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Brian Butterfield

Brian James Butterfield (born March 9, 1958 in Bangor, Maine) is the current third base coach and infield instructor for the Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball team.

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Everytime I see Jacob Butterfield play, I'm disappointed it's not Brian Butterfield.
Thought someone had created a Brian Butterfield rip off, but then I noticed the blue tick.
There is a comically boring looking man that I can regularly cycle past on my way to work. He looks like a skinny B…
im saying pizza like Brian Butterfield would
Helmer only a hair's breadth away from going full Brian Butterfield there.
Sliding into his DMs like Brian Butterfield waving u home
Cubs front office must have been hungry while deciding who they should hire. Chili Davis and Brian Butterfield now part of…
Brian Butterfield and Chili Davis leave Red Sox for Cubs staff
hired Chili Davis and Brian Butterfield, going with no home runs and getting thrown out a home plate strategy
. make major additions to coaching staff: Chili Davis as hitting coach and Brian Butterfield as third base coach.
mistakenly hire Chili Davis and Brian Butterfield after a front office member confused their choice of coaches with a grocery list.
Brian Butterfield and Chili Davis have been hired by the Cubs.
coaches departing in droves. Cubs have hired Brian Butterfield and Chili Davis
And now the Cubs have hired Red Sox third base coach Brian Butterfield and hitting coach Chili Davis.
Cubs hire former Red Sox coaches Brian Butterfield and Chili Davis to staff
Brian Butterfield, Chili Davis leave Red Sox for new coaching jobs
today named Chili Davis as hitting coach and Brian Butterfield third base coach. Andy Haines was promoted to assistant hitt…
who had Brian Butterfield being the first person on the Red Sox to be ejected?
We know warmer weather is coming when we get to talk baseball (and Patriots) with Sox coach Brian Butterfield:.
I imagine, and it helps to imagine Brian Butterfield being one, that most people hate architecture school because it can't look certain ways
[Boston Herald] Drellich: Red Sox third base coach Brian Butterfield willing to go deep for Patriots
My local surgery's on call recordings sound like a Brian Butterfield infomercial.
"Brian Butterfield Saturday is Treat Day dinner plate" by kevcraven - just FP'd:
Brian Butterfield would make a better prez than Trump. (1/2)
this president breaks the precedent, Brian Butterfield is electable. "MAKE BRITAIN INCREBIDLE"
Sox name Gary DiSarcina the new bench coach.He comes with good reputation but people around here were hoping Brian Butterfield would get it
Hey, can Brian Butterfield run for Prime Minister? He represents all of our society.…
is Brian butterfield into politics perchance?
Maine native and .3B Coach Brian Butterfield hitting infield!
Reminds me of the Brian Butterfield Diet Plan - "Saturday is treat day"
But.but...but...Brian Butterfield is the best blah,blah, blah in the business.
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He should have just gone on the Brian Butterfield diet plan
if you don't think Brian Butterfield is the funniest thing on the internet we can't be friends
Can Farrell or Brian Butterfield tell Hanley to keep his foot on 1B for a 1/2 a second instead of a 1/10? Going to cost them soon
The staff is loaded where's Brian Butterfield
In reality Brian Butterfield, but that would make sense.
Brian Butterfield’s work with Hanley Ramirez has been unbelievable. Underrated. He turned Bogaerts into a strong SS, Hanley into a solid 1B.
With almost anyone else in CF, Brian Butterfield sends Chris Young there. But not with Kevin Kiermaier. Bases loaded.
Brian Butterfield on the battlefield, can't wait!
and Lovullo will be the manager with Brian Butterfield staying.
saw these and thought of Brian Butterfield
This was me, Brian Butterfield. Six months ago before starting my diet plan.
There are two coaches wearing Lovullo, No. 17 jerseys right now. One is Torey Lovullo, the other is Brian Butterfield. Crazy kids
The odd twist in the Sandoval Supper Story is that he hired and kept a fdietician/chef and Brian Butterfield says "he's clearly lighter on
.An extended list would lead off with him, Brandon Morrow, Danny Valencia, Reed Johnson & Brian Butterfield.
Rufus Johnson, Trey Flowers and Dion Lewis. 3 Patriots 3B coach Brian Butterfield is very high on. So bank it they're making the team.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Does Brian Butterfield have $ on ? He waved Big Papi home from 2nd on base hit to left with 0 out. Cespedes nailed him easily
What is it with Brian Butterfield and waving runners who can't run around to home?
So are you upset with Brian Butterfield, LOL? It was his call.
I think Brian Butterfield is going senile
I hardly question Brian Butterfield, but why are you sending Ortiz there?
*** is wrong with you Brian Butterfield. You can't send him there this early. You're too old. Get your *** off this field. Be gone.
