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Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall (born March 23, 1984) is an American football wide receiver for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League.

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Brandon Marshall's tenure with the Giants is not going well so far
Not sure everyone is criticizing Ben McAdoo’s play-calling if Brandon Marshall catches the ball down the sideline w/ score…
Peter seriously I need to know. Cooper Kupp or Brandon Marshall this week? Cmon bro.
should I start Brandon Marshall, Randall Cobb or Dez Bryant PPR. what would you do?
what do you think of N. Bowman, Sean Lee, Reshad Jones and Brandon Marshall with Vince Williams and Vacarro on my bench?
- Brandon Marshall and Jeremy hill for Kenan Allen. Thoughts? I have dez, demarius Thomas…
looking at matchups, what do you think of benching Michael Thomas for Brandon Marshall in week 1? PPR Standard scoring
would you trade Brandon Marshall and AP for Jordan Reed?
Today I traded Amari Cooper & Brandon Marshall for Gronk & Torrey Smith. I know have OBJ, Mike Evans, & Gronk on my team.
Brandon Marshall, mart. Bennett. Matt Forte. Do you know history? Bri…
Stash indeed..keeper leaguegot him comparable player Brandon Marshall..
The Giants really have Odell Beckham nd Brandon Marshall. The Bucs got Desean Jackson nd Mike Evans. Best WR duos in the league💯 Dont @ me
Burleson forgot he once had Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey and Martellus…
Cutler's best weapons were in Chicago in 2013: Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffrey, Brandon Marshall, Martellus Bennett.
ICYMI: Coach McAdoo updates the status of Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall. . READ:
I swear I'm jersey cursed. I just got an Isaiah Thomas jersey. Following my Brandon Marshall, Ray Allen (Celtics in 2012), Mark Sanchez.
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GTFOH, that mf had Alshon Jefferys, Michael Bennett, Brandon Marshall, AND Matt Forte on the same offense 💀
Coach McAdoo: We'll see how both Odell Beckham Jr. (ankle) and Brandon Marshall (shoulder) respond to treatment.
Playoff and Brandon Marshall don't happen so your team is f'ed
Wow. Dave Ross and Brandon Marshall. I admit the Ross love is weird but don't hate him
u entitled I don't tho. Brandon Marshall is not a hall of famer to me but has more yards recs and 1 less td. Issa no 4 me
Brandon Marshall getting comfortable in Odell Beckham's shadow ...
Apparently he looks fantastic in camp, and Brandon Marshall & TE Evan Engram are going to open up a lot of passing lanes!
Two. Century Link and Air Academy Federal Credit Union cut ties with Brandon Marshall,his teammate at Nevada.
How 'real quiet' Brandon Marshall fits in with Giants wide receivers
Not what I expected when I started this story. How a 'real quiet' Brandon Marshall has fit in with WR room https…
Why is DeSean and an aging Brandon Marshall ahead of Mike Evans. I could even say putting Fitz over…
Todd Bowles not pleased with Sheldon Richardson's recent remarks on Brandon Marshall. Addressed player& team. "I don't have…
You want to throw BLAME at Brandon Marshall for the losing last season!? You had a QB who threw the ball to the other ...
Being a former WR in the what can Brandon Marshall do for the passing game just from his presence?
how you guys liking Brandon Marshall?
Kevin White is not who we thought he was when drafted @ 7th '15 drafted 2 replace Brandon Marshall w…
New teammates OBJ and Brandon Marshall showing off their soccer skills 👀. (via
😂😂😂 the giants receivers like that too . Odell, Brandon Marshall, Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard
I've played games where 76 OVR Victor Cruz held more catches after being tackled than 96 OVR Brandon Marshall 🤦‍♂️
Brandon Marshall fulfills promise to help Ricardo Louis in offseason, calls him 'diamond in rough'
cleveland​.com >> Brandon Marshall fulfills promise to Browns WR Ricardo Louis to help him in offseason,
Brandon Marshall. He had at least one good year everywhere he played except Miami. Was supposed to elevate Henne's game
Kap just not a good enough player if he was this wouldn't matter ask Brandon Marshall, Eric Reid, Malcolm Jenkins
How did Brandon Marshall get taken before Mike Evans and McCoy?? Smh
Brandon Marshall and OBJ should be on here too as well as Emanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas
"Giants' Brandon Marshall: I wouldn't have survived an entire season with 2017 Jets" via { } (by Sean W…
Martavis Bryant didn't even play last year and Brandon Marshall outplayed Mohamed Sanu last year
Man if we had Calvin Johnson instead of Brandon Marshall, him and Decker coulda did DAMAGE that season
Exciting VIP session where the boys got to meet and get the autographs of Brandon Marshall, Santana Moss, Sinora...
