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Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh (born 4 June 1960) is an English light entertainer, television actor, comedian and former professional footballer.

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Why is The Chase not on ITV today, when is it back and what is on instead?
Bradley Walsh finally apologises to Fanny Chmelar for that episode of The Chase
Love Bradley Walsh. BW: Blue or red?. Peter: Blue I'm from Manchester. BW: if you were from London you would have said Ma…
Bradley Walsh ditches The Chase to present new quiz show .
Bradley Walsh finally apologises after THAT painful episode of
After some tea-time quizzing? is back for a new run with Bradley Walsh tonight
Bradley Walsh trades in The Chase to present new quiz show Cash Trapped
I will never tire of Bradley Walsh talking about Fanny Chmelar
Beat those Monday blues and watch Bradley Walsh talking on this morning! Tickets here!…
I've been literally crying with laughter at Bradley Walsh on I love that guy. Just what we need in the morning 👍 😂 x
my 6year old is mega excited that bradley walsh is on tele. Such a huge fan!!
Jesus Christ, how has the awful Cash Trapped got a second series? Bradley Walsh must have ITV in his pocket.
Since I lost my old man I've hoped that Bradley Walsh will adopt me. All my mates fancy him.
Yet. I feel a contender to Bradley Walsh's Xmas CD crown coming on...
Absolutely certain Bradley walsh isn't a real human being and itv just have hundreds of him in a big warehouse somewhere
Anne Hegerty SNAPS at glamorous contestant ‘It’s time to go!’:
ICYMI Listen to Bradley Walsh talk on Steve Wright in the Afternoon
Did you catch Bradley Walsh with Steve Wright this afternoon? See him here
! Bradley Walsh checks in with Steve Wright in the Afternoon about his role in live from 2pm!
No one loves The Chase more than Bradley Walsh
S2:E4. The day of the clown part 2 . -Love Sarah's speech to Rani. -Completely forgot about Bradley Walsh. - interesti…
Anyone think that the silhouette chaser that Bradley Walsh introduces at the beginning of the chase looks like a silhouette of Herr Flick?
Paul Sinha reduced to TEARS with Bradley Walsh over THIS epic blunder:
fans OUTRAGED as Bradley Walsh quiz is CANCELLED in MASSIVE ITV shake-up 'I cannot believe that'…
DISASTER: Bradley Walsh in shock as The Chase player has URINE disaster ‘I wish I used the facilities’…
The Chase: Viewers outraged as Bradley Walsh quiz show CANCELLED for racing coverage: 'My…
Bradley Walsh & Kayvan Novak star in the BBC sitcom Sadly, it's more sunburn than suntan.
ITV3: Law & Order: UK is on right now. Bradley Walsh (Ronnie Brooks) played Oddbob in The Sarah Jane Adventures in…
Law & Order: UK on ITV3: Bradley Walsh appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures in 2008. Freema Agyeman starred as Mar…
best stat- Big Sam got Bradley Walsh and Paddy Mcguiness in to boost morale within eng team, imagine that?
The Chase host Bradley Walsh in shock as Beast Mark Labbett eliminates ALL the contestants
Shock as Bradley Walsh is BOOED after LASHING OUT at fans in outburst ‘You can do off’…
Bradley Walsh is funny but the only reason I watched was because of James Blunt&Jennifer Hudson performing 😍
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Steve chats to Peter Kay, Bradley Walsh and Reginald D Hunter.
you: Bradley Walsh . me, an intellectual: Alexander Armstrong
Bradley Walsh: London tickets now on sale
We've been through this, the chase will always win cause Alexander Armstrong has nothing on Bradley Walsh
.hun... Why are you returning Bradley Walsh's calls, but not rn? 😉 h…
Bradley Walsh responds to claims he had 'pink eye' on
Ed Sheeran's reign is over: Bradley Walsh is coming back with a new album.
I thought the best refs earn this game...this is the worst game ever
Even Bradley Walsh can't save the diabolical Utter rubbish that even the guests don't get let alone us viewers!
The Nightly Show with Bradley Walsh, review: Two more hosts to go as the end can’t come soon enough…
I liked a video from Bradley Walsh's Funniest Moments! Part 5 - The Chase
Bradley Walsh chases more chart success with second album
Bradley Walsh to release his second album after nabbing the
The Nightly Show triumphs with unlikely trio of hunks Bradley Walsh, Vinnie Jones and Michael Bolton – with music …
Bradley Walsh and Joe Pasquale are just the best, proper talent!
