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Brent Smith

Brent Smith (born January 10, 1978) is the lead vocalist and singer-songwriter of the band Shinedown. Known for his own impressive vocal range as a tenor, spanning four octaves, his biggest influences as a singer are Otis Redding, Billie Holiday, and Chris Cornell.

Corey Taylor Adam Gontier Lacey Sturm

one of the best covers ever What a voice what a band love shinedown love Brent Smith
Brent Urban, Za’darius Smith will help Ravens design more stunts .
They added C Webb Steve smith Doris Burke and Brent Barry on 2k17
To be clear, a Hyperloop passenger version wouldn't have intense light strobe effect (just for testing), nor uncomfortable ac…
Last year the NBA 2K series introduced guest commentators, with Chris Webber, Steve Smith, Brent Barry, and Doris B…
The most recent update from Hopkins County AMBUS crew and EMS Director Brent Smith received by KSST: "Its been...
NEVER FORGET that Mexico sent troops and aid to help us after Hurricane Katrina.
"No timetable" on MLB Darrin Kirkland Jr., but Butch Jones opens door for WR Josh Smith to possibly play vs. Tech. htt…
Brent Urban, Za'darius Smith will help Ravens design more stunts
Brent Smith, Hopkins County EMS Director updates the work of Hopkins County AMBUS and the Hopkins County six...
Here's a closer look at 3 Bucs who need to shine vs. the Browns tonight
she is engaged to be Brent Leo Smith...
We finally get to see smith target hill down the field and hill has dropped the passes.
Smith Falls Bears defenseman Brett Humberstone invited to Battalion's training camp. Spent last season with the Westpo…
The will to live always out weighs the ability to die! Brent Smith of Shinedown
Mr. BRENT SMITH always has a heart for his fans!!!. Richmond 7/19/17…
Versatile 2019 4-star defender discusses last night's offer from Clemson.
I love Shinedown Smith this song you did is a amazing you have amazing voice.
Good morning Paul I think the year is 1973, 🖤 Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd 🖤 Brent Smith's version too 😊
On 07/31/92, BEBE'S KIDS, the first animated feature directed by an African-American (Bruce Smith) was released.
"You're all children." I voted Who's the Follow to see the fan fave.
How to feel emotions in your body and to breathe and connect to that "felt sense" w/ Rene Brent
How to stop worrying about worrying and reprogram your subconscious mind with positive loops w/ Rene Brent
How people can get addicted to emotions; rage, anger, worry, even whining w/ Rene Brent
Found a hypnotherapist to help her heal; she immediately knew it was her calling w/ Rene Brent
Embraced the "F word"; Forgiveness. Forgave her mother and her ex-husband w/ Rene Brent
Went through a difficult divorce; brought up wounds from childhood and an alcoholic mother w/ Rene Brent
As an ER nurse, she was always connecting to patients and helping them calm down w/ Rene Brent
I'm confused? You were referring to the Smith and Salas trades, as were Brent and I. How is Meyer trade in this conversation?
Went into Southeastern Camera a man with a plan. And came out with 2 plans, and some PAN... F 50
Evans and Smith are 2 different style RBs. Smith takes contact while Evans tries to avoid it.
Eddie Pepitone, James Adomian, Jesse Elias, Brent Weinbach, Denver Smith, and more will be joining us tonight at...
My favorite Migration anti-Hero has to be Brent Leo Smith! He is so enthusiastic. Eats grass Love it! Keep it up BLS
is not a fan of showering, school work, & weight lifting. Does enjoy 3-2 Screwballs &…
Enjoy some wonderful music from Zachari Smith, Brent Mason, and Adam Olmstead at Something’s Brewing for the Bonfir…
Can we all agree that Brent Smith has the sexiest speaking and singing voic…
Road trip to see Brent Read and Sarah Smith Read begins in 3...2...1...let the shenanigans begin.
Don't want to say anything is certain but I heard he is headed to China to play with Russ Smith
Bonfire Fest tonight: Zach Smith, Brent Mason and Adam Olmstead at Something's Brewing in St. Stephen! Big finale Saturday night at GCC.
