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Brian Epstein

Brian Samuel Epstein (19 September 1934 27 August 1967), was an English music entrepreneur, best known for being the manager of The Beatles until his death in 1967. He had also served as manager for Cilla Black, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Billy J.

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Such an honour to have Freda Kelly with us yesterday, who was employed by Brian Epstein as PA from 1962…
Brian Epstein took the big seed bet George Martin lead series A - D and beyond
Article published in August's - it's my bio of Brian Epstein, 'the man who made the Beatles'…
DanielleMorrill: pt I want to be Brian Epstein
I know the battles Brian Epstein had to face. He died just as homosexuality was legalised. He had so mu…
The Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, suddenly dies of an accidental drug overdose. Shocked & distraught, the Beatles le…
Flashback NYT review: Nowhere Men by Eric Stephenson + & The Fifth Beatle by + ht…
The man behind the Beatles, Brian Epstein had some ace cars inc Radford Minis . Anyone know how to contact his par…
July 9, 1964 - - While "Brian Epstein" is away, thieves break into the NEMS offices - -
July 9, 1964 - - "Brian Epstein"and *** Rowe" are two of judges of a beat music - -
Epstein: "I am responsible for this team being under .500":
Appropriate to remember 2 legends of British pop music who dies in 1967. Joe Meek (record producer) & Bria…
60 percent of people answered this correctly. Can you? not brian epstein.
If it weren't for the Jews (Brian Epstein) there would be no Beatles as we know them.
Epstein: Cubs' 'biggest fixes are inside the clubhouse'. (via ) Told you, nothing by trade
paul admitted that this whole hoax was planned by their manager at the time, Brian Epstein
didn't know then what fame and fortune they would get later thanks to Brian Epstein and George Martin
Their manager, Brian Epstein, was an pedo too. He and Savile attended parties where u…
1999 and the unveiling of the Portrait of Brian Epstein. Neptune…
A hit in '66 by Paul Simon. The band's manager was Brian Epstein who changed their name from The...
X. Brian Epstein's store was famous for having any song asked for. . But when I asked for 'Bash raw Lambs against the vicar',. didn't 'ave it.
High quality, energy, unrivalled skills, uniqueness, and some smart decisions by Brian Epstein.
What's really sad is that this level of spin is coming from Brian Murray, a former newspaper reporter who worked for the…
I couldn't remember when we played this festival so I even had to ring Brian Epstein 😭 then spoke to Ge…
Brian Epstein - still dying for you in Liverpool's linguistic landscape
The Beatles with Brian Epstein and George Martin! Have a great Monday!! 😁✌💕
Last night I read that Brian Epstein was *** & Pete Townshend is bi and I had NO IDEA it made me so happy.
Almost every mention of Rex Makin’s links to Brian Epstein and Beatles is factually wrong in obituary. Shameful…
The 1% appears to be Brian Epstein, for some reason
Milli Vanilli suggest they would have been bigger and better had Brian Epstein chosen them instead of The Beatles.
The Beatles 19th May 1967 'Posing for photographers at Brian Epstein's London home for the launch of Sgt. Peppers'
at Brian Epstein's house, London, for the press launching of "Sgt Pepper", 19th May 1967.
The Sgt Pepper launch party at Brian Epstein's London home, 19th May 1967.
May19,1967 held a launch party at Brian Epstein's house for the release of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Ba…
1967 Press launch for The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album at Brian Epstein's London house. Linda Eastman is kneelin…
On this day in Beatles history. 2015: Syco Entertainment to co-produce Brian Epstein biopic The Fifth Beatle...
To some, there has always been an assumption The Beatles thought of MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR after manager Brian Epstein died. Not true.
You're correct. Beatles were the exception of course. Remember tha…
My friends are looking for a band-manager. If you want to be the next Brian Epstein, or potentially earn £millions, email them 👍
A surprising quote from Brian Epstein in 1963. "“The Beatles are famous because they are good, but they are a ...
Beatles manager Brian Epstein on BBC Radio. Can anyone tell me what is going on in this photo?:
By the way...has Michael Sheen ever played Brian Epstein??
The special screening of The Brian Epstein Story kicks off at 2PM today at Grab your ticket…
Will try & get along, not far from Aylesbury! Be lovely to say hello Andrew. Long time since 'Brian Epstein' 😊
I want to write a spin off of the drama about Brian Epstein 👍🏻
It is in Hamburg where they got Brian Epstein's attention, met Astrid Kirchherr (Stu Sutcliffe's girlfriend) and became friends with Ringo.
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The White Hart on Deane Road,where one Sunday night in May 1964 Beatles' manager Brian Epstein turned up to see the…
Yeah, I see Brian Epstein's death as a turning point personally because of that being where Paul became 'l…
my mum used to buy records in NEMS in Liverpool and was served by Brian Epstein sometimes.
On this day in 1968 Apple Records was formed by the Beatles after the death of manager Brian Epstein. Requests...
what about your Brian Epstein's proyect with Benedict Cumberbatch? Is still going? We need to know.
