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Brenda Fassie

Brenda Fassie (3 November 1964 – 9 May 2004) was a South African pop singer. She was known for her outrageousness and widely considered a voice for disenfranchised blacks during apartheid.

Lebo Mathosa Michael Jackson Lucky Dube South African Papa Wemba Pastor Chris Busi Mhlongo Miriam Makeba Whitney Houston Kelly Khumalo Caiphus Semenya Mirriam Makeba Rebecca Malope Cape Town Muhammad Ali

Lmao!! Le nna I went and picked Jabu Khanyile,Brenda Fassie and Jonas Ngwangwa for the trip net for homie👊🏾
Mali by Brenda Fassie is one underrated song. 🙏
I switch on my radio and is rocking the late Brenda Fassie - Zola Budd 🔥🔥🔥 SHUT UP 🕺🏽🕺🏽
Brenda Fassie - Memeza. This song always puts me in my feels
Him, Brenda Fassie, Lebo, Gift Leremi, Meyiwa and Leslie Manyathela! Feels like yesterday. As if I knew them Kanti…
you must be smoking something illegal. Brenda Fassie jive? Do not insult Brenda Fassie. This is making a mockery of black people.
Shout out to you if you sung the kinyarwanda version of this song! VULINDLELA-BRENDA FASSIE
Whilst boere boys are getting on down to Brenda Fassie
Love my country! Boere boys get down to Brenda Fassie via
I lived for Brenda Fassie interviews. I remember one time she was asked to sing on Selimathunzi and she said "Pay me f…
South African author & artist team to celebrate singer/activist Brenda Fassie in new historical comic anthology Fem…
Well is the nicest genre I've listened to! But it will not be that nice if u haven't heard my new single
Kinda stuff to play on That Show Before Monday. 👇. [ (- Leave Me Alone (Feat…
1. Follow . 2. Listen to this 3. I'll follow you!
WATCH: 'Boere boys' get down to Brenda Fassie
Kaya FM remembers music great Brenda Fassie. Your legacy lives on.
- 2004: Brenda Fassie, South African singer and diva, died in her sleep at Sunninghill Hospital https:/…
Today 13 years ago Brenda Fassie died. Icons like her live on forever.
! If Kelly Khumalo kept that fire she had in her early career she'd be our new age Brenda Fassie
We will never have entertaining and good singers like Lebo Mathosa & Brenda Fassie here is Africa.
Maybe someone who discovered mashaedi bo Brenda Fassie le bo Lebo Mathosa would spot me. Ka kereya record deal.
I will forever love;. Mbilia Bel 👑. Miriam Makeba👑. Brenda Fassie 👑. Angeliqué Kidjo 👑. African Queens that did the unfathomab…
Brenda Fassie. Lebo Mathosa. Mandoza. Makhendlas. Dr Mageu. Spokes H. Senyaka. SA music is not the same without you... Rest In Peace
We all make promises beyond us Brenda Fassie promised her deceased mom she'll take care & then went abusing all the cocaine in the world.
When they played Brenda Fassie's Vul'ndlela on a nigerian movie, my soul was happy.
"Brenda didn't like being called a Madonna, she wanted it the other way round, she wanted Madonna to be called Brenda" Temba Fassie. 😊💜
Ma only regret I was too young for Brenda fassie, ma only regret I can never take Lebo Mathosa home
Straight up listening to Brenda Fassie this morning!🎶
A statue for the KDF Spikiri in Soweto, while he is still alive, how about that? Sadly Brenda Fassie never saw hers in Newton.
Nah! She really look like you guys ma'am. I've been to your country a lot of times. She has that Brenda Fassie look…
Things I was so sure of growing up:. 1. Listen to Whitney live and marvel at hearing heaven. 2. Brenda Fassie sing at my wedding. RIP gems💓
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Rethabile Khumalo - Glad To Be Yours. The late Mrs. Brenda Fassie would have been so proud!.
