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Brent Spiner

Brent Jay Spiner (born February 2, 1949) is an American actor, best known for his portrayal of the android Lieutenant Commander Data in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and four subsequent films.

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We're all MOST excited about Brent Spiner in this Independence Day photo, right?
I look forward to seeing how in the world Brent Spiner has been brought back to life!
I had no idea Brent Spiner was in Geppetto. Perfect casting, in my opinion.
Wait a minute... So apparently Brent Spiner's character from the first Independence Day DIDNT die (cause he's gonna be in the next one).
How did Brent Spiner come back to life?
I'm really looking forward to the explanation of how Brent Spiner's character made it.
How Brent Spiner's character comes back from the dead I can't fathom. Maybe someone waved an American flag under his nose and he woke up.
How is Brent Spiner in this one if he died in the first?
Independence Day : Resurgence...Meh! It's an okay title I guess. I was hoping for ID2: The Revenge of Brent Spiner's Character
If you can bring back Brent Spiner for Independence Day sequel, you can bring back Randy Quaid! *apropos of nothing **breaking beard
Didn't Brent Spiner die in the first Independence Day?
didn't Brent Spiner die in the first one? After getting 'possessed' by the alien captive?
I'm accepting of the Independence Day sequel but how the *** is Brent Spiner returning? HE DIED IN THE FIRST ONE.
Bloody *** I thought 55 quid for Brent Spiner's autograph was bad...
Peter Dinklage, Carla Gugino, Brent Spiner in a criminally underwatched scifi tv series. Had to order it from the US, so worth it though.
Amblin wrote:Somehow Brent Spiner survived because he's in itThere's a stream going now with the whole cast doing q and a but I'm not...
I'm unsure how they're going to fit in Brent Spiner. He died in the first one
Brent Spiner played the doctor. He died. And he’s in this one? Telling plot point?
Wow. Brent Spiner. Clone? Hologram? Bad beef burrito nightmare? I guess we'll have to wait and see… 🍻
Liam Hemsworth lives on the moon in Independence Day 2 … and Brent Spiner is back. I love how insane this is getting
Umm..didn't Brent Spiner's doctor character get killed in the first movie?
Would I be far off in saying Brent Spiner looks older than Patrick Stewart?.
Q: How is it coming back after 20 yrs?. Brent Spiner: I don't start working until Wednesday. So far it's been fantastic.
The wifi isn't working for me at this Independence Day: Resurgence event. I guess Brent Spiner is using all the data. DATA BRENT SPINER JOKE
Brent Spiner's Dr. Brackish Okun was presumed dead, but rumors of his demise have been greatly exaggerated.
So Brent Spiner's Dr. Okun didn't die? Or does he have a twin brother?
Bonus fact! sounding like Brent Spiner's understudy automatically makes you the voice of reason.
Didn't Brent Spiner die in ID4? He's in the sequel. This will just *** Randy Quaid off even more.
Who will let me hang out with Brent Spiner?
You know that scene in Independence Day where Brent Spiner gargles out "Peeeaaace? No peace!". That.
Brent Spiner, however, is one of the best forgers of this treasure:
Ain't it time for a sequel to Being John Malkovich? I vote for either Being Jack Black or, left-field choice, Being Brent Spiner.
wait til she does a cameo appearence ala James Earl Jones or Brent Spiner
Sometimes people think it's Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek).
Brent Spiner is great at being incredibly flat & deadpan or incredibly campy, but not much in between.
but if anybody could act English English it'd be Brent Spiner :-)
who doesn't love data 😊 on that note... did I mention I met Brent Spiner? 😁
Photo: “Lover of all things Brother Adrian & Brent Spiner”, turned 1 on March 26, 2015!
Wow! Brent Spiner is a gore monger? Who knew? Could you slaughter your dinner and gut it? Gory!
I was going to say something cheap like "because Brent Spiner" or "because lazy writing and editing" I opted for real answer
I need to go to more sci-fi cons...only ever really been to one and I met Brent Spiner and Richard Kiel!
