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Brandon Bass

Brandon Samuel Bass (born April 30, 1985) is an American professional basketball player with the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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I think best option is to start Brandon Bass
Interested to see who starts in place of Blake. Wes Johnson? Brandon Bass? Does Doc go small and start Austin? Not really sure
Brandon's teaching me how to play bass so I can start my own band!!
Have you been enjoying our past two weeks of bass? Well let's chalk…
I gotta brag on my dude {Brandon Gilliard}for a minute. We had another bass player…
He smiled before the bass drops because he knew it was going to be some fire 🤕
One bass drop. 7 billion realizations . 10 letters that bring us to together . 1 guy with all the vibes . Loop it together we have
Brandon on Bass guitar. Traveling Suitcase in studio today.
he's alright. Think Brandon Bass kind of player with more weight and less length
Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass' video has reached 2M likes on YouTube. This is her sixth video to achieve this (third as a lead ar…
Okay friends, I need to know who has the best Santa in the Tampa/Brandon area! I've heard Bass Pro is awesome but...
My *** Nefi Brandon and bass that's my fam word life
Cool article about new minor-league catcher Eddy Rodriguez from ->
Introducing: UKF Drum & Bass 2016 on vinyl 👌. Limited to 500 copies, once they're gone they're gone. Grab yours now:
I have a homie selling 2 stands tickets for NYE.
Favorite thing about bassnectar is my fam, shows just wouldn't be the same without them. S/o to my bass fam making the…
My Brother Brandon K Brown playing Keybass and Bass on Tele with Fergie.
Maybe players like Kris Humphries, Marcus Thorton, Jerryd Bayless, Brandon Bass, & Courtney Lee to round out the bench.
I mean it's Rondo at point guard and Brandon Bass at center. HEY LOOK IT'S ALL FORMER CELTICS
Once in a while I miss Brandon Bass...jus sayin lol
Brand New banger from Full track available on UKF Drum & Bass:
.plays bass and guitar on five songs off 4 Your Eyez Only 🎸.
Lou Williams is currently in ESPN's real plus minus stat. Last season Brandon Bass finished the year as the highest…
Doc Rivers says Wes Johnson will be out again tonight against the Nets. He missed last game and Brandon Bass saw an uptick in minutes.
Really think the Clippers should go with Brandon Bass over WeJo here to go against Dedmon/Lee
Missed Jeff Green and Brandon Bass. Would've never guess Orlando for Green just forgot about Bass.
only missed Jeff Green and Brandon Bass. I didn't follow all the transactions this summer I guess
Los Angeles went to their veterans in the offseason, when they brought in Brandon Bass, Raymond Felton, Mo Speights and Alan Anderson.
Avery Bradley-Playmaker is definitely ending up in the graveyard along w/ Brandon Bass corner 3s and Zeller/Lee starting of preseasons past
the Clippers ship has saailed. They got Wes Johnson, Paul Pierce, and Brandon Bass. Not exactly modern NBA.
😂 "[LAC] signed...Marreese Speights & Brandon Bass,... Brice Johnson & Diamond Stone. They're loaded at that spot.".
have agreed to a deal with F Brandon Bass, confirming report. Joins Mo Speights in big man rot…
Brandon Bass declined a $3M player option because he thought he would get a raise--now he's a Clipper for $1.5M
Can confirm Brandon Bass has agreed to a 1-year veteran minimum deal of $1.5 million with the Clippers. Bass played for Lake…
Of the 211 NBA players who used over 400 possessions last season, Brandon Bass ranked 5th in scoring efficiency.
We stole another laker , what can I expect from Brandon Bass ?
Signing Brandon Bass for sure means the Clippers are trading Blake Griffin - Celtics Fan
win projection after agreeing to a deal with Brandon Bass!
NBA Rumors: Brandon Bass agrees to deal with Los Angeles Clippers
FREE AGENCY NEWS:. Brandon Bass agrees to a one year deal with the L.A. Clippers. DJ
Report: Brandon Bass, reach an agreement for a one-year deal
Brandon Bass signs with the Clippers to a 1yr vet min deal (LA Times)
The Clippers stay getting the Lakers leftovers so of course they would sign Brandon Bass.
