts and Francisco Cervelli.
Jeff 10 years ago i email Brian Roberts and ask my company Comcast for 48 million to sponsor you at Roush Racing
The infield of Derek Jeter and Brian Roberts looks outstanding to 15-year-old Me
Brett Gardner, Derek Jeter, and Brian McCann on base for the Yankees with Brian Roberts hitting. Wait, what?
Brian Roberts got Austin Rivers deep on the bench? Like deep
Bout to see wat Austin Rivers gonna do tonight. He letting Brian Roberts start over him smh!!
Brian Roberts is nodding his head. Now he's out three months with collapsed neck vertebrae.
did you see??? is the coach fxcked in the head... He had Brian Roberts on John Wall to end it... Embarrassing.. *** lost us the game
Brian Roberts of the New Orleans Pelicans Pledges Support for the Hoopla Ticket Program
Knicks got Brian Roberts lookin like Tony Parker out there. Lmao
Brian Roberts:"I guess it's pretty cool to be the only person who played with Cal Ripken and Derek Jeter in their final seasons"
Kelly Johnson, Derek Jeter, Brian Roberts and Mark Teixeira. I mean this is actually happening...
Fantasy Rumors February, 18, 2014 By Joe Kaiser | According to a report Tuesday by Darrell Williams of The New Orleans Advocate, Jrue Holiday "is expected to return in a week, if not sooner." Obviously this is big news for Holiday owners, who have been provided few injury updates from the Pelicans since Holiday went down Jan. 10 due to a stress fracture in his right tibia. There are two things to consider with regard to Holiday's production upon his return: Whether he's completely over the leg injury: If he's hampered or slowed at all, the Pelicans could be inclined to shut him down and hand things back over to Brian Roberts. Whether Roberts has a bigger role: The 28-year-old played well in Holiday's absence and is a big reason for New Orleans' recent surge. He has played more than 30 minutes per game since Holiday went down, and may demand more minutes going forward. TRADE CHATTER Charlotte has contacted the Los Angeles Lakers about Pau Gasol, according to Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer, ...
Follow the Money -- Follow the Media Bias Comcast Employees Biggest Obama Campaign Donors Don Irvine — August 26, 2011 Employees of cable giant Comcast have contributed more money to President Obama’s reelection campaign than any other organization, according to an analysis of FEC data by the Campaign for Responsive Politics. According to the analysis, Comcast employees have contributed $200,000 through the first six months of the year to the Obama Victory Fund. Obama’s cozy relationship with Comcast runs deep, with CEO Brian Roberts serving on the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness and executive vice president David Cohen being a big Obama fundraiser who has bundled more than $500,000 in contributions for Obama’s 2012 campaign. The contributions by Comcast employees far outstrip those of rival ABC, whose parent Walt Disney Corp. shows up on the list at number 15 with just under $85,000 in contributions so far. CBS employees are either skinflints or disillusioned with Obama as th .. ...
NYY Star Ledger: Inspired by Derek Jeter, Brian Roberts asked to replace Robinson Cano
NYY Star Ledger: Yankees spring training: Baltimore wasn't an option for Brian Roberts
NYY Star Ledger: Yankees spring training: Brian Roberts says he's not Robinson Cano
TAMPA, Fla. -- The Yankees announced on Friday that Derek Jeter will discuss his decision to retire after the 2014 season on Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, Jeter continued his precamp workouts on Friday at the club's Minor League complex alongside a new arrival: second baseman Brian Roberts. Jeter went through his usual routine, taking batting practice and fielding ground balls at shortstop, with Roberts at second base and Kelly Johnson on hand to work out at third. Jeter and Roberts played together during the 2009 World Baseball Classic, and the captain said it was nice to work with Roberts again. Jeter said he is "feeling great" and has no concerns about his health or his left ankle heading into the season. But he declined to talk about his retirement, repeating several times that he'll do so on Wednesday. Across Dale Mabry Highway at George M. Steinbrenner Field, several Yankees reacted to the news that Jeter's 20th season in the Majors will be his last. CC Sabathia and David Robertson weren't surprised ...
