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Brent Smith

Brent Smith (born January 10, 1978) is the lead vocalist and singer-songwriter of the band Shinedown. Known for his own impressive vocal range as a tenor, spanning four octaves, his biggest influences as a singer are Otis Redding, Billie Holiday, and Chris Cornell.

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"Call me a sinner call me a saint tell me its over i will still love you the same" -Brent Smith
"Steve Smith called out the Panthers for releasing him after his 80 yard TD in Week 1"
I would look to Steve Smith WR for Baltimore he is like Brent Harvey just gets it done! Amazing today
Give me Steve Smith vs Brent Grimes. I need it.
Check out my story on WR K.J Brent, playing well via
I have the voice for it. If I practiced at it I could probably sound like Brent smith.
Steve smith or desean Jackson in my flex? 12 team ppr
Although Brent Smith from Shinedown would give him a run for his money
What a memorable night. Brent Mason, Daniel Donato, Tim Smith, and Sol Philcox at the Endorsee Jam.
And it's killin' me when you're away. [Official] Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough (Feat. Brent Smith):
K. J. Brent practiced as starter at Cooper's spot. If Cooper can't go, he or Deebo Samuel would get the start.
Ladies and Gentlemen,. We have Three new Brokers joining us this month, all in the Frisco (CO) office!. Dr. Brent Smith. Kelly Smith. Jennife…
If you take me to see Sam Smith then we're getting married bc you are the one
Cheap oil? Brent trades below $100 for longest run in 16 months by Grant Smith
Mine too bro but it's the following Sunday on the 21st
I'll take Brent Wilson over Tony Romo or Alex Smith anyday
Wade Smith signing important, as Eagles depth chart had Brent Celek as next man up on OL in Jaguars game.
K.J. Brent got a game ball, as well as Sharod Golightly.
Am I the only one checking YouTube almost daily for Brent Smith's Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood cover? I'm choosing to believe I'm not.
Brent killed a guy, Big Ben raped two girls I think, Aldon smith is basically a legal psychopath, and welker was partying lol
Josh Gordon smoked weed and got a year ban, but Josh Brent can kill his teammate drunk and Aldon smith can get duis and make bomb threats
Great to see Brent Smith and staff at Chocolate Factory continuing to grow their business. Important to support local business.
Vick, Ben, incognito... Brent. Pac man. Aldon smith. It's not a lot but when they occur they act.
NFL needs to be more consistent with all criminal offenses. Josh Brent, Aldon Smith, Ray McDonald should have all got the Rice treatment.
Josh Brent drank nd drove nd killed his best friend Aldon Smith won't put the pistol down but we cut ray rice 😒😒
Vick, burress, Pacman jones, Josh Brent, rice, aldon smith, Josh Gordon, the list goes on and on
Shout0ut to Bob Shoop, Brent Pry, Sean Spencer, and Terry Smith! You guys have brought organized, top defense back to PENN STATE! Great!
"If you only knew... without you next to me, I toss and turn like the sea." ~ Brent Smith,
Brent Rathgeber wrote a book. Odds are Harper won't like it (but Michael Chong will)
I never understood fantasy football but after rooming with and Chandler Smith I now do.
Leading creatives to share design tips at workshop: VIDEO: Mambo’s Brent Smith and The Lion King Musical costu...
Dear Goodell: Please tell Josh Brent he can play football and Aldon Smith that he can't. Today would be great.
In 1968 Brent Musberger called Carlos and Smith "black-skinned storm troopers." Seems a bit political to me.
Coach Smith is an example of what makes a special place. Great piece in today's
Well, my '14 fantasy football draft is in the books. Brees, Lynch, Bush, Cobb, T. Smith, Witten & Hawks D. Lets do this
Quotes from defensive coordinator following Wednesday's practice >
If Aaron Lewis, Brent Smith, and Scott Stapp made a song together... I might just die happy right there
"It's never goodbye, just 'till next time" -Brent Smith
Brent Smith objects, saying it brings arguments not raised in pleading.
