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Brian Deane

Brian Christopher Deane (born 7 February 1968 in) is an English former professional footballer who played as forward from 1985 until 2006. He was the scorer of the first ever goal in the English Premier League whilst playing for Sheffield United.

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Brian Deane scores the first ever Premier League goal as Sheffield United go on to beat Man Utd 2-1 in August 1993! https:/…
Brian bloody deane blast from the past Dean o
"Brian, you certainly are not going to edit photos with your voice"—deniers. "You will"—Adobe photoshop. htt…
I remember George Graham telling Brian Deane to get nasty in order to lead the line. Monk done the same to Wood?
Also impossible to go out in Leeds without being mobbed by Brian Deane fans!
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Hughes coaxes Brian Deane out of retirement.
Wright won the golden boot in 92 but he decided to take Brian Deane to Euro 92 instead.
No Hall of Fame for Brian Deane today! Thanks for voting:
Hall of Fame? Brian Deane played 87 games from 1998-2001 scoring 18 goals. Vote or
ZERO. waste of money ... so effective with Brian Deane at Sheffield .. came to Notts and did zilch ...
Andy Cole, Brian Deane, Jon Stead, Younes Kaboul and Louis Saha? Can't think of a 6th one
Did Brian Deane score at the SoL for us?
Andy Cole, Brian Deane and Jon Stead is all I can think of.
I wouldn't be looking to oppose. Leeds could have Brian Deane and Lee Chapman up top and still get backed now.
I can name you 1st. Brian Deane vs Later sold to Leeds for £3m the same week we got Eric for £1.2m. The rest,…
he was hardly a legend for them lol . Not like Brian Deane or Morgan.
Brian Deane was doing well with Sarpsborg before being let go.. Bradley ofcourse busy elsewhere now. Bielsa? 😉
first words to me: "I can't take anyone seriously whose football club are spending £3m on Brian Dean…
no mention of Brian Deane as best at heading the ball, the bloke was lethal!
Brian Deane aside, I never quite understood why they kept those shorts for two years...
Boro splash out £3m to sign ex-England targetman Brian Deane from Benfica despite medical showing he…
Deane Ogden and Brian Ralston put out another fantastic Scorecast podcast. Where's "scoring" to picture going?.
I'll be appearing in Hawaii at the following event- One Night Only with Brian Evans - - on Dec.…
Steve Froggatt, Gavin Peacock and Tony Daley in midfield with Stuart Ripley and Chris Kiwomya supporting Brian Deane up top
fans are picking their all time best XI. At No. 9: Dean Spink, equivalent to England fans voting for Brian Deane
Brian Deane scored a hat trick for Sheffield United against Ipswich Town on the 16th January 1993
At boys football training. So far the parents have compared kids to Messi, Michael Owen, Alan Clark and Brian Deane.
Brian Deane. There's only 8 inc Defoe from what Ive seen.
Brian Deane? That's the extent of my brain matter used so I'm out lol
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Brian Deane's spell at West Ham was something I had completely forgotten about!
Brian Deane scored the first goal in the Premier League for Sheffield United against Manchester United after 5 minutes on 15 August 1992.
Brian Deane must be one of the names that had scored in his first 3 Prem games
(at the SDMS bus drop off on the Silas Deane Hwy)
..Today Leicester in Champions League draw while sit bottom of Maybe selling Brian Deane was not the best idea!
I'd be happy with Brian Deane at the minute
Best player played with at No brainer...
Here's Deano's fav goal. More quick fire questions for the legend here
Christhian Lamb Stewani. Brian Deane (black pudding). Luke Wiltshire ham and egg pie
Video: Do you know what Brian Deane's favourite goal for is?.
Star: Video: Sheffield United legend Brian Deane on his favourite goal, favourite player, toughest opponent and more /cmlink/video-sheffiel…
Lost: We have lost Brian. He is my daught... | Taunton Deane Services |
he was useless for Leeds,Brian Deane is the man mate
Brian Deane scored a hat trick for Leeds United against Queens Park Rangers on the 20th November 2004
good job the net isn't wearing a boro top as Stuani wouldn't of hit it!. great finishes but his passing is up there with Brian deane
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ON THIS DAY in 1999 defeated 1-0 in the at the Riverside Stadium with a BRIAN DEANE goal.