The 10-Point. Gerard Baker Editor in Chief of The Wall Street Journal Good morning, The Cable Guys It all started—or should I say ended—at Charter Communications when emails and phone calls to executives at Comcast Corp. went unanswered. Our behind-the-scenes story tells how Comcast snatched Time Warner from cable legend John Malone's grasp, and ushered in its chief executive, Brian Roberts, to the dominant position in the industry. Mr. Malone was once Mr. Roberts's mentor, we report, but that relationship steadily soured as Comcast came to dominate the business. But Mr. Malone wasn't the only one left out. We report that Goldman Sachs signed up to back Charter, meaning it will come away empty-handed and slip through the rankings of deal advisers should the deal go through. And if you're wondering how the acquisition might affect customers, we look at the pros, cons and many unknowns, noting the one thing that is almost certain: Consumers won't see any changes for a while because the deal faces a toug ...
Comcast has reached a deal to buy Time Warner Cable • See CEOs Brian Roberts & Rob Marcus on at 7a ET:
Comcast CEO Roberts Emerges From Malone Shadow as King of Cable - Brian Roberts is putting an end to John...
Comcast CEO Brian Roberts now king of cable world - The Comcast Corp. CEO, who secured a deal to buy Time War...
Wednesday night, reports surfaced on CNBC regarding one of the biggest acquisition/mergers in entertainment with Comcast Corporation purchasing their multinational media rival, Time Warner Cable. Comcast CEO/Chairman, Brian Roberts released a statement regarding the move as “pro-creative and pro-con...
Comcast buys Time Warner Cable February 13, 2014 8:25 AM Comcast has confirmed a deal to acquire Time Warner Cable for about $45bn (£27bn), creating a company that could control three-quarters of the US cable industry. Comcast will pay about $159 per share for its rival in an all-stock deal. The deal comes after Time Warner Cable rejected a $60bn bid from Charter Communications last month, calling their offer "grossly inadequate". However, any merger is likely to face tight scrutiny from US regulators. Time Warner Cable has been the subject of an eight-month takeover battle by smaller cable operator Charter Communications. Comcast is the biggest cable television provider in the US and owns the NBC broadcast network, as well as the Universal film studio. Different markets "The combination of Time Warner Cable and Comcast creates an exciting opportunity for our company, for our customers, and for our shareholders," said Comcast's chief executive Brian Roberts. With 22 million of its own pay TV customers an ...
When you and Brian Roberts hang out, can you call him Dread Pirate Roberts as a joke, or are you not quite there yet?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I think Robinson Cano was a much better choice than Brian Roberts can Roberts last the season if not then who plays 2nd?
Thanks to ALL my friends who came last night to Mamies where I had the honor and privilege of backing up on bass guitar the great Craig Gyland on guitar, with Coley Jackson, drums. Amazing evening with Paul Fecke, James "The Teeth" Cozy, Chris C P Peppas, Lee Gates, Luis, Brian Roberts, Bodacious Bonnie, Bill Seaman, Sinclair Brewer and his band, Johnny Gunns, Debbie, Bill White, David John Dolen, Pete Podkowinski, Jeffrey Arnold, Joe, Bob Noll, Trombone Bill, Mike Pues, Jan Marie, Becky, Paul Carter, Val Sigal, and Jammin Jimmy who will be on bass with me, along w/ Curtis Gannon on drums this Thursday at the Open Jam - Scuttlebutt SportsLounge 8pm- midnight.Hope to see YOU there!
I'd rather have Austin Rivers on this team than Brian Roberts. Also, not sure what a Rivers trade gets you back.
