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Brett Lawrie

Brett R. Lawrie (born January 18, 1990) is a Canadian professional baseball third baseman with the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball.

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Going to have to make some room for these next to the Ricky Romero, Yunel Escobar, Brett Lawrie, and J.P. Arencibia…
Didn't see WOTE or Dragonette that year. Met Brett Lawrie and Arda Ocal that day though.
White Sox agree to one-year deals with Brett Lawrie, Avisail Garcia
Um, that lis is missin both Brett Lawrie and GordonBeckham!.
brett lawrie was as unlikable a person as any athlete I can think of. I think that's why no one cared when he was moved.
Now imagine him doing that to Brett Lawrie
Brett Lawrie's bulge. See more of him here:
A fun thing in 2010 is Brett Lawrie: Top prospect that won’t play 2B long term
Don't forget that Brett Lawrie could play 3rd and so can Matt Davidson. There are plenty of possibilities there already.
Lmaooo Brett Lawrie called out Chris Russo and mad dog just barked back.
I would keep our prospects and wait till next FA. *** or Barnes can play second. Brett Lawrie is a fit.
Brett Lawrie, won't have to give up a top prospect, he's a good defensive player, also can be a consistent lead off hitter.
Brett Lawrie to the Dodgers for Trayce Thompson? I like it. Do it Sox.
they made good trades, though. Would you deal Brett Phillips straight up for Gerrit Cole? Lawrie was like, a 40-60
Like when Brett Lawrie said "your a *** to me and I told him the MVP would have spelled it correctly? :D
Brett Lawrie, for example, has produced 15.2 and 9.7 WAR, which in a relatively short career makes a big difference in value.
Apparently these are the names in the prophecy Dawn Lawrie Delia Lawrie Michael Gunner Kezia Purik Justin Quintner Colin Rubin Saul Brett
"Brett Lawrie hits a 2 with a great nonchalant catch by a White Sox bullpen catcher"
2B Brett Lawrie rehabs with the Barons in August.
Brett Lawrie's post on instagram. It was a picture of him and Joanna Jedrzejczyk and he was in a White Sox uniform. An hour ago
Please rebuild! Get rid of everyone except for Brett Lawrie, Adam Eaton, Tim Anderson, Melky Cabrera, and Todd F…
Actually, America's worst trade deal was Josh Donaldson for Brett Lawrie, Kendall Graveman, Sean Nolin, and Franklin Bar…
One can't guarantee Brett Lawrie will play 140 games, thus ChiSox better off with Salad and Carlos Sanchez. No tendering Lawrie makes sense
so... Shaun Marcum for Brett Lawrie / which turned into Josh Donaldson. So Marcum for Donaldson!
ICYMI here's the latest on injuries to Brett Lawrie and Alex Avila:
White Sox expect Brett Lawrie back soon, Alex Avila needs 2-4 more weeks
Lawrie day to day with tight left hamstring: White Sox second baseman Brett Lawrie left with a tight l... :
Brett Lawrie and Jose Batista two of baseball's greatest sportsmen? Royals fans don't see it.
Brett Lawrie with a BOMB! Take that green monster. Sweep the red Sox? Scrubs get swept! Rose traded. Could be epic day in Chicago!
I'm really hurting at 3B with Matt Duffy and Brett Lawrie. Do you have any thoughts on targets or guys coming up?
Brett Lawrie gets in on the fun! RBI base hit scores Jose Abreu and this game is 7-6, B5
Brett Lawrie singles and Jose Abreu scores as the throw home was off line. It's now 7-6.
Brett Lawrie is the dude who wears eyeblack for rec softball.
Kris Bryant, Ben Zobrist and Anthony Rizzo have more RBI combined then Jose Abreu, Avi Garcia, Todd Frazier and Brett Lawrie combined
Austin Jackson drives in Brett Lawrie with a single to make it a 3-1 ball game!