Odell and Brandon Marshall cuz it's over
"[Brandon Marshall] is just flat out wrong... Tom Brady is the greatest football player ever." —
[USA Today: Broncos Wire] Healthy again, Brandon Marshall talks goal to sack Tom Brady and more
Brandon Marshall wants to sack Tom Brady. Make it happen, 54.
No interest. They like Brandon Marshall and Todd Davis as their ILBs. Both have played well during OTAs/minicamp.
Brandon Marshall jokes about the Jets’ roster purge: ‘Will they have enough people to line up?’…
With the addition of Brandon Marshall in the WR room,. "Can B Marshall & OBJ coexist?" - . ▶️
go ahead and sign Revis. Odell and Brandon Marshall will cook him. If y'all have him play Safety then Evan Ingram will cook him.
Yes pls!!! So we can see Brandon Marshall cook him twice next yr!
Players Jets have parted ways with: . Darrelle Revis, Nick Magold, Brandon Marshall, Nick Folk, Davis Harris. now Er…
+ Brandon Marshall. + Evan Engram. How will new Giants' pass catchers improve their offense?
I forgot the Giants had Brandon Marshall that's a nasty trio, Beckham Jr Marshall and Sheppard
Oh. I recall a Bears team with Brandon Marshall, alshon J…
Brandon Marshall, Odell Beckham, and sterling sheppard are better
Brandon Marshall takes high road in responding to Sheldon Richardson
Jets star rips former teammate Brandon Marshall: Locker room is 'easier to get along with'
All purpose parts banner
Apparently former WR Brandon Marshall is still a big locker room problem, strong words from former NYJ teamm…
Sheldon Richardson is so happy Brandon Marshall is gone via
Sheldon Richardson took one last jab at Brandon Marshall as the opened OTAs. Here’s what he said:.
Sheldon Richardson sure seems happy Brandon Marshall is gone:
Sheldon Richardson talking about Brandon Marshall is the pot calling the kettle black much, but hey. Do you, pleighboy.
Sheldon Richardson rips Brandon Marshall: "15 reasons" Jets' locker room now better
[cover32] Jets’ Sheldon Richardson says locker room is better without former teammate Brandon Marshall
🎥: Here's Sheldon Richardson taking a not-so-subtle jab at ex-teammate Brandon Marshall (who wore No. 15)
Sheldon Richardson rips Brandon Marshall. 📹 (via "Locker room is better now, let's just say there's 15 reas…
Sheldon Richardson says the Jets' locker room is a better place without Brandon Marshall. https:/…
I spoke to Brandon Marshall on the 📞 a little while ago about Sheldon Richardson's comments ...
New York Jets’ Sheldon Richardson glad Brandon Marshall not on team
An honest Sheldon Richardson rips Brandon Marshall. Says locker room is better now: "Let's just say there are 15 reasons wh…
Jets' Brandon Marshall is sick of everyone talking about Bill Belichick
I added a video to a playlist Brandon Marshall says Tom Brady is NOT the best player ever - Skip
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Brandon Marshall said at health expo he plans to retire at end of current 2-year deal, focus full time on mental h…
Dude was a scrub... he had Brandon Marshall, Alshawn Jeffery, M. Bennet, Matt Forte and a decent lin…
Brandon Marshall plans to play 2 more years before “changing the world in the mental health space”
Cutler in the booth is bad news for Marty Bennett,Brandon Marshall, Josh McDaniel & Phillip Rivers
Skill? Lack of personnell? He had freakin' Brandon Marshall in his prime, Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte?
