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Breitbart News Network (known simply as Breitbart News, Breitbart or is a conservative news and opinion website founded in 2007 by Andrew Breitbart.

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MSM & Dems wants you to believe Trump is failing but: Bit by Bit, Trump Methodically Undoing Obama Policies
President Trump Honors Little Sisters of the Poor on First White House Nat’l Day of Prayer in Years - Breitbart News htt…
In the age of Fox and Breitbart News, Poe's Law has merged perfectly with Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.
May Day: Anti-Trump Illegal Aliens Vow ‘Biggest Workers Strike in over a Decade’ - Breitbart News go for it then out
Breitbart News: Billionaire Zuckerberg wants to open a charter school in San Francisco.
And of course Breitbart News is defending him. Gorka is a former editor at Breitbart and former employee of Steve Bannon.
Breitbart News is denied permanent Capitol Hill press credentials & their temporary passes won't be extended in May https:/…
The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee told Breitbart News that he is very concerned about...
I think you have the wrong news organizations in that picture, try FOXNews and Breitbart instead.
NEW EPISODE // exposes Steve Bannon's true character - from his Wall Street roots to Breitbart News.
Used to be fun when started eating its own. . Now it's "GREAT. Which DYSTOPIAN FUTURE can we now expect?"
Analysis | Breitbart’s Paul Ryan tape is just the tip of the iceberg - The Washington Post
right?? I'm sure Trump gets 60% of news from breitbart and at least 25% from TMZ 😬😬😬
The new-right-brown is: Watson, breitbart, Trump, Wilders, le pen, Fox News, Farage and YOU. Myths and…
King Kong reigns supreme over N. America box office
Sean Spicer responds to Breitbart News question about Trump and Paul Ryan: via
11. Bannon has been explicit about his promotion of the so-called "alt-right" as the head of Breitbart News.
Love me some Breitbart news. They know how to tell it like it is!!
Some pretty big news: Breitbart got their hands on audio of the October conference call where Paul Ryan dumps Trump. https:/…
WILL never realize that. HAS more intelligence in his PINKY FINGER than all the news combined
.Please know your ad dollars are paying for the fake news site Breitbart to operate Please reconside…
is political road kill. He ignored people's needs which is always a bad policy. Bye bye Paul baby.
but don't come to anyone with Fox News because they're just about as credible as Breitbart
Teenage Muslim girl stoned to death under 'Sharia law' after taking part in a beauty pageant" .
I feel like Breitbart and Fox News give leftists more credit and power than MSNBC ever will
BREAKING: Orange Man News (Breitbart) slams Love it! War between Regressives is an excellent use of thei…
ATF: 21st Century Suppressor Regulations are 'Archaic' - Breitbart News -
'First he goes to Breitbart for news, then the Rebel for “analysis,” then his local Sun paper “for entertainment"'
Morning Briefing: Leaked Breitbart tape of Paul Ryan is just the tip of the iceberg.
Bannon wants to break things as much as possible. Same for the Frog Squad. And they've always hated Paul Ryan.
.please stop supporting hate and fake news on Breitbart.
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Crude oil prices hot out of the gate Wednesday -
I think you've got it backwards. You're absorbing the real fake news, FOX (faux) news, Breitbart, infowars. Try thi…
Disney scraps Malaysia 'Beauty and the Beast' release over censorship - Breitbart
Shocked to find out that Trump made another enemy. Shocked I say. . via
Well, I guess Trumpians need somewhere other than Breitbart and Infowars to get news personally designed for them.
Dmitry Rybolovlev's spokesman used to work for Breitbart.
Breitbart vs. Paul Ryan: Website publishes audio of the House speaker trashing Trump
Breitbart is trash, but the timing of the release of this audio of Speaker trashing Trump is interesting. .
Report: Pet Shop Boys in Talks to Perform at Tel Aviv *** Parade - Breitbart News
"White House blocks CNN, the New York Times, and Los Angeles Times from briefing room. Breitbart News allowed in". http…
Yahoo price slashed as Verizon proceeds with buy
Milo made the news in Israel. Now that's sad. The provocateur has to leave Breitbart. He was a perfect fit for that rag.
