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Brian Epstein

Brian Samuel Epstein (19 September 1934 27 August 1967), was an English music entrepreneur, best known for being the manager of The Beatles until his death in 1967. He had also served as manager for Cilla Black, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Billy J.

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Today, in the history of Rock and Roll, February 11th: 1956: For his third appearance on CBS' Dorsey Brothers Stage Show, Elvis Presley is finally permitted to perform "Heartbreak Hotel." 1963: In just under ten hours, the Beatles record all ten tracks for their debut LP, released in England as Please Please Me. John's cold makes the process actually take a bit longer than it should; by the time the band gets to the last song of the session, "Twist and Shout," the hoarseness is noticible. Nevertheless, John nails it in one take. 1964: Fresh from their first appearance on CBS' Ed Sullivan Show, the Beatles leave for Washington, DC in a snow storm in order to give their first US live performance at the Washington Coliseum, with opening acts Tommy Roe, the Caravelles, and the Chiffons. Yet another press conference is given before the show. The performance -- "Roll Over Beethoven," "From Me to You," "I Saw Her Standing There," "This Boy," "All My Loving," "I Wanna Be Your Man," "Please Please Me," "Till There ...
MUSIC HISTORY 101 On February 12, 1964, THE BEATLES departed Washington D.C. after having performed their first US concert at the city’s Coliseum upon the night before. They were headed back to NYC, where they’d just headlined the Ed Sullivan Show three nights earlier, but on this evening they were off to headline two shows at the Big Apple’s prestigious Carnegie Hall, a nearly impossible feat at the time for a rock band, especially a foreign one. The show had been arranged by music mogul Sid Bernstein, who unlike many of his posh contemporaries understood the cult of personality and had spent a year kowtowing to the prevailing powers-that-be and bending over backwards to bring the Beatles to the esteemed venue. It held a high-brow image with an elite clientele, and rock-n-roll was considered below its average patrons’ discriminating tastes. Prior to that night, Bill Haley & the Comets held the distinction of being the only rock artist to have graced its stage, an honor not even Elvis and the Colo ...
This group will help to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Beatles beginning their reign as the Kings of Pop Music. The story up to now: New Year's Day of 1962 saw The Beatles travelling to London for an audition with Decca Records, resulting in A&R executive Mike Rowe turning the group down. However, they were allowed to keep a tape copy of their audition, to use elsewhere to try and secure a record deal. (Click this link to download songs from this audition, with the exception of the five tracks already released on Anthology 1). Epstein spent the next few months shopping the group around to any and all of the UK record companies, with no success. By the way, March of 1962 was a fairly slow period for The Beatles. On March 7th, they made their first radio appearance. There is nothing else documented until April 1962. Therefore, I won't be posting much new material until April, where things begin to ramp up fairly rapidly...
OK, I could've written an entire article (and maybe I should) on the other fact that really bugged me about the Beatles special last sunday. That is the fact that there was not nearly lip service paid to two critically important contributors to the career of the beatles...George Martin for giving them a defined sound for their entire career and Brian Epstein who made the entire Beatles thing possible (including his work to get them over to America)... These two people were not part of the Beatles "machine", they were integral to beatles existence period. I'm calling shame on the Grammies for lack of acknowledgement for those people that share equally in the fabric of the legend! And I'm calling shame on Paul and Ringo who had the opportunity to say something and didn't... The other thing I didn't mention in my article "the Night that Didn't Change America" is the lame attention paid to Lennon and Harrison songs. Paul and Ringo did a great job of perpetuating the "I, Me, Mine" attitude without a single gra ...
The Beatles’ wily manager Brian Epstein got that; he’s the one who made sure the band packed matching suits to complement their shaggy mop tops. Ed Sullivan got it too; it’s why he went to great lengths to secure an exclusive booking of the band. It had taken a while, but the folks at EMI America were also catching on; after passing on the band’s first three studio albums, and licensing the fourth, “Introducing … The Beatles,” to the independent Vee-Jay label for distribution.
LONDON – Brian Epstein was known as Mr. 25%, referring to his cut of the Beatles’ gross earnings, and in 1963/4, the period when Beatlemania hit Britain and the U.S., it is estimated that he earned £75 million in today’s money.
It Was Fifty Years Ago Today: After an overnight stop in Washington, DC, The Beatles returned to New York City for two concerts at Carnegie Hall. The train journey from Washington took two hours, but once back in New York their limousine was unable to pass through the waiting crowds. A public holiday held to commemorate Abraham Lincoln's birthday allowed an estimated 10,000 people to turn up to greet them at Penn Station. They were taken to the Plaza Hotel by taxi, and following a quick shower and change of clothes they were smuggled out of the building through the kitchens. The Beatles were scheduled to give two 34-minute concerts at Carnegie Hall, beginning at 7.45pm and 11.15pm. Backstage they were greeted by guests including Shirley Bassey, and were given a gold disc by Swan Records for selling a million copies of She Loves You. Tickets for the concerts had gone on sale at the box office on 27 January, and had completely sold out by the following day. 2,900 people saw each of the two shows, which were ...
Today's Rant: The Beatles, The question that no panel of talking heads are asking is why? Up to that point in pop music history English acts had very little, if any success, in America. At the same time, American acts such as R&B legends as Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf, and Muddy Waters were being worshipped by the likes of Lennon, McCartney, Jagger and Clapton. So why would these lads from Liverpool take the world by storm and particularly American teenagers like me? The short answer is "Rockabilly" music. Almost all early rockers were from the Southern United States, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison were from Texas, so other than the acts out of Philly and the East Coast, the founders of early Rock n roll such as Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis were very much from the south, and most from the deep south. You can add Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash to that list. The "hillbilly" influence in early rock was very hard to listen to, if you were from Chicago or Detroit, it just sounded stupid an ...
Sid Bernstein speaks about Brian Epstein , The Beatles , their first trip to America in 1964 and Carnegie Hall
Auction planned of 'Fifth Beatle' Brian Epstein's 1964 Bentley S3. Coys auction house hopes for $115,000 at London sale for car bought new by the...
A collection of autographs, including a signed photo of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, will go under the hammer at Wombells auction house, Upper Poppleton, York, on Saturday. Auctioneer and Valuer Matt Harris said: “ We have a large collection of autographs in the sale on Saturday and the pick of them is a framed signed photograph from 1951 of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor, with two supporting letters from The Private Secretary (probably Edward’s), a printed Duke and Duchess of Windsor greetings card and an old Bonhams valuation from December 2000. “We’ve only discovered the private secretary letters and card today while cataloguing as they were tucked inside the frame behind the photograph.” “The remaining autographs in the collection - a large collection of several books and photographs - are mainly 1970s to 1980s variety theatre interest with notable names including David Essex, Freddie Starr, John Inman, Ronnie Barker, The Grumbleweeds etc. Mr Harris said: “We’ve also got two origina ...
I got this from email. I thought maybe you like to see it. I like to see them in video. They took train trip there. I wish Amtrak still keep heritage cars there. Hello All, I won't have any free time to send this out on Tuesday morning, so tonight, out it goes... Some photos I've been gathering for awhile... It Was 50 Years Ago Today (Tuesday)... February 11, 1964... After their initial, historic appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on Feb. 9, 1964, the Beatles and their entourage had plans in place to fly to Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Feb. 11th. This was ahead of their first full concert in America at the Washington Coliseum later that evening, but a heavy fast-moving snowstorm early in the morning of the 11th crippled the New York City-area airports, forcing a last-minute change. It was decided to transport the group via the Pennsylvania Railroad. Beatles lore says the train was named The Congressman, (attributed to 1010 WINS radio DJ "Murray The K"), but PRR did not have a train with that name... i ...
Marketing 101 is a class that was missed by Brian Epstein, as far as the Merch side of it is concerned. The Beatles were to receive only 10% of their merch profits. YIKES ... that stuff sold in mass quantities as fast or faster than the records . Wow . They could have been rich ;-)
Brian Epstein's Bentley at auction -- via
Charts of famous studied in my coaching classes - Jagger, Sting, George Harrison, John Lennon, Brian Epstein, new singing phenomenon Lorde
A S3 once owned by manager Brian Epstein is to be sold. Estimated between £40k & £70k
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EXTRA: Brian Epstein´s Bentley to go under the hummer at famous London auction
~ TBU Question of the Day! Be Sure to check out TBU’s Feature Page for 15 different photos of Today’s Question! The Beatles played two 35-minute shows at Carnegie Hall, at 7:00pm and 9:30pm on February 12th 1964. Capitol Records had planned to record both shows and release a live album. In a letter to Carnegie Hall dated February 3rd, 1964, Capitol agreed to provide letters of permission from Brian Epstein and Sid Bernstein for tape recording the show. They also agreed to pay Carnegie Hall $300 to record the event, and another $300 to use "Recorded at Carnegie Hall" on an album cover. Capitol had already planned the placement of the recording equipment, but at the last minute was prevented from doing so by the American Federation of Musicians union. “Carnegie Hall was terrible,” John Lennon later told author Keith Badman for the book “The Beatles Off The Record.” “The acoustics were terrible and they had all these people sitting on the stage with us. It wasn’t a rock show. It was just a so ...
ingenious Brian Epstein we were collectively damaged after JFK & then came "4 lads fr/ Liverpool" helped us heal & much more
oh dear Brian it's okay just keep us on the straight and narrow that's all you need.
