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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is an American television drama series created and produced by Vince Gilligan.

Better Call Saul Walter White Bryan Cranston Giancarlo Esposito Jesse Pinkman Walt Jr Gus Fring Anna Gunn Walking Dead Skyler White Robert McKee Vince Gilligan Twin Peaks

My all time top 5 in exact order you see: . Breaking Bad. House of Cards . Bloodline . Dexter. The Office
well thats the dude from Breaking Bad, but idk the movie. He worked with Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill
Sitting at a bar in between Michael Shannon from Boardwalk Empire & Dean Norris from Breaking Bad. Things that literally just happened.
Sirjee, How about Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad and Clark Peters as Lester Freamon i…
Dexter, Breaking Bad ( best show ever ), Better Call Saul, Sons of Anarchy
I kinda know that Breaking Bad is still the better show, but... I think Better Call Saul does something far more profound.
The old guy from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is such a badass. Dude can do anything
This season of Better Call Saul is basically Breaking Bad. It's that good!
Better Call Saul is going in the right direction to Breaking Bad levels of greatness. Been a slow grind, but we are close.
Better Call Saul is like if Breaking Bad spent 70% of the time on Walter White's undergraduate work. Zz
Giovanni Ribisi on Bryan Cranston, their ‘Breaking Bad in reverse’ show
never watched Breaking Bad. I see the jacket as very Steve McQueen/Arnold Palmer-esque.
Seinfeld, Downtown Abbey, 24, Malcolm in the Middle, X files, Breaking Bad, etc etc
If you're a Tory that's bad enough but if you're a Tory below the age of 21 you need your nose breaking
"It had to be done." Jokes only Breaking Bad fans will understand. So funny!
I am a jerk. I don't want to be a "good boy" or a "good boyfriend" . I'm a bad boy. . Breaking up on your birthday is your gift 🎁
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
What about Game of Thrones? After finishing Breaking Bad, I never thought I'd find a new fav show. T…
Three great comedians one being a bad boy! Who's breaking the law in this picture! @ Broadway…
The *** w/bad hombres, it's bad drivers ICE wants; 1/2 of immigrants arrested had traffic convictions or no record http…
I'll never be over how amazing Breaking Bad is
Im breaking out so bad and I just want to cry. My life is great
My nose (and whole face really) are breaking out so bad that I look like Rudolph the red nose reindeer love my life gn
Since I started going to the gym my chest has been breaking out like realy bad
Good things @ don't really exist anymore so I can tell you that you're paranoid, and…
Remember that monologue Mike gave in "Breaking Bad" about half-measures? That was insanely good writing/acting
Also, I'm a woman who LOVES Mad Men, so there! (I also like Breaking Bad but dislike the ending.)
The last Hollywood writers’ strike showed creatives will always find outlets for their creativity…
Breaking, Ja Rule rips off hundreds of rich millennials who paid 2k for a 'villa', got FEMA tents and chips.
BREAKING NEWS: Player who played for Arsenal when they were good now thinks good player will make bad team good again because he's good.
Im breaking out so bad this is unbelievable
Mmm home with my boy on a Friday night, cuddled up watching breaking bad 😍
Why the epi Dead Freight of Breaking Bad is so fantastic! You watch & hate the characters. Then, as it happens, you root for them and boom!
The Gospel According to is "provocative, smart, and a whole lot of fun."
It was like this scene of Breaking Bad but worse
Current tv show im binge watching now..breaking bad. Am at mid season 2. Interesting yo.
Breaking Bad gives me heart palpitations
I AM NOT A TRUE FAN OF BREAKING BAD! That's what I'm told *** I got 12 out of 20! How do you measure up?
Try telling that to the families you're breaking apart. Historically, if church groups are sheltering people from…
Wasn't that an episode on Breaking Bad?
I'm breaking out so bad. I just wanna cry.
BREAKING: the US economy only grew 0.7% in the 1st quarter of 2017 - our weakest performance in 3 years. Trump has been b…
Breaking bad was no doubt the best show I've ever seen.
One and one tenth episodes into Twin Peaks, calling it. Best TV. Better than Breaking Bad. This is watching to live.
It's official. Breaking Bad is filming in the Golden Slipper.