Brian Butterfield hesitated but then made the decision to test Yoenis Cespedes's arm with David Ortiz. That was doomed from the start.
you do a great job...How,about Brian Butterfield or Lovullo as new manager?
get a gift when 3B coach Brian Butterfield sends catcher Ryan Hanigan home on a single to left. (1/2)
Brian Butterfield is the worst third base coach in the league
I still wish he would do a Brian Butterfield movie.
I do love the Brian Butterfield website. Such class.
I am now, because I followed the Brian Butterfield diet plan
Red Sox coach Brian Butterfield, and huge Pats fan, is ready to take a bullet for Brady (notice accessory)
Xander Bogaerts' step forward at shortstop is unlike anything Brian Butterfield has ever seen.
Last year, Brian Butterfield pinpointed where Xander Bogaerts needed to improve. He’s done it.
Brian Butterfield has never seen a bigger 1-yr defensive leap than Bogaerts from '14-'15. Bogaerts just showed why
My boy Brian Butterfield waiting for a man to get to 2nd base
Catching turtles at Horse Creek with Brian Butterfield, Eli Todd, Lee Barton and other
Photo: Brian Butterfield, once a Jay and now a coach, reconnects with John Gibbons.
My local ukip candidate appears to be Brian Butterfield
Hey, is that Nick Caizzo getting a little bench time at Frnway with Brian Butterfield?
Mariner and 3B Coach Brian Butterfield hitting some fungos, some extra infield work but no BP today.
Now will Brian Butterfield encourage Ortiz to go to third?
Did Brian Butterfield really sleep in the park?
Brian Butterfield is wearing what has to be the oldest and probably is first baseball belt
Brian Butterfield. The man is a legend
Famous drummer Paul Butterfield's brother, Brian, has been a real asset for the Jays.
Brian Butterfield I adore your sweet soul!! 💘
Just to send it out into the ether, Brian Butterfield, you da man.
I'm attributing Porcello signing his extension to the amount of coffee Brian Butterfield drinks. That's what the article said, right?
Want to know the importance of Brian Butterfield? Just read first 3 grafs of Rick Porcello's Players' Tribune essay:
Guys, we can thank Brian Butterfield for this extension, apparently.
You know who's actually throwing a no-hitter? Brian Butterfield. Liner to Ortiz feels like about fourth ball ripped at a stationary fielder.
Brian Butterfield is an absolute sav
Ground ball to a perfectly positioned Xander Bogaerts. Brian Butterfield's had a good day.
Favorite t-shirt this Spring, courtesy of 3b Coach Brian Butterfield -
Traffic alert: westbound Tennant Ave closed from 101 to Butterfield. Avoid the area. It will be closed for the next few h…
Just found out that is working on a Brian Butterfield show. Awesome.
I just pray that Pablo Sandoval doesn't get confused and try to eat Brian Butterfield.
Brian Butterfield on Derek Jeter: ‘I couldn’t wait to wake up and watch him work’
'I don't think you'll ever see another Jeter' "I don't think you'll ever see another Derek Jeter," says Boston Red Sox coach Brian Butterfield, who has known Jeter since 1993 as his infield instructor in the Yankees' minor league system. Jeter, who wanted no special tributes, was almost ... Read more on Vineland Daily Journal
Elliot Smith is going as Rose West or Brian Butterfield...
So just to recap, Price throws on Ortiz in the first inning and hits him in the back, warnings are issued to both benches and John Farrell gets ejected. Price hits Mike Carp in the fourth inning, the benches clear and Torey Lovullo gets ejected but Price stays in the game. Two Boston managers have been ejected. Workman throws behind Eva Longoria in the sixth inning and is immediately ejected along with Brian Butterfield, who took over coaching responsibility after Lovullo was ejected... Now, here's my question; Butterfield was ejected with Workman because warnings had been issued, why was Joe Madden still there after Price threw on and hit TWO Sox players? Why was Price for that matter? Care to take a second and answer that one, home-plate umpire Dan Bellino?
Brian McDermott gutted to be sacked by Leeds
Just played the Brian Butterfield diet plan for the family. Wild Friday night to say the least!! They loved it too!
Just spoken to Ross McCormack: "I am really happy at Leeds and look forward to staying at the club & playing under Bri…
“What's Brian Butterfield doing on ITV? getting amongst it and saying what he'd do to nonces ?
You + Dark Souls 2 = Me having party. Please tell me you can sneak in Brian Butterfield :P
what do you have? This doesn't follow the famous 'Brian Butterfield diet'
Idea: hackday. All projects must look like this.
should we just go all out and crack on with the Brian butterfield treat day?
