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Brent Smith

Brent Smith (born January 10, 1978) is the lead vocalist and singer-songwriter of the band Shinedown. Known for his own impressive vocal range as a tenor, spanning four octaves, his biggest influences as a singer are Otis Redding, Billie Holiday, and Chris Cornell.

Zach Myers Corey Taylor

Kenny Smith says Isiah Thomas and Brent Barry are on his hit list 🚶🏿
Brent Grimes , Darryl Smith , Robert Ayers were good pickups which savages we adding to that defense next week?
Check out Sports Editor Brent St. Germain's column on the death of former Saints player Will Smith.
Artist Spotlight on Brent Smith :: Coffee-lovers can now guzzle in style, amongst some fresh,…
Just heard speak about Will Smith murder and the system. It's mind blowing how factual it was.
Saints fans created a memorial for Will Smith
I’ve had that with the vocalist of Dropkick Murphys and with Brent Smith of Shinedown! It’s the best
Congress must catch up with the scientific community and the rest of the country by acknowledging the severity of the clima…
Tyrann Mathieu speaks on the death of Will Smith 🙏
Our thoughts & condolences are with the family & friends of Will Smith and the organization.
Heart breaking news at the loss of buckeye great, Will Smith. Buckeye Nation extends our prayers to his family during th…
Smith , Shanle and Porter in probably the most important saints picture and moment ever ... RIP Will Smith
God broke the mold when he created Brent Smith
.get the quick jump after 3 Qtr time. They've booted the first three goals through Jack Blair, Brent Macaffer and Josh Smith.
Leave it to Chance by & Paul Smith, Madman by Astro City by & Brent Anderson.
Dean Smith confirms Alan Judge is in hospital and hopes it is not as bad as first feared
MNEA President Charles Smith and MNEA Vice-President Brent Fullington have been RE-ELECTED at the MNEA Spring Representative Assembly 2016!
Would love to see Aaron Lewis or Brent Smith on Let's…
Wonderful concert tonight-- congratulations to Dr. Brent Smith and the Snow Symphony Orchestra, Chamber...
Congratulations Tubby Smith! He is the 18th recipient of the Wooden Legends of Coaching Award.
Great job to Mem Gary Smith, for on time project execution, & partnerships with day teams!
Thanks Brent from for the interview this week!
spring games give fans flase hope, ie Brent Rawls and David Smith
I liked a video Shinedown's Brent Smith tells us his Eddie Van Halen story
AND, LOL, Smith/Mantha should have been inserted Young Fresh legs, in a tough back to back. Might have helped
How beautiful is this by Mobile, AL native Brent Smith!?
Mike Smith on Brent and Miko Grimes: "My concern is on Brent...made the Pro Bowl in ATL, Miami. He's going to make us better."
Your Pain is a Gift,’ which provides fuel to persevere and become a stronger, better person." " Brent Smith"
Bucs DC Mike Smith joins NEXT to talk about Brent Grimes! Sirius 83
When Brent Musberger leaves broadcasting, please don't leave out that Smith-Carlos anecdote from the Olympics.
...'' My friend BRENT SMITH on stage...AMAZING VOICE 4 an Awesome SONG...!!!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
So Brent and Miko had personal issues with Mike Smith? What could possibly go wrong?
Mike Smith taking over duties in right field after replacing Brent Rooker on the base paths.
Mike Smith pinch running for Brent Rooker at first.
Just informed that Tyler Smith has passed Brent Ross for Northeastern's single-season scoring record. Ross is coach of Knights
Mitch's yet to take his "Yukon 8," Brent's overextended from hot run to Nulato yesterday, & Aliy et al on their heels
Mike Smith moves to rightfield, replacing Brent Rooker; Cody Brown goes to left in place of Reid Humphreys.
Kasich supporter Brent 'The Hug' Smith is in Toledo campaigning for the primary. MORE:
Sean smith and Brent grimes as our starting corners
Younger me always disliked link from Donald Street bridge to Smith and envisioned something like this (at street level)
Mike smith and Brent grimes back together
Happy Birthday to Jacob Daniel, Melinae Richeson, Brent Smith, and Mark Warren! May you have a blessed day today!...
