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Brandel Eugene Chamblee (born July 2, 1962) is an American professional golfer. Golf Channel is an American cable television network of the NBC Sports Group that focuses on coverage of the game of golf. 5.0/5

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Why does Golf Channel insist on having Brandel Chamblee on Live From?!
Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee says Tiger Woods will likely never be rid of chipping yips because no one ever does
I wonder how many of Brandel Chamblee's Golf Channel colleagues want to punch him in the throat...
Can't wait for the day when Frank Nobilo hauls off & punches Brandel Chamblee on the Golf Channel set. BC is such a ***
Can we swap Brandel Chamblee out with Nick Faldo on the Golf Channel? Nick is so much more positive & refreshing
Does the Golf Channel know that everyone hates Brandel Chamblee?
Why does Brandel Chamblee still have a job with Golf Channel
Did *** freeze over?Brandel Chamblee: Tiger Woods, Not Jack Nicklaus, is Greatest Golfer of All Time | Golf Channel
In just over three hours, we'll talk Turn in. * Brandel Chamblee - Golf Channel analyst and...
Golf Channel analyst says Mickelson lied about Watson's captaincy: Brandel Chamblee says he knows "for a fact"...
PHIL ON THE HOT SEAT :Brandel Chamblee, an analyst on the Golf Channel, criticized Phil Mickelson on Sunday after...
Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee unloads on Phil Mickelson after Ryder Cup flap. Ouch.
Brandel Chamblee just said on Golf Channel that the US team is the favorite on paper, which makes me question if I know wha…
Golf Channel - Opinion: Pursuit of perfection leaves Tiger's swing in disarray
Did anyone else just see Brandel Chamblee and Frank Nobilo go at it on Golf Channel? It was priceless
Switch it over to the Golf Channel and listen to true analysis from Brandel Chamblee on Live at US Open
Tonight's the big night, as we will announce our 2014 Ben Hogan Award recipient at a black-tie affair at Colonial Country Club. Don't have tickets to the banquet? Watch our live stream, which begins at 8 p.m. (CT). We will have speeches from golf course designer and 8-time PGA TOUR winner Bruce Devlin and Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee, as well as interviews with all three finalists leading up to the big announcement.
Brandel Chamblee has weighed in again on Tiger's swing here, although not for Golf Channel:
Ben,Jordan Speith and Brandel Chamblee at the Stark on UT campus today doing a Golf Channel feature.
Brandel Chamblee Defends Controversial Comments on Tiger Woods: Brandel Chamblee, the Golf Channel analyst who...
Why does Brandel Chamblee of the Golf Channel have such a "h..d on" for Tiger Woods all the time. Give it a rest already!
How does one criticize someone who shoots 14 under par for two rounds of golf? "Up and out of it every time yet I saw the ball heading for the flag all day long?" Golf Channel's Mr. Brandel Chamblee, maybe explain to the rest of us why Chien Soon Lu's swing does not measure up to your standards? Brad Patterson Pga help me out here?
Golf Channel's and Brandel Chamblee discuss shrinkage on air...
How does one choose a top five list from a fifty year window? It’s not easy but that’s just what renowned golf writer Brandel Chamblee did for the Golf Channel. Chamblee managed to narrow down the sport’s five best and worst developments in golf over the last half century. He explains each of his wo...
Brandel Chamblee, Analyst and Contributor at Golf Channel and shared his thoughts on the best 5 and worst 5 developments in golf over the last 50 years. Among Chamblee's best 5 is the work of Harvey Penick and specifically his way of communicating in the simplest of manne...
Golf Channel - Opinion & Analysis: Best golf developments of the past 50 years
Brandel Chamblee and Alice Cooper join Matt Ginella on the fairways of ... - Golf Channel
“Best golf developments of the past 50 years. no mention of Golf Channel? Idiotic
Golf Channel - Opinion & Analysis: .how do we correct the over use of water on courses?
We're back in Studio AP after a great week at the PGA Merchandise Show. Watch live on Golf Channel following the final round of the Qatar Masters or via live streaming: Chamblee is joining us Today to discuss his 5 worst developments in the game of golf over the past 50 years.
