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Bragging Rights

Bragging rights refers to an informal claim one can make to holding a certain achievement, such as a record or being the first at something.

***CM Punk (C) VS Mark Henry - NWF Championship - Bragging Rights*** The two stand tall in the middle of the ring looking at each other and the ref separates them in opposite corners and calls for the bell to be rung, DING-DING-DING! They circle each other and Henry tries to grab CM Punk but Punk is faster than he is and dodges him and goes with a kick to the thigh of Mark but it is countered with his huge hand. Punk tries it again but Henry blocks it. Punk now looks for a new strategy and looks to hit him with a jab but he fools him and punishes his thigh with a kick and another one and another one. Now Punk with the jabs to Henry's face but Henry shoves him off. Punk flies with a clothesline but Henry doesn't feel it! My God! Punk is practicaly fighting with a wall! Henry smirks and delivers a headbutt/NO-Punk dodged it, jumps on the second rope and hits a springboard dropkick right to Henry's chin and now he's dazed! Punk goes for another one and it hits but Henry is still on his feet! Punk tries it ag ...
GOOD NEWS!!! We are in the process of selling 40 More tickets and booking BUSHowever, All sales must be completed by July 15 for this to happen!!! The 2013 WBOP RED SOX vs Yankees Road Trip happening on Saturday, September 7, 1P which includes: [Coach Bus Ride, Packed Lunch & Game Ticket] Join us for a spectacular time in Major League Baseball to close out the Summer and potential playoff "Bragging Rights! $105 per person! RSVP ASAP 617.201.5920 Hosted by WBOP Networking (Whole Bunch of People)
Reflections: Event Planning!! On this i have Bragging Rights. Im a Sucker for detail. And Organizing Events. Its my Gift. My Cu Gi Ta! My La Cream la Crem!. I do this Well. And i don't care if u JEALOUS or try to undermine me. Take it up with GOD. IM nice Yo!!. And when i offer my Services. And you down Play it. With the same Token? You months behind in your projects. Cause 4 me?. I make Phone calls.and its done in weeks. But um? Yeah u be a freak 4 pain. And beat yourself in the head. While my 2013 July-Dec. will be Tony THE Tiger GREAT!!
Hello FB Family, I hope to find Everyone doing Fine!!! I'm trying to reach out to Each and Everyone in Fort Worth, Tx to come on out and Help Celebrate 2013 Juneteenth Freedom Fest!!! It jumps off Tomorrow Morning, Sat 6-15-13 9am with the Juneteenth Parade leaving Evans Plaza at Rosedale St. moving South to Glen Garden Dr., then going East (left) on Glen Garden Dr. to the New Cobb Park, which also at the same time (9am) the 5K/1M Emancipation Walk will start at Cobb Park. After the Parade & Walk, we will Enjoy a Cool-Down Celebration in the Park with Music, Activities for the Kids, Car & Bike Show, Food, Vendors and Much More!!! Sun 6-16-13 is Father's Day! We are having "DADDY, I NEED YOU" FISHING TOURNAMENT at Greenbriar Lake 5200 Hemphill from 8am-Noon. Father's Son(s)/Daughter(s) can spend a Fun Morning competing for the Most & Biggest Fish Caught!!! Yes, there will be Trophies handed out for Both Categories and Bragging Rights!!! Wed 6-19-13 is Breakfast of Prayer, Emancipation Reading & Ecume ...
Ryan Newman: This One’s for Bragging Rights: The Quicken Loans 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race is one...
Bragging Rights points are updated on the website here is the top 5 in Amods: 20m Mark Leiting 600 15 Andy Wilkinson 590 22 Shane Stutzman 582 21j Jeremy Leiting 530 39 Scott Eaton 492 Remember you must attend a minimum of 10 races at two participating tracks to be eligible to receive the bragging rights point fund
* TNS ADMIN POSITION(S) OPEN * (Sorry if this comes across laced with negativity. Just trying to thwart those who aren't capable from applying) I am currently looking for extra help. At least one admin, as many as three total. I want to make clear that if your goal is simply being apart of TNS because of our recent growth, or what, if any, "Bragging Rights" may come with can move on. I'm the harshest critic in the world behind Lito, and I've no time for someone in it solely for themselves. TNS is the HARDEST PAGE YOU WILL EVER BE APART OF. I came on in September. Since myself, many have been brought in, fired, and only one other has managed to stay. You get 2 weeks to prove your merit. We will embrace you and help you get an understanding of what to do, but we need forward thinkers. We need people capable of knowing what to do. We need PASSIONATE people not just in regards to the sport, but for what TNS takes. That is the difference here. A knowledge of MMA isn't enough, to be honest. What keeps ...
Think you have what it takes to be The Pick King? At The Pick King, you can bet on your favorite sporting events and get expert insight & commentary! Win Pick King Cash, Badges and Bragging Rights over all your friends by outsmarting them in this highly engaging Virtual Sports book. Face it, watc...
Our craft beers are now available in the Bristol.Just delivered Big Smoke,Bragging Rights,Barry Island IPA&Weiss Weiss Baby.
Ive gone to like 3 a Monday Night Raw, Cyber Sunday, and Bragging Rights, and I met John Cena! It was amazing at B.Rights
Wow! That was a close one. Bragging Rights go to and Kyle Haeberle for the best chili, congratulations! Cook-Off
Bragging Rights to 212 Won’t Be Strictly New York State of Mind (trying to loose the hype behind area codes).
Why don't you just take these bragging rights ? Like TF ? We been at it since January dude lol
lose to Wales in the 6N's slightly annoying our Celtic friends get bragging rights. drawing in football GROW UP!
Grainy mustard soft pretzels. Yum! Try these for your next party. Bragging rights!
Tonight is the night USA fans come together for the biggest bragging rights! about to…
Never accept handouts! what you think is free now, will end up costing you ALOT later on. Earning this on my own for future bragging rights
Let's face it, we're not a world footballing giant anymore. The only bragging rights we have are in the UK
Its not bragging rights its just more jokes against Belmont lol
Calling All Artists! $250 prize and some serious bragging rights!
that was before they won 2. Also if God loves us he won't give Jerel that much bragging rights.
Hanahha Sherance has certainly earned bragging rights
Ohhh she's about to earn some bragging rights . 
Use to play For bragging rights Now , it's for scholarships .😏
She's about to earn some bragging rights~
Forbes recognizes downtown Louisville development: The city of Louisville has some bragging rights...
She's about too earn some bragging rights!!
A "Cutest Birds Photo Contest". Begins in March. Enter to win bragging rights Info at
About to earn some bragging rights..
Making money is survival.not bragging rights
No need to brag about your bragging rights
She about to earn some bragging rights 😉
You're about to earn some bragging rights!
She's about to earn her bragging rights.
i mean hes got lyrics, flow, and execution but I just dont think hes got those bragging rights
I'm about to earn my bragging rights *the weekend voice*
been a Town fan for 48 yrs, just started as City Centre Coordinator at Peterborough! Must beat them so I have bragging rights!
She about to earn some bragging Rights ,
She bouta earn some bragging rights
I just want the bragging rights, I want to let the world know, and convince my friends I'm not a ***
The excitement builds for Old Boys tomorrow, who will have the bragging rights for the next 12 months
Send a nicca nudes. Best believe the hommies don see ya nyash finish. Nudes are for bragging rights. People fail to realise this
yeah u 2. I hav a 50p bet that rep of Ire with the bf that won't win. Im more worried about that right now :( bragging rights.
bragging rights. Plus he owes me community hours! Very nice logo. Sometimes simple is best. Keep designing folks.
