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Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed (born 9 October 1936) is an English actor, known for his sonorous voice and hearty, king-sized portrayals .

Flash Gordon Rod Stewart Matt Berry Ian McShane Alexander Armstrong Jonathan Pearce Jon Hamm Ray Winstone Eddie Howe Simon Callow Ken Campbell Michael Portillo Andrew Neil

Just did a quick head check and we still have Betty White, Kate Bush, Sidney Poitier, Brian Blessed, Jackie Chan & Larry Storch …for now.
Fred Dibnah and Brian Blessed punching a polar bear oil paintings. Pat Butcher all is forgiven. ***
GORDON'S ALIVE!! A quick reminder of how awesome Brian Blessed's bio Absolute Pandemonium is.
was it the voice of Joe Pasquale or Brian Blessed?
Watching This Week, and I was kinda hoping that Brian Blessed just wouldn't have a present for Michael Portillo. Because he is a joy sponge.
Chas and Dave, Brian Blessed, Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo, never mind Trump, all is well with the world
Watching The Two Towers. Why did Peter Jackson cast John Rhys Davies to voice Treebeard (already playing Gimli) and not Brian Blessed?
with all that 'extra bass' it's like listening to James Earl Jones & Brian Blessed
why I love Brian Blessed . why is he not knighted
Wow! Linda Gray AND Brian Blessed in an episode of now on the
Welsh mythological giant and King of Britain Brân the Blessed is definitely reincarnated as Brian Blessed right
The two guys presenting Saturday Kitchen: one sounding like he was taught English by Brian Blessed, the other by Frankie Boyle.
If God has blessed you with some specialized skill or knowledge, be a MENTOR to someone: a work or school mate, a friend, f…
Blessed to have a roof over my head, food on the table, and clean clothes everyday 🙏🏼
its actually by Gods grace that we a blessed en not consumed nikiwa eregi
Chickfila: “hi welcome to Chickfila it’s a beautiful day it is 73° and you are blessed abundantly how may I help you”…
My father was a coal hewer from Goldthorpe, a coal-mining village in South Yorkshire. He play
Brian locked me out of his car and made me climb through his sun roof in the middle of Walmart's parking lot 🙃🙃🙃
I don't think I can see Brian when he comes back in September bc tickets r way too expensive 💔💔 still blessed I got to see him this year tho
Happy Birthday and Thank You. Hope you are blessed with many more years of providing inspiration to us all.
oh my god I forgot brian blessed and bill nighy and olivia coleman and jim broadbent are in this!!! what a cast.
Brian Daoust coming to JCPC this Sunday as new Associate Pastor for Youth. Can't wait! Sunday's message: BLESSED LIES
One of the many strange joys of 'I, Claudius' is seeing Brian Blessed without a beard.
It's more about the scruffy hair, cool hat and Latin beard. It was a toss up between Che, Corbyn and Brian Blessed.
My grandad played me back my answerphone message in slow motion. I sound like I've taken a combination of Meth and Brian Blessed.
So happy to be able to watch the team I've supported since I was a kid week in week out
Aye!happy birthday I hope you have a blessed day. 🙂 best of wishes 🎊🎁🎉 take care!!
Hey FireBox. :) Got an email asking me to review my Brian Blessed Print. But I havent got it yet. its been almost two weeks. :(
Tfw your train is departing but they open the doors again and you make it!!!
I've only got to glance up, and see Brian Blessed racing on a Henry Hoover, to know anything is possible.
I didn't realise the plethora of different available tom tom voices; really want to spend £7 for this Brian Blessed one
non-spoileroo pic because everything is better with Tigger..He's like Brian Blessed for Disney stuff.
An epic mission for our Paralympic Sailors. Starring acting legend Brian Blessed .
He can't dance either. Guess we can't be blessed with everything
The greatest danger in life is not taking the adventure. ~Brian Blessed. Art Eugenio Recuen… http…
I have been blessed to realize my dream of becoming an underwater photojournalist, but with th
I thought James sounded like Brian Blessed then, was waiting for him to do some quotes from Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon is awesome for two reasons: The Soundtrack and Brian Blessed (You cannot stop watching him)
blessed by the new album of Brian and Katie Torwalt !! Let the be light ..Flame of Fire..Enter the gates !
