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Bragging Rights

Bragging rights refers to an informal claim one can make to holding a certain achievement, such as a record or being the first at something.

Roll Tide Iron Bowl Christmas Eve

Well we lost. Our last game was in the AFC championship game, good run colts. We're making it closer and closer each year with our me QB in just his 3rd season in the NFL. Good job Luck, you have bragging rights. NE is a really good team and hard to beat at home. Always next season💪
The Agenda for the School Board meeting has been posted: A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Fabens ISD will be held January 21, 2015, beginning at 6:30 PM in the Central Office, Board Room, 821 NE G Avenue, Fabens, TX 79838. The subjects to be discussed or considered or upon which any formal action may be taken are listed below. Items do not have to be taken in the same order as shown on this meeting notice. Unless removed from the consent agenda, items identified within the consent agenda will be acted on at one time. 1.Call to Order, Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance 2.Communications and Visitors 3.Superintendent's Report A.Report of Finances B.Bragging Rights 1.Rodrigo Estrada - FHS - All State Band 4.Consent Agenda A.Minutes of Regular Meeting, December 17, 2014 5.January 2015 Fabens ISD School Board Recognition Month 6.Fabens ISD 2013 - 2014 Annual Financial and Compliance Report 7.Fabens ISD 2013 - 2014 Texas Academic Performance Report 8.Fabens ISD Annual Education Performance Report fo ...
When your closest friends teams lose also so nobody has bragging rights for the whole year >
Well it looks like you have bragging rights for another year
Man this super bowl is going to suck. Either seahawks bandwagon fans, or toolbag patriots fans will get bragging rights.
Aye but we're the party accommodation, best bragging rights in Leeds
and U don't have to be a fan to go to their hotel. There's this thing called BRAGGING RIGHTS! Lol
Bragging rights for the year for Chandler Jones!
This game is like Oregonvs.FSU blowout! In 2 weeks we battle for all the marbles & a yr. of bragging rights lol!
It's so satisfying to see the pink "A" on the screen. Also bragging rights to friends.
Grand Rapids made the cut on Pure Michigan's list of Seven Michigan Destinations That Earned Travel Bragging Rights in 2014. Well-deserved, don't you agree?
The 1sts against friendly rivals St Pauls struggled early, but Sam Tyrrell 30-odd was a rock throughout and Andrew Fitzgerald got late runs to see us to a defendable 9/139. A middle order collapse, highlighted by 2 wickets to Stan Teo saw us bowl them out for 108. Coming off a couple of losses this game took on further importance for the 2nds. Wickets were shared around with Darren Johnson returning for 3-25, Tim McEniry 2-34 and Lukas Brett 2-13 leading the way as we held them to 9/139. In response, we controlled the chase all the way, Dean Siakoulis the standout with 80*, and well supported by Nick Green 22 as we passed them 3 down. The thirds faced top of the table Clifton Hill. Batting first we were in trouble at 3/17 until Rob Whitehouse 39 and Jason Worthington 35 settled. Further runs at the end got us to 151 all out. With the ball we failed to convert 3/30 into something more meaningful and despite two wickets to Malcolm Chatto and Jeremy Mekhael they passed us 5 down. The fourths had a crucial ga ...
even tho I know the Seahawks will lose I won't bet money because I can't control it.. Just bragging rights💁
*** we won't go to the Superbowl, but I'm just glad we beat the Broncos! Bragging rights all off season
31 - 7 NE with 319 left in the 3rd I think I really will have bragging rights NOT you
Pats have our number. Mom will have bragging rights. FML
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Day 3! Decided to present LARGE today since I am going to be working on my new 50" watercolor of the San Diego Central Library. First up, "Birdland", a joint live demonstration mixed media work I painted with successful Los Angeles artist, Dani Dodge. We both had an amazing time on this 30"x71" collaboration; second, "Coronado de Coronado", named by my writer friend, Tina Culp Barton, was my first large work coming in at 21"x51". It now resides in a loving home in Admiralty Row near Liberty Station NTC; and third, "Afternoon Moon", a commission watercolor that hold the title of largest work to date, framed up to fit an 8' wall (minus 6" on each side) in the home of a former NASA Astronaut, Woody Spring. and his loving wife, Debbie Spring. Woody even got in on the painting time when I started it as a demo for a First Friday at my Ballast Point Gallery when we were open at NTC. Happens that Afternoon Moon lives a block away from Corona de Coronado, so bragging rights bounce to and fro in Point Loma! Read th ...
She's about to earn some bragging rights 🙌
I think and should let us pick offensive linemen next year
super rad man. They told us at the start that you won bragging rights at the start so it was unexpected.
What's the better/harder sport??? . Rt: for Wrestling. Fav: for Basketball. Winner takes all bragging rights!
lowkey yes💆😂 but I have bragging rights as of rn and I plan to keep them for awhile 😎😁
Great band outing to Glasgow to see Funeral For A Friend and American hardcore band No Bragging Rights. We'll be back, King Tut's is always a great venue! Shame we bailed before the end to catch our train, only to find there was a wait so we could have stayed, but great night all round.
Come out Saturday night and watch Dorian Dixon and Jesse Long battle it out in the cage for hometown bragging rights. The bout takes place on ECS 1, January 24th at the Pat McKernan Events Center. Buy tickets now on or Saturday night when doors open at 6 p.m.
Superb away win to gain the bragging rights once more. Keep this up to overtake the 4th place from the… [pic] —
I want this Rachelle Kay Griffith ! Isn't that what you ALWAYS say to me. Lol. I ordered a Seahawk hoodie but it hasn't come yet. Go SEAHAWKS! since 1980... Been waiting for bragging rights for 34 LONG years!
Esteem. Vee felt himself. He felt poorly within his core. The physical wounds of his tussle with the bouncer had faded to minor scars. The old timer who had arrived in the tier was the newest sad sack in the dorm. The lone and silent man with no friends had no esteem among his most recent set of piers. He had no name. He had no bragging rights. He had neither a partner nor an enemy. In this environment, healthy and vital men are a threat. Someone looking to make a name for himself would instantly attracted to a person with Vee's personality. Gunnz, the tier boss needed no name to make. He was the outlaw son of a legend. Baby had no name to make. He was an ex warrior in his country's military. He had been a heavy hitter in a fiasco involving the United Intelligence Agency and a notorious South Meskan drug cartel. To these men who bore positions of authority, the quiet loner with a month to go was as insignificant as a rodent in the sewer. But Baby had a cousin who wanted to be classed among the adamantine ...