Worst golf developments of past 50 years - Golf Channel
Bryan Angus and Ian Hutchinson from discuss the cheating accusations Golf Channel broadcaster Brandel Chamblee made against Tiger ...
Nearly 400 golf representatives from across the globe to attend; Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee to deliver keynote presentation on the future of the game View full article (unsubscribe from this feed)
Tune into Golf Channel, Paul Azinger & Brandel Chamblee together on Golf Channel Academy. Starting now.
Just hanging with Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee today... He liked my mustache
Golf Channel on 3/13 has Brandel Chamblee sounding off about the status of Tiger Woods swing that is storing up the Golf World.
Golf Channel analyst and PGA Tour winner Brandel Chamblee explains how to hit better pitch shots, and how to put spin on short shots. Brandel joins Arnold Pa.
A flawless second round from Woods at his Northwestern Mutual World Challenge has Golf Channel yakkers reminiscing about the days of the Tiger Slam. Tiger Woods and Brandel Chamblee have had their well-documented differences over the past couple of months, but Friday at Sherwood Country Club, both m
Golf Channel - Ogilvy to Woods: Stop giving 'nothing interviews' By Ryan Lavner Geoff Ogilvy thinks that the public spat between Tiger Woods and Brandel Chamblee could have been avoided if Woods had not been so guarded with the media. In a superb column penned for Golf World magazine, Ogilvy wrote that although Chamblee’s take was “in places, too hyperbolic for my taste, the principle of him being able to share with us his expert assessment is too important to be abused.” Last month, Chamblee said that Woods was “a bit cavalier” with the rules in 2013, when the world’s No. 1 player won five times but also found himself in the middle of at least three high-profile rules incidents. Chamblee later backtracked, saying on-air that he “went too far” by insinuating that Woods had cheated. Ogilvy, however, said that the issue could have been avoided if “Tiger would give open answers to questions – ‘real’ interviews, not just ‘nothing’ interviews.” But because Woods decided not to exp ...
Why is Brandel Chamblee still on the Golf Channel?
What happened to Brandel Chamblee?. Golf Channel. How about fore give .!
Tiger Woods saga ends with Golf Channel making right call on keeping Brandel Chamblee - The dust has...
Golf - Turkish Airlines Open preview There’s a massive lottery in Spain known as “El Gordo” which roughly translates to “the fat one”. That could almost equate to the appearance money Tiger Woods is allegedly being paid to play in this week’s Turkish Airlines Open on the European Tour. Despite some much publicised personal problems off the course a few years ago the world number one is still the biggest draw in golf. In the context of winning the tournament and qualifying for the DP World Tour Championship Woods is a subplot but he will get the most media attention and TV coverage around the globe. It will be interesting to see if the furore surrounding comments made by Brandel Chamblee will be off limits but its probably odds on that the press have been briefed not to ask any awkward questions. Woods threatened to boycott the Golf Channel after its analyst suggested he “was a little cavalier with the rules” in accumulating four separate penalties in 2013 for infringements. After Chamblee ...
The dust has settled on the Tiger Woods-Brandel Chamblee rules saga, and Chamblee did not get fired by the Golf Channel.
Tiger Woods has turned up the heat on Brandel Chamblee and Golf Channel by saying he's waiting for the network's next move. Chamblee, a Golf Channel analyst, caused an uproar by …
Brandel Chamblee, the Golf Channel commentator who suggested that Tiger Woods was a cheater, resigned from Golf magazine on Wednesday.
According to his agent, world No. 1 Tiger Woods is 'moving forward' from a recent situation with Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee following the analyst's on-air comments Wednesday.
Without offering a direct apology to Tiger Woods, Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee said Wednesday that he went
Brandel Chamblee Out Of Bounds The two week long controversy between Brandel Chamblee and Tiger Woods continues to gather momentum, what’s next? As many of our avid golfers are aware, Brandel, a regular analyst on Golf Channel posted an article the week of October 15th on, that was written for SI PLUS, a Sports Illustrated owned website. The article featured Brandel’s “year-end” ratings / scoring for 14 of the world’s best golfers. The most noticed grading came with Chamblee’s rating of Tiger Woods, giving the ranked golfer in the world, winner of five tour events, PGA Tour Player of the Year, and winner of the lowest scoring average of the year a grade of F. It was prefaced with a score of 100, and crossed out to then show the FAILURE. Not sure what planet Brandel is (or was) on when he wrote the article, but his additional comments are what led to the ongoing affair. Brandel continued his piece with a reference that Tiger’s season had been tarnished by rules issues at Abu Dhabi .. ...