Brent Smith now calls Union County Administrative Officer Shelley Burgess to the stand.
Congrats to Gamblers Brent Gates Jr. and Ryan Smith on being selected for 2014 CCM/USA Hockey All-American...
Got to think, Goodell about to drop the hammer, on Aldon Smith, and Josh Brent also
Loving that series, Brent! Love the way Dan Carlin tells the story in a riveting way.
Hey Tracks pals in Sydney, artists' Brent Smith and Lee Mcconnell are having an exhibition in Glebe tonight,...
In Sydney tonight? Be sure to get down to The Tate at 6pm for Brent Smith and Lee McConnell's show,…
Geno Smith has everything you need to be a good QB. He's going to have a good year.
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[Official] Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough (Feat. Brent Smith): I've just remember how much I love this song
Joseph Smith finds his place at to become one of the storied football program's coaching greats http:…
If Josh Brent gets a lesser suspension than Aldon Smith, the is rigged.
Yo Mr Commissioner if you want to lay down any Josh Brent and Aldon Smith news before the season starts that'd be great.
Hmmm. 2 game suspension. Yet still nothing for Smith and Gordon. And trying to get Brent back in the league... Makes sense to me
Brent smith is states all time best place kicker, the numbers don't lie. Put him on the list for kickers
. "Way to announce suspensions in a timely manner NFL" - signed Josh Gordon, Aldon Smith, and Josh Brent.
Goodell needs to announce the punishment for Brent, Aldon Smith and Josh Gordon all on one day... Just rip off the boo boo sticker.
Brent Smith and Shinedown have been a huge inspiration to us! Check out our new acoustic jam of "45" originally...
disagree sorry BRENT Smith is the best singer male wise of course Christina Perri is best female
Mertz Ford would like to say thank you to Jessica Smith and Brent Darr of Columbia Illinois for purchasing your...
Listening to driving thru a nowhere gambling town in my new(er) short piece featured on
Touchdown ECS! 45-yard run by Smith and then he scores from the 4. Eagles lead Briarcrest 42-21. 5 TDs for Smith (3 pass, 2…
Reminder that Tennessee commits Austin Smith and Quay Picou are playing right now on ESPN2.
Sitting at home trying to figure what to do? Watch this video with the fantastic Brent Smith as he helps us with...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Sneak peek of tonight's amazing band at the Lounge tonight!
Brent Falls as Iraqi Kurds Retake Most of Mosul Dam by Grant Smith and
The Chiefs are not a 5-11 team without Alex Smith. They're a 2-14 team without Jamaal Charles.
Happy for Brent and Sarah Smith. Wonderful wedding in 1000 year old church in the village of Kirk…
The Space Needle in Seattle, Washington at twilight hour by Brent Smith
Brent Smith is the best vocalist on the planet
My vote for FB player who has had a good fall, but flown under the radar in the publicity department - K.J. Brent
Simple Man- in my house, this is why Brent Smith is the best
Morning of the wedding. Groom Brent Smith with his groomsmen. All alumni. Kirk Ireton, UK
I wanna go see Sam Smith at the House of Blues sooo bad but even general admission tickets are $200 :(
Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough (feat. Brent Smith) on your ROCK & JOCK Home of NEA, LIVE from Dennis Manufacturing
Eddie Vedder or Brent Smith. I melt listening to either of those men sing. They sing to me, they can do whatever they wanted lol!
"She has left him. I forgot about that.". Re-live the best of Brent in - now on
The more the light shines through me, I pretend to close my eyes. — Brent Smith, Tony Battaglia — Shinedown's debut album, Leave a Whisper.
I love this song. Brent Smith has an awesome voice. Thanks for the translation☺
Shunned by all the other onions, Brent hid in the back of the pantry. One day, he grew
Brent Smith is hard at working finishing up his show for September First Friday!
