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Brain Teaser

A brain teaser is a form of puzzle that requires thought to solve. It often requires thinking in unconventional ways with given constraints in mind; sometimes it also involves lateral thinking.

Daily Brain Teaser Brain Teaser Tuesday

How do I know that I know. When all I know for sure. Is that,I know nothing for certain. That wee 3am brain teaser again
I wonder how fast Nikki threw that brain teaser that Bryan got her in the trash after she got it.
Nikki couldn't figure out the brain teaser than Bryan got her... then complains that Bryan thinks that she's dumb.
All I want for Christmas is a brain teaser No seriously Bry, I would love to have one!
"Like when he got me that brain teaser thing for Christmas". "And you couldn't even figure it out". 😂😂 aw omg
So Nikki got mad at a game because it's a brain teaser? Lol.
We all love a brain teaser. Why not try this one?
Another Brain Teaser, Another chance at a free e-book.
It's a huge surprise that you cuckservatives have done nothing but lose for 50 years. A real brain teaser.
Brain Dots: A brain teaser of an app that proves you may not be smarter than fifth grader. - Cool Mom Tech
It's Brain Teaser Tuesday! Many have heard me, but nobody has seen me, and I will not speak back until spoken to.What am I?
An ol'fashioned mix of brain teaser and strategy that might appreciate.
This time last year, someone was being insensitive in 'Cycle of the Werewolf' a classic Brain Teaser Comics!
Brain teaser and problem time tonight 😏🎉
The season finale of is a bit of brain teaser, I think. Keep an open mind at 9/8c tonight on http…
If you're looking for a new, challenging brain teaser app, we've got one for you!
here's my brain teaser, where does Dupuis land should he be health enough to go?
Brain Teaser: Solve this if you're a genius via
Take a mental break from your studying with a Brain Teaser!
Someone tell my boss it's not cool to walk into my office and say "we have to talk about something", then go into a five minute brain teaser
On the way from 6 its Things That Make You Go Hmm on The Tuesday Evening Show ! A great brain teaser to test your brains tonight
Our brain teaser answer from this morning!
. Can any of you guys solve this Tuesday brain teaser?.
Brain Teaser: Come in and Give your Brain some Exercise
teaser. What word in the English language is always spelled incorrectly?
Inspired by the "Own Goal" thread from earlier, here's a bit of a punt play brain teaser. via /r/CFB
My GotZy brain is dying. i run out of ideas on how to be delulu 😭😭😭. GOT7 please comeback faster. i want to see Suzy retwe…
Brain Teaser: Sheds light on government policy, corporate America and why no one likes to be wrong
Your question: [complex brain-teaser requiring a lateral thought to get]. My answer: "Encyclopedia knew that there is no verb 'to misle'..."
Ayo take a break, I've got the brain teaser covered for your next edition:
Photo: Brain teaser or common sense?
Update your maps at Navteq
Brain Teaser! Honestly ... The answer doesn't seem to be there for Me!
It’s Friday! Celebrate the upcoming weekend with a brain teaser.
Give today's a try. Think of it as exercise for your brain.
brain teaser! A man takes his car to a hotel. Upon reaching the hotel, he is immediately declared bankrupt. Why?
Every family needs this unique brain teaser and construction toy Puzzlehead by This game is fun for the…
BosGuy brain teaser via Is it a needle?
Can you solve this week's Leave a guess in my comment section so all may try
Today's Daily Brain Teaser (Jul 03, 2015) - Jangle in the Jungle Add a different set of three letters to each of t...
Emoji Quiz Test - Brain Teaser: It is the best q via on VOTE NOW!
Daily Brain Teaser:. I am the killer of trees but people need me. I can be blown away by a breeze and I have been...
Brain Teaser: Who will be the first to tell us the only U.S. President that was actually born on the fourth of July?
Time for our Friday Fun Teasers. Let's crack our head a little by using our brain power.
Brain Teaser for 7/3/2015: A plane was returning from the Olympic Games with five athletes who placed first th...
I believe the answer to that brain teaser is £50.
It was a brain teaser that took the internet by storm and led people to doubt the colours in front of their eyes. For some…
Not sure if this is a brain teaser ~ honestly, I dunno the answer, but like Rand's thots. G'day!. http…
Brain Teaser: Suzy goes to a new school. In her class she likes Fred but doesn't like Grayham. She likes Ross but...
not playing bingo? Today's Daily Brain Teaser (Jun 04, 2015): Timepieces. A sundial is a timepiece that has ...
