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Brandon Rios

Brandon Lee Ríos (born April 29, 1986 in Lubbock, Texas) is an undefeated Mexican-American boxer and the former WBA lightweight champion.

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What about when called Brandon Rios a punching bag after the Pacquiao fight lol
Mayweather pisses me off with these fights. Take on Manny Pacquioa, Juan Manuel Marquez, or even Brandon Rios
Kell Brook likely to face Brandon Rios or Robert Guerrero?: via
Hearn wants Brandon Rios for Kell Brooks first defense... how does Brandon Rios get these title shots? He's brutal!
If this happens, this will be awesome-->“Team Provodnikov Target Brandon Rios For November
We can only hope Brandon Rios vs Ruslan Provodnikov is close to reality coming soon in Nov. I think.
Kell Brook be returing to the ring on Dec 6th in Sheffield possibly against Brandon Rios, Josesito Lopez, Andre Berto or Robert Guerrero
Ok Paulo not bitting can't blame him The Ghost Gurrerro Down. Hey Brandon Rios calling you out
Kell Brook to fight on December 6th in Sheffield, Brandon Rios a favored opponent.
I liked a video from Heated sparring between Saul Rodriguez and Juan Funez as Brandon Rios
Brandon Rios' stock must be near worthless if Hearn is really considering him for Brooks's voluntary defense.
Dam on sign me up im on board Rios aint NO joke
Hearn is looking at maybe Brandon Rios for Dec 6th
the fans want Kell Brook vs Brandon Rios
Hearn says it could be Brandon Rios next for Brook.Discuss!
Brandon Rios, Josesito Lopez?? With Pacquiao, Mayweather, Marquez and Bradley in the division. Do me a favour
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Team Provodnikov Target Brandon Rios For November? Fight of the year written all over it - Boxing News via
Brandon Rios or Mike Alvarado would be a great opponent for next then Juan Manuel Marquez or Bradley in l.a 👊👈👍
Ruslan Provodnikov has set his sights on Brandon Rios for Nov. Talks are in motion with Bob Arum targetingg the fight for HBO.
Hope you fight Brandon Rios next that would be a great fight for the fans!!
Ruslan Provodnikov v Bam Bam Brandon Rios, just has war written all over it
Just watched IFLTV interview with hope hes serious on Brandon Rios vs Kell Brook. Fancy Rios to stop Brook.
Lol. Would b awar! Ruslan hits like ahammer and rios dont back down.Some1 gettin ko'd!
Like the Brandon Rios fight for in Sheffield Would be entertaining while it lasted
Its crazy to think that a guy like Brandon Rios is afraid of Provodnikov lol I hope that fight gets made... Man up Rios!
Eddie Hearn says Brandon Rios is in the running to fight Brook next!.
yes but if C Dunkin wants it it will happen Brandon rios is just unafraid of anyone
My new story: Team wants a showdown in November on
Team Provodnikov really wants to face off with Siberian Rocky in Nov.
The one and only Brandon Rios will be speaking tonight at Elevate for bible study! Be there or be square!
I added a video to a playlist Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios Not HD
brandon rios proud of pelos garcia KO win EsNews
Brandon Rios is a good homecoming fight, name opponent and made for Kell.
This guy at the bar last night tried telling me how he thinks that Victor Ortiz would beat Brandon Rios... Lol
Who are the most universally hated people in boxing by the fans right now? I would say Broner, Garcia, and probably Brandon Rios?
Id be ecstatic to see Rios mash up at 140. That would draw big #
Rios gotta realize plays to RP strength stuck inside. Provo not big BKB draw anyway
Rios can't make 140 anyway. Maybe a catchweight I guess
Just watching the Rios v Chavez fight again ...what an ugly but entertaining scrap that was!