OTD 19APR1963 The perform at King's Hall in Stoke-on-Trent, for a Brian Epstein "Mersey Beat Showcase". https…
Don't miss a special screening of The Brian Epstein Story this Saturday for - Grab your free ticket
is back w/controversy over new Labor Sec. nominee's involvement in giving sex criminal Jeff Epstein a light…
You missed out his dodgy friendships with central Asian dictators and Brian Epstein ?
Thinking ahead to 2020. I nominate Brian Cashman and Theo Epstein POTUS and VPOTUS in any combination.
The UK at the peak of grooviness. . And then Brian Epstein died. .
That billionaire being Trump's friend and pedophilic middle man Jeffery Epstein
You’ll see the Fab Four through the eyes of their late manager, Brian Epstein, who serves as narrator...…
Brian Epstein penetrated Jon lemon's feminine side, Yoko had to be the husband.
Penny Lane & Strawberry Fields were recorded for Sgt.Pepper but manager Brian Epstein insisted they were released as a Double A side single.
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.Jeffrey Epstein deposition:Have u ever socialized with Trump in presence of females under age of 15? He plead the fifth
.Evidence: a call log from convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein- from Trump around the time of one of the underage sex parties
labor nom oversaw ‘sweetheart plea deal’ in close friend of Trumps underage sex case.
Acosta was involved in the Brian Epstein case. Was a part in his lenient sentence.
Brian Epstein, Paul McCartney, best man at George & Pattie Harrison’s wedding, George's Dad and Mom behind the coup…
the Beatles were recommended to Brian Epstein in the 60s by dad .
Jan24'62 Brian Epstein signs as Mgr; changes attire LeatherJackets to CollarlessSuits,loo…
I love Brian Epstein more rhan I do milk
is a Brian Epstein stan account now /s
"So then I said to Paul & John, "Give my mate Brian Epstein a call." The rest. as they say, is history," - Paul Nuttall
"The Undertakers" still tour. They turned down Brian Epstein offer to manage them in Hamburg so he asked the Beatles instead
When you and Brian Epstein were an item, who was the 'top'?
Just published comments on Brian Epstein's (excellent) The Ant Trap (or check my website):.
📷 Brian Epstein trying on a Beatle wig
An original letter sent to Brian Epstein at NEMS Presentations Ltd, London from Bernard Delfont.
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Original press release for Brian Epstein: The Man Who Made The Beatles, book by Ray Coleman, released in April 1989.
and keep in mind the Beatles had to play a musty old basement bomb shelter. Brian Epstein wandered in one night...
55 years ago today, manager Brian Epstein met with George Martin for the first time, trying to get The a recording contract.
For me, The best TV interviews, always. are the hour-long ones on C-Span, by Brian Lamb. In this one, I discuss my…
February 13, 1966 - - "Brian Epstein" throws a party at 24 Chapel Street, and guests - -
February 13, 1962 - - ßeatles manager, Brian Epstein and George Martin meet for the - -
The Beatles were a boyband isn't even a good 'controversial' take. Brian Epstein, for one, would have agreed with you.
On this date in history. 1962. Parlophone Producer George Martin meets with Beatles Manager Brian Epstein to discuss producing The Beatles.
They were all great, but it was John who had the vision and it was Brian Epstein who painted the picture. ☮️
Here is our "Brian Epstein" (Murphy Martin) in a commercial about Valentines Day.
Feb.11,1965 & Maureen Cox were married at Caxton Hall Registry Office. The best man was Brian Epstein.
This day in 1965 Ringo Starr marries his girlfriend Maureen John and Cynthia, George, Brian Epstein attended Paul was in Tunisia
Awesome pic I see John Lennon Ringo Starr ( Cynthia Powell and Brian Epstein in the background)
it's because he is the Brian Epstein to their Beetles.
"BRIAN EPSTEIN" - - Brian Epstein, in the meanwhile, traveled to London on the train - -
The Beatles played Kansas City OTD 1964. Brian Epstein was offered $150,000 for the show. https:…
it all makes sense... Brian Epstein wanted them to be Martha Wells & introduced them to Little Richard
During their marriage, it was rumored that John and Brian Epstein had an affair when they went to Spain for a holiday.
Thanks so much for your advice, support & story help, Jessica. You're like the Brian Epstein of BikePortland.
(27 September, 1966) Brian Epstein was wheeled to the hospital for an overdose on prescription drugs
Great photo -- they cleaned up nicely, didn't they? Thanks, Brian Epstein.
While EYE'M on the subject, is the Estate and Family of Brian Epstein FINALLY READY to file suit
Ray Coleman's book. Robert Stigwood the day after Brian Epstein "dies". Gottah sign here, boys, sez Stigwood. You KNOW you DIDN'T.
Brian Epstein NEVER the LEGIT agent of the sale of Northern Songs, LTD. to Sir Lew Grade...