There will be no funeral! Before I get too old and ill, I'll go to South America and live amo
Anna Grace is singing 'Blessed Assurance' under her breath as we go outside. You'd never guess we are a part of a traditional church! 😀
I added a video to a playlist Brian Blessed
Brian Blessed God Bless him. Absolute Pandemonium is a very good read.
I liked a video Brian Blessed and Simon Callow play chess
I'm so blessed my mom picked such an amazing guy to share our lives with. I truly am grateful for Brian!!
Had a great time talking to this weekend.
John Krasinski on directing his ensemble family comedy, THE HOLLARS via
A Completely Blessed Life: John Krasinski on “The Hollars”- an interview by
thank you soo much 1000+ for teaching me guitar if I never found u I would of probably never knew guitar. The lord has blessed u
Blessed that God woke me up another day 😇
Thanks for the follow back Brian.blessed are thou amongst women I see lol
w/ - Dede - by is that song I wanna dance to this afternoon. you're blessed guys.
Caster Semenya and Wayde van Niekerk get free Woollies for a year, or a R2million Woolies voucher. Same price really. Be…
Z-Cars! PC Fancy Smith (played by Brian Blessed) etc. My mate Alan Pimblet was in it once - playing a young hooligan...
if you look closely, you can see the face of Brian Blessed
you need to do the video that Ed spoke about on the radio. It would win an Oscar for best Brian Blessed video ever
Today's teaser... Who am I? I've been in films with: Zoe Saldana, Hayden Paniettiere, Bette Midler, Eric Idle and Brian Blessed.
Thankful for Brian, familia, Zeke and Ivy. Truly blessed.
Free idea for British filmmakers: WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF with Brian Blessed and Emma Thompson. You're welcome.
Sorry, it's not Brian Blessed. Or Fred Harris. Or Fred Dineage. Or Patrick Moore (yes I know).
...and now for The Laughing Gnome arranged by class 4b, sung by Joe Dolce, Lena Lovich and Brian Blessed
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Susan George and Brian Blessed in this morning's Tales of the Unexpected.
Petition for system of guest Tory leadership contenders. Brian Blessed, Alexander Armstrong, Martin Clunes...
Each week we should have a guest Tory leadership candidate: Alexander Armstrong, Jo Brand, Brian Blessed...
Brian Blessed as a Valkyrie cannot be wrong.
I was posting this for a friend, but I think it blessed me even more. :)
Why couldn't God have blessed me with a better sense of direction...
He's attempted Everest three times and is the oldest man to have walked to the magnetic North Pole. Now actor Brian Blessed is taking on…
Blessed to announce that I have committed to THE Penn State Univ. to further my academic and baseball career. https:…
Brian Blessed Women are my religion - BBC News
KnightGuard - Your Security Is Our Concern Brian Blessed: Women are my religion
Brian Blessed: Women are my religion: Brian Blessed says he is still trying to figure out his wife and daught...
It gets worse, Brian Blessed coaches the rugby sevens - we're doomed!
Be nice Brian Be nice, the liquor fairy blessed you with a free handle
Mine was . "You look and sound like the hawk guy [Brian Blessed] from Flash Gordon when you laugh". I of course said Thank YOU.
you should ask yourself, "why does Brian Blessed look like him?"
Why does he look like Brian Blessed?
Been blessed this week with 2 nieces, Fallon & Lily! Congrats to Kateri & Brian and Josh & Stephanie!
Note to self - when debating, try not to get all Brian Blessed on them.
I wish I had a voice like either Brian Blessed, John Hurt, Matt Berry or David Warner.
The Vamps, Brian Blessed and Eddie Howe show support for Julia's House Ti... Google news ed
You have to imagine Brian Blessed reading it out in the bathtub.