He says the decision was his and his alone
thanks for not supporting hate AKA Breitbart News. We're now following you.
Milo Yiannopoulos Is Leaving Breitbart News. Look for Trump to appoint him to head up Department of Child Protective Servic…
Audio of my conversation earlier today with
GOP & Trumpsters think REAL news is Drudge Blaze Breitbart Fox Rush O'Reilly Coulter. Ironic, SAD! But terrifying.
Check out OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart News from
Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart News after backlash over his remarks about pedophilia https:/…
Controversial Breitbart News editor resigns, says his canceled 'Dangerous' memoir will find new…
Trump condemns anti-Semitic threats; Milo Yiannopoulos out at Breitbart (10 things to know for Wednesday)
Milo Yiannopoulos resigned from his position at Breitbart News
"Breitbart can get back to the great work that they do." Yes, and like Milo, I'm NOW "grateful for Father Michael!"🤢. https:…
Thank you .for not supporting hate AKA Breitbart News. Now time to watch a good movie. We're now following you.
Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned from Breitbart News and is tipped to join Trump's strategy team.
Far-right firebrand quits Breitbart over pedophilia remarks
What is wrong with you or what is your love for Breitbart News. You support hate? Not supporting
Sweden: Looting, Cars Torched, Police Attacked as Riots Break out in Migrant Suburb - Breitbart News
Sometimes Karma is all we have left to hold onto... unless you're a Breitbart professional troll whose fellow...
Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart News after uproar over comments on pedophilia.
Writer Milo Yiannopoulos quits Breitbart News in wake of remarks appearing to condone paedophilia: US media
Here he is being interviewed by Stephen K. Bannon about the "Fifth Column" in U.S. gov..…
Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned from hard-right news site Breitbart News via
Firebrand Milo quits Breitbart News after child sex remarks
From thetimes : Alt-right darling Milo Yiannopoulos wrecks career with child sex comments
Far-right firebrand quits Breitbart over pedophilia remarks via Yahoo!
Remember, the guy who hired Milo at Breitbart "News" is now chief adviser to the president of the United States.
Advertising boycott of Breitbart News appears to be growing
Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart over pedophilia comments | US news | The Guardian
Since he is no longer is employed, does this mean he’ll be deported per his O-1 visa requirement?.
Soon Breitbart News will be the only people in the "press" pool
Breitbart News's hilarious take on Seattle's move to implement safe consumption sites -- oh, did they mention drugs…
it says on your bio you're a news reporter. Surely you know Breitbart isn't news. It's Nazi Propaganda.
Muslim Migrants Converting to Christianity to Boost Asylum Claim - Breitbart News Great if done for right reasons.
Trump's Nazis not just about Muslims: > > >…
Hamilton Collection
Breitbart reporter booted from CAIR press conference via
Wonder when FB will stop POTUS live feed on his FB page & then say it was a GLITCH! Mark my word, its gonna happen!. https:…
Honestly! I did not know the game was this weekend. I have not seen a play this year not even on news highlights. https…
I would ask where you right wing nut jobs get your made up claims bit I know where, Faux News and Breitbart.
Lmao how can someone who gets news from Breitbart and ¿Tammy Lauren¿ vids think that millennials are stupid
need 2 do ur jobs! not boycott votes on Trump Treasury, health picks - Breitbart
Kindly remove your ads from Breitbart "news". I don't want the money you get from me going to them. YUCK!…
your ads are on Breitbart, a racist, sexist, homophobic, alt-right "news" site. Please don't bankroll hate!
.analyzed 2 years of Breitbart radio to get a sense of Steve Bannon's unfiltered views
Steve Bannon thinks the U.S. media may be working under the precepts of Islamic law.
The Québec shooting has vanished from Breitbart "news" now that a suspect named Mohammed has been cleared. They are truly des…
Steve Bannon got salary from charity while steering Breitbart News.
Whom will President Donald Trump choose as his Supreme Court nominee?. We'll know at 8:00 pm ET. Here are some...
This explains a lot. Now, what's the US Marshals story? .
