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Brent Spiner

Brent Jay Spiner (born February 2, 1949) is an American actor, best known for his portrayal of the android Lieutenant Commander Data in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and four subsequent films.

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Kg looks like MR DATA from Star Trek brent spiner
I bet Brent Spiner and Michael Dorn have a bunch of skin problems from wearing stage makeup all day every day for years
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Star Trek - Brent Spiner
Masks was a great episode Brent Spiner did an outstanding performance on the different personalities…
Wanna hear something crazy? Brent Spiner was cast as Data at 37 years old! I mean he's obviously great but if you w…
I suppose it still has some decent atmosphere to it. and watching it in my run-through of the whole…
I'm going to get to meet DATA from Star Trek (Brent Spiner) in Druva's booth at Amazon re:Invent! So psyched! Are…
Data makes an audio cameo because Brent spiner is old
Definitely recommend you read my Bible for Trib Saints when it comes ou…
I added a video to a playlist Brent Spiner talks about being on the movie: "Out To Sea"
Brent Spiner: Breaking character in a stupid episode. AND loving it.
"Brent Spiner, when you said you'd come to my party, I didn't expect for me to pay for your flight!". "That's my Hidden Data Roaming Charge".
Yeah, a hero, like the REAL Texan Brent Spiner.
I have to hand it to Brent Spiner for all the moments here where he basically emotes the process of a computer reading from its hard drive.
On they asked who Brent Spiner played on Star Trek TNG. Would they have accepted Lore as an answer? I must know.
I loved Night Court Brent Spiner as Bob Wheeler excellent he should take it on the road and call The Bob Wheeler Show
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Join us for this week as we discuss Brent Spiner's 3 episode tenure on Enterprise…
Watching the Pointless head to head, I'm left wondering how many points Lore would get for "android played by Brent Spiner"
My main concern is to make this available to as many people as possible. Satan's followers, the current evil...
Yeah! 71% thru with edits on Bible for Trib Saints. Book(s) (size of the Bible) should be out by Christmas.
71% finished with edits on BFTS. Christmas present to Jesus. Going faster cuz it's an interesting read, despite...
a funny story is that Brent Spiner thought it was pronounced differently but because Patrick Stewart sai…
I'm sure finds the fact that churches believe my BFTS is part of the canon of Scriptur…
Brent Spiner 'TV makes you think you have more friends'. But I don't know what he used 😎
I love Brent Spiner is the best actor ever in everything he has done not just Star Trek
I think I have a name for my extra credit paper, Patrick Stewart/Brent Spiner: From Stage to Space... should I just write it about both??
Brent Spiner clone silent on Las Vegas shooting and he's always weighing in (alt-left) on all else!...
No, out of respect for Brent Spiner I do not insult his followers / guests. A…
It's campy sure but I like that part of it. An evil Brent spiner and Riker's chest…
Oh nooo the Brent Spiner scientist guy and his husband. :'(
I might be more excited to meet Rebecca Sugar than Brent Spiner at this point. I don't know.
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Tragically I've run out of excuses to get Brent Spiner's autograph :-(
Ok, enough ganging up on Brent Spiner. Have a goid Sunday and dont forget to wat…
Brent Spiner begs Judy Garland to remake Oz with him as Tin Man
I always got them on the other account lots by William Shatner, Brent Spiner even Cher and Rosie lol
I would rather see Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner or LaVar Burton.
Don’t you think that the robot guy sounds like Brent Spiner does him? I love the humor. Totally surprised…
Hey, that's right! Played by Brent Spiner. Who's way better looking imo. 😛
Every episode where Brent Spiner gets to play other characters is a complete delight.
Updated Bible for Trib Saints. Jesus encouraged me to pose for Playboy. Hefner's in heaven. via
Updated BFTS cuz Jesus encouraged me to pose for Playboy. Talked with me & Brent yesterday. Hugh Hefner's in heaven.
Cool! I also think I'd be a great Brent Spiner panel moderator... 😆😉💛
Found an old (new to me) showcalled Night Court starring Brent Spiner. And he's from Yugoslavia as well :))
No one cares what you're doing with your life as it pertains to Brent Spiner. I'm mainly…
Brent at his most wildly attractive. I must say the man just cannot take a bad picture
Did they actually get Brent Spiner to play the robot? bc the voice is incredibly similar lol
Same! I got an unsolicited message from Brent Spiner once. About fell out of my chair.