Congratulations on winning the CFB Championship. Bragging rights for a whole year. Can't wait for next year already.
Thanks for giving us Bragging rights
"We get bragging rights because Carrie Underwood is a Tri Sigma" - Sigma Sigma Sigma
He's about to earn some bragging rights 💁😏
. Plus you get bragging rights... "Oh, I shot down King George's follows"
of course they are cause at this point they have the Bragging rights we need to get that back
In all honesty the Colts need to win this for me to gain bragging rights in the room! 💙
all i have is to watch the patriots game. We win and im excited and ill have bragging rights to my friends. Lets go Pats! 2 TDs!!
One nation under indivisible with and bragging rights for all!
What a Win! Your team really pulled it off. You've earned your bragging rights.
And if the OPPOSING team wins, then YOU lose bragging rights for the whole year.
excellent!! It's just for fun, no $$ or anything. But tons of bragging rights lol :)
that's what I'm saying!! And who really has bragging rights
right it's gone give Brady more bragging rights
I'm so *** at Madden.Like don't even challenge me to a game bruh you'll win and have no bragging rights try me on 2K or M…
I'm done taking your money just pay me so I can get my bragging rights
Patriots can't go any further simply for the fact I don't want no one close to me to have any bragging rights...
I want the pats to win to see them face Seattle .. But then I don't cause wil have bragging rights
Can't let have any bragging rights, need Colts to win
When we win, I get to have bragging rights when I see you at school Wednesday
Down to the Grand Finals. Who will go home with the prizes, bragging rights and new Alienware Icon!?
I'm weak, Richard Sherman still has bragging rights, and the Seahawks are coming back to Az
Ya hate patriots fans because we have bragging rights
and I talk football every monday morning and tomorrow one of us is gonna have serious bragging rights
you wildin they got into the SB with that win. We just had bragging rights
So has another year of bragging rights on me again.
And I just lost bragging rights, curse you Seahawks
If your team been seating at home stfu yall got no bragging rights lol
You have to be IN the Matos household to have bragging rights.
Didn't see a minute of the game, but I'm glad I just earned bragging rights against 💙💚💋
pens don't have bragging rights on any rival.. Not 1
I was just after the block. Bragging rights! 😋 Sent him a joke. Guess he didn't like it
Still have bragging rights in the Matos household! 🏈💚💙
YEEES BABY YES PAY UP, bragging rights all the way
I may never know bragging rights as a mom BUT I now know the blessing of having bragging rights as an Aunt to the most perfect baby boy in the world. :)) this little guy right here has stolen my complete heart and he hasn't even been here with us 48 hours. I never knew a heart could hold this much love and experience this much joy. Welcome to the world Luke Murphy Williams.. I can't wait to spoil you rotten! Congrats to my sis and brother in law on creating the most perfect little angel ever :))
Follow me even though there's no reason besides loving your music.and bragging rights
Bama 12 wins 2 loses.. SEC CHAMPS, & Iron Bowl VICTORY in 2014. I think Bama fans has a lots to be proud of. RTR Bragging rights for life!!
No words can ever justify the need or desire for trophy hunters to kill for bragging rights, and a head on the wall. Shameful and repulsive, just like the the millions around the word who don't care.
Huge game with huge bragging rights on the line with my lippy roommate
Everyone if your free tuseday night. Come down to rock city and hang out with our homies Plan Your Escape, The Greenery, NO BRAGGING RIGHTS! We still got some presales left. Hit us up at the venue or messages us if interested!!!
Henry's team: Stealers. My team: Baltimore. Good match up in the playoffs! Whoever wins gives one of us bragging rights.
At this phase of life I don't have a lot of individual accomplishments that I can boast about. I, as a SAHM, am more of a facilitator of other's goals and dreams. I can't take credit for Jakey's new found pitching prowess, or Mary's crazy spelling skills. I didn't take any direct action regarding Maddy's straight A's last semester. Lana Mae's uncanny ability to quote any movie line, in context, is the result of my failures and allowing her countless hours of "practice time". Jake's accomplishments as a successful electrical contractor can only be credited to me if you include packing lunch as a wiring skill. However, after this Holiday season I get huge bragging rights on gaining ALL the weight back previously lost over the summer and fall. It took months of sweating and dieting to lose a few measly pounds to gain in back in a matter of days. So, I also get dibs on the WORLD's SLOWEST METABOLISM. Yeah , me!
And here we go, last game of night starts in 5 minutes . Lots of bragging rights at stake and also a few Heals Points. Should be fun!
Bragging rights on the line Ravens vs Steelers
Check out where photographers compete for prize and bragging rights Here are 250 free credits to get started
Tomorrow at Pine Grove 1/4/15 Let's start the new year out right...In God's House worshipping and Thanking Him for all of His many Blessings. 9:45 am Refreshments and fellowship, 10:00 am Sunday School for all ages, 11:00 am Worship Service; Music: "Let Others See Jesus In You", "Lord, I Need You" Worship Song of the Month: "Give Me Jesus". Sermon: "It Will Be A Jubilee For You!" Leviticus 25:8-12 Ushers: Russell Hunt & Kyle Denton Nursery: Melina Gowen. No Praise Team tonight. Worship Service at 6:00 pm. We are looking forward to our Chili cook-off at the new members banquet next Sunday at 5:00! I wonder who will have bragging rights this year??? :)
The biggst UFC matchup in years is just hours away! Will Cormier or Jones walk away with bragging rights?
I feel for right now. Not just a playoff game. A bragging rights game.