Had a dream I met Brian Blessed and every time I tried to get a picture with him, my phone kept doing a face swap so I had a huge beard
Don't know how it happend but I'm 24 mins into I knew Piscotello was going to give VFM! Like Brian Blessed × Graham Norton
There's a bit of Brian Blessed in you too 😆
I cant believe brian is from toronto like how are we this blessed to have someone like brian
Read our interview with the legend that is .
Couldn't they make the really interesting and maybe throw in Mr. T, Brian Blessed & Gérard Depardieu. It'd be far better TV.
Brian Blessed bit through an umbilical cord -
I dabbled in a bit of acting before the whole superpowers malarkey, my range is Brian Blessed to BRIAN BLESSED,
Blessed and thankful to receive another offer from Ohio university!
"I'm blessed to have known him." Brian McDermott pays tribute to Eamonn Dolan.
Truly blessed to live in the same time as history's greatest performance artist.
Brian McDermott on Eamonn Dolan - I'm blessed to have known him. Read his full tribute here.
Why The Vamps, Brian Blessed and Eddie Howe want you to pose with your fa... Google news ed
Always felt Brian Blessed's voice was oddly familiar. Maybe he voiced something I'd seen as a kid? Today, it came to me. Boss Nass.
Brian Blessed will talk to you while you wee at Glastonbury
Genuinely don't see the appeal of Boris Johnson. Yes he was funny on HIGNFY once but that's no basis to run a country.…
Brian Blessed should have got a Knighthood, not that smarmy scot Rod Stewart! When wil we hear: ''arise Sir Brian'?
Better than Brian Blessed but not as good as Rod Stewart (yet). My entire system of values is now confused! 'gratz dude :D
Don't get me wrong, I *love* Rod Stewart and well done to him on the Knighthood but how come Brian Blessed only gets an OBE?
Rod Stewart a knighthood. Brian Blessed not. How did that happen?
Rod Stewart gets a knighthood, while Brian Blessed only gets an OBE! Knighthood for Brian I say.
⚡️ “Ant & Dec, Rod Stewart and Brian Blessed honoured by the Queen”. congratulations entertainment .
How can Brian Blessed only be awarded an OBE?
Rod Stewart gets a knighthood but Brian Blessed 'only' gets an OBE? This does not align with my worldview at all.
Rod Stewart joins Brian Blessed and spaceman Tim Peake on birthday honours list:
Ant and Dec, Shearer, Rod Stewart, Brian Blessed and Janet Street-Porter. If ever there was an honours list that represents England...
Andrew Neil and Brian Blessed could you think of a better rescue team
And that includes the one where he and Brian Blessed found the lost treasure of Atlantis.
.lists Brian Blessed, Alan Turing, Rosa Parks as deviants of their time & in their way with an outlet they could flourish
I've had a few by accident. Terry Farrell, Brian Blessed, J.G Hertzler, where do I start?
Joe Ledley decided to grow his beard after meeting Brian Blessed at a Flash Gordon convention in Llanfaes
mesmerised by Brian Blessed, Elaine Paige & Wayne Sleep.Dame Judi was meant to play Grisabella but had foot injury
So gin and Robin Ince impersonating Brian Blessed hapoened. I mean I'm v. happy right now but it was worrying for a minute
Grant Mitchell trying to get at Rita Repulsa through a barbed wire fence, then Brian Blessed turns up drunk
New ambition: to go to Outer Mongolia with Brian Blessed and watch* him yell for yetis. . *may be bringing earplugs
Now they're murdering Cameo - Word Up the lead singer is a cross between Brian Blessed and Harvey Price
Perhaps they'll feature me in the next issue of Calibre's Twelve Angry Men. Next to Brian Blessed.
Visa Europe launches “Cashfree and Proud” campaign featuring Joanna Lumley and Brian Blessed
excellent cast in this old Holmes, Denholm Elliot, Martin Shaw, Eleanor Bron & now Brian Blessed in addition to Ian Richardson
"Gordon's alive?" I love Prince Vultan, Brian Blessed is awesome! So glad we share the same love for Flash Gordon :)
just watched Football Focus , is it me or is Jonathan Pearce morphing into Brian Blessed ?