The interview with Curbishley is on iTunes along with last week's chat with Brian Deane: https…
in '92, the first games were played with Brian Deane scoring the first goal
To follow up the Alan Curbishley and Brian Deane interviews, next week for us is an ex-Newcastle cult hero
being aBlade I'm afraid it was Brian Deane , not to take anything away from this RIP
Brian Deane and Tony Agana finish the song off guys
My real answer would be three Cannavaros, two Gilardinos, one Brian Deane... and Michael Brown
just scored a goal that Brian Deane would've been proud of. Nodding in a floated cross under pressure. There's no hope for any of us.
We'll be speaking to ex-Sheffield United and Leeds striker Brian Deane in the next couple of weeks. Send us in any que…
InConversation with Brian Deane: This episode of InConversation features writer/director/prod...
The latest podcast episode of InConversation is with writer/director/producer Brian Deane
That was Brian Deane on Paul Ince levels of outside the box.
Brian Deane scored the first ever Premiership goal for Sheffield United vs Manchester United on the opening day of the 1992/93 season.
I agree Brian Grimes. Excellent example of courage and humility.
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our BRIAN DEANE Conundrum. Nice one!
Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to... ~Brian Tracy . htt…
Brian's Deane and dean holdsworth have more.
Brian Deane on Irish film funding, Oscars and Berlin: Ahead of Sunday’s celebration of Irish Short Films in Lo...
We spoke to Brian Deane ahead of his Irish Film screening for .
I've always said I can play up top and tonight just proved it caused nothing but havoc all night! Like a young Brian Deane 😮
Gary Mac, Brian Deane and the one and only TORE ANDRE FLO
5/5/90 It was always going in just a matter of when - Brian Deane
could have Rade Prica and Brian Deane leading the line
That link is Brian remixing apologize 😂 ignore the girl at the beginning he comes in and sing…
Lol Brian used to send me this picture all the time 😂😂😂
Comhghairdeas Brian Deane of His film Blight won at Fantasporto Film Festival in Portugal. Dowtcha boy!
Sheffield United's Brian Deane scores the first ever goal in the Premier League against Manchester United 1992/93 https:/…
It's so weird seeing "rip Brian" like just seeing his name after rip is just crazy to me
Sheffield Utd’s Brian Deane scored the first goal in the English Premier League history.
Get Adkins gone today and step Brian Deane up for the remainder of the season
All purpose parts banner
I expect another three or four episodes on Lucas Radebe, David Hopkin and Brian Deane
Deane Burdette meet the homies Darian King Dadoo Moore and Brian DjSoundeffects Fields
oh and Brian Deane is having a medical.
that was revenge for this game! My first game, Brian Deane scored and car got broken into!
2 great goal scorers. Brian Deane scored the first ever prem goal as well
more like big Brian Deane and Akinbiyi in their Leicester days
Blades legends Brian Deane and Tony Agana will launch the first of a series of 'An Evening With' events.. via
Does he rank with the A-League's biggest flops? Romario, Jardel, Brian Deane, Fabio Ribero, Michael Mifsud
If we make a signing today I'll have Brian Deane tattooed on my *** x
Here I am perfoming Bob Marley with Quintin Jitsvinger Goliath at Cape Town festival. Jits on guit and vox, Brian...
- The First English Premiership goal was scored by Brian Deane of Sheffield United.
8am Medical. The doc asking me about Sheff United. I laid on bed in my undecrackers getting tests done as he spoke of Brian Deane & Cup runs
Helped Hunter get a "deal" on Champ Man by taking his laptop, selling Brian Deane for £9k & buying Peter T…
Another factor could have been replacing Batty and Cantona with Carlton Palmer and Brian Deane?
is there a vine of Brian Deane scoring against Liv @ Bramall Lane after Grob went walkabout & lost the ball?
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ridiculous mate best performance I'd seen was Brian Deane's 4 vs QPR
Sheffield United striker Brian Deane scored the. very first goal of the Premier League era in. August 1992
the first was scored by Brian Deane of 👍
Hall of Fame? Brian Deane played 169 games from 1993-2005 scoring 38 goals. Vote or
Aged 11 I memorised the fact that Sheffield United's Brian Deane scored the first EPL goal as a pub quiz fact. Tonight it proved useful!