Bears had Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, Matt Forte, and Martellus Bennett on the same field for two seasons...
WHAT ARE THE BEATS DOING! First Matt Forte, then Brandon Marshall, and now you?? Come on now dawg
For those of you hating on Joe Mixon I give you 4 names. Brandon Marshall, Adrian Peterson, Floyd Mayweather, and Rey Lewis. Athletes not
People still upset about Brandon Marshall or Martellus Bennett being traded or Matt Forte not being resigned . It's a full rebuild going on
Odell Beckham, Jr., Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram. Defending the Giants pass attack is going to be a nigh…
Oh, no: Eli gets ANOTHER big-body receiver who can run - Evan Engram to go with Brandon Marshall to go with Odell. Tro…
They couldn't stop last year and y'all lost the whole secondary. plus we got Brandon Marshall and a…
I'm fine with it. I think Brandon Marshall without the drama
Brandon Marshall is training with Eric Kelly, which means 1200 yards and 12 TDs are almost a given this season.
Trading Chris Sale. Trading Brandon Marshall. No effort for Alshon Jeffrey. Letting good guys walk out the door... What are my teams doing??
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Funny-Eli Manning sees Plaxico qualities in Brandon Marshall. We talking on the field right? BMarsh will go after the kicker so watch out NY
Christina Milian on a date with Brandon Marshall at Stout Restaurant in Hollywood
ICYMI: John Mara: Brandon Marshall has provided a "spark' for the
Excited to see what Brandon Marshall will do on the football field for 👏🏾
Explain to me again how a player who's beaten multiple women became the NFL's Measured Voice of Reason.
Brandon Marshall wants to help NFL players have more of a voice
Brandon Marshall to NFL owners, coaches and executives Monday morning: "Our relationship could be so much better."
Giants' Eli Manning, Brandon Marshall, Odell Beckham and more to spend three days w/ -
Brandon Marshall reflects on the dismantling of Bears’ record-breaking offense
[cover32] - Brandon Marshall speaks at NFL annual owners meeting
[CSN Chicago] - Ex-Bear Brandon Marshall an early favorite at NFL owners meetings
again with the mixup between the two Brandon Marshall's...🤔
Brandon Marshall reflects on the dismantling of Bears' record-breaking offense - Chicago Tribune
Giants WR Brandon Marshall holding court at the owner's meeting. Says will be sad if Raiders leave "but this is the ent…
Brandon Marshall and Eli Manning holding get-to-know-you camp at Duke next week. OBJ and Shepard surely invited too . htt…
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Giants' Brandon Marshall says Geno Smith signing was 'absolutely'..
Brandon Marshall says the Raiders move to Las Vegas is "sad."
All of a sudden Brandon Marshall, 33 year old domestic violence assailant, is Jerry Rice just because he plays for…
Giants' Marshall addresses NFL brass in AZ - ESPN
Owners meetings: Brandon Marshall thinks his experience can help Odell Beckham Jr.
Steve Tisch: Odell Beckham's 'not a problem child; He's a work in progress,' and Brandon Marshall will help ...…
Do the draft a QB w/their No. 6 pick w/McCown to act as his mentor? Also, how do they replace Brandon Marshall?
Brandon Marshall when he heard Geno Smith was signing with the Giants
Giants expected to sign former Jets QB Geno Smith, per and me. Smith and Brandon Marshall teammates again.
The Bears have gone from Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett to Kevin White, Markus Wheaton and Cam Mer…
Amazing to think Bears once had Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte in their…
WRs going to the NFC East: . Giants: Brandon Marshall. Eagles: Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith. Redskins: Terrelle Pryor
When your on your phone lookin around and see that Rhett Ellison and Brandon Marshall are on giants.
Everyone hyped OBJ & Brandon Marshall w/ the but Mike Evans & Desean Jackson combo for Jameis Winston just as fo…
Is the Giants' locker room big enough for Odell Beckham AND Brandon Marshall? via
2017 NFL free agency: Everything we need to know about Giants' Brandon Marshall
Yeah cause Brandon Marshall won't hesitate to whoop the QB's *** when he throws it to the DB.
