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.Social mobility must be at the heart of the government’s agenda in Brexit Britain |
LIFT will be a ‘point of light’ in post-Brexit Britain: watch critic Lyn Gardner's conversation with
Another boost to science in Brexit Britain. Novo Nordisk to invest £115 million in a new UK research centre.
Fears for economy as number of EU migrants leaving Brexit Britain surges
Paul Nuttall is what Britain needs for post Brexit Britain. We must not allow terrorism to thrive here.
So much for all Farage's predictions! When even Le Pen takes a look at the mess that is Brexit Britain and thinks, 'better…
A magical mystery tour of Brexit Britain
How do we get the best MPs for Brexit Britain? Vote thoughtfully | Gina Miller
May's Brexit plan is about what's best for internal Tory politics, not Britain > Me for the
Brexit: EU's negotiator to unveil plan for Britain talks
Britain will spend the next 20 years painstakingly rebuilding the influence it has so casually thrown away
negotiator to unveil plan for Britain talks
Are punishing UK because EU wont be able to sponge off Britain post
EU's Brexit negotiator to unveil plan for Britain talks
Britain realizing Brexit was a mistake says Irish official. |
Britain must 'say goodbye to the fairy tale that everything will be better after Brexit' declares Germany's Europe
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Why dont EU funded report EU are mainly angry at not being able to sponge off Britain post
Guest columnist explains why Theresa May called an early election, and what Brexit may mean for Britain
Revealed: How Jean-Claude Juncker's 'monster' is plotting to punish Britain for Brexit
ECB's Nouy worried about 'race' to lure UK banks after Brexit - Reuters
Britain’s complacency over Brexit will end in humiliation | Simon Tilford
Newsnight: A Brexit deal which benefits the UK & Brussels would be EU's 'WORST NIGHTMARE', Yanis Varoufakis claims…
EU accuses Britain of unrealistic aims in Brexit talks
Brexit threatens future of Britain's nuclear industry: MPs
This is a fantastic read on the inner workings of the Sun. To Understand ‘Brexit,’ Look to Britain’s Tabloids
The British public deserve to know the whole truth about Britain's position in the negotiations
World: Britain's May promises to be 'bloody difficult woman' in Brexit talks - Reuters
Europe raises Britain's bill for Brexit to £92billion. via
Report-Britain must prepare for possibility of no deal on Brexit.
"People in Britain risk losing their “fundamental right to health” after 
If you want to understand the roots of Brexit, you need to understand the power of Britain's tabloids
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Let pay 100 billion Euros to the and let it go.
The Germans think Brexit Britain owes the EU but the IOU is all theirs  via
Dear EU, Britain wants its culture back, thank you. 🇬🇧
dailymail: 'Europe raises Britain's bill for Brexit to £92billion'
'I fear Theresa May is negotiating us all towards Brexit disaster', writes
Jean-Claude Juncker is plotting to 'punish' Britain for Brexit - Patrick Blower - political cartoon gallery
Europe has once again declared war on Britain, this time Germany are using financial means as weapon of choice .
As Britain prepares for June 8 election, is keeping our clients ahead of the story. Here's how: https:…
Cults, human sacrifice and pagan sex: how folk horror is flowering again in Brexit Britain
Brexit may swing a few seats, but tactical efforts are unlikely to change the overall outcome of the election
Iain Macwhirter: Why Macron is seriously bad news for Brexit Britain | The Herald
Stephen Welton: "Freed from the EU's shackles, Brexit Britain can rekindle the regions".
Forget empire, Britain wants less of the world, not more
Bad luck, Tony Blair. 68 per cent of British people now want hard and fast Brexit
EU will punish Britain says Marine Le Pen but Britain will flourish
Since your plan for Britain is Brexit, no thanks, you are no longer trustworthy.
British voters must have final say on Brexit: Tim Farron ...
"It's clear the majority of CEOs have Brexit plans & are already taking action" Karen Briggs, Head of Brexit
Britain after Like a wet noodle through a needle
BREXIT: First ‘Silk Road’ train from Britain leaves for China with whiskey
Post-Brexit Britain more politically active: study
Every country experiences that & especially here since we're a very young country. Germany has the AfD, Britain the Brexit, etc.
