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Brent Musburger

Brent Woody Musburger (born May 26, 1939) is an American sportscaster for the ESPN and ABC television networks.

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I think they should have Vern and Brent Musburger call a game together...what a hoot!
Go to Missoula, find the closest bar, & say hi to Brent Musburger
Anyone other than Brent Musburger is a good thing
Brent Musburger, and are back in Lexington this Saturday as Kentucky hosts Missouri
ESPN stopping its "Cover Alerts" on CFB games. Brent Musburger is devastated.
Brent Musburger loved doing Clemson games because of the atmosphere and the Esso Club.
"AJ McCarron might be an ok quarterback, but would you look at his lovely lady over there". -Creepy Brent Musburger
Brent Musburger & Jesse Palmer on the call for Mizzou-Kentucky on SEC Network
Has Brent Musburger bought land in Lexington? He's got the call on SEC Network for a third consecutive week with Jesse Palmer.
Brent Musburger coined the term "March Madness" in on national TV in 1982. Later, the ran with its popularity!
Brent Musburger was an underrated NBA announcer. The guys we have today can't even compare, except of course for the great
Fowler's conversation about Vegas and FPI there was hilarious. Leave the Vegas talk to Brent Musburger and Al Michaels. 👍
The only thing missing from this game is Brent Musburger (with all due respect to Chris Fowler who's doing a good job)
Therein lies the terrible terrible logic of College Football Rankings, Brent Musburger.
As Brent Musburger said during the Florida/Kentucky game the changing of the guard might be happening right now. But still time left
[ESPN Video] Florida tops Kentucky in Lexington: . ESPN's Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer talk about t...
Brent Musburger's spray tan is gorgeous. Gotta bring your A game when you're in the booth with Jessie Palmer.
"29 straight years of agony" -Brent Musburger... Go Gators ... Thanks for being the basement of the SEC again Kentucky
They giving Brent Musburger the *** Vitale treatment. Putting him on non important games to weed him out
lol I was quoting the SEC Network commentator Brent Musburger
"29 years -- of AGONY." Brent Musburger sums up the series, which rings especially true after these last two games for UK.
"And KENTUCKY, continues to pee down its own leg, in the face, of adversity" (Brent Musburger voice)
"29 straight years of agony!" - Brent Musburger, as beat Kentucky again!
"Twenty nine straight years of agony!" ~Brent Musburger on UK vs UF
Enduring Brent musburger for three and a half hours is a chore.
Brent Musburger is a big fan of Kentucky :)
Brent Musburger is a master of over exaggeration.
Brent Musburger claims a changing of the guard happening because Ole Miss leads Bama in the 2nd quarter. Classic.
I don't want Kentucky to win but Brent Musburger and his lackey are starting to *** me off
There should be a option where I can mute Jesse Palmer but not Brent Musburger.
Listening to Brent musburger makes me feel like I've traveled back in time
Does anyone else miss Brent Musburger's voice during prime time college football? Not the same with Chris Fowler.
Brent Musburger really likes to say Kentucky
It is really a shame Brent Musburger's mom didn't swallow.
Grier makes 1 mistake and Musburger wonders if we will see Harris? Shut up Brent. .
We should have a counter for how many times Brent Musburger says youngster every game.
Will never understand why ESPN forces Brent Musburger to call the worst televised SEC game of the weekend on SEC Network.
There's nothing WORSE than having call the game!! GEEZ!! — watching Florida Gators vs Kentucky Wildcats
"That did not work out well for Kentucky." - Brent Musburger
Please mute Brent Musburger. My God he is terrible!!!
Is there a partner that Brent Musburger hasn't had awesome chemistry with?
Brent Musburger is 76 yrs old; Lee Corso is 80; Verne Lundquist is 75. Amazing health and longevity.
It must kill Brent Musburger to call SEC games.
"Kentucky will burn one here." -Brent Musburger. Is marijuana legal in Kentucky?
Good Lord. Brent Musburger giving some ridiculous commentary tonight.
