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Breast cancer (malignant breast neoplasm) is a type of cancer originating from breast tissue, most commonly from the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules that supply the ducts with milk. Susan G. Komen for the Cure, formerly known as The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, often referred to as simply Komen, is the most widely known, largest and best-funded breast cancer organization in the United States. 5.0/5

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"You know, I think I will donate the rest of my check towards Breast Cancer research.". "Bro that's awesome.". "Susan G Komen". "...Bro."
Did some great strolling magic at an event for the Susan G Komen Foundation. We need to beat Breast Cancer!
Hey ladies! More chances to win! This time in support of Breast Cancer & raising money for our Blue Ridge Chapter of Susan G Komen! Each square is $5 and puts you in to win your favorite $100 piece from Lia Sophia jewelry! Buy as many squares as you wish! We will draw 4 winners on Sunday!
Louie's Prime Steakhouse Women & Wine 2-12-14 Women and Wine is Wednesday, February 12th at 6:00pm! This month is special! We are donating a basket for the "Susan G Komen" SKI FOR THE CURE! This event is for Breast Cancer. We will also have our regular wine basket giveaway. I am asking for a $5.00 donation for the "PINK BASKET". The $5.00 donation gets a ticket for the "PINK BASKET" (to be drawn that night) and you will also be in a drawing that will be held on Saturday, February 22rd at Jack Frost (you do not need to be present on Sat., Feb 22nd) The prizes for that drawing are Fabulous! The "SKI FOR THE CURE" will be held at Jack Frost on Saturday, February 22rd, 8AM-4PM. The ladies that run the event also run the Women's clinic on Tuesday's at Jack Frost. They are kind, patient and so passionate about skiing and Breast Cancer Awareness. This is a great cause because so many women are affected by this disease, either by being a survivor, knowing someone who has lost their battle, or someone ...
Just about 48 hrs from now, people will be donning shoes not likely to be seen in public, picking up a 10-16 lb rolling stone and throwing it down the lane at 10 oddly shaped sticks that unless you hit just right, refuse to fall down. Yes, that my friends is bowling. But this Sunday is special!!! Since 2008, Sheridan Lanes has been host to a very worthwhile cause- Breast Cancer Awareness. Helping raise money locally to support treatments, tests, and more, the event has raised over 180,000 since it's first ball was thrown down the lane. I'm proud to be part of the event, photographing the people doing their part to find a cure in the best way they know how. My family has not been affected by it, and hopefully never will because of events like this. 75% of the funds raised stay local, but 25% of the funds go to national research thru the Susan G Komen Foundation. If you can't be on the lanes, how about stopping in anyway? There are raffle drawings, bake sale items, and of course a wonderful silent auction . ...
Footage now of Show's actions from last Monday. Now Cena comes out and gets a mic. Says there's excitement tonight and in a few minutes he'll be in a six man tag but right now he wants to recognize the Susan G Komen Foundation and the Rise Above Cancer campaign and Rise Above Cancer merchandise will be available all year round now with a portion of proceeds going to the foundation. Cena points out a group of breast cancer survivors and says they are the true champions and South Carolina thanks you and he will thank you by showing that the champs are here! Here comes The Rhodes Bros!!
We are proud to donate $4,500 to the Susan G Komen Foundation from out Breast Cancer Awareness line in…
I've been trying to get people to join my team forthe last 6-7 months for the 3-day Susan G Komen walk and nobody wants to join nor donate... October comes around and all of a sudden everyone's worried about breast cancer. ***
We have teamed up with the Susan G. Komen BREAST CANCER WALK to help stop Breast Cancer. and click join a team!
1 month from today I will begin my 60mile 3-Day journey for Susan G Komen and the fight against Breast Cancer. This will be my 6th year doing it, and the last walk held in Chicago! To donate please go to The 3 and look up my name. Thank You!
Hey Fb friends I'm almost @ my fundraising goal of $2300 for the Susan G Komen 3 Day. Please consider making a donation. Early detection of breast cancer saves lives and it saved mine! To make a donation click on the link below.
Susan G Komen for the Cure announced recently that it would be cutting several cities from its 3-day fundraising road races that have brought in millions.
Participating in the Raleigh Susan G Komen on Saturday who is joining me in support of breast cancer! See you there!
Just to let everyone know that there will be no Susan G Komen runs and walks this year, check your area to see if they might possibly be doing that. Good luck. In case no one knows what this is about, its about BREAST CANCER!
First of all just want to thank everyone one who helped us this year with donations, fund raisers, and just over all support. We had a great year again. Here's the breakdown of what was raised and being donated to Susan G Komen to help find a cure for Breast Cancer. Don Ramon's Fund Raiser (Sept 2012) $1000.59 Tattoo Fund Raiser Alter-Ego Studio, LLC (Oct 2012) $475.00 Shoot for a Cure at the Mayville Gunclub (March 2013) $2216.50 Little Ladies Candy bar Sale $480 Little Ladies Bake Sale $422.45 Rummage Sale $765.59 Raffle Ticket Sales $3960.00 For a total of $9320.13!!! Along with our online donations we've raised over $10,000 this year. Thanks again for all of your help and support. We're taking the summer off to just hang out and enjoy life, but we'll be back this fall with some new fundraising ideas. Everyone mark your calendars for Saturday Oct 26th for... Beer for Bobies. Details to follow!!!
it's for Breast Cancer. I walk every year for it. Susan G Komen Foundation.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Join us for our Breast Cancer day game Saturday April 13! Donations will be taken for the Susan G Komen...
