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Brandon Rios

Brandon Lee Ríos (born April 29, 1986 in Lubbock, Texas) is an undefeated Mexican-American boxer and the former WBA lightweight champion.

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Love it. Also leaves Brandon Rios with nothing but the Provo-lucas winner
Join me TEAM "Bam Bam Brandon Rios" help raise money for kids fighting cancer log onto or RT
the bradley fight sucked. Brandon rios is a punching bag, and Algeri is a kick boxer, my head is fine, none sold solid PPV
brandon rios fall drug test too with Ariza and Heredia is expert in cheating in testings and u still defen floyd
"he’d like to pursue Brandon Rios, Paulie Malignaggi and Marcos Maidana in the near future." LOL!
what goes thru Brandon Rios mind during a face off?
brandon rios on his new dog adrien EsNews Boxing
Manny Pacquiao training for Brandon Rios Fight with Coach Ericxon Asilo of MP gym Manila Boxing...
you know and I will never have anymore have Wisconsin winning! We know what rios has...smh
Brandon Rios and Chris Algieri were just like Manny's punching bags 😂😂😂
Which reminds me of that Brandon Rios KO and in Denver...
what do you think of Rios and a under card?? There's bad blood there
Floyd could never get away with fighting Brandon Rios
Great Brandon is taking me to school. 😒
Wish we still had that condo with the matted up garage. We'd be drilling his erday! Brandon Rios
“Brandon Rios is the Javale McGee of boxing.”-LMFAO😂
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manny would have destroyed canelo to with spend and power ask Brandon rios
how is he garbage.He got Maidona to a pretty good level. & we worked well w Brandon Rios
I think the perfect fight for u would be against Marcos Maidana or brandon rios i think that be great for fans & for u
got his fight coming up and Keith Thurman is a ideal fight. I believe bradley would come over other that brandon rios...
You know that will be an all timer. Try Brandon Rios vs Marcos Maidana or vs Tim Bradley same weight category just less lethal
that's saying a lot for a guy that fought Brandon Rios
My top 5 boxers at the moment 1.Mayweather 2.GGG 3. Thurman 4.Kovalev 5. Brandon Rios
Ive noticed the yanks are more complimentary about hattons boxing as well. Most Brits talk about him as if he was a factor 50 brandon rios
How about this for a matchup. Brandon Rios vs Victor Ortiz. Both from garden city. Former friends now foes
This NBC boxin cool cuz more people will get exposure.. They gotta let Brandon Rios rock 😂
Who wants to see Guerrero vs Brandon Rios?
Thurman vs Brandon Rios. I question 1 times conditioning. Rios would test it.
This dude molina might be slower than Brandon rios
But i hate Brandon Rios.. but he nice tho
Fighter IK Yang is Jorge Paez Ricardo Mayorga with the chin of Brandon Rios all in one.
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Alex Rios: 5-7, 6 RBI in three Cactus League games - all wins.
Eddie Hearn said that if Brook beats Jo Jo Dan, he's looking to do Brandon Rios or Marquez in the summer. Doesn't see Khan-Brook happening
58/85 in Houston, Texas. His alliance with Top Rank meant mulling over matchups with former titlists Tim Bradley and Brandon Rios, both of
Back-to-back-to-back HRs from Hosmer, Morales, & Rios have the ahead of the Rangers 6-0 as we head to the bottom o…
i think Brandon Rios is about the only *** that's still with his DAY 1 trainer these boxers are not loyal
I'm just saying, if fought Brandon Rios & Chris Algieri yall would be upset. But somehow the "other guy" gets a pass
Also potential opponents for summer showdown are Brandon Rios and JM Marquez amongst others
Brandon Flowers, and more to play Brian Wilson tribute concert:
Thank you to our family friend santos from the Rios clan for my BR michilada mug! Hope 2 have one...