Brent Michael Wood and Myles Smith.. playing some great tunes at Pour Haus!
Dude Your voice got me best version of Simple Man ever...Before hearing you I thought it…
Jaylon Smith in pads is a nice sight to see.
Cowboys LB Jaylon Smith practices in pads for first time since being drafted in 2016
Dude almost kinda sounds like brent smith
(2) Marcus Smith was a classic case of a big, athletic guy who had no football position or instincts. The game is football, n…
(1) You'll see people noting that lots of teams had Marcus Smith as a third- or fourth-round guy. He wouldn't have lived up t…
Congrats to and his co-writers Ashley Gorley, Smith Ahnquist and Brent Anderson!! 🎉
I'm hoping he can bring Alex Smiths legs back. Help him in running game like Smith did in 2015.
Our guy at the sand dunes. pc: brent smith
Going with Bridget, Siobhan and maybe Brent Smith B's boy friend to Key Arena 7/26:2017
Real talk tho, the tracks Apocalyptica have done with Brent Smith, Lacey Sturm, Adam Gontier, Corey Taylor & Cristina Scabbia are all amaze
Well CT is in a different class not alot of people can be put in except Brent Smith, Myles Kennedy and Chris Cornell
Eric Smith is giving me evil genius ideas. Brent Taylor Subscription Box (TM)!!!
MTSU QB Brent Stockstill threw for 3,233 yards & 31 TDs in 2016. If he stays healthy in 2017 I'm Predicting he throws f…
Fun times recording my friend Brent Milligan on the Michael W. Smith record today!
6. my fav band of all time is shinedown. I have seen them twice so far and if ur into rock u should check them out ily Brent smith
Join us in welcoming our new trainees and interns: Keith, Brent, Alyssa, Zach, Yiannis, Bobby & Tyler (pictured w/…
The Commander in Chief can block the voice of 500k military veterans and families, but we will NOT be silenced. ht…
Another great show & if I could have with Brent Smith of & p!nk &
Sometimes, all you need is Brent Smith's smooth voice in your ears.
A thought I had yesterday: "I'd love to hear Chester's version of this.". (Brent Smith is gonna be hard…
Celebrating today at with Brent Smith from
Celebrating today at Milestones St John's with Brent Smith from NL Chocolate Company Roger...
Brent Barry sitting in between twins Steve smith and grant hill had to do a double take ~ which one is which?!
All that game was missing was a Brent Musberger reference to GSW being a 9-point fave as JR Smith made that last 3.
I want an Amethyst card for both Iggy and JR Smith
Now where did JR Smith ole inconsistent self come from?! He averaged 8 points in the regular season, and NOW he's...
This is why I have always liked JR smith this dude can't miss
Minnesota Twins select Mississippi State OF Brent Rooker in the First Round (35th Overall Pick) of the
National Player of the Year has been selected by the Minnesota Round: 1️⃣. Pick: 3️⃣5️⃣.
Never forget the ones who gave their lives for your freedom!
Don’t worry about people who talk behind your back..they’re behind you for a reason.
6/12/2017, 9:52 AM: BRENT SMITH has logged off node 16 of Bit Sunrise.
6/12/2017, 9:51 AM: BRENT SMITH has logged on node 16 of Bit Sunrise.
If Brent Smith,Eddie Vedder,Chris Cornell or Bruce Dickenson is not in this you totally suck balls
Miami fans gotta be sick ya'll let several CB's get away...Brent Grimes, Sean Smith, Vontae Davis...just imagine if Miami had them now
Have Brent Musberger ever apologize to Tommie Smith and John Carlos for calling them Black Gestapo Storm Troopers in 1968?
.hit all the racist talking points in this 1968 attack-piece on John Carlos & Tommie Smith
QOTD from Rickie Smith: I come here to win; I didn't come to have a picnic.
5 overs gone and 18-4. 3 wkts for Pobega and 1 for Smith. Snell and Brent trying to steady the ship.