1967 August 27th Brian Epstein (the Beatle-Making Prince of Pop) dies following a tragic overdose. He was 32.
August 2, 1965 - - "Brian Epstein". makes it clear to British press that there will - -
The & Brian Epstein at the premiere of A Hard Day's Night the London Pavilion 07/06/64 via
We need more judges like Amber Wolf. Please cue Sebastian Vettel-Brian Orakpo!
Royal Commissioner Brian Martin resigns, saying "disingenuous and ill-informed" commentary has undermined his po…
Brian Matusz start not an overly great baseball decision, but Epstein & Co. trying to entice a team in a possible trade.
Their manager is a guy named Brian Epstein, so maybe get in touch with him?
Here promote this and like brian epstein you get place in history Here. Best when consumed with high
When did Brian Cashman turn into Theo Epstein?! The most exciting the Yanks farm has looked since I can remember!
They get, you know, whatever they want from their earnings, and their earnings go into their
Our manager Brian Epstein is travelling to Portmeirion village (North Wales) today with George Martin, to recover from his glandular fever.
Dungeon Master Brian Epstein: "Your sarcasm isn't working on the dragon." John Lennon: "Whose sarcasm should we use?"
Drank too much coffee. Spent the drive home as The Beatles playing D&D. Brian Epstein =DM, Paul= Egg Wizard, Ringo= Barbarian/Healer
With a different manager he would probably still be alive - he should have let Brian Epstein manage him - he was so exploited
Are you sure it isn't Brian Epstein? Sure looks like him and he did used to have mutton chops back in the day.
Who is the guy on the far right that's a spitting image of Brian Epstein? Found on the page. Anyone?
A big crush for a short time when I was 13-14. Didn't last long, should have. Brian Epstein had him but needed better songs.
Today the AG & I announced Brian Martin QC as Royal Commissioner into youth detention in NT ht…
Listening to Commissioner Brian Martin on sounds like Dyson Heydon - already judging himself to be unbiased? .
The Beatles' manager was Brian Epstein. He met them when they were performing in Liverpool.
John Lennon at Brian Epstein’s NEMS office in Whitechapel, Liverpool 19 Feb 1963 (Photo by Michael Ward) h…
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Who wouldn't fancy Brian Epstein? He was tall and handsome and had money and class.
I think I trust Theo Epstein's assessment of prospects more than Brian Cashman's.
Brian Cashman sure does have a knack for edging Theo Epstein, back to when he was the GM of the Red Sox and now with t…
How fascinating to see Brian Cashman helping Theo Epstein
OTD 24JUL1967 Ad appears in the 'Times' signed by the & Brian Epstein, petitioning, legalising marijuana. htt…
📷 mrepstein: Ringo Starr and Brian Epstein, photographed by Robert Freeman as they await the arrival of...
And he's got George Martin and Brian Epstein with him in full agreement.
I don't think branch Rickey was a major-leaguer or Brian Epstein the GM of the Cubs or John Mozeliak,
19May1967: Beatles hold a launch party for "Sgt Pepper" at Brian Epstein's. Linda Eastman is a press photographer
1967: Brian Epstein holds a party to celebrate the release of Sgt Pepper. Also present is Linda Eastman.
Nov 1, 1961: Record store manager Brian Epstein is introduced to the Beatles. 1962: Pete Best is replaced as drummer by…
Liverpool’s Neptune theatre renamed in honour of Beatles manager Brian Epstein. More reasons to visit us!
What Theo Epstein has done building this team is simply amazing. Easily the best/smartest executive in baseball.
So Glad YOU took on the Beatles Movie! Wish you were doing same for "Fifth Beatle: Brian Epstein!"
Holy Grail of Beatles records found after 50 years in Liverpool to sell for £10k
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Another group Brian Epstein got involved with on the Mersey Beat - The Coasters
"I Am the Walrus" was the first studio recording made after the death of the Beatles' manager Brian Epstein in August 1967.
Today in Beatles History (December 3, 1961): Brian Epstein officially becomes the Beatles' manager.
feels the need to blow his own trumpet after being ignored by Brian Epstein &
'The Death of Brian Epstein' one of my
Benjamin Walker does bare sort of a resemblance to Brian Epstein.
Today in 1934, Brian Epstein was born. He became the manager of the Beatles.
Top: A rare Beatles record sold at auction for £77,500 - it was labeled by their legendary manager Brian Epstein
Today in Beatle History in 1965 Brian Epstein took out a lease on the Saville Theatre, Shaftesbury. Avenue, London to present rock shows.
Today in 1961, Manager Brian Epstein met with DECCA to propose signing The Beatles. The band was rejected and went to EMI
I've been doing 'research' on The Beatles since yesterday afternoon. Was going to stop then I stumbled on a random mention of Brian Epstein.
1961. November 9th. At a lunchtime show, Brian Epstein watches the Beatles perform for the first time and is immediately impressed.
THE Fifth Beatle: THE BRIAN EPSTEIN STORY is coming to the small screen!
The Beatles were with the Maharishi when they received news of manager Brian Epstein's death, at age 32, of an accidental drug overdose.
stop flushing cotton buds down the toilet. also look less like an irritating Brian Epstein thunderbird puppet
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there was once that Brian Epstein film going round. I think I got his voice down. Double bill?