Brandel Chamblee appears on Golf Central to address his recent column about Tiger Woods. Watch Golf Central on Golf Channel 6PM ET.
More than two weeks after Brandel Chamblee insinuated that Tiger Woods was a cheater in a column written for, the Golf Channel analyst has addressed the situation on air.
Tiger Woods issued a veiled challenge to Golf Channel over a column written by analyst Brandel Chamblee that a series of rules violations by Woods amounted to cheating.
Mighty humble of Tiger and Rory to "let" the Golf Channel decide what to do with Brandel Chamblee.
Tiger Woods says the next step is up to Golf Channel on Brandel Chamblee via
Talk about making things worse .. . Brandel Chamblee's not-quite-apology to Tiger Woods on Golf Channel via
I'm glad Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee has apologized to Why would anyone think Tiger is a person who might cheat?
SBD: Brandel Chamblee staying with Golf Channel, Derrick Rose helps pull Chicago pizza chain out of bankruptcy. $
Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee says he 'went too far' with his harsh remarks about Woods. His words:
so let me put this Tiger Woods vs. Brandel Chamblee controversy to bed. Both of their Wikipedia sites start by saying they are 'American Professional golfers'. They then go on to say that Mr. Chamblee has exactly 1 (let me write that out for some-ONE) win on the PGA Tour & is the lead golf analyst at the Golf Channel. Mr. Woods is also described as an 'American Professional golfer' who happens to date have wins as follows: PGA Tour 79 (2nd all time) European Tour 40 (3rd all time) Japan Golf Tour 2 Asian Tour 1 PGA Tour of Australasia 1 Other 16 Now if Mr. Chamblee would please STFU it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you from all golf fans across the globe.
Chamblee says he 'went too far' in Tiger Woods remarks: Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee, under fir...
Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee admits his "cheating" comments about Tiger Woods "went too far":
Whose side is Charlie Rymer on? MT FYI - Brandel Chamblee will address the Tiger thing on Golf Channel tonight at 6 PM ET.
Tiger Woods turns up heat on Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel -
Tiger Woods is a bully for pushing Golf Channel to fire Brandel Chamblee, says
Brandel Chamblee was right: Tiger Woods does play dirty. Column
Tiger Woods is trying to get Brandel Chamblee fired at the Golf Channel for opining that Tiger was "cavalier" with the Rules of Golf on four occasions this year. Tiger bought the silence of his wife and paramours through millions in hush money, but can he silence his harshest critic through pressure on the Golf Channel ( refusal to grant interviews, etc) ? Let's hope not. This would have a chilling effect on golf journalism and journalism in general. This is America, Tiger, and opinions are protected speech . Moreover, Mr Chamblee's opinion is based upon well established facts- rules violations captured by videotape. Let's hope that the Golf Channel stands up Tiger. It will be a sad day for journalism if it doesn't .
Tiger leaning on Golf Channel to fire Brandel Chamblee a dirty move via
MT Tiger Woods talks about Golf Channel, Brandel Chamblee's suggestion that he's a cheat: -RJJ
Tiger Woods spoke for the first time regarding critical comments made by Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee.
Cheating row disappoints Tiger - Tiger Woods is moving forward from his row with Brandel Chamblee but remains disappointed with the comments made by the Golf Channel analyst.
Woods Says the Next Step Is up to Golf Channel - Tiger Woods puts Brandel Chamblee criticism behind him; puts pressure on Golf Channel
Analyst apologizes to Tiger for cheating talk - Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee apologized to Tiger Woods vi...
Analyst firm on opinion of Tiger's 'cheating' - Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee says he insinuated that Tiger Woods cheated and gave the world's No. 1 player an "F" for his five-win season in a column he wrote for because "ethics matter more than athletics."