Walter Jr in Breaking Bad! Both the character and actor have cerebral palsy
Bill O'Reilly always reminded me of the character of Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad. You know… Better Call Saul
At first I was like, "Why do we have a picture of Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad?" . Then I realized its Stern's G…
So, are we, like, entirely sure the dude who played Todd on Breaking Bad/that other guy on Fargo isn't Arch Hall Jr's actual clone
So we know you're taking blood and not injecting heroin? (I've watched too much Breaking Bad and Nurse Jackie.)
crystal fairy and the magical cactus // Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes // Breaking Bad
Before getting the PS4 Pro, I was considering getting the Breaking Bad series set. This printing error made my choi…
Fun fact - did you know the guy who played Saul on the tv hit Breaking Bad is the guy who plays Jimmy on Better Call Saul? It's true!
'Better Call Saul' edges closer to 'Breaking Bad' darkness as Giancarlo Esposito returns to the 'role of a lifetime…
The third season of "Better Call Saul" reveals a depth and pathos missing from "Breaking Bad." htt…
twd creators must have never seen breaking bad. There are no half measures Walter!
Wait did they use gustavo fring from breaking bad for the final destination poster? 😂😂
breaking down in the car because I can't get my meds and I feel so useless without them because my ADHD is so bad agh
That was breaking bad line I stole, yes. Night
Tune into Brett Lawries live Insta thingy to witness his mind breaking down as bad as his body
People who bought a shovel also purchased this blu-ray set of breaking bad
Breaking up isn't too much of a bad ting
so... Snapchat found another error in the Breaking Bad filter. Hydrogen atoms can't form double bonds in…
Better Call Saul is so good, recommend it if you liked breaking bad
Best series since Breaking Bad, and impressively in a much smaller package
Just discovered breaking bad and it's pretty good
Sons of Anarchy ruined me just like Breaking Bad😭💔 but I'm not even sorry because they're so 👀🔥👌🙌
Bout to start breaking bad just a little late
Breaking your back. Trying to get a number 1️⃣ track?. Why not give The Shot a crack?. Bad, we know. Anyway ... apply! ht…
Happy birthday to Jane from breaking bad!
The wife on Breaking Bad is annoying af to me.
1738 meow weed FOLLOW ME breaking bad is good :) random thug the my nama jeff
is extremely easy watch like Breaking Bad & Dexter. I'm hooked. (Goodbye sleep and productivit…
I've just watched episode S03E01 of Breaking Bad!
You're breaking bad filter has an unbalanced chemical formula floating around...
And im the bad guy for breaking your heart. 😞
When you're watching Breaking Bad and someone with your future major created the first manufactured meth
Just let me feel bad for myself. Let me deal with everything the way I want to deal with it. I'm a pro at breaking then healing. Trust me.
lmfao it's a show, it's about how the lawyer from Breaking Bad became who is was on the show
First season was better than any breaking bad season declined after that
Whoever called Breaking Bad trash should get an automatic block
Watching Skylar give Walt a hand job for his birthday on the first episode of Breaking Bad has to be the most awkward scene I've ever seen
Hey Hunny Bunny!! 💙💙 Btw, been rewatching Breaking Bad and the first time I watched it I thought…
The only reason I got an A in chemistry is because of breaking bad.
Breaking - Bad wreck in the 32-hundred block of South Roan St. in Johnson City. Vehicle in a structure, per
My face is breaking out so bad and it makes me sad
My all time favorite shows as of now. The Wire. Breaking Bad. Twin Peaks. Mad Men. The Sopranos
Breaking Bad: I am the one who knocks. . Better Call Saul: Are you saying you don't know what a squat cobbler is?
I didn't like breaking bad that much so idk if I would
Are you good on calories all week, but still not losing? Maybe it's your weekend. has tips:
Breaking bad was like that too I think. Especially season 4. But I recommend game of thrones if you're l…
Thank you for breaking my heart so bad that it can't be repaired.
Los Pollos Hermanos opening in LA today and tomorrow
It's like breaking bad except real life... it's about Pablo Escobar
You think 7 years for a mirror is bad? Try breaking a condom.
I saw breaking bad and just had to do it 😂
Feels like we're at the point in Breaking Bad where Hank realizes who Walter White was
Brace yourselves, fans — Los Pollos Hermanos is coming to NYC
I'm breaking out so bad i hate acne sooo freaking much
If there was breaking bad news about a liberal Hannity would be in studio doing a live show tonight.
It's official, for my audition monologue for Toronto Film School, I'm doing something from Breaking Bad.
I think I've seen every single show on Netflix except for arrow and breaking bad :(
Now that I think about it, my favorite anime is Breaking Bad probably
I SO want to eat here! Be sure to watch until the very end!! -Cindy-
The point of Breaking Bad isn't that cancer turned Walter White into a monster, cancer enabled the monster that was inside the whole time.
