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Brandon Belt

Brandon Kyle Belt (born April 20, 1988) is an American professional baseball first baseman and outfielder for the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball.

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Anyway, I would still die for Brandon Belt
30 teams could be looking for a first baseman and not one of them will look at Brandon Belt. Aside from his f…
Brandon's collection looks like a conveyer belt of bed sheets
Brandon Belt here covering of the AL record books the FT REB
If the Giants were smart, focus on JD and moose. Let span and pence platoon center field. JD be the…
That child better be getting a good *** belt but fr keep your kids on a leash if theyre a lil shxt or be a better p…
Just woke up from a dream in which The Giants released Brandon Belt and let everyone kno by having him cast in a wa…
Bruce: You can have Brandon Belt from the Giants if the Red Sox are willing to give up Jackie Bradley Jr.…
Just listen to this week's McCovey Chroncast instead of today's news.
The final Chroncast of 2017 is up for listening. Join and as they…
Will be taking in the Berks Catholic Game tomorrow with Kane Everson.Watching the Young Hammer Brandon Neil a…
It's no secret the need a bat. We had take a look at a couple of the options to fill that void, Bra…
I popped pretty big when you went for the cover off a Jeff Jacks style punch below the belt.
With Duda/Moreland/LoMo/Alonso/ Santana on the market and Jose Abreu/Matt Adams/Brandon Belt theoretically availabl…
Brandon Belt isn't even gonna be on the team opening day.
Belt crying. Belt looking like he’s gonna throw up looking at Buster after the injury. Just follow brandon.
When Lavar walk into Liangelo hotel room with that Big Baller Brand Belt
Brooks Robinson is actually lefhanded and wears his belt that way (cinched with the left hand, the e…
Because you need Brandon belt for JBJ
Things the Giants need to do by January 15th: This isn't as paramount but a Brandon Belt decision is immanent with…
what do you call a belt made out of watches?. A waist of time
I bet Miami wants at least one major league piece, in return. Brandon Belt, maybe?
Mike Stanton + Pitbull for Brandon Belt and my first born child. Make it happen Mr. Evans
Brandon belt would look good in that Boston lineup, his power numbers would shoot…
💥MLB Welcome Party💥 Brandon Belt is entering is 2nd off-season with & just finished his 7th year in the m…
McCovey Chroncast - Season 2 Finale ... will this be the podcast’s finest hour... or it’s FINAL hour?
1) my petty self will just end up disliking Shaw for replacing bb9. 2) I can’t love any other player the w…
Whatever delusion people have regarding Brandon Belt, the opposite is affecting Eric Hosmer.
Naquin is such a good CF that the Giants should have to give up Brandon Belt for him.
Man, don't see them giving up Joe Panik, who makes nothing for multiple more years. Brandon Belt is intriguing for…
From the proximity of Xanadu,. In the asteroid dust belt's chaff,. A call of ships distre…
Brandon Belt is younger and quietly better. More expensive contract but likely cheaper to acquire. Concu…
OK If the Redsox sign JD Martinez how about a Brandon Belt for JBJ trade? straight up.
He just kept first base warm for Brandon Belt anyway
NEW BLOG POST: “Painful Decisions”. Brian Sabean has mentioned that San Francisco is not looking to rebuild, but th…
I thought I'd leave a few GIFs here that accurately represent how I feel about this offseason, trade rumors, and th…
Can't improve OF defense more than JBJ. Two teams might actually match up well. Perhaps Brandon Belt for JBJ? SFG h…
My union needs to hire Brandon Belt’s agent. It still amazes me how he got the to quadruple Belt’s pay af…
I think DJ has earned his 2 belt title shot 9xs More The TJ has earned his TJ can wait…
After contacting Wikileaks, Don Jr emailed and told him to fake trade Brandon Belt.
As a veteran of the Brandon Belt Wars, seeing Aubrey Huff turned into an insane maniac means I truly fought on the…
Breaking: hates Brandon Belt and his slumpy shoulders!
Don't you put the Brandon Belt Wars on us, mister.
If the Red Sox trade JBJ for Brandon Belt I am going to vomit.
I know the aren’t even looking into this, but if they did want to move Brandon Belt, the Angels, who need…
Brandon Belt has a higher career OPS+ than Khris Davis.
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Brandon Belt has a higher career OPS than Chris Davis.
