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A brain teaser is a form of puzzle that requires thought to solve. It often requires thinking in unconventional ways with given constraints in mind; sometimes it also involves lateral thinking.

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It’s time for our mid-week brain teaser. Can you solve this riddle? I’m part of a bird that’s not in the sky, I...
Brain test mathematician Please I need answer to this teaser This a brain teaser...lets say you saw a laptop of 97K. You didn't have the cash, so you borrowed 50K from ur mom and 50K from ur dad = 100K. You bought the laptop which left you with 3K change. You gave ur dad 1K and ur mum 1K and kept the other 1K to yourself. Now you owe your mum 49K and ur dad 49K. Now 49K+49K = 98K + ur 1K kept = 99K.Where is the missing 1K? I know you are intelligent. Solve it and tell me the answer.
Clue 3 for our weekly brain teaser coming up!
Question: A brain teaser,Four different-colored balls are being used in a gym ...
Brain Teaser Time:. You have 7 bags of marbles. There are 200 marbles in total. Using the clues below, work out...
It's Wednesday! Let's watch a brain teaser to keep things going for the rest of the week :)
KOCHIE'S RIDDLE OF THE DAY! Think you're a clever one? See if you can solve today's brain teaser. WATCH:
Brain teaser~. Johnny's mother has 3 children. -. -. -. Her 1st child's name is april,. The 2nd one's name is may.. What's the 3rd one's name?
Some of these senior names are more like riddles... it's supposed to be clever, not a *** brain teaser game.
A little brain teaser for your hump day arvo: How good is your English vocabulary? A few had me scratching my head!
Trying to figure out Pretty Little Liars is the biggest brain teaser of all
Do you love puzzles or brain teaser games? Go Break app will be an ideal entertainment item for you.
Brain teaser before training, what is the answer
Brain teaser-You have been listening to music for an hour and you still have 100% of battery. How it that? Justin Bieber
Join us for TRY IT TUESDAY with our brain teasers! Some words are known as "repeaters" because they begin with a letter or letter combination that is repeated. Can you fill in these missing "repeaters"? 1. The green salad contained lettuce, celery, and _. 2. The wind can make _ sounds when it blows through crayons. 3. New software was used to produce those _ graphics. 4. They drank pure red-orange _ juice every day in Hawaii. 5. The _ of the world has embarrassed many cult leaders. Post your answers below... and... GO! Special Thanks to 'One Minute Brain Teasers' by Alan Stillson
Brain Teaser for the day-A farmer has 17 sheep, all but 9 die,. How many are left?
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BRAIN TEASER: what word changes how you pronounce it just by capitalizing the first letter?
vs teaser: I "thought" I got smarter just by reading this great article. Am I wrong?
“Plot twist: what if the Hokey Cokey isn't what it's all about?” Wow that's more like brain teaser
That was a brain teaser I just remembered from school.
For I am something.A lot of people dont like having me as a friend,Including you.But am called upon anytime one is injured.i like playing with pregnant women.I am a five letter word.when my last letter is put before my first letter,I become a name of a country.who am i?
BRAIN TEASER. A teacher walks into a classroom and said: if only yesterday was tomorrow, today would have been a...
** Brain Teaser ** . One night, a man receives a call from the Police. The Police told the man that his wife was...
BONZA BRAIN TEASER! Unravel the words to find one of the games on our app. All players with the right answer will...
the Carolina reaper cake video one of my favs as well
Good Morning! A little brain teaser To get your mind going
Elevate - Brain Training by Elevate, Inc...great brain teaser.
Brain Teaser:. Find the hidden tiger in the photo.
Tuesday Brain Teaser! . What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?. Answer the question correctly and one...
I was up to 12 watching brain teaser videos on YouTube
It was a good brain teaser though. The answer is epic.
Back to School Brain Teaser: Which building on campus has the most stories? Click to see hint:
Free Brain Teaser Game with a purchase of $74.95 or more at
Brain Teaser: What is common to the following words?. buy, catch, seek, teach, bring, fight, work, think.
I like your videos. First one I saw was you eating a cactus. My favorite is your ultimate warrior video and ;)
Daily Brain Teaser:. How many faces can you see in this scary picture?
Today's Teaser: In 1209, on a hot summer day there was a man who was ordered to be executed…
Zoe (on the Mic for Midday Dialogue. Good morning. Here's a brain teaser to shake you up... Tune to...
