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Brent Smith

Brent Smith (born January 10, 1978) is the lead vocalist and singer-songwriter of the band Shinedown. Known for his own impressive vocal range as a tenor, spanning four octaves, his biggest influences as a singer are Otis Redding, Billie Holiday, and Chris Cornell.

Let Me Be Misunderstood Maria Brink Simple Man

Coming down to the final championship of the evening. Big Brent Barber takes on David Smith from GW at 285.
Lemcke (Whitby native) is a brave kid. Now has fought Hunter Smith and Brent Pedersen this year
The music video for Apocalyptica's single Not Strong Enough ft. Brent Smith of Shinedown. vengan de a mil
I added a video to a playlist Brent Smith and Zach Myers of Shinedown "I'll Follow You" It Takes a
(2 of 2) and from colleagues I trust that shoot me straight. Sorry he's not happy with it but many are. Thanks brent
Smith type offense will be good until he is reading Ds better
Yeah. Kaep is certainly better physically then Smith was...but he needs to work on slowing the game down, taking less sacks.
The long and not so winding road in Northern Nevada by Brent Morris
The whole while I was watching Will Smith's "Independence Day", I kept thinking "Can her name really be Vivica?"
Brent Moran starts between the pipes for Jake Smith for in a rematch of last years opening round playoffs.
COM photo of the day. Brent Smith in Raleigh, NC on 9/1/13
SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY Dead Theologian Society 7PM Brent Smith is presenting and we are playing - "CAN YOU DO...
Waiting for Brent Smith's version of don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. . If anybody knows where I can find it, please let me know.
I can't be the only one who got super excited because Brent Smith said "go preorder.."
a smith married a Pettit, is that why you say you and Brent are related, bc it's more than likely true lol
Another must see movie coming out in February. Oh, and Margot Robbie, your welcome >> Focus: Will Smith is a legend https:…
Omg Brent smith is my man crush everyday 😍
Brent Smith's voice is soo h amazing
Maria Brink and Brent Smith to collab sometime soon...anyone with me on that?? :D
Yes, Mechanix do still work on cars...Brent Smith and Brock Smith are the twins of choice for the TORC series...
Give us the track "Brent Smith don't Let Me Be Misunderstood".
or Brent Smith from Shinedown. He's cool. He can stay.
"Very surprising that a team whose centre depth includes Bozak, Smith, and Carrick is struggling to produce offence
Getting Smith & Trestman would be like having Smith & Wesson. BOOM.
Music Fact Shinedown was put together by lead singer Brent Smith
Dirk said he's an allstar, JR smith said he's an allstar, Brent Barry said he's an allstar
you know Fangio wants out if they hire Gase.. That alone kills the defense, Justin Smith contemplating retirement..
Jaws just said that Geno Smith was the 3rd highest rated QB over the last 4 games of the season.
Have never laughed so hard Herman Percival Brent Goulding David Anthony Smith
Eisenhower's two big men with 13 points in 3Q (each 2 in 1H) -- Brent Smith with 7 in the period, Matt Pile 6. . Maize South 35-32
Eisenhower takes the first play of the 2H and goes inside with Brent Smith. . Ike had 4 pts from two big men in 1H.
Eisenhower's Brent Smith with a putback for the Tigers first basket, 3:35 1Q.
♡ Apocalyptica ft Brent Smith - Npt Strong Enough ♡. Sad how this song gives me muse... Then it disappears. ;~;
Getting ready to watch Corey Smith in NYC with Sharon and Brent and Jenn Davis!
Wrapping up a successful company Christmas party. These city people couldn't handle genuine moonshine lol. I can say my office made our area proud as we fit 9 in an f150 and made it back to valet the truck. Closed the hotel bar and walked across the street to a corner bodega. In true milwaukee fashion, as a guy hits us up to "buy" a cig bam, his buddy gets in a fight with cops right inside the store. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the woods? I could never live in a city lol. Scott Christensen Brent Smith who does number 2 work for?
Bon Anniversarie Brent Smith-hope you're coming back to Minnesota. You're a bright light in dull winter.