We went from Brett Lawrie and Jose Reyes to Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki.
yesterday was the only time I've ever wanted Brett Lawrie instead of Josh Donaldson on our team
In the seventh, Tyler Duffey fanned Brett Lawrie, Avisail Garcia (who reached on a wi… via App
Brett Lawrie, Franklin Barretto, Kendall Graveman and Sean Nolin. Remember it like it was yesterday.
A solo HR by Jose Abreu, and RBIs by Melky Cabrera, Adam Eaton, Brett Lawrie and Tyler Saladino help the White...
On that White Sox bench clear: 1. Shocked that Brett Lawrie was one of the guys screaming. He's the on-field Matt Barnes of MLB
Brett Lawrie, Todd Frazier, Melky Cabrera, and Scott Carroll all in the same clubhouse. The fun quotient is through the roof.
Josh Rutledge singles on a ground ball to second baseman Brett Lawrie. Chris Young to 3rd. Travis Shaw to 2nd.
Brett Lawrie has homered in a career-high 3 straight games, the last to homer in 4 straight was Alex Rios in 2013.
Brett Lawrie has homered in a career-high three straight games. Alex Rios (2013) was last White Sox to homer in four straight.
Gavin Floyd strikes out Brett Lawrie to end five-run outburst. trail 6-5 to B7, Putnam still on mound.
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Jerry Sands follows Brett Lawrie's one-out walk with a single on a 2-1 fastball from Garrett Richards.
By the time this season is over, I think most fans will conclude that Carlos Sanchez > Brett Lawrie.
This dude in the stands at the A's game totally bashing Brett Lawrie 😂
Which former top prospects will break out in 2016? Brett Lawrie included. via
Stopped myself from ranting about SF nicknames on Brett Lawrie's Insta. Is there some rule that MLB players must call SF 'San Fran'
Just looked into it. He got $4.3m(!!) last yr, $11.7m this yr, $17m next yr. Absolute bargain. All for basically Brett Lawrie!
Brett Lawrie, Kendall Graveman and Sean Nolin. That's what Donaldson was traded for.
any fancy Brett Lawrie cards this year?
The Gordometer: Can these ex-top prospects go from bust to breakout? Can former top prospects Aaron Hicks, Wil Mye…
Brett Lawrie may look the most excited, but Nate Jones behind him was probably more so after the blown save.
Long story short, I think he still has time to come around. I *want* to like Brett Lawrie.
Which former top hitting prospects might finally break out? Which will keep floundering? It's the Gordometer 2016.
via scout takes on chance of Alex Gordon-like turnarounds for Jesus Montero, Lawrie, Hicks + interesting
I'm loving Brett Lawrie's energy it's only game 2 and thus man is geeked like its the middle of season
From bust to breakout: Which former top prospects will bloom in 2016? examines
Love the delayed enthusiasm from Hawk Harrelson in the booth. Also, Brett Lawrie's reaction: priceless.
It's my God given right as an american to like Brett Lawrie's passion for the game!
Can we play Radiohead's "Creep" when Brett Lawrie comes to the plate?.
I think Brett Lawrie is a crazy person, and that is exactly what the White Sox needed.
Brett Lawrie: "Can we have pizza rolls for dinner, Mom?". Ms. Lawrie: "Sure.". Brett: . . .
The best part about that JRoll go ahead bomb was definitely Brett Lawrie going nuts on the bench.
As of right now I fricken love Brett Lawrie lol. . Another 1-run W for the Sox! Alright alright alright.
Brett Lawrie just might be my new favorite player.
Brett Lawrie looks like the kind of guy to buy your girl a vodka and red bull right in front of you at a bar
I just want to know who Brett Lawrie is always talking to.
Brett Lawrie & Todd Frazier will be signing at Sideline Memorabilia in Hawthorn Center, Vernon Hills, IL on 5/07/16.
If intensity was a measurable statistic, Brett Lawrie would probably lead the league in it.
Why is Brett Lawrie in the dugout, seemingly taking credit for Rollins hitting a homerun?