It's so disappointing to have Brent Musburger call a football game I want to watch.
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Brent Musburger is interviewing John Calipari in the booth right now...he used to interview former POTUS on ABC
Surely the SEC Network can do better than Brent Musburger. He was bad 30 years ago...hasn't gotten any better.
Still haven't gotten used to hearing Brent Musburger regulated to
Jesse Palmer is the worst thing to ever happen to college football. Even worse than Brent Musburger...
DL Jonathan Bullard sacks Patrick Towles. Brent Musburger: "Harry Potter did not have a magic wand on that one."
The dream team to call a CFB game-Keith Jackson, Brent Musburger, Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit
SEC Network announces that Brent Musburger and Jessie Palmer will be commentators for UF season opener Saturday
OU-Texas 2008 currently on Longhorn Network. Such a fun game, and prime Brent Musburger calling it makes it even better.
Two weeks from today, Brent Musburger will say, "YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE," from a football stadium press box.
No better way to cap the work week than a phone call from Brent Musburger to talk Bison-Griz football.
Gary Danielson is another underrated announcer like Brent Musburger
"In the East UGA is a clear cut favorite. If they don't make it, there will be heat on Richt" - Brent Musburger
Come on You certainly know Brent Musburger has been giving his opinions on EVERYTHING under the Sun for 40 years now!
Fun fact via Brent Musburger got kicked out of for a year for illegally owning a car on campus.
enjoyed the interview with Brent Musburger!
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YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE! The iconic Brent Musburger is with me right now
For the love of Brent Musburger, why can't there be a college football game on tonight!?!
So many great memories in 1st year My Dad calling me after Brent Musburger threw it to me for halftime show. Was so proud.
The great Brent Musburger will join us today to celebrate 1 year anniversary & preview the CFB season! "You are looking live!"
BRENT MUSBURGER: Lord, what a beautiful gal she is. Jesse Palmer: Using this Mandelbrot set we can determine the length of her silhouette an
Jesse Palmer: Adams has shown he can see the spaces between defenders, Brent, but can see Hilbert Spaces?. BRENT MUSBURGER: We'll be right ba
Quietly pretending Brent Musburger and Van Miller are calling this game.
For my money Brent Musburger in The Waterboy is as good as it gets if you're into excellent cameos.
I'm no sex-change expert, but switch looks so good Brent Musburger is probably stalking her.
don't know if you noticed but went Brent Musburger on us at 11
When Warriors won 40 years ago, Brent Musburger was CBS' play-by-play man. He could still do as good a job as anyone today.
Jeff Mullins told a great story about Brent Musburger in his earliest years as a national broadcaster.
and now I need to see Brent Musburger call a WC Finals with Ian Darke
ummm and Brent Musburger need to commentate prime time games this year ... Greatest combo 🙌🏽
OSU fans hate Mark May and Brent Musburger so, so much.
As Brent Musburger like to say was really smoking tonight!!
BRENT MUSBURGER AND BILL RAFTERY calling the Bulls-Pistons East Finals in 1989, because why the *** not?.
Martin Tyler the Brent Musburger of English play by play. Would like him to say 'You are looking live' just once
Brent Musburger was called out and ridiculed for something similar not too long ago.
"SHUT UP OLD MAN!!" -Jay to Brent musburger during top 3 at 5
Happy 76th Birthday to grad and longtime Big Ten announcer Brent Musburger.
Nice shout-out by to my Jupiter neighbor Brent Musberger. Wilbon and I read Musburger when he wrote for Chicago American.
Turns out Brent Musburger is still alive.
Happy Birthday to Brent Musburger. 76 years young. A true legend. The voice of
Happy birthday to that old creep Brent Musburger
Happy 76th birthday to Brent Musburger, one of the best to ever do the job I'm lucky enough to do. You hear Brent's voice? It's a big game.
Happy birthday to ole man great voice of sports Brent Musburger
Wonder if Eminem is getting Brent Musburger something for his 76th
Sportscaster Brent Musburger is 76. Singer Stevie Nicks is 67. Country singer Hank Williams Jr. is 66. Lisa Niemi (Super Force) is 59.
