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Brendan Schaub

Brendan Peter Schaub (born March 18, 1983) is an American professional mixed martial artist and former professional football player for the AFL's Utah Blaze and as a member of the Buffalo Bills practice squad.

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Brendan Schaub gives his account of altercation with Nate Diaz after Conor McGregor's loss
Brendan Schaub's hairline irritates me. Conor Taaffe fixed it up then someone wrecked it again 😂
Brendan Schaub chokes out Bryan Callen can't stop watching 😂 how mad did joe get about the stick 😂
This AMA with Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub is absolutely relentless.
Stfu you low life. Brendan Schaub spoke about you on his podcast the other day. Brandon Vera pegged you.
when Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira KOs Brendan Schaub in Brazilian homecoming in UFC 134
Nick Diaz "The Entrepreneur" following the footsteps of Brendan Schaub
hey is that a fighter hitting pads down there? Nah that's comedian Brendan Schaub 👊
Brendan Schaub speaks like a *** Blahblah "Son" blahblah "Mercked!" . Rogan's fault for telling Schaub he's funny.
sorry to hear about Brendan Schaub backing out of what if you had a ellismania comedy rap battle with fans and Andrew
Brendan "that's a tough matchup for Conor" Schaub. Fella is like a broken record repeating himself.
Brendan Schaub is becoming one of my favorites on your podcast. He's pretty darn funny!
Brendan Schaub tried to imply that Bisping was calling someone a cigarette when he called him a *** Moron.
Brendan Schaub can be annoying at times
for example, it's incorrect to write 'Cam Hanes joins Brendan Schaub and I.' 'Brendan and I join Cam' = correct.
because Brendan Schaub hasn't seen it, it doesn't happen. Got it. Not defending him but stop parroting.
|| Every time I see that gif of Brendan Schaub being knocked out, I always say 'Fus Ro Dah' aloud 😂
Brendan Schaub discusses being 'banned,' and standing out in a crowd:
Brendan Schaub says Northcutt will destroy him
Brendan Schaub said he felt like a heavyweight and that was when he was a 170er
UFC: Brendan Schaub, and Bryan Callen :"Jose Aldo wants to be released f... via
Joe Rogan asks his MMA heavyweight friend Brendan Schaub how he thinks he might fa... (Vine by
Schaub: Tyson Fury couldn't handle being the champ: Brendan explains why he thinks Tyson Fury's me...
I'll take Brendan Schaub, Eddie Bravo is a little to crazy for me.
Brendan Schaub on Ronda Rousey cussing out Paige Van Zant at Reebok event: via
I liked a video Brendan Schaub: 'The sad part is Jose Aldo can't do s***'
Video: Brendan Schaub sides with UFC FW champ Conor McGregor: 'It's not the WWE'
I liked a video Brendan Schaub: 'Bigfoot' Silva needs to stop fighting
I liked a video from Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and Joe Rogan Join The MMA Hour
JRE Fight Companion - August 6, 2016: Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and ... thank you
Joe, Eddie Bravo, Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen get together and watch the fights live. It's the best!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
is live with Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo, Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen.
PSA: Joe Rogan will be hosting a Fight Companion tonight with Eddie Bravo, Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen
Brendan Schaub puts Matt Mitrione to sleep with a Darce choke
Look how well middling football players like Brendan Schaub, Matt Mitrione, Shawn Jordan, and Ovin St Preux have done.
"Too Bad She Can't Grapple, Wouldn't Be Much of a Fight." -Brendan Schaub on Lavar Johnson being sentenced for beating his girlfriend.
Brendan Schaub talks slugging it out with Shane Carwin in practice on JRE
Brendan Schaub has a firm feeling that McGregor would f**k Robbie Lawler up. Agree with this statement?
Brendan Schaub vs. Brian Cage in a Lion's Den on Showtime
Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub talking about the Klitschko/Fury fight. Such a good podcast
Did you hear what happened to Brendan Schaub?
I liked a video Joe Rogan talks tough with Brendan Schaub on The Fighter and The Kid podcast
Brendan Schaub has some type of speech impediment, you can hear it on his podcast
Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub straighten *** "toughguy" Bryan Callen ... via lol KERMIT
this guy looks like a cross between Justin Bieber and Brendan schaub.
You have a big fan in Brendan Schaub
Brendan Schaub made a big, big mistake. Good God.
Brendan Schaub on trial for will be prosecuting
Oh cool. Maybe now my Mark Hunt vs. Brendan Schaub Best-of-9 idea will come to fruition.
I see early-onset dementia is possibly hitting Brendan Schaub with his latest stunt.
Starts at 56:13 in for 14 minutes 12/22/15. Some minor inaccuracies but they loved it! … https:/…
Tai Lopez Why Mindset Matters with Brendan Schaub (UFC Fighter), simply a must watch.