Bradley Walsh without a doubt the Best host!!
you should have had Bradley Walsh presenting from the start, he's brilliant, love him💝
BRADLEY WALSH was seemingly left sickened tonight during his opening episode of The Nightly Show. Daily Express...
I think Bradley Walsh may have saved the Nightly Show!!
New post added at Heartland Newsfeed - The Nightly Show: Bradley Walsh SICKENED as guest gets pierced in...
Bradley Walsh has given the new life
Hes just been made to have lunch on stage with a fan,while Bradley Walsh and Vinny Jones sang How a…
Loving Bradley Walsh on The Nightly Show. Going in the bath & then gonna move my study area around a bit again to accommodate 2 comps 😀
I'd watch Bradley Walsh do anything. If he was watching grass grow I'd tune in every wednesday
looking good tonight on with Bradley Walsh and Vinnie Jones you seem so quiet every time I've seen you interviewed. Such a gent.
Is that the real Bradley Walsh though?
The Nightly Show leaves fans speechless as host gets nipple pierced live on air
The with Bradley Walsh was genuinely funny . Just give him the gig. Who can possibly follow him ?
Looked forward to Bradley Walsh on What a waste of his talent. Michael Bolton looked bored stiff. Joe Pasquale was funny.
If viewers are happy with Bradley Walsh doing the ITV should give him the job till the show come to the end , 👍😀📺
Bradley walsh the best yet. Is there no end to your talents. Whatever your in u smash it. Great sense of humour great show
might be sacking his agent soon, given the look on his face on 'The nightly show' with Bradley walsh.
really enjoyed tonight's show. Go Bradley Walsh
Seriously, have run out of presenters? Bradley Walsh is on twice a weekday - and - but THREE times on Tuesday
Just when you thought itv nightly show couldn't get any better - way to go Bradley Walsh and party.
Summary . - Bradley Walsh - good. - New set background, band and announcer - good. - Nipple piercing comedy segment - BAD.
Bradley Walsh is brilliant! The best yet he should have his own chat show
Can't wait till he duets when a man loves a woman with Bradley Walsh like a night up the Cwmfelin
So awks tonight, car crash tv but Bradley Walsh better than anyone else at this stuff
The nightly show with Bradley Walsh was the best and Jenny the Vixen singing good end to the night x
Great to see you on Bradley Walsh show, & talking about my club Bolton Wanderers, come & see us play sometime, great club 🎤👏👍
Weso on the nightly show with Bradley Walsh
The Nightly Show continues tonight with new host Bradley Walsh via
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This type of show is made for Bradley Walsh. Just let him do it full time.
Bradley Walsh was brilliant tonight he's the best man for that job so funny ,
Michael Bolton looked like he had no idea what was going on 😆 I just love Bradley Walsh 👌
CRINGE!! Bradley Walsh was brilliant but poor Michael Bolton was mortified
loved the show with Bradley Walsh but Michael Bolton doesn't seem to agree lol 😂
can we get Bradley Walsh with holly on days Phil is off please
I'd rather have that than the complete works of Michael Bublé/Robbie Williams/Bradley Walsh
I love Davina but not sure she is the right choice for the nightly show I think lee mack & Bradley Walsh
Think I've played more positions for than Bradley Walsh has done TV shows, quality game today just need results to go in our favor!
Cheeky Bradley Walsh jokes Holly Willoughby 'gets her bazookas out after a few drinks with the lads' - The Sun Th…
Bradley Walsh claims does something very naughty after a few drinks
2 weeks ago today I met Bradley Walsh
Cheeky Bradley Walsh makes shock claim about Holly Willoughby
Cheeky Bradley Walsh claims Holly Willoughby ‘gets her boobs out when she’s drunk with the lads’
is Bradley skeete on the liam Walsh bill now
Id love a swall with Phillip Scofield and Bradley Walsh.