Somewhere Brett Lawrie is shotgunning red bull and laughing his tail off
And that's why we got Brett Lawrie...
Brett Lawrie is so happy hes not on the a's anymore lmao
Brett Lawrie and the White Sox are so awful and so made for each other.
every time I see Brett lawrie in the dugout he's near John danks I'm into it danks needs that energy time for him to sack up
No, it's Josh Donaldson and Brett Lawrie shade. Chavez was okay.
Brett Lawrie singles and scores against A's via
Brett Lawrie is like an alternate Universe Gordon Beckham who started experimenting with drugs in 9th grade.
No Hawk Harrelson next game? Sure hope is aware that Jimmy Rollins is a Hall-Of-Famer and Brett Lawrie has
Brett lawrie's that guy jacked up on a ton of pre workout who slaps his workout partner's *** after a nice set of deadlifts
I'm here, and can confirm Brett Lawrie can hear everything I'm yelling at him
Brett Lawrie is jacked up after the Jimmy Rollins home run, would you expect anything less?
Brett Lawrie is nutty. Every time a run is scored, the camera pans to him losing his mind in the dugout. Love the energ…
I love Brett Lawrie. I never thought I would say those words ever.
Billy Butler referring to Brett Lawrie this way in the offseason was the best, because Butler was so, so bad last year
"what if Todd Frazier and Brett Lawrie are talking about 'banging'..."
White Sox counting on Todd Frazier, Brett Lawrie to kick-start offense. In particular, the ad
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Last season, Josh Donaldson and Brett Lawrie were tied for 4th-most errors committed by a 3B in MLB. They are basically the same person.
vs ended in a 5-5 tie.Jacob Turner 2 scoreless innings and HR'S from Brett Lawrie, Jason Coats, and Adam Laroche.
3 members of the 2014 Blue Jays will be in the White Sox starting lineup. Dioner Navarro, Brett Lawrie, and Melky Cabrera.
White Sox notes: Brett Lawrie gets world serious, Adam Eaton, Avisail Garcia (with videos):
Brett Lawrie? Sure, why not. Jimmy Rollins? Meh, but it could be better than last year. Drew Stubbs? My lord, even that works
sounds like an indictment against Jesse Chavez and Brett Lawrie.
WELL I just found out Brett Lawrie got married yesterday so BRB while I cry myself to sleep.
Do you think Adam Lind was at Brett Lawrie's wedding?
Brett Lawrie is married... My life is over 😩😩😩😩
.in case you're wondering, Brett Lawrie got married.
Shaun Marcum (who just retired) helped get the Blue Jays Josh Donaldson. Traded for Brett Lawrie, who was in package to OAK.
Brady vs Manning Will be more hyped than Brett Lawrie on cocaine
Well Brett Lawrie got married so my hopes and dreams have officially been shattered😢
at the age Brett Lawrie is now Josh had played 14 mlb games 34 at bats 5 hits eh
Brett Lawrie turns 26, today, wish a Happy bday at
Happy birthday Brett Lawrie, you played with heart and gave it your all for the Jays, comeback and play for us in the future 💪🏻💪🏻
: He needs to get rid of his Brett Lawrie mentality first.
Check out some of the 900 openings in Brett Lawrie's of BC
Happy Birthday Brett Lawrie and congratulations on the wedding.
A's Brett Lawrie strikes out four times on 12 pitches
Happy birthday today to Brett Lawrie, the Brewers' first round pick (overall) in 2008. He turns 26.
Brett Lawrie has the chorus to that song tattooed on his arm. I'm not joking.
and brett lawrie got married this weekend and I wasn't his bride 😭😭😭😭
.spent his Sunday cosplaying James Bond and/or getting married:
have used 2 of 4 acquired in Jake Peavy trade (Montas, Wendelken) in deals for Todd Frazier, Brett Lawrie. Avi Garc…
White Sox trade for third baseman Brett Lawrie
White Sox hunting for additional power source: After trading for infielder Brett Lawrie, the White Sox will co...
