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Brandon Rios

Brandon Lee Ríos (born April 29, 1986 in Lubbock, Texas) is an undefeated Mexican-American boxer and the former WBA lightweight champion.

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Happy BIRTHDAYS to my FB Friends on the shut down page!. Brandon Rios Zeus Cooke Donna Cochranbaker Jim Crosby...
Remember.. Pacquiao is the same dude that came out to "Roar" by Katy Perry before the Brandon Rios fight in Macau a year back
Arum talks Brandon Rios and Gilberto Ramirez: By Dan Ambrose: Top Rank promoter Bob Arum says he was able to g...
BRANDON RIOS Announces His Retirement post bradley press ... -
As if I needed anymore reason to hate the WBO and them ignoring their own sanctioned fights
Tim Bradley is a vegan, and he is the only boxer to KO Brandon Rios.
Shot Pacquiao? The one that beat Tim Bradley and Brandon Rios ok
GOLD Music is like the Mayweather, Rigondeaux and GGG of hip hop. MadMax is like Brandon Rios and Amir Kahn's chin. He won't last long lmao
Brandon Rios reaction to ref face in ggg vs Lemieux fight - ... -
According to Brandon Rios might be trained by Terence Crawford's coach.
Seeing Rock of Ages with was the highlight of my Vegas trip!
Last night at the fights with Brandon Rios. @ United Wireless Arena
Who do you think would be a good trainer for Brandon Rios? Virgil Hunter or Fernando Vargas
Today in 2011 Brandon Rios won the vacant WBA 135lb title with a 11th round stoppage of John Murray.
Congrats to last night with KO over Brandon Rios. Teddy Atlas in your corner is a game changer!
Brandon bam bam Rios calling it a career! 😓
New: Brandon Rios says he's serious about retirement announcement
Brandon Rios says he's serious about retirement announcement
Some thoughts on and boxers who fight like
good riddance to the punching bag also known as Brandon Rios.
The wide-range of skills by Timothy Bradley shattered the toughness of Brandon Rios as Bradley won via technical...
Brandon Rios know deep down inside he quit, those body shots wasn't all that *** hard. He didn't wanna fight no more.
Bradley knocks out Rios in 9th, hangs on to title: Bradley knocks out Rios... …
Mad that Brandon rios lost his fight against Bradley but whatever it was time for rios to retire.
.pounds into retirement, retains WBO title via https:/…
.defends his title tonight against Brandon Rios. Catch the action live at 10pm ET on
Once again has captivated his readers with a tremendous article! Thanks Dan!
Just finding out my boy Brandon Rios is retiring 😢..
I liked a video from Timothy Bradley-Brandon Rios Review, Bradley Beats Rios Into
Catching up with the boxing last night. Didn't think I'd ever see Brandon Rios get stopped. . Fair play to
Brandon rios isn't even a bum Lmfaoo , and cuff porter Finna take that
Brandon Rios announces retirement after loss to Bradley. At the post fight press conferennce Brandon stated . " My...
mobileappgames1: Arum in favor of Brandon Rios’ retirement | …
appstoregames06: Arum in favor of Brandon Rios’ retirement | …
appstoregames06: Arum in favor of Brandon Rios’ retirement |
androidgames06: Arum in favor of Brandon Rios’ retirement |
Fernando Vargas, Shawn Estrada, Arreola and, now, Brandon Rios. SoCal has cornered the market on eating your way out of a career.
I said it a couple of years ago and based on last night it seems I was right: Brandon Rios is the successor to Fernando Vargas.
VIDEO: the Tim Bradley bodyshots that may have retired Brandon Rios
beat Jessie Vargas,Juan Manuel Marquez,Brandon Rios. he is the new Mexicutioner!!
Brandon Rios on the futures of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao: via
any hate on rios is allowed. But Josh is silly
Promoted by Top Rank®, tickets to the Bradley vs. Rios world welterweight championship. Priced at $400, $250,...
hard fight for Brandon, Bradley is favorite but ill put my money on Rios. Una apuestilla?
good points so who is worthy was Brandon rios worthy was cris algrei
Brandon Rios fighting fire with fire. BOOM!!.
brandon rios vs Tim Bradley bam bam on mitts in camp – EsNews
Victor Ortiz wishing good luck on his fight. Orozco trained with Ortiz and Brandon Rios in KC as kids ht…
but you never criticize Brandon Rios
Had a fun interview with Brandon Rios said he is training for both a boxer and brawler leading up to (cont)
When they were handing out 'crazy' in Garden City, KS, Im guessing Brandon Rios and Victor Ortiz took Antonio Orozco's shares
Dis dude is a Joke. Nobody talks about U when they talk About Who's Next. Its Either or Rios
Keep your radio dial locked to 103.3 The Vibe all morning ! The big bro Bam Bam Brandon Rios will...