Hall of Fame? Brian Deane played 52 games from 2001-2003 scoring 19 goals. Vote or
the boy could play a bit. Mind you, I'd have looked good next to Brian Deane!
I like the Blades watched them as a kid when htafc were away in the days of Vas Borbokis, Brian Deane, Paul McGrath Fjortoft
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble BRIAN DEANE in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
Can you remember Boro playing Real Madrid in 2000 we lost 2-1 Brian Deane scored.No one else I know remembers
what's the chances Brian? Help support meaningful change and assist a fellow Deane?
Last time Leeds scored 6? QPR at home in 2004 I believe, Brian Deane foursome in a 6-1 win. Surprised Leeds didn't score 6 in the L1 days
It's good to see Brian Deane back at Bramall Lane, working with the strikers of our Academy. Wonder if he can do anything with the 1st team?
Blades hero Deane back at Lane: Sheffield United legend Brian Deane has joined the Blades’ coaching team.
Brian Deane back at Flannel lane after his successful managerial career eh 😰
The people of Norway are amazed Brian Deane hasn't got another job yet. Most talented coach out there!
Think it's gonna be a cracking evening -- "legends such as Brian Deane, Tony Agana, Simon Tracey and Ian Bryson."
I'm surprised hasn't thrown Brian Deane out there. 3 caps no goals but what a player...
I'd rather bring back Brian Deane from retirement.
Brian Deane for new Doncaster rovers manager!
Got to love all the kids bothering Brian Deane for pictures. Posed with them all though.
"That English man.." Supporter praises ex Brian Deane assistant for his work for Viking
Brian Deane in that shirt scoring the first ever Premier League goal, against Man U too.
she's got Brian Deane's head in that pic.
When I die I wont be so keen. Im gonna go on the *** with Brian Deane
didn't know Brian Deane was still turning out after Osama started being a worky ticket, makes you think
Taylor wasted him.After winning the golden boot in 92,he chose Brian Deane ahead of him for Euro 92.Couldn't handle him.
big shout. What about the Graham Taylor team with Brian Deane in it
Kris Boyd joined Brian Deane as a forward who did score more than five for but never more than one in a single game.
I was George once in the old Burswood Dome for a fishing expo with Brian Deane in the middle of summer. Cooked me
Julian Gray vs Leeds in FACup, Dermot Gallagher ref, Brian Deane vs us for SUFC, & a few others come to mind!
" Brian Deane, Tony Agana , bibbity bobbity boo. Put em together and what have you got?. Top of division 2"
Brian Deane. Both a guilty please and a first name for a last name!
ill raise you seth johnson,jay bothroyd and Brian Deane
Ex manager and legend Brian Deane at the Diploma in Manag…
I thought they should have given Brian Deane a go pal!
Think the blades should interview warnock brian deane,morgan or adkinsfor job any of these I would be happy with
A1. Brian Deane, against Manchester United (only points if you got both parts correct)
Brian Deane v Please give me prize. In we trust
2. Brian Deane. Appointed as Sarpsborg 08 manager in Nov 2012. Sacked after finishing 8th in 2014. Wants to continue his career in Norway.
Cork Filmmaker Brian Deane talks about Céad Ghrá & short filmaking on RTE 1 (51.40 secs in)
Brian Deane for me! I've taken the liberty of asking him if he's interested! Over to you Deano!
Correct answer goes to Brian Deane was the first Premier League Goalscorer in there 2-1 win over Manchester United.
that'll be because of the £25,000 I put on Parkinson to get job! Oh and the 25p I put on Brian Deane after said to
Always nice when we see a picture of Leeds Utd scoring against Scum. Here Brian Deane celebrates on Christmas Eve.
On our 51st episode of the SCOREcast Podcast Show, Deane and Brian open up the floodgates to questions from...
How's about Brian Deane for the vacant job ???