Brandon Rios is like The Thing. Always saying "its clobbering time" against guys who will murder him
I agree with you Mr. Bernstein.Don't know what fight Elie Seckbach was watching? Oh I 4got Brandon Rios is his friend
Wonder if they can D.Q Brandon Rios the next time he comes in over the weight :-)
The ceo and founder of giving a shout out to his boy Brandon Rios…
Sure, Brandon Rios got the "win", but he failed to fight off fears that his best days are well behind him!
Did referee Vic Drakulich screw up the Brandon Rios vs. Diego Chaves fight…
any contenders have a hurt pitcher that would be a good swap for rios? Along the lines of Brandon Morrow w/ dif contract?
Foley and I welcomed Corey Erdman to TQBR Radio this week to recap RIos-Chaves & preview Garcia-Salka:
*** brandon rios made more than that. Ha got to love Haymon.
Diego Chaves visa, will be able to fight Rios
Robert Garcia and brandon rios on Diego Chaves he knows what he was doing - EsNews boxing: . Robert Garcia and...
Angel Garcia vs Brandon Rios would being lols of epic proportions.
Real Spit right there!* Although there are a few I can do without seeing again. Brandon Rios shouldn't be a headliner
She said i look like the asian version of Brandon Rios 😴😒🔫
did you ditch Alex Ariza because of Brandon Rios' failed drugs test?
can Brandon Rios ever be the young hungry lion he was at 135?
My deadline story on ' DQ win over Diego Chaves
My deadline article for on the fight from Saturday night
Listening to Brandon Rios vs Diego Chaves Recap w... by Queensberry Rules Boxing Radio
I’m very thankful for my fans and Team Rios who support me. This fight was not how I saw my first victory after a...
A between & discuss if it needs to happen again!
Rewatching Rios-Chaves. Its ok, zero interest in rematch right now. Ruslan v Rios is a legend fight tho
On HBO "Boxing After Dark" Aug. 2 at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Brandon Rios & Diego Chaves got into a crazy...
Drunk guys talk about cartoons: Dora the Explorer (w/ Brandon Calvillo)
TV numbers solid for August 2 card feat. and
- Brandon Rios: I forgot what it takes to be a champion
Ruslan your going to win Rios is too slow. Rios can take a punch though. Knock him out.
Brandon Rios earns DQ win over Diego Chaves in ugly brawl, Rios later hospitalised with eye injury - See more at:
Brandon Rios, who was struggling immensely, won a disqualification over Argentine Diego Chaves on HBO's Boxing After D…
Or, it means Keith Thurman hits harder than Brandon Rios, which is not news
Story on what's next for top pro Plus, 14 results - cc:
Is watching Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios and grubbin' on some chicken, fool, Lol JUNGLE!(Tm)
wins title then says he'll beat drop weight vs Jessie Vargas: .
Brandon Rios Vs Deigo Chavez is next week ! That's a fight that will effect ur sleeping afterwards !
They also took a photo together at the Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios boxing match in Macau.
Brandon rios *** Why do they still book em for fights
Brandon Rios went from PPV back down to HBO After Dark.
Got another card next week with Brandon Rios headlining the show. Man I tell you if doesn't spoils us
Helped install a security system for Brandon rios who is a pro boxer. Dude is too funny
This Dusty kids looks double of Brandon Rios.
tex, 3, With Alex Rios batting, Sonny Gray picks off Elvis Andrus at 1st on throw to Brandon Moss.
Brandon Rios finishes up his training in Oxnard as he gets ready for fight week in Las Vegas! .
Brandon Rios vs Diego Chaves has FOTY written all over it.
Due to a glitch in the system which issues Visas to the US, Diego Cháves is not currently able to travel for his fight with Brandon Ríos.
At time, Diego "La Joya" Cháves cannot travel to USA. for collapse in the visa system. He must fight against Brandon Rios next sat.