You Don't Have To Join, You Are Already A Member! Today I was listening to a young political pundit who became exasperated at his and other's attempts at changing the political climate of a particular university. It struck me that what he was saying, may be the answer to a question I have had from time to time, about individuals remaining in churches with the goal of changing the hearts in them. Not only do I see it as an exercise in futility, but I also see it as this man saw the attempts to change politics on a college campuses, as he put it, "a fool’s errand." Those who desire to seek God for all things, need to leave the organized churches that are refusing to obey God's Word and fellowship with likeminded others who have also left. If someone accuses you of "sheep stealing", then you know their bent is fame and mammon. Since everyone who is born again of the Holy Spirit and is a member of the body of Christ, it makes no difference whether they leave or stay in any gathering, that they are seeking . ...
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This one is for bragging rights on Calumet Ave. Bishop Noll vs. Hammond in boys hoops. The neighborhood is up for grabs
Is it ok to have bragging rights when you beat your boyfriend in every single Olympic Wii game? Whose the better athlete?💪
Our fan of the week is... Gabrielle Nunez! Congratulations. To get picked as our next fan of the week, post on our wall or comment / like other posts and we might just pick you. *There are no prizes awarded to winners. However, you get all the bragging rights.
Best of luck in tonight's brawl! We'll see who gets bragging rights until next season
If ya'll think I have a big ego, I played 2-5 No-Limit Hold Em' this weekend while my Mom played 20-40. Who do U think has bragging rights?
We had a great time at the 6th Annual NWPD New Years Day Tournament. We had four lively tables and 6 hours of play time and an eventually three way chop of $900 with the final three (Matt Allen, Tim Arkwright and Tim Micheldyre) playing out for a final $50 and the bragging rights. Those right going to Tim A., congrats Tim. The final table consisted of Tim M, Syd, Jan Wilson, Matt A, Melinda Messimore, Michele Payne, Kevin Brooks and Alan Baird. Tim A and Tim M combined to take out 6 of the final 9. Michele P was the bubble bubble with Kevin Brooks take the actual bubble and free entry in to next years game. Complete results below. Thanks everyone for joining us for the game and the great food for the potluck. Again we had great dealers,(Kristine, Kevin and Tim squared) and Todd kept the game running smoothly. Gidget and Jenna kept the kitchen and bar flowing (thanks for your generosity to Jenna) Please feel free to tag the photos as well. Planning for next years game is well under way and we can ...
the fact you screen shot it, for bragging rights! 😂👌🙈 OMG
OK So. Florida transplants from Altoona... If you watch WPBF 25 news,(west palm beach) at 11pm. My sunset photos will be used ...(at least that is what they say).. I knew it was a special sight... but am so honored they liked it.. from hundreds they get every day! Don't get to many bragging rights :)
“can I just get a shoutout for bragging rights with my friends! I'm a huge fan, and from Buffalo! stay warm!
Tell me what u did for New Years an I will add your mom at the end, the best will win the best your mom of 2015 award,unfortunately it's the Internet so u can't show your friends or take it to bed but u will have a year of bragging rights of winnin. . Go
Watching Bragging Rights 2010. vs. opening the show was/is a classic.
And the White Eagles take the Alumni Hockey Game! I have bragging rights over Coach Mcnamara for the year. Til next year!
The first 6 Clues Movie Trivia of 2015 is this Monday. Start the new year with bragging rights.
So the Pac 12 and Conference USA are the only one with bragging rights.
Who will be victorious and have bragging rights after 182?
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They finna put tha hawk game on me, so while I have bragging rights 💡😂😂😂 lol
C'MON PENGUINS!!! No really today has been bad and a win would make me smile.and give me bragging rights against a friend.
now the need to beat the so I can bragging rights when I see tomorrow
So far to say they club got juice...& entering their clubs juice in the 4th annual juice off February 6 ,2015 Back 2years in a row first place winners AtomicBomb SocialClub Laid Back Orgsc DetroitMula Honeys Sc Underworld Detroit Redliners Ultimate Expess It's still spots left. enter win a cash prize trophy and a year bragging rights! !you have until January 25th to enter... contact me or post on our juice off event page... rules ; JUICES MUST be registered by 930 juice off starts at 10pm,Or u will b automatically eliminated. Must bring 1 gallon (milk size) & one 20oz (pop size) bottles . Can purchase containers from any family dollar or dollar tree stores. U must sign it in upon entering turn it in to the kitchen area. This is a fair competition u are not to give hints on your juice winner consist of taste, temp,color Buzz, there will b rounds where the social world will sample each juice and vote on which they like best,once sample they will write which number in each round they are voting for, can o .. ...
Can of coke and bragging rights over Southend and Colchester? I honestly have no idea
I really think ppl just be wanting to have your number for bragging rights
Heavy excited for United to turn thistle over tomorrow and once again secure flat bragging rights for me over
Will do. And you're going to have some real bragging rights after UT's football and basketball wins over Iowa. Thx for watchin
its all about bragging rights for a yr. but some take it way too far. i love braggin bout them Alabama crimson...
Love seeing our fans fighting for Leaderboard points and play calling Bragging Rights!
Madden & 2K Tournament coming soon. Cash Prizes, Championship Belt, but most importantly...King of The City bragging rights are on the line.
Would love to see it happen! Working in Manchester means working with city fans. Would love bragging rights!
oh well bragging rights on Monday as taylor keeps up his 100%record of world champ semi's
Lol they do it for the bragging rights so they can boast about it huh
Nothing else matters but the bragging rights and we've had it for the past 3 years. We run the state !
Good for bragging rights. We won't know how to act when it happens in Miami.
hands down was mvp on her team today but.. All bragging rights go to me cause I got her dirty with a Meg! 😘 good game girl!
My Gamerscore makes me a Champion! What are YOU? Take your bragging rights to new heights
We are all entitled to bragging rights, so leave me alone! Ima brag about myself for as long as I want..
lol alright let's play again. Winner gets bragging rights for the rest of the week lol
Tonight is about West Wales bragging rights for the time being. End of. 😜😂👍
Most of them NBA players about that bread. Getting paid >>> bragging rights
Off for some food with and Dec! Bragging rights at the table tonight 😄👍
Bragging rights (and invite to the World Championship)
Southern Nevada basketball prep schools have earned some bragging rights
Take the dub and be happy. Don't start something y'all can't finish cause till we play again FSU has bragging rights
Got to beat Gloucester my brothers a life long fan and I am a life long Sarries fan! Need to keep bragging rights
Big battle today in basketball. Family bragging rights. Adam and I go to Mizzou. Jacob went to Lipscomb.
