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Brandon Novak

Brandon Novak (born December 10, 1978) is a professional skateboarder, actor, stuntman, and friend of Bam Margera and is a prominent member of the CKY Crew.

Bam Margera

Hillary shady for not drinking water smh
double cup love ur the one I lean on
I actually treat girls right and make them feel loved I'm the last of a dying breed
It takes courage to admit you're an addict, strength to battle addiction and heart to share your story to help others. Ty
It was great to hear experience, strength, & hope in his journey through fame &…
If this isn't THEE biggest compliment I don't know what is. You own more than yo think sunshine Xx
I love love love love love you my brother does too we look up to you tell bam we said hi I love you
You were always talented and funny to me and since I saw your last video I'm glad that you are doing good and helping others!
Def a Pre-order for me, Something to read on my 1 month holiday and I've wanted to read the other release for a while.
thank you for everything just a talk has helped me with the courage to put drugs down too much is never enough.Thank u friend
Listen to our friend Brandon Novak share his journey about Heroin and Substance abuse. If you need help contact...
this was my favorite Episode. This was hella funny but glad your head is on straight
I liked a video from Novak update 8-30-16
Elton Brand enrolled at Duke in August of 1997... Brandon Ingram (overall pick in the 2016 draft) was born in September…
Positive thoughts today for Recovery is a process & sometimes stumbling happens. Wishing the best for you, pal.
that's great Novak! Keep doing the next right thing one day at a time!
Brandon Novak is an awesome advocate helping those addicted to drink, heroin and prescription pain pills.
You moved to FL from Baltimore?. I cant believe how much Bam abused you in Santa Claus movie.Its uncool man.
So proud of you!! And you should be too you've came so far.
lsu should have won Brandon Harris played like trash and told you texas was gonna win
we work with banyan a lot. Good place
On episode thirteen I talk about one of my all time favorites Haggard.
FB: Concord's Brian Novak is now the all-time leader in TD passes in Concord history at 58 with a 17-yard pass to Bran…
Novak should have his own radio show on Sirius XM Faction and it shall be called Novak Radio Show. It'll be epic.
WATCH: Brian Novak finds Brandon Plyler for a 17 yard score to break the all-time TD record at Concord
i saw today at a diner. And we talked for a few. Super sweet guy. Congrats on ur sobiety
Got to meet yesterday at the carty party
. Dude help me get more follwer. Lauching soon.
thank you Bam for doing the show, I wish u and sobriety together
its good to start sober life. Hard if you were acoustom to getting high in house. Congrats to you.
Just watched the latest upload on youtube and Its so great to see is doing so well! 👍🏻🙂
Hey man when is the new dream seller/ Documentary droppin? Keep up the good work man!
I'm proud of your mingin' *** . Keep moving forward with your head up 👊 You got it.
I liked a video from Tour of my sober living house
thanks I have both though lol just trying to send an invite to an event we are having in my area.
congrats man! Huge fan, if you can message me I have a recovery related question for you.
would be great if you had and on the podcast about the book Dreamseller and its upcoming sequels.
Just watched a video of Bam attempting to give you 2 black eyes while you were dressed in a raccoon costume.
Good for you guy's really like to hear about drugs & black market $that feds push drugs & wait - get that $.
looking forward 2 it. If u need any help with promotion when the time comes, Id be happy 2 help
The sequels are happening- We are working on a June announcement :)
very happy for both of you. I wish you both continued success and hope you can help others achieve that new high
big respect man! I stopped drinking 88 days ago, it's tough sometimes but worth it. You're an inspiration.
An 11-1 victory over Dakota today puts us at 7-7 in the league, winning 5 in a row. Joe Novak threw 4 innings and Brandon Harrison finished.
I added a video to a playlist Howard Stern - Bam Margera and Brandon Novak
Check out this amazing 100-foot birdie putt by junior Andrew Novak:
Did you ever have explosive diarrhea at St Peter's Village like missy?
Going on 3 years sober now.. thanks for the inspiration I got from reading your first book, can't wait for the next one :)
Police seize 8.8 tons of cocaine in Colombia; estimated to be worth $240,000,000.
Leicester City's victory parade after winning the Premier League looks like fun...