Blogged about another brain teaser. I'm kinda obsessed. :)
BRAIN TEASER. Common let's see how good you are in arithmetic...!. Try this. 5 + 5 + 5 - 5 + 5 + 5 - 5 + 5 * 3...
*Brain Teaser Thursday* - Last weeks answer was: "A Candle". This week - Which word, if pronounced right, is...
Our brain teaser for today, comment your answer below!. Here is the link to the answer if you can't figure it...
people? No just you because you are a moron calling that teaser cinematic ? Who here really has the brain of an infant
Pre-Chorus done to a new song! Brain teaser getting the right words - stressing the right rhythm, & expressing the right meaning!! :D
What ends in W but has no ends?. This is the easiest brain teaser ever,. What's ur answer?
Brain Teaser Bro, How Sure are you you aren't Living in Computer Simulation? That even I am not part? Maybe? Maybe?
Thursday morning brain teaser, check answers at the bottom of the pic.
it was a brain-teaser type question we ask. He was frustrated (maybe embarrassed?) and said he "didn't have time for this."
Congrats to the teams that particpated in yesterdays brain teaser. The correct amswers are: 1 - E, 2 - C, 3 - D, 4 - B,5 - A.
Be sure to read the fine print in: Consult Your Metaphysician, today's Brain Teaser Comics!
Here is a little brain teaser for you. What's the correct answer
The answer to our morning brain teaser? 0.96 of course! Well done if you got that right, check back every morning for a new one
Everyone likes a brain teaser but when the solution to log out of Netflix on a Samsung TV is to enter the Konami code, that seems a bit much
Brain Teaser of the Day:. What did the leg bone say to the foot?. First one to comment with the correct answer will win a FREE GROVE T-Shirt!
Sunday brain teaser...find the rabbit in the picture
Daily Brain Teaser:. I have two hands but I cannot clap. What am I?
Just a little teaser. Mame Balla Diouf blessing the brain food riddim. Watch out for this one. Big line up...
Brain teaser alert...can u decipher it?
Wake up those brains this Sunday Morning! Can you solve this week's brain teaser?! Answer will be posted on Thursday
Lol, baca dari atas "This brain teaser will blow your mind.
Brain teaser - one for the kids today (adults feel free to try too). What decimal number is illustrated below?
Let's play a brain teaser game,shall we? I'll call it . Top answers will be featured in the Show. Lets Go.
DIANSHENG 3x3x3 56mm Glow in the Dark Diansheng Mahjong Magic Cube Brain Teaser
Today's Teaser: The same five letters can be anagrammed into four different words to fill in…
Meeting the perfect girl that you can't keep, brain teaser! Get out of my head. Vivid images
Today's Teaser: There was a guy who had a Fox, a Chicken, and a bag of Grain. He had to…
Brain teaser... Who did I marry today?
Good luck tomorrow from me & Here's a little brain teaser for you
Today's Teaser: Robert and David were preparing to have a water balloon fight. "No Fair…
Are you ready for today's brain teaser?
FRIDAY Brain Teaser!!. TGIF Everyone! :D Last spurt and it's the weekend!. -. Please do...
BRAIN TEASER! Your driving a bus .six people get on two get off then ten get on them 6 get off . What color is the bus driver's eyes ?
Brain teaser can you get it in under 30 seconds??!!
Homophone brain teaser: a road machine that is better than another is a _?
Homophone brain teaser: a light rain that you slept through is a _?
lmao I'm crying at how they tried to make it a brain teaser 😂😂
Brain teaser:- A man said had it been yestrday was tomrw, 2day wuld hve been Thursday. Question: On wht day of the week did the man say so?
An oldie but a goodie! Tangoes Tangrams brain teaser game! Great for on the go and vacation!
After your second or third game, you'll be able to logic your way to a win! It's the most fun brain teaser I've ever played!
Chinese cement aircraft carrier... A new brain teaser. .
Meet Black Singles 300x250
how are you suppose to correctly spell that brain teaser when you're just daydreaming about your fav Kraft product!?
Time Brain Teaser update. Have you it? if you got it right!!
BRAIN TEASER. You are a shopkeeper and someone came and stole 50cedis without your attention.Then the person came...
Brain Teaser: These are famous songs that have been reworded. Can you figure out what the song is and who sang...
Brain Teaser of the Day:. Mary's father has 4 children; three are named Nana, Nene, and Nini. So what is is the 4th child's name?. First...
its early. I didn't wanna give you guys a brain teaser. Wasn't sure if you could handle it 😳
Start your week with a brain teaser. Choose wisely.?