Clippers are signing Brandon Bass to a one year deal, first reported by Y!
Antawn Jamison, Wesley J, Jamaal Wilkes, Caron Butler, Jim McMillian and not their is Brandon bass...
Report: Brandon Bass agrees to 1-year deal with Clippers.. Related Articles:
Brandon Bass opted out of $3.1M from loser Lakers to $1.5M down the hall and win with the Clippers.
Brandon Bass has crossed locker rooms to join Clipper Nation!
Brandon Bass has reached agreement on a 1-year deal with the Los Angeles Clippers (The Vertical)
Sources: Despite strong pursuit from Spurs, Brandon Bass agrees to deal with Clippers, reports.
Brandon Bass agrees to veteran's minimum deal with Clippers
What's up with the Clippers signing former Celtics? First, Glen Davis - now Brandon Bass. . Never change, Glenn "Doc" Rivers.
BREAKING: The Los Angeles Clippers have signed F Brandon Bass to a one-year deal. . Nice signing!
Sources: Brandon Bass agrees to Clippers deal (Yahoo Sports): The Spurs pursued Bass, but he agreed to a vete...
Brandon Bass has reached an agreement with the Los Angeles Clippers on a 1-year deal.
Players the Spurs could target to replace Tim Duncan: . David Lee, Brandon Bass, and Terrence Jones. Pass on Thomas Robinson & Josh Smith.
Mike please tell the lakers management we want, need and LOVE Brandon Bass back to the lakers and David Lee as well. Please
No, keep Anthony Brown & we haven't resigned Brandon Bass. He's an unrestricted free agent.
Brandon Bass, David Lee, Jared Sullinger, Montijunas... probably someone like that
Now the Lakers need one veteran PF, maybe Brandon Bass or David Lee...
Sneaky solid free agents still on the market: Brandon Bass, David Lee, Jordan Hill and James Johnson.
I know. And kobe never had Iran Newble as well and Devin Ebanks come one bro. Kobe just spent the season with Brandon Bass.
so much money and everyone wants to go, that's why y'all signed Lou Williams, Roy Hibbert, and Brandon Bass lol
Met Brandon Bass at Nike and saw Trump's police escort. Typical LA 🎈
Draymond Green and Brandon Bass look like brothers ode.
As long as we don't end up with Brandon Bass, Ronnie Price and Kevin Seraphin, I won't complain. But Front Office can't strike out AGAIN
Brandon & his buddy scored with blues & a Bass today from the surf on bunker.
"Who are you?". "I'm the guy who just sold some hilarious jokes. You must be the other guy. Take that bass out your voice."
Trevacy Pro Staff catching some bass. Love the shirt Brandon!
We'll be happy again when you and Brandon Bass get packaged up in a trade
UKF is still raw today. The drum and bass channel is solid. Know the guy who runs it and few labels. Some swed in Stockholm
if D Green didn't play with Steph he would be Brandon Bass
Correction...a nice visit from a friend/eye candy would nice.anyone but Brandon!
Yes, I don't want Lebron to win a ring! Yes Brandon!
I'm going to release five song and will be doing the drums and on bass. But they just don't know…
June 10th brotha! June 17th I'll be playing at Bass Landing Fest👌🏼
when things aren't going his way he is a thug. Put him on a team without Steph and he is Brandon Bass
Why Draymond Green look like a mixture of Brandon Bass and Welvin da Great
We're Jammin tonight!! Lem McEwen on drums and Brandon Kendricks on bass Musicians and vocalists are welcome!
Been using Brandon Bass as a reasonable approximation. Not perfect, but in terms of role/skill, it’s close enough.
A little pool fishing at with the kiddos after say…
Scott would have benched him for Brandon Bass or played him at the two so Ryan Kelly could get minutes at the three
Like and share . Brandon Bass grew up on Crest Drive in Mount Olive, this is his book. Brandon has a unique story...
A worker @ Bass Pro told Brandon to keep me around cuz he can just tell I have a good heart & Brandon nodded his head & said "oh I know" ❤️
Brandon been out the car 2 nervous.i shoulda went in 👀
Brandon Gibson establishes the lead at Neely Henry at 11.65 with a 4.76 Mt. Dew Big Bass.