Really looking forward to the Special Edition Brandon Belt Trade Chroncast that's just gonna be you sw…
Sources: Stanton and Dee Gordon to San Francisco for first round pick, Kyle Crick, Ty Blach, Joe Panik, Brandon Belt, Cristian Arroyo
Giancarlo Stanton has as many homeruns by himself (40) as Brandon Belt, Buster Posey and Hunter Pence have combined (40)
Evans & Cashman on phone but we don't know who called whom. Brandon Belt for Dillon Tate. Who hangs up?
Giants Pirates Baseball San Francisco Giants' Denard Span (2) is congratulated by Brandon Belt (9) after scoring t…
First baseman Brandon Belt with an "outfield assist" for first out of the game. Let's go!
Brandon Belt just hit a HOME RUN off Jason Motte!.
Brandon Belt homers (12) to right center off Jason Motte. . SF 6 @ ATL 3; Top 9
...Brandon Belt steals (3) 2nd base. Denard Span out at home, C Tom Murphy to P Greg Holland [2/2]
Guys if you sit they go off: Tim Beckham, Brandon Belt, Travis Shaw, Joey Gallo. Play them, 0-4.
play Ike Davis at first for a week, then tell me about Brandon Belt
That's 2x World Series champion Brandon Belt to you John.
Brandon Belt really the best first baseman in the NL West huh
Michael Morse joins Brandon Belt taking grounders at first. Damon Minor on the bag.
In order for there to be a Dr Urria (Linda's plastic surgeon) Joe had to have a son TATE aka Brandon Belt where the name was from Charles
I dream about those dudes all the time. Once I was wrapping up Brandon Belt's ankle.(???)
I had a dream last night where Brandon Belt pitched to me and I hit a single up the middle. I think I miss Giants baseball.
Take a Second Look: Brandon Belt is Already a top MLB First Baseman
Speaking of deserved rematches. Chael Sonnen had no belt, lost to Silva, was caught cheating and still got a rematch.
I wonder how many Giants fans would prefer Justin Smoak over Brandon Belt. I'm sure the number is not zero.
"McGregor doesn't have to defend the title, he's a star.". "Woodley has to defend the belt or he's a coward."
I got a gold brandon belt for losing a 16 inning game 1 nothing but get 2 commons for winning on a walkoff bomb in 13th inning
Brandon belt, GIFS, living close to park, fatheads, radio
Adriano Moraes: I dominated Brazil and Asia, and there’s a belt waiting for me in the UFC h…
wish we had gone for him after Boston let him go, but nooope Brandon Belt it was :/
gabbert throws that Smith would need Brandon Belt's glove
way to go Brandon, I can't wait to go out there in play after you have had a couple of months under your belt!
"Ah bro this chair is tryin to get down with me. It just undid my belt." -Brandon Lloyd
This should be Bumgarner shutting out the and Brandon Belt sucking instead of Anthony Rizzo
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Weirds me out that Anthony Rizzo is just nine months younger than Brandon Belt. Still feels like Rizzo just splashed onto the scene.
Why Buster? Why? **winches. **winches again. How about Brandon Belt?
Quote marks work better when it's things I actually said. Brandon Belt is a top 1B in the NL. I was talking about 2…
"Brandon Belt is a top 5 1B in the NL" "no he isn't you're stupid" "OH I MEANT IN 2016" "that's not what you said"
And you were not talking about 2016, you claimed Brandon Belt was a top 5 1B in the entire NL. What is wrong with you?
Brandon Belt had a better 2016 than AGon did.
Brandon Hynes of Bay Roberts now has a wrestling title belt to call his own.
Congrats to winning the Brandon Belt Auto Giveaway. Only 4 spots left in optica for next week. Boo…
The should trade Brandon Belt for a closer and sign
Brandon Belt hitless in five plate apperances
Grandad teaches mom the ways of the belt 😂👏
Had to put a seat belt on the PS4 last night ❤️
Brandon Belt hitless in five plate apperances via
We should be playing game five right now and Brandon Belt should be striking out for his second time
Ray Ratto, literally on TV: "Let's face it. Brandon Belt is not a middle-of-the-order guy. He's a 6 or 7 hitter." He couldn't be more wrong.
We can't get rid of Brandon Belt at 1st base Belt is great
gotta have someone to bring in when Brandon Belt pinch hits for starting first baseman Buster Posey
and the Cyborg holds the belt until Greg Hardy is signed
RECAP: Brandon Belt blast homers in 11th to power past Rangers.
