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Brent Smith

Brent Smith (born January 10, 1978) is the lead vocalist and singer-songwriter of the band Shinedown. Known for his own impressive vocal range as a tenor, spanning four octaves, his biggest influences as a singer are Otis Redding, Billie Holiday, and Chris Cornell.

Chris Cornell Myles Kennedy Zach Myers Lzzy Hale Eddie Vedder David Draiman Kellin Quinn

Is it ironic that Brent Smith probably sings the song better than James Hetfield can now?. Either way a killer...
Would give my left nut to be able to sing like Brent Smith. . ... definitely give both to be able to sing like Jeff Buckley though
The Paradise wrestling team competed in the 1st annual Joe Rios Memorial tournament this past weekend. The Bobcats had two wrestlers place in the tournament. Wyatt Wyckoff (145) went 5-0 with 5 pins and placed 1st. Kenny Couch (HWT) placed 8th. This was a very tough tournament and we are proud of all our wrestlers who competed. Bryant Van Iderstine (106), Brent Smith (106), Devon Wilkerson (132), Tony Sperske (182), & Drew Hunsaker (195) were one match away from placing in the tournament. Kevin Nixon (113) Jordan Green (113), Levi Morgan (120), Skyler Caldwell (126), Tanner Sypherd (138), Eric Blood (145), Anthony Willis (152) & Trevor Gomes (152) also competed for the Bobcats. Keep working hard Bobcats and strive to be your best!!
A game of interceptions dedicated to Woody Hayes. Espn didn't replay the Last interception. Brent Smith wad are you doing my friend besides raisin ***
Oh ya know what? Brent Smith looks alright with short hair "I'll Follow You Done" just gave me goosebumps. They never fail!
I wished I could sing like Brent Smith. His voice is so beautiful and can make me cry easily.
It doesnt matter you are THE BRENT SMITH its ok:-) :-)
because you are Brent Smith, you can do what you want!
Brent smith rock n roll speech is always going to give me goosebumps. Love it
Loved the interview this morning!! And, w/ all due respect to Brent Smith, YOU have the best voice in rock, hands down!
Don't be delicate, be vast and brilliant - Brent Smith...
yeah that would be so great! Did Brent Smith do an amazing speech about Rock n Roll at the Nottingham gig?
I looked them straight in the eye and told them...rock n roll is a way of life. Brent Smith would be so proud of me!
I did so good today, handled it so well, (and I owe thanks to those who helped keep the darkness at bay today, you will never know how much that means to me) until just after midnight, driving down a lonely stretch of road, tired from today's events, and Brent Smith's soulful voice began crooning a Lynard Skynard classic through my speakers, the song that will always belong to my baby brother, and I ended up pulling over in a deserted parking lot to have my inevitable breakdown. Life really isn't fair sometimes, it can be downright cruel, but suicide is never, ever the answer. The scars, the pain, the hurt, the unanswered questions of those left behind, and the missed chance to see better days are all that it produces.
on doing it, because, Mr. Brent Smith, sir, you have a gift. More than i can ever hope to have, as i aspire to become
Brent Smith is still the most amazing singer I have ever heard.
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Brent smith. Lol funniest person involved in any hype
He is an absolutely incredible singer, only rivaled these days by Brent Smith of
that is the guitarist and the lead Singer of Brent Smith and Zach Myers: -) their 2 members of my favorite band (1/2)
Brent Smith has a lot of best friends guys.
I liked a video from How To Get People To Like You - Brent Smith
"Don't be delicate. Be vast and brilliant." - Brent Smith
If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you choose? — Brent Smith/Elvis/Gary Barlow
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? — Brent Smith
Vic Fuentes, David Boyd, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool, Brent Smith, Bryan Crouch and Kellin Quinn are just a few of my favorite idols!
I've never heard anyone with a better voice than Brent Smith
Brent Smith has the best voice in the world
"No one has the right to mentally or physically attack you. No matter what the situation is." ~Brent Smith
I liked a video from How To Be Relevant - Brent Smith
So for whatever reason, The Dock of The Bay is one of my favorite songs. (I like Otis Redding. Sue me.) And now that I've heard Brent Smith of Shinedown sing it. I may even like it a little more. Beautiful voice people. Beautiful.
Race update: To say that this past weekend was cold, wet and miserable would be an understatement! With 25-30 mph sustained winds, heavy downpours and puddles all over the track, it was a less than ideal final race weekend! Saturday's practice was super sketchy with tons of water on the track, forcing you to take theless desirable lines to avoid the deep puddles! I completed Saturday with a 6th in Formula Ultra and 3rd in Open Supersport, being beat by an angry blue smurf that we like to call Rob Workman! Regardless, it was a good to stay upright after hydroplaning at 155mph going across the start/finish every lap, among at other locations on the track! Sunday was supposed to be worse for weather but ended up being better relative to Saturday. In Open Superbike I was following Sam around and on lap 3 I lost the rear end going around turn 6, where I kept it upright after a complete 180 and then later it down and slid conveniently right in front of the corner worker, who helped me clear myself and bike off ...
Little Giant Ladders
Lol thought of the Smith Bro's when I saw this...Keith Smith, Brent Smith, Brandon Smith
Thanks to Brent Smith for all your help at the Rush. On your last day as a trainer, please know how much you have meant to me. You got me moving four years ago! You introduced me to my first Rush Power class quite by accident when I was in there with all the Trainers taking the class. You have been and remain a friend. Blessings on whatever lies ahead! - Wayne
"There's a hard life for every silver spoon, there's a touch of grey for every shade of blue. That's the way that I see life, if there was nothing wrong, then there'd be nothing right." -Brent Smith of Shinedown
Brent Smith I can see Charlie doing that lol
Brent Smith sounds like heaven... That is all...
Brent Smith is off to an interview this morning as part of his placement program for the 1st semester of his last year at St Lawrence College. Good Luck Brent...praying for a succesful and "calm and relaxing" interview.
Words cannot express how much I love Brent Smith's & Tyler Connolly's voice
I'd marry Brent Smith just because his voice beautiful
What an amazing finish of the most beautiful weekend! Thank you so much Harry Mantle & Emma Evans u have just blown us away! Brent Smith & Laura Smith it would never be the same without u 2! Kim Hanly u deserve a medal! So very happy right now!
Incredible lead singer of Shinedown Brent Smith # lovebrent..
What a treat today. Clancy Davis was in the house today at MMBC as Brent Smith was hot dogin' at the end.