I wished Brandon Bass was still on the Celtics
New leader Brandon Matthews with an 8.19lb big bass! Oakley Fish Dayton, TN "https:/…
I agree. Russell, Lou Will, Hibbert, Randle, Brandon Bass, Swaggy, etc...better than the Cavs 07 roster he took to Finals.
Cheer up, I'm sure the Sixers will sign Brandon Bass in the offseason.
I also want Brandon bass to go along Russell and that pick
Lakers keep Lou Will,Brandon Bass & Nance for the bench and sign a few more role players ... Darien Williams as back up would be ILL!!
Nothing makes me laugh more than lakers fans believing they are gonna get a superstar and they end up with Brandon bass
I heard y'all was like into DRuss and Brandon Bass for bro 🤒
and while they are at it *** derozen, lebron, D-Wade, and carmelo. Then end up with brandon bass and Sir Hibbert
every year the Lakers rumors start about who they are gonna get and every year they end up with guys like Brandon Bass lol
Draymond Green and brandon bass look alike
Swear I just looked at a pic of Brandon Bass and thought it was Draymond Green
I liked a video from Rhiannon - Say A Prayer (Brandon H. Allen sings bass for Annette
I just called seen JJ Hickson at the casino and called him Brandon Bass 😂😂😂😂
I added a video to a playlist Brandon's 2 12s on an Incriminator IA40.1 - Bass For A Cure 2016
I think it should be Brandon on Bass, but when subject came up in SD, it was implied Courtney might be, but he's a busy musician
except for who will be drumming, I think I know her band's composition. If Brandon is on Bass, good chance his buddy will be drummer
Who wants to play bass at rival made practice today since Brandon can't come and I miss him
I had a dream that I went to cici's pizza with nate archibald, scott steinbrenner, chuck bass and brandon shaw.
Lakers would be in the playoffs if they got Aldridge this past summer but instead y'all signed Metta World Peace and Brandon Bass lol
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Ray Allen misdirection play for LMA. Ibaka fell harder for that pumpfake than Brandon Bass lololol.
plays bass for the band. Go give him a follow! 📷 by
Brandon Bass learning to swim at age 28
I just listened to "I need you" for the first time & my mind is blown, with what did you make that bass preset? That is just crazy!
Happy birthday to our bass player and number 1 solid dude brandon.allen_ ! 🎉👊🏼
A big happy birthday to Brandon who's been masterfully playing bass for us these past few months!
Laker fans think they're going to get everyone every summer but they end up with trash like Lou Williams, Roy Hibbert, and Brandon Bass.
Bass line on causing all sorts of havock cc
Pray for Brandon Bass (hope your birthday finds you abundantly blessed
and we absolutely will not change .. Heck facing elimination we had bass starting .
think they'd take the pick, Clarkson, Lou Will, Brandon Bass?
yes! Just mike I always wanted Brandon Bass back
Brandon bass probably goes to the club and says he's draymond
I hope durant go to the lakers though .. And demar derozan .. . And get rid of Hibbert and Brandon bass
Love Listening to heavy metal with bass turned all the way up and everytime there's a double bass drum solo everything in my room shakes 😂😂😂
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I know Brandon Bass said he would opt out, but if he resigns withLA, what numbers are we looking at for him next year?
Almost zero reason for Brandon Bass to opt in, even if he re-signs, there's too much $$$ available to FAs
Apologize if you touched on this in Podcast. What do you think are the odds Brandon Bass opts in next year? Better w/ new coach?
2016 Player Capsule: Brandon Bass: Looking back at Brandon Bass' 2015-16 season with the Lakers.
Potential Jazz offseason target: Brandon Bass, yay or nay?
Celtics had only four rotation players with playoff experience last year -- Brandon Bass, Avery Bradley, Evan Turner, Jae Crowder.