54. Vulindlela x Brenda Fassie 🇿🇦 . Wow, this song is such a classic.. I will always love it 💕✨. R.I.P Brenda Fassie ❤️…
Never forget that Sis ma Brrr reminds us who the enemy is. . Brenda Fassie - Good Black Woman via
I agree... that season was 🔥 I remember Brenda Fassie performed at the finale even
Would like to dedicate Brenda Fassie's "Weekend special" to followers who follow on the then unfollow…
There are far too many who deserve their stories told. For now let me say Robert Sobukwe and Brenda Fassie.
Lebo Mathosa & Brenda Fassie were GREAT for culture!!!
Brenda Fassie's Vulindlela is the only song that can unite our nation that was divided by Van Damme and Moreki.
Babes Wodumo wrote "wololo" for Brenda Fassie when she was 5 but Brenda said she should sing it herself coz it's too e…
What do you think Brenda Fassie and Lebo Mathosa would've been like on one stage?
never heard this Brenda Fassie song.
Brenda Fassie and Lebo Mathosa were special and God's gift to us music lovers..
Fok, must also pay tribute to Mandoza,Brown Dash,Lebo Mathosa,Brenda Fassie,etc they are more deserving.
Day 2 of the and I am channeling Brenda Fassie, Queen Nzinga and Charma Gal!! For power! For resilience! For…
Busi Mhlongo taught me to honour my heritage. Brenda Fassie: Be myself always. Lebo Mathosa: Reach for the stars. Prince: Com…
Beyoncé is to Black Coffee as Michael Jackson was to Brenda Fassie; i.e (Beyoncé/ Black Coffee) = (Michael Jackson/ Brenda Fassie) 🎼🎤🎯
"You took my wife, Brenda Fassie, Michael Jackson & Nelson Mandela but why not me???"
Ya'll messed it up when you compared Babe Wodumo with Lebo Mathosa & Brenda Fassie
Lets not compare any SA artist to Brenda Fassie or Lebo Mathosa, those women were in leagues of their own, let's not disres…
Why can't they be the best of themselves,look at Brenda Fassie,Lebo Mathosa.. Be known for who they are,not a wanna be man
Imagine if Lebo Mathosa and Brenda Fassie were still with us: I Love Music and Life is going on
Rihanna was low key inspired by Lebo Mathosa and Brenda Fassie
Do you guys think Brenda Fassie and Lebo Mathosa would still be relevant musicians rn? Do note Brenda would be 52 and Lebo 39
Brenda Fassie performing with Lebo Mathosa IS one of the greatest LIVE performances RSA has ever witnessed. It was too 🔥🔥
Pastor Chris told his fully packed church je dreamt Mohammed Ali dating Brenda Fassie in Heaven lol. Pastpryou...
According to Pastor Chris ..mohamed Alli is dating Brenda Fassie in heaven
I'm hearing Pastor Chris got a vision that Muhammad Ali is already dating Brenda Fassie in heaven
pastor (Pastor Chris) says Muhammad Ali is already in love with late SA singer Brenda Fassie
What a major tune! Our proudly South African song of the day is Brenda Fassie - Vulindlela on the
Some of it is there in the music by African women. Like Miriam Makeba, Thandiswa Mazwai, Brenda Fassie. That spirit that speaks to you
is that the late Brenda Fassie singing with the late Papa Wemba?
Celebrate Brenda Fassie 12 years after her death with Bongani Madondo
WIN! a signed copy of the Brenda Fassie tribute book 'I'm Not your Weekend Special'
I woke up into Brenda fassie's playlist today
Yho 3rdworldboss..I wish u could find Brenda Fassie vocals and feature her on this track..
Papa Wemba is known in South Africa for his duet collaboration with Brenda Fassie & also Ringo.
will be like that brenda fassie Weekend Special Steez where people Bump it at weddings, and do the 2step 👌👌👌🔥
.did an amazing cover of Brenda Fassie's "Thula Mama" on
No one can do Brenda Fassie like can
Woow! 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 that voice u blessed first song all I could think of is Brenda Fassie
I literally grew up with Papa Wemba music. Such a unique & powerful voice I was heartbroken when Brenda Fassie passed & now him
Now Brenda Fassie until I go to bed. Just because I can.
Np Ma Br Brenda Fassie Too late for Mama on & Gold
Brenda Fassie - Mali . MaBree was the life of this party we in.