I'd like to thank the Guardian for linking to my video and red pilling their currently stupid readers. 🙏🏻👌🏻
Listen to convo between Bannon and Steve Miller, starting about 4:40, decrying foreigners coming on high-tech visas. https…
owe my country an apology I guess Breitbart/Fox
pls pull your ad from Breitbart, the site trying to delegitimize news outlets like ur own
Breitbart reporter booted from CAIR press conference -
Air New Zealand/United - did you know your ads are appearing on Breitbart News? Please stop.
Welcome to the front row center, Breitbart News!
Robert Mercer funds Breitbart News. was on his payroll before she starting working for Trump. So was Bannon
So I wanted to see what all the fuss was about re Breitbart News, so I took a look at it this evening. This is...
~ Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) is another climate-denying Republican who just used Breitbart News as his go-to science...
Reported in The Daily Mail and summarized by Breitbart News, a report on global temperatures cited incomplete data
Breitbart News calls Kellogg's 'un-American' but Cap'n Crunch says is real…
If Steve Bannon is a Neo-Nazi, then why on earth is his Breitbart News full of Jewish reporters and columnists? Think again…
No more Crooked Hillary talk... “Broken Promise,” blared the headline on Breitbart News
.Government Accountability Institute (GAI) strikes me as much more nefarious than Breitbart News
Advertisers on Breitbart News today: Zulily, Chicmarket, Swiss Air, NYU Langone Heart Medical Center. Vote with your pocketbook.
Donald Trump's chief White House strategist hails from Breitbart News, a site that has had some incendiary headlines
To all the people who follow me. I'll be frank. Breitbart News is a white supremacist/white nationalist/KKK/Neo-Nazi website. No…
Under Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart News has become the online destination for white nationalism, anti semitism,...
The future of American journalism is being defined by Bannon from Breitbart News--- tabloid based, fear mongering , rubbish
Stephen Bannon, Trump's chief strategist, ran Breitbart News when it created a section tag dedicated to covering "Black…
.Steve Bannon, Breitbart News have empowered the alt-right and must be stopped
Paul Watson, editor at large of Breitbart News, has referred to women on video as "swamp donkeys."
The following are actual article titles published by Breitbart News with Steve Bannon at the helm. h…
If you've never read Breitbart News, it's the news your racist uncle gets sent to him by his racist uncle.
Robert Mercer. His money is behind everything in Trump's world, from Steve Bannon/Breitbart News, to Trump's SuperPAC, to…
I know you've had your differences with Bannon & Breitbart News, but what of this nonsense from Ian Bre…
ought to visit Breitbart. The stories are often reprinted from mainstream news sources. The headlines are right leaning, not racist
Paul Ryan says he has no concerns about Breitbart's Stephen Bannon in the White House: "I trust Donald's judgment"
Funny how was perfectly happy with Bannon's alleged antisemitism back he was writing for Breitbart News
The man responsible for publishing these headlines now has a position in the White House.
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It's official: The chief of Breitbart News is headed to the West Wing
Trump hired the head of Breitbart "News" to be CEO of his campaign. Here's a sample of their work:
The person who wrote these headlines will be the White House Chief Strategist. This is fine 🐶☕️🔥
With Bannon named key Trump adviser, good time to revisit excellent piece about Bannon & Breitbart https:/…
Breitbart is NOT a hate news Organization omg would you guys Stop the lies we are sick of this you did this the whole election!
I guess this makes Breitbart News the Official Organ of the TrumpReich
So now watching disinformation important for the EU in all directions. Breitbart News Network
Former editor of Breitbart: “Under Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart openly embraced the white supremacist alt-right” http…
Bannon "aggressively pushed stories against immigrants, and supported linking minorities to terrorism and crime”
3/ Here's a tidbit from our profile of Bannon:
Anyone calling Breitbart News homophobic has clearly never heard of Milo Yiannopoulos
via News Pro - Breitbart app for iOS. some real history,it's a way to protect small minority states from large ones.
Steve Bannon of Breitbart News is named President-elect Donald Trump's chief strategist and senior counselor
Steve Bannon, former president of the incendiary Breitbart News and more recently chief executive of Trump's campaign, is taking on a role
I resigned from Breitbart News 8 mos ago. Don't want to work for the man but never ONCE in 8 years did he display a hint of bi…
How Stephen Bannon created an online haven for white nationalists.