Threshold, that's what I'm reminded of. It had Brent Spiner and Peter Dinklage, produced by Brannon Braga and David Goyer... & lasted 13 eps
First session: Recruiting Students with Data in Mind. If Brent Spiner is here, I'm going to FLIP.
Atari today is to Infogrames as Brent Spiner's doctor is to the alien in Independence Day.
Am I the last one to realize that guy from Independence Day who the 👽 talks through is Brent Spiner aka Data from Star Trek?
Brent Spiner. Your name on my list. From this moment on, you are simultaneously my friend and not my friend.
Brent Spiner, from his care, phones his friend and co-star Levar Burton
Can you please try to get Brent Spiner this year? And Melissa McBride?!
"I had 2 lies about whom my famous boyfriend was when I started doing standup - Manute Bol and Brent Spiner." - Sarah Silverman
Searched for "Enterprise Data" to find more info on the episode of Enterprise with Brent Spiner. Useless.
."I try not to make plans. Because, even the best laid plans etc. etc."Brent Spiner
*Senator Collins stands*. "Data retention is very important. The producers should just pay Brent Spiner whatever he wants"
my Sundance hopeful is called New Is Here and has cast Brent Spiner
Have you ever seen Brent Spiner in this Sondheim musical? He's really good! He can sing.
Brent Spiner, under the TNG writers room table: "What if Data had an evil twin brother? Yes, I agree, good idea."
Brent Spiner did that. So I stopped following him.
I might be ok if I never meet alan cumming or Cher but if I never meet brent spiner I might die of a broken heart
This is a wonderful scene. Absolutely hysterical and joyously played by both Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner
any info on Brent Spiner doing a panel and what day? Also will he be there all week?
Fun fact: Lieutenant Commander Data (Brent Spiner) was the voice of in the movie.
Totally just won an episode with Brent Spiner!
Just chilling with Brent Spiner or Data from Star Trek at event
Between The Clone Wars and Rebels, Brent Spiner, Jason Isaacs and . David Tennant have all been in This makes me VERY happy.
Hope Brent Spiner called you and sang, "Happy Birthday". Also baked you a cake.
A Diarrhea-Filled Elephant and Brent Spiner are playing Wizard of Wor in Sesame Street.
NHL: Crayons 3, Pools 2; Brent Spiner saves the day with Bruce Jenner play
who I'll take when I when RDJ's Avenger's red carpet contest! think Brent Spiner's available?
Well that, and all my other one true weaknesses. Physics, mugs, hats, space things, tea, batman, tea, Brent Spiner etc...
Brent Spiner is lifting a bowel movement in Aldo. Waldo has fart. John Kenneth Galbraith and Kermit The Frog have butt problems.
I'm not really sure about Brent Spiner as the Joker, but Alyssa Milano as Poison Ivy is where my heart lives.
Marina, got to share those with Brent Spiner.
Don't know, but that picture of Brent Spiner, would give you that impression
Brent Spiner in a fat suit starring in Big Data's House.
2 of 2: Get Wil Wheaton or Brent Spiner or Mrs. Shatner or somebody to fill in for you at the Red Cross Ball. Go to funeral!
i always liked Jean-Luc and Wesley Crusher. though i had a somewhat unpleasant experience when i met Brent Spiner at SDCC.
it was dreadful but charming. Much like Brent Spiner
Is it just me, or does Tom Hiddleston as Loki in the Thor movies look like Mr. Data (Brent Spiner)?
He also met Levar Burton, Michael Dorn, and Brent Spiner. My only claim to fame is meeting Terry Goodkind in 1999.
Similar example: you really appreciate Brent Spiner's playing Data once you've seen Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man.
Nothing against Brent Spiner, who is also great, but Spock is SUCH a cool character and "Amok Time" really showcases Nimoy's acting.
Well I was in love with Brent Spiner at the time so engineering all the way.
Thank you for being a hero to Aspies like me, Leonard Nimoy. Only Brent Spiner did it better.