With your logic: Why has Conor not defended a single belt in his career?
Counting the playoffs, Brandon Belt finished with 561 foul balls - 2nd highest total in 2016.
Brandon Belt's 542 ABs without a SB are the 11th most by a player in 2016. Leader: Robinson Cano with 655 ABs.
some in our fanbase can be really dumb at times. They also want to trade Brandon Belt for crying out loud.
I'm glad the Cubs won. If I was a Giants fan, I would be telling Brandon Belt he needs to learn to sacrifice the base to save errant throws.
if you can KO a guy like Aldo in 13 sec that doesn't make you great? (obv makes you champ, cause he took his belt)
yea they sell stupid Brandon Belt giraffe hats so why not.
...into a force out, 2B Jean Segura to C Welington Castillo. Brandon Crawford out at home. Hunter Pence to 3rd. Brandon Belt to... [2/3]
Brandon Belt is the David Lee of MLB. I don't have a specific reason why I hate him, I just passionately do.
Before Don Kelly, three other first basemen had hit 2 triples in a game since 2008: Brandon Belt, Tyler Colvin, and Brett Pill.
Brandon Belt launches a 2-run HR in the 4th to cut the lead to 4-3 👍👍
Love that the Cubs now have a lefty closer for playoff games against Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy, Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford
I've been making my family vote to send Brandon Belt to the All Star Game and its really paying off!
winners Michael Saunders and Brandon Belt are headed to the – thanks to your votes.
Brandon Belt. They countered with Steven Wright, Keuchel or Martinez plus Marte
Brandon Belt breaks a 0-0 tie in the 6th with a 2-run HR to take the lead over Dodgers!
Mike Krukow just compared Brandon Belt's popup range to JT Snow. That is high praise my friends.
Brandon Belt and Hunter Pence not in lineup, but outlook is optimistic as try to set a record at Coors:
Extra Baggs: Giants notes: Hunter Pence, Brandon Belt not in lineup as Giants try to set a record at Coors Fi...
Brandon Belt coming back down to Brandon Belt land.
May 22, AB 3: Kris Bryant grounds out, shortstop Brandon Crawford to first baseman Brandon Belt.
@ T12-2o: Russell Martin grounds out, 3B Matt Duffy to 1B Brandon Belt.
@ T5-1o: Russell Martin grounds out, SS Kelby Tomlinson to 1B Brandon Belt.
@ T1-3o: Russell Martin grounds out, SS Brandon Crawford to 1B Brandon Belt.
Ray, I was offered Chris Carter for Brandon Belt. Given Belt health history is Carter sustaining this?
Giants: RF Hunter Pence not in Thursday's lineup vs. Rockies; 1B Brandon Belt in cleanup spot; Gregor Blanco in RF (ESPN)
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So far this Brandon Belt has 3 times as many points in my fantasy league than Bryce Harper 🔥🔥🔥
it's also five of the top six in fWAR last season (sub Myers for Brandon Belt)
...force out, 1B Brandon Belt to SS Brandon Crawford. Justin Bour out at 2nd. Derek Dietrich to 1st [2/2]
officially announce the Brandon Belt deal. Belt, Larry Baer, Brian Sabean and Bobby Evans to talk after the game.
Giants continue locking up core with Brandon Belt extension: Under Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy, the San Franc...
Brandon Belt / Posey to catch Samardzija in spring opener
Luke Bryan concert in Brookings? I'd rather listen to to belt out some Dwight Yoakam
no not keen on that ,I bet Brandon Grace could belt that out "now then different gravy I'd say"🎤🎼
was amazing! Football coaches suspended study hall & brought the entire Sun Belt Champion team to the lect…
You ain't gon need ya belt, or ya pants or ya draws and then we hit the rewind...just don't giv it up in the meantime
Looking at Brandon Belt’s career numbers vs. Kershaw and it’s just crazy. 3-37 with 21 K’s. Beyond ownnage by Kershaw
You can either deny it completely or do as she says. Since you're taking off your belt, I guess we know your choice. https:…
I'm giving away something for you on 2015 Topps-Brandon Belt. Get it here -
Mlb network put Brandon belt over guys like A Gon, Jose Fernandez
Lmao Brandon Belt is not the 61st best player in MLB. Idc man.
much like winning the belt in Rocky 2
Brandon Belt: Film critic, has always been my favourite thing. And now there's video.