Brent Zimmerman (of comes home on a double by Ridge Smith (of to give Mankato 2-0 lead.
Ridge Smith's RBI double plates Brent Zimmerman, making it a 2-0 MoonDogs lead as we head to the top of the sixth!
If you didn’t get the memo, here's the winners of our Comp: Peneet Sandhu, Ryan Smith, Renaye Baldwin, Nadine Dauner & Brent Krogh
So proud of my baby brother, Brent Smith. Taking his modeling career to another level!
Please hire cc: MT The DCs with best shots this year to land head coaching jobs:
A recent piece of fine art from the poison pen of one of our favourite sons, Brent ‘Biffy’ Smith..
Video of The Tomahawk daniel paine getting so dam wild on at and Brent Smith from...
Following Chris Barlin and Brent Smith from spinning it up on on day 2...
Stunning coral from my pal Marcus-Brent Smith. It was fun doing this one...
Roger Goodell's next big judgment call concerns Josh Brent and the Bigger than Ray Rice, actually
Sam Smith's voice is all I need in my life
FULHAM & H'SMITH: Where is your council cutting spending?
Brent Smith has always had such a beautiful voice and still has it. 😍😍🎤🎶
Meteors are remnants of planets Brent Smith quelled with his voice
I get the feeling that, behind the scenes, Wayne is THE MAN on the team.
Both. Luck is a high-quality guy with a great head. He'd be great. But Wayne sure gave him confidence and room.
do you mean on the field or off? I remember the Packers game in '12 as much more a Reggie thing than a Luck thing
That's a great question: what would Luck look like without Wayne? Good without doubt, but this good?
too true, Todd, too true. Luck may be the head, but Reggie is the heart.
Speaking of smith and myers. I miss brent's long hair tbh, the suit and tie look really suited him
And now we have adele somebody like you. Brent Smith and Zach Myers did it better
If the Lib Dem Party were a person, would it be Basil Fawlty, David Brent, Wolfie Smith, or Alf Garnett?
Photoset: Brent Smith and Zach Myers at SiriusXM - 3/12/12 - Set 1 of 3
LITTLE LEAGUE: A much quieter inning for Elkton's Brent Smith, who doesn't allow a run in the top of second. Elkton to bat down 5-1.
my good friend is lead singer Brent Smith's cousin!
I still believe that Brent Smith is one of the best vocalists out there
.Tennessee greats Tyler Smith, JP Prince, Chris Lofton spending time with our staff
FULHAM & H'SMITH: New charges for green waste bins in Brent labelled 'rip off'
So I have my video and Brent sent it to my lovely brother in which cam was like that's it? It's my intro 😹
Check out the latest produced for Omega's Legacy ft. Brent Raphael Smith Directed by Mike Colver...
Was pretty cool to sing "I'm not DRUNK enough to stay away" with We're even better than Brent Smith \m/ xD
Ok thanks for the clarification. In any case, still think you're better off w/o Smith.
If you could sing like any singer who would it be? For me it would be Brent Smith from Shinedown. The man is...
EDITORIAL: Into the Blues: James Smith is lensed by Brent Chua in a blue-hued story for Manifesto, the type of...
I'm still waiting for Brent Smith and Amy Lee to duet.
She and Brent Smith have duetted quite a bit and my brain explodes with awesome. God *** it. Brent Smith is such a powerhouse.
that was Brent Smith with Apocalyptica. He's Shinedown's lead singer
Born on this date: LeRoy Butler, Jerry Smith, J.D. Smith, Brent Grimes... see more:
The most notable being the one by Staind and the one by Brent Smith and Shaun Morgan
Photoset: Brent Smith and Zach Myers - June/2013 - Set 1 of 2
I'm pretty sure most Winnipeggers will keep calling it the Redwood Bridge. I still refer to the "Moray Bridge".