A tribute to Brian Epstein; the guy who introduced The Beatles
on the day of George Martin's death, I found myself reminiscing on brian epstein... thought you might relate
TV biopic brings Beatles manager Brian Epstein's life to the small screen - Malay Mail Online
Brian Epstein and George Martin. Manager and Record Producer - two geniuses behind the Beatles via
Mayfair on a sunny Spring day & had to pay a visit to Brian Epstein's pad. The stories this place could tell...
The Lennon Sisters were a spinoff act from the Beatles after they got big. All Brian Epstein's idea
...girls were asking for when Brian Epstein was working in his parents department store and it alerted him to the Beatles!
Brian was a beautiful guy...Brian Epstein, and he was a.. an intuitive theatrical guy and he knew we had something, he presented us well.
Before Julian was born, John and Cynthia kept their marriage secret because Brian Epstein didn't want the girl fans to f…
Brian Epstein introduced them to George and the rest is history, . Thank you Sir George, you could see what the rest couldn't
with manager Brian Epstein taken at the EMI Studios at Abbey Road St John's Wood,...
Today in 1962, Brian Epstein became The Beatles manager. His first directives: "Get haircuts and no more leather jackets"
Fifth Beatle graphic novel about Brian Epstein now being developed as event series by Sonar:
Two: Brian Epstein (their manager) and George Martin (their producer). Pete Best was original drummer, but not a 5th ht…
Goodbye sir George Martin, and i thank you for all your life. Now you can reunite again with Brian Epstein, sir. :) htt…
1965 -In an interview with The New York Times, Beatles manager Brian Epstein predicts that the band will still be popular in 10 years.
Well, I don't know about the dizzy height, but I always thought they were g...
So very sad to hear of Sir George's death. I would question the cover saying he created The Beatles, Brian Epstein did that!
Sorry, favorite beatle for me has to be Brian Epstein. Without him, who knows what would have happened
RIP George Martin. Here's pic of him mid-60s in + Beatles manager Brian Epstein. ht…
Brian Epstein and George Martin, the Fifth Beatle. You will be missed
A look which tells the story of Brian Epstein, the Beatle's long-time manager https…
Brian Epstein organized a concert series with The Beatles, Billy J. Kramer, and more on today's date in 1963.
“Flannery will get you nowhere”, he was not as successful as Brian Epstein. Mersey Beat - Lee Curtis & The All Stars
There would have been no British Invasion without Brian Epstein. Find out why:
Today in 1962, Brian Epstein signed a management deal with The Beatles. - 2 hours of The Beatles with Geoff Lloyd at 10am.
Paul McCartney and Brian Epstein were George Harrison's Best Men at his wedding to Pattie Boyd
Today in Beatles History (August 27, 1967): The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, dies of an accidental drug overdose at his home in London.
Brian Epstein, unhappy with the decision, travelled back to London for further meetings with Decca.
People are always talking about how great Brian Epstein was, but he's the reason billy j Kramer got to stink up the t.a.m.i. Show!
After watching their set at the Cavern Club, Brian Epstein suggests he should manage the [1961].
Today in 1962, Brian Epstein took George Martin to the Cavern Club in Liverpool to see the Beatles.
Today in 1962, Ringo was asked by John & Brian Epstein to join The Beatles. Ringo then gave his current band 3 days notice to replace him.
Brian Epstein is the one that made The Beatles were matching suits and haircuts.
While in Britain, Brian Epstein didn't want to give up the fact that John was married, just so the girls wouldn't lose hope to be with him.
“9 November 1961: Brian Epstein, along with his assistant Alistair Taylor, went to see The Beatles...”
On this day in Music History. Brian Epstein meets The Beatles for the first time. The Liverpool retailer and...
I feel like 'Brian Epstein hears the Beatles for the first time' should be an international holiday
1961 - Brian Epstein goes to the Cavern in Liverpool, ...
Brian Epstein and Alistair Taylor went to see the Beatles play at the Cavern on today's date in 1961 >>
Nonetheless, manager Brian Epstein were ready to finalize the renewal of The Beatles' contract with EMI, which happened in February 1967.
Jon Epstein, Tim Shaffer, Brian Litt and Jenn Hartt at the & Medical Device Event
9 Nov 1961 Brian Epstein first saw the Beatles live, a lunchtime show at the Cavern
Brian Epstein discovered at the Cavern Club on this day in 1961
Hamilton Collection
Today in 1961, after inundated with requests for their songs, Brian Epstein went to a lunchtime gig to see The Beatles at The Cavern.
This day in 1961, Brian Epstein saw The Beatles playing live for the first time at The Cavern. The rest is history.
This day in 1966, fans protested outside Brian Epstein's house demanding the the Beatles perform more live concerts!
Brian Epstein watched the Beatles perform at the Cavern for the first time, 1961.
1961 - Ontdekking van The Beatles door Brian Epstein in de Cavern Club in Liverpool.
yeah I heard that he had some sort of relations with their mgr Brian Epstein
Today In Beatles History (December 9, 1962): Brian Epstein takes George Martin to the Cavern to see the Beatles live for the first time.
Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Brian Epstein reading a newspaper in Miami, 1964.
Today in 1964 Ringo Starr and Brian Epstein were judges for talent contest Beat Time For Oxfan at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London.
Event: On September 19, 1934, The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, was born at 4 Rodney Street in Liverpool, England
Years before the Beatles, Paul's father, Jim McCartney, bought his first piano from Harry Epstein (Beatle manager Brian Epstein's father).
If you knew anything about Darryl Dawkins, you knew he would go out on the anniversary of Brian Epstein's death.
1967] Gone before his time: Brian Epstein, manager of the Beatles is found dead from an overdose of sleeping...
Beatles Autographs - Neal D posted a photo: Rare set of Beatles autographs including that of Brian Epstein at the ...
In 1964, Beatles manager Brian Epstein met Elvis Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker for the first time, at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
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Brian Epstein was John Lennon's Best Man when he married Cynthia Powell exactly 49 years ago today.
On Aug. 16, 1962, Ringo Starr joined the Beatles after drummer Pete Best was fired by Beatles manager Brian Epstein. h…
Cant believe Cilla Black has died, Brian Epstein would have been devastated on this day
Lionel Bart, Alun Owen and Beatles manager Brian Epstein at the Cavern Club, January 1964
Today in 1966, Beatles fans demonstrated outside Brian Epstein's house demanding the band play more live concerts!
Didn't Brian Epstein want the album cover to be a brown paper bag rather than Peter Blake's collage?
June 2nd, 1965 --- George Harrison and manager Brian Epstein attend the premiere of Beatle director Richard Lester…
Met with Frieda Kelly last night on her documentary as only fan club prez & Brian Epstein's secy.
"Brian Epstein's house, 1967. makes life bearable
NEMS Enterprises, Brian Epstein's management company, announced yesterday that Ringo and his wife Maureen are expecting their first child.
The musical leadership of the Beatles passed from John to Paul with the death of Brian Epstein, but Lennon always remained the true leader.
Brian Epstein talking to Gerry Marsden on a Merseybeat special at Alpha Television Studios, Aston, Birmingham 1963
Brian Epstein's biggest contribution to the Beatles' legacy was his brilliant idea to buy followers.
Like, when the Beatles went to Hamburg, they followed and unfollowed thousands of Germans until Brian Epstein said, "These guys are good!"
Agree with you that there's no consistency to Blue Plaque populism. Example, FM rather than more influential Brian Epstein?
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:: THE BEATLES ::. . Responding to the press regarding the death of Brian Epstein. . .
Some troll from a ghetto park who is smarter than Theo Epstein and Brian Sabean.
George Harrison with Brian Epstein during the recording of "Rain" and "Paperback Writer" promo clips, 1966.
no, Brian Epstein was in creed. Don't you do any research?
"The chief feature of all things Beatle is that they are unprecedented.". -Brian Epstein (A Cellar Full of Noise, 1964)
The Who, and the How: Story about the Who's managers, Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, like Brian Epstein and the Beatles
Foto: mrepstein: Ringo Starr, Brian Epstein and Paul McCartney photographed by Robert Freeman at the EMI...
Today In Music History January 27th: On this day 1956, Elvis Presley's single, 'Heartbreak Hotel' was released by RCA Records, who had just purchased Presley's contract from Sun Records for $35,000. The song sold 300,000 copies in its first week and would eventually sell over a million, becoming Elvis' first Gold record. 1958, Little Richard entered The Oakwood Theological College in Huntsville, where he was ordained as a seventh day Adventist Minister. 1961, Frank Sinatra played a benefit show at Carnegie Hall in New York City for Martin Luther King. 1962, The Beatles appeared at Aintree Institute in Aintree, Liverpool. The group had played here many times before but this was their last performance at the venue. Brian Epstein became infuriated when the promoter paid The Beatles' fee (£15 pounds) with handfuls of loose change. Epstein took this as an insult to the group, and made sure that The Beatles never played for that promoter (Brian Kelly) again. 1966, The Overlanders were at No.1 on the UK singles ...
Breaking Eppy News: After a "Long and Winding Road" which at times has been like riding a "Helter Skelter" !! But now "Team Eppy" find themselves so close to their goal now. It will be announced in the media soon, who will be appearing on the bill for "The Statue 4 Eppy Concert" at The Epstein Theatre" on Saturday 28th Feb - I am pleased to announce, as I know this much at least, that the song and video dedicated to Brian Epstein, entitled "Our Friend" WILL make its PREMIERE on the night at the end of the show. Liverpool will be the FIRST PEOPLE across the World, to see what will be available Worldwide from Monday 2nd March, when the song is released to help raise the funds needed to help erect a statue in Liverpool City Centre, in honour of Mr. Epstein. Watch out for the Liverpool Echo the next few days, to find out who is on the bill. Tickets are available at £20 for a very special one of night of musical history, make sure you get your ticket before it's too late, available from or simply call 0844-8 ...