Why online dating does not work in general - Brent Smith - -
Had a great night last night! I was able to see some friends I hadn't seen in over a year, Evert Matthijssen, Charlotte Wessells, Otto Schimmelpenninck, Martijn Westorholt) and was able to introduce a friend from here in Atlanta to them. Brent Smith)
I know it isn't Brent Smith, formerly Oceano's frontman, but at times when I listen to Float Face Down, there's parts of his vocals that remind me of Brent. What's he doing anyways?
I'm not sure whether I like Brent Smith's short hair or not
I personally think Brent Smith, Shinedown lead singer looks a lot better with shorter hair
Been for the best x Really sometimes brent smith shinedown xx
Brent Smith and Aaron Lewis are my idols
btw, another duet with Brent Smith in the future? Love you on Breaking Inside! Actually, love you on anything you belt out..
Listening to Shinedown, omg how I love Brent Smith's voice!!!
can't wait to see the new ripped Brent Smith.
The power in Brent Smith's voice when he is singing "Call Me" is unbelievable
And i'm not strong enough to stay away. ♫ Not Strong Enough (feat. Brent Smith) by Apocalyptica —
No money from Mud Immortal has been given yet to the Alzheimer Society. Brent Smith, owner of the Newfoundland...
Especially when you look the way Brent Smith does right now tydfvbjfh
@ Brent Smith, the song song that really made me cry, you wrote for the same reason I had, parents n all, by the way you really look good
RIP Brent Smith! SV alum and true Ninerz fan. You will never be forgotten. My condolences to your family.
Brent Smith is the reason I can't focus on my homework
You tell me a better singer than lead vocalist Brent Smith, and I'll tell you why you're wrong.
I just used to tag Not Strong Enough by Apocalyptica Feat. Brent Smith. you'll like it
Not Strong Enough by feat. Brent Smith on . Try this
My idols: Gary Barlow,Brent Smith and Elvis were all born in January. I think I have a type.
By 'this', I mean my CV. Not the weird Taylor Momsen/Sarah Fabel/Brent Smith/Myles Kennedy arrangement I appear to have going on atm...
Brent smith — That's my boy, even though he's so rude to me in biology we are supaaa close and I love him to dea...
Brent Smith from Shinedown with short hair. Excuse me while my ovaries explode.
Brent Smith's first orioles game! Please show this on the big board for him!
Join the Insanity and get on the best shape ever like lead singer of Shinedown Brent Smith ask me how
I think the top three rock voices goes . 1. M. Shadows (avenged sevenfold). 2. Brent Smith (shinedown). 3. Ghost (Ivan L. Moody FFDP)
Brent Smith, Wyoming QB is the truth, NFL skills. Reminds me of Kapernick at Nevada.
Nolan puts em to shame baha let's get real I'd marry papa roach's or skillets lead singer over Brent smith 😍
Whether you like Shinedown's music or not, you have to admit that Brent Smith is extremely talented.
Diffinally no dout I agree to Brent Smith is cool
I can't believe how much Brent Smith has changed over the years. He looks nothing like he did a few years ago, in a good way
That speech that the lead singer of Shinedown, Brent Smith, gave last night at the concert was deep
"Rock and Roll is no genre of music, not at all. Rock and Roll... My friends, Rock and Roll is the way of life." -Brent Smith
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Brent Smith is such a stud with short hair. Why did he ever have it long?
Hill has been surpassed… now Brent Smith posts 3rd fastest time so far….
All of those songs that make me feel alive again. Rock and Roll is a way of life! -Brent Smith
“Who do you guys think is the best metal/rock vocalist of all time?” Brent Smith(rock), Maria Brink(metal)
Brent smith looks like he wants to murder you, and Zach Myers looks like a train hopping hobo
you mean so much to me ! You saved my life and you are my hero (: I love you Brent smith
Photo: Awesome detail shot of custom armor on Brent Smith of Shinedown by Cody Varona. For info and...
Apocalyptica (feat. Brent Smith of Shinedown) − I'm not strong enough to stay away
Better version.. at least in my opinion. ♫ Not Strong Enough – Apocalyptica feat. Brent Smith
Things looking up for Shinedown: Brent Smith is a dangerous man these days. He says it straight out. And it's...
I could listen to Brent Smith from Shinedown sing all night. Dudes got them pipes.
I'm putting Ian Thornley, Brent Smith, and Chris Cornell in the same category of vocally awesome. Yes, please.
How can Brent Smith stand on stage with his hand in his pockets and still have more charisma than me?
Brent Smith checks his gear after his final training run.
In reference to the marriage between me and Brent Smith.
Oh, and Brent Smith looks odd(not in a bad way though) with short hair. Like it looks like a military style hair cut. I'm use to long hair
The speech that Brent Smith gives before the song is amazing...
I can even keep it current with great male and female vocalists: Adam Gontier, Myles Kennedy, Lzzy Hale,Chris Cornell, Brent Smith.
*wishes I could sing like David Draiman, Ivan Moody, or Brent Smith*
“Celebrating 222 Years of Hamilton’s History! 1791 - 2013” Come out tonight at 7:30 and enjoy the Ohio Metropolitan Pops Orchestra, with featured vocalists: Brent Knipper and Leah Smith, as we perform music from both musicals and film along the river's edge. Bring a chair or blanket and relax while watching a Color Guard performance by the Hamilton Fire Department during the "Star Spangled Banner". See you there!! RiversEdge Park & Amphitheater, 1 Riverfront Drive, Hamilton, Ohio 45011
Hey friends, Endless thanks for the outpouring of birthday love last Wednesday. Y'all made me feel warm and fuzzy. Secondly, a big thank you to everyone who came out to Exile On King Street on Friday and Saturday nights at Boone Saloon. Thanks to your support and love for the music of The Rolling Stones, we raised more than $1,700 for High Country charities and nonprofits. And perhaps most importantly, thanks to all the musicians who donated their time and talents to the event: Possum Jenkins, Soul Benefactor, George Jonestown Massacre, The Worthless Son-In-Laws, The Karloffs and Randanken Syndrome, as well as special guests HP Preston, Katie Boyette, Christian Smith, Mike Bandy, Miquela De Leon, Alex Golden and Mike Runyon.
Actor I was assigned: Bradley Cooper Movies I love: Silver Linings Playbook, All About Steve Movies I like: A-Team, Failure to Launch Movies I hate: The Hangover 1-3 Movies I hate to admit I like: Power Rangers and Spice World! Like this status and I'll give you an actor!
yup, his voice is one of a kind! I miss him with three days grace! Apocalyptica also had Brent Smith on a song too 😍
Great conversation with Brent Smith. To be continued.
