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Bret Stephens

Bret Louis Stephens (born November 21, 1973) is the foreign-affairs columnist of the Wall Street Journal and deputy editorial page editor, responsible for the editorial pages of the Journals European and Asian editions.

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Climate experts recently demanded the make additional corrections to Bret Stephens' column
I lied: Part 3: Hire David Brooks and Bret Stephens for balance
Oh look - Bret Stephens on Morning Joe attacking pointyheaded East Coast Elites! This is hilarious. You saps who still giv…
Greta to MSNBC, Megyn Kelly to NBC, Bret Stephens to NYT. Soon the only news sources for Dems will be SNL and the Dail…
The hiring of Bret Stephens is problematic, but explains why you should still read it.
The thoughtful has a good response to climate OpEd-3x longer allows for nuance & reflection ht…
"To the Bret Stephens’ racism and climate denial are more acceptable than leftism."
Liz Spayd really does not seem to grasp that a "diversity of views" should never mean privileging misinformation.…
Climate change is a big deal — getting it right and advancing the conversation is vitally important.
The Orwellians defend their fascist yearning to shut down those who disagree with them. .
Tell The NY Times: do not enable Bret Stephens to promote climate denial at your paper - Sign the Pet... via
NYTimes suggests that questioning climate data is akin to questioning poll data that had Clinton winning election.
this NYT Bret Stephens kerfuffle has served to remind me just how difficult it is for women, PoC, and LGBTQ ppl to get a *** Op-ed column.
Bret Stephens responds to letter from climate scientists: Business Insider: Bret Stephens…
Kind of amazing how badly Liz Spayd misses the point.
Actually, a good place to start would be to ask him to apologize for his comments on Jews, Arabs, and campus rape.…
Bret Stephens is unbelievably dumb but Liz Spayd thinks he's smart which is unfathomably dumb.
Bret Stephens Takes On Climate Change. Readers Unleash Their Fury. can't see the problem: normalizing lies!
Climate experts pen open letter to NY Times calling for additional corrections to Bret Stephens’ “alternative facts”
NYT reporters today citing 1Q subscriber data as opposition to Trump days after castigating progressive subscribers
I have always had a big crush on columnist and climate change denialist
Does Liz Spayd's idea of Stephens' job —. "winning over" NYT readers —. match Stephens' idea of his job?.
It's hard to imagine a lazier ombudsman column than this shallow, "both sides do it" pablum.
You now have 24 hours left to fire or I'll cancel my subscription.
.Coastal elites and MSM like to claim this is not a picture of But it is. Trust us. D…
Liz Spayd joins the list of people who think cynical climate denying trolls are somehow a protected class
Liz Spayd writes about readers being angry about Stephens's column w/o acknowledging it required a correction
Okay, okay, Liz Spayd, I stand convinced: putting intolerant liberals in their place is The Challenge of Our Time.
Climate change is an "imaginary problem." Yeah, and this is a picture of https…
The dangerous climate change lukewarmism of Bret Stephens:
The Times is digging in its heels here on the point that climate urgency is a matter of opinion. It's not. 1/
When brought up Bret Stephens, I swear I heard "We're gonna talk about Brad Stevens (Tommy: MY BOY)". I got so excited as a C's fan
David Brooks, Ross Douhat, Bret Stephens, David Frum, and a gun with four bullets.
so I find the defense of Bret Stephens to be cowardly and anti-intellectual and a betrayal of everything that is good ab…
the Bret Stephens fiasco convinced me the media's great failing over the last 18 mos is it defines 'objectivity' as the…
Bret Stephens has really gone off the deep end.
But you guys Bret Stephens is iffy on carbon trading so
No outrage over this op-ed like there was over Bret Stephens' latest piece. Beyond hypocritical.
Max Boot is a neocon of the exact same as Bret Stephens - they share the same beliefs. Ofc th…
The reactions to Bret Stephens' column yet more proof of one of Seth's Rules of Politics: There's no such thing as a secul…
If you're unsubscribing bc the NYT hired Bret Stephens, this is what you were already paying for, dope:
OMG Bret Stephens acknowledged man causes some climate change and criticized those who profess total certainty about amount…
Excellent; like Fareed Zakaria, Bret Stephens a shill for the energy industry
No doubt is busy whining to Nick Kristof: "What? You actually sat down with Bret Stephens? How could you?"
I think it'll matter whether Paul Gigot, editor of WSJ opinion page, replaces Bret Stephens with another Trump skeptic.
Can you tell that Bret Stephens was the editor of the Jerusalem Post before joining the Wall Street Journal?
WSJ's Bret Stephens asks..."Is it good for the Jews?" Aparently Jewish Identity politics is just fine, but not Eur…
A brilliant op-ed by Bret Stephens on Trumpism and the 'alt-right' in today's Wall Street Journal. .
A conservative on voting for Trump, or not: Conservative columnist Bret Stephens tells…
A Hit in Pakistan; An Advance in Iraq: A Hit in Pakistan; An Advance in Iraq ... Bret Stephens and Mary Kisse...