I liked a video from Behind The Scenes Threesome Clip
Tbh brandon novak is better than bj novak
West chester tomorrow with to see what all the fuss is about.. buzzing to get some snaps.
thanks for breakfast dude. Glad to see you doing well
I liked a video from Firework Teaser
and I are gearing up for our own show. It's gonna be amazing with special guests. ;)
I have a suggestion. Brandon Novak has had a lot of problems with drugs during his career. Have you thought about helping him?
this just reminded me of that painting Novak did for Bam and he got absolutely abused on Radio Bam!
I've got a podcast I'm trying to get going could interview u on it maybe would b an awesome opportunity. To get a legend on
"Don't make this rape turn into a murder lady" . -Brandon Novak
I liked a video from Celebrity Video Message Brandon Novak
Sorry for your loss of your aunt. My thoughts and prayers are with you and family.
Today we say goodbye to a very special woman. Aunt Theda u were truly one of a kind.night…
the paper doesn't look like it was from 15yrs ago. Looks new:)
sounds like he put liquid morphine up his rectum? Best guess Joe
are you 'clean' clean, or just rockstar clean? Either way you're no doubt in a much better state of min and situation
Big fan. It makes me really happy to see you skating man. Keep it up.
You need to focus less on inking yourself and more healthier living and substance abstinance but have fun on skateboard Dude.
hey x you free to chat?kinda need help and I know you could help please DM if free thanks
If you haven't already click the link and check out my YouTube channel more stuff coming soon
hey Brodski us addicts can beawhare of the Irish Indian that flowsagainst the tide stay strong ,it's hard to stop. Proud of u
I liked a video from Novak tattoo cover-up
wanted 2 share this pic my brother got me from an artist in New York! Chris from the UK
Missed the interview on Check it out here.
now I can get back in to skating again with a clear mind , body and soul. Thanks for sharing ur story and journey!
dude so glad to see your progress! I've been shooting dope for 14 years and got put on vivitrol 2 months ago.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
so opiates are obviously your drug that causes problems, but do you continue to drink? Or fully sober?
What's the name of the drug ya shoot in your *** once a month?
I liked a video from Brandon Novak 2014 Relapse
Glade to here your doing well to here.
Nothing like going back to good ol Baltimore city for the morning show to share my…
ICYMI: Great interview today with pro skater and *** star Brandon Novak:
This great pic of and the morning show crew definitely looks like an…
Big thanks to for inviting and I on to talk about the documentary we have…
USC boys also take 3rd. Brandon Novak, Kevin Liu, Amatheon Bohan, and Ole Minuth. . After day 1, both teams are in 3rd place. .
heard you on JSS this am. Awesome meessage. Keep on coming back brother. from a recovering addict in bmore.
The USC boys follow with the championship as well!!!. 2 for 2 for the Panthers!!. Jack Fitzpatrick, Kevin Liu, Braedon Wong, and Brandon Novak
Brandon Novak is an awesome and strong human being. Good for you man.
So proud of you Brandon!! & don't worry I'm keeping your momma safe here in little Italy :)
Coming up this hour, from joins in studio! Watch here!
Today on in studio, coloring book & we explore why people hate the show!
My jaw dropped when I turned around and saw and 😭 👍🏼
Upset that I finished book in 2 days because now I don't know what to do... Make another of your story since.. Please😭
I liked a video from I can take a lesson from the darkness
I liked a video from Brandon Novak Celebvm intro
anything is everything LOL cosmic homie here
stay strong novakat! You are the man and an inspiration!
"Novak Djokovic has reached a category & class above elite: He's become indomitable."
Unstoppable!. Novak Djokovic is now a perfect 6-for-6 in Australian Open Finals after his win over Andy Murray.
Best impression of Joe Frantz' New Jersey smoker girlfriend?
If Ryan Oldie still has ab v's, I'll diddle his bean
ill be there. Wanna be my wingman and get me laid at the convention?
I'm at the one in Cleveland right now!
Come and see me and some pals get ur tickets now
I don't hate Brandon but he is a FA.. so I dont love the idea of trading assets for 3 months
Brandon Jennings may be more available for less. Thoughts?
Not true and why would you say something like that on social media?. Very disrespectful..
lmfao catch you at the French open where Novak gotta win again
roger goat but Novak might catch up tbh
Why, when I can get another drug addicted bum from the park to do it?
He's back and available for appearances!! !!
Congrats to Brandon Novak on bowling 300 with the Heat!