Chisora is the HW version of Brandon Rios
Brisa refers to jose rios as the manager Brandon and I hate 😂
Brandon Rios stopped from going after Victor Ortiz in Public - Video Interview . via Parodies:
brandon rios got over 500 pairs of shoes - i am a shoe freak! EsNews Boxing
i think Your great boxer and good luck against Brandon Rios
Been training coo 2 see fans tagging me they got their Nov 7 fight tix & Team Rios tshirts! Feels good 2 see team...
What a throw. What a catch. Brandon Harris hits Malachi Dupre right on the money for this over-the-shoulder catch. http:…
Timothy Bradley VS Brandon Rios - Bradley to be trained by Teddy Atlas!: via
"Brandon Rios comes to fight, so does Surprise Bradley KO
Brandon Rios comes to fight. So does This should be a great battle:
Like Chris Algeri and Brandon Rios and David Diaz. Murderers row right there boy.
Looks like Tim Bradley vs Brandon Rios is done but will not be in Southern California. Set for Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas on 11/7
he has a well leveraged jab not unlike Brandon Rios or a throwback to prime Jermain Taylor
Boxing: Timothy Bradley prefers Brandon Rios to mandatory chall -
Boxing: Timothy Bradley prefers Brandon Rios to mandatory cha... |
Floyd gets criticized for fighting berto on ppv but pacquiao could fight Brandon rios and Chris Algeri on ppv and people are fine with it
Forget fighting Kell Brook I want to see Rios vs Billy in Sheffield! 😂😂😂
"Report: Rios, Bradley in Talks for Fight on HBO" via
Timothy Bradley, Brandon Rios in talks for winter matchup - | Boxing News - boxing news, results
Boxing: Tim Bradley and Brandon Rios In Negotiations for Potential Fight This Winter on HBO, According to USA Today:
Timothy Bradley, Brandon Rios in talks for winter welterweight matchup.
Brandon Rios and Diego Chaves feature in Southpaw movie . . . sort of
Broner is at 140 and Bradley is Top Rank play he's likely to face Brandon Rios
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The sounds in Southpaw were captured in part during the Brandon Rios-Diego Chaves fight:
Rado is back to embarrass the 303 again, *** owes me like $1000 for going out to Colorado to watch him "Fight" Brandon Rios.
robert garcia what's next for brandon rios - EsNews boxing -
Rios and Ortiz both get smashed by Brook.
Brandon rios is a waste of Timothy Bradley's time
Timothy Bradley could be facing Brandon Rios on November 7.
what a joke you've got Brandon rios. But no Tyson fury? Lol ***
Brandon Rios vs Timothy Bradley is a fight of the year type fight
Brandon Rios and Nonito Donaire getting title shots
Brandon Rios (33-2-1, 24 KOs) will be facing Tim Bradley (32-1-1, 12 KOs) on November 7th, possibly at The Forum in Inglewood, California,
So it looks like Tim Bradley vs Brandon Rios. Looks like Rios got the good end of the stick after Brook fight fell through.
it is what it is tbf, Rios is managed different to Brook so fights for Rios are made easy in US
Tim Bradley vs Brandon Rios in November can we say *** yes!
and tbf your calling them bums but you can only beat whose put in front you, however Rios can't😂😂
but the difference Rios lost when he stepped up, and Kell won even in the champions backyard!!
you can't say rios has fought bums when Brook has only fought one top fighter?
Turned on Box nation seen one black dude n one with mexican trunks that said bam bam, im like *** never seen this rios fight
likely to fight either Bradley or poss Provodnikov
Timothy Bradley vs Sadam Ali in Dubai after Brandon Rios vs Timothy Bradley
him vs khan would b coo maybe Brandon rios since he not fightin brook
How about you start taking care of your real fighters. Brandon Rios still hasn't got a fight. Mikey Garcia is still on a shelf.
Kell Brook-Brandon Rios title fight all but dead Rios didn't fancy the fight Edward?!
I can see Khan and Thurman happening now. Brook should fight Bradley, forget Brandon Rios.
With the possiblity of Brandon Rios pulling out, I guess we can prepare ourselves for Juan Manuel Marquez for Brook, I really hope not!
