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Bret Hart

Bret Hart (born July 2, 1957) is a Canadian writer, actor and retired professional wrestler currently signed with WWE under a Legends contract.

Shawn Michaels Jim Neidhart Owen Hart Michael Cole Davey Boy Smith Bob Backlund Kurt Angle Stone Cold Ric Flair Seth Rollins Daniel Bryan Hart Foundation Macho Man Roddy Piper Kevin Nash Dusty Rhodes British Bulldog Hitman Hart

Who can remember this ? Come on I was in Std 6 that time think 1996 Bret Hart Johannes Jansen Van Vuuren We use...
NEW SHOW: Kenny & Sondra are back w/Its night after Buried Alive, returns of Bret Hart & Mr Perfect
Bret Hart Accolades 10x better. Sheamus got nothing. Never been the real champion. Just one of. Not HoF.
he has more than Bret Hart...what you saying now sick ***
On this day, 20 yrs ago, Bret Hart, ending months of rumors and speculation, signs a 20-year contract with the...
Bret Hart vs HBK in a iron man match….yup…gotta see this.
The first ever televised Shawn Michaels vs. Bret "Hitman" Hart singles match aired on the February 11, 1990...
has a rare crispness that combines Bret Hart and AJ Styles. Such an amazing bright future. Can't wait…
Watching a match from 7/13/85 All Star Wrestling & Bret Hart is teaming with Barry O with no explanation of where Jim is probably jail
Bret Hart...RT Who was the best at selling for his opponent? (1st of 4)
Who says Bret Hart is always negative? Lol
Can't let y'all slander Bret Hart. Might be the greatest in ring technician of all time.
Bret Hart is the greatest technician .. Kurt Angle is 2nd. Shawn Michales is the performer .. Mr. Perfect is 2nd
Check out my COMC for some nice HITMAN Bret Hart Autographs
it's like if DDP wrestled Bret hart... today
Just to think that if Bret Hart saw out his 20 year WWF contract, it would have finally expired this week.
Please RT: 20 years since Bret Hart signed his 20-year WWF contract, what if he'd have signed with WCW instead? https:/…
I added a video to a playlist Jim Cornette Shoots on Yokozuna Bret Hart Heavenly Bodies and more H264
it's been a while! I was at the show Bret Hart was at! It was a blast!
Bill Goldberg vs. Bret The Hitman Hart - The End of a great Career via
Wrestling isn't how it used to be. Shawn micheal vs Bret "The hitman" (1996) hart was/is Probably the biggest fight ever.
1 Savage vs Steamboat. 2 Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard (not for faint of heart) . 3 Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect .
yeah, RVD & Bret Hart I love it now *** Foley as General manager of Raw and smackdown Daniel Bryan.
My birth in 1995 in Maryland is more important than Bret Hart going through an announce table
Bret Hart returns to Raw, says he received an offer from "a rival wrestling organisation" but he'll be with the WWF…
Bret Hart said he would not attend a WWF Hall of Fame banquet if he were invited to be an inductee. [12/97]
Bret Hart couldn't have said it better.
So, Bret Hart has lost his mind, right?
Bret Hart's plan for wrestling Shawn Michaels at 13 was BONKERS:
Bret Hart reveals 'WrestleMania 13' plans for match with Shawn Michaels -
Heres a clip from ITR Live of Bret Hart talkin about what he'd hoped would happen @ WrestleMania 13 w/Shawn Michaels h…
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Bret Hart on His Original Idea for His Match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 13
The tonight between & is like the match between Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart 😂 🙈 ⏳
Bret Hart reveals original plans for him and Shawn Michaels, WWE signs judoka Taynara Melo, Lucha Underground news.
I used to be back in the attitude era and a little before. Bret Hart is best wrestler. Brett Favre best QB. Bret best name.
I liked a video Michael Hayes on: Bret Hart trashing Seth Rollins
I liked a video Michael Hayes on: getting trashed by Bret Hart
Rob Ford you worse than piece of garbage Bret Hart
Watson, Piper, Bret Hart, Edge, Jericho, Benoit, Yvon robert, Kiniski all come to mind
Met my boy hood legend tonight Bret Hart, along with Jimmy Cornette and Kurt Angle! Felt like a kid again!