Can't even be mad about softball because we've done something that hasn't been done in 12 years
Bret Stephens on the hypocrisy of Bibi's critics who whine about Israeli democracy yet encourage its degradation
Pitting Israel’s faith in democracy against the views of its military brass - by Bret Stephens
Another thoughtful and counterintuitive piece from Bret Stephens: Netanyahu Against the Generals
If girls can't wear shorts in school guys shouldn't be allowed to wear sweats bc pretty sure a *** is even more distracti…
Only thing getting me thru the day is that the Bachelorette starts tonight 😻 I luv u Jojo
Beating a team twice during season and watching them go farther in sectionals in a different bracket is the worst thing
Bret Stephens admits that the (((conservative movement))) steered conservatism away from tradition, blood and soil. htt…
takes Robert Kagan and Bret Stephens to school. Trump does not =facism.
that's exactly what I told my mom to do😂😂
Bret Stephens of the wrote this on Tuesday, to prove that he is an *** and is willing to lie for a paycheck.
"The stain of a Trump administration would cripple the conservative cause for a generation” Bret Stephens WSJ
I feel like every teacher decided to assign everything due for the same week
would enjoy hearing a conversation between Peggy Noonan and Bret Stephens about Donald Trump
Bret Stephens of Wall Street Journal has lost his mind.
5/17 op-ed by Bret Stephens on plague that is excoriated 4 attempting 2 resurrect it-should include all Dems.
If I ever meet Michael Moore, I think I'll punch his ugly face. - Bret Stephens: Islam and the Radical...
Stuart Varney subs today 4 Paul Gigot on JER . w/ Bret Stephens
writing insultingly about Trump followers/fans - Bret Stephens who bought you? elite?
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There are few more vile creatures of the punditocracy than Bret Stephens. What an awful, awful, awful man.
deputy editorial page editor Bret Stephens, who spoke for roughly 30 minutes. A recording of this call was provided to The Intercept and is
Bret Stephens on Historian/Ambassador Michael riveting new book on policy via
I hate looking at girls on Instagram and just thinking "'re really pretty"
Sometimes prominent Zionists like admit they are basically "raging anti-Semites.".
.says Israel should not stop occupying Palestinian land because Christian Zionists believe God gave it. .
WSJ's Bret Stephens says Israel can't withdraw from occupied land because US did it in Vietnam and it was a mistake.
From my latest, "Shame on You,". . "Bret Stephens devoted his Wall Street Journal column this week to Jeffrey...
Bret Stephens seems like a nice guy. via
Bret Stephens moderated tonight's 2015 Spirit of Hope discussion in Toronto with Tony Blair, former UK Prime Minister
Bret Stephens w Tony Blair in Toronto, quoting Trotsky "you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you"
Bret Stephens: Jewish Americans must "do all we can to assure the survival of the Jewish state and the Jewish people" http:…
In which manages to catch Bret Stephens being even worse than usual:
"Thank God I was born a Jew bc otherwise I’d be raging anti-Semite" -refreshingly honest abt the right:
Bret Stephens: Biblical prophecy about Israel should be taken into account before ceding any "land for peace"
Nice look at the unsavoury politics of by
The reason we have cheaper gas and a surging economy. America IS The Greatest Country on Earth!.
I've had same experience w/Dems as Bret Stephens: Hillary fans don't deny she's lying, they just argue she'll get away with it.
Bret Stephens, Pulitzer-winning paleo conservative and chief eunuch of the lizard pits.
Quoting Bret Stephens and Zizek side-by-side in this horrible final paper for social media strategy.
2 nutapalooza Bret Stephens: Hillary took money from a python and fed Vince Foster's goat to it. I call
Tough to say. I may kinda get Bret Easton Ellis, but I definitely don't get Simon Stephens.
Yes, Israel, You are alone – Thanks to Barack Obama. Now what?. By Bret Stephens WSJ, Jerome S. Kaufman.
via Bret Stephens | The Clintons, Obama, and the liberal way of lying
"A more serious concern for Sen Paul is Pulitzer Prize-winning Bret Stephens’ recent book, America in Retreat."
Just can't wait to see Cody tomorrow
Not moving from this couch for the next 2 days
Watching The Fault In Our Stars on the DC bus so everybody better be ready for the tears
Bret Stephens on the Capitulationist in the White House via
So people were taking there prom pictures at the Lincoln memorial?
graciousgeorge: The Dream Palace of the Arab via WSJ
Who needs to go to Smithsonian's when you can paddle boat
Hillary and the Liberal Way of Lying via Bret Stephens is a Pulitzer Prize winning writer. Always 110% spot on.
Is America in Retreat? If so, is neoconservative foreign policy the solution?
Met Bret Stephens... What a way to celebrate :)
Great evening with Bret Stephens! An incredible voice on the challenges that lie ahead and how we should face them.
Honored to be recognized by Pulitzer Prize-winning WSJ columnist Bret Stephens, .