Soon and very soon, we going to see the KING. No more dying, we are going to see the KING -Brenda Fassie
I'll keep on saying, Riri is the new version of Brenda Fassie. Full stop.
80s South African music is my life m, right now, Sipho Hostix, Sankomota, Brenda Fassie 🙏🏿🌷
I remember Papa Wemba doing an album with Brenda Fassie soon after Poppy died. Think it was Now Is The Time. RIP
I'm a shocker. I like to create controversy. It's my trademark.
Why did this remind me of Brenda Fassie?
USA can never forget MJ. Jamaica can never forget Bob Marley,Nigeria can never forget Fela Kuti. South Africa can never…
On a shut up and dance with me tip this morning. Brenda Fassie accompanying me from Huddersfield to Leeds.
also is it me or was there a Brenda Fassie homage?
Gatwe Brenda fassie died with a Mic on her mouth 😂😂😂
Legend for the day is nobody but Brenda Fassie (South Africa).
Brenda Nokuzola Fassie was a South African anti-apartheid Afropop singer. Affectionately called MaBrrr by her...
Brenda Fassie, Whitney, Micheal n Nw Prince.Jst realised I hv only Stevie W n Lionel R left from that Music generation of greatness. :( :(
i woke up on a BRENDA FASSIE Tip today>>>
Her full name was Brenda Nokuzola Fassie. She was at a point referred to as The Black Madonna.
Bronze sculpture of Brenda Fassie outside Bassline, A music venue in Johannesburg. 3/11/1964 to 9/5/2004
I miss Sis Brenda Fassie yaz. She'd be turning things up, throwing shade at anyone trying to compete with her now
No artist made better wedding songs than the late Mabr, Brenda Fassie murked 'Wedding day' and 'Vulindlela'.
so how is that question linked to Mafikizolo? U r the one bringing Mafikizolo when I asking about Brenda Fassie!
would Brenda Fassie hve approved use of her song at
Judith Sephuma on living with Brenda Fassie: She was mad!
Another superb interview by Gareth Cliff chatting with Judith Sephuma. She had cool stories and how she met Brenda Fassie.
I'm talking about music from the days of Chicco Twala, Brenda Fassie, Mbongeni Ngema and of course Mirriam Makeba.
Kids of today will never know how much Brenda Fassie's music used to be played . Be it a wedding, church service, funeral, disco(club) etc 💿
Lebo Mathosa was compared to Brenda Fassie cuz of her vocal prowess. They were vocalists through & through. Mayb Nomuzi can sing le yena.
the closest thing to Brenda Fassie was Lebo Mathosa, and she's a goddess and an icon in her own right ...Nomuzi, not so much!
Brenda Fassie,Lebo Mathosa you don't just compare yourself to those Greats without any backup.
So Nomuzi is compared or compares herself with Brenda Fassie, come on now she doesn't even come close to Lebo Mathosa
I love Nomuzi neh but i think she should compare herself with Lebo Mathosa not Brenda Fassie ..
There will never be anyone like Brenda Fassie and Lebo Mathosa ever again...I hope NoMoozlie stretched before that reach!
Not enough scholarship on the lives of Lebo Mathosa, Brenda Fassie, Somizi Mhlongo and Khanyi Mbau. Who wld like to co-…
Read Africa's original bad girls: Brenda Fassie and Lebo Mathosa too
Guys. We can't be comparing people to Brenda Fassie. The closest we got was with Lebo Mathosa. And they were both giants. Stop this.
Brenda Fassie was talent maan, her consistency was epic. Big upz for her production team too.
grew up listening to Brenda Fassie, Paul Simon, Tracy Chapman, and LadySmith Black Mambazo.
Brenda Fassie was real skhanda queen
Joh Lebo Mathosa via Brenda Fassie hai those two were the ish you can't compare them with any artist alive
The world deserved a Lebo Mathosa and Brenda Fassie collabo...But ey.
