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Brian Kelly

Brian Keith Kelly (born October 25, 1961) is an American football coach and former player. He is currently the head football coach at the University of Notre Dame, a position he has held since the 2010 season.

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Brian Kelly and Mark D'antonio's favorite musicians are both Bruce...
If Jimbo Fisher falls through I could see LSU hiring Brian Kelly and seeing what he could do with a better recruiting base!
Charlie Strong and Brian Kelly will probably have a lot of free time this week. Mark Helfrich was already scheduled to appear, but canceled.
feel free to fire Brian Kelly whenever you want
If Alabama plays Norte Dame again, maybe Saban can use Mike Dubose as a scout coach 4 Brian Kelly.
Mike McCarthy must go to the same football math school as Brian Kelly..
Mike McCarthy with the Brian Kelly chart going for two down 12.
Couldn't have said it better myself! Hope there is some UO brand cred left. Miles+OC? Brian Kelly? Or...M. McCarthy at Gb?
Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Butch Jones and Brian Kelly were forged in the MAC. Next up: P.J. Fleck of
not at all. We had Mark Dantonio and Brian Kelly before him.
Notre Dame AD says Brian Kelly "will lead this team out of the tunnel opening day next year.”
Schrodinger's Brian Kelly: when you're away from internet for 4 days & don't know status of BK's job so he is both fired & not fired
Losing to Brian Kelly proves it was. Don't @ me.
do we even care about his CFB opinions after the Brian Kelly fiasco that Sam Ponder called him on? Shallow analysis at best.
I'm dead serious... I think Ken Niumatalolo can do better @ Notre Dame than Brian Kelly. . Awesome data, per usual
A brief history of Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly blaming other people for losses: Even if the Fighting Irish win o...
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Todd Graham lost to Colorado by 24 and Brian Kelly is 2-5. 😂
Grading the Irish: Brian Kelly's move to Malik Zaire raises eyebrows
Tim Prister's Point After: Fight remains in Irish and Brian Kelly should be back in '17 to lead it. After that...
Brian Kelly: Notre Dame QB change about trying to 'get some energy back':
Instant Analysis: Is Brian Kelly out of answers? We break down Notre Dame's 17-10 loss to Stanford.
Brian Kelly will lay blame on anyone but himself when things go wrong.
Game ends with Brian Kelly exchanging words with a Stanford strength coach. Heated exchange.
So is tonight the night that Brian Kelly blames Touchdown Jesus for the loss? What a dumpster fire he has in South Bend right now.
Brian Kelly is forfeiting this game if he leaves Malik Zaire in.
I like Brian Kelly, but keeping Zaire in over Kizer is an idiotic decision.
touchdown Jesus been watchin Notre Dame football like this defense *** and fire Brian Kelly
A brief (and probably incomplete) history of Brian Kelly blaming people for things
It's not the 1st time a Brian Kelly team got off to a rough start. Success followed each time. story.
is this end of the Brian Kelly era at Notre Dame ???
Brian Kelly should have been fired after he killed Declan Sullivan
This was the worst thing to happen to Brian Kelly in bad weather since he murdered Declan Sullivan.
Don't worry Brian Kelly, the rain will hide your tears.
Brian Kelly, Charlie Strong or Les Miles? Who can be our football Tubby Smith?
If there's any justice in this life, Declan Sullivan will summon a tornado that *** up Brian Kelly and hurls him…
Brian Kelly on Mike McGlinchey’s declaration that he’ll be back, “Will (Fuller) is a different cat than McGlinchey … it doesn’t surprise me"
Brian Kelly: 'I'm proud of the way our kids bounced back': Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly talked about hi...
For Jimbo and Herman are obvious top choices, but after that should try to lure Petrino, Patterson, or even maybe Brian Kelly
fire Jack Swarbrick and Brian Kelly effective immediately oh and Jenkins
James Franklin is gonna be looking for a job very soon maybe him and Brian Kelly can cam get a job with Shawn Brown and the…
Brian Kelly compares the passion of Greg Hudson to Dexter Williams. Interesting.
Brian Kelly, on DC Greg Hudson, an ND grad: "He's got passion for Notre Dame. He loves Notre Dame."
Brian Kelly says Greg Hudson will work closely with Mike Elston this weekend. Elston is upstairs during games. Hudson on sideline.