Clinton News Network gave Hillary debate questions. You're done It's over.
Paul Ryan has "no concerns" about having white supremacist media mogul Steven Bannon in White House.
As of October, Mercer has pumped $15.5 million into Trump and is the primary cash source for Breitbart News
Curt Schilling joins Breitbart News, ‘the last bastion of actual journalism’ - -
Breitbart News claims that Paul Ryan wants to elect Hillary Clinton and shares her "globalist worldview”
U are straight up being used by Russia. You R the perfect pawn for news fakers like Breitbart. U R just misinformed
The truth screams to be heard: Letters Behind Clinton Spell Out ‘Rig it’ in Debate - Breitbart News
News Sites Stop Polling Their Readers on Who Won the Presidential Debate Because Trump was winning all of them..
of course Breitbart is going to say Trump is ahead.. they are worse than Faux News... and run trum…
because Breitbart is a legit source of news. Right, they're worse than Fox News
James O'Keefe - Project Veritas files lawsuit, no news outlet covering.
University of Florida to Offer Counseling for Students Offended by Halloween Costumes - Breitbart News: Breit...
Thanks for the Breitbart report, Eccles. I prefer news from real sources.
Seems like this has been missing from the news cycle...
so who will host the evening news on Trump TV, Alex Jones? Breitbart? Will Roger Ailes make this work?
One of the more lasting damaging affects of this election might be the legitimizing of Breitbart and The Blaze as news sources.
the ONLY good thing about Trumpers getting all their news from Drudge and Breitbart is how SHOCKED they're about to be on 11/8.
Since Obama only knows Breaking NEWS from MSM,Guess He will Never Know released 1st Batch of his emails 😂. http…
It'll be Breitbart on steriods, Fox News on meth. It has the potential to do such a huge amount of damage to our country
Pat Caddell discussed with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow, saying, “Something is going on in this country in these polls.”
Washington Post's Breitbart News, InfoWars are ready to claim the future of the Republican party
GOP Darryl Glenn informed Breitbart News of the fact that the Iran deal, Obamacare, and immigration are frustrations voters
Matthew Boyle, Washington Political Editor for Breitbart News will be joining us today ~ 2PM
Written by: Matthew Boyle Trumpocrats executive director Christian Rickers told Breitbart News that Hillary...
Donald Trump hates the news media so much he just hired the head of Fox News and the chairman of Breitbart News.
Same day Trump tries to woo Black voters,. he hires as his CEO, the head of news entity with racist legacy
"coming next year, from the folks that brought you Fox News, breitbart news, and the 2016 GOP presidential campaign"
Breitbart News' Steve Bannon joins Trump's campaign as CEO and pollster Kellyanne Conway as ...
Trump hates the media so much he has decided to allow Breitbart and Fox News alumn to run his campaign
Donald Trump, in shake-up, hires executive from Breitbart News for top campaign post
GOP nominee = Ailes, Roger Stone, Breitbart News.congratulations right-wing media, you built this.
Everything you need to know about John Bannon and Breitbart, from the site's former editor. https:/…
Trump is now being advised by the current and former heads of Fox News, Breitbart and the New York Observer.
Fox News’ & Breitbart’s top executives control Trump’s campaign. Their fans remain OUTRAGED that the Mainstream Media is b…
Breitbart is not news. It's a right wing crackpot propaganda machine. Also a favorite of white supremacists.
"Stephen Bannon a 'bully' who has 'shaped the company into Trump’s personal Pravda',”.
For all political junkies, this is manna from heaven. If the campaign was pivoting straight towards *** before,... https…
Breitbart News is crackpot outlet- focuses on conspiracies/sensationalism. That's Trump campaign. How…
The real reason Fox "News" is angry they resent Breitbart "news" running the Trump Campaign. Hannity wanted the job.
And considers itself much more right-wing than Fox:
Okay, 2016. In staff shakeup, Breitbart News' chair will now serve as Trump's campaign CEO htt…
Donald Trump shakes up campaign, names combative Breitbart news executive Stephen Ban... https…
TrumPANIC at the TRUMPtanic!! Breitbart News TAKES OVER flailing campaign!! | The Right Scoop
Breitbart is a shrill, nasty, explicitly racist far right propaganda shop. Trump is just not very bright.
