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Brent Smith

Brent Smith (born January 10, 1978) is the lead vocalist and singer-songwriter of the band Shinedown. Known for his own impressive vocal range as a tenor, spanning four octaves, his biggest influences as a singer are Otis Redding, Billie Holiday, and Chris Cornell.

Adam Gontier Black Widow

Alright enough negativity about announcers - I like Brent Barry, Hubie, and Steve Smith of the guys who've done playoff games.
This is my jam: Not Strong Enough by Apocalyptica feat. Brent Smith on Elements Radio ♫
Someone go see Granger Smith with me at SoJo on June 5th
Prof Gary smith quoting Brent James. Better to do it a standard way rather than your own individual way
Arizona needs a goalie, I bet if we sent them JVR/Bernier, they'd make us take Smith
WTG Guys. Total domination of the Russian Federation. Mike Smith, Brent Burns, Sid & those boys from Edmonton. .
Thanks to Russia's lack of shots, that one goal just demolished Smith's save percentage.
I'd literally die if I ever meet either Jensen or Brent Smith like omg. . And I bet he was, he has an adorable face 😍
Commitment to higher ed lacking in state budget plan - Brent Smith, La Crosse Tribune: The controversy over *** ..
Faith celebrating her 14th birthday in her favorite way...with Brett Smith, Brent Johnson, Daniel Hyberger, and...
Canada's best 3 players for the tournament Mike Smith, Brent Burns, Claude Giroux.
Claude Giroux, Brent Burns and Mike Smith named top 3 players for Team Canada at
Claude Giroux, Brent Burns and Mike Smith as Top 3 Canadian players of the tournament
Claude Giroux, Mike Smith & Brent Burns named best players of the tournament for at
Brent Burns, Mike Smith, Claude Giroux picked the 3 best players from Canada. Could have picked many others
Mike Smith. Brent Burns. And Claude Giroux . all got top 3 players... A bit surprising but let's
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Brent Burns, Mike Smith, Claude Giroux... 3 best players for team Canada!!!
Some very scary moments for Team Canada, especially with Mike Smith doing his Ben Scrivens impersonation while Brent Bur…
Brent Smith from Shinedown looks pretty good with his hair cut then with it long.
And thank you, J.R. Smith, for making all those crazy hot shots and putting the Cavs in position to win this game.
Brent smith. Lead singer of shinedown
with in PHOENIX @ BAR SMITH JUNE 15TH. To perform, fill out this form:
If you don't think Brent Smith is one of the greatest male vocalists of our era then you obviously haven't listened to What A Shame
I feel like if Brent Smith ever decided to leave shinedown I would make a perfect replacement for him
J.R. Smith passed Vince Carter, Paul George, Hedo Turkoglu, Anfernee Hardaway, and Brent Barry for 56th all-time in playoff 3's.
A couple of really good saves by Emi Smith gets the ball back for Penn State! And it's a GOAL PENN STATE! 23:35 Kristin Brent.
5 of 5 stars to Becoming Steve Jobs by Brent Schlender
Here's an interview with from 4/27/15. He speaks about the new album etc..
that's pretty much what Devin Smith does
Congrats to on his graduation! Happy to see him rep the Burgundy & Gold today!
If Doc sweats more will the price of Brent Crude drop overseas?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Not Strong Enough feat. Brent Smith is my fav. I love his voice. He could sing every song on my iPod.
Phillip Shelby wins heat one. Brent Lawrence and Shawn Smith round out the top three.
Trevor Smith reviews the 2015 Toyota Corolla purchased from Brent Brown Toyota in Orem UT - Another happy...
Disappointed to hear that Brent Wilson and Bert Smith are stuck in OK due to rain and flooding. We will miss them at Hale Network workshop
Congratulations to Brent Allman and Sloane Smith for receiving The L. Reuben Mitchell Award for Campus Wide...
Charles Smith Hey there, thanks for following! Be sure to check out my blog & say 'Hi'
So beautiful! Sometimes the things we go through and overcome prepare us for better days. C Brent Smith
What's gonna/should be the Pats punishment? They're what you call repeat or serial offenders.FACT
Congratulations to BRENT AND MARY SMITH from Tigerton on the purchase of a 2014 Chevrolet Impala.
Actually steve smith n brent barry are two of the best. Reggie Miller needs to take notes
Steve Smith and Brent Barry are infinitely more enjoyable and insightful than Webber and Miller...
Brent Smith and Zach Myers cover of Someone Like You is 10x better than the original.
If you missed my interview with Brent Smith from Shinedown, listen here!
Preview from our upcoming Marfa Myths Photo Essay ft. and more / Photo by Brent Smith.
:The most confident players in their ability/talent to me would have to be Steve Smith Sr. & Brent Grimes.
Apocalyptica feat. Brent Smith of Shinedown // Not strong enough
is there any chance you and Brent will be doing anything else with Smith&Myers soon? I love your acoustic covers!
Brent Smith has one of those voices that just.UGH it's perfect y' good.
Friend: "hey brent, wanna hang out tonight". Me: "I would but I have a date. with my couch, tv and a bucket of chicken "