Happy birthday to my sweet son. he would have 17 today. Thank you to the very best friends a person can have Carrie Clevenger, David R Oakley, Amy Williams-Gardner and Brian Butterfield for coming into the freezing cold to celebrate with me. I love you all so much
The Kings paid for “Red Sox Nation North” T-shirts, and Boston Red Sox third base coach Brian Butterfield, a native of Orono, is attending the event.
How lucky we were this weekend to have the Red Sox 2014 World Series trophy in Maine? The trophy made stops at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor and Alfond Arena in Orono and was shown off by Third Base Coach (and Orono native), Brian Butterfield and Maine Senator George Mitchell. Truck Day is only 12 days away. Go Sox!
of course but we decided to just go with Brian Butterfield quotes in the end, hope that's cool?
Brian Butterfield just did an announcement on this train I'm on. I'm 97% sure.
don't worry I'll talk to Coach Brian Butterfield!
BRIAN BUTTERFIELD'S WINTER COUNTRYSIDE NATURE POETRY RECITAL: "The sky is cold and the floor water is hard to drink / But I have my handcoa
Brian butterfield voices are the only thing that could ever make xkcd tolerable
Today's XKCD loses all sentimentality when you realise it can be read in Brian Butterfield's voice:
Trophies in Bangor, ME with Charles Steinberg, Brian Butterfield, Sen. Mitchell. Thanks for the visit, guys!
KG&Pierce Garden return...Brian Butterfield talks WS trophies and Maine...Tool of Week nomination day...Topics for Morning Pitch Show at 6am
Just completed the filming of my neck nominate video dedicated to Mr Brian butterfield! Video to follow tomorrow UWE cricketers!
Got to be part of the Sox/ trophy trip at orono HS earlier today. Waiting for pictures to be posted. So nice of the Sox and Brian Butterfield to come to OHS!!
Got to see the World Series trophy, met Red Sox 3rd base coach Brian Butterfield, and got to wear the '04 and '07 World Series Rings!!
Enjoyed going to see the "3" Red Sox's Trophies at the Cross Center in Bangor, compliments of Steven and Tabitha King for the shirts for SFC Curtis Graffam and his son, Trent. Also my Grandson, Dylan, got to meet Brian Butterfield, 3rd base coach for the Red Sox's. Did a bit of shopping and to Bugaboo Creek to eat. Great day on the home front.
Colby with 3rd base coach Brian Butterfield and a couple of rings on his fingers!!:-)
trophies and Brian Butterfield in Bangor today!
3B Coach and Orono native Brian Butterfield with fan at
heading to the Alfond this afternoon to see the Bo sox World Series trophy and fellow Orono alum Brian Butterfield
we want to see Brian Butterfield workout DVD
David Ortiz and coach Brian Butterfield talk defense after Ortiz finishes taking grounders.
Just had an awesome sausage and egg baguette. In the words of Brian Butterfield "Saturday is treat day"
he must be a relation of Brian the yidooner butterfield
Right lads thinking ov going to Newcastle week on Saturday for me birthday who up for it let me know ASAP Chrissy Watson Anthony Carberry Brian Butterfield Matty Nertney Jamie Walsh Shaun Bod Broderick Philly Clarke Paul arnett Andrew Young-hudson Wayne Simo Simpson and who every else wants to come more the merry sorry iff av missed any one !!!
Excellent day out with my Bro of Bros, Brian Butterfield
Brian Butterfield drops into the Scott Mills show on BBC Radio 1 to answer some listeners' questions.
Proud of my little cheer leader tonight!!! Love you Kamryn! Brian Butterfield
So I guess I'm hanging out with Brandon Workman, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Brian Butterfield of the world champion Boston Red Sox this afternoon. No big deal.
In late 2007 a fad diet was sweeping the nation - its name? The Brian Butterfield Diet. The only difference between this diet and other equally bizarre get slim quick crazes was that this one was an intentionally ridiculous sketch created by the comedian Peter Serafinowicz. With an intake of around…
Old Red has done it again!! Get this fabulous Sherlock & Watson stitch for £14 from Redhead Thread...or for a bargain price of £20 you can get this AND the Moriarty one together!! I've got to be honest, I need them both to keep my Brian Butterfield company! One day I will have a wall full of these lovely stitches :-D
I finally found whats wrong with me!!:) Atlas subluxation. The c1 and c2 vertebre in my spine was crooked causing my whole body to be crooked . Causes pretty much everything wrong. Nerve problems . Thinking problems. Physical metal everything. Got my chyropracter to fix it :) im getting drastically better!! Watch out world Brian Butterfield isnt crooked any more! :) yaho!!
This is like... If Brian Butterfield, Frankenstein and Betty Crocker had a cooking show together and the only ingredients they could use were bomb shelter rations and bananas. SO GROSS AND HILARIOUS!!!