No Brandon I don't hate you anymore 😊💙
oh look you know my name. Hi Brandon (:
“In a class full of juniors that are talking about next year. Bitter sweet.”hi zulma(-:
Cotto ❤ Brandon Rios to fight in June, possibly against Bradley or Cotto - Boxing News 24
Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini and Steve Kim discuss the fight between Brandon Rios and Diego Chaves on August 2, 2014.
Cobra is paying cause he has Brandon Rios' black card
you're not Brandon Rios so you're not invited 😒
Victor Ortiz: I’ll fight Brandon Rios if he proves himself; he’s not in my class
you'd look like Brandon Rios trying to make 126
Brandon Rios with a lovely 3 punch combo, the uppercut particularly impressive
Victor Ortiz: Where’s the contract for Brandon Rios fight?
Nothing confirmed but likely Tim Bradley or Brandon Rios. BS in my opinion
Bouta watch this Mike Alvarado vs. Brandon Rios 3.. Pays to have the DVR.. Its 1-1.. Them Mexicans know how to make a fight!
re: Manny Pacquiao signs on the dotted line to do drug tests for Brandon Rios fight You know the truth though, right?
Cat Zingano doing her best Brandon Rios impression lol
would love to see Brandon Rios against Adrian Broner...
Don't get me wrong I have fam in boxing, here's my cuz Chris (white) sparring World Champion Brandon Rios, (yellow)
yall need to put Brandon Rios vs Victor Ortizmayweather
Brandon Rios finishes Mike Alvarado in three rounds after a stoppage. What? In Alvarado's hometown! Battle of scrubs but whate…
Boxer Mike Alvarado's focus remains on upcoming fight with Brandon Rios, not legal trouble:
Brandon Rios with the vicious uppercut on Mike Alvarado.
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Photos of our great Brandon Graham / Emma Rios event. + + = PURE AWESOMENESS.
What opponents are realistic for Brandon Rios next fight? Is Ortiz a possibility for a future opponent?
Brandon Graham’s & Emma Ríos’s upcoming monthly comics anthology mag, ISLAND, makes me want to give Image money now!
This is the sort of Island that I can’t wait to visit!
That comic looks beautiful and very interesting
basically the biggest must-buy in comics in 2015 is Island. can't wait -
My story in Saturday's on Brandon Rios calling out Victor Ortiz & its impact on Ventura County
Custom colored fight gloves for Brandon Rios tonight!
Can't wait for him to announce May 2nd he is fighting... Brandon Rios. Just imagine. Scenes.
Victor Ortiz vs Brandon Rios: 'Real Boxing Beef' (Told by the boxers the...: via
Brandon Rios puts smiles on peoples faces. Im going to CHANGE the world!!
I'm hoping Brandon Rios gets the call and wins THE middleweight championship of the world. How hilarious would that be?
Today would have been my good friend Brandon Lee's 50th birthday. Keeping the dream alive, my brother. Let's trend
Ellie Sechback just picked Brandon Rios to win the Super Bowl.. Good call IMO
From the shoot last night! ❤️󾓯󾌰. Photo by: Yosh Manjarrez. Ford Fiesta belongs to John Rios. Tattoos by: Brandon...
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Victor Ortiz-Brandon Rios or/and Victor Ortiz-Andre Berto are fights I would hope are done this year.
I liked a video from Freddie Roach says Manny Pacquiao laughed on Brandon Rios hiring
David Lemieux is my boy. Erislandy Lara is my boy. Brandon Rios is my boy. Lucas Matthysse is my boy.
Look who I ran into Brandon Rios make sure u all tune in tomorrow to watch him fight against Mike…
The "Rubber match" (third) between Brandon Rios och Mike Alvarado from "1stBank Center" in Bloomfield, Colorado...