Just saw Frank an hour or so ago sing "My Kind of Town"...Chicago is.there you segue to Brett Lawrie.or Bad Bad Leroy Brown maybe
Former prospect Brett Lawrie headed to the Chicago White Sox in a trade with the Oakland Athletics.
BREAKING: White Sox have acquired Brett Lawrie from the A's in exchange for LHP Zachary Erwin & RHP J.B. Wendelken.
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I kind of wonder if Shelby Miller is the pitching version of Brett Lawrie.
It's unclear who would send to Oakland for Brett Lawrie. But OFs Avisail Garcia, Trayce Thompson, Adam Engel, Ja…
Sonny Gray is staying in Oakland. Billy Butler and Brett Lawrie won't be in Oakland next season, so don't be surprised.
“Shame on their fans for antagonizing everything that went on there"- Brett Lawrie. --->
horrible trade. I like Tomlin for Coco Crisp& Brett Lawrie a lot better
Gary Rothfeld MLB news and rumors for Nov. 27: A's looking to deal Brett Lawrie - CBSSpor... Baltimore MD
couldn't stand watching him on the Red Sox, trade him to Oakland for Brett Lawrie cc
Now for a mini-review *ahem* it's a little outdated (post-2012 season, refers to Brett Lawrie in the present tense, a LOT)
The have acquired Josh Donaldson from the Oakland Athletics for BRETT LAWRIE, Sean Nolin, Kendall Graveman and FRAN…
Has someone told that crying kid that the Brett Lawrie trade was kind of a good thing?
trade Josh Donaldson to Toronto for Brett Lawrie, Sean Nolin, Kendall Graveman and Franklin Barreto
The Angels have made two major trades tonight, trading 3B Brett Lawrie to the Yankees and CF Mike Trout to the Brewers!
Mike wants to give big 2015 AL MVP congrats to Canadian Brett Lawrie.'s replacement at 3rd base in Toronto. Watching Moneyball tonight
so the A's officially traded the MVP for Brett Lawrie straight up...
Billy Beane traded away Josh Donaldson for Brett Lawrie. Never forget that.
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They really traded Josh MVP Donaldson for Brett Lawrie hen... My god 1 of the worst trade ever. Congrats Josh well deserved
he'll be traded for another Brett Lawrie type and go win the Cy Young lol
Josh Donaldson Wins AL MVP With a Historic Season: The first year of that Brett Lawrie for Josh Dona...
I'm just playing and should be happy Kendall Graveman and Brett Lawrie are in his division instead of MVP
. smh how could u not vote for Brett Lawrie
somewhere Brett Lawrie is proudly slamming red bull at the suggestion that this trade was good for Oakland.
I'll trade you Brett Lawrie and 62 fire ants for Arismendy Alcantara and Jorge Soler
That's what they said about Dioner Navarro and Brett Lawrie.
no matter how bad my day gets I can always remember that Brett Lawrie was engaged to Sydney Leroux, before she left him
Chase Utley just made Brett Lawrie look like Mister Rogers.
Somewhere Jose Reyes and Brett Lawrie are vomiting consistently.
After two years of working awesome events at Mosaic like Rogers Autograph signings with Brett Lawrie,…
Back-to-back walks for Danny Valencia & Brett Lawrie to open sixth vs. Mike Fiers, who's done for day. Josh Fields in.
"I'm 2015 Blue Jays 3B Josh Donaldson, and I have DirecTV.". "I'm 2014 Blue Jays 3B Brett Lawrie, and I have cable."
just saw commercial staring Brett Lawrie. Why not hold vote on who to replace him? Pls change commercials to not mock fans
Josh Reddick follows Brett Lawrie homer with a end-of-bat grounder that hits third base for a single.
