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Bragging Rights

Bragging rights refers to an informal claim one can make to holding a certain achievement, such as a record or being the first at something.

Dj Paul March Madness

we gotta find a course down south during winter so I can take my bragging rights back
Lots of arguing went on among my family pre-race. Who will get bragging rights for a year?
Never mind Colorado, Utah results. focused on what it can control going into game ... bragging rights.
Awesome bragging rights Fenton quadrant staff game.. elementary vs. secondary. Glad I was able to drop by!!!
I would like a very attractive tall muscular boyfriend, mostly for bragging rights but also so I can reach tall things via him!
IA. ppl like that bother me so much. they don't gaf about him, they only care about using him for bragging rights & it's sad.
you are gonna be rewarded with 3 points and more importantly, BRAGGING RIGHTS over your local MUFC fans 😉
- congratulations! . P.s. Not asking for money. just bragging rights. (*_*) Jeanne Hartz Love to Kenny
To participate in Fryeburg Academy's sock war, wear dank *** socks every day and take a picture. The prize is bragging ri…
She's about to earn some bragging rights 😼
And on this day I have earned bragging rights.
She about to earn some bragging rights 🙈😏
A musket, bragging rights and more on the stake in Orono for
His Grace is driving apple pie for bragging rights .
Not very interested in playing them. No value in it and "bragging rights" are like moral victories - worthless.
Tonight at 7 pm is our Blue/White Game in Valhalla. Come watch our Varsity team battle each other for bragging ri…
.is hoping to earn the bragging rights over close friend on Saturday ➡️
All about brand supremacy, winning team will get the bragging rights! This is enthralling
I just registered for Bragging Rights 1 via
Arsenal vs United... It's a big match but for the TL it's like the Champions League final, winner takes bragging rights
Bragging rights for who? Fans have literally nothing to do with what happens.
National Sevens well and truly underway, the best of the best fighting it out for state bragging rights!
BISD has the best students and staff around! Check out this weeks Bragging Rights! h…
Absolutely :Bucks need to prevail or the game with that team up North means nothing but bragging rights.
Lol, we might even do tomorrow, everybody ships. Desperate for a win tho. Bragging rights more than anything else.
please win! I need bragging rights over my dad!
State bragging rights on the line for Mavs, Gophers
Surely the Coach Lane Classico(TM) between and Fought for bragging rights along…
Why can't I 1v1 my friends for bragging rights? It doesn't have to go towards the loot boxes. I just wanna merc my friends!
Gunners earn bragging rights in North London derby. Report:
Talk about putting the bragging rights to one side 👏🏻
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Are bragging rights enough for you to play ?
Best Buy 233 Gulfgate loves the bragging rights of Top performers
Teacher leadership is not about bragging rights. It's about kids.
Didn't know they made a gif just for you lmao, if you win, you have bragging rights
Lanzini on Spurs: “I am focused on making sure we do everything to win the game. I hope to earn the bragging rights on Satu…
WATCH: has reflected on his comeback game for
Reaction from Taulupe Faletau after he made his return for Bath in the win over Bristol at the Rec.
MATCH REPORT: Scots left frustrated after late penalty gives Richmond bragging rights in Athletic Ground Derby:…
Cool. If you ride West Bragg do Bragging Rights to Merlin View, and if you have legs then do Ranger Summit to Strange Brew
:: A Mix of Beer, Bragging Rights and Horse Races at the Cheltenham Festival
Listen to Bragging Rights ft. Dj Paul by Azizi Gibson on
Germany has claimed bragging rights in an annual ranking of the world’s most powerful passports, while the UK ...
Wish my au naturel face gave me bragging rights. But alas, I am not one of the blessed. I wasn't meant to say "I woke up like this". 😂
but you would be an early adopter. Bragging rights? 😂😂
He does it quite well tho so I guess he has some bragging rights...
We've currently got a four room group booking battling it out to see who's the best & who will win bragging rights!
OK Noles are going to need you to break Hargreaves' time for bragging rights!