Bet is enjoying having the bragging rights in the jones household tonight
oh and Roll Tide :). Epic win vs an average minnesota team though.bragging rights :)
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When you receive a promise ring, he's suppose to tell you what he's promising before you accept it. Not take it just for brag…
Tomorrow night. Dec 19th.!!! S.K.A. is playing a free show Charqui Grill on Cornwall. 3 full sets. Every song under the sun plus some, never invented before. Possible special guests and bragging rights. Merry mutha of a *** *** !! Here we go!!! See ya there. Did I mention, its free...
lol and that's all that matters with our rivalry. It doesn't even count in the long run. But gotta love the bragging rights.
What Every State in the U.S. Is Worst at (Including North Dakota at Tourism) Alabama: Most child smokers Alabama is one of the few states in the Union that has raised its smoking age to 19, but apparently this measure is improving health about as much as fast food restaurants listing how many calories are in a bacon double cheeseburger. Smokers gonna smoke. Alaska: Highest chlamydia rate All that oil money apparently leads to some bad decisions. But really, in the state with the lowest population density that’s also got the coldest average temperature, you can also just blame it on lonely Alaskans looking for another warm body. Arizona: Worst at going to the dentist Nearly 60% of people in Arizona say they don’t get regular dental exams. Which, if you’re retired and have dentures, probably makes sense. But still — gross. Arkansas: Fewest advanced degrees per capita Only 6.1% of people in Arkansas have an advanced degree or higher. You know your state is doing something wrong when West Virginia is ...
No Bragging Rights was amazing. They do not disappoint.
WRNL Bowl Pick'em — enter for a chance to win a shirt and all of the bragging rights.
righto boys n girls tomorrow is the last chance to take home a piece of dead pig as it is the 200 yard fieldclass xmas shoot,you have two chances and any household who has already won one is out of the race.This will be followed by .22 f-class benchrest then friendships will be tested in the highly anticipated trivial cup which will see fçlass shooters take on the target rifle boys for the highly valued and probably priceless trophy and also bragging rights which in some circles are more important. Some ask how we keep our range so green,well I can tell you quietly that the amount of bs that is flung around before,during and after the trivial cup certainly helps. either way we wish both teams well and i'm sure the results will be echoed around the range for way too long. Hope to see you all there.
It seems as if people r in relationships just for the bragging rights.. Nobody truly fw each Otha tough
I am getting some encouragement to move with this momentum to see just how many page likes we can get by Christmas. We are not the sort to ignore a good challenge but we also know that the success of this lies with our dedicated followers. I also realize that content keeps you coming back so I have attached a video that you have not seen in a while with the promise of more to come. I am also offering up bragging rights to the last person to like our page before the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve. Sky is the limit on this one folks!
Press Release 19 December 2014 Militant Labor scoffs at "Good Job" self-rating by Congress and Senate “A cruel and sick joke on taxpayers,” this was the reaction of a militant labor group to statements by the House of Representatives and the Senate today that praised both chambers for the "good work done in the past year". Speaker Feliciano Belmonte and Senate president Drilon issued virtually the same statements as the legislative adjourned for its Christmas break. Gie Relova, Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) spokesperson said, "Our legislators have outdone themselves. They still have the gall to praise themselves for a job well done even if the legislative, especially Congress, always scores the lowest rating in surveys. To the Filipino public, the Congress and the Senate - commonly parodied as a pigsty - are the most untrustworthy institutions of the bureaucracy". Accomplishments in 2014 according to Rep. Belmonte and Sen. Drilon The Speaker cited the P2.6 trillion national budget for 2015, ...
AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH MONACO FC'S NEWLY APPOINTED COACH, SADICK NURUDEEN AKA KALUSHA. Sadick Nurudeen aka Kalusha has been appointed as the new coach of Monaco fc. The former Desert warriors' star tactician is now set to be the man at the helm of affairs for his former employer's bitterest rivals. However, We had an exlusive interview with him concerning his new challenge. COACH, YOU'RE WELCOME. He responded, "thanks" COACH, YOUR TRADITIONAL NAME IS NURUDEEN. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO NAME YOURSELF KALUSHA [A FORMER ZAMBIAN FOOTBALLER'S NAME]? he said, "the time we were young we used to listen to radio commentaries and watched matches on televisions, so I got impressed by Kalusha's style of play while watching a Zambian match and adopted his name. THIS IS A NEW CHALLENGE (COACHING MONACO). AS THE NEW COACH OF MONACO FC, HOW DO YOU FEEL? "oooh it's normal. It is a chance that came and I took it. many teams chased me, but I chose to settle with Monaco because I felt that's where my future lies. COACH, YO ...
Never let childish people do anything for you because then they feel like they have bragging rights &can talk about what they done for you !
How about for 60 seconds? Tomorrow is 's Friday Fitness Challenge! Our last challenge we had amazing results from our members! Our top male and female held a plank for over 9 minutes!!! Come test your mental toughness tomorrow and challenge yourself. Maybe your name will end up on the board of bragging rights!
I think should start a game of . She's earned the bragging rights 👊
Hello to all my karaoke singers. This Friday Dec. 19th at the Kwicky Bar, I will be hosting the greatest night. Battle of the sexes karaoke!! (Drum roll) Rules will be inforced and are of the following; 1. You are allowed to sing from the karaoke list or a self flash drive. No CDs 2. Karaoke begins at 9pm & The contest will start no later than 11pm. Sign-ups for the contest ends at 12:30am. No excuses! You will be allowed to sing but your song have no vote. 3. This may turn out to have a long list of singers, so come out the gate hard. You may only get 1 song to sing during the contest. 4. Slips will be passed out for crowd judging, (pink & blue) stay honest. Only 1 slip in the box per person, please! 5. Contest ends at 1am and regular karaoke resumes til 2am. 6. All are welcome to sing or watch, so invite all you can to come join this event. 7. Remember, this is only karaoke, not star search, so there will be no booing! 8. Rotation for karaoke will be as usual, but for the contest 1 of each sex at a t .. ...