Brett Lawrie vs Dustin Ackley was once a debate. Lawrie makes Ackley look like a piece of trash.
it's actually REALLY unfair that i lose Brett Lawrie, Phil Kessel, and Fred Jackson in the same sports calendar year. all the sadfaces
Every time Josh Donaldson hits a dinger, a small rain cloud follows Brett Lawrie around for an hour.
Brett Lawrie launches a 2-run homer to deep left field and that cuts the lead to 6-4
Hope I run into Brett Lawrie. B/C if I do he'll get a devastating glare. (@ Oakland International Airport (OAK))
Brett Lawrie went 3-for-4 with two runs scored, 20th and 21st double of the season.
This Slide revisited, and did Alcides Escobar "create his own problem" with Brett Lawrie? Frank White thinks so.
Remember when we got Josh Donaldson on a reasonable contract for Brett Lawrie and Kendell Ravenna. Yea that happened
my A's messed up when we gave them Josh Donaldson for Brett Lawrie
Lol how is Brett Lawrie doing for ya
Josh Donaldson has to be the AL MVP right now...& Oakland has to be SICK for trading him for Brett Lawrie 😂😂😂😂
Do you think they'll make a movie about how Billy Beane traded Josh Donaldson for Brett Lawrie?
I can't believe donaldson was traded for brett lawrie lmaooo
Josh Donaldson for Brett Lawrie.. Probably Billy Beane's worst trades in his career..
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Brett Lawrie was just a triple and HR away from the cycle!
The Athletics couldn’t pull out a close one against the Rays, falling 5 to 4. Brett Lawrie doubled twice and went 3 for 4 in the loss.
Love that beginning of the year Jays fans were complaining that we traded Lawrie for Donaldson!!! Who's Brett Lawrie?
Hey you guys remember Brett Lawrie?... . Yeah, he was the guy in those Rogers dry cleaning commercials.
a little better than Kendall Graveman and Brett Lawrie I'd say
Brett Lawrie and the shortstop in Stockton
And ya'll used to rep Brett Lawrie...LOL
I wonder how Brett Lawrie is doing in Oakland...
Josh Donaldson for Brett Lawrie . Probably not one of Beane's best trades
I really miss Brett Lawrie... Said no one ever!!
100 rib's for Donaldson.. who's brett lawrie?
2013 Chasing the Dream Brett Lawrie Toronto relic and auto cards
The bases that were on the field for Brett Lawrie's 2 doubles & Mark Canha & Josh Phegley's HR's
The never should have traded Brett Lawrie.
Josh Donaldson with 5 RBI tonight, 34HR and 99RBI on the season. Any fans miss Brett Lawrie? Not meee
Trade getting for Brett Lawrie best trade since Jose Bautista for Robinzon Diaz (who).
That Donaldson guy has five RBIs for the tonight, 99 for the season. But The Genius wanted Brett Lawrie instead.
Josh Donaldson reminds me of the rookie year Brett Lawrie. Just savage...
Remember when the traded Josh Donaldson to the for Brett Lawrie?
Nevermind Trout how about we got Donaldson for that goat Brett Lawrie!!!
Brett Lawrie legged out that double because of the Red Bull had him sign today
Brett Lawrie takes a chance on single to left-center, safe with double after 2B Logan Forsythe can't handle throw.
Brett Lawrie, Sean Nolin, Kendall Graveman and 1-2 other guys I think.
ICYMI Josh Donaldson hit another 3-run bomb. how's brett Lawrie working out? still like that trade?
Remember when that kid cried bc she loved Brett Lawrie n knew the wouldn't want him back bc Josh Donaldson would be too good?
Josh Donaldson for Brett Lawrie, Kendall Graveman and spare parts... still can't believe Toronto has a real-life wizard as the GM.
I think it's safe to say that the won the Donaldson trade. Brett Lawrie who?
Not a lot of Brett Lawrie jerseys in the stands here in Oakland (tons of Donaldsons though). This one is the best:
Josh Phegley, a late addition to lineup, doubles down right field line, scoring Brett Lawrie from first, A's tie at 1-1.
