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Brian Lee

Brian Lee Harris (born November 26, 1966) is a retired American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Prime Time Brian Lee.

Shawn Michaels Mark Riley

Man threatens copycat killings on Las Vegas police: An indictment handed up this week accuses Brian Lee Jones ...
hi Brian don't you think that 5secs of summer Amnesia sound like Savage Garden? Lesley H/pool love Savage Garden
Happy birthday to my forever love Brian Lee 💕💕💋💖
Hi Brian, I always read your emails but today I can't open the article about Lee Wind. The site says can't…
Clark Patterson Lee is celebrating the opening of the South Carolina State Museum at the Grand Opening Gala. We... http:…
road tripping down to svgl for best of the west 2014 RIGHT BRIAN LEE :(
ARK 6, SAN 5. T3. Missions storm right back with a 2-run double by Lee Orr, 2-run homer by Brian Bixler, triple by Spangenberg + sac fly.
tech Lee Hollister sent us this kick *** 10 time lapsed seconds of Brian playing. Fun!
After Taker disappeared after the Rumble, DiBiase claimed that Taker was with him but it was Brian Lee.
So far PARTYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan and Ob O'Brian (sp) whatever his name is have done solid work.
Hoyer, not Manziel, to start against Redskins: The Cleveland Browns play at Washington on Monday n... Tscent
Each day of 2014, I've donated to a different charity/person. Now I'm raising money for the
Thanks to Brian Thomas for this version of the photo of me in my badass Bruce Lee .DJ Dragon tshirt.
NEWS ALERT Sébastien Auger and Richard Brian Lee the dishwasher and I are getting a divorce
Brian Lee shut up you're the biggest one!!
Have you met owner Lee, head Brewer Craig & General Manager Brian of ?
All purpose parts banner
"140815 Johnny Lee Instagram update ~ wow our lovely handsome superman with his phone in SS4 tou h…
Good to meet and thanks to Lisa, Lee, Brian and Craig for a lovely afternoon
US National Report Times. The reporting times for the US Nationals have been posted. These report times are tentative and subject to change. However, it gives a bit of an idea on when our Sparta Team members will be competing. On July 4 - the BB competitors William Connick, Rachel Connick and Douglas Zhang will not be known till they get their match number. If their match numbers are within matches 1 - 50 the report time is 830 am. (Match numbers are normally given out the night before) Mr Bill Ayoob's report time on July 4 is 12:45pm. July 5 - Mia Andrews for Poomsea report time is 8:30 am. Sparring competitors Anh Lu is 5:30pm and Brian Lee is 6:30 pm. So we have a big gap on Saturday. July 6 - Noah Sonnet and Janet Panopio report times are 8:30 and 9:00 am respectively. Cadet BB competitors are match number system. If Karina and Koby Uy gets a match number within 1 to 50, their report times is scheduled at 12:45pm as the earliest. July 7 - Last day of competition. Report times are scheduled for ...
For Immediate Release: June 29, 2014 Washington Blues Society 2014 Best of the Blues Awards (“BB Awards”) Winners Announced! The Washington Blues Society’s annual Best of the Blues Awards (“BB Awards”) was held at the Kirkland Performance Center on Sunday, June 29th to honor musicians and artists nominated by blues society members in 29 award categories. Brian Lee and the Orbiters received awards in the Best Blues Act and the Little Bill and the Blue Notes Traditional Blues Act categories, and guitarist Mark Riley was honored for Slide Blues Guitar and Lifetime Achievement. Riley joins a select group of musicians in the Washington Blues Society Hall of Fame, and Alice Stuart and the Formerlys is the first band inducted in the Hall of Fame. Bandleader CD Woodbury received Blues Songwriter and Electric Blues Guitar awards, and the CD Woodbury Band received the BB Award for Washington Blues Recording (“Monday Night”) and band-mate Mike Marinig won for Best Blues Horn. The Stacy Jones Band wa .. ...
It has Stammer, Marty, Brian Lee, and Brett Clark on it. Time to update
No one was able to answer the HARDCORE TRIVIA CHALLENGE, thus Mark Parker retains the Intercontinental Title!! This is the AYTWF BOOT CAMP Week 9 Captain Challenge: "BEYOND BELIEF: Fact or Fiction." Please answer FACT or FICTION to each statement. Ric Flair survived a plane crash. FACT Goldust defeated The Undertaker in a Casket Match. FACT Heath Slater and a Lady recently had a baby girl, and he is now a father. FACT The Bigshow delivered the KO Punch to SHAQ. FICTION In 2001, The Undertaker was voted "Least Favorite Wrestler" by the "Wrestling Observer Newsletter." FACT Razor Ramon has never competed in a Royal Rumble. FICTION. The Fake Razor Ramon was in a Rumble. Shawn Michaels have forfeited more Titles than any other superstar in WWE history. FACT The fake Undertaker of the Undertaker vs Undertaker Match was actually the best man at the real Undertaker's wedding. FACT. Brian Lee was The Undertaker's best man. Kane was the first ever masked WWE Champion. FACT. There's only 3: Kane, Foley, Rey. The Ro ...
Only ECW would try to pass off the return of Brian Lee as being just as big as the return of Rick Rude.
A look at the first "Hard 10" match in NWA-TNA history featuring Mike Sanders and Brian Lee to see if it's a classic:
Brian Lee is singing right now at the spring festival. What sn amazing testimony. Hope you enjoy this song.
if he is then he's bringing Neal Martin,Adam Calder and Brian Lee with him😉
Oh how I long for players like Neal Martin, Dan Carlson, Sylvain Cloutier, Michael Tasker, Jason Robinson, Brian Lee, Jonathan Weaver and...
