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Brandon Knight

Brandon Knight (born December 2, 1991) is an American professional basketball point guard with the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association.

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...*looks at everyone debating*. I just wanna make some *** layups. Got my player out here missing them like Brandon Knight
Reminder that Brandon knight is still in the league
Home opener tonight. Tryna see Beverly fight Bledsoe. Deandre Jordan gotta put Brandon Knight in a coffin again. It's time
Brand power...if Brandon knights dad was lavar knight he would take so many less L's
Matter of fact, where Brandon knight at lol
Devin Booker doesn't play defense and neither does Bledsoe. Brandon knight is over paid trash and chandler is old as *** lol
Yeah, I was thinking of Brandon Knight when I said that
Suns don't even deserve to be in the NBA ya stink. You need your best guard Brandon knight lmaooo
Man we should have traded jrue for Bledsoe or Brandon knight a while ago. I wonder why the suns trying to keep all them pg’s
Suns guard Brandon Knight has suffered a torn ACL in his left knee and could miss the entire season, league source tells ESPN.
Let me introduce you to the most unlucky player in the NBA - Brandon Knight.
Yup. I think Brandon Knight would flourish for a team like the thunder coming off the bench
And i guarantee you bledsoe tyson and Brandon knight won't be on the roster by all star break
JJ will be better than Kawai Leonard... Suns have Tyler Ulis, Mike James, Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight. All good PGs!
Since we here, I’ve never seen the big deal with Brandon Knight falling down while closing out on Kyrie jumpshot in the young stars showcase
Mil always doing something stupid bro lol our front office dumb. We should've kept Brandon Knight and let Middleton walk.
Suns would’ve beaten Portland if Brandon Knight was healthy.
No dunk better than DJ on Brandon knight that's a body
Congrats to Brandon Knight, Colleen Merrill, Ralph Potter & Ty Sturdivant for completing the Academic Leadership Ac…
While he was here, I do wonder if Brandon Knight referred to night school as Knight school.
Brandon Knight's should be bigger than the rest. He's earned that
Who gonna be the superstar to catch the Brandon knight treatment this year?
Happy Birthday Donovan friend! You passing out in Brandon Knight's class will forever be iconic
Brandon Knight took so many L's starting with when DJ dunked on his *** lmfao
Brandon knight already got dunked on πŸ˜‚
Brandon Knight should have an enormous tomb or monument given how often he was put on a poster.
Need Brandon knight on here twice tbh
I think Brandon Knight should have more than 1 tombstone
Julius Randle looking like Brandon Knight this year πŸ˜‚
He's no heir he's a knight. A dark knight
The music tonight reminds me of the dark knight trilogy
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Stop giving em pt you can stay on the team but yo gon be brandon knight 2.0 πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‚
IDK if it's my worst, but I suggested trading Cauley-Stein for Brandon Knight last year.
Nah Isaiah's injured you retard he's not gonna help me, I'd rather go w Brandon Knight
I pray that Deandre goes Brandon Knight on Lonzo one time tonight. That would be a fabulous start to the season.
You could but that'd equal three more years of Brandon Knight
Watching Javale McGee and Brandon Knight's game clips at this time of the night is really an A+ feeling. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ya need Brandon knight back cuz the suns STINK
This wouldn’t have happened if Brandon Knight was playing
First Brandon Knight, then Gordon Hayward and now Jeremy Lin all out for the season. What is going on man
The list is actually 5 players lost for the year including Exum (shoulder) and Brandon Knight (offseason ACL tear).
BBN legends Tyler Ulis Eric Bledsoe Brandon knight and Devin Booker deserve better
One game in and the all-"out for the season" lineup looks like:. Jeremy Lin. Dante Exum. Brandon Knight. Gordon Hayward. Festus Ezeli. Brutal.
were so bad last night I briefly found myself wishing Brandon Knight was available
Brandon Knight is still trying to process that injured players have to take pictures.
All you Brandon Knight haters are quiet now!!! Yea!