BOXING | Brandon Rios vs. Mike Alvarado 3 this Saturday night, January 24th on HBO
brandon rios on the klitschkos EsNews boxing: . brandon rios on the klitschkos EsNews boxing. In this
YouTube ► would brandon rios be if he was not a boxing star EsNews
Oxnard tomorrow to tint up some more for Brandon rios. Long drive in the AM. Breakfast better be good lol
Whoa I totally linked the wrong article BAM 8House is amazing also
Comics&Cola: Emma Rios and Brandon Graham enlist an array of co...
Brandon Rios trips me out so much. Dude is hilarious.
Brandon Rios in his own words. More info:
u gonna go to see Brandon rios train today
The concept is old, but new to many comic readers; I couldn't be more excited about this.
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can you give me a shoutout from Connecticut. Can't wait to see what round Rios KO alvarodo
will rios move around more in the ring or will he stay like always against Alvarado,
a new Image Magazine is announced at Expo.
Looks like I'll be having a monthly reason to hit the comic shop this year.
Alright, comics, I take back some of the things I said about you.
For those of you interested in reading more about Island the new comics magazine announced at Image Expo.
Photo: malachiward: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Matt and I will have a 4 part series in Brandon Graham and Emma Rios’...
Brandon Graham Emma Rios Island a magazine with a diversity of creators. A Heavy Metal type of publication. Emma...
Island is a new comics magazine hosting a dizzying array of ace artists. Take a look at why it's going to be special: ht…
Mike Alvarado arrested ahead of Brandon Rios bout .
Mari finna owe me $100 after Mike Alvarado beat Brandon Rios ***
Also who do you think will win in the 3rd match between Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado?
How will Mike Alvarado being arrested effect the Brandon Rios trilogy rematch they got going on?
Brandon Rios: Cinco de Mayo isn't just for Mexicans to fight via Thomas Tolkien
Mike Alvarado arrested for gun charges two weeks before rubber match against Brandon Rios.
Mike Alvarado was arrested in downtown Denver early Saturday morning. He is scheduled to fight Brandon Rios at...
Brandon Rios on Third Clash with Mike Alvarado: ‘We Are Both Going to Fight Our Hearts Out’ via
Mike Alvarado arrested in Denver Probably still fights Brandon Rios (again) anyways.
While I was at Garcia's gym, I did see some solid sparring between Brandon Rios and junior welterweight Michael Perez.
it's like saying "who has a better defense, JMM or Brandon Rios, Rios hasn't been dropped"
I got rios in this one,goodluck rios u a cool dude
u fought slow *** brandon rios aka the punching bag overrated Timothy Bradley, & Chris Algeri. Non of those will get u Floyd
See you Denver on Jan 24 @ First Bank Center for The Third Match between Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado.
Looks like we will have another war in one of the first mega fights of 2015 when Brandon Rios faces Mike Alvarado...
Rios-Alvarado III will be Jan. 24 in Denver on My blog on
So happy that brandon rios gets to meet the pope
“Any question for brandon rios vs When?!
Brandon Rios Mike Alvarado trilogy, "Let's do it again and again!"
I don't understand the rational for Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado fighting for a third time. What's the point, it prover nothing.
Alvarado, Rios to fight for a third time: Hard-hitting fighters Brandon "Bam Bam" Rios and Mike Al...
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.& added to Image Expo. What could they be announcing?
Brandon Rios vs Miguel Acosta. Everybody had Acosta up 40-36 except my man elie lol
Brandon Rios vs miguel acosta in a brawler type of fight!! Wow beating the *** out of eachother jeez it's an intense bout! 💯💰
Watching the Brandon Rios and Miguel Acosta fight..excited...then I hit the info's from 2011 lol! Oh well..this gal 💕
I don't think I like James jones to be full time. He should be the 4th of. Sign Alex rios
VIDEOS of and ahead of trilogy showdown
Boxing News: Rios-Alvarado rubber match set for Jan. 24: After Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado split a pair of ...
What fans & many in the media often overlook in great rivalries like .
can't wait it's going to be a brutal war just like the first 2 I see BAM BAM Brandon Rios Winning by KO within 6
A Mike Alvarado v. Brandon Rios III would be pretty sick.