Just a couple of old military brothers who play for bragging rights. . (Made using SHAREfactory on my PS4)
Whenever it's time for fisticuffs, I make sure it's with a dude that's bigger than me cuz bragging rights up and down
I have bragging rights. You're just bitter because you lost. If you won, I bet your *** you'd do the same.
She's about to earn some bragging rights👄
Photo: FRIDAY NIGHT! No Bragging Rights, Capsize, For The Win, and Trey The Ruler on December 19th at The...
You've earned your bragging rights lmao
lol its okay you took the L anyway s/i to Lopez on the bragging rights
HEY YOU. We know you have ugly Christmas sweaters and now is your chance to wear them! THIS FRIDAY is the day. Winner g…
Honestly, I think its just bragging rights. I want the skill, but also the heart and desire to play for Texas A&M
Getting to these places does give you bragging rights
"Bradford, Hernandez, Miggy." We have a winner. Here are your bragging rights
Can't wait for Saturday & traveling to St. Louis to see play in the bragging rights game.
You're about to earn some bragging rights.
Trivia question: name the 3 players in Moneyball who ended up on the Orioles? Prize: bragging rights
Come through tmrw to Logan @ 6 as we play Newark for bragging rights ⚽️👌
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you know where I live If you feeling 🐸. But I'm here to watch you two fight. Winner gets bragging rights.
Pip gave Miss H a kiss when he left. I think this shows he cares, and that's why he saved her, not bragging rights.
Players compete for bragging rights at team’s annual bowling party
So I have bragging rights over nick because duke beat uconn
Let 'em vote. Doesn't have to count for anything but bragging rights. Sort of like being 'America's Team.'
she's about to earn some bragging rights, I'm about to give it up like I've been holding back all night
No Bragging Rights is one of my favorite bands and I don't have Merv from them. I feel fake
Bragging rights to me as the GM of the roller hockey team I coach is an Avs fan and never shuts up about them !
Both teams playing have a solid 2-12 record. The winner gets bragging rights on not being the worst team in the league. 👍
Bragging rights never felt so good 😎
to as epic games are set for today. Who will have bragging rights…
CMON BORO! ffs not today gotta win its a must need the bragging rights Rachael Ormerod UTB! but hes playing Whitehead ohh dear
This wife now has bragging rights! I told dakota how to fix his Rim problem and I was right on how to fix it! :D
that's bogus as *** .. They should still play for bragging rights smh
A tree divided! Who will take bragging rights this year??
Bragging rights: See where Michigan cities rank on 'best of' lists.
Andy the bragging rights are still yours by 6 min
*Coming Soon!!!* *Coming Soon!!!* The Battle of East Texas This is for East Texas! I'm getting a League together of East Texas area teams for what will become a Annual Event for the bragging rights of East Texas! This will be full pads, full contact 11 on 11 football. I'm looking to start the season around April an have at least 8 to 10 teams in participation. Games will be played either on Saturdays or Sundays with games beginning (depending on # of teams) @ 12 p.m. 2 p.m. 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. All games will be played at one location on the same day. Hoping to have games twice a month. We will also have a playoff system, an a Championship game titled "The East Texas BOWL!!" Bragging right for the season until it's time to go back at it again!! Depending on Participation per Team this could become a 8-Man League to make sure other teams can fully participate an enjoy the game. 8-Man ball is extremely fun, I played some last year an it's a blast!! There will be Team fees as well as League fees. Each Team wil ...
Welcome to the most nerve wrecking day of the year. Iron Bowl saturday. A Saturday filled with kick sixes, van tiffin field goals, poisoned trees, and tons of other stuff. Roll Tide. Hope the barners lose their bragging rights today. Can't stand another 365 of it.
Bragging rights on the line today I may have bet the rights to Brady's lifetime fandom on…
Happy Iron Bowl Day everybody! Let's remember a few things for today; 1. Have fun. Make a lot of jokes and don't be too sensitive. Bragging rights for a year are on the line. 2. It's just a game, so be classy. 3. Cheer for Auburn. WAR BLESSED EAGLE!
I dun wanna die by unicorns. imagine bragging rights im heaven u be like i died from raining unicawns how bout chu
Got a few mates in Bradford so come on ! Want bragging rights on Monday !
SCar at Clemson, noon, a year of bragging rights on the line. Clemson hasn’t lost at home to an unranked opp since 2008.
Today is a holiday in the Mautz family as the Michigan and O**o State clans battle for bragging rights and the Crow Trophy.
Santa will once again be making his annual trip through Lutherville on Saturday, December 20th beginning at 10 am. Listen for the sirens! Think you have what it takes to win the house decorating contest? Time to get those lights and decorations out of the attic. Judging will take place the week of 12/15. Win bragging rights and a small gift from the Lutherville Community Association. Categories are listed below: Kids' Choice Most Creative Simply Charming Griswold (the MORE lights - the better) Award Best Overall Join the community and the youth of St. Paul's on December 24th at 4:00pm to place luminary bags around the church. The bags will be lit after sundown to celebrate Christmas Eve. A HUGE thank you to Towson Deli North for donating the luminary bags.
Ahyo, Singapore. And I thought you had a good chance for some serious bragging rights for once.
For the first time in a long time, the Bayou Classic means more than just bragging rights.
For the first time in a long time, more at stake in the than bragging rights.
Game is strictly 4 bragging rights and the fans it's time to turn that tide back USucK had their run but today back 2 losing…
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I need you help, to help others! I am a team lead for a water station on the Inaugural Jeff Galloway 1/2 marathon, Dec 14! You can be part of this amazing race and get some bragging rights while doing something awesome with some awesome folks! It will be a blast, and I guarantee it.
Hey yawl please take a minute to vote on our gingerbread houses, vote by comment there's some serious bragging rights at stake here!
Hoping for bragging rights over Julia Tony Earl, Oli Palin, Nic Powell and Kelly Furber!
Wo *** my friends it's GAME DAY!! This is the game we have been waiting for all year who will have bragging rights. But lets all remember regardless of who cheer for today that these are young men out on the field today doing their best and they reserve our respect win or lose. I wish both sides luck but I will be yelling Roll Tide ROLL!