Notice Brent grimes Finna play for Mike smith the *** who drafted him in ATL 😂
Brent Grimes played for Mike Smith with from 2008-12. He's one starter at CB. Guess the don't mind the Mik…
Dude. Be nice. & Mike Smith live. Thanks for speaking, Mike and Brent, you're amazing (third time was just as good) htt…
brent grimes got signed along with Sean smith and the Bears just resigned a ok CB and special teams standout 🤔
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Don't remember hearing about Miko while Brent was in Atlanta. Mike Smith was HC so I think he knows how to handle things. I'm glad he's here
Brent Grimes might have had a down year last year but he boutta go back to form this year. history with Mike Smith helps
Former CB Brent Grimes stays in Florida - Signs with the reuniting with former HC Mike Smith
I spoke with Brent Smith about the show on Sunday at City Auditorium and Shinedown's new album, Threat to...
We will surely miss Brent but didn't Miko rip Mike Smith and the Falcons for his treatment?
Brent Grimes played for Bucs DC Mike Smith in Atlanta from 2008-12. Cut by Miami, he's first major defensive signing for Buc…
.and not even making an offer to Sean Smith, Janoris Jenkins and Brent Grimes. 👏
Brent Grimes will be reuniting with defense coordinator Mike Smith who coached him in the 2008-2012 season
Brent Grimes is reportedly off to Tampa Bay where he’ll be reunited with his former head coach, Mike Smith.
Dirk Koetter as HC, Mike Smith as DC, Brent Grimes joins the team, Roddy a possibility.. Tampa Bay Falcons
Fun and exciting day today because we have Brent Smith from Port Coquitlam and Martin Barthold from Sherman Oaks...
Graeme Mudd, Vic Armstrong and Brent Smith were all killing it on their fresh Devinci sleds last weekend. Keep up...
Brent Smith's vocals are amazing. I'd still love to see a Brent Smith, Corey Taylor and Ed Sloan collab.
I keep thinking about the Shinedown concert in March and I get so excited! I am most likely going to try and run away with Brent smith😍😏
A Place in the Sun: The Southwest Paintings of Walter Ufer and E. Martin Hennings (The Char... Thomas Brent Smith
This weekend: presents Brent Wissick and Eric Smith in a viola da gamba recital -
Interview with Brent Smith of from yesterday. DIG IT.
Brent Smith of discusses the band's upcoming tour, hobbies on the road, and more with
Brent Smith : Smithstoreithsv. Did u know u c0uld get an iPh0ne 6s with N0 charge? Read rules on my bi0. Thx
I'm on a shinedown listening spree, and Brent Smith has creeped his way into my top 3 vocalists now. Still not Bruce Dickinson level though
Shoutout to Brent smith for only farting in small spaces with limited air flow, you the real MVP dad
Taking a short break from writing to post a song that means the world to me. Read Brent Smith's reason for...
Ben Bailey Smith has also joined as an inspirational advocate for Brent libraries
Flushable wipes: bad reputation is no bum rap: Brent Smith, a resident of Arlington Ridge subdivision in ...
My older brothers (Brent) wife is being rush 2 the Emergency Room. I donot have detail but please be N prayer for Becky Smith. Thank you
I'm honestly so in love with Brent Smith's voice ❤️😍
.I foresee many snow and ice photos submitted in the January B&W shootoff
Some great acostic versions of songs you know and love sung by Brent Smith of Shinedown. ♫
Anyone know anything about the Book of Enoch as proof or disproof relating to Joseph Smith's prophetic ministry? Brent Metcalfe?
Mr. Rhythm Guitarist Brent Smith over here pardon me
"Daughtry's first album featured Brent Smith as a guest vocalist" . wait wait what
Welcome to the Brent Brown Toyota family, Kale & Marcia Smith! Recommend a friend to us by clicking below.