Despite the snowy conditions on Saturday, the Summit Academy Dragons had an amazing day at the MSBOA District 12 Solo and Ensemble Festival! This was our best year yet...not only did we have more entries than ever before, but we also have more students attending states and medaling than in our 10 year history of attending this even. We could not be more proud! Please congratulate all of our amazing students as you see them today! The following students received 1st Division ratings, medaled at the event, and will be moving on to the state level of competition in March: Percussion Chamber Ensemble-Adam Jiminez, Robert Thorburn, Maurice Norwood, Alycea Wells, Jamieson Richardson, Shawn Clark, Chris Harps, Jacob Penannen, Nick Dobbins, Heavenly Bynum, Brian Roberts, Quinten Carver, Natalie Marengere, Shereif Bynum Brass Quintet- Kayla Phanawong, Kyle Hamilton, Veer Jhaveri, Sebastian Kasparian, Tyler Worley Percussion Trio- Mac Carson, Adam Jiminez, Robert Thorburn Trumpet Solo- Tyrus Septer Flute Duet- C .. ...
Comcast may take on Time Warner systems: Comcast CEO Brian Roberts could soon be crooning the Rodgers and Hart...
Outstanding interview with class act Brian Roberts about his time w/Orioles and move to NYY by
Interview: Brian Roberts says he and never approached each other about a deal this winter.
Brian Roberts and Jeff Withey about to sub in after the under-6 timeout with Pistons leading 93-86 at 5:14
respect! Hey hold down the bros (B-Rob)Brian Roberts and big bro Isaiah Canaan
I'm not sure how to feel about this. Are the Red Sox the new Kansas City Royals farm team for the Yankees?: Yankees interested in SS Drew 24 January 2014 Reuters News (c) 2014 Reuters Limited The Sports Xchange The New York Yankees may pluck another player off their rival Boston Red Sox as they are interested in free agent shortstop Stephen Drew, according to CBS Sports. The Yankees signed former Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury earlier this offseason. Although the Yankees just spent $155 million on Japanese star pitcher Masahiro Tanaka and $470 million on contracts overall this winter, they may be willing to spend more to help fill holes in their infield. Shortstop Derek Jeter is expected to remain in his spot if he is healthy but he may also be used more as a designated hitter. The Yankees signed Brian Roberts to play second base and Kelly Johnson could play third base with Alex Rodriguez suspended for the season. The club also has utility infielder Eduardo Nunez in the fold. Still, there is long-ter ...
Masahiro Tanaka officially signed with the Yankees today, a deal that cost the team $175 million over seven years and also put them past the $189 million payroll threshold, triggering a 50% luxury tax on the overage. The team has also added Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, Matt Thornton, Brendan Ryan, Kelly Johnson, and Brian Roberts and retained Hiroki Kuroda and Derek Jeter. On the other hand, the Yankees lost Robinson Cano, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, and others. Are the new-look Yankees playoff-bound in 2014?
The Yankees have spent $490 million this off-season and will still start an infield with Brian Roberts, Derek Jeter and Kelly Johnson
have spent half a BILLION dollars this winter & still have Kelly Johnson likely starting at 3B & Brian Roberts at …
Pelicans can't make it two straight as they fall to the Kings 114-97 at home. Tyreke Evans led the team with 17 points while Anthony Davis finished with 16 points, six rebounds and four blocks. Brian Roberts also had 15 points and six assists and Jeff Withey added 14 points in the loss
Brian Roberts vs. Isaiah Thomas and Greg Stiemsma vs. DeMarcus Cousins. This should go over well.
Win or lose I think it is time for Monty Williams to get fired! Greg Stiemsma & Brian Roberts gets so much playing time
Yankees should've resigned Robinson Cano. Kelly Johnson/Brian Roberts arent as good. Yankees will overpay Masahiro Tanaka
San Antonio Spurs @ New Orleans Pelicans . . . . . . It's far from easy but the Spurs move to 15-3 on the road with the 101-95 win in New Orleans. Tony Parker had 27 points and seven assists, Tim Duncan had 18 points and nine boards, Many Ginobili started in place of the injured Danny Green and had 14 and Kawhi Leonard added 13 points, six boards, three assists and two steals. Aron Baynes had 2 points, five boards and an assist in nine minutes and Patrick Mills an assist and a board in 12 minutes. Anthony Davis led the hosts with 22 points, 11 boards, three steals, two assists and two blocks. Brian Roberts had 19, Eric Gordon 12 and Austin Rivers 11 points and five assists.
