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Brian Orser

Brian Ernest Orser, OC (born 18 December 1961) is a Canadian retired competitive and professional figure skater.

Yuzuru Hanyu Javier Fernandez Patrick Chan Tracy Wilson Kurt Browning Yuna Kim Brian Boitano Sam Smith Scott Hamilton Elvis Stojko Silver Medal Jeremy Abbott

Thanks - is so honored to celebrate Brian Orser -
Looking forward to seeing you and Brian Orser there.
Brian_Orser, Please Resignation from yuzu's coach. he abandoned work on the day of the match.2016world fs.
Brian Orser what's with all these classics based programs?
“He is so polite, he says yes to everything. He has no idea what he’s saying yes to.” - Brian Orser on...
My daughter snapped me doing a brian orser element watching your free during 4cc at 0400 am.
I'm very proud of JunHwan his program was clean and flawless, his foot sequence was marvelous, so glad he's trainin…
Shouldn't be surprised when you see Brian Orser sitting beside him
Try 1987 I met up with Brian Orser Canadian World Figure Skating Champion, he skated in a gala at Grimsby Rink. Now a coach
Brian Orser said “Kim Yuna still stands as the best figure skater on Earth.” (16/02/2017).
Has it been 30 YEARS? Yes, it has! Congratulations, Brian, on the anniversary of your World Championship!
30 years ago Brian Orser won his first and only World Championship title.
Our condolences to Brian Orser whose father passed away on March 3. "I will miss him, his smile and his humor."
[Examiner]Brian Orser has now coached Javier Fernandez to two World gold meda…
A blast from the past: Steven Cousins, Brian Orser, & John Zimmerman at 2006 "Gotta Skate."
Joshi Helgesson says in her blog that she has moved to Toronto to train with Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson.
[Japan Times]Her coach — Brian Orser. Catching up: Emi Watanabe, the first Ja…
I spy with my little eye... Brian Orser
Get a Pickleball Card! 12 sessions for the price of 8! $40 at Rotary Place, Brian Orser and City Hall.
Javier Fernandez hugging Brian Orser after his free skate. Rostelecom Cup 2015
Javier Fernandez with Brian Orser, Rostelecom Cup 2015. I love how gentle Brian's eyes are :)
Brian Orser prepares for the short skating of his student, Nam Nguen. Rostelecom Cup 2015
I have heard that Yuzuru tried a 4A? Yuzuru with the help of Brian Orser Mr. Triple Axel. He can make it. Get ready!
So Brian Orser's students took the first two places
"I always want to do perfect" - Yuzuru Hanyu. "You don't have to be perfect each time." - Brian Orser.
Calgary Olympic all the figure skaters... Katrina Witt, Midori Ito, Brian Orser, Kurt Browning... I was little but I loved it.
Beat the Heat feature skater Javier Fernandez does a jump in his matador bull fighting costume at the Brian Orser...
In 1984, Brian Orser won Silver, the highest placing ever for a Canadian male in Olympic figure skating competition
The choreographer of his new SP is Mr. Jeffrey Buttle. Mr. Brian Orser said that a program utilize his talent (his good sense of rhythm).
Great photo of Brian Orser! Anyone have any idea what year this photo was taken in?
13 yr old Jun-Hwan Cha of South Korea training with Brian Orser this summer; can he leapfrog Jin-seo Kim June-hyoung Lee for 2018 Olympics?
Brian Orser is coaching some of the best figure skaters in the world! I am wondering how the practice looks like! http…
Q: Who won the world figure skating men's singles title in 1987. A: Brian orser
Great interview w/Brian Orser landing quad toes; Yuzuru Hanyu on way to Toronto for new FS f…
Via re. Gabrielle Daleman, Brian Orser stated: "Actually, Lee Barkell is base coach. I will be assisting along …
Congratulations man! You've made it! Proud of you! Kudos to Brian Orser, Tracy Wilson and your entire team! :)))
[Japan Times]Brian Orser, the coach of 2014 Olympic and world champion Yuzuru Hanyu con…
That would be the most Canadian senior titles since Brian Orser dined alone. (Or Tracy Wilson, for that matter.)