Matt Pohlkamp, Adam Smith and Brent Tate with the Falcon goals. Chris Nell enjoying an easy night in goal. Shots 17-7 BG
Reilly Smith blew past Brent Seabrook and put a shot right through Darling.
Brent Tate gets the goal, his 2nd of the season. Adam Smith and Sean Walker with assists.
Falcons score again. Smith's shot off the post bounces right to Brent Tate in front and he cleans it up to make it 3-1.
I would love to see David Brent present the Oscar to Will Smith. Imagine how funny it Wud be. Hi Eddie Murphy Im your no 1 fan
Bob Harper totally looks like Brent Smith right now
I just realized that I'm louder in my snapchat than Brent smith is... OOPS LMAO
📹 Brent Smith and Zach Myers Wanted Dead or Alive a Cover at The Machine Shop. 
Libertyville, IL! It's your turn for the Tour with Brent Smith, Zach Myers and…
What would you think of Brent Smith as STP front man?
This is a good look for him. Love the style Brent Smith.
I added a video to a playlist Halestorm feat. Brent Smith - Shed Some Light
Louisville, KY! It's your turn for Brent Smith and Zach Myers with Zack Mack at…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
So proud of & for amazing wins tonight over UA Ft. Smith! Wow! Go !
Hey Brent. I'm sure u'll see Steve Smith Before I will. Can u please tell him thanks for the donation. Also thank u 4 the RT.
Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith-Clinton is "absolutely lying. ... She said it was because of the video-
Thank you to Brent Smith & Zach Meyers for that amazing intimate acoustic concert in Traverse City
Brent Smith. Amazing voice, incredible showman. I will watch him over and over again.
.Brent Smith comments on industry impact on employees:
You can add Brent Grimes to the list of Dolphins scapegoats (Marshall, Dansby, Bush, Long, Vonte, Sean Smith, Wallace). He'l…
that's solid! Listen to this version by Brent Smith of Shinedown via youtube
How do companies best manage during the Brent Smith comments on : .
Pali High freshman Brent Smith (16:04) is second in the varsity boys race at the Western League cross country finals.
Who wants to go see an acoustic show on a Monday of Zach Myers & Brent Smith from Shinedown with me? Becuz it sounds awesome. If I get tics
Need positive thoughts and prayers for Coach Dustin Smith and his family keep his dad in your thoughts.
I may have to go back to the Halloween costume store and see if they have any Brent Leo Smith or Scott Dyson
Both singers (Brent Smith and Jonas Tomalty, respectively) have lovely voices IMHO. :D
Brent Smith has 111 yds rushing on 13 tries and QB has 4 comps for 103 yds (3 TD). Smith, Kestner, Gaskins & Johnson (2) TDs
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Brent Smith scores from 12 out after Hakeem Johnson int pass. 6-0 Liberty over Brentsville.
The will to live will always outweigh the ability to die Brent Smith
So let me get this straight: ESPN has killed off Grantland and let walk, yet Stephen A Smith is still gainf…
how many Grantlands could you have for one f-ing Stephen A Smith
Beautiful artwork this year by Brent Smith. Tshirts will be available at Lyons Share Custom Frames & Gallery
Brent at the Al Smith Awards Dinner to watch State Journal Editor Emeritus Carl West receive the Al Smith Award.
Some of the things Brent Smith comes out with is pure gold, what a man.
PSUPT BRENT MILAN MADJACO DCDA together with PSUPT JOHNSON SMITH ABELLERA CPCRU conducted inspection at this office
Cross Country: Pali High's Brent Smith (17:24) wins the varsity boys race and the Dolphins sweep the top nine places in today's league meet.
Brent Smith has the best set of pipes in rock these days hands down Shinedowns "I'll follow you"
Ahh Brent smith was a heroine addict
Today's "Showdown at High Noon" features another battle of top rock singers from the 2000's. Brent Smith of...