"Star Trek: TNG actor Brent Spiner joked that his autobiography would be entitled I Am Not Spock, Either."
Idunno. I'm really gonna lose it when Brent Spiner dies.
(Data as in the android played by Brent Spiner in Star Trek)
And now we’ll have to depend only upon Brent Spiner for logic in our galaxy - RIP Leonard Nimoy
I was partial to Brent Spiner as Bob, the hillbilly.
Jut as Bellerophon was cast down for trying to reach Olympus, so too am I punished for daring to caricature Brent Spiner
Me [39M] having trouble with my wife [41F] because she is in love with Brent Spiner via /r…
Brent Spiner then & now His now says "I drive a van with curtains and a soiled matress jn back:
That just makes me think Brent Spiner in Independence Day "Or as some of us like to call it...the Freak Show..."
I wonder if Brent Spiner ever feels bad about teaching people the wrong way to say Data.
Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes, filming Encounter at Farpoint, pilot episode of TNG.
Barrowman and Brent Spiner will be at Vancouver
Huh? I typed "Brent Spiner side profile" into Google to see if his nose is that big.. and Putin's on top row? Huh?
have you seen Gabrielle Chana's books? - I was the *** that got Brent Spiner to send you a msg :)
'Raw Data' is the name of Brent Spiner's sex tape.
Oh, I forgot to include Data! I bet Brent Spiner could do a killer Holmes today. Either traditional or non-traditional.
and the "Janelle brent spiner is old enough to be your father" remarks
Is that Brent Spiner under that beard? Is this a lost TNG time travel ep?
Brent Spiner in the role that made him famous. One of Brent
If we're talking all of Trek: Sir Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Simon Pegg, Michael Dorn, Wil Wheaton.
Data. Puck off Gargoyles... and I was watching it dubbed German so I didn't even know they were both "played" by Brent Spiner!
it's really good, Brent spiner is in it too
Guys, I think I figured out who is Brent Spiner's clone!
since you tagged Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner, my guess is Star Trek
Hamilton Collection
This show on called Viola Davis, Charles S. Dutton, Brent Spiner, Peter Dinklage are in this series!
it's like that alien using Brent Spiner as a puppet in Independence Day.
I hope Brent Spiner's wife says that she's used 100% of her Data this month after she jerks him off. Understand that and you're a true loser
Cheers S5E17, Brent Spiner, recently acquitted of attempted murder at a trial for which Diane was a juror.
So this wasn't an illuminati event but a Jesuit event in which the jesuit clone of Brent Spiner stood upon the giant feline
someone stop Brent Spiner before it's too late
everything changed when Brent Spiner of the fire nation attacked.
The 1701st would like to wish a belated Happy Birthday to Brent Spiner aka Lieutenant Commander Data!
Happy Birthday Brent Spiner! We hope you're operating within normal parameters. What Data episode should we watch? http:/…
Happy Birthday to Brent Spiner who played Data in Star Trek: the Next Generation
In honor of his birthday, let's enjoy the sweet sounds of Mr. Brent Spiner!
“Join us in wishing a Happy Birthday to Brent Spiner--Data from more at
Just think about the boatload of charisma in the original ID4: Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Vivica Fox, Brent Spiner, and Randy Quaid!
The Jack and Triumph Show looks AMAZING. What other show will have Joey Fatone, Leonard Maltin, Paul Rudd and Brent Spiner as guests?
Brent Spiner mentioned he just did an ep of Comedy Bang Bang- super excited to see it (I'm assuming he didn't mean the podcast!)
