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Brent Musburger

Brent Woody Musburger (born May 26, 1939) is an American sportscaster for the ESPN and ABC television networks.

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New episode is up. We talk Melo for K-Love, Brent Musburger, Super Bowl week meltdowns, & get a call from Ray Lewis. ht…
Brent Musburger retiring from broadcasting on January 31
Howard Cosell, Jim Phillips & Brent Musburger were/are the "John Williams" of my fondest memories in sports. TY Brent!
Another icon hangs them up. Brent Musburger will call his final game Jan 31st from Rupp Arena. So glad I grew up listeni…
Courtesy of here’s a photo of Brent Musburger and together promoting the 2006 Wor…
Broadcasting icon Brent Musburger to end play-by-play duties Jan. 31:.
Brent Musburger calling final game on January 31 via
Brent Musburger's final broadcast will be the Kentucky Wildcats' game vs. Georgia at Rupp Arena next week:
Brent Musburger is going to retire without ever apologizing to John Carlos and Tommie Smith. *** shame.
Brent Musburger to retire after nearly 50 years in broadcasting.
Brent Musburger, Uncle Vern and Vin Scully all retire within a year. Younger sports fans, I'm sorry for what you won't exp…
Just spoke to Brent Musburger's brother. There's a lot to unpack but he vehemently denies it was in any way related to Joe M…
Brent Musburger retiring from sportscasting, helping start handicapping business.
Reliving Brent Musburger's most memorable calls of his storied career.
Brent Musburger retiring from sportscasting at age 77
Don't let Brent Musburger announcing his retirement from broadcasting distract you from the fact that Texas lost to Kansas in football.
For generations of fans, "Brent Musburger" gave big games grandeur and put us up front and personal with the action…
The first voice heard on SEC Network. 'You Are Looking Live' one last time. Brent Musburger to call his final game Jan. 31…
One of my favorite TV calls of all time. Thanks for all the great memories Brent Musburger! You will be missed!
Brent Musburger is retiring at end of this month. Wonder who he's rooting for in the Super Bowl.
Brent Musburger will leave ESPN at the end of the month:
Hard to believe Brent Musburger’s sudden midseason retirement isn’t related to the Joe Mixon Sugar Bowl comments.
Brent Musburger = Legend, period. The sports world will miss you! ~…
ESPN finally easing Brent Musburger into the sunset; will end play-by-play duties on January 31:
It will bring a tear to my eye to watch when Brent Musburger uncomfortably ogles his last coed in the crowd.
Brent Musburger is retiring from sportscasting at age 77
Brent Musburger let his work define him, rather than the fact that he went to a brand name journalism school. I always liked that about him.
Brent Musburger will always be one the best to ever announce a sports game
Brent Musburger was my most hated color guy. Now that he's on the out, Cris Collinsworth, front and center for my white hot…
Brent Musburger is calling it a career after being the play-by-play man in the booth at sporting events for decades
Brent Musburger has announced he is retiring after this month, so we thought it was only fair to bring this gem back. h…
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Verne Lundquist & Brent Musburger, 2 play-by-play gods retiring a month apart. . Feel like part of my youth is being s…
Brent Musburger going to retire on Jan 31 at the age of 77. One of the best to ever do it. Game always felt bigger with h…
In honor of Brent Musburger's is his best call covering OU. Trigger warning
Broadcaster Brent Musburger, an iconic voice in the history of sports television, will call his final game Jan. 31:
JUST ANNOUNCED: Brent Musburger will call his final game on Jan. 31 at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN (Georgia at Kentucky from Rupp…
In honor of Brent Musburger's retirement, his greatest call of all time... HOLY BUCKEYE!.
As Brent Musburger retires, we wish him well and thank him for voicing one of the greatest plays in college football histo…
One of the greats of all-time! Brent Musburger made me love the game even more. It's his voice on my memory reel!