*BREAKING* Brian Deane spotted at Toby Carvery, Snaresbrook chatting to over a Gammon and chips
Sources tell me former boss Dean Saunders, Brian Deane and Leam Richardson are under consideration to become the next b…
Liverpool's Neil Ruddock challenges Brian Deane of Leeds United back in '94.
pmsl why did Leeds sell cantona chapman and batty and replace them with Brian Deane, frank strandli and Carlton Palmer
we'd turn Lionel messi into brian deane
If not Brian Deane in all positions, the PFA has lost all credibility.
Brian Deane. Never deserved that England call up imo
The incredibly attractive Matt Roche and Brian Deane, guest speakers at the Celtic Media Festival. Amazing few...
Brian Deane: "I don't think England will ever produce a player like Lionel Messi."
You'll never see Sean Bean at the end of one of his films or see Sheff U beat us again you daft Brian Deane lovin dog
Not sure pal, i don't follow many of them. Of the old guard Brian Deane is very active, as is Curtis Woodhouse
The Journey begins - Off to the Carolina Cup with Ginny Walters, Lynne Nagy, Brian Willse, and Rusty Deane. I...
Brian Deane scored the first ever Premier League goal against Manchester United!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Brian Deane & David Hirst on what makes a good ref. on a good week too.. via
Didnt know my main man Brian Deane was in FIFA 15..
It's the kit from 1992-94 Brian Deane 1st ever Premiership goal.
Brian Deane offers some insight into the debate on black football managers?
Let's just get brian Deane and rod Wallace back too
Ireland banned the 'Life of Brian'. Did "we" hate the freedom of the west? Are Muslims a "we" or "they"?
when Brian Deane came back to and netted 4 against QPR, what a machine!
Some views on Hibs new boy Franck Dja Djedje from his old boss Brian Deane as Alan Stubbs lines up a new-look attack
start a petition! June sarpong day should be a world wide holiday Brian Deane day should just be those that apprechiate him
I like there style! We need a June Sarpong Day and a Brian Deane Day!
Check my interview with Brian Deane please RT.
Brian Deane not surprised former team mate Mark Schwarzer is still a fit and able goalkeeper at the age of 42.
Brian Deane on Mark Schwarzer 'he's good' cheers Brian👍
Christ, who invited Brian 'good' Deane onto the airwaves!?
We'll be joined by Brian Deane on the Football Forum tomorrow. He played with Mark Schwarzer at Middlesbrough.
domain names
Kilgallon, Healy and Woods all in the Leeds side too (as was goalscorer Brian Deane).
Actually I've just checked - it was under McCarthy in 04, we lost 3-2 at home. Lennon, Brian Deane and Julian Joachim scored.
Brian Deane: "We used to call Tony ‘The King’. It was an absolute privilege to play with him."
Brian Deane on Mark Schwarzer & Josh Rubin from the are amongst the guests on tonight's Football Forum. Join us from 6pm.
Check my interview with Brian Deane please RT
Brian Deane, Jamie Jones-Buchanan, Nicola Adams - to be Leeds is to be proud of how migration over generations has made our city great
ON THIS DAY: 10 years ago today, Brian Deane scored four goals in a 6-1 win over QPR at Elland Road.
Brian Deane will be Lufc boss one day coz he's out there grafting & making a difference..
Brian Deane finished as Sarpsborg 08 manager. One of our future managers I hope.
Deano has finished at Sarpsborg 08. Bound for England? I hope so. Wonder if it's Wednesday? I hope not! Who needs a good manager right now. Leeds?
Jimmy Hagan . Joe Shaw. Tony Currie. Alan Woodward. Brian Deane. Dave Bassett. Just 6 names off my head more deserving of their own stand.
Anyone have any clue who Redders has lined up number 2? My first choice would be Brian Deane. Did a fantastic job at Sarpsborg.
Should really be the Dane Whitehouse Stand or the Alan Kelly Stand. Or how about the Brian Deane Stand?
Not sure why Ennis had a stand named after her before Brian Deane anyway
as in the year 1994? Would have been Brian Deane at home to Crewe!
Little Giant Ladders
Charlie Webster's in the news today. Here's an interview from the Cutter vaults on her love for and Brian Deane
Blues goalie Brian Elliott honors troops from Canada and U.S. with armed forces-themed mask.