Everyone! March 8th is International Woman's Day! For the rest of this week we will be featuring links to different charities that are focused towards women! Click the links and take a look at these worthy charities! For today check out these Breast Cancer charities: Susan G Komen for the cure Cancer Charities of America Breast Cancer Research Foundation for those of you who like to have fun while giving... check out The Dirty Girl Mud Run have personally participated in the Dirty Girl Mud Run with a team that we named in honor of our friend, Debbie, who passed away after a long fight with cancer. It was a lot of fun, we met survivors and other teams who were running for loved ones, and I highly recommend it! -Kelly
Bench Pressing 4 Breast Cancer event will be held on Feb 27. Shirts-$20 & all profits go to Susan G Komen Foundation.
Hey everyone. My aunts walk the Susan G Komen three day for Breast Cancer and are putting on a fundraiser this Saturday at 8PM, tickets are on sale for $25. There will be an act by Jim Plunkett the comedian and they will also be raffling off an IPAD MINI. Let me know and I can connect you to get some tickets.
It's funny sending in the yoplait lids to the Susan G Komen for the cure for breast cancer,did not know that I will be needing it.
Hey so check we got a $180 donation for the Susan G Komen Foundation "Breast Cancer Awareness" so far, few white an cream hats left for this round, if you ever played 2nd base cop a feel ;) show your support!
Thanks to ALL that HELPED us RAISE $700 for Susan G Komen for the cure, October was Breast Cancer aweness Month! THe GREAT LOYAL GUESTS Helped US OUT! GIVE YOURSELVES A PAT on the BACK! Way to go!
GOD BLESS all of the men women and children that are participating in the 3 Day Susan G Komen Race For The Cure starting today..Breast Cancer has taken so many of the women in my family! My Big Sister Robbyn is in stage 4 and fights the battle everyday! I know that one day soon, they WILL find a cure!
Walking in the Susan G Komen race with the "Wanda Warriors" in loving memory of all the beautiful women who lost their battle to breast cancer
Me and the twins getting ready for Susan G Komen breast cancer walk...wish us luck!
Stop by Club NewTone and fill out a "Wall of Hope" sheet, just $1 each (donation towards Susan G. Komen Foundation), supporting someone you know who is battling breast cancer, or in memory of someone whom has lost their fight. We will be hanging these up on our WALL OF HOPE in the gym, in HONOR of all of those women who have faced Breast Cancer. It just takes a minute, but the donation goes straight to research which someday might change someones life!
Help NicStick Support Breast Cancer Awareness!! A percentage of proceeds for the following products will go to the Susan G Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer!
Join us at Q102 Boys for Breast Cancer with Boys Like Girls! The event is hosted by JonJon and takes place at 5 p.m. on Monday, October 15 atJefferson Hallat Newport on the Levee.
Wed. Oct. 17th the Ladies of Future will be informing you of Breast Cancer! We're also taking donations for the Susan G. Komen Foundation!
great day everyone..thanks to all of our guests and staff for such a positive day!!! We were bumpin and did a great job staying on task!!! We have decided to make Friday "Ta-Ta" Friday...Any tips we make are going to be donated to the Susan G Komen organization for breast cancer research. We are going to do this for the remainder of the Fridays left in October. The Soup King will then match all tips collected at the end of the month when we make our donation.We are also talking about adding Tuesdays in there as well.We will keep you posted!!! thanks for your support!!!
The Forney Sole Sisters would like to thank everyone who came out to support us in our 3rd Annual - A Walk in the Park for a Cure. We had approximately 150 walkers come out on a chilly morning!! This couldn't have been possible without you, our community and our fabulous sponsors. We would like to thank the Mayor for declaring October 5-7 Breast Cancer Awareness weekend in Forney and supporting three teams and our efforts to raise awareness in our community. Hats off to the ZBra girls for hosting a fantastic PINK OUT FORNEY event and to Heart and Sole for their Classic Car Show today. Proceeds from these events will go to support Susan G Komen for the Cure and the Breast Cancer 3-day. We will all be walking 60 miles towards the fight to end breast cancer. IT'S GREAT TO LIVE IN FORNEY, TEXAS!
Breast Cancer in Men PDF, 128KB Though both boys and girls begin life with very similar breast tissue, men do not experience the same complex...
Know that I'm not hating on Breast Cancer Awareness but I am appalled to discover that more money is spent on Breast Cancer Awareness than is on actual Breast Cancer Research. It's become a marketing thing for big companies to use to gain attention(though, I do believe some are sincere). Want to help in the fight against Breast Cancer? Skip the pink bag of M&Ms or whatever the newest T-Shirt with a funny saying on it is and donate directly to places like Susan G. Komen or The Breast Cancer Research Foundation who put the money toward research and testing and no simply "awareness." I think people are aware enough.