You're higher than straub so it gives you bragging rights.
go back to the Taylor Swift fandom with that immature crap, people aren't prizes or bragging rights lol
Lacrosse in Michigan is on the up! Two great programs dueling it out for bragging rights 💪🏼
TEAM RESULTS. Texas held on for bragging rights in the Texas vs. Louisiana Team Competition. Both teams were very...
Totally! It's really do or die.Bragging rights or none.
Two important battles, both relevant to (a) speaking and (b) bragging rights: Dub Bay N; Dub SC. Anyone know if Ardagh has a prayer in DSC?
Catch out LIVE action now Who will have the bragging rights in the
I'm just glad something good came out of 2016. Like i have bragging rights and EVERYTHING
Cruz and Rubio locked in a ferocious cage match for the coveted second place slot, bragging rights to their friends
Apparently, it’s not enough to jeopardize their own safety for bragging rights selfies—some insist on also...
Won a championship shirt this year? Take a picture and tag us! Bragging rights engaged in 3, 2, 1.Go!.
Tomorrow night is night - win cinema tickets, bragging rights and lift the trophy!
the biggest rivalry in Who will have the bragging rights in the
Rally a team and come compete for medals, prizes and bragging rights!
many are going for Mar 😄 Poe just wants the name for bragging rights
Leonardo gets bragging rights for the next 84 years😂
Bragging Rights - 10/24/10 - Kane won the buried alive match against Undertaker with help from Nexus
Please let this be true! Then they could bring back the Bragging Rights PPV!
Whats stupid is, he somehow thinks that by YOU playing ME, that HE will gain some sort of bragging rights
Teacher who slept with student says she thinks he wanted bragging rights. via
Today starts the March Madness charity. Tonight at 7PM ET, let's play for more than bragging rights.
Listen to Bragging Rights ft. Dj Paul (prod.) by Azizi Gibson on
That left the tie balanced at 4-3 in favour of the Wingmen. took the final game of the night to give the Wings the bragging rights
Glory could be yours! 🏆. Take on your mates in and battle it out for bragging rights! Register now at
I am proud & have major bragging rights that I worked with a 2 time Oscar winner director. thank u
Arsenal fans be going on about it being just a win. Abegi, we gates bragging rights till the next encounter.
Ohio is losing bragging rights to two iconic products, one famous for making things stick and the other for making things disappear.
I feel like slaying the Orc comes with more bragging rights, and at least they would stand and fight. Bring…
Pakistan routed for record low score as India grab bragging rights
Cash prizes and bragging rights are up for grabs at our . Feb 29th | 6:00 pm. Register here:
Devoed! I'll stick with my autograph from Mr Blobby for bragging rights then. X
It's Leap Day! That means today is our one extra day of bragging rights over *ichigan. Use it wisely!
Don’t miss this April. Fun, bragging rights, & all for a great cause. Sign up for the ride:
Singer vs. Winger... takes on for the bragging rights tonight.
It's really nothing to get upset over. A certification is nothing but bragging rights.
I know you not thanking us for supporting this masterpiece. THANK YOU FAVE! You stay giving us bragging rights.
LMS healthy admin bball shootout. Competition was fierce but bragging rights go to Ms. Hayden Williams!.
Don't be afraid to take on our challenging course! It'll be worth the bragging rights.
Amazed by so many obsessed with *** size bragging rights. Adults stop comparing genitals back in the schoolyard.
Lafreniere chases an IBF international title and local bragging rights:
Bragging rights at to girls BB team. Coach McKinney says this was one of his best years of coaching!
The prize of bragging rights...forever!
You and your friends could win bragging rights in this OU Team Tournament!
All purpose parts banner
We think gets some serious bragging rights...look at the awards faculty/students won in 2015!
Neat! Yeah, the fun for me is in the bragging rights. I mean if anyone asked. I wouldn't go around saying, "HI, I FAST." lol
It's Friday! This time last week I was watching talented Canadians skate their hearts out to win figure skating bragging rights
Tomorrow at Hendrix: Eight schools, 15 teams in a cybersecurity competition for prizes and bragging rights.