Brent Spiner and LeVar Burton weren't exactly gushing with praise either.
Online Marketing is eating cow feces in Poo. Carles Puyol and Brent Spiner are singing in Latin.
Is Brent Spiner idiotic? Do light bulbs step on hogs? Why is my puppy farting on Khloe Kardashian?
I think you have to hit his funny bone for a reply to occur. Has happ…
Got to meet BRENT SPINER - DATA from Star Trek The Next Generation - Brent wanted to know how to do the Shaka sign. LO…
Think you're pulling a "Spaceballs" w/ Isaac. Brent Spiner's the voice but Mark Jackson's got the moves ;)
Hoo-Pie was actually a Brent Spiner Ad-lib on stage, but the script was mine :)
I imagine Brent Spiner dresses like Data when he’s home alone.
Remember all the bikini pics Rick Berman released of Brent Spiner!? . H-A-W-T…
THE best "Tales from the Darkside" episode for me, and stars Christian Slater and even Brent Spiner!.
I'm so dumb. I thought Isaac was voiced by Brent Spiner.
Looks very beautiful. Hope you'll have actor Jim Carrey, and actor Brent Spiner on your 3rd season.
Dude, Brent Spiner is an absolute gem. I remember finding this years ago and it blew my mind.
I actually think arguably Brent Spiner is the most Je…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sort of related, Brent Spiner has an amazing memory a…
Without Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner it would have probably faded from memory by now, even if it…
It's just nice to know that Brent Spiner still looks like Data, just human coloured. It's a comfort.
Though Jesus has not made a personal appearance to Gail regarding the Jew clones, the world needs to know of the...
Maybe cuz I have a weird thing for young Brent Spiner?
props to Mark Jackson for a spooky-amazing Brent Spiner impression, tho.
Loving and that Brent Spiner is on the show. But why as a robot? Was he just wanting to…
No one will know or care about Star Trek in 1,000 years. But the Bible will be FOREVER. I'm a Bible writer!...
Finished with 62% of edits on BFTS. Added new chapter on Jew clones. Kindle version due ~ Christmas. Maybe...
In Bible for Trib Saints, clones are not Jewish, Gentile or any race except the CLONE RACE (fallen angel children).
Am updating Bible for Trib Saints to include info about Loree McBride's Jew clones, since Jewishness is a big...
I have a feeling Brent Spiner would not be happy about this for several reasons.
U were one of the leading reasons why I would watch each episode. Brent Spiner was also pretty cool as well.
Oh, my God. I will let Brent Spiner (not the clone) decide on this one. He's my husband.
Finished 62% of edits on Bible for Tribulation Saints today.
I can't believe Brent Spiner misgendered me on my first day of school.
No love for Lore :( Brent Spiner was one of the best parts of TNG
Today's unexpected find is Brent Spiner in Independence Day.
Brent Spiner's performance in 'The Measure of a Man' is absolutely outstanding. Such a poignant, thoughtful episode.
Seriously can I have a man that is a mix of Brent Spiner and John De Lancie?
Wait your coworker isn't Brent Spiner right?
Loree has never had these four things in her "relationship" with the REAL Brent Spiner. Why Jesus says Brent has...
Cracks me up that Isaac sounds like Brent Spiner, Love it!!
You could have been more concise - Brent Spiner is one of the best things ever.
Brent Spiner playing Lor playing Data is one of the best things ever.
One of my professors looks a lot like Brent Spiner and it just makes my day 🤣
It’s jeff chimebti, keyboardist. You’re thinking of Brent spiner. Great actor.
Yes! And brent spiner as bob wheeler. I have a huge nerd crush on harry anderson since his cheers days. Must be the magic act ;)
I nominate Brent Spiner, portraying Arik Soong in the Star T…
So. The Orville. Lotta interesting choices there. But the one that throws me the most is casting a Brent Spiner sound-a-like 4 the robot.
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Meeting Brent Spiner this weekend was a highlight of the Rose City Comic Con, really nice guy.
I already felt that Isaac sounded like Brent Spiner.
Why does the robot sound like Brent Spiner?
My husband swore that Isaac had to be voiced by Brent Spiner. Was that intentional?