Brain Teaser:. X is a seven letter word, X is bigger than God, if we eat X we will die, poor man has X and rich man begs for X. What is X?
Today's Daily Brain Teaser (May 28, 2015) - Four Brothers! We are four brothers in this world and we're all born t...
Daily Brain Teaser:. What falls but never breaks? What breaks but never falls?
Exo teaser pictures ignite smth in my brain and it's not going to be healthy.
Early morning brain teaser. From memory, I think WWI frontline Christmas ceasefire and enemy camaraderie was isolated incident?
Try this week's brain teaser with your children and improve their cognitive ability and logic!. . How many...
Little Brain teaser from I Can anybody find the word ?.
Today's Daily Brain Teaser (May 26, 2015) - 'T' I have T at my start, I have T at my end. I have T in my middle, A...
Daily Brain Teaser:. I am something people love or hate. I change peoples appearances and thoughts. If a person...
Brain Teaser for the day. A lady bought goods worth and. paid the shopkeeper with a Note. The...
Tuesday morning giggle or brain teaser lol
Today's Brain teaser! Let us know what you think the answer is... :)
Poignancy at climax of CharlieChaplin shows r a brain-teaser as to 'why at all?' 'Circus' was ROTFL RibCageRipping fun who needed last scene
Brain teaser for all year 7's - what is the least common multiple of 4 and 3? Anyone older (or younger) that year 7 can also try!
Yes the answer to the brain teaser was The River Nile. Give yourself a pat on the back if you go it right!
Today's brain teaser on the breakfast show is what is the longest river in the world?
Puzzling you for life? I don't think coming up with other uses for an arrow counts as a life long riddle. That's hardly a brain teaser. -
Yes I got brain teaser right good start to the week. Won't last though!
Brain Teaser of the Day:. A snail creeps 6 ft up a wall during the daytime. After all the labor it does throughout the day, it stops to...
Trying to figure out this brain teaser while waiting for our breakfast!
Brain Teaser of the Day:. A cylinder 75 cm high has a circumference of 20 cm. A string makes exactly 5 complete turns round the cylinder...
Brain Teaser while you are barbecuing - What word looks the same upside down and backwards?
Love - a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes . Azhar Teaser Tomorrow
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Did you miss yesterday's See if you can figure out the answer.
BRAIN TEASER There is a certain crime, that if it is attempted, is punishable, but if it is committed, is not punishable. Wat is d crime?
18 degrees and raining. Brain teaser - what to wear?
Today's Daily Brain Teaser (May 23, 2015) - Roller It can roll up, it can roll down, it can roll all around, but w...
Daily Brain Teaser:. What brings you down but never up?
Just 2...though one of those was q8 which will surprise those who know me. .
Brain Teaser for 5/23/2015: Two Quick Ones...1. Which is more, seconds in 100 hours or inches in 100 yards?2. ...
I guess four out of 10 isn't TERRIBLE, right
The Saturday Quiz: Try our weekly brain teaser on
Told you about the saturday great minds,so here is the brain teaser. Answer correctly and win the prize.
Brain teaser - At 5pm, 1 amoeba is in a box, every minute each 1 splits into 2. At 6 pm, the box is full, when was the box 1/2 full?
It's our Saturday morning brain teaser... the 7:30 quiz! Who will be next in our Hall of Fame?
*Brain Teaser Thursday* - Last weeks answer was: a coin!. This week - What makes the following paragraph so...
It must be a brain teaser thing, like where you see only what you expect to see.
This week's Brain Teaser winner is Bonnie Brown of Dinwiddie,Va. She gave the correct answer of Gerald Ford.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
this wasn't meant to be a brain teaser BTW, just me being a *** to kill time.
Can you solve the new White House Technology Officer’s brain teaser?
How could :)) RTThis brain teaser will blow your mind.
Today's Brain Teaser: What belongs to you, but others use it more than you do?
Brain teaser, good morning world!. Note: it is very easy to solve when there is no rule of the digits… [pic] —
Brain Teaser: In 5 years time I'll be 3 times as old as I was 3 years ago. How old am I? — 😒 no one cares
Finally! The brain teaser solution from and new one too!
i don't think sö some one may play game like ABD his game brain teaser for alll plyrs.
Let's keep the Fourth World clean in 'Brand Awareness' today's Brain Teaser Comics!
Brain teaser: If the red house is on the right side and if the blue house is on the left side where's the white house?
Maybe their students do better because they learn that brute force exists and that not everything is a brain teaser.