They didn't have fried chicken or burritos but hey I filled my breaking bad void.
Did Manafort buy a car wash too like Walt and Skyler White did in Breaking Bad?
Watching TV w/ dad, while flipping through channels he passes over both Monday Night Raw and Breaking Bad. I ain't mad just upset
JESSICA JONES and LEGION are both really subversive comic book shows. PEAKY BLINDERS is Downton Abbey+Breaking Bad, you'd love it
How serendipitous that I was downloading another season of Breaking Bad at the Admirals Club when this happened on…
Did Bryan Cranston win an Emmy for the pizza throw in Breaking Bad? He should have. In perpetuity. Lifetime achievement.
Ry I think Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad should play Carnage opposite your buddy Jake Gyllenhaal as Venom
Die hard fans of TV series! You would enjoy this Breaking Bad inspired cocktail bar in London https…
A good example for me is Uncle Jack giving Walter one barrel in Breaking Bad. Wasn't much, but he didn't have to.
Penelope Ann Miller's part as Gail dragged the movie for me. Not as bad as Skyler from Breaking Bad but kinda close.
Good lord, that's a reach. That's like saying that if you watch Breaking Bad, you're a drug dealer.
I want to see a Breaking Bad-style spinoff about whatever Joyce Summers' "art gallery" job really was. That's not a cheap house.
CBC advertising their new Anne of Green Gables series as from the "award winning writer of Breaking Bad" - seems a natural shared audience
The irony of finishing Breaking Bad on Bryan Cranston (Walter White)'s birthday😅
. 6. Skylar White | Breaking Bad . Condescending trash. Worlds worst wife award. Good at what she does/ma…
I absolutely loved Jeff Daniels on that show! I thought it would be as solid as Breaking Bad, but unfortunately the only
Who could have foresaw something like that happening? The ending of Breaking Bad is pure genius!!!
Little Giant Ladders
Sneaky Pete is off the chain. Brian Cranston is in it if ya liked Breaking Bad you'll like Sneaky Pete
New blog post: Grange Hill helped me to resist Breaking Bad*
This clip is AWESOME!! Actor who played Jesse Pinkman in 'Breaking Bad' on the show in 2000. The dude is just wild!
The Hulu show, The Path, is even better if you imagine it as a Breaking Bad sequel where Jesse Pinkman still can't catch a break.
I saw "Gus" from the show Breaking Bad last night in Salt Lake City. If you watch that show, you will want to cook meth.
Breaking Bad obsessed killer Stefano Brizzi, who murdered and dismembered PC Gordon Semple, found dead in his cell at Belm…
'Breaking Bad'-inspired Italian cannibal convicted of eating British police officer after sex game dies in prison…
My skin is breaking out so bad someone kill me I've been so good to it except a few times I forgot to take my makeup off
It's incredible how recent TV -- such as Breaking Bad -- could be better than a theatrical feature. Poor directing, horrendous editing.
What happened to breaking bad, the sopranos... now everything is cop shows. Why glorify the profession of people hunting for captivity
Estoy entre breaking bad y house of cards
I'll show my future kids the scene from breaking bad where the high chick slams a cash machine down on her dude. they'll neve…
so stop putting needles in your arm. You ain't seen breaking bad?
first they blow the SB in heart-breaking fashion and now get Chip. *** I feel bad for Falcons fans
Dexter, Breaking bad, prison break, orange is the new black et jsais pas
Saydazainab143: This's breaking my heart so bad 😭😢
'Breaking Bad' cop killer Stefano Brizzi found dead in jail -
2 o'clock in the morning watching Breaking Bad 😂
If you don't watch Stranger things, The office, Parks and recreation, Breaking bad, or Luke cage I can't fw you 😴.
Man convicted of grisly 'Breaking Bad' murder of UK cop dies in prison
Official done breaking bad and oh my god😳
Restarting Breaking Bad for like the 5th time cause best show evr.
Literally no female character on Breaking Bad was likeable except maybe Jesse's Mexican girlfriend. Actually Wendy was funny too
Breaking Bad should just make a huge return bruh
Breaking news - image of terrorist immigrants arriving at Ellis Island. Bad!.