-> Brandon Rios: When we Brought in Alex Ariza is When I Started Losing My Fights
message me who it is Bowser, I'll be in Vegas with Brandon Rios
pitbull needs one more step up then a fight against Brandon rios
Inside training camp Get tix to his Aug. 2 bout
News: & confirmed to attend the Share this: http:/…
News: & confirmed to attend the Share this:
Diego Chaves vs Brandon Rios in jeopardy due to Chaves visa problem.
Circum horizontal arcs photographed by david england, andy cripe, del zane, todd sackmann and brandon rios. this...
would have made more sense for HBO to produce 'Brandon Rios Gets Hit'...much more footage to choose from
Robert Garcia, Mikey Garcia and Brandon Rios confirmed for box fan expo in September
Brandon Rios aims to prove he can still be champ (workout photos)
Iv watched rios-abril over a few times now... Still cnt see how Brandon got the decision tht night...
brandon rios they wanted to give ruslan a million and me 400K - EsNews boxing
I think Guerrero vs Brandon Rios would make a real entertaining fight. The two arent great, but their styles meet perfectly.
Zero knockdowns both guys punched out, really not much drama, no where close to a fight of the year, more like a brandon rios lowlight reel.
see that's were we disagree I love to watch pure boxers lk rigo an Floyd Brandon rios puts me to 😴 it's science bro hit DNT get hit
Sixth triple for Brandon Crawford. Only Alex Rios and Dee Gordon (with eight) have more in MLB.
brandon rios on soto karass vs alexander will be a great fight EsNews
Dear best friend(s): Well Karmen Parks you're my best friend and I love you. We never have a dull moment ever!! And I love how I can talk about anything with you👍 Brandon Rios yeah you're my other best friend as of today when I saw you👌
.returns to Aug. 2 with a 10-round battle against Diego Chaves at in Vegas:
no defense can fix having no heart...maidana, floyd, collazo...All made u quit! Fight Brandon Rios up get kod
Manny Pacquiao (L) and Brandon Rios (R) pose for a picture at the Bund on July 31, 2013 in Shanghai, China.
Jessie Vargas is tough but he better have his chin ready for Brandon rios.. Top Rank has been putting up some gangsta *** fights
Yes, but, to be fair, I would rather watch Brandon Rios try to figure out calculus than any fight at all.
I would rather watch Brandon Rios do calculus than Devon
Fair distinction. I buy that. My Alex Rios and Brandon Morrow jersey shirts are my only gear...
- Brandon Rios vs. Diego Chaves set for August 2 in Las Vegas on HBO
Welterweight Brandon Rios, having served a five-month suspension after testing positive for a banned substance after his last fight, will return to action on Aug. 2, promoter Top Rank announced on Wednesday.
I already know my dad is gonna be bragging about how he met Brandon rios in Oxnard
Tix to the / Aug 2 championship card at are on sale NOW:
Brandon Rios takes on Diego Chaves live on Saturday, August 2 in Las Vegas. Tickets available now.
One of boxing's most exciting action fighters Brandon Rios will be back on BoxNation on August 2nd when he takes on hard-hitting Argentine Diego Chaves. The welterweight star returns following his courageous loss to Manny Pacquiao last November, and will be looking to get his 2014 campaign off to...
Watch Brandon Rios take on Diego Chaves live as comes to on Saturday, August 2. Tickets:
vegas Rios ready for Chaves test: Brandon Rios: Returns to action in August The welterweight star return...
Brandon Rios and Jessie Vargas double picked up by BoxNation in the UK
Does everyone realize how ridiculously awesome the Brandon Rios-Diego Chaves fight will be? Absolute carnage.
Brandon Rios-Diego Chaves. Aug. 2nd at the Cosmoplitan in Las Vegas. *** of a fight.
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If you missed it yesterday, my story on the PPV numbers:
he ain't lying. There was talk about Diego Chavez vs Brandon Rios in Fresno. If that's true, then I am there fosho.