Brent Musburger is loving talking about Kentucky right now. You'd think Katherine Webb was on their team or something
Brent Musburger needs to be mothballed. He's just rambling. Sounds like Wilford Brimley trying to impersonate Gus Johnson.
On February 21, 1993 Brent Musburger, Jim Valvano and Julie Moran called Duke at N.C State on ABC.
Is Chris Fowler coming to take Brent Musburger off the Tournament?
The gap btwn Chris Fowler and Rece Davis is much more narrow than gap between Brent Musburger and Fowler. I don't get ESPN's recent logic.
Imagine for example if there was social media back in 1968, when Brent Musburger called Smith and Carlos "black skinned stormtroopers."
I think Brent Musburger can't always remember Cliff Alexander's name, so he just calls him Number 2. Or he's really into toilet humor.
We've learned two things already tonight. Brent Musburger loves Iowa St bball and hates that people say there's no scoring in college bball
Tons of fans are disappointed Brent Musburger isn't calling the national championship
When you've been spoiled by watching Keith Jackson and Brent Musburger call national title games for decades, not easy to accept Fowler.
my top 10 are 10 Keith Jackson 9 Brent Musburger 8 John Madden & Pat Summerall continue
Before the season the Orlando Sentinel has a ranking of all the Division 1 schools in football and ranked Georgia Tech yeah you nailed that one didn't you. All season long I listened to ESPN, Fox Sports, SEC, ABC football commentators tell me how good Clemson, Va Tech, UGA, FL State, etc, etc, were and how we just might not measure up to their greatness. During the Orange Bowl I had to listen to Jesse Palmer and Brent Musburger tell the tv audience what Miss St had accomplished this year, and how much trouble the Yellow Jackets were in, Jesse even had the nerve to tell us that with the Miss St., "Hail Mary" score before half time, the Bulldogs had taken control and it was just a matter of them finishing us up in the 2nd half, I wanted to vomit, but I just turned off the sound and watched our Yellow Jackets come out in the 3rd quarter and stuff the ball up State's a** on their way to breaking records and making me one proud Tech fan. Most of the media did not want to give the Yellow Jackets the respect ...
Seriously, has anyone checked on Brent Musburger today?
I would enjoy watching Brent Musburger and Bob Costas nervously reporting from line of scrimmage.
In addition to Brent Musburger -- Joe Tessitore, Sean McDonough, Brad Nessler and Mike Patrick are all superior PBP voices to Chris Fowler.
Still waiting for someone to follow up with Brent Musburger about the SEC being the best conference.
Well well Brent Musburger, what have you got to say about you beloved SEC now. Looks like they all got their...
Hope everyone didn't forget this gem
Brent Musburger and should be the commentators for the National Championship game.
Man I miss when Brent Musburger would do the big games 😪
Dear Thor, please do not allow Brent Musburger to oversee the Oregon versus Ohio State game.
The weirdest thing about the whole College Football Playoff was not hearing Brent Musburger's voice
Who calls the National Title game because Brent Musburger HAS to be in the booth
Wonder if anyone has told that Brent Musburger guy to 'deal with it' yet?
In the word of the immortal Brent Musburger - DEAL WITH IT. No SEC in the championship game. Lol
Brent Musburger on alleged SEC bias: 'Deal with it. They're the best.' Oops!
1st time in 8 years an SEC school isn't playing for title--Brent Musburger is currently bawling his eyes out
An instant classic? I'm assuming Nessler had to say that because already has a rerun slotted. Maybe Brent Musburger can do an overdub?
Only thing that could make this better would be Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger retiring
Brent Musburger just had a little pee come out after that BAMA TD.
Brent Musburger and Dickie V are the goats
I guarantee the sole reason Brent Musburger isnt calling this game is because Nick Sabans daughter is in attendance
Brent Musburger looking for girlfriend of Bama punter in the stands
ESPN not having Brent Musburger call one of the playoff games today is absolutely criminal.