Sorry I'm a day late, just watching now. Is that Brent Spiner voicing your robot?
Somebody should send this to that Hollywood leftist a--hole Brent Spiner.
My rosecitycc experience this year began with the Brent Spiner panel. How appropriate that it…
Is that the uncredited voice of Brent Spiner voicing the character Isaac? If so, well done!
The Brent Spiner sounding robot is making me miss Data 😢
Brent Spiner's Fresh *** on YouTube was an amusing discovery
I liked a video LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner at the 2017 Star Trek Convention
Tbh, this is the first I'm hearing that Brent Spiner was the Joker lol. Googled it and I never watched Young Justice.
I was slightly amused when I thought the robot voice was Brent Spiner and then sad when I realized it wasn't.
The actor is a kid who's never done anything. Maybe he got hired for his Brent Spiner impression.
Now if Brent Spiner and John De Lancie would copy William Shatner, we could learn about their dogs' misadventures with *** sex.
I swear to god, that robot dude sounds like Brent Spiner. He's not on the IMDB, though.
Didn't the science officer sound just like Brent Spiner though?
Is Brent Spiner the voice of the android on The Orville?
Watching Is that Brent Spiner doing the voice of the android
Is that Brent Spiner as the Droid on
HOMG is hysterical! And they found someone who sounds like Brent Spiner- delightful! Plus is my hero.
Anyone else think the Kaylon sounds remarkably like Brent Spiner who played data in Star Trek?
Man, that AI bot sounds like Brent Spiner, even if it's not.
Wow! Scott Grimes has been in EVERYTHING! (I looked him up so thanks for the name.) Sadly, it isn't Brent Spiner.
Yeah, for a sec, I really thought that was Brent Spiner, but I don't think it is. And the ginger is Sco…
Same. And is the one dude doing a Brent Spiner impersonation or WHAT!?
I'm enjoying Is that Brent Spiner behind that mask? It sure sounds like him.
.already in love with The Orville. Is that Brent Spiner as the robot? Love you Seth. You amaze me.
Did I just hear Brent Spiner as a voice on ? ? Love that casting, if that is the case. Or am I nuts?
Holy crap is the robot's voice Brent Spiner??
is Brent Spiner the voice for the Kylan robot like character?
Watching - Is that Brent Spiner as the voice of the robot??
That's Brent Spiner or someone sounding a lot like Brent Spiner.
Brent Spiner is playing the robot on The Orville. Loving that.
The voice of Isaac sounds suspiciously close to Brent Spiner!
Is that Brent Spiner voicing the robot on The Orville? Because he's above this.
What movie was Brent Spiner in where he played a research scientist?
can I get a hint about secret location I don't know where Brent Spiner's secret alien research facility is :(
you are also Brent Spiner. Brent Spiner > Trump
BREAKING NEWS: it looks like the 2009 regional Man of La Mancha starring Brent Spiner & Julia Migenes WAS recorded
At least I got to see Brent Spiner's hoodie.
Went to today so much fun, Met Peter Capaldi and Brent Spiner Both were so nice and I would Totally recommend going if you can.
The evil Brent Spiner clone (who created Hurricane Irma) and his wishes upon Florida and most especially ME. He...
My wife and I with Brent Spiner and John De Lancie
Loree McBride & her Jew clone partner the Brent Spiner clone need to GO DOWN.
I voted "yes" because Loree McBride drug raped Brent Spiner and accused him of sexual assault to trap him into a...
.Brent Spiner (Data) and John De Lancie (The Q) from Star Trek The Next Generation caught up with me :-)
Brent spiner complimented my uniform 💖💖💖
At least I get to meet brent spiner.;-;
Happy Star Trek Day! Getting to meet Brent Spiner was a highlight of my life and check out as Kahn! https:…
Finally got to hear Brent Spiner's Patrick Stewart impression in person though.
No ADA line for security idiocy at but got in OK at VIP entrance. Brent Spiner line was another story.
In case you were wondering Brent Spiner is one of the funniest and charming individuals on the…
I liked a video Brent Spiner impersonates Patrick Stewart again.
At the end of our brief interaction, Brent Spiner said, "I've had enough of you," & it's one of the greatest things I've ever been told. 😂
Brent Spiner Jew Clone seem awfully big nose and broke for famous celebrity.
that surreal moment. In which I get a signature from Brent Spiner, and he asks me to sign my print to him.