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If Brandon Knight were still alive, that might have been a possibility. But alas...
you can see how much the Suns miss Brandon Knight
The sun's would be winning if they had Brandon Knight. (sarcasm)
Not to mention Eric Bledsoe doing his best Brandon Knight impression
The live execution of Brandon Knight is still the most disrespectful thing ever.
(2011) Brandon Knight hits the game winner to send Kentucky to the Elite 8!
One of the best you can't forget about what Blake did to Pau or that Deondre Jordan dunk on Brandon Knight
Prayers go out to Suns' PG Brandon Knight who tore his ACL last week playing in a Miami Pro Am Basketball League. http…
The Knicks are going to end up with Brandon Knight and wish they would have just accepted Meyers Leonard.
I'm suprise Brandon Knight didn't make the cut!
NY Hou Por deal Melo to Hou Anderson & Kelly to Por Harkless & Leonard to Us 1st rd pick . Courtney Lee & 2nd to Phx for Brandon Knight.
Brandon Knight, the unluckiest player of all time.
(cont). Rubio to Orl for Augustin/CJ Watson. Rubio to Phx for Brandon Knight. Rubio to SA for Danny Green. The only 5 teams I could see for him
Devin Booker is on a team with Tyson Chandler and Brandon Knight coached by Earl Watson. This isn't…
Our awesome Sales Partners at on the water with our own Rob Dallas and Brandon Knight!
I always fleece Charlotte by trading Brandon Knight for Cody Zeller and MKG in my NBA2K franchise mode
Dexter Strickland put the clamps on Brandon Knight, Darius Johnson Odom and Isaiah Thomas though.
On that fateful day, guards Brandon Knight, Michael Carter Williams and Goran Dragic all dealt. The afterthought gu…
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I was like how do you pass up on Trey Burke when our PG's were Will Bynum, Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight...
.Worst: Suns acquire Brandon Knight & Kendall Marshall in 3-team deal with Bucks/Sixers, trade En…
Jeff Hornacek is the same guy who Traded Isaiah Thomas and Gordon Dragic, and kept Brandon Knight & Eric Bledsoe.
Eric Bledsoe not playing , Brandon Knight not playing , Devin Booker not playing , Tyson Chandler not playing ... smh πŸ˜’
Looking ahead to next season: How good can Devin Booker be? Will Eric Bledsoe & Brandon Knight still be w/Suns?
To be fair, the Suns are operating without Eric Bledsoe, Tyson Chandler and Brandon Knight.
Fox the next Brandon Knight that man plays so stupidly
De'Aaron Fox's 26 points are the 3rd most a Kentucky freshman has scored in an NCAA tournament game. . Brandon Knight 3…
Brandon Knight getting himself front and center less than 2 weeks after refusing to play is such a Brandon Knight move.
thoughts on Brandon Knight? I still would reach out to Mike Rice
John Wall passed Brandon Knight, Randy Smith, and Vince Carter for 80th all-time in assists.
Suns trainers got Grant Hill and Steve Nash healthy and somehow let a Brandon Knight ankle and Tyson Chandler ankle…
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Brandon Knight throws it down off the bounce pass from Tyler Ulis.
Ryan McDonough expects Tyler Ulis to play more minutes after the trade deadline - possible Brandon Knight trade coming.…
If I was Earl Watson, I would play both Tyler Ulis and Ronnie Price before Brandon Knight.
Wasn't a huge fan of Brandon Knight when he was the No. 1 option for Laconic Larry Drew in Milwaukee. His regression, though, has been rapid
Don't let listen to the Lowe Post where they say even a 2nd round pick may not be there for Brandon Knight.
Suns GM says Tyler Ulis is expected to have a bigger role after the trade deadline. Looks as if Brandon Knight will be…
Wizards should trade for Lou Williams. Thunder should trade for Wilson Chandler. Magic should trade for Brandon Knight.
Asiks terrible contract for someone like Wilson Chandler or Brandon Knight. How about Dragic. There's another piece out there we can get.
Jack I just want to ask have you seen me on YouTube in the comments my name is Brandon Knight and I am a nine year old and your biggest fan.
Trade Deadline: Thoughts on a Iman Shumpert for Brandon Knight trade?