Let's have an off topic post to start the day off , Bradley Walsh having a giggle or two 2⃣
Bradley Walsh makes SHOCK Holly Willoughby claim: 'She gets her bazookas out when drunk'
Liam Walsh: "No man's unbeatable.". Mayweather: 😳. Amusing moment at today's presser in London with
Should be doing coursework but instead I'm watching a 29 minute video of Bradley Walsh laughing. Priorities definitely in order
New post added at Heartland Newsfeed - Bradley Walsh SLAPPED in face by host Holly Willoughby on Play to the Whistle
Holly Willoughby left speechless as she's told to 'p*** off b*' on
Bradley Walsh's banter is just as infectious on as it is on 😂😂
Bradley Walsh on the chase when he gets giggle fits is the best thing :') where can I get me a Bradley Walsh 💁🏻💖
I love Play To The Whistle, Bradley Walsh and Frank Lampard are hilarious together!!
may have developed a lil bit of a crush on Bradley Walsh 👀👀👀
Bradley Walsh is my hero never laughed so much in ages!!
Imagine how funny life would be if Bradley Walsh was your dad/grandad. 😂
Bradley Walsh says Holly Willoughby gets her 'bazookas out' when she's drunk.
What would you take with you on to The Chase to butter up and The Chasers?
Nothing is funnier than when Bradley Walsh loses it on the Chase 😂
If Bradley Walsh was to ever quit there is only one person that could fill his shoes and that's Steve Harvey.
Who is Bradley Walsh? Presenter, actor, singer and regular on Play to the Whistle
First time watching Play To The Whistle and I'm in tears laughing at the banter between and Bradley Walsh
I can't help it, I just really love Bradley Walsh.
Throw back to when I (left) met Bradley Walsh with my cousin at a Cinderalla panto
Bradley Walsh is the best thing on tv 😂
The Chase: Mark Labbett accuses host Bradley Walsh of ‘SWEARING’ at him
I just can't cope with Bradley Walsh😂😂
Bradley Walsh is one of my favourite people to ever exist.
Is it wrong that I would Bradley Walsh? 😉
Bradley Walsh may be my new fave person.
Bradley Walsh getting roasted on tonight😂
What a man Bradley Walsh is let's be honest! There's not a lot that man can't do!
In other news I'm watching my 5th game show of the day with Bradley Walsh on it. Nan has a crush I think.
All ever sends on Snapchat is either George Michael, Bradley Walsh or Phil Mitchell & it makes me chuckle
The Chase viewers FURIOUS as they claim Bradley Walsh gave contestant the WRONG answer
I only heard of him last night, and only then because he's Bradley Walsh' mate
Bradley Walsh at Brits after his album of classics only debut to go gold in 2016! What's grime he asks! https…
Tune in to with Frank Lampard, Bradley Walsh, Seann Walsh and John Terry on next Tuesday 28t…
from Fruit Pastel Ladies loads of fun y'day at The Nightly show. Please inform us of Bradley Walsh and David Walliams.
Scumbag going for the minus offer! Please get knocked out then knocked out by Bradley Walsh
Bradley Walsh viewers SLATE player who thought Cardiff was in SCOTLAND:
Fair enough Ben, thanks for replying. Bradley Walsh has nothing on you mate..
Why does my mam have to scream her 'The Chase' answers at the telly like she's sat right next to Bradley Walsh himself 😩
Bradley Walsh is the best game show TV presenter on the tele these days by a country mile
Bradley Walsh: What Scottish city do Dundonians come from?. Contestant: Cardiff. 👀👀👀.
Its an award winning show. Great presenting by Bradley walsh. Great Chaser Jenny.
I'd love to go for a few pints with Bradley Walsh🤓
fans have called foul play over THIS
I love bradley walsh. All I want from a date is to have a bloody good laugh
viewers have branded the show a fix over THIS
The Chase star The Beast reveals he actually WON the game before epic meltdown
still can't work out why no-one's fingering Bradley Walsh for power, given his superior coherence and delivery.
Ahead of game, get Avery Bradley back to Practice.
Great presenting by Bradley walsh and great Chaser Zimmer man Paul Sinha on the brilliant The chase.
Bradley Walsh just throwing the words '40 grand' round casually
Bradley Walsh using the words " Hot Dog " is off putting. . Like your dad dancing at a disco .
Bradley Walsh presents Waltham Abbey fundraiser with award in Palace of Westminster.
Matt Walsh: Bradley Manning is still a traitor. And he’s also still a man.
Could watch Bradley Walsh for hours! Funniest bloke on TV 😂
I LOVE it - especially Bradley Walsh's giggling!
Although I'm woried about Bradley Walsh's fumes. Are they toxic?
...BRADLEY WALSH..great in Law and Order (written by Chibnall) likability factor high!!!