(Brent Spiner and Peter Weller were also considered, as was John Slattery)
The line-up this year is so amazing! Troy Baker, Dominic Cooper, Jason Isaacs, Carlos Valdes, Brent Spiner, Grey De…
Brent Spiner has been given a police escort under the Data Protection Act
Photo op with Brent Spiner and Michael Dorm, Dorn's autograph and Kevin Sorbo's autograph
Who else is excited meet Brent Spiner and Michael Dorn at Fanboy Expo on June 23-25 at the Knoxville Convention...
...same as Martin Short, Brent Spiner, Richard Kind and.(wait for it).GILBERT GOTTFRIED...😜
also this Clay actor looks like a child of Jason Biggs and Brent Spiner.
This is why the REAL Brent Spiner has NEVER wanted Loree McBride.
What Brent Spiner feels like doing to people who actually think he is Data. 😉😂
*puts in image of Brent Spiner cameo in Muppet Alien Invasion movie*
brent spiner saved my life tonight with the most ingenious ideas.well his Plutoform did.
All you other Brent Spiners are just some fake whiners so won't the real Brent Spiner please stand up
Julian Lennon looks like Brent Spiner and Thom Yorke had a son together.
reminder that you can find The Real Brent Spiner's online hub at The Real Brent Spiner Dot Com.
I'd say "Brent Spiner for president!" but I worry what that'd do to a nice, smart, funny guy.
why can't Brent Spiner visit Russian Comic Con?... oh wait
Brent Spiner & Franco Nero behind 1999 Esther movie to honor Gail Chord Schul...
TNG actors "where are they now?" Looks like the last thing Brent Spiner did was a few episodes of…
i just now realized Brent Spiner is in Independence Day.
Just looked up some clips of Brent Spiner's Joker and hoooly crap is he…
Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, and Brent Spiner could be reading aloud a phone book, and I would be on the edge of my seat. 😍
Know the scene with Brent Spiner trapped in the room with the Independence Day alien? They try to save…
If you guys finally landed Brent Spiner, I will drive to CA and hug you myself.
If can be made into an Android then why can't an Android be made into brent spiner. Seems only fair
Does anyone else think that sounds an awful lot like Brent Spiner?
So Brent Spiner hates sci Fi and yet plays Data and Shatner is out to ruin people with autism. Jfc. Let's all drop Sci-fi fandoms.
IT DOES, but ever since i heard stuff from brent spiner's album i've been unable to think of anything…
Because there's only one Brent Spiner. He's unique.
I was a Brent Spiner once, but gave it up when I couldn't whistle.
There's no one quite like Mr Brent Spiner for sure 😊😎
Because a Brent Spiner is powered by 1000 megafonzis of power. Would cause an energy crisis.
Because there can be only one true and original Brent Spiner, all the rest would be just imperfect copies.
Only one man is Brent Spiner... but who. WHO??
If all are like the world would lack a Brent Spiner like-type.
Why can't every man be a Brent Spiner?
No, because then Brent Spiner would've insisted on singing AGAIN.
Does she like Brent Spiner's turn in Independence Day then?
did you know Brent Spiner hated cats? The scenes with Spot were really hard for him, but maybe that helped!
Needs a framed photo of Brent Spiner.
TNG starts out so rough but Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner are A++ from word go
Is that Brent Spiner in the new video 'Still Feel Like Your Man' ?. 🖖🏽
I keep thinking it's Brent Spiner from Independence Day
Check out my page about Loree McBride Drug Rapes Brent Spiner with headers added.
Check out my Brent Spiner Calls His Future Wife page, with headers added.
Starz has Blunt Talk, a comedy starring the one & only Patrict Stewart - it's great! Cameos b…
I want to be cool like Brent Spiner
btw - if you get Cinemax or whatever network it's on, Brent Spiner is really good as an evil character in Outcast
I met Karl Urban, Brent Spiner, John De Lancie and Garrett Wang last year at Denver comic con.
Ever wonder if getting to film with cats a lot is what got Brent Spiner through TNG?