A true talent, worth gaining bragging rights, is the ability to see the beauty in most situations.
If I remember correctly, the last PPV in Canada was Bragging Rights 2009...
allX nba guy..hey he best ray allen so that's bragging rights
7/8 to them on the final, 2/0 to meBUT WE WON YAY BRAGGING RIGHTS
Bragging rights are on the line, come join for our annual Chili Cook-off.Who's gonna take the crown in this...
Our style game is about bragging rights.
Big game, A level assessment, and bragging rights with Mr Rowling
I have faith Klopp will get the bragging rights back for us fella. Give it another season tho & I may be with u 😉
Packers' coaches, players on opposite sides at Pro Bowl: Some bragging rights could be at stake
God I hope so. Brook is the fight mate. The DSG rematch will be there later. Grab the IBF and bragging rights!
Jersey's Best Home Chefs 2016: Winning desserts: But all left with bragging rights as the best home ...
Can we talk...about bragging rights...LOL LOL
be happy! We've had 7 amazing seasons & will have over 100 episodes. There are few shows that have those br…
Help decide who will take home the trophy and the bragging rights
U *** just getting y'all bragging rights 😪! I'm certified in that 😈😈
Elmer Elson Elementary students score big win over teachers.
Grabe kasi ang bragging rights na mabibigay if you will win the All-Filipino Cup. That's why this battle will be one for the ages
that's one thing I dislike about Kpop. It's all about ego and bragging rights. Why not do something that benefits society.
Gym Class Racers: It’s that time of year, Sports Day! Race against your classmates for bragging rights and et...
we are bragging now. Exercising our bragging rights.
GAMEDAY!!! At that other school. CCAC Championship on the line and bragging rights until next year.
you have earned your bragging rights Yia Yia! Such a gorgeous family. Gracious and humble too. You are truly blessed.
Not long now until the big local derby. Town vs. . 7.45pm tonight at Larges Lane. Who will claim bragging rights?
But the last time they played Texas won. So we have the bragging rights. 🐂
Well, has been doing really well up next & see if u can get bragging rights on a TGIF!
find it interesting Serco is sparingly named in news reports, but when it comes to any bragging rights it's always Serco by name
I also think d one thing she sacrificed ws bragging rights... Which at this point, she really dosent need it... Very smart biz.
Thanks for the follow Huge fan and now have bragging rights over my nephew another fan!
“Bragging rights: Freshman forward satisfied with decision”
Fans lash out at Sfiso Ncwane's bragging rights
i play VG for the bragging rights. Weather its skins or kills, i can brag about it.
Wow. I have bragging rights rn. Not gonna lie.
Practicality. Ego. Bragging rights. They couldn't do it themselves. Ignorance etc etc
It's summertime all week on Bragging Rights! Tune in each night at 8pm for encore presentations of our shows from the Erie County Fair!
lol figured.. Another year of bragging rights!
Feeling the nerves for the match. As bragging rights going to be huge this week. Have a meeting with all my...
Don't do it for bragging rights it gets you no Play
So what then ya'll beat the seniors, congrats on your bragging rights hope it means the world to you after highschool
They do have small bragging rights but not much. If you have the turbo RB25 that's cool and if you have the rare GTR u are god
Who's going to have the bragging rights?
I know but this discredit the correct facts when the bragging rights isnt a fact. . Anyway let's rejoice
For fans of ADTR and No bragging rights
win today, not just for the 3 points but for bragging rights over Paul Lloyd
ALDUB should be awarded with bragging rights for Loveteam of the year!
Nervous already about it's all about bragging rights
this is glorified bragging rights but hey...I FOUND THEM FIRST HA
Game 4. The big one for household bragging rights with V
And then at 2:30, the men's 1st & 2nd XI's go 'tete la tete' for clubhouse bragging rights!.