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Perhaps the Trump/Breitbart news is the right time to re-up this piece
Come on trollsters, FOX, Breitbart, and InfoWars is neither news, or facts!
Now we know Russians paying Breitbart News to write pro-russian stories head of Breitbart now running Trump campaign https:…
Super excited for another day where the candidate with the CEOs of Fox News and Breitbart on his payroll continues whini…
Am I the only one worried that Breitbart News will now start seeing intelligence briefings?
Breitbart, the news source of choice for alt-reich wackadoos...
"(Traces Roots of ‘Trumpism’ to (Panelist Suggests New Name for the Site:...
Right-wing media made space for he’s got Breitbart exec as CEO while being advised on side by former Fox News c…
💢 Breitbart News’ Exec Chairman Stephen Bannon is now Trump Campaign CEO .. So his job hasn't really changed. 😏.
Breitbart back in the news? Hmm. let me check my thoughts on this subject...
Trump believes embracing the alt-right is the path to victory. The GOP catastrophe continues.
Intolerant? I'll tell that to Milo. Mr Kristol, you are the Intolerant one pandering but never…
Kristol says Breitbart News should change name to "right-wing intolerant mean-spirited news"
My friend Ben Shapiro called me in tears when Breitbart news broke. How is making nice young men cry supposed to win an e…
Trump camp CEO Steve Bannon turned Breitbart into "cesspool for white supremacists"- ex-Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro http…
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Politifact: TRUE. Donald Trump’s hire of Breitbart News chief is a middle finger to the GOP establishment
Of the two people now in charge of the Trump campaign, this is the one who **doesn't** run Breitbart News
Trump & his team concluded Fox News approach wasn’t working because it’s too mild. So they’re going Breitbart style. Think…
What's wrong Kristol you 😨 scared? Brannon knows how to win just like Trump! .
Donald has finally added the leadership and stability he needs to win independent hearts and minds: Roger Ailes and Breitbart News.
If you have satellite radio. SiriusXM channel 125 Andrew Wilkow and Breitbart News, both very eye opening
John Kerry: Climate Change as Big a Threat as Islamic State - Breitbart News
Written By: Matthew Boyle At least one top talent inside Fox News has confirmed to Breitbart News that a major...
"Boykin, speaking on Breitbart News on Sirius/XM Patriot Channel 125 Saturday with host Matthew Boyle, said “What...
Breitbart News? You need to look at something more than extreme right wing media. Life is more than one side
Pastor Gene: Pastor Sue pointed me to a Breitbart News article about the hundreds of thousands of Christians...
Former GOP congressman to Breitbart News -top WI GOP power brokers, including Scott Walker and Reince Preibus, using Cruz-want to nom P Ryan
She was fired from Breitbart News just like Hillary for Rose Law Firm. Both trouble nobody wants!
That reminds me of Dana Loesch suing Breitbart News to get herself out of its contract.
Tonight, I resigned from Breitbart News due to their treatment of My full statement:
Pew Research Center: Majority of Americans Believe Human in Jeopardy from - Breitbart News
For those who haven't heard the news, read this:.
Islamic State 'earning millions by playing the stock market'
Roger Ailes .colluded with Rubio in 2013 to support the gang of 8- tried to influence viewers to Rubio
Apparently the Rubio News Network is becoming the _ News Network.
a 3rd hate crime attack against US marine. MSM (incl. Fox"News") don't want to report
.I didn't read the article yet. Only the blurb on Breitbart before the link. . . htt…
Trump, Kasich took all the delegates in Vermont:
and all all the time. Rename yourself to Trump news channel would you? You're worse than breitbart.
Rubio has enjoyed support from the Republicans’ media arm, Fox News. It now seems to be over.
It's about time...I don't watch Faux News anymore. They have an agenda and it has nothing to do with "fair &...
An 8, yes, 8yr.old set deliberately set herself on fire to escape this.