I cant stop thinking about those pictures of Scott bakula Brent spiner and Michael Dorn doing the dishes together in Patrick Stewart's house
Why didn't anyone tell me is on It's Brent freaking Spiner people! This amazing show jus…
Gary! On your 6-2-2000 show you said Bill Paxton played Dr. Okun in Independence Day! It was Brent Sp…
Yeah, Brent Spiner from the first film turned out to have a husband.who later died near the end :/
Six things to know about on his birthday
Parker, at 7 am: Brent Spiner is in here. Parker, after a three second pause: ...Brent!
.I think you meant Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: TNG played by Levar Burton(Incl.…
have you seen this photograph of Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes
look at this picture of Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes
Spining: inadvertently interfering with a pre-warp civilization due to malfunction. From Spiner, Brent.
Holy cow it's a Brent Spiner family reunion!
Brent Spiner plays both. As well as Lor.
Me knowing that there are 6 more seasons and most of them have way better episodes:
TIL of lunatic Gail Schuler, a woman who has been stalking actor Brent Spiner for over 22 years and is founder of her own Jesuit hating chu…
Brent Spiner also a painful point of comparison for bad actors, come to think of it. They had some real extremes in that cast.
Does this Friends twist mean Joey is a real person? via
bluespock said: Um excuse you I am BRENT SPINER Of course you are!!!
Brent Spiner aka the love of my life aka my favorite human being ever aka thE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN LIFE IS COMING TO PHILLY COMIC CON
With Jeff Goldblum and Brent Spiner…doesnt get any better :)
I've never met Brent Spiner or Jeffrey Combs. I hope to end that within the next 12 months.
.Shame, shame on you, SHAME! Brent Spiner, played not one, not two but FIVE roles!
Brent Spiner guest starred on the other day--and did a great job playing the villain!
Huh. Thought someone would've mentioned it. Well, just as a heads up, Brent Spiner plays The Prankster. Twice.
He reminds me more of Brent Spiner's character in Independence Day (Dr. Okun).
Brent Spiner hasn't really figured out Data yet. He was just smirking.
If they make a movie of 2017.Brent Spiner of DATA fame could play Roger Stone.
What if Brent Spiner works at said database company?
yeah that is a terrible ep. Should be re-titled "Brent Spiner gurns for 45 minutes"
LeVar Burton plays Geordi LaForge. Data is played by Brent Spiner.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Check out this clip of Star Trek: Brent Spiner as Riker?
side note: can we just talk about how Brent Spiner makes me believe he threw LeVar Burton across the room but also…
Brent Spiner plays data so brilliantly
the bad guy. Great pic. But,the name? Well, there's the good guy: Spiner. Brent Spiner.…
My thoughts about evil Brent Spiner clone's hatred of and Trump's big rally in my town today.
Loree McBride's "husband" the evil Jesuit Brent Spiner CLONE sides with her against Trump. The REAL Brent Spiner...
fun to see Brent Spiner bad guy-ing on The Blacklist.and. SPOILER ALERT.
Hey before you tape today! How awesome was it that Brent Spiner attacked a group of Data guys and gals
Oh man, I got squeezed in between a rapist and that Brent Spiner character on Night Court.
i cant see Brent Spiner as a bad guy. i only see Data in front of me with this latest episode.
I want long brent spiner fingers too
Bright spots: Aram was great, of course. Dembe & Red = ❤️, as always. Ressler's long-awaited plotline. Brent Spiner.
Data is a huge fan of Brent Spiner... little image I done of you and your character together Brent...…
You mean Brent Spiner. Yes, yes it is. It is an ancestor of the man who built Data.
Really, there should have been a Star Trek episode that was just Brent Spiner as each character.
Lea Thompson is ace and John Rhys-Davis is a legend. Brent Spiner, Ian Mcdiarmid are always awesome! Nichelle Nichols 😱
It was good to see old favourites like Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman & Brent Spiner in Resurgence but movie was
we've had Brent Spiner, Nana Visitor, now... Patrick Stewart. wow
Brent Spiner is possibly the best Sherlock Holmes since Basil Rathbone.
Judd Hirsch, Goldblum, and Brent Spiner are the only ones who know what Kind of movie this is
(1 of 2) Remember Trump's 'doctor'? He who looked like the love child of Independence Day's Brent Spiner and Cannonball Run's Jack Elam? No?