Brian Deane finished 8th (out of 16) with Sarpsborg in Norway, with the smallest budget in the league. I'd call that a success
Remember when Souness went to Benfica and signed Steve Harkness, Gary Charles, Brian Deane, Mark Pembridge & Dean Saunders?
"Impossibly trying to strive for perfection will only distract you from the good things in life" -Brian Hoff
Shout for number two job at leeds ... Brian Deane ! Man has been a class act at Sarsborg and a fan favourite
that's true 😏 thanks cuz! I think I'm missing Kath, Deane, Brian, and Jen too much!
I'd seriously have former Sheff Utd & Leeds striker Brian Deane as England manager. Currently manages Sarsborg 08, they're easy on the eye.
Great achievements by Brian Deane & Bob Bradley to lead their teams to safe mid-table finishes. No right to be there with those squads.
Sarpsborg +139 is a winner, 3-1 day. Brian Deane gets the win in his final game as Sarpsborg boss 👍
Thank you and good luck, Brian Deane! @ Sarpsborg Stadion
LATEST: Sunderland 1 Everton 0. SEB LARSSON scores the 23,000th goal in Prem history - 22 years after Brian Deane scored the first.
Gonna let Brian Deane win me some money before he fades in the Norweigan sunset!
Referees tonight are Darcy Vink and Clint Campbell with linesmen Brian Pearson and Craig Deane
Brian Deane's last game as Sarpsborg manager tomorrow. Best of luck to tomorrow! Go out a winner
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we could do with Brian Deane coming back lol
Brian Deane and David Hirst oh how Sheffield football could do you with right now :-(
Let's start churning out the answers to our quiz...starting with who was the first-ever goalscorer in the Premier...
Sarpsborg 08 boss Brian Deane keeps a watchful eye on his team.
On the 17th of September 1988 Brian Deane and Tony Agana both scored a hat-trick against Chester City.
I just saw that...easy to forget he wasn't a tap in merchant! England well we had Alan Smith, Brian Deane and David Hurst!
Could not be happier to be amongst these shorts for Eamonn Cleary, Brian Deane.
to be fair if you compare Brian Deane and Tony Agana to Bob Booker and Vinnie Jones, Bassett did have a point!
one of the players he believed in is now a manager, Brian Deane.
Brian Deane is the manager of Sarpsborg in the Norwegian top division. By far the best football fact I've learnt for a while.
Do you think Phil Gartside reads this discussion? Give Brian Deane a contract lasting out this season.
A long shot, Brian Deane has success in Norwegian top league with a poor team, though he continually has had to sell best players.
Sinead Kavanagh from Swords Express presents Best Fingal Newcomer Award to director Brian Deane for his short...
we got them all, anomalies were Scott Minto, Brian Deane, Matt Derbyshire & Michael Thomas
when did we last talk about Brian Deane?? Lol
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you lot don't shut up about Brian Deane
There was also Steve Harkness! And the Welsh Mark Pembridge... Not good memories, of any of them except the mighty Brian Deane!
Joe Cole played for Lille. Scott Minto and Brian Deane played for Benfica
fair play... I had these 10. Never would have got Brian Deane or Scott Minto
Along with Brian Deane and Michael Thomas. Sourness was manager
Beckham, Woodgate, Owen, Hargreaves, Joe Cole, Mcmanaman, Scott Minto, Brian Deane, Matt idea who the last one is.
This is just like when West Ham had Brian Deane, Bobby Zamora and Marlon Harewood
Tony Currie & Brian Deane have also made that move!
Selling Cantona for £1.3m and replacing him with Brian Deane (£2.9m) and Carlton Palmer (£2.6m) was pretty decent.
hat trick? Never ever forget Simon Walton's & Brian Deane's contributions to that top day.
thanks for voting Brian Deane into our Hall of Fame!