Those were his own *** notes, you mendacious imbecile. And after being fired, it's not called leaking. It's called karma.…
Blessed to be invited into workout today by coach Smith boys gettin after it and will be ready.
What's it like opening for Iron Maiden? Brent Smith tells -
Shinedown singer Brent Smith OKC 10/18/15 -. in the nosebleeds while sweet girl looks on via
Smith gets Brent Rooker to pop out to shortstop to end the inning. Kevin Smith has been impressive on the mound for UGA today.
this is what happens when you ask Jayden Smith for fashion advice
men's podium from left to right Brent Kocis (3:28), Ryan Smith (3:34), Stephen Pretak (3:36) Great work guys!
Listening to with host MARLENA SMITH & guest BRENT GRIFFITHS
Tune in to live today at 12 pm CT. Host Marlena Smith talks with author Brent J. Griffiths
Join us today at 12pm CT on RAVE WAVES for "BEYOND THE COVER" with host, Marlena Smith w/Guest, Brent J. Griffiths, Author of ANCIENT EVIL
Hello Brent leo Smith I see you on TV thank all of y'all from for sharing with everyone here Nashville TN
Brent Smith from Shinedown puts the Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM! on Chico. Amazing show!
Brent Ayers picks up the 2nd crate sportsman heat win over Doug Smith and Tommy Collins Jr
Just want to give a great big thank you to Dr. Brent Smith for coming out and adjusting us last…
All my experiences shooting concerts Shinedown's singer Brent Smith gave us as photographers credit and shook our...
CNN now stands for Cardiac Care Network because their ppl are having heart attacks over Trump doing what Dems once dem…
Yeah let me walk down to your house real quick...oh wait you're in Alaska
please consider supporting our Relay For Life team at walker name Brent Smith. Thank you
I like Brent Smith. I don't want to maul him though LOL
Relax. She likes Corey Taylor, you like Brent Smith. Both are good but neither one…
to all the "celebrities" who swore to leave the US if Clinton didn't win; may I help you pack your bags?
Brexit. Cubs win. Amish vote. Trump elected. SOROS DIES. There is still time in 2016 for all dreams to come true.
Stephen A Smith went in on Colin Kaepernick for not voting in one of his only good rants ever h…
Idiocracy is beginning now. I welcome the peak of the human race, and now we must brace our world for DT
Smith Co. Republican chairman Brent Thompson is celebrating a victory today!
Happy birthday to Carl Sagan! He was a great astrophysicist, and his contribution to science will forever remain. (Photo: NASA…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Will Smith's father has reportedly passed away.
After losing the election Hillary and Bill Clinton be like... 😰😭😰. Credit - Brent Henderson
Had a lot of fun filming this. Thank you Brent! I love it! Preorder "How's Your Soul," and get the documentary today https:…
would you do a single with Brent smith again x
Lowkey...did anyone vote for JR Smith tonight? Be honest
Brent Thompson, chairman of the Smith Co. Republican Party is addressing the crowd.
HA Goodman: If you want to protect WikiLeaks sources, the Greens has been their strongest defender
Hillary Clinton is privately against *** marriage
WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange's statement today on the US election
I think, that's what Brent Smith said anyway
My wife and I just voted for from Washington state!
Grey Phalarope still at Aberthaw. Snow Bunting & 3 Light Bellied Brent's on beach (MCP & G Smith).
Words can't even describe how killer Shine down was tonight with Brent Smith sounds better live!
Democratic insider & Hill columnist Brent Budowsky on the "fixed game" in DC
Hillary done had Beyonce n Jay, Bron n J.R. Smith at rallies next thing you know she bout to pop up with Migos n Future
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Photo of Mr. Brent Smith by the legendary Nikki Sixx.