Baby Giraffe makes his picks, and it is the most Brandon Belt-y thing you've ever seen.
But if you really want to know my Favorite team is the Flying squirrels. BTW didn't Brandon Belt of the Giants hit that HR
. has Brandon Belt well ahead of Eric Hosmer and Adrian Gonzales on their Top 100 players list. I ...
A year ago I got my 4th stripe on my white belt! What a journey!
I may be the biggest Klay fan. He's the Brandon Belt of GSW
I wonder if was inspired by and her vlog, hmmm.
for real man? Thats awesome. You want a brandon belt/Brandon Crawford flying squirrels one?
Picked up my second Amed, the Brandon Belt elite auto patch has been a want for a while, and why not Olson?
Jacare is most well rounded guy to challenge for belt currently IMO . But that doesn't mean much
Brandon - "wheat belt City". Canada. Skating rink and snow. Photo by
Old time Hall. Small town feel. Brandon - "wheat belt city". Canada. Photo by
Brandon the Boy and Box Elder lead Belt 61-52 with 1:48 left. Huskies starting to foul and hope for misses
Belt confident 2016 will be breakout season
Belt confident 2016 will be breakout season: Brandon Belt's performance has inched forward in some way every year.…
Drinking the Brandon Belt comp for my drive home tonight
Come support Brandon DeFeo (160) Gene Franceschini (170) and Dom Infante (220) in the Region Quarterfinals tonight! 5p…
I'm glad to come and train with my first Black belt here in Hawaii Brandon Rogers at Cjjfamily Kapolei...
I'm wearing brown shoes and a black belt if that's any indication of how my Friday is going.
Looking to sell a Brandon Belt team issued Giants Jersey, bought from MLB with authentication sticker. Any advice on where to list it?
Brandon Belt takes BP at Photo by suzmitch
You don't know real pain until you get a pube stuck in your belt buckle
Jarrett Parker is the 6. Brandon Belt is the 9.
I'm going to predict that this years' bobblehead will either be: Joe Panik, Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt, or MadBum. Yeah? Hehe
Brandon Belt finished third in the MLB last season in batting average to the opposite field at .478. Behind Spangenberg and Harper
San Francisco Giants, 1B Brandon Belt avoid agree to $6.2M, one-year deal -
Come to Taco Casa 5-8pm Thursday to meet Brandon Belt, Giants first baseman, to talk baseball, get an autograph, and have your picture made.
Brandon Belt will be at Taco Casa, Lufkin, TX., Thursday 5-8.
I'm sure Joe Panik, Matt Duffy, Brandon Crawford, and Brandon Belt can tell us how overrated these lists are. Gotta earn it.
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I want you to imagine that in baseball. 1B for All-Star Game: NL Duda, Ryan Howard, and Brandon Belt. AL Teixeira, C Santana, Mike Napoli.
Duane Kuiper is the announcer for the Giants and Brandon Belt plays for them and wears the on his jersey.
CLE/SF talked about possible Carlos Carrasco deal, with CLE asking about Brandon Belt and Joe Panik. Those discussions the…
Paul Goldschmidt named as Rawlings Gold Glove finalist at 1B. Brandon Belt and Adrian Gonzalez are the others.
Wait, so how exactly did we get into a situation where Nick Noonan is pinch hitting for Brandon Belt in the 9th inning down two runs again?
So everyone who doesn't like Brandon Belt in clutch spots now gets Nick Noonan
Nick Noonan replaces Brandon Belt at first base. Belt's spot is due up third in the bottom of the ninth.
The last first basemen who had that intensity was Will Clark. And Brandon Belt is not Will Clark.
Brandon Belt is the Harrison Barnes of the
Brandon Belt...the Harrison Barnes of baseball. Flashes of brilliance only for long periods of disappointments.
Randy Choate comes into a bases loaded situation to face LH batter Brandon Belt with two outs.
Brandon Belt is slugging .717 since August 1st.
Another run for the . Brandon Belt with a RBI single for the 5-2 lead over the Nationals in the 3rd.
Lmaooo this guy. Brandon belt is easily top five SS cmon man 😂
Matt Thornton warming up. Brandon Belt due up first. Looks like a good set up for SPLASH HIT!!!