Brandel Chamblee of Golf Channel accuses Tiger Woods of cheating. Fox News-level of stupidity:
*** about that Brandel Chamblee on the Golf Channel
Brandel Chamblee of the golf channel gives Tiger an F, for his performance this season. What a joke, can't believe The Golf Channel actually pays him a salary!
Brandel Chamblee is an air headed *** And first class loser. Golf Channel should fire him immediately.
TV analyst gives Tiger Woods harsh 2013 grade: Brandel Chamblee, former PGA Tour winner and an analyst on...
Brandel Chamblee of the Golf Channel has to go this guy just can't quit harassing Tiger Woods and it's really old
According to Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee, Tiger Woods deserves an F for the 2013 season due to his...
Earlier this week, Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee, who's also a contributing writer for, came out with his year-end report card of professional golfers — and it's no surprise to anyone that he gave Tiger Woods a big, red "F."
Brandel Chamblee, the colorful Golf Channel analyst and contributor, recently published his grades for the top PGA Tour Players.
How much longer will the Golf Channel allow Brandel Chamblee to use his position to rip Tiger, his swing and Foley? Zero class
you must not follow golf very closely, you must watch too much of Brandel Chamblee or the Golf Channel.
Can we start a petition to have Golf Channel get rid of Brandel Chamblee...most annoying person in the game
This may well be the greatest swing in the history of golf, says Brandel Chamblee on Golf Channel of Adam Scott
He's a radio announcer and a former Tiger wannbe. He didn't know golf, lost his card,who is he to tell Tiger what to do. Like to see this guy gone from Golf Channel. Who does he think he is. Look in the mirror Branden, what do you see? NOTHING! Tha'ts what you are, NOTHiNG.
Join us for Thursday's Dan Patrick Show with Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee on British Open and NFL Network host Rich Eisen
Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee on Live From: "Obviously he (Matt Shaffer) knew something we didn't."
Golf Channel would be alot better if somebody else than Brandel Chamblee insults players.
Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee joins the show to have a candid discussion about Tiger Woods. The consensus between host and guest is that while he might be the best golfer of all time, he's not the best human being.
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"They're sexy and he beats them up regularly." -Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel. Talking about Tiger playing par 5s. Couldve tricked me.
Tune in Golf Channel now to see Brandel Chamblee rip Tiger for, well, something.
Simuladores de Golf DQ Brandel Chamblee from the Golf Channel: What bothered me about Chamblee was when he sai...
Mike Francesa will have at 2:05p, Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee at 3:05p and preview w- Butch Goring at 4:05p.
I always seem to agree with Brandel Chamblee from the Golf Channel. He knows his stuff and he's straight forward.
Brandel Chamblee should be fired from the Golf Channel. How is the 17th a bad hole to decide the winner?
I really can’t stand these Golf Channel commentators. Brandel Chamblee is the worst.
Brandel Chamblee...he showed some guts on the Golf Channel basically calling out Tiger for not having the class to withdraw
Still three days after Chamblee's remarks about Tiger Woods integrety I seriously question his judgment. Considering the strong and false position he took in front of a big audience, sorry Mr Chamblee but you must be at the minimum reaffected by the Golf Channel authority.
brandel Chamblee is a horrible Golf.commentator!! Golf Channel could do way better!
brandel chamblee's hatred of Tiger is both obvious and obnoxious. He is an embarrassment to the Golf Channel.
Brandel Chamblee and Nick Faldo blasting Tiger right now on the Golf Channel. Dont blame them. should have been DQd, now should WD himself
Brandel Chamblee from the Golf Channel is that way..because he was never close to Tigers level!
Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee was superb on Tiger Woods "Drop-Gate" prior to the final ruling. Reasonable and right on.
Only way Golf Channel could top the Masters finish is to have Brandel Chamblee roped up 'piñata' style and Frank Nobilo swinging 1 irons.
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Good job Brandel! Keep up the good work on the Golf Channel! Tiger knows he can get the gallery to move a boulder for him, but doesn't know the drop rules. Bottom line, sign incorrect scorecard, say bye bye. No exceptions!