MUSIC HISTORY 101 On this day in 1964, THE BEATLES departed for a Washington D.C. concert appearance by rail since a flash snowstorm had cancelled many flights. With respect for the boys’ comfort, a special vintage carriage dubbed the “King George” was attached to the Pennsylvania Express train “The Congressman” for their journey, but it was already overflowing with reporters and photographers by the time the Fab Four embarked along with Lennon’s wife Cynthia, band manager Brian Epstein, and famed NYC disc jockey “Murray The K”, a shameless self-promoter (the first person to call himself the “Fifth Beatle”) who’d been hounding them since their arrival four days earlier. They were greeted upon their arrival at the Capitol City’s Union Station by eight inches of fresh snow and approximately 4,000 young fans before being prepped for a yet another press conference. Afterwards, the group visited radio station WWDC, the first American station to air a Beatles tune, and then it was back t ...
A younger Andrew Loog Oldham next to a reincarnated Brian Epstein. by me.…
Hi Ringo, This is an invitation to help raise funds for a statue of Brian Epstein with a song x
This is an invitation Cilla to help raise money for a statue of Brian Epstein !!
February 11th 1998: Bernie Taupin’s hand-written lyrics for Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind ‘97” sold for $442,500 at Christie’s in Los Angeles. The proceeds benefitted the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. 1992: Motley Crue fired singer Vince Neil, claiming Neil didn’t have a passion for music. Neil claimed he was fired for taking a stand against the group’s new musical direction. Neil later re-joined Motley Crue in 1997. 1985: The Firm, a band which featured Free & Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers & Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page released their self-titled debut album. The album was recorded at Page’s Sol Studios & went on to be certified Gold in the U.S. 1984: Genesis peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with “That’s All” which was their first top ten single in the U.S. 1983: The Rolling Stones’ concert film documentary Let’s Spend The Night Together, which was a film on their 1981 North American tour in support of Tattoo You premiered in New Yo ...
oh come now Brian you've heard worse from John. Just trying to crack a jolly.
Had an awesome time in LA this past weekend finally got to witness and feel the the Sublevel vibe and all I can say is *** Doc Martin till 7:30 am nonstop with Pretty Pink on vocals, got too see some of the LA homies Zack Hill Just Nicky Brian Epstein Keith Evan Monica Chiodo Conklin Karol Bfly Pabón Opening sets by Josh Billings Wobs Arazzi Nonfiction Udm were on point, Its gonna take me a minute to get back to normal from this lol Jackson Tran Victor Reyes John Michael Torres and our DESIGNATED DRIVER Gilbert Gomez Thanx for putting up with us, and to Dana Washington for hanging out till the end, I hope too see ya in May for the next one...
February 11, 1965…In London's Caxton Hall Register Office, Ringo Starr married his first wife, Maureen Cox. Beatles manager Brian Epstein was the best man. The couple's parents, George Harrison, and John & Cynthia Lennon also attended. Paul McCartney was on vacation in Tunisia at the time. Ringo and Maureen had their honeymoon in Sussex, England. They had three children before divorcing in 1975.
well you was the brains behind it Brian somehow it suits ya.
Autocorrect can never get Brian right. It's always Brain for some reason
There needs to be a modern Brian Epstein film, told like The Fifth Beatle, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.
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I never heard this Beatles anecdote before. They really were fab. My station in Miami had advised me that the management of the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Fla., where they would be playing Sept. 11, 1964, stated firmly that the stadium would be segregated, which was standard at some locations in those days. As I entered the room, I told the band's manager, Brian Epstein, and the boys about the Jacksonville concert. Paul got up from the sofa and defiantly said, "We are not going to play there." John was even more blunt. He said, "No f- chance of that happening." Ringo and George agreed. Brian stood in silence in the corner of the room, but he knew very well his Fabs would never relent.
Brian Epstein managed to take us to Washinghton on a special carriage attached to the Pennsylvania Railroad express, the Congressman.
Even though it was mngr Brian Epstein who strategically scheduled U.S. tours, the Boys WANTED to see & entertain their fans.
-- So what? Next month I celebrate the 50th anniversary of Brian Epstein buying his 90th pocket square. Can't wait!
Bentley owned by 'Fifth Beatle' Brian Epstein at auction
Bentley owned by 'Fifth Beatle' Brian Epstein at aucton - USA TODAY: Wiltshire BusinessBentley owned by 'Fifth...
"In My Life" is our touring musical retelling of the Beatles story through the eyes of Brian Epstein. Here is a...
Today 2-11 in 1965 - Ringo marries Maureen Cox. Brian Epstein is best man. John and George attend. 8
11 February 1965: Ringo Starr marries Maureen Cox at Caxton Hall Registry Office. Brian Epstein is best man, George Harrison is a witness.
Here are Beatles offstage with Brian Epstein in Paris 50 years ago this month, by Harry Benson: via …
An East Coast snowstorm has caused all flights to be cancelled. So Brian Epstein has managed a special train to take us to Washington.
The most pressing appointment for Beatles' Manager Brian Epstein was the ongoing negotiation with Ed Sullivan. A...
Meet Brian Epstein, the man behind the
And before Brian Epstein turned them from "teddy boys" (well, Paul seems the cleaned-up prototype)
I didn't know was doing a Brian Epstein biopic! As the chief architect of Beatlemania, he certainly merits one!
Rememeber this, ONE person, Brian Epstein made the Beatles happen. While a commitee, Capitol, didn't want to release thei…
Guest essay: Brian Epstein, the man who brought the Beatles to America -
Even The Beatles and Brian Epstein had to wait for their luggage at JFK:
Here is Ringo Starr's photograph of Paul McCartney & manager Brian Epstein ...
Learn to innovate from the Beatles: 1. Put together a good team As the founder of the band, John Lennon was the de facto leader. But he was always receptive to the other’s ideas. “The Beatles were uniquely a four-piece group where all of them had a voice,” Mark Lewisohn says. They also found a likeminded counterpart in manager Brian Epstein, who fought tirelessly to preserve the group’s unique approach, even against skeptical record companies. “No record label wanted to sign The Beatles,” Epstein biographer Vivek Tiwary points out. “Brian was the first to believe.” Read more here:
The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : Friday, February 7 through Saturday, February 22, 1964 Right from the moment that their Pan Am flight touched down at John F Kennedy International Airport, the Beatles were subjected to every form of media exposure known to 1964: journalists, photographers, radio stations and TV news crews covered their every single move, many with live reports. Hundreds of people were clamouring, constantly, for their attention if only for a few seconds, in person, by phone, by any means imaginable. In addition to all this, and with the express permission of Brian Epstein and the Beatles, film cameras were documenting the group's first US visit from an exclusive vantage point, inside their entourage. This was a complicated production, with Granada Television, the north of England ITV franchise - chipping in financially, Epstein's NEMS company retaining some form of editiorial control and Albert and David Maysles producing the documentary for their own company "Maysles Films". The Maysles ...
The Beatles' American invasion begins Friday, February 7 1964 (50 years ago) The day The Beatles' American invasion began. The Beatles' Boeing 707, Pan Am flight 101, left London Airport early on the morning of 7 February 1964, bound for New York City. All we knew was that a couple of the records had done well in the States. We believed there was still a huge mountain to climb if The Beatles were really to make it there. At Heathrow there was pandemonium. Thousands of fans had arrived from all over Britain and any ordinary passengers hoping to travel that day had to give up. Screaming, sobbing girls held up 'We Love You, Beatles' banners and hordes of police, linking arms in long chains, held them back. We were ushered into a massive press conference, where journalists, spotting me at the side of the room, demanded a picture of John and me together. To my surpirse John agreed. He was usually careful to keep Julian and me away from publicity, but this time, carried along by the momentum of the whole thing ...
True Story: On one of my U.K. Tours several years ago, my bass player from Manchester, England was a long-time friend of the musicians in the band: 'The Kinks'...very cool guy! I also met some entertainment folks who had been personal & professional friends with 'The 5th Beatle', Mr. Brian Epstein. :)
Today is Saturday, February 1, 2014 Today in Beatles History 1962 - The Beatles played at the Thistle Cafe in West Kirby, Lancs. The club was christened "The Beatles Club" for one night to mark Brian Epstein booking the band. The group never played the venue again. 1967 - The Beatles began sessions for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. They laid down the rhythm track for the title cut. 1968 - John Lennon shipped his Rolls Royce to the U.S. 1993 - Paul McCartney released the album "Off the Ground." 2007 - A limited edition version of Yoko Ono's album "Plastic Ono Band" was released in Japan.