Allen Turnage, Bruce Ballister, Jack Pittman Stuart Haworth, Brian Lee, Fred Butch Burns do any of you have the...
Monday Night we are back to Everett, WA at 3231 Creatives for the LIVE Mighty Mouth Blues broadcast on NWCZ Radio as we Slide Into Spring! Our Slide Showcase features Nick Vigarino, Mark Riley, Chebon Tiger and Billy Stapleton with special guest Brian Lee backed by the award winning rhythm section of Don King and Chris Leighton! Doors at 7:00PM - Show is 8:00PM-11:00PM NEW TICKET OPTION: $10.00 (NO MEAL INCLUDED) AT THE DOOR. $20.00 INCLUDES BBQ RIB DINNER. You can pick up your tickets here:
Photo: Thank you to Brian Lee on your new 2014 from Jorge Benavides and everyone at Round Rock...
Look for larger hot soup bowls very soon! Thanks to Brian Lee for his great suggestion. His next bowl is on me!
As we draw closer to 2014, I can't help but reflect on what an incredible year 2013 has truly been. I wanted to take a little moment to look back on what was a stand out year for me & my musical journey, and give thanks to a few of those who made it possible. Starting the year off with the release of my single "Rearview MIrror" a co-write between Stuart Crichton, Steve Parkin, Brian Lee & myself. RVM was voted on the pop up-fan voted countdown by YOU guys around the country on The Bump Show with Angus O'Loughlin and supported by many stations around Australia. Thank you all for spinning the track, you've all been such great champions of my music… I then hit the road with DOLLY Magazine for their Annual Search For A Model competition, seeing us tour shopping centres nationally to find their winner. I had an AMAZING time with the Dolly babes, of whom have been so supportive of me & my music. I also got to meet a bunch of new Dolly readers, who have stayed with here with me throughout the year :) Whilst on ...
Brian Lee is having another surgery. Don't expect much from him this season even if he comes back.
It was 23 years today when The Undertaker debuted on Survivor Series 1990 being revealed as the mystery partner of ''Million $ Dollar'' team then at WrestloMania VII defeated Jimmy Snuka to start his historic 21-0 streak. Moving on SummerSlam 1994 when The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer (R.I.P) defeated ''The Undertaker'' w/ Ted Dibiase, mostly called the Underfaker by the fans which was revealed it was Brian Lee, then at Survivor Series 1996 The Undertaker began his Lord of Darkness persona at the 1997 In Your House: Badd Blood he was defeated by Shawn Michaels because interference of Kane, also his debut, at the FIRST-EVER *** in a Cell. In 1999 to began the famous Ministry of Darkness with Paul Bearer and others while in the stable he kidnapped Stephanie McMahon for the Un-Holy wedding blah, blah, blah you must know how it ended. When it was revealed that Vince was the Higher Power of the Undertaker it began an alliance called ''The Corporate Ministry'' shortly after in 2000 in the Unforgiven PPV when he r ...
I chat to about his Rogue Trooper comic from …
they outta sight!!! Relaxed & Dialed In & tuned up!!! That had to be for Brian Lee... Miley chiming in!!!
Rest in Peace Brian Lee you're not alone!!!
Cornelius hits Brian Gillette on a 29-yard scoring pass to give Bushland a 14-0 lead over Slaton with 2:48 left in 1Q.
"Everyday has been the gift of a lifetime, every mile a journey, and every friend a personal angel". -Brian Lee aka RaumWrangler
Got a Brian Lee mystery puck and thought of
GT QB Lee runs the option about as well as I could. In a wheelchair.
Well done to. Nathan Reilly. Luke maguire . Brian Haskins . Lee brown. . Jack Howard. Luke Byrne . Who all boxed brilliant tonight at Drimnagh B.C
RIP BRIAN LEE!! Today is a sad day in Panic Fan history...but we all know that he is in our Hearts and thoughts...
But I'm sure it can benefit me 1 day thou lol.
yeah I've been using Personal CCTV for a about 6-7months now can be a pain attracts a lot of shall I say Unwanted attention 😏
with my angel at the Lee Brice concert!
They want me inside now with the mobile camera, and doing reports. I guess that's what you call a promotion lol
Ever since I started I've pretty much done the front door but with my lads we rotate on a regular basis though the night.
I'm glad I'll be keeping him at Brian's now though since I'm there 99.9% of the time
It's almost that time of year when I avoid all shopping areas...
I've just woken up. Has Brian Cox stopped talking yet?
THROWBACK THURSDAY: Brian Lee Voice & Mase Berlin .deep in the woods...of berlin
I'm convinced that in 40 years Brian Cox will don a leather mask and start calling himself Sharaz Jek.
I couldn't understand what Brian Cox is saying less if Sylvester McCoy was translating it for him and mangling every other word.
"Shut up Brian" Matt Smith saying what we're all thinking there.
Just realised Lee has the same haircut as Brian Cox
You (and me!) are not dim. Brian Cox is just way over educated, that's all.
Instead of this Brian Cox confusion I could have just watched 3 times in a row by now.
As Brian Cox would say... If you take the equation '(Ax +Dv/Dy) - (AXZ + Z' - Zi) x (800i - 433a) + 2' , you can deduce 'No'.