Brent Musburger, Jesse Palmer & Maria Taylor had the last night on Doesn't seem fair.
Somewhere Brent Musburger is booming about the point spread and throwing dice and propositioning women, so, same as if he was here
Brent Musburger has been w/since '90. Big games like this...He should be there.
In a college football announcing way, it's heartbreaking Brent Musburger didn't get one of these playoff games. Nessler is OK at best.
Also beyond my control. With all due respect to Brad Nessler & Chris Fowler, Brent Musburger still gets it done.
if Brent Musburger was on the call we'd be seeing her more.
That is THE question. Brent is the GOAT “Why isn't Brent Musburger calling a playoff game?”
This is what Brent Musburger would refer to as "the money quarter." Because he's kinda gross!
You know Brent Musburger isn't calling the game bc this is the hottest girl we've seen
you are correct Brent mussberger *** I dread the musburger bob knight basketball games,. Ugh
Holy Buckeye (my ode to Brent Musburger who came up with that one during the days of Craig Krenzel when he was QB at Ohio State)
Again, no Brent Musburger! What's next ESPN Mike Greenberg or Skippy Baylis on sideline? Screamin A smith?
IDK Jesse Palmer and Brent Musburger are probably at the same level when they walk into a room full of beautiful women.
I think Brent Musburger was about ready to get busy w/Jesse Palmer just now!
I wish Troy Aikman would just ask Aaron Rodgers out already. He fawns over him more than Brent Musburger did over A.J. McCarrons gal.
Gus Johnson for Fox is one of my favorite sportscasters.. Right behind Brent Musburger & Kirk Herbstreit
"Interesting all the early money fell on Colorado State, hey wise guys, wise up!" - Brent Musburger already having a f…
Would you rather have a game called by Brent Musburger or Gus Johnson? Discuss.
channeling your inner Brent Musburger's racist *** who called Tommie Smith and John Carlos thugs
ESPN assigns Brent Musburger to call in Odds of a Katherine Webb-like fan comment much less likely…
Really? I bet you agreed with Brent Musburger's assessment of John Carlos and Tommie Smith
Finally some Brent Musburger action. Where have you been all year Pardner?
Brent Musburger just said Western Carolina is a well coached football team? Yeah, coached his team to injure Bama players. Classy.
How many times can Brent Musburger say catamounts in one telecast?
Ii cooouullld really care lees about Brent Musburger's elaborate voooice!
Brent Musburger said on ESPN that Columbus, Ohio is market for CFB and committee was looking for reason to put them in. Sad, but true.
Weird hearing Brent Musburger doing the non-marquee games for ABC/ESPN now..
Can we please stop having Brent Musburger on crappy SEC games? Please, and thank you.
Brent Musburger is giving Jalston Fowler the Katherine Webb treatment.
Brent Musburger is calling the Alabama-Western Carolina game. Oof.
Unless Brent Musburger's just up in the booth breaking news on the Alabama beat...
Heard a great point by Brent Musburger that coach Sabah doesn't only coach his players he coaches his coaches and it shows
Let Perine go for more yards lmbo Like Brent Musburger would say, this guy is only a freshman folks!!
I am actually glad to turn on the tv and hear Brent Musburger. He sounds great but it is he needs a better game
Listening to Brent Musburger call this game is like seeing Ric Flair wrestle at the Jasper Mall. Sad way to go out.
Brent Musburger buried on the SEC Network only to be revealed during the commercials of the games you're actually watching.
If your at the Bama game be glad! Your not having to listen to Brent Musburger do the commentating!! 👎
Watching the SEC Network only to hear the beautiful voice of Brent Musburger
Brent Musburger is calling a Western Carolina football game.
He hates black people. MT What happened to Brent?
Having Brent Musburger call the Bama game today is such a disgrace
Brent Musburger is calling a game with a 50 point spread. What are the odds he has money on it to keep things interesting?