Your first PPV at Survivor Series was special being in the Garden with Steve Austin, Bret Hart and so many others!
Bret Hart, Koko B. Ware, Lanny Poffo, *** Foley and Eric Bischoff are all here!
. Bret Hart. Xpac. Shawn Micheals. and to many more to name, here are just 5 of mine, whats 5 of yours
Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling by Bret Hart (2009-11-04)
So did anyone at ever expect to get names like Bret Hart, Eric Bischoff or Kurt Angle involved? Wow, incredible!
...and Bret Hart, if what Shawn Michaels said abou those two turned out to be true.
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Aries is to NXT as Bret Hart is to WCW. I'm picking him to win but he's got to find an identity quickly.
Is your podcast with broken? Wanted to listen to it. JM made me a Hip fan when he did his Bret Hart tribute show
.out here looking like Bret Hart with the jacket, you're missing the glasses though. 😍
Does Bret Hart know is wearing his jacket?
all of the women's triathletes are wearing Bret The Hitman Hart glasses
Its a cool experience usa vs canada. Its like bret hart wrestling in the states
just described someone to Steph as having "Bret hart 2k10 hair" and she hasn't a clue what I mean lmao
To get myself hyped for I'm watching probably the best match in its history. Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog from 1992! 🇨🇦🇬🇧
Bret the hit man hart shades and all!!!
. Eh! According to I AM an honorary Canadian for liking hockey, Bret Hart and Poutine! XD
Nice shades! I see the are channeling their inner Bret Hart
Owen Hart was a 10x better wrestler then bret hart. Dont care what anyone else says. He was as revolutionary as Dynamite kid.
Joe Hart to join WWE managed by Bret 'The Hitman' Hart. Will be known as 'Hart To Hart' and it'll be moider...
Bret Hart vs *enter any wrestlers name* was legendary, try telling me that the man couldn't make any match he was in a *** good one.
No, you will see a new grafic. fe: Bret Hart vs purple Eddie and then you have to choose which card should get out
Little Giant Ladders
ROUND 1 of EC: a fan choize Bret "Hit Man" Hart card! . Hit 35 RT's to unlock him and get to the next round.
Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith is a timeless classic. 2 top tier performers who gave us memories for a lifetime
Absolutely loved watching ur dad Davey Boy Smith wrestle with Dynamite Kid and against Bret Hart in Summer Slam of 1992!
Ricky, Jimmy Snuka, and Bret Hart were a few of my fave wrestlers when I actually cared
I see Bret Hart been blasting Seth Rollins again for being an unsafe work! Someone should remind him Owen broke someone's neck!
Bret Hart vs Scott Hall with Bubba Ray Dudley as special referee at
Because she is related to Jim Neidhart who's related to Bret Hart and he was important so she must be too right?
WWE loves to briefly mention Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart then quickly change the subject to Bret Hart
they actually mentioned Jim Neidhart instead of Bret Hart
Natalya has been downgraded from Bret Hart references to Jim Neidhart references
Jim Neidhart was a horrible singles wrestler. When he paired up with Bret Hart to form the Hart Foundation, he literally saved his career.
Jimmy Hart on Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart's epic botch: via
That looks more like Bret Hart than it does Shawn Michaels.
Bret Hart going into Wrestlemania 12 but Shawn Michaels coming out of it!
Watching Sasha Banks wrestle makes me feel the same way I did when I was a kid watching Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.
The first *** In A Cell or Bret Hart vs Steve Austin from Wreslemania 13
I look like Bret Hart mixed with Dylan Klebold let me wet the propane in my eye
Sees Kane, Hart, Bale trending, is confused when its not about WWE Kane, Bret Hart, or Christian Bale xD. bloody football
needs to make a double turn in the Reigns/Rollins storyline like they did with Bret Hart and Stone Cold back in the day!
I used the Paul Bearer baf body & swapped Bret Hart head.The prop is from the Backstage playset Brawl 😁
Bret Hart has the Sharp shooter on Stone Cold Steve Austin.