‘Breaking Bad’ fan who dissolved cop's body in acid is found dead in prison
BREAKING BAD !! I can't believe the Walking Dead and supernatural got more votes
Blurred Lines. Up All Night. Breaking Bad finale. 15-round mag limits. Things that bring me right back to 2013. htt…
oh ok. No prob, thanks for the reply! Just wasn't sure if it was my bad queries or an extension that was breaking it :)
Breaking news, Fox reporting bad people pouring into our country.
"I call my own shots" and "bad polls are fake" we're two weeks in and he's breaking
I can't decide what's better...dexter or breaking bad
Ion need a group of bad females I be breaking necks by myself 😂💅🏽
Cannibal in 'Breaking Bad' murder case is found dead
Add a pop of color to any outfit while breaking bad habits
he'll star in with Anna Gunn from Breaking Bad, William Tyler James from Walking Dead & a few other actors.
After the inevitable demise of this admin, Anna Gunn (Skylar, Breaking Bad) would be a perfect for the film adaptation.
You can't listen to this & not think of Breaking Bad - Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James & The Shondells ♫
Jimmy wil be later in the week live from Houston. Today is big Wozza Buffett and Breaking Bad creator…
The DEA taught Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul how to cook crystal meth for their roles in "Breaking Bad."
Oh and Breaking Bad and Black Mirror as well as the 3 first seasons of American Horror Story and The Secret of Crickley Hall*
waittt, I forgot..should I watch Prison Break or Breaking Bad
'Breaking Bad' criminal Gus Fring, played by Giancarlo Esposito, will be back in 'Better Call Saul'
Giancarlo Esposito's 'Breaking Bad' criminal Gus Fring is returning to TV on 'Better Call Saul'
7 (spoilery) things we learned about Breaking Bad from Vince Gilligan's Reddit AMA
I'm gonna rewatch Wild Bunch and a certain episode of Breaking Bad to push my already hurtling anticipation off the tracks.
Hey isn't Jessica Jones Jane from Breaking Bad or am I insane?
HUGE Breaking: The FBI was granted a FISA warrant to search Trump campaign's server for ties to Russia
Missing it so bad! :( Bibliophiles throng New Delhi breaking all footfall records
"is now selling Breaking Bad Heisenberg jerseys"
Im Mike. Discover which character you are! START QUIZ:
I just started watching Breaking Bad & all I have to say is oh my wow
Kinda going to miss smalls breaking drum sticks and making bad puns😅
A major 'Breaking Bad' character might show up in Season 3 of 'Better Call Saul'
Only shows with no bad seasons is 24, SOA, Breaking bad, it's always sunny in Philadelphia and Homeland.
Seems the rumors are true: a major character is coming to Season 3
The last episode of Breaking Bad is a religious experience.
Idk how to take this. A girl today told me that I look like Saul from Breaking Bad. She said it was a compliment, but idk if it is or not😯
Susan from friends is Gretchen from breaking bad 😳
UFO spotted in Breaking Bad S5E7 at the 2:37 mark on Netflix. -
BREAKING: Details emerge supporting theory, Putin did NOT want Trump win only for Clinton to look bad as President
Only on season 3, but Skylar from breaking bad is intolerable. No redeeming qualities. Absolute worst
Hi /r/movies, I'm Betsy Brandt. You probably know me as Marie from Breaking Bad or more currently from Life in Piec…
BREAKING: Chargers announce plans to move to LA! Good decision or bad management?
The only impressions I can do are Michelle Branch and Tío from Breaking Bad. I'm really fun at parties I swear
I should really go to bed but I decided I'm binge watching Breaking Bad... priorities
These pregnancy hormones have me breaking out so bad I could cry😭😭
I finished all my work for school all I want to do now is smoke my blunt and watch breaking bad in bed. Bye
School starts next week and I'm breaking out so bad 😩
Breaking bad final episodes give me anxiety
Photo: Ben Leuner/AMC. Wait, you didn't think the best TV resurrection in…
I'm Walter White. Discover which character you are! . START QUIZ:
A fan favorite finally returns in new video via
Wow this is such a smart essay on Breaking Bad I can't wait to read more! or so I thought until you badmouthed Lost... f**k u!
I think I'm gonna rewatch breaking bad🤔
20 NHS Hospitals have declared a "black alert". This is as bad as it gets. I've chills down my neck as I type thi…
AMC has released a promo that confirms a major Breaking Bad villain will be in the third season of Better Call Saul.