Rios manager rejected it bc he wouldnt let Rios go below 147
any info on Brandon Rios boxing event in August? Want to make sure it's happening so I can book my trip. Thanks
Has Brandon Rios ruined his career by continually not making weight?
Well I think Robert`s tired of Elie by now I`m thinking more Brandon Rios or Floyd Mayweather! LOL!
The lesson is dont fk with Freddy Roach, Pacquiao will crush you. Brandon Rios and Margarito can both tell you this
Ive known brandon since 5th grade and he still remembers my birthday ay 😎👏
When gus and brandon see me an act like they are shooting me? tf thasss rude
Watchin that clip of Brandon Rios and Marcos Maidana sparring each other was some of the worst sparring ive ever seen in my life
Is Brandon Rios fighting the same Diego Chavez that Keith Thurman knocked out? If so, Rios about to get his *** kicked August 2nd lol
This would be a gift from god Øscar Torres Tomas Ibanez Brandon Rios
if Brandon Rios had to cut 2 pounds he'd die! Before he went 147
if it's da SiberianRocky, can u ask him why he's not fighting brandon rios? That's who he should b
"This is the only sport where,if you have heart,you can be a champion"-Brandon Rios
Again, will be on the undercard of the Aug. 2 main event between Brandon Rios/Diego Chaves in Las Vegas.
And yes, the Aug. 2 fights that will be on will be in Las Vegas. Brandon Rios of Oxnard will headline the card.
I feel like I didn't play at my best so I need to make up for it lol
So I kinda want to Dj another party soon
-> Chris Algieri: I've been in Camp with Marcos Maidana and Brandon Rios, Sparring for Weeks
I feel like getting in the car and just drive around
I said "See, too beautiful to let you sleep"
When do tickets for the Brandon Rios fight go on sale?
Drink over at my place, kick back, drink some tequila
You act so innocent now, but you lied so soon
I need to go pick up my other lap top, I miss my music 😔
Brandon rios ad Victor Ortiz should fight each other just cuz of the bad blood they have with each other.
Even through the darkness,. I can see you shining
Kevin: "She's just another rock on the road bro" Me: "No shes more like pebble on the road" lol
To me In my opinion the most annoying shaking guy is Brandon Rios when he was doing his lame interpretation of Roach!
The fact that I never wake up with a hangover is great
Let's go to sleep in Paris. Wake up in Tokyo. Have a dream in New Orleans. Fall in love in Chicago
Things aren’t the way they were before. You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore
Honesty I'm tired of this life, I need to re-amp myself and start a new one
Brandon Armstrong of Next Level Raiders has been contacted by Penn State.. Long rangy wing.
Last night was fun, but tonight should be on a whole different level
these are the people you should fight before you try to fight pacquio...1) Timothy Bradley,2)Brandon rios, 3)Robert the ghost
I liked a video from Brandon Rios vs. Diego Cháves Fight is Official-Someone getting KTFO
Cotto-Margarito 2 had a good undercard. Wolak-Rodriguez 2... Brandon Rios vs McGillicuddy.
Brandon Rios couldn't make 140 that would have been a good fight vs Ruslan would have been violent
Diego chavez brandon rios is a great fight
. Team Rios . Can't wait for your next fight
So much for a soft touch, Brandon Rios is scheduled to fight Diego Chaves on August 2nd. Very tough fight for Brandon, FOTY candidate?
Brandon Rios v Diego Chaves hey? Good match up. I like this fight a lot, plenty of action.
I once was a fighter, but now I'm a believer
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I wanted to see Matthysse against Diego Chaves but Brandon Rios facing Chaves is a good alternative.
Whats your take on a Brandon Rios vs Diego Chaves fight rumored for August 2nd.
I'd much more rather be at EDC New York right now then SMF
Former lightweight titlist Brandon Rios is penciled in for his ring return on Aug. 2 on HBO’s “Boxing After Dark.” Rios, who will
Life is more beautiful then what we can imagine.