One of the highlights of our with Pop Pop. Surprised to have caught one since it was 40 degrees out. Mama's got bragging rights. Lol! 🐟👍
GAME DAY! Time for bragging rights in several states! I think everybody knows where I stand! Hoping that and will all be state champs in their respective states!
If you wear your feelings on your shoulder you may want to cover your eyes today it's the one we been waiting for all year. But remember it's just a GAME we trash talk we poke fun we see who can come up with the biggest cutdown but it's only a GAME. It's bragging rights for the next year. I will upset some and if I do suck it up buttercup cause it's a GAME. If someone upsets me we still gonna be friends tomorrow cause it's just a Daddy always told me "son if you can't take it don't dish it out" I have lived by that my whole life I can take it and I can dang sure dish it out. So brang it on people lets have fun but keep it clean remember there will be kids that see what we post let's keep the fun clean.Roll Tide ROLL
Today is a big day in the state of Alabama. Bragging rights for the next 364 days are on the line. Who will take the W?
Hoping for another 365 days of bragging rights over Clem AND his son.
God morning DAWG FANS! Today is the day !time to play jackets for the state bragging rights! Go dawgs and go hawgs! Good luck to both!
More than bragging rights, it's crushing dreams!
While touring through Europe as part of the Never Say Die tour (with Terror, Comeback Kid, Stick To Your Guns, Obey The Brave, More Than A Thousand and Capsize), Mike Perez, frontman of No Bragging Rights took some time to sit down and answer a few of our questions in Antwerp, Belgium, this week. . …
Time for work then it's time for some big games tonight. Bragging rights the rest of the year.
It might be the last game of the season, but it's for big time bragging rights! GO CATS! BEAT LOUISVILLE!
Ready, set, VOTE! Voting starts today for Cambridge Chamber Cheermeister 2014! Click on the event below and leave a the name of the Chamber member who is the cheeriest, has the best holiday decorations or who just makes you smile! One vote per person and all votes must be on the event page in the form of a comment on the event. Votes will be tallied December 13 and the winner awarded bragging rights for the year!
Do you know what today is? Well, if you live in Alabama, you can not step anywhere without knowing it is Ballgame Day! But it is also Smalll Business Saturday, and your local economy depends on you shopping today. So when you are planning that table of food for today, stop by Arab Meat Market to get the hamburger meat for that home made cheese dip, walk across the street and get a big gallon of Walkers Music and coffees soup, head on down the street to Padues and get a big batch of chicken Pardue's Wings go to Canaans Corner or Tims produce for all the vegetables to top that Bar b que sandwich. There are several Small business' open today to sell you a college shirt and after the game a shirt with the score for bragging rights. So shop small business today and oh yeah! Shop mine in between posts of who did what to who! free shipping today!
one day one game one win can make up for a lot of crap when you beat your rivals. Bragging rights for 3 years in row over the University of Spoiled Children on the line. Cant spell SUCK without U-S-C. GO IRISH!!! Fusc!!
Today, doesn't give folks much time to get their motors running from a hard Friday night of partying. Purdue vs Indiana kicks off at noon as they play for the "Old Oaken Bucket" and we guess bragging rights for the state of Indiana. Also, starting at noon, the Kentucky Wildcats will play the Louisville Cardinals for the "Governors Cup". This game is perhaps a little more important for the Cats as they are still looking for that elusive 6th win that would make them Bowl eligible. Once again the Green will be ready for you to come on out and get your Saturday started off on the right foot
Happy Roll Tide Day! I get to watch this one. The only game that matters! I want my bragging rights back!
Ok Louisville, Are you ready for some football! Big Blue vs the Cards, let`s see who gets the bragging rights this year!!
Rivalry Saturday on the Gulf Coast...with so many college fans living within close proximity of each other, today is always electric. I'm headed to town this morning where there will be a lot of people sporting their team colors of choice.and I will definitely hear some 'Roll Tides', 'War Eagles', Go 'Noles, and the 'Gator Chomp'. It's a day where rankings don't really matter...just the final score on the field. It's a day where state bragging rights are on the line for another year. No matter who you're cheering for, don't take it too seriously - just enjoy the moment - family, food, and some great football battles. Memories will be made today...make them good ones! As for me, I will be wearing my houndstooth Toms, my crimson hoodie, and yelling, 'Roll Tide'...and waiting for the final second of the game to be over - because every Bama fan knows what can happen in one second. ;)
They say it's a rivalry forged in iron and steel. It's a game with one reward for the winner: Bragging rights to the state for 364 days. It's a game that's so pivotal, coaches have lost jobs because of it. It's a game with so much meaning, it took an act of the state legislature for it to continue being played in the '40's. It's a game where stats are thrown under the table and all that matters is what the score is when the game clock hits 00:00. This is the Iron Bowl.
Ladies, today is the most important day of the college football season for your man, no championships will be won today, but someone will own bragging rights. It's rivalry week. Your best bet is to fire up that DVR because when OSU vs UM kicks off at 12, in our world you don't exist, just leave a sandwich and beer in the kitchen and we will get it the 1st commercial break. Sorry boo, no time to talk about our relationship and feelings today, that has to wait until Tuesday evening before basketball comes on LOL!
Jr. Economic Club Students Pitch Ideas to Business Leaders for Bragging Rights and Scholarships: Students were...
Bragging rights...just kill them with success.
TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2014 DEVOTION You Don't Have to Work for It When people work, their wages are not a gift, but something they have earned. But people are counted as righteous, not because of their work, but because of their faith in God who forgives sinners. —Romans 4:4–5 As a young Christian, I remember thinking that the reason God was blessing me was because of my disciplined Bible study. I would get up well before school every morning and study the Scripture for about an hour. Then I would pray for an hour or more (I know because I kept checking my watch). I could say to my friends, "While I was studying the Bible for an hour and praying for over an hour today, the Lord showed me. . . ." It gave me bragging rights. I thought that when I got to school, God would use me because I had done so much for Him. Look at how faithful I was! Look at how diligent I was! I was so proud. Then one morning my alarm didn't go off, and I woke up very late. I didn't have time to pray or read my Bible . . . and it tu ...