A real life Brian Butterfield advertising on ITV. Witness the lack of pause at the beginning, and awful presentational skills.
Darth Maul and Brian Butterfield are the same person. This is my favourite fact ever.
Just had a 25 min conversation with Brian Butterfield, third base coach for the Red Sox! Great guy! High class!
The Boston Red Sox have won the 2013 World Series. I'm happy for Brian Butterfield. I'm happy for Torey Lovullo. I'm happy for Johnny Mac. That's it (for players/coaches). I'm also happy for the city of Boston. After the awful events at the Marathon, they needed to come together and baseball is one way to do that. Give credit to the Red Sox. They wanted to overcome 2011/2012. They wanted to change their image; prove people wrong. They succeeded, so congrats to them.
Brian Butterfield has coached third base in the major leagues for 10 years. In his world, finding that one outfielder who is a step slow or has a weak arm is currency that can be used to win a game. In 2010, Daniel Nava was that player and even the Red Sox knew it. Nava made a quick rise because of…
The Sox has a large group on the field for optional early batting practice. Coaches Torey Lovullo and Brian Butterfield then worked with Will Middlebrooks and Mike Napoli on defense ... Jon Lester has 1,105 strikeouts. He needs four to pass Josh Beckett for fifth place in team history. Cy Young is fourth with 1,341 ... The Sox hit .310 with runners in scoring position in April. They're at .189 (20 for 106) in May. That's the lowest in the AL. Source:
I couldn't but help thinking of Brian Butterfield myself. I never can.
Ha! I just got followed by Brian Butterfield, my go to man for dietary requirements
Having a lacklustre Monday night ?.. Well try the new Brian Butterfield karaoke bar with such classics from Sinead O Conner
Brian Butterfield is going to be the reason am shattered tomorrow
"My life doesn't revolve around Brian Butterfield" -
Going for brunch with the hottest chick I know in real life. Obvs my hangover has made me look like Brian Butterfield.
I feel like I'm on the Brian Butterfield diet plan with what I'm allowed to eat.
I'm still on the "it's early" bandwagon, but I do feel like the team misses Brian Butterfield.
what Brian Scott was saying Nelson after he threw that kick
this team misses Brian Butterfield more then they would like to admit.
I swear the 5:2 diet is basically a glorified version of Brian Butterfield
Shoutout to Brian Butterfield for the sheets gift card
How much do you think the infield misses the tutelage of Brian Butterfield?
Unbidden, the phrase "Someone call nine-hundred and ninety-nine" just popped in to my head. Might be turning in to Brian Butterfield.
or are you going for the Brian Butterfield diet, just without Sunday?
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Watching Brian Butterfield - I think we are laughing more than my daughter is; "Back room trading cards" *snigger*
Brian Butterfield in a kids tv show, more brilliance.
it could be re launched as the Brian Butterfield Centre of Televisuals
remember Eric? he also reminds me of a skinnier Brian Butterfield
One of the red Socks coaches is called Brian Butterfield!
Brian Butterfield reducing me to tears
After a multitude of unsuccessful businesses, Brian Butterfield finally made his millions selling 'bomb detectors' to the military
Photo: The Brian Butterfield Bomb Detection Unit - I can’t be the only one who sees this, right?
Brian Butterfield in trouble again! BBC News - Millionaire McCormick guilty of fake bomb detector scam
if there is a silver lining, it's that he looks exactly like Brian Butterfield.
Delighted I have discovered this Brian Butterfield chap via
If that's The Great Brian Butterfield at third it's a tie game.
Brian Butterfield sends him there and this game is tied.
The Brian Butterfield Bomb Detection System. 100% Guaranteed to detect the absence of bombs. And that's not all ...
He may have other business lines under an alias:
Your Brian Butterfield videos are the bestt thing ever! I've also recently discovered the brilliance of look around you too!
I can't thank you enough for introducing me to the magic of Brian Butterfield!
Someone has noticed that dodgy salesman, Jim McCormick, is the spitting image of Brian Butterfield:
Jesus Brian butterfield has been selling bogus bomb detectors in Iraq.
Man convicted of selling fake bomb detectors appears to be Peter Serafinowicz's Brian Butterfield...
The fake bomb detector fraudster has been identified. It's Brian Butterfield. (VS
Jim McCormack looks so much like Brian Butterfield
As Koji Uehara charged off the mound to scream and high-five everyone in the dugout, Brian Butterfield could be seen running the other way.
Happy snowy Friday. Brian Butterfield Sox 3rd base coach joins us. John Wiliams In the Pits too. And your chance...
Brian Butterfield cult character's excellent web site.We particularly like the diet plan and celebrity impersonation!