"We think too much, and feel too little" - Charlie Chaplin
Good morning., just kidding, back to sleep
Brandon Rios vs Diego Chavez at welterweight August 2nd. Hopefully they have this fight in Fresno so I could go. 😌👌
Aye Brandon rios might fight in Fresno on August 2. That would be so dope! 👊💥
It doesn't matter who won the fight tonight in the end, they'll have to fight Brandon Rios..
reminds me of Brandon rios for some reason in this fight
According to Brandon Rios & Sergey Kovalev could both fight on 8/2 from different locations. Solid night
they want Rios to face a tomato can. Huge downgrade from Pac. Don't want him to be a punching bag
Good to hear Brandon Rios will be returning to the ring, rarely not exciting bar Pac fight, should stay at 147
Really like the proposed Brandon Rios-Diego Chavez matchup. Hope that fight happens
Great, here comes the none stop pictures and videos of sunset 😒
Diego Chaves back in the ring against Brandon Rios. yea man!
Brandon Rios could make his return to the ring against Keith Thurman's former foe Diego Chavez on HBO in August
Possible return date for Brandon Rios’s August 2nd on HBO against Diego Chaves
I personally want Brandon Rios vs Mike Alvarado 3 at the Forum.
Mike Alvarado wants the 3rd fight with Brandon Rios
Brandon Rios is now calling out Juan Manuel Marquez as well as Ruslan Provodnikov
Hit List - 5 Potential Opponents For Juan Manuel Marquez 1. Manny Pacquiao V (Parts 5 and 6 await boxing fans) 2. Ruslan Provodnikov (A Top Rank match that can be made) 3. Brandon Rios (Feels like a technical mismatch) 4. Tim Bradley II (JMM was robbed? Let him steal one back) 5. Floyd Mayweather II (Unlikely but you know Juan Manuel wants it)
Happiest for me watching Brandon Rios win his title live. Saddest watching Diego Corrales get smoked by Joshua Clottey
Brandon Rios in the ring on 7/19 against TBA - Welterweight Brandon Rios (31-2-1, 23 KO's) will be trying to stop the bleeding when he gets in the ring for his next fight on July 19th against a fighter to be named later. The fighter that Rios is rumored to be facing is Omar Chavez, the son of ring legend Julio Cesar Chavez. Rios' once promising career is hemorrhaging badly with him having lost his last two fights to Manny Pacquiao and Mike Alvarado. Rios tested positiv...
Brandon Rios only makes sense too Himself... All I need in life is my Championship Belt *Everything else comes easy*
Brandon Rios to fight on July 19th via
Brandon Rios to fight on July 19th [
-> Brandon "Bam Bam" Rios to Return July 19th in either Vegas or LA
The Artists make mouth grills for champion boxer Brandon Rios. A fight with a Canvas ends in disaster. Jay’s plan to take out Scott results in an explosive critique as the final 6 battle it out for...
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Mitchell vs Brandon Rios would be an awesome fight
team rios Gck and team Orozco all day 620
I feel sorry for rios the most, he's being left on the back burner
Delete the past and the memories and move forward
We depend on you, we depend on you.
She'll go alone, and never speak of this again.
She depends on, she depends on you.
And though I know, since you've awakened her again.
Rios: Teo wars against Alvarado and the Pac loss. They're warriors but this is too much IMHO.
I think they both need some rest. Mike: two wars against Rios and broken by Ruslan.
I still wouldn't mind Rios vs Ortiz
Rios' boxing skills will come to play on that one.
wow! That would be a tough fight for both! I think Rios TKO
no disrespect to Brandon rios, but he needs a nice lil pick me up fight showed no heart against PAC
Brandon rios vs omar chavez at a catch weight of 150. Chavez turned it down. Says he will only do it 54. Rios would murder that young man
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Wale Omotoso, who fights on Friday in TJ, says he is being mentioned for Brandon Rios in JUly
Daddy it smells like Uncle Ron in here - Brandon Rios
Would anyone oppose a Brandon Rios-Breidis Prescott fight? Ive heard that one is being thrown around...