This a real brain teaser? do I need a jelly mould or bubble maker,it could be the former? Our little croc is lovely having fun.
in this morning's brain teaser shouldn't the correct answer have been Italian Singer as it's listed in the opera itself?
Try this brain teaser published on by Dr. Michelon. You will stimulate neurons used daily to find­ your way in the …
Clue 2 for our weekly brain teaser coming up!
I bet 99% will fail this!!!Here is a brain teaser. A Lawyer has a son but the son's father is a security guard. Who is the lawyer?
I liked a video Penny vs the Brain Teaser
This is an brain teaser about the theory of numbers letters and life
That brain teaser on my snapchat was for 4th grade Chinese students. . 😂😂😂
Here's today's brain teaser: If counterculture lovers are called "hippies" and college students with premature angst are called "hipsters," then what do we call seniors who have had hip replacement surgery and a genuine attitude of freedom and love?
OK people .a little brain teaser for ya.what is worse a snake or snake skin..well I'll tell you my theary on this.if you see a snake you know were its at..if you see a snake skin you dont
BRAIN TEASER.who works only one times a year but never get fired?
Brain teaser. A man rode into a nearby town on Tuesday.spent two days and left town Tuesday. How is that?
Seems that my beach vacation melted my brain! Forgot to give you the next teaser for Dante's Fire - here you go!
I slept in two day til 10:15 am I was very tired from play yesterday. My mom let me sleep and she was happy when I came down stairs. I have been busy though played with all of my brain teaser games that took 10 min. Then I have been into stuff mom has yelled but I don't know why. LOL And mom was in the pool dad back flushed the pool so I got to run through the was then he sprayed me with the hose so I was soaked but very happy. Well got to run busy busy. Have to play now.
Brain teaser "Pls what is the difference between fufu and akpu? Are they the same?"
Many of the puzzles in this Brain Teasers App will take hours, if not days, to solve, but be encouraged, a middle-school education is sufficient to answer almost all o...
!BRAIN TEASER. If i kill u,u will kill me.y z it dat if i kill u,u wil kill me?
Brain Teaser 8/23/2014: 1. Only five of the words in the riddle-line below are common names (bird-types; subsp...
Don't worry, this isn't some sort of brain-teaser or quiz. Just take the time to read it.good stuff
Sunday brain teaser. Do you know the answer?
I bet 99% would fail dis brain teaser!. A lawyer has a son, d father of d son is a. security guard, who is d lawyer?
Olivier Georgon starts this Massive Open Online Course on Developmental Artificial Intelligence in october 2014 ...
My brain hurts this is like one big brain teaser
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Just got a brain teaser come in this morning. . Def woke me up
Daily Brain Teaser:. Have you heard the saying what goes up must come down? Well what goes up and never goes down?
Weekend Brain Teaser ... . Q: Find a number less than 100 that is increased by one-fifth of its value when its...
The golf swing is like a wooden 3D brain teaser puzzle. Without the pieces and the sequence, there is no result.
Let try dis brain teaser riddle. What is as light as a feather, but even the world's strongest man couldn't hold it for more than a minute? .let see hw fast u r,. I rep PST
“Brain teaser: What's at the end of everything?” 'G'
A bit of a brain teaser for everyone. Nine thousand, nine hundred and nine dollars is written as $9909. How should twelve thousand, twelve hundred and twelve dollars be written?
Brain teaser. U gave a deaf $10million 2 hide 4 u. Whem u return he had become blind too. How will u ask for ur money back.
Brain Teaser...answer this question and win a return ticket to Liberia or Sierra Leon if you are lucky, you will even win a permanent resident of either of the country with exclusive visitation and handshake to all the residents of the country. Question: WHO IS THE PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA?
This opener is a flawless combination of brain teaser and poetry
(Morning) Brain Teaser»»»» What goes up , comes down but still maintain the same position?
Brain Teaser: What belongs to you but is used more by others?
Yeah it's amazing because it gives you ability to build things and sometimes it's like a brain teaser.
Saturday morning- brain teaser- how many times can you subtract 5 from 25? answers please. have a great day,...
not playing bingo? Today's Daily Brain Teaser (Aug 02, 2014): Unappreciated Counterparts. The two of us keep...
Brain Teaser:. FNILLLENIAGVI. Clue: "its the craziest thing we do!"