Bradley Walsh chases down fire chief Rick Ogden & gives him an award for his work in reducing gang crime…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
The Chase: Bradley Walsh FUMES after contestant RUINS Hollywood movie magic:
Bradley Walsh is absolute British tv GOLD on the chase
Bradley Walsh presents fundraiser with award in Westminster -
Bradley Walsh given sauna boss role in new Trainspotting (T2) film - Edinburgh Evening News
could I take Richard Arnold and Ben oh and Bradley Walsh!!😂
Bradley Walsh: 8 things you never knew about The Chase host
Seriously, how great a Bert - the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins - would Bradley Walsh make?
Bradley Walsh releasing an album might be the worst thing that's happened in 2016.
this for a chance to play UFC's in here at ESPN. RULES: ht…
Bradley Walsh said one of our drivers is a very nice man. — feeling proud at Epping tube station
The Chase’s Bradley Walsh exposes quiz as ‘FIXED’ after Anne Hegerty breaks the rules
I dont know how I found this.. but I'm kind of glad I did. Bradley Walsh via
you simply prevented another Bradley Walsh giggling fit like with fanny schmeler so thank you
Bradley Walsh is such a cheeky chappie.
Just because I love - I don't necessarily want Bradley Walsh's album for Christmas. . Just putting it out there.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Bradley Walsh of reviews a panto in talks about Joe Pasquale & a new show
Is there something fishy going on with The Chase?
Bradley Walsh is not happy with Chaser Anne Hegerty as she breaks the rules on the show 😂 WATCH:…
The Chase: Bradley Walsh’s dramatic new ‘do sparks frenzy and overshadows Sinnerman’s win
Met Bradley Walsh for the second time today, such a lovely man he gave me a signed copy of his…
Bradley Walsh’s dramatic new 'do sparks frenzy and overshadows Sinnerman's win
Bradley Walsh annihilates The Chase contestant in shock rant: 'You're so boring'
Bradley Walsh annihilates contestant in shock rant: 'You're so boring'.
If they win this chase with 16 steps a will get a Bradley Walsh tattoo
A die a bit inside when I call a girl mate but Bradley Walsh does it all the time
Bradley Walsh impressed with the answer Lichtenstein!
Proof The Chase is FIXED? Bradley Walsh exposes The Governess for cheating ALL these shows are FIXED
Bradley Walsh digging into to this guy on the chase 😂
Is it me or has Bradley Walsh done something different to his hair and more worryingly his eyebrows on 😂
No keen on Bradley Walsh's hair in this episode of the chase 🤔🤔
Did Bradley Walsh expose as ‘FIXED’? Anne Hegerty sparks outrage after breaking the rules…
What the *** has bradley walsh done to his hair? Aged 30 years overnight! SACK THE BARBER
Another rude question leaves Bradley Walsh in fits of laughter on The Chase
The Chase’s Governess gets a telling off from Bradley Walsh after she tries to CHEAT
Bradley Walsh apparently 'exposed' The Governess after catching her 'cheating'
'You're not allowed!': Bradley Walsh tells the Governess off: via
Bradley Walsh exposed The Governess for 'cheating' on The Chase and now people are claiming it's fixed...
Last week I laughed at an advert for Bradley Walsh singing & releasing a CD. Tonight it is Alexander Armstrong's turn. For god sake guys!!!
Ok the xmas market has to cater 4 cheesy c.d releases but Bradley Walsh & Alexander Armstrong have really taken the cheddar
Bradley Walsh singing Alexander Armstrong singing they have albums out, why don't you just stick to comedy for Christ sake.
Awe,no Tim? Like Ant without Dec,lol. They should have got Bradley Walsh back to co host. He was brilliant!
I don't suppose Tim Lovejoy hurt his back rolling around in fits of laughter at Bradley Walsh last week?
Bradley Walsh makes a public apology to Phillip Schofield. Find out why...
Bradley Walsh apologises to Phillip Schofield for giving him "grief" on night out
Bradley Walsh admits to 'nicking' Phillip Schofield's phone on boozy night out – but denies drunk ... …
'Is he smashed?' Bradley Walsh accused of being drunk in chaotic This Morning interview.
loving Bradley Walsh joining Philip & Holly. 3 of the happiest presenters...EVER! Can't help but laugh along with these guys 😊
is it a good idea that you and Holly are interviewing another giggler cue Bradley Walsh pmsl.😂
Bradley Walsh and the awesomeness thats Tom Odell finished now on One Show so bed. Just hope no nightmares abiut th…
Bradley Walsh caused absolute CHAOS on today! found it hilarious!