Brandon Rios vs Victor Ortiz would be fun. The lead up to the fight would be entertaining af
Just read that Brandon Rios , wants to fight may weather. Paquiao made rios look like a punching bag.
Rios-Alvarado trilogy reminds me of the one Pacquiao had with Morales. With Brandon being Manny.
Hey tell Brandon Rios to unblock me. I DIDNT DO NUFFIN!
Im expecting to see Geale look like Brandon Rios before the 2nd Alvarado fight. Or Chavez Jr before the Sergio fight.
Brandon Rios is a very useful fighter. He's not former champion for nothing and he defeated abril. Brook will beat him on pts.
Bob Arum says he doesn't want a fight between Pacquiao-Matthysse but will take one with Brandon Rios & the Argentinean "Mach…
Yup, but I hope brook fight Brandon rios
Use them when you fight Brandon Rios :)
brook fighting Floyd 🙈 rios you beat brook we will crown u king off England 👍👍👍 👊👊👊
Brandon Rios kicked Mile High Mike's *** pretty good recently. Could be a good fight?
Brandon Rios claims that he will face Kell Brook if the purse is right.
Luis Tapia very high on Kell Brook; says UK champ beats Brandon Rios easy and should face Floyd
“Brandon Rios probably beats Provodnikov by decision” lets find out
Brandon Rios probably beats Provodnikov by decision
I see you're using Brandon and rios slang
Kell Brook to face Brandon Rios at the end of summer via
looking forward to seeing you in Sheffield this summer. If you need a tour guide around my hometown I will join Team Rios.
Are you talking about when Kell Brook fights Brandon Rios there Nige?
The team of Kell Brook has made an offer to Brandon Rios. Rios said he is willing to fight him. Let's see if it gets made.
Trainer Robert Garcia says Brandon Rios would face Juan Manuel Marquez if offered. Rios is in talks to face Kell Brook in la…
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New IBF rankings position for challenge | World Boxing News
So last week Brandon Rios wasnt ranked top 15 with the IBF. After Hearn mentions him as a Brook opponent, suddenly hes ranked 13th...
I'd like to see Kell Brook vs Brandon Rios or Andre Berto next, both be great fights!
Kell Brook is keen on fighting Brandon Rios next. Rios is a former World Champ known for his aggressive style h…
lol Brandon Rios, Keith Thurman and Manny Pacquiao they are looking for next. We all know which two it won't be
Join my team "Brandon Bam Bam Rios 5K run/walk team & support Dress up like your favorite superhero...
How about a grudge match vs Mayweather, put Brandon Rios vs Victor Ortiz and Kovalev vs A. Stephenson on card, bad blood.
Manny and Top Rank weren't complaining about his shoulder when he was taking it to Brandon Rios and Chris Algieri.
. I wonder what Brandon Rios thought about that night...
I like Brandon Rios more then I like Amir Khan though
what's 'usual'? Chris Algieri? Tim Bradley? Brandon Rios? Mayweather is on a diff planet then them
I was following when u had a thousand WBC champ! I ask fighters to send me autographs only 1 that did Brandon Rios god bless
think he should finish with an easy opponent, Brandon rios or Keith Thurman who are fairly big names but Mayweather could handle
brandon rios on Keith Thurman roy jones jr - EsNews
maybe you should stick to watching Brandon Rios fights then. He likes to play Rockem Sockem
boxing interviews are WAY different than any other sport. Check out a Brandon Rios interview
No, the best was when he cowered to Brandon Rios ;). "Do I look like a punching bag to you?"
what's next for Brandon Rios and Mikey Garcia?
The Brandon Marshall trade wound up as:. get:. WR Brandon Marshall. RB Zac Stacy. get:. FS Adrian Amos
- OK, how bout Brandon Rios and Victor Ort, uhh, hold on, that's a bad one. But yes, Hagler stories all night!!
that would be slightly better than the Brandon Rios fight..
pacman said floyd moved around too much. had he stood still he could have thrown more LOL go fight brandon rios then
Floyd made him look like Brandon Rios.
If you're complaining about boxing being boring, you're an *** Watch a Brandon Rios fight.
not true, go watche some highlights of Brandon rios or maidana
Marquez is injured at the moment though, next down the rankings is Brandon Rios & Sadam Ali
ya'll really watch a brandon Rios and fight and say he gonna do that to Floyd?
If you want to watch an exciting fighter, watch someone like Brandon Rios or Keith Thurman.