Sir Orser, share a wonderful fanvideo to you! It presents Team Brian's effort from CoC to GPF this season.
Must be because of your on point Brian Orser/Sam Smith comment last night during the Grarmmys! :)
Some banana pointed out how Brian Orser looks like Sam Smith.
Brian Orser alert. Sam Smith on the Grammys. Doppelganger dudes.
Brian Orser will just sabotage his following season tho, so better do it before the next Olympic year
When is Javier Fernandez going to leave Brian Orser because I'll throw a party that day
Have a great evening & kisses for Stéphane Lambiel (although he'll never beat Brian Orser - the most elegant male skater ever ❤️;)
I agree with Brian Orser. Carolina Kostner had GOLD MEDAL WORTHY in my eyes. NOT SOTNIKOVA & not even Yuna Kim
Yuzuru Hanyu go back to Toronto?! Anyway, all the best to his training with Coach Brian . .
Brian Orser - The Story of my Life - outdoor! (I think it's Lake Louise but I could be wrong):
.Tracy Wilson and Brian Orser all the best for another golden season in 2015. Wow, what a year 2014 was you.
Yu-Na Kim trains in Toronto under Brian Orser, a Canadian coach. Able to speak boldly she confidently declared,
is resting at home in Sendai. Will be getting appropriate medical attention.He is so grateful for all the supp…
Brian Orser: 'After the incident, Yuzuru immediately said he wanted to compete' Amazing Yuzuru Hanyu!
Brian Orser has created a mobile application to help athletes, and figure skaters in particular, prepare mentally before their performances.
i wonder what Brian Orser has to say about Yu-Na Kim's retirement
For those of you in the club who would like to see Mr. Brian Orser teaching the lil' skaters. Inspirational.
"brian orser finally won gold" dude he won with yuna fOUR YEARS AGO
Nice to see Brian Orser in 50 Reasons to Love TO. He is a champ.
We are off to Ayr. Emily was invited to a figure skating seminar on the ice with Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson teaching her. She is pretty excited!!!
WO Development Enrichment seminar with 3 of the best - Brian Orser, Tracy Wilson and Maria Mountain tomorrow!
Beautiful! How I'd love to see a drawing of yours based on Brian Orser in his prime.
Brian Orser isn't just his coach, he's also his friend & family inside/outside the skating rink. They're a team.
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Spain and Japan are my favorite countries. Team Yuzu and Javi! And let us not forget their awesome coach, Brian Orser!
Lindsey is ready for the Easter Seminar. Skating with Brian Orser, Paige Aistrop and Javier Fernandez:-)
brian orser arena is the only one htat comes to my mind. Orillia
Wonderful week-end and amazing experience! Translator for Brian Orser and Paige Aistrop, the coaches…
Two-time Olympic Silver Medalist, world champion and eight-time Canadian men's champion Brian Orser is doing his best to stay calm as he coaches Javier Fernández and Yuzuru Hanyu.
I believe this is kind of team Cricket bracelet. Brian Orser has one too.
MY SECRET WEAPON...for training developed by Brian Orser -check it out!. .
Can't wait to knock over Brian Orser and his guests' drinks on his dock with my wake this summer
Check out this amazing app designed by coach Brian Orser and used by his champions for mental techniques!
This was asked in light of the mods running of an MCM fansite and a Brian Orser parody account, respectively
Nguyen lives in Toronto and is coached by Brian Orser, who also works with Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan. http:/…
Photoset: Yuzuru Hanyu, the first japanese figure skating gold medalist + Brian Orser the way Yuzu bows to...
lmao Brian Orser is gonna switch jackets 3 times cause a canadian kid he coaches made it to world's too now
Party in Brian Orser be there or be square
Photo: The first time i see Brian Orser with Japanese National jacket. And is that a towel that Yuzu’s...
