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Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a 1985 American teen drama film written and directed by John Hughes. The storyline follows five teenagers (each a member of a different high school clique) as they spend a Saturday in detention together and come to realize that they are all deeper than their respective stereotypes.

Ally Sheedy Judd Nelson John Bender Molly Ringwald Emilio Estevez Sixteen Candles Anthony Michael Hall Power Rangers John Hughes Dame Dash Angela Yee Swae Lee Ferris Beuller Day Off Dirty Dancing Ferris Bueller Kodak Black

Envy is trash at Breakfast Club interviews. But I like his podcast with his wife, Gia.
GM Duval! Coming up at 6 is the Breakfast Club with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne tha god!.
Anyone else getting serious Ally Sheedy in Breakfast Club vibes from
Now that Barry Manilow is openly *** the Breakfast Club line "Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe" will likely…
I had bad dandruff when I was a kid. I'd sometimes do the Ally Sheedy thing from Breakfast Club.
I can see you in the Ally Sheedy role in a Breakfast Club remake
John Hughes with Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, and Ally Sheedy on the set of the Breakfast Club.
Love that you can get mix tapes from . (Also I suggest Ally Sheedy from Breakfast Club for your list)
Am I the only one aggravated by Ally Sheedy's "makeover" in the Breakfast Club? Weird girls with heavy eyeliner 4 l…
My "Ally Sheedy in Breakfast Club" moment: spilling the contents of my makeup bag, including one inexplicable bouncy pink ball, everywhere.
Question: What does Ally Sheedy use to decorate her picture in the Breakfast Club?
Power Rangers is the Breakfast Club update we all so desperately needed.
Throwbacks v Breakfast Club v Batiri v East Coast *** I'm excited to see Touchdown actually get his…
They were so innocent as well weren't they? Breakfast Club was probably my favourite. John Bender was 😍
Emilio Estevez??? Heavens no. Everyone in the Breakfast Club are great in their own right. John Bender is a god tho.
is to as John Bender is to the Breakfast Club. He just needs the flannel.
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80's films / . you're my Breakfast Club. you're my song from Cyndi Lauper, no more missed times, we fly by street signs
Get off the radio and pass the torch this the main reason y *** listen to Breakfast Club n not hot 97 trash ***
Just watched Wood Harris on the Breakfast Club, dude drops knowledge for a young actor man
lol that was how I memorized Breakfast Club. "You stinkin dummies," Judd Nelson said
Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club will forever be a heartthrob ❤😍
I want to be Judd Nelson from Breakfast Club pose?
MCTC's Jason Butler and Sharon Wilson join Robert on the Breakfast Club today at 8:05 on Soft 96!
Thank you to Mountain View Missionary Baptist Church for their kind donation to our Breakfast Club. We appreciate your support!
from the White Stripes! There's also Moe Tucker from the Velvet Underground and Madonna used to be a drummer for Breakfast Club
Tomorrow is our Breakfast Club! No reading requirement; just join Catherine at the Coffee Connection in Trolley, 9-…
Survey says still cool. (Freezes mid fist pump like Breakfast Club)
Is that Paul Gleason there with Eddie, from "Breakfast Club?" Didn't remember he was in it!
Sir Peter Hendy CBE, Mark Carne and Paul Plummer to speak at RAIL 100 Breakfast Club
Spending my saturday night watching Breakfast Club, The Lost Boys and a few more classics 👌
and Barron looks like he should be in Breakfast Club or a James Spader/ Robert Downey Jr movie from the 80s
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
After watching Kodak Black's Breakfast Club interview, I really think he is legit slow.
I'm just waiting for someone to make memes of Kodak Black wearing that ski mask from his Breakfast Club interview 😂
Tracy Clark from 'Valley First' joins Al on the Breakfast Club in 30 minutes to get everyone all set for the...
Rushmore, Breakfast Club, The Lion King (and more) will all be preserved forever in The National Film Registry:…
'Rushmore,' 'Breakfast Club' and more added to Library of Congress' National Film Registry https:…
This is a great list! Also love Breakfast Club, Decline of Western Civilization, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Princess…
its not you playing the piano, seriously though, ask about Breakfast Club. Its mug club on steroids at 7am
.idk, man. If Carl's Jr. is like a Judd Nelson version of Mike Pence's Anthony Michael Hall in this poor Breakfast Club analogy
Mark Anything. Good day Sir Mark Madden . Which do you like more. Fast Times At Ridgemont High or the Breakfast Club?
You should run around singing "I wanna be an Airborne Ranger" like Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club.
Happy 56th Birthday to my favorite Breakfast Club character, Judd Nelson. I was this dude in 1985.