"If you're interested, you're interesting" - Dr. Brent Smith
Brent Smith is one of the best vocalist
I think looks like the lead singer from shinedown Brent Smith
Shinedown Interview Brent Smith 2010: via CLICK IT! you know you want to :3
I added a video to a playlist Shinedown Interview Brent Smith 2010
Enjoy reading some insights on fatherhood from Brent Smith, Nathaniel Lamb, and James Suits on page 28. Use the...
Everchanging - the storyline that keeps me alive (Brent Smith)...
imagine if brent smith wrote Through The Ghost as a letter to his past and current self instead of making it into another generic love song
For free financial advice book an appointment with in or the Agnus Smith Centre in
curator Thomas Brent Smith begins his lecture on Monumental Westerners in the Park at McNichols
Brent Smith, the head golf professional at Ivey Ranch Golf Club, misses fourth-round cut at national event
Hi Brent, I work with Shepard Smith Reporting in NY, could we show this picture on air today? Stay safe!
"Rock & Roll is not a genre of music... Rock & Roll is a way of life!" - Brent Smith of
Prayers for Brownsboro's Coach Brent Smith and his family.
Alastair Smith, heritage conservation contractor, talks about work needed to restore Brent's Mill
Also my boy Smitty aka Brent Smith making the cut! Aww yeah!!!
i will see you later then lee? lisa (admin) x . Lee Brent Smith. Jun 23rd, 8:53pm. I will shoot you down later
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Brent Smith's vocals on Shinedown's version of Simple Man >
Brent Smith looks ridiculously normal now, it's upsetting
feat. Brent Smith - Not Strong Enough ...I'm not strong enough to stay away...
"Don't be delicate be vast and brilliant." -Brent Smith
.apparently you live in Alabama and your name's Brent there something you need to tell me?
New print available on - 'Shinedown Brent Smith' by William Towner - via
Who's going to the sold out show with Brent Smith and Zach Myers in Florence, MA THIS Friday on 6/27 for the ITAC...
Spending day with my brother, Brent Smith
Brent Smith's voice makes me far too emotional
Signing my book at WH Smith, The Brent Cross Shopping Centre today!
him leaving out Brent Grimes shows Steven A Smith lack of NFL knowledge and I'm a Pats and Revis fan
The voice of Brent Smith is the true wonder of the world. I want to see someone match it.
Loaded up on Volquest, stories on Austin Smith, Jefferson, Ryan Johnson, Ricky DeBerry story coming in a few mins. on
brent gets off at like 930. So we should do something then lol
My photo of Brent Smith (Shinedown) is a featured photograph in Live Music Photography on FAA. via
My Photography at - 'SHINEDOWN Brent Smith' by William Towner - via
WMGM 25 for 25... Best Frontman/woman of the last 25 years according to your votes... Just missing the cut... Dave Grohl, Sully Erna, Ivan Moody, Marilyn Manson, and Rob Zombie... 10. Brent Smith of Shinedown 9. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana 8. Layne Staley of Alice in Chains 7. Lzzy Hale of Halestorm 6. M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold 5. Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam 4. Maynard James Keenan of Tool, etc. 3. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden & Audioslave 2. Corey Taylor of Slipknot & Stone Sour 1. Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots & Velvet Revolver Oh boy, this should be good, bad, and ugly... Thanks for all the votes as always!
Brent Smith is, hands down, one of the best vocalists of all time.
Brent Smith & Michelle Smith.thanks having Jordan and I to Tyler Smith's graduation party. Congratulations and good luck in the Army Tyler
Sometimes I come across a Shinedown song that makes me realize how talented Brent Smith is as a singer/songwriter. His songs can be deep
Double date night with hubby and great friends Sherry Smith and Brent Smith. We are taking them to an undisclosed location. Boy are they full of questions. All i said was dress nice and bring your wallet. Lol. Even my kids keep asking questions. Geesh guys just sit back and enjoy the night
Happy Birthday to my good friend Brent Smith aka PUNCHY!!! Come celebrate with him tonite in midtown @ Soulshine pizza! Musical entertainment provided by The Hillbilly Casino! 9-12! Free show! And at midnight, just below @ Slider House will be Mississippi John Doude & Voodoo Panther! Free show!