Fri. Mar. 7 PA Day Public Skate from 11:45am-1:30pm has been moved from Rotary Place to Brian Orser
lies lies lies...Brian Orser talks about his split with Yuna Kim and the rumor about coac...: via
Photoset: twizzlemotion: yuzurugifs: i’m laughing so hard omg brian orser’s jump  and the commentators are...
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Oscar for the Best Coach go to... (suspence)... Brian Orser!!! . Clap, clap! Guardate...
"I always thought he was that weird kid with the Winnie the pooh doll. Now I’m that kid’s coach…and I have to carry it," brian orser fandom
Nam Nguyen is also headed to junior worlds in Sofia, Bulgaria. Gonna be a very busy March, indeed, for the Brian Orser protege.
Canada's world team, cont.: Addition of Nguyen, 15, gives his coach Brian Orser 3 potential students in men's event (also Hanyu, Fernandez).
When I hear "Somewhere in Time," all I can see is Brian Orser skating school figures. Chokes me up.
The Olympics of been great so far. I do have a bit of a pet peeve though. It is difficult to watch Canadians like Ted Nolan and Brian Orser coach teams and athletes from another country. There should be some sort of rule preventing citizens from one country coaching athletes from another country during the actual competition. This would avoid any question of conflict of interest. Just sayin'.
February 20, Today's Canadian Headline ORSER WINS SILVER, LOSES BATTLE OF BRIANS 1988 Calgary Alberta - Brian Orser wins his second Silver Medal in Men's Figure Skating at the Calgary Olympic games; he repeated his result in Sarajevo in 1984; narrowly loses the 'Battle of the Brians' against US figure skater Brian Boitano, who takes the Gold. In Other Events: 1993 Ottawa Ontario - Constitutional Affairs Minister Joe Clark announces he will not seek re-election; led Tories for 7 years, Prime Minister June 1979 to March 1980; MP for High River for 21 years. 1992 Toronto Ontario - Painter A. J. Casson dies at age 93; last surviving member of the Group of Seven; specialized in watercolours of Ontario towns. 1990 Ottawa Ontario - Finance Minister Michael Wilson brings in deficit trimming federal budget; no new taxes; cuts $2.5 billion in transfer payments, squeezing the provinces; cancels Polar 8 Icebreaker; freezes CBC budget. 1985 Primrose Alberta - First successful US cruise missile test in Canadian airspac ...
I understand there is a Canadian production that is going to remake the movie "Silver Streak" starring, Patrick Chan, Elvis Stoijko, Brian Orser and co-starring Kurt Browning.
To Penny Fisher-Baker Diane Reid and all my other Canadian friends... Sorry about Patrick Chan... He had a great opportunity.. But at least Brian Orser got his gold!
Dear Canadians, stop coaching other countries to beat us in figure skating. Looking at you Brian Orser and Kurt Browning
I can't believe that Canada has to settle for silver in Men's figure skating.I hate to pile on but this is a massive choke by Patrick Chan. The Japanese skater had a mistake filled program and Patrick blew it. I know the haters are going to yell at me for this and I'm sorry. Kurt Browning, Elvis Stoyko, Brian Orser...the same happened to them so at least Chan's not by himself in the choke list. Dammit.
Disappointing that Patrick Chan didn't win Gold, but Yuzuru Hanyu did, Interesting part is that his coach is Brian Orser.
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Congratulations to Simcoe County native son , Brian Orser , coach of the new Olympic Gold Medalist, mens figure skating, Yuzuru Hanyu , Japan . Great achievement !
Maybe I am being to harsh in my assessment of the men's figure skating but I don't remember skaters like Brian Orser, Scotty Hamilton & Kurt Browning crashing under pressure in a finals. Too often today, I see the "pressure" being used as the excuse for failure.true champions don't wilt under pressure...they thrive on it!
Scott Hamilton comes to mind in 84, so kinda sweet justice for Brian Orser who beat Scott in short & free then.