Mike Alvarado and Brandon Rios III will take place Saturday, January 24 at the 1STBANK Center in Colorado
Mike Alvarado vs. Brandon Rios III official for January 24: It's time to take three…
Possible HBO fight on the undercard of Brandon "Bam Bam" Rios. Don't need fakes behind me, just God first and my family.
Looks like I'll be making my way to Denver, Colorado to see Rios vs Alvarado lll on Jan 24!
since it's in Alvarados hometown Rios should have his name first.
Whose Name Should Go 1st in the Rubber Match? Rios-Alvarado, or Alvarado-Rios? Vote here:
By Brandon Rios, Mike Alvarado to meet in rubber match on Jan. 24 in Denver via
I think rios name should be first it sounds better
alvarado was stopped man. End of story. Rios first
Alvarado! He's the better boxer. Rios is a brawler. All Alvarado has to do is out box him again. Rios can't adjust
Ruslan already dominated Mike A. And offered Rios insulting amount if $ to fight.
I used to be obsessed w Brandon Rios lol
ICYMI .. Brandon Rios & Mike Alvarado are fighting on January 24 in suburban Denver. Fight will air on HBO
Brandon Rios vs. Mike Alvarado 3 on January 24th in Bloomfield, Colorado: By Dan Ambrose: With the careers of ...
Rios-Alvarado III is on. Expect another action-packed fight. My story:
koes are great, vs Brandon Rios or Mike Alvarado or a Marquez. Algerie rematch after pacquiao beats him. Tim Bradley rematch!
Pacquiao makes more money than Mayweather, claims Top Rank boss Bob Arum = Looking at their purse figures, Floyd Mayweather may seem to make a lot more than Manny Pacquiao at first glance. Mayweather is touted as the world's highest paid athlete, according to Forbes Magazine. But Pacquiao's promoter, Top Rank boss Bob Arum, is claiming that the Filipino fight icon ends up bringing home more. "You can't believe a word they say. He has a guarantee of $32 million with Showtime and they agreed to increase that to $40 million when he fought Canelo. But his guarantee for the Maidana fight is $32 million," Arum told The Telegraph. "It's still a lot of money, but, remember, in the United States he still has to pay federal income tax to 39.6 per cent. Manny makes more than he does by fighting outside the United States at least once a year. Manny's net income after tax is more than Floyd's." Pacquiao fought Brandon Rios in Macau last year, and is scheduled to take on Chris Algieri in the Chinese territory again in ...
They gonna put Ruslan and Brandon Rios in the ring together on Pacquiao undercard?
is matthysse sign with GBP or is one of the free agents that does what haymon says,i wanna see matthysse vs brandon rios on hbo
fought Keith Thurman & Brandon Rios in his last fight which he was DQ.
THIS JUST IN: Brandon Shear and Angel Rios are dating!!! If you see Brandon in the hall congratulate him on his first girlfriend!!
PacMan looked good in this fight he went all up one side and down the other side of Rios Cranium lol...
the Ruckus Boxing Show'n Ryan Bivins USA:ssa "Tatli did better than Brandon Rios He deserves credit"
let's get Brandon Rios cs on Canelo/Cotto undercard bro!
Since Golden Boy and Top Rank are on good terms again, we need Brandon Rios vs. Victor Ortiz on a Canelo undercard.
The irony of Brandon Rios eating veggies through a straw is comedy gold I must admit. I wish him good health of course.
Why Rios is cheering for Algieri vs Pacquiao: Former world champion Brandon Rios believes Filipino...
"is brandon rios your daddy or what ?" This is your creator. Touch it.
Ha ha please little kid but yeah so brandon rios is your daddy r what i am asking you
when will we see Brandon Rios back in the ring?
Stanton is taking more punishment than Brandon Rios out there.
