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Brat Pack

The BRat Pack is a nickname given to a group of young actors who frequently appeared together in teen-oriented in the 1980s.

Judd Nelson Breakfast Club Rob Lowe Emilio Estevez Thanasi Kokkinakis Andrew McCarthy Spice Girls Anthony Michael Hall Mare Winningham Tiger Shroff Rat Pack John Hughes Young Guns

Miss U Riaan&Rahyl!Can't wait to catch up on all the lost U guys😘the bRat Pack can't wait…
From the BRat Pack flicks to a shortish alien who raked in big bucks, '80s films ran the gamut.
But you better remember that I'm the Alpha of bRat Pack.
Ashley is officially all moved in and settled, and my heart is officially happy af. I love her, y'all.
Pretty in Pink has got to be my favorite of the BRat Pack movies.💕💕
Hmm I don't know...maybe I spoke too quickly...Guess it depends on your own thoughts on who's in the bRat Pack 😆
2 films I've not seen! Is Flatliners bRat Pack canon? I also like About Last Night but mostly because of Mamet.
favourite bRat Pack movie, John Hughes films excluded?
All I want from life is for someone, anyone, just to appreciate the bRat Pack films and watch them weekly with me. All I want.
The only Breakfast Club I know is the 80s movie with the BRat Pack
First we had the Rat Pack, then the BRat Pack, THEN the FRat Pack. How 'bout Hollywood give us the BLACK PACK??? 🙌🏾…
is the best of all the bRat Pack movies and I can give a symposium or TED talk and a thesis research paper why.
This is unacceptable. When will this con/charade end??!! Had enough with tdog, baby kush & the rotten brat…
Looks like Trump's alt-right media bRat Pack is getting investigated by the counsel, for making unregistered f…
Idle thought two: our BRat Pack movie marathon on Sunday reminded me how jealous I was of American teenagers who had phone in their room!
Tomorrow at 6:30am we'll talk to "BRat Pack" alum Anthony Michael Hall about his new movie War Machine! https:…
domain names
We might have unearthed a new takent - BRat Pack & Emily Farr in action at Ann Browne's today
What if they cast another BRat Pack member (Judd Nelson, Andrew McCarthy) as Hiram Lodge huhu that would be ace
a young Paul Newman or Robert Redford, any of the BRat Pack from the 80s?? Rob Lowe never ages lol!
They always say the oldies are the goodies ha ha. No disputing the BRat Pack x 😉😎
32 years ago, the Breakfast Club premiered with The BRat Pack
Ashley has been on FaceTime with me for like two hours, helping me study for my test tomorrow. She's such a keeper.
I snapped a video of me zooming in on patrick stump on spotify with the caption "daddy" and she stopped responding. ):
S/o to Joe for that def because I've needed it in every single history class I've taken in college thus far
most useful thing I learned in HS: Truman doctrine was a policy to support free people who were resisting takeovers by outside pressures.
Fall in love with someone who tastes like adventure but looks like the calm, beautiful morning after a terrible storm.
Miss my momma and brat face so much, I just wanna pack up and go home for a few weeks
On this day in 1985, The Breakfast Club debuted in theaters. Check out Kevin Smokler's BRat Pack America to learn...
WOW! I'm sure you've also never seen 16 Candles, Pretty In Pink or St. Elmo's Fire. Ever heard of the BRat Pack?
Finally time to sit down! 'Pretty in Pink' love the 80's bRat Pack
Didn't BEE say he had recorded podcasts with more BRat Pack actors, like Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy? Did I make this up?
Russian spy ship off the coast of Long Island. Are we living in a 1980s bRat Pack movie?
amazing. 😂 you Tay and i all need to go out to lunch soon so the bRat Pack can catch up. 😊
Mr. Brat or my son likes to call him B-Rat cuz he's a rat terrier. Last of a pack of 5. 15yrs old
A really quick.I would say even an almost DIRECT route to happiness is directly minding your own *** business. 🌚
"He was actually kind of cute, but then he did heroin in my bathroom."
I highly recommend all of John Hughes 80's / bRat Pack films.
Valentine's day off with my little bRat Pack. I took many photos but in this particular one,…
oh the talks they must have! Per her interv she made these guys someone, Rob Lowe, Jesse,BRat Pack
Sitting around bored watching old 80s movies. Amazing how many movies the bRat Pack was in. Right now Mannequin is on.