Fabulous job-great coaching and management by Brian Orser, Tracy Wilson and choreographer David Wilson
SUNSHINE '88 OLYMPIC TRIVA Question Four: In your opinion the biggest Canadian star of the 1988 Olympics was: (The 15 comments with the most likes will move on the Round Five. Alternates will be chosen from the '88 Olympic Hero with the most likes). a.) Brian Orser for his incredible Silver Medal Performance in the men’s figure skating singles. B.) Elizabeth Manley for her rise to the top break through Silver Medal in the women’s figure skating singles. C.) Karen Percy for her double Bronze Medal races in both the women’s downhill and the women’s super G. d.) Tracy Wilson and Robert McCall for their Bronze Medal in figure skating pairs ice dancing. e.) The 22,000 plus volunteers who showed their spirit at the ‘88 winter games. f.) Calgary Mayor Ralph Klein for being Klein.
Patrick Chan - Canadian skater. He has the whole package. Canada has some of the best skaters in the world - none have ever won an Olympic Gold. Can Chan do it? For all those who watch skating - remember Kurt Browning and Brian Orser. Orser skated in 1988 to his defeat. A perfect program, but no one would outdo Brian Boitano, who some consider the best skater ever.
Yuzuru Hanyu's coach, Brian Orser makes champions because he understands the psychology of losing. Jeremy Abbott coulda …
From the admin: Watch a CBC News special talking to Kurt, Brian Orser, Elvis Stojko, Jeff Buttle, and Patrick Chan about each of their Olympic experiences and what Patrick needs to do.
brian orser peeking at yuzu during his dance routine ARG THEY ARE ADORABLE
Great special talking to Brian Orser, and about Olympics
DTN New Zealand: Skaters try to take positives from team to singles: SOCHI, Russia (AP) Brian Orser has won t...
I didn't realize 2010 women's figure skating champ Yuna Kim, South Korea was competing this time. Not coached by Brian Orser anymore
Spain flagbearer Javier Fernandez is one of most joyful athletes you'll ever meet. Brian Orser has made him a medal contender.
Not at all happy about Brian Orser training team CHiNA'
Brian Orser is passing the torch full of knowledge to young figure skaters
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. And he's coached by Brian Orser ... Yuna Kim's old coach ..
It's getting on my nerves. He's coached by Brian Orser who is openly *** People can't even research. I'm so done
Hanyu's coached by Kim Yu-na's former coach, Brian Orser. Wow, Orser is the Peter Lundgren of figure skating coaches!
Canada should take some pride in Yuzuru Hanyu's flawless short program, because, I mean, Brian Orser!
I'm having a "retired skater" moment: since when has Brian Orser been coaching Yuzuru Hanyu?
Ok, that was jaw dropping. Pure magic. If you only watch one figure skate, make it Japan's Hanyu. Coached by Brian Orser. WOW
.did you see Hanyu's sake that Brian Orser put together?! Amazing! Made me think of you ;) you totally could pull it off!
Brian Orser is a great coach... I think Japan will get that gold for Men's.
That costume is circa 1988. Was that Brian Boitano or Orser?
awww, he bowed to Brian Orser. WE LOVE YOU, BRIAN ORSER.
Brian Orser is his coach. He was phenomenal!
Who just saw the prime time skating on CBC? Brian Orser is coaching the Japanese skater. I don't like Canadian sports heroes coaching oth...
Am I seeing this right? Canadian figure skating legend Brian Orser is coaching the Japanese skater? BTW I'm still watching figure skating.
Penetang native Brian Orser trains a Japanese skater in Toronto!! Hmm why not train a fellow Canadian?
do we get the medal for Brian Orser coaching. Go Canada!
Hah! I didn't realize it was Brian Orser! I remember watching him compete. (showing my age...)
I didn't know Yuzu Hanyu took from Brian Orser. Not surprising though, it shows in his artistry. Fantastic coach & nice guy.