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I wonder if a couple years ago at the championship game Brent Musburger thought he might one day announce Alabama vs. Western Carolina.
Brent Musburger just explained where Western Carolina was. I'm positive he was crying.
Brent Musburger is one of the best in the biz.
how far has the career of Brent Musburger fallen
Glad to see the ole sports veteran Brent Musburger calling the Bama game. Much needed relief from Gary and Verne.
You gotta turn on Alabama vs W. Carolina to hear Brent Musburger on the calll. Way to go
Looking live with Brent Musburger never gets old!
Nice to have Brent Musburger doing the WCU-Alabama game
We're talking on Speaking of, ICYMI, here's Brent Musburger on w/ &
Brent Musburger told and me Friday that he wonders if TV RATINGS might be influencing the CFP committee's decision-making.
It's hard for me to believe that ESPN has pushed Brent Musburger so far down the pecking order that he's doing Bama & WCU at 3:00.
Speaking of farcical, I have a major issue with Musburger being buried on SEC Network. Free Brent!
Non-sequitur of the day: Google "how old is Brent Musburger" and look at the 3 celebrities ages also provided.
Shameful plug. I called the Raiders' first win. Brent Musburger sound bite: Deal with it!
Imagine the TV magic if you brought together and Brent Musburger to call practically any sport.
Brent Musburger is calling W. Carolina/Alabama on Saturday. can't stop humiliating him, can they? He is above such garbage.
Brent Musburger deserves better from SEC Network He will spend an afternoon in Tuscaloosa calling Western Carolina-Bama.
interviewing the man he's insultingly imitated for decades, Brent Musburger.
Is the game Saturday a Brent Musburger game?
Is Brent Musburger doing the Samford, WKU, or Western Carolina game this week?
Yeah, I got a question - where TF is my man Brent MusBurger?
Its already a good game when Brent Musburger isn't a commentator.
"Stephen A Smith on TV = Instant mute. Easy decision." It's the same as having Brent Musburger talking..
I cannot stand *** Vitale, Bob Knight, Brent Musburger and Lou Holtz. All annoying as heck.
and they should have had Brent Musburger fill in on the broadcast (although the spelling of his name is a bit different)
I must say is one of the finest things Brent Musburger ever promoted as a notion.
Brent Musburger: "All my friends at Shakespeare's Pizza, they're with me!" Brent loves us!!
.now airing '80 Lakers-Sonics: a rookie named Magic, Lenny Wilkens coaching Seattle, and a young Brent Musburger on the mic.
it's to bad we don't have Brent Musburger calling this game
Brent Musburger should be doing this game between Ben Roethlisberger and Zach Mettenberger -- burgers for everyone.
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This game needs Brent Musburger calling it.
Hmm... Would I prefer Brent Musburger in the booth for this game?! Yes, yes I would... Good suggestion, Chucky... Now take a hike...
Now we just need is Brent Musburger to call the game!.
It's the Battle of the "Bergers" tonight. Roethlisberger vs. Mettenberger. Just needs Brent Musburger commentating.
Brent Musburger has called many big games, but he's never called a Western Carolina game before. He works WCU-Bama on SEC Network this week.
did they say Brent Musburger is at QB tonight?? lol
Brent Musburger is calling the Miss St vs Tennessee Martin game. Something isn't right about this...
has such good rapport with Brent Musburger
Brent Musburger is on the call for UT-Martin vs. Mississippi State tomorrow. On the second Saturday of November. That's not right.
Don't miss BRENT MUSBURGER talking CFB and Cowboys at 4 PM and MAVS HC RICK CARLISLE at 5:45 Live from Utah today on
Knowing Brent Musburger has to call UT Martin vs. MSU makes me a little sad. Still associate him with the biggest game of the week.
Sometimes u don't meet famous people, sometimes you don't.. I love the common factor..
Katherine Webb owes all of her success to Brent Musburger.
hey thought you and Brent Musburger might like this new sign our manager has on his office door
DG...always get goose bumps when Brent Musburger leads off a broadcast with "You're looking live."