Santa Monica High School, my alma mater, used to be known for the "BRat Pack." Now...
you'd be sensitive too if you watched the Holy Cross girls get into the Prep guys' cars like in a BRat Pack flic
Loading romance.. For 2.o With ARR & Karky after today's pack up
happy valentine's day Goose I love you ❤️
happy vday to Myrl. when everyone abandons us, we'll always have each other ❤️
More of The BRat Pack Join them in NYC March 19th…
I'm having a bRat Pack day and this is still one of the best scenes
Judd Nelson was in it so I didnt feel too dirty. Got my aging BRat Pack in for the night.
I'm running off no sleep, and Ashley doesn't get off work for another hour. Must stay awake. Skin Wars it is🤘🏼
We should adopt some of the lefts tactics & boycott those who disagree with us, like Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment bRat Pack
Packed a lunch for D this morning and forgot to pack one for myself🙃 spoiled brat
Selfish Machines is just one of those albums that never gets old.
💕 Pretty in Pink on now. Love all the 80's bRat Pack films. 💕
And now I must watch it (yet again). . P.S. You were always my favorite of the bRat Pack 😊
Obviously it's not a John Hughes/BRat Pack film because they really are the perfect teen films 👌 and modern clerics like Clueless and Easy A
I can't imagine Pretty In Pick is even in the top 2 bRat Pack movies.
Make no mistake. If was alive today and her bRat Pack of nazis would say disgusting things about him.
Omg lol throwback to 2011 literally the bRat Pack 💜😭
The Library of Congress is preserving this BRat Pack classic
THIS JUST IN! Dan Waters, screenwriter of Heathers is going to join Kevin Smokler at his event for BRat Pack...
It's Rob Lowe's memoir - he was in the BRat Pack in the 80s and then was Sam Seaborn in The West Wing.
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Sean decided to be for Halloween and I've never been so proud of him
So many babies! 400 babies! it's like my media sphere colluded to produce the next bRat Pack
I take it all back. One brat got a pack of jellies, a chocolate bar & an orange. She said...
Is BRat Pack America coming out on audio?
The BRat Pack don't seem to be all bad. Watch the . SIXTH ANNIVERSARY post show to see what's happen…
It's on 💅🏽 is officially on it's way, in one month we will…
Sean to Erica, talking about her updating her blog: "I see you coding there.". My brain: "she's in v fib, push one of epi, charge to 200."
ST. ELMO'S FIRE is the Other BRat Pack movie no one my age has actually seen, which is too bad bc the film is sometimes astonishingly insane
I'm wondering why Heckerling did not use many members of the "BRat Pack" in the cast for this film.
😂 you're welcome , get Mr Clean gloves hey come 2 in a pack
note to self: don't go to IKEA when you got home at 3:00 in the morning. you will be exhausted.
Ellis is a pretty good writer, the best of these 3. & Donna Tartt originally considered part of/affiliated with "BRat Pack".
Great term BRat Pack. All went on to great fame 👍🏻 I listen to 80s on Sirius
"I thought they dropped the atomic bomb on us!!! I was about to duck and cover!!!"
For those of us raised on SPY, these three talentless frauds were the Donald Trumps of literature
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if u don't come see Annie tonight u aren't my real friend
And pretty in pink. And the rest of the bRat Pack movies.
First cold of the season calls for a snuggly cat, chicken noodle soup for breakfast and a *lot* of '80s BRat Pack films.
Clara Bow in 1929 doesn't look like she'd be out of place as the older sister in a BRat Pack film in the 80s.
The BRat Pack: Oyster, Squid, Mango & Yoyo - would that they were as innocent as they look...
the Todd Kraines episode of KUWTK is on right now and I am laughing so hard
He gives us things we can't handle, but He doesn't give us things we can't handle without Him
Why am I sharing this? Anyone can try out trending products with 0.8L! TREND People Pigment Pack
The 80's, alive and kicking | BRat Pack America: Visiting Cult Movies of the '80s by Kevin Smokler via
Anyone have any suggestions? I tend towards the BRat Pack, teen romantic comedy genre. What's your favorite?
Now reading David Blum's infamous BRat Pack article which is said to have derailed their careers (see wiki page)
Hilarious Halloween party by the BRat Pack...get it? 🤔😂👻
man I was just rocking out to BRat Pack earlier... any plans for Milrockee or Chicago in 2017??