Rene Smith is making a curry sauce and Brent Owens is putting the Masterchef touches to it
Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough (feat. Brent Smith) on your ROCK & JOCK Home of NEA, LIVE from the Medic One Studio
Hi Brent Smith : Smithstoreithsv, D0 u want to get FREE iPh0ne 6 T0DAY? Please check my Bi0. Thx
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Watching Brent Mason & Richard Smith "Sugarfoot Rag" at the Chet Atkins Tribute Concert 2014 on
Brent Musberger called Tommie Smith and John Carlos "black-skinned stormtroopers". He has never apologized. I hate that SOB.
Last night, a dream came true. I got to meet And Brent Smith totally hugged me! I totally...
We are so excited about our lighting of the trees artwork this year! Brent Smith did such an amazing job!
New Jasta Show with Maria Brink is EPIC. Must get Brent Smith from Shinedown and Johnny Hawkins from Nothing More on thr show.
At this rate, there's a 95% chance I may out-scream Brent Smith on November 6th though.
Somehow this technical difficulty is Alex Smith's fault
Great stuff from the legend, Dean Smith.
Idc what anyone says, Brent Smith has a phenomenal voice. That's not an opinion that's just
Stop the games and contrived courtship rituals! Stop having to complicate sex and make it so hard to get.
Guess who's dabbling into politics again? Brent Smith of the is considering a Chocolate Party!
This year's Lighting of the Trees poster artwork is by Brent Smith Art. A display of Smith’s artwork will be in...
Shim Moore, Bert McCracken, Benjamin Burnley, Gerard Way, Adam Gontier, and Brent Smith are all amazing vocalists just saying!
Always! Mad love Brent Smith! Best voice to ever grace this Earth!!!
Glen Allan second with 10 votes. Brent Smith 3rd with two votes. Weir has one vote. No votes for Turner
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Brent Smith singing next to me at Intrust Bank! Watch to near the 7 minute mark for a surprise.
cielo9bar Brent Smith and Zach Myers in Bakersfield, CA. Simple Man.
Brent Smith and Zach Myers at KISW 99.9 in Seattle, WA. "Fly from the Inside" Acoustic.
Happy late birthday to my long lost late night parlor buddy
You can still come turn up yea just one more year 😂
Brent Smith and Zach Myers LIVE right now on KISW 99.9 "The Rock" in Seattle, WA - Listen online here:...
Genius posted a fake Will Smith fact last night and an army of *** said they already knew it. Story:
and I got our tickets to the acoustic night with Brent Smith and Zac Myers! It's going to be a fun night!
" . . . it's almost like I'm paralyzed and locked outside myself . . ." . Better Version. Brent Smith. Shinedown.
PRS Event with Paul Reed Smith & Brent Mason!: Come to Music Villa on Thursday, October 8th and join PRS found...
Hodnett loops it and collects ryan smith and I believe one other car
With Suggs out, Z Smith has to step up early. Brent Urban needs to get healthy quickly too
Goodness Brent Smith from Palisades is putting in work as 9th grade!. 15:32 Seaside
Lance Dewease wins heat 4. TJ Stutts, Brent Marks, Danny Dietrich and Ryan Smith complete the top 5.
Brent L. Smith, Find out the Secret to get GTA 8.000,000 Money & RP. Check the Secret Trick on My Bio Profile
" . . .some questions are better left without a reason . . ." by Brent Smith via
Alex Smith has 3 TD passes in this game.. and of course..none have been to a WR
Travis Kelce had one TD. Travis Kelce now has TWO TDs. And this one went for FORTY-TWO Yards.
First TD of the day! Alex Smith finds Travis Kelce for 10-yard TD.
Steve Smith would have caught that pass. Just sayin'
LIVE on Mr. Brent Smith of Shinedown...that voice... Learn it.. Love it.. Don't hate
LIVE on Brent Smith... Shinedown .. Best voice in rock and roll
Sounds good. I was hoping to get a specific shot next Saturday evening, aiming to have all the frames finished by Monday.
"This is the best I've seen Kentucky play" You left the EVER off of there Brent
Sure. What speed did you shoot at? Or are you getting a lot of so you can do more than one run?