I got Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Demolition, The Rockers old school magazines up on my eBay page. They can be yours!!
ring gear looks like a cross between Bret Hart and Shawn Michael's gear
my top 5 in order: Eddie Guerrero, Daniel Bryan, The Brian Kendrick, Bret Hart, The Rock
Now to a video package about Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. It sounds like Michael Cole voicing this.
. May 17, 2010: Bret Hart forces The Miz to tap to becomes the new United States Champion!. fact bret...
who in your opinion was a better worker? Bret Hart? Shawn Michaels? Ric Flair? Ricky Steamboat? Randy Savage? Why?
More Youtube videos have been put up including Jake Roberts on the Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart feud.
Why was Ken Shamrock never world champion? . The World's Most Dangerous Man who made Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart submit seems deserving.
Lance Storm should be in the HOF. His technical ability is up there with Bret Hart
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Tyler Breeze & Bret Hart vs Alberto Del Rio & Roman Reigns in a tag team match on
"You know what else happened in Montreal?" -- Bret Hart whenever anyone mentions Montreal
Bret Hart vs Arn Anderson, probably circa 1991, would be my personal dream match.
Can Ric Flair retain the Women's title? Or will we witness an upset of epic proportions from Bret Hart?
A few more pics from last nights show "An evening with Bret Hart" 😎 What a great man!
I loved and hated Chyna with a passion. Stone Cold and Bret Hart and HBK were my favorites. Good times though. and I wonder how
As much as I respect Bret Hart, it would make more sense to have Jim Neidhart in corner at
Bret Hart will be in Nattie's corner at Payback at the Allstate Arena. Need these guys there too.
. Why do you think they use Bret Hart in regards to Natalya and not her father Jim Neidhart?
"Bret Hart's coming to said Michael Cole in the least/most excited way possible.
"Oh, God. Bret Hart's coming to Payback?" - Michael Cole on Our thoughts exactly
please. Bret Hart is the best. Followed by Owen. Jim"The Anvil"Neidhart brings up the rear. Lauren has some big boots to fill
what JC did to Hinkie is a 1000 times worse than the infamous Montreal screw job when Vince screed Bret Hart.
Shane McMahon & Bret Hart vs Kevin Nash & Curtis Axel in a tag team match at
The only way to do this right,. Is for "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. to be handcuffed to. Bret Hart for the next match.
It was about 1993. Shortly after Bret Hart won the first ever KotR tournament. At that time kotR was a ppv
I was 12, buddies and I in little league couldn't believe WCW put the US belt on Bret Hart.
Bret Hart has similar thoughts on WM32 as you do except his praising of Lesnar/Ambrose being realistic
'& is a bunch of [Hollywood] morons that sit around creating wrestling' - Bret Hart to:
Balor walks the ropes for a counter roll up win over Samoa Joe ala Bret Hart vs Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania VIII.
I love Bret Hart's Oscar Bluth cosplay act on the indies.
Congrats to Bret Hart, former professional wrestler (my favorite of all time), author, journalist, father,...
Jon Jones separated from general population Bret Hart on the term "divas" in WWE, Dana Warrior praises Joan Lunden.
I just watched an old Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect match from King of the Ring 93 & man it was p. great, also lol it has Macho Man on commentary
Danny Davis, the original Brad Maddox. And got to team with Bret Hart.
Just watched Bret Hart vs Owen Hart from Summerslam '94 if you're wondering how my day at work is going.
The semi finalists of the WWE Nostalgia World Cup are: Bret Hart, Mr Perfect, Ric Flair and Honky Tonk Man
With impostor HHH and Hogan and Iron Sheik and Bret Hart and Mean Gene and Cena and Austin? When has that ever happened?
of Top 5 WrestleMania matches in WWE history: Owen Hart versus Bret Hart at WrestleMania 10
Bret Hart's sons Dallas and Blade spoke to WrestlingInc about if Tyson Kidd will be able to return. . While...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
followed with a Dec 97 Nitro. Bret Hart debuts, NWO gets pelted with everything, fan in the ring clocked by Nick Patrick. Dang
Giant Gonzalez vs. The Great Khali because I want to watch the world burn. (but really, Bret Hart v. Daniel Bryan)
For tonight's main event we have HHH, Shawn Michaels, and Bret Hart facing off in an Indeterminate Number Of Threats Match!
Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect, Undertaker, Kevin Nash, & Shawn Michaels. Who y'all favorite 5 of all time?
Any Curt Hennig vs Bret Hart match is better than anything any wrestler an or will ever do now.
Who was more wasted in WCW, Bret Hart or Curt Hennig?
Still the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be... Bret Hart beats prostate cancer:
Bret Hart called Dory Funk Jr., "conceivably the greatest worker of all-time." [12/97]
I'm sharp shooting with accuracy: Bret Hart meets Brett Favre - . How controversial can it be when JC had bars like that??
On This Day in 1995: Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith faced Owen Hart and Bob Backlund in a *1/4 match
I don't know who this guy is, but he's now up there with Bret Hart, the Bushwhackers and Ultimate Warrior in my eyes: …
Mr Perfect, Bret Hart, Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, Roddy Piper, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Dusty Rhodes, so many great talents in that era.
IIRC, Bret Hart went on John Edward's show many years ago asking about either Stu or Helen Hart. Not sure if true or ...
All 5 men rush the ring again with Bob Backlund locking the chickenwing crossface on Bret Hart!
Royce Gracie is pretty much Bret Hart, right?
I only know two Hitman, one is Bret Hart and the other is Agent 47. I don't know who you're talking about real or fake . . .
I liked a video Burial of The Hitman: Exposing the real Bret Hart
Update on Bret Hart's Recovery from Prostate Surgery, per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter: "The procedure wa...
Summer of 1992 - WWF Summerslam filled Wembley. 83,000 watched The British Bulldog beat Bret Hart for the IC Title. Might check it out
Someone do one of those picture memes of Aaron Gordon's face on Bret Hart's body, because like in Montreal, that was the Toronto Screwjob.
Among my fellow pro-wrestling fans,what are your dream matches?. Mine would be Bryan Danielson vs Bret Hart,Kevin...
Almost up to the Montreal Screwjob in Bret Hart's autobiography. Buzzing
Mike Tenay "Everyone knows, that Bret Hart is not a quitter and that he never gives up.". Kleiner Shoot zur WWE.^^
Chris Nowinski, Bret Hart, Corey Graves, Christian, Excalibur... Concussions suck. (Thanks for the ''BENOIT'' messages, in case I forgot.)
as long as it has Kevin Nash giving Bret Hart a jack knife power bomb in the middle then I'm cool with it
Top 5 wrestlers out of Canada are Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Owen Hart, Lance Storm and Trish Stratus
and obviously Bret Hart & The Hart Foundation...loud negative reactions in America, loud positive reactions in Canada/UK...
Sweet chin music Bret Hart. Or is it Shawn Michael's.
I love Bret Hart. His standards & practices were top notch. The is the best
Bret Hart and Jim Kelly were two of my hero's growing up, Jim beat his cancer and I know Bret will beat his!
This *** Hate to see this. ⚡️ "WWE hall of famer Bret Hart diagnosed with cancer".
Say a prayer for one of the true legends of pro wrestling, Bret Hart...
How long until Michael Cole refers to the Wyatt Family as "malignant" following that Bret Hart news?
Michael Cole talks about Bret Hart battling cancer. *inserts happy music in the background*. Oh, WWE...
And now, Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith from the fifth IYH. A bloody (literally) masterpiece.
Quick. Somebody get Goldberg to kick Bret Hart's prostate cancer and end its career.
"Bret Hart" get well soon. Hit man hart one f my childhood hero of wrestling specially wrestling with Shawn Michael
"I will win this battle or I will die trying" - Bret Hart.
Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, Chris Benoit and Bret Hart are the only guys to have held the US title in both WCW and WWE h…
2016 can officially do one. I will personally stand guard over Tom Waits, Jack Nicklaus, Helen Mirren & Bret Hart.
Bret Hart. Bret limps down to ringside and Shawn Michaels and Crush meet him in the ring, going straight after his knee.