Jonathan Pearce looks like Brian Blessed now on Football focus
Jonathan Pearce has gone for the Brian Blessed look then 😂
Alexander Armstrong does the best Brian Blessed impersonation. Close and you would think Brian Blessed was in the room!!
PC Goodwin looks a double for the actor Brian Blessed
Where are Brian Blessed and Malcolm Tucker when you need them? British drivers swearing, dashcam testimony
Exclusive: Trinity Union termcard to feature Ian Hislop and Brian Blessed 'waxing lyrical' on VR
David Coburn appearing here is like having your drunk uncle at Christmas. He's louder than Brian Blessed.
pubes are so unfashionable now: I want Brian Blessed tributes everywhere
Edith Evans, Hugh Griffiths, Brian Blessed, Albert Finney. I think some of the Tom Jones cast were actually in Barry Lyndon
drinking Iron Maiden beer and watching Conan the Barbarian with commentary.wishing almost every dude was Brian Blessed.
No it’s not Brian Blessed, it’s Brân the Blessed – Windsongs of the Blessed Bay. Premiere Thursday with a 2nd show Friday then touring Wales
...let's hope the next phase of computerized voices all sound like Brian Blessed.
Prophet Brian Carn I'm so Blessed to follow you and to be a partaker of the anointing thru:. The Man of God. God Bless you more Sir.
So, Crystal and I were blessed with the rare opportunity to spend the entire day with just us! For the most part,...
In response to the Brian Blessed post. This is me, being put in a headlock by the man himself.
So excited to announce the newest member of our Ministerial Staff. Welcome as our new Children's Minister.
It's Brian Blessed with ducks biting his nipples.
I'm so blessed. my heart my everything I love you Brian…
And only if Brian Blessed plays Professor Challenger, and Ian McKellen plays Professor Summerlee.
"In space, no one can hear you scream.". Challenge accepted:.
Every day is Valentines Day with Brian Principe. Blessed to be the one to love ya, bestie ❤️
Take no notice of the haters sir! As Brian Blessed would say, don't let the *** grind you down!
Being endorsed for President by Sarah Palin is like being endorsed for whispering by Brian Blessed.
This has been basically the best weekend of my life. So blessed
Thank you for never giving up. We're so blessed to have you in our lives. ❤️
Happy Valentines Day! I'm blessed I got to spend today with this one.❤️
"I am so thankful for this opportunity. . Opportunities like this don't come twice. Very honored and blessed.". -
Did anyone oil the hair like Brian Blessed's Beard? 😃
Sounds like a kids' TV show from the 70s. I'm imagining the blessed Brian Cant voicing the *** (& liking them a bit more).
I'm real excited. I'm so blessed to have so much peace and joy inside. I ju...
Just found this via TV tropes and actually really did laugh out loud. > Brian Blessed does snooker commentary
[Image] Brian Blessed on why he become a Cosmonaut in his 70's - Amazing guy
Blessed and thankful to welcome two more new members to our faith family today in our second service.
Not everyone gets to hear Brian Stevenson preach and then take communion wine from him. I am so blessed to have met a true American hero.
Pleased to see pick up on our Brian Blessed Valentine's campaign. Been fun!
In what way? I don't think Sir Donald has ever held a public-service position? p.s. No need to shout; you're not Brian Blessed.
Why is there always a snorer that could challenge Brian Blessed's shouting in a volume contest
Beyond blessed to have a girlfriend that is beyond amazing to me. ❤️
whoever thinks they're quietly adjusting their microphone is in fact doing a good impression of Brian Blessed!
pack of Lunchables, a lock of Brian Blessed's beard & 10 Rothmans
Crumbs! has announced his retirement. Now he will concentrate his life researching a
I am truly blessed! Happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life Brian Williams. You make my heart harmonize...
Thank you sweetly Brian! My best friend is here from Augusta.♥Always know I appreciate you & the genuine love you share
I hope you're turning into Brian Blessed. One can never have too many Brian Blesseds.