Doesn't she look like she should have been in all those 1980s high school movies featuring the BRat Pack? Dizzy Blonde?
Blu-ray Review: Bad Influence: John Hughes and his feel good BRat Pack films in the mid-80s were full of pop ...
Overheard at work: 'Was Emilio Estevez in the Rat Pack or BRat Pack?' . NEITHER, I scream in my head . He's 2young for RP & BP never existed!
Day 7, Q1: to what BRat Pack member, Greatest Teen Star, who portrayed Sam Baker, Claire Standish, and Andie Walsh?
Alcohol brands are struggling to attract the millennial BRat Pack
Had so much fun hosting the original brat-pack. show will air 5 pm Friday.
Wednesday Blues Night Tomorrow with Manila Blues Experience & BRat Pack at 9 pm.
Kenz you're literally living the life a fan wish they could. So glad that Cody decided to be a part of BRat Pack 11 with you
They the bRat Pack we the trap pack
Which one of the bRat Pack pop girls?
Do you want to be part of the BRat Pack?
Review nearing completion for a little known BRat Pack film for you teens of the 1980s starring and others.
your fashion aesthetic is so 80's bRat Pack movie & I love it
The bRat Pack exploring our soon to be neighbourhood this weekend. They approve 😉 _…
new Claremont BRat Pack video in production
No Glenn saving someone almost fed u to the pack... let this brat go 😠
Gearing up for BRat Pack vs Killer Cupcakes. Love her new S1 helmet from
So as it turns out the whole thing was a pack of lies cooked up by a RICH BRAT and a *** BLACK student president. Some .
Enjoy this BRat Pack 11 video with Kenzie Hall & Kristen Renton (who met during the LITTLE THINGS audition process): http…
omg I can't believe u've never seen that film you were obviously never a bRat Pack fan!U be sayin u ain't seen CLASS next
Silliness ensues when you give and a selfie stick:
WEDNESDAY NIGHT! Come get your dance on with THE BRat Pack!
I'd mentally rewrite the caption to read, "Wrote shower sex scene music in lamentable 80s BRat Pack movie"
Could you clarify the time your performance starts? The BRat Pack Radio website says 9:30 and the Shamrocks website says 10.
I have the choice of over 20 "BRat Pack" movies to watch on Showbox. Dunno what to watch. What's your favourite?
why do I just want to watch 80s bRat Pack movies
And that is a wrap on the 13th episode of Thanks to our great cast, crew and writers. More grinding to come!
.I think a lion king version of bRat Pack movies would be much more interesting than the current series.
just watched Charlie Chaplin great movie. From the BRat Pack to now you have over come many obstacles and glad! Keep it up
my dog is being such a brat, chewing and biting everything I'm trying to pack 😢💔
Watching the Breakfast Club...hard to believe its been 30 years since this movie with the bRat Pack came out. Wow!
a huge good luck goes to the bRat Pack tonight. I love you guys soo much & I hope you get the…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Introducing the Seven-Pack: a six-pack of your favorite beer and our Dark Lager Beer Brat.
Watch bRat Pack movies and smoke bowls with me all day so I know it's real
Huzzah! Rad times with at their BRat Pack event! We helped everyone make their own…
Thanks for the follow! Keep up with us on, Instagram: BratPack11, Snapchat: BratPack11Team, & FB: BRat Pack 11 ☺️
When the Spice Girls turned into the BRat Pack. French neighbours wanted action!.
at least in bRat Pack movies the WEIRDOS always won :')
I love watching bRat Pack movies. I love the style from back then. Makes me want to recreate a lot of things.
Sunday's clue is the bRat Pack. Play tonight at Throwbacks, Kay Bob's, and Riverfront Tavern. All at 8pm.
St. Elmo's Fire (1985). Fun fact: the film sets are abnormally large in order to accommodate the BRat Pack's coke habit.
Gets ready for Decade Day by having a BRat Pack Marathon...
EN DIRECTO en bRat Pack going to germany
EN DIRECTO en the bRat Pack is going to germany
don't you bRat Pack me. Not about that life. But I know you liked my word pun
The BRat Pack jokes write themselves when you are talking about the major labels.
