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Brady Quinn

Brayden Tyler Brady Quinn (born October 27, 1984) is an American football quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.

Matt Leinart Colt McCoy Joe Davis Notre Dame Jeff Samardzija Brandon Weeden Charlie Frye Johnny Manziel Vince Young Adrian Peterson Jimmy Clausen Ohio State Michigan State Tim Couch

Just like cooks is with brady now to many other weapons on the pats and not time to throw on the g…
I believe ur wrong and changed the subject to defend urself simple fact is if odell n brady played…
Moss was the best weapon Brady ever had. Brady didn't win with him. Stop reaching for a participation trophy with finger paint.
If odells on the pats he aint getting the targets he gets now look at brandin cooks and if brady o…
Broncos defense is unreal. Brady Quinn could win games there
Just imagine if Odell had a QB like Brady.
Weird that the Brady Quinn 17 point comeback in East Lansing doesn't come up
If that's Rodgers or Brady, that dude is probably ejected
Klatt hates ND tho--referring to his back and forth with Brady Quinn this summer
We saw AJ Hawk and Brady Quinn in the elevator up to our suite Saturday. I told AJ that I really enjoyed his...
I don't need any amount of Brady Quinn in my life, actually.
Well update wheels been fell off when We drafted Brady Quinn so . We still rolling though!
The Michigan-Purdue game on Fox will be called by Joe Davis (play-by-play), Brady Quinn (color) and Bruce Feldman (sideline).
Tom Brady threw for 447 yards, the most by any 40-year-old in NFL history. (via
Really enjoyed the Craic with and David Brady and Mossy Quinn. Brilliant.
Basically Dan Quinn is Brady's plant as it relates to Aaron Rodgers. Quinn owns Aaron but somehow barfs up the heart & soul vs Tom
Dan Quinn's sole purpose of being on this earth is to lose to Tom Brady
See that stress that Dan Quinn wears because he has to try so hard to not think about the collapse. . Tom Brady did that to him.
All I know is Tom Brady beat a Dan Quinn inspired defense in 2 Superbowls & Aaron Rodgers is about to go 0-5 against him.
Yo how did I miss Brady Quinn on fox sports Saturday???
I think the Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn draft in 2007 would disagree sheeesh
Weekend Hot Take: Jared Goff will become the next Brady Quinn.
The Brady Quinn is now forever known as The Jay Cutler
Tom Brady joins Warren Moon as the only QBs age 40-or-older in NFL history to pass for at least 400 yards and 3 TD in a…
Only video of Brady Quinn I want to see is him sitting at draft table w crickets chirping-Then…
At age 40, Tom Brady moved as effectively in the pocket in the 1st half at New Orleans as I have ever seen him move. G…
good shout. i think Joey Harrington and Brady Quinn are strong as well
Best way to make friends: wear Brady Quinn browns jersey to a bar
Brady Quinn will start tonight at QB for the Browns
Brady already has more points in my league this week than last week.
Brady again. Today's going to be a good day.
Whew just imagine if the browns took Brady Quinn over joe Thomas
At 37, is younger than both starting quarterbacks (Tom Brady, 40 and Drew Brees, 38) of his game today.
Tom Brady hopes Colin Kaepernick gets another shot in the NFL.
Here's my article: Jets were advised to draft Matt Leinart in '06. Jets were advised to draft Brady Quinn in '07. Jets were advised to dra
Joe Davis, Brady Quinn and will have the call of No. 7 Michigan/Purdue this Saturday at 4 p.m. ET on FOX.
I think we forget how badly some amazing college QBs can bust. Brady Quinn & Matt Leinart for instance. Transcedent CFB QBs & yet NFL busts
Michigan's last ranked road win was 2006 @ Notre Dame when they had Brady Quinn and Jeff Samardzija - 47-21
did you go back and look if quotes like "could RG3..." "Could Johnny Football..." "could Brady Quinn..…
The greatest duo in ND history, Brady Quinn and Jeff Samardzija
He is on a list that features Johnny Manziel/Tim Tebow/Brady Quinn as guys in the last 11 years to be 1…
Pundits thought the won the draft when they “stole” Johnny Manziel AND Brady Quinn. But what did they win?. Think about it.
Steve mariucci and Steve young were a decent hair duo, Blaine gabbert had some serious hair, Brady Quinn an…
Maybe someone will trade a first and a second for him ala Brady Quinn.
From the guy who drafted Charlie Frye and Brady Quinn.