LMAO brian lee is still talking?.this kid clearly isnt the sharpest tool in the shed
Okay, we're a few minutes in and am I the only one wondering what the *** Brian Cox is on about?!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Brian Lee on Bloomberg TV talking about and why is the Heart and Soul of the company.
And I find Brian Cox very creepy to watch.
Biggest part of me brian mcknight tanks u very much
ICYMI: Spike Lee, Mike Tyson bring the UNDISPUTED TRUTH to HBO. A review by
I'm a late show watcher, but I am so happy that Kat got the last night...
Our sports update anchors Daisy and Brian during the today's broadcast with Christine Lee
How does Christian Lee simply approach random kids and ask them to take a selfie with them?
Q: The toughest opponent in cricket? *** "Shoaib Akhtar, Brett lee and Brian Lara"
i dunno Brian.. liking Arcade Fire as much as you do might make up for being 54 ;)
Yes The Law Firm is so mediocre. But not for BRainey. Is Brian Leonard a FA?
Doug lee just took the whole betting 25 at the end to a whole new level of douch. Has all his starting chips a r225 by putting in a 500 chip
which ever I'm keen just to wield an iron!:)
Vytas, you make me a little sick... I would rather eat those bugs then watch you play
hack is definitely the correct word! Try Camberley? Or Chobham?
Here is Brian Lee crediting from Overture with the early growth of LegalZoom
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Former Lee Commissioner Brian Bigelow and teen companion arrested again
Still able to go outside at midnight in shorts and a t-shirt...
And guac didn't rush the field either.
EXACTLY. Looked close at first, but guac the easy pull away.
Tomorrow we strip to the skinnies at Trio feat. Oscar Westesson on bass, Shira Lee Katz on cello, new
That's the first win for coach Brian Shaw. helps make it happen with 23 points and 8 assists.
I was moved by Thank You for your courage and especially your love...
Catch of the year by that dude from Lee on TNL! 😳
How would you react to someone saying Brian Lee would make a great number 2 next to Hedman?
Brian Zahnd is one of my favorite writers and preachers. He had this to say about my new book, Out of the Depths.
You don't want to be like Brian Kenny. Support Miguel Cabrera for MVP.
I thought you directed Brian lee Mawile
took me 45 minutes to go from state to 91 on graham. Miserable.
""Academics aren’t everything, and there exist billions of people outside of your school"" so true cc
Watching the original Halloween. Jamie Lee Curtis must be the best looking girl in all of the modern horror films.
Good session with Paul Dash, Jed Standbridge, Brian John and Lee Walker. Going to make it a regular thing each...
Brian Walsh aligned NRSC for Charlie Crist in Florida, Trey Grayson in Kentucky & against Mike Lee in Utah
This morning, Bob Kerr and his phtotgrapher Bob from The Providence Journal visited Brian and Brenda Lee. We were...
Surviving creators of the characters from the announced TV series: Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, John Romita, Brian Bendis, Michael ***
all good this side... I'm available most Mondays... Rest of the week I'm somebody else's b*
I'm good mate, just busy teaching. Would love a game haven't hit my driver in over 2 months! Lol how's WOG?
it's been a busy couple weeks. How you been? We need to get a game soon!
Brian Lee Crowley of non-partisan (?) Macdonald-Laurier Institute hired by Cons to moderate pre-budget mtgs. Atta boy!
CCT Owner Brian Gallagher and PR Director Chris Lee are at the conference in Breakout...
Why did you just let Hatch get away with blaming Cruz an Lee,Brian?You said nothing to him about the fake Libertarian in VA.
"I Drive Your Truck," wins Song of the Year. Brian Dwyer spoke with the song's writer earlier this year.
Read Brian S. Lee's translation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland into Middle English verse.
Sunday AM: Walk in the Light of Christ by Brian Lee
Tim Berners-Lee: encryption cracking by spy agencies 'appalling and foolish' via
Who is the better player?. for Brian Scalabrine. for LeBron James
"Brian, this is Lee. I know Lee from...Starbucks."
LAX victim: 'I had to stem the blood flow': Brian Ludmer was running for his life, following other passengers ...
same! Lee lee and Brian were doin good. Heard they are coming to the cities to watch you!!
Happy Birthday Football!! 144 years ago the first game of American Football was played!!
Honestly didn't think Lee Brice's "I Drive Your Truck" would win Song of the Year, but I'm so, so glad it did. Congrats.
Lee Brice, on top-song nominee "I Drive Your Truck": "If I ever rooted for myself, this would be the time."
Photo shoot tomorrow with Brian. Fitting on Friday with Lee. Gown pick on Saturday from Sue. I'm getting ready for this full time boss life.
Here it is my very first attempt at something techno hope ye enjoy it and if ye want a download on it please let...
I'm in love with Brian sry Lawrz. Bb grl u a star;
Thank you Brian Lee for your endorsement. Now Brian, has a testimonial, from Michael Caine. And not many people kn…
Join me on Saturday Morning Talking Sports on WQRL this morning from 8 to 10 a.m. Our guests will be Benton coach Jeremy Clodfelder, RLC basketball coach Randy House, former PV coach *** Corn, who is head of the Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum, MTV coach Jared Schaner, Southern Illinoisan sports writer Todd Hefferman, Chester coach Brian Lee and Scott Wuerz, a writer with the Belleville News Democrat, to talk some Cardinals baseball. Scott Mees, prep sports writer with the Southern Illinoisan will be my co-host. Tune in at 106.3 or online at Gotta go ... on in 60 seconds.