Yesterday I posted a status update on something that's going to happen this spring 2015 with a teacher that I really respect Mr. Rinehart or Richard Rinehart to teacher at every high school I was thinking over the next time it would be really cool to actually do the contest in the gymnasium back at my old high school everything I have everybody come and watch the school now although my old teachers unfortunately there is a slight issue with it the school board school district atty. down in a heartbeat that's kind of sad so this spring in 2015 there will be a archery contest between an old student and one of the best teachers that everything has ever had Mr. Rinehart and myself at a contest and this is for bragging rights and the loser pays for lunch
I was skating boarding and hit a bump in the pavement and down I went. I now live with 18 inches of plate and 10 screws, that will never come out. It sure lets me know when the weather changes. pretty good scare also. Bragging rights!
to Merlin well done she's won bragging rights for this week a bottle of wine, her face as the new flyer and $100.
So begins the need to prove one's intelligence amongst peers, the competition to out do each other is as fierce as ever, bragging rights are
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
They don't want to see Rihanna win but lol @ u helping their fave sales and giving them bragging rights
Today was difficult. Lynn’s faith is strong and solid. Her personal devotional life is reflected in numerous journals as she daily writes out Scripture and her thoughts on personal applications of God’s Word. While I have absolute confidence in the Lord’s provision and Salvation, today’s chores turned into non-stop reminders of Lynn’s enjoyments on the farm. As the cattle need to be reminded that they have not been forgotten, I spent the bulk of the day taking care of them. But I could not keep my mind clear. All I could do was to keep looking, and looking, and looking. The field of tall grass had been searched thoroughly, but as hard as I tried, I could not focus on anything but straining my eyes watching for any kind of a clue. Anything! So maybe tonight is time for a more lighthearted story. It is 100% real, and a 100% reflection of who Lynn is. (oh… remember, I cannot tell a story without chasing rabbits) This is a classic Lynn experience which all her friends always laugh about. ...
She just earned some bragging rights…
Recent column detailing the tough jobs I sometimes tackle - Burgers for bragging rights in Boyd County via
wins Bragging Rights thanks to And trust it to be to take advantage!! :D
Lol when the site crashes, more bragging rights abt how much interest it had :D lol Ye sab shaendi laganeka dhan…
Thank you!! Haven't had much in the way of bragging rights lately, so I was hoping this would count. :)
Playing challenges wins you more than just bragging rights, but REAL world prizes too. What other FREE app can day that?
senses fail and no bragging rights. Lol
Kazoo Disney Trivia! You have one hour your time starts now. Winner gets bragging rights.
Grandma gets bragging rights .. see page 9..
I'll always having bragging rights over all penny boarders. Got mine. Australian made for just $5😍
Just to add more good natured bragging rights misery to our friends on it's been 2,402 days since Tennessee won a bowl game.
Many can say they have the best husband, but I do. He has always been supportive of me as I go to school, have in home businesses, surgeries, bad moods, certain ways I like things to make my world safe. What else can I say about Stephen McCartney today that could even give everyone an idea of how God molded the perfect man for me and our kids. I'll think of something and post again. He has major bragging rights!!!
why is it that every modern improvement is so expensive? why are these improvements knocking people out of gainful employment? why are we, the masses, so drawn into being the first person with these costly items? why are we so willing to fatten the frog for the snake? for bragging rights? today you can afford it, but if/when tomorrow comes will you still be able to afford theses things; when your job folds up and goes overseas? BEFORE RUNNING BLINDLY INTO THE FOG, CALCULATE THE COST. one of the cable companies just offered to bundle my services for $159 a month! cable, internet and phone whoopie! I will eventually have to buy a high def television but not until my old dinosaur sets no longer work. since it isn't broken why fix it. to keep up with the Jonses or keep the retail merchandisers rolling in dough?
Toilet might want to check his winning percentage over the past 5's far from bragging rights.
The fifth round of the UWC SEVENS res league will take place tomorrow the 30TH JULY @ the UWC SPORT FIELDS STARTING TIME WILL BE 15H00 The winners last week were the Kovacs Titans beating the BFR Leaders and "DEM BOYS " from PENTEC convincingly to walk around with the bragging rights. Well it gets more exciting this Wednesday as a lot has been said and the Dos Santos Rastafarai might come back to defend their title after winning one of the roundS earlier this year. Anyway we have an interview with one of the player coaches but i will only be able to release that footage tomorrow morning.The stage has been set and its up to the talented players of the UWC res League to show off their talent.COME JOIN US TOMORROW FOR FUN AND GAMES UWC RES SEVENS ,"WHERE ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING"
Howdy all! This Saturday at 7 pm there will be a poker night at Jonathan, Kenny, & Max's apartment. You will not need any $ or previous experience to play, this is just for fun... and bragging rights ;) Please bring snacks to share and invite your friends! Feel free to private message me or any of the gentlemen listed above for questions or directions.
On the first day of practice, kids line up with their bikes near the practice field. The players each select a bike to ride to the field (giving the kid lifetime bragging rights). This Packer chose a bike he could not possibly ride, & instead escorted the little fgirl to the field while carrying her bike. The Pack is the best team in the league.
I have the Best Boyfriend! He made me dinner last night when I wasn't feeling well, breakfast each morning, made my lunch, will drive my pink car and laugh when he gets compliments on it and let's not forget the flowers just for the heck of it! Bragging rights!
Liverpool v Man City tomorrow night, 7pm... it maybe only pre season but surely bragging rights never have a beginning or an end. Bring on the football!
I fight for bragging rights during the Real Moms of Wash MO.
No Bragging Rights announce new album and tour
U thnk u have earned bragging rights on this stunt but ppl have wised upto ur tricks
By that i mean showing off constructions etc, i don't mean bragging rights for having a 'celeb' on your server.
Time to watch the Next PPV in & Bragging Rights 09... This was a decent PPV :)
She's about to earn some bragging rights 🎶
This probably applies to every country committing human rights violations but still wants to look sympathetic - STOP BRAGGING ABOUT IT
She's about to earn some bragging rights 😏
btw, congrats on the interview! I'm definitely buying the Candy issue purely for bragging rights!
So what do you get if you're taking up the "hardest college degree"? Bragging rights?