The 650bhp is smoky enough..1200 would just be for dyno bragging rights!
She's about to earn sone bragging rights
A girl earns bragging rights when she has sex with me.
Enter to win a kit on gastronomista! Perfect botanicals included (read, less work, more bragging rights)
To the Please win tonight. I want bragging rights.
She’s about to earn some bragging rights I’m ’bout to give it up like I’ve been holding back all night!
Its just not my night tonight yo... ñot to brag on it lik its cute n sht bt glad um high n dnt really care right now... hope I b sleep soon
Bragging Rights: tell us about a time in your life when you crossed paths with fame, briefly or otherwise ...
Mamaya na... Triple threat match for the WWE Fans PH World heavyweight championship. Nikko Songco vs Jie Robles Caburnay vs Miguel Esguerra These guys better be ready... Whoever wins will not only become the next World Heavyweight Champ but will also have an automatic slot for the Smackdown team on Bragging Rights. Dun naman sa mga gustong sumali sa team SD sa Bragging Rights, antabayanan niyo po mamaya, I will have matches for you. Star widening your tagteam knowledge, most of the questions will be about current and former tagteams... Thanks ... Admin - Lei Ann
Free Android eBook App: "Bragging Rights" by Faydra D. Fields: --I recently added chapter 4 to the sneak peek.
Well must say, Day 1 as admin on here has been pretty great. Lost count of how many people I've spoke too. Want to share this posting about Kane, I written on Team Awesome "15 Reasons to be a proud Kane fan" 1. Eliminated the Most Superstars in the Royal Rumble 2. Grand Slam & Triple Crown Champion 3. Defeated The Undertaker at 3 straight Pay Per Views in a row *** in a Cell, Night of Champions & Bragging Rights] 4. Fastest win at WrestleMania in 8 seconds 5. Fastest & first Superstar to cash in his MITB contract on the same Night 6. The man responsible for Santino having the shortest Royal Rumble appearance ever 7. The only Superstar to have held a Championship on Raw, SmackDown & ECW (During his ECW Championship Reign) 8. He lost his mask years ago and placed it back on. 9. Held the Tag Team Championship with seven different guys: WCW Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with The Undertaker World Tag Team Championship (9 times) – with Mankind (2), X-Pac (2), The Undertaker (2), The Hurricane (1), Rob .. ...
Sporadic WWE appearances (2010-present) On the September 24, 2010, episode of SmackDown, Bearer returned after being brought out in a casket. Bearer would help The Undertaker, who was feuding with Kane over the World Heavyweight Championship, by restoring Undertaker's powers with the urn. Bearer officially became Undertaker's manager again by accompanying him to the ring for his match against Kane for the title at the *** in a Cell pay-per-view. During the match however, Bearer once again turned on Undertaker, after shining a light in his eyes when he was about to tombstone Kane. Bearer would then let Kane use the urn as a weapon to help him win the match, thus, turning Bearer heel. On the October 15 episode of SmackDown, Bearer challenged Undertaker to face Kane in a Buried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Bragging Rights, to which Undertaker accepted by attacking Kane. At Bragging Rights, Kane once again defeated Undertaker after interference by Bearer, who was almost t ...
Both don't want Unified Tag Team Championship. And Kevin Nash will control RAW and Bragging Rights next month.
Did you get any great Trail Camera photos this year? You DID? Print them out and bring them to the Civic Center this weekend and enter the Photo Contest! Another Bragging Rights opportunity!!
I mean y'all just beat the cavs do you really feel like y'all deserve bragging rights with that one?
Still got bragging rights till the end of April
OK where is the steroid crew that can't sleep from these high dosages??? Can't wait til body is completely healed so I can come off and drop 6 dress sizes! : )
im honestly down just so i can prove it... Winner gets bragging rights
Love endures long and is patient and kind, love is nt jealous, it does nt brag, it does nt display itself does nt behave indecently, it does not deceited, it does not look 4 its own interests, love does nt become provoked. It does nt keep account of d injury. It does nt rejoice at injustice and unrighteousness, but rejoices when right and truth prevail. It takes no account of the evil done to it. It does not insist on its own rights, It bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe d best of every person, hopes all things,endures all things. Love never fails.
I never brag about anything ,but I will brag about knowing my old saying is true"you give someone a Lil time after yall met,and trust their true colors will show,and all the sweet thing will fly out the window"
Proud to be in the new WIRED magazine that is out now.bragging rights on my GOLD AWARD for the cottage under 'glittering successes' so proud
She's about to earn some bragging' rights 🎧
TO PARAMORE listeners and fans. you can read, rather sing with my story :) This is how it all started: I lived in a fairy tale somewhere too far for us to find then I noticed your eyes are always glued to me and every time you come around i feel more alive than ever eventually ... I never meant to brag, but I got him where i want him now... ... So we've been in good terms .. blah blah blah But maybe we're too young and we don't even know what's real.. So we ended up having these conversations : How can I decide what's right? When you're clouding up my mind I can't make my own decisions or make any with precision And now I'm wondering just who would I have been to be the one attached at all times to your hip Surrounded by uncertainty I'm so unsure of Do you see what we've done? we're gonna make such fool of ourselves You blew up the world I built for us destroyed our secret universe I put my faith in you, so much faith and then you just threw it away How could you do it? Oh, I never saw it coming, I need a ...
Every night my family plays madden till like 1 for bragging rights.
He's about to earn some bragging rights .
She's about to earn some bragging rights.. 🎶
Someone like that, there is no bragging rights sweetie
""She about to earn some bragging rights""
"She about to earn some bragging rights"
She's about to earn her bragging rights 😉😏
Guess she's about to earn some bragging rights
As for my new role as VP of the PTO, I will be getting my first conflict resolution with the parents that are causing the rest so much trouble. Everyone seems exasperated by this man and his wife. Appears the entire board and principle have been getting bullied, making one break down in tears, and others just quit. From what I gather, it's this couples way or else. They verbally abuse until people give up, bombarding with emails and word twisting. I've met them once, and they couldn't brag about themselves enough. I eventually had to stop them so I could get go home after the fundraiser event. So, it could be interesting. I'll set up a meeting with them to hear them out so I can define the underlying issue behind their actions. They seem to be intelligent, well spoken most of the time, but holding some anger and resentment. Also sounds like they have a need for praise or attention. My goal is to help them become productive with the PTO again, but at this point, they are going to be on the defense. I will ...
Also, why does it matter how many times you get laid, if you ask me, if you that concerned over having sex with some many different people than you seriously have some wrong with your self-esteem and self worth.
She about to earn some bragging rights 😁
I'm about to earn some bragging rights ;)
«She's about to earn some bragging rights»
School in the am... Hopeful I can fall asleep Smh
She's about to earn some bragging rights😉
She’s about to earn some bragging rights.
Are all of these amazing wonderful great lovely bragging rights worth the bad karma? I'm on the fence
THE Prime Minister should not find it hard to table evidence on stolen Land - He claimed Uhuru has stolen land that he should surrender, given Orengo is the Lands Minister that should be easy - Let Raila table the evidence.
Let there be a booty showdown for bragging rights
Click LIKE if you agree! Texas Congressman threatens to file articles of impeachment against Obama if the President uses Executive Orders to try to implement gun control!