Brent Smith from Shinedown might be the most underrated front man out there.
I can't help but feel like if we still had Steve Smith.
Brent Duncan scores 18 points and pulls 11 rebounds to help lead the Bears to a 64-45 road win over Wesleyan. Cole Smith scored 12. BEARS!
Toby Turner and Brent Smith are the same height
Btw, Justin Smith has not officially retired until the league office says so.
Aldon Smith got 9 games for joking at airport security. Josh Brent is back in the NFL after killing someone. He's terrible.
Not sure whose voice im more obsessed with Marias or Brents? In This Moment ft. Brent Smith- Sexual Hallucination
Happy Birthday Brent Smith!!! I hope u hav a great day and do whatever u please!! As long as it's legal😂
January 10 - Happy 37th birthday to Brent Smith. He's the singer for Shinedown - MJ
Happy Birthday to my favorite, and best singer there is, Mr. Brent Smith. Thank you for sharing your…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Why wasn't I aware that Brent Smith's birthday is the same day as mine?! 😍
Happy Bornday to one of the best voices in music, Brent Smith of Shinedown. An amazing…
Happy 37th birthday going out to Shinedown's Brent Smith
Happy Birthday to a man with an incredible voice and one of my favourite lyricists, Brent Smith. Have a great day!
Alternative rock vocalist and the lead singer and songwriter for the band S... Get more at
Happy birthday to the one and only Brent Smith. This man has the voice of a God and can give me goose…
ICYMI, Royal Gala and Granny Smith apples are being recalled over a listeria concern.
From this band we have singer Brent Smith turning 37 today:
Today is the birthday of a great man Brent Smith. This is the vocalist of the band Shinedown.
Today one of our SistaKeepers explained her Visionboard! Antona Brent Smith thanks for making the journey! Your...
Brent Smith's dad was dunking on people
When Brent is doing a follow spree and you've accepted the fact that he probably won't be following u
Pruning, grafting and coppicing workshops 2015 at GOT Orchard Centre with Dave Kaspar & Helen Brent-Smith, Gloucester.
When Brent Smith talks about the true meaning behind "I'll Follow You" I literally get the chills
Again, no Brent Musburger! What's next ESPN Mike Greenberg or Skippy Baylis on sideline? Screamin A smith?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Here's hoping we're all wrong and Brent can continue to do what he does better than anyone else.
Congrats on signing with Brent. I'm excited to see you continue the quality work on the bigger platform.
Shinedown x Simple Man is still the best cover out there, Brent Smith vocals hit it perfectly
Happy new year from Bradford Smith and Brent Marchant
High school sports photo of the day comes from and features own Brent Smith.
I know obviously. Brent told me you n Sam smith are gonna be at retreat?
We welcomed Brent Smith to the team in September. Already very well versed in all things
Happy Birthday to He was traded by the Clippers to Miami for Ike Austin, Charles Smith & a 1st rounder:
Classic Rock Magazine with Queen + on cover - from WH Smith, Brent Cross, London.
The Space Needle in Seattle, Washington at twilight hour • photo: Brent Smith on 1X
Jake Smith.. 51 career starts.. I don't think people realize how substantial and hard to accomplish that is. Respect.
Brent Smith brining the whole neighborhood to the block party
Having a few shots of whiskey with my homies Brent Miller Clint Mc Millan Rodney Singh, awaiting Roger Smith with...
Should be Jeff Jarret Guitar Smash. “Justin Brent and Jaylon Smith boldly preparing a Gatorade bath on the sidelines.”
Bill Polian on the Jets: This season has been snake bit but the lack of CB's and the selection of Geno Smith is on the fro…
8pm, live at the Deep: Brent Smith & Friends (rumored to be Ashley, Jeff, Andy, Holly, Jocelyn, among others) :: entry price = Xmas cheer.
this little cousin wouldn't be Brent Smith, would it? Lol! Rumor you all are cousins.
Call me by Shinedown is easily one of my favorite songs. Brent Smith's voice is everything. ♥
Josh smith to the heat would be nice
The lead the list of the contenders for the services of just-released Josh Smith.