These astonishing weddings will earn you some serious bragging rights once you get home
.(No Bragging Rights) have confirmed details of their new album and UK tour.
Put a team together for Trivia Tuesday. Your team wins, you each get a free beer and bragging rights. Warmup at 4.
Go ahead Team Dean, show off our bragging rights!!. ~Dean~
Team United 2019 PG J.C. Tharrington will be battling for bragging rights this weekend at Camp!
New challenge: find all the disciples' names on the bottles and take a picture. Winner gets bragging right…
.have released details on their next album 'The Concrete Flower' details here:.
Less than a week away til the trophies on the line.. bragging rights on the line.. its going…
“here's your bragging rights the beast. Champion ka Champion
The results are almost in. Who's going to earn bragging rights this year?
Put up or shut up time! Team bragging rights on the we test 40's and short shuttle!
ok i get it yall got bragging rights but u really wanna refer to a Mascot and a FAN? lol
Earn some bragging rights! Compare your game to your friends and the pros on GAME GOLF.
"If Malcolm killed for freedom, why would I respect anybody out here killing for bragging rights?" - JASMINE MANS
If I have a sex video... should I brag about it? Bragging rights!
If I used to have bragging rights I'm Entitled to dissing rights✌
She's sbout to earn some bragging rights
You"ll be batting at No4 all season long in the "Banter & Bragging Rights" League.Foouuur. Potty
Here, the game was birthed in the grit and grime, on the backs of playground warriors battling for bragging rights.
Who will take home the "Bragging Rights" TONIGHT at 6:30p.m. on WNY's hottest hometown game show? Herschel Gelber, Jordana Gelber, and Shannon Brown on "The Gelber Family" team from Williamsville ( playing on behalf of a charity, First Book ) take on Barbara Gardener, Ashley Turner, and Patti Turner from "The Questionistas" team from Cheektowaga! Watch WBBZ-TV, Your Hometown Television Station Channel 67.1; Time Warner Cable 5; Dish 5; FiOS 5; DirecTV67
I hate people who use there creative talents just for bragging rights.
Local cyclists ride for speed and bragging rights, fun and exercise, and sometimes, to raise money for a cause.
If having a job and a car is bragging rights and makes u feel accomplished.. Your standards are mad low
I didn't want to obsess about how much I weigh, so I have not checked the scale in about 2 months and today I discovered I lost 15 pounds from the last time I weighed myself! Now 15 more to go! All this without a gym membership, a trainer, work out partner ect. Just pure dedication and the "just do it" attitude. (Pinterest too) My body seems to be a little tighter too especially my legs and glutes! I earned today's bragging rights! Woohoo!
> big headed. But when you defend the planet from an Alien Race, bragging rights are entitled. I wish I could say it we jetted off into >
EG wins money, no other teams do so i got bragging rights.
Wow congrats that's really lucky! Currently wishing I was you and giving you full bragging rights! 🎉🎊🎊🎁
FREE OTC REGGIE CONTEST Share this post and your name will be thrown into a drawing. Winner will be selected on Sunday night. Hello ladies and gentlemen. As you have probably figured out, I have set up a pretty sweet race series with the help of three pretty awesome race directors. Spaned across 4 months, the OTC or Obstacle Trailathlete Challenge will cover three completely different events to see who is the best male and female all around, truly multisport, athlete. I like to call it the Obstacle Trailathlete. The Obstacle Triathlete is the jack of all trades of outdoor sports. These competitors adapt to different racing environment and although many times they fail to win an OCR event, triathlon or run only event, we know that these are the type of people that will survive the zombie apocalypse and this make them pretty awesome people. So to celebrate such awesome people and to let them excel at what they enjoy doing so much, I have created the OTC. Every one of these events will be different. For our ...
plz tell me the Rockies won and Laythen doesn't have bragging rights
if we're going back to 2010, remember the Bryan/Ziggler series from around Bragging Rights? 3 EPIC matches in 3 nights
She's about too earn somee bragging rights
im in love, I get bragging rights over this song and band
basically he said, "nationally no one watches/cares about the Iron Bowl...Game just gives fans bragging rights for a year."
He produced "Short Term 12" and "Drinking Buddies" so he's got a huge lead on "most successful grandson" bragging rights at Jewish Holidays.
It's time to guess the concept vehicle once more! Correctly name this prototype scooter in the comments below and you will win... ...bragging rights! ;) You can see more cool concept vehicles in the Cool Concept Vehicles album, here:
Haven't posted in a bit. The surgery was successful. Sure am sore. Off work for the next 10 weeks. I will weigh in later today to give you an update on the weight for this week. No prizes for this week but any guesses for bragging rights??
yeah but I'm talking NBA bragging rights lol
Winner gets bragging rights and a special ABC7 prize. . Get in the game NOW.
Winning the "Song of the month" contest creates some serious bragging rights.
.Lol...I hereby declare that you now have "official bragging rights"
Congratulations to and You both fought hard and deserve every bit of that money and ALL bragging rights.
The reason fangirls want a follow is bc it proves that you know we exist and that we've been noticed. Not to get bragging rights.
bragging rights in go to my Dutch, French, German, Greek and US colleagues. The rest of us are keeping quiet...
So yea. Avoid telling people about MTV EMA if you were planning on using as bragging rights. It'll backfire on you.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The 22nd of July will be the day when Tranmere fans will lose the bragging rights against evertonians
. thank you for being follower and no, there is no prize. You have bragging rights, I guess!
Saturday from midnight to midnight, will be challenging to a ! The winner earns bragging rights.
Getting "bragging rights" is such a rare occurrence for me that I can't even use the right term.
I wish sunset and hasinas would have a fight to see who has the bragging rights of being the best takeaway
“She's about to earn some bragging rights”
It ain't fun if we can't having bragging rights lol
I'm no ones bragging rights but my family's & those that roll wit a *** If you ain't them keep my name out your mouth
Congratulations to JDI for winning the speed competition! Bragging rights for a year!
OKC fire and police are not on the same side in this fight: OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City Police are challenging...
"I never been the bragging type, even tho I got bragging rights" -Lew
Shes about to earn some bragging rights. 🎶😋
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