James McCormick, 56, from Langport, Somerset, denies three counts of fraud at the Old Bailey. He is accused of marketing fake bomb detectors to military and governments around the world.
Do you have trouble with bombs? Then you need the Brian Butterfield Bomb Detector, with its patented golf-science. Call now!
Only Mr B's doppelgänger could be on trial for selling fake bomb detectors! Brian Butterfield would wear a hat to court!
Categories with 'Brian Butterfield' Saturday treats is my new favourite drinking game
Brian Butterfield putting pitchers and infielders into situational drills.
Third base coach Brian Butterfield's check-in time to clubhouse this morning: 3:30 am
Have a great day everyone. Much love to you all. X
Maine native and Sox 3rd base coach Brian Butterfield will join us Fri morning 96.3FM, and Tune In Radio app
Still no response from our good friends at the Bedford Public Library. I did find this list of library board officers on their website but of course no contact info. If anyone has phone numbers or addresses for offices or homes or e-mail addresses for these board members please leave them in the comments below this post. Apparently these people are unaware of the situation at the library because SURELY they wouldn't just ignore it. So it might be good to let them know what's going on there! :) Sam the Sign Man _ Library board members: Mark Vice Connie Koch Janet Skillman Wendy Butterfield Dan Bortner Terri Kimbley Brian Young
Calum Bkr, Katherine Hyland and Rob Seabrook. Tune in to Phonic FM now to hear the most hilarious radio presenter in the SW. No prizes for guessing who he sounds like.
I think Brian Butterfield should have his own show.
Ground Rules for finding a possum in Tennessee by Brian Butterfield y'all.
© CBBC, Peter Serafinowicz From CBBC's "Fit", the sketch show for sports fans.
UPDATE: First off, my phone is dead and I have no charger and this laptop is about to die. Nothing too much new to report. They have been gradually taking him down off his oxygen and he has stabilized each time. I think he is at 48% right now and he started at 70% when we first got to Children's. We still aren't cetain if he has an infection or not (results haven't come back yet). Everything has gone well here. Thanks for all the prayers and support, especially to Zac Evins for hanging out with me and Caleb today. As far as I know, Maggie Bontrager is resting and doing well back in Newport. (Messangers - Kacy Underwood Barden, Brian Bullard, Bev Bontrager, Cindy Goings Evins, Ryan Butterfield)
There is another angel in heaven today. Grandma Butterfield passed away early this morning. Grandma's kind, loving, giving, caring, sharing spirit will live in our hearts forever. We will all treasure the precious memories we have shared with her. She was a true blessing touching everyone that new her. She was the best mother-in-law anyone could ever ask for. She will be missed more than words can say. God bless the Butterfield family.
Video: do you have Brian Butterfield's collectors cards yet? They're all the important backroom staff in football:
Is it available from the Brian Butterfield sports warehouse?
Ronaldo apparently spends 20 grand on his eyebrows... Every week!?
but seriously google Brian Butterfield diet, well I find it funny anyway
everyone should know who BRIAN BUTTERFIELD is, BonBonBonBons
Update your maps at Navteq
this is fantastic I'm trying to do my own Brian Butterfield advert?
>> Brian Butterfield is back, and looks like he's been taking tips from McDonald's Football programme
Very upset to learn on DALLAS last night that Gary had a relapse as a recovering alcoholic and that Val and he were now apart, very upset. I suppose Abby is skipping lollipops over this!
Hello. It's Brian Butterfield, here to ask you one simple question: Can you hear my voice inside your head?
New sketch: Brian Butterfield Collector Cards got got got need got got
Getting on all fours makes my skin crawl, among other things.
So just got an iPhone... What apps should I get?
A big thank you to Valley Pacific Floral, Brian Butterfiled, Kara Bischoff and Katie Stuart for doubling down on your donations...your genorosity helped us earn an additional $4700 for our school. You are all amazing!
Wow. Just home from a great auction! What fun! But I am exhausted and we still have religion tomorrow! Thanks to my special guests Tracie Butterfield and her husband Bill, and their children Brian & Taryn Butterfield. Your gift to our school made the night very special for me and my son is SOOO thrilled. It was the first question he asked when we walked in the door!
ok birthday dinner was a success! 4 slices of spanish roast...potatoes..asparagus..2 pieces of cake and ice cream. There are 8 people here at Ross West View Emsa that just ate an enormous amount of food! Thanks Ryan Mann, Jim Vardzel, Brian Spence, Gearóid o'Loinsigh, Jason Butterfield, Michelle Broge-Connor, Jessica Fozard! Having a good birthday at work!