Tyler Neslony with an RBI triple scores Stephen Smith who is 2 for 2 with 2 singles. Tech 1-0 after 3 over Charleston
“ LORD, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered— how fleeting my life is. You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand. My entire lifetime is just a moment to you; at best, each of us is but a breath.” (Psalms 39:4-5) A very special day for our family as we say goodbye to my Uncle Johnny and now remember him through stories, friendships, and family. What an impact he left! Thankful to have known him and thankful to have met his closest friends - all friends for life. "Hey Bo", I'm going to miss you... Joanne Brent Smith Jody Smith Amy Smith Menchaca
Well have fun riding in the rain... Just like last year Brent Smith Chad Schademan
Conrad Smith is the Brent Tate of rugby
Canal days with the babe and my two friends Rachelle M Copley Brent Smith Jacob Whitehead
"He fights for your freedom to dance" - Josh Gilland convincing drunk annoying girl to take Brent Smith to the dance floor
Such a fun and chillax evening with Brent Smith, Bianca Macias, and Luke! Off to bed!
Wen we played 7on7 that *** Brent Smith got did lol u know what up lol u got me to but I did u in
That *** Brent Smith always been there for me and told me to f**k a *** get yo money up and let them hate
I was called out to cold water challenge by josh Joshua England I will donate $10 to the fallen firefighter foundation I challenge justin and Brent Smith of Waterloo fire,Jeremy Castile with Lauderdale detention center, Nicky kavich with Waterloo fire dept you have 24 hr to except the challenge and pay 10 or 100 if you don't do it
Brent Smith's voice will forever be my favorite voice on the planet. 👍
as a work of art - hopefully I didn't disfigure him too much:
I am ever so fond of especially the song "Not Strong Enough" feat. Brent Smith.
4th Annual Aaron Lewis and Friends with Special Guests Brent Smith and Zach Myers on June 27th
Lee Brent Smith - You would have looked great in one of these. Nice remarks only please!
Brent Smith, you beautiful beautiful man
Terrific day atyesterday in Brent Smith & staff in 2 short years have built a Great school!
Good ol' Brent Smith and company delivering as usual:...
By the way, if the do anything other than let Alex Smith play out his deal and use franchise tag if necessary, t…
Anything more than 3 yrs, $40M with $18M guaranteed would be a mistake for Alex Smith. He wants double that. Screw that …
We're not good enough for Brent anymore
Learn about the great research at U. Arkansas by Brent Smith, Jeffrey Gruenewald, Paxton Roberts and co.
So Aldon Smith, Josh Brent and Jim Irsay walk into a bar.
This amazing image was made by my good friend, Brent R. Smith. all of his work is amazing.
Although I still never downloaded the new acoustic Brent Smith album
What was the outcome dugan and smith going to this round?
Sam Smith is putting out some great music👌
was heartbroken when I asked Brent to play 2k Saturday night and he said it was broken knows
New Art by Brent Smith (and a Recap of our Anniversary Weekend)
Let's thank Ken Campbell, James Beck, Tommy Walker, Brent Smith, Wesley Wilkins and all the others for protecting us.
You're a singer that's way too in love with yourself and are ok at best. Let me guess you're going to warm up/sound check with simple man and think you're impressing everyone. Just so you know Brent Smith, Ronny Van Zant, and everyone in the bar would like you to stop.
Shinedown are a *** tight band. Know what they're doing and there formula works. Brent Smith know how to use a melody
A pic I drew of Brent Smith next to the real pic
This is a friendlier way of describing pregnancy and birth. No *** tearing Adam Van Niekerk Richard Smith
Ya know what, Brent Smith how bout you just let me be u
Thursday means celebrating local at Schooners. Join us from 6-8pm, and watch Sierra Jean and Brent Smith perform on the patio.