Phil Savage after drafting Brady Quinn: "Five years from now we'll be saying, 'That was the day the Br…
Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn are still beefing over the ‘Bush Push’ 😂
How is nobody saying Brady Quinn or Jeremy ebert they both played in the NFL
"Hey Dave you can wear my Brady Quinn jersey, I will just wear the poncho"-
He has wins left in him, but he went to UNR so I've been anti Kaep for years. I'd rather have Brady Quinn.
Build a time machine, go back to 2007, save that $100 and invest it in something better li…
callout post for ashley - absolutely awful taste in cheese. - thinks im from CT. - thinks brady tkachuk is hot. need i say more?
I'll go Brady Quinn as a Pure pocket QB, Verlon Reed as a athlete and as a winner!!!
The guys still winning Nattys, Brady Quinn is drinkin them
Did you ever see how jacked Brady Quinn was
Brady Quinn on Michigan State's quarterbacks: "In my opinion you’ve got to pick one, and you’ve got to do it early."
Ex-Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn weighs in on Michigan State quarterback situation
Our friend Brady Quinn joins us live at Big 10 media day right now on 560 WQAM. (Yes, he wants to talk a…
Brady Quinn discussed why he almost went to Ohio State and why his return to Columbus this year gets him worked up:…
Believe it or not, Brady Quinn had a couple reasons why he almost picked Michigan as a high school recruit:…
Brady Quinn discusses his Michigan, Ohio State interest as a recruit, B1G quarterbacks as NFL prospects and more
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Brady Quinn, no ifs ands or buts about it. If this is strictly Columbus.
Brady Quinn is the answer. But Jake Trubiano was pretty good, even though he did nothing but run the ball lol
Talking football with legendary Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn
I think this Golden Domer is lost at B1G Media Days... Fox 🏈 analyst Brady Quinn (check out his foundati…
Talked to Joel Klatt and Brady Quinn for the first time this morning. Good, good dudes that B1G fans are going to LOVE calling games.
I couldn't find Brady Quinn with the cut sleeves where the stripes are right on the edge.
And I don't think Brady Quinn ever wore those sleeves either 🤔🤔🤔 now I've got some googling to do 😂
Got a new keyboard app and it predicts "Quinn" after I type the name "Brady"... I think I have uncovered the secrets of time travel
Id also keep an eye on Oliver Whalstrom, Brady Tkachuk, Quinn Hughes, and Jesse Ylonen. All 2018 draft eligible
I remember when my and Brady Quinn upset the in the AFC C…
Jones wins, I might run out the spot like I did when Brady orchestrated the comeback.
List of all Cleveland jerseys I own/have owned. Follow the trend. Braylon. Winslow. Brady Quinn. Wimbley. Darius Miles. Shawn Kemp. Delly.
They should be thinking "mmm, remember what happened to Brady Quinn?"
All our QBs have been bad but I remember being especially stupefied at how bad Brady Quinn was. I thoug…
stepped up to Brady , instead let him score 25 , cant blame Kyle f…
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Brady made the plays but Atl handed them the game - clearly Quinn and the terrible gam…
You put Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson together and you get Brady Anderson.…
Congratulations to the next White House Communications Director Alicia Sacramone and her husband, Brady Quinn.
Dr. Brady Quinn of the speaking to our advisers about human development and adolescence.
I was CONVINCED the Vikings needed to draft Brady Quinn over Adrian Peterson.
I think it should be between Vince Young and Jamarcus. Maybe throw Brady Quinn in ther
To make up for my Brady Quinn bashing yesterday, here's him doing the most important interview in sports history:
True..Stafford hasn't had Quinn as long as Brady so we may have 2 Unicorns in the NFL..well 3 behind Brees..
Brady Quinn believes Browns' DeShone Kizer can be the 2017 versi..
Dak Prescott was the NFL's best rookie QB in 2016. Brady Quinn believes DeShone Kizer can do the same in 2017.
Remember when people ripped Brady Quinn for chewing gum when he got picked? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
They've drafted QBs that elevated programs before(Brady Quinn and Ken Dorsey).
he will be a better QB than Jimmy Clausen n Brady Quinn. Taller, more athletic and stronger arm
Browns need to stop wasting picks on QBs they've all failed ex:Colt McCoy,Brandon Weeden,Johnny Manziel & Brady Quinn
Set to talk some Patriots football/Malcolm Butler now on with Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn.