Animal Farm meets Monty Python in this social satire set in post Brexit Britain. ONLY 2 USD!…
7. An early flashpoint will be Britain's overall bill for divorcing the EU
6. Britain may have to keep paying sums it's already committed to the EU
First freight train to run from Britain to China departs today - big boost for Global Britain as we prepare for Brexit…
3. Access to Britain's largest market is in jeopardy - the EU buys about 45% of its exports
1. EU migrants who live in Britain are in limbo while they await their fate
Brexit has turned a blind eye to the penalty - we're busy trading morals - Apr 10 @ 10:22 PM ET
Germans still haven't learnt, you can't beat Britain
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UPDATE 1-All euro business should be moved from London after Brexit -top lawmaker.
Charlemagne: Theresa May is signalling a readiness to compromise on Brexit via
America should refuse to support Brexit, until Britain stops sending us their worst entertainers and pundits.
Britain has a whole Brexit to deal with. Please stop being in a Russias business.
one of the few world leaders to state that will be Superb for Britain
European regulators offer Brexit sweeteners to investment banks..
Scotland the brave: Nicola Sturgeon hopes to turn Brexit into Scoxit | The Economist
If is given an honour for services to then really is messed up?
If the remaining 27 are able to stand strong, the fabled United States of Europe will be born.
David Cameron’s referendum took a non-issue and turned it into one which could poison British politics for years
to trigger UK overhaul and EU funding gap
Britain to push for tough new Russia sanctions. . This was not what the Kremlin hoped to get out of Brexit.…
Look closely at UK friend and foe Countries that owe so much to so many British Men and women. Very short memories.
If we want to stop Gibraltar from becoming a Brexit pawn, it needs to become part of Britain says
The latest victim of Brexit may be Britain’s commitment to source 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020…
"Brexit should not be understood as Britain leaving the European Union, but as Britain rejoining the world."
Remainers: "Can tell us how will improve our lives"🤔. Brexiteers: "Stop talking Britain down". That'll be…
European regulators offer Brexit sweeteners to investment banks
Don't relax, Britain. You won major battle, but you still infected with cancer of Islam. Continue by cutting of…
Slovak media face fines for referring to UK as Britain in Brexit coverage
Brexit to trigger UK farm policy overhaul and EU funding gap - Reuters
And has been working for 40 years..!. is bad economically for Britain and will make us culturally/morally i…
Ford backs Brexit Britain as the CEO says Ford will be in the UK for 'quite some time'
GOOD .'I won’t bring my children up there' Expat refuses to return to 'small-minded' Britain
Been saying this for a long time. We need a cross party Remain alliance. I thought Open Britain might be it, but they're too…
Britain’s post-Brexit financial prospects have improved, says City of London policy chief
JPMorgan softens tone on Brexit jobs warning
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier: ‘Far from "taking back control", Brexit Britain is losing power, influence htt…
How and why progressives must fight to shape post-Brexit Britain. My Observer piece with
We want to hear from the people! What do you want to see change in Brexit Britain? Education? Tax? . Whatever it is, s…
Sir James Dyson has said that he remains “enormously optimistic” about UK business in post-Brexit Britain:.
Accepting the reality that Brexit Britain can't deliver and working together to make Britain work for us all.
Did anyone actually try the coffee? It was rank.'This is Brexit Britain': Waitrose slammed for new free drinks rules
Rewatching Life on Mars. It's great. Together with Prime Suspect 1973, good training videos for post-Brexit Britain...
VIEWS A problem of PRET A MANGER is the company's regime and its management are not suitable for post-Brexit Britain. - Michael, London
Lower immigration could be the biggest economic cost of Brexit
Why Britain voted for Brexit: the short and long answers
FREEDOM. can from .WITHOUT paying a penny - Govt lawyers advise.
Britain will be greater due to Brexit.
Britain could leave the EU without paying anything.
Muslim convert who said he was joining extremist group to escape Brexit Britain is jailed for eight years
Fernandes: Brexit means a deregulated, free trade Britain unburdened by EU laws like Financial Transactions Tax.
people won't vote no this time when they get an idea of hospital bills in Brexit Britain. Give them your pension and savings
Withington 'fire rescue hero' faces deportation the new caring post brexit Britain!