Brian Kelly uses analogy on Greg Hudson: We'll write the music & he'll will be the lead singer
Brian Kelly on new DC Greg Hudson: “Right now, we’ll write the music and he’ll be the lead singer."
Brian Kelly cites Dexter Williams needs more work, even out with Josh Adams. Adds Asmar Bilal, Jay Hayes need more too.
Brian Kelly: "Jay Hayes had zero reps. That can't happen."
Coaching Hot Board: Top 10 potential replacements for Brian Kelly (if he gets fired) via…
Jack Swarbrick (AKA Jackie Swarb), when you strike again and fire Brian Kelly, here you go: Herman, Patterson, Peterson, Stoops, Whittingham
Brian Kelly: “When you’re 1-3 at Notre Dame, changes are going to be made.”
Hey reporter, ask Brian Kelly his thoughts on Prince Shembo sometime, the rapist of white girls and murderer of pet dogs.
Brian Kelly announces Brian VanGorder has been relieved of his duties. Greg Hudson assumes responsibilities. READ: http…
Notre Dame FOOTBALL: Irish lose to Duke, fall to 1-3: South Bend — Brian Kelly begged for it, and, at least i...
Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly declares all spots up for grab following Duke loss, via ht…
Is it wrong that Im hoping Brian Kelly tells Jack Swarbrick to go get his shine box?
Jack Swarbrick looking for Urban Meyer's cell number. Brian Kelly calling his agent. VanGorder hoping to catch on with WalMart.
Swarbrick fire Brian Kelly you know what to do. If not fire you
Notre Dame Football: Charlie Weis, gone after 5th year. Brian Kelly, 1-3 here in year 5. Jack Swarbrick, time to run the play? ❤️🏈
this was the last straw, it seems obvious they have been used by Brian Kelly, obviously no loyalty in Momentum Medway
the insult is that I have been, a Momentum member for a good while, but for MM support Brian Kelly, who joined Momentum a week
I am sure you know that I have resigned from Momentum Medway, it is the Brian Kelly issue that has caused it
How much do you think it weighs on Jack Swarbrick that Brian Kelly has lost the confidence of message board user IrishRoger88?
Notre Dame's Brian Kelly has style, but Mark Dantonio has Michigan State where Irish want to be: While Brian ...
I think about how good UC could of been if Brian Kelly decided to stay every day
Brian Kelly is hands down the coach I hate the most, treats the kids like crap and never accomplished anything in his life he's a waste
Brian Kelly looks like Mary Katherine Gallagher with his hands under his armpits.
Brian Kelly re: CB Nick Watkins: "There’s been some bone growth there." X-ray next week will determine whether he plays this season.
Brian Kelly said Nick Watkins still at least two weeks away, but optimistic about his comeback. Practiced some this week.
Is that the Brian Kelly who was the UNISON rep' at Medway Council? If so: ha-ha-ha! This should be fun if chosen...
Hometown hero Brian Kelly of honored at Daytona College fundraiser
Fighting Irish coach Brian Kelly said even if Nick Watkins is out for the year that he won't need to switch any offensive guys to D.
"He's really cute, he kind of looks like Brian Kelly from Flordia Georgia Line, you should go out there." Oh god mom lol 😂
Tim Prister's Extra Point: It's time for Brian Kelly to go bold with his defensive coordinator. And to do it now. https:/…
Notre Dame should run a 2-head coach system. Brian Kelly during the week and then a guy who can pick a quarterback on gam…
Brian Kelly, DeShone Kizer perplexed by decision not to review hit on Torii Hunter Jr.
Brian Kelly's response to a question about the hit on Torii Hunter Jr.
50Burger is a 50 spot anyway you cook it. Brian Kelly is the problem.
Thats what you get Brian Kelly for leaving Cincy
Brian Kelly purple face is coming you know it is.
Charlie Strong is on the hot seat at Texas, while Brian Kelly has yet to choose one quarterback.
What's my ND/Texas prediction? ND wins 3-0 cuz Brian Kelly and Charlie Strong choose to start themselves at QB and it just does not go well.
Brian Kelly says he was disappointed, embarrassed and "mad as *** after hearing about the arrests.
Brian Kelly says if left to him, Williams, Coney, White, Stepherson will be available to play against Texas.