Getting Brian Murray draft Brian Lee in the first round drunk tonight
OMG Brian Lee Whitworth you will be wanting one of these! Xx
Wow me brian lee and Alex in the car Brian hey its not bri bri any more I'm a tough gansta its squggles or squigglys.
Two awesome sets of guests! First up: Tom Oberheim. Yes! :) He will be demoing his new Two Voice Pro and will have a Q&A bit. Also: a presentation by the Finishing Move duo Brian Lee White and Bri
That's why I'm the song leader and you guys aren't.
Well my baby boy turned 15 today he's growed up so fast he's not a baby anymore he's a fine good looking man i love u Brian Lee Happy Birthday !
Your going to miss it again !!! Brian Lee is playing tonight . Madison MadisonPub Everett 7.30 ,come on down !
"His name is Brian Lee.. I think he's black"
Stress is *** a body! That *** cat Penny hid in the ceiling and postponed our departure for several hours. That was very stressful! But. We're on our way with much thanks to Brian Lee, Brett Brillhart Seymore Butz and Chuck Rose. We so owe you all. Onward we go!
I have sex with underaged donuts o.o oh yeah Brian Lee Smith
My personal eclair by chef Brian Lee at the grand opening of Le Meridien Atlanta.
Chef Brian Lee whipping my own personal eclair at Le Meridien Atlanta grand opening.
Brian Lee days until the home opener! 😁⚡️
they should fine that mofo Muckler for selecting Brian Lee in 05
Brian Lee is now connected to Billy House (Actor, Photographer, Grip/Electric)
Yo are u still in contact with Brian Lee from reebok i remember him bringing you to my school philadelphia university years ago
We'll watch it sometime this week. Maybe tomorrow after ultimate frisbee!
that's true. I want to watch the movie now. You just killed my desire to get anything done this evening.
isn't it just "BRAWAAWAAM" on repeat, lol. Just kidding, it's pretty great.
Great meeting today with Brian Lee & team! Looking forward to working with them more in the future!
Didn't people think Brian Lee would become the new Undertaker and win titles after the SMW run. The ohno hype is worse.
Just watched that & realised the one on the album I listen to is the 'Brian Lee Remix' & sounds SO much better! ^_^
Lmaoo Brian Lee got down with a girl in class rn
Reading Brian Lee Young Rowe's book (and thinking it fits like a glove with much more than
I guess i am now an official fan of Brian Lee Yung Rowe
I know Brian Lee did not fall asleep.
More importantly, why are you looking up Brian Lee?
I think Google has the wrong Brian Lee
I wld be the youngest Councillor on today; however, not the youngest ever elected. Brian Lee wins that at 27 yo.
I'm a KSU fan, and you're exactly right.
Brian Lee Dunning is about to tear it up. Come listen, it's getting cold on the patio.
Brian Lee Eagle Court of Honor tomorrow at 2pm in the Eagles Nest
My name is Brian Lee, we spoke in the past about the Pontiac Police Dept. I have many Pontiac post cards
I'd like to imagine that Ron Prince is watching this game somewhere, thinking that he could do a much better job with both te…
That Great Escape remix by Brian Lee is a good remix! Love the base^.^
😭I'm at work, but I wish I was at the tree of wisdom
Is Brian Lee considered one of the 40 even though he's injured? If not, I think I'm missing one...
Good thing KU practiced how to celebrate after a game winning field goal.
Brian Lee and will be at on October 12-13 with organic pet…
Angus Beef Treats and Chicken Breast Treats by Cookie approves! Contact Brian Lee at…
Beef Stew for Dogs by Contact Brian Lee at to place your order.
Im kind of interested in how Brian Lee O'Malley portrayed that Ramona changes her hair colour in a black and white comic.
Brian Lee is now connected to Megan Aagaard (FHA 203K Network Bloggers ~ Creating Community)
Maybe one day when I grow up I will be a Brian Lee
How do I get my dog to not lose control when greeting people at the door? Brian Lee from answers
when this lil *** brian lee thinks he can tackle me LMFAOO chinos now adays
Brian Lee is now connected to Donald Kuss (First Officer at JetBlue Airways)
*** I even think barberio is higher on depth chart than Brian lee at this point, org very high on barberio
Would b very surprised if Brian lee made the team, of course he is on training camp roster but he won't make nhl cut.
because *** hugging, I mean wrestling is lol ask brian lee lol
Photo: The Swamp Tigers/Brian Lee & His Orchestra 7” has arrived! You should check out one of their shows...
In the 92nd minute of a 2012 contest at Ole Miss, LSU soccer head coach Brian Lee made the decision to bring...
Brian Lee Mario Oliver. Would you like to join JSRG, Jet Set Radio Generations?
Get to MUSICA Tonight!!! My brothers & will be Electrifying the Stage. Then you get
Come to musica tonight and come over and party afterwards!
If you missed interview with about the value of an education here it is
In Brian Lee Crowley's latest Globe column he questions common assumptions about the value of a university...
Check out HighstreetFV featured blog: Brian Lee from . Learn a little more about...
If we have peace of mind, we’ll always feel happy. Deceiving ourselves that money is the source of happiness, we won’t.
Noon, Mon, Sept 9th, civil rights historians Brian Lee (UNC-G) and Brian Daugherity (VCU) share new research on...
Brian Lee is featured on the CBS Evening News (national) with his nursing Home resident advocacy...
Geez Brian Lee give us something witty to talk about already.