It ain't a wedding if Michael Jackson and Brenda Fassie haven't played
Bruh! That song and 'black president' put me in my feels. 😢"Brenda Fassie | Too Late For Mama"
dear young peeps, once there was a lady called Brenda Fassie and she did shows like these
then your Miriam Makeba, Busi Mhlongo, Brenda Fassie, most African Jazz, Ringo and my fave was Mango Groove 😭😭
My ex got a new bae and thinks he ain't a f***boy anymore . Nah boo your legacy lives on like Tupac and Brenda Fassie 🙄
Don't get it why its history while Brenda Fassie, Mercy Phakela and Rebecca Malope at their times filled up stadiums.
Isn't the venue or the crowd that counts as Rebecca Malope,Brenda Fassie and Lucky Dube have filled stadiums to capacity
Of all time I'd say Brenda Fassie, currently Zahara
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Of all time, I think its Brenda Fassie. Not so sure about the Afrikaans market.
Brenda Fassie was singing Weekend Special about fuxbois in 1986, she mos knew
Where is Brenda Fassie's music Ms Zille?, I miss your dance.
S/O to sis Brenda Fassie.May her amazin soul keep restin in peace...Weekend special is one amazing tune
" The way I am the way I am.So take me the way I am " - Brenda Fassie
They say legends never die but how long is never? RIP Brenda Fassie.
Kendrick Lamar-Alright, Brenda Fassie-Memeza and I forgot the artist but the title is Don't pardon my blackness
What song lyric would Lucky Dube or Brenda Fassie be penning right now had they lived to see ??
My aunt :) She's a singer and also Michael Jackson as well as Brenda Fassie 😊
Soon someone will say Adele is tryna sound like Brenda Fassie.
Why has nobody compared and beef to that of Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Brenda Fassie? More similarities there.
And decides to play Brenda Fassie - Boipatong. the struggle continues for
The message in Brenda Fassie's Boipatong guys😭😭 so so relevant to our current issue
Got Brenda Fassie - Black President on repeat to psych myself up for what's to ensue shortly
I just want to get an idea behind Brenda Fassie's Qula from the Memeza album. There.
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competition dead and buried in the dust/ I'm like the legendary Brenda Fassie
Good music...acapella too late for mama by brenda telling you AKA would be proud of that Run jozi. Good work.
yangempela Thanks for playing the late Brenda Fassie mabr
Letta Mbuli, Caiphus Semenya, Brenda Fassie...get me through this day!
"Mina Ngzohlala Nginje" said Brenda Fassie when peeps tried to advice her...R.I.P i miss her right now
But Brenda Fassie was a massive singer...and a massive entertainer. With more drama than Kardashians!
There was a time I as obsessed with the Brenda Fassie's music... I had a special folder on my college comp of her music.
Brenda Fassie by Royal Suave now on : with
Hey my good people can you guys please play me brenda fassie,a song by touch somebody and weekend special.shout out to foromo
where is Brenda Fassie to make a killer song about this revolution .
Times like these you find yourself listening to Brenda Fassie's _ Black President :(
This dude had Brenda Fassie in the mix.cuh is too hip
Someone must drop a fire track now, that'll unite us just like brenda fassie's 'black president' did.
as i cue Brenda Fassie's SUM'BULALA for these policemen.
Brenda Fassie was SA's Whitney Houston. . Hello people of Cape Town kwa Langa
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If you don't play Brenda Fassie, Tony Braxton and Van Morrison at your wedding aredi.
Music makes the nation happy. Remember the late Brenda Fassie in every December. Malaika,
Like really, Billie Holliday, Brenda Fassie and Amy Winehouse? These women were fierce in different times. So Billie isn't a tragic figure.
Thank you for putting me on. Got me dancing early lol Brenda Fassie - Just Someone To Love
Not even Brenda Fassie would have been on Beyoncé's level.
Can't get Brenda Fassie's "Thola Madlozi" out of my head, I'm evening starting to wonder if I need to to consult with my ancestors
Switching up my track with a Throwback 👊🏾 Brenda Fassie - Weekend Special 👌🏾
Zambian musicians are confusing me, sounds like Uhuru one minute, next like Wizkid, next like Brenda Fassie... Identity crisis.
Washa Brenda fassie it was needed on a Monday
"Say she from the burbs,but she party in the KASI. So we exchanged numbers and got DRUNK and HIGH like BRENDA FASSIE" -
Zahara, Brenda Fassie, Malaika, TKZee, etc...They all sold over 200k units on an album bcoz their music was made 4 every1...