Big day today v - I need a Welsh win for bragging rights in the office!
music core. Yg wants bragging rights for his babies ya know
& its just a plastic crown honestly, sorry if it is rigged, that *** But u basically just win bragging rights. It's not that important.
When you have the bragging rights but the nose is too traumatised to respond
May bragging rights to claim they are a star network 💓💕💖
So Kacie Beichner and I have bragging rights over Joey Orange and Christopher Do Vale since we won the beer pong tournament
First ever league game vs Lots of bragging rights at stake.
The best BBQ rub? The one YOU make!. Here's how. Share bragging rights.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
important game about bragging rights the boys class. He only 1 that play for Diamonds, whilst 3 play for the jets.
Just remember that "pain is temporary, but bragging rights are forever" 💪🏻
Big game today, Bragging rights for work on Monday with
Bragging rights to the extreme after that game
Same here. Certainly worth it for the bragging rights!
Plus I beat him in sales today so bragging rights💁🏻
Wow I hella have bragging rights towards Gerry 😂
The have bragging rights for 364 days! Great win!
well it's USL team bragging rights...
The flag doesn't really matter tbh it's just bragging rights but PD and LQ are going to end up partying together anywa…
"She's about to earn some bragging rights I'm about to give it up like I've been holding back all night"- the weeknd
So who's the best player in Banbury?! Prizes and bragging rights up for grabs in our FIFA Tournament!
UPLAY 17U 1-2 in pool play. Later wheeled of 5 in a row and take home silver bracket bragging rights to Canada
HT- 1-0 . [Frank Sarfo Gyamfi 24']. Fabulous on the verge of winning the bragging rights . …
For the youtubers, how about a league were we go against each other, for bragging rights!
i have bragging rights hope everyone isn't annoyed because I don't care
Some people fight more for the bragging rights than for the actual goal at stake.
When you were with were "never option 😊 I have bragging rights cuz for a fact ain't no one did you like me.
The history is that SEGA made a Tetris to dominate the arcades with an extra hard version for bragging rights.
This is where they center their bragging rights. Insignificance.
Way to go! So proud of you and enjoying my bragging rights of 'teaching you back when...' Xo Mrs.V
Congrats on gold. Quite an me some bragging rights 4 next little while.
Name em all & get "fan of the day" bragging rights. Lol. Source: Pro Wrestling Tees. -nWo4life
Bragging rights up for grabs with Cheering on from the UK
It's that time of year again, Club time. Get down to the clubhouse & sign up. Bragging rights ensue!.
How many numbers you get at bragging rights? I didn't get any.
Overall winners get a HUGE trophy and mystery prize and not to mention unrestricted bragging rights ✌🏻️
- lol nah bruh the man is 28 with the most number 1s ever more than Jay-Z, Em, P.Diddy, Pac, he has bragging rights over them
My bud, Vance G encouraged my running aspirations w/ a bragging rights sticker for my car. It's what friends are for. http…
Grace and favor do not give us bragging rights!
You have to earn your bragging rights. Go get them,
Bragging rights are on the line with my promise to you, http:/…
Match report now online & as claim derby bragging rights over
8/8/15- Join the Blackwell Rib-Fest and Bake-off. Register Today. Earn your Bragging Rights!. Call (440) 479-2823
More coverage for the in La Joya, TX. Upcoming showcases in Los Fresnos 3/7 and Corpus Christi 3/8!
And, if it's going to be so freaking cold, couldn't we have at least beaten the record, Bragging rights would be sweet
Peep peep pep. Celta get the Galicia derby bragging rights! Goals from Charles and Larrivey give the Vigo club a 0-2 win at Depor
Battle battles in net Stefan wood on blue line battle 4 bragging rights in the gym
Who's participating in next weekend? Over $250,000 in prizes!
Crusaders edge out a 'rusty' highlanders to claim Southern bragging rights.
hey, as long as I get bragging rights as fairy godmother if this works out...
Who's looking for bragging rights for March Madness ? Sign up today to help the Walker family!