"He's got all the intangibles you want." - Brian Kelly. Mike McGlinchey has been named a 2016 captain.
"He's a highly respected player in our program."-Brian Kelly. James Onwualu has been named a 2016 captain.
"He's done an outstanding job mentoring our young guys." - Brian Kelly. Isaac Rochell has been named a 2016 captain. https:…
Brian Kelly: “It’s got to be serious for me to dismiss somebody from the program.” Kelly says he doesn’t kno…
Brian Kelly said DeShone Kizer and Malik Zaire, “both of them would have made good captains."
Brian Kelly on the captains: “I trust them to be great representatives of Notre Dame, both on and off the field”
Throws a Beat on just to vibe to.70 Bars and counting later.Smh 👀
Well done Proud to support a program that sets & upholds standards.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I still wanna open up a shop that sells tea, Cologne and music.
I see Brian Kelly is really putting his mark on Notre Dame.
Brian is downstairs listening to kelly clarkson
Brian Kelly announces dismissal of Max Redfield, indefinite suspension of Devin Butler after arrests.
The difference between Brian Kelly and turn the other cheek Sabin
O'Sullivan better choice than Owens, Joe Kelly better choice, Brian Johnson better, anybody better: Kid'…
The longer Pap waits, the less valuable he is to any contending team. Why wasn't Brian Johnson or Kelly brought up to start?
Great! We have to start re-designing our rocket parts soon. If you need a beta tester, I'm willing to help.
Can Brian Kelly give lessons on discipline to the Baylor coaches. THIS is what they should have done.
The Body Snatcher Kaye Kelly. Is Brian really as thick as people seem to think...duh, yeah. Hilarious!
This is about as strongly as worded a statement as I've seen from a coach — in this case Brian Kelly — on discipline http…
Brian Kelly had a bad, bad night in South Bend >
Statement from Brian Kelly. Redfield dismissed from program. Butler suspended indefinitely.
Notre Dame sure has had a lot of scandals with Brian Kelly. A death, rape, academic fraud, drugs, and guns. Dennis Erickson would be proud.
Great Brian! We're releasing our new version soon+we can't wait for you to design more
Max Redfield had his chances and blew them. The exasperation and disgust oozes from Brian Kelly's statement:
Brian Kelly has dismissed starting safety Max Redfield but somehow a player (Devin Butler) facing a felony is only sus…
F'n Tomatoface Brian Kelly is a schmuck. ND thinks this makes up for all past discretions? Lol! They're fooling no one.
Per head coach Brian Kelly, safety Max Redfield has been dismissed from the team. Full coverage at
Full statement from Brian Kelly on FS Max Redfield dismissal and CB Butler indefinite suspension
Statement from Brian Kelly on this weekend's incidents involving Notre Dame football student-athletes... READ:
Right call by Brian Kelly & team today. Message sent is loud and clear on the variety of aspects in play here.
Kudos to Brian Kelly for doing the right there... It's called discipline.
Brian Kelly and the Staff of ND set the bar ??
Wow. Brian Kelly has dismissed starting DB Max Redfield after his arrest & placed DB Devin Butler on indefinite suspen…
Here is Brian Kelly's full statement on dismissal of Max Redfield from the football team & Devin Butler's suspension ht…
Brian Kelly's strong, swift discipline the right thing for Column
Max Redfield dismissed from the football program per Brian Kelly. Devin Butler suspended indefinitely.
I guess that's true. How bout I chose to applaud Brian Kelly and I hate ND so I hope they lose 16 games this year.
Brian Kelly hasn't been shy about leadership concerns. With 2 seniors arrested on 1st free weekend, BK absolutely had to…
Brian Kelly hands down punishment for Friday arrests. .
Max Redfield has been dismissed from football team per Brian Kelly.
5 Notre Dame players were arrested last night. If one more player gets arrested Brian Kelly gets a free sandwich at Su…
NEWS: Both DeShone Kizer and Malik Zaire will play quarterback at Texas, coach Brian Kelly just said.
Notre Dame Football coach Brian Kelly has announced his week one plans for quarterback.
coach Brian Kelly has done it before, and he's going to run a 2-QB offense again
UA's Rodriguez won't rule out two-QB attack: Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly announced Wednesday that he would use two…
ndinsider​.com >> Vorel: Examining the clues that led to Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly's QB twist
When it comes to Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly's QB twist, we should have seen this coming.