What the *** has Bradley Walsh been on last night 😂
Tough choice for crooner lovers this Xmas Michael Buble or Bradley Walsh?
Alexander Armstrong, Bradley Walsh and Cliff Richard album adverts...jesus Christ you died for this.apparently.
I remember when the album charts were full of rock stars. Now it's. Bradley Walsh. Alexander Armstrong. Len Goodman. Bill Turnbull. Terry Wogan.
Bradley Walsh is a national treasure.
Throwback to 2001 with Bradley Walsh, Sir John Mills, Jim Davidson and Suzie Perry on HMS Invincible!
James is definitely a mix of Ewan McGregor & Bradley Walsh.
Tom, *** Ann, Harry met with the chaser on in that order! I bet Bradley Walsh loved this one!
The 4 contestants on are named Ann, Tom, *** and Harry. It's the first round and Bradley Walsh still hasn't made a joke???
Cantona and Bradley Walsh at ur service
It is Mesut Ozil's birthday today. Thankfully, he is only 28. No one wants a player like him to get old.
Gary Lineker is up there with the Bradley Walsh's of the presenting world
Fun fact from my daytime comissioning meeting - Bradley Walsh averages four seconds a question.
no that's keep it in the family with Bradley Walsh
it's that Bradley Walsh out on the town again
The Chase - Bradley Walsh Laughing is so funny do a try not to laugh
I should really be sleeping but instead I'm watching bradley walsh funny moments on youtube
'Pimp my ride' but for fireplaces. Bradley Walsh is the host
So Bradley Walsh likes a pint of ale and still finds the Fanny Schmeler joke funny! Came into the pub tonight and is a top bloke 🍻
Leah's new tinder bio: "call me Bradley Walsh because I'm all about that chase."
Chris Froome pretty much dragged Bradley Wiggins's *** around the entire 2012 TdF and Walsh have the modal to say this guy is clean. Fk!
Bradley Walsh is our profile star this month. Visit our site to read his life story
Special guest of now on talking about Bradley Wiggins. See him in Syd & Mel next week:
Just briefly switched on to wheel of fortune! Can't believe how different Bradley Walsh looked back then
hi Rich, it's about a contestant on itv's "The Chase" haven't u seen it? Bradley Walsh hosts and he's ace x
daytime quiz hosted by Bradley Walsh. Element of hostility but everyone's great mates at the end.
I love its far better than Tipping Point. Bradley Walsh is a legend.
"Who are you with? I can hear a boy" no mum that's Bradley Walsh on The Chase 😂😂
Did Bradley Walsh have a tomato soup stain on his shirt?
Why does Bradley Walsh go faster when it's the chaser's turn in the final chase?
How's Bradley Walsh gonna drop the "I hope you've had a good day with us" once all the players lose their money 😭 taking the ***
Bradley Walsh makes the world a better place
Bradley Walsh has definitely mellowed since his 'Wheel Of Fortune' days
How about this for a photo? Bradley Walsh on Wheel of Fortune. Lol
Bradley Walsh. And it would sway my opinion as well.
Every so often I watch videos of Bradley Walsh on The Chase.
Bradley Walsh said Beetlejuice four times, and he did not show up! What gives?
already have voted for The Chase and Bradley Walsh
Can't stand it when Bradley Walsh goes "Yeaa.. Gotta be init" on the chase
Shocking! Bradley Walsh, Anne Hegerty and contender Kerry did not know that a band called 3 of a Kind did the song "Baby Cakes".
Bradley Walsh so annouing on ghe chase
When Bradley Walsh is about to lose it over a Taco Dog 😂🐩🌮
SUMLC old boy Bradley Walsh sporting his outfit from the 93' Christmas do on Wheel of Fortune.
Did anyone else start to dislike clowns after the Sarah Jane Adventures episode with Bradley Walsh as the clown? 😂
I saw Bradley Walsh today in Epping high street. My mum thought he was Bradley Cooper.
Will Paddy McGuinness and Bradley Walsh have to go too?
Big Sam wants Bradley Walsh and Paddy McGuiness involved in England set up. Have a laugh and gee team up. Sod that - get 'em both up front
Shuffle the pack or play the jokers?time Big Sam brought on Bradley Walsh and Paddy McGuinness.