Breaking Bad is an American crime drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan. The show originally aire…
Breaking Bad, Glee, Life Goes On, Secret Life of an American Teenager. Pretty much anything made by Ryan Murphy...
there's an exact Spanish version of Breaking Bad on Netflix called 'Metastasis' and the main character's name is Walter Blanco.…
Off the top of my head? Cheers, Seinfeld, House, West Wing, Breaking Bad
The Canadian version of Breaking Bad was disappointing. It ended after he gets cancer and it being completely paid for by the government SMH
Knocked down two episodes of Better Call Saul tonight. Pretty sure will end up watching Breaking Bad again, after BCS is done.
Finished Better Call Saul the other day so decided at 3am to rewatch Breaking Bad bc my sleeping pattern is non existent
idk how so many of you have seen Breaking Bad but don't watch Better Call Saul. smh
Over break I finished Breaking Bad, HTGAWM, Better Call Saul and Game of Thrones so it's clearly been productive 😂
So much time for Finch Farm basically becoming the car wash out of Breaking Bad
Bobby Finstock. Sophia Petrillo. Breaking Bad? A new site asked me to cover the Colts and I took full measures.
tfw a Breaking Bad episode opens with "Bonfire" by Knife Party
'Breaking Bad' star-turned-pol fights back after opponent claims election fraud via
I'm talking about it now and it's still the biggest enigma to me that people hate Skyler White from Breaking Bad
Happy I'm breaking my bad habits this year
I've just watched episode S02E10 of Breaking Bad!
Bitter cold, wind that will freeze tour *** off, breaking a fast the wrong way and throwing up, paying rent. Bad day
Breaking bad. I'm late but Walt an *** lol
Rory Gilmore is the female worst character on tv next to Skyler on breaking bad
*everything on the news is bad*. "BREAKING NEWS: LLAMA GETS LOOSE ON GEORGIA HIGHWAY.". *news gets a little better*
This is ground-breaking, Mashallah!. Before you label all Muslims extremists, please watch this. Moderate Muslims aren’t…
Only a few episodes into breaking bad and I'm already calling 3 seconds on skyler and her sister
I work hard cause I never want to be in a bad place and I never want to struggle so hard that I'm at my breaking point
I've had two people tell me in the past 48 hours that I look like Sylar from Breaking Bad
Walter White and Jesse Pinkman ready to cook in Breaking Bad (2008-2013)
BREAKING: Simon Harris reacts to 'Leo said I should say: 'It's really bad, it's not my fault and someone w…
I'm at the last 5 episodes of Breaking Bad. Walt was such a good guy. In the immortal words of ...
Somebody give me face tips NOW I'm breaking out so bad :(
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
lol because the cartel members in Breaking Bad are from Laredo 😂
I've been breaking out so bad lately 😪
breaking.bad.tshirt liked your Instagram photo
HER: we have to talk. ME: I have a bad feeling about this. H: im breaking up with you. M: ???. H: you speak in Star Wars quotes. M: Roger Roger
If you are offended by funny articles making fun of liberals don't click on this!!! This is only for Trump...
I told my mom I didn't want a Fitbit. She got me one. Now I'm reminded after every Breaking Bad episode how lazy I am. Thanks Mom.
Ilori was close to breaking into the Portuguese National team especially with a spot up for grabs next to Pepe. LFC was a bad…
I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I watch something with in it. Breaking Bad had me geeking sophomore year.
Y'all I'm really about to cry at the end of Breaking Bad 😭😭😭
finally omg I felt bad breaking the mutual but now u have done it for me
Rewatching breaking bad for my 3rd time. I get why people tattoo your face on their bodies. Ps your wife…
70. From the album cover, to the Bad jacket, to the Smooth Criminal lean, to record breaking concerts, Bad era is a huge…
For all those people who watched Breaking Bad. . Who was your favourite character?
Is it bad that hearing about Nicki & Meek breaking up made me sigh a silent sigh of relief? Lol.
Robert McKee: Hollywood's screenwriting guru on Breaking Bad, Charlie Kaufman, and the 'monumental' future of ... -…
Robert McKee: Hollywood's screenwriting guru on Breaking Bad ... -
My reaction when I saw that Jesse Plemons was in the last season of Breaking Bad
(argon). Breaking Bad - Caballo Sin Nombre was recently added to Plex.
Walt Jr in Breaking Bad has Cerebral Palsy (and actor). Mary Ingalls in Little House on Prairie lost her sight.
Skinny Pete tried so hard to ruin Breaking Bad.
I want one more season of Breaking Bad and I want Walt to teach Walt Jr to cook. Am I evil?