Listening to some Brenda Fassie one of fallen African music greats
There's this song (I'm desperately waiting for) in which samples PYT - sounds like the perfect fusion of PYT&Brenda Fassie's Midodo
Do whites understand black anger just because, for example, they vote EFF and sing along to Brenda Fassie?.
Yes I thought of Ma Brr (Brenda Fassie) when I looked at her. Great talent Great drama. Hope she's ok tho
This Nonhle chick has some Brenda Fassie facial features
Nonhle why do you look so much like Brenda Fassie .She deserve to be part of top16
Nonhle reminds me of Brenda Fassie. Ugly face with a beatifull voice and in your face attitude!
Nondle resembles brenda fassie with those eyes ey
Ao bt I loved the gal who sang Brenda Fassie's song on her audition,mxm
I like Ndumiso,she has a Brenda fassie vibe..
My black president - Brenda Fassie. This song is life, always will. Like it touches me.via
I think my cousin is on drugs lol, saying Chris Brown reminds him of Brenda Fassie? I can't yoh
More Brenda Fassie must've been dicknotized when she recorded Nomakanjani🔥
Africa has many talents. Some we will forever miss. writes on Brenda Fassie. Brenda Fassie: She Lived!
Now playing: They All Want Me by Brenda Fassie - - Buy it
Now playing: Memeza by Brenda Fassie - - Buy it
Somehow and for some odd reason ndiske ndaringelwa ngu Leave Me Alone ka sis' Brenda Fassie!
uyayibaxa kodwa yhuu ten years yonke? Only I feel like only Brenda Fassie can do that.
a difference between a diva and a drama queen... Brenda Fassie was a diva and you are not singing for Beyoncé ...
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Brenda Fassie is from Langa Township where I live and always lived. Will always respect her and her music.
thola madlozi - Brenda Fassie-What do you think of when listening to Brenda Fassie?Me-Eloction.via
Oh, and when Brenda Fassie's Weekend Special was dropped today 🔥💃🙌
Brenda fassie classics are so timeless. I still bump into them even today
"You could read Brenda Fassie's vulnerability in the timbre of her voice." Quoth Y'all missed out.
Brenda Fassie. The best we've ever had.
Listening to Brenda fassie on a quiet Saturday...i feel like a resident of Soweto in the 1980s...never felt so old😝
Weekend Special by Brenda Fassie now playing on
Can we have Malome closing the show today with Brenda Fassie song,hence its women's month?
So Brenda Fassie just gon lie there while AKA makes money off her track?
Omg last night I found the song that I never knew the lyrics to. Song: Vulindela by Brenda Fassie. Search it up,tell me you like it:)
Shake that babalaas off and head to the Africa Museum NOW. I'm discussing the iconic Brenda Fassie with the eclectic Bongan…
What did Hendrik Verwoerd and Steve Biko have in common? Or perhaps Johannes Kerkorrel and Brenda Fassie?...
When Rihanna wore an outfit that looks almost identical to Brenda Fassie's stage outfit on her Diamonds World Tour >
Wouldn't know Caiphus Semenya. Letta Mbulu. Brenda Fassie. Lebo Mathosa. Lucky Dube. Bra, Shumaya. I wouldn't know Shumaya if I was American
I think it would have been nice if mtvbase awards did a tribute to Brenda Fassie or Lebo Mathosa last night yazi
I think it would be dope if these award shows did a proper Brenda Fassie or Lebo Mathosa tribute yazi.
We are lucky to have lived in the Era of Brenda Fassie and Lebo Mathosa
PC gone crazy: Brenda Fassie's Weekend Special will now be known as Weekend with an intellectual disability.
I'll never get tired of listening to Brenda Fassie. Driving through Lagos and hear Mabrrr playing? It me.
Every time I listen to Brenda Fassie Vulindlea I think of makoti wasekhaya 🙌👏
NP Ag Shame Lovey by legend Brenda Fassie on telling that you take it a step at a time to get there
Brenda Fassie told us about promises. That's all I'm saying.