RichRod wouldn't rule out playing 2 QBs, as Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said he would: "Good for Brian. ... Yeah, I’d play both guys."
A little more from our 1-on-1 with ND head coach Brian Kelly on ABC 57 News. Honestly, he was so cool to talk...
QB DeShone Kizer on Brian Kelly's decision: "I would love for it to be just me. In this situation, coach Ke…
Great time last week presenting with Daniel Clayton and Brian Kelly at Solve. Check out the video here:
head coach Brian Kelly impressed with the effort of DT Jarron Jones (FREE)
head coach Brian Kelly impressed with running back Tony Jones Jr. early on (FREE) https:/…
Brian Kelly announced Friday that Blankenship was seeking a transfer:
Everyone knows coach Brian Kelly has a QB battle to decide. First he wants to solidify the WR spots
So I don't get to FaceTime Brian Kelly this morning?
Brian Kelly says both QBs could play: "We think we'll have a starter for you, but I don't know what will happen during the year."
. HC Brian Kelly: "There isn't a (freshman) corner that we don't like. There isn't a (freshman) corner that can't play for us."
Brian Kelly: "There isn't a corner we don't like."
football HC Brian Kelly is set to give his pre-camp press conference any minute. He'll also talk tomorrow after practice No. 1.
Brian Kelly wasn't interested in doing a 2nd season of the Showtime series. This will be interesting:
I'm gonna say Brian Kelly. Because you don't even have to be a real Bucs fan to know that's Derrick Brooks.
Elmira gets on the board first after an RBI single by Brian Kelly scores Kyle Ruth. 1-0 Pioneers.
Yes Joe may have known about Sandusky but remember when Brian Kelly helped cause a kid's death & nothing happened?
Brian Kelly and Joe Schmidt lost ND that game vs Clemson.
How does No. 1 measure up? Reviewing the top-ranked recruit for in each Brian Kelly era class ($):
Breaking News ! AD Brian Kelly and principal Pat Adams No longer employed at De La Salle more to follow
Brian Kelly convicted Rapist-6 yrs Arbour Hill Employed by Govt whilst still drawing SWhousing benefits-Paid to harm
This is why people legitimately missed Brian Kelly and not Butch Jones. BJ is a fraud.
University of Cincinnati can never be a elite program. Every good coach leaves, Jimvo Fisher, Dantonio, Butch Jones, Brian Kelly?
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Draymond green hurting himself show us that karma does exist
Back in the spring suggested Brian Kelly might take the USC job. That's clickbait.
A big North Star thank you to Kelly & Brian for being a part of our Memorial Day event with sales consultant,...
do you think Brian Kelly can win a title at ND
What is the approach so anyone can workout anyplace at any time? Listen:
Hey Brian Kelly thanks for the follow!
HUGE save, Brian Balkam stones Connor Kelly's shot from the wing and UNC clears to kill the penalty.
Connor Kelly with the shot, but a tremendous save from UNC's Brian Balkam. He's made clutch saves this entire NCAA Tournament run.
Brian Balkam stops a scorching shot from Connor Kelly. We play on.
Salute to the service and sacrifice many men and women have given for their families and country ! . God Bless !
UNC's Brian Cannon shoots down hill, great assist from Timmy Kelly who drives from X to right GLE to set that up. 2-0 UNC 12:56 1Q.
North Carolina leads Maryland 2-0 just 2 minutes in. Brian Cannon from Kelly.
Q1, 13:00-Timmy Kelly curled around left post, passed to Brian Cannon in high slot for a cannon. 2, 0.
Brian Cannon fires one home for the Heels from Timmy Kelly. 2-0
13:00 1Q | | Timmy Kelly finds Brian Cannon up top for a lefty snipe. Carolina 2, Maryland 0.
GOAL North Carolina. Brian Cannon with a mid-rangy score after an assist from Timmy Kelly. North Carolina up 2-0, 13:00 Q1.
Tax returns: ND paid Charlie Weis more in 2014-15 than Brian Kelly.
Notre Dame fired Charlie Weis in 2009, but paid him more in 2014-15 than Brian Kelly:
Chris Lyle is Wilbon Stephen a Smith Skip Bayless The Coach Pedro Gomez Robin Ventura Tom thibadeau and Brian Kelly all in one.