Tommy Novak took a huge hit from Eddie Wittchow, was helped off the ice. Wittchow ejected
VIDEO: Novak Djokovic interacts with heckler after tough 5-set win at Australian Open
I think you know I'll help you and any way I can.
Would love to help in anyway we can!
hope brandon is doing well. Best thing we can do is support and never give up ☺☺
"Stop me treating me how Bam Margera treats Brandon Novak when he's smacked up" Yeah do you mind?? Leave it out
Congrats to Brandon Novak for his 100th 300 game tonight with the new GB2MVP!
Hey Brandon to you still have first copy?
Yay i got my signed print. I luv it. Xoxo
Congrats to Brandon Novak on winning the King of the Hill at Heritage Lanes, using the Track Heat
was hoping for a lil advice/insight from you that I could share with friends. You have ur own issues 2 deal with. Stay up man
awesome! My favourite ep is when and go after leather face
Dear what do you love to do these days? Get tea, go out for ice cream, Skate, Movies, love the colors of fall, camp fires?
When is Novak gonna be in Los Angeles?
Did I mention that maurcoy and a sober were there last night too?!
I always wish when people get high too much I could meet them sober because their souls are like washed from darkness it nice
you only rehabbed 90 day? you were hardcore addicted, I would of went a year in Maryland where I always got high. You good?
Brandon Novak on Instagram: “interview for a secret project involving that will...
wanna start a band with me? Just dreaming. Just incase you would🙄
that's like some . I'd do it next time I get paid in like two weeks!! Hope I still can then 😋
One year l8r with and all much more sober than a year ago.
I want to marry Brandon Novak. That voice man.
can you follow so I can DM you could so do with a quick chat we've spoke before I wrote the nice post bout you.messed up😕x
Hi Chuck, video messages from Brandon are $40!
has a tattoo of semen on his arm. That's not *** at all, that's bro love right there!
Brandon Coe, Chris Martz and Chad Novak walk into a bar...
Brandon Allen is up. He says he's fine. FINAL: Arkansas 53, Ole Miss 52. This win has to be more than borderline ero…
Absolutely phenomenal performance from Brandon Allen tonight 👊. Gutsy.
have you and thought about starting a podcast? I liked when u guys were on
sup brother..any tips on how to stay off the B-stone? Any advice is golden
I'm stressing too *** entering this raffle for an autographed Brandon Novak picture
SJU assistant coach Brandon Novak and his coaching attire
no problem Brandon, anytime, you have my support 100% man!! Great to see you back on the board :) Keep it up
You used to call me on my trap phone. is pretty much the man is the goat.
just one of the millions who roots for the success of Brandon Novak
can't wait for the secret announcement !!! :D
I heard Brandon Novak was on heroin again, and he's back in rehab for his sixteenth time. Good luck with that one.
what is this project I gave book a five on readits I will help spread the word it's deserved
I remember back in the early 2000s when I wanted to marry 🤗❤️
Awesome, !Thank you so much for all your support! Wait till u see the project that the proceeds will fund :)
Look what just arrived ! Brandon you're doing great man, we are all proud !
Brandon Novak emotionally remembers his cancer fight from 10 years ago.
Brandon Novak on Instagram: “yup I'm pretty much gods gift to photography”
Its so good to see you skating again Bran. Hope you're feeling as good as you're looking! So proud. Keep it up
4 months ago I did a interview with and I am now trying to get another updated one.
. We're ready to see you guys in North Carolina! (((HUGS)))
Yep, the autographed photos ship internationally, :) thanks for asking!
Soon we shall reveal... That is, if and I can agree on the reveal :)
Forgot to say thanks for this so thanks from the bottom of my heart for this.
here is a hint I am involved and so is
I'm so excited about the secret projects! but the "secret" part is driving me crazy 😅
I will have to grab a couple. & how's everything? Wondering if you're up for another interview anytime?
well done hun I'm so proud of you keep up the good work never give up sweetie xx 😘 😄
thanks bro, I ordered, love you keep your head up
Glad your home and doing well love! If you ever are home in bmore let's do a meeting and coffee xox
just seeing you would be nice Novak and saying well done and giving you a big big hug sweetie xx 😘 😄
can I order one of your autographed limited edition?
Here's the scuttle butt u little rebel rousers. Orders for the autographed limited edition…
What about an unknown actor or recovering addict to play Novak. How is he doing?