Scott was trying to win at the beginning and sorry but Lou Williams and Brandon Bass were giving you better chances to win
Heat fans were really bashing Spo while Byron Scott was out there in the same game playing Brandon Bass at the 3. You people disgust me
Byron Scott got Brandon Bass, Larry Nance AND Ryan Kelly on the floor at the same time. I'm bout to throw my tv down the stairs 😡
Brandon Bass needs to stay after this season, Heurtas also!
LA Lakers' Byron Scott loves having Brandon Bass as part of the mix
Brandon Knight answered a 3 from Lou Williams that cut the lead to 1 … Brandon Bass answered that w/a 2-point J. 87-85 …
Whaaat? Lakers were down 16. Now they're up 5 with 3:16 to play. Lou Williams, Brandon Bass, Huertas leading the comeba…
Huertas Behind The Back Marcelo Huertas throws a ridiculous behind the back pass to Brandon Bass for the slam.
Brandon Bass with a steal and three Nuggets are unable to stop him.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Brandon Bass makes one free throw. Lakers lead 104-99 with 23.3 left.
I would buy that he's going to be Zack Randolph 2.0, or Brandon Bass, or out of the league in 3 yrs.
🚀Larry Nance Jr. and Brandon Bass with back-too-back slams! 🚀
Can't find where, but some guy told me that Morey offered a 2nd round pick for Brandon Bass, but Lakers said no?
NBA Trade Deadline: Which Laker is most likely to be traded?
You had one job, Trade Lou Williams and Brandon Bass.
The Lakers stood pat at the trade deadline (via
If the Lakers keep Lou Williams I'll be ok but Nick Young and Brandon Bass gotta go
So the Lakers are still stuck with Roy Hibbert, Brandon Bass, and Swaggy P 😒
As for lakers I'm just feel bad for Brandon bass and Roy u know they deserve better
great. Lou Williams and Brandon Bass can just keep stealing minutes from the kids
Lou Williams is a Laker. Nick Young is a Laker. Brandon Bass is a Laker. Roy Hibbert is a Laker. Nothing has changed.
you could've had brandon bass, wiz. BRANDON BASS!!!
I've been saying since Monday they'll trade for Darell Arthur or Brandon bass I'll stick with that
Brandon Bass is an upgrade! Not that much of an upgrade, but an upgrade!
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Brandon bass eyeing his phone like a crack addict waiting for the re up
Stan Van Gundy has turned Brandon Jennings, Ersan Illyasova & Joel Anthony into Tobias Harris, Marcus Thorton and Donat…
Lakers should offer to send over Dwight's good friend- Brandon Bass for free if they take Dwight. Bad value for Lakers but sabotage game 💯
Hopefully the lakers keep Brandon bass
Yo Gotta trade and Brandon bass to the for the lakers draft pick un protected
FLW Pro and Bass Mafia Family member Brandon Hunter Fishing is ready to hit the road! His tackle is stored...
I think the three instruments I'd love to be good at are violin, drums and bass.
Keeping Nick Young and Brandon Bass on this team when they can contribute on a playoff team seems ridiculous IMHO...
It's really hard to find a team for Brandon Bass on the trade machine.
Btw, it makes no sense that Nick Young, Brandon Bass, and Roy Hibbert are still on this team after the deadline. Any deal is good.
Brandon Bass is still on the Lakers and I don't know why.
The Thornton Bass Tuba Quartet feat. alumni Brandon Davis and James Similuk were invited to compete in the Int'l Tuba Euphonium Conference!
Like to see the lakers try to get Okafor. Maybe give up Lou Williams and Brandon Bass.
Can you guys please trade Hibbert/Young/Lou Will/Brandon Bass and get us some future assets?! Pick up the phone and make some calls!
Okafor and Kendall Marshall to for Russell and Brandon Bass and a pick. Get it done
Brandon Bass + Lou Williams along with Huertas fills some holes Detroit has, not saying I care all that much, just saying.
Detroit, we would have given you Brandon Bass! . *click*. Hello?
Mmm 😭😭RT I won’t lie; I agree with this. The DA is not a real political alternative to the ANC.
When you can tell the bass is mad dirty in your earphones
few reports of them Shopping Lou Williams & Brandon Bass for Leading Rookie of the Year Candidates
Brandon Bass on the move to Houston for Terrence Jones is a possibility league sources tell
Now, I've got my 5 string bass, 2 amps and a couple pedals and I've been content for almost 8 months.
