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Brandon Flowers

Brandon Richard Flowers (born June 21, 1981) is an American musician, best known as the frontman of the Las Vegas-based rock band The Killers.

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Brandon Flowers left stage before the encore and came back out in a sparkly suit& and I think I died and went to heaven
The fine specimen that is Brandon flowers
And should have brought you flowers and held your hand
Brandon flowers is so handsome it hurts
The Killers were E P I C. Brandon Flowers is such an amazing performer. My eyes did not leave him for even a second
Now Playing: Crossfire '2010' by Brandon Flowers |Listen: Link in bio
The killers are the band of our generation and people need to realize that Brandon Flowers is the GOAT
Nobody should do Brandon Flowers but Brandon Flowers. Sorry, bar singer.
sat down with Tom Power in the q studio to talk about her new CBC show and why it’s so refreshi…
I would die for Brandon Flowers and his sparkly *** suit
Bold take but I stand by it: has the same showmanship that Brandon Flowers has and people need to stop sleeping on
Don't get me wrong, I love the killers stupid amounts but like,,, Brandon Flowers will always have my heart u Kno?
Pretty cool when I get Brandon Flowers from to acknowledge your chants in…
Brandon Flowers was about to talk and someone started an Eagles chant and he was like wait what
honestly when I went to see the killers and Brandon Flowers sang that line I was thinking about Van.
Brandon Flowers really brought his music to a new level this past couple years 👊🎵
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Fairly sure my year was just made. My promo ran on while Brandon Flowers was serenading the…
Brandon Flowers is about to walk into an electric crowd at the
Disrespect Brandon Flowers and you disrespect me
Anyway, I’m here without and and I’m so close to the stage the mere sight of Brandon Flo…
throwback to Nick killer Brandon Flowers impression via that one insta live heheh
This and the call and response in the way it was are my favorite part of every show. i can't watch this without crying.…
was a top five show, no question. The Garden probably hasn’t shook like it did for Mr. Brightside since the R…
From Mr. Brightside to Wonderful Wonderful, the duality of Brandon Flowers vía
Brandon flowers is wonderful wonderful
Brandon Flowers had the other girls on the soundtrack shook
There's something in 's performance in his new vid that is so Brandon-Flowers-like... and I love tha…
“Rut” was inspired by the wife of Killers frontman, Brandon Flowers, who has battled post-traumatic stress disorder…
I know Brandon Flowers is the king of Not Looking Like himself but Andrew is pretty good at that too
In a shaded corner of the leafy grounds of West Hollywood's Sunset Marquis Hotel, Brandon Flowers is threatening to show me his bag of hair
2015 has Death Cab, Chvrches, Brandon Flowers, Big Talk, AHJ, Wolf Alice, Muse, FFS and Spector. That was huge for me.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Now playing: New Order Feat. Brandon Flowers Superheated - get the 23 Indie radio player app - see for details.
I added a video to a playlist Brandon Flowers - Only The Young
I was having a bad day at work, so Alyssa brought me flowers and candy & then brandon brought be frozen yogurt 😍😭 I’m so blessed
Brandon Flowers is The Man at The Killers' O2 Arena show in London - ★★★★★ review 📸 by http…
I just love Brandon Flowers so much am I right
I love Ryan. I love that man. That is my husband. My sweet prince. My lover boy. I love ONE man. ( i love George Har…
I’ve been waiting since 8th grade to see Brandon Flowers preform with The Killers live
Seems like something Brandon Flowers would say. Anyway, I already like this one more than SOI. Love summer of love.
I had no idea this 2013 song existed, and then they played ACL, and I think pos…
Anyway I never said Brandon was a better poet than Bob, you’re the one that brought Flowers into it
Pretty sure this was about the moment in the concert when Brandon Flowers impregnated the entire general admission…
Brandon Flowers had the ultimate glo up. He went from being "Mr. Brightside" to being "The Man"
Min. 16:00 talks about the beginning of The Killers and Brandon Flowers. ❤
Brandon Flowers at his absolute peak.
Have just listened to The Wave on my way home from Bristol to Monmouth. I love Brand…
Dear Brandon if I wake up tomorrow with snow on my Birthday I will be eternally grateful (I don’t believe in God so…
My reveals people realy like when I post pictures of Brandon Flowers (and Dave Keuning 💜)…
I thought Brandon Flowers was really good.