Who has actual bragging rights? Hints: The State w/10,000 🚣➕lakes, State bird is the common loon, & State Fish is the Walleye.
Please do just that. Need neighborhood bragging rights restored down here. I am definitely ready for that one. Go Mountaineers.
Safe to say has the bragging rights over until next season 😉
Bragging rights are on the line at 12pm...16-1s vs 16-2s. LETS GET IT ON!!!
Bragging Rights!! Results from today's WOD: Top three male and female. -Rx+ . Nathan Keil . Thomas White. Brian...
When I say I want to read the book before seeing the movie, I don’t want brownie points or bragging rights. (1)
My friend all these young women want to see a picture of u when you was in your 20's like them then you got bragging rights dig
Territorial bragging rights: Sports teams by location.
is gonna beat me in our Banter & Bragging Rights league. Need I say more? ;) 😜
Lots of gloating on here tonight. Rightly so. Bragging rights Deffo moved back where they belong!
He about to earn some bragging rights 😏
Hoping never gets rights again. "Bemidji, Bangor Battle Over Bragging Rights for Bunyan & Babe"
If money no involve you can't claim bragging rights over me.
You know the rules. :) Like means right, no prizes just bragging rights. Where in Mevagissey did I...
😊. Ur ill give it 9/10. Header: 8/10. Ur icon is just 😍 10/10. Ur bio is okay, but its still great bc bragging rights lmao 8/10
in the Banter Bragging Rights League I think ive took down. Now don't tell anyone?. Potty
has got the bragging rights… for the time being.. Bring on Twickenham
Uh-oh...teenage bragging rights around the dinner table?
Call Me Auburn Bemidji, Bangor battle for Bunyan and Babe bragging rights: xo DADDY
I got bragging rights, cuz after this I can go back to a poor life, I ain't scared, they showed they true colors when I had nothing.
Good 5-0 win for today. Bragging rights to tonight!!
Hosting an party? Print our ballot & find out who gets bragging rights this Sunday!
England vs Scotland tonight/in the morning in the Who will take bragging rights?
"Win this lane for ninja bragging rights. " ITS T TRUE
LAST DAY to enter to at Friday's game. Earn bragging rights for life http…
Win or lose Saturday, Brody Teske and Triston Lara have bragging rights over their FD dads. Dan Teske was 4th in '87; …
a battle of two dynasties today.De La Salle and Iowa City West. Bragging rights on the line.
*** who has bragging rights Delaware or W&M?
The is seldom a boring affair. Two overachievers who have dropped off as of late fight for the bragging rights
She's about to have some bragging rights.
LOL @ the lezbo Minneapolis police chief. Guess they didn't learn their lesson about promoting *** for lib bragging rights with the FD.
I have now won my bragging rights for the next year. Let's go Pitt baby
Extreme Cold Warning for tomorrow. Know what that means? Extreme bragging rights after completing the
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
runners off to earn PRs, bRunch, and Insta-bragging rights! What’s the coldest…
dreamland for you lot. Although Will has bragging rights after today!
In less than a week I get to see my homie and maybe we will finally get bragging rights and stars.
Versailles beats St. John's 63-9. Coldwater and Versailles battle for MAC bragging rights after a short break
Every jingle about all on one page. Some serious Sheehan boy bragging rights here...
Go! My wife is alumna and I am a proud alumnus. Need the bragging rights!
The name of the game is who booty is it. Winner gets bragging rights
you didn't win this year though. We have bragging rights until next year. Lol
Alberta premier comes to Trenton tomorrow with bragging rights. Calgary Flames currently have 59 points, while the NJ Devils have 49 points.
ive got Crazy Frog Racing 1 &2, I guess those are my bragging rights.
Wow, there really is a movie called "Lavalantula" on its way.
Niggaz Beefin. But for what? Bragging rights? Ight my *** you won, Let me get my money in peace now
Claim your bragging rights for running one of the toughest halfs in the NW. Register for the Bald Peak Half today.
bragging rights. Probably the ONLY couple thousand you made someone, which is why your bragging.
bet your happy with the result ! Hopefully bragging rights continue in your house
Buy Miche Bag Online!