I started out playing an acoustic, then got a bass. I'll be getting a small electric rig in the near future.
You know you want Brandon Bass. He's so much better than Scola
I kept an acoustic, but didn't have room for an electric setup as well as bass stuff. Didn't have the money, either.
Yep. Played guitar for a few years, picked up a bass and immediately felt more comfortable.
has anyone ever seen Draymond Green and Brandon Bass in the same room?
just curious when u come to Fremont for white bass?
Jahlil okafor for lou will brandon bass and d-lo and make the 2016 first Rd pick unprotected... make it happen mitch...
trade Lou Williams Brandon bass and Swaggy
Lakers send hibbert's expiring contract along with future draft picks and my dude Brandon bass 🙏🏾
I hope and Brandon Bass will stay for the
If want to trade anyone, it has to be the vets like Roy Hibbert, Nick Young, Brandon Bass, and Lou Williams
If lakers don't trade Brandon bass tomorrow I won't be happy ffs
Why should David Lee go before Bogut? Or Blatche (useless) before Brandon Bass (serviceable role player)?
If the Rockets can get Rudy *** Courtney Lee, and Brandon Bass by the deadline, I'll be a happy fan,
yeah Kelly, Amir, Lee, Zeller, Sullenger.. Good thing they got rid of Brandon Bass.
Lakers got: Brandon Bass, Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams, Metta World Peace all available for trade.interesting
Brandon Bass (someone scratched the "B" off his jersey) is doubtful to play in Sunday's preseason matchup with Israeli…
Markieff Morris, Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza, Channing Frye, Courtney Lee and Brandon Bass are the top players we are considering
Brandon Bass just became the Danny Lee of the NBA for me. I will love you forever. 313pt tonight clean sweepsville
Yeah, Brandon Bass has been really good tonight - kids obviously have shined, Bss took care of a lot of the dirty work.
Julius Randle + D'Angelo Russell on the bench. Nick Young + Lou Williams + Brandon Bass closing this game out.
Jahlil Okafor on the board on second shot attempt. Lakers had Brandon Bass on him, and Julius Randle on Richaun Holmes. 25-21, Sixers.
Brandon Bass says Lakers will be in ‘good hands’ when Kobe retires.
Brandon Bass follows the with an old-fashioned three-point play.
Former Celtic player Brandon Bass was welcomed with a round of applause from the TD Garden crowd. . 👏🏼. at
Brandon Bass & Anthony Brown took a special behind-the-scenes tour of today:
Looks like Byron Scott just might let this D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, Nick Young, Brandon Bass, Marcelo Huertas unit close the game.
The moment you start playing Rob Sacre over Brandon Bass and Tarik Black, is when you should be fired. Not to mention benching DAR & JR...
I will offer the protected pick and a future second, and Brandon Bass and Lou Williams for Brown and Noel.
Byron Scott gots to put Russell and Randle back in the starting line up and let Brandon Bass play the 5 👌
Brandon Bass has played better the last few games, and just exploded for a 2-handed dunk on screen/roll w/Russell provi…
I wish Brandon Bass was still here, and not David Lee
Byron Scott is still yet to figure out that Brandon Bass is an undersized PF, NOT CENTER
Video: Brandon Bass two handed dunk sends Archie Goodwin to the floor via
Brandon Bass runs down the loose ball then elevates over Archie Goodwin for the slam.
Why Byron Scott still using Brandon Bass at center? Suns went on a run with Bass playing center.
When will Byron Scott realize that Brandon Bass at Center is not a good idea
Why does Byron Scott insist on playing players out of their position? Lou is a SG and Brandon Bass is a PF.
Byron Scott should be fired for isoing Brandon Bass in a real NBA game. Every game this man surprises me with his incompetence.
Byron Scott the only coach I know who would try to check Andre Drummond with Brandon Bass gtfoh
Lakers are listing Brandon Bass (left eye) & Larry Nance Jr. (nose) as questionable to play against Denver
At what point do Larry and Anthony get in the game? Has Bryon seen Ryan Kelly and Brandon Bass play defense in a real game?