That moment when ur "MAMA" tries to compare u with one of ur friends & u just sitting there thinking "that n*gga do way worst stuff then me"
Nearly involved in a car accident this afternoon. A car sped through a Give Way sign straight towards me as I was driving past with right of way. They must have been distracted and didn't see the Give Way sign. They were travelling full speed (50k), or so it seemed from my POV. I nearly caught it in my driver's door. Luckily, thanks to my immediate evasive maneuver (a hard swing to the left) I managed to avoid disaster. Good thing one of us was focused at the time.
[I wonder if i'll ever meet Brent Smith.]
Everyone always talks about Oli Sykes & Kellin Quinn & what not but I'll always have a place in my heart for Brent Smith.
Many thanks to Victoria Lunebach and Bud Reed, for arranging a very informative and interesting "Grand Handling Seminar" today. Also thanks to all who worked to set up and man the wingers, etc, Scott Hodge, Brent Smith, Grant Rada, Walter Schaff, Bob Williams, and Ken Reinert.
I met them at one of their acoustic shows, and Brent Smith told my friend that their set is 90 for CoM!
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This is also one that has used this stolen profile to scam an ss friend. the man in the pic (who's photo is stolen is Brent Smith) danielmartin486
Okay everyone just want to let you know I will generously give a life upon request. However no lives for people who's past the level I'm on :0( sorry I had a little hate juice
Cecil Murry Smith was a great man that taught me so much! So thankful he was my dad!!!
Thanks to everyone who sent and said a prayer for my Mema. She is home now, feeling a little groggy. Doctor said it is rocky mount spotted fever. Not fun.
Today was a pretty good day. After church went to daddy's for a fish fry with my family. My little brother Brent Smith did a great job on the cooking by the way. Ate way too much and kids had a blast there as always with all their cousins. Then came home and me and my little Samuel went horseback riding. He talked the entire time saying everything keeping me laughing. Funniest thing he said is "I smell something." When I asked him what he said and I quote "I think it's horse." Lol. Love that boy to pieces... He can always make me smile even when I'm having a bad day...Now I think I'm gonna get a long hot bath and snuggle with my little man while he is still small enough to let me...
From this day on I will be known as Grandma Great thanks to Lisa Shippey and Brent Smith. Steven is so beautiful
Fill in the blanks: If I was stranded on a desert island and could only listen to 2 albums.they would be _ and _ .
Enjoyed our service today at Smith Creek Baptist Church in New Market, VA. People were a blessing to minister too and am thankful for their sweet spirit and the blessing they were to us in return. Thanks Pastor Brent Hockema and Kim Hockema and family for the great lunch and time of fellowship.
OMG - BIGMAC "i confess that all the wannabe gangsters in pukekohe are so fukin hot i eye them up all the time when i go through the darkside. i will sleep with any1 off them. but if they have mrz i wont. fcuk that shyt but yeah i wish i had the guts to ask them if they are single and have phns. i love it hw they walk in there swags..."
Well seen some peps I hadn't seen in years Patricia Little Brent Justcoolin Bulluck Melissa Smith Hailey Hammonds Alexus Brooke Hammonds see u all again soon love y'all
Best weekend in a long time. I loved seeing my family. Celebrating a wonderful women couldn't have asked for it to happen in a better way. Then ending with a fish fry with Margo Smith Molly Teichman Brent Teichman Karen Goodchild Trish Rondeau Nacy and everyone else in our family. I love you all.
I wasn't given any hours this past week, managed to pick up 42
Might be coming to Chapel Hill tonight. I want to see you guys! Joshua Romp Golden Taylor Sweatt Liz Lando Katherine Guevara Derek Brent Gibson James Cunningham Stone Gaines Lyndsie Phommachieng Alena Rodriguez
My little sister thinks Brent Smith would be the coolest dad lmfao what
"In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future." -Alex Haley
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"Remember life is a gift. Make everyday count. Love, don't hate. Be on time." Brent Smith
From Brent. He rode to Florida with Scott to help keep him awake. Lover you, bunches, Charity Polston Wilkes and Scott Wilkes.. .I said hello to Charity. When she finally saw me she couldn't believe I was here. I told her I had to help Scott and keep him in line. She said thank you to me multiple times. Got a great pic with her and will text it when they send it to me. That was worth it all. Pray for his flight home to stay on schedule. We miss you Brent Smith Daddy
If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, ... — Brent Smith, the lead singer to Shinedown. I love tha...
So very proud of Melissa Ivie! She passed both AP Biology and AP Euro tests!!! Next year it is on to AP Calculus, AP US History, AP US Government, AP language and composition, and AP Chemistry. I am so proud to be her mom!
Snow Spruce Construction would like to welcome Brent Stykalo and Garett Smith to our Construction team. Brent and Garett will be working for us in the Dauphin area, taking care of residential and commercial projects alike.
So I was just interviewed by email about IFWA, my writers' group, and here was my response to the question on members' publications--the reporter especially wanted to know about people who live in Calgary. Robert J. Sawyer has about 20 books in print and has won every award under the sun. Hayden Trenholm has an award-winning SF trilogy out (the first one is "Defining Diana") and Craig DiLouie (Calgary) has three zombie books in print--he just signed with Simon and Schuster. Jodi McIsaac is going viral with her novels on Amazon. Erika Holt (Calgary) edited "Rigor Amortis" (watch out--it's a little raunchy), "Broken Time Blues," and is currently assistant editor of "Nightmare" magazine. "The Urban Green Man," coming out this summer, is edited by Adria Laycraft and Janice Blaine (both Calgary), and "Mik Murdock" is written by Michell Plested (Calgary). Shane Shayne Easson (Calgary) has a novel out, and Al Onia (Calgary) has a novel coming out from Bundoran Press in 2014. Barb Galler-Smith has a fantasy trilo ...
The heart wants what the heart wants.bottom line.