Actually, I might need to find out where you're ordering from for a co-worker.
Dude, I haven't even taken a shot yet. Was just scouting locations today. I really need to step it up.
Play-calling mixed with how well Brent knows this offense. Might be a good thing for conference play.
Lone boys event contested at Seaside Invitational has Brent Smith of winning in 15:32.5 in 1st career 3-mile race
Brent Marks won the Night before the 50 at Port Royal. Ryan Smith 2nd and Brock Zearfoss 3rd
Brent Marks doubles up, wins his second straight at Port Royal Speedway. Ryan Smith, Brock Zearfoss, Mike Erdley and Danny Dietrich follows.
Brent Smith. The man the myth the legend and voice of rock n roll. Glad to have met and know you my brother. RT
Only question I have for these base elites is how Sean smith got an elite card but Brent grimes didn't.
BYRON & RHONDA SMITH reviews the 2015 Toyota AVALON LTD HYBIRD purchased from Brent Brown Toyota in Orem UT
Brent family thank you for having us cater You keep good company Carlos Smith CEO El Super and Wife very nice people.
When is Musburger going to apologize to John Carlos and Tommie Smith?
This is an awesome idea, wonder how we can get this started here locally? Ruff T. Scallion Brent Smith Ty...
Shinedown is one of my favorite bands. Brent Smith is INSANELY talented!
HomeSlice is playing a new music venue (Breakers Grill) in Longmont Sept. 18th from 9:00-close. See you there!
. singer Brent Smith joins us on air tomorrow afternoon after 3:30. Listen
Click here to support Pastor Brent Smith Medical Fund by James Mcclain
And for those who don't know who Brent smith is, he's the God who sings for shinedown
Every time I hear Brent smith hit one of those impossible notes that he hits, I get chills. He's not human
like how is Steve smith an 83 speed??? And Brent grimes an 81???
Everyone please continue to pray for pastor Brent Smith! Stay strong pastor! We love you!
Brent Smith CCO cleaning the floor at the store just before it opens...the only way…
Looking forward to having Brent P Smith, director of at attend our conference in Nov!
You have a great birthday too Brent Smith
.as and refuse 2 collect our rubbish, I'll be delivering it to their HQ today
I added a video to a playlist Dusty Smith from The CultofDusty - Roosh V Plays with Do…
Glenda Jennings-Smith - The B.S. (Brent Sancho) man does not care about the residents of Toco Sangre Grande.
Gonna play a show with a side project of Brent from Mastadon. That's cool, right?
Ever wonder what it looks like backstage? Brent Smith of shows u at huge venue. 2012. via
Me and Scar were super stoked to talk to Brent Smith from Shinedown for the Pets Get Rocked podcast- posted this wk! htt…
"It is never good bye only till next time" Brent smith .
Why does Brent Smith feel that backing tracks are necessary? this is live, and he's transposed it in to a key that h…
Brent Smith of Shinedown will join us next.
Hi Brent Smith thanks for the follow!
yes it is waiting for the Brent Smith interview at 3
To have a relationship like Brent Smith and Zach Myers is a serious goal to have.
Zach Myers and Brent Smith of Shinedown at the Civic Center in Abilene Texas! You can find the rest of the...
*** bout eat good this weekend smith & Wollinsky's tonight bday dinner for the homie Saturday
So Sean Smith is better than Joe Haden and Brent Grimes? Yeah, ok. 😕
you're so dumb, how the *** do you have Sean Smith rated higher than Brent Grimes, you're a joke. And vontae too smh
Sexual Hallucination by In This Moment feat. Brent Smith is iconic his and Maria's voices blend so well together & the song is beautiful
So Chris Harris Jr. And Sean Smith are better corners than Joe Haden and Brent Grimes and Pat Pete
Sean Smith better than Brent Grimes &Joe Haden?? I must of missed the memo...
The top four are worthy, but Sean Smith? Should be Brent Grimes at
ICYMI, check out the We've got answers on Justin Brent, 2005 USC, Jaylon Smith (weekly feature) & more.