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ND alumni (Brady Quinn) stopped by to say hi, was hoping for Tom Brady
Different than college. Look at Vince Young, Ryan Leaf, Tim Tebow, Jemarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn and so many other QB's who
Now now, he's coached the immortals: Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn; & the Multiple Matts, Moore & Cassel,
I wanted the Dolphins to take Matt Ryan in 2008. I also wanted them to take Brees over Jamar Fletcher + Brady Quinn over Ginn. Qb is tough
AJ Hawk and Brady Quinn hosting SiriusXM NFL radio from 11:00 - 3:00 today (Tues) and tomorrow.
Brady Quinn jokingly ripped him for giving his OL crappy gifts but I would've given that line paper bags filled with dog pooh
FOX announcers for Seahawks-49ers are Joe Davis and Brady Quinn. I remember when this game was big enough to be on NBC.
Brady Quinn much better color commentator than Ronde Barber
My guy Brady Quinn is the New Media darling he is all over the radio/tv. Do your think big boy heard him on
The last non rookie to have a Yards per completion as low as Sam Bradford was Christian Ponder in '12. Before that, Brady Quinn in '09.
if you think a Brady jersey is a great Christmas gift
Dontari Poe has now thrown for as many TDs as a Chief as Chase Daniel, Kyle Orton, and Todd Collins. He's one behind Brady Q…
don't forget when Joe decided to draft Brady Quinn before that
thinking thru options... Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Mike Hart, Brady Quinn, Charles Rogers all gotta be top 10
Remember when they got Brady Quinn ? Browns fans thought they had signed Joe Montana.
Congrats to the great Tom Brady, now the winningest QB ever, on his way to winning a 5th Super Bowl, without Gronk.
In news, Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, & Johnny Manziel held a party today as proved they are not the worst QB's in NFL history.
just like you guys wanted Brady Quinn instead of Ted Ginn. Gotcha!
Quinn and the Falcons making Alex Smith look like Tom Brady.
Notre Dame should be in the playoff, because Brady Quinn will always be our hero lol
Hi can we talk about how hot Brady Quinn looked last night?
Imagine being a Texans fan having to watch the reincarnation of Brady Quinn every week, walking trash can making 18 mil a year sickens me
Brady Minor and Riley Minor split the round last night with Matt Sherwood and Quinn Kessler! Congrats!
Brady Quinn just had a great interview on about CFP. Thanks for the info
Brady Quinn: "if Ohio St. plays OU right now in Norman I don't think they win."
Brady Quinn speaking the truth right now
Expect a lot more snaps for Rams DE Eugene Sims, who will help make up for the absence of Robert Quinn. Getting to…
did you see what Brady Quinn wore yesterday?
Why did joey Galloway steal Brady Quinn's jacket?
Hopefully Williams doesn't over-blitz Brady with Quinn out in attempt to get pressure. That's a huge recipe for disaster
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What an exciting night for our guys! Matt Sherwood and Quinn Kesler tied with Riley Minor and Brady Minor with a...
Consider that a big win for Solder, Cannon & Brady. Quinn is as good as they get at rushing the passer
I want Brady Quinn to beat up Matt Leinart on the FS1 set. I'm not over the Bush Push game
Only needing to focus on Aaron Donald, instead of Donald AND Robert Quinn is great news for Brady's knee tbh
What in the world does Brady Quinn have on ?
If Justin Bieber was a failed first-round NFL quarterback, he'd look exactly like Brady Quinn.
Danny Kannell and Brady Quinn are trying to compete to wear the suit that looks most like 70s carpeting
Just realized I've been wearing the same suit as Brady Quinn all night.
Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn are some of the worst players turned announcers/analysts on TV.
That look u give when Someone tells u ... boy that Brady Quinn sharp tonight
I didn't get that into football as a kid and I credit that in part to the fact that the QBs were Brodie croyle Brady Quinn Damon huard..
It's crazy seeing guys like Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn working on the set, dudes were ballers in college
bruh Brady Quinn is stealing your look, that ain't gucci
Brady Quinn is wearing my Grandmother's sofa cushion
Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart are the analysts on Fox’s halftime show? How much eye candy can one studio contain? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Someone needs to tell Brady Quinn that his grandmother wants her drapes back
Brady Quinn is dressed ready to sell a used car.
I can't take Brady Quinn seriously right now. Anyways
Ahhh Fox hires Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, and says congrats on the BIG 12 Championship.
Brady Quinn as well for Fox (Called the Pac12 Title game last night).