I do want to thank some very special friends for their huge amount of support last night, who stayed at our house and cleaned up so Matt and I could rush to the hospital by his mothers side.I love you all so much, and have touched our hearts tremendously!! Also Coach Gary, Brent Smith and Jim Dreps
Global autism rates are on the rise and many are beginning to ask questions about how they can best treat or remedy symptoms to increase quality of life overall.In one particular case, a young boy by the name of Ethan Fox began showing strong signs of Autism recovery when his diet was changed to no…
Gallatin Gun Club Match results We had quite a day at the Gallatin Gun Club Saturday. This was the 1st time we had shot a 300 yard match and it will be remembered. Rain has fallen steadily for several days here and in fact, we've had nearly 5 inches since Wednesday. Saturday morning began the same way with a temp of about 70º and the rain fell until afternoon. But the payback was a mild readable wind condition. There were 6 new UBR records set for 300 yards and the 300/100 Grand Ag. Of course, this is subject to review, but I believe they will all stand. The Macer family showed off with Mike taking the 300 yard and the GA in Factory Class. His Dad Brent, not to be out done took the 300/100 Grand Agg in Custom Class. Ron Jackson won the 300 yard Custom Class and Larry Moore took the Unlimited 300 and the Grand Agg. The amazing thing was the scores. The previous 300 yard records were shattered. Factory Class scored 239 which beat the previous Custom Class record of 236. The new Custom Class 300 record is n ...
Wendy Groce-Smith, this made me think of you. :) Brent Smith
Today wad a great day. Great church service this morning. Great lunch with Byron Chicken and then a great get together with the Siyasiza board members this afternoon. Now for some great time with Brent Smith.
Guys; Vickie and returned late last night from Newport Beach, Cal. We attended the 5 star wedding of Holly Smith and 3 star Brent Hendrix. ( I say 3 star, because Brent is not as flashy as Holly HA!HA! and that is OK Brent, neither am I, We all know how flashy Holly is). It was FIRST CLASS!!! It was truly a 5 star wedding at a 5 star resort overlooking God's 5 star Pacific Ocean. We are so happy for you!
Thank you cuz Brent Smith for inviting us to sit with you during the fireworks!!! They were great!!!
Heading over to the Charlie Horse at 2pm to sit it with Brent, Doug, and Steve. I'm bringing my wife's Aunt Euple Smith, my Father-In-Law Tulon Davis, and his girlfriend Jean Rice! Euple is visiting from Sulligent, AL, and she's good people!
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If you were going to be stuck on an island with three ce... — Bear Grills,Steve Erwin (if he was alive) Brent Smith
Brent Smith of Shinedown, he's the guest vocalist, much like Corey Taylor was for I'm Not (
Do i hear Brent Smith with the backing vocals..?. (
Wish we had more time...could of tore some shup...but thanks Jaime well as Brent Merkleyand Lori Merkley, Megan Kingrey Paul Kingrey Chanc Smith! Great talk and great UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship!
The shocking truth about cereal. Not every cereal are bad, but what you buy and eat. What you will see in this video is a scientific experiment performed live on camera. This is proof that corporations are pumping you full of deadly material, and that they are fully aware of...
Ladies and Gentlemen... Brent Smith was never *** .. He is just interested in trying a *** at least once 😏👌
Ive been kidnapped by dnd save me Smith Ronecia Anderson Jonathan Moorer Brent BledsoeJeremy IrvinJeremy OxfordNatasha
Ok, ok, I'm gonna see what this Dr. Who thing is all about
Shout out to KJLH for spinning the "Chevy Remix", now show up to TRU Hollywood and see David Cash perform the hit single! Support Nu West World and all the hard work! MrDemarcio Posey Sr. Chunk McCoy Richina Givens Reggie Todd Jr. Brent Smith DonGizzle SixHunnit
Tune into KJLH 102.3 and listen for David Cash, Nu West World is in the spin on KJLH Free Radio! Please support NU West World and David Cash! Shout out to the entire Nu West World Team for all the hard work! Reggie Todd Jr. MrDemarcio Posey Sr. Chunk McCoy Brent Smith Richina Givens Dee Law Midtown Vee Hai Nguyen DonGizzle SixHunnit
Dear Brent Smith, . I freakin love your voice!
Who else received that Snapchat from Brent smith.
BRENT SMITH — I've known him for awhile and he lives in my neighborhood but we've only hung out a couple times.
Had a really good day fishing and swimming with Erica Smith, Sara Cavanaugh, Brent, Aiden, and Savanna. Many more fun summer days to come :)
Any more requests for shirtless Sunday? I'll do my best to fill them all -blesstheveil
I remember that picture also and I miss those days.
No thanks, no more polarities, just love with Emily Sykes Shane Cox Brent Dahl Alesha West Christina Smith Christopher Drummond Christina Iakovidis Christina Lopez Melissa Cox
"And it's killin' me when you're away,. I wanna leave and I wanna stay. And I'm so confused,. So hard to choose". -Brent Smith.
This is how I'm feeling right
People are interesting. It fascinates me when someone (or in today's case 2 people) believe they know everything there is to know about me and how I live my life based upon a FB comment. Fascinating, just fascinating. I will resist the temptation to jump to those same kinds of conclusions about them. Just another growth opportunity, I suppose. :)
I couldnt help it hehe I love me sum Brent Smith / Shinedown
Great time last night at Pop a Top with Tammy M Alexander, Clay Smith, Frankie Bradley, Evan Alexander, and so many more. It just wasn't the same without Larry Lowman, Terry Lowman, Renardo Green, and Brent Coburn.
So I saved Brent E Smith from a raccoon attack last night and he pays me back with a near death experience by making me go on a 100 foot ladder. Yes he is VERY lucky man.
My Pistons just signed Josh Smith.I'm already starting to see some sunlight in Detroit. "PISTON SINCE 86' SON"
Halestorms "heres to us" with guest vocalists BRENT SMITH, David Draiman, Myles Kennedy, James Michael, Tyler Connolly and Maria Brink=Sick
Guess you say "" riding with my boys"" Brent Burchill Shawn Laura Dunn Andrew Nellie Smith Marty Provo!! My first venture to balsam!!
You ask why are you single? My reply Brent Smith is taken for now... lol
Later on Thursday, four of the five sisters were together. We missed you, Kay! There were Sharon Smith, with Missy and Stari; Jannis Bills Spencer, with Neal, Brent and David; Chris Bills Knudsen, Cassie Knudsen, Jonathan Knudsen and Curtis; and Chris and me
On Thursday, Chris forgot to bring the camera. We were with Sharon Smith , Missy and Stari, Jannis Bills Spencer, Neal, Brent and David
A vicious cycle...Life is pain; which is pleasure; which is guilt; which is heartache; which is pain again...I dunno...plz don't mind me rambling.I have a lot going on right now.