Brandon Rios reveals why Chris Algieri has the ed…:
if he couldn't ko Brandon rios he definitely can't ko maidana
.- Alvarado , a crossroads affair. by
Brandon Rios reveals why Algieri has the edge over Pacquiao: .
That nice you *** to that “When you know Brandon Rios is scared
When you know Brandon Rios is scared
- Photo gallery: Brandon Rios media day workout
Just saw Brandon Rios in his R8 and he thought we were racing 😂
Just watched the whole paquiao and Brandon rios fight rn.
Today we train hard and attack heavy bag with mucho force. We en need of nuevo heavy bag so we request Angulo and Brand…
He should fight Brandon Rios..Bam Bam would hurt Mayweather.
I liked a video from brandon rios and robert garcia on freddie roach being racist to
I think provodnikov comes out on top if they were ever to meet in a tournament featuring Maidana, mathhysse, and Brandon rios.
hey bro who comes out on top in a tournament. Maidana,provodnikov, matthysse, or Brandon rios?
Nice to see HBO had some balls. Too bad those same balls arent used with Brandon Rios.
Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios full post fight press conference video full HD
Bob Arum is trying to set up a rubber match between Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado.
Brandon Rios, Mike Alvarado at the rate he's going.
My wife is going through all my boxing memorabilia. Apparently she's not a Brandon Rios fan. =(
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Mike Alvarado vs Brandon rios III possible for January
he wants fighters to walk in like Brandon Rios basically like walking punching bags
don't move up to 147 & fight you'll be his punching bag like Brandon Rios
- will always advocate for Rios potential to be one of the An iron chin and hammer hands = unstoppable!
Pacquiao returns to ring with win over Rios qua
fights at 147lbs but fights guys at 140lbs, Brandon Rios and now and is considered one of the best fighters smh
Buying my plane ticket as we speak. i'll also tutor Brandon Rios. LOL
Robert Garcia has Brandon Rios still & Donaire, but I wanted to see Mikey vs Uchiyama.
Dad who values musical taste over sobriety. w/ Jason Nash & Brandon Calvillo
Maidana would be a favorite over Brandon Rios & Chris Algieri
Maidana really came out of shape for the fight last night. He was in shape to fight Brandon Rios or somebody but not a defensive genius
Requiem for a Welterweight: May be Broke, but is He Broken, too ? via
Spoke to he gave me his p4p most skilled fighters:. 1 brandon rios. 2 alfredo angulo. 3 evryone else. 4 andre ward
he spars with Brandon rios and maidana
they go to fight, but Brandon Rios is flat footed, the others arent, Provodnikov is too, not them tho
Pacmans the greatest but is fighting a guy who beat up his sparring partner smh.. and fought Brandon Rios
his trainer is dope I like his fighter Brandon Rios but yeah floyd is just the one hah
Mara pacman made the same amount when he fought brandon rios
I feel you, Brandon doesn't want to get me ice cream
Brandon Rios in Las Vegas to support Marcos Maidana ahead of Mayweather ...: via
Leo Santa Cruz VS Brandon Rios for the mush mouth championship of the boxing.
Round 1 to Leo Santa Cruz. He's like a smaller, faster Brandon Rios the way he keeps his hands up and comes forward firing.
Angulo's going to have a bit of brain damage after this. He'll be talking like Brandon Rios
If he lose's this fight i think it time to think about hanging it up. I like him to but he takes a lot of punishment, brandon rios style
Angulo is doing his best Brandon Rios impression in there. No movement just 1 spot punching
Angulo stance reminds me of Brandon Rios' stance, it's made for toe to toe fighting, not for mobility.
Now you want to mention that he avoided Brandon Rios now that's another issue but don't insinuate that he avoided Manny.
I'm not fully convinced by him yet. He trains some pretty 1 dimensional fighters like Brandon Rios
7x5 rounds of MMA Sparring. & a 8 mile run in 100 degree weather. Who is Brandon Rios?