I'm hoping to start the show next week! Finishing up that making a murderer document that Brendan Schaub mentioned.
or Brendan Schaub for personality...what does that mean??
Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen are LIVE on Join the action here! -->
Brendan Schaub's voice/attitude/new hair makes me wish he was still fighting so he can catch a fade.
Awareness growing rapidly! Discussion about Soaked In Bleach begins at around the 56 minute mark.
wow, I thought Kevin Sorbo seemed not-sobright, but then I heard Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub. Yikes. (sorry, I'm a day behind)
Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub, Ben Saunders & Eddie Bravo to watch the fights on Nov. 28, 2015. Listen how...
As far as pure athletic ability goes, who do you guys consider the better athlete : Matt Mitrione, Brendan Schaub, or Alistair Overeem?
I liked a video Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen react to Conor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes Live!
I liked a video from Joe Rogan Experience - Brendan Schaub & Fight Companion ? (Part
Although he's the all time best 10-5 fighter, you gotta think Mittrione and Cro-Cop would beat Brendan Schaub now.
and tomorrow is the 2-year anniversary of the last time Brendan Schaub won a fight...officially that is.
"You're never going to get my skills again." - Brendan Schaub.
I liked a video Brendan Schaub responds to Joe Rogan
Brendan Schaub and the all crew at Costa Rica D Tours Office .
Brendan Schaub challenges UFC fighters to step up for Nick Diaz by refusing to fight in Vegas (Podcast Trailer via…
Aug27.2011. After 12 years, finally competes in Brazil for the 1st time,. & knocks out Brendan Schaub ht…
trump's pretty delusional, he's the Brendan schaub of politics. Jeb wins if he has the same chin
Brendan Schaub on Ronda Rousey: You hate on Mayweather, but your boyfriend is beating the s--t out of his wife
[Video] Brendan Schaub shares his thoughts about the middleweight division
Schaub indicates that he left her. Imagine what her personality would be like for Brendan Schaub to leave her.
It will cost Liverpool £8.7 million to sack Brendan Rodgers today.
Joe Rogan, Bryan Callen, Brendan Schaub, and Eddie Bravo in a fight companion together! The MMA world must've jizzed harder than a hose.
Brendan Schaub : I Was Too Much Man for Ronda Rousey. Schaub appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and...
opinion on Reebok not havin Brendan Schaub kits and him possibly havin Burt Watson Stitch Duran Bryan Callen cornerin his fight?
I'm sorry I'm just watching Brendan Schaub vs Cro Cop :(
Rapper and actor Curtis Jackson aka 50 cent join Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen on The Fighter and The Kid.
Did you know Ben Rothwell has only dropped 3 men in the UFC? Brendan Schaub, Overeem, & Brandon Vera.Truly believe Mitrione wont be the 4th.
and Skylar Astin like Chris Weidman, alot via
>> Brendan Schaub and Skylar Astin like Chris Weidman, alot
Brendan & Skylar throw a Weidman pep rally and make picks on :
This week's Punch Drunk is on iTunes. We had UFC fighter in to tell what an *** he was.
Brendan Schaub and the kid is on periscope
205 division in the UFC is so bad right now that even Brendan Schaub has a chance to contend.
Love the podcasts. Brendan Schaub is great on the fight experience episodes.
before more stringent drug testing, Brendan Schaub says he used to make six figures more per fight
since the Reebok deal the UFC has announced they are going to test everyone more except Brendan Schaub
hey "big" brown Brendan schaub what do u think of UFC new drug and pdp testing?
A weak win over an average Brendan Schaub and tops a dramatically inconsistent Travis Browne. Not buying. (2)
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before the Reebok deal, Brendan Schaub was Brendan Schaub's biggest sponsor.
Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub thug life via
Brendan Schaub if you're reading this I'm sorry.
I agree. I also say get Brendan Schaub (who blocked me on here) a fight. Say winner of Barnett/Nelson. If he doesn't go to 205
This looks like Brendan Schaub but nope.
wait let it come natural and let the fans name you, like Brendan schaub hybrid to big brown
Off the Record video with Dana White: UFC boss defends Reebok payouts, shuts down Brendan Schaub via
- Can you sell your nickname to sponsors? It may be a loophole. You could be Brendan "Under Armor" Schaub. You should do it!
seeing as you're with Brendan schaub on his show You must enjoy ufc...curious on your picks for tonight ?
Huge fan! Quick question does Brendan Schaub's comments about you not being a good Champ bother you?
"Joe can you imagine sitting a friend down and tell them their dreams will never happen? " - Natasha. "No ." - Joe "Huh?" brendan schaub
I added a video to a playlist Behind the Scenes with UFC Heavyweight Brendan Schaub
I added a video to a playlist UFC Heavyweight, Brendan Schaub - Why Mindset Matters
Brendan Schaub says the real reason he's going down to 205 is because the Reebok deal is taking food out of his mouth
Brendan Schaub is claiming he received $100,000 in sponsor money for fighting Lavar Johnson on the FX prelims on a 2 fight losing streak. !