Which of these guys do I need to own? shump, James Johnson, Terrance Ross, and/or Brian Roberts.
Brian Roberts has a PER of 12.8, a defensive rating of 113, and an AST% of 21.4%. Good luck with that, Pels.
Washington Wizards @ New Orleans Pelicans . . . . . . . The hosts rally late but the deficit is too great as the Wizards take the 102-96 win on the road. Trevor Ariza (21p/10r/2a) and John Wall (20p/6a/4r/2s) led the way, Bradley Beal had 17 points and four assists and Jan Vessely had 12 points and seven boards. Eric Gordon had 23 points and four assists for the hosts, Anthony Davis had 21 points, seven boards and three blocks whilst Brian Roberts added 11 and Greg Stiemsma 10.
cause Brian Roberts knows what's best
Yankees' Opening Day 25-man roster Starting lineup 1. Jacoby Ellsbury CF Speed, experience, some pop. 2. Derek Jeter SS A top-of-the-lineup guy his whole career. But for how much longer? 3. Carlos Beltran RF Will be expected to produce immediately, and provide leadership. 4. Mark Teixeria 1B Continues trying to pull everything over RF wall. 5. Brian McCann C See: Beltran, Carlos. 6. Alfonso Soriano DH Best-suited for daily role. 7. Brett Gardner LF Also tempting to bat him No. 9. 8. Brian Roberts 2B Switch-hitter, Yankees crossing fingers. 9. Kelly Johnson 3B How much worse could he hit than A-Rod? Bench Francisco Cervelli C Better bench bat than Austin Romine. Brendan Ryan INF Emergency glove, and that's about it. Ichiro Suzuki OF Here because of his hard-to-move contract. Eduardo Nunez INF Bat keeps Dean Anna in minors, for now. Vernon Wells OF Yanks don't want six outfielders. Wells could be gone. Starters CC Sabathia L Expected to look like himself — or close to it. Hiroki Kuroda R Might have to hol ...
I wish we could trade Eric Gordon and Brian Roberts for Wilson Chandler and mozgov or javale McGee
MeetMe Yankees sign Brian Roberts to replace Robinson Cano at second ,. Watch Hot Girls at awesome to get so many Birthday Blessings and wishes and most of all a beautiful compliment from my husband, Brian Roberts who provided me with a fun-filled day despite him being pretty sick, Also thanks to my children, Shari Anne Reid, Sean McLeod , Michael Wayne Reid Jr. and Grandson who met us for pizza the day before. I am truly Blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!...Thanks to you all!
Let's look at the positives and negatives of the Orioles' offseason thus far: POSITIVES: 1. Signing RP Ryan Webb 2. Trading for David Lough NEGATIVES: 1. Botched signing of Grant Balfour 2. Trading of Jim Johnson 3. Nate McLouth signs with Nationals 4. Brian Roberts signs with Yankees 5. Troy Patton suspended for 25 games for amphetamines 6. Turned down by Gavin Floyd for lesser deal with Braves 7. Ryan Flaherty named starting second baseman Prediction: It won't be a Merry Christmas in The Warehouse.
"We're not done yet," he *Dan Duquette Orioles GM* said on the Orioles terminating their agreement with all-star closer, Grant Balfour, after Balfour "failed" his physical.just a tad curious, *** has Duquette done thus far to justify a statement like "We're not done yet,".I'm pretty sure home boy hasn't even gotten started.which on the heals of last year's absurdly low-pulse offseason is sort of surprising.outside of trading Jim Johnson for the equivalent of an STD (Jemile Weeks), signing a few minor league free agents, letting Scott Feldman, Brian Roberts, and Nate McLouth depart via free-agency, and literally doing nothing to improve the team or fill the above absences (even their rule 5 pick is COMPLETELY useless).I have to question whether A) Duquettes role in a local production of *** Yankees has severely inhibited his ability, sanity, and soul enough to be an efficient GM or B) if we're in for another decade of darkness/sadness in Baltimore baseball history or C) if this team will ever reward the f ...