A young John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles, before Brian Epstein
Vivek Tiwary gives a fabulous presentation on his Brian Epstein & hus bio GN the 5th Beatle at the Core Club
Foto: mrepstein: George Harrison, Brian Epstein and John Lennon at a reception at the British Embassy in...
not sure why Brian Epstein was there bopping his head? Maybe he liked the look of them?😏
1961 - Manager Brian Epstein meets with Decca represen... -
"He may be late, but he'll be very clean." - George Harrison, talking about Paul McCartney to Brian Epstein, in their 1st meeting.
Brian was a beautiful guy, Brian Epstein
The signed their contract with Brian Epstein on 1 October 1962. Start of big time! via
and Brian Epstein is straight up hufflepuff.
Beatles manager "Brian Epstein" first saw the Beatles on November 9th 1961.
Birthplace of Beatles manager marked with plaque - Liverpool Confidential
- 1961 - Manager Brian Epstein meets with Decca r
Kickstart appeal for plaque at Brian Epstein's birthplace at 4 Rodney Street, Liverpool.
Birthplace of Beatles manager marked with plaque | Culture | Liverpool Confidential:
Birthplace of manager Epstein to be marked with plaque | Culture | Liverpool Confidential
28 days! is Brian Epstein, a LHP from Austin, TX. Epstein, a St. Michael's alum spent last season at Clarendon College in Clarendon, TX
recently read a graphic novel on Brian Epstein. Was brilliant. Never knew much about him TBH. Great book.
50 years ago today, Sid Bernstein called Brian Epstein to propose that the Beatles play at Shea Stadium later...
Simon Cowell is a pretty sharp guy, but he's no Brian Epstein. It's backstage where the magic happens
inscribed message to Brian Epstein on the inside cover of 'A Spaniard In The Works' published in 1965.
boys delivered to Freeman’s music shop in East London.Jimmy Savile, Joe Meeks and on occasion Beatles manager Brian Epstein
well you can really tell how much of a mess the Beatles were in without Brian Epstein if you go and watch Magical Mystery Tour
Rock and Roll Almanac for December 23 Today's Rock and Roll Birthdays Iron Maiden guitarist Dave Murray is 58. Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna guitarist Jorma Kaukonen is 74. Mott the Hoople guitarist Ariel Bender is 68. He was also a member of Spooky Tooth and Stealers Wheel under his given name, Luther Grosvenor. King Crimson frontman Adrian Belew is 65. Iron Butterfly drummer Ron Bushy is 73. Sha Na Na singer Johnny Contardo is 63. Today in Rock History In 1957 Chuck Berry's "Rock & Roll Music" peaked at number eight on the pop singles chart. Bobby Helms' "Jingle Bell Rock" broke into both the Top 40 chart and the country chart. In 1959 Frankie Avalon's "Why" hit number one on the Billboard pop chart. In 1961 Beatles manager Brian Epstein brought a Decca Records representative to hear the band perform at the Cavern Club. Their show earned them a formal audition for the company in London the following month. In 1964 The Beach Boys made their first appearance on "Shindig!," performing "Dance, Dance, Da . ...
“The Beatles, Brian Epstein and Neil Aspinall I wonder what move they're planning next?!
December 13, Happy Birthday wishes go out to our Drummer, Jim Beebe!!! Today is 12/13/14. That wont happen again for 100 years! -ATP Today in Beatles History 1961 - The Beatles signed with manager Brian Epstein. 1974 - George Harrison had lunch with U.S. President Gerald Ford at the White House. 1976 - Wings' "Wings Over America" was certified Gold by the RIAA.
ON THIS DAY IN ROCK AND MUSIC: NOVEMBER 3 1955, Elvis Presley's first release on RCA Victor Records was announced. The first two songs ‘Mystery Train’ and ‘I Forgot to Remember to Forget’ had been purchased from Sam Phillips of Sun Records. Elvis was described by his new record company as 'The most talked about personality in recorded music in the last 10 years.' More on Elvis Presley 1956, Guy Mitchell was at No.1 on the US singles chart with his version of 'Singing The Blues', which spent nine weeks at the top of the charts. Two other charting versions of the song were released almost simultaneously with Mitchell's, one by UK singer Tommy Steele (with the Steelmen) and the other by US country singer Marty Robbins. 1961, Brian Epstein invited The Beatles into his office to discuss the possibility of becoming their manager. John Lennon, George Harrison and Pete Best arrived late for the 4pm meeting, (they had been drinking at the Grapes pub in Matthew Street), but Paul McCartney was not with them, ...