It's called winning! They got bragging rights for another 12 months...
Ofc I support good deeds, but I strongly prioritize *good being done*, not being granted the glory/bragging rights of being the doer.
Big showdown today: Neumann-Goretti and St.Joseph's Prep! Future teammates, and Chris Clover battle for braggin…
Take your bragging rights to a publisher looks to be the next best option:
Josh, any benefits to the 'elite' status for multi-VCIX holders? apart from water cooler bragging rights ;)
Dear can I propose a "Bragging Rights" for the first season of West Wing? I'd really like to know what Mandy's been up to
We tried to strike that balance with Hall of Fame concept & mention of "bragging rights":
winner has all the bragging rights *** Laws of the universe
Well done on winning a bairn's derby. Guess the bragging rights have went up North for a few months now😂
Shall I tell Mrs bunn the score or shall I just watch it with her again , I have bragging rights in our house
It seems we have the bragging rights in the latest Tyne-Wear derby
Bragging rights have just been earned 👌
he's the db in the country tho. He deserves some sort of bragging rights..
Fair enough. Bragging rights handed over to junior for the foreseeable.
Corollary 1: Bragging rights as Alaskan. Corollary 2: "Where is your coat? Stop and talk to me about your bare arms!"
Bragging rights in the henhouse, indifference in the rooster 's yard.
“The got no chill... I guess 2.4 yards a carry in the SB gives you bragging rights?
I don't play timeplay for the scene points.. I play it for the bragging rights
Approximately 12 hours left before l lose bragging rights 😪
If Yaya wins the Afcon, Mikel gat no bragging rights
Donate blood. Save lives. Help us win the Inaugural Blood Drive trophy and bragging rights!
She bout to earn some bragging rights🎶🎶
Submit your truck to Bragging Rights!. Email a good photo and the following information to: editor
Congrats 7th hour! You have bragging rights for being the only class to correctly identify the murderer in today's activity!
When your motivation comes from wanting to be better than someone else solely for bragging rights you've already lost.
Senior Ryan Slone (Black River) now has bragging rights with 66 career pins which surpasses the previous record set! .
This is not worthy of bragging rights but this is the best I've performed in Arena. Usually 0 wins.
Nothing big, just a small local swim for bragging rights this summer. Always have to beat your friends!
grantland now expanding their "WHO WON _" oeuvre to include starring in a film 30 years ago
not quite that, secret cut throat band on band beer pong tourney for musical bragging rights throughout the NW
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Ends up thru-hikers have earned their bragging rights when it comes to extreme ups and downs:
Only TWO episodes left 'til a team walks away with $100,000 & bragging rights. NEW ep Thurs at 10/9c!
After it giveth, taketh away, pulling break-thru designation from $MRK's drug:
.did India proud today. Well played, & deserved bragging rights to &
I'd take some of that and I'm sure you lot would too after your last 2 seasons. It's all about bragging rights and good
Someone recognized me from the BRAGGING RIGHTS game show.
Among my favourites from Brains Craft Brewery - Drinking a Bragging Rights at -
nipsey Friday and bragging rights Saturday 👀
Attention College Golfers: Here's your chance to win scholarship money & bragging rights:
baby boy chooses play for over SC.The tables have officially turned for CFB bragging rights in LA.