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Brandon Crawford threw that one like a cannon at Brandon Belt, nice play.
Brandon Belt's BABIP is .352 this year. Correction? Well, in 2012 and 2013 it was .351. Not necessarily...I would not have guessed that.
Cool, you have your 5 hundred dollar ferragamo belt to hold up your 30 dollar hollister jeans lol
And that was after Brandon Belt hit a HR. Just to let you know. :)
Of all the teams Brandon Belt has played against at least 5 times, he has his best average against the far.
Brandon Belt 2015 splits by batted ball location (not counting today):
strikes again. Brandon Belt has been an RBI machine this week
San Francisco scores first after an RBI double from Brandon Belt. Giants lead 1-0 in the fourth.
Brandon Belt doubles to left field off Ross, and the Giants take a 1-0 lead.
An RBI-double to left field by Brandon Belt gives the a 1-0 lead.
Gregor Blanco scores on a double by Brandon Belt. 1-0, over the
Gregor Blanco (of course) singles, tags and takes 2nd on a fly to CF and scores on a one-out double to left by Brandon Belt. 1-0
The Giants lead the majors in doubles and they lead this game 1-0. It's a 9-game hitting streak for Brandon Belt.
Is it not obvious why Brandon Belt is my main bae 😍😍😍😍
Brandon Belt doubles off the left field wall to score Gregor Blanco, 1-0
And Brandon Belt continues to absolutely wear out left field. Wow.
Go Madison, Gregor, ROY Duffy, MVPosey, Hunter, GG Brandon (RBI Machine) Belt en fuego, Hector, Renel, K&K, you get the point. That is all.
Alyssa received her 1st stripe on her white belt this week. Mason and Brandon both received their 4th stripe on...
Brandon Belt knocks home two runs in winning effort
Recommendation by :Brandon Belt is riding a seven-game hi...
The get 1 back on a Brandon Belt RBI double . 10-5 over the Nationals in the 6th
The add another!. Brandon Crawford with a RBI single scoring Brandon Belt, 6-2 over the Nationals in the 3rd.
Brandon Belt with some Phil Mickleson hops!!! Love it
Brandon Belt starts the third with a homer to center, then Brandon Crawford doubles. Hitters had been 0-for-35 vs. Cole Hamels since 7/19.
Solo homer by Brandon Belt ties the game at 1 in the 6th inning.
in my Kenny Rodgers voice ... do I hold or fold Brandon Belt? Have Vogt/Edwing/Lucroy as 1b eligible guys.
Brandon Belt is what Ike Davis should have been.
Avoid both Brandon Belt and Brandon Moss in any you play. They are combined 0-12 with 6 K's against Matt Harvey and Taijuan Walker
What does this mean for Brandon Belt? My column
Daily Dime: Dustin Pedroia, Adam Jones, Brandon Belt and seven other good
How can Matt Adams & Brandon Belt have more All-Star votes than Lucas Duda? Fans need to do a better job of voting.
San Francisco Giants out-slug Milwaukee Brewewers: Hunter Pence, Matt Duffy and Brandon Belt all hit ...
Since Hunter Pence returned, Brandon Belt is hitting .467 with 1.515 OPS, 4 HRs, 11 RBI in that span (7 games). Before: …
Trainer Dave Groeschner out to check on Brandon Belt's hand/wrist after HBP. Discussion was quick; Belt stays in game.
Was offered Lance Lynn for Brandon Belt or Chris Davis. 10t mixed roto. Thoughts?
Given today's name game...was offered Lance Lynn for Brandon Belt? Trade him or Chris Davis? 10t Roto
Brandon Belt doubled to right. On the play, Angel Pagan advances to third. Runners on second and third with one out and Brandon Crawford due
It's me. BB4LYFE! "And if you dare suggest that Brandon Belt is overrated, why, we'll cut you. One of us will."
Bochy is guaranteeing nightmares for Brandon Belt the nights in which he submits his lineups when the Giants are facing Clayton Kershaw
Billy Butler, Kennys Vargas, Joe Mauer, Chris Carter, Matt Adams, Brandon Belt. All more expensive than AGonz on DK today.
Extra Baggs: Jake Peavy, Brandon Belt avoid disabled list for now: PHOENIX – The sun came up over Camelback Mo...
SFG Contra Costa: Giants' Brandon Belt exits with injury in fourth inning
Brandon Belt just took Chase Anderson yard to right in the first inning.
