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Breezy Point

Breezy Point is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens, located on the western end of the Rockaway peninsula, between Rockaway Inlet and Jamaica Bay on the landward side, and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Can’t wait to the point of my relationship where me and my man move in together and buy furniture that we’re just gonna end…
And, we've finally reached the "happily ever after" point to the story, Cardi B and Offset: A hood fairytale.
I feel like they could really touch on other important stuff, like, school shootings and what made…
That might’ve been the spark the warriors needed tbh lol
Breezy Point: The destruction of New York's hardest hit neighborhood by Hurricane Sandy
Warriors have been so sluggish to start off every game...
Emani Johnson with a 2-yard rush. The extra point is good and the Indians lead 16-8 with 2:36 left.
Connor Etzkorn runs 7 yards into the end zone for an Indians touchdown. Extra point is good. Indians lead 7-0 with 2:59…
your algorithm is making my driver drive right into traffic and avoid open lanes... 10 minutes in I'm 2 blocks from where I started
Bruh my brother used to walk up walks but I never saw a point
A second piece reflecting on rebuilding efforts since Hurricane Sandy, for This one looks at Breezy Point h…
Ah. I went to Breezy Point about two years ago or so. Definitely a fun place. And yeah, super pretty. Did you take pictures?
Well we are still on the road we went to Breezy Point Resort it wase relly pretty. And no i did not 😢😢😢
Again, I'm using this parallel to prove the point that this is…
Ok, but you get that's not the point of this post anyway. 😂😂😂 not trying t…
Sandy devastated Breezy Point, but despite a new look, the community never lost its vibe
Join us on November 4 for Come Try Hockey! Breezy Point at 10 am and Crosby at 2 pm. Check it out!
The Hawks are back at home (finally) 7:05 PM tomorrow night hosting, Breezy Point. The Hawks were last at home in...
Pls stfu you’re just being ignorant and arguing blinding at this point ***
2nd last day off. Good to be indoors in front of a fireplace! @ Breezy Point, Minnesota
Thanks for the education on safe energy efficient & beautiful Concrete Homes! Breezy…
Breezy Point rebuild after 2012's Superstorm Sandy spotlights value and resiliency of concrete structures, say pane…
Big Idea session. Breezy Point Build - strong presentation on a great rebuild
Once-decimated Breezy Point has bounced back five years after Sandy
Sandy Devastated Breezy Point, but Despite a New Look the Community Never Lost its Vibe - Government Technology:…
Just kinda letting life happen at this point
These breezy sunshibe of morning dew at dunny point mesmerizing the freshness within self and coexistence.
And also the cheerleaders, as if that makes my point even better for the rest of us.
Demarcus Cousins is going to feast on the Kings tonight. 40+ Point game.
Breezy Point Sandy victims still wait on NYC to Build It Back
Breezy Point, Queens was decimated by Hurricane Sandy; but five years later, it’s bounced back. https…
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The Art Deco Bathhouse at Jacob Riis Park in Breezy Point at the end of a gorgeous beach day
Deadline to act on the other 2 bills on the desk (1 related to rebuilding in Breezy Point post-Sandy; other renaming a bridge) is tomorrow
"Jacob Riis, Breezy Point, Fort Tilden" what are these places?
Red Hook? The hard to get to parts of the Rockaways (Jacob Riis, Breezy Point, Fort Tilden)??? Endless possibilities!
Score our new 3-POINT BLOOMIN' ONION! 🏀. Over $25 worth of three Outback favorites for only $12.99.
I don't support any club in the EPL buy their league is not easy,don't let the point difference confuse u..
If u don't have a good explanation on why you don't like something you're a hater. Point blank period
So excited for this! A breezy stroll from our place to green point stadium!
literally six people live in Breezy Point, versus the 90,000 Nashi boys in Mill Basin.
nah not Breezy. The level of horn relative to how much hair on they head. Rasta does horn. And well Breezy.u geh d point
I got my point across or I gotta send u more?
March 17th, 2017 ... The day I realized so many people lack rhythm 🙃
After 1 period of play. Granite City 1. Breezy Point 0. SOG are 15-7 in favor of the Jacks
what's your point? Westbrook was guarded by Mario chalmers in the finals and shot 39% lmao
I feel bad for cause she's sick, but I'm mostly surprised with the fact she has health insurance 🙃
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Hard to prove BUT Staten Island did go to trump...