"He was ambitious without being proud ... He was biblical without being bigoted... He was a follower of Jesus, without being superficial ... He was charismatic without being selfish." -Arthur F. Glasser referring to James Hudson Taylor. Dr. Taylor was my idol as a young lady, and I always wanted to marry someone just like him. Jesus has given me the desires of my heart (Psalm 37:4-5), and I now have Brent Spiner who is very much like the description of Hudson Taylor above. Brent is an unorthodox physician, who offers his medical services free of charge, as did physician Hudson Taylor. Hudson Taylor had a relationship with Maria Jane Taylor that was out of this world, like the relationship I have with Brent. Brent Spiner, now pastor of Church of Gail, read the Bible from cover to cover several times as a new Christian in 2011. Though I do not "have" Brent as a husband, I have NO DOUBT that it will happen. Looking back over my life, I see a plan and that I have fit right into it. When you turn your life ove ...
Holy crap this looks like brent spiner
Patrick Stewart is funnier than Brent Spiner desperately tries to be.
Patrick Stewart is actually as funny as Brent Spiner wishes he was.
I liked a video Brent Spiner and Michael Dorn Star Trek was Epic
Houston area is where Brent Spiner grew up. I suspect Jesuits are behind this.
Brent Spiner from Next Gen was a reoccurring character too
Because you are NOT Brent Spiner in ID4 locked in a lab-bunker for a decade so it's "cute" that you have no social-skills.
The last season is pretty good. Has plenty of Brent Spiner.
It's great. You let us do everything Brent Spiner yells at us for. "You kids, get off my page!" *toilet papers his bushes*
The only data caps ISPs should have are hats with Brent Spiner's face on them
also that they made a really exciting explanation to the klingons-without-ridges quandry feat. Brent Spiner
Brent Spiner explains in this video for Thanks to RT
I think so to! One day Brent spiner I'm gonna get my wish and meet you!😚😉
.And let's be fair to Brent Spiner. Data may have been a wooden-ish character but Mr. Spiner is a very capable actor.
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This one guy in the lower right of the ESA lifestream looks sort of like Brent Spiner and Kevin Kline had a bebe.
OMG I swear that was Brent Spiner from Independence Day who just walked across the screen!
surely the safe answer if they didn't know was "Brent Spiner is an incredible actor"
I just remembered that Brent Spiner blocked me on here when I questioned him talking down to his fans.
I love that Data is a violinist, but Brent Spiner very much isn't. It's kinda great.
Is that the one Brent Spiner refuses to appear on?
Your Freundin claims, among other things, that I believe myself to be married to your Freund Brent Spiner.
Guy de Marigny finally found the ID4 pic Brent Spiner signed for him in Montreal. Somewhere in the stacks of business papers.
Brooklyn, Peru. You watch The Lone Ranger with Carly Rae Jepsen. Brent Spiner investigates Maxine Hong Kingston all the while.
... This breaking news just in, Brent Spiner is still dead... but he's feeling better every day.
My "husband" Brent Spiner is a pastor. This hits home.
All about Brent Spiner Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
A friend today suggested Brent Spiner as Holmes, since he's so good at playing someone who knows it all:
Why did Ricki Lake chat with Alexander the Great? To channel Brent Spiner.
Is it true Brent Spiner lives across the street from Linda Hamilton? Ironic!
The fact that Bill Maher looks remarkably like Brent Spiner makes me worry that android design has gone horribly wrong.
Brent Spiner voices the part of Gall Trayvis on "Star Wars Rebels," - Monday, Oct. 27 at 9pm EST on Disney Channel.
Went to Brent Spiner's MySpace and got an error message saying "No Data Received". Oh the irony.
Interesting. Probably the first major actor to appear as part of the universe.
Quicksilver solo film? Han Solo dons Stormtrooper armor in Episode VII? Brent Spiner lends his voice to Star Wars...
The DM at least proves Brent Spiner remembers me from Montreal; for he does not claim in it that I am you.
Okay, this is funny. Brent Spiner imitates Patrick Stewart... again.: via
Jesus has ordained my Brent Spiner as pastor of Church of Gail. I've yet to hear him preach! Zack Knight destroys...
Both Denise Crosby and Brent Spiner were in and Ray Donovan. Do you think Tasha and Data were on a time traveling mission?
$4 toast, booth babes, Brent Spiner, and more: The best of Jolie O...