I love the - cracking up a Scott Hamilton's enthusiasm, husband singing "What would Brian Orser do?" & it's only night 1
Brian orser is just coaching everyone. Spain, Japan.. ***
Brian Orser is his coach. I remember him.
Hanyu = my new favorite male skater. Coached by Brian Orser.
Hanyu is coached by 2x Olympic Silver Medalist Brian Orser, who coached Yuna Kim to gold in 2010; also coaches Spain's Javier Fernandez.
I have been working on my Brian Orser disguise, so you won't know if it's me or Brian at the boards today! (Look for the ti…
Who's your favourite figure skater, Brian Orser, Brian Boitano or Chazz Michael Michaels ?
Yuzuru Hanyu, the most promised boy, is practicing there with his coach, Brian Orser.
Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan is congratulated by coach Brian Orser after competing in the Men's Short Program during day one of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2013/2014 at Marine Messe Fukuoka on… Get premium, high-resolution news photos at Getty Images.
Study the rotating positions of Olympians Brian Boitano (L), Christopher Bowman and Brian Orser. What do you...
Throwback Thursday! Brian Orser's fabulous (winning) short program from the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary:...
My "that's what she said" of the day: “Some people consider Brian Orser to be substandard in size and amenities."
here is a stars on ice idea. U, Brian Orser, Jeff Buttle, and Shawn Sawyer choreograph a program for Patrick Chan.
and i forgot brian orser was behind me so i was talking to my friend about Yuna Kim CAN YOU SMELL THE AWKWARD
I'd love to be sitting where you're sitting! Standing O for Yuzuru Hanyu. Coached by the great Brian Orser.
Watching Brian Orser's reactions during his skater's programs is probably one of my favourite things
Can we just watch Brian Orser do everyone's programs?
Wow the kid skating to Charlie Chaplin music at the was fabulous. Coached by Brian Orser :)
If Brian Orser wasn't Javi's coach he would not be getting a standing O right now.
Loving the side show being put on by Brian Orser
Javier skates at the Toronto Cricket, under Brian Orser. This was OK, but not fabulous.
Never know which is more entertaining to watch, the skaters skating or Brian Orser coaching!?!
Watchin brian Orser’s reaction along boards is too funny! :)
Brian Orser and Tatiana Tarasova are battling it out to be the 'Benoit' of world figure skating. I love it!
Brian Orser is such a fabulous coach.
Latvian TV just showed Brian Orser pantomiming jump landings as Hanyu was doing them on was the ice O_O
Yuzuru hai combattuto e ce l'hai fatta. I'm so happy for you. Thank you very much!!! LOL Brian Orser
This is when I wish for picture in picture, to see Brian Orser when his skaters are on ice!
Brian Orser signed my copy of Kiss and Cry
I need to get Brian Orser's phone number right now because we both need to get absolutely wasted at a *** bar.
Great to see Yuna Kim back 8) I see she has new Korean coaches (I'm sure was with Brian Orser before)
My moms and me kickin' it at the like we're Brian Orser's bows.
What happened to Elene Gedevanishvili at is so disappointing. Not a nice couple of days for her coach Brian Orser too.
Attention all Cleveland sports fans: If any of you are cheering for Brian Orser's skaters, please stop now. Jinxes are catching.
Brian Orser's students not getting the SkateGods' blessings so far this week.
It doesn't need repeating, but I'll do it anyway ... Brian Orser, not having a good
Brian Orser is having a reeealy bad competition. hope they turn it around in the LP! i like all his students lol
Yuna Kim technically fine, but not as radiant as in 2011 :-( Did she leave Brian Orser?
The Mask of Zorro! Oh Javier! Lives and trains in with Brian Orser. Same err as last year-popped his triple axle.
Mixed Emotions = Loving Patrick Chan but also loving Brian Orser and wishing his students well
Hanyu fell on an under rotated quad; 75.94. Coach Brian Orser discussed his recent flu and knee injury on
Brian Orser isn't having a great day here, is he?