Josh smith to the heat would be crazy
Do you want to win this autograph Brent Smith of canvas by photographer Rob Fenn? Head over to...
the pistons released josh smith, text him and see if he wants to join our Hoops men's team.
We always knew he was super: Brent Smith has been named a Wisconsin for sixth straight year.
Seriously, their album full of covers is purely amazing. Brent Smith has a really nice voice
honestly if you spend Alex Smith money on O-line and maybe a receiver I think the Chiefs would be better with Daniel at QB
Chase Daniel: MT: “Chiefs weren't quite good enough offensively to be a playoff team this year. decision time on Smith.”
Geno Smith has started 28 NFL games. He has no turnovers in just six of them. Now with 34 career interceptions and 40 tot…
“Geno Smith has gone 61 straight passes without an INT. don't jinx it.
Geno Smith has been intercepted on 4.4 pct of his career pass attempts, the highest rate in NFL over last 2 years.
yeee. brent smith's voice in the rock version is PEAK mate it's PEAK
brent I did not it was self defence he tried to attack is in house of smith!!!
And Brent Musberger trolling all you gamblers who took Colorado State.
Reminder --> 830 AM tomorrow ... PULL UP WORKSHOP taught by two awesome coaches (Brent Fikowski & Ev Smith). Come get your pull ups on!
Kristen Henry, Andrew Edwards, Dan Brent Smith ... for those of us who like to dream in living color.
Jazzed funded their experimental lit is alive & well. hopefully you'll see more of my words
Brent Smith is the best singer alive.
Sexual Hallucination by In this Moment ft Brent Smith is probably one of the best songs of 2014
.shares his recipe for Spanish Baked Eggs to celebrate the release of his new cookbook 'Dig In'. Enjoy! htt…
what happend to Macolm Smith? biggest drop off for superbowl MVP ever?
This week you have a chance to win a Brent Smith of shinedown autograph canvas just for being a…
Brent Smith and friends December 23rd - 8pm - Ten Depot. Video from last nights vocal rehearsal.
We would like to thank everyone who sent in pictures for our contest! There were so many great ones to choose from this year and really a lot of great talent out there. We picked the top 12 from your online support and then both of our offices voted to pick our top 3! 1st place and a $100 gift card goes to Misty Zornacki. 2nd place and a $50 gift card to Jill Hansen, and 3rd place and a $25 gift card to Brent Smith. Honorable mentions to Chris Fleener and Ken Carper for placing 4th and 5th place! Thank you again for all your support and we look forward to doing this again next year!
"Call me a sinner, call me a saint. Tell me it's over I'll still love you the same" . Brent Smith's voice though 👌
Why isn't brent Rivera nominated for a Grammy but Sam smith is 😒👏 . Brent Rivera has 5 million vine followers and sam smith has none 😡
Brent crude sub $59 as PG oils visionary Colin Smith predicted. And he expects the price to keep falling! Heading for the 40s?
In your local WH Smith, Tesco and possibly the very best Waterstones brabches ie Brent cross!
Fire not coach smith but Dimetroff Who was the *** who made the decision to let Brent Grimes go? He was our best corner
Brent Smith is by far the best frontman in the rock industry today. Shinedown rules!!!
Feat. Brent Smith (From Shinedown) - Not Strong Enough I love this song^^
excuse my rocker moment but Brent Smith from the band Shinedown looks sexy af in their Simple Man video. And we have the same hair so...
Brent Smith sounds like a bummy *** wanna be Chino on In This Moment's track 'Sexual Hallucination".
Just love this Brent Smith art we got in the store recently!
A favourite true story (as told to me): May 1993. JS Brent, J Coleno and S Smith are drunk at a bar. Jason: Sarah, you are a habitual liar.
brent crude $62. PG oils analyst Colin Smith expects a further significant decline in weeks ahead. He's been right so far.
I could listen to Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, & Brent Smith sing all day long. Seriously 3 voices sent from heaven 🙌🎶
I want to see Aaron Lewis and Brent Smith do an acoustic concert together.
The will to live will always outweigh the ability to die! - Brent Smith
Did you ever find the Brent Smith cover of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood from the Birdman trailer? I too would pay $$$ for it!