Nah just the Trump loving ones from Breezy Point.
At this point we should start locking the judges up for doing this
5 year plan is to have enough revenue to open up a barbershop, a gym, and pizza shop... Not even joking..
Four elevated homes in Breezy Point up in the air and awaiting their new foundations.
Yes but at least they do it behind the gated community of Breezy Point
Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone. Everyone except the racists from Breezy Point, NY.
Representing in small town America, even had a Flag pin! Polar Plunge for Special Olympics March 4…
Everyone has had a friend with benefits at some point.
Gobert will NOT be denied. 💪. We've got a two point game on NBA TV!
Sunset after storm on Pelican lake Breezy Point
I'm all for easy breezy but the literal entire point he's coming with is bc YOU SAID HE SHOULD COOK SO OK HE'S COMING TO COOK???!!!
Point Inn’s annual Winter Carnival starts today! Don’t miss the Polar Bear Plunge on Sun. it is always a cr…
If you see offices, tell them " The Mexicans went that way" and point towards Breezy Point. That'll slow them down
I find digging for shark's teeth kind of relaxing when Breezy Point Beach is open. Makes you think about America underwater.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
May 1, Take your kids down to Breezy Point Beach on the Chesapeake and find some fossilized sharks teeth for Show and Tell.
"My pessimism extends to the point of even suspecting the sincerity of the pessimists." —Jean Rostand
"For some reason either no one wants you to feel anything, or they want you to feel everything" -... on point.
Good point. [She notes the circles beneath Julia's eyes as she crunches.] You said today was breezy?
This week's op-ed from Breezy Point's newspaper, which is technically just one big op-ed
I was on "H" court of Breezy Point when this happened. Helicopters were an "annoyance" before Sandy
I'm at the point of my life where I can tolerate like 3 people who text and the rest just *** me off 🤒
4 arrested for scamming Build it Back after Sandy. Just scratching the surface.
Sure, point that out. But there was a big wind energy spill in my area yesterday. It was quite breezy! A plastic ch…
I've reached a point of acceptance in my life. I now wear dad shoes with the dad sock combo.
You ain't gotta like breezy but you gotta respect him. Everybody had some form of connection to Chris brown at some point in life.
I guess now it's just a selling point. Whatever lol
Tracy McGrady and Gilbert Arenas have a three point contest IN GAME. 🔥 (2006)
Klay Thompson scored 35 points tonight. Warriors have won the last 23 regular-season games when he reaches the 30-point mar…
Vegans might be healthier but they smell worse
I've come to a point where if I don't check BlackBoard every five minutes, I feel like I'm going to miss something important&end up failing
The party has started. Nyc build it back are rebuilding new homes for investors and for homes that they were...
Task Force chair Seth Grimm presents award to Glen Bergstrand at incident managment team meeting on Feb. 14…
contractors laying out rebar in preparation for concrete pour at this Breezy Point project site
Four people charged with swindling the city over Sandy repairs:…
How come they didn't arrest the contractors that Scott Stringer exposed two years ago?...
4 people were arrested for duping city into paying for Sandy repairs on their summer homes, officials say:…
Hurricane Sandy scammers used for their summer homes in Breezy Point, DOI finds: .
4 Arrested for Scamming City to Pay for Sandy Repairs on Summer Homes: Homeowners were not allowed to apply for…
Eagle hockey ends up with the 10 seed and will travel to Breezy Point arena on Tues Feb 21 for a 6pm puck drop vs Northern Lakes
contractors laying rebar in preparation for concrete pour at Breezy Point
Breezy Point women to host social luncheon March 1
I can't believe Beyoncé made this song for me at this point in my life
One of my favourite pics ever. Thanks, ! . "Virgin Mary that still stands in Breezy Point, Queens, after Hurrica…
A Virgin Mary statue stands in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens, New York, after Superstorm Sandy destroyed…
Sunrise over West Lake Okoboji from Breezy Point this morning with temperatures in middle 30s.
+do it over. There was no point going there. But all the better things happened outside of school. Hopefully things change4u
At the point where it feels normal to be disappointed by friends true colors.