BRat Pack breakfast and mimosas with my babies.❤ 🍹🍳
Never understood the appeal of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. At first I thought I was too young to get it. Turns out, that's …
That's shocking! I'm going to get you a BRat Pack box set xxx
Ally Sheedy was always my favourite BRat Pack-er.
Mentioned Frank Sinatra to Bungle & Slim Frank who they said..the Rat Pack..Nope..ok so the bRat Pack Judd Nelson ..nope..fame IS fleeting
It’s up to voters to break up the GOP’s bRat Pack More like the like Traitor Rat Pack Our Number Reason Term Limits
KATHLEEN PARKER: The GOP bRat Pack came to fight, not govern
Kendall Jenner swaps hijab for bikini on tour of United Arab Emirates - Daily Mail: Daily…
Kids of the 80's. Interesting take on the BRat Pack name.
Make your Mark Global with the BRat Pack
The horror, the horror... of the term "BRat Pack" via
The BRat Pack TONIGHT at The City Center (Fat City Bar and Grill)!!!. They're the ORIGINAL imitator, the master...
80s music is my happy place lately. Name any bRat Pack movie, that's what it's all about!
LOL...yeppers. And he still is. I loved the term "bRat Pack." While it may have made his life difficult it fit him well.
I’m not part of any bRat Pack: Kokkinakis
Our publisher got on stage w/ the BRat Pack Friday like he owned the place...but the BRat Pack ended up owning him
BRat Pack. Brat in a hopefully positive view.
leaving the high school bRat Pack on their own. Absolutely!
The ultimate 80s BRat Pack film quiz – are you a BRat Pack pro? .
David Blum's original 1985 article that gave birth to The Hollywood BRat Pack:
Kokkinakis: "But everyone's going to write what they want to write."
I think Breakfast Club & St Elmo's Fire were two of the best "BRat Pack" films, but IMO "Ferris Bueller's Day...
Before I go without a sack I swag pack // I spoiled my bihh && now she act just like a brat
Great piece on Kokkinakis maturity; happy not to be part of 'new tennis bRat Pack'
''I am not part of any tennis bRat Pack,'' Thanasi Kokkinakis says.
Catch up dinner with the JWT BRat Pack, LOL! Welcome home, mayee2015 & happy birthday, Brian! :-D…
'I am not part of any tennis bRat Pack,' Thanasi Kokkinakis says.
‘not part of any Playing US Open doubles with…
To all of my entrepreneur and business peeps looking to increase your net worth... Join me and the BRat Pack...
It's almost time... Join me and the BRat Pack for a live Webinar on the power of networking!...
An article that speaks the truth for once.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Nick Kyrgios' sanctions won't apply at US Open: Thanasi Kokkinakis not part of any 'bRat Pack' Andy Murray is ...
Thanasi Kokkinakis 'not part of any tennis bRat Pack'
I guess this is why I looked to the 80s and the BRat Pack for actual iconic importance actually. Yeesh.
This trend of national (fill in the blank with a banal noun) "day", is the absolute worst.
Heading to the skating rink with the bRat Pack
Like hey gang! Today, Scooby Doo went to Sunday School and then chilled with the BRat Pack! Good boy, Scoob! -...
I'm watching st elmo's fire why did the bRat Pack save my life
BRat Pack. Really going to miss these little buggers.
16 prospective candidates. Huntsman not among them. leading the pack is a spoiled brat. with no experience & a Big Mouth. we did that already
Brat a tat in my pack...sliding down the street in a Ford fusion focus my rhyme skill is atrocious... like Scarface on blow...
& we succeeded!. We had the numbers till past the end. Unconsti blockage. Media called us; "bRat Pack".
Personally, I think St Elmo's Fire is the best BRat Pack movie
same director and mostly cast. Famous bRat Pack film
My favorite is Glenn Danzig trying to get in on the 80's bRat Pack market.
Happy Here's some inspo from BFFs for
I like 80's bRat Pack movies with milk and cookies
We’re taking Julia to her first BRat Pack show tonight and I’m stoked!
Grab this activity pack designed just for kids!
The BRat Pack reassembled bright and early for
Have you watched all the bRat Pack movies?
Just jammed to bRat Pack with at the bar 💗
In my freshman year I had to learn Pink Floyd's catalog, 80's bRat Pack movies, and ult. frisbee all while trying to keep my scholarship
Can't wait to be reunited with my bRat Pack 😎
Tutti Frutti by BRat Pack with The Bloomfields. Rock and Roll blues on a Friday Night here at…
BRat Pack is required to ask a boys out on a date before summer ends
would like to congratulate Caitlin on a successful audition for BRat Pack!