Brandon Rios is a beast in the ring !💪👊
Richard Abril takes Crollas ears off all day long for me.. Seen him school Brandon Rios and get robbed by the judges..
Bob Arum interested in Tim Bradley vs Diego Chaves for 12/6 or 12/13 but Chaves wants a Brandon Rios rematch but Bob ain't having it.
What about when called Brandon Rios a punching bag after the Pacquiao fight lol
Mayweather pisses me off with these fights. Take on Manny Pacquioa, Juan Manuel Marquez, or even Brandon Rios
Kell Brook likely to face Brandon Rios or Robert Guerrero?: via
Hearn wants Brandon Rios for Kell Brooks first defense... how does Brandon Rios get these title shots? He's brutal!
If this happens, this will be awesome-->“Team Provodnikov Target Brandon Rios For November
We can only hope Brandon Rios vs Ruslan Provodnikov is close to reality coming soon in Nov. I think.
Kell Brook be returing to the ring on Dec 6th in Sheffield possibly against Brandon Rios, Josesito Lopez, Andre Berto or Robert Guerrero
Ok Paulo not bitting can't blame him The Ghost Gurrerro Down. Hey Brandon Rios calling you out
Kell Brook to fight on December 6th in Sheffield, Brandon Rios a favored opponent.
I liked a video from Heated sparring between Saul Rodriguez and Juan Funez as Brandon Rios
Brandon Rios' stock must be near worthless if Hearn is really considering him for Brooks's voluntary defense.
Dam on sign me up im on board Rios aint NO joke
Hearn is looking at maybe Brandon Rios for Dec 6th
the fans want Kell Brook vs Brandon Rios
Hearn says it could be Brandon Rios next for Brook.Discuss!
Brandon Rios, Josesito Lopez?? With Pacquiao, Mayweather, Marquez and Bradley in the division. Do me a favour
Team Provodnikov Target Brandon Rios For November? Fight of the year written all over it - Boxing News via
Brandon Rios or Mike Alvarado would be a great opponent for next then Juan Manuel Marquez or Bradley in l.a 👊👈👍
Ruslan Provodnikov has set his sights on Brandon Rios for Nov. Talks are in motion with Bob Arum targetingg the fight for HBO.
Hope you fight Brandon Rios next that would be a great fight for the fans!!
Ruslan Provodnikov v Bam Bam Brandon Rios, just has war written all over it
Just watched IFLTV interview with hope hes serious on Brandon Rios vs Kell Brook. Fancy Rios to stop Brook.
Lol. Would b awar! Ruslan hits like ahammer and rios dont back down.Some1 gettin ko'd!
Like the Brandon Rios fight for in Sheffield Would be entertaining while it lasted
Its crazy to think that a guy like Brandon Rios is afraid of Provodnikov lol I hope that fight gets made... Man up Rios!
Eddie Hearn says Brandon Rios is in the running to fight Brook next!.
yes but if C Dunkin wants it it will happen Brandon rios is just unafraid of anyone
My new story: Team wants a showdown in November on
Team Provodnikov really wants to face off with Siberian Rocky in Nov.
The one and only Brandon Rios will be speaking tonight at Elevate for bible study! Be there or be square!
I added a video to a playlist Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios Not HD
brandon rios proud of pelos garcia KO win EsNews
Brandon Rios is a good homecoming fight, name opponent and made for Kell.
This guy at the bar last night tried telling me how he thinks that Victor Ortiz would beat Brandon Rios... Lol
Who are the most universally hated people in boxing by the fans right now? I would say Broner, Garcia, and probably Brandon Rios?
Id be ecstatic to see Rios mash up at 140. That would draw big #
Rios gotta realize plays to RP strength stuck inside. Provo not big BKB draw anyway
Rios can't make 140 anyway. Maybe a catchweight I guess
Just watching the Rios v Chavez fight again ...what an ugly but entertaining scrap that was!