2 likes ? I think at this point you might as well follow me😏
see I was thinking breezy but I still feel like he can just switch it up at any point if he want..but wale, PND definitely too
Really thinking about my life up until this point and I've really struggled. It's so hard.
Literally provoking my ex boyfriends new wife to fight me at this point.
There are going to be some people who at some point of your life will become your friends. And some friends, will become ju…
I'm confused as to what the point of that was?
so genuinely happy with all of the people I've let into my life at this point
I have to say Obama's speech was pretty good. If u missed it, no worries, Melania will repeat it at some…
Took WWE long enough to get to this point. Let's see how long it sticks!
It gets to a point where Spring hit & it was weird not seeing Ronnie every Saturday morning starting at 6:30
I'd let Michelle Obama get guac every time, knowingly it cost extra ❤️❤️
Michelle Obama could make me sign up for car insurance in NYC =)
Little Giant Ladders
Its either kill or be killed at this point
NYC subway will be the most disgusting thing today 😫😫😫
Honestly that is why advise people to never explain yourself, if you made your point clearly, nothing you going to say will change…
I am never prepared for the rain...
This charming farm-style home is loaded with character and charm throughout! Located on a private, wooded, 3-acre...
Michael Jordan speaks out on racial violence, donates $2M. Great job. Proud of you Michael!!
I have seen one near Pillager, Minnesota. someone saw a cougar near our lot at Breezy Point, Mn. there are bears
Pedestrian fatally struck by car in Breezy Point, Queens via
The streets are not safe bruh. It's to the point where I don't wanna raise a family here .. Like I want my family to move a…
.piece on how PA at tipping point of flipping GOP is not breezy speculation. Granular-level review:
Good to know I was wasted last year yesterday on 3rd ave and 3 years ago yesterday in breezy point. I guess July 24th is my drunk day
A lot of emotions were spilled tonight... All I can say at this point on how Peterpalooza went
Hangin' with Paul Bunyon en route to Breezy Point, MN
"Belle Harbor/Breezy Point area" for half of the Rockaways? Get a clue. Please. For everyone's sake.
Alexandria Blizzard move into third place in the West Division with a 8-4 win over Breezy Point, complete the weekend sweep.
he couldn't even be hip enough to live in Belle Harbor or Breezy Point
Centennial B1 Bantams 2nd place in Breezy Point tournament this past weekend
I appreciate the point of the commercial, it's the dudes breezy chewbacca hair that is more annoying!
point is most aren't true fans. Just bandwagoners who wouldn't like uk if they didn't win
because they're missing the point of student athletes. UK commits don't go for school they go to get to the nba.
Hockey players extinguish fire at Breezy Point Hockey Center
I hate when someone text me and I text back right away then they don't reply back 😑 like *** was the point of texting me in th…
Dwayne Wade is the rare player in today's NBA that can still score well and not drop one 3
Way too long for 140 characters, but here's the Kobe story Dwyane Wade told me: This was last month, the (cont) https:…
Fruit stripe gum last longer than iPhone chargers 😑😑 .. 5 going on 6
There are many pre-flight steps that seasoned pilots take in order to ensure flight safety.
thos is funny but dude has a point. Fuller, robinsin and breezy dropped some easy ones. But really its details.
If you are private aviator, here are some safety tips to keep in mind when preparing for your trip.
At this point in life, i don't stress myself to communicate with people. If you talk to me then okay, if not then okay.
In 2011 a full 94% of fatal aviation accidents occurred in general aviation.
Before embarking on an aerial journey, make sure to carefully study weather reports.
Breezy Point from the air. Build the same stuff, just closer together. It's easier than you think.
lol why I gotta be all that lol and that was the point, I'm being petty lol don't mind me lol
We explore why private planes are so dangerous.
No sector of my life is breezy at this point.
Always hearing people complain how kids are overly sensitive and soft, but aren't we suppose to make it so that they live better?
After that scary experience most of those folks bought a firearm. Breezy Point was hit very hard
I read articles of people in breezy point in Staten Island that had no way to defend their family
NYC living is getting served undercooked chicken, complaining about it, and then eating it anyway cause you have no choice. Me now..