Logan Novak 4 yard TD pass to Brandon Stepanek. Kick no good. Maq Valley 7 North Linn 6.
I can keep secrets really well if you feel the need to share!!!
Thank you for your love and support! The proceeds for the photo will go to funding our new secret project with
I didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose me ✌.
Thanks loved the wrapping just as much! of
*** no thank you for not selling out to that, I could not watch it with Bieber.
Lmao! That would be horrible! Thank God y'all aren't listening to them. 🙌🏼
I just want to look after tbh, he's so lovely.
Had a meeting about Movie-execs wanted to talk to Bieber to play It's Hollywood BS!
how has bieber got involved in this!?😂 I've missed something..
so these sequals same soup just reheated? admire skills for promoting funk after death I say 7Up great job
Looking forward to the sequels. A film with Beiber? Not so much. Thank you, kind Sir!
when's book coming out hope you are good wIth good people take care off yourself cosmic homie
or Evan better that Cory Feldman Ida do it but half my head is one hair lock worldly acclaim not my game gdlk
DREAMSELLER MOVIE UPDATE: I'm not allowing Justin Bieber to play Just read the upcoming books. You'll be better off. Thank u
you are a huge inspiration to me. I was in a very bad place for a long time and reading your book and "other" instances help
Dolphins ignored my request to sign K Nick Novak but I have another. Brandon Spikes..Please
I liked a video Brandon Novak Tattoo Gun Dilema at Bam Margera 's Scene from WIMN
thanx for sending me letter I wish the best of luck to you and have a great bday bam you deserve it
I'd imagine that this rumor is true about Dave Brandon
if you want to interview me about filming Brandon for a movie at feel free ok?
Just did an amazing interview with skateboard legend Tim O'Connor for the new volumes of the series
On the first drive for the Cowboys, Brandon Weeden mishandles the snap and fumbles. . Chargers recover.
Congrats!! Amazing accomplishment! Very inspiring and GOD willing you get to enjoy the rest of your life! 🙌👍 1day at a time.
You know?You're the best idol,ever!I have your book and it's just freaking amazing,good job!Thank you for exist. :)
I love you n all but being the best sophomore isn't enough. You need to fight Novak for my approval
whether it be alcohol,drugs,etc.all that is sand people eat in hope to quench a thirst,drink THE LIVING WATER
u DONT have a disease What u have is a sinful heart that has been led to an empty well to quench a thirst.
hey beloved addiction is NOT a disease , it is a habitual compulsive behavior that limits freedom in oneself
great job kick *** no more seizures I hope benzos are badd news strong spirit can do it u did it hats off
drug addiction and being famous that's a rock I wouldn't wANT to get hit bye great soul good spirits you can do anything
Sending you heartfelt love, compassion and prayers. Please don't ever give up. :*
glade to here what's up Joe.good luck
What Joe Frantz is doing for Brandon Novak is incredible
Get up get motivated go see family and good friends.Take your funny movies.No alcohol.But lots of joks
BRANDON NOVAK UPDATE:. IM STRUGGLING with this, so I'll draw an analogy from literature, Jekyll and…
Novak Djokovic breaks again to lead 2-1 in the fourth set. &
My copy of dreamseller came. Hope you're doing well
Hi just dropping by for the weekly well wish. Congratulations on being clean for how long is it now? It doesn't matter...
Thank you for the Brandon Novak update...
only when you are %110 clean will I buy your book. Just say when.
"Brandon Parks. Or as my students will call me, Mister Parks. And you will call me dad. Not Cas, Castiel, or Novak.."
Baby I miss you. Hope recovery is going well. stay strong and remember to meditate! will see you soon x
All the way through i was thinking they would have a field day with Brandon Novak
sending this one out to - please get healthy. I was nearing the end of my…
Ay atleast Novak can make it past no names
1 month ago today I got a call I'll always remember. I've never been more proud of anyone in my life.
...they were younger. You got this, we're all routing for you. If Ozzy Osbourne can do it, you certainly can!! Keep it up Xx
You're by no means a scumbag and there's not a single person here who can't say they didn't make a mistake when...
BRANDON NOVAK REHAB UPDATE:. Today I visited Brandon in rehab. And for the first time in 18 months, we…
Hanging with Bam Margera, Brandon Novak, and there Australian friend last year!