They all rock. All of the BRat Pack members.
Never underestimate a BRAT's ability to pack
The BRat Pack loves Dr. Ronchetto. Good news today, Daisy and Indy (two blondes on the left) are now…
back in the days when I was part of the BRat Pack 😂👊   10% Off
PRE-ORDERS FOR THE BRAT SALE ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED! . Trying to decide what to pack for lunch tomorrow?! Get...
These men did not meet on Grindr. They are brothers who star ON
are Shailene, Ansel, Nat, Chloe, Robert etc the modern day BRat Pack?
2015 media has its own BRat Pack ala The Breakfast Club. Just trying to decide which character is ;)
u can't redo this movie. It's a classic. Just like all the bRat Pack movies can't be remade. Learn from remake of Footloose. 😏
Watching as many BRat Pack movies over the weekend as I did, I have one conclusion - Andrew McCarthy's one ability is to look confused.
I would have guessed Breakfast Club for you or one similar. I only saw the bRat Pack movies later on.
Congrats to JOSE RODRIGUEZ MOTA, em..._, and phantom for their medals in the BRat Pack.
the nostalgic part I get. Omg don't start,I'll watch the Breakfast Club a million times along w any movie starring the bRat Pack
Spend an afternoon with the New BRat Pack—and more:
You gotta understand we're the bRat Pack no one comes between it
Love the bRat Pack. St Elmos Fire in bed 😍🎥
Yet the "bRat Pack" consisting of kendal, gigi, justin, and ansel has a six page spread that consists of absolute garbage.
Vhafuwi's bRat Pack was having a party now this other guy is going to tell on Thandaza
Meet the new BRat Pack of Hollywood (and we mean that in the best way):.
I might watch some 80s bRat Pack movies.
To do list- April edition:. Meeting the BRat Pack in all their glory. . Yeah, I'm talking to you Judd Nelson!
Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and more—star in the
“This is what happens when you give and a selfie stick on set:
I got my BRat Pack actresses confused. Mare Winningham was in AHS, not Aly Sheedy.
Get into vintage Malcolm-Jamal Warner & Lisa Bonet c.1984...They are giving us "BRat Pack who?!"
Kiefer Sutherland was a member of the 1980s "BRat Pack", appearing in movies such as Stand by Me, Young Guns, and Flatliners.
Cannot wait to be reunited for thanksgiving with my bRat Pack
The BRat Pack, all sacked out on the couch. Gypsy & Jasper, snuggled up at the far end, Django & Doug…
Stalker is awesome, loving it so much. The young stalker college guy reminds me so much of Andrew McCarthy (80s bRat Pack)
Listening to Kaskasero by BRat Pack in 's Workshop
I have just listened to Kaskasero by BRat Pack in Workshop
Don't just listen to music, feel it! BRat Pack performs live here at Sony's Sound Clinic
Off to San Lo at 3pm. Strumm's makati tonight at 9pm, The BRat Pack and The Manila Blues Experience.
Just watched St. Elmo's Fire. I was mainly in it for the bRat Pack tho..
8. I always knew I wanted to study film and industry because I was obsessed with the BRat Pack. Like, don't ask me cuz I could go on.
Tree-preciations from our bRat Pack meeting. Oh is so wonderful.
The BRat Pack (11.19.14). 2 to 5PM Sony event at 12 Monkeys. 9PM at Strumm's .
“I have a question.. cause parents can pack a lunch for them, it'd be healthier then school food!
In the 70's and 80's, the film industry catered to young people with cool movies like Rocky, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and the BRat Pack...
Article about and his sweet humble nature!
Tiger Shroff is not a part of bRat Pack !
Looks a promising actor and definitely a great action hero.
The "I'm not like the other guys" "you're the only one" "you won't find anyone better than me" starter pack
Now Playing on WNR: The Rocket Summer - BRat Pack - Click to listen to WNR:
Tiger Shroff is not a part of the bRat Pack – Times of India 
The "I messed this semester up. I'm done" starter pack
“The "I think I'm in a frat but actually still in high school" starter pack
Mess with the bRat Pack, OA shmucks, and we will take you down
I feel unimportant because I don't have a personal starter pack 😂
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
When someone asks why I pay for a gym instead of working out at home... @ The BRat Pack's House
who's want it! watched a bRat Pack film the other night Fire excellent!