This game is about levels, this isn't Chris Algeiri or Brandon Rios, or even Juan Manuel Marquez. Floyd is a different level.
The worst part is Pacquiao will muller some *** ant Brandon Rios clone and they'll have a rematch this time next year :/
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Brandon Rios and Victor Ortiz are from my hometown and it's a big boxing town. Also lots of people who pretend to know boxing.
If you want slugfests watch Brandon rios vs Mike Alvarado trilogy,none of this hugging & running crap
You looked more like Brandon Rios than Manny Pacquiao
Can see it being Thurman or maybe even Brandon Rios
I wanna see mayweather vs Brandon Rios 💯🙌
Ya'll want exciting fights but don't tune in to a Brandon Rios fight
He did the same to Brandon Rios, with a Mexican boxing gloves.
I see the Brandon Rios style. Head to head fighter. Punch after punch after punch Congrats
How much does LSC look like he’s Brandon Rios’ baby brother? Too bad he didn’t bring the noise like Rios would on this stage.
Leo Santa Cruz is a featherweight looking Brandon Rios
Why does this dude look like a thin Brandon Rios? 👊🏼🇵🇭
brandon rios Manny Pacquiao is so fast i didnt see punches coming - EsNe... via
Roy Jones: "He's like a little bit of a longer-armed Brandon Rios." That's a horrible thing to say about someone.
Leo Santo Cruz looks fairly similar to Brandon Rios.
Leo Santa Cruz looks like Brandon Rios little brother lol
Update your maps at Navteq
Leo Santa Cruz looks like a rip off Brandon Rios
This incredibly long post about Pacquiao squandering his millions made me sad, still worth reading.
Much has been written about but this from a cpl years back is still best take on sweet science
how is this a story? boyle's wouldn't even take 2k on Brandon Rios at evs vs Alvarado. I doubt it's legit.
Ever since Marquez knocked him out he went right back to fighting nobodies like Chris Algeri, Brandon Rios and Timothy Bradley
Floyd Mayweather ain't no Brandon rios floyd will dominate him
knock out Brandon rios who went up 2 weights to fight him, hasn't knocked someone out for 5 years since he came off the drugs
Let run thru this:. Manny couldn't knock out Brandon Rios that stood flatfooted coming forward like a walking punching bag the entire fight.
Snubs like Brandon Rios walked right through Pacs punches
A good primer. | Requiem for a welterweight: Manny Pacquiao may be broke, but is he broken, too? via
2 degrees of separation:. Thousand Oaks Mayor Al Adam has sparred with Oxnard boxer Brandon Rios. Rios has sparred w/ Manny
they gave em to him bro Brandon rios Tim Bradley and the most recent no one even knew about him .
Pac man run down trailer vs Brandon Rios: via
3/9 disturbing end to his fourth clash with the Mexican plunging his future into doubt. Subsequent victories over Brandon Rios, Tim
Watch this video: Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios part 2/2
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A story I wrote a while back: as a primer for what's on the way here in
From a on Manny Pacquiao from 2013 that you should read.
One of my favourite pieces on career, ahead of Sunday's fight: via
Brandon Rios moves like Floyd Mayweather and got Manny down to a tea.Always makes me smile this!
They don't want to prove Alex Rios right. That thing about guys who don't know what they're doing being allowed to pitch.
After Ariza fired from PAC went to Brandon Rios who tested positive per Atlas. The natural puncher is PAC. Freddie Roach has to get his mil
The only good thing Brandon Rios has ever done is make fun of roach.
Algeiri, Bradley and Brandon Rios convincingly in his last three fights, Marquez hit him with a peach
he got the same strength guy pacman had when he was brute and Brandon rios and he tested positive ijs
Brandon Rios to host meet and greet in Dallas | |
Happy Birthday to a banger when he is in the ring Brandon rios. Cant wait to see him in the ring again.
the same camp. Even if Brandon rios , Tim Bradley and Marquez are not on mayweathers level , there's an advantage in fight differe
you ready for the special 1 ? Brandon rios is getting the winner I've heard ? 👍
I liked a video from Mike Alvarado and Brandon Rios shadow boxing highlights
Me and have the same birthday, I Remember from last year, bet no one else remembered eh rios san
Because dude had Brandon Rios testing positive for banned substances...