"A natural believer. I don't carry any bones. If you see things a little different. I'm not casting any stones. Been ta…
Concert review: "Brandon Flowers of just might be my generation's Barry Manilow."
Any opportunity to remind you of the handsomeness of Brandon Flowers 😉😂
Brandon Flowers is different gravy wow
Brandon flowers definitely gets more attractive as he gets older
"Sometimes life is really tough. But you know what, guys? Sometimes it's not." - Brandon Flowers. 😭😭😭 Thank you,…
Never forget when i got to see Brandon Flowers speak and sing in spanish and wear a Mexico soccer jersey at my show…
Although are my first musical loves, when Brandon Flowers sings Mr Brightside (& other…
The only way is up! The music industry must now listen to the awesome music you guys create. Watch…
Just you wait, one day I'm gonna do my senior show of entirely Rembrant-esque oil paintings of Brandon Flowers
Goth inside a box garbage man succing Brandon Flowers Pearl is good too you are dumb. -SAADbot 3.0
me and katie crying over brandon flowers suddenly with no warning while i'm trying to WORK is a big mood
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the fact that the first person I ever had a crush on was Brandon flowers shows I haven't changed since I was 6/7
Also amazing: “Handle with Care” from the GeorgeFest tribute concert, with Britt Daniel, Wayne Coyne, Brandon Flowe…
Cannot wait to hear Brandon Flowers go "HELLO BOLTON"
Savion Glover and Brandon Flowers of the Killers at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, collaborations with rap legends…
If you know the reference, I believe Brandon Flowers of the Killers is going through this at the moment.
In 2008, was personally approached by Brandon Flowers. A fan of Paul’s work, Flowers commissioned him…
Pic today from a new Killers' (Brandon Flowers) music video, in which my car was featured. My car is a better actor t…
Darrelle Revis. Sterling Moore. Brandon Flowers (retired, but only a couple of months ago). Think the go af…
42069 ;) imagine being offended at Subway ad but it's in Spanish succing Brandon Flowers hackerman you are not funny. -SAADbot 3.0
Brandon Flowers always looks different af in pictures.
I’m so mad i don’t have my headphones right now cuz if i don’t hear Brandon Flowers voice…
My best friend Brandon just told me Im a heartless *** cus I told him I would drop him. 😂
to when I was expecting my littlest guy and met Brandon Flowers after a concert at the Vogue theat…
Sawdust is a compilation album by American indie rock band The Killers, released on November 9, 2007 by Island Reco…
I went to see The Killers tonight & Brandon Flowers dressed up like Brendon Urie. It was very confusing.
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nothing and I mean NOTHING will ever top singing mr brightside at the top of my lungs back to brandon flowers WHAT A NIGHT
Having Brandon Flowers in a gold sparkly suit singing Mr Brightside in my home city IS HONESTLY A TURN ON
The smile on Brandon Flowers face during read my mind has honestly made my life
Literally dying at being this close to Brandon Flowers. Forgot how much I loved being at the front at gigs 😍
Marvellous night with Brandon Flowers and his ensemble 👍😀
Brandon Flowers is the sexiest man alive
I bet Brandon flowers has pre ordered the signed album rick !
Thunder Road with Bruce Springsteen. It was good enough for Brandon Flowers.
sounding great tonight in Liverpool ahead of Brandon Flowers and TheKillers
Sometimes I think about when my parents met Brandon Flowers without me and it makes me depressed :-)
crossfire by brandon flowers is on in the carvery I'm gonna sob stop it
📷 revorish: ESSENTIAL HOMME Brandon Flowers by Nik Hartley with styling from Christopher Preston x the...
Brandon Flowers looking great as ever and never ages.
Brandon Flowers is easily one of my last shows, I attempted to do a water bottle flip like 7 times on stage and I never got it
I’m going to my usual place next week but I can’t be in the same room as Brandon Flowers with hair like this! 😂🙈
I had never heard of The Killers back when they started out but remember someone at a party talking about how Brand…
Only just hit me that The Killers are on tour in the U.K. and if I want Brandon flowers now is the time to kidnap him
Brandon Flowers looks like he was meant to be a farmer
If anybody thinks they can procrastinate better than me, they should consider the fact I have countless things to g…
Today I will be interviewing Stevie Van Zandt and Brandon Flowers. Rock. And Roll.
I just saw The Killers perform All These Things That I've Done and Brandon Flowers is a god and I can die happy good night
Who wouldn’t to share their morning brew Brandon Flowers?! Well now you can. Technically...