Without Suge Knight there'd be no Tupac, without Brian Epstein there'd be no Beatles, without Dame Dash there'd be no JayZ
This Day In Music: October 28th 1956, Elvis Presley made his second appearance on US TV’s The Ed Sullivan Show, where the host presents him with a gold record for ‘Love Me Tender’. 1957, After a show at the Pan Pacific Auditorium in Los Angeles, local police told Elvis Presley that he was not allowed to wiggle his hips onstage, the local press also ran headlines saying Elvis would have to clean up his act. The next night, the Los Angeles Vice Squad filmed his entire concert, to study his performance. 1958, Buddy Holly appeared on *** Clark's American Bandstand, where he lip-synched ‘It's So Easy’ and ‘Heartbeat’. It would be Holly's last major TV appearance. 1961, Raymond Jones went into Liverpool's NEMS Record store trying to buy Beatles records that had been released in Germany. Shop manager Brian Epstein promised to investigate further. 1962, The Beatles played at the Empire in Liverpool, their first gig at Liverpool's top theatre. Eight acts were on the bill including Little Richard, Cr ...
Happening Today! looks like fun Award-winning musical biography of Beatles comes to Campbell on October 20; The Heritage Theatre in Campbell on Monday, October 20 at 7:30 pm. The Milpitas HS String Quartet will perform with the show. Musical retelling of Beatles story through the eyes of manager Brian Epstein featuring the live music of renowned tribute band Abbey Road Tickets are $35 - $45 and may be purchased online at by phone at (408) 866-2700, by fax at (408) 866-2730, by mail or in person at the box office. The box office hours are Tuesday - Thursday from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, Friday from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. The Heritage Theatre is located at Campbell Community Center at 1 W. Campbell Avenue Campbell 95008. There is ample free parking. The show is appropriate for all ages.
Sheridan Smith is absolutely brilliant in Cilla obviously but Ed Stoppard is phenomenal as Brian Epstein too
Brian Epstein, Cynthia Lennon, and Paul McCartney photographed by a swimming pool. ❤️
On This Day in 1964: Brian Epstein barred from party. "Your names not on list" snarls rent a cop
Go and see the fabulous in Epstein - play about Beatles' manager Brian Epstein at Leicester Square Theatre…
ON THIS DATE IN HISTORY 19, 1964: The Beatles kick off first U.S. tour at San Francisco's Cow Palace The Beatles took America by storm during their famous first visit, wowing the millions who watched them during their historic television appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964. But after the first great rush of stateside Beatlemania, the Beatles promptly returned to Europe, leaving their American fans to make do with mere records. By late summer of that same year, however, having put on an unprecedented and still unmatched display of pop-chart dominance during their absence, the Beatles finally returned. On August 19, 1964, more than six months after taking the East Coast by storm, the Fab Four traveled to California to take the stage at the Cow Palace in San Francisco for opening night of their first-ever concert tour of North America. Although in retrospect it would seem a laughable underestimation of their drawing power in America, Beatles' manager Brian Epstein chose venues like the 17,00 ...
(June 3, 1964) when Ringo collapsed from tonsillitis, Brian Epstein and George Martin produce Jimmy Nicol as his replacement.
Today in Rock August Fourteenth Featured Artist Soundgarden Soundgarden Soundgarden’s “Down On The Upside” is certified platinum (one million copies sold). The album was released only two months earlier. 1996 1940's David Crosby of Crosby, Stills & Nash is born. Prior to CSN, Crosby was a founding member of the Byrds. 1941 1950's The Replacements Slim Dunlap is born. He joins the group in '87. 1951 Reading all the negative press regarding Elvis Presley prompts a guy in Washington, D.C. to start the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Elvis Presley. Unfortunately, the Society is unable to help Presley’s film career which is the greatest cruelty of all. 1956 1960's The Beatles The Beatles John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison fire their drummer Pete Best, though it’s manager Brian Epstein who does the dirty work. Ringo Starr steps in. The Beatles line-up is complete. Best had been with the group for two years. 1962 "Help!" is the song in the U.S. It’s also the title track of The . ...
OMG! Just seen my mate wow as Brian Epstein! Amazing play - amazing support from was right - great play!
Trying to get a snooze in before takes to the stage as Brian Epstein.v excited says it's a top show!
George Harrison & Pattie Boyd at their wedding with the best men, Brian Epstein and Paul McCartney (this day 1966) htt…
Nominated for an Emmy today. Grateful to PBS, Need to Know, John Larson, Brian Epstein,Alexandra Nikolchev,...
Various Music Events On July 3 July 3, 1953: Calypso singing sensation Harry Belafonte appears on the cover of Ebony with Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, who star in his latest film -- notable as the first time white and black Americans were featured together on a US magazine cover. July 3, 1956: Returning to Memphis after his disastrous Steve Allen Show appearance, Elvis Presley meets Gene Vincent at Pennsylvania Station in New York and congratulates him on his success with the Elvis soundalike hit "Be-Bop-A-Lula." July 3, 1965: Marking the end of an era, TV singing cowboy Roy Rogers bids farewell to his trusty horse, Trigger, who passed away at the ripe old age of 33. The animal is stuffed and put in Rogers' museum. July 3, 1967: Brian Epstein's NEMS Enterprises, who are handling the Monkees' first UK tour, hold a party for the group at London's Speakeasy Club, featuring Beatles John, Paul and George along with their girlfriends/wives. Also in attendance: Dusty Springfield, The Who, Procol Harum, Manfred M ...