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Did Brendan Schaub pay you for loosing the bet?
The more I watch shows that Brendan Schaub is on, the more I hate the way he talks.. Yet the more I find myself saying "You'd be surprised"
Never mind Schaub more like Brendan Swarve rocking one slick *** comb-over haircut these days! on the Experience.
Brendan & Bryan throw a Tebow party on the latest episode of FATK:
Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen throw a Tim Tebow rally on The Fighter and The Kid
how do you listen to Brendan Schaub? I will never say "100%" again. Fer sure I won't be saying 100%. Fer sure it gets old.
his name is Brendan Schaub. You guys even sound alike lol
Hey do you know who Brendan Schaub is?
Noted: if you talk about Tebow Brendan Schaub will point out what you do as a profession
Brendan Schaub doesn't know anything about football!? Huh? You know he played at Colorado right?
It was none other than 'Big Brown' Brendan Schaub that broke the news that broke the internet yesterday; that Tim...
Bryan Callen: Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub...
Who really broke the Tim Tebow story? Brendan Schaub.
Brendan Schaub definitely had inside info on Tim Tebow. Mentioned Tim to the Eagles on the last podcast.
Well, one thing is OBVIOUS. I clearly can't be friends with Brendan Schaub anymore.
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Brendan Schaub gets a prediction right. (1hr 10m 25s)
Brendan Schaub is a good man. Friends with Tebow. Very excited to hear the next episode.
Brendan Schaub ain't got nothing to do this week, I guess he will be body-guarding Tebow all week
I liked a video Eddie Bravo gloats over winning $1000 bet with Brendan Schaub
Brendan Schaub moving to 205 is non-sensical. He struggled in weak HW division, LHW is stacked & it's a huge weight cut. How's that easier?
Eddie Bravo gloating over winning $1000 in his bet with Brendan Schaub.
Brendan Schaub said he's losing close to what, 50k a fight due to the Reebok deal? And that's just how it is? Lawdy.
OSP vs. Brendan Schaub? He bet and lost $1000 on Cummins. Could be a great LHW debut opportunity for big brown. Good or no?
oh idk about that I like brendan Schaub and that's a bad matchup for his first fight
As a plus, the lighter wallet should help Brendan Schaub in his quest to make 205.
loool Brendan and his terrible picks, looks like durkin trains under the schaub school of strikin
Apparently Eddie Bravo and Brendan Schaub have a $1k bet on the outcome of this fight. For some reason .
.Eddie Bravo and Brendan Schaub have a thousand dollar bet on this fight. I got
Eddie Bravo bet Brendan schaub 1000$ for osp to brat cummins
Brendan Schaub has a bunch of money?
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I liked a video from Joe Rogan Experience - Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub
Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub on JRE is always great
Video: JRE - Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub from JoeRogan on Vimeo.
It's on another level of funny that Brendan Schaub think he would ruin Brock Lesnar, he isn't even on Mir' level and Brock killed him
I liked a video Joe Rogan being very honest with Brendan Schaub
Joe Rogan doing a podcast with Eddie Bravo and Brendan Schaub. That's my idea of ***
Still buzzing from Metamoris 4, who would you want to see on the next card? It keeps getting better and better! Lets assume there will be 2-3 MMA fighters on this card aswell, on my personal list I would like to see Shinya Aoki again against anybody, maybe even Imanari would be cool. And when did we last see BJ Penn's BJJ? Straight up BJJ practioners I'd love to see Kron Gracie, Marcelo Garcia, Buchecha and perhaps.. Hmm.. Donkey guard again please (Glover) • BJ returns to BJJ. I would also like to see Askren. • Cody McKenzie • Frank Mir Let's see some broken limbs at Metamoris 5. • Need more Keenan Cornelius in my life! • How could I forget - Brendan Schaub!! Make it happen Ralek $$$ • This is a joke right? • The fans demand a rematch! • i feel they should stay with the style vs style main events. Maybe even answer the questions people ask about gracie ju jitsu. Aokis Japanese ju jitsu vs a gracie would be dope. Aoki should be really inspired by barnett and ready to roar. Jake shields d . ...
Mike Tyson and Dana White seem to spend almost as much time together as Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen.
Official UFC rankings updated after UFC 174: Andrei Arlovski makes top 15 debut, Tyron Woodley falls behind Carlos Condit The official UFC rankings have been updated following the carnage at UFC 174: "Johnson vs. Bagautinov" pay-per-view (PPV) event, which took place last Saturday night (June 14, 2014) inside Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada "The Pitbull" is back. Andrei Arlovski is now a top 15 fighter at heavyweight, thanks to a split-decision win over Brendan Schaub . "The Hybrid" was removed from the list altogether, but probably doesn't feel as bad as Tyron Woodley, who now takes a back seat to Carlos Condit after getting knocked around by Rory MacDonald. And let's hope Mike Easton didn't break anything after tumbling six spots down the ladder. Check out the updated rankings (+/- = movement in rankings, *NR = Not previously ranked) below: Pound-for-Pound 1. Jon Jones 2. Jose Aldo 3. Cain Velasquez 4. Demetrious Johnson 5. Chris Weidman 6. Anthony Pettis 7. Anderson Silva 8. ...