Rick Mugrage and Brent Smith talk about the upcoming production of Eastern Oregon University's "Les Miserables" directed by Ken Wheeler opening May 22 in McK...
omg yes! I know exactly what you mean! I have a thing for Brent Smith the things I'd do to that man!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Someone come see. aaron lewis. aka. staind. and. brent smith and Zach Myers. aka shinedown. i wanna go whos down?
Jeff Morris & Brent Hughes from our Nashville office spoke to Madison Middle School students at today's career fair.
The ability to live will always outweigh the ability to die- Brent smith
"The will to LIVE will always outweigh the ability to DIE" - Brent Smith
Here we go again.thanks Brent Smith for bringing me here..
I mean he was great here, but Andre is just a better receiver, not saying smith was bad tho
Steve smith is not as good as Andre. Smith is more of just a role player & leader
yeah and Andrea Johnson still eating... Steve smith had one season when he's caught over 100 passes.. 😴
can't base everything off stats 😴 and Steve smith has more years than Johnson
nah Steve smith was better the year he had 12 TDs and that was it
Andre Johnson has ALWAYS been better than Steve smith?
y'all are RATARTED 😂😂 OMG Andre Johnson is far better than Steve smith. ***
but Andre Johnson better than Steve smith ever was 😴
Don't be delicate, be vast and different. -Brent Smith
Smith is talented, but the Nature Boy is with on this one. is one of the best QBs in the game…
Brent Smith '14 reflects on saying goodbye & coming to terms w/ moving on from his second home
Prayer Requests Please keep Brent Smith in your prayers as he is now on the mission field until late July. Pray for Ben Koke & his family as he will leave for his mission field Mon. morning the 19th. He will be gone for 7 weeks - returning Juy 9th. Sadie Goodwin will be going through her World Race Training starting next week I believe (will give definite dates later for her mission field)
nicest guys in the world too. Unforgettable event in my life shaking Brent Smith's hand. .
Three friends of the Chambers archived photos from a few years back- Chuck Smith, Clark Buschmann and Brent Hastey
Why did Brent Smith from Shinedown cut his lovely hair in to the hipster combover quiff
he's definitely the most well rounded vocalist touring and making music right now. David Grohl, Brent Smith, Ivan Moody, JD
I dont knw who to go out with Aaron Brandon likes me and i like him too. I love Lukas Smith(im dating him). Brent Howard still likes me
Brent Smith's voice soothes my soul.
when we went to Mrs. Smith's Spanish class and asked for a freshmen to interview her response was *** or Blanco?"
Don't be delicate, be vast but amazing
Do you know if Brent Smith from Wyoming was drafted or picked up undrafted?
For those of you that may not have heard Brent Smith and Zach Myers will join Aaron Lewis and Staind at Look...
Brent Smith and Zach Myers of shinedown covering bon jovi
Just remember this, AFA headed up by Lee Brent Smith a 18 year veteran organised the Armed Forces Day Southend on...
Wishing you were Will Smith but realizing you're light skinned
Listening to 45 and all I can think of is Jared doing his Brent Smith impression . :(
Ladies and Gentlemen Boyz and Girlz its going down tonight at Brent Coleman wedding. Greer Smith Duncan Cannon...
lead 3-0 after 1 in Chicago on goals from Smith, Holland and Leivo. Toronto already up 1-0 in the series.
The Captain Trevor Smith makes is 2-0 for the on a BEAUTIFUL tic tac toe play!
i could listen to Brent Smith sing for hours upon hours
My best friend texted me last night saying he has a new favorite singer. Went from Matt Tuck of BFMV -for the past four years, I might add- to Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate. And this has gotten me thinking, who are YOUR favorite singers? My number one favorite singer will forever be Adam Gontier, but other favorites include Brent Smith, Alex Gaskarth, and Jonny Hetherington.