I spend a whole lot of my time watching Star Trek: TNG being constantly amazed by the nuance of John De Lancie's & Brent Spiner's delivery
Glad to see Brent Spiner lined up a gig after Independence Day: RESURGENCE bombed.
So much fun today with Jeri Ryan, Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner
Brent Spiner as Earl Mills in "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge" (nominated for Satellite Award for Best Actor)
Hi, to each of you! 👋 A very warm welcome on this Fanblog of Brent Spiner. I'm still working on it and in about 2 weeks…
Actors who might be good to play Hinzelmann in (Part two). - Steve Smith (Red Green). - William H Macy. - Brent Spiner
i can do that. Said Hi to Brent Spiner for a friend on Sunday. Met Marina Sirtis for me!
I just saw you more as warrior. Marina Sirtis is a fun actress in interviews. Brent Spiner always makes me laugh.
Also Dennis DeYoung looks a little too much like Brent Spiner in this video
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The fact that Sherlock is not a show starring Brent Spiner AS Data AS Sherlock Holmes is proof that ours is a fallen world.
Gail Chord Schuler offers a sample from her audio book Brent Spiner's Flames (actual correspondence between her...
A Fistful of Lorees, what REALLY HAPPENED to Brent Spiner in Sept. 1992: via
. Brent Spiner as Prof. Gizmo Wallop, chief architect of the project. .
Season 7 TNG where they desparately try to make Brent Spiner not look like he's aged>>>
Nothing to do with the article, but this dude looks like Tobey Maguire and Brent Spiner's love child
Y now it's time for the Peter Jackson show starring Brent Spiner. Oh, best.
sAme tho brent spiner is so funny im so down for ths
I am currently working on the audio book for Brent Spiner's Flames. I just finished the audio book for The...
Enterprise went into more depth on the backstory, but the plot was kinda lame (though a great Brent Spiner cameo).
Yeah, the second one is much better. Brent Spiner is alive?!
"People jumped to that. They always jump to 'must be dead’ if you’re laying on the ground. But they’re wrong." Brent Spiner
because they were inspired by Brent Spiner's performance as Data, when he would joylessly interrogate a crew-mate about humour
I know I should be thinking Kahn, but Brent Spiner on here is just filling me with Data questions.
I think the potential for man is so enormous, if we can stay alive long eno...
Electronic Device Insurance
this is Brent Spiner he's my new best friend
I want Brent Spiner to be the inappropriate Uncle who touches up my girlfriends, slips me weed from time to time.
Brent Spiner | American actor. Both of his parents are Jewish and of Russian, Hungarian and Austrian descent.
Ooh, nice to know :D I knew of Michael Dorn as Goliath, but not of Brent Spiner as Puck. Then again, watched a dubbed version.
"Feed my sheep." That's what Jesus told me when he first starting talking to me through Brent Spiner.
Hang on, wasn't Brent Spiner's mad scientist character killed in Independence Day. Yet he's back in the sequel
After watching all the episodes of ST-TNG, it is definitely one of the best ST series. Character I like most: Brent Spiner AKA "Data".
At least buy me a pizza first, Brent Spiner.
For the new I think Brent Spiner's character exists inside President Whitmore's head.
Season four--the three part story with Brent Spiner as Dr. Soong.
And, you know, when you are a kid, everybody wants to be an actor. I think ...
Star Trek’s Brent Spiner to appear at Regina Fan Expo
At least we know Brent Spiner can carry a tune.
right. Brent Spiner sadly did NOT star in Dude, Where's My Car?
Brent Spiner coming to Fan Expo Regina: Astin played Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings films. Spiner is the…
Brent Spiner from The Facts of Life stars in Chelsea Lately about a curious Sawmill or timber yard worker named Cynitha
Looks like has added another Guest. Brent Spiner aka Mr. Data will be appearing
Is it me or does Tooth Collector like Brent Spiner?
Brent Spiner is a valiant champion in a contest of willpower and dexterity for the ages! https:/…
Brent Spiner tries on an early version of the Season 3 uniform redesign.
"Hi. Im Brent Spiner. You may know me from... No, you may not know me? thats doesnt matter" - lol
Would someone please tell my husband that is NOT Brent Spiner unveiling the singing Steven Tyler in the commercial?
explains how he reappears in the sequel to Independence Day!
Please watch CHALLENGE - Brent Spiner for the Antaeus Theatre Company's
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