Have left reunion. Am now having Breakfast Club style after party with fellow miscreants. 🎉
Ezekiel Elliott stuffed his face with cereal in the Cowboys' mesmerizingly odd 'Breakfast Club' video
Karen Civil is giving me all types of Nigerian vibes on this Breakfast Club interview.
it'll be the Breakfast Club crossed with Breakfast at Tiffany's as Josh & pursue
Up next: Gord Ash and join the Breakfast Club.
Breakfast Club: The place to be on a Wednesday morning, good food and interesting company - click the link for info…
Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Breakfast Club, Wild Thing, & Ferris Beuller are all such great films 🙌🏼
In the movie Breakfast Club, why did The Geek have a fake ID?
I be watching Breakfast Club interviews like they're seasons of a *** show lmao
So, the Power Rangers movie is what happens the Ranger kids become the Breakfast Club?. Kinda surprised no one's thought of that sooner.
Not sure why they are calling the Breakfast Club reboot Power Rangers
Terrific first gathering of the year of Coach Amaker's Breakfast Club! Special thanks to for joining! http…
Podcast: I talked about Breakfast Club & my ongoing John Hughes worship w/ my pals @
Jo March, Eeyore, and Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club (How I see myself - I wonder what others would say?)
Buy tickets for our first ever Breakfast Club hosted by Ping Coombes! . [(c) Laura Edwards] http…
I'm for sure Brian Johnson in Breakfast Club. Actually, I'm an amalgamation of all Anthony Michael Hall's chars
What a great reminder from scripture. I sure needed it! The KFM Breakfast Club - Dean, John and Andrew.
Who's craving a full English? Join us at our Breakfast Club between 7am and noon for a cooked breakfast at only £4.99. Op…
I don't find the Simple Minds theme to Breakfast Club to be cheesy. Curious, what music doesnt your son find to be cheesy?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Back to the Future Part II, Back to the Future Part III, American Psycho, Weird Science, Breakfast Club, Limitless, Mean Girls
Joey Bada$$ talks Capital Steez, Mr. Robot & more on the Breakfast Club: Joey Bada$$ is deeply promoting his new…
Find out why is voting Green. Read more from his Breakfast Club interview here:
Love love love! Mine was Breakfast Club - Judd Nelson was my celebrity crush
dont you forget about me. Closest character to Harambe ever on screen is Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club.
I've only seen Breakfast Club once and it was on the Sundance channel and censored like crazy.
After that Breakfast Club interview I still like Swae Lee but idk about Slim Jimmy talkin about can't nobody order room service in his room
Rae Sremmurd was so funny on the Breakfast Club. Really Slim Jimmy. But Swae Lee is the better artist. I can see him going solo.
Breakfast Club so I can holla at Angela Yee
of the Red Deer Rebels shows off his strength in this mornings Breakfast Club workout.
I rock with Pastor John Gray, he kilt it on our radio show. Watching him on Breakfast Club. Dope commentary about activism & black church.
Miss Leigh Oxley and Mr. Patrick Fisher from South Africa will be guests tonight on the Breakfast Club - SAFRP Video
Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off are still as entertaining as ever. Sixteen Candles is a little hard to sit through.
Dirty Dancing, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller then Can't Buy Me Love... 1-4, best to not as good...
To all you you early birds! The kettles on, snow is fresh and the Breakfast Club is waiting!
Breakfast Club, also one of my faves.
Angela Simmons on the Breakfast Club in January 2016... Life comes at you fast 👶🏽😩😂 is a prophet lmao https:/…
Listening to the breakfast club driving into work and they're talking about how a woman wants to marry herself. 󾌦...
Student LifeGroups are now on summer vacation, but Breakfast Club is coming June 5th.
Breakfast club. But what do Feelings eat?
We have great Breakfast Club volunteers! Lots of full bellies 🍳🍞🍎
I liked a video Slim (Of 112) Interview at The Breakfast Club FM
Someone watch the Breakfast Club with me
So I am still very serious about this breakfast club thing! I need it in my life. At least every 2nd weekend man😩
Well done Phoebe, winner of Breakfast Club's butterfly colouring competition!
What a great event this morning lots of new faces and an amazing atmosphere! We are in Durham next week -
Wait re runs of the breakfast club, lemme do some work
I advise everybody to go watch Louis Farrakhan breakfast club interview 🙏🏽. Very powerful!
Joking around on the set of The Breakfast Club, 1984.