This is an admission by Ailes, that Fox News is NOT Fair & NOT Balanced. Report: Marco Rubio Loses Fox
Report: Marco Rubio Loses Fox News Support. They will still find other ways 2 attempt 2 deceive the public.
Uh oh, looks like little Marco might have lost the support of Roger Ailes and Fox News -
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.. >"Shapiro told Breitbart News". you're not a news organization, you're an opinion barn, quit playing dress-up. :)
Muslim Belief Is 'Closer to the Teaching of Christ' Than Some ... - Breitbart News
US Navy's Freedom of Navigation in South China Sea to Grow - Breitbart News
Get informed with my latest articles at Breitbart News
Read my latest articles at Breitbart News
AWR Hawkins: ‘Democrats Use Emotion, Denial, and Shame to Get You to Move Against the Second - Breitbart News
Reminder, the pundits from Breitbart News are OWNED by Ron Mercer, a Ted Cruz Donor - NOT Credible
Breitbart News: Bills, bills and more bills: Salina Journal, Could growing hemp be an answer? YES YES YES!
Father Frank Pavone explores the deadly link between surrogate parenting and abortion, in Breitbart News.
"precious sunflower Savannah Guthrie described Clinton’s well-documented and admitted-to affair as "alleged." -Breitbart News
2030: World View: Artificial Intelligence Breakthroughs in 2015, the Singularity by 2030 - Breitbart News
Odd that first thing this morning a Breitbart News contributor was singing Stephen K. Bannon's praise as a great radio host.
Breitbart News 2m2 minutes ago. "We have no choice if we're going to run our country properly,"...
" A DMV source who asked to remain anonymous provided Breitbart News exclusively with a copy of the newly-enacted...
Mahmud the immigrant tried to rape teen? No! What a shock said the stupid Lib low information voter! You are a moron
NBC is quietly weaponizing two of the most hard-left news outlets in the country...
NBC News... Hires Chelsea, partners with Vox, BuzzFeed, TargetSmart, now rehabilitating Hillary on SNL...
Immigrant bus driver tries to rape teen in MN -
Brandon Darby at Breitbart News took photos of these porous areas
Hillary's 'Economic NATO' Needs to be Complete by End of Obama Presidency says ... - Breitbart News
Judge Orders Release of Up to 1700 Illegal Immigrant Families in Texas - Breitbart News: Brei...
Donald Trump Launches Hotline for Veterans - Breitbart News: Help our on …
News - Six Missing After Massive Crackdown on Human Rights Lawyers in China - Breitbart
More good news for the Trumpster...Vote Trump!
Mother of Son Murdered by Illegal Alien Slams Sanctuary Cities - Breitbart - Breitbart News
The Nuke Deal what we know! Kerry was a D Student, and Obama's records are sealed. The will not release the ht…
Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: The Mosques Behind Jihad Attacks in America - See more at:
One Texas news outlet, the Rio Grande Guardian, even falsified the words of a Texas Ranger to attack Abbott.
Watch: Cruz and Breitbart's Marlow headline YAF Conference from NH via
likes conservative allies like Breitbart, but apparently works for Fox News?
.campaign launches hotline for members via Breitbart Breitbart News
Mediaite Writer Explains to Matt Drudge who Amy Schumer is with 'Anal Sex' Story - Breitbart News
May God richly bless Senator Jeff Sessions, and Breitbart News, and all the others who have done such a yeoman's...
Shame on Breitbart News... this trashing of is pretty gross. Hardly living up to Andrew's legacy...
"Nihil mortuis nisi bonum," I told myself when Andrew Breitbart died. Apparently not a shared sentiment at Breitbart News.
Tom Brokaw Calls for Brian Williams to Be Fired over Stolen Valor Story - Breitbart News: Breitbart ...
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will speak at the Iowa Freedom Summit at the end of January hosted by Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and Citizens United, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.
Breitbart News asked representatives for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney for comment on this letter, but they have not responded. Read the full letter here :
DES MOINES, Iowa — In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News backstage here at the Iowa Freedom Summit, potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) detailed the pathway to victory for Republicans in 2016—and he explained a new phrase he started using in his speech minutes earl…
Todd Palin, husband of 2008 GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, tells Breitbart News that Chris Kyle was...