I LOVE BRIAN BLESSED what a force of nature he should be cloned imidiatly :-)
I really enjoyed the debate last night. I am STILL a TRUMP supporter. Once again, he proved that he is not afraid...
KEEGAN'S ALIVE!! (needs to be read in Brian Blessed's voice..!)
Me, hugging kidlet: "you are my favourite person in all of space and time." Kidlet, instantly: "what about Brian Blessed?"
This is happening more and more. Either I'm turning into Brian Blessed or this flat is made of cardboard.
Ian McShane, Brian Blessed, Ray Winstone and Ken Campbell. Finally an episode of MINDER worth watching.
The Life Of Pablo is so much greatness. 'Ye blessed us, wow
Brian helped me order a chicken tender basket
I've been blessed with the best lately ☺️
huge missed opportunity not casting Brian Blessed as Katana in
Leafs dominate, Birds pull out a W, and Brian is letting me watch grey's without complaint 💞
hope happy eve hope you all have a & beautiful Valentine's Day. 💕💕🌹
I am not religious, but I do believe America is special. If America is blessed, why did we lose Scalia at this critical junction?
This morning’s episode of minder has guest appearances from Brian Blessed, Ray Winstone and Ian McShane. Ace!
Sweet Jebus, Brian Blessed, Ray Winstone and Ian McShane, all in one episode...
'Minder' is on. Ian McShane, Brian Blessed, Ken Campbell and Rula Lenska in their handsome young glory.
Terrifyingly, it's not quite over yet. If I go and keep an eye on Scott Walker, can someone else cover Macca and Brian Blessed?
"Thor is alive!” (said in the voice of Brian Blessed from Flash Gordon…)
Bewilder your colleagues by conducting conversations whilst alternating between Brian Blessed's and Ronnie Corbett's voices each sentence
As soon as you wrote the words Flash Gordon I immediately thought of Brian Blessed and theme tune lol
One of them looks like Brian Blessed in Flash Gordon.
Does anyone remember the name of the beautiful John Masefield poem that Brian Blessed recited at the lectures last week?
What do Brian Blessed, Miranda Hart & Keith Chegwin have in common? Morrisons has found out
lovely to see you last night at City Hall. Looking forward to seeing what events you have next. Brian Blessed was brilliant.
Holly from Red Dwarf, Tom Baker, Paul Darrow, Brian Blessed...holy crap I have to get them NAO
Toast of London returns with Brian Blessed and John Hamm entering the awful actor's life
Signed copies now in-store including Brian Blessed, Gareth Edwards and Adam Jones
Never judge a book by its cover, apart from Brian Blessed's which, going by this, is a masterpiece
"This series features a host of high-profile stars, including Brian Blessed as Toast’s father" - cannot wait.
Toast of London series three is packed with Brian Blessed, Jon Hamm and former Time Lords via
The natural inheritor of the crown of James Robertson Justice and Brian Blessed: shouts a bit in 's
If you read 'Brian Blessed' and don't hear "GORDON'S ALIVE?!" In your head immediately, seek medical attention.
One of the original four in Z Cars, too. James Ellis, Brian Blessed, Jeremy Steele, Terence Edmond, etc.
Boris Johnston and Brian Blessed showing their support for the Poppy Appeal
Sounds like Brian Blessed, goes like Usain Bolt, it's the Range Rover SVR.
Top preview of new Toast of London last night. Expect to see Jon Hamm, Peter Davison, Morgana Robinson, Tim West, Brian Blessed...
"What in the name of Ben Kenobi's bum...?" Absolute Pandemonium - Brian Blessed on Star Wars:
Brian Blessed was downstairs in the Apple Store whilst I was upstairs waiting for professional help. Oddly, I could not hear him from there!
Brian Blessed will be at on 4 Nov for a screening of Flash Gordon + Q&A:
in other news, Pam Ayres, Brian Blessed, Mark Gatiss, Janet Street Porter, Meera Sayal and Ruby Wax have only appeared on QI once!