There were several young men openly packing their 45s in Counter Protest at yesterday's anti gun violence rally in Seattle. Question to the police. Does this counter protest mean that they support Gun Violence. We have some dead bodies to show that the rest of us are giving them their way. IF I controlled a Constitution that was facilitating deaths, I would require a rewrite of the offending clause. Obviously, I am one of the few who thinks human life is more important than fear of 45s. No brag, Just Fact. If people had respect for the dead, the Constitution would change in a heart beat.
Sex without love is jus bragging rights
She's about to ask some bragging rights
We only need him to crank up the bragging rights within to have a psychological edge
154948_50% Off Photo Sale!
She just earned some bragging rights for being deep
:: Pulling *** is an accomplishment ? Graduating high school & doing what with your life ? To fit in, to be cool, bragging rights ?? ::
Toyota recaptures bragging rights as global sales leader
You'll get old and be nothing Living life in these streets, thugging and starting s*** with anybody mean mugging Look at you, a real *** thinking your life's cool Girls used to turn me down for guys who were like you 'Til you grab their heart and shove a spearhead right through Then they regret it because it wasn't the right move Your real *** talk seems bogus A real *** don't brag about being real as long as he knows it And his future doesn't seem hopeless A real *** stays out of jail, handles s***, and he keeps focused. people I hate
I love tennis, I wanna learn how to play
She's about o earn some bragging rights.. ( ;
Homies seem to hate but I seem to smile in there face. And most girls are just *** that I walk away from. I love seen my haters alot. But even more then them the *** The haters becuz they make me smile and the *** becuz ethey make me laghe on how they brag how much *** they have had. Really something to be proud of right. But just makes us look more bum. Lol always makes my day. To smile at a haterz and ***
"I'm about to give you some bragging rights"Allah Naya!
I'm about to give you some bragging rights
Y'all think I'm playing the winner get a free portrait that's all I can offer. Oh and endless bragging rights , so wassup y'all wit it ?
Did you see their match back at Bragging Rights 2010? Such an amazing match! :D
She's abt earn some bragging rights...
* She's about to earn some bragging rights * 😉
I would like to take a moment to brag on and thank.PARIS ER. I was there with my dad today. He was having trouble breathing and they got us right in even tho the waiting room was FULL of sick people wearing mask. From the very first person we saw to the last everyone was so nice and accommodating to us. Even tho we were there 10 hrs (they ran lots of test and were swamped) it was the most pleasant experience I've ever had at an ER. THANK YOU to Mrs. Davis, Robin, Rebecca, Amber, Garath, Dr. Griffin and Dr. Mitchell. I'm sorry I don't know everyone's name that helped us. Now off to bed after a very long day!!
Andrew Mwenda is on fire, and we quote "So ordinary people have little or no voice in the democratic process. For example, they do not belong to civil society; they belong to “traditional society”. Instead of being rights-bearing members of political parties, they are clients of powerful individuals. The poor do not write in newspapers and speak on radio and television. Perhaps human-rights mongers need to reflect on these issues as well."
That's was like, the ONLY reason I played, was for the bragging rights that only Taylor and Keevan could experience. 😔
i don't want to go to UNI after school but i probably will bc bragging rights and parents.
If he still wears di label tsa ko Small Street bo "Guci" le bo "Gugu Armani" and buys you bo "Louie Vilakazi" -we Sistere dumpa# so now its all about material vele theres no love lana
of the Dama de Noche Once a upon a time, a baby boy was born to a noble couple. Because the family was rich, the boy got everything that he asked for. The boy grew to adolescence and he learn a lot of vices. Together with his rich friends, they would go on a drinking spree, gamble and play around with different women.The man’s parents soon died and he became an orphan. Because he was a spoiled brat, his servants left him. They could no longer take his laziness and temper.He didn’t know any household work. The whole house was a mess and cobwebs were forming all over the once beautiful place. It had not been cleaned up since his servants left him. His mother’s garden had also been unattended and was now growing all sorts of weeds. He was also losing money with his excessive spending and vices. The man soon realized that this life was going nowhere. He needed someone to take care of him. So he decided to find a girl to marry. He promised himself that once married he would give up his vices and start a ...
Well, the election BS is over and it's time to get down to business as usual. So much for Obama's "let's ask the wealthy to pay a little more." That's not gonna happen, but it sure sounded good didn't it? Not that I ever agreed with it. I think Robin Hood was actually a bad guy. Obama sounded sincere, but that's what those campaign coaches are for. Take a look at your middle and lower class paychecks tomorrow. They are a little bit smaller. Granted the reduction in SSN payroll tax was never to be long term, I just find it comical that you didn't really hear much about that at all. All the people struggling to get by just took another gut shot. A little less spending power isn't even the point. It's more like a little less to eat for the kids now. Another skirmish between Obama and Congress and what does the champion of the middle and lower classes throw out there...well, if we can't raise the debt ceiling and bury that middle/lower class garbage in even more debt, then we may have to suspend Social securi ...
Beware people! Your act of kindness can get you raped or killed.
just bought a flight Madrid to New York for mid April. Not only do I now need to be in Madrid to get this flight but I'm going to New York!
Lets be honest. Most guys with some game have slept with well over a couple hundred woman by 25 (true story). Only makes sense that a lot of you woman are in triple digits on the D/L... Can someone verify...
I see a lot of people have the heart to "give" but then go back &'d talk about or brag about what they just did... how can yu expect to recieve yur blessing like that? Yu shouldnt look down on ANYBODY unless yu helpin them get back up.!
If you're going to brag about being older than me, at least act like it.
I hate this question; "B FLOW,WHAT DO YOU DO APART FROM MUSIC?".. Why not ask a lawyer "what do you do apart from law?" Or a security guard "what do you do apart from guarding" or a doctor,politician,doctor etc. Music is my career and you MUST acknowledge it the way I acknowledge yours. Tisiyana ma office,the studio and the stage are my offices so Chant it on!
Since we all already know there's no school tomorrow, someone should risk their life and come to my house to play pokemon stadium mini games with me on the N64 to save me from boredom tomorrow. And then we can be cool kids, because I am cool, and you are cool if you chill with me ;)
I dnt wana brag but Ill b da best YOU ever had!!!
Well I'm not trying to brag but this is the second year in a row that my dad did not say happy birthday...
God, the man upstairs...I gotta say thanks. With so much evil and corruption ruling over our lives, and the extreme measures that have been taken to destroy humanity...I don't think I've ever felt this happy. It's not that I am content with what is going on...I wish I didn't work every day of my life to pay interest to an evil private corporation, the international banking cartel that is known as the Federal Reserve bank (it's not a "federal" agency, look it's private, owned by a handful of families that have sold their souls to satan). I wish people didn't judge me or try everything in their power to influence me because they think they know best, all the while not knowing or caring anything about me...I wish there weren't people who wanted me to be who they want me to be, who think they can change me to their liking just because they think they know better. I wish I was free from a tyrannical occupying force known as the New World Order who have destroyed nation after nation, including the c ...
Just all want you to know, Macklemore is my FAVORITE artist and i do have the right to brag about being one of the first to hear about him... I PUT EVERYBODY ON MACKLEMORE.