Rich met and went crabbing with our own Kimberley character Brian Lee.
Front end vocal processing with guitar pedals
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Orange County R. E. Mattress shop salesman halts flaming truck with doorstop: Brian Lee had just ... Kenny Salame
But not this one... Brian Lee gives all his away.
We're so excited that the Brian Lee Bender Band will be playing at Check em out:
Have you visited our new blog yet? Let us take you inside the home of Brian Lee of
Ceci has opted to take the historic worn by former legends Brian Lee, Christoph Schubert, Greg de Vries and Radek Hamr
Somewhere there is a photo of 17 yr old me with nothing but a microkorg covering my gentleman parts. Wish I had that pic for
A pic of Brian Lee at Dragon Kannneda!
Any ideas on where we should consider Michael Brown Brian Lee, Paul T Murphy, Steve Arrick, Wally...
*** Brian lee Texas Pete hotsauce right now
If you play a Nickelback song backwards you'll hear messages from the devil. . Even worse, if you play it forwards you'll he…
Mattress Shop Worker Uses Doorstop to Halt Burning Truck: Brian Lee had just opened Orange County Mattress for...
Post-workout delmonico action. Steam my veggies please
either I'm totally missing what you guys were going for- or you did.
Brian Lee one is a valid point such a shame he don't play now
For a bonus point you are also looking for player X is the new Mike McLean and what is Brian Lee doing now he could still do a job
Well I guess I'm going to California next month with y'all
Nursing home reform advocate Brian Lee tells Oklahoma lawmakers that Ok has more enforcement actions than other states.
Proud of Brian Lee featured article--Eleven states get failing grades for nursing home care via
Time for a bit of spear fishing and mud crabbing with Aboriginal elder and all round nice guy Brian Lee.
with Brian Lee ready to start their mudcrubbing adventure!
“Starting to smile at an inappropriate time? Rub the underside of your nose with a finger—it'll kill the smile.”
*Looks at the Brian Lee O'Malley mask on the ground* o_o'
Brian Lee is now connected to H. Ace Villagrana (Licensed Realtor at Newman Realty)
Mudcrabs, fresh from the banks of Hunters Creek and onto the fire! Thank you Brian Lee, an honour.
Brian Lee is now connected to Rocky Wilson (Real Estate Wholesaler at Rocky Wilson Real…
Hey! Tell that to Brian Lee! I'm still not convinced he hasn't been Undertaker for the last 15 years.
Brian Lee is now connected to Dennis Hattie (Chief Pilot at SAMTEX USA INC)
Walking into summit racing makes me feel like a little kid walking into toys r us
Brian Lee is now connected to Tiffany Lee - Realtor (REALTOR at Weichert, Realtors-Peterson…
Omg there's a "Brian Lee" in my class. Except he's Indian instead of Chinese. This guy talks a lot! Tryna be teachers pet. Lol it's annoying
"The Mbox has a resonance around 280.5 Hz". Just heard this in a studio. No idea how to respond to such an…
Chef Brian Lee's culinary masterpieces heighten and delight the senses.
To be Honest.. I Think Kendrew Koay and Brian Lee have a future in the club.. :P
“As a healthcare provider, what's more important than what your patients and families & the community are saying about you?” Brian Lee, CSP
Having chips and salsa with my good friend Brian Lee
Marriage is about forks and spoons. -Brian Lee Settles. Giving me the low down about relationships
Spiders... friend or foe? Are they the most useful interlopers we could wish for around our homes?
Jerry's vacation's ruined by the stress of avoiding Breaking Bad spoilers. Elaine's never seen the show, ruins a viewing…
Brian Lee ( Chainz from the DOA in the attitude era, "bulldozer" brian lee, etc) played fake Taker.
This is how I spend my day off, with Brian lee Keenan.
The kind of hangover that makes me want to reexamine my life
Your people can’t care about what they don’t know about.” - Brian Lee Staff must know the results of patient experience surveys
From the new Lee: Baby trafficking tip of iceberg
The Great Escape Brian lee remix really sound like clubbing songs
reminds me of Brian Lee in ECW in 96 shes also gourgeous too boot
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
If you're at Otakon make sure you find Micah and Brian Lee - Actor running around on the floors! ={D
Brian Lee, Rhys, and some other peeps that I don't remember their names at the moment. Oh we saw your cuz Taylor too!
Head of the family, El Padrino. His name is Brian Lee, He's your favorite Chino
I really thought I saw Brian Lee on TV screen. :)))
Baby selling called tip of iceberg - Becky Anderson talks to Brian Lee, director of All Girls Allowed, who says ch...
If there is one truth about Brian Lee, it's that he ain't a dummy. If we're making a rap song, I'm the goofiest, dumbest sounding young *** using the f word. When were talking politics, law, sociology and historical fact though, I'm still every bit as sharp as I ever was. Learn bigger words before you debate me.
Thanks to everyone for coming out last night and supporting Orkka much appreciated Sandra Larkin Airida Mockute Brian Hennessy Dan Hastings Tami Lee
C'mon pats we all hate the HOOP SCUM Sean Tormey Brian Gaskin and lee Lee Stpatsfc Carroll
Tomorrow Assistant Governor Mike will be in attendance to help induct our new officers. Please join us to welcome President Lee, President-Elect Liz, Secretary Brian, and Treasurer Kevin as our 2013-14 club officers.
Avenir by Raleigh is the premier bicycle accessory line from legendary Raleigh Bicycles.
So I'm thinking sushi for dinner tonight. Anyone care to join me?
