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Breaking Amish

Breaking Amish is an American reality television series on TLC. The plot revolves around four Amish and one Mennonite young adults who move to New York City in order to experience a different life and to make a difficult decision regarding whether to return to their communities, or to remain in New York City and face potential ostracism by their family and friends.

yeah they do 😂 watch Breaking Amish, thats what the whole things about 😉
No news on other season of Return Amish or even Breaking Amish . Who is you're favourite cast member and why ?
My mom just started watching Breaking Bad and was so confused when it was about drugs. She thought it was about The Amish.
China urges North Korea to make 'smart' decision after UN sanctions
Breaking... NYT hires Amish militia for protection.
Jut watched the final of breaking Amish la and are my favourite I was so happy they got engaged & kad…
Really I promised myself I'd stop watching Breaking Amish but here I am already spent 5 hours today doing just that
I just remembered that when I was 15 my dad tricked me that one of his friends was Amish and I asked him all these Breaking Amish questions
Breaking Amish is such a great show...watched season 1 years ago and just found it on demand 😩 definitely about to binge watch this
Breaking Amish is possibly one of the best/worst shows I've seen this summer. You should check it out.
'Pharma Bro' Shkreli is convicted at securities fraud trial
*breaking* leaked video of Clinton Camps first commercial for 2020 bid…
When you're tired of Breaking Amish, and are ready to go back 😂
Breaking Amish is the best quality television I've found in a long time
why would anyone pay $450 dollars to look like they came from the show breaking Amish?
So I'm paying $450 to look like im from breaking Amish .yea... no
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$450 to look like you belong in an episode of breaking Amish, Issa no from me
Does that breaking Amish show still come on? Cauh it's fake
$450 to make me look like I'm starting in breaking Amish? count me out ! NEXT
Im definitely not one to make this choice. My family calls me Breaking Amish
When you're feeling a little naughty a.k.a breaking Amish 💀😂
Again TLC gets burned by the Duggar christian Taliban. Fire them all & bring back Breaking Amish. Much more compelling show!
Dude! My TV at home exists of nothing but "My 600lb 90 Day Fiance Breaking Amish Say Yes To The Sister Wives Dress"!
Why would anyone wanna pay alladat $ to look like they're breaking Amish ??
Yes I love that too! What Not to Wear, Breaking Amish and 90 Day Fiancé too. It's all coming floodin…
BREAKING: 2 US service members killed in action in Kandarhar, Afghanistan, when convoy came under attack, Pentagon says
READ Latest: Ben Rhodes now a person of interest in House Intelligence Committee Unmasking Investigation http…
BREAKING: Explosion targeting foreign troops in city reported. No reports on casualties yet.
lol Breaking Amish except the only difference is they can use lights and a microwave
Breaking: Income Tax Raids at Eagleton Resort in Bengaluru, where INC MLAs are staying. Such a shameful misuse of power!…
I have some respect for the people on breaking amish. that's all I have to say.
Hamilton Collection
"This makes me think of breaking Amish"
I've just watched episode S01E03 of Breaking Amish!
I've just watched episode S01E02 of Breaking Amish!
BREAKING: Alex Jones unveiled by White House as new Communications Director today.
2 police officers shot in California
I've just watched episode S01E01 of Breaking Amish!
Breaking Amish season finale, why are you over :(
A hip video related to The Untold Truth Of Breaking Amish
BREAKING: 12 inmates escape Alabama jail, six still at large, authorities say
I just added Breaking Amish to my library!
When the photo you take at career fair for LinkedIn looks like you are auditioning for Breaking Amish>>
Have you ever heard of the show "Breaking Amish"? Because that's what I was referring to, 4 years ago.
Why does he look like someone from Breaking Amish
I just saw someone said something about Breaking Amish, which reminded me that...
North Korea leader says 'all US mainland' in range after missile test: KCNA
Meet Black Singles 300x250
If anyone needs me, I'll be watching Season 3 of Breaking Amish for the rest of the evening.
I've shipped Jeremiah and Sabrina since season 1 of breaking Amish so the fact they might become a couple again makes me so happy asdfghjkl
I added a video to a playlist My version of Breaking Amish's Mary's Afghan - Right Handed
that's true, but it's like a literal shun. I've watched too much Breaking Amish 😂
Breaking Amish: I finally have electricity after three days
Breaking Amish is the only reality TV show I can stand
2/5: BREAKING: SUPPRESSED info on what Islamists did to Parisian victims.
BREAKING: Believe nothing that is being reported.
Amish people that use trolling motors have to be breaking some kind of law
well, unless you believe reality TV is, well, real... "Breaking Amish" I think it was called. XD
my dad no word of a lie wants me to wear this for my first civies??? umm? tune in next week to Breaking Amish?
BREAKING: Obama now considering outlawing TRUCKS as they are causing terrorist attacks. http…
Breaking Amish is back and I've never been happier
Hillary I don't think Islam is behind this attack-It was a Breaking Amish disgruntled!!
IDK either, although did the show once try to hint at a possible 'relationship' btwn Kate & a castmate on Breaking Amish in 2012?
jinyoung looks like hes on that one show Breaking Amish and hes about to explore new york city for the 1st time
I think I'm in the middle of an episode of breaking Amish at the auto shop rn
Proof that "Breaking Amish" is fake is their pronunciation of Lancaster.
I thinking about breaking Amish myself
idc what anyone says Breaking Amish is the best reality show on television
why do the people from breaking Amish think people care ab them😂
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