Quick question why is Brenda Fassie on that list ??
Playing Brenda Fassie in the early hours of travelling.
Brenda Fassie -Nomakanjani. Its the 1st i actually hear the lyrics of this song,was singing it wrong all these years 😄
I'm arriving on the late train but just wanted to say that I am LOVING your book of essays/memoir on Brenda Fassie.
Today, i spent whole day listening songs of Brenda Fassie; i don't know why, but it was very soothing!!!.
I miss Brenda Fassie and the energy she used to bring with her music .
Girls listen to Brenda Fassie but ain't been in a relationship in forever
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So Said to me that her style can described as Brenda Fassie meets Rihanna ,idk
"My baby" by Brenda Fassie is The best diss track of all time..."ucof iqhosh elowrongo/unobuso obuwrongo/mpahla yakho iwrongo" fire bars!
lol...OMG...listening to and just had tears forming in my eyes when they played Brenda Fassie. Remembering my Dad.
Soon and very soon we are going to see the King-Brenda Fassie
Watched the late Brenda Fassie's Matshidiso vid on music & it reminded me of what wants to reach with his craft!
Waitsi maar when Kanye West or Jay-Z sample an old Ballard, no one says anything. But AKA samples Brenda Fassie la mo kakela.
Won't Run by Brenda Fassie will have me. I love this woman
I'm putting the bread away, it looks like a cake fight.★ RIP BRENDA FASSIE✗
Song selection on is terrible... its sabc1 people... how about Brenda Fassie, Lebo Mathosa, Ringo?
Brenda Fassie wouldn't have made 'Weekend Special' if she dated an unemployed guy.
Having a Major Brenda Fassie throw back in a taxi from work. What a day😊
Zahara can sing,But not beyond Brenda Fassie.1.Brenda Fassie 2.Zahara
Know your Lyrics for today is Brenda Fassie - Ag Shame ! Mi Do Do. The Drive with
Please excuse me while I promise my soul to Satan so he can bring back Busi Mhlongo and Brenda Fassie, should only take a minute
If I could have a dinner with Busi Mhlongo and Brenda Fassie, would I not be the happiest person that ever lived?
If your *** only checks on you from Friday. Do you know weekend special by Brenda fassie
Death your a coward you robbed me/us of our Beloved Aunt !!May Her Soul RIP. One Of Her Favourite Tunes--Brenda Fassie-- Touch Somebody
his people never told about legends such as Lucky dune or Brenda fassie even HHP is way better...
Its an insult to Mirriam Makeba and Brenda Fassie.
I want that Brenda Fassie album though. Any links, couple pirated copies, what what?
Brenda Fassie is a genius though. I been sleeping, no itis.
Listening to some Brenda Fassie on soundcloud, trust this.
He sings my Fav Brenda Fassie song so perfectly
Ey 😢 "I just remembered the Brenda Fassie hologram 😂"
Miriam Makeba x 'African Sunset' and Brenda Fassie x 'Soon and very soon' are still my favourite African old school songs..
Fact is, apart from Miriam Makeba, Brenda Fassie, Yvonne Chaka2 and Hugh Masekela, AKA has a shot at being SA's biggest musical export.
So i guess we've lost Mmusi Maimane because he is no longer moved by Brenda Fassie's Vulindlela...
Kelly Khumalo could potentially be the next Brenda Fassie. her sound is so profound
Winnie Khumalo is always sampling Brenda Fassie. For the why though?
Because today is FRIDAY, Brenda Fassie's song is mandatory
More of a Lucky Dube and Brenda Fassie night
late for Mama by Brenda Fassie, stop the war by Sankomota SHOW with ONE...
I want throws Brenda Fassie braids so I can look like 4/5 year old me
for loving this performance. LungiNaidoo Live Performing Brenda Fassie's…
Good music last longerFassie vuli'ndlela & Ntshware
Ever wonder how papa smurf and Brenda Fassie's son looks now...just type and u'll see
'Weekend Special', by Brenda Fassie is a side chick anthem
Dem born Brenda Fassie for Langa, Cape Town, SouthAfrica. As the youngest of nine children dem name her after the...