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tells Breitbart News that he’s “very, very seriously” considering launching a presidential candidacy for 2016. Cruz adds that he thinks a bold conservative needs to win the GOP nomination next time around, or else he fears Democrats are likely to win the White House as they did…
House Speaker John Boehner gave a rousing speech Wednesday to kick off GOP efforts to block President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, Breitbart News reported. The Ohio Republican cited nearly two dozen instances when Obama has publicly acknowledged he lacks the constitutional power to chan…
House GOP leaders who backed the appropriations bill to fund the government “flipped American voters the bird,” according to Sarah Palin. The former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate said in a Breitbart News interview that Congress ignored the wishes of the people in passing the m…
It's time for *** like Mark Levin, Erick Erickson, and Breitbart News to wake up and smell the cordite.
Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said that the House Republicans who passed $1 trillion-plus funding bill late Thursday “flipped American voters the bird.” “It’s baffling really,” Palin said in an interview with Breitbart News on Friday. “The Republi…
Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton tells Breitbart News that Congress should boycott President Barack Obama’s next State of the Union speech as part of its response to Obama’s executive amnesty for five million or more illegal aliens.
Last night, Stephen Colbert went off on Breitbart News
This wkend's Homer Simpson "D'OH" Award goes to Breitbart News (which is to journalism what Velveeta is to cheese):
In advance of the release of her most recent film project, Camp X-Ray, Kristen Stewart conducted an interview with The Daily Beast which was, in turn, covered here at Breitbart News, which, in turn, was covered by The Daily Beast in a piece titled...
Obama Derided by Left and Right Protesters in San Francisco - Breitbart News
By IR WASHINGTON – Breitbart News LLC is being audited by the Internal Revenue Service, and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz finds the timing of the conservative-leaning news source to be questionable. In a letter to the IRS, Cruz suggests that if it were found the Obama Administration was using the IRS to harass Breitbart News, that such actions would be illegal and inappropriate. Cruz also refers to Illinois’ U.S. Senator *** Durbin’s call for the IRS to audit the Republican-linked Crossroads GPS in a list of question he asked the IRS: How many other news organizations have been audited since President Obama has been …read more Source: Illinois Review
Senator Ted Cruz Writes to IRS Demanding to Know the Reason for its Abusive Audit of Breitbart News & its Employees
Breitbart News reports that Carter, 89, long known as a supporter of Hamas in its struggle with Israel, will be welcomed this weekend to the Detroit event by members of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), implicated by the Justice Department in a scheme to funnel $12 million to Hamas. Expected to speak at the meeting at Cobo Hall are unindicted co-conspirators Jamal Badawi, named in 2007 in the Holy Land Foundation Trial, and Siraj Wahhaj, listed for his involvement in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. . Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the U.S., and Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., the first Muslim member of Congress, also will speak. Carter's involvement may be in violation of the law, U.S. Code 2339B, Section 18, which makes it a crime for any U.S. citizen to provide material support to any group designated as a foreign terrorist organization. Constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz stressed that Carter's actions, in raising funds for the ISNA, place h ...
Dear Patriot, There are very credible threats that ISIS is planning an attack on American soil in the next few weeks. A confidential memo was discovered by Judicial Watch and confirmed with a copy obtained by Breitbart News warning law enforcement officials near the US-Mexico border that ISIS has developed a presence in Juarez, Mexico, within sight of El Paso. The President has clearly stated that his Administration does not know what to do with the terror group yet he is jetting to New York this weekend for a couple fundraisers and then a wedding. At a time when it should be "all hands on deck", the President is more concerned with getting in an extra few rounds of golf or yucking it up with big Democrat donors. Mr. President, this is what they built the Situation Room in the White House for and there might be someone still around that knows where it is.