Who would've thought that getting rid of Bradley Walsh and Robbie Williams would have made Sam Allerdyce a worse manager
I reckon Sam should bring Bradley Walsh on
Judging by this Big Sam was quizmaster n Bradley Walsh n Paddy McGuinness have took team talks 1 half each
I keep expecting Sam Allardyce to nudge Bradley Walsh to tell him to bring on Paddy McGuinness, Olly Murs or that *** from One Direction.
Sam will probably bring Paddy McGuinness and Bradley Walsh on at half time! That'll be fun!🙄
Sam should play Bradley Walsh rather then get him to tell jokes to the England team thought Lallana said they wear buzzing!
Olly Murs in an England WhatsApp group with Sam Allardyce, Paddy McGuinness, Bradley Walsh, Jonathan Wilkes. 'We just talk about lad talk'
Big Sam should have got the chuckle brothers involved rather than paddy mcguiness and Bradley Walsh
Bradley Walsh who was in Mike Bassett was invited to host a quiz night with the England team this week, coincidence?
Sam Allardyce inviting Paddy McGuinness & Bradley Walsh to host a quiz night for the England players may be the most Mik…
Allardyce inviting Bradley Walsh to host quizzes for the players, this is actually becoming Mike Bassett, they'll be call…
. Jim Davidson joins Bradley Walsh and Paddy McGuinness in England's bid for World Cup glory.
In fairness Bradley Walsh is actually quite funny on The Chase. Paddy McGuinness is just Peter Kay's mate.
We all know he tried Chubby Brown and Jim Davidson before he got to Paddy McGuinness and Bradley Walsh
Whos the youngest out of presenters. I would have said Bradley Walsh, just kidding there Stephen Mulhern. Enjoying Cash
If you missed it the first time, see Bradley Walsh on at 11pm on
Someone today told me 'watch TV at 5pm and you'll see how the Devil creeps in'. So is the devil Bradley Walsh or Alexander Armstrong?
Reading Christopher Fowler's Strange Tide why aren't these books a TV series Bradley Walsh & Bill Nighy as Bryant and May would be perfect
Is this The Chases most handsome contestant ever? John gets high praise from Bradley Walsh and viewers
John going through it tonight on The Chase @ Bradley Walsh.
Bradley Walsh lands new ITV gameshow after The Chase success - but will it be as good?
Stephen Mulhern and Bradley Walsh have big new ITV shows. All the gosp from today's Bizarre TV column here:
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
The Chase contestant leaves Bradley Walsh shocked after revealing plans for prize money
We can't believe what made Bradley Walsh have THIS reaction on
Bradley Walsh to host Epping community centre reception: Television star Bradley Walsh will give an update on...
Bradley Walsh brushes off Michael Barrymore's jibe about that clapping routine
Performing at Barclaycard arena with Bradley Walsh, Paul O'grady and *** and Dom was such an amazing experience
Michael Barrymore slams Bradley Walsh for ‘copying’ his act for ITV show Tonight At The London Palladium
Good call to have Bradley Walsh host the whole series of Tonight at the London Palladium
enjoyed watching .especially when. Bradley Walsh missed the whistle lol .x
Watching the with the wife. Bradley Walsh is easily the funniest person on tv!
Bradley Walsh is very good at hosting 😉👍
When I'm older I want to be as happy as Bradley Walsh
when Bradley Walsh gets laughing there's no way out 😂😂
I just want Bradley Walsh to be proud of me :/
how funny was Bradley Walsh ??!!. May have to make it a Saturday night must watch now !!! 😀
Holly Willoughby trip over Bradley Walsh claims by hurling pack ... -
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
WATCH: Bradley Walsh and blasted by Richard Osmon as ‘no one ever turns up’ .
Did you see the moment knocked Bradley Walsh out on TV?
Not surprising as Bradley Walsh is a TwxT & useless at that too.
Watch 'lonely' Bradley Walsh and his ITV game show The Chase get slated by comedian Richard ...
Also Play to the Whistle when Bradley Walsh and Richard Osman had argument "it's like when two Doctor Who's meet"
Holly Willoughby loses her temper with Bradley Walsh and hurls pack of cards at his HEAD
Sorry Bradley were just not sorry ( and it was just hilariously funny ) .
'You b*d!' The Chase thrown into chaos as Bradley Walsh loses it with The Barrister
funniest thing I've seen tonight.Bradley Walsh being sent to the corner like a naughty schoolboy! 😂
love this show best laugh I had I ages Bradley Walsh hilarious!
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