The Beatles' only UK tour of 1965 was also their final one as a group. It began with two shows at the Odeon Cinema in Glasgow. The tour lasted 10 days, and saw The Beatles perform in nine venues across eight cities. Throughout they played a set comprising 11 songs: I Feel Fine, She's A Woman, If I Needed Someone, Act Naturally, Nowhere Man, Baby's In Black, Help!, We Can Work It Out, Yesterday, Day Tripper and I'm Down. Paul McCartney performed Yesterday solo on an electric organ. In their dressing room at Odeon The Beatles also took the time to record a message for Radio Scotland, a new pirate station. Due to bad weather Brian Epstein decided that The Beatles should stay in a hotel in the city centre, rather than the smaller one further out they had been booked to stay in. The was some concern that the location of the new hotel could have proved a security risk, but the group came to no harm.
Andrew Loog Oldham (born January 29, 1944) is an English record producer, talent manager, impresario and author. He was manager and producer of The Rolling Stones from 1963 to 1967, and was noted for his flamboyant style. Oldham became a publicist for British and American musicians and for producer Joe Meek. Among his projects were stints publicizing Bob Dylan on his first UK visit and The Beatles for Brian Epstein in early 1963. In April 1963, a journalist friend recommended that he see a young R&B band called The Rolling Stones. Oldham saw potential in the group being positioned as an "anti-Beatles" - a rougher group compared to the "cuddly moptop" image of the Beatles at that time. Oldham, still a teenager, rapidly acquired a seasoned business partner (Eric Easton) and took over management of the Stones who had been informally represented by Giorgio Gomelsky. Oldham had previously been business partners with Peter Meaden, first manager of The Who, but they had fallen out. Oldham signed recording rights ...
~ Historic Happenings In Music ~ January 29th: On this Day 1942, BBC radio aired a new program 'Desert Island Discs' presented by Roy Plomley, which went on to become the longest running UK radio show. 1961, Bob Dylan achieved his dream of meeting his idol Woody Guthrie when Guthrie was on weekend release from hospital where he was being treated for Huntington's Chorea. Dylan told him; ‘I was a Woody Guthrie jukebox’. Guthrie gave Dylan a card which said: ‘I ain't dead yet’. 1962: Peter, Paul and Mary are signed to Warner Brothers Records. 1964, The Beatles spent the day at Pathe Marconi Studios in Paris, France, The Beatles' only studio recording session for EMI held outside the UK. They recorded new vocals for ‘She Loves You’, ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ and ‘Can't Buy Me Love’, after EMI's West German branch persuaded Brian Epstein that they would be unable to sell large quantities of records in Germany unless they were recorded in the German language. A translator coached John, Paul ...
~ Historic Happenings In Music ~ January 27th: On this Day 1956, Elvis Presley's single, 'Heartbreak Hotel' was released by RCA Records, who had just purchased Presley's contract from Sun Records for $35,000. The song sold 300,000 copies in its first week and would eventually sell over a million, becoming Elvis' first Gold record. 1958, Little Richard entered The Oakwood Theological College in Huntsville, where he was ordained as a seventh day Adventist Minister. 1961, Frank Sinatra played a benefit show at Carnegie Hall in New York City for Martin Luther King. 1962, Joey and the Starlighters started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Peppermint Twist, part 1'. The single reached No.33 on the UK chart. 1962, The Beatles appeared at Aintree Institute in Aintree, Liverpool. The group had played here many times before but this was their last performance at the venue. Brian Epstein became infuriated when the promoter paid The Beatles' fee (£15 pounds) with handfuls of loose change. Epstei ...
Just watched "Good Ol' Freda." What an amazing film about an amazing woman. And what a spotter of talent and integrity Brian Epstein was.
Congrats to 2014 RRHOF Inductee Brian Epstein, who is honored w/ Lifetime Achievement Award!:
"The Beatles, with Brian Epstein, celebrate their 1st 50 yrs ago this week
Does anyone know anything about a silver coin Brian Epstein gave to VIP guests at a promotional dinner party for Sgt Peppers album on May 19 1967?
"No one understands what it's like when the screams die down" Brian empathy, elegiac
Brian Epstein: The man who brought us the Beatles
Brian Epstein, proud of the achievements of Liverpool pop groups, he wrote in 'Fabulous' magazine.
“The Fifth Beatle”- signing by author Vivek Tiwary Graphic novel about the untold story of Brian Epstein.
January 24, 1962: Brian Epstein officially becomes the manager of The Beatles. Thanks for everything, Eppy.
hi Geoff. You gonna go see the new play about Brian Epstein?
guest/bestselling author of wrote a great article today on Brian Epstein:
January 24, 1962 The Beatles signed a contract to have Brian Epstein manage the group, giving him 25% of what they earned. Epstein never added his signature to the document.
"Well, I don't know about the dizzy height, but I always thought they were going to be pretty big." Brian Epstein
On this day in 1962, Brian Epstein signed the management contract with
More trivia of my fellow pickers; 52 years ago today, Brian Epstein and the Beatles signed their working contract. Talk about historic!
Brian Epstein interesting short interview - he was a man with a good soul .
For February, the book club chose The Fifth Beatle, a biography of the Beatles manager Brian Epstein.
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1964 interview with Brian Epstein on managing the lads (warning: slightly annoying interviewer):
This would be the Brian Epstein biopic. It's been sitting on the back burner quite a while.
Some events in history that happened on January 24th: 41 - Claudius [Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus] becomes Emperor of Rome after his nephew Caligula is assassinated by the Praetorian Guards 1076 - Synod of Worms: German King Henry IV fired the Pope, Gregory VII, from office 1644 - Parliamentary army wins the battle of Nantwich during the English Civil War 1679 - King Charles II disbands the English parliament 1722 - Czar Peter the Great begins his great civil system experiment 1776 – American Revolution: General Henry Knox arrives at Cambridge, Massachusetts with the artillery that he has transported overland from Fort Ticonderoga in New York 1848 - James Marshall finds gold at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California 1857 - The University of Calcutta is formally founded as the first full-fledged university in Asia 1862 - Bucharest is proclaimed as the capital of Romania 1875 - Camille Saint-Saëns' orchestral work "Danse Macabre" premieres 1899 - Rubber shoe heel patented by Humphrey O'Sulli ...
( personally Idk! the only one that was that way was Brian Epstein! according to a source its girls! ) -laughs- idk
"We knew that America would make us or break us as world stars. In fact, she made us." - Brian Epstein
52 years ago today - The Beatles signed Epstein's contract for management. Brian himself did not. Read to find out why.
Group includes 7 of 9 on list, 3 4 Epstein/Hoyer also traded for another on list, RHP C.J. Edwards
4m Take heart, fans: Fourteen of MLB’s top 100 prospects were drafted or int’l signs under Epstein and/or Hoyer…
Day 24 Travelling home tonight heard some good news that Hereford United have paid their tax bill today - will there still be a future ?? As we , today look at the 4th round of the FA Cup being played Arsenal vs Coventry - Lets go back to this day in 1972 Hereford United vs Newcastle United - then in the Southern league and Newcastle high fliers in the first division with 8 International players - just a formality surely ?? the venue St James park Newcastle and over 5000 Hereford fans made the trip. the game had already been postponed twice for rain - and yes youngsters we had rain like today back in them days !! Hereford 1-0 up within 17 seconds - a dream start - Newcastle quickly came back taking a 2-1 lead after 13 minuets - But Player Manager Colin Addison equalized making it 2-2 and a return fixture back to Edgar Street - oh will this be history in the making ?? have to wait !! This day in AD 41 Claudius succeeds his nephew Caligula as Roman emperor - all I can say is Hi Claudius and if you have not ...
in 1962, Brian Epstein signs a mgmnt deal with the to receive an unprecedented 25% of gross earnings.
Certifications and Milestones (3) 1962 : The Beatles sign their first and only management contract with Brian Epstein at the manager's offices at 12 Whitechapel St. in Liverpool. Epstein is to receive a full one-quarter of the band's earnings, yet to prove his worth, he does not sign the contract until the following October. 1970 : Dr. Robert Moog unveils the "minimoog" synthesizer, one of the first portable synth keyboards, at a price of $2,000. The American Federation of Musicians at first opposes the instrument, fearing its "realistic" settings will put horn and string sections out of work. The minimoog becomes the first synth to go on tour with rock bands. 1973 : Donny Osmond's LP Too Young is certified gold.
i love Brian Epstein so much he was such a babe sad life
Brian Epstein's NEMS Enterprises is planning to move from Liverpool to offices in Sutherland House, Argyll Street, London.
CHECK OUT this blog by on A feature in development to shoot in 2014.
On this day in history January 24, 1962 Brian signs a management contract with the
Marking the 50th anniversary of the Beatles 1st US visit, take an inside look @ 'The Fifth Beatle.' On Tent: The List.
New new look; new beginning. 1/24/1962 Brian Epstein signs as manager. Take off the leather jackets; matching suits
1962: Brian Epstein officially signed on to manage
January 24 in music history, 1962: Brian Epstein became The Beatles' manager with a whopping 25% of the groups gross income. The norm was 10%. 1953: Hank Williams had a prophetic hit with "I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive". He died before it reached No.1.