Brandon Marshall-->Giants. Hopes to make playoffs.Not that I think it will happen,but it would be funny if the giants didnt make it 😂
Newest Giant goes 1-on-1 w/ to discuss why he signed with Big Blue!. WATCH: htt…
Players Kenny Britt had more yards than last year in league's worst offense:. DeAndre Hopkins. Allen Robinson. Kelvin Benjam…
Eli Manning + Odell Beckham Jr + Brandon Marshall. It's gonna be an amazing 2017 season in NY.
fans waking up to the news of the Brandon Marshall signing like.
Pretty clear why the went out and got 6'4" Brandon Marshall...they spent '16 throwing 82% of red zone passes to gu…
*** Brandon Marshall to the giants, that's a big move right there
Brandon Marshall to the Giants was a good look. Grading the free agency moves from the day: htt…
Pierre Garçon gets $16M in his first year with the 49ers. Brandon Marshall gets $12M for two years with the Giants
Brandon Marshall is the perfect role model for Odell Beckham Jr. A calm WR who's never caused drama with any of his te…
Every year it's "how did they get Brandon Marshall for nothing??", fast forward to him having 82 catches and 1200 yards this…
Wow. Brandon Marshall? Eli Manning now has quite an array of weapons to overthrow.
The have signed WR Brandon Marshall to a two year deal!
Welcome to the Watch career highlights of the 6x Pro Bowler 🎥:
Eli Manning's reaction to sharing a huddle with Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall.
Dawg I'm tight NYG copped Brandon Marshall. We needed him! Now we gotta act fast for K.Britt/B.Cooks or sum good WR
"It's a perfect fit". Brandon Marshall is switching locker rooms and is heading to the Giants
Brandon Marshall picked Eli Manning over Tom Brady, just saying.
OFFICIAL: 6x Pro Bowler is a New York Giant! Marshall explains his decision to sign with Big Blue >>
Broncos Should move Brandon Marshall back to his Sam MLB spot and Corey Nelson at the weak side LB spot next year.
Brandon Marshall on Giants signing: 'It was all about championships'
I didn't think it was possible but . Odell Beckham Jr . Sterling Shepard . Brandon Marshall. Giants going All-In for Eli Mannin…
Its 1:45am & all im doing is reading articles about the Giants signing Brandon Marshall... bittersweet feeling
You sleep if you think Brandon Marshall is washed up
When Odell and Brandon Marshall have a meltdown in the locker room by like week 6>>>>>>>
Yo the giants really just upgraded from Victor Cruz to Brandon Marshall 🙌🏾
Brandon Marshall is signing with the Giants. OBJ and B Marsh. 👀 PER (
Your thoughts on Brandon Marshall joining the New York Giants?
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Brandon Marshall may take Giant step back from media career
Brandon Marshall agrees to a 2 year deal w the Giants!!!
It is 1:36 am in Texas and Brandon Marshall is a Giant
Brandon Marshall: "They definitely didn't offer me the most money. It was probably the least money. It was all about a c…
Brandon Marshall with the New York Giants got to love it
Brandon Marshall and NY Giants reach agreement on a two-year deal, per source. Marshall doesn’t have to move, now plays w…
Does Brandon Marshall make the Giants better than the Cowboys? NOW on
I love Victor Cruz but Brandon Marshall is definitely an upgrade. The dude is an unbelievable talent.
POLL: What do you think about Giants signing Brandon Marshall?
Giants sign WR Brandon Marshall to 2-year contract
Brandon Marshall's phone has been blowing up since signing with the Giants:
Brandon Marshall's insight on new teammate Odell Beckham, Jr. | GiveMeSport.. Related Articles:
I made a Calvin Pryor jersey out of my Brandon Marshall jersey
Brandon Marshall squeezed in a workout at Giants facility after signing. Also had opportunity to meet defensive captain J…
Good news for the Brandon Marshall has posted at least 1,000 Rec Yds in the 1st season with each of his last 3 teams…
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So, Brandon Marshall found a new team before Jimmy Patsos got fired. Bit of a shock.
really said Golden Tate is a better WR than Brandon Marshall...😕
📈 Brandon Marshall on the Giants makes perfect sense
Can't believe the didn't block Brandon Marshall from signing with the Giants lol. That's a nasty WR trio.