I love that Brandon flowers was procrastinating while writing Mr Brightside which is why the second verse is the same as the first- my idol
The new U2 record sounds like a s**t version of Brandon Flowers' 'Crossfire'!
Somebody Told Me by THE KILLERS (from Hot Fuss 2004). Brandon Richard Flowers started the LA band in 20…
"Dear Black Women,. You are the flowers that go unwatered and still bloom, it's important that you know you will be love…
me, rolling up my sleeves while approaching brandon flowers: BATTLE BORN WAS GOOD ENOUGH
I just wanna live my truth and go to acl too see the killers and have Brandon flowers actually grab my soul
Ahead of the of tells the band is lucky to be together.
Interview: Brandon Flowers on going solo to keep together & his working relationship with Aussie
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Talking about flowers with Brandon "those are called mums"-me "oh, like this is me mum!"-Brandon 💀
we were listening to I can change and Jamie was like "these lyrics are like an advertisement for the Brandon flowers action figure"
Brandon Flowers reveal how his wife’s battle with mental health inspired The Killers’ new album
Is Brandon Flowers contradictory enough for me to write a thesis about him instead of about medieval fictional characters?
Random useless fact alert: this album is a favourite of Brandon Flowers. Another album we agree on then.
Just referred to Brandon Flowers as 'my original husband'
Mum told how she's been following brandon flowers instagram & was talking about how his food is always on his story
Listen to Charli XCX's "Sucker," Haim, Sky Ferreira and the last Vampire Weekend and Brandon Flowers albums, and you'll agree.
is it true that Adam Scott and Ben Affleck made a baby called Brandon Flowers?
As long as Brandon Flowers turns up, no one gives a fook.
are super thin at CB behind Newman. Brandon Flowers and Leon Hall just chillin' out there in the ether.
coach Justin Fuente begins Wed. presser by congratulating former Tech CB Brandon Flowers on a great career. Recently retired.
Justin Fuente is at the podium. Starts by congratulating former VT DB Brandon Flowers on his retirement.
Justin Fuente opens presser by congratulating CB Brandon Flowers for his career. Said Bud and Charley Wiles spoke highly of him.
Save $1.6M this year for cutting Stanton in favor of Gabbert. Could probably sign a Brandon Flowers f…
Andy Sinton looks like Brandon Flowers (no relation to Tim, also pictured).
Brandon Flowers on a one-year deal as back up cornerback help would be a steal. Butler, Gilmore, Rowe, Flowers,
From WEEI: Free agent CB Brandon Flowers reportedly talking with Patriots that guy butler good.
Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci of The Killers gave Vice their unfiltered thoughts on new music.
Aside from Robbie Williams & Simon Le Bon, Damon Albarn, Kelly Jones, Brandon Flowers & Morten Harket are some of t…
Watch flex his muscles as a bunch of different dudes in video for "The Man":
a reminder that we are ALL normcore compared to brandon flowers
do you like the new wee killers song (I got news for you baby your looking at the man!) *brandon flowers accent*
Pretty sure I just fell in love with Brandon Flowers all over again
Oh dang my man crush on Brandon Flowers is still intact
I wanna be as glam rock as Brandon Flowers when I grow up. ⚡️
Brandon Flowers is... "The Man". frontman is off to Vegas to enjoy all the excesses of Sin City
Brandon flowers is still attractive as ever. That man doesn't age
I love how extra Brandon Flowers is in music videos.
Because 4 minutes staring at Brandon Flowers is never a waste of time. The Killers - The Man via
.is "The Man" of Vegas in The Killers' new music video
Brandon Flowers in a suit is my kink
Brandon Flowers' "I don't give a *** at the very end of the song is so hot and relatable.
So in love with new music video 💗🎤 Brandon Flowers certainly is the man! 😍
"Who's the man?", it's you Brandon Flowers, ya sexy beast
The Killers just came out with a new video for The Man! It's got Brandon Flowers... being a man. -
Brandon Flowers is aging like a fine wine.