Brian Epstein was honored by the UK Heritage Foundation with a "Blue Plaque" on the site that housed the London offices of his NEMS Enterprises company from 1964 until shortly after his death in 1967. At the ceremony, a statement by The Fifth Beatle writer / producer Vivek J. Tiwary was read by Vicki Michelle: "Brian Epstein orchestrated and protected the Beatles’ legacy with a passion and persistence unprecedented in the history of rock and roll. Thanks to his efforts, the world was given the Beatles—and pop music was soon elevated into an art form. But totally apart from The Beatles and the business, Brian Epstein’s story filled me with hope and possibility, in much the same way I suspect the Beatles did for him. I was once a misfit kid of Indian origin, running around New York City’s lower east side in the 1990’s, dreaming about writing graphic novels and producing Broadway musicals, concerned that my dreams were impossible, and I too unlikely a person to realize them. Then Brian Epstein’s ...
Tributes to Brian Epstein read out at the celebration lunch yesterday Paul McCartney: I know Brian would have been very proud to think that he had earned a Blue Plaque in the West End of London. He played a very important role in guiding the career of us Beatles and more than that he was a lovely man whose friendship we all valued and who I will always remember with great fondness. Congratulations, Brian. Love from Paul McCartney. Ringo Starr: He started like we did. He didn't know the game, neither did we, really. We knew how to play, and he tidied us up and moved us on. He ran a record shop in his father's furniture company, heard about us, or heard about them, I wasn't even with them then; he went down to the Cavern and decided to be a manager. And he was very good. Love and peace. Ringo George Martin: Brian Epstein and I were very good friends from the word go, and we liked each other a lot. We sort of ran The Beatles together but he left the music to me and gave me enormous encouragement. The Beatles ...
Press Release on the Brian Epstein plaque unveiling: Just a reminder that the Beatles Coffee Shop is one of the 'Fab Four Partners' of Brian Epstein - the Man that Made the Beatles and that we are offering you £5 off tickets for the previews. To claim your discount use the code fabpartner1404 when booking. EPSTEIN ACTOR ANDREW LANCEL ‘HONOURED’ TO UNVEIL Blue Plaque TO CELEBRATE LIFE OF BEATLES’ MANAGER _ TV and stage actor Andrew Lancel joined special guests in London yesterday (Sunday, 29 June), to unveil a prestigious Heritage Foundation Blue Plaque to celebrate the life of Beatles’ Manager, Brian Epstein. The invite was particular poignant for the Southport actor who resumes the role of Brian in the play Epstein: The Man Who Made the Beatles, when the production opens in London’s West End at the end of July. The Blue Plaque was unveiled at Sutherland House, 5/6 Argyll Street, next door to the London Palladium. This was the base of Epstein's company NEMS Enterprises, which occupied offices . ...
Another sold out show, this time it was at Jesters in Chester NY. I wanna thank Walt Popailo for putting it together. I wanna thank *** & Fred for once again crushin on stage, and bein the dear friends that they are. I wanna thank my manager Russell Best who has been my Brian Epstein. I wanna thank Kevin James for givin me "a break" I wanna thank Lucy, Michael, & Victoria for keeping me humble Most of all I wanna thank my fans, the greatest fans a comedian could ask for. The loyalty and love I've been getting is truly heartfelt. I don't know what the future has in store for me, but as long as u guys are with me, I'm ready for whatever comes my way 😘
Brian Epstein was the cutest Beatle real talk... too bad he liked dudes.
Brian Epstein, Neil Aspinall, Ringo Starr, a local optician, John Lennon and George Harrison selecting some new glasses inside the Tokyo Hilton, 1966. Photos by Robert Whitaker.
"Ringo Starr and Brian Epstein arrive at Sydney airport. The pair missed the early part of the Beatles’ Australian tour because Ringo had his tonsils out, 14 June 1964. Sydney Morning Herald. Picture by FRANK BURKE"
QUESTION OF THE DAY!: JUNE 10TH, 2014 By TBU Editor - Albert Pritchard. Derek Taylor, who had worked with Brian Epstein and The Beatles, became the publicist of the Monterey International Pop Music Festival in June of 1967. Tom Wilkes was hired as art director, David Wheeler as head of security. A Board of Governors was established that consisted of: Donovan; *** Jagger; Jim McGuinn; Terry Melcher; Andrew Loog Oldham; Alan Pariser; Johnny Rivers; Smokey Robinson; Brian Wilson, John Phillips and Lou Adler and. Which BEATLE? Answer Tomorrow Same Beatle Time (If Possible) and Station! Yesterday's Question: "Funny, really, 'cause I'd never thought of it, but being middle-aged and old takes up most of your time, doesn't it?" Where is this quote from, Who said it, and Who was it said too? Congratulations to Bernie Oliver (on both pages), Hetty Cassutto Haden, Linda Eleanor Rigby Robbins, Tim Gallagher, Heather Conway, Joyce Maie, Joanne Di Palma Bartley, Kelly Mccartney, Marie Henke, Rosanne Donow, Lindsey Por ...
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