Billy Whitehurst pinning Razor Ruddock against the wal at half time for kicking Brian Deane.
statistics from 19 seasons, from the most to least, youngest to oldest, fastest to longest, and just plain best. 5 minutes – time of first-ever Premier League goal, scored by Brian Deane for Sheffield United v Manchester United on 15 August 1992 10 seconds – time of the fastest goal, scored by Ledley King for Tottenham Hotspur v Bradford City in December 2000 6 seconds – fastest goal by a substitute after coming on – Nicklas Bendtner for Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur in December 2007 16 years 271 days – youngest top flight scorer – James Vaughan for Everton v Crystal Palace in April 2005 40 years 268 days – oldest scorer – Teddy Sheringham for West Ham United v Portsmouth in December 2006 17 goals as a substitute – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for Manchester United 3 goals scored by goalkeepers – Peter Schmeichel for Aston Villa v Everton in 2001, Brad Freidel for Blackburn Rovers v Charlton Athletic in 2004 and Paul Robinson for Tottenham Hotspur v Watford in 2007 38 goals scored by a defender ...
Phil Masinga netted twice as Leeds United defeated Queens Park Rangers and ended a run of four Barclays Premier League matches without scoring. The South African international striker, who hit an eight-minute hat-trick in an FA Cup replay win over Walsall seven days earlier, was on target along with David White and Brian Deane as Leeds moved up to seventh. The defeat, QPR's second in successive matches, dropped the Londoners nearer to the relegation zone. Leeds began the match with new signing Tony Yeboah on the bench. He watched on as Masinga opened the scoring by heading in Nigel Worthington's corner from six yards on the half hour mark for Leeds' first Barclays Premier League goal since 17 December and first at Elland Road since the week before that. No sooner had the drought ended than the floodgates opened and White sidefooted in the second after good work by Gary McAllister and Gary Speed. Either side of half-time, QPR hit back. John Lukic was forced to save from Steve Hodge and Michael Meaker. But ...
Jimmy saville,mel b,Jayne Tomlinson,David batty,Alan Bennett,Brian Deane,Barry cryer,nell mcandrew,gaynor Faye,ellery Hanley,chris moyes,Jeremy paxman,jimmy saville your boys took one *** of a beating your vile animals and remember this county is ours your just a small club and a blot on the landscape
Hi all you Liverpool supporters especially Mark Collett & Adrian Trewhella, I was just reading the brief 21 year history of the Premiership (below) and do you know the word Liverpool appears just once and that was to say United had equaled their total of Championships. Now I realise why you are so bitter and twisted. But feel free to keep taking the *** about our 4 month run of bad results, you've earned it supporting those lot for so long ;). The Barclays Premier League has now been contested for 21 seasons. Every year over the past two decades the players, managers, Clubs and the League have created some great moments and matches that tell the story of a season. 1992/93 The competition is formed as the Premier League, 22 teams compete in the first season. Sheffield United's Brian Deane scores the first goal on 15th August in a campaign that Manchester United go on to win. Premier League grounds are 69.6% full and the season’s aggregate attendance is 9.75m. Premier League turnover is £46m. 1993/94 C . ...
Tony Yeboah, Brian Deane, and thomas brolin. I think.
Tony Yeboah, Tomas brolin and Brian Deane
Tony Yeboah, Brian deane and thomas brolin
cantona - thank god he was in a leeds shirt though. X-LUFC player Brian Deane scored 1st ever prem goal too 4 Sheff Utd
Today in 1995 - Brian Deane scored as Leeds Utd beat Man Utd 3-1 at Elland Road
wasn't that the game where hard men Keane, Bruce and Cantona all had to go off after clashes with Brian Deane. Deano was fine!
Brian player ever!! kept my blades team up on his own!! Ronaldo and of course our boy Bale close.. but deano!!
Steven Pogue Adam O'leary literally just bumped into Brian Deane in Queens Arcade. I was looking in a window, turned a bumped this guy. Said sorry and he said "dont worry have a good Christmas sir" nice guy
Sat watching Fantasy Football Club and Brian Deane has just said Tony Yeboah was the best centre forward in the the world at the time
Darius Vassel, Francis Jeffers, David Nugent, Michael Ricketts or Brian Deane. Who is the worst striker to earn an England cap?
"Watch blades legend on sky Fantasy Football Club loved this. Class!
So excited! Brian Deane and I just scored a patriots party package for the game on the 29th!!! Christmas miracles do happen! :)
youngest player to score in the Premier League is Brian Deane,oldest is Graham Alexander
Jesus, Matt Philips. Brian Deane had a better first touch.