From his BRat Pack beginnings to his indiscretions and eventual return to box office gold, Robert Downey, Jr. has basically confirmed he's as versatile and c...
Mare Winningham was only in ST. ELMO'S FIRE so she doesn't really count as a BRat Pack member.
and follow to win a Funko Halloween Prize Pack!
So people are freaking out . . . Is dead?
I'm writing about The BRat Pack! I'm doing this because I can and you can't stop me...
Completely forgot Rob Lowe was in the bRat Pack. Not exactly Chris Traeger was he
Judd Nelson forced to deny he's dead after fake news story: Actor Judd Nelson, 55, has been forced to confirm ...
I love the bRat Pack what can I say
my fave Giles looks are "pack of cigarettes rolled up in white tshirt sleeve brat Giles" and "exasperated Giles" (so: Giles)
The BRat Pack was on a roll this weekend, door knocking all over the district! Thanks for the outstanding efforts! http…
Not another! RIP of St Elmo's Fire fame. Sad day for the 1980's BRat Pack!
BRat Pack star Judd Nelson forced to deny that he's dead via
More recently on Parks and Rec, West Wing. Been around awhile-does "the bRat Pack" sound familiar? I'm not really that old, am I?
“Oh no!! "BREAKING: 'BRat Pack' Judd Nelson Found Dead in Los Angeles Condo not true
Everyday I thank early 00's Emo for getting me into 80's BRat Pack. It was essentially the older sibling I never had.
COYOTE TV RELEASES HIGHLIGHTS OF 82-25 'STOMP' OVER OVER STALLIONS IN KIRK FRANKLIN GOSPEL TRIBUTE (PALM SPRINGS) -- Get ready for a gospel joy ride. The two-time champion SoCal Coyotes -- in a tribute to gospel legend Kirk Franklin -- released highlights today of their frolicking 82-25 'stomp' over the San Diego Stallions, featuring the energy, joy and enthusiasm of,an electrifying rookie class they call the 'BRat Pack.' Behind spectacular talent on both sides of the ball, the Coyotes and their 'fun bunch' set numerous franchise records -- including the 82 points scored -- while spreading their own inspirational gospel of faith, family and football. Coyote TV takes you inside a team that head coach J David Miller describes as "so talented anything can happen - even they don't know what's going to happen next." The Coyotes are 36-9 since their inception, 7-1 in 2014, and currently 5-1 in the nation's top-ranked LaBelle Community Football League. THE COYOTES TRAVEL TO Las Vegas Saturday night (October 25) ...
Rob Lowe, famous for his roles on The West Wing, the BRat Pack, St. Elmo's Fire, and Wayne's World, suffers from...
Bruno Marc from Marc Antoni was a part of the professional panel providing knowledge and information to UK salon business owners and managers attending Business Network Live 2014. Held at the Crowne Plaza Heythrop Park, it is the hairdressing industry's premier event running for the 18th year. With guest speakers as Michael Douglas, Amanda Wakeley, Pete Waterman and Ruby Wax. “the panel was valued highly by the audience and many said they would have liked it to carry on longer.” Wella. “in full flow! What a great ambassador for the Hairdressing Industry Mark Blake “Really enjoyed the & catching up with the BRat Pack that are Michael Douglas
I liked a video from Chachi Gonzales - David Moore - Ricky Cole - BRat Pack | World of
Do you gain fashion inspiration from Judd Nelson in the 80s BRat Pack classic "St Elmo's Fire"???
"The Breakfast Club" was a roaring hit when it was released and launched the careers of many of the actors playing in the movie. From Estevez to Ringwald, every member of the "BRat Pack" went on to star in many more movies in the future. Here are a few things you may not know about the film.
part of the BRat Pack canon, but only written by John Hughes, not directed by.
I really want to say thank you to David Patton ( BRat Pack). my boxing coach and David Hayes for being in my corner for me and everybody who supported me for that fight. I had a blast and learned so much for my first one can't wait to get back in there. Thanks to William Hunter for giving me a shot in the ring.