I liked a video Bret Stephens with Fareed Zakaria
The funny thing about that Gettysburg selfie was that it dropped my phone on rocks 5 seconds after we took it
how old do ya gotta be to rent a Segway 😏
Bret Stephens, WSJ, believe Iranian Houthi weapon supply ship, turned around in fear of Saudi bombs, not U.S. War ships. Make sense to me!!
Update: hour 6 and Dane has cheated at every road game so far
Bret Stephens weighs in on the report via the Android app
LISTEN: WSJ columnist Bret Stephens has the perfect theme song for Hillary's campaign: ‘Blurred Line’!
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Honestly don't know how I'm gonna survive a weekend with Dane because it hasn't even been 3 hours
Orwellian Presidency: Under Obama, friends are enemies, denial is wisdom, capitulation is victory
Great Quote from Bret Stephens today in WSJ "Hillary and the Liberal Way of Lying".
Bret Stephens on the Orwellian Obama Presidency via - sad but true.
America's friends, foes and future. Bret Stephens of tomorrow night at Sinai Temple.
Here's Bret Stephens debating Maher re American Sniper MT cleans a clock. Watch to the end
Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: Bill Maher and his guests - James Fallows, Former Gov. Howard Dean, Bret Stephens, Nia-Malika Hend...
Time for France’s Jews to Flee or to Stay and Persevere?: I usually appreciate Bret Stephens’s sagacious judgm...
Just watched Bret Stephens own with straight facts!!!
Can you provide a link to the Bret Stephens WSJ article/video you referenced on The Five re Bill Maher walking himself into a cul de sac?
Bret Stephens on last week's basically spoke in prose using nothing but right-wing talking-points... just sad & without substance.
Loved how you used scientific consensus against Bret Stephens on AGW- just wish you'd listen to the same consensus on vaccines
Bret Stephens () drags out the Galileo argument on ’s show.
In mere minutes on Real Time, Bret Stephens goes from touting Nobel prizes for economists to dismissing consensus on climate change. Goof.
Going 2 in Palo Alto: America, Israel & the New Global Disorder. His book is superb should come
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
To me he's just a nutcase. I thought the comments from Bret Stephens and Bill Burr were spot on.
“Girl Scout cookie season: infiltrate the dealer, find the supplier”
WSJ Bret Stephens is a chicken hawk coward. what an ***
4 of 5 stars to America in Retreat by Bret Stephens
After Words with Bret Stephens book America in Retreat: The New Isolationism and the Coming Global Disorder .
Every kid told their friend to do this😂
I decided the best part of being home alone is being able to go to the bathroom with the door open
TOM REEVE: Sad to say that as I read over the article...
I have a 5 page essay to do today, will most likely procrastinate until 9 tonight, and then complain I have no time to …
This Bret Stephens sounds like a real gem of the moron "I know better than scientists" league of ***
Bret Stephens got tore up un Bll maher.
Best of Week - Article by Bret Stephens discusses what problems face America and how it is not being addressed.
Howard dean & Nia Henderson aren't smart enough 2 join in conversation, & neither is Bill Maher. Bret Stephens has left them al…
Bret Stephens' IQ is about 200 points above Maher's. He had Maher for breakfast. Maher and Howard Dean are icons only to the…
An evening with Bret Stephens of at
Bret Stephens was an amazing guest. I don't agree with a single thing he said, but did great work representing opposing POV.
I can't separate Bret Stephens from the party when their candidates and elected officials say the exact same things.
bret stephens, I just saw you on ... Please... stop talking.
Bret Stephens sat on last night's panel acting brand new. I just can't. I'm 18 minutes in and I already want to smack so…
Watching from yesterday. I like when a good GOP representative involves in good debate, but Bret Stephens is a bl…
How did Bret Stephens ever win a Pulitzer Prize? I thought in order to have on you had to at least critically think & use reason
Please hire a live fact checker for your show to keep your panelists honest. Couldn't stand listening to Bret Stephens' lies.
If there is a bigger *** than Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal, he's not on this Planet.
Watching last night's and this bret Stephens guy rolls his eyes more than me. That's an accomplishment
Your camera men are amazing. I couldn't tell Mitt Romney had his arm up Bret Stephens *** working him like a puppet.
I'm glad Bret Stephens was on the panel otherwise Maher's claims would have gone unchallenged.
OMG this Bret Stephens guy is so annoying
You need to have Bret Stephens on your show more often. You got owned on every point you were trying to make. Love that guy!
Started Bret Stephens' new book this evening & here is the intro quote from a world leader who died 50 yrs ago today
Bret Stephens opens his mouth and stupid just comes out.
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Watching Bret Stephens referencing Galileo on Real Time w/ & getting the facts completely wrong. And his point …
Just watched Maher with guest Bret Stephens. Props to Mr Stephens for keeping a straight face while spewing so …
Bret Stephens is going against everyone solo. Also making us forget there's two other guests here...