Hey everyone, Be sure to "LIKE" my page if you are tired of seeing the same old workouts posted online. Lunges, burpees, mountain climbers. How lame. This page Will soon have our Daily Training Regimen or DTR posted daily. What is the DTR you ask? The DTR is a training regimen not just a workou...
"If I could find assurance to leave you behind, I know my better half would fade, and all my doubt is a staircase for you, opened out of this space, the first step is the one you believe in, the second just might be profound, I'll follow you down through the eye of the storm, don't worry I'll keep you warm, I'll follow you down as we're passing through space, I don't care if we fall from grace, I'll follow you down..."
Well. I can't stop thinking about the disappointment I'm feeling right now. Shinedown is on tour with The Carnival of Madness this year and coming to Mud Island and I won't get to go due to the fears and anxiety about driving downtown. Plus it's on a Wednesday night and that's a work night for Donnie. So I will ask again. If anyone is going or plans to go and buy tickets would u please let me buy tickets with u so I will have someone to go with. This is the 2nd time Brent Smith of Shinedown has been back to Memphis since I saw him in 2010 at the Landers Center in Southaven that I won't get to go. The Struggle is real.
Kentwell 2013/1559. Only (somewhat blurred, thanks Lizzie) record of a rather magnificent beard, if I do say so myself.
Imagine Brent Smith and Eddie Vedder singing together...that could be cool, eh?
Thanks you for all the HB love. I am getting older, but my life seems to only be getting better. I had a great day with my awesome kids and wife at the lake. Finished off with a great date night with my beautiful wife.
Good Morning Dragoon Family Members and Friends – It’s the end of another week of Basic Combat Training – your loved one is one day closer to reaching his / her goal of becoming a U.S. Army Soldier and you’re one week closer to finishing your “first deployment” – how cool is that?!! Overall, we had a great week across the Dragoon Battalion; hope you did too! I know what you’re really looking forward to though… as always, today’s picture day!!! Be sure to check out each company’s photo album later today after our training is complete for pictures from this week’s training. If you check out the Foxtrot Warrior album, you’ll see some photos taken of Thursday night’s fireworks display (these are already up). Don’t forget to save the date: Tuesday, July 9th, 6:30 p.m. CENTRAL TIME we will host a live on-line video web-cast with members of the unit chain of command to discuss upcoming Family Day, Graduation, and Warrior Banquet events as well as provide some general information ...
I'm not gonna lie... Brent Smith from shinedown, hair looks great short😛😛 plus he has a great voice😁
Good luck Grease Monkeys, bring home that 1st place trophy!
Another day of job hunting :( made better by the amazing voice of Brent Smith 😀
If you can't sing like Brent Smith, we can't be together.
The Q interview with Brent Smith of Have a listen here: ~
I just uploaded "BRENT SMITH of SHINEDOWN on The Q july 5 2013" to Mixcloud. Listen at
Brent Smith, the singer of Shinedown is such a great vocalist and one of my favorites to listen to as well
Oh I do like it when Brent Smith wears a tight fitted vest
"You woke up this morning. Nice! It's the opportunity of a lifetime so take advantage of it." Brent Smith ‏
The voice of Brent Smith is adorable!
Brent Smith self described modern day troubador
Rock n' Roll is not a genre of music, it's the way of life"- Brent Smith Shinedown
Brent Smith from is my He can turn my day around with his voice...
Maria sang with Brent Smith from Shinedown. I want to see ITM badly enough, and if I see that it'll make my life. *_*
On the show tonight, preview of Seether's new album, and Brent Smith talks about Shinedown's latest single.
Just gotta get this off my chest-After about three days of arguing and battling with Brent Smith and a salesman named Russ at Peppers my sweet wife and I bought her a new car from Brent who had the best deal. What was NOT the best deal was the sales tax I had to pay the State. Brent gave me $2500.00 off the price of the car but the State made me pay sales tax on the full amount. I had to pay sales tax on $2500.00 THAT I DID NOT SPEND!
Feel like I've been run over by a Mack truck. Glad today is my infusion day so I HAVE TO REST! Ha! A long distance sprint yesterday (Got hammered by M sonnenfeldt = AARRGGHH!) HA! Therapy at 2:15, and then helped with KNOXVILLE YOUTH ATHLETICS site at Farragut. Didn't do much but rake the LJ pit. Saw good 'ol Chris Kane, Brent Smith, Daniel Sonnenfeldt, Joe Thompson & his phenom running daughter Joanna who the kids mobbed with love! Reminded me of how great an organization KYA is. Sorta miss it! Thanks Betty Sonnenfeldt for having a B day yesterday so I could sub for you. KNOXVILLE YOUTH ATHLETICS ROCKS!
Watching Open Court on NBA TV, a panel discussion with Shaq, Barkley, Steven Smith, Webber, Kerr, Brent Barry, Reggie Miller and man, this is so entertaining, as the conversation started with AAU teams to their friendships in school to who they wanted to dunk on the None of them believed Shaq when he said he only got dunked on twice in his career. Do anyone know who those two players are that dunked on him?
A funny show is coming back on this summer (whose line is it) really funny. But I know some guys who can do it well. Shawn Taylor, Anthony Northcutt, Booba Young, Andrew Young, Wes Young, Jon Young, Brent Smith Josh Taylor. Want a good laugh put these guys together they are nuts .
Competition time again for the second origin !! This time a Lipo6 Black is up for grabs for the first person to comment on this post the name of who the first try scorer will be !! First and last name required !! GO ...
Which player from QLD do you think will score the first try tonight?
For a medium homepack who will be named MAN OF THE MATCH in tonight's game.( one guess per person and winner will be the first person to comment with correct answer)
So according to ABC 27 Sports Stevie Smith is the driver of the 19m. Did I miss something
2013 Gamecocks Will be Magical OFFENSE Quarterback At Florida in the 1990s, Steve Spurrier won while playing two quarterbacks at times. He might do it again this season. Connor Shaw’s injuries gave Dylan Thompson opportunities last season, which ended by Thompson throwing the game-winning touchdown pass at the finish of the Outback Bowl. Thompson also played all of the previous game, a win over rival Clemson. Connor Shaw is a true Dual-Threat QB who plays as much with his heart as his arm and legs. Dylan Thompson is a better passer who seems to gain confidence more each game. So we are se at QB. RB Lattimore is gone. In a lot of ways he gave us Heart. He taught (I Believe us to be tough) but even when he went down last year we found the will to win I think in large part due to Lattimore's influence on and off the field. Now we will rely on Mike Davis, who had 52 carries last season as a true freshman. Only 275 Yrds, but a 5.3 Avg per carry. WR We have talent, but a lot of it is unproven. Damiere Byrd, K ...