Photoset: fagsmut: Brandon Manilow, Vadim Farrell and Manuel Rios bareback. See the trailer at Bel Ami...
Manny Pacquiao's career is declining, Brandon Rios camp says - MACAU Robert Garcia, the trainer of Brandon Rios,...
Looks like I'm going to put over time on the song
They didnt. Rios and his management shot that down as no chance
Alvarado has the height & reach advantage and he might power box Marquez like he did against Brandon Rios in their rematch sir?
I think whoever Rios fights will be at a catch of 143 or 144
Music means more too me then over half of the people I know
Brandon Rios won't back down against Manny Pacquiao - No one near the welterweight...
These signs, something we can't ignore
I like my women beautiful and my music loud
WOW, Brandon Rios finally speaks on the source behind his beef with Victor Ortiz:
The Relentless is also from KC where he grew up with Brandon Rios & Victor Ortiz. But now fights out of San…
Brandon Rios needs to holla at my cousin... TOOTH brush.
I just got the boost of energy I needed
Enjoying the evening with my two favorite men, Kishwa Singleton and Brandon Rios!!!
Ruslan Provodnikov wanted Brandon Rios and said he's disappointed that he didn't get that fight.
What's there to do today in this boring *** city?
Happy Birthday to my nephew Brandon Rios! Love you mejo !
New Pound for Pound Ranking! 1st. Manny Pacquiao- has easily beaten an A+ fighter -Tim Bradley; Dominated a B- fignter Brandon Rios 2nd. Floyd Mayweather Jr. - struggled againts a B- fighter Marcos Maidana; Struggled againts a A- fighter Canelo Alvarez 3rd. Andre Ward- has not been so active in his boxing career. Need to fight Bernard Hopkins to cement his legacy. 4th. Tim Bradley- can easily beat any current welterweight champion not named Manny Pacquiao 5th. Juan Manuel Marquez- the only fighter in boxing history to have ever said that he's been cheated 6 times in his career hence the 6 losses. 6th. Danny Garcia- has been sent to school by Herrera in his last fight. Need to gight Amir Khan in a rematch! 7th. Wladimir Klitscho. he and his brother Vitali has been dominating the heavyweight division for the last 10 years. USA needs a new Mohammad Ali to unseat this champion! 8th. Amir Khan. has eassily beaten a B+ fighter -Luis Collazo. Need a rematch with Danny Garcia. 9th. Guillermo Rigondeaux. has easil ...
Manny Pacquiao signs on the dotted line to do drug tests for Brandon Rios fight via
Marcos René Maidana clearly loss to Brandon Rios with the pay he got from this fight, and they say Arum is the crooked one
Brandon Rios had it a draw. And he's from the same camp! But y'all saying it was a robbery. And I'm not even a Floyd fan but c'mon ppl, smh
but let's say nothing when the adorable little philipino fights brandon rios, because we like him. He isn't a loud black man enjoying wealth
Got that right the old man can handle a solid 147 lb fighter like Brandon Rios you know he gonna take AB or All Beard to School
Having Brandon read my fan-fics of MAGcon boys and 26MGT. . Brandon: OMG the feels . 😂 love him so much ❤️
I feel apart of a movie seeing all these teenagers drunk. I'm a little scared. Good thing I have Brandon to cuddle with. ;)
Well said amir khan...floyd wont fight khan, Bradley, pacquiao, shawn porter, Keith Thurman none of these guys who pose an inch of calling it his next fight is slow footed Brandon rios September 6, 2014 lol!!!
i think he was going for the Brandon Rios act like a punching bag technique.