July 4th Hyannis pre-fireworks free concert featuring Mary C and the Stellars Aselton Park, corner of South and Ocean Street, Hyannis 7PM-dusk Unique mix of rock and soul highlighted with a blend of pop, blues and funk! The band is a lot of sass, style and soul! Mar C. is the daughter of Jazz recording artist Mercedes Hall and the sister of BRat Pack member Anthony Michael Hall. Mark spent summers growing up on Cape Cod and has participated in the Cape Cod Jazz Festival for the last five years and will again be a part of the program.
I suspect I'm craving a wimpy cheese burger. Or a bRat Pack. LOL. I'll just go home and eat cake.
Happy 52nd birthday to BRat Pack actor Emilio Estevez! The Breakfast Club introduced this Sheen family son to his adoring fans.
Do you ever just hate yourself for every liking the bRat Pack? I know I do.
What a fantastic night this will be...gutted to be in London... BRat Pack Movies and the tyneside cinema then...
go watch some of his BRat Pack movies and get over it
girls at my school are all posting mcm as Judd Nelson and others from the bRat Pack but only pictures in the Breakfast Club like I'm so
The Swing Patrol BRat Pack dancing up a storm @ love vintage Melbourne
The tent will be heated on Friday if needed! Please come out and celebrate 20 yrs with the school foundation while enjoying music from the BRat Pack!
When did The Rocket Summer's "BRat Pack" become the literal story of my life?
I had originally planned it to be The bRat Pack(14,4,93) circle jerking each-other but 140 character limit.First group cov!
A BIG Shout Out to everyone that participated in the BRat Pack Memorial Run. Texas and Oklahoma came out with flying colors. A grand day. ALL Veterans at the VAMC had a visitor. The families were visited with as well. THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
For the 52nd birthday of Emilio Estevez answer me this. what film made him part of the BRat Pack? what star was he married to in the 90s? and who are his blood relatives in Hollywood?
4* "the literary version of the BRat Pack classics of the 80's...the Breakfast Club soundtrack played in my head" .
The Breakfast Club, St Elmo's Fire then branching out from the core BRat Pack to watch Blue City. Too obsessed.
12 May 1962, saw the birth of Emilio Estevez (52), member of the 80s BRat Pack and star of The Breakfast Club (1985)
Anthony Wilson Aaron Mincer Brian K Wilson Jason Wilson. We are definitely the bRat
Haven’t seen those yet. Glad to know the BRat Pack stuff gets better. Hughes’ Ferris Bueller is great, of course.
And I understand the Hughes/BRat Pack thing. St. Elmo's is good. Pretty in Pink: great. Just not this movie.
you should look for a BRat Pack equivalent happening while I'm there.
A article sharing 3 Travel Writing Tips from via
PS Grudingly liking TARP doesn't imply grudgingly liking the leadership of member of LSummers' bRat Pack.
Somewhere in the deep black of the desert night, the dogs bark wildly. Sleepily, we (loudly) beg them to stop. Then, we hear the pitter-patter of little horse feet. In the yard. Tell and company are out, visiting with the BRat Pack and frightening the goats. Aided greatly by a benevolent waxing moon, we get everyone back behind a now-locked gate. When we get back to the house, the dogs be like "And you told us to shut up..."
Happy B-Day Emilio Estevez !!!...Born May 12, 1962 in New York is 52 years young...BRat Pack actor who got his start in The Breakfast Club. He acted in the cult classic film, Repo Man, and starred in Young Guns...He made short films in high school with classmate Sean Penn...He starred in The Mighty Ducks and its sequels...He is Martin Sheen's son (born Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez) and was once married to Paula Abdul...His brother is Charlie Sheen (born Carlos Estevez)...
looking forward to a night with the bRat Pack and sleeping with Jake and Misha
Mothers day will forever be a test.for me. Cherish your mothers daily no man knows.the.hour.. I.thank God for blessing me.with a.beautiful.wife who is a.wonderful mother and.has.done.a great.job with my spoiled bRat Pack..Thanks for making.these times easier for me baby.
this Thursday is the Miami pooch prom! Gianna (the G girl) and the bRat Pack can't wait!
our kind of outfit! wears 'Bored' tee, EM x Pared grid 'bRat Pack' sunglasses and sequin socks.
Well that's Mi bRat Pack at school pig at work all downstairs done just need to wash pots my bedroom nearly done go me is it bed time yet I've done a full shift already x
One simple fact; If it was made in the 80s and has a bRat Pack member it is going to be an hilarious and brilliant movie
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