Who are your top 3 singers? Mine are: 1) Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace) 2) Freddie Mercury (Queen) 3) Brent Smith (Shinedown) Unfortunately Andy Biersack didn't make my top 3, but he's an amazing singer!
double plot twist. Coy sends a ball screaming to brent that disintegrates him while Lake steals home
PARENTS/PLAYERS: If you are concerned about the Little League games scheduled for tomorrow in South Levy. As of right now games are still being played. The rain will be stopping over-night and in many areas have already stopped. According to the weather forecast for tomorrow there is only a 20% of isolated showers. Keep in mind games can and will be played in the rain, games will only be suspended if there is lightning. If games are cancelled we will know before leaving to go to South Levy tomorrow morning.--with Sherry Horsley Buchanan, Angela Cassidy Pinner, Brent Smith, Nichole Bishop Stephens, Robbie Stephens, Lana Steed Kight, Chrissy Boyette, Alli Pinner, Kaylynn Hunt, Donna Hunt, Kaitlyn Stephens, Christy Mcdonald-White, Sarah Buchanan, Jody Smith, DennisMandi Medlin, Jimmie Jerrells, Lisha Dees, StefanieChris Wampler. If I missed anyone effected by this please share. Thank You!
Make sure to check out and like my boys at Superhero Jiu Jitsu 10th Planet Springfield!! Mike Dewitt Jr. & Brent Smith holdin it down!
What would you like to know? We are a new jiu jitsu academy, family friendly, 10th planet run by Mike Dewitt and Brent Smith
When Brent Smith sings Simple Man I feel it in my soul.
first, always and forever Brent Smith, of course!
Met my 2:30 deadline!!' Couldnt be any happier!!! Now another speech to practice for guys!!! Anay Reyes Ivette N Edison Brent Smith! Arent you excited?
Such true words spoken by my favorite rocker - Brent Smith from Shinedown!!!
Me and Julia, amazing principal of the Boggs School, friend, mentor, supporter... And Brent Smith, new…
You can have anything you're willing to stop wanting - Brent Smith
Brent Smith, the lead singer of Shinedown, is so talented. His voice is perfection.
Who didn't love Jimmy Johnson's Yatil Green pick, or Brent Smith on the O-line. How about John Avery in the 1st.
Brent smith is the best vocalist I've ever heard
FULHAM & H'SMITH: Banned insecticide was used to poison five dogs in Brent
Just seen Alan Smith in Brent Cross. Made my day
"Passion creates the highest expression of your talent". -Larry Smith
Brent Smith & Maria Brink should with not a single doubt make a song together. Seriously, soon.
Inside the NBA ain't good without Chuck and Kenny. No disrespect to Steve Smith and Brent Barry.
No offense but Brent Barry and Steve Smith ain't Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith
- "Everything about his face is perfect." (Talking about Brent Smith, lead singer of Shinedown)
"Meyers told police that his brother; the brother’s girlfriend, Jamie R. Smith; and a family friend, Brent M. Disbennet...
OMG Brent. Why won't you follow me :(
is that an extract from one of Brent Smith's pre-song motivational speeches? :-P
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Another interesting depth chart note? Brent Benedict is listed as third-teamer at LG, behind both Wyatt Teller and Alston Smith.
ProDay will have 16 participants including former Dawgs Branden Smith and Marcus Washington and Georgia State DB Brent McClendon.
Who wants Jess Meuse & Brent Smith to duet in Idol finale show? They always get stars w/ all the contestants. Crow & Butterfly!
Totally certified huh? Brendan Smith looks a lot like Brent Seabrook to me? lol
Have you heard ‘Febuary Rain’ by Brent BLove Washington and Rah Smith on
I've never heard Brent Smith talking normally before and wow he has a lovely voice
Which of the songs that you and Brent covered for Smith & Myers was your favourite?