Brent Spiner joins the cast of Star Wars Rebels (some spoilers, so be warned).
And the second main Star Trek cast member becomes a part of the Star Wars family. George Takei was on The Clone Wars.
New cast member added to Star Wars Rebels. Follow the link below to check out who it is.
Another Star Trek actor joins the Star Wars Canon. Sorry Trekkie's but this one goes down as a victory for Star...
Brent Spiner Offically Joins 'Star Wars Rebels' Cast: By: Benjamin HartFans of both "Star" franchises are in f...
Brent Spiner to voice a character on an upcoming episode of .
Star Trek alum is confirmed as the newest Star Wars Rebels cast member! -B-
Both Matthew McConaughey and Brent Spiner have been raped by Jesuit women Loree McBride and Camila Alves. It has...
The guy laughing in the clip of next week's NCIS reminds me of Brent Spiner. It isn't him, is it?
I think this day should be Brent Spiner day :-D .
Fun Star Trek fact, Brent Spiner really didn't like the cat that played the aforementioned Spot.
Y now it's time for the save show starring Demi Lovato. Oh, Brent Spiner.
That's not a William Shatner mask. Looks more like Brent Spiner. Guess everyone was switching over to TNG in 1988.
are you seeing mental glimpses of Brent Spiner while reading this exchange because I sure am. Does that mean the acid is kicking
someone going to comic con, please kidnap and bring me back Sir Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes and William Shatner
On our way to see Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, Levar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, that...
Over the weekend, both Brent Spiner (Data) and Gates McFadden (Beverly Crusher) from Star Trek The Next Generation stopped by my booth, shook my hand and complimented me on my work. So that was pretty rad.
I liked a video Brent Spiner on Good Morning America 1994
Donna Murphy ('Anij') and Brent Spiner have a squirt-gun battle in the filming pool while shooting " Insurrection."
All things considered, I think John Rhys Davies sings Gilbert and Sullivan better than Brent Spiner.
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Brent Spiner aka Tim Aktins - University of East London - Poet. Involved in kidnapping me in 2013; or had witness.
BUT STILL did she confuse Brent Spiner with David Carradine ???
I met Matt Smith! He was so so sweet! I also met Brent Spiner and Karl Urban. No pic tho. They were all spectacular!
Just a great group I'm with in Chicago at WW: Karl Urban, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner.(Levar, Patrick, Michael Dorn.)
Here's our view of the Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner and Levar Burton Q&A. They're hilarious...
Some of guests include Brent Spiner, Billy West, Alaina Huffman, Vic Mignogna, Bonnie Piesse and many more!
DS9's Michael Dorn live on stage with Brent Spiner and Levar Burton.
In a panel discussion with Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, and LeVare Burton.
Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, and Lavar Burton hit the stage!
Vegas day 2! Ready to meet Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn and Levar Burton!!! Woo!
At 6'2", I don't like my chances of ever getting that role. Still, I could use a pic of William Daniels. Or Brent Spiner.
So Brent Spiner just stole the beer a robot served me. I like Comic Con.
Brent Spiner is somewhere wearing a GARGOYLES tee...
Smh at my parents who didn't recognize brent spiner in this movie just because he has a moustache and a terrible english accent
Just found Brent Spiner on the show floor.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Just met Brent spiner from Star Trek. Awesome guy
I love how easy it is to forget just how emotionless Data's face is until Brent Spiner is playing some weird version of him
Baxter'll pour tasty bevs at today + will be there too!
Had the weirdest dream I was discussing the science of buoyancy with Jean Luc Picard and Brent Spiner respectively. So weird.
cool. I once had a cat that I named Data because he looked like Brent Spiner.
Most of the robots mentioned at the panel will be joining us at the robotics party at
Brent Spiner just introduced himself at as Matthew McConaughey. It was a pretty good impression.…
Great to see will be showing their SPHERES space robot at our robot party tomorrow:
Brent Spiner and Scott Bakula doing dishes while Michael Dorn tries his own cooking at Patrick...