Good morning all! Here's another really famous brain teaser - a little 'outside-the-box' thinking is required :)
Check out SMAD numbers. A brain teaser! Fun/Challenging and sometimes it can get you real SMAD :D
Staff has swapped our normal feed bowl for an exercise / brain-teaser contraption. So Cassie Cat is now starving - so thick she's thin!
*** that's the last time I play a brain teaser game against a kid from china 😳
Question mark'?'"Brain teaser: What's at the end of everything?"
Brain teaser: What's at the end of everything?
Brain Teaser . How much dirt is there in a hole that measures two feet by three feet by four feet?
If you're on a bus or in prison, here is a fun, challenging little brain teaser that might help pass the time.
Brain Teaser - A sees signs of what looks like 1 In actual fact how many are likely in the home?
Brain teaser for the day. You own a hotel with 100 rooms, numbered 1 to 100. You need to order brass digits to...
A smiling face and a style of grace is to be best given a second or third look. While taking the stairs, work a brain teaser well.
Brain Teaser: There are several students in the classroom. Some of them have 28 oranges, some have 30, and others...
Happy This week's brain teaser is from the High IQ Society! Can you solve it?
By the way, the correct answer to yesterday's brain-teaser was E) I Don't Know. But I do know I have a plan to deal with any eventuality.
TODAY’S BRAIN TEASER . Adam's mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was...
Brain Teaser: Write IX (Roman Numeral Nine) on a piece of paper … now turn it into a 6 with 1 stroke of a pen.
This is a good brain teaser I wonder if you can figure it out?
Brain teaser? RT"Women have smaller brains than men, however, women also use their brains more efficiently than men."
Don't check out just yet! Try this brain teaser before you start your weekend:
BabaluBlog: "Brain teaser of the day: Ivy League "expert" interviewed by Guess how it goes." |
Brain teaser of the day: Ivy League Cuba “expert” interviewed by CNN. Guess how it goes.: Ay! Nothing new here... http:…
Have you given this week's brain teaser / riddle a try?
Brain teaser of the day;. If you get this, you are a genius!!. Am a six letter word.. My motto is together as one. guess who am i?
Voki Brain Teaser:. Which is heavier: A pound of feathers, or a pound of rocks?.
Iron Chef seems more fun because of all the running around a joking. Chopped is intense as well as brain-teaser.
Brain Teaser for FRIDAY!. 1. A lift is on the ground floor. There are 4 people in the lift including me. . When...
.FUN TIME. Brain teaser Samuel was out for a walk and it started to rain. He did not have an umbrella and he wasn't wearing a hat. His clothes were soaked, yet not a single hair on his head got wet.How could this be possible? The 1st correct answer owe me a lunch date.LEEGO!
Take a guess at this Monday teaser to get your brain working. This well-known appliance makes it all a little easier…
A challenging educational brain teaser! Don't get to SMAD playing this! Check out
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BRAIN TEASER! Whats the chemical symbol for potassium?
| Brain Teasers - Test Your Ability to Think Outside the Box. I got these Brain Benders from a book called, "BRAINTEASERS-195 Pu...
Im bored because my whtsapp doesn't want to work anymore.. Lets freshen up our minds i have a brain teaser for you guys today..It says... What are the 4 days in a week that starts with the letter T...would you please name them..
Where are the brain teasers who can solve mathematics without the use of pen, paper and calculator. Check below. If you notes in four places and you were asked to add the following naira notes with it will be the total amount of cash with you?
Hi is anyone interested in a black nintendo ds i also have the brain teaser game with it? thanks x
I've never been a "gamer" -- just the tame ones and brain teasers
BRAIN TEASER At the end of a banquet, 10 people shake hands with each other. How many handshakes will there be in total? A. 100 B. 20 C. 45 D. 50 E. 90
yeah. It's just a statistical brain teaser, essentially.
Today's brain teaser. What three laters Can be placed in front of each of these Words ( sport, sword, sable, time ) to Form a new word!!! Get it correctly nd win airtime instantly!!!
Brain teaser. I have two coins totaling 15 cents. One of them is not a nickel. What are they?
Full Moon Fever, the Cycle of the Werewolf in today's Brain Teaser!
Want to challenge yourself in this awesome brain teaser! SMAD Numbers - - don't get to SMAD if you lose!
What was the answer to the brain teaser
Phone lines blowing up with folks trying to figure out 's brain teaser!!