Magaluff is getting booked at the end of this month for deffinate gonna have to Jonathan Ransom Brian Butterfield. Anthony Carberry and for whoever else wants to join for my birthday antics
Windriders Filmed by Brian Butterfield Music: Signal by Overwerk Thank you to Overwerk for providing the music. Check out…
MacArthur: Butterfield's defensive shifts in Jays' game plan TAMPA, Florida - Former Blue Jays third base/infield coach Brian Butterfield was an hour's drive south with the Red Sox in Bradenton on Thursday. His presence, however, was felt in the first inning of the Blue Jays' 1-0 win at Steinbrenner Field. With two outs and Ichiro Suzuki on first, Travis Hafner came to the plate. The former Indians' slugger, a left-handed hitter, is known strictly as a pull hitter. It was the Blue Jays' first opportunity of the spring to employ one of Butterfield's favourite strategies: the infield shift. The decision paid off. Hafner hit a bullet off diving first baseman Edwin Encarnacion's glove. The ball deflected in to shallow right field, directly... ~SportsMan
I wish to study a martial art. suggestions?
Swing shift: Blue Jays rethink defensive strategy TAMPA, Fla. -- For the past couple of years, the Blue Jays have used the defensive shift at every possible opportunity, but that could be changing -- at least slightly -- this season. Former third-base coach Brian Butterfield was one of the biggest proponents of shifting Toronto's defense all over the field. There were multiple times each game players would move out of their traditional fielding spots to combat the opposition. Toronto was arguably the most aggressive team in its usage of the defensive philosophy, but with Luis Rivera now the Blue Jays' third-base coach, the club's stance could become a little more conservative. "I don't think I'm going to be that aggressive as we were,"... ~SportsMan
cup of tea and a biccy before an evening at the Parker Webbs for Looper viewing...
Rosaria Champagne Butterfield (Author) Carefully chosen reformed books and Christian resources at deep discount prices, free shipping in U.S. for orders over $35 when you select Economy Shipping and excellent customer service. Christian Books from an evangelical, Reformed perspective.
No lingering animosity between Farrell, Blue Jays John Farrell and Brian Butterfield (left) watch as Jose Bautista bats during the fifth inning of Boston
I hate to say it, but Brian Butterfield is one of them now (via Yahoo/AP/Neil Davidson)
Watching "HUGO" Hugo is a 2011 American 3D historical adventure drama film based on Brian Selznick's novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret about a boy who lives alone in the Gare Montparnasse railway station in Paris Storyline: Set in 1930's PARIS, an Orphan Who Lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a mystery involving His Late Father and an automaton. Starring: Asa Butterfield
"Let's all ask the British guy for directions."
Back in my prison cell for the next two weeks. Solitary confinement *** !
The practice plan posted in the Red Sox clubhouse this morning said "Larry Bird" under the team activities. Would the Celtics legend, who lives about an hour south of here in Naples, be at the workout? Alas, no. Brian Butterfield, the ever-inventive third base coach and infield instructor, named one of his drills after Bird. It's a rundown drill that will feature Butterfield making over-the-shoulder and blind throws to the fielders to keep them on their toes. Hence, it's the Larry Bird drill. Source:
I'm up ugh .. Time to get to work.. Coffee .. Need coffee ..
just a quick one to say how funny Brian Butterfield still is!
Question of the day: Does David Shannon have a Dr. Brian Butterfield mustache, or does Dr. Butterfield have a David Shannon mustache?
COMEDY ROUND-UP: WEDNESDAY 23rd JANUARY Fawlty Towers controversy, Alexei Sayle is back, Walliams is teasing Cowell, and more... Rik Mayall, Sarah Alexander, Joanna Lumley and Nigel Planer are to guest star in the new Jonathan Creek special: Alexei Sayle interview: "I'm still full of hate": Filming has started on the new series of Britain's Got Talent. David Walliams is reportedly teasing Simon Cowell again: The BBC has been criticised for cutting the 'wogs' line from an episode of Fawlty Towers: // The Guardian explains why the line is satirical not racist: BBC Three's Gavin & Stacey and Pulling are both potentially going to be re-made in America. Pilot episodes will be filmed soon: Video: preview clips from the various Common Ground short episodes: - stars include Johnny Vegas, Jessica Hynes and Simon Day. Video: the Brian Butterfield sketch from Monday's episode of CBBC's Fit: - it's an advert for the Butterfield Spa. Looks relaxing! Tim Brooke-Taylor interview. He talks about BBC series Animal Antics ...
Just Youtube Brian Butterfield for a good twenty minutes. Revision's taking its toll
Really enjoying the show! Would love to hear Brian Butterfield's version of the Les Mis song...