4 top players that should be traded are Wilson Chandler,Lou Williams, Gallinari, Brandon Knight
Brandon Knight is one of the biggest black hole players in the NBA we would hate him on a Glen Davis type level
Wilson Chandler, Lou Williams or possibly Brandon Knight, they'll be set! Send them Burke, Oubre, Nicholson and draft pick
Tbt to when Deandre Jordan put Brandon Knight on a poster πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
If Deandre Jordan wants to win the dunk contest he better bring Brandon Knight with him.
"I'll Deandre Jordan, Brandon Knight all you niggaz for real"
that beats "oh Brandon Knight is -30 in 6 mins" or "Lance Blanks just traded Goran and a 1st for Aaron Brooks"
Alex Len, Brandon Knight, and our head coach Earl Watson
Chris Paul lobs the alley-oop pass to Deandre Jordan for a monstrous slam over Brandon Knight. 2013
we should trade Jackson for Brandon Knight and trade morris and Baynes for Nerlens Noel and Nick Staukus
the Cavs need to pick up Augustine, Brandon Knight... Nate Robinson too lol options
Tyler Ulis seeing some first half minutes again with Brandon Knight. Leandro Barbosa has played under 10 minutes in 5 games this month
Brandon Knight can cross up your favorite player
I just don't see any moves out there to be made man. We don't need a Brandon Knight or Monta Ellis either.
Brandon Knight will likely be traded between now & the trade deadline (via
The Suns had Isaiah Thomas and a Lakers first and ended up with a late first and Brandon Knight. . You can't get a bigger…
Report: Suns still taking in trade offers for Brandon Knight, could trade him before the deadline.
Gotta be Robert Horry, Matt Barnes or Brandon Knight for me.
I don't know how Brandon Knight has survived in the NBA for so long, like this mans will is unbreakable
here's my own opinion. Trade one of your young PGs for a vet, like Tony Parker, Brandon Knight, or a Brandon Jennings.
r to l: Harrison Barnes, Brandon Knight, Jared Sullinger, Kyrie Irving, Perry Jones. Jones is the only one I'm not…
Perry Jones, Kyrie, Sullinger, Brandon Knight, Barnes on their way to Baylor, Duke, OSU, Kentucky and UNC
The other side of Brandon Knight that the media doesn't show πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Trade Courtney Lee and get a guy like Brandon Knight. Throw the Kings a pick for Boogie and trade Noah for bench help. Oh & stop with the πŸ”Ό
Luckily, he has a trade-able contract. I'd go for a Brandon Knight or Goran Dragic
Brandon Knight said he's on the other side of the highlights nowπŸ™ŒπŸ˜€
Brandon Knight still on a quest for redemption after what Deandre Jordan did to his soul.
Brandon Knight crosses Aminu and slams on Evan Turner
Well goodness gracious.Brandon Knight said he tired of being the one dunked on!
Time for Brandon Knight to unfollow Courtney Lee. Cmon now, coach.
Alan Williams loves what he sees on the Brandon Knight to Eric Bledsoe alley-oop!
6) Vince Carter dunk on Alonzo Mourning or Deandre Jordan dunk on Brandon Knight.
Brandon Knight says players will come in and play hard and minutes will be up to Coach Watson.
Brandon Knight on Earl Watson: "He's creating an environment where you want to be in Phoenix & you want to be w/ your brothers."
Brandon Knight has a new jersey number
Phoenix Suns trade rumors 2016: Eric Bledsoe or Brandon Knight must go this off-season? - Ecumenical News
Eric Bledsoe ranks highest among the Suns but they also have Devin Booker at No. 100 and Brandon Knight at No. 98.
Kyrie Irving putting the moves on Brandon Knight in the 2013 Rising Stars Challenge game.
Brandon Knight may be the most unlucky player of all time πŸ˜‚
Brandon Knight getting dunk on by Jordan
Brandon Knight: the most unlucky player of all time
They're underclassmen, but Brandon Knight and Coy Cronk earned Kevin Wilson's trust to share a starting spot.