Brady Quinn is unfit to be talking about the Big Ten Championship. What does he know about conference championships? He played at Notee Dame
Is that Brady Quinn on Fox or OZ from American Pie
Lmao I have a Brady Quinn browns rookie card *** bro what happened
Brady Quinn is a gamer. On set analyzing the game immediately after stepping out of the shower.
Brady Quinn. the Browns ruined that poor guy.
Looks like Brady Quinn been shopping in closer. I've seen that jacket b4; when did Matt Leinart start looking like Tom Selleck
Mmm Brady Quinn lookin fine AF in that plaid suit Jesus
I didn't know Brady Quinn was married. Does anyone know his husband's name?
Sending this picture of Brady Quinn's blazer to my fiancée because that's the tile I want in our shower
God rest her soul, why is Brady Quinn wearing my grandmother's couch, damnit?!?
If there's a more influential 21st century suit than the one Brady Quinn is wearing now I don't know what it is.
tell Brady Quinn to stand up we gotta know if his pants are as silly as his coat
“Fox can't find anyone better than Leinert/Brady Quinn for the half time analysis?”The entire Fox Sports CFB pkg ***
Joe Davis & Brady Quinn ???!!! I'd almost rather listen to Bill Walton call this game..."I'm mainstream always have been"
we need ur boy Brady Quinn or Colt McCoy
If they don't look like potential franchise QBs all were getting is a Brady Quinn or Mark Sanchez.
Brady Quinn even did it lol. He's younger than jay and he's not even on a roster. It's pure comedy
Words will never be able to come close to describing my love for Quinn & Brady
Tom Brady bought and placed Uggs in every teammates locker. I guess you can say we have a Happy Tom Brady .
so, that's not Brady Quinn's sister?!
I wonder why we hate Irish Republican terrorism who are no better than mass murderers like Huntly, Sutcliffe, Shipman or Brady
Brady Quinn clarified himself pretty quickly. "Just the tip...of the football"
Kyle Orton was the QB, Brady Quinn was the QB, and Peyton Hillis scored a touchdown that day. Just let that mull around.
I cast my Heisman ballot for Brady Quinn! Click the player you think deserves the vote!
Alex Smith sycophants in Kansas City come by it honestly. You try dealing with Brodie Croyle/Matt Cassel/Brady Quinn for half a decade.
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Brady Quinn is TV analyst for Browns-49ers. Was traded to Denver 5 years ago, and he's still almost a full year younger than Brandon Weeden.
Misfits and Thugs mailbag: Should Brady Quinn have traded for LB the jobber Collins? No!, their is losing mode, and that needs to continue.
This whole process is just an awful trigger for those hurt by Brady Quinn commercials.
JJ Watt high fivin' Brady Quinn on the front of a HUMBLTEEN XTREEM Bar, make it happen Protein Bar Industry.
Brady isn't declining, he's getting better
"Tis the season--for murder?! Yikes who killed Santa? Fiona's on the case MERRY MURDER a fun whodunit
Where ? I've never seen him or heard of him since he played here..No one quotes Brady Quinn
Cause Brady Quinn knows about winning in the playoffs? Ha!
Brady Quinn ?? Lmao If Brady freaking Quinn said so, it must be fact..
Did you hear Brady Quinn this morning. He said it's time to start Lynch and live with it. Won't win in playoffs TS
That was supposed to mean Brady Quinn and Colt McCoy were gonna be good, but they weren't.
Impressed with Brady Quinn as an analyst. He might have a career in this sport after all
Washing all my jerseys today. Debating on burning my Brady Quinn Browns jersey...
Do what Brady Quinn's sister did during the Fiesta bowl
. Ur not being on air w Brady Quinn is really throwing off my Sun night! =). I did listen to you&TL Fri pm. U2R better than JT.
Sports Talk Radio:. Brady Quinn, do you have a bad reputation you don't like?. He didn't go with NFL bust.
let's be grateful that the have a great backup! "Croyle, Palko, and Brady Quinn are not walking through that door"
He didnt even wait for Halloween to pass before he took off the Brady Quinn costume
Tom Brady has been MAGNIFICENT for the this season.
When Brady retires and Bob Quinn ships Stafford off to New England >>>>>>
I think Brady Quinn could come out of retirement and be a better fantasy quarterback than Russell Wilson
Brady Quinn looks better than deshaun Watson
"Just the tip...of the football" -Brady Quinn, remembering he's on a national broadcast
I am every basic girl white girl that decided to be Harley Quinn…
Brady Quinn was in Stillwater today and I couldn't find him. He could have been the first hero I met that didn't make fun of me
For some unknown reason, Brady Quinn seems to be an expert on how the quarterback position should be played.