Just trying to digest all of this: Brandon Marshall joining the wow ..
So is Brandon Marshall gonna block for Eli?
OK so Brandon Marshall got away with holding a little, but there are OLmen that can't make this block on J Johnson
Brandon Marshall, OBJ & Shepherd? Man it's a good thing they can't block lol
I can't wait for Thursday when the Eagles sign DeSean, Pryor, Stills, Britt, Alshon, Garçon, & Brandon Marshall. Super…
priority should be coming away with Brandon Marshall or Pierre Garcon in free agency
Brandon Marshall Isn’t a Fit for the Oakland via Word on Pro Football
Brandon Marshall to the is juice talk right there 👀
Glauber: Marshall on the Giants makes sense via
Report: Pats, Brandon Marshall could be an item via
The Steelers need to just say no to Brandon Marshall
I really want a Brandon Marshall jersey, just hoping he ends up on a team I like... Chiefs?
ikr and Brandon Marshall. Offense is more legendary than ever ☺
Brandon Marshall wants to play for the Patriots. The Patriots have interest
"I'm looking forward to finding a great organization where I can contribute & bring home a championship."
brandon marshall would be our number one WR, and he would come at less $$ than jeffery
Steve Smith: "Brandon Marshall called to give me a 'heads up' and to ask a couple questions. I think he'd be a good fi…
"God has redeemed my life from the pit, and I’m learning to walk day by day in His footsteps.". - . READ: h…
Bruh if we come away with Brandon Marshall or Brandon Cooks
"You can never have too many playmakers.". says his former team would be a good fit for
Would Pittsburgh native Brandon Marshall consider a "hometown discount" to play for a ring? And would the Steelers take the…
What’s next for Brandon Marshall? - With the Jets moving on from 11-year veteran receiver Brandon Marshall, he’...
Brandon Marshall still a beast. Never had a qb anywhere close to Brees. Make that call Coach!!. .
The Patriots should pursue Brandon Marshall. Marshall would become an excellent outside receiver capable of winning 50-50 situations
Considering factors that could lead Patriots to look at Brandon Marshall.. Related Articles:
Reports: Brandon Marshall and the Patriots have 'mutual' interest.
Hamilton Collection
Tom Brady really about to get Brandon Marshall for the low low
go go the patriots B Tom Brady and Brandon Marshall 🤔
Yall ready to let Tom Brady get Brandon Marshall tho
When's the last time you saw Brandon Marshall have an open field block like this?
If the Giants can land WHitmore or Okung + sign WR Brandon Marshall & draft TE OJ Howard I'd say off season was a success.
There is "mutual interest" between the and WR Brandon Marshall (
Why are people excited about Brandon Marshall? The dude thinks JJ Watt is better than Tom Brady
Tom Brady with a hungry Brandon Marshall = Repeat lol
If Alshon Jeffrey & Brandon Marshall reunite in NE with Bennett man it's over Tom getting 2 more rings
By this time next weekend Tony Romo will be the Broncos QB, Andrew Whitworth the left tackle and Brandon Marshall the No. 3 WR. . I hope.
If the Pats sign Brandon Marshall the rest of the NFL should just wave the white flag cuz honestly what's the point ? Road to 6 begins...
I believe Brandon Marshall would put up Randy Moss type numbers with Tom Brady.
Brandon Marshall and Patriots have mutual interest, per
The Patriots and Brandon Marshall reportedly have "some mutual interest" in one another. Would he be a good fit?
Tom Brady is retiring after this season so I can see Brandon Marshall going there to get a ring.
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Brandon Marshall would have 100+, 1500+, and 15+ with Tom Brady. . And probably even go to the playoffs for the fir…
Eric Decker still on chopping block following release of Brandon Marshall
Brandon Marshall on the Giants makes perfect sense, writes:
I think my favorite fit for Brandon Marshall is Indianapolis. Could be super fun to watch with Andrew Luck.