Breakfast club must have a 4 day weekend
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Some great numbers so far for holiday clubs, last few spaces remaining. Dont forget Breakfast club is on everyday.
running breakfast club sports cafes in Skipton - activity and fuel - parent/ child groups 3 times a week
Birdman was going to admit he was bisexual on his The Breakfast Club Interview before he threw his temper tantrum
Free Dads club tomorrow 10am Winton House, High Street, Breakfast and fun with your children.
Wrote on the controversial breakfast club interview "Raspiest Aren't Invited"
Breakfast Club getting work in this morning before the long weekend
"breakfast club - your 1st port of call for networking! 1st June 7am
fun Friday Breakfast club with cartoons in . yoohho
Training the breakfast club from aorere college. A week out from competition day !!
Missed Minister talk with The Here are 8 highlights!
I liked a video Minister Louis Farrakhan Interview at The Breakfast Club FM
Details of the next Breakfast Club can be found here:
I'm like the grown up version of the weird girl from The Breakfast Club minus the life changing makeover.
Breakfast Club at Amersham Market Hall 7am tomorrow - see you bright and early! Register: http…
Saw u on Breakfast Club talkin garage sales. Went to 1 Friday, bought a shirt for 3, put it on ebay, Saturday it sold for 20! Thx!
Breakfast Club fracas could spell bad news for former BBMP commissioner - Bangalore Mirror
The Ladies of the Breakfast Club after the work! Woodward Academy's All-State PG _trendy_t_…
I don't remember the training for the at Breakfast Club.
Racket in one word. Vibes. . Breakfast Club know how to party. The Carnival. Saturday.
Royce Da 5'9'' talks to us about Eminem, Drake, Pharrell + that Breakfast Club interview...
What fragrance did Royce Da 5'9 wear to the Breakfast Club?
Breakfast Club is on tv. I long for the days when Emilio Estevez loved only me.
The whole Breakfast Club and Adrian Broner interview is essentially the relationships I have with my friends.
Someone pointed out kinda looks like John Bender from the Breakfast Club. I see it! Miss ya man!
Adrien Broner is definitely fed up with Floyd in this Breakfast Club interview
Preacher just paralleled last book of John with the Breakfast Club and I'm feeling convicted because I haven't seen The Brea…
I was just watching Damon Dash on the Breakfast Club, although he is arrogant he is so on point with people becoming a BOSS!
Ha at the Breakfast Club clowning Elliot Wilson for always d-riding Hov. He's legit worse than Dream Hampton.
Charlemagne is the only thing keeping the Breakfast Club relevant. Envy still can't talk into the mic properly and Yee is pointless.
If a *** starts feeling Macho, ima do em like Birdman did the Breakfast Club
Don't go on Breakfast Club if u think it's like Tom Joyner Morning Show lol
Birdman went off on Charlamagne during his Breakfast Club interview today
Birdman goes off on Charlemagne during his Breakfast Club interview
Birdman left his Breakfast Club interview like
!!! She was on the Breakfast Club legit asking if her little acts fishing for black votes was working
that would be the Breakfast Club in downtown Phoenix
Breakfast Club makes detention look fun. Just gotta be with the right people, y'know?
next you will tell me you haven't seen Sixteen Candles or Breakfast Club or Uncle Buck!!!
How has my dad never seen The Breakfast Club??
Hey guys, happy anniversary of the imaginary day when the kids went to detention in Breakfast Club!
The Breakfast Club met for detention 32 years ago today
I'm listening to The Breakfast Club - w/ with app.
The Breakfast Club Soundtrack. Man, I can't wait 'til I'm old enough to feel ways about...
it's been 32 yearp since the Breakfast Club met for detention
Today is the day The Breakfast Club met for detention
It's been 32 years since the Breakfast Club met for detention
*finishes exam* *clicks shuffle in Pandora* *the song don't you plays* basically just lived a breakfast club scene
32 years ago the Breakfast Club met for detention
I haven't really been as disappointed as I was when I realised that the movie 'Breakfast Club', actually had nothing to do …
If you are ever in need of a good laugh, watch the Breakfast Club: Best of Charlemagne parts 1 & 2
Selena, Labyrinth, Breakfast Club, The Brave Little Toaster, & any Winnie the Pooh movie
Hit up black churches, HBCUs, black media (BET, Tavis Smiley, Tom Joyner, Breakfast Club). Part 2 coming next.
Breakfast Club every Saturday & Sunday from 9am-11am for just £5 for a full English breakfast and a free tea &...
Do yaself a favor and watch Dame Dash interview on the Breakfast Club lmao
Don't fall victim to the "rat race". Dame Dash was the realist Breakfast Club interview EVER!
You gotta go back & watch that Dame Dash interview on the Breakfast Club in order to keep things in perspective..