Just got to meet Bam Margera and brandon novak !
gotta love a man who loves his Mama!
Figured today was the perfect day to take the crew to b- more to see the love of my life... Mama
if I can't meet you I can give my book to jeff and britt and they can ask you to sign it I would love to meet you though..😘
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Brady and McDaniels should be working around the clock to figure out how to get Brandon Spikes covering Tim Wright.
ahh, sadly I don't drive, I'll try and find a ride as soon as I can, your friends with/lived with my friend brittney :p
not the kind of music I pictured you listening to.
Getting ready to watch the kooks sound check another notch. Another notch off ol bucket list!
Picture of Roger Federer standing next to Yao Ming as excellent as you'd expect:
Striking out was the best thing that ever happend to me, I just had to take a couple swings first
Yup. We just sold a ring to Bam Margera and Brandon Novak. Pretty cool day
what about ? He was my favorite powell peralta member.
Right back atcha, but I'm not dying over it Patrick..
Was watching this and it shut my phone down. It just can't handle Moonshine!
Can you follow me so I can DM you something? Or you could DM me your email?x
The phrase "hot to trot" makes me want to physically throw up after years of hearing Brandon Novak saying it on Radio Bam
What an inspiration is looking healthy and doing yoga! :)
Decided I'm taking and books to read again on my flights ✈️✈️
I saw more than I bargained for bak in June
why aren't you guys wearing yoga pants?? Pfft
looking like he's in pain and Looking remarkably like Jesus..
Yoga is definitely not something I would associate with Bam or Novak.. It's far to peaceful! 😄😄😄
like it. The entire crew is getting healthy.
Yoga and novak, never thought the day would come!
I love more than I did before... Didn't even know that was possible. Aww look. ☺️
REDDIT: "Howard Stern Show: Bam Margera and Brandon Novak. Funniest Interview Ever" : on /r/videos by /u/eastons...
Funniest say I've had in a while; walked past Brandon Novak, got photos with Dani Filth and saw FFU, also said hi to
Good look Brandon Novak for carrying me up n down Sequoia Pro Bowl last night. It became a struggle after a thousand practice strikes, smh. Omw back with Neko Carr more aware of what to expect.
Check out the Lovacaine slideshow video with Bam Margera, Brandon Novak, Abbey "Apple" Leigh, Nikki Boyd, and...
Bam Margera / Brandon Novak / Joe Frantz go on tour January 2009 to promote their movie Minghags and their book Dreamseller. MAyhem ensues. Special guests Ry...
I met last night!! huge fan! Wouldn't have been if it wasn't for awesome tana831
love this pic beside all the craziness yall r some good guy and sweet im glad I got to meet yall at tomcats hope u come back
I liked a video BRANDON NOVAK TELLS Bam Margera a funny story about a flight
Hanging out on Bam Margeras tour bus with Brandon Novak. Too epic for words!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I saw Novak trending. My heart started to skip beats, I thought something happened to Whew! I'm glad you're okay!
I seen that was trending.I thought they were talking about I got excited, but it was all for nothing! :(
I'm pretty sure I saw . I'm ready for a great night with
Get the feeling everybody pretty much didn't need to try on that TAKS test, lol
Are you going to see HIM at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philly May 12th?
Manchester NH 2night I will b at Social 24 on 24 Depot st Sumo wrestling going down with
Congrats to one of the raddest skaters who ever stepped on a vert ramp. First place x games vert champ. Bucky lasek!
and I know if u wanted a championship ud take felton, smith, melo, chandler, kidd, martin, novak in the draft, we know
Really looking forward to the and documentary trailer for "Where's My Needle?" Stay tuned!
Big thanks to and for signing my deck tonight.
Something wrong with Brandon Novak as well
is there going to be a sequel to dreamseller? That book was awesome
Will be seeing you in Leeds UK soon as FFU, it will be my 20th birthday too! Can't wait!!
Oi, you deffo be in scotland with bam? So u can meet me;)
I'm at Duffers right now.Cheers to y'all!