And here she is fighting to save local libraries and bookshops (and now, community centres)
NBD but the people campaigning to save Brent's Granville Centre only got ZADIE SMITH to come and speak:
If one of you doesn't ask, "how does Brent going down for the season over-expose the defensive struggles?" something is wrong...
went to two of Jon Smith's and Scott Williams sessions, then finished w Brent Heidorn
WATCH: Student speaker at Hillary rally goes off script says "No Point Voting For Hillary" Escorted off Stage
If Saudi Arabia funded 9/11 and ISIS too, why does Obama protect them, Clinton arm them, & Podesta lobby for them? https:/…
Congratulations to Cole Peardon, Brent McClure and Austin Grover for making 2nd team MSL
Great capture by Brent Smith. No words needed to describe this one.
Smith Ranch, Champion, Alberta. Brent and Judy Smith, daughter of Lorne and Marian Hoffman, founders of Hoffman's...
thank you. Brent smith once told me he's a screaming baryton. He knows better than me 😂. 🤘🏽🤘🏽.
Video: 23 minute special on WikiLeaks' from
Google DKIM shows that Donna Brazile lied when she stated her debate rigging email was "doctored by Russian sources" https:/…
Information silos in cripple productivity and collaboration via
North & South America, Asia & Europe, you will be getting the new Brent movie next year on Netflix! https:…
The album is actually brilliant, by
I think thats the greatest thing I've ever seen! Brent makes everything incredible
Renewable energy is creating jobs at 12x the rate as the rest of the economy right now. This is where our survival rests.…
From earlier: Class of 2017 forward commits to Indiana
Brent Michael Smith, Hey there, thanks for the add!. :)
OT Trey Smith discusses his recent visits to see the Vols play. Also talks upcoming official visits:
My name is Brent Smith. My wife bought me the charge HR last Christmas and this is 2nd time band has come apart.
the band was comprised of Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, and Brent Wilson (who was later kicked out & replaced by Jon Walker).
I wish I could sing like Brent Smith of Shinedown.
Class of 2017 forward Justin Smith commits to Indiana via
We were immediately escorted off of the Hofstra campus after the press conference just now and told not to do any more pre…
Since likes nicknaming, What should his nickname be? . Comm…
SpaceX propulsion just achieved first firing of the Raptor interplanetary transport engine
The secret history of the Commission on Presidential which includes handcuffing me to a chair for 8 hours: https…
Police in Danville, Virginia are putting the hoods of their cars up when they pull people over to block the dash cameras fro…
Playing for the next contract: Matt Winer, Brent Barry and Steve Smith discuss the importance of Dennis Schroder…
Matt Winer, Sam Mitchell, Brent Barry and Steve Smith talk the outlook for the New York ...
the way they were treated by the press, or even the David Brent-ish campaign of Owen Smith. All get a much easier ride.
Brent Smith from checked in today. Always one of my favorite chats…
Sam Mitchell, Matt Winer, Steve Smith and Brent Barry discuss what's next for Chris Bosh and the Miami ...
Meet Ninja Warriors Brent Steffenson and Kacy Catanzaro today from 1:15-2:15pm at Smith Fitness Center and 4-5pm...
.look forward to seeing Owen Smith "Strictly Come Dancing", will David Brent be plotters next candidate?
btw, if Ryan Fitzpatrick's name was Geno Smith, he wouldn't have a job in the NFL.
My heart is chained to you 💞. Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough ft. Brent Smith via
From the Desk of Brent Smith: Agent Behind Drake & Frank Ocean on Rap's Arena Touring Power
Could a 3rd grader manage emails more effectively than ?
Anyone surprised that HilLiary lied again?
Hidden cam shows Hillary4America training workers to purposefull break the law!
show she lied about fracking + TPP and sold gov jobs + influence via Clinton Foundation https:/…
Clinton Campaign - Do whatever you think you can get away with breaking the law.
Fav if your favorite planet is Mars!
FOR the handful of Carlisle residents who missed take consolation from this A man of no substance.
Just to let you all know, David Brent: Life on the Road is the most painful but brilliant film I've seen in 77 years
Community in Alaska votes to relocate because of climate change
Pass it on. My mom and my pals are all going to DC to say
Because of illness, Brent Smith of Shinedown will NOT BE calling into the show today. We will try and reschedule...