Someone asked Steve Smith about his stamina after being sick. His reply: (via
89 Steve Smith: "I'm not sure what you're insinuating. I played 50, 60 plays. You can ask my wife about my stamina.'"
Im not sure I believe I just saw that throw by alex smith.
Cute..Brent Smith. LOL! Thought u'd get a kick out of this..Rochelle Smith, Christy Thompson Sloan
Sam Smith "The text went from weak to weaker to weakest + it's very weak indeed" http:/…
So when birthdays. She brings in all the fame. From Beyonce, Ansel, Jay-Z, 5SOS, Sam Smith. basically anyone super famous.
Mariota won 90.92% of the total possible points, which is the second-best of all time to Troy Smith (91.63%).
just a Metallica song done by brent smith of shine down done's good
although I gotta say I like Brent Smith on the mic for them, kinda fits them like a glove
With 103 tackles this year, the ECHOES award for defensive player of the year is Jaylon Smith.
Hunter Smith and Aaron Haydon drop the gloves. Hunter just threw for about a minute straight
Ray Rice: Knocks wife out.Gets to play if signed. Josh Brent: kills friend while driving drunk.gets to play . AP: Spanks son.. no play
Brent Smith easily has the best voices in music
is basically a cross between David Brent and Wolfie from Citizen Smith isn't he?
Killer sesh down at Smith's Beach with these two clowns; Brent Hayhurst who scratched the crap out of his...
Penny Smith & Paul Ross broadcast an Immigration Special from Brent
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
according to Brent Smith, that's the hardest question to answer
Sorry about the confusion. I mean add Brent Smith to that group that should stick close together! Agree - Brent is wonderful
To the question below... will you guys be releasing Brent Smith's cover of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood? Super Thanks!
“"I'm all about that rape, bout that rape no trouble" - UVA” You're an ignorant ***
I still need this Brent Smith cover of 'Misunderstood' from the 'trailer.
An top oil analyst told me today that with BRENT $60-70 Petrobras could review its invesment plans.
you guys remember yesterday where Maddie used the wrong too/two in her snap story?
woow Brandon. And Maddie I don't even follow you get out
Shady and JMac celebratin !! Big Lane and Brent Celek in there too! Even Brad Smith! The passion !!…
Frank, Patrick, Justin smith...they deserve better.
Yes, my friend is Brent Smith's cousin from I'm so jealous and upset she didn't invite me to see him. ;)
Whether you like Shinedown or not, Brent Smith knows how to write.
“I hate when dogs lick me” How do you feel about people licking you?
Of the 39 QBs to attempt at least 100 passes this season, Geno Smith is 35th in Total QBR and Mike Vick is 37th, per
On day Smith Commission presented its recommendations Brent crude plummets to almost $71/barrel! Makes "Scotland's Future" look comic now :(
Sexual Hallucination by In This Moment ft. Brent Smith better be played on 50 shades of Grey is all I have to say. 👌
Since Tristin won't sing for me, Brent will. And of course it was Sam Smith.
I don't think Shinedown could release a bad album.. Brent smith is too talented, backed up by a crazy good band
yea and your heisman winner Troy smith did the exact same thing... Am I right?
Keith Smith got a spot on the roster. I'm saying it might make room for Brent to be active. Was inactive vs. NYG.
BRENT: Harrow boxer Mitchell Smith aiming to win second belt of the year on Bad Blood show
Did you know Brent Bill's and James B. Smith's books are available through FUM?
Alex Gaskarth, Brent Smith, Jacoby Shaddix, those are all some of my favorites. :)
I don't see any reason why the shouldn't play Geno Smith at QB the rest of the way.
are you trying to say Sam Smith is a better singer than I am? Because if you are, you're right. -
if the choice is between Smith and Vick, I choose Kerley. Just go with a 100% wildcat offense.
Making a stop to see fellow magician Brent Smith at his shop today. I have nothing but respect for him and his shop!