To many, Brendan Schaub is a younger, better version of Andrei Arlovski, but the former UFC heavyweight champion has every intention of proving he's the only version that matters.
UFC 174 make a pick: Demetrious Johnson or Ali Bagautinov? Rory MacDonald or Tyron Woodley? Ryan Bader or Rafael Cavalcante? Andrei Arlovski or Brendan Schaub? Ryan Jimmo or Ovince St. Preux?
This week, we look back at Andrei Arlovski vs. Roy Nelson, ahead of the Pitbull’s clash with Brendan Schaub this Saturday.
Andrei Arlovski makes his long awaited but anachronistic return to the UFC for UFC 174:Johnson vs. Bagautinov against his neo-facsimile in fellow Heavyweight, Brendan Schaub.
Watch "The Pitbull" in his debut back at UFC 28 in East Rutherford, NJ, as he shows off his submission skills against Aaron Brink. Andrei Arlovski makes his Octagon re-debut at UFC 174 against Brendan Schaub after a six-year absence.
Mark Hunt on why he prefers a fight with Roy Nelson over a fight with Brendan Schaub
Mark Hunt welcomes Roy Nelson bout in Japan, because 'Big Country' is a 'better fighter' than Brendan Schaub. All...
A bout in June in his native New Zealand didn't work out for Mark Hunt, especially if the opponent was going to be Brendan Schaub. Yet, a potential contest in September opposite Roy Nelson is precisely what the 'Super Samoan' has been...
The plan to match up Mark Hunt with Brendan Schaub was scrapped in favor of pitting the Ultimate Fighter finalist against former heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski at UFC 174, but the result could end up giving fans a fight they've been begging to see for years.
skip to the 1hour mark. Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub from The Adam Carolla Show
Callen and Brendan Schaub are the guests today on
Go wild. Brendan Schaub as HW. Pyle ranked at WW. Jon Jones off the P4P list in place of Gleison Tibau.
With Mark Hunt likely fighting Brendan Schaub next let me throw this out there - Roy Nelson vs. Josh Barnett. Any takers?
UFC Fighter, Brendan Schaub and comedian Bryan Callen talk with the lovely Whitney Cummings, the co-creator of CBS "2 Broke Girls" on the latest Podcast.
Tim Tebow tries on a pair of headphones at the Soul Electronics press event as part of the 2014 International CES on Wednesday (January 8) in Las Vegas, Nev. The 26-year-old football pro and new ESPN anchor was joined for the press conference by American mixed martial artist Brendan Schaub. PHOTOS:
Tim Tebow and Brendan Schaub having fun at
TAO Nightclub has been one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas, Nevada for years. Being located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip at the The Venetian Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. This Thursday plans to be another big night, as Tao hosts the official Soul headphones party featuring special guest Juicy J. Soul Headphones was started by rapper Ludacris back in 2011, and ever since the beginning they have been known as a leader in SMS Audio. Soul Headphones are the the biggest competitor to Dr Dre’s Beats by Dre headphones. Ludacris has sponsored some of the biggest names in entertainment including Tim Tebow, Usain Bolt, Brendan Schaub and even K-pop superstar PSY. Read More:
Rener Gracie talks about expecting Brendan Schaub to submit Matt Mitrione at UFC 165, Schaub's performance at Metamoris II, which heavyweight has the best ji...
Could not have had a better birthday present. UFC 167 lived up to the hype. Great fights and most of our predictions were right (except Rory). So many fighters just walking around the casino. Annette rode up the elevator with Chael Sonnen. I ran into Urijah Faber, Nick Diaz, Anthony Pettis, Alexander Gustafsson, Matt Hughs, Stephan Bonnar, Bruce Buffer and Joe Siva. Also saw Meisha Tate, Dan Henderson, Damien Maia, Forrest Griffen, Frank Trigg, Brendan Schaub, Travis Browne, Chris Weidman. Plus the added bonus of meeting some greats at the weigh ins - Royce Gracie, Mark Coleman, Dan Severn and Art Jimmerman. Best weekend ever! Btw Vegas was pretty cool too :)
The Fighter & The Kid is a weekly podcast featuring UFC heavyweight, Brendan Schaub and actor/comedian, Bryan Callen. It’s uncut and unedited and sometimes it’s just ridiculous.