If healthy, what can we expect from Carl Crawford and Brandon Belt? - Fantasy Baseball - ESPN
On his final day in Arizona, sits down with Carl Crawford, Brandon Belt to discuss 2015 expectations:
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SFG [SB Nation: McCovey Chronicles] - That time when Brandon Belt beat the shift in the World Series
Giants fans: Brandon Belt, Kyle Crick, Hector Sanchez, Tim Lincecum, and a PTBNL for Ryan Howard and Cole Hamels? Yes or no? I say yes
Ryan Vogelsong and Brandon Belt could be twins!
giants only had two good first basemen since Clark left. JT Snow and Brandon Belt.
What do Corey Joseph, Brandon Belt, and Earl Thomas have in common?
The played small ball in Game 5 as bunt sparked a game-changing rally:
Your boy Brandon Belt getting some love. MT My report: 3 World Series games, 1 playoff ace for the ages.
Brandon Belt had never bunted for a hit in the Majors. On him going all Backyard Baseball mode last night:
Brandon Belt showed off some quick thinking and equally quick feet.
If the bunt that Brandon Belt had last night doesn't wake up all lefties who have shifts put on them nothing well
Only Brandon Belt days until we leave for Disney. Tomorrow is Shane Victorino.
Brandon Belt’s timely shift in strategy yields his first bunt single
When Brandon Belt bunted against the shift i was like ok im cool with the giants winning another World Series if that's what happens
PsBattle: Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Belt going for a high five.: submitted by thejohnblog [link] [2 comments]
Hold on, a KNBR caller is praising Brandon Belt.
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pisses me off that they don't start Brandon Belt! We had that game in the bag!
Pablo Sandoval, Brandon Belt come through to put Giants up 7-4 going into the ...
Brandon Belt's bunting skill, speed, and baserunning awareness created that run. Odd sentence to type.
See what Brandon Belt said was the only thing Madison Bumgarner could have done to be better for the San Francisco San Francisco Giants tonight.
VIDEO: Brandon Belt: 'Awesome feeling going into Kansas City up a game' htt…
"I don't know, I thought he was just alright tonight. He didn't get a hit," said Brandon Belt. "He needs to step his game …
According to Brandon Belt is as fast as Alex Gordon on the base paths. ***
Brandon Belt on the only way Bumgarner's performance could've been better tonight.
That bunt hit by Brandon Belt was his first as a major-leaguer. Says he made up his mind to do it the instant before Shiel…
Brandon Belt reminds me of with a beard
“Giants take a 2-0 lead in Game 5 over Royals in 4th. Brandon Belt drives in Pablo Sandoval. Series is tied at 2.” Crawford
The story of that play was, Brandon Belt has the grossest swing. Eric Hosmer has the sweetest glove!
Having a nice quiet night at home tonight. Weather is rainy tonight and is expected to be unsettled until Friday. Then the sun and nice weather will return in time for the weekend. The 2014 World Series is officially underway tonight in Kansas City between the Giants and Royals. The San Francisco Giants got off to a fast 3-0 lead in the Top of the 1st. Top 1st: Gregor Blanco singled to center Joe Panik flied out to center, Gregor Blanco to second Buster Posey singled to shallow left, Gregor Blanco to third Pablo Sandoval doubled to right, Gregor Blanco scored, Buster Posey thrown out at the plate trying to score- Giants 1 Royals 0 Hunter Pence hit a 2 run home run to deep center- Giants 3 Royals 0 Brandon Belt singled to center Michael Morse struck out swinging Bottom 1st: Alcides Escobar grounded out, shortstop to first Nori Aoki lined out to pitcher Lorenzo Cain hit by pitch Eric Hosmer flied out to center Top 2nd: Travis Ishikawa grounded out, first to pitcher Brandon Crawford flied out to right Gregor ...
Alex got to meet first baseman Brandon Belt and we got see starting pitcher Jake Peavy at the San Francisco Dugout store. It was a lifetime experience!!!
VIDEO: Brandon Belt: 'Chug about five Red Bulls, buckle up and get back out there' http:…
Senior QB. Brandon Bridge is seventh in the Sun Belt in passing with 209.6 yards a game
Brandon is too happy he ain't gotta wear his seat belt anymore 😂😂😂😂 perks of finally being 16.
the one and only Baby Giraffe Brandon Belt!