I liked a video Bam Margera and Brandon Novak - Howard Stern (FULL VIDEO)
Brandon Novak, Bam Margera's best friend got signed by tony hawk and ruined it all because he was an heroine addict for 8 years
Skydiving in Cairns video after ending the Australian tour with Alex Flamsteed, Matthew Janaitis (Matty J), Nikki, Louie and Rhys. They didn't let Brandon Novak jump because he was too wasted! Thanks to Skydive Australia for hooking us up
Randomly ran into Don Cheadle of Hotel Rwanda when I first moved here. Had Gary Busey's son invite me to Orlando. I've had System of a Down's photographer & sound man write me complimenting on photos. I got to see one of my favorite bands, Avenged Sevenfold,finally! Got to meet Bam Margera & Brandon Novak, which was a life long dream and accidentally end up in the same ally as them, acting like we knew what they were doing with Hermon Heflin and walked around at the landing with Angelina Miranda Pardo & randomly found Paper Tongues all alone! That's amazing ! Can't wait to see who else I meet. Told ya I need to be a star ;)
The Green Bay Gamblers of the United States Hockey League (USHL) are pleased to announce that forward Kevin Irwin has committed to the University Vermont of the Hockey East Conference. The Catamounts are coached by Kevin Sneddon, who enters his 16th season behind the bench.   This season Irwin has appeared in 28 games for the Gamblers tallying 28 points (12 goals and 16 assists).  Prior to being traded to the Gamblers, Irwin spent two seasons in Des Moines.  The Hinckley, Ohio native appeared in 83 games for the Buccaneers tallying 21 goals and 14 assists along with 154 penalty minutes. Irwin played the 2009-10 seasons for the Cleveland Barons in the Midwest Elite Hockey League where he racked up 49 points (25 goals and 24 assists) in 48 games.   Irwin becomes the 14th Gambler on the 2012-2013 squad to commit to a NCAA Division I institution.  Others include forwards Tanner Pond (Northeastern), Kyle Novak (Western Michigan), Matthew Weis (Ohio State), Nicholas Schilkey (Ohio State), Alex Kile (Michig ...
hey everyone... by the end of this week (no later than Friday!!!)... I need to turn in my drivers evaluation letters. I WAS REALLY REALLY HOPING that anyone on here who is reading this will write me something short and sweet, and get it notarized for me. i dont think it HAS to be notarized BUT it looks better if it is. ...PLEASE! help me get my independence back!! Jennifer Pietrzyk, Joseph Novak, Meg McNelis, Arlene Martin, Amy Verellen, Matt Blume, Brandon Johnson, Brian Klovski, Christine Graham Watkins, Christy Kiki Ghanem...
has a tattoo on her butt that says nidiot . Oh wait nope that's Brandon Novak
It's official I'm falling in love with Brandon Novak
Did a little bit if competitive bowling with some buddies. Shot a 224 first Game. And a 231 Second Game. I'm getting better !
Hey guys, Really sorry to everyone who came in for the Bam Margera appearance. We really appreciate everyone making the effort to get there, unfortunately Bam couldn't do the same...
So Australia you may be trying put a down on our trip with non stop rain for 10 days, BUT in the last few days we have, got drunk with some of the DC boys, then watched the do a demo! Then later we went and met Bam Margera and Brandon Novak, and after that we watched them gig! All thanks to my new friend GOON! Cam Butterworth
The most ridiculous night of my life. Brandon Novak and Alex Flamsteed
Jared Sullinger replaces Brandon Bass in the starting lineup says He & Max have the only local call of Cs-Heat on WEEI 93.7.
Had great night at work last night met Bam Margera and brandon novak.
.is no joke! 1-seed Novak Djokovic wins Australian Open title for 3rd straight year, beats 3-seed Andy Murray in 4 sets
Pictures from Novak Djokovic's victory over Andy Murray in the Australian Open final.
Novak Djokovic becomes first man to win three straight Australian Open titles after 6-7 7-6 6-3 6-2 victory over Andy Murray
given my friend my bed so he can get laid, so now I'm sat on the kitchen floor in a blanket reading 's dreamseller
Can't wait for the shenanigans tonight
I'm Brandon Novak, and these are belt sander skates.
Just dropped into the City Beach signing to hook and up with some Great to meet you
Just like to thank Brandon Novak & Bam Margera' Missus for constantly calling this morning asking for Alex after being told numerous times that he was not with us & have no idea where he is. Cheers! please don't come back to Australia.
Im brandon novak and this is do do falls LOLOLOLLOLOL
(AJ): *nods* I have two brothers who go to Banting. Brandon is going to be a heart surgeon. And Todd wants to (c)
I made an educational video for Aus day while drinking tomato sauce here:
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