Well i know i m gonna step on some toes, but when has that ever stopped me before, right? I copy and pasted the below because i didn't want to just openly bast the author as i don't know him, and he may have just been having bad day. But I just wanna say that I believe that the sentiment that is expressed in the paragraph does far more harm than good where promoting Christianity and and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is concerned, especially the last part. "Get out of the way!" Really? I wasn't aware that I was standing in anyone's way of being a proper christian. I may have a potty mouth and other flaws as well, but i don't think that I am better than anyone else, and i don't judge people. I talk to GOD regularly, and not once has he ever told me WHO or WHO IS NOT going to *** or why. (We've dumbed down the Christian faith so much to where ppl think by going to church every Sunday and or Wednesday, being a ministry leader of some sort and the most famous... Being able to quote scripture is being .. ...
Lee Lee Cathcart ur tips are worse than mine lol
Remember these? Sean Laughlin Marvin Lee Thomas Heath Knisely Troy Hahn Brian Ebaugh Ian McLellan Wayetta Williams Betsy Schulteis Wilhelm? Bunch a old *** we are... Fight over, get blasted dancing to Violent Femmes in the basement, then get yelled at the next day by y'all for driving my motorcycle home drunk.
What's the best nickname for a striker that you've heard? We want the most unique ones for a My Five feature...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
After what seemed like years of waiting Dead Rabbits have finally put the finishing touches to their triumphant debut album 'The Ticket That Explod...
Watch the entire epic tale of SingleTrack Deficit Disorder (STDD) in it's totally awesome entirely. From mini-donkey's to Clydesdales to a Zamboni and a motorized…
Where is a good place in Baton Rouge to go for a front end allignment?
We have been having a conversation all week about who was the best running back to come thru Tech that our generation had seen.I said Ox was a monster, Suggsy,Jones and Williams was special too, but If i had to pick one it would be my man shy boogie(Shyrone Stith)...I never saw somebody cut side to side and explode the way he did until I saw Chris Johnson...not to mention he is a 5footer so u know he got my vote...feel free to weigh in!
Book title; A VOICE FROM THE WHITE HORSE. All families are heir to episodes of suffering and strife, and ours was no exception. Cambodia war in 1975 touched all our immedicated relatives. My only, an aviator who had great talent and promised as a writer, he was not returned back home from war. We w...
Raid in my house by certain insects! Can't wait to eat them tomorw!
A review of "Spiritual Ecology" by HH the 17th Karmapa It requires us to put down every-day concerns that preoccupy our minds and listen with our hearts to the testaments of how desperately the earth needs us. At every moment, our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are nurtured by the earth and yet, we are indifferent to this fact as we go about our way pursuing material success. —HIS HOLINESS THE 17th KARMAPA, OGYEN TRINLEY DORJE. This new compilation of articles features several Kalliopeia grant partners, including Winona LaDuke, Joanna Macy, Fr. Richard Rohr, Pir Zia Inayat Khan, Sr. Miriam MacGillis, Mary Evelyn Tucker and Brian Swimme, and many other inspiring voices, such as Oren Lyons, Thich Nhat Hanh, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Satish Kumar, Bill Plotkin, and more!
Today i reached limit 5000 friends-again. I play mainly two games - Criminal Case and Gardens of Time. Around 300-500 people didnt accept my teammates request or neighbour request. This post will be kind of ask to do it, after that i will delete person, coz its pointless be a friend but not a teammate. If u play one of this game, and u played the other but stoped - pls or delete the game which u dont play any more or delete me from friends. Im a daily player and dont need to get angry every time i turn on game. THANK U ( I start from GoT, coz with cc i had to re-add some teammates) In comment ppl who didnt accept yet my request in Gardens of Time
As far as I can think this is all the cover versions 13 Tombs have played over the years... Love In A Void - Siouxsie & The Banshees Lady - Adam & The Ants 1969 - The Stooges (and Sisters Of Mercy) Emma - Hot Chocolate (and Sisters Of Mercy) SS Officer - Patrol The Snowman - The Ghost Train Jeffrey Lee Pierce - Off ! Needle In The Camels Eye - Brian Eno (never played live) Ghost Rider - Suicide
They would talk about it for years...Wednesday, June 26, 2013--The Day Every Comic Ever Was Released All At Once. This was a crazy, massive week for new comics, but luckily it was also a really great week for new comics! Here are some of the highlights: THE UNCANNY THE DEAD ZONE meets OCEAN'S ELEVEN in this new series from Andy Diggle (THE LOSERS) and Aaron Campbell (THE SHADOW) that follows a globe-hopping, psychic-powered card cheat as he is thrust into a world of danger! LAZARUS It's an unofficial GOTHAM CENTRAL reunion as Greg Rucka and Michael Lark team up to bring us this new ongoing series that mixes crime and science fiction. A tiny group of wealthy families controls 99% of the world's resources, and each one is protected by a seemingly unstoppable guardian. A woman named Forever is one of them, and this new ongoing series tells her story. FATALE The smash-hit horror mystery from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips continues with a new story arc set during the Grunge boom of the nineties! Look for the g ...