Rick Ross is dissing Drake like he won't make a 35 slide power point presentation diss song performance for him too. h…
Ight but he still not better than breezy thts my point
not sure if you remember, but you did this Enterprise sign up a long time ago and you said you'd buy me lunch =|
. The winner this month is Peoria Mustangs dman Blake Ortman. Honorable Mentions went to: Kyle Whipple (Breezy Point)
The real question is...where can't A.J. English shoot from? 13 three-point FG for the Preseason POTY
Always enjoy the road trip, light and sound show at Breezy Point. Won't forget this year!
2pm today. Brain: can't wait for bed. Now. Brain: you trying to turn up?
Hurts when you come to that point where you realize all you really got is yaself, but ay thats reality..
Aussie still wants breezy, point blank. Come back soon please
.will u cont. to make Kobes after this season? It's cool that Kobe is retiring, but im not tryin to retire my balling kicks
This legitimately might be my lowest point as a Laker fan...
It's very simple, going on the deep end to dramatically prove a unprovable point, shows where Easy Breezy has to go next.
Mark Zuckerberg is kinda killing being a good human thing huh?
BREAKING: A small plane has crashed off Rockaway, Queens; debris was found in the water near Breezy Point beach.
& Sheepshead Bay, Breezy Point, Country Club, Floral Park, Riverdale, Bensonhurst, Pelham Manor are all racist in NYC
Breezy and cool but sunny out at Sodus Point this morning.
Been hating chris breezy lately but that liquor vid is sisqo on point
I'm getting to the point where I can live without it. That's how I know I'm getting grown 😊
Breezy Point home still not repaired: From WPIX: Jean Marie Bach has been waiting three years to move back into her…
Breezy Point home still not repaired
If you ain't hitting , somebody else is or is in the process . Point blank period .
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tonight's walk was fantastic! Rained on us on and off. At one point it was breezy and not too pleasant, but overall very nice. Still ache.
Breezy Point and Rockaway, still Sandy-scarred, bracing for
Nom nom nom. (@ Billy's Bar and Grill in Breezy Point, MN)
Breezy Point, Hit Hard by Sandy, Braces for Joaquin: With a hurricane threatening the East Coast, many Sandy…
Labor Day weekend:. Friday - The Inn. Saturday & Sunday - the party or all parties. Mardi Gras party in Breezy Point. It will be epic
at this point in my life, I don't have time for meaningless relationships w/ anyone. So if you're just wasting my time, you g…
I can't wait to go to Cleveland next week. My bestfriend, Chris Breezy, Greg, and Cedar Point!
If you would have told me drake would body meek mill at any point in my life before charged up I would have thought you're bug…
lmao Ikr but Urs too is on point tho
smh. I wish they made it harder to get like 50 point games every game
Omg I have heard wanderlust in so long 😩 pandora is on point tonight
Heading up to the Brainerd/Breezy Point area for my final nine days of summer
OOoo man ... Looks like i might have to go for that jog tonight. Cookie cake i had for my bday was on point though!
One short shift away from a much needed relaxing long weekend away at breezy point with my main woman 😍
Do you guys have the nutritional value behind the chocolate chip brownie? I just ate 2 and need to know
Electronic Device Insurance
I am because I sent them to their rooms.
My pops met my mom at a random grocery store in Canada while on vacation. Took her to dinner that night
Your struggle is my struggle ... point blank .
When your hair on point but you got no one to look good for
The club incident? ... Listen, this saga been running for 2 years now. At some point it was bound to happen. In hindsight…
Definitely an interesting point of view! However, with you couldn't be more breezy. :)
Doug Allen Nash has a show on 08/13/2015 at 09:00 PM @ Breezy Point Resort in Breezy Point, MN...
I never understood the point of ppl arguing under celebrities pics on ig like if they actually know the person lol
u should go with that. I think they're paid the most.
It should be a point in your life when you should want to change & stop being fake so you can grow as a person
When trainers at Equinox think you're a trainer 😏😏😏
Practicing with for our round at Breezy Point Resort tomorrow morning!
😔 getting to the point where when people ask me how old I am I'm going to have to tell them that's rude to ask 😂
2015 Fall League Registration is ready. Don't wait and register now!
People with voting power are really getting politically influenced by Lil B? He is known for putting curses on basketball players...