I liked a video Oakland's Brett Lawrie on Royals' Kelvin Herrera throwing at him
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I wish Adam Lind was still around the for this, but at least Brett Lawrie is in the vicinity.
Nelson to Brett Lawrie: Tell us how to get rid of this *** team!. Brett: I don't KNOW! They weren't like this when I was here!
They also hit Carlos Corporan, Brett Lawrie, Avail Garcia. Tough claim to levy they throw at stars
Brett Lawrie now has home runs off Dellin Betances and Kenley Jansen. Gives me reason to believe he's gonna be a stud.
"Edward Mujica will close, Aaron Brooks will start Saturday, Brett Lawrie may get time at second base" via
Oakland’s Brett Lawrie homered off Dellin Betances to start the 10th inning, and Tyler Clippard struck out Mark Teixeira wi…
And it will happen this time. Not not being able to go because no parking. Though I met Arda Ocal and Brett Lawrie and almost saw WOTE-
Tyson Chandler is an NBA player that can't hit a jump shot. Brett Lawrie is a MLB player who can't hit an off speed pitch
Brett Lawrie is better than Pablo Sandoval don't @ me
I think Oakland giving us Josh Donaldson for Brett Lawrie worked out pretty good for both teams today :P
Brett Lawrie his a ball to the right center gap and fat *** Billy Butler can't score from first smh
3B Brett Lawrie needs a day off (back), and that leads to a start at 1B for Billy Butler
Hot shot by Brett Lawrie called E-6 on Erick Aybar, and A's have 2 on, 1 out in top of 7th C.J. Wilson at 100 pitches
Tyler Flowers? "Brett Lawrie sends flowers and note to recovering fan injured by his broken bat.
1st thing that came to mind was a Brett Lawrie hate joke, but not going there. Hope the Boston fan is going to be ok.…
Melky Cabrera, Brett Lawrie, and Dustin McGowan are former Blue Jays who are struggling this season.
Al Albuquerque vs Brett Lawrie: when *** bags collide
that was actually Mr Canada and fiery Brett Lawrie.
Sydney Leroux was once engaged to Brett Lawrie. Then she figured out how much he *** and married a SKC player. Upgrade.
Brett Lawrie with a double down the 3rd base line. A hero makes the play. Conor cannot. Crisp at bat in the Oakland 2nd.
Michael Saunders takes over the Mr. Injury title for Brett Lawrie. Placed on 15-day DL today. J.A. Happ, meanwhile, dealing in Seattle.
Drew Pomeranz has turn a quick double play behind him after he walks first man on bottom/4. Brett Lawrie at 2B did OK for a 3Bman
Seriously, I havent seen this much moisture on the field since Brett Lawrie cried about being thrown at his "head"(lower…
Royals mailbag: What to make of Brett Lawrie's comments? Why did Bubba ...
how much do you love it that Brett Lawrie drops Bruce Buffer references?
Looks like we finally found out why Brett Lawrie is so mad at Kansas City. It's Dom Dwyer's fault. http…
Royals situation completely aside...Brett Lawrie has the personality of Grant Balfour with the hitting talent of Casper Wells.
BREAKING: release video of a conversation between Bob Melvin & Brett Lawrie on Friday.
More drama in Kansas City as benches clear again. Royals P Kelvin Herrera throws behind Brett Lawrie with 100 mph fastbal…
Does anyone think Brett Lawrie has Lenny Dykstra potential?
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Jeff Samardzija obviously threw at Lorenzo Cain, gets a warning. Yordano Ventura obviously throws at Brett Lawrie, no war…
Yordano Ventura ejected after hitting Brett Lawrie in the fourth. Yohan Pino on to pitch in the fourth. 5-0 Oakland.
For people saying Brett Lawrie's slide was "the worst in the history of baseball" this is how Ty Cobb used to slide.
manager Bob Melvin "still hasn't seen a replay of the slide that would tell me" Brett Lawrie was out at second base.