::: Double Trouble ::: Premiering this Saturday night is our new scotch doubles 8-ball event. Kicking things off this week, we have Lee Clevenger/Jeannie Seaver, Brian McBride/Tim Mlachnik, Mark Coats/Jimmy Sandaler and Turtle/Junior Horton. LIVE STREAM available at
Im only going to say this once if there is any drama brought to the reception there will be a guy there that is more than willing to curb stomp u in front of some horses.. This is mine n angis day... We dont wanna hear about bs till sunday thanks have a great day
Evening all! Lady Lisa and Tip Top Tom are busy bees at Worthy Farm ahead of tomorrow morning's show. They're setting up a beautous bunting-bedecked camp, whilst humming Glasto Golden Oldies! Lady L's loving Brian Wilson, while Tom's partial to a bit of Paul Simon! What would your Glastonbury Golden Oldie be? Tell us your name, where you're from, your song choice, and why it takes you back, and you might just hear it on tomorrow's show! If you prefer to e-mail: chris. evans
Well as the hour nears for my last Brian West Golden Oldie Show I want to thank and express my sincere and deepest thank you to all my friends and listeners that have followed and supported me over the last ten years. There are so many that to list everyone would be a book in it’s self so I will just say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Music starting at a very young age has always been a way of life for me, and I was so blessed to have been able to grow up in a time when the best music ever made was also being born the late 50’s and sixty’s. I always had a transistor radio stuck to my ear not wanting to miss any new songs TV did not mean much to me unless it was a show of some recording artist or American Band Stand, the *** Clark Show, Ed Sullivan and the list goes on. Ten years ago I would not have ever dreamed that I would be the founder of a radio station that is now in it’s 5th year and still growing. We have some awesome radio host’s that are not only just radio hosts to me but my . ...
::: Ring of Fire ::: This Friday night at 8pm we start a new 5-week installment of our Ring of Fire event. This week features the return of Mark Coats and Brian McBride who are being joined by Glenn McMahon and Lee Clevenger. LIVE STREAM available at
As part of my training for Kilimanjaro (details of this madness here!) I have signed up to the Fosters Law Coastal Half – a stunning route around the Thanet coast in Kent. It’s on 1st September, and whilst I will be focused on trekking the route (I will do it with a loaded rucksack and weights – J...
A baby. 16 hour to a baby. What the *** did I do to deserve this?
Every one is at risk. Even you. Any one can help. Especially you.
Zane 5month Third week Your baby's ability to interact with his surroundings, you and other people grows stronger every day. He may start playing little games as he begins to understand cause and effect and the results of simple actions. He may drop objects just to watch you pick them up, or he may throw something to see where it lands. Take a deep breath. Games like this will only amuse him more as time goes on. Try not to tell him no. He doesn't understand the word, and he needs to experiment and explore. Instead, concentrate on showing your pleasure whenever he does something that pleases you. Brian CK Lee
If Virginians elect Democrat Terry McAuliffe governor, they can expect Obama's war on coal to come straight to the commonwealth. Virginia Attorney General Terry McAuliffe, the Republican nominee for g
We're looking for a talented LOCAL graphic designer to work with us on some projects. If interested, please message the page with a link to your work. Feel free to share this post with anyone you think might fit the bill! Thanks!
Looking for a good dermatologist preferably in the Cape, any suggestions?
in 16 days i will be married to my best friend Keith Brian Lee i am so in love with you i thank god everyday that you came in my life iv never been so loved or happy thank you so much baby i cant wait to be Kathleen Rose Lee
Great Start for Tinryland in Carlow Minor Football Championship Tinryland minor footballers made the best possible start to this years championship campaign when they defeated one of the heavyweights of the competition Eire Og in round one at Rathcrogue on Monday 24th June. The opening stages of this game were evenly contested with both goalkeepers being called into action shortly after the throw in. After 8 minutes of stalemate Tinryland were first to open their account when Diarmaid Walshe pointed in the 8th minute. The home team then doubled their account in the 14th minute when Adam Murphy landed a superb 45. There was a bizarre hold up of 6 minutes then as the referee was adamant that all players should be wearing gum shields and he ordered Eire Og to address the situation. When play finally resumed Eire Og were denied a certain goal by a brilliant save from Tinryland goalkeeper Ciaran Byrne before Ciaran Townsend increased the Tinryland advantage when he pointed in the 20th minute. Another great sav ...
THIRSTY THURSDAY!!! Our weekly bash at Cullens Cove is only hours away and I hope you are ready for a rockin' good time! You wanna see what kind of party we're talking about? Check out the photo. Kicking off the night at 7pm is Daniel M. Hambright and Kickin' Country Line Dancin' as they put a little boogie in your boots with their FREE line dancing class. It's a lot of fun and a great workout too! Then at 10pm, the dance floor becomes a beer pong arena and the stage is taken over by the very talented Mechanicsville singers for karaoke! All of your favorite hits plus the very newest tracks you've just been dying to try! Don't forget that the always wonderful Taylor Randler is behind the bar alongside the gorgeous Chelsea LeAnn B tonight! With incredible signature drinks to their credit, get ready for a delicious night of awesome! As always... if you've got drama, save it for your Mama. Cullens Cove is a place to have a good time without the crap you'll find in other bars. Let's have some fun!!!
Many times a week I catch the times: 11;11 and 4:44. I seem to see these times several times a week when seeing what time it is. Does this happen to anyone else? I wonder if there is any significance to this?
I will not be using this page unless i get locked back out of my other fb account if u wish to send a friends request to me send it to Brian Lee he it will be linked with this account though a friends request. Thanks, Me
Can't wait til Sunday! Get to see Brad Paisley, Chris Young, Lee Brice, and the Henningsens at the XTU Anniversary Show! :-) so excited :-) anyone know if there's other bands there?