1962 - Brian Epstein signs management contract with the Beatles
On January 24, 1962 a management contract was signed by all four Beatles with Brian Epstein , step back in history ➥
ON THIS DATE (January 24) 1947 Warren Zevon is born in Chicago, Illinois. Zevon passed away in 2003 1962 Brian Epstein and the Beatles sign a management contract 1973 Ringo is at number one with 'Photograph' 1976 Kiss hit number 12 on the Billboard Pop Singles Chart with a live version of 'Rock And Roll All Nite' 1981 Steven Tyler of Aerosmith was hospitalised after being involved in a crash on his motorbike 1986 Chuck Berry, The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Elvis Presley are inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 1995 "Balance" by Van Halen is released 2004 Drowning Pool announces that Jason "Gong" Jones replaces the late Dave Wiliams as lead vocalist 2004 An Iron Maiden concert is abruptly ended in New York after someone throws a drink onto the mixing board 2006 "Testify" by P.O.D. is released 2006 "Greatest Hits Live" by Ace Frehley is released 2008 Gene Simmons appears on 'Ugly Betty' on ABC 2011 Brett Michaels of Poison has surgery to close a hole in his hea ...
. This day 1962 Brian Epstein signed on to manage a grp called the Beatles.
This day in 62 Brian Epstein signs management contract with the
On this day in 1962, the Beatles signed a contract with Brian Epstein.
*** Bop-A-Lou-Bop the Weekend's here! Your WAKY Week in Rock History features Elvis in the studio in 1957, at in the UK in 1958 and in 1959. The Beatles strike a management deal with Brian Epstein in 1962. The Animals on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1965 while Gerry & the Pacemakers movie "Ferry Cross the Mersey" premieres in Liverpool. Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels appear on Hullabaloo in 1966. A new single from Manfred Mann in 1968. A greatest hits album from Donovan in 1969 and Ringo at in 1974. Hear it all at 6:35 followed by your WAKY Morning Moldy Oldie.
24th Jan 1962 - Brian Epstein signs up the Beatles at home of Pete Best
January 24, 1962. Beatles. Have a formal management contract with Brian Epstein after the lunch session of the Cavern Club.
ON THIS DAY, in 1962, Brian Epstein signed a mgmt deal with The Beatles receiving 25% of the bands gross earnings. Deals are normally 10%
In 1962 - Brian Epstein signed with the Beatles as their manager and began to direct their image away from leather jackets. He led them
This day in 1964 Brian Epstein signs contract with Beatles, who said when being awarded their M.B.E.s "M.B.E - Mr. Brian Epstein."
1962: The Beatles signed a 5-year management contract. Brian Epstein didn't sign, as he wanted The Beatles to have the option to leave.
Like the great classical composers, the will inspire people, and they will stand the test of time." -
Writer Vivek J. Tiwary brings the story of Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein to life with graphic novel
Brian Epstein and the Beatles form a partnership in 1962. Learn more at
Rock Calendar 1-24-62: Beatles sign 5-yr contract to be managed by Brian Epstein for 25%. Epstein does not sign, in case he changes his mind
Watching Pawn Stars, the original contract between The Beatles and Brian Epstein was brought into the shop... dude is asking $1mil. WHOA!!! That's balls.
January 16 1957 The Cavern Club opens. 1963 The Playhouse Theatre, Manchester. 8.45-9.30pm. Recording for BBC's 'Here We Go': 'Chains'; 'Please Please Me'; 'Ask Me Why'; 'Three Cool Cats'. Recording of several interviews for the BBC. 1964 News arrive from the USA at the George V hotel, Paris, that 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' is number 1 (US Cashbox chart). The celebrations that follow are so exultant that Brian allows himself to be photographed wearing a chamber-pot on his head. Performance at the Olympia, Paris, with Silvie Vartan and Trini Lopez. 1965 'Beatles For Sale' number 1, 5th week (UK Record Retailer chart). 'Another Beatles Christmas Show' at the Hammersmith Odeon, London (two performances). Last day. Article in 'Melody Maker': interview to Brian Epstein by Ray Coleman, under the title 'Brian Epstein predicts: 'I give the Beatles two or three years more at the top'.' 1967 Jane Asher leaves England for a 3-month tour of the US with the Old Vic. 1969 Last session of rehearsals at Twickenham Film S ...
Cheap Thrills has tickets to "In My Life: A Musical Theatre Tribute to The Beatles" on January 25th at 8pm at the Clark Center! In My Life is an award winning, smash hit musical biography of the Beatles and is widely considered by industry insiders to be the most unique Beatles show in decades. More than just a Beatles tribute concert, In My Life gives the audience a chance to “be there” at pivotal moments in the extraordinary career of the Beatles - from Liverpool’s legendary Cavern Club, to the Ed Sullivan Show, Shea Stadium’s 50,000+ screaming fans and their final live performance on the rooftop of their Apple Corp offices. Progressing through their various musical stages, the audience re-experiences the psychedelic era of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the creation of the haunting Yesterday and the raucous rock and roll of Revolution. With manager Brian Epstein serving as Narrator, In My Life allows the audience to get a glimpse inside the world of the Beatles from their point of vie ...
Beatles Trivia: The Beatles wanted to record the Revolver album right here in little ol' Memphis at Stax Records to get a soul/blues sound. Brian Epstein reportedly came to Memphis and met with guitarist Steve Cropper of the Stax house band, Booker T. & the MGs, who tried to negotiate a deal. Unfortunately, Stax demanded exorbitant fees for the use of their studio, and the Beatles stayed at Abbey Road. I know some of my Memphis friends know Cropper--please ask him about this and let us know if you learn any more details about it.
This week I read up on Brian Epstein & Colonel Tom Parker & was super inspired. Parker was crazy in his deals but got it done.
ON THIS DATE (49 YEARS AGO) December 24, 1964 – Start of Christmas show at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, "Another Beatles Christmas Show", with the Yardbirds, Freddie and the Dreamers, Jimmy Saville, Elkie Brooks, Mike Haslam, and Mike Cotton Sound. Following the success of The Beatles' Christmas Show in December 1963 and early 1964, Brian Epstein decided the group should repeat the trick, this time at the Hammersmith Odeon in London. The 1964 shows at the Hammersmith provided a welcomed Christmas gift to the fans, as well as some time at home after a year of grueling tours. Accompanied by the Yardbirds, Sounds Incorporated, Michael Haslam, and Elkie Brooks with the Mike Cotton Sound, "Another Beatles Christmas Show" opened to a sell-out crowd on Dec. 24, 1964, and continued for a three-week run of two performances per day. The show's producer, Peter Yolland, was understandably upset when he discovered he had only 3 days to rehearse and get the entire production ready for public consumption. I don't th ...
Today In Entertainment History December 24th - 1818: Germany's Franz Gruber composes a melody to words written by Austrian priest Josef Mohr, creating the standard "Silent Night." The song is debuted tonight at Midnight Mass in Gruber's hometown of Obendorf. 1944: The Andrews Sisters debut their radio show The Andrews Sisters' Eight-To-The-Bar Ranch on the ABC network. 1955: The Lennon Sisters make their debut as regulars on ABC-TV's musical variety program The Lawrence Welk Show. * Carnegie Hall concert featuring the Weavers seen as the beginning of the folk revival. 1963: The Beatles begin an annual tradition of sorts when they hold their first "Beatles Christmas Show" at the Astoria Cinema in Finsbury Park, London. The brainchild of manager Brian Epstein, the show features the Beatles and other musical acts playing their hits and doing comedy skits in between. The series of thirty concerts, which run through January 11, feature the Beatles along with Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, Cilla Black, and Rolf ...
Listening to Radio 2 fantastic ! Ken Bruce's 2 hour radio show all on the Beetles interviews back in 63 and fantastic music as well ! Great feed back from Brian Epstein x
Legendary rock band Nirvana is slated to be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on 2014, alongside Kiss, Cat Stevens, Hall and Oats, Linda Ronstadt, Peter Gabriel, Andrew Loog Oldham, Brian Epstein and The E Street Band.
December 11, 1966…Beatles manager Brian Epstein offered to manage Little Richard after presenting him in concert at London's Saville Theatre. The offer was rejected.
~ Musical Historical Happenings On This Day ~ December 6th: On this Day 1949, American blues artist, Leadbelly died. Huddie William Ledbetter wrote many songs including 'Goodnight Irene', ‘Cotton Fields’, 'The Rock Island Line', and ‘The Midnight Special'. Leadbelly was jailed several times for fights and knife related incidents, he was once jailed for shooting a man dead during an argument over a woman. 1957: Elvis visits radio station WDIA in Memphis and meets two of his idols, Little Junior Parker and Bobby Bland. 1961, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Pete Best met with Brian Epstein for further discussions about his proposal to manage them. Epstein wanted 25% of their gross fees each week. He promises that their bookings will be better organised, more prestigious, and will expand beyond the Liverpool area. He also promises that they will never again play for less than $25, except for Cavern lunchtime sessions, for which he will get their fee doubled to ten pounds. Lennon, as le ...