Same sort of thing happened with Brian Deane who took over at promoted Sarpsborg & then kept them up via relegation play offs
Watch blades legend on sky Fantasy Football Club
you doing the voice over on the Fantasy Football Club for brian Deane?
Just seen Brian deane on tv I know there's mixed feelings about his two spells with Leeds what's your thoughts?
Wowzers...Brian Deane is a now a manager in Norway.*fantasy footie show*
The legend Brian Deane on Fantasy Football Club,, the man has surely got to be a future Sheffield United manager
Fantasy Football Club on sky one. Brian Deane picks his best team from players he has played with. Pallister, ziege, ince, juninho, gazza, boksic. Anyone else see a pattern here?
6 out of Brian Deane's Fantasy 11 he played with at Pallister, Ziege, Ince, Gazza, Juninho & Boksic.
Brian Deane picking his 1 to 11. How many players?
Spot on Brian Deane.. It's Team Spirit that wins you games.. You need the talent and individuality but most of all Team Spirit..
Brian Deane, what went wrong at spurs? And who would you pick ?
Brian Deane on TV love and respect to the guy I've always looked up-to him and I wish him all the best in his Norwegian Job.God Bless You
Brian Deane looks like one of those Goons from Popeye!!
How many times has brian deane said erm.
Brian Deane has some absolute belters in his all time eleven. Gazza, juninho, ince, Tony Yeboah, and er, tony agana.   10% Off
Brian Deane is on Fantasy Football Club... Surely Alen Boksic has to be up front?
Brian Deane currently on on SS2. Howard Wilkinson brought him to Leeds to replace Eric Cantona. That went well then...
Brian Deane is on the Fantasy Football Club on sky sports... I don't know who he is either
Brian Deane on the Fantasy Football Club tonight. Looking forward to that. Sure all fans will too
Brian Deane on sky sports talking about how good Boro were with players like Boksic, Juninho, Pallister etc, how times change
just watched Brian Deane on sky there, Leeds legend??
Brian Deane was on fantasy football it's repeated later and tomorrow
Can't believe Brian Deane didn't pick Gary Mac is Dream Team on Happy with the Yeboah shout though. Legend.
Watching Fantasy Football Club with Brian Deane picking his 1to11... Juninho, Boksic, Gascoigne, Pallister etc all Boro LEGENDS
Brian Deane is a fantastic guest and fantastic
Brian Deane on fantasy football puts yeboah up front
Brian Deane fantasy team is a joke no agana Gannon or Bryson ?
Some love for former players fm Brian Deane on tonight
Brian Deane played for 17 managers and he said Alan Pardew gave the best team talks. Really?
Even I tell stories better than Brian Deane.
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same season as Brian Deane, Julian Joachim and Neil Sullivan :) New Lloyds rammed and I mean rammed!
Brian Deane is a legend love to see him play a part in Sheffield United again in the future
Brian Deane saying he is a West Brom and Arsenal fan because of Cyrille Regis and Laurie Cunningham.
Brian Deane on Fantasy Football Club, still not forgiven him for that goal.
Brian Deane at Donny train station, lapped a photo with him!
Teams with owners like Vincent Tan don't deserve to be in the Premier League you cant treat football clubs like a normal buisness! On the plus side brian deane is on Fantasy Football Clube tonight. DEANO!
Happy Retirement to our Quality Assurance Manager: Brian Deane. Best wishes in the future!!
Brian Deane on Fantasy Football Club tonight at 6.
To all out there,tmr night on sky fantasy football at 6 is Brian Deane is the guest...
Here's a clue- it's not Brian Deane, Frank Sinclair or Andy Impey. Good luck!
Big Brian Deane is on Fantasy Football Club at 6 tomorrow night
Today in 1998 - Brian Deane scored as Middlesbrough won 3-2 at Man Utd to go 4th in the Prem
Congratulations to me and Brian Deane...We are the proud aunt and uncle of a new baby girl thanks to David Deane and Melissa Deane!!!
The first goal in history of the Premier League was scored by Brian Deane for Sheffield United.