Brandon Flowers pokes fun at overconfident white guys in new music video “The Man" https…
Brandon Flowers is his anti-self in the music video for The Man and it's so fun to watch
Anyone: Brandon, in 20XX you said-. Brandon Flowers under any circumstance:
Brandon Flowers has lot going on in the new The Killers video, check it on the blog
The Killers' Brandon Flowers pumps iron and gets into fight in casino in band's "The Man" video. Watch here
BRANDON FLOWERS IS A ROCK ICON he needs to start acting and win an Oscar tbh
Brandon Flowers is nothing more crushing than the feeling of being stuck inside of a building and that is frickin sweet
Brandon Flowers may not be a Vegas performer or a cowboy, but he’s totally “the man” in new video:
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Brandon Flowers is my celebrity crush and i'm so here for a new Killers song
Brandon Flowers en el video de The Man
Brandon Flowers puts his muscles on display in new music video for - Watch here:
Have you heard track with Brandon Flowers yet? He closed with it at Coachella. Gorgeous.
The only men I'll ever love... Brandon Flowers, Alex Turner and Dave Franco
You know that scene in st elmos fire, where kevins playin bongos on his bed havin a proper jam. Thats me when I listen to Brandon Flowers.
So the new LA Chargers released CB Brandon Flowers, G D.J. Fluker and WR Stevie Johnson in the past hour.
Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas by Brandon Flowers is in George & Dragon Inn, Chichester.
That's Malcolm Butler, Brandon Flowers, Quandre Diggs, Captain Munnelyn, Brent Grimes and who ran 4.57 at his pro day.
Brandon Flowers and Kendrick Lewis saw the practice field on Thursday. Still no Fasano.
Can we take a moment to appreciate how hot Dianna Agron was as a femme Brandon Flowers?
you also think Dolly Madison is a better singer than Brandon Flowers
Casey Hayward with a Pick. Brandon Flowers with a pick-6. Dwight Lowery with the scoop and score
Alex Smith, Steve Smith Sr, Karl Malone, Jerry Sloan, Gordon Hayward, Brandon Flowers. Lots of options they could have gone with.
we went from Marcus Gilchrist and Shareece Wright to Brandon Flowers, Jason Verrett and Hayward. Chill
We will tell her Brandon Flowers is coming to tea, that will get her moving.
GMB baffles viewers by showing wrong photo of Brandon Flowers
Jason Verrett, Brandon Flowers and Casey Hayward have come to play. All three CBs making an impact.
And Swae Lee sings on the chorus like if Brandon Flowers didn't stink after "Hot Fuss" and kicked it in Tupelo for some years.
Brandon Flowers will join Dave and Jeff in 2 minutes.
Just recently, Brandon Flowers thumped the son of Dave Keuning, Kyler, so hard in the stomach it sent his intestine into his…
First time I heard Brandon Flowers song, loved it. It is Reimagining of Springsteen's Secret Garden.
remember when Brandon Flowers performed on Graham Norton and I was like "who is this guy?" and then over a year later AND WE'RE IN LOVE
More proof Brandon Flowers was right about them
Brandon Flowers solo stuff is so beautiful and calm I love it haven't listened to it in sooo long ❤️
imagine if Jon Snow, Brandon Flowers, Bradley Cooper were presenting the results 😍
Listening to Brandon Flowers reminiscing when did a surprise set at last year &I cried
my homophobic father admitted Brandon flowers is cute he is GROWING
The voice of Brandon Flowers singing Joy Ride is sensational
my life inspired Brandon Flowers' magnum opus
When your boyfriend looks like Ed Sheeran but sounds like Brandon Flowers
Flowers aren't the only way to add color to your backyard:
a look: Brandon Flowers in the mr. brightside video
That time was spying on me when I met Brandon Flowers
Enjoying the strong presence of Las Vegas natives Brandon Flowers & The Killers on the playlist here in the Vegas airport.
Happy birthday Brandon Flowers! Today I'll listen to every song of The Killers and your solo!
📷 I know I’m late by two days posting it on here…but happy 35th birthday to Brandon Flowers out of The...
Brandon Flowers is hawt AF.. dont even try and @ me
Like Brandon Flowers says . If you can hold on, hold on
Just found out that the frontman for The Killers is named Brandon Flowers. Brandon. Flowers. 😂😂😂
2007 Brandon Flowers was so extra. I live for it.
I'm truly in love with Brandon Flowers
dreams aren't what they used to be, some things sat by so carelessly brandon flowers acabame en la carA ay homero tienes que ser tan gráfico
I'm convinced Brandon flowers wanted to take me home in Lawrence bc he was absolutely blacked and that's good enough 4 me
boltbeat​.com >> What should we expect from Brandon Flowers in 2016?