In the 1970 Rolling Stone interview, John Lennon commented that Brian Epstein's death marked the beginning of the end for the Beatles.
Today in Rock History: Ozzy Osbourne is born (1948). Vince Neil of Mӧtley Crüe crashes his ’72 Ford Pintero in Redondo Beach, CA and his passenger, Hanoi Rocks’ Nick “Razzle” Dingley is killed (1984). The Beatles met their future manager, Brian Epstein, for the first time at his record store in Liverpool (1961). DJ Alan Freed receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (1991). Ringo Starr releases the song “You’re Sixteen” and quickly becomes making it his second straight single (1973). The Rolling Stones record “Brown Sugar” at the Muscle Shoals studio. The single reaches in the UK and US (1969) While performing a show in Sacramento, Keith Richards is shocked and knocked unconscious when his guitar makes contact with his microphone during a performance of “The Last Time” (1965) It is Kenney Jones’ first tour with the Who. Jones replaced Keith Moon, who had dies just 3 months prior. Unfortunately, during a concert headlined by the Who on this day at the Riverfront Coliseum in C ...
Rock Calendar 12-3-61: Brian Epstein meets with three of The Beatles for the first time to offer to manage them. Paul was taking a bath
Fingers crossed it leads 2more bc since "my days run on Duncan"would be sad if she stays w Brian ugh😠
He was a good guy doing bad things. He cares bout her n her fam minus Brian of course lol
Nope :) agreed bc I asked if he could take out 1 mbr of the fam who would it b n he said Brian...great minds
I should be working but Brian Epstein is calling to me...
Rare footage of Brian Epstein (yes him) introducing Gerry and the Pacemakers to US audiences for the first time via a UK/US TV link up. The American host is ...
The Beatles at Shea Stadium From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Beatles at Shea Stadium is a fifty-minute-long documentary of The Beatles' August 15, 1965, concert at Shea Stadium in New York City, the highlight of the group's 1965 tour. The documentary was produced by Ed Sullivan (under his Sullivan Productions, Inc. banner), NEMS Enterprises Ltd. (which owns the 1965 copyright), and the Beatles company Subafilms Ltd. The project, placed under the direction of manager of production operations M. Clay Adams, was filmed by a large crew led by cinematographer Andrew Laszlo, used fourteen cameras to capture the euphoria and mass hysteria that was Beatlemania in America in 1965. The documentary first aired on the BBC on May 1, 1966. However other sources place first transmission on the BBC as being March 1, 1966. In West Germany, it aired on August 2, 1966. It aired in the United States on ABC on January 10, 1967. The film captures not only the concert, the attendance of which was 55,600, the largest Be ...
Tragic Comic: The graphic story of the fifth Beatle, Brian Epstein.
Brian Epstein worked them to the bone! No wonder they were sick of each other.
2 glaring mistakes in photos! 1. is '62 not '64 and 2. is David Jacobs, not Brian Epstein! Come on NPR Music!
In the same way that Brian Epstein's office was turned into an Ann Summers shop...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tottenham sold Elvis and bought The Beatles. Now they'll sack Brian Epstein cos Love Me Do isnt number 1, or at least in the top 4.
Still sucking, yet ruling it like an employee! RIP COACH AND BRIAN EPSTEIN! and Dennis Wilson...also: tune into KPTZ Radio Port Townsend RIGHT now to hear Ruby Fitch own the airwaves! Stream it, computer boy...
Photoset: amoralto: John, Paul, George, and Ringo resting in their George V Hotel room with Brian Epstein,...
My review of The Fifth Beatle, a tribute to
Brian Epstein was incredibly honest and a little naive, but he entered a world that was totally alien to him - George Martin
In late August of 1964, The Beatles started their first official U.S. tour. The group began at Cow Palace in San Francisco and finished at the Paramount Theatre in New York. On August 28-29 The Beatles played at Forest Hills Stadium in New York and were befriended by Bob Dylan. The two parties were introduced by the writer Al Aronowitz at New York’s Delmonico Hotel.After a brief chat with The Beatles, Bob Dylan asked John, Paul, Ringo, George, and Brian Epstein if they wanted to smoke a joint. Epstein looked apprehensive and said that the band hadn’t tried marijuana for years. Dylan was immediately surprised because he had been under the impression that they smoked weed because of the song I Want to Hold Your Hand. He mistook the lyrics “I can’t hide” with “I get high.”The Beatles were never one to back down from a new experience and agreed. Lennon took the joint and passed it to Ringo whom he called his “royal taster.” Ringo smoked the entire thing, not knowing the tradition of sharing ...
Photo: Review - The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story For as long as I can remember The Beatles have...
Cool news Beatlemainiacs!! Benedict Cumberbatch to play Beatles manager Brian Epstein in new film vía
remember! Brian Epstein was a good manager but he wouldn't have been the right choice for
"Achieving your dream is just the beginning. The real challenge is sustaining it." Amazing piece about
“Kids in 2000 will still be listening to The Beatles.” — Brian Epstein, 1964
I'm going to position myself as your Brian Epstein :)
Brian Epstein was a great man, a true gentleman. He believed in me and I certainly believed in him - Cilla Back
US single release: Hello, Goodbye 9.00am, Monday 27 November 1967 (46 years ago) The Beatles' last US single of 1967 appeared three days after it was issued in the United Kingdom. It was also included on the full-length Magical Mystery Tour album, which was released on the same day in America. Hello, Goodbye was issued as Capitol 2056, with I Am The Walrus as its b-side. It entered the top 40 on 9 December, and went on to spend three weeks at the top. In all the single remained in the top 40 for 10 weeks. Hello, Goodbye - The Beatles' final single of 1967, was their first release after the death of Brian Epstein. It was backed with I Am The Walrus, to the displeasure of John Lennon, who considered his song to be the superior of the two. Lennon later dismissed Hello, Goodbye as "three minutes of contradictions and meaningless juxtapositions". The song had its genesis at Paul McCartney's house in Cavendish Avenue, London. According to Alistair Taylor - Epstein's former personal assistant and later the gener ...
The Fifth Beatle is a fitting and beautiful tribute to Brian Epstein. Without him there would never be The Beatles.
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The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story is fab. In my top 3 graphic novels of the year.
As an early Christmas present, I just received the new graphic novel THE FIFTH BEATLE: THE BRIAN EPSTEIN STORY from &
If you want to know the truth on the parents who opposed Brian Epstein, its in WHEN THEY WERE BOYS
IFBB MENS PHYSIQUE PRO DR. BRIAN EPSTEIN trying out his new MSI stack! Thanks for all your support Brian!
In 1962 Cynthia gets pregnant and married John Lennon. They were married on 23 August 1962 In Cynthia gets pregnant and married John Lennon. They Were married on August 23 in the Office of Civil Registry Mount Pleasant, Liverpool and as groomsman Brian Epstein, the fasmiliares lennon did not attend. Epstein asked Lennon to digest anything that does not concern fans. Julian was born on 8 April 1963. The marriage began to wane by the LSD. Upon learning of the relationship with Ono Lennon, Cynthia had her own one-night with Alexis Mardas. It cynthiaaccedió to divorce éldándole Lennon £ 100,000, approximately every month by that time, together with £ 2,400 a year, custody of Julian, and home ownership.
The Fifth Beatle (Brian Epstein discussion re: comic book)
Shortly starting in on The Fifth Beatle, the OGN about Brian Epstein. First few pages are incredibly pretty.
A new featurette has been released on the Brian Epstein graphic novel The Fifth Beatle:...
Promising to offer the most in depth exploration of Brian Epstein, the man who discovered The Beatles and presented them to the world, is a pair of...
Brian Epstein’s dedication to the Beatles was the secret behind his incredible accomplishments with them but also sowed the seeds of his downfall. A new graphic novel, The Fifth Beatle, sheds light on Epstein’s story as a managerial parable.
Mersey Beat i was intending to write several more articles about you, but I would take a specific theme and go into it in detail. The photos you sent weren;t suitable for the feature in the new magazine, but I've found a couple on the internet which I can use. Send me everything you've got regarding your association with Brian Epstein. BillHarry
The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein wanted to sign The D-Men (USA)? Read about the group here:
Nov 26 1967: The promotional film of The Beatles 'Hello, Goodbye' was aired on The Ed Sullivan Show in the US. It was never shown at the time in the UK due to a musician's union ban on miming. The Beatles filmed promotional footage for their forthcoming single Hello, Goodbye at London's Saville Theatre. Without an audience present, they mimed to the song on stage. At the time the theatre was still leased by NEMS Enterprises, despite the recent death of Brian Epstein. Paul McCartney was the director of the three promo clips made, using different costumes for each. For the first The Beatles wore their Sgt Pepper uniforms before a psychedelic backdrop. The clip also had cutaways of the group waving to the camera in their 1963 collarless suits, and some dancing girls wearing Hawaiian costumes in the finale. The second clip had The Beatles in their normal (for 1967, at least) clothes, with the dancing girls again appearing in the finale. The third was made of outtakes from the first two clips, plus footage of ...