Madden ratings still too high. Smith & Harris not top 5 either. Look at Brent Grimes last 5 years.
They got Sean Smith above Haden and Pat Pete lol and Brent Grimes
smfh imagine if we had Sean smith and Vontae with Brent grimes
no way jimmy smith is better than Keenan Lewis today... And Brent grimes debatable
Madden made Sean Smith better than Joe Haden and Brent Grimes lol
Yeah you're right, Joe Haden isn't better than Sean Smith or Brent Grimes...what a joke
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
In no world is Sean Smith a better corner then Brent Grimes
top CB list includes ex-Dolphins V. Davis & S. Smith, but not current Dolphin Brent Grimes. Unfortunate. I mean, really?
on Madden, those 4, Haden, Talib, Peterson. Had Sean Smith right with Brent Grimes
KMS GOLF - ANYONE interested in playing golf for KMS please contact coach Brent Smith ASAP at brentleys
Madden rated Sean smith at a 91 as a corner back over Brent grimes and joe haden.. k
Love Brent Smith sooo much! Wish he would lose the hat and sunglasses though.
"We never wrote these songs to get famous. That was never the goal. We wrote them cuz it's cheaper than therapy" - Brent smith
drove all the way from Knoxville to to Charlotte NC to see hometown boy Brent Smith in Shinedown.
W/my very handsome baritones Raymond Diaz & Brent Michael Smith last night curtesy of
I see that Brent Smith may get the start for the Riders at QB this week.
OFD Mailbag: Feels Just Like the Third Time: Or their legal advisor acting on behalf of the...
Brent Smith making our unique chocolate store come to life.
A guy on this train looks like a mix of Blake Shelton and Brent Smith, ***
Today's on Bad research, old wounds, and, of course, Jaylon:
(Brent Smith Photo). "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how." - Friedrich Nietzsche…
I can't wait to listen to Brent Smith's beautiful voice and Zack Myers' gorgeous guitar.
I told Brent I would give up coffee if I got my teeth whitened 😥 what was I thinking...
Brent Smith-Casanueva on televisual mobility and global capitalism in 1990s science fiction TV: wormholes!
Kellita Smith could get all the business
The interview with Brent Smith from this morning on Z98.
Great interview with Shinedown front man Brent Smith this morning on Z-98. Get your tickets for their show August...
What is MIke Smith up to these days..?
More with Brent Smith of Shinedown coming up . LISTEN LIVE HERE:
Shinedown front man Brent Smith will be on the Z-98 Morning Adjustment Tomorrow starting around 7:30am! We'll...
this if you want me to sponsor you:. 🔥 Lucky Blue Smith. 🔥 Christian Collins. 🔥 Brent Rivera
Brent Smith Why has become home to such as
HI Brent,. I absolutely agree valuable material can be gained from anywhere : My answer "be aware" . Geoff Smith.
Hi Brent-Your email to me encouraged me to look you up Will follow : My site -l. Regards - Geoff Smith.
I'm listening to Sexual Hallucination (Feat. Brent Smith) by on
MEIJER TOUR. Congrats to the top finishers in Boys 13-15! 1st- Coalter Smith (149), 2nd- Zackary Hopkins (155), 3rd- Brent Trela (157).
D Brent Smith: Translations, mentoring relationships, using English in history associations abroad. (my aside-still open ?)
I don't have Brent Smith or Michael Smoak on here, but way to go!
.You got nothing on her!. Woman, 92, Becomes Oldest Marathon Finisher
Mormon History Assoc attendance increased when held at Oxford, UK. (Even compared to Salt Lake attendance) D Brent Smith
when will we see a Brent Smith and Jessie J duet? NeedsToHappen
Brent Smith's rule of home improvement: if the position you're working in looks comfortable, you're doing it wrong.
I have never been stabbed in the heart, but I bet it sort of feels like listening to "Not Strong Enough" by & Brent Smith
One of my lunch dates ! Brent French and Julie Smith French
Brent Engstrom thought you might like this.