Deandre Jordan should be convicted of murder for what he did to Brandon Knight
I've been right abt every basketball player except Brandon Knight, Acie Law, and Andrew Wiggins. That's it. I'm usually super accurate
ICYMI: Brandon Knight's sidelined with an injury, so things are getting interesting for at left tackle:
Brandon Knight is sidelined with a minor foot injury. So things are getting interesting at left tackle. Story:
20.) Deandre Jordan dunk over Brandon Knight. Everyone remembers this. Why Knight stayed on the court after this idk https:/…
So ship Brandon Knight back to the Bucks?
If I'm the Magic, I trade Vucevic for Brandon Knight or Eric Bledsoe. (Preferably Knight)
Brandon Knight or Eric Bledsoe coming off the bench in Phoenix this year?
Brandon Knight, Eric Bledsoe, Jared Dudley, Alex Len among others all at attendance right behind the Suns bench at
Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight and Jared Dudley are all in Vegas supporting the Summer Suns.
Eric Bledsoe or Brandon Knight getting traded before the season start
If the Phoenix Suns are willing to trade Brandon Knight and/or Eric Bledsoe for Rudy *** he won't be coming to the Pacers lol.
Why everyone sleeping on Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe they so raw πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ just like be
.hey fam, I hear you want a Rudy *** All it'll cost you is a Brandon Knight or an Eric Bledsoe. Good trade my dude.
Now we just gotta see where Eric Bledsoe or Brandon Knight gone go! Solid starting or 6th man point guards
if you were the Suns would you trade Next years pick Brandon Knight and Tyson Chandler for Boogie?? Do you think they would accept
If Devin Booker, Brandon Knight, or Eric Bledsoe is not apart of thanks. Millsap > Horford
Brandon Knight is a big Robert Wagner fan.
Tyler Ulis is the 5th Kentucky G on the Suns, joining Devin Booker, Archie Goodwin, Brandon Knight & Eric Bledsoe. https:…
I find that difficult to believe considering Rickards played in class w/ Brandon Knight. Joel Berry etc
Okafor Stauskas and for Chandler and Knight from Phoenix. Brandon Knight is still young enough and moldable.
Tyreke Evans and Brandon Knight over Jeff Teague ? Your opinion on dat
Kuz if u telling me rite now in 2016 you'll take Tyreke Evans and Brandon Knight over Teague. U dont know *** u talkin bout
Tyreke Evans been injured for da last 4 years how tf. Dennis not better than Teague. And bruh u just trying Teague talmbout Brandon Knight
And apparently I missed something & Brandon Knight became unplayable or something. Granted he's had rough moments but still all-star fringe
New Orleans receives:. Brandon Knight, 13 pick, 28. Phoenix receives:. Eric Gordon, 6 pick. PHO can draft Brown and Bender for a young team
Today i dunked on a 10 year old in trampoline basketball... he said score on me and by george i Deandre Jordan'd his Brandon Knight
After 6 innings, we are tied at 2. . Due up in the top of the 7th:. Chris Williams. Judd Moore. Brandon Knight
because of their new coach, been hearing Brandon Knight. But I'm pretty sure (and hoping) they'll go after Mike Conley
*checks the contracts of Ben McLemore, Victor Oladipo, Brandon Knight, and Tobias Harris*.nah he straight
he dunked on Jason TerryπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and Deandre is *** near 7 foot and Brandon Knight is 6'3"
Hwaseong Heroes are managed by Shane Spencer and coaches include ex-KBOer Brandon Knight, Daryl Maday, and Adam Donachie
I'd take Shannon Brown over Brandon Knight. Not in his prime. I'm talking right now.
Brandon Knight, in PHX, is now Shannon Brown-listed. Talking about him in any way shape or form is poor taste.
Awkward moment when you realize the Pistons could have drafted Klay Thompson instead of Brandon Knight..
Want plenty of pictures of Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight working out this off-season? Of course you do!
Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight and Mirza Teletovic are at Talking Stick Resort Arena working out for next season.