Who's got 2 thumbs and just got hired? . This guy!! Back out west again in a couple weeks.
FIRST person to guess the FIRST TRY SCORER in tonights game will win a LARGE HOMEPACK.( there will only be one winner)
Brian will never learn that it's not OK to screw with me n my kids. I'm tired of these threats. I need to find a gun to keep with me. These cops are useless. U tell them about stuff and they sit back to see what happens. I'll just start protecting myself.
Today would have been my brothers 46th birthday but due to car accident cause by a drunk driver he didn't make it. Happy Birthday "GUY"b/k/a Willie Brent R.I.P. missing u!
Need help with boy names an suggestions.
We graduated from novice to expert last race weekend! Thank you LORD!!! Our new number is 97. We are excited to run with the fast guys and see God bless us :)
Minnesota Street Rod Association's Back to the Fifties Weekend will celebrate 40 years with more than 11,000 street rods, customs, classics and restored vehicles, all dating from 1964 and earlier.
Get inspired and live an life! Listen to this amazing interview I did with Brent Smith at BSL Radio here:...
BSL Insider Exclusive: Maria Brito of “Lifestyling By Maria Gabriela Brito” and author of “Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping” joins us on the show today.
Ok...list time! Thinking of the newer breed of blues piano players...the likes of Dale Storr, Paddy Milner, Ben Waters, Dan Burnett.etc.what names would you suggest to add to these starters? Talking blues, boogie, a little jazz.
*** . Brent Smith's voice always gives me goosebumps.
In the words of the great Brent Smith: "This is your moment, and your history. Make it now."
Truck is for sale message me or text me if interested. Need it gone
You know I sit here in my room a lot thinking about what I coulda done different in my life up till now or whats gonna happen to me tomorrow or even 10 years from. You know what the common thing I settle with when it comes down to it and that is I truly don't care. I don't care if I ever get rich or continue to just make it by cuz I just wanna wake up to Kase and Layla jumping on me telling its time to wake up. When its time to put them to bed see them put the puppy dog faces on because they want me to lay down with them and of course I cant tell them no. Especially layla cuz that's one of the few times she hugs me to death cuz she turned out like me and isn't a people person but when its bed time she always gave me a kiss and said its your nite nite time too daddy now lay down lol. If I can just have those times again nothing else matters to me! You really never know how much you miss someone or take them for granted till you don't get to see them much. I did that a lot but it didn't matter to them cuz t ...
I feel very sick! I need to go to the emergency room!!!
Look Brent Smith get our daughtie one cute hay!!
Please be praying for my wife and the Josh n Jenna Smith family as they travel to Nicaragua today.
Has anyone ever tried chewing on a shoe? Perhaps it is the best thing you will EVER try. Perhaps it will change your life.
I booked a flight HOME! YYC I'm comin' for ya on August 13th! I'll be servin' up Brew Brothers traditionally with Brent Morley Smith at the taste of Calgary! See you all then! Xoxo
Basically i wish i had Brent Smith's or Chris Cornell's voice :P
Well it's now Tuesday. Happy anniversary honey! It been a wonderful 8 years so far. I love you Mr. Brent Nunn!
Like this status and I will tell you why I like you
These are the top 4 individuals with the highest scores overall and are listed alphabetically: *B. Baum *V. Johnson *MusicMan *A. Smith The individual with the highest overall score who will win the TV will be announced on Saturday 830 am after boot-camp
I'm not that stupid person who is still in love with you
If you were forced to listen to one singer the rest of your life, who would it be?
looking into taking the family on Cruise.. never went on one before or what cruise line to use...but I wanna go to Hawaii..can anyone tell me how to get all this together,,need help here!
Lying in a Thai hospital with a broken back.. Still smiling.. I can feel my feet
If you like shinedown And think brent smith is attractive We are bestfriends okay ~OfMice&Meow~
"Success can be measured not only in achievements, but in lessons learned, lives touched and moments shared along the way" As I reflected on that quote, I realized how much of a success the benefit was Saturday night. I want to say a big "Thank You" to everyone who came out to the benefit Saturday night and also to those that were with us in spirit. We could not have done it without you!!! A special "Thank You" to Larry and Corey Tooley for braving the heat and cooking that awesome food, Janet and Johnny Jones and Long Creek Bluegrass and also John Isham Dicken for the wonderful music, Jeff Geralds for being our auctioneer for the evening, Lori Ferguson for keeping the auction under control-we love you!, Mary Ann Hardin for the beautiful quilt and for everything you did, JJ likens for all the help getting the word out, Heather Dennison for doing way more than we can mention, Brandy Hatcher for all the miles you traveled for us in Monroe County, Billy Jo Carver for the entertainment you provided during the ...
Shinedownsinging Adele last night at Pierre's. Brent Smith can make every song better! With Shilo Swonger
Jackie Green is on air with chances to win passes to an advanced screening of The Lone Ranger, and she's talking...
um, brent smith I guess?! we just gave away a bunch. probably will have some more soon.
I don't like all their music, but Shinedown's singer Brent Smith has a phenomenal voice. Dayum!!
What do "Craig Smith, Nile Osborn, Darcy Watson and Glenn Suggitt" have in common and why are they coming to Yorkton on Wednesday, June 26th? First 5 correct answers gets some "June is Recreation and Parks Month" prizes.
RIP uncle Brent Smith-Gander. Can't believe ur gone. I can see u now smilin down on us with ur best buddy charger by ur side. You will be dearly missed:(
~In a while now I will feel better I’ll face the weather before me. In a while now I’ll race the irony And buy back each word of my eulogy. All the uninvited tragedies Step outside. Shinedown~ Amaryllis
ATTENTION: This is a PUBLIC. Service Announcement: : All Surrounding LW, FP,BP,AP areas.. Women and ladies we have a 20 year old female adulterer on the loose now she is currently occupied but I suspect this will not last for long...I have friends and family of hers on my FB this is no concern to me just remember what would jesus do...With this bein said any and all married ladies with concern message me and I will reveal the name of this Stankish person .Yall be well
"Someday" is not a day of the week. It's NEVER. - Brent Smith
That was cut far too short! I think Brent smith is an amazing talent.