Someone needs to make a production of The Lost World with Brian Blessed as Professor Challenger
Reminded of 's Brian Blessed and Simon Callow playing chess. Trying not to laugh out loud in the office
was that Brian Blessed or father Xmas Alistair McGowan's act is safe 😂😂😂
Having read Roger Lewis's wondrous review of Brian Blessed's autobiog I need not bother buying the booming thing. Lewis aces him.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Podrace, Darth Maul, Amidala's ship, Qui Gon Jinn, Jedi Council, Duel of the Fates, Brian Blessed, sorry, that's more than 1
Great British Soup Kitchen - hosted by a (slightly drunk) Delia Smith, the ghost of Mrs Beeton and Brian Blessed. He likes soup, right?
Listen, I delivered a baby, it's a doddle, you don't have to be Brian Blessed. You do to bite through the cord & lick baby clean, obviously.
Is this just the most perfect casting ever? Brian Blessed to play Stephen Toast's dad in
there was some dude in a recent episode doing a Matt Berry impression, who I think of as the modern Brian Blessed
Just been for a walk through Richmond Park to see the tribute to Brian Blessed. The man's a national treasure.
I doubt Brian Blessed has ever done something that would surprise me.
Just a typical morning in the life of the great Brian Blessed...
Exclusive: Brian Blessed to play Steven’s Dad in the hit Matt Berry comedy Toast of London
My tip for good acting is to shout really loudly like Brian Blessed or Matt Berry.
Brian Blessed is going to play Matt Berry'S DAD. Ah may zing
Brian Blessed will play Matt Berry's dad on Toast of London series 3
In other Matt Berry news, I am super excited about Brian Blessed playing his dad in the new series of Toast of London. Perfect casting.
TOAST's ALIVE! and Brian Blessed's gonna play his pappa
Brian Blessed is Steven Toast's Dad. In the same episode as Jon Hamm. Yes.
Can you imagine a better person than Brian Blessed to play Steven Toast's Dad? We can't
Brian Blessed as King Richard in The Black Adder my second all time fave UK show
Tim Dalton & Brian Blessed are in this 80s British Gods
not keen on the Snowmen. Brian Blessed and Gyles Brandreth for me. Great festival this year!
Brits are going on about how loud Americans are on My response: Russell Howard and Brian Blessed.
if you mix in some Brian Blessed Kuala Lumpurs as well it might go too far.
.The woman yelling at people to keep back just now had a lovely speaking voice. Mix of Brian Blessed&Atilla the Hun.👌
How was I so blessed with an amazing friend
Yeah, cos Brian Blessed would be an Islamists' dream date ;)
Remember Today! God Will Take Care of YOU! You are safe in His arms! No one can remove you from Him and His presence! Be Blessed Today!
Available October, will be well worth a read. Brian Blessed - Absolute Pandemonium -
I wish you and your loved ones a very blessed Thursday, dear Brian! Warm greetings to you and your family!
Wise words from the absolute legend that is Brian Blessed!!
great show last night, but fancy finding Brian blessed halfway up a mounting cooking macaroni!
Tickets are on sale now for autumn plus, featuring one of our favourites, the great Brian Blessed!
Website Builder 728x90
This is a really smart campaign. Congrats. Better get on with it and unfollow Brian Blessed!
Good Morning!Wish you a blessed day💋 PS:at the next pool/garden/beach party I would like to be there😜
Brian Blessed would be better. I'd watch and video PMQT for that - with sound down, of course.
God has blessed you in a wonderful way. Congratulation pep ♥ welcome to the real life dear :D
I definitely think their are Two different Israels Judahs Jerusalems etc.. the Destroyed one. The New Blessed one.
See, now I'm just picturing Eddie Izzard or Brian Blessed screaming in my ear now.
one of my favorite parts of that movie is how Grandpa Seth looks like a budget Brian Blessed
Blessed to have my brother brian by my side for our last ride amazing day of practice today .