And furthermore ... Lemmy on the Beatles Vs Stones. . "And the Beatles were hard men too. Brian Epstein cleaned...
Brian Epstein looked to his dad for business advice, and his dad women are naturally curvy,, Tips for
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Vivek Tiwary talking about his excellent graphic novel THE FIFTH BEATLE about Beatles manager Brian Epstein
"Reading About Music" -Another book about Brian Epstein, this one by former partner; books for the holidays.
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge It was on Nov. 25, 1969 that John Lennon returned his MBE to the Queen, as an act of protest against the Vietnam war. Lennon's chauffeur Les Anthony returned the insignia of the award to Buckinham Palace in the morning, also delivering handwritten letters to the Queen, prime minister Harold Wilson, and the secretary of the Central Chancery, explaining his actions. The letters were written on notepaper headed Bag Productions, the company Lennon had recently set up with Yoko Ono. Your Majesty, I am returning my MBE as a protest against Britain's involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of America in Vietnam and against 'Cold Turkey' slipping down the charts. With love. John Lennon of Bag The action was predictably seized on by the media. Lennon gave an interview to David Bellan of BBC Radio Four in which he explained that he had been "mulling it over" for the past two years, and that the My Lai massacre carried out by the US Army in March 1968 had c ...
1961: The Beatles perform in front of 18 people! Sam Leach, The Beatles’ then agent, and wanting to become their manager, attempted to introduce the group to London agents by promoting a gig at The Palais Ballroom, Aldershot, on 9th December 1961. The show was not advertised properly and, as a result, only 18 people attended. Weeks after this Brian Epstein became the group’s manager.
Belman's Beatles Bits I Am The Walrus Released this week in 1967: * The song was one of the first to be recorded following the death Brian Epstein. * A two note melody for the most part * Nonsense Lyrics such as "pigs from a gun"and "goo-goo-gjoob" made it somewhat of a challenge for producer George Martin * John Lennon wanting his voice distorted for the track * Some of the ideas for this song stem from the Lewis Caroll poem " The Walrus and the Carpenter" * "Semoline pilchard is about a London Drug Squad cop who busted rock stars like *** Jagger and Keith Richards * "The Eggman" is about Eric Burdon (of the Animals) who was hit in the head with an egg by a girl during sex. * The name of the " The Walrus" was came about later in the White Album in a song called "Glass Oniion" in which Lennon speaks of Paul McCartney as the walrus. It was a his way of thanking Paul for his leadership following Brian Epstein's death.
~ Today's Happenings In Music History ~ November 24th: On this Day 1950: The musical comedy Guys and Dolls premieres on Broadway at the 46th Street Theatre. 1957: Harry Belafonte's "Mary's Boy Child" becomes the first single to sell a million copies in the UK. It stayed at Number One for an unheard-of seven weeks and has since become a perennial UK Christmas favorite. 1959, US singer Johnnie Ray was released on bail after spending the night in jail charged with accosting and soliciting after soliciting an undercover police officer in a *** bar in Detroit. He was later found not guilty. 1961: In yet another important development for British blues-rock, Chicago blues legend Howlin' Wolf makes his first appearance in the UK, touring behind his latest single, "Little Baby." 1962: Ex-Beatles drummer Pete Best, sacked from the group three months previously, nevertheless receives a birthday telegram from the band and manager Brian Epstein wishing him "all the best." 1964 - Production ended on the Elvis Presley f ...
My review of a graphic novel on Brian Epstein, up at
I've been given a billion numbers for those "things about me" you don't know.. so now I guess I have to because if I don't I know Liskula Noyfb is just dying to reveal that I once was a ring girl for a WWE fight.. NO bikini but yes it was a ridiculous dress.. and no it was NOT pleather shorts as Liskula wants to remember it as! MOVING ON.. Liskula gave me the number 9 so here goes; 1. My Dad's second cousin was Brian Epstein. I am a proud Scouser (born in Liverpool, but moved to NYC at 4, and yes I had an accent!) 2. I spent years singing - musical theater, r&b, rock.. almost got some great record deals. Almost being the operative word. I've got a list of "almosts" that would blow your brain. I loved my days writing with some incredible musicians and still like some of those old songs! 3. I've shot and starred in 3 reality shows for major networks. One has aired. If you know what it is, we've been friends a really long time. 4. Any hero I've ever had, I've met and had an interesting experience with.. o .. ...
In 1954, Rosemary Clooney's "Mambo Italiano" was banned by ABC Radio because of what it considered "offensive lyrics," likely referring to the exaggerated Italian patois and the words "gidrool" and "goombah."   In 1954, at radio station WGST in Atlanta, Georgia, Ray Charles recorded "I've Got A Woman."   In 1956, Fats Domino appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and performed his hit "Blueberry Hill."   In 1957, Ricky Nelson records "Stood Up", which will reach early the following year.     In 1963, the Beatles first appeared on US television in a feature story on NBC-TV's "The Huntley-Brinkley Report" that included a film clip of the band performing in England.   Also in 1963, Beatles manager Brian Epstein asked the group's fans to please refrain from pelting them with jellybeans at their concerts. The Beatles had made the mistake of saying how much they liked "jellybabies."   In 1964, the Supremes appear on TV's Rock 'n' Roll show, Shindig! and perform "Baby Love" and "Come See About Me." The ...
9th November 1841 The birth of Edward VII, the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. 1847 In Edinburgh, Dr James Young Simpson delivered Wilhelmina Carstairs while chloroform was administered to her mother, the first child to be born with the aid of anaesthetics. 1859 Flogging in the British army was abolished. 1888 At 3:30 a.m. in London's Whitechapel, 25-year-old Mary Kelly became Jack the Ripper's last known victim. 1907 The Cullinan Diamond, the largest rough gem-quality diamond yet found, was presented by the Transvaal to King Edward VII, on his birthday. 1908 Britain's first woman mayor, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, was elected at Aldeburgh. 1940 The death of Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister at the outbreak of World War II. 1953 Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet, died in New York, aged 39. 1961 Brian Epstein went to a lunchtime session at The Cavern in Liverpool to see for himself why his record shop was receiving so many requests for records by a group that had apparently made none. 1979 Four me ...
The Beatles story touches on so much social history. on Brian Epstein's homosexuality: such a kind & brilliant man, so unhappy
I was reading various stuff in newspapers regarding the death of Lou Reed.It seems that John Lennon was liking the music that he was making on album such as "The Velvet Underground and Nico" because Brian Epstein played their music to him..Brian Eno made a famous remark about this record.."Not many people bought that album when it first came out,but the people that did seemed to all go and start a band ."
This Day in Rock... 1936 – Fiddler Charlie Daniels is born in Wilmington, N.C. 1956 – Elvis Presley makes his second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, where the host presents him with a gold record for “Love Me Tender”. 1958 – Buddy Holly appeared on *** Clark’s American Bandstand, where he lip-synched “It’s So Easy” and “Heartbeat”. It would be Holly’s last major TV appearance. 1961 – In a record shop today in Liverpool, England, a customer asks clerk Brian Epstein for “My Bonnie,” a single by the Beatles. Epstein doesn’t have it, but after a second customer requests the record he orders it and tracks the group down to the Cavern Club. Epstein later becomes the band’s manager. 1962 – Having just released their first single, “Love Me Do,” the Beatles play their first major gig at the Liverpool Empire. Also on the bill are Little Richard, Craig Douglas, Jet Harris, Kenny Lynch, and Sounds Incorporated. 1964 – The T.A.M.I. Show is filmed in Santa Monica, Calif., . ...
The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : Wednesday, October 16, 1963 Playhouse Theatre, London The Beatles 4th and last session for the Sunday morning BBC Radio Light Programme pop show, "Easy Beat". Owing to the incredible demands on their time, and fearing for their safety, Brian Epstein told the BBC that he would no longer permit the group to appear in audience radio shows - jus as he had decided that, for British concerts, they would play only theatres or venues with fixed seating, no more ballrooms. An instant casualty of this decision was a 5th booking for "Easy Beat", which would have taken place on Wednesday, December 4th, for transmission on the 8th. This show was recorded at the Playhouse Theatre from 9:00 to 10:00 pm, with a prior rehearsal from 4:00 pm. The Beatles performed "I Saw Her Standing There", "Love Me Do", "Please Please Me", "From Me To You", "and "She Loves You", the last four songs being the group's singles to date, in the correct order. It was broadcast on Sunday, October 20th, from 10:3 ...
This Day in Rock... 1932 – Albert Collins (US blues singer/guitarist) is born this day in rock history! 1944 – Hippie hero Scott McKenzie (“San Francisco [Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair]“) is born in Jacksonville, Fla., as Philip Blondheim. 1956 – After test audiences have a negative reaction to Elvis dying at the end of the film Love Me Tender, The King is called back to re-shoot the scene. In the new ending, the hero lives. 1962 – The Beatles sign a revised contract with their manager, Brian Epstein. 1964 – We all love Beatles albums. But how about a collection of Beatles songs interspersed with the greatest hits of the Four Seasons? Well, Vee Jay Records thought it was a good idea, and released The Beatles Vs. The Four Seasons today. It peaked at No. 142 on the albums chart. 1965 – No. 1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit: “Hang on Sloopy,” The McCoys. 1967 – Traffic make their live debut at London’s Saville Theatre this day in rock history! 1970 – Funeral of Jimi Hendrix held in Sea ...