The difference between a gentleman and a schmuck, Nick Faldo after receiving all the facts about what transpired with the decision about the possible DQ of Tiger Woods, comes out and apologizes for his statements. Chamblee (Schmuck) comes on television this morning after getting the golf channel taken off the air for 45 minutes yesterday, says nothing, except that he is glad to be on the air. Golf Channel, I think you know the right thing to do. Fire the schmuck (Chamblee)
Brandel Chamblee is a terrible terrible golf analyst for the Golf Channel. He is degrading the Golf Channel's coverage of tournaments and definitely impacting the Masters coverage with his arrogant and ignorant views of the field and their backstories. Needs pulled as an analyst.
1 PGA Tour Victory, 1 Web.Com Tour Victory. Lost his PGA Tour Card in 2003. Best finish in a major was T-18 in the 1999 Masters. He has, unfortunately, been a commentator on the Golf Channel since 2003 and it seems like his negative commentary has increased over the last few years. He does not dish out compliments too often, so it seems, and I have to wonder if he has some deep seeded jealousy or envy of those who are successful on the tour. There is a classy way to criticize and a classy way to compliment. Something he seems to lack. Just my 2.5 cents.
.I think Frank Nobilo and Brandel Chamblee are about to have an on air fight over the Tiger issue on the Golf Channel.
Frank Nobilo making Brandel Chamblee look like a goofball on Golf Channel.
I get the sense from watching Golf Channel sometimes that Frank Nobilo and Brandel Chamblee don't necessarily like each other.
Brandel Chamblee bringing it on Golf Channel. As a fan of Tiger I want to see him play but Chamblee stating facts.
Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee on Tiger: "He KNOWS he broke the rules" and signed wrong scorecard...says must withdraw.
I'll say one thing for Golf Channel: This has not been Brandel Chamblee's finest hour.
OK Golf Channel...we know how Brandel Chamblee feels about the situation. Lets talk about some golf...
OMG! Who besides Brandel Chamblee cares what he thinks or cares. How hard up for a ex golfer turned analyst is the Golf Channel that they would use this guy. He has exactly one more win on tour then I do. He obviously hates Tiger because his girlfriend got in trouble because of racist comments she made about Tiger. He was not good enough to keep his card and the PGA took it away. Send him away please. Please make him stop talking!!
John Torsiello sits down Brandel Chamblee for a Q&A about the Golf Channel and other golfy matters:
Brandel Chamblee of Golf Channel with this stat on Tiger Woods: has led 54 times after 54 holes, won 50 of those.
Texas taking over the Golf Channel: On set right now - Brandel Chamblee, as always, and now Mark Br...
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Brandee Chamblee made a salient point on last night's "State of the Game" on Golf Channel, referring primarily to the "miss" Tiger makes most often with his long game, we all know that it's been since 2005 since Tiger won at Augusta, but since they made the changes to the course, that's been his only victory there in the last 10 years.
General Session a highlight at with Golf Channel personalities Brandel Chamblee and Tim Rosaforte
Why does Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee hate Tiger Woods? Tiger wins by 4 and he breaks down every negative in his game.
Brandel Chamblee,he's awful.Most of Golf Channel is same way towards TW
I got a kick out of watching Golf Channel yesterday and hearing Brandel Chamblee say how Charles Howell has had a disapppointing career. It's true that Charles only has two wins and 13 second places - but he's made the cut 76% career, 16% made the Top 10 and has $23 million career earnings in 12 years. A great career and it's still going. Brandel by the way had 1 win, $4 million in earnings in his disappointing career.
"Sports are the greatest unscripted drama" --someone at the Golf Channel, Brandel Chamblee, I think. Amen.
Johnny Miller is the best commentator and Brandel Chamblee on Golf Channel is best analyst.
If Brandel Chamblee from the Golf Channel thinks we should react more like the Euros, I suggest he move to a nasty flat in Belfast. We are American.we were founded on revolution.and they have to gather the rest of the world..not the UK to compete against us. USA! USA! USA!
Brandel Chamblee / Golf Channel. Understand you work for US Corp with US legend founder. We ARE passionate. Country founded on it. Not wrong
I really like the Golf Channel commentators. Yes Johnny Miller is mean, but it works for him. Brandel Chamblee has hypnotic name and voice.
Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy are tied after the second round of the BMW Championship. Kelly Tilghman and Brandel Chamblee have the exciting details.
Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee is touting Scottsdale golf - and breaking down Tiger's swing, women at Augusta, etc.
Brandel Chamblee tapped to tout Scottsdale, golf: For more than 25 years as a resident, the Golf Channel analyst...
Saw Rory win his 2nd major, chilled on the Golf Channel set with Brandel Chamblee, scored Nick Faldo's autograph, saw Bubba up close. One of the best weekends of my life!
Agreed; if it wasn't for TW Mr. Chamblee wouldn't have a real job . . . or anything else to talk about. I change the channel everytime he comes on. Give me Charlie Rymer, David Feherty, and Trip Isenhour . . . they know and respect the effort to play at this level and know what side their bread is buttered. Golf Channel, this gentleman truly needs to find another topic and audience - you are losing yours.
Since I could not attend (via telephone) a recent press conference held by Golf Channel with Brandel Chamblee and Frank Nobilo (aka I received the transcript in which the analysts spoke about Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson’s dwindling chances to win the 2012 PGA Champion...
Keegan Bradley won the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in dramatic fashion over Steve Stricker and Jim Furyk. Todd Lewis, Brandel Chamblee and Tim Rosaforte have the highlights.
Hmm. The "bird" I met--who thought my Murrow costume was a Don Draper costume--thought I was Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee.
Golf Channel analysts Brandel Chamblee and Frank Nobilo discuss the most important element of the golf swing, the moment of impact.
is Brandel Chamblee no longer on the Golf Channel?
Anyone ever listen to Brandel Chamblee on the Golf Channel? Is it me or does this guy pick Tiger Woods apart at any opportunity he gets? Extremely opinionated for a guy who missed half of the cuts in his own PGA Tour career. Highest finish was 18th in a Major with one PGA Tour win. When Johnny Miller or Nick Faldo are critical. It holds a little more credibility in my opinion.
Great debate this am on Golf Channel re Casey Martin. Well done Brandel Chamblee for handling it so well. Tell it how it is!
It's 2012 and Brandel Chamblee and Frank Nobilo on the Golf Channel are STILL whining about Martin using a cart? Really? Get over it
Brandel Chamblee has always been pretty entertaining for the Golf Channel but now he really has become a true Tiger Hater. Not to the extent of that *** Steve Elling of but it's pretty close. Tiger should do well at the US Open this week. He really looked good last week at Murifield and even though he won right before the Masters and then went T-40 his shots last week, including the 60 degree dream flop, really showed that he's 'close' to being the old Tiger.
Live Chat: Brandel Chamblee: Chamblee joined Golf Channel in 2004 and is a lead analyst for Golf Chan...
Live coverage of the Memorial Tournament begins Thursday 3PM ET on Golf Channel
[Chat] Right Now: Chat live with Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee - Click to join:
Our new favorite personality from the Golf Channel? Brandel Chamblee. Talked to him yesterday about being on the...
The dudes from Golf Channel on NBC have to be the stiffest honkies on TV. Brandel Chamblee probably eats a grill cheese with a knife & fork
Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee, NBC's Johnny Miller not likely to be on Tiger Woods Christmas card list after today.
Brandel Chamblee is your typical country club *** Frank Nobilo is from New Zealand. What an all star panel Golf Channel.
The Green Side: Chamblee slams Tiger, Woods fires back: Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee, never one to hold...
Tiger Woods fires back at Brandel Chamblee and Nick Faldo | Golf Channel via
Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee saying stupid stuff again. Brandel, length is part of the game just as speed and strength help NFL player.
Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee is the worst commentator in all of sports.
The other day I interviewed PGA Tour veteran and Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee about his Masters memories.
I interviewed Golf Channel's PGA Tour analyst Brandel Chamblee yesterday. Full transcript of what we discussed is here:
"Rory McIlroy has the potential to be the greatest European player of all time." What Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee told me yesterday.
I'll be interviewing Golf Channel's PGA Tour analyst Brandel Chamblee tomorrow on his Augusta memories and looking ahead to the Masters.
Has Brandel Chamblee been drinking on the Golf Channel? Man he rubs me the wrong way, especially commenting on Tiger. Be gone
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