When Britain changes its mind about Brexit (am sure it will!) will be in vanguard
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Latest The parable of Gibraltar and Britain for more
UK will not have to pay a penny to leave the EU, say peers in a boost for May as she prepares for Brexit talks. https:…
I hope that includes French academics wanting to escape Brexit Britain
"History will show that Brexit was the correct choice, for the future of Great Britain. I also do not believe in sex." - The_Bre…
Today I met people unlikely to be allowed to remain in UK. They are young, contribute but don't fit May's new Britain.
Anti-Eu sentiment is soaring- small french town names street after - honouring move…
Britain will not contribute £50bn to EU budget if no Brexit deal is reached, says Lords report
If EU workers go, will step in to pick and pack Britain’s dinners? -
In wake of yesterday's results, another plug for my piece this week on N Ireland, and break up…
The year is 2017, Marmite is Britain's official currency, poor people are hit by austerity, our PM is dictator, st…
It's great to listen to ex-Remainer Andrew Mitchell being optimistic about Brexit Britain's role in the world!
Andrew Mitchell talking about Britain's place in the world. Important that we maintain our soft power post-Brexit
Britain's old political foes are forming a rare alliance to fight the common enemy of Brexit v…
Small companies hoarding cash and cutting investment over fears.
James Cleverly MP: EU uses punitive tariffs to condemn developing world to poverty. Britain can reengage post-Brexit.
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How can we make immigration work for Britain after Brexit? writes on a pragmatic deal that cou…
Update: How soon could Britain’s exit from the EU be completed? And what could it mean for US corporations? https…
Ruth: "The difference between me and Nicola Sturgeon is I want us to make a success of Brexit. She wants Britain to fail."…
45% only back a guarantee for EU citizens living in Britain to stay after Brexit if other EU nations reciprocate
UK not legally bound to pay into EU budget if no Brexit deal - lawmakers
OUTRAGE as Lib Dem and Labour politicians beg EU to PUNISH BRITAIN over Brexit- sounds like treason
A Mini part's incredible journey shows how Brexit will hit the UK car industry
Britain owes Brussels nothing, say government lawyers re: EU's crazy demand for £50bn Brexit bill. Too right!
Britain has no obligation to pay the EU 1 penny- political suicide for any party to agree to pay anything
Britain needs companies like Boxarr. Brexit may scare them off
if you want Tony Blair put on trial for crimes against Britain & the British people.His desperate attempt to revers…
May is trying to discredit the arguments for Scotland leaving the UK whilst championing a hard Brexit for Britain leaving…
Interesting article from Post-Brexit, Britain could become Europe's trade door to the world -
Ghana’s warm reception shows the opportunities for post-Brexit Britain | Adam Afriyie MP
Unless it makes a real shift to the right the Daily Telegraph will have no place in Brexit Britain...
Diocese in Europe explores implications of 'post-Brexit Britain'
From the President of the US to the President of Turkey. Brexit Britain will be such a beacon of morality in our Brave New World.
As questions hang in the air over how close a post-Brexit Britain and American under Donald Trump will be, the n...
This would create such a brain drain in Brexit Britain!. UK citizens to get individual opt-in to remain EU citizens.
I am really pleased our Prime Minister will meet Trump soon. This is good for Brexit Britain.
No one believes this Tory govt will ever prioritise workers rights over a race to the bottom, tax haven, post-Brexit Britain
Apple hits post-Brexit Britain for a second time, increasing app store prices by 25%
You're spot-on: corporate elites will turn Brexit Britain into a tax dodgy, low-wage, neoliberal fantasy island.
Corporate elites will now turn Brexit Britain into a low-wage neoliberal fantasy island. Inevitable movie: "Escape From UK".
Loyal Dominions. Best Dominions. New Zealand should scrap talks with the EU in favour of post-Brexit Britain, MP says
Went to see "This House" last night. Hilarious political drama, revealing in Brexit Britain & when Labour in pieces
Campaign to promote Brexit Britain leans on Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes
Exports rose for the first time since 2013 last year. Brexit Britain is open for business!.
Alfonso Cuarón was onto something, he'd inadvertently painted an accurate picture of Brexit Britain.
Well done in seeking to open up question of where power lies in post-Brexit Britain
Brexit Britain is craven, diminished & amoral. Go on Theresa, go the whole hog & make Farage ambassador.