In 1953, Liberace made his debut at Carnegie Hall for a sellout crowd.   In 1954, Elvis Presley appeared live on "Grand Ole Opry" and performed "Blue Moon of Kentucky."     In 1954, Elvis Presley released the Sun label single "Good Rockin' Tonight" b/w "I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine."   In 1960, Sam Cooke's "Chain Gang" peaks at on both the US R&B and Pop charts. It's his biggest hit since "You Send Me" reached number one three years earlier.   In 1961, Brenda Lee released the single "Fool 1964, The Temptations begin recording "My Girl," which will go on to be their first US and the first of fifteen Top Ten hits.   In 1964, Brian Epstein, the Beatles' manager, turned down an offer of 3 1/2 million pound offer to sell his management contract.   In 1964, Archie Bleyer closed Cadence Records after 12 years and retired to Wisconsin with his wife, Janet Ertel of the Chordettes. Several labels were interested in purchasing the Cadence master recordings, which included 1950s and early 1960s h ...
The Cavern Club to Be Sold at Auction Liverpool’s legendary Cavern Club, where the Beatles performed roughly 300 times at the start of their career, is going to the auction block. NME reports that Warner Estate, the owner of the Mathew Street building and the adjacent Cavern Walks Shopping Centre, filed for administration (the British equivalent of bankruptcy) last month and is forced to sell. The auction will be handled by Allsop at the Park Lane Hotel. Opened in 1957, the Cavern Club was modeled after Le Caveau, a Paris jazz club in a cellar, complete with tunnels and arches. From February 1961 to August 1963, the Beatles played an estimated 292 shows at the club. It was where Brian Epstein first saw the group and approached them about becoming their manager. However, the current Cavern Club is not the same venue where the band performed 50-plus years ago. The original building was torn down in 1973 when the city of Liverpool was building an underground train system. The new Cavern is a replica of tha ...
Tonight at 9 (East Coast Time), together on "The Block Party" we will be forging rock and roll connections and bringing out the LP's. Tonight a great cut from Elvis' "Something for Everybody", the Blues Project's "Live at the Cafe Au Go Go" in honor of Danny Kalb's birthday. Speaking of candles, a birthday remembrance of "The Fifth Beatle" - Brian Epstein, a tout to one of the original Jersey Boys - Nick Massi of the Four Seasons, Joe Butler of the Lovin Spoonful, Dee Dee Ramone, Don Felder of The Eagles and more. Of course, Burton Cummings, Fitz, Joe Lynn Turner, Tommy James and the Shondells, Boz Scaggs, the Coasters and more. The gate is open for YOU to come on in and let me play the records while you do the groovin on "The Block Party" heard in Maryland on 91.1 (WHFC) and on the net at Meet you on the air.
This Day in Rock... 1934 – Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ future manager, is born in Liverpool, England. 1940 – Singer Bill Medley of pop duo the Righteous Brothers is born in Santa Anna, Calif. 1941 – Cass Elliot of the Mamas & the Papas is born in Baltimore. 1958 – Rock siren Lita Ford (“Kiss Me Deadly”) is born in London this day in rock! 1958 – Bye bye, Elvis. The Memphis Flash leaves Brooklyn, N.Y.’s naval base as a young soldier to be stationed in Germany. 1964 – John Lennon gives his permission for his drawing titled “The Fat Budgie” to be printed up on Christmas cards. 1964 – Marianne Faithfull goes to No. 9 in the U.K. with the Jagger/Richards composition “As Tears Go By.” 1966 – John Lennon flies to Spain to shoot the Richard Lester film How I Won the War. 1968 – In the studio, recording starts on the Beatles song “Piggies.” 1970 – Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush album enters the charts. 1970 – The Rolling Stones’ Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out, the live album ...
Avast mateys - here be some history for ye! Happy Birthday "Illya Kuryakin," Batman, and Mama Cass! September 19: In 1676 Jamestown is burned to the ground during Bacon's Rebellion; in 1778 the Continental Congress passes the first U.S. federal budget; in 1796 George Washington's farewell address is printed across the country as an open letter; 1879 the Blackpool Illuminations, a festival of lights in England, are switched on for the first time; in 1881 U.S. President James A. Garfield dies from gunshot wounds received July 2; in 1893 women in New Zealand are given the right to vote; in 1934 Bruno Hauptmann is arrested for the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh, Jr.; in 1970 the first Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is held. Birthdays: Carter Family singer Helen Carter (1927); actor Adam West (1928); actor David McCallum (1933); Beatles manager Brian Epstein (1934); Righteous Brothers singer Bill Medley (1940) singer Cass Elliott (1941); 10cc singer/guitarist Lol Creme (1947); ...
The Beatles More popular than Jesus FBI targeted John Lennon for arrest, probably at the behest of the Nixon White House. Lennon was supposedly on Nixon's "Enemies List" for his antiwar activity. John Lennon assassinated by Mark David Chapman in 1980. Some people believe that Nixon was behind it. George Harrison died from lung cancer in November 2001. Butcher cover. Their song Helter Skelter influenced Charles Manson. Studied briefly under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Yoko Ono. Need we say more. Brian Epstein suicide. Badmouthed as un-American by Elvis to Nixon and the FBI. The Beatles gave serious thought to filming The Lord of the Rings starring themselves. In January 1967, the Beatles' manager Brian Epstein hired playwright Joe Orton to write their third film. Orton produced a script called Up Against It, which was never produced. According to Paul McCartney: "The reason why we didn't do Up Against It wasn't because it was too far out or anything. We didn't do it because it was *** We weren't *** and really ...
Could you provide an update on 'The Man Who' (Brian Epstein film to be directed by Paul McGuigan)
Do you have any more news on the Brian Epstein bio pic that you were going to film with Paul McGuigan
Well I know one film he most likely will be in without JJ: he's supposed to star in a biopic on Beatles manager Brian Epstein
RIP Nat Weiss lawyer: "Thanks Nat for your enthusiasm & for sharing memories of Brian Epstein" http…
If you haven't already seen this on my tumblr - shirtless Brian Epstein
On this day, August 27th in 1967 Beatles manager and friend Brian Epstein passed away.
Brian Epstein's NEMS stores would order Beatles records to inflate chart placement. Is that what u r doing? ;)
Photo: teddyboy-johnlennon: onthisday-classicrock: AUGUST 27 On this day in 1967, Brian Epstein was found...
On this day 1967, Beatles held a meeting at McCartney's house to decide their next course of action following death of manager Brian Epstein
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Excellent book. Gives insight into the life of Brian Epstein and the the underground culture of *** Liverpool in...
"Brian Epstein, the man who threw the biggest party of the 1960s but ultimately forgot to invite himself.”
"Rauan Klassnik" better known as the "Brian Epstein of poetry" *now that's what I call a real TRAGIC poet*
Omfg he looks like Pete Best and Brian Epstein.
I assume you meant "dies" off? And yes, I agree! Plus, why is Brian Epstein not in the R&R Hall of Fame?!
in 1967 - announced that they would handle their own affairs following the death of manager Brian Epstein.
1967 - Four days after the death of Brian Epstein, the Beatles announc -
The Week That Was: Brian Epstein dies, Martin Luther King's momentous speech and the death of Princess Diana
""Spurs have sold Elvis and bought the Beatles" beautiful quote.". Plus Brian Epstein!!!
"Playwright Joe Orton confronts Beatles manager Brian Epstein late at night..." can't wait for this play!
"They should have known better: no blue plaque for ‘Fifth Beatle’ (Thanks to James Hyman for the link)
How the Beatles came to Shea: If Sid Bernstein hadn’t called Brian Epstein — or, maybe, if BernSTEIN ...
Over the yrs, Pete Best, Stuart Sutcliffe, Brian Epstein, Geo. Martin, Geo. Best & Billy Preston have all been referred 2 as The 5th Beatle
...It was Brian Epstein who called Ringo to join the band. Not John or Paul calling or meeting up with him, in Ringo's words in...
in the book Peter Brown bibliographic ( which mentions the ballad of jhon and yoko says jhon lennon met with brian epstein acapulco but
Uncurbed enthusiasm in this interview with writer of graphic novel
John Lennon and Brian Epstein: cantaraville posted a photo:.
Fantastic video interview w the writer of the exciting graphic novel on
This day in history. 1967. Beatles manager Brian Epstein died from a deadly cocktail of barbiturates, alcohol and 25% …
I think Brian Epstein is a really good looking...
RIP Beatles manger Brian Epstein who passed away on this day in 1967 aged only 32.