No, it's been years since I obssessed over one person! I thought I was past being a hopeless faangirl over one person. At least John Barrowman is a much more likeable person than Brent Spiner.
Should I be giddy? I'm meeting Jeri Ryan, Bill Shat, and Brent Spiner in October in London. Prepare for awkward selfies!
Great event at VMware today seeing Levar Burton, Robert Picardo and Brent Spiner speak and watching Star Trek:...
Star Trek's Data (Brent Spiner) and Geordi La Forge (Levar Burton) just walked by biz happy hour at Tacolicious on Emerson in Palo Alto...nextgen trekkie shout-out!
It's my birthday and Robert Picardo, Levar Burton, and Brent Spiner are about to go onstage.
Brent Spiner and Scott Bakula washing the dishes while Michael Dorn tastes his stew at Patrick Stewart's flat.
Some dreams die hard. When I was kid in the 80's I lived for William Shatner's Captain Kirk. As far as I was concerned he was the Best actor that ever was! By 1987 and the premier of Star Trek the Next Generation I had cultivated a deep desire to be a Star Trek television actor. I didn't want to play a captain, and preferably not a human, I wanted to be a science officer like Leonard Nimoy or Brent Spiner, or maybe something all together different, a Star Trek first like Whoopi Goldberg. But like I said, some dreams die hard. In 2001 Kate Mulgrew brought the Voyager safely back to the Alpha Quadrant earlier than most of us expected and just 2 years after Avery Brooks abandoned Deep Space Nine. That same year Star Trek Enterprise premiered. We didn't give Scott Bakula much of a chance to captain the Enterprise. How could we? That damned song was just too awful to sit through every week. I marathon-ed the series a few years ago, and aside from the rocky start I was sad I didn't give it a proper go while it ...
Nathan Fillion, David Morrissey, Christopher Lloyd, William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Levar Burton, THE STAN LEE... yeah, it's going to be an epic weekend
Greg Proops is my spirit animal today. The bartender just said "What's a Friday without a free drink?" and refilled my wine glass. The future proves auspicious, at least. I'm not gonna sit here and justify why a 53 year old man makes me absolutely crazy, he just does. He, Brent Spiner, Gene Wilder. My soulmate bears a striking resemblance to the young Spiner. Adore these funny, funky men.
Three days at the Salt Lake Comic Con. Patrick Stewart fresh from his opening of his new Indie in New York, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and the Brent Spiner, Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Christina, and me. What a Christmas, Birthday, Father's Day, etc., etc., etc., from Christina!
Wow!! What a weekend! First Josilyn had her State Tumbling competition Friday and won 3rd place in trampoline! (she did pretty well on her other events but didn't break the top 3) Went to SLC Comic Con FanX and got to see a lot of cool costumes, artwork, collector's items, and celebrities. Amongst the stars we saw James Marsters, Edward James Olmos, Billy Dee Williams, Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden, from the Walking Dead: Carl, Myka, Shane, and Andrea; Elvira, Mickey Dolenz, Richard Greico, Adam Baldwin, and many more. The highlights for us though was we got to see Nathan Fillion 3 times: 2 of which we were an arm's length away (didn't have camera ready) and he waved and winked at us; and we got to see up close the lovely Sir Patrick Stewart and go to his panel!! Woke up this morning to Easter fun with the kids and Kellan lost another tooth!! (so a visit from the Easter bunny this morning and a visit later tonight from the Tooth Fairy) I gotta say, I am so blessed!! (but so exhausted!!)
I design drink labels...a lot of drink labels.last night I had to buy wine in a 3 liter box for box dimensions.guess where the wine went. Today I am apologizing to people on FB, friends, and Brent Spiner. Yes from Star Trek the Next Generation. Good God!