Somebody please explain to me what the point in this 👀👀😒
Guarantee USC complains and tries to have them banned
snap-aways and jock jams. I look like I'm in lay-up lines every time I dance at the club, it's a habit.
My phone is out of commission for the next few hours. If you need me, please feel free to text me cause I'm going to ignore y'all anyway
Onions in a salad is only a good move if you have gum as a back up
It's basically that point where summer becomes unenjoyable because all you can think about is how soon ur gonna be in sch…
Signing a bill to make it easier for Breezy Point residents to get back into their homes.
Taking off on the grass strip weather changing Great time at the Aitkin Fly-In Thanks to my Breezy Point pilot Cliff http:/…
Iguodala has such a bad 3 point shot that just happens to go in sometimes
Mornings are calm, cool and breezy. They point us something worthwhile. Good Morning Lovely people :)
Lebron Would have never gotten hurt if he didn't over act
This game is for all the shooters out there!
Time for love letters in the sand again. @ Breezy Point, New York
Definitely enjoying our time at Breezy Point this week @ Whitebirch Golf Course
"You see me on the three point line that's where I mostly shine"-Weezy Breezy🔥😂
-- fill with the same light, breezy joy they had surrounded themselves with back then. Rory would not point it out if --
The *** or High Water Band has a show on 06/13/2015 at 05:00 PM @ Kenn... in Breezy Point, NY
point is you don't need a hit single or be all over TV to make good money
and then there was 2 that flew over the Cuckoo's nest. Lol. Breezy was on point now
When someone from the UK speaks to another person from the UK their accents become even more english
Easy breezy. At this point in the trek we are all meat-smiths, Sir. Veritable butchers. Now, if only we had sharper knives...
the party should be good value: Moike at breaking point; Vickoi determined & breezy; Soozan trying too hard
doing Craiguns for the first time this year. Did breezy point the last 2
what an emotional morning!! i got ambushed by love and support. HUGE thank you to my breezy point…
The fact that I get to do this every day this summer. Can't complain one bit @ Breezy Point Ice Arena
I can't cry in front of anyone, if I cry in front of you. I've been hurt to the point where my body can't physically fig…
SUSPICIOUS 311 REPORT: filed on 9/ 1/ 2014 of Illegal Animal Kept as Pet specifically a Large Insect in BREEZY POINT
I always tell everyone to text me, but at some point in the conversation, I forget to text back. 😂😂
They def need to spice up things up in their bedroom ..
if we are pointing fingers here to point fingers, then it was Sam's fault.
Bad things without a doubt always happen when I'm far away from home.😔 Someone bring me home.
whats the point of having an iPhone if you dont use facetime or imessage?😂
and this the highest rated final in history by TV ratings and by tickets. So what's your point?
I'm a magic fan .. rather not talk about those two titles...
Good point and thanks. :) is the only recruiting product supported by
really only important in playoff basketball, I mean LA won 2 titles just by having Kobe and being tall
Everything about this series is telling how important a post presence is, especially in playoff basketball
they're straight up bullying the Warriors, GS offense looks terrible
Thanks so much to Breezy Point Resort for hosting the EXECs Meeting yesterday. So many exciting things happening...
pretty special to watch, but the Cavs Defense allows him to play that way. Can't do that if its a high scoring game
Hope Steve drop kicks each Warrior in the face .. maybe they'll start to play smarter
My brothers home from Hawaii 😁😁 time for him to come visit me here already it's been too long.
Breezy gotta go have a meeting with Jesus, bc at this point only God's cape is big enough.
I don't like long ones. Mine is a few seconds and quick to the need for a 3 minute intro!
Cavs are shooting 39% for the series and Lebron is shooting 40% .. it's not their offense that's impressive ..
And plus Lebron is making hella more money than any of yall talking about him. Point blank
SPLASH! Steph Curry found his rhythm. 3-point game with 17.5 to play in Game 3
I've never seen a 20 point deficit disappear so fast
Warriors proving you need a post game to win ..
Warriors playing like they are the ones with all the injuries
Smh that's real tho, Breezy acting crazy again, Steph can't shoot, Shorty went off on me on TL, Bernie can't score a point in a pick up game
The type to always point the finger but never fess up to what they did wrong
Shane's Rib Shack is always on point
Varied. At one point JP Smith wore a towel when his opponent went off because it was cold & breezy. But sun too.