Manny Pacquiao 87 v Brandon Rios 82.. This was the 1st fight of the Manny Pacquiao rebuilding phase & Rios fit that mould just fine.
he used steroids for less than 6 months , he fought Brandon rios in that time period and that's it
I wouldn't have mind seeing Victor Ortiz vs Brandon Rios to open up the night either
bro manny couldn't knock out Brandon rios last fight a lightweight 🙈 or Bradley before that but all of a sudden he's gonna ko
When you think it's a school day but it's actually the weekend w/ Gianni Rios, la... (Vine by Brandon Dulacka)
It's very hard to respect Eddie Hearn when he described Brandon Rios as a 'quality' fighter.
Had a great weekend with my little Rios clan & niece Ari. Thanks 2 my brother in law Danny Lopez & his wifey for...
to now where his power doesn't even make Brandon Rios think twice despite taking clean shots, also the pace.
That one time Brandon Rios had aids.
Comics&Cola: Brandon Graham and Emma Rios enlist an array of cosmopolitan talent for new comics magazine, 'Island'
I can't wait for Brandon Senior Black to kill it today.
Rest in peace Jojo me you Anthony and Brandon were like brothers when we where younger can't believe you are gone
Great fight would love to see you fight Tim Bradley or Brandon Rios
VIDEO: Brandon Bass’ and-1 putback slam is one of the few bright spots from this game
pacman just fought Algeri,Bradley and Brandon rios... That's HORRIBLE
Abner Mares messed up my Brandon Rios interview that night
Kell Brook moves on from Amir Khan to target Brandon Rios or Juan Manuel Marquez for the summer: …
Love it. Also leaves Brandon Rios with nothing but the Provo-lucas winner
Join me TEAM "Bam Bam Brandon Rios" help raise money for kids fighting cancer log onto or RT
the bradley fight sucked. Brandon rios is a punching bag, and Algeri is a kick boxer, my head is fine, none sold solid PPV
brandon rios fall drug test too with Ariza and Heredia is expert in cheating in testings and u still defen floyd
"he’d like to pursue Brandon Rios, Paulie Malignaggi and Marcos Maidana in the near future." LOL!
what goes thru Brandon Rios mind during a face off?
brandon rios on his new dog adrien EsNews Boxing
Manny Pacquiao training for Brandon Rios Fight with Coach Ericxon Asilo of MP gym Manila Boxing...
you know and I will never have anymore have Wisconsin winning! We know what rios has...smh
Brandon Rios and Chris Algieri were just like Manny's punching bags 😂😂😂
Which reminds me of that Brandon Rios KO and in Denver...
what do you think of Rios and a under card?? There's bad blood there
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Floyd could never get away with fighting Brandon Rios
Great Brandon is taking me to school. 😒
Wish we still had that condo with the matted up garage. We'd be drilling his erday! Brandon Rios
“Brandon Rios is the Javale McGee of boxing.”-LMFAO😂
manny would have destroyed canelo to with spend and power ask Brandon rios
how is he garbage.He got Maidona to a pretty good level. & we worked well w Brandon Rios
I think the perfect fight for u would be against marcos maidana or brandon rios i think that be great for fans & for u
got his fight coming up and Keith Thurman is a ideal fight. I believe bradley would come over other that brandon rios...
You know that will be an all timer. Try Brandon Rios vs Marcos Maidana or vs Tim Bradley same weight category just less lethal
that's saying a lot for a guy that fought Brandon Rios
My top 5 boxers at the moment 1.Mayweather 2.GGG 3. Thurman 4.Kovalev 5. Brandon Rios
Ive noticed the yanks are more complimentary about hattons boxing as well. Most Brits talk about him as if he was a factor 50 brandon rios
How about this for a matchup. Brandon Rios vs Victor Ortiz. Both from garden city. Former friends now foes
This NBC boxin cool cuz more people will get exposure.. They gotta let Brandon Rios rock 😂
Who wants to see Guerrero vs Brandon Rios?
Thurman vs Brandon Rios. I question 1 times conditioning. Rios would test it.
This dude molina might be slower than Brandon rios
But i hate Brandon Rios.. but he nice tho
Fighter IK Yang is Jorge Paez Ricardo Mayorga with the chin of Brandon Rios all in one.
Alex Rios: 5-7, 6 RBI in three Cactus League games - all wins.