Added some new videos today. Stuff to help others understand a little more of what we do at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Colorado Springs. A few people may recognize Tamba Hali (three time NFL pro-bowler), Rhonda Ronda Rousey, Brendan Schaub, and Lyoto Machida of the UFC getting the roll (training) on at the Gracie Academy.
actually, if you're looking for a new, decent MMA podcast, try The Fighter and The Kid. It's Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub.
Joe Rogan calls MMA scoring 'very flawed' Speaking with fellow comedian Bryan Callen and UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub, UFC commentator Joe Rogan makes it clear he isn't satisfied with the current state of MMA judging. Certainly nothing new to UFC regulars long accustomed to Rogan's rants on judging reform, but it's great to hear a bit more on what exactly needs fixing. Rogan names the UFC as his example, but could have used any promotion using the 'Unified Rules' of MMA. The UFC scoring is very flawed. It's flawed in a bunch of different ways. The biggest reason it's flawed is because of the 10-Point Must system which was adopted from boxing. That might work in a 12-round fight. 12, three minute rounds is very different than three, five minute rounds. Three, five minute rounds, you're going 10-9 on rounds that either guy could win and then the next round a guy could get taken down, busted up, dropped, and you score that a 10-9 as well. That makes no f***ing sense. The system in place right now, the scor ...
"Guess what Brendan Schaub is doing on his holiday"
I wanna make a joke about Rothwell not having highlights but LOL Brendan Schaub.
Brendan Schaub's name really stuck out when Goldberg was listing all those people Rothwell has fought
Even if he loses tonight, Rothwell will be best known for snatching Brendan Schaub's soul.
he was the standing version of Brendan Schaub
Have you ever thought about having your friend David Vitkay go on a lockdown with you guys like Brendan Schaub did?
Just finished watching my Favorite episode of featuring Brendan Schaub!
This Saturday at is up against Brandon Vera but check out his previous KO of Brendan Schaub:
I added a video to a playlist UFC 165 Brendan Schaub vs Matt Mitrione
Would you ever have Brendan Schaub go on another lockdown with you guys again?
the sentence you couldn't identify when u were with Brendan schaub in Colorado sounded to me like "didn't find her there".
Ben Rothwell puts the hammer down on Brendan Schaub in this UFC KO of the week. - Luke
We just finished recording another episode of THE FIGHTER & THE KID with Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen Fan...
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Who's interested in a potential Brendan Schaub or Chris Leben giveaway!?
Where did Miesha Tate, the Jones family and Brendan Schaub fall on Cagewriter’s hot list?
Chris Weidman willing to fight Jon Jones Shane Carwin now a VP with PFC, Brendan Schaub and Matt Mitrione's beef
Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen take us through what to expect in the upcoming UFC 160. Not to mention, throwing in a whole bunch of nonsense to boot.
At Metamoris 2, Brendan Schaub and Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu discuss their controversial match at the Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles. Subscribe to our channel f...
Was anyone else embarrassed at Brendan Schaub's performance during Metamoris 2 last night ?
Brendan Schaub discusses his UFC on Fox 8 bout with friend Matt Mitrione, and invites Fallon Fox to come work out with him.
UFC on FOX 8: Brendan Schaub willing to fight 'close friend' Matt Mitrione - and his own mother - for heavyweight title shot Two hard-hitting heavyweights are set to bang it out in the center of the Octagon when Brendan Schaub and Matt Mitrione duke it out in Seattle, Wash., when Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to "The Emerald City" with UFC on FOX 8 on July 27, 2013. The former NFL players sparked a friendship on the set of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 10 as members of Rashad Evans's team. Five years later, "Hybrid" and "Meathead" still exchange phone calls at least once every two weeks. Schaub, for one, is willing to put their "very close" friendship aside for one night if it means getting one step closer to the 265-pound title and warns Matt that once the cage door closes, it's going to be all "business." Speaking to Rick J. Lee, Schaub dishes on his upcoming scrap against Mitrione and reveals it was his former TUF teammate that broke the fight announcement to him. "Hybrid" also says ...
Matt Mitrione's suspension is over, fights Brendan Schaub at on Fox 8 -    ...
Matt Mitrione suspension lifted, will fight Brendan Schaub at Fox 8. If you think back, I called that match-up
That's pretty much what I was expecting last week when Lavar Johnson fought Brendan Schaub. Hunt lands and walks away. Boom.
I liked a video from Brendan Schaub on fighting Lavar Johnson, Roy Nelson, love of
Brendan Schaub is my over Lavar Johnson at -133
Lavar Johnson will not be released after his loss to Brendan Schaub at UFC 157. Surprised to hear that.
With the UFC in roster-trimming mode, heavyweight Lavar Johnson likely was on shaky ground following a lackluster decision loss to Brendan Schaub this past weekend at UFC 157.