Brett Lawrie went full Ty Cobb against the Royals. .
Brett Lawrie is now my most hated player. Ty Cobb did that crap 100 years ago. Now Lawrie is just a dirtbag. And the A's challenge. Weak.
Brett Lawrie is a great descendent of Ty Cobb.
3B Brett Lawrie of the looks like a typical Brett.
Brett Lawrie struck out four times on 12 pitches. In the words of Ron Burgundy "Heck, I'm not even mad; that's amazing"
Too early to say Brett Lawrie has a lotta Bobby Crosby in him? Breaking balls away, baby. Yuck.
coming out to the A-Team theme song. Brett Lawrie is Murdock. Eric Sogard is Hannibal. Coco Crisp has to be Baraccus.
how about proposing a trade, Butler and Wily Peralta for Brett Lawrie and Addison Reed (or Brett Cecil)?
1B Billy Butler couldn't scoop a ball on a great play by 3B Brett Lawrie, but got an out when Brett Eibner made turn, alertly tagging him.
Also, John Morris is the Brett Lawrie of curling. Not a compliment.
Brett Lawrie and Josh Donaldson have the same WARP projection.
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Interesting to see PECOTA projections have Josh Donaldson & Brett Lawrie producing equal value in 2015 …
get 4 yrs of control in Josh Donaldson, projected at 4,5m as Super 2 arb, Brett Lawrie has 3 yrs
Oakland A's News: Josh Reddick, Brett Lawrie, three others signed to one-year deals
agree to terms with Ryan Cook, Sam Fuld, Craig Gentry, Brett Lawrie and Josh Reddick on one-year contracts.
Ken Singleton, while commenting on replay of Brett Lawrie throwing out Brett Gardner: "Brett throws out another Brett."
WATCH: Girl left in tears after trade Brett Lawrie >
The is going to be Brett Lawrie. He will be sending us all, the little rubber pellets from the turf at Rogers Centre
ICYMI: Bob Elliott looked at how much the Rogers Centre turf is responsible for Brett Lawrie's injuries
a young Brett Lawrie almost legbroken over falling into a camera bay at the Rogers Centre . Adios!
Turf can't take the blame for all of Brett Lawrie's injuries
Did the Rogers Centre turf lead to Brett Lawrie's injury problems?
Can't blame Rogers turf for all of Lawrie's injuries: Brett Lawrie of the Toronto Blue Jays throws to first ag...
.acquire 3B Josh Donaldson from for INF Brett Lawrie, RHP Kendall Graveman, LHP Sean Nolin and INF…
Canadian who played most games for the Blue Jays was former Yankee-great Paul Quantrill at 386, Brett Lawrie second at 345.
Brett Lawrie blasted him in the media. Wonder if they ever smoothed that over.
loved Power Alley today w Brett Lawrie who's sister was a superstar softball plyer
Great to see 4 stellar Canadian natives on the Blue Jays in Brett Lawrie, Russell Martin, Jeff Francis, and Dalton Pompey.
I'm pumped about Brett Lawrie being pumped.
yea Brett Lawrie's injury really helped out the Jays that year, let's b serious abt our chances in the WBC at least
I would not have a problem if Brett Lawrie was traded for a bucket of balls a bag of rosin and some pine tar
who carres what brett lawrie thinks?? Just stay healthy fool
let's hope him and Brett Lawrie kiss and make up after the World Baseball Classic no show by Martin
Brett Lawrie better get ready for 5,000 questions on calling Russell Martin out at the World Baseball Classic
.Brett Lawrie seems pretty happy about it
Thanks to Jason Heyward, Matt Holliday, Shelby Miller and Brett Lawrie for joining us on our show today XM 89
Recently added to my list of people I'd enjoy crushing a redbull with: Brett Lawrie, Danko Jones.
Brett Lawrie is PUMPED about the signing of Russell Martin AUDIO:
Surprised Jays allowing Brett Lawrie to talk Russell Martin on MLB Network Radio right now
Brett Lawrie just tried to hashtag 10+ maple leaf emojis.