WSJ writer Bret Stephens doesn't understand that global cooling was never a popular or concensus position among climate scientists.
WSJ writer Bret Stephens doesn't understand the process of scientific discovery.
Bret Stephens on re It's not real;. Even if it is, nothing we can do. Even if we could, we can't afford it
Big ups to Bret Stephens for keeping his suite clean whilst regurgitating diarrhea out of his mouth on last night.
THIS WEEKEND ON BookTV: 3 DAYS of Nonfiction Books and Authors… Television for Serious Readers. Major motion picture American Sniper, based on the life of Chris Kyle, who died on February 2, 2013 at the age of 38, is in theaters. Mr. Kyle sat down with us in 2012 to discuss his book, American Sniper. Watch a portion of that interview here, or watch the entire interview on Book TV. Also this weekend, on After Words Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Bret Stephens weighs in on US foreign policy; we visit Wheeling, West Virginia to talk with some of the city’s authors and tour its literary sites; and Representative Steve Israel of New York discusses his new novel, "The Global War on Morris." Book TV continues on Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Dr. Cornel West profiles African-American leaders; Former US Ambassador to Iraq, Christopher Hill, recounts his diplomatic career; Gail Sheehy remembers her journalism career, former Congressman Allan West discusses the current political landscape, and *** Tales ...
THU 12/4 DENNIS PRAGER 12-3pm: Is it just possible that the grand jury in NYC and the grand jury in Ferguson actually looked at the evidence carefully and came to the conclusion that the officers in question did not do anything criminal and therefore should not be indicted? Or is everybody just a racist? Plus, Bret Stephens on America’s place in the world. Listen at 990 AM or online at
AMERICA IN RETREAT Reprinted from AMERICA IN RETREAT: The New Isolationism and the Coming Global Disorder with permission of Sentinel, a member of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, A Penguin Random House Company. Copyright (c) Bret Stephens, 2014. Introduction *** The World’s Policeman In the nearly nine years that I have been the foreign affairs columnist for The Wall Street Journal, I have received tens of thousands of letters from readers, many of them warm, a few of them rude, others critical or constructive. I publish my e‑mail address, bstephensat the foot of my column, read every note, and try to answer as many of my readers as I can. But there are times when a letter deserves a more extended reply than I have time for in the course of an ordinary workday. One reader, responding to a March 2014 column advocating a muscular U.S. stance against Russia’s seizure of the Crimean peninsula, wrote me just such a letter. In response to your editorial today, please repeat after me: “We should not be the worl ...
Bret Stephens: Sixty years after Winston Churchill´s Iron Curtain speech America stood tall-now no and the bad guys are out and defiant...
can't wait for our Sadie Hawkins dance so I can wear a pretty dress and not have to wait til prom to have a pretty face 😍😍💃💃
Bret Stephens: The world's troublemakers have a two-year window of American weakness. They won't waste it:
Front row seats at the Anne-Marie Slaughter, Fareed Zakaria, Bret Stephens and Robert…
Great tonight. Thought Bret Stephens got stronger as it went on & finished impressively. Zakaria should dial back humour a bit.
And this is it. is over. Bret Stephens ruined it for me. A shame. It was a true and good debate.
Oh god. Bret Stephens says that America has become more safe because of Broken Windows Theory. Audience sighs. Not buying it.
"I voted for Clinton. Fareed..he's the college republican!" bret Stephens
Apparently Bret Stephens has never heard of nuclear energy before
Bret Stephens is about to talk about Austin Powers? Never a dull moment at the
Jihadist groups are more powerful as Bret Stephens says but their focus is on the region not the West as AQ was.
"Under Obama the US is not feared by enemies nor trusted by allies" Bret Stephens
Debate gets heated:"Would you give Obama the Nobel Peace Prize now?" queries Bret Stephens
Bret Stephens concludes his opening statement "looking back would you give Obama the Nobel peace prize again?"
Up first, Bret Stephens: Obama may have been given a tough hand, but so are all presidents. Critical of leadership.
"Never have so many been promised by so much by one who is competent of so little." Bret Stephens. Possible with this congress?
Bret Stephens kicks off the by getting the audience going. "Remember your first time? No, not that first time!"
And so it begins. Bret Stephens speaks first for the PRO side.
Bret Stephens, columnist for Washington Post comes to the stage.
The mother of all debates?: Bret Stephens & Robert Kagan take on Anne-Marie Slaughter & Fareed Zakaria on Obama's FP tonight in Toronto.
Website Builder 728x90
The is tonight, but you can vote early on Obama's foreign policy. Anne-Marie Slaughter vs Bret Stephens:
Just signed up for the army info because the guy said he had to let me know which candy bar is better
Have you seen the Globe and Mail this morning? Bret Stephens and Anne-Marie Slaughter get ready.
Great read from our debater Relearning Republican Foreign Policy via
Even more important read this night: Relearning via
.Isolationism is not a foreign policy option for the GOP.