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Brendan Schaub: "I'm a Top 10 for sure, but I don't care about the rankings. 2013 is going to be a big year for me. I want to fight Cain Velasquez for the title, and I won't stop until I get there." Who do you want to see Schaub fight next?
UFC 157 prelims don't mirror PPV numbers Even though UFC 157 had far more mainstream publicity going into it, and scored significantly higher on pay-per-view than UFC 156, the prelims on FX were well behind the numbers of three weeks ago. The UFC 157 prelims, a two-hour program that ranged in quality from a heavyweight snoozer main event where Brendan Schaub won a decision over Lavar Johnson and a potential fight of the year candidate with Dennis Bermudez winning a competitive decision over Matt Grice, did 1,267,000 viewers. The number is roughly average for what the prelim shows have been doing on FX. The UFC 156 prelims set an FX record, and did the second-best numbers in the history of UFC pay-per-view prelims, with 1,897,000 viewers. For reasons that aren't easy to explain, UFC fights on free television the night before the Super Bowl are a consistent winner. UFC prelims on Spike set a record in 2010, broke it in 2011, and then in 2013, nearly broke the 2011 record. Most notably, the 2010 and 2013 did ...
Brendan Schaub talks about his gameplan against Lavar Johnson at UFC 157, being able to control the ground game, requesting the fight, losing to Rothwell and...
UFC 157's Brendan Schaub not apologetic for getting 'cerebral' on Lavar Johnson
Brendan Schaub unapologetic for getting 'cerebral' on Lavar Johnson "The game plan wasn't to take him down and do the whole ground thing," Schaub on Monday told Radio ( "Honestly, I didn't think he'd come rushing in as hard as he did. When people do that, I took advantage of what he gave me. It was easy to control him on the ground. But it was a good night. A lot of fans were disappointed because they literally thought I was going to stand there and trade shots, like 'Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.' "The last two fights, that's what I did – and that cost me dearly. That's just not being a cerebral fighter." "I think at the weigh-ins, Mike Goldberg announced both of us and said, 'Someone's getting knocked out,'" Schaub recalled. "I think that was the whole stigma around this fight. Everyone thought this fight's going to be over in 30 seconds. If that's the case, I wouldn't have trained at all. I would've shown up out of shape and thrown a big right hand and hoped for the ...
In the lone heavyweight fight on the UFC 157 card, Brendan Schaub used takedowns and top control to take a unanimous decision victory over Lavar Johnson.
ANAHEIM, Calif. – Brendan Schaub avoided a pink slip against the hard-swinging Lavar Johnson, but he didn't win many fans in the process. Smothering Johnson on the mat, Schaub pitched a shutout on the judges' scorecards and but was roundly booed for his effort.
I am having a hard time following thr logic of haters for women in the UFC. Most Of them are saying things like they are not entertaining and have no skills. These are the same people that saw rousey and carmouch give a great scrap but also watched Lyoto Machida/Dan Henderson and Brendan Schaub/Lavar Johnson deliver crappy fights.
Coming up next, Brendan Schaub visits the land in the sky after Lavar Johnson lays the smackdown on him.
Please lets take a moment to remember the life and times of Brendan Schaub before Lavar Johnson knocks his head off
Lavar Johnson and Brendan Schaub next. I GUARANTEE you that SOMEONE is about to get knocked out!
. This fight could get ugly for Brendan Schaub if he decides he wants to trade strikes n punches with Lavar Johnson
Main Event of the prelims: Brendan Schaub vs Lavar Johnson! Schaub lost last 2 KO, either Schaub gets KOed,or Lavar gets subbed
Who's going to sleep first Brendan Schaub or Lavar 'Big' Johnson?
Lavar Johnson vs Brendan Schaub! This fight will not make it out of the first round
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Lavar Johnson vs. Brendan Schaub is up next... Love and respect both fighters.
Lavar Johnson has 15 career knockout wins, 14 in round one. Brendan Schaub has lost all three of his career fights by first-round knockout.
Brendan Schaub vs. Lavar Johnson coming up next.
My bet for this fight - Brendan Schaub's chin holds up better than Lavar Johnson's ground game. Schaub via SUB or GnP.
Brendan Schaub go get that KO of the night bonus brother & silence all those Lavar Johnson nuthuggers who say you have a weak chin!
I'd put $500 saying that Brendan Schaub vs Lavar Johnson is gonna end in a knockout. Guarantee it
Lavar Johnson vs. Brendan Schaub: does this heavyweight bout have your Knockout of the Night vote?
The final prelim fight is Lavar Johnson vs. Brendan Schaub. Johnson by destruction.
“Up next: Brendan Schaub vs. Lavar Johnson I got Schaub by KO. Thoughts?
Brendan Schaub has a wet tissue for a chin. I'll go with the Lavar Johnson 1000% no problem.