Nice pass from Quinn to Brady. Good D by the capitals.
l prefer Brady Quinn as my analyst if I get a choice lol 😉
Should I be tom brady or brady Quinn (Norte dame) tonight
Did Matt Nichols dress up as Brady Quinn for Halloween?!
I remember all the times I used to watch when I was a kid and the Brady Quinn days. Feels good to watch a game again.
lol Brady Quinn even said the ball was behind.
Had to chuckle listening and Brady Quinn (skewer my mock in previous link. I look forward to future debates, guys.
Brady Quinn: "Just the Tip...Of The Football": . Brady Quinn was doing color commentary for the West Virginia ...
The right time to make the switch to Jared Goff - Jonas Knox and Brady Quinn discuss Rams head coach Jeff Fishe...
for me, Brady Quinn has approached an announcing epoch only surpassed by Gary Danielson.
Brady Quinn will be the Browns starter by week 10. Kelly Holcomb starts the finale, Spergon Wynn finishes the game.
hey hey hey what about Brady Quinn 😂😂
Brady Quinn is an announcer now. Not much of a NFL player or a good product.
Theo Riddick is the best product out of ND since Brady Quinn
this couple just walked into my work with matching Brady Quinn and Trent Richardson jerseys on 😑😑😑
This will be the first opening weekend in the NFL without Peyton Manning or Tom Brady since 1997
Remember when the Browns drafted Brady Quinn and thought they had their franchise QB?
Second most boring bills game ever behind the time we lost to Brady Quinn
May need to buy a Carl Nassib jersey and retire this Brady Quinn one
Why aren't they throwing down field??? Is Brady Quinn the quarterback???
Roman Quinn starter for the Phillys & HS clssmate frm Port St Joe starter for the Jets on th same day h…
Thanks Quinn, I just have to suffer with not having Tom Brady for four weeks and Gronk being injured.
C Jorge Alfaro and Of Roman Quinn both called up to Philly. Hoping they see some real time
Thought I was listening to commentating but it is Quinn
I think Brady Quinn just pronounced "context" as "contacts". Is that a Dublin brogue?
Brady Quinn calling a good game on the color His voice and style very similar to
FS1 Brady Quinn doing color on tonight's ASU game on Ballage "he should be on the Heisman list"
Brady Quinn: “No one on the defense adjusted…” is this new information or from 20 years ago?
Oh that's right, Brady Quinn still has a job calling football games and I don't.
I think its (Brady Quinn) on the Texas Tech/ASU broadcast on He's good. I like him on also
problem is Brady Quinn is color on this game. He was a useless quarterback.
Brady Quinn and Brady Quinn Jr. have done well in this game imo.
you just know it'll be a 51-45 slugfest like Brady Quinn vs Matt Stafford a few years back
Brady Quinn is straight out of the “as long as I keep talking it will seem like I’m doing a good job” school of
I hope I never have to endure another game called by Brady Quinn.
Brady Quinn - "Well you clearly see his knee went down." My God, he's awful.
Texas Tech is back with in 3 and Brady Quinn.drop his *** and has matured as a color analyst. I'm so very proud of Brady,
Help me out here. What did Brady Quinn use to prep for this? Says Kalen Ballage (6-3, 230ish) and DJ Foster (5-10, 195ish) very similar.
Who in the world told "Expert Commentator" Brady Quinn that Kalen Ballage is the same size & the same type of back as DJ Foster? 😳
I'm biased but Brady Quinn has really become a great analyst.
Did Brady Quinn just say that Ballage is almost exactly the same guy as ?
Brady Quinn just said jock strap. Geez.
If you had under 2:00 for the first Brady Quinn dad joke of the night, you're a winner.
Took Brady Quinn just over a minute to work in "Ma-homies"
Brady Quinn and Joe Davis make a beautiful couple.
Brady Quinn is covering the asu game
Brady Quinn doing commentary for this game...oy vey...
Brady Quinn is calling the Tech game!
Oh great. Brady Quinn gets to talk tonight. 🙄
Me and some girl dress up a Harley Quinn
thanks, Jack!! Saw your guy Brady Quinn and thought of you!
Tom Brady leaves town for a week and the whole place goes to ***
Unfortunately we get Hicks back in a few weeks. They should keep Tirico, and put Brady Quinn with him
They need to replace flutie with Brady Quinn.
Yup. Needed some of that Brady Quinn air under the ball.