Anyone with a extra air conditioner or a portable one not being used anymore we could sure use it here at the shop. We have to walk outside with the heat just to cool off lol
Nothing like a hard working handsome man.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Good morning FB friends! I'm so happy to be in T-Town this week- playing the Colony Friday night. I'll be joined by some amazing musicians such as Arthur Thompson, Travis Fite, Brian Lee, and Matt Hayes! Come early to hear Travis Fite get the music started around 8:30. Many thanks in advance:)
Graduated finally . an finna be on the way to fort lee with the fam
Two St. Louis gents could go in the top 3 in tonight's NBA draft. Still think St. Louis doesn't have great basketball talent?
Alright the FAT GUY who is living in me gets his EVICTION NOTICE TODAY!!...After almost 2 months away from the GYM I head back TODAY!!...its time for me to get back on TRACK!...and get this BODY BACK TOGETHER!!.since my arm is not quite healed yet.for the next few weeks it will be pretty much LEGS & ABDOMINALS .and LOTS OF CARDIO!!.any one care to JOIN ME? Walter Hampton II
I suppose this may shock some Folks but years ago, we called Folks *** *** *** Vikes, Dagoes and yes, the dreaded, "N" word and smiled. I guess we've reached the stage wherein I can call my Dad a drunken Bum but if you call him a drunken Bum, I'll tear your head off. I long for the feelings and the respect that we had for each other in the "Old Days". Just an old man remembering.
I am getting so frustrated. I wait til midnight every night and call this contact. Pick up the phobe or do things right!
Help Master Richard Anderson keep his facility. He was allowed to invest over $90,000 into the Anderson Taekwondo Center and is being threatened with eviction by the Landers family. Please watch the entire video and give Master Anderson what ever support you can supply.
Thinking about my late friend, the amazing musician, Ian Wallace. I saw that the official CJT site is down. Sadness. But the music lives on!
If you haven't heard of AdvoCare by now, you WILL in August! Be watching ESPN for some big college football announcements coming soon. We will be "The Nike of Nutrition!"
We want to continue adding to our Anniversary List. If you haven't yet, let us know your names and the month and year you were married. Our goal is to get all 2748 anniversaries listed together in one place! Can't wait to add yours...
I just want Brian Lee to recover quickly from his ACL tear and be back on the Lightning for the upcoming season.
I have this sneaking feeling that if George W Bush were still in office, hoards of Republicans would be calling for Edward Snowden's head on a spike.
Geoff Thornton-Trump meet Brian Lee - Brian, I know you are in Alberta for a few days. If you're up for any adventures (rock climbing, etc.,) Geoff is your man. I've known him as long as Stephanie Macvicar. Very good mountain man to know in Alberta ;-) Him and Mother Nature are tight, over there in God's country.
Great win! Dont care what everyone thinks. You are a star
hey, you guys remember how long Brandana's hair used to be?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
the second season is the best. In the third season radon Randall comes in and looks, acts, talks just like Brian Lee lol
And three fat people just walked in with refillable 64 oz sheetz mugs
I wish it was a Brian Lee headshot.
I'd rather know what happened in 2005 when they took Brian Lee over Anze Kopitar
Listening back to After Office S01 by Brian Lee Foster on Mixlr. vía
ShoeDazzle dazzles since return of founder and CEO via
Famous Model, Singer and Showact Brian Lee from Korea is soon coming to ONO for your entertainment.
dear please don't draft another Brian Lee in the first round
Made this to follow people, yet I never use it... Going to have to change that. I'm Brian Lee, nice to meet you!
Sophia Amoruso, Brian Lee, and others explain the LA startup ecosystem
Does anybody remember Brian Lee ? The cute little Asian boy who skipped grades and went to NRMS , whatever happened to him ?
The only thing I miss about school is seeing Brian Lee's beautiful face everyday
The death tax is unfair & bad for our economy. It punishes Kansans who want to continue their family business. I'm fighting…
Robin Williams Michael Brown Premier League Lauren Bacall President Obama Michael J. Fox Crystal Palace Cliff Richard Tony Pulis Hillary Clinton Los Angeles Luis Suarez Berkshire Hathaway Downton Abbey Major League Baseball Ice Bucket Challenge Tiger Woods David Gregory Bud Selig Internet Explorer 8 Burger King Chuck Todd Celine Dion Savannah Guthrie Scott Olson Eric Garner Russell Brand Islamic State Vladimir Putin South Africa Iraqi Prime Minister Warren Buffett Rand Paul Rio Grande Valley Prime Minister Nouri Rick Perry North Korea National Guard Kim Kardashian White House Tony Stewart Ryder Cup Las Vegas Texas Governor Rick Perry Monster Beverage Panama Canal Gran Turismo Sierra Leone Jacksonville Jaguars Van Gaal West Coast Common Core North West Gaza Strip Daily News Columbia University Perfect Storm Brad Pitt Fifty Shades Derrick Rose Ron Johnson Internet Explorer Man City White Sox Lady Gaga Justice Department Chicago Air Mutual Fund Lake Como Michael Cera Jimmy Fallon Monster Energy Middle East Tim Cook Little League Chelsea Handler Billy Graham Little League World Series Betty Boop Michael J Fox City Council Lois Lowry Iain Duncan Smith Missouri Gov Market Basket David Cameron First World War Jennifer Lawrence Louis County Chris Brown West Sussex Second Amendment Star Wars Independence Day Carl Icahn Tear Gas South Korea Amber Alert Life After Beth Paul Scholes

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