Each to their own, I can see where you're coming from :) You should try out Shinedown, Brent Smith has a great voice
Brent is going to be in Florida with Will Smith or something. Maybe we can get
Maria Brink and Brent Smith should be together 😍
Best news of weekend: Brent Musberger will call the Iron Bowl.
Spurrier: "Brent Venables has done a wonderful job. He may be assistant coach of the year when that's awarded."
Brent Smith and Zach Myers should really do more acoustic covers. So good
Yayyy ShineDown ❤️ You created the sound of madness, wrote the book on paint, Brent Smith!!
I wish Vaccaro would put the one hitter quitter on Steve Smith
Steve Smith isn't gonna have this type of game against Brent Grimes!!
Brent Smith-Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood [Cover] I will give reddit gold to anyone who can find me a full copy of …
LOL imagine that. He has someone called smith in his life. We refer to that one as BHS bc his name is Brent Hardy Smith.
Nick Jones, Pharoh Cooper and K.J. Brent listed as wide receiver starters on new depth chart.
Falcons would be so much better without Mike smith. Look at the people he's let go... Allstars. For example Brent grimes
"Not Strong Enough". (feat. Brent Smith of Shinedown). I'm not strong enough to stay away. Can't run from you. I...
Love is not the opposite of Hate. The opposite of Love is Indifference. ~Brent Smith
. So. LB Jaylon Smith has been named a finalist to the *** Butkus Award.
Lmfaooo Sean smith? Brent grimes?? Denarius just had 3 TDs on him and Sean smith not top 15
Brent Smith is so innocent like how did Maria even get him to sing the word "sexual" over and over?! SO HOT
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
s and I will start Brent Campbell's hair on fire while he is sleeping
IF I went to a Shineshown concert I'd tackle Brent Smith cuz I crush on him like 1D do Harry. LOL
I wish someone understood my happiness that In This Moment and Brent Smith did a song together.
This is America, I guess: Scalpers now asking up to $125 for free Bills-Jets tickets in Detroit.
Ash, I think you would like this song. It's featuring Brent Smith and it's a great collaboration
Sierra 27 Woodlake 16. Chieftains jumped out 27-0 and coasted in the 4th quarter. QB Brent Smith threw 3 TD pass. . Sierra at Mendota Fri 7pm
Maria Brink & Brent Smith collaborated together on a song on the new album! 🙌
Also check out the longer version w some collage art by Mike Protzik
I've met them before at a concert. Brent smith is a really sweet guy!
In This Moment's new song features Brent Smith... Does it get any better than this!?!?! 😃😍😁
GOAL: tie it up 2-2 on the power play. Brent Seabrook from the point. Ben Smith might have gotten a piece.
Kelvin put a little steve smith into that touchdown celebration
Leslie Smith ear squirt vs Jessica Eye last night.
He probably won't win the Broyles award but you'd be hard pressed to find an assistant coach who has done a better job than…
A.Lynch and A.Smith comin for Eli today.
Hey Dan Brent Smith, didn't we just talk about this???
Thanks Brent Smith for cooking bacon every morning for us.
Here's my new cover of Sam Smith's "Not the only one" with my amazing guitarist Dave Wood
At half, Liberty's Brent Smith has 58 yards on 7 carries. Aaron Walters has 67 yards on 3 carries & 38 yards on 3-for-4 passing.
I would pay substantial dollars to get Brent Smith's version of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" in BIRDMAN trailer https:/…
Kenny Smith just called Kyle Lowry "the little pitbull." Kenny Smith would've loved to see me on JV.
There are few people on this earth as vocally talented as Brent Smith.
Our special guest Bungee Brent Sleiz E. Smith brought the Pro to the party :)
If you dont think Brent Smith is a phenomenal vocalist your wrong.
Brent Smith wished me a happy birthday. bless this mans heart. best math teacher ever. ✊
Just realized me and Brent smith have the same nose piercings so you could say I'm pretty happy
Our VAT Qualifying demo car will be sale this month. Email brent.smithfor full details. http:…
The mountains of Devil's Peak, and the Twelve Apostles. Image by Zach Smith
I really think 2017 OL Trey Smith (is going to be special. Could be a top 50 recruit nationally:
Is anyone else confused by the fact that Josh Brent and Aldon Smith are returning from the suspensions the same week? Punishment meet crime?