"America should be a policeman rather than a priest." I suppose that it's always tried to be both. via
Great piece on need for more defense spending. Only needs to add that NONE of it should be off-shored:
If the GOP wins the Senate majority the party will need to learn how to speak foreign policy again.
Recipe for a serious Republican foreign policy: be the world's cop, not its priest. My column in the WSJ:
Bret Stephens: Relearning Republican Foreign Policy: America needs to be a policeman, not a priest.
Beginning the post-screening discussion with Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Bret Stephens
'Submission: Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Bret Stephens with Thane Rosenbaum' today at 92nd Street Y
OF COURSE OBAMA'S ANGRY; MUSLIMS USUALLY ARE Bret Stephens: Obama's Curious Rage - WSJ Barack Obama "has become 'enraged' at the Israeli government, both for its actions and for its treatment of his chief diplomat, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. " So reports the Jerusalem Post, based on the testimony of Martin Indyk, until recently a special Middle East envoy for the president. The war in Gaza, Mr. Indyk adds, has had "a very negative impact" on Jerusalem's relations with Washington. Think about this. Enraged. Not "alarmed" or "concerned" or "irritated" or even "angered." Anger is a feeling. Rage is a frenzy. Anger passes. Rage feeds on itself. Anger is specific. Rage is obsessional, neurotic. And Mr. Obama—No Drama Obama, the president who prides himself on his cool, a man whose emotional detachment is said to explain his intellectual strength—is enraged. With Israel. Which has just been hit by several thousand unguided rockets and 30-odd terror tunnels, a 50-day war, the forced closure of its o ...
... and our nuclear arsenal to be no larger than it was under President Harry S. Truman. --Bret Stephens wow
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Bret Stephens: “To argue the Palestinian side, in the Gaza war, is to make the case for barbarism.” That it is!
Palestine and Double Standards - Bret Stephens Over the weekend there was saturation coverage of an Israeli strike near a UN-run school that killed 10 people, three of them members of Islamic Jihad. The State Department pronounced itself "appalled." At the same time, more than 1,500 Pakistani civilians have been reported killed and more than a half-million residents were displaced since the government's offensive began in mid June. If there was a similar outcry with respect to the conduct of Pakistan's army, I must have missed it. In Iraq, some 1,600 people were killed in the month of July. In Syria, more than 1,800 people have been killed in just the last 10 days. In Libya, roughly 200 people were killed last month in artillery and rocket clashes between rival militias. In Nigeria, nearly 3,000 people have been killed so far this year, and another 500,000 have been made refugees. People often point out how peculiar it is that the Jewish state seems to arouse a level of condemnation that never seems to ap ...
Palestine and Double Standards. My column in the WSJ:
Israel and double standards... WSJ on making a fetish of Israel's alleged guilt.
Israel critics "[hold] too much Muslim life cheap" by ignoring violence in Muslim world
An excellent article in the Wall Street Journal by Bret Stephens
Isn't this the truth?? Bret Stephens: Palestine and Double Standards via
Bret Stephens in WSJ: "Palestine and Double Standards". Anyone notice same military op in Pakistan? Didn't think so.
Hamas, Not Israel, Playing Fast & Loose With Lives in Gaza For three weeks, we've read about and seen the Gaza fighting. Innumerable reports describe particular cases of death and injury as arising from Israeli action and encompassing large numbers or proportions of civilian casualties. Much of this reportage carries the not-so-subtle implication that Israel is on the rampage. Don't believe it. It is by no means the case that the casualties we see on our screens stem from Israeli action, nor is it always clear whether casualties are those of armed Hamas terrorists, voluntary human shields, or of genuinely innocent civilians. As Bret Stephens put it this week in the Wall Street Journal, "When minutely exact statistics are provided in chaotic circumstances, it suggests the statistics are garbage. When a news organization relies-without clarification-on data provided by a bureaucratic organ of a terrorist organization, there's something wrong there, too." Indeed there is. Here are three examples among many t ...
Everything I've been thinking, put succinctly into the perfect article: Palestine and Double Standards via
UN "concerned" about 1,600 killed in Iraq in July but "appalled" by Israel's actions in Gaza ~Bret Stephens WSJ
Media and the Palestine double standard. Pakistan conducts similar ops as Israel in Gaza, hardly anyone notices.
Bret Stephens: Palestine and Double Standards via amazed on a daily basis how much is ignored.
"A world that makes a fetish of the alleged guilt of Israel is also a world that holds too much Muslim life cheap": http:/…
"The world is outraged by Israeli self-defense but only 'concerned' when Muslims kill Muslims." …
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It must be Truth Tuesday. Here's the latest from 'Palestine and Double Standards'
Bret Stephens penned a column last week in the Wall Street Journal titled, “Where are the Palestinian Mothers?” in which he makes the racist assertion, based on conversations he’s had with three individual women, that all Palestinian mothers raise their children to become “martyrs.” The thing that S…
Bret Stephens rephrases the Geopolitical Taper as the "Post-Pax Americana World" -- the trend of the year: via
Bret Stephens: The Post-Pax Americana World via brilliant and yet so obvious to see...