Someone should go on come dine with me and do everything from Brian butterfield's treat day
I think the best bit quite simply has to be "W, double W fullstop Brian-Butterfield fullstop cee oh em
I liked a video Brian Butterfield - Poundfield (from the Peter Serafinowicz BBC 6 Music Radio Show)
I heart Brian Butterfield big time. “Everything on YouTube is now available to own on one VHS!
Im getting my kit from Brian Butterfield's Sports Warehouse
Being Peter Serafinowicz is a very time-consuming job, which is why updates here on his site have been a bit scarce lately, but this week we locked him in a small white room and wouldn’t let him out until he gave us an update on a few of the things you’ve been asking us about via the Contact page.
Having my Brian Butterfield Diet treat day a day early with some chocolate imitation clothing fasteners & rod of fudge
“ he talks like you!: New Brian Butterfield sketch MARTIAL ARTS ”
“If you missed it earlier: New Brian Butterfield sketch MARTIAL ARTS
Sci-fi By The Sea, Herne Bay 2013 Join us for a fantastic Sci-fi By The Sea extravaganza, for all the family, on Sunday 16th June from 11am – 5pm at Herne Bay Football Club. Come and meet your all-time favourite Sci-fi and comic book heroes in the flesh. We’ve got celebrity signers, spanning the...
Me ..."Amelia what do you want for your birthday?" Amelia..." A baby brother or sister" .Me. "You're silly what do you really want?" .Amelia."A baby brother or sister, that's all I really want." .Ugh! Lol!
Today would definitely be what Brian Butterfield would refer to as 'cheat day'
We just confirmed that Prince Fielder will be among the Detroit Tigers making a visit in Midland next Friday, Jan. 25th. Others include Dirks, Berry, Peralta and Porcello. Tickets for event can be ordered starting Wednesday. See Wednesday's MDN for more details.
Me and Stef have started the fasting diet you don't eat anything for 2 days then you eat what you want for the other 5.
So we had people saying who they want to host the awards... Now, who do YOU think we've got to do it, post below - the funniest / best response gets a prize!
Welcome to the Brian Butterfield Cinema Where we sell de-iced cream with over one flavour ..vanilla Lol Chris Kuzmin
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Just watched a sketch show on CBBC because Brian Butterfield was in it :)
Remember to tune in to FIT on CBBC at 6:15 featuring Brian Butterfield!
Missing Miners Part 3 -- A list of alumni who have not been contacted for our 20 year reunion. If you know any of these people, please contact them and post on this thread. Anthone Burrell Becki Butcher Berny Breinholt Blaine Butterfield Camille Cain Chad Butterfield Daniel Campbell David Burrup Jason Burrows Jennifer Burton Jennifer Campbell Justin Britton Kathy Burge Renn Butterfield Ryan Burgess Ryan Butterfield Timothy Burke Todd Brown Thanks for all your help.
Could be interesting: Serafinowicz’s "Brian Butterfield" will be starring in a new TV show for kids
Watching Anthony Hopkins in the trailer for Hitchcock just makes me think of Brian Butterfield.
Bruce Walton and Brian Butterfield fall one season short for the longest-serving coach. John Sullivan coached from 1982 to 1993.
The Red Sox named Brian Butterfield their third base coach on Oct. 30. But he’s truly felt like part of the team only in the last few days.
If the reports are true...and the Jays will have their manager named tomorrow at the "Welcome to Toronto ...Melky and the Marlins" I will be disappointed. Here we are, the Jays build up for a chance to go to the World Series Next Year and make a Splash with a Huge Trade, and sign a predominant (but a former PED user) Free Agent...and they go to the Recycle Bin and get John Gibbons...Didnt mind him as a manager...but for god sakes, when you hire a new manager...the key word is NEW. Would have liked to see Sandy Alomar get a shot, or Tim Wallach...(for new blood) and maybe Brian Butterfield or Don Wakamatsu as internals. Externally with experience, Ernie Whitt, Jim Tracy, Ryne Sandberg even .Let the fun and criticism begin folks!
Hello everyone. Happy Halloween. Hope you all have a great day, stay safe, and get lots of candy. In case you missed it last night: in the MLB, the Boston Red Sox named Brian Butterfield third base coach. Jim Leyland will be the Detroit tigers manager through the 2013 season. Philadelphia Phillies' Jimmy Rollins won the National League Gold Glove award for shortstop. In the NBA, the Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics 120-107.
I wanted to, then I read this. Don't resent Brian Butterfield for leaving Toronto, writes
Blue Jays fans shouldn’t resent Brian Butterfield for joining Red Sox: Griffin: Nobody in Toronto should question...