Brent Smith is one of my favorite vocalists
• Brent Dewayne Smith, 43, of 26 Johns Drive, Rome, was arrested and charged with probation violation.
Can you imagine Vonte Davis, Brent Grimes and Sean Smith all on the same team?
Brent Smith was the dirtiest bubble I ever met.
Thank you for the follow Neighbor in Madison Al :-) Brent over here in Huntsville Smith store it ;-)
Brent Smith has such a cool, unique voice
Can anyone find the Brent Smith version of don't let me be understood anywhere?
Join CEO Brent Hicks Ryan D Chamberlin Craig Smith and several other Diamonds tonight to KICK off NOV
There is no Steve Smith. I'd settle for a Curtis Marsh, Kevin Dyson, or even a Brent Casteel
you are twice as likely to earn less than if you work in Brent than if u work in Southwark or Hillingdon
Doesn’t matter if RG3 is a QB or not there. Harrison Smith didn’t hit his helmet. Anticipation call there from Gene Sterat…
Jennings was straight that game. Singler and Smith were like 1 for 17 at the 3
I cannot stand josh smith and Brandon Jennings
in order I like: Angry Orchard (all flavors), Crispin, Woodchuck (esp green apple), Smith and Forge. Redd's is the worst.
Of those 4, have seen TE Brent Wilkerson and C Wendy Laurent both in uniform and warming up. DB Anthony Smith not with the DB group.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
For those who struggle in life and want to give up, rmr "the will to live always outweighs the ability to die" ~ Brent smith, Shinedown
and if you want a stunning vocal it has to be shinedown, Brent smith, omg what a voice. Just incredible range and power
Brent Smith's voice can make me cry
"Steve Smith called out the Panthers for releasing him after his 80 yard TD in Week 1"
I would look to Steve Smith WR for Baltimore he is like Brent Harvey just gets it done! Amazing today
Give me Steve Smith vs Brent Grimes. I need it.
Check out my story on WR K.J Brent, playing well via
I have the voice for it. If I practiced at it I could probably sound like Brent smith.
Steve smith or desean Jackson in my flex? 12 team ppr
Although Brent Smith from Shinedown would give him a run for his money
What a memorable night. Brent Mason, Daniel Donato, Tim Smith, and Sol Philcox at the Endorsee Jam.
And it's killin' me when you're away. [Official] Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough (Feat. Brent Smith):
K. J. Brent practiced as starter at Cooper's spot. If Cooper can't go, he or Deebo Samuel would get the start.
Ladies and Gentlemen,. We have Three new Brokers joining us this month, all in the Frisco (CO) office!. Dr. Brent Smith. Kelly Smith. Jennife…
If you take me to see Sam Smith then we're getting married bc you are the one
Cheap oil? Brent trades below $100 for longest run in 16 months by Grant Smith
Mine too bro but it's the following Sunday on the 21st
I'll take Brent Wilson over Tony Romo or Alex Smith anyday
Wade Smith signing important, as Eagles depth chart had Brent Celek as next man up on OL in Jaguars game.
K.J. Brent got a game ball, as well as Sharod Golightly.
Am I the only one checking YouTube almost daily for Brent Smith's Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood cover? I'm choosing to believe I'm not.
Brent killed a guy, Big Ben raped two girls I think, Aldon smith is basically a legal psychopath, and welker was partying lol
Josh Gordon smoked weed and got a year ban, but Josh Brent can kill his teammate drunk and Aldon smith can get duis and make bomb threats
Great to see Brent Smith and staff at Chocolate Factory continuing to grow their business. Important to support local business.
Vick, Ben, incognito... Brent. Pac man. Aldon smith. It's not a lot but when they occur they act.
NFL needs to be more consistent with all criminal offenses. Josh Brent, Aldon Smith, Ray McDonald should have all got the Rice treatment.