Guys go follow my mates they're giving u lucky blue smith updates!
Have a lemon cake recipe from Art Smith; it is amazing. When is Brent making one to share?
My story and video today on Brent Smith of Ivey Ranch winning the golf championship at
Brent House was demolished one year ago this morning. @ Hobart and William Smith Colleges
My story, video: Brent Smith edges Dillon Dougherty for the championship at Desert Horizons
Congrats to Rashaan Salaam for being named to the ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame.
All purpose parts banner
Brent Smith of Ivey Ranch beat Dillon Dougherty in a playoff. Litrell third, Dean fourth, tie at fifth at
J.R. Smith just became one of my favorite players off the court lmao.
JR Smith posts on instagram, refers to Bruce Jenner as a 'science project';
Had more mentions of Rodney/Smith/McClendon than Joey Gallo. More chatscript surprises recorded here:
Brent Smith knows everything there is to know - Except for the definition of mercy.
What are the odds of brent smith not posting a wcw today?
Brent Smith, Jonny Hawkins, Corey Taylor, and Ivan Moody were blessed with flawless voices.
IM Affiliate Alex Smith against the ocean veins // Captured by Brent Bielmann in Indo
why brent only rumours!! Heard smith supposed to hav signed for leeds but catalan interest cos dureau goin an godinet t st
Last but not least re-elect the man himself for president he sure knows how to RUN things 😉 @ Brent smith
The song not strong enough by apocalyptica ft Brent smith is one of the most relevant songs to most people's lives
[wife opens front door 2 weeks after I promised not to write a movie about us]. brent who's this *points to woman that kinda l…
So happy to see Brent Smith there from He is an incredible entrepreneur. Best of luck to you all.
Jaden Smith will be playing the role of Static in the upcoming Static Shock movie
I think that Jaden Smith should run for president in 2016. He is so wise and poetic that nobody could compete with him.
JADEN SMITH confirmed as STATIC by Tyler James Williams. Another reminder JUST to hurt you. http…
Welsh dresser finished in Autentico Milk lightly distressed and waxed. Anthony Brent Smith
I have no idea how many more mistakes Josh Smith can make in a game. And Harden's no-show in this game reminds of when …
A BIG ol' thank you goes out to the main man Danny Smith for his kind contribution! A true …
TNT's Kenny Smith, "I didn't know that LeBron James could take the Knicks to the NBA Finals."
I just used to sing along to Not Strong Enough by
Smith & Myers - She Talks To Angels (Acoustic) via Brent Smith has the best covers. I love Shinedown.
Some of my favorite songwriters are Scott Stevens, Adam G, and Brent Smith from Shinedown
I've been mowing my field like this for a year now waiting on Google to update an Monday was the day...
what would you think of a mike smith and Brent burns to start year in Edmonton
Ladies & Gentlemen, one of Phil Jackson's GIVEAWAY'S -- J.R. Smith -- is putting on a show in the ATL tonight.
"He is head and shoulders above any QB on their roster right now." .
Can we replace Reggie and Chris with Brent and Steve Smith?
JR Smith is NBA Jams style on fire shooting.
He wanted to kill Brendan Smith for his turnovers Smith is
He had a hard time with Smith in Det and they are similar players
We've got a full house tonight for Andrea Wallace and Doug Casebeer's Art Talk with Brent Gardner-Smith!
It's a challenge to know everyone from out of town but I believe this is Brent Smith & Dave Chesterman.
The first member of the Class of 2016 is Executive Chairman of Speedway Motorsports Bruton Smith!
I liked a video from Rolling Anaconda From Leg Drag by Brent Smith - 10th Planet Jiu
Alright enough negativity about announcers - I like Brent Barry, Hubie, and Steve Smith of the guys who've done playoff games.
This is my jam: Not Strong Enough by Apocalyptica feat. Brent Smith on Elements Radio ♫
Someone go see Granger Smith with me at SoJo on June 5th
Prof Gary smith quoting Brent James. Better to do it a standard way rather than your own individual way
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