Lavar Johnson vs. Brendan Schaub...someones gettin knocked out! My money's on Johnson
Lavar 'Big' Johnson vs. Brendan Schaub up next. I am gonna have to go with "Big" Johnson by knockout. May be too heavy handed for Schaub. -Rob
UFC 157 prelims are underway. Who's going to get the KO - Brendan Schaub or Lavar Johnson?
so far we have names like, Martin Kampmann, Brendan Schaub, Pat Miletich, Daron Cruickshank all donating items. Keep the suggestions coming.
It's more than just a battle of former teammates, it's a battle of two of the Midwest's top MMA training centers. Cody Land represents Premier Combat Center which features several UFC Vets including Ryan Jensen, Houston Alexader, Chad Reiner, & current UFC fighter Anthony Smith! Brett Hodgen represents Grudge Training Center which is one of the top gyms in the world with UFC fighters like Brendan Schaub, Shane Carwin, Justin Salas, Luke Caudillo, & others training out of Grudge. UFC Champ GSP regularly trains at Grudge as well. Who's going to come out on top?! DC Mgmt Luke Caudillo
UFC 157: Josh Koscheck vs Robbie Lawler has been added to the main event. And.. Brendan Schaub vs Lavar Johnson has been added to the preliminary card on FX. -Holly
thanks for knocking out brendan schaub ! cant see enough of him getting KTFO ! :) you made alot of people happy with that
Brendan Schaub was on Ghost Adventures. Tito Ortiz was on Celebrity Ghost Stories.
UFC fighter Brendan Schaub used to be in the NFL. Then he realized MMA was much more badass than playing a game for a living.
Its amazing how we are still in the running for superbowl and Texan fans are complaining. Smh
Rory MacDonald and Brendan Schaub Lend a Hand to UFC Community Works ... - Join Talk at:
Todd Duffee's expulsion from the UFC remains one of the most confusing things we've seen in the UFC over the last few years. The heavyweight division has always been shorter on talent than most would like. Because of that, it's hard not to get excited when a fighter has a UFC debut as explosive as Duffee, who knocked out Tim Hague in seven seconds at UFC 102. When he was shockingly knocked out by Mike Russow, though, he found himself unceremoniously and mysteriously cut from the UFC. The reasons remain unknown. Putting the pieces together from interviews and statements from both the UFC and Duffee himself yields no clear picture on what happened. Immediately after leaving the UFC, Duffee was a straw man for Alistair Overeem to push over at Dynamite!! 2010 before receiving the Dream heavyweight belt. This was followed by a knee injury that would keep him out for the entirety of 2011. Duffee then returned to MMA by punching out Bellator mainstay Neil Grove in April. This was enough to entice the UFC into of ...
I said high level, not main card. Brendan Schaub has been main card but never high level.
Cain is overrated...ubereem via easy KO
During UFC 155 Dos Santos vs. Valasquez this Saturday...Brendan Schaub will be at 2nd Floor watching the fight with us!
don't worry GSP and Brendan Schaub. you two will forever hold my heart❤❤
UFC on FOX 5 late scratches Lavar Johnson, Brendan Schaub and Michael Chiesa have all been rebooked for the fight card of UFC 157.
Lavar Johnson vs Brendan Schaub has been rescheduled for UFC 157. - Chris
Schaub vs. Johnson moved to UFC 157: Brendan Schaub and Lavar Johnson will get their chance to square off at UFC...
Lavar Johnson vs. Brendan Schaub is on once again for UFC 157.
All purpose parts banner
UFC 157 gets Brendan Schaub vs. Lavar Johnson and Michael Chiesa vs. Anton Kuivanen: Three fighters who were for...
Two New Fights Set for UFC 157: Brendan Schaub vs. Lavar Johnson is back on...
Roy Nelson and Brendan Schaub are the last two men left on the road to a six figure contract and the title of The Ultimate Fighter. Both fighters put on dominate performance on the show, but who will step up and prevail on the big stage?
A heavyweight matchup between Brendan Schaub and Lavar Johnson originally scheduled for UFC on FOX 5 is now targeted for UFC 157, confirmed.
Brendan Schaub vs. Lavar Johnson now targeted for UFC 157
After pulling out of their UFC on FOX 5 bout due to injury, Lavar Johnson looks good to go for a Brendan Schaub fight at the UFC 157 pay-per-view on Feb. 23 in Anaheim.
UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz had another setback this past week when he underwent a second reconstructive knee surgery after his body started rejecting the cadaver ACL put in during a surgery this past summer. Cruz had both his ACL and MCL replaced in his original surgery. There is talk it would be six months to a year before he could return. After the Brendan Schaub vs. Lavar Johnson match fell apart, the original FX main event for Saturday night in Seattle, with Johnson suffering a groin injury, the new main event was scheduled as former TUF winner Michael Chiesa, from the Seattle area, against Marcus LeVesseur. However, Chiesa pulled out of the show due to an undisclosed illness. One would expect Jeremy Stephens vs. Yves Edwards to be moved to the TV main event slot.