Bret Stephens: The Post-Pax Americana World Way too early to announce the end of Pax Americana.
Bret Stephens: The Post-Pax Americana World - perfectly stated insights into the ugliest presidency of our times
Dear Fellow UofCers reading this - I hope that if you are in ChiTown this weekend that you will attend the ceremonies in Rockefeller Chapel in support of Bret as he receives this prestigious award! I felt very strongly that he was one of the best candidates for this year's awards and I was proved correct as I went through the process of collecting letters of support and other necessary requirements. While Bret received a Pulitzer Prize last year and has been receiving numerous others almost on a monthly basis ever since (BTW, I started this process last Spring!), I believe it will mean a lot to him to receive this honor as a result of alumni who recognize his stellar achievements not just our alma mater! But I also send my congratulations to ALL recipients this year! (and in case I never did so formally, I thank those of you out there responsible for my alumni award back in 1998...) Date: Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 6:29 PM Dear Ms. Magnas, It is our great pleasure to inform you that Bret Stephens has been se .. ...
Fascism is back in fashion from Athens to Paris, writes Bret Stephens
"How many of you feel women are as entitled to every single choice as a man is in society? How many of you believe in women's rights in the broadest sense? How many of you think if you're accused of a crime, you have a right to a decent and partial judge and trial? The only country in the Middle East who has applied precisely the values I have described consistently and ever-more broadly, is Israel." -Pulitzer Prize-winning Wall Street Journal editor Bret Stephens, who will be speaking at National Convention 2014 in Las Vegas!
In his column earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens laid out his case against Rand Paul becoming the GOP’s presidential nominee. It was a powerful indictment and perhaps one worth building on.
Rand Paul attacked today by liberal Richard Cohen in the Washington Post and by neoconservatives Jennifer Rubin in the Post and Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal. Those polls must really be scaring the big government fans.
"Mr. Obama has a habit of underestimating his foes. He thought al Qaeda was on the run. He thought Bashar Assad would be gone by now. He thinks Iran will abandon its nuclear programs in exchange for sanctions relief. He thinks of Vladimir Putin as the kid with the bored expression, slouching in the back of the classroom. "News for the law professor. That kid (Putin) is smarter than you are. He's bored because you bore him. He's about to eat your lunch." Bret Stephens, WSJ 4/8/2014
On GPS this Sunday at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET on CNN: Afghanistan has been holding an election. But is the violence that has already been witnessed a sign of what's to come? What will happen to the Taliban and terrorism as American troops leave? Fareed convenes a panel including Richard Haas, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Peter Beinart, a contributor to Atlantic Media, New York Times reporter Carlotta Gall and the Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens. Later, Fareed sits down with Michael Lewis, author of Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt. Also, in the wake of the Fort Hood shooting this week, GPS will introduce you to an Army general with a potential solution to the problem of mentally unstable soldiers with guns. And we will tell you why he can't get his way in Washington. Finally, a Shakespearean tragedy related to Syria...but it's not what you're thinking. This one will actually make you smile.
Bret Stephens in WSJ on Russia and Crimea: Russia is a big country. In case you didn't know...This is not exactly a state needing greater Lebensraum. A flight from New York to St. Petersburg will cover the same distance as one from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. There are 22 Russians for every Russian square mile, a population density only slightly exceeded by Mali. Exclude all of Russia east of the Urals, and the European portion of the country is still about the size of India and Turkey put together. The point needs making in the face of an undercurrent of Western apology for Vladimir Putin's seizure of Crimea. It's an argument that goes roughly as follows: • Yes, Russia's seizure of the peninsula was provocative and illegal. But look at it from Moscow's point of view. "To Russia," writes Henry Kissinger in the Washington Post, GHC -1.04% "Ukraine can never be just a foreign country." Defining events in Russian history—Mr. Kissinger cites the 1709 battle of Poltava—took place on (current) Ukrainia ...
Bret Stephens speaks at The City Club Of San Diego public forum May 15, 2012. Bret Stephens is a columnist and editor for the Wall Street Journal editorial p...