Julius Randle jumps out in transition and feeds to Brandon Bass, who flies Superman-style for the dunk!
Brandon Bass reminds me of Jordan Hill. So much energy and hustle.
Tough to be confident in Stevens discovering that David Lee is a fraud when Brandon Bass played 4,000 minutes the last 2 seasons
Anthony Brown deserves a spot in the rotation; Brandon Bass does not.
Where's Brandon Bass when you need a free throw
Russell, Clarkson, Kobe, Randle, Hibbert with Lou Will, Nick Young, and Brandon Bass off the bench... playoff time
Anthony Brown will still start tomorrow at SF. Brandon Bass practiced but Byron unsure if he will play tomorrow
Byron Scott says there is a possibility D'Angelo Russell plays tonight. . Marcelo Huertas and Brandon Bass are out.
UPDATE: D'Angelo Russell, Brandon Bass and Marcelo Huertas will NOT play tonight. Anthony Brown will move into the starting lineup.
D'Angelo Russell, Marcelo Huertas & Brandon Bass will sit out tonight's game at Staples Center. Anthony Brown into starting 5.
LAKERz NEWz. _. 🔸Brandon Bass met with Gary Vitti today and received…
Electronic Device Insurance
On the injury front: Brandon Bass met w/ trainer Gary Vitti today and received treatment on knee.
Underrated upgrade for the Celtics: Lee and Johnson are significantly better outlet passers than Brandon Bass, who was…
David Lee in text message to Brandon Bass: "Don't worry, bro, I'm going to carry on the 'no-pass' torch for you."
Jordan Clarkson played with the Lakers' first unit on Wednesday, joining D'Angelo Russell, Kobe Bryant, Brandon Bass and Roy Hibbert.
Byron talked about the positive impact new Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams and Brandon Bass have made so far we will discuss on Access
what you will get, is Lou Williams, and Brandon Bass. Everyone else is a question mark
Nah in the sense of Kobe takin too much dough but we good, just off Lou Will coming off the bench alone n Brandon Bass
That's Brandon Bass in the back corner too.
you gonna look like Brandon bass again
*** Brandon Bass might not even get a rating. Lol
I might have Brandon bass working out today
I would. Why not? The Lakers aren't placing their futures hopes on Brandon Bass.
Let’s go to Atlantic City! “Christie pointed to several bright spots in the city, including the new Bass Pro shop”
I totally miss your extreme bass notes and definitely Sweetheart of the Sun😭😭
I liked a video from DETROIT BASS DAY 2013 'BRANDON ROSE' LIVE
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LAKERS fans are excited Ron Artest can provide some depth to the front court of Brandon Bass, Julius Randle, and Roy Hibbert
Me, Nick Young, Brandon Bass, Lou Will and Roy Hibbert. This team, like the Lakers, is tanking.
QB Brandon Doughty in home games in 2014: 75% completion; 24 TDs, 0 INTs. Wow.
Tim, Brandon Bass is done again. ACL 2nd time... Pray for him...TCA Addison.👎😕
Dean Adkins says it's "All About The Bass" when it comes to Brandon Stone of the Gospel Harmony Boys! Read more...
Lakers will introduce Roy Hibbert, Brandon Bass, Lou Williams on Wednesday morning
I’m already getting mad at the possibility of Randle losing minutes to Brandon Bass and MWP
Julius or Brandon Bass. Either one should be solid
Brandon Bass: "The Lakers are not rebuilding...they want to win by any means necessary."
just caught a bass so you know I had to share the vape w him
Marcus Smart looking sharp in the first quarter w/ 9 Pts on 3-5 from downtown and 3 Stl. Brandon Bass w/ 9 Pts, 5 Reb and 3 Ast of his own
So today I've seen Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and Brandon Bass at the beach and now Kobe at the ballpark. I think I had the best day.
During free agency, the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Roy Hibbert and signed Lou Williams and Brandon Bass. With the first preseason game n…
Lakers’ Brandon Bass says healthy Kobe is ‘arguably the best player in the game still’
How you replace Brandon Bass with Amir Johnson and David Lee and get WORSE is beyond me lmao
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Brandon Bass, Carlos Boozer, Taj Gibson, and Roy Hibbert were all guys whod always have good games against the Heat and it was like, really?