'Great uncertainty' for French in Brexit Britain: envoy
'Great uncertainty' for French in Brexit Britain: envoy (AFP)
'EU immigration has Britain at breaking point and Brexit needs to sort it out' | UK | News | Daily Express
Last Top Stories: Britain's Brexit subsidies for carmakers could top wage bills
Davis arrogantly says EU can't compete with 'Anglo-Saxon' race to bottom. He's presuming popular support for that. https…
Hitler was defeated b/c nations like Great Britain & US knew right from wrong. Now British have Brexit & we have Trump. G-d help us all.
Britain, get real: means whatever the EU says it means READ https:…
Melanie Hurst talked about Britain's Brexit deal; the ongoing Supreme Court appeal; and the future of I'd lo…
You do not take back control by petulantly blaming the EU for Britain's own self-inflicted ills. .
A warning to our politicians. We will never forget or forgive the liars, charlatans fanatics and cowards forcing
Britain, leaving the EU, free to burn in the ashes of our own economic demise. But they'll be *British* ashes. That's…
success for will push other European Countries to Leave Vampire EU
My cartoon - where does Britain draw the line with Saudi Arabia & China?. . .
"A group of British and Irish lawyers are seeking to challenge Britain's decision to leave the European Union in...
Lawyers seek to launch fresh Brexit challenge in Irish courts
How Britain talked Brexit. Groundbreaking research from and team:
It could bring a greater fortune to a non-Brexit Britain. Brexit is not a prerequisite.
“Open Britain’s poll also suggests”.they were completely wrong before the referendum why would they be right now?
The poll confirming what you already suspected about post-Brexit Britain, but hoped was not true.
The EU is an economic disaster we should be targeting EU based businesses to move to the UK
Brexit will make Britain poorer - lies of the Brexiters begin to be understood
BREXIT BOOST as Merkel's deputy says EU must keep Britain as CLOSE as possible
Britain can ignore the Lisbon Treaty and quit the EU now, claims top lawyer Ingrid Detter de Frankopan.
Britain holds all the cards in Brexit talks.The UK is the strongest EU nation & EU nations are dependent on the UK mar…
Farage blasts dithering Government and claims Britain could quit the EU in TWO WEEKS! Get in there Nigel a great man http…
If this happens Britain should ignore any Irish court ruling that threatens Brexit.
Why Britain voted for a look back 200 years
In my first newspaper interview as Ukip leader I deal with Brexit, immigration, law & order and other issues:
Bang on the money.. And yet left-wing party's are still fighting democratic choice. Tories simply reflecting it. 🤔
I'm experiencing similar. Either you're on the Aswick-Lincoln Train or we're in the "BREXIT Britain" dark future ti…
A state splash on science could bring fortune to Brexit Britain writes in
Thank you Mr. Farage for finally revealing that Brexit was not about Britain’s little people via…
This is what Britain has become and it will only get worse while the government are busy stalling Brexit!.
Brexit Secretary David Davis threatens to take billions in business from EU if it refuses Britain good exit deal
Britain will cut taxes and take on the EU if it tries to 'punish' UK for Brexit, suggests David Davis 
The mask slips as Jean-Claude Juncker looks forward to the end of the nation state and threatens Brexit Britain. http…
The 'Brexit dividend' does not exist.
Labour must become the party of Remain & explain why Brexit is bad for Britain. The polls show that trying to please b…
The Government has a democratic mandate to take Britain out of the EU
McDonald's decision to move HQ to London paints great vision of Britain's future
Brits knew exactly what they voted for with Brexit. Remainers just can't accept Brits rejected their world view & chos…
Brexit Britain turns against globalisation, blaming it for low UK wages and inequality poll reveals The Independent
true just like in Britain after brexit there were some liberals who protested but eventually they accept the outcome.
McDonalds moving their European base to the UK & to pay all non USA tax to the UK- Brexit Britain is booming
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Ex-chancellor George Osborne continues to call for a 15% corporate tax rate in a post-Brexit Britain
Christina Martin : AlexaDWilson Gy is pronounced a la gynaecology no? You are phonetically called Guyneen. Honestly, Brexit Britain.