Went to Salt Lake Fax Xperience for the three days it was here. Saw: Sir Patrick Stewart, Nathan Fillion, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Karl Urban, Karen Gillan, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Edward James Olmos, Denise Crosby, Brent Spiner & Adam Baldwin. It was a great way to pay respect to hard working people face to face and get some real good laughs (their stories were great!). Anyways, they had actual props there from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I asked the man in charge of the items if people noticed the stickers (pictured), he said hardly anyone noticed. So for everyone who didn't, I photographed some for yall:
1. Here's a crazy idea, let's start with the real name of the actor who played Data throughout the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' series. What are his first and last names? Lavar Burton Michael Dorn Brent Spiner Patrick Stewart
Just looked at the line-up for the Salt Lake City Comic Con. Looks AMAZING!! William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Nathan Fillion...1/2
PHOTO / My new phone's an Android. It even come with unlimited Data. guest,
An interview with Brent Spiner from the TNG Blu-Ray release. Part 1 of 4 But them now from .
Am I the only one who thinks that Vincent D'Onofrio & Brent Spiner are terribly UNDER-utilized these days?
favorite actor is Brent Spiner fav capt Kirk
watching Independence Day and Brent Spiner is in it, woo
Cannot believe that I've only just realised that Brent Spiner aka Mr Data is in Independence Day!
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Disclaimer: Data *** may also be related to Brent Spiner.
Just had a momentary lapse and forgot who bloody Brent Spiner was. I feel so ashamed.
About to introduce H to Independence Day... Got to love a bit of Brent Spiner!
Ok, if you were waiting to get your Brent Spiner Priority Panel seating we added the 2nd row (Row B) in Section "A" (Center Section) for the Brent Spiner Panel! A gentle reminder - Panel tickets must be accompanied by a general admission ticket.
Hey there! Sorry it's been a while since an update. Central PA ComicCon kept us really busy! We fixed the Brent Spiner panel priority seating buttons. Thanks for the heads up! We're checking the other's as we speak, although we think those are fine. RocCon!
The last thing you see before Brent Spiner kills you.
I look at him as Abed, and a lot of the facial expressions and movements, and I think "That's Brent Spiner as Data right there"
.The only one who ever answered,is Brent Spiner. But did HE tell his colleagues???
So since it is man crush monday I bring you my original crush. Brent Spiner has been my crush since I…
Brent Spiner signed Mark's man cave poster ...
Waiting in line to meet Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes. It's almost my turn!
Caught the tail end of the Star Trek panel. Brent Spiner strikes curious poses.
I could swear I always agree with Brent Spiner on his views...
Reliving the moment where Brent Spiner said I was his favorite fan of the whole convention. . I could just die of joy.
Spent the weekend with some family at the Steel City Comic Con. Saw Lee Majors, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frames, and Cindy Williams. Lots of great stuff and costumes. Lots of fun!
Met Director and Co Star and Star Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner this weekend at Th...
I don't know why the TNG films were always trying to make us listen to Brent Spiner sing though.
looks like Tony Hadley or a scruffy Brent Spiner
Photo op with Brent Spiner, Christopher Lloyd, Levar Burton, and John de Lancie on my birthday!!! :D *has a nerdgasm*
i feel like u will appreciate this it's Brent spiner and Jonathan Frakes during their q and a
isnt He's brent spiner! $ for your autograph & your insults. Alien's side of story in MUCH clearer.
Will Brent Spiner be talking about playing Mr. Data at Coachella?
Met Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, and groped by a cosplayer 😀
Brent Spiner as Data was great in that movie
I met Jonathan Frakes brent spiner and Neal adams today no big deal
Brent Spiner & Jonathan Frakes should open a comedy club because they are killers at the Q&A!!! LOL
Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner were a hoot at the Steel City Con. Those two should do a stage show together. Glad I didn't miss them. Got to see Cindy Williams and Lee Majors as well.
although Brent Spiner is now on there so 63
You know, Brent Spiner is such a fantastic actor. So underrated. — watching Star Trek: The Next Generation
Asked what role he'd play if he was starting out today, Brent Spiner said he'd want to play Matthew McConaughey in real life.
Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner. Having a hard time hearing them.
Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes signed pez set.
Round of applause from behind me: Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes just walked in!