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A cavalier foreign policy by an inattentive president that elicits the contempt of the people it intends to punish ultimately encourages their aggression as well. - Bret Stephens, Wall St. Journal
"IT'S ABOUT AS COMFORTING KNOWING OBAMA IS IN THE White House AS IT WOULD BE HAVING JERRY LEWIS AS MINISTER OF DEFENSE. Bret Stephens wrote, "'A Malaysian jetliner has vanished into thin air, while Russia has completed its seizure of Crimea and may yet invade other parts of Ukraine. Serious stuff, you might say. But the big story of last week as far as the president is concerned is his appearance alongside the star of "The Hangover" movies, the guy who last year smoked a joint live on the Bill Maher show.'" JUST WHAT WE NEEDED A MAC-DADDY CLOWN IN THE White House; HIP-HOP GHETTO SWAGGER AND ALL." - Mychal Massie
Why did John Kerry's global warming guru hide himself in China? : Bret Stephens on US Secretary of State John ... http…
JPost, 2/06/14 Column one: Iran’s bomb in the basement By Caroline B. Glick Iran either has a bomb already or is about to get one. And, having been abandoned by the White House, we face this threat alone. It is happening in slow motion, to be sure. But we are witnessing how a nuclear armed Iran is changing the face of the Middle East. For years, US leaders, including President Barack Obama, warned that a nuclear armed Iran would spark a regional arms race. And this is happening. As the Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens (a former Jerusalem Post editor in chief) noted this week, Turkey signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with Japan that includes “a provision allowing Turkey to enrich uranium and extract polonium, a potential material for nuclear weapons.” Saudi Arabia has long had a nuclear cooperation deal with Pakistan, whose nuclear weapons program the Saudis financed. Jordan and Egypt have both raised the prospect of developing nuclear programs. And in 2007, Israel bombed a Syrian nuclear i ...
Paul Krugman did not call on Greenspan to create a housing bubble and Bret Stephens should know it
In The Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens writes that serving as secretary of defense is an honor that Robert Gates is treating as a burden.
Global View columnist Bret Stephens on the life and legacy of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Photo: Associated Press Click here to subscribe to ...
'Miles Kimball catches Bret Stephens pulling a fast one on Wall Street Journal readers - but it's much worse than Kimball says.' Paul Krugman, NYT
Bret Stephens has fooled all of you. He actually writes in Stephen Colbert-like character
Hitting the links (and the hard questions) with Bret Stephens and Akshat Shekar:
The Forum Film Festival is almost here, with opening night in just two weeks! Check out the great lineup of post-screening guests, including Susan Sarandon, Debra Winger, Larry King, Mario Cuomo, Bob Balaban, Bret Stephens, Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, William H. Webster, Daniel Futterman, and the cast from the new Broadway production of "A Time to Kill":
From Washington, Tehran looks to obtain the greenlight to build nuclear-energy equipment for peaceful purposes without being subjected to unilatral sanctions. American right-wing circles are opposed to Iran acquiring peaceful-use nuclear energy. "Mr. Rouhani's [diplomatic] efforts [are] to negotiate a deal that, if honored [by Obama], would leave Iran first-and-five at the nuclear goal line" (Bret Stephens, WSJ, 30-Sep-13). As Jeffrey Goldberg (pro-'Iraq War' pundit) affirmed in Bloomberg News on 24-Sep-13, a peaceful nuclear reactor would provide Iran "with the capacity to produce weapons in six weeks." Based on that thinking, Iran must be denied the right (a right it already has as a signatory to the NPT) to develop a peaceful nuclear-energy apparatus for its economy. Why should, say, South Korea or France have the right to produce nuclear energy for peaceful use, and not Iran? What is their difference with Iran? The difference lies not in actions but in the intentions. Benjamin Netanyahu knows the Iran ...
Russia and China's lack of cooperation with the U.S. effort to extradite fugitive national security contractor Edward Snowden illustrates the utter weakness of President Barack Obama's foreign policy, says Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens.
In The Wall Street Journal, Global View columnist Bret Stephens writes that, as the Edward Snowden saga illustrates, the Obama administration is running out of foreign influence.
Seeing Stephen Jacobs (Baby Jake) / Bobby Radcliff / Bruce Ewan / Bret Littlehales / Wolf Crescenze at the Zoo Bar was a perfect way to close out day one of the Safeway BBQ Battle! Day 2 starts at 11:30 at the Pepsi Stage in DC.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Lads with a tan that wear fitted bright fitted tops, dark hair who work out... Every time! Cheekyyy 󾍕
You mackems still have not answered my question from the other day, is it true yes or no that you only beat newcastle united once AT the stadium of light the fake one not the one in Portugal since it was built ...MR TOON
Wow, last night was nuts! Horns from *** Bill Carmichael, Stephen Hutter and Donald Wright killed it. And then guitar monsters Jeff "Dutch" DeHollander, John "Flipper" Kastrinos and Bret Messer cooked it and ate it. And then I packed up and came home after the gear cooled down.
the remix to my original song called "Finer Things" from my new album coming soon!
I've never been one to read leisurely but decided that I should start. Anyone have any good suggestions of what to read? Thanks!
LeBron can win 6 titles, but in my mind he is not in the Top 5. Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kobe, and Kareem.
Well maybe one day the NBA will be back to hard work pays off and wins championships, not money wins championships Ps Lebron still lied to all his fans ...he isn't gonna win 9 titles and please don't start comparing him to Jordan...Jordan won 6 titles with mid level guys and never needed 7 games to win a championship, Lebron needed a loaded team to win.Jordan could of brought a title to Cleveland...always gonna be a failure in my eyes queen James
Don't forget this Sunday from 3p-6p at the Community Building in the City Park, we will hosting our 6th Annual Summer Picnic. All kids, families, and volunteers of BBBS are invited. Plenty of food, and games please join us. See you there!