Worked with Jim When I used to work for CBS Sports as Brent Musburger's assistant. One of the nicest guys I ever met!
Just a couple days from playing the No. 1 Mississippi State Bulldogs and meeting Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer.
Brent Musburger was shocked to learn there's still a Brent Musburger Drinking Game:
Crazy that Brent Musburger will be calling a UT-Martin game this weekend. What a fall for a true legend.
Hey Skyhawk fans! Brent Musburger, Jesse Palmer and Maria Taylor will be on the call for the SEC Network game at No. 1 Missi…
It's just not right seeing Brent Musburger calling Tennessee-Martin vs. Mississippi State this upcoming Saturday.
Brent Musburger said on the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary, Brian and The Boz,
is just fairly reporting. Long time college football announcer Brent Musburger, who now works for the SEC Network and owned by ESPN,
Can't blame that one on Romo. Brent Musburger would be shouting "Honeybadger" right about now.
Every time we score, I hear Brent Musburger saying "Touchdown Buckeyes!!"
Brent Musburger saying this game took a bad "twist"
Brent Musburger is the most annoying individual
Brent Musburger after calling an SEC game
In case you didn’t hear Brent Musburger, this is a big day for Missouri.
Is there anyone more excited for Missouri's SEC east hopes than Brent Musburger ?
Brent Musburger, if you're trying to hide your Mizzou bias, you're doing a TERRIBLE job of it.
Hearing Brent Musburger doing secondary games on the SEC Network is sort of like watching Joe Namath finish his career with the Rams.
Brent Musburger: That Miami Hurricane team was really good, & all they wanted was a piece of Bosworth
The best thing that could happen to UK is never have Brent Musburger call another game.'s official is an awful announcer. He is horrible. please get rid of him.
Brent Musburger on allegations of media pro-SEC bias: “Deal with it, they’re the best.”
Joe Buck is painful to listen to. Even more when your team loses. Buck is the Brent Musburger for Fox network.
What a response from Brent Musburger about SEC bias.
Did you hear what Brent Musburger said? "Some people say we have SEC bias. They're the best. Get over it." Smh
I will always think of Brent Musburger when I hear someone say "YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE." Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.
Musburger response to claims ESPN has SEC bias After oogling AJ McCarron girlfriend.I cant take him seriously
What do you guys think? CFB AM: Brent Musburger has best response to fans claiming ESPN has SEC bias
“Somebody said we’ve got SEC bias. Deal with it. They’re the best.” Brent Musburger
The Massey ratings tend to agree with Brent Musburger re: the SEC:
"Deal with it. They're [the SEC] the best.". No one has anything to argue against that.
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Last night Brent Musburger cut through all the crap about ESPN's supposed
Big Chris Fowler fan, but I just miss Kirk and Brent Musburger together
I remember when the NFL Today used to be the the bomb. Brent Musburger , Irv Cross, Jimmy The Greek and Phyllis George. You are looking live
They need Brent Musburger,Mark May, Jesse Palmer, and Beth Mowins on 1 broadcast and see how any people watch that game. I bet 0 ratings..
I just really wish Brent Musburger hosted Miss America
BREAKING: Skip Bayless joins Brent Musburger in the ESPN Old Perverts Club "Go niners.
He's their Brent Musburger and they can't shake him. Too much history with the current brass.
Best call from yesterday's games: Brent Musburger "Boom goes the dynamite!" on Boom Williams TD run:
I haven't watched since the days of Brent Musburger & Irv Cross, but I'm really enjoying realness!
Kentucky scores go-ahead TD in overtime, Brent Musburger goes BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE -...
"Boom Goes the Dynamite!!!" on Boom Williams' touchdown. Brent Musburger, you are a legend.
I thought it was Brent Musburger that was the LOL!
Downside of next Saturday's game being on Not HD in Cincinnati. Upside: Brent Musburger!
Brent Musburger: "Florida survives." Survives, indeed. Seat still hot for Muschamp.