TSXC - BUY SELL TRADE "IS ABOUT SNEAKERS" not a rap concert mixed with sneakers. Tell a friend to tell a friend. If you tryna dance go to the club, lmao. BUY SELL TRADE is ALL KICKS, ALL DAY. Stop asking us who's performing...our DJ is performing. lol. Bring your wallet and get that collection right! REGULATORS...MOUNT UP.
Let's break down a hipster, really. They love vinyl and vintage (antiquers), they love all natural and organic food (nutritionist), they generally can be found wearing skinny jeans, plaid shirts, and a scarf (fashion models), claim to be on the up and up before it's even "in" (but being a hipster today is a thing, so shouldn't they be trying NOT to be hipsters in order to be ahead of it all?), say that they were doing it before anyone else was (right, cause no one ever wore a scarf, skinny jeans, listened to records, used old cameras, or wore a plaid shirt before) and they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to let you know that they are different. Know who else is different?? ALL OF THE 7 BILLION PEOPLE HERE ON PLANET EARTH!! Was on my mind...Had to be said.
I was in Wal Mart the other night and there was a young man in front of me,he had 5 shirts and a pair of jeans,7 cans of green beans and 2 cans of corn.the total came to $96.37 ,he only had $90.13 so I did what I thought was right,I grab my wallet got my credit card and went to the next line.oh,no happy ending,but it is better than the other BS that I read on here.I was born at night,just not last night.please don't post the "Stupid $hit woe is me"it's more than my 16 sick kids can stand.8 which have a ADD and the other are midgets.
From the inbox: Is there a legit article somewhere written by TriWest comparing Standard to Prime? My daughter is Special Needs and I'm in the middle of a High Risk pregnancy and we're PCSing in 2 weeks. We're on Prime and have been receiving amazing care at our current post (Ft. Carson, CO) but I have heard a lot of negatives about the on post care where we're going (Ft. Lewis, WA) from disgruntled spouses so I'm considering switching us both the Standard. Is there a break down of the two: Pros and Cons and is Standard that much more "convenient" as I'm hearing
Why is everyone so hyped up about the Thunder game tonight? I mean they put a beat down on the second worse team in the Western Conference.
see where im at now?.i got here all by myself!!no parents,no boy, no help.I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BRAG WIGGA;))
I dont wanna brag but my king sizes bed feels dam good right bout now gn :)
Get ready! In about 10 minutes, you can play this instant win game & enter for a chance to win $25k! This resets at midnight daily- you can head over to my site now and then click right at midnight eastern, or I will post it again at midnight!
Executive Order Banning Guns Prohibited by…Obamacare? 162 Many on the right have been focusing on a provision hidden deep within the 2,800 page Obamacare legislation that prohibits the Feds from regulating guns and ammo and collecting data on legal gun-owners. CNN called it a “gift to the nation’s powerful gun lobby.” But does it really prohibit Obama from issuing a sweeping executive order banning guns? There is a small provision in Obamacare entitled, “Protection of Second Amendment Rights” in Section 2716, part c. In fact, it was included courtesy of Harry “NRA” Reid. It was his way of preventing the NRA, one of his big contributors, from fighting Obamacare, which they threatened to do unless they got a provision in it that they could brag about to their members. Here’s what that section says: A wellness and health promotion activity implemented under subsection (a)(1)(D) may not require the disclosure or collection of any information relating to—(A) the presence or storage of a law ...
after nearly 2 hours, I finally made a Spreadsheet for all the Vinyl's I own. I don't mean to brag, but I think I have a goldmine.
I remember smoking when it wasnt cool and not something to brag about. Simply for personal enjoyment...Like if your a true oldschool head just getting high for your own enjoyment.
My daughter earned her first stripe in ju jitsu today. I am so proud of my ninja.
Strike up the band everyone. Team Guider just notched its first career curling victory tonight in overtime. Not to brag but I did hit the winning shot. High fives everyone.
It's funny how a third party sums up your circumstance and response based on what they have been thru, what they did and their personal levels of tolerance and ability...shame on you...YOU MAY THINK YOU KNOW ME BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA...LAILA TOV
Well i have lost some friends tonight and yet i have gain a real lesson Pro Wrestling is really on a down hill slide because of the *** we let in.RESPECT is just a word with no meaning anymore! so to all the real true pro wrestlers left i love each and everyone of you. To the rest of you backyard goofs i hope you burn in ***
I really HATED Zero Dark Thirty. Just sayin. Plus it is way too cold to even step outside ... Glad to be back home, in my space filled with art and happiness, where it's always 74 degrees. :)
News flash Apple, you worthless company, your "do not disturb" feature is stupid, quit trying to brag about it in commercials, I have literally never used this feature, and my pantech matrix which was strait out of 2008 could does better. Your products suck, please try to do better.
Day 15 Insanity...So proud of myself for being totally committed even those long days...& I've been reading my bible every day (not bragging at all, just holding myself accountable to someone, to everyone who reads this)...and as Shaun T would say
And here comes all the, "no school!!" posts. Like nobody got it the first 5 times.. haa.
Hey guys, music snobs, listen up! I'm looking for some really good ambient, post-rock, instrumental type music. I'm doing a lot of writing/studying/taking pictures of myself looking very serious and I need some recommendations. Right now, I'm grooving super hard of God is an Astronaut, Mono, This Will Destroy You, Hammock, Six Parts Seven. What else is in that same vein?
Arroz con pollo WOW ...thats wat happens when you cook guess I'll be cooking more often. Yeah right! good night friends God bless
Today i forced myself to get out of the house and get groceries and i pit elijah's pic in the paper for the baby brag book. My goal for this week is to try to get over this depression i have going on right now. I just feel so confused, overwhelmed and hurt about so many things but i know it can't last forever.
If it wasn't for people in and out of my life I wouldn't be who I am today! Just like to say thanks friends.I turned out to be an alright kid!;)
Women if your husband thinks he has been blessed with so much to waste ,is it right to help and encourage him to waste it regardless of the plans he needs to have for the future and getting prepared for the rainy day and investing for his children's future ? Prov 13. 22 "A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children ". At what point of our financial stage in our family do we think it is needed to beat unnecessary drums about the money we have. Do we find it easy to waste money on unnecessary things, when the cost of that thing can secure not a whole but one part of our life investment. Instead of wasting it on drinks and clubbing, extramarital affairs or an expensive posh car when you don't even have something that would generate more money for you. Prov 13 15 "Wise people think ahead; fools don't--and even brag about their foolishness" Prov 18.15 "Intelligent people are always open to new ideas. In fact, they look for them" Money is good but is best when you can make good account of it like ...
Sliding is more addicting then tattoos! Thanks to danny gonda
I had a wonderful conversation with my dear cousin Ana Mary about the last post. And we talked a lot about how must moms have a low self-esteem, not as a person but as a mother. Probably that is why must moms brag about their kids. Because must of us, need reaffirmation. Reaffirmation that what ever we are doing as parents is right. We all try to do the best of individualized training of each of our kids. But let's face it, at one point or another, we all doubt our instincts, may be our ways of teaching or may be, how we spend the time with them. That is why, the closer we are to biblical training, the better we will be as a mother, first because the biblical teaching works, and second because we can rest knowing that God is guiding our steps as parents, and knowing that, is relaxing! And have one less point of our self-esteem to worry about :)
Oh baby! !! Just heard on the news that my season tickets might be delivered IN PERSON by Suter, Parise and Mr Leopold tomorrow! !! Guess I'd better be prepared! ;-)
If it wasn't 4 fo some people. People will not b were they at. Just stop talkin about wut u got 2everybody cuz it all can *** to a end cuz *** out here thirsty just keep it behind close doors
Garrett Malone and Nichole Paolino are my only notifications of the night
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Being on food stamps and other aides should be a motivator to get off of it and be responsible for yourself, not a crutch to keep doing what your doing.