Brain Teaser: Mom bakes a cake. Dad ate 1/6 of the cake. Brother ate 1/5 of what was left. Then sister had 1/4 of...
Getting back into trivia crack cause my brain need a teaser
Brain Teaser of the Day:. There is a village that has five fortune tellers. The first fortune teller's prediction has 76 % chance of...
Answer a “brain teaser” posted on the blog and you win yourself 150MB of any network every Saturday.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
This Morning's Brain Teaser: Cher was born on this date in 1946... Can you name the 1987 movie for which she won the Best Actress Oscar?
A nice brain teaser to start the day. I'll go for 50 miles per day.
That moment when you get a baseball brain teaser & am the only one the answer
"This brain teaser will blow your mind. just scared the *** out of me
Lou loves our Brain Teaser! Watch this video for some smiles and motivation!
*** It got it “This brain teaser will blow your mind.
Check out first post and yes there is a brain teaser lurking in there!
“This brain teaser will blow your mind. soy del 2% 8)
Ok: one reports what they see, the other reports the opposite. But what is the message behind the brain-teaser!?
“If you’ve heard that Google likes to pose brain-teaser questions to candidates... your information is out of date.”
Ready to challenge yourself with this brain teaser?
I admit I haven't cracked brain teaser yet, but haven't given up.
Brain Teaser: In order to encourage his son to study math, a father agrees to pay his boy 8 cents for every...
"This brain teaser will blow your mind. Blue Gun
Brain Teaser of the Day:. Glenn and Jason each have a collection of tennis balls. Glenn said that if Jason would give him 4 of his balls...
Deputy White House CTO writes about bringing CS to kids, and poses a brain teaser:.
A little brain teaser, via the White House:
This morning's brain teaser: On this date in 1992, the final episode of a TV situation comedy aired... what was the title?
An election year is right around the corner in 'Spouting Flies' today's Brain Teaser Comics!
Brain teaser:. Which creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and...
Today's Daily Brain Teaser (May 18, 2015) - Words With YO Six words that contain YO as a letter-pair have had all ...
Daily Brain Teaser:. What animal can jump higher than a house?
The fact that j cole lost to Iggy is a brain teaser
Nice one :)) RTThis brain teaser will blow your mind.
One last set of prizes. A pint glass and the brain teaser game.
Today's Teaser: 1. If SIX is TEN, ONE is HIS, and FIVE is LEGS, what is SEVEN? 2. Two men…
Here's a tip brain teaser to get your week started! Can you guess "WHO SAID IT"?
This brain teaser will blow your mind.
Dedicated to my late step father John Miller who passed from Brain Cancer in 2012
I hope there will be no CGI but people screaming a lot and blood everywhere.
There was one brain teaser about a room and some light bulbs but I forgot it.
Thats what I was kind of thinking too. Now if you really want a brain teaser, consider coaches over just the past 20yrs or so
Long Weekend Brain teaser . Do you get it? Comment Below
such a brain teaser, I have no idea!!! He must have been delirious from lack of alcohol @ the time
To capture the critics a writer will take a word of simularity often enough to grasp a brain teaser fending for the true picture
Nothing like a brain teaser for Friday afternoon!
A little brain teaser before the weekend!
Congrats to Angie this morning! She knew the answer to out Brain Teaser... It was Going to work without makeup!
Today's Brain Teaser... "66% of women say doing THIS would be more stressful than a job interview or a first date" Have a Guess? 327-9300!
This morning's brain teaser: On this date in 1991, which song by Roxette was in America?
Brain teaser:. What is in the middle of nowhere?.
Exercise your brain with this week's and leave your best guess in my blog's comment section so all may try
Brain Teaser: Out of these dates, which is the odd one out?. September 30th. January 31st. April 30th. July 30th. October 31st
Khan Academy videos on path counting brain teasers in 2D and in 3D
Daily Brain Teaser:. You have seen many tittles in the last few minutes. What are tittles?
Today's Daily Brain Teaser (May 15, 2015) - The Speaker I have no voice, yet I speak to you; I tell of all things ...
LUNCH BREAK BRAIN TEASER - Where do new born babies go when they die? Will a righteous God allow babies go to...
Brain Teaser 5/12/2015: It's all about words.1. He starts and ends 2 common English words. One painful in l...
A Giddy Brain Teaser! Can you guess which story the Giddy Aunts are working on from this little collection?
Some literature on this brain teaser via
.Westmister Cathedral is the answer to your brain teaser I believe.