Brian Kelly of Irish State delegation to states gov't commitment to meeting right to adequate, appropriate, affordable housing for all
Brian Kelly statement on death of former Irish running back Greg Bryant after being shot on Saturday morning
Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly on the passing of former Fighting Irish student-athlete Greg Bryant...
it's how Brian Kelly was hired over Bob Stoops tbqh
Well, Brian Kelly did predict that Jaylon Smith would go higher than people think
Brian Kelly said on SportScenter that Notre Dame WR Corey Robinson will likely decide whether to play next season in the next couple weeks.
Brian Kelly reiterates what he said at the end of spring practice...expects Corey Robinson decision to come in next couple of weeks.
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Brian Kelly on ESPN says Corey Robinson is still deciding on whether to play next year, should come in next couple weeks.
Brian Kelly has now produced six first-round picks. Bob Davie, Tyrone Willingham and Charlie Weis combined to produce thr…
When, if ever, will Brian Kelly turn over the play calling duties to Mike Sanford?
During spring ball, HC Brian Kelly may have found a role for RB Dexter Williams.
so Jaylon Smith career is over but hey at least Brian Kelly got a bonus for that bowl game that ended said career
[NBC Sports: Inside the Irish] Kizer? Zaire? No easy decision coming at QB for Brian Kelly
coach Brian Kelly realizes his QB dilemma.
Jaylen Kelly-Powell says one-on-one time with Brian Kelly highlights visit .. $
Brian Kelly is figuring out how to involve Brandon Wimbush as DeShone Kizer & Malik Zaire battle to start vs. Texas:
Brian Kelly / Kizer, Zaire locked in fight to be Notre Dame's starting QB
Judgment call for Brian Kelly on No. 1 QB will remain.
Brian Kelly had some insightful things to say about the quarterback competition Notre Dame. I have a live report in 10 minutes on
Can the Irish defense be better than last year? Brian Kelly believes it can despite roster turnover.
Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said the DeShone Kizer/Malik Zaire battle is the tightest QB competition he's had...
Brian Kelly says this is the tightest QB competition he’s had at Notre Dame. Been a regular element of the off-season.
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Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said Malik Zaire's 13-yard TD run put him over the hurdle...
Brian Kelly said Cole Luke played extremely well, which is what I saw as well. Looked like 2014 Cole Luke.
Brian Kelly also pleased with Cole Luke, Devin Studstill, Nyles Morgan and Max Redfield.
Brian Kelly: Cole Luke, Devin Butler and Josh Adams stand out on special teams.
you anti white racist. Stop talking about Jared fogel and Sandusky and lance Armstrong and front butt Weiss and Brian Kelly!
Best Hoyas JUCO was Jerome Williams, no debate. Brian Kelly was a solid role player and the Hoyas made the tourney twic…
High praise coming from Mike Mayock on what Notre Dame is doing with Brian Kelly developing players for NFL.
Been talking 'Indiana Coaching Efficiency' with Mike Brey/Brian Kelly are so far ahead of everyone else, it's not even funny.
Their fans think Brian Kelly wasn't to blame for Declan Sullivan.
Brian Kelly (cousin of Ed Martin, head professional at Beaverstown GC) from Spain. -1 teeing off…
What did he do at Cincy that gained him such a reputation? Same guy hires Brian Kelly, Butch Jones, and Tim Beckman
Brian Kelly can't help but question your commitment to Sparkle Motion
HC Brian Kelly very high on CB Shaun Crawford, who had starting nickel spot locked down as a freshman last year before ACL tear.
Brian Kelly impressed with Shaun Crawford today, worked at cornerback and nickel. “It’s a big difference with him out there."
Brian Kelly says Shaun Crawford is "just a smart, smart, smart football player."
Brian Kelly was the 116th-best football player among active FBS coaches. Fun read from
Don’t see Brian Kelly and Mike Sanford back courtside for the second half, so, the team can stop playing nervous.
There's not a football game tonight in South Bend. But Brian Kelly is here with Mike Sanford.
head coach Brian Kelly and OC/QB coach Mike Sanford are court side for ND-Miami hoops game.
Brian Kelly and Mike Sanford courtside tonight for Notre Dame-Miami.