So far applied and paid for Ottawa, Brock, Western, McMaster, Queen's, York, Wilfrid Laurier, Simon Fraser, U of British Columbia and McGill. uVictoria, U of Northern British Columbia, Laval, Alberta and Dalhousie left. My god this is a lot of work.
Im sitting next to a box of doughnuts..(un-opened) I bought them for breakfast...And Im hungry all of a sudden.
Would just say to say I am proud to live in this area, I know there is some terrible things going on around here and the reason i know is because i use to be one of the bad problems but people prayed for me and people beleived in me and thanks , but this area is awesome and good , and if you doubt it then come out to mason county intermidiate school on saturday and watch the youth play ball but most of all to see all the parents and families who cheer and come to the games and drive their kids all over the state to play ball and care for their kids. So people who put this area down are the people who sit home and dont get out and see this beautiful area we have, the place is how you make it. I love where i live and i am proud to be from this area. And it brings a smile to my face when i ref the games and see all the parents and grandparents there rooting their kids on and yelling at me to make calls lol!! So what im saying is stay involved with your kids even as they grow come and watch them like you did ...
My amazing husband has been managing a hedge-fund for 13 years. He has had the same seed investors all of those 13 years. Regardless of what Obama says, hedge-funds are the good guys. They hold companies accountable, and they do great research. I am proud of my man, and I am sticking to it/him! LOL! That will be the most opinionated political statement I will ever make on fb.
Im trying to be more positive but good lord im so sick of reading these topics on fb: poor pitiful me, why can't I find someone, im so awesome, my kids are the best smartest ever, oh I have to work, and oh I have to go to college!!! I think that covers it and if I left anyone out im sorry!! just be happy your alive folks ;)
I'm starting to understand what the true problem with our federal budget is. We've got a president that can't handle 2nd grade math. Obama, in a Q&A with adoring supporters, I mean reporters, claimed to have cut spending $1.2 trillion in the last 2 years. Great news since the deficit was slightly more than that back then. The deficit is wiped out, right? Not exactly. The federal government spent $3.46 trillion in 2010, $3.6 trillion in 2011 and an estimated $3.54 trillion in 2012. So according to Obama math $3.46 trillion minus $3.54 trillion equals $1.2 trillion. Genius! Actually our education woes are becoming all too clear now too. What Obama meant to say is that he wanted to spend $5.54 trillion. Since he only spent $3.54 trillion he CUT spending $1.2 trillion. But why stop there? Why not brag about cutting spending by $12 trillion or $120 trillion or $372 gazillion? The media won't dare question his numbers and anyone that does can just be labeled a racist. Spending will never, ever, ever be reduced ...
How u brag about a whip.u aint got a place to crash
I stand corrected (don't get all excited!) I may have been a little *** blacks when it comes to us getting married! I did some research and it turns out that the decline in marriage is not a black thing Its an American thing. But if you notice. Black people can NEVER afford to act like white Americans. The consequences for us are always more detrimental. If Steven Spielberg doesn't marry it does not affect him or Jews position in society. I'm personally tired of hearing people of all races brag about being single parents. It's nothing to be proud of. Taking care of your children should be a given. That also includes planning for their births and family life. Two parent homes tend to turn our more successful children. It's too bad that so little effort to achieve healthy relationships and family is such a low priority///
I don't wann brag, or make anybody jealous, but. I can still fit into the earings I wore in high school. :-)
Am I the only young parent looking at their parents like really? Wow wake up I'm twenty five n gave you the greatest grandchild u could ask for if you don't like me who cares what that gutta do with her??? I just don't like people related to my daughter think they have the right to brag about her u earn bragging rights by being present lmao JOKE
Somehow managed to jack up my hand during training today... Knuckle is super sore to the touch, and something in the middle of my hand hurts like *** whenever I try and pull my gloves off or pull my boots on. Gonna have to suffer through it though, and hope it's nothing big. I'll be damned if I'm gonna go to the medic and get stuck here for even longer over something stupid like this. Lol
Don't be a player hater,I'm the exterminator,I'll feed you to the gators,while eating now or laters .
TIME FOR SOME NEW LAWS. According to a Pew Research Center poll, 85% of the public backs making private gun sales and purchases at gun shows subject to background checks, with comparable support across party lines. And the poll indicates that 80% favor laws to prevent mentally ill people from purchasing guns, with broad support from Democrats, Republicans and independent voters.
I have resisted the urge to comment on the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School until now. My main reason for doing so is that I did not want my comments to be a "knee jerk" reaction. What follows is my opinion and no one is required to agree with me. This is just my thinking and reflection on the subject thus far.   I will confess from the start that I am a gun owner and enjoy some of the shooting sports and also do a small bit of hunting from time to time, although I am far from what might be described as "avid."   Any time an event such as this occurs the social/political left screams for more "gun control laws" while the social/political right screams, "We must have armed guards/teachers in the schools." In my humble opinion the root of the problem lies far deeper than any of the so-called solutions that I have heard proposed so far.   Most of the Hollywood crowd leads the charge for stricter gun laws with one hand while they glorify violence, murder, and other kinds of thuggery with the other. ...
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I normally don't post or brag about what I get for presents for Christmas or my birthday that is less than 9 hours away! Lol...however! My momma and dad got me TOMS they are shoes that are über comfy and cute and d&g "the one" perfume (which I have been dying for) yay! Here comes 29!!!
Hey Adriane Brooke this is John's sister hacking his account to let you know you need your butt whooped for posting that status for all his family to see!!! You obviously are very immature and have no sense to post garbage like that for kids to see! Grow up lil girl!!! Sincerely Jennifer
Red hair only looks sexy on read bone women.
Ok friends help me out here. Do you think it is morally and ethically wrong to take something out of a casket that someone else puts in after everyone leaves the graveside?
I hope this bachelor dude dont pick Tiara cause I want my chance with!
ok so i get home today and chase is at the door waiting the min the car door open he was right there Momma momma i have a lose teeth well come to find out he his two lose teeth. and he is to the moon about. happy for him but kind of sad for me that my baby boy and i feel like he is growing up way to fast. i rember feeling the same about my baby girl. in joy the time you have b/c befor we know it there in high school and want nothing to do with mom and dad. love you two more than you will ever no
Is grocery shopping in Vancouver really as terrible as I think it is? Am I missing something?
I hardly ever confess my love for my baby sister TaNiyah Carruthers.but oh trust its there!! I love our big little If my dad never does anything right.atleast he has 3 beautiful girls and a beautiful grandaughter he can brag about...He has the gray hair to prove it!!lol
Funny How some UK Fans Can not let UL Fans Enjoy a Great year Of Sports Without Being Salty? Why does it bother you so much??? WHY?
LMAO they keep playin these *** Chiefs Commercials! Making it look like they tough! that is too funny the Chiefs Suck!! they need more than Andy Reid! *** they need John Madden, Tom Brady, The Pope, Jerry Rice, Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Refrigerator Perry, Earl Campbell, and Sum luck!! just to make the Playoffs!!