***A Funny Brain Teaser ***. Which 3 numbers have the same answer whether they’re added or multiplied together?
Get in the car for a 'Thrill Ride' today's Brain Teaser Comics!
Process in passage to triumph your precluding ebb-brain-teaser strategies on intake himself graphologic unpopul...
Teaser trailer for short doc "Project Mone't" from CRUISERFILMS and Check Your Brain Productions
My brain status before teaser: full of random guesses . A moment after sth gets out: empty
Here's an interesting brain teaser for you.
Today's Brain Teaser: A fast food restaurant sells chicken in orders of 6, 9 & 20. What is the largest number of pieces you cannot order?
“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives a superficial appearance of being right. – Henry David Thoreau”. Brain teaser 😶
A brain teaser for today:-. "What is the common link between Telly Savalas and Louis Armstrong?". The first...
Did you get our brain teaser right? ORANGE, SILVER AND PURPLE - can you think of any words that rhyme with them? Thought not
That's a brain teaser. What's white on top & black on the bottom & the top is the only thing moving?
Brain Teaser: Find out how smart you really are via
Critically Think: What is so special about 8,549,176,320? | Answer -
Brain Teaser of the Day:. If a Mummy Bull, Daddy Bull, and Baby Bull are in the field and Baby Bull gets scared, who would he run to?...
& have this Educational Brain Teaser worked out, have you? Solution soon.
Brain Teaser: Beulah died in the Appalachians while Craig died at sea. Everyone was much happier with Craig's death. Why?
Looks like I may have stumped a lot of you with this week's . Hint: Something that is unique to you.
I asked one simple question pal, not exactly a brain teaser
I thought it was a brain teaser not an actual factual event.l
This week's TPTV: Did you eject your drive properly?, Middle School Play, Brain teaser questions, & more! htt…
BRAIN TEASER:. Are you intelligent? Answer the following. question:. If the PRESIDENT of Nigeria is a MAN, his. wife...
Can you answer this mornings Brain Teaser?I had some smart ones yesterday we will see about
Todays brain teaser: Everyday I stalk you with every move you make, I never make one wrong and I vanish twice a day. What am I?
My brain malfunction from the fact that I just realized they removed the teaser from youtube TT
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Brain Teaser:. What are four things that have an "eye" but cannot see?.
The most time consumed brain teaser ever I've seen at
Sub woofer is more than enough for the brain teaser
Daily Brain Teaser:. This is an unusual paragraph. I'm curious how quickly you can find out what is so unusual...
T-minus 1 hour until our first . Here's a tantalising teaser to get your brain-boxes firing.
Alright, brain teaser of the day: 23 persons are in the same room. What are the odds that at least 2 of them share the same birthday?
Hello Friday friends! Here's a brain teaser for you before you clock off for the weekend….
For those of you who tried our morning brain teaser the answer is.15!
Tonights Brain Teaser is late, sorry about that. Brothers and sisters I have none but this man's father is my father's son. Who is the man?
Friday brain teaser “- It's Friday, it has been a busy week, which means only one thing...
Brain Teaser 5/8/2015: Numbers1. What is the five-digit number, no zeroes, in which the second digit is three ...
Diy educational intelligent iq training football puzzle to, LINK:.
Do you love brain teasers,puzzles or riddles  TO Get exclusive brain teasers,riddles,puzzles with THE GENIUS BRAIN TEASER CHANNE: C00285B1C
bro... If I send a photo will you give it a try. Brain teaser before your show?
Here's a little brain teaser for you folks! . The first 5 words that you see are what you want in life. . Comment...
In other news, brain teaser. Try and figure out which of these people is "supposedly" black... Good luck
What is with everyone (correctly) guessing Romo? This was supposed to be a brain teaser.
FRIDAY BRAIN TEASER!. TGIF! :D Here's a puzzle to get you through Friday!. Do check out the puzzle posted...
We all love Farley for the same reasons we hate McCarthy. What's the difference? . HMM I WONDER WHAT A BRAIN TEASER
***Daily Brain Teaser***. What is the same thing the following five words have, potentially, in common?. money. fly. tiger. brown. white
Here's Ravi's Brain Teaser to keep you occupied during commercial break.
Forgot to post this earlier, but another brain teaser for y'all 😏
Today's Brain Teaser: Find a number less than 100 that is increased by one-fifth of its value when its digits are reversed.
And I think that the brain-teaser interviews in our industry make that really clear.