My heart is chained to you and I can't get free. [Official] Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough (Feat. Brent Smith):
I bet Ryan Ross and Brent Wilson started a band and Spencer Smith left to join them
The best version is with Brent Smith. Just in case you look it up. Just wrote the epilogue to —...
What can I say... It's just how am feeling ... via . Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough ft. Brent Smith
If you can belt out simple man like Brent smith can marry me
I get to see them on Thursday!!! Hope they play this song, even though I know it won't be Brent Smith singing.
Brent Smith (Shinedown) covers Dock of the Bay by my man, Otis Redding. I can die happy, y'all.
He is barking mad, baying at the moon crazy. Everybody thank Arkansas for electing a Senator *** brent on war at any price.
It was actually the drummer that left - Spencer Smith. Brent Wilson was a bassist who left years ago :P
Brent Smith Hi your selected Check our site in description
huh. I'm always the last to know. :) So I see a "Brent Smith" in the last bishops email. I'm assuming it's him?
"There's no room for Plan B b/c it distracts from Plan A. There's a certain delusional quality that all successful people …
Timing screens now corrected and order is Baldwin Lewis Tolley Tuck Smith Chesneau Brent Brerland
"Sexual Hallucination (feat. Brent Smith)" by In This Moment from Black Widow @ trugym
Hi! I saw you follow E Dewey Smith and thought you might like this . Links in my bio :)
Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough (feat. Brent Smith) on your ROCK & JOCK Home of NEA, LIVE from the J'Town's Grill S
all I want in life is happiness for ryan ross and spencer smith also brent wilson is a cool guy and for brendon to tALK TO RYAN
In This Moment and Brent Smith equal one *** good duo
I love Brendon Urie and Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith and Ryan Ross and Ryan Ross and Brent Wilson and Jon Walker
Zach Azzanni said he'd be lying if he said Josh Smith stepped back in and picked up where he left off last September at Okl…
Ah man smith and myers !!! Check their acoustic covers, Brent Smiths voice is amazing !
Brent Smith and Adam Gontier are the best vocalists alive,nobody has that raw power in their voice like those two
"Be the person who can go when noone else can go" yes thank you Brent Smith
Smith just apologized. Let's move on.
are you Addison's mom? I'm Molly Smith's old pitching coach from Oregon
Brent Smith has been selected as the candidate for the Medicine Hat Cardston Warner riding. More details coming.
Super fight from this evening with Andrew Alexanderand Brent Smith!
I'm gonna go with mike brey over Kenny smith in a coaching matchup but to each his own
not really. Notre Dame could have pulled away. Kenny Smith just said "Towns wore them down." smith wanted doubles on him.
Good riddance, you turncoat. Carrie Fischer defeats Danielle Smith
Hey I got scammed out of 80k, 99 Harrison Smith, 97 Tracy Porter, 95 Julius Peppers, 95 Brent Grimes, and 91 Aqib Talib on XB1
Alabama safety Geno Smith arrested for DUI, his 2nd arrest of this kind in less than two years h…
Brent Smith: Brent Smith is without a doubt my biggest source of red pills in a truly healthy manner. H...
Thank you, Madame Tussauds, for making a wax figure of me...
Northern State volleyball coach Brent Aldridge told me Jussy Tuscherer (knee surgeries) has decided to discontinue her ca…
Brent Smith's ( Shinedown ) transformation over the years is seriously insane
If I could sing like Brent Smith that'd be greeeaaat
If you weren't all about those '03 Brent Smith melodies, get outta town.
Leafs centres out of lineup tonight: Kadri, Holland, Smith, Sill. Yowza. . Bozak, McKegg, Komarov and Carrick down middle.
Thank you Mrs.Smith for all the faves & RT'S as well ☆. Brent from
There's something about the way Brent Smith curses that's just awesome
UNC Coach Dean Smith left $200 to every player who ever lettered under him in his will/trust vi…
Must-see: The late Dean Smith left $200 to each of his former players for a nice dinner.
An awesome shot of from Insta pal brent_smith_ and his new
Ed Kemsley of Peacock&Smith will be at our Networking Event on May19
Tennessee-Martin pitcher born without right hand excelling on the mound (
Just let out an involuntary weird shriek in the studio hearing that David Brent is BACK
I added a video to a playlist Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough ft. Brent Smith
Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff, Brad Smith Riley Cooper, Zach Ertz, & Brent Celek are all good targets..
One downside for Darrelle Revis if he joins the Jets: he won't get to face Geno Smith twice a year.
what about Willis and J Smith retiring. They need it too. 49ers should clean house.
ah. I just see Kaep, Ingram, Colston, Stills, etc and Brees, Hyde, Boldin and Torrey Smith. Makes more sense to me
Anquan Boldin told Torrey Smith to 49ers is done deal
Dan Brent Smith. We need to show this to perry.
I'll still argue B