Wishing Brent Musburger well as he retires from broadcasting. We might be biased, but this is our favorite call from Brent.…
I will miss Uncle Vern always. I will never miss Brent Musburger. Ever. And those feelings came about way before his pro-Joe Mixon speech.
ESPN says Brent Musburger has decided to retire after calling a basketball game on Tuesday. Who's buying the bulletin is Bren…
Should've known when Brent Musburger correctly pronounced Bam Adebayo's name he'd be retiring.
Brent Musburger wishing Joe Mixon the best on Sugar Bowl broadcast was just outright tone deaf. . -- https:…
Face it, you're about 80 years old. Retire.
Son I'm so mad that Brent Musburger is catching flack fir his comments on Mixon
I met Brent Musburger at the ACC title game a few years ago, & he couldn't have been nicer. He couldn't be more wrong o…
Wow- did Brent Musburger actually say Mixon's violence (towards women) taught people something and Mixon apologized and…
Brent Musburger just attempted to walk back his Joe Mixon comments and was just as bad the second time.
I wonder if Brent Musburger would wish Joe Mixon a good NFL career if it was his daughter who was punched...
"Brent Musburger gets testy on air after wishing Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon well" -
Why Brent Musburger's praise of Mixon is tone-deaf - Why Brent…
Brent Musburger justifying Mixon's "second chance" because the Oklahoma coaches say "he's doing good" is enraging.
Tonight Brent Musburger just validated all those people who've said he needs to hang it up.
Brent Musburger: “Bob Stoops tells me those 9/11 terrorists deserve a second chance in the NFL and I agree with him!”
Brent Musburger will not apologize for believing that Joe Mixon should get a second chance.
The fact that Brent Musburger defended him last night makes me sick. I guess talent overshadows morals and ethics now.
Brent Musburger got internet hate for wishing Joe Mixon a lengthy NFL career then fired back at haters on-air
Brent Musburger hasn't been that worked up since he saw Katherine Webb in the stands a few years ago.
ICYMI: Brent Musburger criticized for his two statements about Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon
Thanks for explaining that, Brent. . Why Brent Musburger’s praise of Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon is so tone-deaf
Most football announcers are House Men. they view the downside of sports as taboo
Brent Musburger’s defense of Joe Mixon is mildly unbelievable:
Joe Mixon (teammates) do not understand the situation So much for Brent Musburger's claim of contrition.Mixon apolo…
ESPN could have used the Joe Mixon story to address a huge problem in sports. Instead Brent Musburger wished him a lengthy NF…
Brent Musburger fired up about criticism regarding his support of Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon.
Hey Brent Musburger. Glad to know that Mixon is doing well. How is his victim doing? You forgot to mention her.
Given a chance to apologize, Brent Musburger angrily doubled down on support for Oklahoma's woman-puncher
Not shocked by Brent Musburger. Same guy who called John Carlos and Tommie Smith "black-skinned stormtroopers."
Brent Musburger maybe not the dude you want to have delving into the particulars of the Joe Mixon case
Now that Verne Lundquist is retired. And Keith Jackson gone. Brent Musburger is probably the guy I enjoy most on college football.
Keith Jackson, Brent Musburger & Verne Lundquist > than anyone who will ever call a college football game.
only thing worse than Jesse Palmer is when Palmer was paired with Brent Musburger.often had to mute it!
Today in 1979, Brent Musburger closes the deal with a chick by saying "You're looking live .. at the best lover in…
Brent Musburger -- "And let's get the Raiders to move to Las Vegas!".
not much better than Brent Musburger yelling "BYU with the KO punch!" against A&M
Hubby is from Buffalo and is driven to distraction by Chris Collinsworth's accent. 😜 I'd boot Brent Musb…
Congratulations and on a huge win over Houston today. Legendary broadcaster Brent Musburger aft…
Nothing dissects a man in public quite like golf.
Classic Brent Musburger after meaningless buzzer-beater covers spread in the Arkansas game. "Some baskets are more important than others."