16 August 1962. Brian Epstein, Beatles manager, informed drummer Pete Best he had been sacked by the group.
1962: Brian Epstein to Pete Best: "The lads don't want you in the group anymore."
if you get enough time could you please ask him about the current state of the Brian Epstein film he's attached to.
depending on who you ask it's either Brian Epstein or George sure ain't Yoko
Showing my drawings to the guy who illustrated Jeremy Deller's book on Brian Epstein next week, wish me luck:
1966 Brian Epstein held a special press conference to defuse controversy surrounding John Lennon's "more popular than Jesus" comments.
Steve M's coverage of the passing of Nat Weiss:
Volta a Portugal - 7th to 19th August: The Volta Portugal is a little like Brian Epstein (no, not...
All You Need is Love was an inspired song and they really wanted to give the world a message - Brian Epstein
Nat Weiss, loyal friend of Brian Epstein, died Wed. I'm grateful for the few words we exchanged online.
Nat Weiss, lawyer and close friend of Brian Epstein has passed away. RIP
Beatles news: Longtime Beatles, Brian Epstein associate Nat Weiss has died
Beatles lawyer and close Brian Epstein friend Nat Weiss has died
i'll be your Brian Epstein and you'll be my beatles! *super excited*
This is what looks like! In the repro NEMS shop Brian Epstein owned b4
August 3, 1961 - - Brian Epstein's first record review column is published in the 3rd issue of "'Mersey Beat".
I like that. Can we include He brought us all together. He's like Brian Epstein, or Don King? Uhm...
Did benedict do the brian epstein role
New Beatles book published (not by us) in the autumn, but first you should read A CELLARFUL OF NOISE by Brian Epstein
The 1st issue of 'The Beatles Monthly Book' was published yesterday by Beat Publications/Sean O'Mahony, in collaboration with Brian Epstein.
John Lennon’s rumored *** affair with Brian Epstein: What really happened on their vacation in Spain?
Standing In the Wings: The Beatles, Brian Epstein and Me coming out in September -
Having a very pleasant stay at family of home of "the 5th Beatle", Brian Epstein
''I think Brian Epstein is more prettier than Cynthia and Yoko. John really missed out on that opportunity''
(2/15) McCartney and George Harrison were in attendance, as was their manager, Brian Epstein, who was best man; no parents were there. The
Good news for my Pete Best graphic novel. MT Brian Epstein is the subject of a graphic novel that will début at Comic-Con.
1967: Brian Epstein's NEMS Enterprises, who are handling the Monkees' first UK tour, hold a party for the group at London's Speakeasy Club, featuring Beatles John, Paul and George along with their girlfriends/wives. Also in attendance: Dusty Springfield, The Who, Procol Harum, Manfred Mann, Lulu, and Eric Clapton. The events will inspire Monkee Micky Dolenz to write the 1967 UK hit "Randy Scouse Git."
Congratulations to The Sun, Mr Cowell, commercial television and the pop recording industry for succeeding in dumbing-down an entire generation of people. Tonight, amidst all the banal pub-chatter, I had to interfere in a conversation or an entire roomful of people would have believed the *** who tried to tell everyone that Ringo wrote all the songs on Sgt Pepper and Brian Epstein was a great producer.
Beryl was always our favourite female vocalist in Liverpool. When I was drinking with John at the downstairs bar at the Blue I asked him if he could do me a favour and let Beryl have one of their songs. He said she could have a number called ‘Love of the Loved.’ A few days later when we were drinking together again he told me that Brian Epstein had told him off, saying that he was their manager and he would decide who would be given their numbers – and he gave it to Cilla. We’d been in the manager’s office one night at the Majestic Ballroom, Birkenhead, having a drink with the manager, Bill Marsden. At the time Beryl still had her own name Beryl Hogg. We were saying that she should have a different name for the stage. Virginia suggested that we use the surname of the Majestic manager – Marsden. We didn’t realise at the time that people would then assume she was Gerry Marsden’s sister. Virginia also had a special award made for Beryl at the Mersey Beat Awards as the Best Female Singer.
A programme on Cilla next Friday. I wonder if she spins the same fantasy about her discovery. Not only did I give her the name, I got her to audition for Brian Epstein at the Blue Angel, which she never admits, even though I have confirmation from Andrew Loog Oldham, Mal Jefferson and Virginia, who were all witnesses, to back me up. The real story is founf on the feature I did on Cilla for
Looking at some old issues of Mersey Beat I came across the story of me managing Earl Preston. Actually, I did try not to manage artists due to the work involved in Mersey Beat. Cilla asked me to manage her and I said 'no', but I arranged for Epstein to listen to her at the Blue Angel. Ted Knibbs came into my office with a contract for me to co-manage Billy Kramer with him. I put it in a drawer and said I couldn't do it, but felt that Brian Epstein might be interested and called him, arranging for Ted to see him the next day. Ted later told me that Brian had agreed to the hand-over and would pay Ted £50, but Ted said he never received it. The Coasters refused to sign with Brian because some of them were in full time work or education, so he got a new lead singer for them, Chick Graham. The Remo Four turned down the offer of becoming Billy's backing band, so Brian asked the Dakotas, who initially were unsure. He then said he would arrange for them to make records in their own right, so they jettisoned the ...
Linda McCartney was the first woman to land the coveted Rolling Stone cover with her portrait of Eric Clapton. Her photographs captured the Beatles kicking it at Brian Epstein's house, *** Jagger ...
50 Years Ago. Paul McCartney is 71 today. 50 years ago, he had a 21st birthday party at his Aunt Ginny's place. Too many Beatlemaniacs would have been at his home. During the party John Lennon savagely beat up Bob Woolers, emcee at the Cavern Night Club. Reportedly Woolers made a whimsical suggestion that Lennon and Beatles manager Brian Epstein had a *** affair. Epstein paid off Wooler to avoid bad publicity.
I first came across the 'Paul is Dead' phenomenon of the Beatles a few months ago, and I thought I'd breeze through it and find it to be BS fairly quickly. nope. I'm certain he was kidnapped August 27, 1966 when he separated himself from the Beatles/entourage to stay the night in Seattle. The rest of the group flew on to LA. Paul was never seen alive again. I think it relates to the blackmailing and proclivities of their manager, Brian Epstein, who committed suicide one year to the day. 'Billy Campbell', (appropriately nicknamed 'Faul' by George) has played the role for almost 50 years, for reasons unclear, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were entwined with an nwo/illuminati agenda. The 'clues' (and especially, the evidence) exist, for those who want to follow. Objective analysis will lead you to the date that I found.
Beatles manager Brian Epstein bought up thousands of copies of Love Me Do, the band's 1st hit single, to bolster record sales & ensure their entry into the charts. Epstein's friend & business associate Joe Flannery, who makes the claims, says: "He [Brian Epstein] went & he bought 10,000 copies of Love Me Do & that was in his store room in Whitechapel, because I'd seen them, they were there, 10,000 copies."
ILLUMINATI ABUSE Ex Chief Constable Julie Spence Thanks Julie" British police ran Operation Arundel which was to grow into Operation Ore and later to Operation Radium, Arundel was a cleanup of the pop music scene, many of those who became early DJs were there to sexually exploit teenagers, in almost every case boys at teen discos and later from care homes. Chris Dennning, Joe Meek, Allan "fluff" Freeman, Jonathan King, Bill Goldsmith, Jimmy Saville, Brian Epstein and other heterophobics were complicit in enticing boys into sex acts and to parties where they were given drinks and drugs then molested, some boys were still at school and some were the androgynous scooter riding teenage lads on motor scooters called Mods, which the DJs called " nancy boys". Websites such as Vigilant Citizen and Illuminati News show how depraved the pop music scene is with Madona, Lady Ga Ga, Marilyn Manson, Boy George etc. Operation Ore explored this sordid interest into new realms including politics, especially Peter Mandelso ...
Can you spot the two problems with this flawed and trendy post going around the internet? Here, I'll help out a bit... There are two problems with this list as I have seen it floating around the internet for the past year. The Beatles and Steve Jobs were not "failures" that rose up and succeeded by any means… That would imply that they were honest and hardworking - to which the others in this category are actually insulted by such an association. The Beatles were mediocre at best in their beginnings and it wasn't until Brian Epstein took it upon himself to take advantage of his parent's business (a record store) and used their money and resources to con the Beatles out of theirs. Now it can't be said the Beatles were "victims" really because on the day they were to get together to meet about a contract (something I see in my business as a laughed at device and the people in Orange County have very little integrity when it comes to riding the coat-tails of inventors and creators of jobs and opportunity. ...
-The Beatles performed. She was spotted by Brian Epstein.
It was John Lennon who persuaded Brian Epstein to let Cilla audition for him.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Cilla Black’s real surname is White. Local music paper Mersey Beat got her name wrong; manager Brian Epstein told her to keep it.
She says she had a weird brain moment whaur she mixed up beetles and Beatles and thought o' Brian Epstein. Happens a lot...
Ok so been awake ages now. Heard a Brian Epstein dramatisation, fascinating. So far no dangerous manoeuvre instructions from
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