'Breaking Bad' and 'The Blacklist' star Charles Baker will be joining us at the Hollywood Show in Los Angeles on...
Honestly, the most iconic moment in S1E1 of Breaking Bad is when Walt Jr. tells Skylar her veggie bacon smells like bandaids...
Dave Porter's score for Breaking Bad never ceases to amaze me.
There's a breaking bad marathon on amc... looks like Christmas isn't over after all :')
Breaking your leg probably hurts real bad.
rewatching breaking bad reminds me how much I hated Skyler
'Breaking Bad' ran 62 episodes. The 62nd element on the periodic table is Samarium which is used to treat lung cancer. htt…
I've heard breaking bad is good but I've just never watched it
I managed to waste a whole day watching Breaking Bad and George Michael videos. Not even ashamed.
If the Breaking Bad & Game of Thrones marathons offset their commercial breaks I am pretty sure no other channel would have viewers.
Breaking Bad marathon on AMC. Mitch better than that garbage.
Remember that time on Breaking Bad when Badger and Skinny tried to sell drugs at group meetings but accidentally got sober instead?
I'd go with Breaking Bad since season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul won't be out for a while
I've basically done nothing today but sit on my butt and watch this breaking bad marathon & I'm not complaining
All I've done today is watch Breaking Bad and drink hot chocolate I love winter break
Watching a few episodes of the ol' Breaking Bad, yo.
Okay. Breaking bad is officially the best TV Show I've ever laid my eyes on
i've been watching Breaking Bad for HOUURSSS
I enjoyed Breaking Bad much more when i didnt know how anti trump Bryan Cranston is-Actors really should keep their politics to themselves
Breaking Bad vs. Walking Dead? Not even close. BB writing is better & more consistent, and I'm a TWD fan.
When you realized you waisted the whole day rewatching breaking bad
Good news everyone: there's a Breaking Bad marathon on AMC right now
Found a Breaking Bad marathon on tv, my night is complete! Oh how I've missed Jessie pinkman and Walter White.
Playing old episodes of breaking bad on amc
It has happened with me 3 times: w/this show, Breaking Bad and The Wire. The OA came close, too.
⚡ An AMC marathon has Breaking Bad trending again 🌬.
Never seen a single episode of breaking bad
I'm really at this gym continuing my breaking bad marathon! Ya'll know how much I stan and this show! 💕
It's a very strange experience being on set of 'Breaking Bad;' you n...
Deadset ringa of Tio Salamanca from Breaking Bad on Hoodle street 🎬…
Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) speaks with Kellyanne Conway and future head of the DEA, Walter White (of Breaking Bad)
whattt lol I miss the time in our lives where breaking bad completed it
What is better to do on a week of than binge watch Breaking Bad for the 15th time???
Trump Names Breaking Bad’s Walter White to Head DEA. Time to make America cook again.
Broke a promise today, feel so bad but they don't care what you feel so a promise worth breaking.
yes, lol. This Breaking Bad is doing me in. I'm pathetic
me:mom you should watch this show Breaking Bad. It's about this-. mom:Walter White,a chemistry teacher cooks meth in a race against cancer
Donald Trump appoints Walter White head of the DEA during this week's cold open
Walter White returned for and is the change America needs:
Trump taps Breaking Bad's Walter White to head DEA in this new 'SNL' skit, via
no i have never heard of it but i did discover this show called Breaking Bad, it seems ok
Bryan Cranston mocks Trump as Breaking Bad's Walter White on 'SNL' -
someone was passing around an article you wrote on breaking bad/whiteness. Did you enjoy the SNL skit 🤔🤔🤔
Woulda been funny if one of them actually did have broken bones and breaking their bodycast was a bad idea
After watching the Breaking Bad episode "Ozymandias," George RR Martin called Walter White a worse monster than anyone i…
breaking bad habits. For's to learn to not let worry & anxiety consume many little steps to to break these…
Breaking Bad (2008-2013). A chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer turns to manufacturing and selling metha…
December 11, 2016 at 04:00PM Retiring Congress Breaking Bad 50% of senators & 42% of House become Lobbyists. Congress bought and paid for...
After smashed it on as Walter White, it's time for me to rewatch Breaking Bad.…
Walter White from Breaking Bad is Head of the Drug Enforcement Administration
wait, NOW are you watching breaking bad?
BREAKING! Australian Columnist Explains Secret Deal Between Obama and Australia and it's bad via…
Breaking: NFL officiating is really bad. That is all.
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