French looked tf good on that breakfast club interview
Netflix needs to put the breakfast club back on
Russell Simmons was just on Breakfast club or brilliant *** saying that "I wish Hillary was saying the things Bernie are…
WATCH: & Reveal how they mended their friendship on
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The girl from the breakfast club who puts cereal on her sandwich is the real bae.
I liked a video No Malice Interview at The Breakfast Club FM
There sure is a lot of crying in The Breakfast Club
Busy day for tomorrow. Fundraising breakfast at Lions Club 8-12. Community Education Clinic 7:45-10.
That Malice / Breakfast Club interview was great stuff..
Off to another Breakfast Club. It's the last week Mary Greeley Medical Center.
After watching Martin Shkreli's interview on VICE & the Breakfast Club, it made me dislike him less. He just seems like a big *** troll tbh.
Got my kid to watch "Ferris Beuller's Day Off" yest. Told him now he should watch Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire... gonna educate him 😎😎
the 'BoM' Breakfast Club at our new venue, the Grosvenor Casino, Bury New Road
.& Molly Ringwald on Here's The Thing talk Pretty In Pink, the Breakfast Club... essentially, my youth.
When will someone agree with me that Sixteen Candles is better than Breakfast Club...
SOUL CLAP teamed up with DOC MARTIN? We're going strong from start to finish including a special "Breakfast Club"...
Michael Eric Dyson on Breakfast Club >>> so powerful
Are you a freelancer working in the arts & participation/edu? Come to our Breakfast Club
Pitches from for tomorrow's Breakfast Club! via
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Just imagining if John Hughes would have actually done X-Men with this Breakfast Club cast? Judd Nelson Logan, Emilio, Aly Sheedy?
Ricky Smiley for the comedy and Breakfast Club for the debates and "gossip" lol
Is this Grease live or the Breakfast Club?
Lol I swear Kevin Gates went to Europe, Breakfast Club and concerts in the same outfit lol
Great to meet Joel Lynch, along with Mark Lillis at the Breakfast Club this morning.
Share the love -Bring another business owner to Breakfast Club -
great interview with the Breakfast Club, love the show and all the work I’ve seen you in brother
Every time I wear brown tall boots and a skirt I tell myself I look like Molly Ringwald in the Breakfast Club.
Full English anyone? Visit our Breakfast Club pinterest board for inspirational recipes:
Minister Farrakhan's Breakfast Club interview has gotten over 600 million views... ~
I watched Breakfast Club last night so I dressed like Judd Nelson today from the movie- one of my coworkers pointed it out. 🙆🏻
Refreshing. Pastor Carl Lentz on the Breakfast Club | Hillsong Church, Being Accepting of Everyone & More
Karen Civil been on Breakfast Club twice including last month. Clearly you don't watch.
Only people I know from Power 105 are the Breakfast Club, Clue and Angie Martinez
"I thought Breakfast Club was a joke?" -Katie Brown
Breakfast Club. St Elmos Fire . Stand By Me. National Lampoon. A League of There Own (is that 80's?)
All the Rat Pack films were brilliant. Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, St Elmos Fire, etc. Might watch one 👍
Who knew a 30th Anniversary screening of the Breakfast Club and a Q & A with Molly Ringwald tickets would be so tough to come by.
It's Thursday, so it must be Breakfast Club. Trying out the canteen in Portcullis House for a change.
Got a haircut and AJ said I "look like the guy in the Breakfast Club" naturally, I assume he meant the Mighty Duck himself. Emilio Estevez.
Watching the Breakfast Club...hard to believe its been 30 years since this movie with the brat pack came out. Wow!
My favs: Maid in Manhattan, Home Alone, Brf Club & Ferris in that order. But his best is Breakfast Club hands down.
you remind me of John Bender from the Breakfast Club! :)
I dressed up as John Bender from the Breakfast Club for decade day today 😂
you would know what popular was if you would have seen Molly Ringwald in Breakfast Club! Or,had short flaming hair
Fancy a bacon sandwich and a drink for only £2.99? Then get down to our Breakfast Club which is served until noon! The perfect start!
After today, I'm feelin like John Bender (Judd Nelson) from the Breakfast Club.
Neither rain nor snow nor dark of morning will keep them from their math! Breakfast Club at 7:30 am
Breakfast Club and playstation on a Sunday night. How's your weekend been?
At Radio Humberside today to speak about Breakfast Club at Thorpepark in relation to Holiday Hunger. Thank you RH
Penticton Oktoberfest is just days away, and our focus this morning on the Breakfast Club. Jill Smith from JCI...
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