That is actually Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers.
jung joon young is like a korean brandon flowers and I love it
"Cure" by Barcelona reminds me so much of Brandon Flowers à la The Killers and it makes me both happy and sad
Brendon Urie is the metaphoric son of Frank Sinatra and Brandon flowers
Paul Banks vs Brandon Flowers who will suit me. Soon two will take me there like an upscale party .
five years ago someone stopped me on the street and asked me if I was Brandon Flowers and I said yes
Brandon Flowers legit the most beautiful man
Vanilla Sky, starring Adam Savage and Steve McQueen. Directed by Lee Tamahori, music by Brandon Flowers. Budget: $50m
The way Brandon Flowers introduces Mr Brightside in The Killers Live at the Royal Albert Hall is so epic, makes me feel emosh every time
Wandering Harper campus, waiting for Will's water polo match. Listening to Brandon Flowers. Spring is beautiful.
I can bend. I can break . I can shift . I can shake, i can change for you. Brandon Flowers - I Can Change
Hay Brandon Flowers with the tito 'stache 👨🏻
walk through security at LAS and they immediately start playing some Brandon Flowers 💖
Watched the 'Crossfire' music video by Brandon Flowers for the first time. It's so basic, they spent all the budget on Charlize Theron?
Heavy journey home this,ald fella in charge of the music.Currently playing Brandon Flowers.Fitting tribute toyour pants yesterday
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i need this. except my would say Alex Turner instead of Brandon Flowers. No offense Brando.
Big place in my heart for Brandon Flowers
Brandon gave me flowers and a Starbucks gift card just because he loves me 😭❤️
KROQ 2010 - Brandon Flowers- Bette D... Last night I dreamt I was walking w/ & he was singing this
"I knew when I met you, I would never let you RUNNNawaay" wish I could sing like Brandon Flowers🙃
Emo eyeliner Brandon Flowers is me on the inside
2001 vs 2016 Brandon flowers aka kill me now x37
One more music. This Brandon Flowers clip is so beautiful.
I love Brandon Flowers so much y'all.
oh! Also, if you haven't heard The Desired Effect by Brandon Flowers, that too.
Crossfire by Brandon Flowers is an all time top 10 for me
Brandon Flowers still has one of the coolest singing voices I've ever heard
Stand above me. . Feather coat idea adapted years later by Brandon Flowers.
When you turn yourself into Brandon Flowers and you just look pure amazing
maybe just trade brandon flowers for a safety or DT?
Everything Brandon Flowers touches turns to gold.
If Ramsey wants to play Corner if the Chargers draft him would we put Brandon Flowers at Safety?
he more like comarti or Brandon Carr , flowers
// I grew up listening to The Killers honestly. I really, really love their music and of course, Brandon Flowers
// I still cannot believe I'm faking Brandon Flowers.
I love Brandon Flowers so much I wanna vomit. Ya feel?
Might just drunk and plant flowers because that's what normal people my age do
We have The Maine, Brandon Flowers, Nick Santino and it's almost complete. I just need a Hozier now.
// Brandon Flowers kinda reminds me of someone I liked when he has his hair a little longer.
Brandon Flowers back at for an espresso encore! ☕️🙌🏻
On air now Brandon Flowers - Lonely Town . Check us out online at
Brandon Flowers is like the Michael W. Smith of the mormons
Kenny Aronoff (Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, Brandon Flowers) played the drums on the new single
Brandon Flowers / Safety Jimmy Wilson did his research before recently signing with the Kansas City Chiefs.
>> New Chief Jimmy Wilson got good reviews on KC from Sean Smith, Brandon Flowers
Wilson said he has spoken with former teammates in CB Sean Smith (Miami) & Brandon Flowers (SD), who both spoke highly of KC organization.
Love that song :D I can change by Brandon Flowers, very 80s style as it samples Smalltown boy by bronski Beat, ALSO very 80s
Jack White, Dan Auerbach, Dave Grohl, Brandon Flowers. sure they probably all hate each other, but it could be fun.
Remember when Brandon Flowers looked like Colonel Sanders? I do.
I am still listening to ‘Bones’ it must be like the 20th time today I may have a problem send help *** you Brandon Flowers.
yea bro but so is Tyrann Mathieu and Brandon Flowers. Brent Grimes, Chris Harris Jr, Leodis, Pacman, Scandrick, Janoris all 5'10.
Brandon Flowers is the greatest Mormon rock star since yes, you guessed it: Jimmy Osmond.