"Why the plummeting pound is actually good news for post-Brexit Britain" - my latest article for the
Be bold, commit to greater investment in research and innovation in post-Brexit Britain, say National Academies.
Companies not cancelling already planned investment is now taken as a triumph for post-Brexit Britain. .
Nope!. means Britain leads global movement for nationalism. . Nigeria is not a nation but British estate.
Britain's post-Brexit foreign policy is becoming clearer and it's not pretty --
Britain will not pay EU after Brexit, why would we! . via
Brexit Britain's manufacturing hits 10-month HIGH as May vows 'UK is open for business'
*NEWSFLASH* New Boris Bikes unveiled. "It's this sort of thing that will make Britain great again," said Johnson.
UK productivity growth likely to fall - BoE's McCafferty
reaping benefits of Manufacturing activity surges to highest level in 25 … …
Germany warns that Britain faces decades of EU contributions after Brexit ahead of Berlin summit via
Germany warns Britain faces decades of EU contributions
Article 50 author: Britain will get a 'hard, unpleasant Brexit'
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Brexiteers promise that we would in the event of brexit stay in single market. Not what they are saying now
means "ten years of the worst recession Britain has ever faced and economic obliteration"?
🇬🇧 . EXPOSED: European Commission spends BILLIONS of British aid on hotels and pro-EU TV series
But didn't the Leave campaign say Commonwealth were queuing up to sign deals with Britain. Not another Brexit lie?
Poland demand UK pay up to the EU even after we leave, how about Poland stops scrounging off the UK
The German finance minister wants us to keep paying into the EU after Brexit. Pay attention, Wolfgang: NO THANKS!. ht…
Germany demands the UK pay the EU for decades after Brexit!! without the UK the EU will be bankrupt in no time https:/…
Brexit uncertainties threaten to undermine scientific collaboration in Britain
Brexit Britain means huge global opportunities. One of the first places the UK should start is in the US with
Rape culture in politics isn't an American problem. Puppeteers of Brexit Britain like Farage speak Trump's language.
Post-Brexit Britain: How would life be OUTSIDE the EU? Shock predictions of a better UK...
Theresa May’s India trip reveals much about who will matter in post-Brexit Britain
Government must now spell out a vision of post-Brexit Britain before Article 50 is triggered by MPs. Brexit means Brexit…
Can definitely see Brexit Britain adopting an Albert Speer aesthetic l
"Brexit Britain is a land of make-believe" Me in the Observer on the lies of Theresa May.
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Brexit Britain is desperate for a decent genesis myth | Stewart Lee
Welcome to Brexit Britain, where Nissan knows more about our economic future than Parliament https:…
Tony Blair is warning that Brexit Britain could launch weapons of mass destruction in 45 minutes.
Theresa May delighted that Nissan will build cars in post-Brexit Britain, although is unsure whether they'll be hard or s…
Ben Fogle's A New Life in the Wild should appeal to us all in Brexit Britain.
UK transport minister Stephen Grayline says Heathrow expansion best option for post-Brexit Britain
Brexit Britain. A world where Ed Balls wins a popularity contest over Tameka Empson and Lesley Joseph.
Post-Brexit Britain undergoes an "existential crisis", until PM Theresa May outlaws existentialism for being "too continent…
No matter how much they tell you to shut up, in Brexit Britain always be Marge Simpson in The Monorail episode.
Britain's Marmite dispute is over but that won't stop biting retailers
'Hard Brexit' or 'no Brexit' for Britain, says EU President - there's no 'best deal'
Of course they do, we import huge amounts from them. We hold the cards though now, remember that Remainers!
'Hard Brexit' or 'no Brexit' for Britain - Tusk. Words of wisdom. I think Donald is still a Bremainer!
The symbolism of this development in Brexit Britain is deliciously depressing
There's no light of day when it comes to b/c the charlatans who caused it never had an end game after h…
Hard Brexit in that case Donald Tusk. BBC News - 'Hard Brexit' or 'no for Britain - Tusk
'Hard Brexit' or 'no Brexit' for Britain - Tusk -
Get real UK - means whatever EU says it means. Cold shower for delusional Brits:
The crash in the pound punctures the delusion that Brexit Britain will flourish | Aditya Chakrabortty
These EU tyrants aren't exactly endearing themselves are they? Blackmail and threats lol
Companies who caused biggest recession in History & were given £500Billion to survive threaten to leave UK
US banks planning exodus from Britain, says French minister - oh, look: just as we warned..