I am not letting Stephen A. off the hook!
Want to understand the recent Iran elections? Read this:
Watch the Bret Stephens dissect the President's proposed nuclear cuts:
Looking forward to Rays of Light Dinner 2nite with 's Bret Stephens, and Reza Kahlili
Thank you for having Bret Stephens as your guest on the show. He is a great commentator. Hope you have him more often
Jammed last nite in the country around a fire till 1am..wrote two songs with hodag..jammed today with bret..worked on some disco stuff..feels good to be working on music again..
(Said pieces were published by the WSJ's Bret Stephens, whom I will resent forever for his "no congratulations, Class of 2012" Op-Ed)
A 'Pragmatic' Mullah - Iran's new president Hassan Rohani is no moderate. A good one by Bret Stephens at
Bret Stephens in the today: new president Hassan Rohani is no moderate -
"People are not stereotypes. People always have the capacity to surprise you." - Bret Stephens
Bret Stephens in WSJ: "'There's a sucker born every minute' is one of those great American phrases, fondly and...
Just an observation on the NBA Finals Games Six tonight...based on the trend so far Miami should win in a blow out tonight as they have done after every loss. No team has won back to back games and Miami has alternated wins and losses all through the eastern Conference finals and the finals so far. ESPN's Stephen A Smith, his obnoxious NY attitude and all, has been 100 percent correct in his predictions so far but he did say Spurs in Seven at the start. Oh...yes ..Spurs did win the first of the first two in Miami
I am one too I love them I am proud of them all my love Bret, Brian Stephen, Stephenia and Melody, love you all Dad.
This nasty piece could have been written by Bret Stephens: : Behind Iran's 'Moderate' New Leader v
I hate to be the "give me book recommendations" guy, but give me book recommendations, guys.
12 lbs of beef brisket has been in the smoker for 5 hours so far. Getting ready to add 10 lbs of pork ribs. I sure hope that is enough for all of the Ketchikan dads in my life.happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband Stephen Bradford, my awesome bro-in-law Bret Hiatt and the world's best dad, Lyle Simpson. I sure wish Erik Daniels was here to round out the quartet!
To my dad happy fathers day we love you. My brothers Jon Powell Stephen Powell happy fathers day to you guys. Bret Leatherwood happy fathers day. And to all my friends and extended families happy fathers day to all of you.
Happy Fathers Day To all the Fathers in Heaven but especially to the ones that left us too soon, my Pop, Robert Jaudon Keener and to my Father in law and best friend, Jacob Anthony Holloway and finally to my beloved Son, Bret Stephen Keener. I hope that all of you are at peace.
i want to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my boys stephen,tony and soon to be father aj im so proud of you guys you are great fathers and aj i know your going to be too you are all very loveing and have big hearts your babies are lucky to have such great dads oh and bret same goes for you too you are a great dad to them boys love you all have a great fathers day.o and i dont want to forget my future stepson brandon happy fathers day to you too.HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all you dads out there have a great day
Being in Lafayette makes me think of CPR with Andrea Franks, Jill Gentry, Allison Collins, Laine Proctor, and Bret Kuntz. Good times!
Motley Crüe fans; I have seen that last two live DVDs. Musically, they are fantastic. *** hasn't moved around or played as well in many years since he's been battling his illness. But Vince... His voice is weak, often off-key, he sings maybe half the lyrics and lets the audience fill in the rest. I, personally hate that. I will not see them, ever, until someone can fix his voice.
At what age should a child get a cell phone? My daughter is driving me insane because she says "all her friends have phones"?
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Wonder wot freaks will be on big brother 2 night ?
What is the darkest book you have read?
Scaring people in their bathroom isn't very mice. A South London couple claims a rat has been showing up regularly in the toilet for more than nine months.
BREAKING: Bret Biedscheid sentenced to 90 days in county jail, 36 mos probation, 500 hours community service for leaving scene of deadly accident
My reaction when the beat drops in a song Vine By: Landon Moss
Anyone know how to find out what jersey will be worn at spurs game tomorrow? Help ASAP Zarron Gonzalez Corpus Guy Burl Ritchie Stephen Mandi Chavez Natasha Hild-Tabor Will Cruise
The final list of candidates for the upcoming Midvale municipal elections is in! Read over the list of candidates and be ready to cast your vote for mayor and city council member! :: Candidates for mayor – *Joann B. Seghini *David Fair *Olga De La Cruz Candidates for City Council District 4 *Torin Chambers *Wayne L. Sharp *Tim Heumann Candidates for City Council District 5 *Colleen Costello *Serafina Ochoa *Bret Black *Stephen Brown
Todays plan is laying by the pool, then fixing a chicken casserole, green beans, corn, potatoes and strawberry cobbler for supper.
Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum (where I am associate fellow) replies this morning to Bret Stephens' June 3rd Wall Street Journal column, "The Muslim Civil War: Standing by while the Sunnis and Shiites fight it out invites disaster." The Iran-Iraq
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