Collazo is another Brandon Rios lol human punch bag
rios more talk than action. Big heart and chin buy his ambition exceeds his talent
Alvarado would def beat him but rios is a bad matchup IMO
Ft. Lauderdale, it's been a blast once again! Time to head home ✌️
Which duo do you like better tonight: David Wright/Brandon Barnes or Arenado/Alex Rios? Thanks!
Manny Pacquiao, readying for Brandon Rios, has something to prove - That's the question that will...
okay, white AND American? Mikey/Danny Garcia, Mike Alvarado, Brandon Rios and Omar Figueroa, all white and born in the U.S.
Manny Pacquiao's win over Brandon Rios: fight highlights Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: Manny Pacquiao dominates his bout against Br...
If I was in Maidana corner I wood say make this fite a war. Get fite to rope go to body and yes go low evenif you lose point. Put your shoulder in his face put your face in his face to make him mad. Don't let Mayweather use legs. Get inside and watch strate punches. Throw short hooks thrown brandon rios upper cuts. Get in his he'd he alresdy sad about girlfrend. Make this a rough fite and smother him. If he can pull this off and keep mayweather on ropes he can will
no...Brandon said himself he didn't fight his style...rios was clearly trying to work behind the jab with pac
are you serious? No he didnt, Rios was just too fat and slow...thats on Brandon...
- Are Robert Garcia and his Boxers cheating?
same people had Brandon Rios test positive got something in the Manny fight! Y'all thinking they don't cheat! BS!!!
is doing something really right cuz Maidaina fans are some haters especially rios.
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I think it's dope having a really good barber. Going from $5 garage cuts in HS to a barber that cuts up Sugga Shane Mosley & Brandon Rios
you bet £10 that Brandon rios would get put down by pacquiao in round 4, you clearly don't have any boxing knowledge
Crawford-Gamboa in Omaha June 28 or July 12 on HBO. Brandon Rios on whichever date TC-YG isnt. Chavez-GGG July 19 @ 168.
Bob Arum said that Terrence Crawford and Brandon Rios could be flipping dates( June 28th and July 12th) on HBO...
. Why doesn't Brandon Rios like you?. You should box him and shut him up. He talks too much...
Looks like I'm going to Miami today 😃😃😃
Bam Bam Rios take on Provodnikov this would be a fight for the decades :D
yo I want him to fight Brandon Rios tho
Marcos Maidana could fight on HBO off PPV vs Brandon Rios and probably get $1.5 million -- Al Haymon, I thought you got your fighters money?
Greivis Vasquez and Brandon Rios the same person
Which one of you pochos talk spanish like brandon rios.
Fighting the fight that one day we will win.
wasnt hand raised n dont dat mean winner Rios May 3rd he'll beat ya boy too LOL
Maan this programme gone n said degales fightin Brandon rios when it's some dude named Brandon Gonzales lol
Did I just hear James degales taking on Brandon Rios!!!?? Is that true?
text Brandon I'm sure he's up reading 💁😋
Brandon rios came out on ink master just because I met him lol
What rushes into my heart and my skull, I can't control, think about it, feel it in my bones
I wish Brandon rios would knockout Halo
My boy Brandon Rios is on ink master
Realtalkboxing family wants to wish one of the coolest guys we have ever met, Brandon Rios, a Happy Birthday.
who is Brandos Rios. There was one out there but he used to be a punching bag.,,
If for the last 3 years pacman have elected to fight Brandon Rios type fighters, how many times would he lose?