With the exception of maybe the border towns, nobody in Mexico has a clue who guys like Bret Hart, Undertaker or Shawn …
Piper talked about how Bret Hart was a smoother liar than Marion Berry, which wound up with the fans booing Piper. [6/98]
Final 4: Shawn Michaels, Lex Luger, Bret Hart, and Fatu. One of these things is not like the other...
Conor McGregor taking on RDA reminds me of Shawn Michaels taking on Bret Hart at Survivor Series '92. 'Everything to gain, n…
I don't recall any "piped in cheers" for Hogan, Warrior, Macho Man, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Steve …
6 years ago today, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart put all bad blood aside after 12 years on Raw.
A5.) Shawn Michaels defeats Bret Hart in 1 Hour Iron Man match to win first WWE Championship. ..
Just realized that's the ref that screwed Bret Hart! BE CAREFUL BOBBY!!! -TG
The Hart Foundation in my game are your uncle Bret Hart, your dad Jim Neidhart, The British Bulldog, Brian Pillman and you.
Along with I'd love to see more Legends figures. Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect, Dusty Rhodes, classic Sting, and more.
Loved this logo when your Jim, Bret,Davey & Owen formed the heel Hart Foundation.
see now I always enjoyed that reaction. I love how everyone hated Bret Hart in the US but in Canada he was God
I think Seth Rollins will ruin Reigns just like Bret Hart did Lex Luger, he will be 'The Guy' since Trips is higher on him.
Del Rio sells like Bret Hart did at WM in 96
Why is everyone cheering for this match?? It's gonna suck, for goodness sake it's Cena vs Del Rio, not Cesaro vs Bret Hart!!
This would be like the Stone Cold/Bret hart turn around 1997 where the bad guy becomes the good guy and vice versa
I don't know what's better: the electric guitar in the Four Horsemen theme or Bret Hart's theme!!
I liked a video Footage of Bret Hart after WWF title loss (02-22-1997)
but seriously I would have to say Bret Hart
Considering doing some training just so I can make a Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels video package and set it to this
*Headshakes* TNA Impact will NEVER be as good as WWE Raw, not even if they were able to buy Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels
The last RAW I attended featured Goldust vs. Bret Hart as the television main event. Dark main event was Bret vs. Shawn vs. Undertaker.
and I can say that anyone's favorite wrestler is capable of a dull match. Welcome to my Bret Hart fandom in 1998
😂😂😂 Awesome! That's ok, I grew up wanting to be Hogan...Bret Hart and HHH.
Steak Night was so into Bret Hart he named his kid that.
Well The Rock was great, HBK , HHH , Bret Hart ++ nowadays they all lack something..
Just finished watching the WM13 match with vs Bret Hart with on commentary.
Reminds me of some of the fantasy championships I'm in. Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect Highlights HD Summerslam 1991
Bret hart says he was upset Shawn was working with only his friends to put them on to the money
Kurt Angle says he almost wrestled Bret Hart at WrestleMania
Two of the realist to ever wear pink,. Bret the Hitman Hart x Killa Cam
Good afternoon. Bret Hart is here to examine your code.
You have no idea about contracts. Do you know who has a legends contract? Boogeyman. Iron Sheik. Bret Hart etc. Not Undertaker
Scott hall v.s Bret hart wwe title and yokozuna wins the royal rumble
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the "sheets" such as it is said Bret hart got a pretty fast answer when he had a legal right to something.
Is it about Bret Hart and the Hart Foundation?
The greatest of all time wouldn't have ended Bret Hart's career by kicking him in the head.
Shout out to for bringing back the Bret Hart look.
Seems Blind is in the same league as Bret and Owen Hart
One day I hope to be as great a programmer as Bret Hart.
Watching the Owen Hart 'Hart of Gold' feature on the What great stuff. Gonna re-watch Bret vs. Owen from Wr…
Been meaning to get that shoot interview for awhile now! Soon I hope! Bret Hart is my fav!
Yes, or a Bret Hart who connected despite long developing his mic skills. Or a Regal, who became an A+ worker by savvy and exp.
Those Bret Hitman Hart shades were ahead of its time.