As nice as is it to be able wear shorts, flip flops, and go to the beach because it has been 75+ degrees in the middle of January, its depressing. It's the dead of Winter and feels like Spring. I could brag to family and friends up north how warm it is but then they post about snow, which has the same effect. I miss the snow! Not that I want it here because people in SC can't drive in clear weather but it would be nice to experience the four seasons again.
So uhm I HATE hearing girls brag bout they man &&& the same *** they bragging bout bee all up in my inbox! -___- (trick plz!)
Hello fb friends, I must brag on my kaitlin for a moment. She made a 210 on her PSAT... as a freshman. 240 is highest. We are very proud of her!
Corey: u never call me C though. me: that's because C isn't ur name it's a letter
Ughh I can't STAND a chick that constantly BRAGS 24/7!!! Ugh its not that serious. Then on top of that, they don't even be all that!!! Dang shetup sometimes!! U bad, ok a woman that's "BAD" Doesn't have to keep stating it, it shows 4 itself!! Dang...shot
Find yourself in SIX weeks. Trust me, it will work for ya.
I have to brag a little on my client Erin. She's lost 40lbs since October!!!
Autopsy results are in it was severe bronchitis and pneumonia and for some reason she hadn't been to the doctor
Yo, a lotta people already hear me brag about everything I've earned with this company, and this year is the year to jump on board, been hearing about some exciting changes and looking forward to finding out about em soon, If you're a hard worker and just not satisfied with 10$ an hour, YOURE RIGHT! You are worth much more and this is your chance to prove it! Earn what ur worth and be the best you can be with cps :)
Well everybody is bragging about what grades their kids made on report cards today. So I'm going to go ahead a brag to!! Ryan Turner made all A's and a 78 almost B. but best of all he is Graduating this year and got accepted to the University of South Alabama!!!
Never brag about what u gonna do nd wat u got , cause that blessing can easily vanish right before your eyes
Seems to me lately a lot of people who run successful businesses never attended university but a lot of people in lower paying jobs always seem to brag about what degrees they have & how educated they are.unless you want to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher where you need a degree instead of spending 4 years in uni building a massive debt spend 4 years perfecting your passion! That seems the logical choice to me these days anyway :) ambition!
Not to brag Paydon scored the highest in his kinder class on the Dibbles test! Screw it yep I'm braggin!
I can't help it, God made me this good looking.
So proud of all my babies...I never "brag" on here, but when the lowest grades are 98 on one and 94 on the other ...and the oldest gets a job ( and yes he is very smart too) ..I think I have a right to say ...JOB WELL DONE WINFREYS!! I am so proud of you all and love you muches!!! And if it embarrasses you...hate it;)
Alright, I'm going to brag about something,. My hair is so great
Ye Gods... I just got back from an hour long cardio class... and I *** well did it! I was the biggest girl in there by over 100lbs, and I was about ten steps behind everyone else, and I'm pretty sure I was flopping around like a fish out of water, but I *** well kept moving for the entire hour. Yes, I am bragging, whether I have any right to or not. It may be pathetic compared to others, but for me it was an effing masterpiece =P
Totally forgot to brag about me pushing 200kg on the leg press machine could of stacked on an other 40kg plates but didn't wanna push it that's tomorrows goal :)
Food For Thought! Definition 7: Take is defined – to obtain something, especially credit, glory, or blame, or accept or maintain that this is deserved. Definition 1: Responsibility is defined – the state, fact, or position of being accountable to somebody or for something. Definition 2: Action is defined – something that somebody or something does. Taking Responsibility for Actions is understood to mean - To accept the position of being accountable to somebody or something for something YOU have done. For giggles and grinds, let just say for example there’s a married woman going out with, dating, seeing, speeding time, having sex with (or whatever it is she may doing or calling it) someone who is not her husband. Then proceed to tell her “friends” (I use that term loosely) about what’s going on in this relationship (so to speak) and then have the audacity to be angry when someone commits on her behavior as if she did nothing wrong, are character traits of a sociopath. What are the character ...
Ni bragging just sharing the goodness of God if u think I brag u know u not living right. But ain't nothing to big or bad for My God
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Cards forever! We earned our spot...idgaf how many times we have had this spot, it's still LOUISVILLE CARDINALS spot right now!! Where's ur team at?!
I know it might seem like all I do is talk about my boyfriend, and maybe I do, but I have the right to brag because never in my life have I been so happy or compatible with someone. I had the most amazing birthday ever and Andy Hemstock made it the most special for me. I'm so glad we met and now he's a huge part of my life. Thank you for everything Andy. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know. I love you.
Can someone please explain the whole "Truth is" thing, I see it all the time on my feed and I have no idea whats going on
I could never have an affair with a married man (boyfriend maybe) but nobody's are you having an affair and this *** can't stay out all night can't bring you in public cant meet his fam girl bye fix ya self esteem .rhobh
I'm sorry..I just have to brag on my daughter! Even with everything she's been dealing with, she still managed to make straight A's this quarter! So very proud of my smart and brave Savannah Jewell :)
Tonight is a pefect night to blaze up the fireplace , drink sum hot cocoa & wear sum cuddly warm footie pajamas, got the fire & the cocoa, just wish i had the footie pajamas lol =^..^=
I do not have all of the right answers, but I do know one thing without a shadow of a doubt... Criminals and Homicidal folks do not stop and consider the laws before they act... But they do need to be made accountable! I think that this is a much larger issue then gun control, it is about responsibility and accountability instead of restrictions.
New Zealanders caught by Australian laws excluding most from social welfare, higher education and access to permanent residency are increasingly becoming guest workers paying full
Just drove by douglas st in woodridge.Cops everywhere, streets shutoff, tv crews set up waiting. This has got to stop. One of the families involved are siting on deckchairs on the footpath, on any other day you would think it was a friendly family BBQ. I got the feeling they were almost inviting trouble. What should be done about this. Should a suburb be held to ransom? What about all the law abiding neighbours in douglas st that just want to live their lives in piece. The cops should be there in force tonight and anyone steps out of line, they should be arrested and have the book thrown at them. I know if i did something like this, i would be in the slot so fast your head would spin.This is not a race issue, it is a community issue. If you dont want to be in the community, get out!! I know this is easier said then done.Black, White, Islander, Asian, Indian, Marsian. i dont care. Street Violence is not the answer. it was very sad to see, and to be honest i am glad i dont live anywhere near this ...
If Mizzou manages to keep the Bragging Rights series alive, why can't they play one Border War game w/KU a year?!
Contestants can sign up by pledging $100 for a chance to win a belt and bragging rights at the Saturday event
Before I leave ama give you bragging rights :)
The next CSA member to sign up will get the bragging rights of having their membership money go toward our seed purchase.
Shes about to earn her bragging rights
Shea about to earn some bragging rights
Hey now- at least MY projectile vomit landed in the bathroom sink.-My bragging rights in the ER
It's final day in Yokohama, Japan, where take on for global bragging rights at the -
10 top performing of 2012 - If you invested in any of these, you have bragging rights!
What is the coefficient of money to bragging rights?
I wanna do a few songs with just for bragging rights
I'm about to earn some bragging rights🎶
She's about to earn some bragging rights ...
She about to earn some bragging rights.
MINERS! It's the 4th Annual Door Decorating contest this week! :-) ALL the teachers were e mailed the info last week - get your teacher and class involved - there's bragging rights and FOOD prizes on the line! Judging is THURSDAY - so get decorating right now!