Yo got me over here going crazy with these brain teaser.
Daily Brain Teaser:. What has eyes that can not see, a tongue that can not taste, and a soul that can not die?
My brain teaser on the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA, for courses at Oxford & Cambridge) is out in August.
BRAIN TEASER: . Comment fast if you are genius. . Apart from *** which other word starts with letter ''C'' and...
Today's Teaser: I am periodically the number 79. Long ago some attempted to make me from 29…
REFLECTION: " A little known brain teaser for analysts and deep Nigerian thinkers. Twisted conflicts in...
Hooray- my name on for getting the brain teaser- The Peasants' Little Train by Villa Lobos
Playin these lil brain teaser games
good call! :P. I think that 30-sec theory includes that you're relatively near our Sun...but its just a brain teaser ;)
now that’s a brain teaser and I’m annoyed I only know two without looking. Vitellius and Vespasian
Hello DG - I think your brain teaser today is: Kanchenjunga in India? Have a great day!
Strath has posted a brain teaser: "Name a country without the letter A". I've seen 2 replies with "UG" and "TZ". . 😩
Today's brain teaser - 40% of us have done this during a party. What is it? Answer around 07.40..
Monday Trivia:. Brain Teaser:. Name any country in the world WITHOUT THE LETTER "A" in its name... LEGGO!
Reading an article from your dream college is the biggest brain teaser ever.
not playing bingo? Today's Daily Brain Teaser (Jul 28, 2014): Animals. What different species of one animal...
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I'll watch a teaser just to fuel the fire. But those 6 and a half minute trailers are chock full of spoilers if you have a brain
There are two types of people you stand behind at ATMs: people who use them properly, & people who use them as a brain-teaser, like sudoku.
I think writing this week's brain teaser was probably more challenging than solving it will be, as there were so many things to think about ... but we've always enjoyed a good brain teaser!
yet all the sources agree with me. Hmm I wonder why? That's a brain teaser alright.
Lol it's a brain teaser Bro nd u got it wrong
Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.
Enrichment Student Testimonials Nidhi M. — Grade 2 "The Gifted Test Preparation course helped me because it made the test really easy when I took it. Another thing is that the people at Best in Class are really nice. I also like that you get BC bucks for doing your work and doing good things. " Manishka N. — Grade 1 "I liked going to Best in Class for my gifted test prep lessons. It was really fun to learn new things and work with other children in the class. We also discussed answers and corrected our work ourselves. It helped me to understand all the questions. I am so happy to get into the gifted program! " Trisha R. — Grade 3 "The gifted test prep program at Best in Class helped me get a feel for how the real test was going to be. In addition, I also got to learn about the types of questions and how difficult they would be on the test." Ranjani S. — Grade 2 "I believe Best in Class helped a lot in preparing me for my tests. The practice tests helped me prepare for all kinds of possible questio ...
brain teaser for you :) You are given with six numbers – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can arrange them in any order and you can use all the four mathematics expression i.e. add, subtract, multiply and divide and also parenthesis. The result must be 278. There are three other rules 1) You can only use a number once. 2) It is not compulsory to use all the six numbers. 3) You can't join numbers i.e. you can't use 1, 2 and 3 as 123. there can be more than one possible answer x
Brain Teaser: By adding only three lines to the following number, make a traveling man. 1030 Hint: Train
To maintain a healthy brain, Chocolate, sex and laughter are all very important factors!
Brain Teaser: In Baseball, how many outs are there in an inning?
Guy its so annoying its either the brain teaser or rapsody messages.
Challenge your wits guys in this early brain teaser. .
Here's a little brain teaser for you! =)
Are you in? 4 days left to fund this Brain Teaser Gaming App. Please share with your networks. Thank you. …
Brain Teaser:. 89% of the persons I've asked this got it wrong... So how good are you???
what would your starting 11 be for next season with all the additions in mind? It is a brain teaser
Daily Brain Teaser:. A man is pushing his car along the road when he comes to a hotel. He shouts, "I'm bankrupt!" Why?
I actually got a few hours sleep b4 my brain came up with that teaser so to celebrate gonna give those I followed yesterday a chance to FB
I think you have a nice guess on our brain teaser for today. Share us your answer below!.
Lol its å brain teaser "A freak "I have 3 heads and 7 eyes. What am I ?""