Brandon Rios is like The Thing. Always saying "its clobbering time" against guys who will murder him
I agree with you Mr. Bernstein.Don't know what fight Elie Seckbach was watching? Oh I 4got Brandon Rios is his friend
Wonder if they can D.Q Brandon Rios the next time he comes in over the weight :-)
The ceo and founder of giving a shout out to his boy Brandon Rios…
Sure, Brandon Rios got the "win", but he failed to fight off fears that his best days are well behind him!
Did referee Vic Drakulich screw up the Brandon Rios vs. Diego Chaves fight…
any contenders have a hurt pitcher that would be a good swap for rios? Along the lines of Brandon Morrow w/ dif contract?
Foley and I welcomed Corey Erdman to TQBR Radio this week to recap RIos-Chaves & preview Garcia-Salka:
*** brandon rios made more than that. Ha got to love Haymon.
Diego Chaves visa, will be able to fight Rios
robert garcia and brandon rios on Diego Chaves he knows what he was doing - EsNews boxing: . robert garcia and...
Angel Garcia vs Brandon Rios would being lols of epic proportions.
Real Spit right there!* Although there are a few I can do without seeing again. Brandon Rios shouldn't be a headliner
She said i look like the asian version of Brandon Rios 😴😒🔫
did you ditch Alex Ariza because of Brandon Rios' failed drugs test?
can Brandon Rios ever be the young hungry lion he was at 135?
My deadline story on ' DQ win over Diego Chaves
My deadline article for on the fight from Saturday night
Listening to Brandon Rios vs Diego Chaves Recap w... by Queensberry Rules Boxing Radio
I’m very thankful for my fans and Team Rios who support me. This fight was not how I saw my first victory after a...
A between & discuss if it needs to happen again!
Rewatching Rios-Chaves. Its ok, zero interest in rematch right now. Ruslan v Rios is a legend fight tho
On HBO "Boxing After Dark" Aug. 2 at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Brandon Rios & Diego Chaves got into a crazy...
Drunk guys talk about cartoons: Dora the Explorer (w/ Brandon Calvillo)
TV numbers solid for August 2 card feat. and
- Brandon Rios: I forgot what it takes to be a champion
Ruslan your going to win Rios is too slow. Rios can take a punch though. Knock him out.
Brandon Rios earns DQ win over Diego Chaves in ugly brawl, Rios later hospitalised with eye injury - See more at:
Brandon Rios, who was struggling immensely, won a disqualification over Argentine Diego Chaves on HBO's Boxing After D…
Or, it means Keith Thurman hits harder than Brandon Rios, which is not news
Story on what's next for top pro Plus, 14 results - cc:
Is watching Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios and grubbin' on some chicken, fool, Lol JUNGLE!(Tm)
wins title then says he'll beat drop weight vs Jessie Vargas: .
Brandon Rios Vs Deigo Chavez is next week ! That's a fight that will effect ur sleeping afterwards !
They also took a photo together at the Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios boxing match in Macau.
Brandon rios *** Why do they still book em for fights
Brandon Rios went from PPV back down to HBO After Dark.
Got another card next week with Brandon Rios headlining the show. Man I tell you if doesn't spoils us
Helped install a security system for Brandon rios who is a pro boxer. Dude is too funny
This Dusty kids looks double of Brandon Rios.
tex, 3, With Alex Rios batting, Sonny Gray picks off Elvis Andrus at 1st on throw to Brandon Moss.
Brandon Rios finishes up his training in Oxnard as he gets ready for fight week in Las Vegas! .
Brandon Rios vs Diego Chaves has FOTY written all over it.
Due to a glitch in the system which issues Visas to the US, Diego Cháves is not currently able to travel for his fight with Brandon Ríos.
At time, Diego "La Joya" Cháves cannot travel to USA. for collapse in the visa system. He must fight against Brandon Rios next sat.
-> Brandon Rios: When we Brought in Alex Ariza is When I Started Losing My Fights
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