Brandon Marshall on the Giants makes perfect sense - Newsday
When I got that Bruce arians text bout he always picks up veteran players. & it said Brandon Marshall 👀 let's make that happen
Brandon Marshall, Adrian Peterson, Nick Mangold, and Darrelle Revis should all sign to the Cleveland Browns just those fans need something
have gone on to Cut Ryan Clady, Breno Giacomini, Erin Henderson, Nick Folk, Nick Mangold, Brandon Marshall and Darrelle Revis.
Steve Smith thinks Brandon Marshall would be a good fit in Baltimore:
Brandon Marshall or Kenny Britt with + David Njoku or OJ Howard is dangerous!! Geesh make it happy J.Reese 🙏🏾
SR weighs in on the interest in Adrian Peterson, Nick Mangold, Brandon Marshall and Desean Jackson. Read:…
.breaks down the potential landing spots for Brandon Marshall
The Ravens-Brandon Marshall connection is obvious but so are the questions
with Brandon Marshall and Alston Jeffrey both FA. . Would the lions look to add a target alongside Golden Tate?
Howard, do you think Brandon Marshall is totally out of reach for us or can he be lured by McDermott with a good sales pitch?
3 of the Jets top 4 cap hits from *this past season* have been released this offseason. . Darrelle Revis. Brandon Marsha…
Brandon Marshall should go to the Texans if Romo goes, or to the Bills. Pats is too easy.
The are moving on from WR Brandon Marshall: (via
Sources: Brandon Marshall is pushing to sign with the New York Giants. Doesn't want to relocate his family.
According to it was Brandon Marshall who wanted out. If he wants to experience the playoffs, he can come west.
Few hours after I'm told Jets brass believe they won't have winning team for 2 years team releases Brandon Marshall https:…
And now the Jets are releasing WR Brandon Marshall, per sources.
One source close to Brandon Marshall texted: "Really appreciate Jets for giving him the opportunity and they did offer hi…
Please for the love of God and all thing holy, pick up Brandon Marshall, please
WAIT A MINUTE! Brandon Marshall has never been to the playoffs!?!? Nahhh bro we gotta fix this
NFL free agency 2017: Retirement should be next for Brandon Marshall after Jets release
Y'all give Brandon Marshall too much credit don't know that many great WRs just always switching teams he about to be on…
The Jets have reportedly granted Brandon Marshall's request to be released
Could retirement be looming for Brandon Marshall? After his release from the Jets, it's wouldn't be a surprise.
NFL free agency 2017: Brandon Marshall eyes championship contender after Jets release
I'll lead the charge to say I would love Brandon Marshall to come to the Dallas Cowboys.
Didn't Brandon Marshall say he wanted to play for New England before?
release Wheaton n pick up Brandon Marshall please
BREAKING: Jets are releasing WR Brandon Marshall. (via &
If Brandon Marshall wants to take less and play for the Giants, I could see it. . I'm just not banking on it.
Jets will release WR Brandon Marshall, as others have reported earlier tonight.
Giants offense could be so nasty, please draft OJ Howard and sign Brandon Marshall 🙏🏼
BREAKING: The are releasing WR Brandon Marshall at his request. (via Adam Schefter)
I'll pass one Brandon Marshall, we have Laquon Treadwell.
As much as I hate to say it, (WR) Brandon Marshall should sign with the -- The Cowboys should then draft (TE) . OJ Howard.
should sign with Andrew Luck or Brandon Marshall please make 1 of these moves
Brandon Marshall would be a good compliment to Golden Tate and Marvin Jones in the slot
Im happy for Brandon Marshall cuz he always ends up with Bum Azz QB's. Maybe him and Andrew Luck should team up. 🖒🖒
My wish list: OJ Howard, Brandon Marshall, Andrew Whitworth, & Jamaal Charles. If we can get 2 of the 4 I'd be ecstatic
please sign Brandon Marshall now would be the perfect time.
Most Cowboys fans would rather have Terrence Williams back for some weird reason,but id take Brandon Marshall for cheap if he wants to win
The are releasing WR Brandon Marshall, source said. says this is at Marshall's request. Team needs to get you…
Would you like to see Brandon Marshall line up opposite Demaryius Thomas, with Emmanuel Sanders in the slot?