Yuzuru has mega potential and he's in good hands w/ Brian orser!!
There's a name from the past, Victor Petrenko. Coaching now like Brian Orser.
Oh, I wish that I were because Brian Orser would take me everywhere he goes.
I am liking Brian Orser as a coach - great skaters he's got. Also loving Shaelynn as a choreographer.
Brian Orser (coach) lives every moment for all of his skaters - he'll be the same for Hanyu later.
I wish they had a camera focused on Brian Orser when his skaters are on! I'd love to see picture in picture!
For Brian Orser, it's just business coaching against Canada - Montreal Gazette: For Brian Orser, it's ju...
Thanks, that cat is not mine though. :) I have so much respect for Brian Orser- he is an amazing man. And a fantastic coach.
What a great interview with Brian Orser, thank you so much for it!
In mixed zone Brian Orser said Yuzuru Hanyu is finding his timing again after a 10-day bout with flu & then a tweaked knee
In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Battle of the Brians, a little excerpt from page 87 of SOA: In contrast, the Battle of the Brians was a close enough race that no one, not even the commentators, seemed to know who had won until the last moment—when both men had completed their free skates, and Brian Orser sat anxiously, wondering if the outstanding scores he’d received for artistic impression (which included a 6.0) were enough to give him the gold: (Jim) MCKAY: These are stronger than Boitano’s! But how does it all come out? *** BUTTON: Whoa! Oh my— MCKAY: Boitano has won! Brian Boitano has won the gold medal! BUTTON: There you go! Well, well, well! MCKAY: David… David, Boitano has won! David, he (Orser) finished second. -- POP QUIZ... who was "David"?
Who is considered Canada's greatest female Athlete of the 20th century?
BREAKING NEWS- We have limited tickets remaining for the best party in town. James Dalzell and Deanna Palazzo will be celebrating their jack n jill at the Brian Orser Hall in Penetanguishene on March 23rd 2013 7pm, if you still don't have a ticket I will be in the penetang/midland area this afternoon. Message me and I can stop by to see you. I know over a 1000 invites have gone out so this will be a sell out. $10 in advance, $15 at the door and $30 if you wish to get on the bus leaving Toronto.
So it's becoming a meme now in figure skating: If Brian Orser coaches you, you have a tissue box cover that looks like a Disney character.
...but Javier Fernandez, the Spanish skater who's also coached by Brian Orser, has a tissue-box cover in the form of a prone Mickey Mouse.
He will be joining MySk8Coach coaches Brian Orser and Paige Aistrop April 1-3 at the Glacier in Mt. Pearl.
The Avalon Region Skating Board has announced their guest skater Javier Fernandez at the Brian Orser Easter Seminar.
I'm still baffled that people are upset over Ashley Wagner's win last week. Gracie was 9th after the SP and did win the FS, but it wasn't enough to overcome Ashley. To me it's no different than Scott Hamilton having such a huge lead after figures, so that even though he lost the SP and FS to Brian Orser, Scott still won gold. Or Janet Lynn losing to Trixie Schuba. In fact, it frequently happens that the person who wins overall did not win the FS. So I don't get the outrage over Ashley's win, but I guess I'm in the minority. I AM outraged however at the US commentary that STILL after years of this system fails to explain to the general public how it works. Does IJS have it's issues? Of course, I'm the first to acknowledge it (and that's another discussion). But it's not as complicated as Sandra/Scott make it out to be. It would go a long way to explain to a layman how it works so when the layman sees Ashley winning they would understand WHY. In short: don't alienate or condescend to the public. They are sm ...
The 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia are nearly one year away and figure skating, arguably one of the most beloved sports of those games, is searching for its super star.
Everyone come to my hockey at brian orser at 1:10
Javier Fernandez produced a fine performance in the men's free skate to become the first Spaniard to win the European figure skating title on Saturday in Zagreb, Croatia.