I am so incredibly excited to announce that I just accepted an internship with General Motors, and will be living in Detroit this summer! Thank you so much for all of your help Natalie Licht, and thank you to my family and Brent Smith for helping me reach this goal! So excited to learn tons this summer and live in the D.
The boys volleyball team defeated Culver City in an exciting match on Wednesday. Brent Smith had numerous kills and great serving!
Watch our exclusive video premiere of Shinedown's Brent Smith and Zach Myers performing Bon Jovi's 'Wanted Dead or Alive.'
dont know who's got the best voice in Rock at minute Brent Smith or Corey Taylor
Shinedown's Smith & Myers Release Video of "In the...: Shinedown frontman Brent Smith and guitarist Zach Myers...
Brent Smith and Zach Myers from Shinedown did a cover of Adele and pearl jam 😍 I think I'm in love with them again
I had the CRAZIEST dream last night. Brent Smith & Zach Myers was in it. I was best friends with Zach basically.
Brent Smith and Zach Myers of shinedown threw together a acoustic album and it's sick!
I told you its great. Brent Smith has the voice of an angel.
Is it ironic that Brent Smith probably sings the song better than James Hetfield can now?. Either way a killer...
Would give my left nut to be able to sing like Brent Smith. . ... definitely give both to be able to sing like Jeff Buckley though
The Paradise wrestling team competed in the 1st annual Joe Rios Memorial tournament this past weekend. The Bobcats had two wrestlers place in the tournament. Wyatt Wyckoff (145) went 5-0 with 5 pins and placed 1st. Kenny Couch (HWT) placed 8th. This was a very tough tournament and we are proud of all our wrestlers who competed. Bryant Van Iderstine (106), Brent Smith (106), Devon Wilkerson (132), Tony Sperske (182), & Drew Hunsaker (195) were one match away from placing in the tournament. Kevin Nixon (113) Jordan Green (113), Levi Morgan (120), Skyler Caldwell (126), Tanner Sypherd (138), Eric Blood (145), Anthony Willis (152) & Trevor Gomes (152) also competed for the Bobcats. Keep working hard Bobcats and strive to be your best!!
A game of interceptions dedicated to Woody Hayes. Espn didn't replay the Last interception. Brent Smith wad are you doing my friend besides raisin ***
Oh ya know what? Brent Smith looks alright with short hair "I'll Follow You Done" just gave me goosebumps. They never fail!
I wished I could sing like Brent Smith. His voice is so beautiful and can make me cry easily.
It doesnt matter you are THE BRENT SMITH its ok:-) :-)
because you are Brent Smith, you can do what you want!
Brent smith rock n roll speech is always going to give me goosebumps. Love it
Loved the interview this morning!! And, w/ all due respect to Brent Smith, YOU have the best voice in rock, hands down!
yeah that would be so great! Did Brent Smith do an amazing speech about Rock n Roll at the Nottingham gig?
I looked them straight in the eye and told them...rock n roll is a way of life. Brent Smith would be so proud of me!
I did so good today, handled it so well, (and I owe thanks to those who helped keep the darkness at bay today, you will never know how much that means to me) until just after midnight, driving down a lonely stretch of road, tired from today's events, and Brent Smith's soulful voice began crooning a Lynard Skynard classic through my speakers, the song that will always belong to my baby brother, and I ended up pulling over in a deserted parking lot to have my inevitable breakdown. Life really isn't fair sometimes, it can be downright cruel, but suicide is never, ever the answer. The scars, the pain, the hurt, the unanswered questions of those left behind, and the missed chance to see better days are all that it produces.
on doing it, because, Mr. Brent Smith, sir, you have a gift. More than i can ever hope to have, as i aspire to become
Brent Smith is still the most amazing singer I have ever heard.
Brent smith. Lol funniest person involved in any hype
He is an absolutely incredible singer, only rivaled these days by Brent Smith of
that is the guitarist and the lead Singer of Brent Smith and Zach Myers: -) their 2 members of my favorite band (1/2)
Brent Smith has a lot of best friends guys.
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