Put Zaire in. Why not at this point. I miss Brady Quinn.
my bar mitzvah party was at a cubs game and Brady Quinn was in the box next to us and it was
please give Brady Quinn a call and have him in the broadcast booth.
plus he has a noodle arm that makes Brady Quinn look like Dan Marino in terms of arm strength
What ever happened to that boy Brady Quinn?
I'll trade you a lightly used Brady Quinn jersey for it
Sept. 10, 2005 - Brady Quinn throws touchdown passes to Jeff Samardzija and Rhema McKnight as Notre Dame wins a 17-10 sizzler at Michigan.
Brady Quinn (called and he has tomorrow. He joins at 6:30p PT. STREAM:
well the could have had Brady Quinn or Tim Couch or Colt McCoy, lol
Dogs name is Brady, believe it or not. Named after Brady Quinn. No s**t. Notre Dame thing.
Brian is on SUN 8 to 11 pm ET with Brady Quinn. is the still on weekends overnight?”
Brady Quinn What do you think of anthem protest? You did say 'privilege to play not a right'. How about seahawks & 9/11 plan?
Brady Quinn's best bets: College football picks for big Week 2 rivalries: Week 2 features some showdowns that are…
DID YOU KNOW?. The last time the kept 4 QBs on the roster was in 2013. They kept Graham Harrell, whom they quickly cut for Brady Quinn.
When Louis said he liked my Brady Quinn jersey in 5th grade I knew we would be friends for life
Matt Barkley better get his color commentator reel ready. He's in Brady Quinn territory right now.
Bravo Cody Kessler, you look just like Charlie Frye, Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Brian Hoyer.and every other 6'0 210 lb QB that's played here
how RG3 think he about to steal Brady Quinn's number like that! sit down!
Break out your Brady Quinn jerseys, duct tape and a Sharpie baby! ITS RG3 time in Cleveland!
Somebody named Brady just followed me. Unless you're Brady Quinn... No. Sorry Tom Brady.
it's preseason! Even Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden looked lights out in pre season.
Harley Quinn? I haven't heard that name in years...
Great segment with Brady Quinn. Also great listening to you while filling in for
Listnin to Jim rome, brady quinn, hyping up broncos, bro u used to b a chief, U jus mad cuz the only way u cn b the nfl is a sports reportr
how come you haven't played scout team QB yet??? Quinn Navara is Brady until further notice
I've said "Brady Quinn can take us all the way"
Saddest NFL preseason memory ever? Was at a party where everyone stopped everything to watch Brady Quinn's first ever NFL drive
you see the first Wentz series, Tone? Kid looks like Brady Quinn out there.
that's a lot of wishful thinking. Think more along the lines of Brady Quinn
I thought Brady Quinn was destined for stardom and all I got was a Chinese knockoff jersey.
Patriots are taking on the Saints without, Brady, Edelman or Gronk. This is gonna suck. 😩
I was convinced that Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen could be successful & maybe Pro Bowl players...😞
I thought Brady Quinn was a future great.
Felt Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn were two of the most NFL ready QBs in years.
I thought Brady Quinn would be a star... I'm not proud lol
I wanted the Vikings to draft Brady Quinn over Adrian Peterson. We already had Chester Taylor!
I will when I get home. I know Brady Quinn used to sponsor it. Lol
Brady Quinn will be a great NFL quarterback
Imagine if Browns don't move up for Brady Quinn. Then our entire history is different
Colt McCoy top 5. Brady Quinn no questions asked
this list is invalid. Brady Quinn, Jake Delhomme and Colt McCoy aren't on it
Maybe he named it after Brady Quinn.
I mean, I love Brady Quinn. Doesn't mean I want him on the Indians. Lol
Brady Quinn is the most beautiful person male or female I've ever seen.
this is my Carr Texans and I have a Brady Quinn Browns jersey too
Alicia I think and she's married to Brady Quinn if I'm not mistaken. I'm just very 😍 when it comes to Nastia lol
Except that one chick at Beijing(?) who went to Boston College and dated Brady Quinn.
Dude...Brady Quinn and Alicia Sacramone had a baby together? I didn't even know they were a thing.
Always thought when Brady Quinn had a baby it'd be with me but since it's not I guess the one he had with his wife is cute!
ignorant. Jamarcus Russel = bonafide scrub. Doug Fluttie, good for one season. Dude Brady Quinn is better than those two
don't matter. 😎 with that defence they could even have Brady Quinn back there and still win
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