Brent Smith this still is a funny moive bro I have not see it in like forever bro. What are you and Raben and Kim doing and the kids and your grandma love you guys wrote me back on this post that I'm going to post with you right now bro..
APEGNB member Brent Smith, PEng (left) meets Mikey McBryan of in Buffalo Airways hangar on June 7
Lead Singer of Shinedown Brent Smith Loses 70 lbs. with Insanity: via
Ok not sure if I'm doing the right thing or not but here goes! All of my Plain Elementary parents listen up. I'm sure by now you all have heard of the puppy mill bust in Ft Inn by now well what you may not know is the despicable man who owned the puppy mill works at our school! He is head of maintenance and cleanliness of our school and he is around our children. I volunteer for the shelter that took these animals in and I am also in the rescue foster community so I have seen what these animals have endured. From being eaten alive by parasites to prolapsed uterus from being over bred and let me tell you this is what I call a stepping stone crime. The mistreatment is a stepping stone to one day mistreating humans. One eventually leads to another. So I don't know about you but I do not want This man around my children. He is not being charged with anything as far as I know he is only going to receive 5 citations so I don't know if the district will take away his job. So I ask if you have a child at plain pl ...
this obsession with Brent smith was worrying!
Just makes me like Shinedown even more.Brent Smith you've inspired me!
Our first article written by our Meet Reporter Shelly Austin! You can look for a modified version of this report in the Irvine World News. As we've mentioned in the past, Irvine World News only allows us 600 words and full liberty to edit us. So, this version below is much more fun! Great job Shelly! MEET REPORT FROM JUNE 22, 2013 The Woodbury Waves had an impressive showing in their first dual meet of the season against the South Irvine Dolphins. Waves swimmers posted 189 time improvements. 67 Waves swimmers had ISL qualifying times in 155 events. The Waves took first place in all mixed medley relays. The following age groups had first place finishes in all 4 individual events: 5-6 boys, 7-8 girls, 7-8 boys, 9-10 girls, 11-12 girls, and 11-12 boys. The 9-10 boys and 13-14 girls swept first through sixth place in freestyle. Sophia Yang (6), Troy Hill (6), Carolyn Nguyen (9), Ethan *** (10), Kristine Nguyen (12), and Kevin Tu (12) earned first place ribbons in all three of their individual events. ...
AWARD WINNING NAPA AUTO PARTS THUNDER ON THE HILL RACING SERIES PRESENT. . . . . . PENNSYLVANIA 410 SPRINTS & 358 MODIFIED DOUBLE HEADER TUESDAY NIGHT, JULY 2 AT GRANDVIEW SPEEDWAY Previously recognized in both Daytona Beach, FL and Indianapolis, IN the award winning NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series will present their one-hundred and eighth event in twenty-four years at the Grandview Speedway on Tuesday night, July 2 when the Pennsylvania 410 Sprints and the 358 Modifieds present a double-header spectacular. These two fan favorite divisions always present a crowd pleasing event on the "hill" and Tuesday night, July 2 will be no different. The 410 sprints will compete in a 35 lap $5,000 to win feature with the modifieds going 25 laps for $3,000 to win. Gates will open at 5 PM with time trial qualifying for the 410 sprints opening the program at 7:30 PM. The fastest cars on dirt are the 410 sprints cars and they'll be challenging the high banked one-third mile oval against the clo ...
Even Brent Smith of Shinedown committed to his health through Beachbody's INSANITY... his results are insane!!...
Great interview I did with Brent Smith on BSL radio! Podcast is available here Get to live w/
You'd think that after the bomb After Earth, Will Smith would lower his asking price just a little in order to be in a sure-hit like a sequel to ID4.
We have had a busy past few weeks, a lovely beach wedding in Destin, FL, then a beautiful ceremony and reception in Athens, GA! We are excited to introduce a few new things going on at the office located at 2 West Washington St. Newnan, GA 30263! We are getting close to opening our private art gallery! We will be taking submissions from artist all over. We are also teaming up with 2 great artists, Brent Smith of Newnan, GA, as well as Nathan Hudson of Newnan, GA! They will be displaying work for sale shortly. We will be posting a date soon, inviting all to our open house!
Ahh... this is just amazing, didn't know you did this Stephen Hough , wow ... Thank you. Great, colorful, and exciting (as per your usual par excellence):
John & Henry are off to rehearsal for the Little Mermaid. John is playing the role of Sebastian ('Under the Sea') and Henry is cast as a sailor and a kitchen staff member. The show will open next month. I'll send dates & times soon. John has remarked that Becky Hatfield Hoesly will be doing amazing things with costumes! Brent will be doing amazing things with the set! Excited!
I am sitting here looking at all my beauitful pictures of my granddaughter,she is so talented in so many things, she is so loved by so many people she knows I surport her in whatever she does , she has a good head on her shoulders I trust her with all my heart so can somebody please tell me why my heart hurts so bad , am crying all the time she just turned 18 if she just gave it 2 years maybe go to school workout more just live alittle and then go in the Marines but... she leaves in 1 month. I just dont know what the hurry is , I love you so much Cassandra
!RATE THE BABY NAME! It's time to play rate the baby name. I will post 20 baby names to be rated 1-10. The names used today will be used for the baby name battle on Friday. COMMENT YOUR BABIES NAME TO ENTER. 5 names were entered last week for this weeks game, so the first 15 to enter will be in this weeks. The rest entered today will be put on the list for next week. ♡Lindsay
Movie trailer for the documentary Generation Iron coming to theatres in 2013. Release date - September 2013!!! Directed by Vlad Yudin. Featuring 2x Mr. Olymp...
Who is the biggest celebrity you "know" personally? I'm talking being able to call them and they would actually know who you are!!
A rhino poacher has been convicted of the murder of his colleague who was shot and killed by rangers Ground-breaking decision on killing of poacher, A bit of a twist can make all the difference in the fight against Rhino Deaths. Image by Brent Leo-Smith Photography
Round Two is in the works. Match up will be area based, so you will have to worry about your neighbours before hunting a different town.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Hi Everyone. FREE COMPETITION. You only get 1 answer(enter once) & 1st correct answer will win a Free $50 Bet Account with Sportsbet. Who will score the 1st try in Origin 2 on Wednesday night. Get your answers back.
Brent Smith, lead singer of Shinedown, discovered the workout and lost 70 lbs!...