Kentucky lost to Florida, but they'll always have have a "BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE" moment featured in NBC s Science of Love
I forgot to mention that Brent Musburger dropped a "boom goes the dynamite" tonight. He is only furthering his legend, why demote him?
Tim Tebow in the booth with Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer on SEC Network. He's doing better than Eminem.
at least it isn't Brent Musburger. I turn it off and turn on the internet and watch the game. Drives me nuts.
Brent Musburger doing a Kentucky-Florida game isn't right for a Hall of Fame broadcaster. Should be doing much bigger games e…
The only "moral victory" from the Kentucky game tonight was hearing Brent Musburger say "Boom Goes the Dynamite"
Kentucky scores to open OT and Brent goes BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE
in the words of brent musburger, "BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE"! Hope it makes the play by play playoffs.
Any chance of you teaming up with Brent Musburger later in the season?
Ok so Brent musburger just said that Alabama can't sleep on Florida next week... Does Florida really stand a chance!!!
I really hope I don't have to listen to Jesse Palmer and Brent musburger ever again. If I do will listen to the radio instead!
because he is bias! His comment about the playclock in OT1 😡!
"It was nice doing it with you. It was as hot as I remember." Jesse Palmer to Brent Musburger at the end of the game.
"I don't think Alabama can sleep on these guys" - Musburger. I can't make this up people. Brent, you are right where you need to be.
The way Brent Musburger is moaning and screaming you'd think that Katherine Webb-McCarron just walked by.
"I don't think Alabama can go to sleep on these guys," says Brent Musburger, expert on sleep.
I do love Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit together, but I miss listening to Brent Musburger call games. And Erin Andrews on the sideline.
"Sad to see Brent Musburger sell his soul to the SEC Network." Lmao him > Verne Lundquist
I miss Brent Musburger with Herbie. Just not the same...
So glad Brent Musburger went to the SEC channel. Fowler and Herbstreit make a great team!
Watching ABC's game of the week without Brent Musburger, well it just ain't right!
I'm sorry but I like the Brent Musburger & Kirk Herbstreit combo more!
I wonder why Brent Musburger was replaced by Chris Fowler. I enjoy listening to Brent Musburger .Chris Fowler is boring as heck.
It's only been a week, but this ESPN commentating crew makes me wish for Jesse Palmer and Brent Musburger.
Brent Musburger and that that tool Kirk Herbstreit are sure sucking a lot of Stanford ***
the bigger question do you miss Brent Musburger doing USC games?
no disrespect to Chris Fowler, but I miss Brent Musburger
I'll always be sad they demoted Musburger. I liked Brent a lot.
Why isn't Brent Musburger calling this game with Herbstreit?
how about putting Brent Musburger back on ABC prime time w/ Kirk? That's what everyone wants, so why go against it?
Nothing wrong with Chris Fowler at all, I miss Brent Musburger though. I keep forgetting he is on SEC Network
Big games on ESPN or ABC just aren't the same w/o Brent Musburger.
Brent Musburger should be calling the USC/Stanford game.
Found out today Brent Musburger won't be in the booth with Kirk Herbstreit anymore. Its sad there is no more "You are looking live".
Not having Brent Musburger working the big ABC college football game is so incredibly wrong. Congrats on a horrible decision.
Much respect for Brent Musburger and all he's accomplished. But Herbstreit ain't missing him at all.
Dammit I miss Brent Musburger calling the ABC games already
How can you replace Brent musburger with the guy of college gameday bring Keith Jackson back he's the only one to replace Brent
I miss Brent Musburger. Chris Fowler sounds like this is Wimbledon, not a college football game.
I miss Musburger on these games. Fowler is good, but he ain't Brent.
Brent Musburger makes brilliant game-winning call in the Bourbon Bowl
Alas, Fowler is no Musburger on CFB (not even close). I already really miss Brent doing the big games. Thanks ESPN.
Blake Sims is to Andrew Ware what Katherine Webb was to Brent Musburger.
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