The best for me is beating Vandy! I live in Middle TN but am a badger fan being from WI, now i have bragging rights forever!
She finna earn some bragging rights like I can been holding back all night
I think there's only 2 teams that may have continued bragging rights every1 else will b inconsistent. Let's c how arsenal play
So yeah...might not mean anything as far as playoffs but we got the win & bragging rights!
Reputation can get yu talked about but talents gives yu the title and bragging rights
And bragging rights cause me and mandi b both got Top Ten portfolios in our 125 seat pr class
New Arrivals from Puma at
I get to play in fantasy championships next week. For all the bragging rights!
We're excited to announce the - show us the best of HTML5 and earn cash, tech and bragging rights.
He's about to earn some bragging rights. ;)
No Bragging Rights "Repeater" (Official Music Video) support these guys. So good, but not recognized enough!
Today's festive Proof or Pap , get this right and Monday type smugness and satisfaction shall be yours with the associated full bragging rights for 24hrs Is this true or false , fact or fiction, or indeed Proof or Pap ? Aled Jones did not sing "Walking in the Air " on the soundtrack or film of "The Snowman "? What do you reckon ? Email whcrstudioor leave your answer below
Pop some bubbles & rack up bragging rights in My username is Nkaya.
Are you a graphic designer looking for a little extra cash and some recognition? The Montford Park Players are looking for a new logo! Submit your design by
Dr. Schaffer took 1st place in her first CrossFit competition over the weekend! We hope you had an equally rewarding weekend! Got any bragging rights of your own? Post em up here! At Grand Health we celebrate all of your triumphs no matter how big or small!
Office update: Team Kolb vs Head Honcho in the finals. Bragging rights and a day off are on the line!
Norwich u21s are beating West Ham u21s. is that enough of bragging rights over
I should have most bragging rights, cuz a *** spit crack. bag it tight.
Humble.. Ain't no way I rather be. I do with good intentions, not for bragging rights.
So got the bragging rights this week
European football round-up: Messi claims bragging rights as ...
Can I just say how much I love No Bragging Rights? offers diagnostic & repair information.
She about to get some bragging rights
Don't forget the 2nd Annual Festival of Lights judging is this Wednesday! If you want to participate in the contest, have your holiday decorations illuminated by sunset on Wednesday, December 19th. Winners will be announced by Friday with a sign in their yard and a year of bragging rights!! We also have prizes for this year's winners - $25 Lowe's cards! Happy Holidays Bluffs Neighbors!
'My Precious.' ^^ Do you recall who said these words? ...and where?
Gypsies, yoga and corruption: tales from the Bucharest-Chisinau express | When travelling to eastern Europe prepare to step out of your comfort zone, unless luxury hotels for sleazy businessmen and escort girls are your cup of tea. Only by mixing with the ordinary can we grasp the not-so-ordinary re...
Betrayal Deserters No Bragging Rights Breaking The Chains! and The Sheds at the Cobalt Cafe 12/16/12 pictures to appear as available. Betrayal, Deserters, and No Bragging Rights within the next week or so
The battle for ASEAN’s most successful nation is on. With three titles each, winners of the 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup will hold bragging rights as the most successful ASEAN nation, at least for another two years! Time to fuel up with Snickers for the finals. Catch the finals on ESPN Star Sports channels.
BALLERS end 2nd MBL-PreSeason campaign on high note, defeat GILAS Franz Libao recorded a double-double with 37 points and 10 rebounds to lead BALLERS to a win against GILAS, 81-76. With this being a no-bearing game since TITANS punched in their ticket to the finals, the game became a battle of pride and bragging rights on which team bested the other. Playing coach Eduardo Kondo made his GILAS debut on the 2nd half, with him and guard Jamal Almonte spearheading a 3rd quarter back-and-forth affair, Saki De Villa and big man Isaiah Pertierra doing their usual damage, the win was not as easy as it is. GILAS was missing the services of high-scoring guard Julius Bonavente. BALLERS (81): Libao 37, Garcia 17, Mutuc 8, Soliven 8, Ong 7, Cosio 4, Nacion 0 GILAS (76): De Villa 32, Pertierra 24, Almonte 11, Kondo 9, Boco 0, Pineda 0, Sanchez 0, Yumul 0 Quarterscores: 22-14, 40-42, 61-61, 81-76
Lisa go I might be right I wanted lisa to win since day 1 so I want my bragging rights go team lisa
Sure, "LIKE" if you know but for bragging rights let's play: _ is a Mario Brothers NUT and scored _!
Redskins are the team to beat! Redskins are sitting in First Place, on top of the NFC East. Redskins have the longest win streak by any team in the division (5 straight wins). Redskins won against a top 10 defense today, CONVINCINGLY. WITHOUT RG3! Redskins have beaten all of you NFC East opponents, BACK, TO BACK, TO BACK. NFC East Fans, The Top feels lonely! Time to get comfortable as we sit in our throne, wearing our division crown that we snatched off the heads of the big bad Giants, with Bragging Rights, for a 5th straight week. No other NFC East team can claim these things. -Moses
Also planning a Northern US med state cannabis grow off if you will! Do you grow or know a grower that has genetics worthy of bragging rights and maybe publishing in a working cannabis documentary? Best Buds of 2013 US tour is in the works. Instant message with details or comment below.
it's the 15th of December the totals are as follow: LA/Portland team: 4 votes: Georgia Tom and Gail Team 8 votes: Seatle team, 10 votes: and the winner the krusty krab Georgia team 22 votes: congrats Mickey,Heather and JC great job: This years winner gets bragging rights for one year!!! congrats:
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First to Music wins ;) (Not All 1D) Alexis : M.U Gisellaa: M Kaitlyn: M. Round 4: She said she met me on the tour she keeps knocking on my door she won't leave me, leave me alone ~Kat
Don't miss the bachelorette's wedding tonight on ABC at 9pm EST. (Bragging rights for the beautiful little brunette flower girl)
Monday's games: 7:30pm 5 Star Imagewear vs Carter's Imagewear 845pm Norm's Roofing vs Stroup Final games of the season. Bragging rights for the winter season!!
Starting December 19th and running through December 31st . 1st annual Family Reindeer Games! What is it? 2 complete games of best ball bowling with teams between 2-5 people. Winners get a trophy and Party Certificate for 2 hours of bowling with 2 pizzas and pop. Oh, and you get bragging rights too. Open play only. Be sure to come in and check it out!
:DDD What bands are you listening to right now ???
What are everyone's favourite bands? Happy holidays :) ~Mitch
I am THISsS to having a completely undefeated season in fantasy football. Anyone else in here play fantasy football?
Good morning people with a passion for power, Quick announcement - This Friday will be the last day for your chance to win some Just Drag Racing goodies. Follow the link and fill out the survey to go into the running... week was pretty hectic what with Christmas almost upon us. Here’s a few of the articles you may have missed if you’ve been busy shopping (or in my case, dragged around Chadstone against my will): • Victor Bray gave us an insight into the what, where and when of the Slamfest and what the future may hold - We asked some questions about the future of drag racing at Calder Park - Darren Parker provided an update on his preparations for the upcoming championship round at South Coast Raceway, the first of its kind held of the eighth mile - last week we also put up the ANDRA point scores and those we could get our hands on from the Perth Motorplex and Willowbank Raceway. The idea is to consolidate all the lists in one location so you can check out who’s the best of the best with a few cl ...