Attention all my Lake Charles friends. Tmrw come out to Dillard's Lingerie Dept and get fitted for a new bra. We will donate $2 for every fitting to the Susan G Komen research center. Come out and support Breast Cancer Awareness! 10am-8pm Please invite family, friends. And co-workers! Thanks in advance!
I am doing the Race for the Cure on Oct 7th if anyone is interested in joining the team or donating. The team name is Bank of the West and anyone can join. I was asked by 9News and Susan G Komen to share my story and get the word out about Breast Cancer which I have a little bit of knowledge about :-). Tomorrow on the 4 pm newscast you can see a bit of my story :-)
October is a very special month for me. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This September made one year since my mom's passing. This October, I will be donating all of my commission to Susan G Komen for the Cure. Help me raise money to fight breast cancer by hosting a "pay it forward" . Contact me immediately to book your party now!
Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon $25… $5 of your purchase will go to the Susan G Komen Foundation
Sorry folks typo I think it is hard for women today to understand what it was like for women diagnosed with Breast Cancer 28-30 years ago. They understand that treatment and technology advances have made gains and life expectancy has risen but the emotional and social stigma changes have been huge. We were literally “ in the closet “ . I received literature written in the50”s ( and this was the 80’s ) with instructions to tell no one nor acknowledge in public anyone else I had met with this disease, Insurance issues were archaic and backwards – you haven’t lived till you hear your health insurance company say that they needed to wait on reconstruction till they found out if I would live long enough. Questions to doctors from their patients were frowned upon and discouraged. In my small way I fought back by founding the first support group in Seattle and with quaking legs testified in front of our state legislators. But Nancy Brinker fueled with anger and love for her sister Susan G Komen who ...
Tomorrow is the Cleveland Susan G Komen 3-day walk - This is my second year doing this walk. It is such a wonderful experience. All the new friends that I met last year and hope to see again this year and looking forward to meeting new friends this year. Will miss you Susan K. Linn - will be thinking about you!! I do this walk not only for breast cancer but for ALL cancers. I feel that if they can find a cure for one then maybe they will be one step closer to finding a cure for another. I am doing this walk for the following people: Kay Yadlovsky (mom), Lynda Diligente (sister), Judy Ford (sister), JohnandJeanne Anderson(mommom), Donna Rutti Scholl, Vi Lenz (aunt), Patricia Krueger (sister in-law), Bonnie Siska, Phyllis Lahl, Valdena Hudak, Josephine Hallman, Sherry Saunders, Lynn Wheeler, Judi Deitz, Lila Shaver, Charlotte Dodius and Robin Dodus - all courage people!! The 3-day will be doing somthing new this year. A post will be posted on face book when I reach certain spots along my 60 miles dur ...
support and care to Breast Cancer patients and survivors. Susan G Komen. Team Betty Colorado Springs
Only 4 days til our Susan G Komen benefit! June 30, 7-11 pm at Mori's on Landis! Tickets are still available for $25! There will be food, cash bar, DJ, chinese auction & 50/50! Come out and support me and Shelby to reach our goal of $4600 to walk 3 days, 60 miles this October to erase breast cancer!
Don't believe the lies! Planned Parenthood HAS NO MAMMOGRAM MACHINES IN TEXAS! If you donate to Susan G Komen or Planned Parenthood your money goes for ABORTIONS. Not anything to do with Breast cancer.
Hay gang. Please go to the Marion Werner Memorial Golf Tournament face book page and friend it. This is our annual tournament we put on to benifit the Susan G Komen Foundation to fight Breast Cancer. Lasy year was the 1rst and was a huge success ! Got great photo's from last years tournament. I will be posting knew information in the next few days. Even if you don't play golf please freind us and help fight Breast Cancer ! Thanks !
Had an AWESOME day walking the Susan G Komen breast cancer walk, I cant wait to do it again next year.
May 26th HNB is playing at malibus in Vancouver. June 1st HNB and 9 Lives Under at O Blarneys in Centralia. Susan G Komen breast cancer show. June 2nd HNB at the Pub playing with a TOOL cover band. Gonna be a Busy two weeks. Hope to see Friends out for some good times!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Ok so I am in a Race for the Cure and looking for Donations for Breast Cancer goal is $ please if you can donate anything that would be much appreciated.the race is this Sunday and ive been posting about this on here but for some reason it is only going on my profile page so if you are interested in donating just go to my profile and there will be a link on one of the Susan G Komen posts.Thanks to anyone that donates.Also a HUGE THANK YOU to my last donation
About to head to the crafts store. I will be offering a Pink Ribbon dress with all proceeds going to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I will post pics as soon as I have it made. Possibly tonight.
Help Zeta Tau Alpha raise money for Susan G Komen and Breast Cancer Awareness tonight at US Pizza on Dickson starting at 5!
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