Don't resent Brian Butterfield for leaving Toronto, writes in today's column:
“Despite taking a new job with the Red Sox, Brian Butterfield is still a candidate to manage the Toronto Blue Jays." I'm confused
Brian Butterfield leaves Blue Jays for Red Sox, but still a candidate to manage Blue Jays
I have something to say to you Brian Butterfield formerly third base coach of the Toronto Blue Jays good Ribbons you can Go with John Farrow to Boston and coach the Red Sox more power to you but you guys are not going to do so well in Boston Mark my words goodbye
Why John Farrell picked Brian Butterfield to become the Red Sox third base coach - WEEI blog Rob Bradford
Little by little, the Red Sox are filling out their coaching staff. The team announced on Tuesday that they had named Brian Butterfield as the new third base coach. Butterfield, 54, comes along with Red Sox manager John Farrell and bench coach Torey Lovullo from the Blue Jays. A native of Bangor, Ma...
It appears that another Blue Jays coach is following former Toronto manager John Farrell to Boston. According to a report from Comcast Sportsnet New England, Farrell has hired Blue Jays third base coach Brian Butterfield to take the same job with the Red Sox.
The Boston Red Sox continue to build their coaching staff under new manager John Farrell, as the club hired Brian Butterfield as its third base coach Tuesday.
Brian Butterfield was named Boston's third-base coach on Tuesday, taking the same role he held with the Blue Jays for most of the last decade.
that *** John Farrell stole Brian Butterfield
So the Red Sox just signed the Manager of the Bad News Bears ( Brian Butterfield) to be their new 3rd base coach? This can't possibly end well!
Brian Butterfield has been named third base coach for the Red Sox. I remember watching Brian play high school basketball at Orono High School. His father, Jack Butterfield, was baseball coach at UMaine, when Maine made its first College World Series appearance, back in 1964.
Brian Butterfield, the third-base coach of the Blue Jays, has gone to Boston with John Farrell. Lovullo, who left to be Farrell's bench coach, came with him from Boston, but Butterfield has been a Blue Jay for 10 years. We are being completely ransacked. This is ridiculous.
So now it's John Farrell, Terry Lovullo, Brian Butterfield, and David Carpenter for Mike Aviles. Awesome.
Red Sox hire John Farrell, next Torey Lovullo, and now they got Brian Butterfield, why don't they just take the Blue Jays name to well there at it
Red Sox take both John Farrell and Brian Butterfield from the Blue Jays... Oh Whitey who will save them now?
Dear Red Sox Nation, enjoy Brian Butterfield. You'll adore him. He's the best.
Choices choices...who is the next manager of the Jays? My dream choice would be for Bobby Cox to come out of retirement. My head tells me that Brian Butterfield should manage the team but my gut tells me that Sandy Alomar Jr. will be the man.
maybe I will. Have to wait till tomo though, Im on the Brian Butterfield diet.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
thats blockbusters. Only 64 results for Brian Butterfield:
Peter , do you have more plans/job roles in the pipeline for Brian Butterfield?
Brian Butterfield answers listeners' questions on the Radcliffe & Maconie afternoon radio show on BBC 6Music. (Radcliffe was away). Stuart then interviews Pe...
I'm more worried about losing Brian Butterfield than I am John Farrell. Don't really care at all that Farrell is leaving.
"There are hints that should Farrell leave ... Torey Lovullo, Brian Butterfield & Luis Rivera would follow him out."
Pena 2 replace him block him from going 2 bos or start over? maybe Sweet Lou? Brian Butterfield?
You see I am not alone thinking Butter is great. "I love Brian Butterfield."
I love Brian Butterfield. What do you think of Butterfield taking over for Farrell if he leaves?
thank you for Brian Butterfield... just, thank you!
Stacey: LOOK AT THIS! The Bunkhouse gets 2 points. so does Brian BUTTERFIELD.. (Thanks for sharing)
Brian Butterfield is beauty to comedy
sat on the tube opposite a guy who looked *exactly* like Brian Butterfield. Seemed harsh to take a picture
To coach Brian Butterfield, Bryce Butterfield, and Carter I can't say enough how PROUD I am of you guys! You all played with your whole hearts and made me smile each week you went out played hard. You are all in my world and I love you all!!! To all the other Wild Dawgs you need to hold your heads high we are proud of you!!!
when did you guys hire Brian Butterfield?
Should probably stop talking about food so much, might go on the Brian Butterfield diet
What would Brian Butterfield's Hallowe'en celebrations consist of?
Why does the polar bear on the Octonauts sound like Brian Butterfield?
What you need is the PowerPoint version of Brian Butterfield's website:
:D I saw “Look Around You” and was hooked. I saw Brian Butterfield and fell in love.
Brian Butterfield just did the announcements at Stratford station.
Introducing our Czech housemate to the wonder that is Brian Butterfield.
John Farrell is so going to Boston-thats too bad for Jays but Brian Butterfield can do the job!!
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