Josh Brent drank nd drove nd killed his best friend Aldon Smith won't put the pistol down but we cut ray rice 😒😒
Vick, burress, Pacman jones, Josh Brent, rice, aldon smith, Josh Gordon, the list goes on and on
Shout0ut to Bob Shoop, Brent Pry, Sean Spencer, and Terry Smith! You guys have brought organized, top defense back to PENN STATE! Great!
"If you only knew... without you next to me, I toss and turn like the sea." ~ Brent Smith,
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Brent Rathgeber wrote a book. Odds are Harper won't like it (but Michael Chong will)
I never understood fantasy football but after rooming with and Chandler Smith I now do.
Leading creatives to share design tips at workshop: VIDEO: Mambo’s Brent Smith and The Lion King Musical costu...
Dear Goodell: Please tell Josh Brent he can play football and Aldon Smith that he can't. Today would be great.
In 1968 Brent Musberger called Carlos and Smith "black-skinned storm troopers." Seems a bit political to me.
Coach Smith is an example of what makes a special place. Great piece in today's
Well, my '14 fantasy football draft is in the books. Brees, Lynch, Bush, Cobb, T. Smith, Witten & Hawks D. Lets do this
Quotes from defensive coordinator following Wednesday's practice >
If Aaron Lewis, Brent Smith, and Scott Stapp made a song together... I might just die happy right there
"It's never goodbye, just 'till next time" -Brent Smith
Brent Smith objects, saying it brings arguments not raised in pleading.
Brent Smith now calls Union County Administrative Officer Shelley Burgess to the stand.
Congrats to Gamblers Brent Gates Jr. and Ryan Smith on being selected for 2014 CCM/USA Hockey All-American...
Got to think, Goodell about to drop the hammer, on Aldon Smith, and Josh Brent also
Loving that series, Brent! Love the way Dan Carlin tells the story in a riveting way.
Electronic Device Insurance
Hey Tracks pals in Sydney, artists' Brent Smith and Lee Mcconnell are having an exhibition in Glebe tonight,...
In Sydney tonight? Be sure to get down to The Tate at 6pm for Brent Smith and Lee McConnell's show,…
Geno Smith has everything you need to be a good QB. He's going to have a good year.
Joseph Smith finds his place at to become one of the storied football program's coaching greats http:…
If Josh Brent gets a lesser suspension than Aldon Smith, the is rigged.
Yo Mr Commissioner if you want to lay down any Josh Brent and Aldon Smith news before the season starts that'd be great.
Hmmm. 2 game suspension. Yet still nothing for Smith and Gordon. And trying to get Brent back in the league... Makes sense to me
Brent smith is states all time best place kicker, the numbers don't lie. Put him on the list for kickers
. "Way to announce suspensions in a timely manner NFL" - signed Josh Gordon, Aldon Smith, and Josh Brent.
Goodell needs to announce the punishment for Brent, Aldon Smith and Josh Gordon all on one day... Just rip off the boo boo sticker.
Brent Smith and Shinedown have been a huge inspiration to us! Check out our new acoustic jam of "45" originally...
disagree sorry BRENT Smith is the best singer male wise of course Christina Perri is best female
Mertz Ford would like to say thank you to Jessica Smith and Brent Darr of Columbia Illinois for purchasing your...
Listening to driving thru a nowhere gambling town in my new(er) short piece featured on
Touchdown ECS! 45-yard run by Smith and then he scores from the 4. Eagles lead Briarcrest 42-21. 5 TDs for Smith (3 pass, 2…
Reminder that Tennessee commits Austin Smith and Quay Picou are playing right now on ESPN2.
Sitting at home trying to figure what to do? Watch this video with the fantastic Brent Smith as he helps us with...
Sneak peek of tonight's amazing band at the Lounge tonight!
Brent Falls as Iraqi Kurds Retake Most of Mosul Dam by Grant Smith and
The Chiefs are not a 5-11 team without Alex Smith. They're a 2-14 team without Jamaal Charles.
Happy for Brent and Sarah Smith. Wonderful wedding in 1000 year old church in the village of Kirk…
Brent Smith is the best vocalist on the planet
My vote for FB player who has had a good fall, but flown under the radar in the publicity department - K.J. Brent
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