BRAIN TEASER! 3 brodas liv in a houz, one is blind, d 2nd is crippled nd d 3rd is dump, one day d dump tuk d blind out to beg, whn dey came bak, d crippled is already dead. Now how wil d dump tell d blind dat dia broda is dead? Gudmornin standtallites!
Here is the morning brain teaser: the manufacture doesn't want to use it, the buyer doesn't need to use it and the user doesn't knw he/she is using it.WHAT AM I?
TRY THIS BRAIN TEASER! I am an 8 letter word. I am kept secret by everyone. My 2,3,4 letters sspell an animal. My 4,5,6,7,8 is a weapon. My 1,2,8 is used for writing an exam and 1,2,3,4 is usually an outcome of an exam. My 3,4 letters are same. What am I.
BRAIN TEASER: Junior and a professor were in a car, Junior is the biological son of the professor, but the professor is not the biological father of Junior. Who is the professor as far as Junior is concerned?
Good morning from Thava,Thyolo District, where are you saying your good morning from Brain Teasers ?
not playing bingo? Today's Daily Brain Teaser (Jul 19, 2014): Four Brothers. Four brothers make this royal b...
TO NEW MEMBERS, the aims and objectives of this group are; 1) to brng ppl far nd near together through dis known app 2) to share our minds on some life challenges & issues if a nid arises 3) and above all,to boost our morale and thoughts when t kums to d educational aspect.ofkus u can ask qwestions dat seems unclear. members are always available to elp u out. JOKES,FUNNY RIDDLES AND BRAIN TEASERS ARE ALSO WARMLY far,so good,d vission bhind dz groupChemisluv cooling group has been kumin to reality.FEEL FREE TO JOIN THE FLIGHT.
The desert in connection with living thing an brain-teaser shopper: ***
time! Help Hopper get to the star. Sal gives the answer here:
All purpose parts banner
good question Louis but I still can't think of a good enough brain teaser
It’s Find out if you are with this free then take a this weekend!
Brain Teaser. . Which 3 numbers get the same. answer whether they are. added or multiplied?
Oh! Alright, I get it now. . And sorry, Mom was confusing me by trying to answer it as if it was a brain teaser. 😂
Breaking out You do not expect such a brain teaser out of a dress-themed boardgame!
Brain Teaser Time! :D. The fishmonger is 1.8 meters tall. He wears size 8 shoe and wears XXL shirts. What does he...
Back to school brain teaser!. Come in and guess how many mini- marshmallows are in the jar. The winner gets Rice...
I'll challenge anyone to a brain teaser!
A real brain-teaser for a Friday evening!. Question: Which side of the horse has the most hair?. . . . . . . . . .
My ethnicity is literally a brain teaser. No one ever guesses right, and they always think I'm lying. 😓
Here's a little brain teaser. Answer and you could win an iTunes gift card.
Brain Teaser. . If you were running a race and you passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you be in now?
How many Pencils are in this picture? Join 'The Brain Teaser' Channel for more ---> C003F8675
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Use that 2.98 pounds of brilliance, also known as the brain, to lead you where you actually want to be. Actively seek new ways of seeing things. A great way to do that is by exercising the mind with brain teasers. Deliberately expose your brain to new and different ways of thinking.
domain names
The answer to 15 minute brain teaser was paper Thanks for taking part everyone see you next week 5-7 -Lincoln
BRAIN TEASER BY SOLOMON DALUNG POST.If federal government want to borrow $1 to fight terrorism where did the terrorist borrow money to fight Nigeria ?.
Friday Brain Teaser: How many of the following numbers are NOT half of 8: 4, 1, 3, 0.
TODAY’S BRAIN TEASER . Why is it against the law for a person living in New York to be buried in California?...
Did you miss yesterday's brain teaser?
BRAIN TEASER ANSWER: The most popular flavor of ice cream is … vanilla. We vote chocolate. Check back next Thursday for another brain teaser
I can't google fizzy pecs so it's like a brain-teaser. I'll figure it out ;)
Voki Brain Teaser:. In a year there are 12 months. 7 months have 31 days. How many months...
If you're up for a challenge check out the brain teaser on our fb page today! It'll leave you stumped..
BRAIN TEASER. I never was, am always to be,. No one ever saw me, nor ever will,. And yet I am the confidence of all...
Brain Teaser: What number, when spelled out, has no repeated letters and has each of the vowels (not including Y) once?