Click in to watch Brian Kelly discuss using for National Signing Day 2016 ---
Brian Kelly agreed to a six-year contract to remain as coach at Notre Dame through the 2021 season.
I will throw stones at Butch Jones, Brian Kelly, and the system that allows these things to happen
Bryan Kelly Reveals Candid Thoughts on Exiting the Matrix - Join author host Cary Ellis with Brian Kelly of New...
Robinson says Brian Kelly gave his support to run for president, but "he wanted me to know he needed a leader on this team" w/ Brown gone
Aidan O'Mahony back in the Kerry team to face Roscommon. Brian Kelly and Jonathan Lyne also start
VIDEO | Irish head coach Brian Kelly on early contributors, Jalen Elliott & more (FREE)
Not only Brian Kelly...but Mike Brey could use Caleb Kelly right now.
Mike Brey going Brian Kelly throwing a hissy fit
Brian Kelly says they brought in Ian Book to be their QB this fall. He'll explain why on SBEAT at 620 on 96.1 /
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Brian Kelly joking about Canadian WR "He’s averaging 49.2 points per game in basketball. Mike Brey couldn’t get him."
Brian Kelly says Chase Claypool is averaging 49.2 PPG in basketball. "I went up there and got him for Mike (Brey)," Kelly jokes.
ND coach Brian Kelly praised AD Jack Swarbrick for his involvement in recruiting. He said parents see a commitment from the top down
Brian Kelly jokes that football needs two more facilities like "The Gug". Mike Brey & Muffet McGraw probably yelling "wait your turn."
Brian Kelly says Notre Dame needs two more football facilities. Half-joking, I think. You can hear Mike Brey groaning in Miami.
Brian Kelly highly complimentary of Jack Swarbrick’s role in recruiting. Can attest his accessibility has impressed many prospects.
Brian Kelly will take the podium at 1pm ET. . Watch LIVE on 🍀
No coach has had more former players in the last two Pro Bowls than Brian Kelly. He has 5 this year, 3 are from ND 🍀 https:…
Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly visits Jamir Jones: Brian Kelly made a stop in Rochester to spend time with Aquin...
Very cool. Brian Kelly flew into Rochester to spend the day with future player
Love to see that Brian Kelly is going to be at through 2021. He restored the back to prominence and is a fine coach.
Brian Kelly is the greatest head coach of NDFB in the lifetime of 18 year olds. By a long shot.
Brian Kelly has agreed to a contract to stay at Notre Dame through 2021:
Notre Dame, coach Brian Kelly agree to new deal through 2021
Brian Kelly, the winningest active coach in the FBS, has agreed to terms on a new six-year agreement that runs through 2…
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DID YOU KNOW?. Brian Kelly is the 2nd ND coach to win 12 games in a season. Lou Holtz was the 1st.
w the proliferation of bowl games, is Brian Kelly's 4 yr run really that statistically impressive?
Brian Kelly was a finalist for job when Bobby Hauck was hired
2016 OL commit Parker Boudreaux is clearly pleased with contract extension between and Brian Kelly.
Tony Stewart gets all the attention, but Brian Kelly has killed the same amount of people
Brian Kelly will be in a familiar place Friday, but this time it will be for 2016 LB commit Jamir Jones. .
if you want a small list, Joe Buck, Urban Meyer, Max Sherzer, Brian Kelly, Greg Hardy, and Jerry Jones
"our 1960s film starring Brian Kelly ("and Brian Keith ("
HC Brian Kelly was asked earlier today on SportsCenter about his NFL interest level.
Psst, Brian Kelly. Marvin Lewis might be available tomorrow for the Defensive Coordinator position.
I'm wondering if Brian Kelly or Jim Mora will be interviewed for any of the HC jobs??? Mora would be a perfect fit for the
I love all you *** who said Brian Kelly would get the coaching spot in Indy
Why unlikely in Russell's case? Brian Kelly had said so, based on his talks with support staff.
A league source has confirmed Brian Kelly has bought Bill Cowher's house in Strongsville.
Guess Brian Kelly sales pitch isn't what it used to be.
Mika's 'Life in Cartoon Motion' is one of Brian's favorite albums. Its hit single 'Grace Kelly' has the line 'So I try a little Freddie'.