Brandon Belt has a giraffe named after him
That giraffe is named after first baseman Brandon Belt, of corse.
Brandon Belt. First MLB play he was like a baby giraffe.
the bay area six flags has a giraffe named Brandon belt
Brandon Belt apparently has a giraffe named after him. What do I need to do in life to have a zoo-creature name after me?
We've got Moose and Panda, and somewhere a zoo has a giraffe named after this infielder: Brandon Belt or Alcides Escobar?
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Travis Ishikawa hit a three-run homer in the bottom of the ninth inning, sending the San Francisco Giants to the World Series with a 6-3 win over the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday night. These every-other-year Giants clinched the NL Championship Series in Game 5 and now will face the Royals in an all wild-card Fall Classic that begins Tuesday night in Kansas City. Pablo Sandoval singled to start the ninth against Michael Wacha, making his first appearance of the postseason for the Cardinals. After an out, Brandon Belt walked to bring up Ishikawa, who drove a 2-0 pitch into the elevated seats in right field. Ishikawa hit the first game-ending homer in NLCS history. And it was the first time a homer sent the Giants into the World Series since perhaps the most famous drive ever in baseball — Bobby Thomson's "Shot Heard 'Round the World" in a 1951 playoff. Ishikawa knew right away on his first career postseason homer, raising his right arm into the air as he watched his ball sail in ...
Jackie Greene with an awesome anthem. Rocking a Brandon Belt jersey.
NLDS Game 2: Brandon Belt's homer propels Giants to victory in longest postseas
Brandon Belt blast in 18th pushes Giants past Nationals in longest game in postseason baseball history |
It's over! 18 innings, 6 hours and 24 minutes later, Giants beat the Nationals 2-1 on Brandon Belt's solo HR in 18th. htt…
Brandon Belt & Pete Kozma are gonna have some stories to share after this one.
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I don't know. All I know is that Brandon Belt just entered the Pete Kozma hall of DC sports antagonists
GOODBYE! Brandon Belt tanks one in the 18th!
Goodbye! Brandon Belt launches one into the right field seats and AT LAST there's some separation. Giants take a 2-1 lead…
Hunter Pence steals second base, and then scores on a Brandon Belt single to right field. 2, 0
I held on to Brandon Belt in fantasy baseball for months, hoping he'd get healthy. I'm starting to get the same feeling about Arian Foster.
Hudson native Brandon Belt helped propel the San Francisco Giants to an 8-0 victory in a one game take all National League Wild Card game Wednesday night.
Baby i just want them thighs right under that belt
Yasiel Puig Unleashes Perfect Throw to Nail Brandon Belt at the Plate in Extras -
The power of Brandon: Belt, Crawford lift Giants via
RECAP: Big performances by a pair of Brandons launched the Ginats over the
Thanks to Madison Bumgarner and Brandon Belt for winning me some money last night!
Factory Alum Brandon Belt adds an insurance run in the 6th, lead 5-0.
Nice post on Brandon Belt Great to see him back and playing well. By
Brandon Belt, on Buster Posey's RBI in the 8th busting up the all-Brandon RBI theme: "Yeah. He's so, so selfish, isn't he?"
Poor throws from a Dodger and a teammate cost Brandon Belt 96 games. He's making up for lost time: featured in NBC s Science of Love
In the top of the 7th, with two runners on, Brandon Belt lined one into deep center for a 2 run single.
After Brandon Belt drove in the bases for a full-round, the Giants batting continued.
Brandon Crawford none-out, Grand Slam (1) to right scored Pablo Sandoval, Hunter Pence and Brandon Belt. Travis Ishikawa due up.
Dark horses to do damage tonight are Brandon Belt for SF and Starling Marte for Pittsburgh.
Eva(n) Longoria added A.J. Ellis and dropped Brandon Belt and Jhonny Peralta
Brandon Belt scores the run he should've had a long time ago! 4-2 Giants!
I really don't like Brandon Belt being thrusted into the lineup, has barely played since May. Screws up cohesiveness.
Sooo when we gon let Brandon Harris get that year under his belt and win us a championship next season?
Brandon Belt swings & misses at strikes as much as Panik makes contact. Its ridiculous.He's fcking guessing up there
Great deals here. I may run away with soon to retire, AP. Brandon Belt sitting at 200.00. Wow!
You guys, I've just missed Brandon Belt so much.
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