Carlo eh, Some girl ask me brain teaser before she make I twii. Luckily I be Intelligent guy
Exercise your brain and try to figure out this week's riddle. Leave your answer in my blog's comments section,
Daily Brain Teaser:. Type "YES" when you find the baby in this picture!!
Just a morning brain teaser. It's not a left or right's a...are you out of your mind thing. . Common...
Brain Teaser Friday | Riddle me this... You don't know what you know until you realize that what you thought you...
Come on guys l've not had many replies for this weeks brain teaser. Question;. What is special about the...
Does your brain play tricks on you? Check out our latest Brain Teaser & pls RT
Brain TEASER. Am assure dat 91% will fail this:. Only for smart people please . 2 + 1 + 2 + 1. + 2 + 1 + 2 +. 1 + 2 +...
Here's a Friday brain teaser for you: A man rode into town on Monday. He stayed for three nights and then left on Monday. How come?
Difficult brain teaser. White to move and win
Difficult brain teaser. White to move and win! No computer lines please!
Brain Teaser: What is as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing at all?
Difficult brain teaser. Can you solve it? via
not playing bingo? Today's Daily Brain Teaser (Jul 18, 2014): Hidden Category. Remove a letter from each of ...
Who would've thought creating a project plan would actually be such a brain teaser?
Just won a hundred dollars off my parents from a brain teaser
FRIDAY BRAIN TEASER (18.07.14). Can you find the sum of the second column? . AS USUAL WE'LL KEEP YOU IN SUSPENSE UNTIL...
Suggestions for a good brain teaser or trivia app?
Brain Teaser: What is the common link for these items? bubble, cork, question
Here's another brain's logic so keep that in mind... Question - Your house is on fire and you can take out only one thing, What is it?
BRAIN TEASER Which year did the christmas and New year fall on the same year? Let's see the number of people that will get it right. Don't ignore. ENJOY!!
Test your smarts with these brain teasers! Adapted from 10 Brainteasers To Test Your Mental Sharpness / ...
Good morning World Citizens! I think many of our students are celebrating for the suspension of classes late afternoon yesterday and for today. But guys and gals, let us be knowledgeable that this suspension is for us to be prepared for the incoming storm Glenda that according to the news carries wind gust and water as much as storm Millenyo (2006). So stay safe and be alert to the dangers that a storm may bring. While we still have a calm weather, let's enjoy the day with this long brain teaser. So, can you answer this one?
Well done Ash Cleaver who has correctly solved today's brain teaser! A special insider's view of the Leicester Mercury building reveals former Blue Sox pitcher Ben Powell an a collage wall of Mercury favourite moments!
This episode of catfish is an absolute brain teaser!
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Brain teaser to test your cognitive abilities...and biases | SharpBrains
Loool Oshey brain teaser I dnt think my brain can coordinate my fingers"
It took 10 minutes...but persistence pays and I solved the brain teaser! @ Science Museum…
Brain Teaser: Many will fail this. What is the other name for water?
Brain Teaser time!! :D. A girl is sitting in a house at night that has no lights on at all. There is no lamp, no...
BRAIN TEASER Let's see how smart u are: A teacher walks into d Classroom and says; If only Yesterday was Tomorrow, Today would have been a Saturday. Now on which Day did the Teacher make dis Statement???
While spiffing up the BSC, a clever contractor shared this brain teaser: Using the letters in "new door" make one word
Who can get this brain teaser?? Paul's height is six feet, he's an assistant at a butcher's shop, and wears size 9 shoes. What does he weigh?
Try dis brain teaser!!! All he needs is d THREE lettered words,once he get it,the FOUR lettered words he promised beginning will be denied...what is the THREE and d FOUR lettered words???
Do u like Here R some brain teasers that'll help u challenge all the cognitive abilities! :)
Do you know your *** *** LGBTQ History, well even if you don't head down to this winner-takes-all gameshow, dueling "houses" compete to win fabulous prizes based on their knowledge about a range of hot topics from Newark's LGBT history, organizing and activism. Half "Family Feud" and half "Ru Paul's Drag Race, " the *** Pride Gameshow features a hilarious array brain teasers and physical challenges. Only one team will walk away with the title and the tiaras!