Next question: Will you rush out to buy Packers NFC North champion swag, or will you hold out for something better?
Welcome Sandy, Sergio and Edith. Edith, you are Liker since I enabled a FB campaign. WHOO HOO!!.
I can't imagine my life without my trip to Holland...all parents of special needs children can truly appreciate this poem. However, this poem isn't just for us, it's for all parents who have had to stop, back-up and change their path because of the road their child is on... WELCOME TO HOLLAND by Emily Perl Kingsley. c1987 by Emily Perl Kingsley. All rights reserved I am often asked to describe the experience of raising a child with a disability - to try to help people who have not shared that unique experience to understand it, to imagine how it would feel. It's like this. When you're going to have a baby, it's like planning a fabulous vacation trip - to Italy. You buy a bunch of guide books and make your wonderful plans. The Coliseum. The Michelangelo David. The gondolas in Venice. You may learn some handy phrases in Italian. It's all very exciting. After months of eager anticipation, the day finally arrives. You pack your bags and off you go. Several hours later, the plane lands. The stewardess comes in ...
A director of college counseling offers next steps for college applicants who were rejected by their dream school.
So if you had all the money needed, what car would you build?
I started this blog hoping to inspire other parents to help their children with Down syndrome reach for the sky! My daughter was reading words, before she was 2 years of age & reading books by 3.5 years. I believe kids with Down syndrome can do amazing things if we give them the right tools. I truly...
Want to win a 100 Target gift card? Want to be fit? Boy oh boy is this your lucky day! Hello VitaPeeps! We are so excited to announce our first challenge! Healthy Holiday Challenge kicks off right now! Starting today 12/16/2012 through 01/15/2012 we are challenging you to keep the holidays healthy! One of the best ways to really take/stay in control of your fitness is journaling, so we thought we would incorporate journaling into our first challenge! Here is what we are going to do. . . . every day we will make a post that will specifically indicate it is the HHC (Healthy Holiday Challenge) post for the day. . . and on THAT post you will comment what you ate and what you did for active exercise (at least 20 minutes). For each day that you comment you will be entered into the contest. So you can have up to 31 entries! So the more you keep up, the greater your chances at winning! First place is $75 Target gift card. Second place is $25 Target gift card. See comments on this post for more details ...
The 2013 ICES Convention and Show will be hosting the third ICES Convention Cake Challenge. Three teams will be chosen from applicants to compete for prizes and bragging rights when they create a sugar art extravaganza themed “All Around Kentucky”
Harry Imagine for Kami: You and Harry were playing around at home. You were facing each other in a game of Mario Cart. "Okay, so lets make this a bet" He said and smirked. You nodded. "Alright, what'd you got?" you asked and laughed. "Winner? Which is going to be me. Gets bragging rights and gets to pick tonights movie. Loser? Which is you, has to be the winners servant for a day..." He said "Alright" You agreed and nodded. "Lets do it" You said and picked up the controller in front of you. You were playing it safe and let Harry win the first lap. "Yeah!" He yelled in victory and you pretended to pout. You continued to drive and made your way from 5th place to second. Right behind Harry. Right before you got to the finish line, you sped up and passed it before him. "YEAH! Now what!" You yelled. "Sore winner" He pouted. "Well you know, now that you're my servant" You said playfully while swaying. "What do you want?" He asked. You looked up at him and smiled. "Kiss me?" You said. He smirked. "Oh darn" he sa ...
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TONIGHT. BETRAYAL. No Bragging Rights. the Greenery. Deserters. The Sheds. Goliath. Breaking The Chains. A Memoria Brooded. Broad Is The Way. A Hearts Demise. Doors 5:30pm. Just $12 at the door. Come out and be in the live shoot for "the good die young". Cobalt Cafe. 22047 Sherman Way. Canoga Park 91303
My wife's team (Steelers) plays my team (Cowboys) today. Lets just the bets are placed and the stakes are high. Not only do I need this win, but I need it for bragging rights with my in-laws.
We can't stress this enough...Get your A game together and come on out to Zio Carlo Magnolia Brew Pub tonight at 7pm. You can compete against the rest of the Sunday quizzes in the country plus you get bragging rights of Philadelphia. That's right, even they are involved.
Hey guys. I, aka Gareth Blake, need your help in writing my next short story. Hopefully this will be my first e-book publication. Currently, I am searching for a small rural Canadian police department. A department that is able to look after its community with a single officer over Christmas and other holidays. I do not want to utilize the RCMP; Amherst and Yarmouth are too large and Annapolis Royal is too famous. Adhering to these guidelines I could really use your help and I want to keep this story Canadian. With agencies such as the RCMP and the OPP, I am finding it a daunting task to find just the right background to accompany my plot. Thanks for your help and sorry this doesn’t pay anything except for bragging rights.
Do you guys hate me? No one seems to like my posts, like my page or anything, you only seem to like curly and regi. should i just leave? :/ - Admin Link
FULL-TIME: That's it for today The Birds lose 1-2, luck is just not smiling at us at the moment.
Dan Higgins knew it would be a challenge.He would have to defeat his wife Jen Higgins, formerly Jen Petrick, not just once but twice in order to claim the title at the 15th annual Dayton Open.
Thursday night means Bragging Rights! What full of awesome things have your kids been up to this week?
Hey Guys, due to popular demand we have changed our demo days from Wednesday to Tuesdays... In order for you guys to prepare your armies, crews and gangs in time here is a list of the upcoming events going on in store throughout the next month... Sat 15th Dec : Deep Wars Demo Day Sun 16th Dec: Red Steel Presents; Steel Daemon 2012 (You can drop off your entry before hand for those unable to make the day itself). Tues 18th Dec: Relics Demo Day - 30% off Relics models and rule books Sat 22nd Dec: Christmas Party Sat 29th Dec :Infinity Demo Day Tues 8th Jan: Return to Malifaux - One day campaign Sat 12th Jan: Magic the Gathering Tournament Tues 15th Jan: Battlestar Galactica Day - Play through the whole TV show in a day. Sat 19th Jan: Warlord/Historical Day Tues 22nd Jan: Infinity recap Sat 26th Jan: Infinity one day 'Bragging Rights' Tournament Sat/Sun 16th & 17th Feb - Warmachines/Hordes Tournament (£10 entry) Sat/Sun 16th & 17th March - Warhammer Fantasy 2000 point Tournament (£10 entry) If the sound of ...
Two things you need to do ahead of tomorrow nights show. Listen to and read
One year of bragging rights. Majors, bring it on!
“About to earn some bragging rights”go to sleep my little angel don't you have school in the morning !? 😘💤
debatable but if I lose this game feel free to claim bragging rights..
...Congrats Mamba! I have friends who fan of n I'm We're having a bragging rights! ✌
But we're a 'specialised unit' . Ah. Bragging rights are the only pros I can think of at the moment.
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Pretty sure you DO! "She about to earn some bragging rights..."
She's abt to earn some bragging rights.
Brian Greenhoff: The derby was a game that you played for the bragging rights, you played for the fans."
Remember to play trivia tomorrow at 9 a.m. MST. You could be the next champ and even get a certificate for bragging rights!!
Follow and have the bragging rights of knowing them beforE they blew up.
Then it gets political! The CL just gave me bragging rights, the title was personal reward.
She's about to earn sooner bragging rights
He about to earn some bragging rights ...
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