The land of the free: WASHINGTON, August 20 (RIA Novosti) – Arresting members of the press, covering the protests in Ferguson over the police killing of an unarmed black teenager is a gross violation of the right to free speech, the Freedom of the Press Foundation said. “It should go without saying that these arrests are a gross violation of the reporters' First Amendment rights, and attempts to prevent journalists from lawfully doing their job on the streets of Ferguson are downright illegal,” a representative of the organization Runa Sandvik said in a press release on Tuesday. Since August 13, eleven members of the press have been arrested attempting to cover the protests and events in Ferguson. Over just the past two days, six were arrested from the American media outlets Intercept, Getty Images, Breitbart News, as well as Austria’s Der Standard, and Germany’s Bild and Die Welt. Sandvik called for an end to suppression of free speech and free press. “We insist that the St. Louis County Poli ...
Reporter Asks White House if ISIS no Longer a 'JV Team' - Breitbart News
Several family members of victims of horrific crimes committed by illegal aliens have invited House Speaker John Boehner to visit the U.S. Border with Mexico with them in a fiery letter provided exclusively to Breitbart News.
Todd Starnes How would you like to make more than $7,400 a month? Catholic Charities is searching for Americans willing to be foster parents to full-grown illegal immigrants, Breitbart News reports. They say most of their kids are teenagers - but some stay in the program until they turn 23. So long as they are working on a high school diploma - they get to live off our tax dollars. The program is run by Catholic Charities - and paid for by our taxes. The illegals are also getting taxpayer funded education, healthcare, transportation - and (brace yourself).they are also getting an allowance. How generous of us.
SESSIONS WARNS ALL OF CONGRESS: OBAMA'S NEW IMMIGRATION STRATEGY 'THREATENS FOUNDATION OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC' Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has warned all of his colleagues in Congress that President Barack Obama’s new immigration strategy—his plans to legalize millions of illegal alien adults through executive power—could destroy America as we know it. “I write to inform you of a development that threatens the foundation of our constitutional Republic,” Sessions, Congress’s top immigration hawk, wrote in a letter that was hand-delivered to all 535 members of Congress on Monday and provided exclusively to Breitbart News. Sessions cites a recent report from the National Journal, in which reporter Major Garrett detailed how, despite the ongoing crisis at the border, Obama plans to legalize anywhere from five to six million illegal alien adults in much the same way he did for illegal alien minors through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) ...
By Tony Lee, Breitbart NewsRep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX), who is seen as one of the rising stars in his party, believes some of the illegal immigrant children flooding across the
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Pro-Amnesty Crowd Burns American Flag at Murrieta on 4th of July - Breitbart News
No REAL news source has picked up Breitbart's unverified story on Murrieta flag-burning! It's a LIE!
Barack Obama Helped Fund Bill Ayers' Vision for Chicago Schools: Bill Ayers had been in the news again lately ... http:/…
Breitbart: "America" Review: Full-Throated Defense of U.S. in Time for the Fourth:
Investigation into Death on Set of 'Midnight Rider' Industry 'Wake-Up Call' - Breitbart News
The Nobility of Fighting for Freedom: Posted with permission of John E. Michel, Brig. Gen., USAF -...
VIDEO: Police Arrest Two Pro-Amnesty Activists at Murrieta: MURRIETA -- Local police officers have...
Obama at Naturalization Ceremony: I'll Do 'Everything I Can' to Get Amnesty Bill: At a naturalizat...
Now even ISIS Jihadists are taunting Obama to "Buy DIAPERS"!!
Liberals are furious with "Liberal Californians" who they view as not liberal enough!!
REP. Ron Paul and one of state Sen. McDaniel’s big name endorsers over Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS), told Breitbart News in a phone interview that he thinks the Washington, D.C., political establishment is “panicking” now that McDaniel may win his runoff on Tuesday. “They’re panicking, I guess,” Paul said when asked about how the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), at the direction of Mitch McConnell, raised more than $800,000 for Cochran in one night, while former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has pumped a quarter million into Mississippi on Cochran’s behalf. “But I think it’s a sign of what’s happening and how desperate they are,” Paul said. “I don’t think the money does him any good, but I think what happens is when all these people come in like Bloomberg it makes the case for our side because Bloomberg has a tremendous political image.” Paul added that it “seems like they [Cochran’s campaign] don’t even have good political judgment” by allowing the ...
According to Breitbart News: UPDATE: Texas Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, and Speaker Joe Straus today directed the Texas Dept. of Public Safety (DPS) to immediately begin law enforc...
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