How do you keep the brain sharp after the age of 50? Most advice on this seems to focus on keeping the mind active through puzzles, brain teasers, Sudoku, chess and such. But did you know just 6 minutes of daily physical exercise can also help delay memory loss?
BRAIN TEASER: Who is in the garden to tell me the correct full meaning of the word RAMADAN?
A brain teaser for a Tuesday morning:
We have 8 days left to fund our Gaming App. Help us create our Refractive Thinker Brain Teaser Gaming App. Join us t…
We are at the halfway mark ?ish? with 15 days to go for funding our Refractive Thinker Brain Teaser App with Kickstarter Crowd Funding!�
Keep your mind sharp just in case Google goes down. ***BRAIN TEASER***. How many times can you subtract the number 5 from 25?
Today we have a brain teaser:. What do fish and maps have in common?
Night Shifter! Did you know that one thing that keep your mind awake is to answer this brain teaser? :P. Good...
Brain Teaser. Are you truly observant? . how many faces can you find in dis pix?
Morning brain-teaser. Tell us the word you see first.
BRAIN TEASER:. This looks simple until you mix things up. Don't cheat, no calculators. What is your answer?. =...
- breakfast time, brain teaser time. Whose face do you see?
Nadine Gordimer"Lorrel Nobel once said: Its better to live without the people who can live without you*** Almost a brain teaser nhe!
First one to answer this brain teaser will win one FREE monogram! What word, when written in capital letters, is the same forwards, backwards and upside down?
BRAIN TEASER!. comment a word which ends with SM apart from PRISM . Very few people can come up with 10 words
Brain teasers. I bet it 90% will ignore. I know 5% will run away. While 5% will get it correctly. To the person reading this post try and be part of the 5% that will partake in it Question. I am 20years old and my sister is half years younger than me. When am 50years old, how old is my sister? 1. 100 2. 30 3. 25 4. 10 5. 80
Last year in Brain Teaser Comics: Not every toy tie-in is successful... The Apes of Wrath!
Hello people. Check out this brain teaser:. A man and his son are in a car accident. The father dies on the scene,...
The answer to yesterday's brain teaser is second place.
Brain Teaser! "There is a frog stuck in a 60 foot well. How many days will it take the frog to get out if for every day he jumps five feet up, but then falls back three feet?"
I bet 98% will fail to get this. What is zero divided by one ? This is brain teaser answered by Geniuses.
Brain Teaser: What happens only in the middle of each month in all of the seasons except summer and happens only...
Brain Teaser Tuesday! -- What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?
Brain Teaser: Which year did Christmas and New Year fall on the same year?
interesting divergences appearing in SPX / Dax / NKY counts. Real brain teaser figuring out how they can complete cycles together.
Daily Brain Teaser: . Lives without a body, hears without ears, speaks without a mouth, to which the air alone gives birth. What is it?
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Todays Brain Teaser:. What goes up but never comes down?
BRAIN TEASER:. Your math professor shows you 100 coins placed on his desk with their heads up. He says to you:...
When my lil sis wakes me up with her brain teaser ☺, " What's shows everything around it without moving it??"
Can you solve this Brain teaser? If you are a true monsoon lover then you will surely crack this one. .
Morning!. so i wan to ask you an easy question its more of a brain teaser. "some months have 30 days and some 31...
Busy Tuesday :). Brain Teaser. 1) There are 8 Apples on the table, you take 3. How many do you have?
I won a holy cow for getting our monthly brain teaser right!!! Aww, muy lindo. 󾌧
I’m a little bit curious about this brain teaser. Can you help us guess the answer?. Happy...
Brain Teaser:. I stare at you, you stare at me. I have three eyes, yet can't see. Every time I blink, I give you...
Animals of Australia wood brain teaser puzzle by dj51florida, $25.00
Just heard your brain scan news teaser. Brain mapping is the new therapy and "play" maps a healthy kid's brain.
Here is the Monday Morning brain teaser answer! Answer: Scone, score, shore, shire and shirt.
Brain Teaser!, Here's a riddle for you: What can you hold in your right hand, but not in your left?
Snapchat is a great brain teaser because you have to find meaning behind selfies that are accompanied by a painfully short, cryptic message.
Awkward when some spends 10 mins working on a brain teaser and you figure it out in 15 seconds
I love the brain teaser app, that I have 😍 . People often forget to exercise their mind, and just not their body.
The solution to today's mathematical brain teaser; 397x2 = 794 = 793+1
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