Lavar Johnson forced to withdraw from UFC FOX 5 bout against Brendan Schaub. Johnson pulled his groin. Schaub also removed from card. ~thx Ryan!
Lavar Johnson injured, fight off with Brendan Schaub! Yves Edwards vs. Jeremy Stephens is the replacement.
Brendan Schaub is the dog to Lavar Johnson? That's humorous. Brendan TD which leads to a GnP finish shortly after.
Brendan Schaub targeted for UFC 154 in Montreal, wants Lavar Johnson - Join Talk at:
Brendan Schaub (Rematch), Lavar Johnson, or Alistair Overeem (off suspension early)
someone trying to tell me brendan schaub could beat Fedor. What happened to this world man...
betting wise I compare him to b Brendan schaub he could get Ko'd.
OMG. Brendan Schaub will be in Seattle and there's like no good tickets sooo lame I want to go! :(
I liked a video from Will It Blend - Brendan Schaub's Cell Phone
In April, Rothwell notched his biggest win in the UFC with a 70-second "Knockout of the Night" upset of Brendan Schaub at UFC 145.
Where did Ultimate Fighter Brendan Schaub once play football-spun1: Where did Ultimate Fighter Brendan Schaub on...
Can't wait to see you knock Brendan Schaub out of the ufc.
Schaub gets dropped in the 1st round
Looking for TUF TOPPS cards: Dean Amasinger (TUF 9), Brendan Schaub & Roy Nelson (TUF 10), Kyle Noke, Rich Attonito, Joseph Henle, Nick Ring, & Clayton McKinney (TUF 11), and Michael Johnson (TUF 12) - Would be willing to trade for or possibly purchase. Any help would be great. Thanks!
his losses in the ufc have all been to top fighters. He should get the loser of Brendan Schaub vs Lavar Johnson IMO.
What happens to Brendan Schaub if he looses to Lavar Johnson? What's he thinking ?
is Brendan Schaub's next fight against Lavar Johnson do or die for his career?
Brendan Schaub: I'm going to outclass Lavar Johnson on UFC on FOX 5
Why a loss to Lavar Johnson will end Brendan Schaub's career:
At Extreme Couture in Toronto for some photo shoot bout to hold pads for Brendan Schaub and in walks Ronda Rousey . things just took a turn for the awesome!!
Lavar Johnson vs Brendan Schaub who takes it ?!?!
I liked a video from Brendan Schaub teaching at Old School Muay Thai
Lavar Johnson will be the cause of Brendan Schaub's retirement.
So I just started watching the new season of TUF and they're introducing Roy Nelson as the coach that defeated Kimbo Slice to go on and win the ultimate fighter. First of all nobody cares about Kimbo Slice so quit trying to lure people in with that cause real fans know he's a bum and 2nd he beat Brendan Schaub to win that season so please quit trying to use the clowns of the sport like Kimbo and Lesnar to get new fans and let the real fighters lure fans in instead of freak shows
Peabody-Whitehead Mansion UFC fighter Brendan Schaub joins GAC as a guest investigator on a special lockdown of the haunted Peabody-Whitehead Mansion in Denv...
I see that Lavar Johnson and Brendan Schaub are scheduled to mix it up pretty soon. That'll be *** entertaining for as long as it lasts.
A couple good fights added to UFC on FOX 5 in Seattle: Brendan Schaub vs Lavar Johnson, Mike Swick vs Matt Brown
Lavar Johnson vs Brendan Schaub heavyweight match announced for UFC on FOX 5
Brendan Schaub likely fighting for his UFC career, expects to get hit hard by Lavar Johnson:
Brendan Schaub is Looking Forward to His UFC on FOX 5 Fight vs. Lavar Johnson - Opposing Views
Lavar Johnson vs. Brendan Schaub set for UFC on Fox 5
Brendan Schaub battling Lavar Johnson at UFC on FOX 5 « Fighters ...: It looks like MMA fans have been guarantee...
Matt Brown vs. Mike Swick will be the 4th card on the UFConFOX main card & Lavar Johnson vs. Brendan Schaub will main ...
Lavar Johnson-Brendan Schaub, Mike Swick-Matt Brown Added to UFC on Fox 5 in Seattle: Two new bouts have been ad...
Brendan Schaub vs Lavar Johnson added to the FOX main card on December 8th
Considering Lavar Johnson and Brendan Schaub actually fight, I'm going with Johnson. He was KO'd by Ben
Brendan Schaub vs. Lavar Johnson added to UFC on FOXcard -El Capitan
The first signature UFC Gym featured it's grand opening celebration today. BJ Penn, who worked in partnership with UFC Gym to design the facility, was joined by fellow UFC stars Chuck Lidell, Anthony Pettis, Mark Munoz, and Brendan Schaub. The fighters provided the thousands in attendance with autog...
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