" If you put the letter "S" in front of Hitman you'll get my exact opinion on Bret Hart" . Stone Cold 🔥🔥🔥
I added a video to a playlist Bret Hart can't yank a simple wire
I liked a video Bret Hart can't yank a simple wire
TIL my mother knows who The Excellence of Execution, Bret Hart is.
By my calculations, Bret Hart would still be under contract to the WWF today had Vince not decided he couldn't honour the 20yr deal
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Bret Hart was getting beat down by a *** with the Chinese Fortune tatted on his chest and back
Bret Hart may have said "real men wear pink", but I don't think he meant a pink tutu...
Bret Hart, your company's IT guy: submitted by BillMuckinFurry [link] [2 comments]
Bret's greatest work came when Brian Pillman did the heavy work on the mic for the new Hart Foundation
He's like hockey's answer to Bret Hart.
Watched this just today! As a Bret Hart kid, I was rooting for the Hitman!
the 2k showcase is making me hate Bret Hart
I'm re-watching Wrestlemania 8 and Gorilla just announced that Bret Hart might have dislocated his clavicle. Um, what?
other than Triple H, Bret Hart, CM Punk and Seth Rollins, Alex Shelley is my favourite wrestler. He is awesome.
Owen Hart vs Bret Hart at SummerSlam 1994 is the best Steel Cage match ever.
I knew wrestling wasn't real when I seen Bret Hart & Bob Backlund at the Atlanta airport choppin it up.
Bret Hart put Bob Backlund in a sharpshooter for 12 minutes on Raw in 1994. Dusty made Ric BLEED. Austin was maniacal. C'mon y'all
Bret Hart or Foley. Who's the biggest mark?
Bret Hart vs Jim Neidhart in 1979. Horrible match. Neidhart a better wrestler than we'd meet in Hart was worse
Brian Pillman. Davey Boy Smith. Jim Anvil Neidhart. Owen Hart. Bret Hart. Gotta be one of the most underrated stables ever.
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Bret vs Shawn iron man match is the best Bret Hart match
6/79 Stampede has Bret Hart v. Jim Neidhart. BTW, Noticed on an old Mid-South that Bill Watts called him "Need-Hart" a la "Doogan," et al.
what do you honestly think of the Undertaker? Bret Hart? Crash Holly? and Jim Cornette?
Bret Hart looks like a 1978 Sam Houston here
I’ve concluded that my life’s meaning is to produce a musical about Bret Hart called “The Hitman”.
Bret Hart, Lanny Poffo aka Genius, who the brother of Macho Man, and Hillbilly Jim.
I never realised Bret Hart broke his knuckle punching Vince after the screwjob. I do love this Monday Night Raw documentary series.
Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler now. Lawler dissed the *** out of Bret's geriatric parents who were in the audience on Raw a few weeks back
Owens is a lazy character. Bret Hart energy in Jim Neidhart's body
The King of the Ring that Bret Hart won was held at the Nutter Center lmao
Gary Hart's book is good. Bret Hart's book is good. Just books by people named Hart, really
Can't believe doody doesn't know who Bret Hart is
Always thought this was a random set. Bret Hart, Stone Cold, Ahmed Johnson and referee.
Only Canadian athletes I acknowledge are Bret Hart, Wayne Gretzky, and Chris Jericho
When I first started watching wrestling in 1986, Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, The British Bulldogs,…
Bret Hart vs Buzz Sawyer from GCW in 1979. Some great future superstars right here.
Tickets on sale in November for Legends of Wrestling with *** Foley, Goldberg, Bret Hart,…
awesome promo work on most recent the walking dead! Have you gone babyface? The Bret Hart of advocates, best there was, is ...
I love that picture. Bret Hart looks so hot in it.
TIL Bret Hart was the CM Punk of the 90s.
Yeah it was, it was the start of Bret Hart not liking what would be going on in the company.
sneezed on my junk and told me I can't get a Bret "the Hitman" Hart tattoo and I've never been more in love.
Oh. Thought Jim was with Bret Hart. My bad. Hopefully someday...
It's ok if u look like the Bret the Hitman Hart after a shower
Via and The reflects on his career including bouts with Sting:
Finally got that submission hold successfully in 2K16! YES! YES! YES! Now, I am going to do it again in Bret Hart vs Steve Austin.