UK will lose part of its best export industry and why pound falls every time looks like we will leave EEA
My cartoon - leaving the will make Britain great again, won’t it?!. . .
This Brexit thing is all going just tickety-boo.
Dear UK: It's going very wrong if you're unironically borrowing a certain American blowhard's campaign slogan
Norway says NO to Britain's entry in EFTA after Brexit, no back door to remain in the single market-EEA
Hatred because of race or religion has no place in modern Britain. Post-Brexit,it's more important we present best of oursel…
'There is ONLY hard Brexit': Tusk crushes hopes of Remain camp. via Hard or nothing, we can do it
Which bit of democracy did you not understand, Mr Tusk? All of it.
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The market has mostly worked against Britain's interests: .
…Britain is the only one who’ll suffer from a hard Brexit is incredibly naive. Many of the member states have significant interest in…
Tusk: "Useless to speculate about 'soft Brexit' (...) - the only real alternative to a 'hard Brexit' is 'no Brexit'" ht…
NEW | via It’s not just the government; Remainers & soft Brexiters are in disarray too
No Brexit please. 'Hard Brexit' or 'no Brexit' for Britain - Tusk
If you read only one article this month, make it this one. Via
Britain, get real: Brexit means whatever the EU says it means.
RPT-It's lonely at the top for Britain's FTSE 100 index on
Worried about Worry about this instead
Norway obstinately refuses to be fascinated by May`s ing Britain.
British may decide against once they realise how painful it will be, warns
Great Britain was fine with increased hate crime, but losing Ben and Jerry's, PG Tips, and Marmite is a step too far.
Britain plans to use international aid budget to win friends before trade talks, sources say
As a member of the Britain currently has trade deals with 80 countries. After we will have 0
Little nod to Europe, with which Britain will finally have to negotiate, once it finishes negotiating with itself. http…   10% Off
Even pro-UK people should be able to recognise the usefulness of SNP indyref2 threats to get best deal for Scotland in post-Brexit Britain.
'Hard Brexit' or 'no Brexit' for Britain - Tusk Not exactly a surprise
'Hard Brexit' or 'no Brexit' for Britain - Tusk
You can have 'hard Brexit' or no Brexit at all, EU council president warns UK
Britain may decide against Brexit when they realise just how painful it will be, warns EU chief
EU again shows such concern for democracy... 'Hard Brexit' or 'no Brexit' for Britain - Tusk - BBC News
Ambassador confirms that China wants to deepen ties with UK after Brexit and praises opportunity for independent UK. h…
Another minister says Brexit Britain will curb immigration,question is how low will it be set,we need it very low http…
Jeremy Hunt: Let's replace foreign doctors with homegrown talent in Post-Brexit Britain.
An even more frightening prospect than Brexit Britain... Anne Robinson's Britain.
Who needs experts in post-Brexit Britain? Clearly not Ukip's Douglas Carswell
Bank of England admits it had its sums wrong about post-Brexit Britain
I feel like all this Great British Bake Off drama is really pushing post-Brexit Britain to it's limits. Don't know if we can…
Frank Cottrell Boyce: what's the point of culture in Brexit Britain?
BBC News - Brexit Britain: What has actually happened so far?
If Ireland doesn't like EU tax rules they should do a brexit and join us to form some kind of united Britain...
Independent digital -. An invitation from Brexit Britain: No 10 would welcome Apple to UK.
A movement in Britain to build a post-Brexit trade wall – they aren't calling it 'protectionism' but 'nurturing'
World - Brexit town wants government to 'get on w/ it' & leave EU
Now it's clear: means the cannot interfere with UK arranging tax avoidance deals with big multinationals!
I've stayed away from bcos of the blind interest 4 tech with little for the social wealth they breed
Britain will thrive outside of the EU
NEW: Tim Farron: Brexit left the UK "a laughing stock" in the eyes of the rest of the world https…
'Britain must not be allowed to “keep the nice things” that come with EU membership without taking responsibility'
Great for Britain. Russia and Greenland are desperate for a deal
Britain in abeyance as May cabinet struggles to thrash out meaning of Brexit -
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