Eddie Hearn said that if Brook beats Jo Jo Dan, he's looking to do Brandon Rios or Marquez in the summer. Doesn't see Khan-Brook happening
58/85 in Houston, Texas. His alliance with Top Rank meant mulling over matchups with former titlists Tim Bradley and Brandon Rios, both of
Back-to-back-to-back HRs from Hosmer, Morales, & Rios have the ahead of the Rangers 6-0 as we head to the bottom o…
i think Brandon Rios is about the only *** that's still with his DAY 1 trainer these boxers are not loyal
I'm just saying, if fought Brandon Rios & Chris Algieri yall would be upset. But somehow the "other guy" gets a pass
Also potential opponents for summer showdown are Brandon Rios and JM Marquez amongst others
Brandon Flowers, and more to play Brian Wilson tribute concert:
Thank you to our family friend santos from the Rios clan for my BR michilada mug! Hope 2 have one...
No Brandon I don't hate you anymore 😊💙
oh look you know my name. Hi Brandon (:
“In a class full of juniors that are talking about next year. Bitter sweet.”hi zulma(-:
Cotto ❤ Brandon Rios to fight in June, possibly against Bradley or Cotto - Boxing News 24
Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini and Steve Kim discuss the fight between Brandon Rios and Diego Chaves on August 2, 2014.
Cobra is paying cause he has Brandon Rios' black card
you're not Brandon Rios so you're not invited 😒
Victor Ortiz: I’ll fight Brandon Rios if he proves himself; he’s not in my class
you'd look like Brandon Rios trying to make 126
Brandon Rios with a lovely 3 punch combo, the uppercut particularly impressive
Victor Ortiz: Where’s the contract for Brandon Rios fight?
Nothing confirmed but likely Tim Bradley or Brandon Rios. BS in my opinion
Bouta watch this Mike Alvarado vs. Brandon Rios 3.. Pays to have the DVR.. Its 1-1.. Them Mexicans know how to make a fight!
re: Manny Pacquiao signs on the dotted line to do drug tests for Brandon Rios fight You know the truth though, right?
Cat Zingano doing her best Brandon Rios impression lol
would love to see Brandon Rios against Adrian Broner...
Don't get me wrong I have fam in boxing, here's my cuz Chris (white) sparring World Champion Brandon Rios, (yellow)
yall need to put Brandon Rios vs Victor Ortizmayweather
Brandon Rios finishes Mike Alvarado in three rounds after a stoppage. What? In Alvarado's hometown! Battle of scrubs but whate…
Boxer Mike Alvarado's focus remains on upcoming fight with Brandon Rios, not legal trouble:
Brandon Rios with the vicious uppercut on Mike Alvarado.
Photos of our great Brandon Graham / Emma Rios event. + + = PURE AWESOMENESS.
What opponents are realistic for Brandon Rios next fight? Is Ortiz a possibility for a future opponent?
Brandon Graham’s & Emma Ríos’s upcoming monthly comics anthology mag, ISLAND, makes me want to give Image money now!
This is the sort of Island that I can’t wait to visit!
That comic looks beautiful and very interesting
basically the biggest must-buy in comics in 2015 is Island. can't wait -
My story in Saturday's on Brandon Rios calling out Victor Ortiz & its impact on Ventura County
Custom colored fight gloves for Brandon Rios tonight!
Can't wait for him to announce May 2nd he is fighting... Brandon Rios. Just imagine. Scenes.
Victor Ortiz vs Brandon Rios: 'Real Boxing Beef' (Told by the boxers the...: via
Brandon Rios puts smiles on peoples faces. Im going to CHANGE the world!!
I'm hoping Brandon Rios gets the call and wins THE middleweight championship of the world. How hilarious would that be?
Today would have been my good friend Brandon Lee's 50th birthday. Keeping the dream alive, my brother. Let's trend
Ellie Sechback just picked Brandon Rios to win the Super Bowl.. Good call IMO
From the shoot last night! ❤️󾓯󾌰. Photo by: Yosh Manjarrez. Ford Fiesta belongs to John Rios. Tattoos by: Brandon...
Victor Ortiz-Brandon Rios or/and Victor Ortiz-Andre Berto are fights I would hope are done this year.
I liked a video from Freddie Roach says Manny Pacquiao laughed on Brandon Rios hiring
David Lemieux is my boy. Erislandy Lara is my boy. Brandon Rios is my boy. Lucas Matthysse is my boy.
Look who I ran into Brandon Rios make sure u all tune in tomorrow to watch him fight against Mike…
The "Rubber match" (third) between Brandon Rios och Mike Alvarado from "1stBank Center" in Bloomfield, Colorado...
BOXING | Brandon Rios vs. Mike Alvarado 3 this Saturday night, January 24th on HBO
brandon rios on the klitschkos EsNews boxing: . brandon rios on the klitschkos EsNews boxing. In this
YouTube ► would brandon rios be if he was not a boxing star EsNews
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