Courtney Lee is the new Brandon Knight for missing a lay-up on a fastbreakπŸ˜‚
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Phoenix Suns wanted my draft pick for next year, so they traded me Brandon Knight for it and Kendall Marshall πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
It’d be dope if Brandon Knight could spend his summer hanging out with Jamal Crawford somehow
You got players like Brandon Knight, Harrison Barnes and Rudy *** that might be available. Get Harden some help for real
This looks so similar to what Kyrie did to Brandon Knight years ago πŸ€”πŸ˜
OT Jason Spriggs is a former tight end. Looks like his replacement at Indiana could be Brandon Knight, who was a tight end last yr
Suns' Brandon Knight has surgery for sports hernia.
Deandre Jordan over Brandon Knight. It was on sports center for weeks
Where is the picture of Deandre Jordan posterizing Brandon Knight?
Jason Spriggs leaves big shoes at left tackle, but Brandon Knight appears ready to fill them:
Brandon Knight has made left tackle his own, but Wilson says hed love to see Tim Garnder, DaVondre Love or Delroy Baker push him for the job
Brandon Knight (sports hernia) is out for Friday's game vs Washington (day to day).
Brandon Knight (sports hernia) is doubtful for Friday's game vs Washington.
Brandon Knight is now doubtful tonight against Washington.
If u really think Brandon Knight is a good basketball player, you have NO basketball knowledge. None.
brook Lopez playing tonight? Setting my lineup... Start him or Greg Monroe, also A.Wiggins or Brandon Knight?
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Brandon Knight the only pro athlete I know whose highlight tape revolves around him getting embarrassed lol. Everybody make plays on him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jon Leuer (ill) is out. Tyson Chandler (back) already was ruled out. Watson said Brandon Knight probably will return & start
Now Jon Leuer has an upset stomach. He's doubtful for tonight. Brandon Knight is questionable. Tyson Chandler …
Brandon Knight just ruined my draft kings lineup and I accidentally swapped Lee in for Leur 😭
Devin Booker scores 28 points, Brandon Knight adds 25 to top Kobe Bryant's 17 in his final game versus ...
Brandon Knight puts in 25 points with seven assists and eight rebounds versus the
Brandon Knight not afraid to take the straight away three pointer he hit three vs
Brandon Knight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. And y'all decided to play us when we wasn't at our best. Our team suspect this yr.
Booker maintains Suns' playmaking, scoring roles: Even with Brandon Knight and Ronnie Price back, Suns rookie Devin…
This shot from Brandon Knight looks vaguely familiar. Heurtas is playing the part of Aaron Craft.
Brandon Knight answered a 3 from Lou Williams that cut the lead to 1 … Brandon Bass answered that w/a 2-point J. 87-85 …
Thomas Walkup joins Brandon Knight as the only players to drop 30 points vs. WVU in an NCAA Tournament game.
Lee go of the leash on Brandon Knight?
Klay Thompson smoked 2 lay ups back to back πŸ€” Brandon Knight really passed on the L's to him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kawhi has fewer 30 point games this season than Danilo Gallinari, Khris Middleton, Devin Booker, Brandon Knight, Rudy Ga…
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Steph Curry and Brandon Knight put on a show πŸ”₯πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
You should do a skit of Brandon knight playing basketball. OML if you actually do it I would die.
Watch: Brandon Knight leads Suns to near upset with 30 points, 7 ...
"Knight, Booker flip roles in Suns backcourt"
Brandon Knight might have broken Klay Thompson's ankles on this play. WATCH:
Knight, Booker flip roles in Suns backcourt: Brandon Knight scored big in his Suns starting return ...
Knight, Booker flip roles in Suns backcourt
Brandon Knight did his thing yesterday πŸ’ͺ
In his first start since January, Brandon Knight tied a career high with seven 3-pointers – but they weren't enough
I have a feeling this stony brook game will be exactly like the Princeton game where Brandon Knight had to hit the game winner
Wait, isn't Brandon Knight usually on the other end of this? .
Brandon knight not taking no more L's πŸ˜‚
Brandon Knight unleashes his crossover to set up the jumper!.
Jeff Green, Brandon Knight, & Harrison Barnes are trash/okay players but not like the level of Waiters/Garrett Temple trash.
Steph C, Klay T, Dame Lillard, Wes Matthews, Omri Casspi and Brandon Knight last night ... players who've drained 7 3s in a half this season
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Move over, Brandon Knight. Jamal Murray is your new single-season leader for points by a freshman. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Brandon Knight will not be a bust, he has Huge Potential and Klay Thompson = Austin Daye.