I'm sure there's a guy out there who wants to bang a young Brent Musburger.
the all time college play by play announcers. Keith Jackson . Brent Musburger. Verne Ludquist . Brad Nessler. Ron Franklin
Watching highlights of old CFB games. . 1. Keith Jackson is the GOAT. 2. Brent Musburger got shafted by ESPN. 3. Auburn 2013 luck was real
Brent Musburger has called Brandon McIlwain "Williams" at least three times now.
I was able to see Bob Costas, Al Michaels, Brent Musburger, and Bob Miller each tell a story about Vin Scully and what he means to sports.
Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer are too good to be buried on SEC Network
We have our first "Folks, you are looking live..." of the season from Brent Musburger. College football is back! https:/…
Feel like I'm watching the rose bowl listening to Brent Musburger commentate this game.
Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer not a good pairing ESPN. It's like putting Ryan Leaf at QB and Charles Rogers at WR, just doesn't work
Have only been a few great one's over time who never "played the game." Howard Cosell, Bob Costas and Brent Musburger come 2 mind.
Failed opportunity there by ESPN/SEC Network, should have asked Brent Musburger how things between himself and Katherine Webb are going
Will the DM make an 18 year old as popular Brent Musburger's comments on Katherine Webb?.
Championship Game: Villanova vs. North Carolina... In the granddaddy of them all (Brent Musburger voice)
Brent Musburger. It would be like having a sportsbook always with you.
"I'd play every day if I could. It's cheaper than a shrink and there are no telephones on my golf cart.". ~Brent Musburger.
Jon Miller, and Brent Musburger. I like Joe Buck, too, just not with Cardinal games.
I want to live in a world where Vern Lundquist and Brent Musburger call a game together. Maybe Katherine Webb can do sidelines.
*In Brent Musburger voice* Ladies & gentlemen, you aree looking live at the Salsaritas Invitational!!!
"MERCY!" Brent Musburger and the crowd lose their minds after Wayne Selden Jr.'s dunk.
Brent Musburger, 60 % of the time he's right every time..
Jenn Sterger is discovered by ABC and Brent Musburger This one is great.
"Some points matter more than others." -Brent Musburger
What do the networks have against First we get Brent Musburger then we get Fran Fraschilla in the tourney 💩
. Verne Lundquist NEEDS to call one of the Final Four games, while Brent Musburger & call the other! All are legends
Come UT spring game, Brent Musburger and I will have awards from the same person. . He's joining some great company...with me.
Apparently Brent Musburger is getting the the Lindsey Nelson Award...not sure if he's there too, but THAT could be a fun time
Steve Spurrier & Brent Musburger will be honored at the Vols Spring Game, April 16th.
the jim lampley podcast is great. stories were great. Any chance of getting Brent musburger. Love to hear his stories.
Yes as Brent Musburger used to say: "It should be a DAAANNDY!" Do Not Miss It! ~RB
To borrow a famous line... "Wow, what a beautiful woman!" Thanks Brent Musburger for the words.
From the same link, did you catch Brent Musburger's frosty take on Michelle Wie?
*Brent Musburger*. You see that lady on fire over there. .
Brent Musburger interview on SportsTalk w & right now is great stuff. Legendary broadcaster.
Brent Musburger joined SportsTalk to discuss winning the Lindsey Nelson Award, his broadcasting career, and more.
as Brent musburger said of Bird after he scored 20 in 4th qtr of Gm 7 "folks you are watching what greatness is all about"
I'd be perfectly fine if I never heard Doug Gottlieb, Doris Burke, Brent Musburger, or Bill Walton ever call another game
Is Mike Gminski auditioning to replace Brent Musburger as Soothsayer of the Obvious ?
When does Brent Musburger talk about Alabama Football's defense compared to SFAs defense?
Turned in to and the 🏈 was on!? Only thing missing was Brent Musburger and the other McCaffrey.
they don't call me Brent Musburger for no reason!