Brian Deane and Tony Agana proper up front partnership
Altidore rather reminiscent of Brian Deane tonight
Leeds v Birmingham Stats Did you know that we have beaten Birmingham in both League Cup semi final and the FA Cup semi-final. In 1972 we defeated Birmingham 3-0 at Hillsbrouough thanks to goals from *** Jones x2 and Peter Lorimer. In season 95-96 we defeated Birmingham in a two legged semi final in the league cup 5-1 on aggregate. We won 2-1 at St Andrews thanks to goals from Tony Yeboah and an own goal from Chris Whyte and then won the second leg 3-0 thanks to goals from Phil Masinga, Tony Yeboah and Brian Deane. Amazingly our last 5 league games against Birmingham have seen Leeds been managed by 5 different managers. In season 02-03 we were managed by Terry Venables, 03-04 Peter Reid, 06-07 John Carver, 11-12 Simon Grayson, 12-13 Neil Warnock, and then this season Brian McDermott. Just to add a note to that, in our FA CUP tie last season, *** Jones took the reigns as Neil Warnock missed the game due to sickness. There has been 2 red cards in this fixture since 1992. Roque Junior saw red for two yellow . ...
Keith Curle & Razor Ruddock at the back, with Brian Deane up front for certain.
Sol: Black coaches not welcome in EPL 28 September By Reuters London – Former Arsenal and England defender Sol Campbell says he may have to go abroad to further his coaching ambitions as attitudes towards black coaches in England are archaic. Campbell, who began his career at Tottenham Hotspur and went on to win the Premier League at Arsenal, is taking the first steps towards his Uefa A licence and is passing on his knowledge to Arsenal's young players. However, the 39-year-old believes opportunities to move into coaching in England are limited. “I want to start abroad,” he said in an interview in The Guardian on Saturday. “There are no opportunities here for me, not until attitudes change anyway. “Everyone has to ask themselves why there are not more black managers in this country and why the likes of Brian Deane have to go abroad (to Sarpsborg in Norway) to get a chance. “I've spoken to other black players who want to coach and they feel the same, that attitudes here are archaic. I hope and ...
Alan Shearer, Brian Deane, Dalian Atkinson and Teddy Sheringham . All the legends above
rizona State forestry officials confirmed Sunday night that 19 firefighters have died in the Yarnell Hill Fire that has ripped through half of the town, sent residents to Prescott for safety and given the state its biggest ever wildfire firefighter tragedy. “It’s a dark day,” said Mike Reichling, Arizona State Forestry Division spokesman. Reichling said the 19 firefighters were found in an area that also had 19 fire shelters deployed. Some of those found were inside a shelter, which is typically used as a last resort to withstand the fire as it blows over. Some of the crew members were found outside the shelters. Officials said 18 of the deceased were members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots team. It’s unknown what fire crew the 19th firefighter was a member of. The firefighters are part of a team that is typically sent in first to help cut off the fire, Reichling said. “They were up there doing what they normally do,” he said. Reichling expects about half of the town’s 500 homes to be decim ...
I found my old PST file from Origin. Here's a little sample of what I found! bjc   -   From: Cain, BillySent: Friday, June 19, 1998 3:54 PMTo: ML EVERYONE @ OSI; ML EAWORLD @ OSI, PO01; ML EVERYONE @ BALTIMORECc: 'Email - thenuthouse- my home address'Subject: SPAM: Giving Notice   This is not easy (to say the least.)   I've turned in my resignation, effective today. Quite simply, I've been offered a position that I couldn't refuse, and I'm looking forward to it with mixed emotions (scared, reflective, happy, amazed, you get the drift). Origin has been my home away from home for over five and a half years. Wow.   (Please excuse the bad grammar and changes in tense.)   I was one of the first employees when EA bought us, and since I had been trying to get a job here for over a year, I knew exactly what I was getting into. I knew that Strike Commander was going to take a lot longer than EA expected, and I knew that crunch mode was going to be a mantra for years to come. I didn't care. I wanted to b ...
Wow I have the best friends ever! Thanks Brian Ackles, Tricia Ackles, Ilse Ketelsen and family! You rocked tent construction today! I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks Dean Stewart for dinner and drinks!
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