Fantasy News: Brandon Knight out at least four more games - Brandon Knight | PHO
Lance Stephenson should have never left Indy, now he's chasing Brandon Knight for the league lead in L's
Still trying to figure out why Brandon Knight is not in the D League
Jamal Murray up to 21 points. He now has 13 20-point games this season, which is one shy of tying Brandon Knight's fres…
Brandon Knight is due back in the next 7-10 days. If he needs more time they can just sign this guy to another 10 day. No big deal
took Brandon Knight 8th in 2011 draft - They now have the 14th Marcus Morris, 19th T. Harris, 20th D. Motiejunas & 24th R. Jackson.
Everyone forgot about the corpse formerly known as Brandon Knight…
Just saw DeAndre's dunk from last night. Amazing. Danny Green caught it worse than Brandon Knight did
I mean Deandre Jordan dunked on Danny Green and all but it will never compare to his annihilation of Brandon Knight
Brandon knight can smash this guy lmao. He's just clumsy at times. He's a great player in my opinion.
but at least he isn't Brandon Knight bad
Brandon Knight (groin) progressing, nearing return: There is no precise timetable for a ret...
Danny Green almost got Brandon Knight'ed and he should be thanking the basketball gods he didn't
Watch Brandon Knight taking L's it'll make your day.
I wouldn't be surprised if Brandon knight still hasn't recovered from that on-court murder last year
very similar dunk to that time when Brandon Knight nearly died via a Paul to DA alley oop
As if your season wasn't going bad enough Danny Green. You go all Brandon Knight on the situation.
Still wasn't as bad as Brandon Knight
Danny Green can take his seat next to Brandon Knight
Still tryna figure out why guards try and jump with Deandre Jordan hasn't Brandon Knight taught you anything
DAJ just gave Danny Green the Brandon Knight treatment.
Turned around just in time to see that alley oop to Deandre Jordan. I made the same face as when he ripped the soul out of Brandon Knight. 😦
That just made me think of Brandon Knight lol
Danny Green was closer than anyone might realize to taking Brandon Knight's place on the poster hierarchy.
Danny Green almost got the Brandon knight but Deandre Jordan πŸ˜‚
Danny Green is about to join the "I got posterized by Deandre Jordan" support group that features Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe
Brandon Knight having real bad flashbacks right now.
Marcus playing like Brandon knight trying to get at my boo
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That's a good trade for Brandon Knight.
β€œso many L's in 30 seconds πŸ˜‚ brandon knight sum else. he just a big *** goof ball
If you're not feeling the love by the opposite sex just lower your standards, I mean even Brandon Knight would be an All-star in China
Meek Mill is the Brandon Knight of rap.
i share those sentiments! The only other 2 i can drop is brandon knight or dieng. Looking forward to a long episode today! TY
man when Brandon Knight two hand dunking off alleys, I knew something was up
Now it's only time for Brandon Knight to leave PHX
I see him as more of a scoring combo guard like Brandon Knight.
Only Brandon Knight(12) from the 2011 team has more 20 pt game as a freshman then Murray (11)
they should have kept Brandon Knight... I have no words for why they did that...
PHX-NOP-CLE. Suns get Kevin Love, Pels get Brandon Knight and JR Smith, Cavs get Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon and PJ Tucker.
Tray Woodall and Brandon Knight talking to Mike Young in a quiet Pete. Knight, as usual, coaching. Always coaching.
Lets get a Brandon Knight for Monta Ellis trade next. Jumble up all those former Bucks
would you be open to trading Brandon Knight back to Milwaukee for Michael Carter-Williams?
I'm a Bucks fan I'd love to have him back. I'd trade Brandon Knight for Carter-Williams any day
*** with Avis like this in my mentions telling me Kirk Hinrich and Brandon Knight better than Curry
Brandon Knight has to be traded a team that actually needs a PG. Devin Booker/Eric Bledsoe the future of Phoenix man
Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe getting hurt was probably the best thing for Devin Booker. He's learning what it means to be a pro right now
Ted Ginn is the Brandon Knight of the NFL.