We're so excited about our 2015 Poetry Prize! Submit your best for a chance at $1K, publication, & bragging rights. http…
My Gamerscore makes me a Legend! What are YOU? Take your bragging rights to new heights
Well we lost. Our last game was in the AFC championship game, good run colts. We're making it closer and closer each year with our me QB in just his 3rd season in the NFL. Good job Luck, you have bragging rights. NE is a really good team and hard to beat at home. Always next season💪
The Agenda for the School Board meeting has been posted: A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Fabens ISD will be held January 21, 2015, beginning at 6:30 PM in the Central Office, Board Room, 821 NE G Avenue, Fabens, TX 79838. The subjects to be discussed or considered or upon which any formal action may be taken are listed below. Items do not have to be taken in the same order as shown on this meeting notice. Unless removed from the consent agenda, items identified within the consent agenda will be acted on at one time. 1.Call to Order, Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance 2.Communications and Visitors 3.Superintendent's Report A.Report of Finances B.Bragging Rights 1.Rodrigo Estrada - FHS - All State Band 4.Consent Agenda A.Minutes of Regular Meeting, December 17, 2014 5.January 2015 Fabens ISD School Board Recognition Month 6.Fabens ISD 2013 - 2014 Annual Financial and Compliance Report 7.Fabens ISD 2013 - 2014 Texas Academic Performance Report 8.Fabens ISD Annual Education Performance Report fo ...
When your closest friends teams lose also so nobody has bragging rights for the whole year >
Hamilton Collection
Well it looks like you have bragging rights for another year
Man this super bowl is going to suck. Either seahawks bandwagon fans, or toolbag patriots fans will get bragging rights.
Aye but we're the party accommodation, best bragging rights in Leeds
and U don't have to be a fan to go to their hotel. There's this thing called BRAGGING RIGHTS! Lol
Bragging rights for the year for Chandler Jones!
This game is like Oregonvs.FSU blowout! In 2 weeks we battle for all the marbles & a yr. of bragging rights lol!
It's so satisfying to see the pink "A" on the screen. Also bragging rights to friends.
Grand Rapids made the cut on Pure Michigan's list of Seven Michigan Destinations That Earned Travel Bragging Rights in 2014. Well-deserved, don't you agree?
The 1sts against friendly rivals St Pauls struggled early, but Sam Tyrrell 30-odd was a rock throughout and Andrew Fitzgerald got late runs to see us to a defendable 9/139. A middle order collapse, highlighted by 2 wickets to Stan Teo saw us bowl them out for 108. Coming off a couple of losses this game took on further importance for the 2nds. Wickets were shared around with Darren Johnson returning for 3-25, Tim McEniry 2-34 and Lukas Brett 2-13 leading the way as we held them to 9/139. In response, we controlled the chase all the way, Dean Siakoulis the standout with 80*, and well supported by Nick Green 22 as we passed them 3 down. The thirds faced top of the table Clifton Hill. Batting first we were in trouble at 3/17 until Rob Whitehouse 39 and Jason Worthington 35 settled. Further runs at the end got us to 151 all out. With the ball we failed to convert 3/30 into something more meaningful and despite two wickets to Malcolm Chatto and Jeremy Mekhael they passed us 5 down. The fourths had a crucial ga ...
even tho I know the Seahawks will lose I won't bet money because I can't control it.. Just bragging rights💁
*** we won't go to the Superbowl, but I'm just glad we beat the Broncos! Bragging rights all off season
31 - 7 NE with 319 left in the 3rd I think I really will have bragging rights NOT you
Pats have our number. Mom will have bragging rights. FML
Day 3! Decided to present LARGE today since I am going to be working on my new 50" watercolor of the San Diego Central Library. First up, "Birdland", a joint live demonstration mixed media work I painted with successful Los Angeles artist, Dani Dodge. We both had an amazing time on this 30"x71" collaboration; second, "Coronado de Coronado", named by my writer friend, Tina Culp Barton, was my first large work coming in at 21"x51". It now resides in a loving home in Admiralty Row near Liberty Station NTC; and third, "Afternoon Moon", a commission watercolor that hold the title of largest work to date, framed up to fit an 8' wall (minus 6" on each side) in the home of a former NASA Astronaut, Woody Spring. and his loving wife, Debbie Spring. Woody even got in on the painting time when I started it as a demo for a First Friday at my Ballast Point Gallery when we were open at NTC. Happens that Afternoon Moon lives a block away from Corona de Coronado, so bragging rights bounce to and fro in Point Loma! Read th ...
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