And Gonzaga had to win out in the WCC just to get into the NCAA Tournament. Brent Musburger brought them some luck!
The NCAA "Live Look In" at the arena is cool. Be better if Brent Musburger introduced it: you are looking live ...
I don't think there is anyone who appreciates the useless things that Brent Musburger says more than Brent Musburger.
my choice is Brent Musburger actually.
Brent Musburger just stopped by the Sports Book to say hello to our staff!
Woah *** *** hold on just a second. Brent Musburger talked about GAMBLING!?
Brent Musburger just said it's hard to believe Perry Ellis is a senior. But is it really?
Brent Musburger just said he thought the Tar Heels are the team most equipped to win it all this year on ESPN.
who doesn't love a three man broadcast team of Bobby, Brent Musburger, and Johnny Walker?
ESPN's Brent Musburger has bold prediction for Football next season:
Great lunch today in Ames at Aunt Maudes with Brent Musburger and Fran Fraschilla.
Would rather hear John Walters' call than Brent Musburger.
Announcers for tonight are Brent Musburger, Jay Bilas and Holly Rowe.
Somewhere, Brent Musburger and Al Michaels high five as a final homage to "trusting the desert"
If I could nominate people to live forever, selfishly, I might nominate Brent Musburger and Verne Lundquist.
I approve this idea. No more Brent Musburger, Gus Johnson, or Embrace the debate! . Embrace democracy! . End idiocy!
Never forget Brent Musburger's fateful open container in Lincoln. I'm pretty sure he is drunk right now too...
Let's see - Keith Jackson, Lindsey Nelson, *** Enberg, Mel Allen, Brent Musburger and Chris Fowler. Chris Fowler? I don't think so.
I would watch "Brent & The Verne," a buddy cop drama starring Brent Musburger and Verne Lundquist.
Brent Musburger is a WALKER someone call Rick Grimes
Brent Musburger, Rebecca Lowe, and local streaming lead our 2015 Christmas Wish List.
Gus Johnson and Brent Musburger would low key be the GOAT of commentators for big football games
Have Jesse Palmer or Brent Musburger even mentioned the Missouri boycott tonight?
Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer are the worst, man.
Calling the game with Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer (right next to us).
just as much as Brent Musburger loves Katherine Webb!!
Brent Musburger just said the most intelligent thing he's said all night. Tennessee and Florida will battle for the East in 2016.
Brent Musburger and reading Mark Stoops' lips was great television.
Brent Musburger is a national treasure. Only he can make a Mississippi St. blowout of Kentucky sound like a Rose Bowl Game.
Best line: SEC Net's Brent Musburger, on Miss St, “The best news is they have Alabama coming to Starkville or should I say, Stark Vegas?”
"Mississippi State and Dan Mullen take Kentucky to the woodshed" - Brent Musburger . Mississippi State wins 42-16
"Mississippi State and Dak Prescott take Kentucky to the woodshed." - Brent Musburger
Halle: 'My goal for next year is to be on the ranking chart' as reviews the Top 10 results from the day
Brent musburger throwin hella shade at UK fans rn
I like Brent Musburger because he says things like "read the riot act. "
You know Jesse Palmer and Brent Musburger have to be tired of calling all of Kentucky's games.
nice, Brent Musburger is large on miss st. always feels good when you're on the same side as big bank Brent.
. It's 3rd quarter. No need to panic and say ky needs touchdowns. Defensive stops can win this game
Cowbells and Brent Musburger. This is what *** sounds like.
Somebody tell Brent Musburger that an interception is not a highlight for Dak.
Brent Musburger is especially horrible when your team is losing.
Ok Brent Musburger we get it already! ***
Brent Musburger is giving me all the laughs.
And he will NOT pass AJ McCarron! Katherine Webb can rest easy Thanks
Thank you for the Jinx there Jesse Palmer and Brent Musburger.
Brent Musburger: not afraid to take on the Katherine Webb issue.