My corners are Patrick Peterson, Brandon Flowers, & Brent Grimes is 3rd string
guitarist dave keuning wrote the lyrics about lead singer Brandon Flowers' ex-girlfriend who cheated on him, while Flowers wrote the chorus
Here is the Brandon Flowers contract Dave and Jeff are talking about...
My idea of Sunday music consists of Jack Johnson & Brandon Flowers.
yeah who'd want to play DB in the acc? Darrell Revis, Ronald Darby, Brandon Flowers, Sam Shields. Awful.
iTunes best selling video: Can't Deny My Love - Brandon Flowers
Listened to soul love followed by still want you and started bawling the influence in brandon flowers album is incredible
Speaking of the David Bowie-Brandon Flowers connection--apparently Bowie was the inspiration for his music career.
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esperando um tributo do Brandon Flowers a David Bowie
Brandon Flowers - Can't Deny My Love via What's going in your head now?. Maybe something I said
. Brandon Flowers from The Killers Nick Grimshaw off of Radio One and X Factor
Brandon Flowers decided he wanted to become a singer when he heard David Bowie's Changes on the radio.
I just visited with Brandon. He has a bunch of beautiful flowers on his grave. This is all still so hard. We love ya Bubba.
Here the entire article about how 'Changes' inspired .
Bizarre’s Album of the Year is The Desired Effect by Brandon Flowers .
these are the only photos because I only have Brandon Flowers pictures on my phone
"He’s the one for me". — Brandon Flowers about David Bowie.
I wouldn't have the killers if it weren't for Bowie Brandon flowers would've never worn eye liner and lip gloss during hot fuss
u WISH u had that dreamy brandon flowers look
In the Killers's song "Why Do I Keep Counting" I like to imagine Brandon Flowers is stuck up a tree like a cat.
David Bowie was the coolest person on the planet by a long shot. Who gets that title now? My vote would be Brandon Flowers.
This is why I am forever grateful for David Bowie
"There's a power in letting go"- Between Me And You, Brandon Flowers
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Brandon Flowers was inspired to form The Killers after hearing David Bowie's 'Changes'
The David Bowie song that inspired Brandon Flowers to form The Killers
Other Chargers CBs:. -Patrick Robinson at CB in the NFL. -Steve Williams at CB in the NFL. -Brandon Flowers at CB in the NFL
Well at least we'll have Brandon Flowers next year. I mean Orlando Franklin. I mean King Dunlap. Donald Butler?
Not a bit surprised that Brandon Flowers, Greg Holden, and Delta Rae were my 3 top artists according to
Sam Claflin is Finnick in Catching Fire and Brandon Flowers is the lead singer of The Killers (Mr Brightside)
I had a dream where I met Brandon Flowers and we talked about Tim Burton Yas
Things the Chargers have done bad in the last few years:. 1. Derek Cox Contract. 2. Brandon Flowers contract. 3. Scaring away Weddle. 4. S/T
Assuming Patrick Robinson is on Hurns, I like Walters against Brandon Flowers
Johnnie Walker's top 4 artists this week: Florence + the Machine (220), Grimes (130), Brandon Flowers (46), Coldplay (28)
Just looking for my Brandon Flowers in a sea of John Mayers.
Steven Tyler, Chris Stapleton, Brandon Flowers, more to honor John Lennon 75th
Brandon Flowers, Steven Tyler & Pat Monahan are coming to 12.5.15 htt…
Preview Elton John's interview with the Killers' Brandon Flowers for Beats 1 … via
The killers and Brandon Flowers new album   10% Off
Eric Roberts from The Killers "Mr. Brightside" vid is in Centipede 3. I now know why Brandon Flowers was so mad at him.
No brandon flowers, the strokes, awolnation, foster the people, or even cage the elephant? :/
I went to see the killers three years ago today and when Brandon Flowers spoke I cried lol no shame
The Desired Effect is the latest album by Brandon Flowers -
Man if I saw Brandon flowers in person I wouldn't even want a pic or nothin smh he a bum
"And our dreams will break the boundaries of our fear." -Brandon Flowers 'Crossfire'
we need a secondary we have the worst starting corner in the league in Brandon flowers
Brandon Flowers is one of the most underrated singer/songwriter of our generation.
Why haven't the Killers done other people's songs lately?. Because Brandon Flowers can't cover anyone anymore.
Is Brandon Flowers' version of The Days gonna be on the deluxe album of Stories?
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