Waiting for Brent Smith of Shinedown to call the studio! Stay tuned!
If they remade "The Office" and set it in Wales, Owen Smith for the David Brent part? Angela Eagle for Gareth?
Hey Brent Smith thanks for the follow! Check this out too:
There is not 1 person in this entire world that can compare to Brent Smith
I'm hoping and praying the whole Smith family loves David Brent 🙏🏻 best comedy I've seen at the cinema
And while this is very much Gervais's film there's an outstanding supporting turn from Ben Bailey-smith (aka Doc brown) as Brent's bandmate
we're listening to Brent and we (wife, kids & I) can't stop thinking of Smith & Burrows.. Will you do any more of those? X
One of the MANY reasons I love Shinedown, Brent Smith, and Shinedown in general XD
Brent Smith 📸 is the man for capturing this ... on point 👌
Brent Smith came out into the audience. I got a fist bump before security shooed my arm away.
The world is a nicer place when you share a nicer face. ~Brent Smith
Lydia Lunch Infects Neo L.A. With “Retrovirus” + Photo exhibition at Lethal Amounts [article by me] via h…
Does anyone else think Brent Smith is kinda attractive or am I alone here
Friday, August 19th Agenda:. 1. Work. 2. Cinema for Brent . 3. Out with the lads. 4. Just the 8 pints. 5. Walk home sing…
|| And I'm over here like sexual hallucination by In this moment and Brent Smith -.
Dr. Brent and the Wisdom Tooth don’t always get along. We wonder how Dr. Smith will feel about him...
I could listen to Brent Smith's voice all day.
Smith said that Sibley drove the alleged shooter, Brent Luyster, away from the scene and subsequently fled with him.
Tre Lamar and Shaq Smith have Venables excited about the future: Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venable...
Sadly Owen Smith isn't the equivalent of the little boy who points and says "but he isn't wearing anything at all!"
Guest conductor Brent Havens leads the Friday night in tribute to David Bowie: htt…
Owen Smith is the PLP's answer to David Brent. "If at first you don't succeed, remove all evidence you ever tried.
Pat Smith, mom of victim Sean Smith, is a liar https:/…
Smith and Eagle are even less likely to win a GE.
Autopilot prevents serious injury or death of a pedestrian in NY (owner anecdote confirmed by vehicle logs)
Out on LZ-1. We just completed the post-landing inspection and all systems look good. Ready to fly again.
Dragon on its way to Falcon on its way home
47 yrs ago WE DID IT! We landed on the moon. Pressure's off now it’s Neil’s job to dock us w/Mike Collins. https…
Funerals will be held today for Sr. Cpl. Lorne Ahrens, Sgt. Michael Smith and DART Officer Brent Thompson
It is better to give love than spread hate - Brent Smith
Legion Park Veterans Memorial is getting refurbished today! Matthew Kent and Brent Smith from Pacific Coast...
I'm at camp and will be back August 14th! If you want to write me the address. Brent Novey. Chavurah Boys. 575 Smith Rd. Kunkletown, PA 18058
LMFAO why are Steve Smith, Lisa Leslie, Rick Fox, Brent Barry, Dennis Scott & Kenny Smith on here???
No1 can prove Hillary lies? P.Smith upset 4 sure! Believe her or Hillary. Benghazi Mom
I want to meet Brent smith and have him write out the lyrics "wake up and fight" so I can get them tattooed
Brent Smith ahhh!!. Shinedowns Brent Smith Walked this close to me!! I touched ...
If did win the it would be like the party was being run by David Brent not Citizen Smith.
2016 Men's Club Championship final round heading into the back nine. Shane Brady holds a slim lead over Ryan Smith and Brent Bryson.
My supporters are smart enough to know that we do not want a bigot to become president of the United States. . cc:
Watch out for the Buccaneers this year. With Daryl Smith, Brent Grimes, Robert Ayers, and an improved Winston, they could be a Wild-Card.