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I usually like Jesse Palmer and Brent Musburger but they've been exceptionally annoying so far tonight IMO
Brent Musburger is so much better than being relegated to the SEC Network
Maybe it's just me, but Brent Musburger sounds more cheerful than usual tonight. Shot or three of bourbon? Perhaps moonshine.
Hearing Brent Musburger say "More cowbell" is akin to reading a quote abt the Internet from Abraham Lincoln.
Which one of you truants gave Brent Musburger a cowbell?
Somebody show Brent Musburger how to ring a cowbell!
According to Brent Musburger's teeth he likes cigarettes or mustard or both.
Mike Patrick has no idea what is going on Can we send him to the SEC Network and bring back Brent Musburger?
I miss Brent Musburger on . The opening dialogue was the best part of the game. That dialogue is so weak without him.
Brent Musburger just said my brothers name 😎
Only thing more annoying is the sound of Brent Musburger 's voice!
What sin has Brent Musburger committed that results in him calling every UK game?
Brent Musburger is an overflowing well of useless information and Jesse Palmer is orange.
Hide your girlfriends.Brent Musburger broadcasting Cats game.
Has Brent Musburger called more UK games than Tom Leach this year?
Brent Musburger is the absolute worst.
Brent Musburger used to call the major national games, but now he's on the SEC network... Shouldn't have talked about McCaron's gf
Brent Musburger is stuck doing the SEC game of the week on SEC Network while Oblivious Mike Patrick continues his reign of bewilderment.
Verne Lundquist and Brent Musburger are the biggest Bama haters. Why do they announce for them every other week?
Brent Musburger wasting the last few years of his life calling garbage time games like Kentucky/Mississippi St
The way Brent Musburger says Alabama oddly gets me going
Holy *** Yea, she will either be Brent Musburger's new obsession or the next sideline reporter
Oh no I just realized Brent Musburger will be calling our game tonight. Major sign of bad luck.
College football on television: Oct. 24: The familiar SEC Network crew of Brent Musburger (play-by-play), Jess...
-Brent Musburger voice- "You're looking LIVE at McAfee Field. Home of the 63rd Copper Bowl."
Brent Musburger laughs at Jesse Palmer for saying shouldn't sleep on
At least our punter is playing well. You can tell because Brent Musburger is giving him the Katherine Webb treatment 🍔🍔
Uncle Vern going a little Brent Musburger mentioning GA QB Lambert's girlfriend will be crowned Miss GA at halftime.
Oh no. Please, Uncle Verne, don't turn into Brent Musburger.
To quote Brent Musburger during the 93' Rosebowl "WHEATLEY!"
*** man. Saban's daughter is a looker. Make sure Brent Musburger doesn't catch this one.
that time Brent Musburger took a picture with our sign.
I think they should have Vern and Brent Musburger call a game together...what a hoot!
Go to Missoula, find the closest bar, & say hi to Brent Musburger
Anyone other than Brent Musburger is a good thing
Brent Musburger, and are back in Lexington this Saturday as Kentucky hosts Missouri
ESPN stopping its "Cover Alerts" on CFB games. Brent Musburger is devastated.
Brent Musburger loved doing Clemson games because of the atmosphere and the Esso Club.
"AJ McCarron might be an ok quarterback, but would you look at his lovely lady over there". -Creepy Brent Musburger
Brent Musburger & Jesse Palmer on the call for Mizzou-Kentucky on SEC Network
Has Brent Musburger bought land in Lexington? He's got the call on SEC Network for a third consecutive week with Jesse Palmer.
Brent Musburger coined the term "March Madness" in on national TV in 1982. Later, the ran with its popularity!
Brent Musburger was an underrated NBA announcer. The guys we have today can't even compare, except of course for the great
Fowler's conversation about Vegas and FPI there was hilarious. Leave the Vegas talk to Brent Musburger and Al Michaels. 👍
The only thing missing from this game is Brent Musburger (with all due respect to Chris Fowler who's doing a good job)
Therein lies the terrible terrible logic of College Football Rankings, Brent Musburger.