Taking action is more important than the size of the action you take. - Brent Smith
I can jam all day. Everyday. Every album. Brent Smith couldn't couldn't be more of an inspiration to me
Tonight is going to be great! SHINEDOWN ACOUSTIC WITH BRENT SMITH & Zach Myers! There will be a few tickets...
hwy trey u know me better than that I could be a Kurt cobain, Dave grohl, Brent smith or Shaun Morgan.
apocalyptica - not strong enough with Brent Smith
"It's never goodbye, it's just until next time". -Brent Smith (Shinedown)
Who do you look up to as an idol? — Joss Whedon, Brent Smith, Alice Cooper, Jon Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, and I c...
Yeah i love them. Brent Smith is awesome.
Brent Smith of Shinedown = this generations greatest rock lyricist/vocalist. Period.
Did Lzzy and Brent Smith used to date ?
Brent Smith is a better singer than Frank Ocean.
Who here has a singer that gives them earboners? For me, Lzzy Hale, Brent Smith, and Austin Winkler. OH! And Tyler Connolly
"It's killin' me when i'm listenin' to this song" . Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough (Feat. Brent Smith):
Aside from Steven Tyler, axl rose, and Brent smith! Adam Duritz has soo much emotion and feeling and art when he sings! True musician! \m/
yeah I follow Brent Smith I'm definitely gunna follow more people too but earlier I was tired so I just looked for a few people
Congratulations to APEGNB past president, Brent Smith, PEng. He was named a Fellow of the Cdn Academy of Engineering
" the will to live will always outweigh the ability to die .". -Brent Smith
Brent Smith & Zach Myers from Shinedown, with Mike Hsu and Mistress Carrie after the WAAF Rooftop Pool Party.
Anyone (Brent Smith) read Black Company by Glen Cook and enjoy it? About halfway through book 1. Decent. Some of these big wizard dudes remind me of a certain something we started last year at Solar...
By: AAP via NRL.COM Queensland coach Mal Meninga has dumped Ashley Harrison and David Shillington, calling up Daly Cherry-Evans and Josh Papalii for the must-win State of Origin game two at Suncorp Stadium on Wednesday week. Workaholic back-rower Harrison and prop Shillington paid the price on Tuesday after the Maroons pack was outplayed in the game one loss to NSW in Sydney. South Sydney's Chris McQueen and Corey Parker were promoted from the bench into the back row while hard man Nate Myles was shifted to the front row. Canberra enforcer Papalii was selected to add punch from the interchange bench where he's joined by a fellow debutant in Manly halfback Cherry-Evans. "It was difficult making changes. We have a culture of loyalty and we had to make some tough decisions with regards to the team moving forward," coach Mal Meninga said. "I thought some fresh faces and fresh enthusiasm in this footy team was important. "Hopefully we are heading in the right direction." Meninga said Papalii would had much-nee ...
Shinedown before bed 👌 ..Brent Smith's voice can be the perfect lullaby 😌🎶💤
Okay this is too awesome not to share... Look at all the weight Brent Smith of Shinedown lost by doing Insanity!! THESE PROGRAMS WORK. He looks like a completely different person!
The X Queensland Maroons have made two changes for next Wednesday’s Holden State of Origin match at Suncorp Stadium.
I have to say it..Mr. Brent Smith is looking really good in video.
Sarah Fortner here: Got word from the National Weather Service that there is NO evidence of a tornado in the Stuttgart and Almyra areas. Here's what they have to say, "No damage has been reported, no touch down reported and thus no tornado. ... Given the evidence (radar signatures, presence of a mid level low pressure circulation over Arkansas this evening, etc) this is likely a prime example of 'cold core funnels'." Due to the fact that there was no tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service, THV 11 Weather did not cut into programming. We appreciate YOU for trusting us, I'll have more details at 10 tonight.
Maroons veteran Ashley Harrison has been dropped from Queensland's State of Origin II team. STREAM: Watch the Queensland Maroons team announcement streamed live from 12.30pm here:
These boys need to hit the weight room! Nobody can homer. *** park isn't that big!
11 years ago this month, EVERYONE I knew except for Amy Smith and Mike Sole advised me AGAINST buying my own pharmacy and AGAINST leaving the security of Drug Warehouse. Even my parents who generally believed i could do anything, were convinced it was a bad idea. It turned out to be possibly the best decision I ever made. Today I decided its time to begin writing a new chapter in my life. I'm out of practice of being bold and fearless, so I will probably initially look for the "next little thing" while taking a six month window to maybe create the next "big thing" to kick off 2014! (All because it was Chinese Food night at the RIVERSPIRIT VIP LOUNGE and my fortune read "tomorrow you will begin a new chapter in your life." ) it sounded like good advice to me !!!
Who's ready for another giveaway ?!! How about a diaphragm designed for killer pup distress ? If you want to WIN you gotta SHARE my page or this post and put your name here ! I'll draw names in a couple days ... Ready go !
So done with disrespectful and ungrateful people!
If you guys could create a three point competition with any five guys in it, who would you pick. These guys can be living, dead, retired, anything. Keep in mind all of these guys would be in their prime. I would have to choose Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Steph Curry, Larry Bird and Peja Stojakovic -LarryBird33
"Fort though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again" (Proverbs 24:16)
Brent Smith enjoying some z on the boat. Now, I know where Abree gets it! Blake Smith already getting the hang of driving the boat!!
Wanna know how important America is? Ask the Savior of all mankind -- "For it is wisdom in the Father that they (the Gentiles) should be established in this land, and be set up as a free people by the power of the Father"... How's that for patriotic?
I didn’t know what I was going to write about today. When this happens, normally I grab a coffee to help get the ideas flowing, but for the last few days in Montreal, no one’s been allowed to drink the water due to a bacteria leakage. This also means: no coffee. So instead, I grabbed the next best t...
hey brother Brent Allan and Jeramie Smith i need some tool in my life
As of Saturday we have the following t-shirt orders that need to be picked up - if you know these folks or are these folks - please contact us via our page and we'll make arrangements to get them to you. Once again thank you so much for your support: Charlie Groce, Elizabeth Perea, Fred Lewis, Lee Yoder, Laura Smith, Marcy Steward, Maria Aguilar, Ozzie Merchado, Robbie Goldsmith, Terry Vance, Vivian Gifford, K. Brent Anderson, Jill Jenkins, Mary Rivera, and Miranda Garcia Traylor.
I think in order it would have to be John Lennon, Eddie Vedder, Brent Smith, Dave Matthews, then finally Paul McCartney
BREAKING:Reports coming in that Rabbitoh, George Burgess, has been charged with 2 counts of wilful damage to a car in Cairns.
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