Waiting in the autograph line at Meeting Jonathan Frames and Brent Spiner!
I met Brent Spiner and yesterday...what did you do?
I now know that it was in fact Bronson Pinchot in Langoliers and not Brent Spiner
him and Brent Spiner are at Steel City Con this weekend.
I added a video to a playlist FRESH *** (S2E2)- Levar- Brent Spiner with special guest Levar Burton.
Happy wedding day to you both! I hope you got Brent Spiner to come sing Blue Skies.
I've got a spine, but I'm not Brent Spiner
So Brent Spiner and Lee Majors just showed up and are signing autographs. Come check out artists alley at Steel City Con! Selling calendars!
Quoting someone and I almost wrote Brent Spiner instead of the interviewee's real last name which is similar.
Realized I have a photo of you, James Marsters and Brent Spiner from SuperMegaFest years ago. Enjoy.
Slept oddly on my neck last night and now have Brent Spiner upper body range of motion this morning.
My best pub quiz answer is Brent Spiner.
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You know who I would love to see at the con? Actors: Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Scott Bakula, Levar Burton, and/or Brent Spiner. Artists: Neal Adams, Mike Mignola, Jim Steranko, Bob Layton, George Pérez, Stanley Lau, and/or Phil Noto... That would be fantastic! Any one of them... Just saying ;-)
Brent Spiner Signed Star Trek photo display as Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Display is 26” x 28” and is mounted with 5 photos, a custom printed metal plate, 2 simulated film strips showing pictures of Star Trek characters and a 10” x 8” photo of Brent Spiner as his character “Data” signed in sliver. All ready for framing. I have other displays for sale including other Star Trek characters, plus characters from Lost, Star Wars, James Bond, Lord Of The Rings, etc. An absolute bargain at just £45. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Collection is from Great Sankey.
Honey take a look at how Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Levar Burton and Wil Wheaton treated me on the set of "Star Trek the Next Generation
I've seen Wil Wheaton, brent spiner, Levar Burton, Jonathan Frakes, and Gates McFadden today. With Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis yesterday, that leaves ol baldy as the only one I'm missing. Long day, I'm plenty tired!
Seeing him and Brent Spiner hang out together is so fantastic! Don't you think?
Who knew Brent Spiner and Levar Burton were so funny?
So apparently my son got to meet Brent Spiner in St Louis.
Hearing Levar Burton say "Zeroes for Hire, huh? You make comics? Man - you're good!" and then have him show Brent Spiner has been a highlight of this trip. This one is going up framed in my office.
weird. Mine call me the black Brent Spiner. It makes me *really* uncomfortable.
I think Brent Spiner just hit on me a bit. 15 yr old me is now dead.
Jewel Staite's line is so looong. And so is Brent Spiner's. It's going to be a long day.
The cameos on season 5 of The Guild are amazing. Grant Imahara, Brent Spiner, Neil Gaiman, Nathan Fillion, etc.
Hard to see but that is Brent Spiner and Levar Burton
Brent Spiner also does a perfect Patrick Stewart impression!
I just talked with Levar Burton about Reading Rainbow, and got my balls busted by Brent Spiner. That pretty much made my weekend.
Brent Spiner does a great Jimmy Stewart impression!
Reading Rainbow is all over this Levar Burton/Brent Spiner panel at Planet Comicon!!
Jonathan Frakes and Gates McFadden crashed Lavar Burton, and Brent Spiner's panel discussion.
Gates McFadden and Jonathan Frakes both just Con-bombed the Brent Spiner/Levar Burton panel! Preview of tomorrow!
Brent spiner and Levar Burton! With a special appearance by Jonathan Frakes in the audience! Spiner is singing his own lyrics to Reading Rainbow, lol
Jonathan Frakes just crahsed Levar Burton and Brent Spiners panel. Awesome.
Brent Spiner and Levar Burton panel just started they are working the crowd.
My dad is so excited to hear Levar Burton and Brent Spiner talk. He's like a little kid!
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