BREAKING NEWS: $2.9M from FEMA for protective double dune system in Breezy Point after caused unprecedented damage.
You know its hot when my 2-month-old story on an ice cream shop is trending on our site | Pineandlakes Echo Journal
33 sec left and houston leads 1 point! HHOOOLLLY
When things become half-assed, theres no point in continuing.
Oh my god. Am I the only one who found one big yawn? A movie can be breezy, light-hearted, but not to the point of superficial.
lets go w Brooke n breezy to see Age of Adeline at 7:40 tonight at river point
Did you know the Plum Point Pub inside the Breezy Point Bait & Tackle Shop is now open for business!!! Besides...
The last time I took pictures here in breezy point it was of pure devastation. It's great to see how…
I know you hate when people bite their nails hella bad to the point where they have none
Just cried like a baby watching that episode of Grey's anatomy...that was insane
Also can we just mention how DROSE is straight beasting right now? I can't even play 2k after recovering from a papercut
Warriors really treating this series as a scrimmage .
That's it. Im done with Grey's Anatomy. YOU CANT DO THIS TO US. If Derek doesn't make it, then what's the point of Grey's anymore?
its pretty sad when youre using stim and you still lose a gunfight. Like you just need to sell cod at that point
Nothing like some Biggie on the beats to end the Thursday
Finally found that night job I've been looking for
You can be the closer for our content summit with it
i'd like a finished PDF by EOD today. that work?
You can't base your entire career on cosigns and big features. At some point, your music has to stand on its own.
Never regret anything because at one point its exactly what you wanted
and we're living in NY and we're not "comfortable' so MY point of where u live still stands.
Someone has mysteriously cleaned my work desk. What does this all mean?
Chuck enjoyed retirement and golfing with Helen in Breezy Point.
Attn Theodore in Breezy Point Minnesota. job net. want to work at home. need money.
"To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory…
I really do hate my life at this point 😭😭
Dana is right on point, neither guy fought like they gave a *** Couple of grinders just hoping for a decision.
Chris is definitely making a point to be a big part of Royalty’s life, and it’s so amazing to see him taking...
There is no way I'm gonna follow this point system. I'm just going to enjoy good fights and let them sort the rest out. 😂. …
Marine observation off Breezy Point, Queens, with a 53 mph wind gust this afternoon.
I did this to prove a point but I proved your point not mine
Cc: MT a glimpse how Breezy Point is recovering 2yrs after Sandy c…
2/5 Nagys Piggy Bank gets the money again, winning the Hawthorne 5th by open lengths over Breezy Point and Classy Cove. 5-3-2-1. — NN
Overpass access from Rockaway to Breezy Point and Fort Tilden to be closed, rebuilt, but access will be assured. See
The Commander in Breezy Point this Friday and Saturday 9:30 start!
Is anyone else surprised that there isn't a remix to the song "shots" called "thots" ...?
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
This Sunday, April 26 from 1 - 3 come out for an afternoon of fun at the Breezy Point Open House. All are welcome!
resident Kieran Burke appeals for gov't action to rebuild community:
–Breezy Point Brute. Who else is dreaming of this year's spring runs?
Kayak Fishing News: Grip and Grin: Breezy Point Brute: "A nice striped bass caught last spring behind the JFK ...
Let me see what I can find for you. Email helpwhen you have a moment. ^ML
u should go to Breezy Point Queens it is all conor mcgregor fans they all Irish there
I did, it didnt work for me cause I need the delivery in NYC but live in new jersey
Sorry we can't narrow down the deliv window. Have u looked into MyChoice? ^AB
anyway I can get a better estimate of my delivery? the 9-7 window is to big of a window and I need to be at work
No longer want my Breezy Point timeshare (MN). Want to sell it. Week 42. If you want to outright buy it, contact me, please. No solicitors.
Asbestos is a major health risk. Places deluged by tragedies like Breezy Point is a prime example
No point of going to school with all this testing yo
if you smoke so much weed to the point that I can smell it even when I'm 5+ steps behind and we're outside on a hella breezy day... no.
At this point, I’m guessin’ the North only won the Civil War because it snowed half an inch in the South and nobody knew w…
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