Can you believe how many ND football players hate Brian Kelly so much that they would rather make money than stick around?
Brian Gaine is director of player personnel who works closely with GM Rick Smith. Gaine interviewed with Chip Kelly last year.
many people speculating about Brian Kelly's future in the NFL, he wants full control of a team, that's not likely to happen this year.
Despite bowl loss, not close to maxing out under Brian Kelly -
Yes, Fast Money crew made excellent calls lately. Brian Kelly & Guy Adami provided some very good insights to prepare for 2016.Thx
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Chip Kelly to ??? I'd like to see that happen and watch fans freak out!
New Year's resolution: slowly accept my destiny as the female version of Bad Luck Brian
Brian Kelly's dream job is the NY Giants. That job may be available real soon
CEO Brian O’Kelly compares today’s space to a box of old wires from past electronic devices
Brian O’Kelly compared today’s ad tech space to the box of old wires from all your past electronic devices.
I'm a Jets fan, so I hope they hire Bruce Coslet. David Shaw would scare me. Brian Kelly would be interesting
Opted not to watch in english. Striker annoys me w/o Vamp and Brian calling the ROH phone sex line ruined Kevin Kelly forever
Why didn't any of you tell me there was a new R. Kelly album??!?
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Brian Kelly Capital If you thought 2015 was the bottom for emerging-market economies, think again. Things will...
My Toast name is Brian Kneepads. Daughter is Kelly Sesame-Brittle. Slight cheat, she's never been to Argos.
Don't forget: if Sumlin, Jim Mora or Brian Kelly go to NFL, Harbaugh will try to flip elite commits
Hard pass. My hot take will be Brian Kelly to the Eagles and Saban to Notre Dame.
please tell me a rumor I read on an ND site saying you said Brian Kelly might be the next Giants coach is not true 🙉🙉
OK Brian Foyster and Kelly Galindo you made me do it. 󾌵 I also had a beginning. Detroit Michigan, a year old.
Chip Kelly. Brian Kelly , Gruden types targeted . Guys less interested if new GM in place??
Yeah there's some crap in there. Plus Lovie Smith, Brian Billick and Brian Kelly.
Man Ralph..Brian Kelly's MASSIVE Ego and the that would be an interesting for Mora..why?
College coaches I think would be most likely to end up in NFL: Brian Kelly (if Giants open and are interested), Jim Mora (maybe LA Chargers)
"Which college coach makes the jump to NFL this year..? Brian Kelly?" Kirk Ferentz
I'm missing some names, but Kirk Ferentz, Mark Dantonio, Brian Kelly & Gary Patterson coached their butts off this season dealing w injuries
Guys the Eagles interviewed last time who terrify me, even though I don't think they'll be mentioned: Brian Kelly, Brian Billick, Mike Nolan
Tony Stewart is Brian Kelly's favorite driver for obvious similarities (murder).
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Stuff I heard/ "Brian Kelly and Chip Kelly are conjoined twins. Joined at the tail bone, separation surgery took place whe…
Stay woke. What do Tony Stewart, Brian Kelly, and Caitlyn Jenner have in common?
.listed Teryl Austin, Brian Kelly, Sean McDermott, David Shaw and Mike Shula as fits for the Eagles.
Asked Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly about Braxton Miller, who he recruited when he was head coach at Cincinnati:
Irish bank on Prosise-Adams combo - SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Brian Kelly saw the old C.J. Prosise this we...
Brian Kelly, Josh McDaniels, Nick Saban, David Shaw? Out of that group give me Shaw. Whatever...
Mike Shula, David Shaw, Sean McDermott, Brian Kelly, Teryl Austin all listed as possible fits for the Eagles
Breer speculates Giants interested in Brian Kelly, Josh McDaniels, Nick Saban, and David Shaw.
Brian Kelly wins the day for calling this the Bullfrog Fiesta Bowl.
not sure yet, but I Brian Kelly,David Shaw,Vic Fangio,n Sean Mcdormatt
: love Shaw, but want more experienced NFL guy, so no Brian Kelly either.
why interested in Brian Kelly? Chip just proved once again that other than Pete Carroll, college coaches not NFL coaches
Only way back into CFB this season is 1 of the big coaches (Brian Kelly, David Shaw, Jim Mora?) leaving for NFL.
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