Kyrie Irving's ankle breaking moves on Brandon Knight!. (Vine by Bryan Fullbuster)
RIP Brandon Knight, you'll truly be missed πŸ˜”
BREAKING: F Deandre Jordan has a warrant out for arrest. He's wanted for murdering Brandon Knight on his dun…
Deandre Jordan making a future poster at the expense of Brandon Knight!
Games with 20 pts, 15 ast, 5 reb. this season. Russell Westbrook: 3. Rest of NBA: 2 (Brandon Knight and John Wall)
Amber Rose basically just did to Kanye what Deandre Jordan did to Brandon Knight.
Brandon Knight has taken the most L's ever πŸ˜‚
After Paul George dropped him last night, here's an entire of Brandon Knight.
I still think that the Bucks trading Brandon Knight & bringing in Michael Carter-Williams instead was a HUGE mistake
Fantasy News: Brandon Knight has eight turnovers in loss - Brandon Knight | PHO
Meek is becoming the Brandon Knight of the rap game
who do you think is better, Eric Bledsoe or Brandon Knight?
Brandon Knight can’t honestly believe he’ll slip this lob pass to Tyson Chandler in there, can he?
For the Suns, Devin Booker had 16 points, Brandon Knight with 25 points, and Mirza Teletovic recorded 13 points.
Heard on media row: "Welp...Brandon Knight just got teabagged again"
Mirza Teletovic, Devin Booker and Brandon Knight step up making big shots
If I shoot my shot... I'm trynna rise up on you, like Deandre Jordan and Brandon Knight, like im trynna be a ESPN top 10 play
Watching someone get dunked on like Deandre Jordan did to Brandon Knight is the worst πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’
Brandon Knight went from being the scorer to the passer made some big passes set up baskets to Mirza Teletovic 16 pts,
No Sun has more than 6 points after an entire first half of basketball (And, only Brandon Knight has surpassed the 4+ points mark.)
Today I will go with Kemba Walker. He's still young and he's gettin it. And he's not an *** Brandon Knight is on deck for tmrw
Brandon Knight scored 6 pts and Archie Goodwin running to the lane scored 4 to cut the lead
Eddie Johnson keeps trying to call Brandon Knight "Streaky Streaky" & it's even worse than when he tried to make Plumdog a thing for Plumlee
Didn't Brandon Knight lead the Bucks to a league worst 15-67 season? What was his total win/loss record here?
Shelby Miller being available twice in 2 yrs a little off-putting. He's like Brandon Knight. Think Danny Salazar would be better target.
Dave Joerger on Courtney Lee today, "Was big in 2nd half, doesn't get enough credit for his defense, did a nice job on Brandon Knight."
yeah and I left out Brandon Knight, Victor Oladipo, and Brooke Lopez in the same night with 481 points total
That Courtney Lee 3 play gave Memphis some swagger. Brandon Knight answering immediately was good for PHX.
Happy to see OJ Mayo in the starting up. Mayos shooting is needed, however this moves proves - Brandon Knight should've stayed
Maybe, there was a report saying that Markieff Morris didn't like playing w/ Brandon Knight.
Suns waste a chance in the West; Marcus Morris fuels Markieff drama by calling Brandon Knight "soft." Suns notebook:
can you ask white Gary why he likes Brandon Knight so much
That play from Jeff Hornacek for the Brandon Knight three?. "Go shawty. It's your birthday"
I remember HC Jeff Hornacek said "we'll know Brandon Knight is 100% when he dunks." Well Knight had an explosive, crossover dunk.
Harden carrying the offense for my fantasy team but hot *** Brandon Knight & Andrew Wiggins are str8 KILLIN IT!
Remind me again why the Bucks traded Brandon Knight to acquire Michael Carter Williams. That deal is officially awful.
This was Brandon Knight's 3rd 30-Pt game in his last 5. . He's good.
Brandon Knight not playing around this year
New link for Michael Lee's story on Brandon Knight.
The Suns gave up A LOT to get Brandon Knight. He’s been as good as they hoped so far.
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