Right now listening to our own Madonna of the township Mabrrr Brenda Fassie,Lucky Dube an Mama Africa Miriam Makeba, LEGENDS
EVERY Zimbabwean wedding you'll hear this😭🙌🏾. VULINDLELA-BRENDA FASSIE
This album was released in 2011 .Brenda Fassie used to do those numbers in a month .
I love Brenda Fassie like I knew her personally. Idek.
I think I'm actually obsessed with Brenda Fassie tbh, fr fr. İ really wish she had lived longer.
Brenda Fassie too. I jam to her stuff A LOT.
great Wemba my late daddy's fav...Brenda sister's roll model...MYSRIEP
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Playing now, a unique duet between Papa Wemba & the late Brenda Fassie - Ngiyakuthanda. Zigzagging across our beautiful continent...
Dear Brenda Fassie. . how I miss your courage and charisma. you lived your life without fear, I will always admire that.
Vuli Ndlela by Sisi Brenda Fassie, who was sometimes described as the "Queen of African Pop" or the "Madonna of The Townships".
Point of order Interpol...we've never heard of any Shakira..we just knw our Brenda Fassie
Vusi Nova's rendition of Memeza by the late Brenda Fassie... She would absolutely love it :)
hot hot performance,u r reminding us of the late Brenda Fassie with dat song noma ndinga memeza
can SING ! Love it when he sings Brenda Fassie's song
you did justice to the Brenda Fassie song.You are always on point when on stage.
My Lord. We need Sis Brenda Fassie to come back and comfort the nation. Kuyenyukela
I agree, too early. Brenda Fassie left to early
You only love me on a weekend, weekend special remix ka Brenda Fassie ngiyayithanda cc
Through his tribute renowned r&b artist, displays how Brenda Fassie has influenced his style of music.
opens with his rendition of Brenda Fassie's Weekend Special.
BEINNE'S song for June16 is Brenda Fassie' black President
Hope its to not too early for me to be playing, Brenda Fassie-weekend special💃
A tribute to Brenda Fassie, who left her songs to us, 11 years ago.
Felt like listening to some Brenda Fassie for some reason. As I play "Soon And very soon". 😆😊😊😊
Tired of this JR dude busy remixing old madala brenda fassie songs
Brenda fassie"If you could give a grammy to any South African artist, who would it be?"
Track of the Week: an underrated gem by the late great Brenda Fassie.
Interviewer: So Brenda, I hear that you are the Madonna of the townships. Brenda Fassie: No, no,no sweety, Madonna is the Br…
We must admit that Brenda Fassie is the original Rihanna.
Brenda Fassie forever be missed Legend mntwana. 👑🎤The Queen we still yearn for your voice.
Brenda fassie x can't stop loving you
Competition dead nd buried in the dust,Am like the legendary Brenda Fassie,Zola Bhud
A world without Brenda Fassie, Jackson Kaujeua, Lucky Dube, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson is truly poorer musically. RIP…
Which famous person from the past would you most like to meet? — Brenda fassie 😍😊
Vulindela, Brenda Fassie. One of my best old songs. I don't know what she sang, I sha like it.
loved u and the energy that u have from the fist time u got into the industry,u are my Brenda Fassie.
If your rents never had Brenda Fassie music,its too late
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"I'm not gonna live my life according to people's expectations" Brenda Fassie
But Brenda Fassie was the realest hey
He is like the. Legendary brenda fassie. with Him and his music we Unlocked everything
LOL, I added that last bit ukuze ngibone ukuthi ngobani abathanda izinto.But seriously Brenda Fassie was shem :) As you were
Was feeling stiff. Been sitted for 7hrs. So the moment Brenda Fassie's started playing, I got up & twerked. Video coming soon :)
this hash tag generation iyakhinya, this b*tch seating in front of me saying the late Brenda Fassie is nonsense. Help us us Lord
Then why is Michael Jackson and Brenda Fassie not with us today?
Every Brenda Fassie song will have me like
Brenda Fassie- nice to be with people on your radio.
he is like the legendary Brenda Fassie
Zahara's 1st album went Platinum in 13 days, then double-Platinum 4 days later. Only Brenda Fassie did this. Loliwe was a cult.
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