Feeling blessed with the birth of our 7th grandchildand Brian Cameron
Bonsoir Brian! Thank you!! Great to have your RTs/support! Pray you and your family are doing great! Blessed Glorious night/week!
hey Brian thanks for the follow .Looks like you are very adventurous. How blessed you are !!
I want you to become gamings Brian Blessed.
I've been meaning to watch Classic Thomas to practice Ringo's accent for story time, might just voice as Brian Blessed instead.
.I wish Thomas the tank engine was voiced by Brian Blessed
Just watched an episode of Peppa Pig, voiced by Brian Blessed. My life is complete. :-)
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Do you know about the ? If you ever want passionate, listen to Brian Blessed on Space Travel.
Greetings Prophet Brian, Blessed is Jesus Will. Jesus Showed Me More of His Divine Will this morning for My New Husband and I, very Blessed
Brian says he's a broke *** & God needs to bless him,I told him he's been blessed since the day he met me
Brian Harrison one of the top players around! Blessed to have met/played with!
But will there be a role for Brian Blessed...?
Roofing boss next door is shouting advice to his padawan in a voice that makes Brian Blessed sound like Whispering Bob Harris.
a pint of Brian Blessed's Reflection please... was next level patter, may the cull begin now
when is Brian Blessed being announced for smash?
Had a dream where Brian Blessed was my postman
The Lord blessed me with this tongue so I use it 👅
I usually take my family for granted but it's times like these I feel blessed
Definitely! All days are good, we just have to make it better :) But I'm blessed with my :) who…
If I ever marry, I think I'd want Brian Blessed and Brenda Blethyn to officiate.
I'm so blessed to have Brian and my mom around to calm me down when my anxiety level is to high.
Hey Brian - Happy BD! May you be blessed with many more...keep rockin!
was a triumph and yes I did think he was a sultry Brian Blessed.
Today has been such a Blessed gift of a day reconnecting with a dear friend and nerding out w/ Brian over comics.
maybe it's brian blessed? i'm suspicious of NC plates in brooklyn, with brooklyn plate holders.
Of all the empty seats on this train, Madam Productive Bronchitis Cough chose the one next to me!
yea, I know, still I love Brian Blessed's read of the lines
Seeing my child move around in my wife's stomach was such a surreal moment...
I'm happy for my older cousins Brian. He's been with his girl since high school and she's his wife and they about to have a boy.
Happy birthday I got you this signed picture of Brian Blessed, better known as the voice of Boss Nass!
I witnessed Ollie Reed and Brian Blessed in a "who has the loudest voice" match at The Crown Hotel, Peebles, …
morning Brian. I'm off to bed finally (I work 3rd shift) .. do hope your Tuesday is brilliant and blessed.
Have a blessed, hopeful perfect day to begin with good morning!
Good Tuesday Morning!. This morning's prayer and worship led by Brian Pink. We are blessed to be connected with...
"The NDA continues to lead in a vital movement towards a more united society through the celebration of community champions." Brian Blessed
this has all started me off on the what Impactor sounds like thing, I still hear him in my head voiced by Sir Brian Blessed
nor blessed are the big noses,that was life of Brian,anyway why can't the big noses be blessed?
Agreed! is a blessed gift to so many of us. He is sincere, on point and devoted to his craft of teaching.
Brian Blessed's Reflection IPA and the Scott Brown reference had me howlin
If I had a dinner party my 3 guests would be Robert Earnshaw, Louis Theroux and Brian Blessed
Brian Blessed is a veteran British actor best known for BELLOWING A LOT OF HIS LINES. Hence the all caps.
“What is Brian Blessed and John Rhys-Davies in a sauna, Alex?”
Is Chuck Blazer what happens when David Bellamy and Brian Blessed mate?
Why going for Brian Blessed look or is it terry Waite. The new hipster look.
I compared to Patrick Stewart. Tho Yahweh would probs sound lk Brian Blessed.
especially with Kirsty Young and Brian Blessed presenting. I'm sure I don't need to tell all of you, who is presenting which one!!!
"Jim Sterling, while also mostly great, chews the scenery like the offspring of Brian Blessed and Alan Rickman."
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