Brandon Marshall is a top 10 WR in the league. draft is very weak at WR. all good ones gone before R3
Brandon Marshall to be honored by Harvard for stance against social injustice: by
Darrelle Revis, Brandon Marshall, Nick Mangold & Marcus Gilchrist could eventually be cut in the coming days. Something…
Only Calvin Johnson & Brandon Marshall had more 100+ yd receiving games than Victor Cruz from 2011 until Cruz injured his…
Brandon Marshall says the Falcons offense may be too much for the Patriots on Sunday via
Deion Sanders and Brandon Marshall getting ready for 40 yard dash Show
I had 1 yesterday with Brandon Marshall across the middle of the field hit him perfect at like the 10 yard line & dropped it 😤
Brandon Marshall 'sick' of all the Bill Belichick talk: After four games against the Patriots, Jets wide receiver…
Brandon Marshall, Allen Robinson and Jeremy Maclin, what do I do with them?
You can say that about Deandre Hopkins, Allen Robinson, Brandon Marshall etc fact is it's not reality lol he's not top 5
Brandon Marshall had a catch percentage of 47.2, 143rd out of 144 eligible WRs Enunwa - 54%. Anderso…
But seriously, Mike Sims-Walker. He was supposed to be our Brandon Marshall (WR, not LB)
Jets will 'most likely' release WR Brandon Marshall in the offseason, ESPN reports.
Brandon Marshall is expected to be released by the according to
What's that in 's mouth? I didn't know Brandon Marshall was watching the game in the Moose Lodge with y'all!
If I'm the raiders we need to make a splash this year again and send a message lets go get Brandon Marshall and Darrel Revis
dude rides manning and vons coat tail to a super bowl and grows a pair. Not even the most popular Brandon Marshall in the league.
Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker made fits look like a stud last year. What happened when decker got hurt this season?
Brandon Marshall or Demaryius Thomas this week I also have Mike Evans
REPORT: Ball drop experts Michael Crabtree, Ted Ginn and Brandon Marshall will be in Times Square tonight to make sure…
Antonio Brown declares victory in the battle of luxury cars with Brandon Marshall.
One 3rd round pick. We sent that pick to Miami in the Brandon Marshall trade. Miami sent it to SD. SD used it on s…
I wonder if Brandon Marshall really believed in his heart that he would win that bet against Antonio Brown lol
Antonio Brown reminds Brandon Marshall that he owes him a Porsche...
Pro Football Talk - - As Jets were getting blown out Brandon Marshall blew up
If want to keep Brandon Marshall, it's contingent on a pay cut and understanding that it is a lesser role &…
Jets WR Brandon Marshall feels now isn’t the time to start Christian Hackenburg
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
like not having tj ward, Brandon Marshall, or derrick Wolfe didn't make a huge difference, right?
David Johnson currently has 745 yards receiving, which is more than that of Brandon Marshall, DeAndre Hopkins and Allen R…
Sheldon Richardson irked by Brandon Marshall's comment on 'embarrassing' loss to -
Moments after Brandon Marshall said the Jets' loss was "embarrassing" for everyone, Sheldon Richardson chimed in.
Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall, Nick Mangold & any player who stood on a table for Fitzpatrick can go honestly.
Brandon Marshall's return is questionable due to a hip injury. He is tied with Malcolm Butler as the Jets' leading receiver.
Don't forget Bears flipped that pick for Brandon Marshall so it wasn't a complete bust
Xavien Howard shut down Brandon Marshall last week. But can he shut down a young, speedy Sammy Watkins with Byron Maxwell being out? Hope so
Michael Floyd blood alcohol level or percentage of Brandon Marshall targets this weekend, which will…
We are in Week 8 which means trade deadline here at the PBL! We have now seen Brandon Marshall traded to the Ravens for Yanda and a pick
James Brown is a great moderator, but Michael Irvin / Brandon Marshall, I could care less what they think.
He needs to be traded to the Dolphins so he can sit next to Sammy Watkins and Brandon Marshall. ;)
Tony Lippett caught more passes than Brandon Marshall on Saturday. . Tony Lippett is on defense and Brandon Marshall is on O…
Brandon Marshall is out, Brady is gonna torch that middle of the field!
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