As Brent Musburger said during the Florida/Kentucky game the changing of the guard might be happening right now. But still time left
[ESPN Video] Florida tops Kentucky in Lexington: . ESPN's Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer talk about t...
Brent Musburger's spray tan is gorgeous. Gotta bring your A game when you're in the booth with Jessie Palmer.
"29 straight years of agony" -Brent Musburger... Go Gators ... Thanks for being the basement of the SEC again Kentucky
They giving Brent Musburger the *** Vitale treatment. Putting him on non important games to weed him out
lol I was quoting the SEC Network commentator Brent Musburger
"29 years -- of AGONY." Brent Musburger sums up the series, which rings especially true after these last two games for UK.
"And KENTUCKY, continues to pee down its own leg, in the face, of adversity" (Brent Musburger voice)
"29 straight years of agony!" - Brent Musburger, as beat Kentucky again!
"Twenty nine straight years of agony!" ~Brent Musburger on UK vs UF
Enduring Brent musburger for three and a half hours is a chore.
Brent Musburger is a big fan of Kentucky :)
Brent Musburger is a master of over exaggeration.
Brent Musburger claims a changing of the guard happening because Ole Miss leads Bama in the 2nd quarter. Classic.
I don't want Kentucky to win but Brent Musburger and his lackey are starting to *** me off
There should be a option where I can mute Jesse Palmer but not Brent Musburger.
Listening to Brent musburger makes me feel like I've traveled back in time
Does anyone else miss Brent Musburger's voice during prime time college football? Not the same with Chris Fowler.
Brent Musburger really likes to say Kentucky
It is really a shame Brent Musburger's mom didn't swallow.
Grier makes 1 mistake and Musburger wonders if we will see Harris? Shut up Brent. .
We should have a counter for how many times Brent Musburger says youngster every game.
Will never understand why ESPN forces Brent Musburger to call the worst televised SEC game of the weekend on SEC Network.
There's nothing WORSE than having call the game!! GEEZ!! — watching Florida Gators vs Kentucky Wildcats
"That did not work out well for Kentucky." - Brent Musburger
Please mute Brent Musburger. My God he is terrible!!!
Is there a partner that Brent Musburger hasn't had awesome chemistry with?
Brent Musburger is 76 yrs old; Lee Corso is 80; Verne Lundquist is 75. Amazing health and longevity.
It must kill Brent Musburger to call SEC games.
"Kentucky will burn one here." -Brent Musburger. Is marijuana legal in Kentucky?
Good Lord. Brent Musburger giving some ridiculous commentary tonight.
It's so disappointing to have Brent Musburger call a football game I want to watch.
Brent Musburger is interviewing John Calipari in the booth right now...he used to interview former POTUS on ABC
Surely the SEC Network can do better than Brent Musburger. He was bad 30 years ago...hasn't gotten any better.
Still haven't gotten used to hearing Brent Musburger regulated to
Jesse Palmer is the worst thing to ever happen to college football. Even worse than Brent Musburger...
DL Jonathan Bullard sacks Patrick Towles. Brent Musburger: "Harry Potter did not have a magic wand on that one."
The dream team to call a CFB game-Keith Jackson, Brent Musburger, Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit
SEC Network announces that Brent Musburger and Jessie Palmer will be commentators for UF season opener Saturday
OU-Texas 2008 currently on Longhorn Network. Such a fun game, and prime Brent Musburger calling it makes it even better.
Two weeks from today, Brent Musburger will say, "YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE," from a football stadium press box.
No better way to cap the work week than a phone call from Brent Musburger to talk Bison-Griz football.
Gary Danielson is another underrated announcer like Brent Musburger
"In the East UGA is a clear cut favorite. If they don't make it, there will be heat on Richt" - Brent Musburger
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Come on You certainly know Brent Musburger has been giving his opinions on EVERYTHING under the Sun for 40 years now!