Here's a brain teaser - if 20% of the nation were still undecided before Question Time, what % is still undecided after
Mr. Austin's brain teaser is making my head hurt 😑😤
It's Brain Teaser Tuesday! In 1990, a person is 15 years old. In 1995, that same person is 10 years old. How can this be?
I saw this in a brain teaser once. I'm on my way to save the day!
Brain Teaser Tuesday: From the beginning of eternity. To the end of time and space. To the beginning of every...
**BRAIN TEASER**. QUESTION - The question is somewhere in the grid. If you find the question, don't give it away,...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Brain teaser for ya...what is one thing you throw out when you need it, and get back when you dont?
Remember when buying light bulbs was not a friggin brain teaser? The variety of bulbs is just ridiculous.
Gonna start posting Daily Brain Teaser exercise riddles. . Gotta work out the ole noggin' to stay sharp!.
So dares to consider when one day ends and another begins:
Brain Teaser: What comes next in the series:. SS, CS, PA, ??. Could be:. GS. RV. SD. GF. JS
brain teaser answer: A fishing line!! I'm thinking yes, no? Now - I think I just earned a margarita!
Brain Teaser: What has roads but no cars, rivers but no water and hills but no trees?
TEASER:. “Let’s get out of here.” He pressed her body into his hard body. The reality portion of her brain smashed...
Todays brain teaser: If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you haven't got me. What am I?
not playing bingo? Today's Daily Brain Teaser (May 03, 2015): My Name From A God. I'm the smallest of my kin...
- Brethern, I had the following brain teaser
Do you like getting caught in the rain? And have half a brain?. Then our May TEAser, Piña Colada black tea, is...
"Sunday brain teaser: Name the 41 affiliated National Affiliations (no cheating)"
.giving a chuckle maker & possible brain teaser. Took extra time & looking at & to find the changes.
*** Daily Brain Teaser ***. I'm not a plant yet I'm rooted in the ground. I stand still and wave my arms around.
Little Giant Ladders
Today's Teaser: Bill, John, and Fred are going to marry Betty, Joan, and Sally. Tell which…
GoT brain teaser quiz just for fun...:-) For book readers!. 6th of our daily quizzes this week - overall winner...
Belle Gibson, the iOS developer who lied about having brain cancer to sell more apps
Love a good brain teaser? Try this one:. jANob. What does it mean??
Feeling clever? BRAIN TEASER: It may only be given, not taken or bought, what the sinner desires but the saint does not. Call 0161 228 2255
**BRAIN TEASER**. QUESTION - Which of the four black shapes is identical to the red one? There may be more than...
**BRAIN TEASER**. QUESTION - Moving up or right, what is the highest total you can make, using the mathematical...
Brain teaser: Give me a word that start with F' and end with K'...If u must impress me give me 5.
Brain Teaser for the Day:. A cowboy was going to London on his horse. it took 2 days to get there,he stayed for a day and it took him 1...
Will you too be fooled? Read this brain teaser and find out: . v
When you ask the brain teaser to people in your dorm and none get them. Apparently were all bad American students
How about a brain teaser over a cup of tea?
Try this afternoon brain teaser, it's harder than it looks! :-)
Wanna join us in studio?take a chance with the brain teaser.Get it right and you can co-host for the day
Brain Teaser. Answer this less in than 30 secs. Be quick at . STI College Zamboanga - I Lead, I Am STI
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Let me see who is smarter Answer if u can (This was asked in IAS exam!) A very simple but confusing puzzle. A lady buys goods worth rs.200 from a shop. (shopkeeper selling the goods with zero profit). The lady gives him 1000 rs note. The shopkeeper gets the change from the next shop and keeps 200 for himself and returns rs.800 to d lady. Later the shopkeeper of the next shop comes with the 1000rs note saying "duplicate" and takes his money back. "How much LOSS did the shopkeeper face ?" A. 200 B. 800 C. 1200 D. 1800 E. 2000 F. 1600 G. Other Simple yet confusing n challenging.
Answers to our brain teaser: . 1 sand box . 2 man over board . 3 I understand . 4 reading between the lines . 5 high...
Morning! Here's today's brain teaser for you:. O T S Q 1
Today's Brain Teaser! Let us know what you think the answer it...
That iTunes voucher would go very well with that iPad mini you won 2 weeks ago. Feel free to join our brain teaser competition
TSLImpact: Here's a brain teaser for you
“: Ima Try It Out lOl”it's like a brain teaser type of game it's actually fun
Last share for the night, check out this teaser for my album "I Used My Brain"... Got a REAL message in it, don't...
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