See how San Antonio Commercial Advisors uses Apto to get rid of information silos and increase collaboration
Canelo Alvarez will fight junior middleweight titlist Liam Smith on September 17.
to Bernie talking about the political revolution and giving power back to the average American in 1990.
I'd love to wrap my arms around Brent Smith I really would
Jr smith gonna go down as one of the funniest off-season videos after winning a championship award 🏆🏅
Hey Brent Smith thanks for the follow!
Dear Congress: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is broken and no longer works for creators.
JR Smith holds up kid like he's Simba!
Hillary Clinton will As 10 Million Bernie supporters will March in Philly .
Brent Smith, has one of the most powerful vocals, in modern rock history, with the "Sound of Madness" album, being his crowning achievement.
JR Smith is still wearing is game shorts
Larry Hurtado on Brent Nongbri's claim that P75 and P66 are later than originally thought.
Safarious - Brent Leo-Smith - Gabon. . All about our Brent's early start as a walking safari guide
Brent smith has one of the most amazing voices i have ever heard, highly recommend shinedowns simple man cover
I don't see all the fuss about the leads of Panic @ the Disco and 21 pilots (their voices) when people like Jared Leto and Brent Smith exist
JR Smith bumping Redemption with the top down cruising
I liked a video from You Never Have to Chase Women Again | Brent Smith | Full Length HD
There's a reason people like Brent Smith and Chris Robertson move the mic away when they belt.
Can someone please tell me why we will never have a full version of Shinedown / Brent Smith's cover of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood?
The Irony of Christian Crosses at an LGBT Memorial - Brent Smith - Right Wing News
.has released the final full trailer for David Brent Life On The Road - and it looks hilarious
Brent Smith said that you could possibly be interested in doing a podcast on our cosplay train that runs from LA to SD for SDCC
Remember when I had the biggest crush on Brent Smith
Re: Brent Smith, glad to see that this regime is not going to go through another Sunseri Scenario.
The team uses Apto so they can spend their time generating business, not operating the business.
Brent Smith's vocal range is just wow😻
the songs they did with Brent Smith, Lacey Sturm and Adam Gontier respectively are the holy trinity of Apocalyptica songs
Kenny Smith says Isiah Thomas and Brent Barry are on his hit list 🚶🏿
Brent Grimes , Darryl Smith , Robert Ayers were good pickups which savages we adding to that defense next week?
Check out Sports Editor Brent St. Germain's column on the death of former Saints player Will Smith.
Artist Spotlight on Brent Smith :: Coffee-lovers can now guzzle in style, amongst some fresh,…
Just heard speak about Will Smith murder and the system. It's mind blowing how factual it was.
Saints fans created a memorial for Will Smith
I’ve had that with the vocalist of Dropkick Murphys and with Brent Smith of Shinedown! It’s the best
Congress must catch up with the scientific community and the rest of the country by acknowledging the severity of the clima…
Tyrann Mathieu speaks on the death of Will Smith 🙏
Our thoughts & condolences are with the family & friends of Will Smith and the organization.
Heart breaking news at the loss of buckeye great, Will Smith. Buckeye Nation extends our prayers to his family during th…
Smith , Shanle and Porter in probably the most important saints picture and moment ever ... RIP Will Smith
God broke the mold when he created Brent Smith
.get the quick jump after 3 Qtr time. They've booted the first three goals through Jack Blair, Brent Macaffer and Josh Smith.
Leave it to Chance by & Paul Smith, Madman by Astro City by & Brent Anderson.
Dean Smith confirms Alan Judge is in hospital and hopes it is not as bad as first feared
MNEA President Charles Smith and MNEA Vice-President Brent Fullington have been RE-ELECTED at the MNEA Spring Representative Assembly 2016!
Would love to see Aaron Lewis or Brent Smith on Let's…
Wonderful concert tonight-- congratulations to Dr. Brent Smith and the Snow Symphony Orchestra, Chamber...
Congratulations Tubby Smith! He is the 18th recipient of the Wooden Legends of Coaching Award.
Great job to Mem Gary Smith, for on time project execution, & partnerships with day teams!