Donald Sterling still gotta hand me a rumble so I hope he got hands like Brandon Rios
Happy Bday to Cant wait to see you in the ring again
Maidana camp is peak loool, Brandon Rios had to buy tickets to the Maidana fight for 3k. First tickets he's bought in his life
Tonight David Diaz will do battle with Jose Eduardo Arambula at the Uic Pavilion this will be a good fight for the fight fans across the city. I will present a little run down on what to expect, Diaz is actually one of the most down to earth, respectful, very humble kids you will ever meet. He wants to prove to all that he does have what it takes to compete against the best and he has something that cannot be taught which is heart. Arambula, has a great amateur background and has recently been training in Oxnard, California home of Brandon Rios, Herbert Acevedo, Marcos Rene "El Chino" Maidana, Miguel Mikey Garcia, Etc . One thing about the is that they develop champions and Arambula will be prepared for this bout. Diaz like Arambula are fundamentally sound fighters, I think the difference will be what work these fighters had in the gym, sparring partners and so forth. This is a great clash of fighters that I wish would of did battle at a later date but its going down so I expect a great fight with some gr ...
Isaiah Jackson, Tony Stuckey, Patrick Wimgtn & Derick Lamont Rayford: Who will? Being an advent fight fan for years, I'm often asked "who won the June 9, 2012 fight, Pacquiao or Bradley?" Ask me that today and I'll tell you "it doesn't matter". What matters is who will win this Saturday April 12. Since June 9, both fighters have had two fights. Let's take a brief overview of these fights to try to determine who will win the April 12 fight. Pacquiao's first fight was against Juan Manuel Marquez. We all know how that ended: Marquez knocked Pacquiao out in the 6th rd. Pacquiao won his 2nd fight in Asia against Brandon Rios (not many knew about this fight). The problem w/this fight is that Pacman who is trained by Freddy Roach to win by knock out, couldn't "finish Rios" in fact Rios was seen laughing at and taunting Pacman in the ring because he couldn't. This is why you hear commentators say "Pacquiao has lost his killer instinct". Bradley's first fight was with Ruslan Provodnikov, who is Pacquiao's sparring ...
Garcia: We want the Provodnikov fight! But his managers, Top Rank or HBO don't believe Brandon Rios can make weight.
Brandon Rios calling Victor Ortiz out
PACQUIAO: "If Bradley wants to meet the fighter who stopped De La Hoya, Hatton, Morales and Barrera, he'll get it." Tue, 18 Mar 2014 PACQUIAO AND BRADLEY WRITE UP BLOGS. Manny Pacquiao Write-up/Blog 1: Monday, March 17 Question For Manny Pacquiao - The perception is that you sacrificed punching power against Rios in favor of speed in order to outbox him. How much did the result of the Marquez fight impact your strategy against Rios? What will be your strategy against Bradley? “I was very happy with my performance against Brandon Rios. Speed has always been a major weapon for me and I used it throughout the fight against Rios for one simple reason – it was working. The power is still there and I used it effectively against Rios to keep him off balance. Freddie and I came up with the game plan to mix things up against Rios. I would utilize my speed and foot movement in boxing him to keep him off balance then when he would come in out of frustration I would land the power punches. “The o ...
Victor Ortiz sent a guy to go pull a pistol on Brandon Rios in the past... Ortiz was such a Jealous guy.
Brandon Rios to Victor Ortiz "Give Up Boxing" (VIDEO). Brandon Rios details his intense rivalry with...
bruh you need to fight someone like Victor Ortiz Danny Garcia Mikey Garcia or Brandon Rios
Video: Brandon Rios on His Desire To Face Provodnikov - boxing news
brandon rios goes off on pita its about the dream not money EsNews Boxing: . brandon rios goes off on pita its...
Yuriorkis Gamboa still wants to fight Brandon Rios, says hes not on Pacq...: via
auctioning this glove signed by Robert Garcia, Brandon Rios, Evgeny Gradovich and myself, to help…
Did Brandon Rios throw his fight against Pacquiao? He didn't do what he normally does. I wonder why?
Can i get a shout out, massive fan of Rios, Mikey and all the Garcia camp, from Manchester in the uk. Kieron Brown
Good times wit the champs and great trainer my friend
. "Rios, remember when I gave you a body shot?". "Yea, I wanted to kick ur *** "
I heard it was to be a nominal amount, but something went wrong. 1/2
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