Kobe Bryant has yet to talk with new Lakers players Brandon Bass, Lou Williams, Roy Hibbert http:/…
Report: Lou Williams, Brandon Bass and Roy Hibbert haven't heard from new teammate Kobe Bryant since signing with the Lakers
Video: Brandon Bass and other new Lakers clearly aren't best buds with Kobe Bryant yet On
Apparently new Lakers Lou Williams, Roy Hibbert and Brandon Bass have not yet spoken to Kobe Bryant… Awkward!
Brandon Bass: "I just thought it was a great opportunity to play with one of the greatest to play the game (Kobe Bryant)."
lost Brandon Bass for David Lee gali no
The Lakers will have a press conference introducing Brandon Bass, Roy Hibbert & Lou Williams on Wednesday.
Who did the seating for the ESPYS, Carli Lloyd stuck by Brandon Bass and Ronda Rousey by Andre Igodala.
Perry Jones, Jae Crowder, Jonas Jerebko, David Lee, Possibly Danilo Gallinari. and letting Brandon Bass leave could this offseason be better
Lou Williams, Brandon Bass, Roy Hibbert, David the East got even weaker and the West got stronger lol
Anthony Brown, Larry Nance Jr, Robert Upshaw, Lou Williams, Brandon Bass, Jabari Brown, SwaggyP(if not traded) will B a good bench 4
Brandon Bass is reuniting with Byron Scott. Just need CP3, David West, JR Smith, Rasual Butler & we have a 2005 N.O. Hornets reunion in LA.
Brandon Bass is a nice piece for the Lakers. He's not a building block, but he's a solid piece
Brandon Bass and the have finalized a contract!! Welcome to the
you took Brandon Bass we gained David Lee off season can be a B- this year. Let's push towards them playoffs.
Rumor: Brandon Bass to sign with the Lakers
The celtics picked up David Lee which is good since they lost Brandon Bass
David Lee can be the starting center of the Celtics since Brandon Bass reportedly signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.
Wallace won't play. Lee will be Brandon Bass, right?
Basically the Celtics turned Brandon Bass into Amir Johnson and David Lee... nice upgrade.
Celtics make great move trading Gerald Wallace for David Lee. Ainge quick to find that Brandon Bass replacement 👍
Is David Lee just a better Brandon Bass??? Is he our center?? Should I be happy about our lineups now?
Lol I guess David Lee is the new Brandon Bass
Olynyk, Sully, Amir Johnson, David Lee, Brandon Bass. If nothing else at least we have big man depth now
Get rid of Brandon Bass and sign David Lee... Danny Ainge is slowly gaining my respect back.
David Lee is better than Brandon Bass. . Lee, I.T., Smart and Olynyk are not the worst guys to work with.
Sub out Brandon Bass, sub in David Lee. Big change there...
Brandon Bass set to sign with Lakers
Lakers agree to sign free agent forward Brandon Bass
Draymond Green and Brandon Bass look like brothers.
Brandon Bass to sign with Lakers: Yahoo's Marc J. Spears was first to report: Celtics free agent forward Brand...
Brandon Bass another solid pickup hope David Lee is still available for to try and get
Brandon Bass! Lakers making moves! Get Reggie Jackson now or David Lee
With reported departure of Brandon Bass, there are only 2 - Avery Bradley & Jared Sullinger - left from the final…
Free agent forward Brandon Bass will sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, reports Marc J. Spears of…
Wake up from a lil nap & see that we got Brandon Bass. Ayy we making moves now. Some vets & young gunnas!
Brandon Bass will sign with the LA Lakers, according to Marc J. Spears.
I want Gerald Green for Nick Young, Hibbert for the future second round pick and Brandon Bass for Ryan Kelly...
Breaking: Lakers have entered into negotiations w/ free agents Lou Williams & Brandon Bass:
Brandon Bass will bring a tough winning culture to Lakers organization something they haven't had since post Phil Jackson era
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