Fun fact via Brent Musburger got kicked out of for a year for illegally owning a car on campus.
enjoyed the interview with Brent Musburger!
YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE! The iconic Brent Musburger is with me right now
For the love of Brent Musburger, why can't there be a college football game on tonight!?!
So many great memories in 1st year My Dad calling me after Brent Musburger threw it to me for halftime show. Was so proud.
The great Brent Musburger will join us today to celebrate 1 year anniversary & preview the CFB season! "You are looking live!"
BRENT MUSBURGER: Lord, what a beautiful gal she is. Jesse Palmer: Using this Mandelbrot set we can determine the length of her silhouette an
Jesse Palmer: Adams has shown he can see the spaces between defenders, Brent, but can see Hilbert Spaces?. BRENT MUSBURGER: We'll be right ba
Quietly pretending Brent Musburger and Van Miller are calling this game.
For my money Brent Musburger in The Waterboy is as good as it gets if you're into excellent cameos.
I'm no sex-change expert, but switch looks so good Brent Musburger is probably stalking her.
don't know if you noticed but went Brent Musburger on us at 11
When Warriors won 40 years ago, Brent Musburger was CBS' play-by-play man. He could still do as good a job as anyone today.
Jeff Mullins told a great story about Brent Musburger in his earliest years as a national broadcaster.
and now I need to see Brent Musburger call a WC Finals with Ian Darke
ummm and Brent Musburger need to commentate prime time games this year ... Greatest combo 🙌🏽
OSU fans hate Mark May and Brent Musburger so, so much.
As Brent Musburger like to say was really smoking tonight!!
BRENT MUSBURGER AND BILL RAFTERY calling the Bulls-Pistons East Finals in 1989, because why the *** not?.
Martin Tyler the Brent Musburger of English play by play. Would like him to say 'You are looking live' just once
Brent Musburger was called out and ridiculed for something similar not too long ago.
"SHUT UP OLD MAN!!" -Jay to Brent musburger during top 3 at 5
Happy 76th Birthday to grad and longtime Big Ten announcer Brent Musburger.
Nice shout-out by to my Jupiter neighbor Brent Musberger. Wilbon and I read Musburger when he wrote for Chicago American.
Turns out Brent Musburger is still alive.
Happy Birthday to Brent Musburger. 76 years young. A true legend. The voice of
Happy birthday to that old creep Brent Musburger
Happy 76th birthday to Brent Musburger, one of the best to ever do the job I'm lucky enough to do. You hear Brent's voice? It's a big game.
Happy birthday to ole man great voice of sports Brent Musburger
Wonder if Eminem is getting Brent Musburger something for his 76th
Sportscaster Brent Musburger is 76. Singer Stevie Nicks is 67. Country singer Hank Williams Jr. is 66. Lisa Niemi (Super Force) is 59.
Brent Musburger is loving talking about Kentucky right now. You'd think Katherine Webb was on their team or something
Brent Musburger needs to be mothballed. He's just rambling. Sounds like Wilford Brimley trying to impersonate Gus Johnson.
On February 21, 1993 Brent Musburger, Jim Valvano and Julie Moran called Duke at N.C State on ABC.
Is Chris Fowler coming to take Brent Musburger off the Tournament?
The gap btwn Chris Fowler and Rece Davis is much more narrow than gap between Brent Musburger and Fowler. I don't get ESPN's recent logic.
Imagine for example if there was social media back in 1968, when Brent Musburger called Smith and Carlos "black skinned stormtroopers."
I think Brent Musburger can't always remember Cliff Alexander's name, so he just calls him Number 2. Or he's really into toilet humor.
We've learned two things already tonight. Brent Musburger loves Iowa St bball and hates that people say there's no scoring in college bball
Tons of fans are disappointed Brent Musburger isn't calling the national championship
When you've been spoiled by watching Keith Jackson and Brent Musburger call national title games for decades, not easy to accept Fowler.
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