Thanks Brent from for the interview this week!
spring games give fans flase hope, ie Brent Rawls and David Smith
I liked a video Shinedown's Brent Smith tells us his Eddie Van Halen story
AND, LOL, Smith/Mantha should have been inserted Young Fresh legs, in a tough back to back. Might have helped
How beautiful is this by Mobile, AL native Brent Smith!?
Mike Smith on Brent and Miko Grimes: "My concern is on Brent...made the Pro Bowl in ATL, Miami. He's going to make us better."
Your Pain is a Gift,’ which provides fuel to persevere and become a stronger, better person." " Brent Smith"
Bucs DC Mike Smith joins NEXT to talk about Brent Grimes! Sirius 83
When Brent Musberger leaves broadcasting, please don't leave out that Smith-Carlos anecdote from the Olympics.
...'' My friend BRENT SMITH on stage...AMAZING VOICE 4 an Awesome SONG...!!!
So Brent and Miko had personal issues with Mike Smith? What could possibly go wrong?
Mike Smith taking over duties in right field after replacing Brent Rooker on the base paths.
Mike Smith pinch running for Brent Rooker at first.
Just informed that Tyler Smith has passed Brent Ross for Northeastern's single-season scoring record. Ross is coach of Knights
Mitch's yet to take his "Yukon 8," Brent's overextended from hot run to Nulato yesterday, & Aliy et al on their heels
Mike Smith moves to rightfield, replacing Brent Rooker; Cody Brown goes to left in place of Reid Humphreys.
Kasich supporter Brent 'The Hug' Smith is in Toledo campaigning for the primary. MORE:
Sean smith and Brent grimes as our starting corners
Younger me always disliked link from Donald Street bridge to Smith and envisioned something like this (at street level)
Mike smith and Brent grimes back together
Happy Birthday to Jacob Daniel, Melinae Richeson, Brent Smith, and Mark Warren! May you have a blessed day today!...
Notice Brent grimes Finna play for Mike smith the *** who drafted him in ATL 😂
Brent Grimes played for Mike Smith with from 2008-12. He's one starter at CB. Guess the don't mind the Mik…
Dude. Be nice. & Mike Smith live. Thanks for speaking, Mike and Brent, you're amazing (third time was just as good) htt…
brent grimes got signed along with Sean smith and the Bears just resigned a ok CB and special teams standout 🤔
Order Miche Bag Online!
Don't remember hearing about Miko while Brent was in Atlanta. Mike Smith was HC so I think he knows how to handle things. I'm glad he's here
Brent Grimes might have had a down year last year but he boutta go back to form this year. history with Mike Smith helps
Former CB Brent Grimes stays in Florida - Signs with the reuniting with former HC Mike Smith
I spoke with Brent Smith about the show on Sunday at City Auditorium and Shinedown's new album, Threat to...
We will surely miss Brent but didn't Miko rip Mike Smith and the Falcons for his treatment?
Brent Grimes played for Bucs DC Mike Smith in Atlanta from 2008-12. Cut by Miami, he's first major defensive signing for Buc…
.and not even making an offer to Sean Smith, Janoris Jenkins and Brent Grimes. 👏
Brent Grimes will be reuniting with defense coordinator Mike Smith who coached him in the 2008-2012 season
Brent Grimes is reportedly off to Tampa Bay where he’ll be reunited with his former head coach, Mike Smith.
Dirk Koetter as HC, Mike Smith as DC, Brent Grimes joins the team, Roddy a possibility.. Tampa Bay Falcons
Fun and exciting day today because we have Brent Smith from Port Coquitlam and Martin Barthold from Sherman Oaks...
Graeme Mudd, Vic Armstrong and Brent Smith were all killing it on their fresh Devinci sleds last weekend. Keep up...
Brent Smith's vocals are amazing. I'd still love to see a Brent Smith, Corey Taylor and Ed Sloan collab.
I keep thinking about the Shinedown concert in March and I get so excited! I am most likely going to try and run away with Brent smith😍😏
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