...Kurt Browning as Sky Masterson, Brian Orser as Nathan Detroit, Josee Chouinard as Sister Sarah and Liz Manley as Adelaide.
skaters had a great time at Brian Orser seminar today. Thank you!
I had a great morning with skaters and colleagues learning from Brian Orser
We have a special seminar today with BRIAN ORSER and JAVIER FERNANADEZ! They are on the ice working with the Pre...
Brian Orser seminar this morning looking forward to it!
Why doesn't Patrick Chan hire Brian Orser as his Coach!
In other Dorian News, I've been reading Brian Orser's 1988 memoir and having a frankly embarrassing number of feelings about it
2010 World champion Daisuke Takahashi said he is going to retire from competitive figure skating after 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. “I think that my athletic career will be over along with the Olympic Games in Sochi. Now I want to enjoy the little time I still have in figure skating. I would like
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA - 1988 Winter Games, Men's Long Program - Brian Boitano of the United States edged out Brian Orser to win the Long Program, and ther...
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you looked like Brian Orser out there!!!
Skating with the girls at Brian Orser Arena
Don't put too many on or your feet will freeze from lack of circulation! Brian Orser skates barefoot.
Yuzuru Hanyu 95.32 points World Record Short Program !! Coached by Brian Orser and Paige Aistrop. Check out Brian and Paige's lessons at
Fun fact: both Brian Orser and Elvis Stojko have two Olympic Silver Medals.
...He appears to believe it's good luck for him. So whenever he takes the ice, his coach, Brian Orser, needs to bring Pooh out...
NBC showing NHK men and ladies. Time to behold Brian Orser and the Power of Pooh!
Shot of Brian Orser backstage with Yuzuru and Javier. Aww.
And I want Brian Orser to coach me.
Interesting to watch Brian Orser's "skating" from the board)
Brian Orser is the happiest coach in the world now :))
"So proud of you." said Brian Orser to Yuzuru. Absolutely deserved!
That was, um, two clean Brian Orser-coached programs in a row
Repairs will not be made to Brian Orser Arena in 2013.
Thanks We love our rinks: Rotary Place, Brian Orser Arena. Try the public skating. Always fun!
though what Brian Orser did to before we can't deny his good coaching & devotion to skaters! great idea using technology @ training
Brian Orser thinks last-minute decision by Yuzuru Hanyu to stay at arena after today's practice caused him to lose focus.
watched Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan set new world record in Short. His coach Brian Orser skated every move from the side lines!
Yuzuru Hanyu, a 17-year-old from Sendai who skates with the abandon of a fearless showman and has jumps to match his flair, fired on all cylinders at Skate America on Friday, setting a new world record score for a short program. His 95.07 points eclipsed the previous record of 94, earned by countryman Daisuke Takahashi at the World Team Trophy in Tokyo this spring. And the scariest part is Hanyu's coach, Brian Orser, thinks his skater can do even more.
from (04/25/2012) - Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu, the bronze medalist at the 2012 World Figure Skating Championships and one of the fast rising in the sport of figure skating, has switched coaches and will begin training with Brian Orser in Toronto, the Jiji Press reported Wednesday.Hanyu...
Been reading (English) mixed reactions to the Yuzuru Hanyu - Brian Orser partnership.
World bronze medalist Yuzuru Hanyu turns to Brian Orser after breakthrough sophomore season:
Wait.Could this mean Patrick Chan won't be working with Brian Orser?Not that I heard any rumor, but I thought it might happen.
o.O I never expected that! Yuzuru Hanyu going to be coached by Brian Orser... O.o
Yuzuru Hanyu will team up with Brian Orser according to JSF. He will move to Toronto, Canada for training with the new coach.
World bronze men's medalist Yuzuru Hanyu will train with Brian Orser in Toronto, according to Japanese news reports:
"Yuzuru Hanyu has switched to Brian Orser" - is this good news?
Yuzuru Hanyu has switched to Brian Orser! Best luck to them!
Brian Orser & (Jeffrey Buttle) after running. It was nice seeing you both!
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