Brett Lawrie joins us next to talk about signing of Russell Martin. XM 89
Brett Lawrie doesn't appear to be holding any ill will toward Russell Martin
Russell Martin, “CANADIAN!”: Brett Lawrie, Dalton Pompey and now, Russell Martin. What do they all have in com...
only one I agree with, a second baseman, uhh Brett Lawrie is still good, and there's an abundance of relievers on this team.
With Brett Lawrie, Dalton Pompey & now Russell Martin the are giving the Raptors a run for their money on the We the North slogan
Best part of this deal is it makes Brett Lawrie the third most prominent Canadian on the roster. He's the physical embodiment of Manitoba
What do you guys think about Brett Lawrie. Should the jays keep or trade him?
Interesting note: Martin can also play some 3B and the Jays are thin there with uncertainty surrounding Brett Lawrie.
Reminder - Brett Lawrie called Russell Martin's WBC call "not right" & "weak" - I totally disagreed then & now...
I enjoy MLB the Show 13. I'm already a month in.I'm playing all my games. I'm 25-1 with the Baltimore Orioles and we win most of our games with Papelbon our closer.I don't turn off when I lose,I got to update my trading block and trade Alexei Casilla Carlos Lee and Wade Miley.the players I won't trade are Alex Gordon,Mike Trout,Brett Lawrie,Anthony Rizzo, Hanley Ramirez,Johnathan Papelbon,and Lance Lynn.Looking for Rf Ichiro Suzuki, 2nd baseman,1 starter and 2 relief for my team.when I simulate We lose all the time so I'm playing my games.
Forget about Brett Lawrie, in the same way we've forgotten about Brandon Morrow.
is it me or is Brett Lawrie the live version of Glass Joe?
Brett Lawrie is no Cal Ripken Jr. He can't even last 4 innings.
The Toronto Blue Jays have activated Brett Lawrie from the 15-day DL, the team announced on Monday.
Blue Jays to activate Brett Lawrie: Infielder back from broken index finger for Orioles series.
Blue Jays activate Brett Lawrie from DL: Blue Jay Brett Lawrie awaits an appeal on a safe call at first base w...
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Toronto Blue Jays' 3B Brett Lawrie to return to lineup Tuesday vs. Baltimore Orioles.
So Gregg Zaun wants to sit a right handed batter against a lefty based on a tiny sample size for Brett Lawrie in 2014?
JUST IN: Brett Lawrie and Justin Morneau agree to deals. Jason Bay out of retirement
I have to many players on the DL, would you drop Brett Lawrie and pick up Neil Walker or Aaron Hill?
Tough year for Canadian big leaguers. Joey Votto, Justin Morneau, James Paxton, Jim Henderson and Brett Lawrie are all currently on the DL.
ME: "A WestJet employee shows Brett Lawrie some funny 'baseball' signs..then, he smiles at the end!" DON DRAPER: "Get out of my office."
Lawrie exits in second after HBP on right hand: Blue Jays infielder Brett Lawrie was forced to depart Sun...
Justin Upton and Brett Lawrie are out of the lineup tonight; Giancarlo Stanton is in the lineup after leaving with an injury last night.
Josh Donaldson for Chris Davis and Brett Lawrie? Haven't proposed it yet but Hosmer is killing me at 1st.
The Cardinals were no match for the red-hot Toronto Blue Jays last night, dropping a 3-1 decision at Rogers Centre. Jose Bautista and Brett Lawrie each homered off Lance Lynn to lead the AL East's best team to its sixth straight victory. This afternoon, Shelby Miller will look to play the role of stopper as St. Louis (31-31) tries to avoid slipping below .500.
Marcus Stroman pitched six strong innings and Jose Bautista and Brett Lawrie hit home runs as the Toronto Blue Jays defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 3-1 on Friday for their sixth consecutive win.
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