Here's the question of the day:. Will Kelly Johnson and Brian Roberts be able to provide sufficient production at...
I don't want Gardy around that long. They need to trade him for a pitcher THIS offseason, plus they signed Brian Roberts
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
They signed Brian Roberts, pending his physical. Still considering Mark Reynolds and Michael Young.
Word is the Yankees have begun the process of filling holes with bargain pieces by adding lefty reliever Matt Thornton and Brian Roberts. Two players with something in common personally for me. I've long been a big fan of these guys in regards to wishing the Yankees had them. I realize neither is the player they used to be, but I don't think either is expected to be. I heard the talk about Roberts a while back, but it didn't make sense seeing as I figured Kelly Johnson to be the left-handed hitting second baseman. I guess Johnson will be utilized more as a utility guy than I thought. Despite Roberts' decline, I still think he's a better player than Johnson. Roberts will play second when he isn't injured (which has been often in his career.) He'll pop a few home runs, steal a few bases, provide a steady glove and smack a good share of doubles. Last year was his best year since 2010 and he's 36, so I'm being realistic in my expectations. But he's a nice veteran bench player who could possibly be thi ...
Roberts joining Yankees for post-Cano era Free-agent second baseman Brian Roberts has reached agreement on a one-y...
Jon Heyman of reports that the Yankees are contemplating Mark Reynolds, Michael Young and Brian Roberts as they seek to add to their infield. Reynolds would be a re-signing after finishing last season with the Bombers. He hit .236/.300/.455 with six homers in 36 games with the Yankees...
Some minor moves the last couple of days while we wait for the starting pitching market to more fully develop (i.e. we learn what is happening with Tanaka). Matt Thornton/Brian Roberts to the Yankees- Low cost deals on aging pieces that fit the team's need for a LH reliever and an extra second baseman. Thornton isn't the pitcher he once was as he can no longer realistically pitch to RH batters. He can still be an effective reliever against only LH. Roberts is a flier signing on a player that hasn't played a full slate of games in four years. He is cheap enough that should his injury history turn up, it won't be a death blow to the team. Jose Veras to the Cubs- Good back end bullpen option on a cheap one year deal. He will close to begin with and then eventually he will be trade bait again to a team in need of back end bullpen help. Grant Balfour to the O's- Baltimore trade one year and 10 million of Jim Johnson for 2 years/15 million for Balfour. Fine trade money wise for a slightly less scary closer.
Well today the Yankees sign Brian Roberts and Matt Thornton with some talks going on with Mark Reynolds and Michael Young, let's hope tanaka gets posted.
Brian Roberts in pinstripes? presented by breaks it all down at 3pm ET:
The Orioles front office is a nightmare. They are literally doing everything wrong. They're dumping every player on our roster who could possible help us (Scott Feldman, Nate McLouth, Brian Roberts, all gone), and they refuse to sign anyone of any substance to add to the team. They are completely passive and inactive in the offseason, and when they finally make a move, it's for a player at one of the few positions where we should *not* be looking for help. A weak contract with a questionable closer, who the Athletics let go of for a reason. Tommy Hunter would outproduce this guy as a closer in his sleep, and for much less money. This $14 million going to Balfour over the next two years could be going toward starting pitching, left field, second base, or even setup/middle relief. And we still don't have a full rotation for 2013 (Tillman, Chen, Gonzalez, ???, ???), not to mention any depth of any kind. Gausman could start, but then we're going to need relief help to replace him, and that still leaves an emp ...
In addition to Thornton signing (pending physical), reported that Brian Roberts will also be a Yankee, als…
Luis Castillo? Yanks bounced from Robby Cano, to Brandon Phillips, to Omar Infante, to Brian Roberts. Who was next on that list?
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