[WATCH] Bret Hart unveils his artwork and paints the Nasty Boys (WWF ...
It kills me again to watch how WCW ruined Bret Hart ugh the creative was horrible back then
never understood why Bret hart had the Essex tan in his old figures
bret hart is INFURIATING in 2k16 mode, i want to burn this game
SOLD OUT! The Minnedosa and District Recreation Commission Sports Dinner, featuring Bret Hart and guests from as...
Fun fact: The Calgary Hitmen is the only minor league hockey team I can name that isn't the Hershey Bears. Yes, it's b/c of Bret Hart.
Peter Mayhew looks like a combination of Dee Snider, Bret Hart, and James Garner. I dig it.
I met Bret Hart at a minor league baseball game. They had a wrestling night there.
Backstage to Sean Mooney who is with Mr Perfect and Coach. Perfect lets Bret Hart know that he’s excellent but he’s not perfect.
23 years ago today, Bret Hart beats Ric Flair in Saskatoon for the WWF Championship
From Brandon -" That's Bret Hart on the left and The Dynamite Kid on the right. Probably around 1980."
remember when the repo man made that boy cry after taking the sunglasses Bret Hart gave the kid.
Kevin James is the actor, Kevin Hart is the comedian, Bret Hart is the hitman.
Hi from fall river Massachusetts love ur show please Ellen make my dream come true want meet Bret Hart
jake is my fav of all time--Bret hart -new breed (c champion sean royal) the rock are the rest not that u asked lol
I think the match should be booked like Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XII
we want to here from Bret Hart here in Massachusetts
yes true that we want to hear from. Bret Hart we want him answer his fans around world iam from mass
Hate ESPN, but really, daily rantings of ex-Bristol folks almost smells of the Bret Hart-Steve Austin double turn at WM13.
A lot of people came to his defense. Even Bret Hart said the guy is no racist. Whole tape situation is terrible.
plus they hardly donate much. Though if the Raiders mix in pink. They look like Bret Hart
Well, I thought of was just days before the 1997 Survivor Series and what was going down with Bret Hart
Giant Bomb says Maxima and Bear Hugger are Canadian. Other Canadian fighters: Bret Hart, Wolverine, the entire cast of Scott Pilgrim
I am on youtube watching raw segment between Cm punk John Cena and bret Hart in Montreal before night of champions 2012.
I wish there was a sequel to Wrestling with Shadows that documents Bret Hart walking into WCW and his face when he sees how it was ran.
WWE The Best of the King of the Ring 3-Disc Set 2011 New Sealed Bret Hart
Pink and Black attack! On my Bret Hart ish. @ The Parsons Center for Health and Wellness
I liked a video The Undertaker vs Bret Hart: The Importance of SummerSlam 1997
And how many great years can a wrestler really have? It's not like Bret Hart, Stone Cold, HBK, Flair, etc had many great years
Nattie with TJ and her uncle Bret Hart .
The Disney record label dropped a band called "Insane Clown Posse" because of the furor of the month on PPV in Bret Hart vs.
During on Saturday Nov 14 at LaGuardia Plaza in Queens, NY meet Bret Hart
Bret eliminates Greg Valentine. It's now down to Ted DiBiase and Bret Hart.
Dusty has been eliminated. Bret Hart is the sole survivor of his team.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
in Lawton, OK July 2015. You were talking massive crap to "Drunk Bret Hart Guy." It was awesome.
bring h back face Bret Hart for night of legends so we can see real legend
no it happens we want to see if he such a big legend let him back it up step in ring again with Bret hart
I know he go against punk Bret hart
legends like I said be coolness Bret Hart ausin Michaels,Jericho,hall,tripleh
I liked a video from WWE Heel Bret Hart on SHOCK JOCK WRESTLING TALK
Not even talking about Enzo, who makes Road Dogg look like Bret Hart.
TheORIGINALADJ If Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart had their DNA cloned & spliced to result would be Finn Balor
I was always a Bret hart girl myself ;-)
Lovin' that Simpsons Bret Hart, my good man!
Former WWF performer Diana Hart, the wife of the late British Bulldog and sister to Bret Hart and th
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