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Bradley Nowell

Bradley James Nowell (February 22, 1968 – May 25, 1996) was an American musician who served as lead singer and guitarist of the reggae/punk band Sublime.

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No Bradley Nowell, it was for the Black man and it was about Rodney King.
John Wall: "I told them I was going to get 35 or more & we were going to win. And we did that.". Bradley Beal: "For the cultu…
25 years ago today- Bradley Nowell of Sublime-got expensive booze, a living room makeover, and the guitar that you're hearing today.
Would it be weird to name your kid after Bradley Nowell
Bradley Nowell is why I started singing. Go look up that name.
Set ur course by the stars, not by the . Lights of every passing ship... ~ O. N Bradley
He didn't want to be himself. I'm a colossal fan but he goes in the Bradley nowell/Layne Staley category for me
You legitimately sound like Bradley Nowell from Sublime. I won't be shocked if you've been told tha…
100% if I could bring anyone back from the dead to meet/see live it would be Bradley Nowell and Sublime would do an acoustic concert for me
Happy birthday to the great Bradley Nowell of Sublime... gone but never forgotten
I am so excited to see Sublime with Rome on Friday but I wish I could've had to chance to just see Sublime with Bradley Nowell 😢
"I step into the great unknown, on a ball and chain I call my own." Bradley Nowell
The genre of dudes sounding very much like Bradley Nowell is a cause of great displeasure
Bradley Nowell didn't really die of a heroin overdose... He just went into hiding, gained 40lbs and became Jack Black
me and bradley nowell were never together on this earth at the same time and that makes me more upset than anything I can think of
If I could go back in time I would most definitely make make babies w Bradley nowell many babies
Bradley Nowell didn't commit suicide, he OD'ed on heroin
"Here you go. This is Zoe Camp—she thinks Bradley Nowell is the unappreciated rock-poet of the greatest gen…
Bradley Nowell(1968.02.22-1996.05.25). Singer/Guitarist of the band at Westminster Memorial Park,…
happy birthday to the man Bradley Nowell, long live Sublime 🌞
i genuinely get sad knowing I'll never see Bradley Nowell, Kurt Cobain, or Layne Staley in concert. But their music lives on 😭
My kids will know of Bradley Nowell. 🌞
"Everyday I love her just a little bit more little bit more everyday I love her just a little bit more and she love me same-Bradley Nowell
"The day that I die is the day I'll shut my mouth and put down my guitar"- Bradley Nowell
I wouldn't want to see Sublime live without Bradley Nowell idc.. not the same
Sublime’s lead singer&guitarist Bradley Nowell playing acoustic guitar&singing to his son Jakob; only a few months before his drug overdose.
"I wanted to sail around the world, just 'cause it's f***in' round, you know?" Bradley Nowell.
Bradley Nowell overdosing on heroine was one of the greatest tragedies of the 90's.
I am Bradley Nowell nice to meet you
I literally cried bc I came across a video of Jakob Nowell singing a song he wrote for his own band & he sounds just like Bradley 😭
Bradley Nowell would roll over in his grave, but idc idc, I like it. 🙃
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Thank you Bradley Nowell for your music that always puts me in a good mood
Lauryn Hill: Never had to battle with a bulletproof vest. Bradley Nowell: Never had to battle with a bulletproof vest. M…
If you know who Bradley Nowell is...
Bradley Nowell might look a little bit like this ---> ☠️
Bradley Nowell's voice is the only thing keepin me calm rn
Love the one you got cuz you might get run over or you might get shot . -Bradley Nowell
The spirit of Bradley Nowell is honored daily at ski lodges across Colorado.
You may see a 2017 postscript, trying to get my life right by Bradley Nowell
Bradley Nowell's voice DOES NOT match his face. Bc his voice is like,, REAL hot.
Happy Birthday to our big brother Bradley Nowell.. such a huge inspiration & a blessing in our lives! Your music has r…
No one will ever make the words "Cleveland, Ohio" sound as cool as Bradley Nowell did in April 29, 1992 (Miami).
It *** that my two favorite musicians I will never be able to see live.Jerry Garcia and Bradley
i wonder if the people around me assume/know i'm listening to Bradley Nowell moan
Bradley Nowell got a lovin' from that One Star Cons.. 👌👌👌 [pic] —
Happy birthday to Bradley Nowell, the man who continues to inspire and will be forever missed!
Bradley Nowell has such a beautiful voice
Bradley Nowell's the greatest musician ever.
i cry about Bradley Nowell all to often :( too much talent gone too soon ugggh
I wish I had access to every song Bradley Nowell ever sang
Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends was released on this day back in '98!
Sublime would of been the greatest band of all time if Bradley Nowell did not die
can you do a before they were famous on Bradley Nowell? Me and my friend are big sublime fans and we would love to see it!
Bradley nowell is such an underrated guitarist. He knew how to shred. Rip.
What I Got // Bradley Nowell "Life is too short, so love the one you got Cause you might get run over Or you might get shot"
Please SHARE to make Bradley Lowery receive December's Goal of the Month.
For your Sublime studies and education: 40 oz. to Freedom: Sublime & The Bradley Nowell Story (Part 1) via
Can we talk about the quiet, but more importantly, the consistency play Avery Bradley brings night in and night out
So proud of myself! Top 1% of fans of Sublime out of all their Spotify listeners! I love you Sublime! RIP Bradley N…
sorry Mando but Bradley Nowell is little more importante 😂😂😂
It's makes me sad how bradley nowell died
All purpose parts banner
My favourite dead white man is Bradley Nowell.
I got to see Bradley today! I left him some reggae flowers and a big kissy! I love you Bradley Nowell! Gone far too…
Saw 40 oz to freedom tonight and really wish I could've seen Bradley Nowell perform R.I.P.
Listened to Bradley Nowell's son's band last night and it brought tears to my eyes. His voice is a deeper version of Brad's.
Bradley Nowell: a white guy who learned Spanish from hanging out with mexicans
Yo check put this song called bleach my brain by LAW this is Jakob nowell Bradley's nowells(Sublime) kid
The late Bradley Nowell's son Jakob is in a band called LAW. Their music definitely has a hint of Sublime to it.
ugh that screen name, that's an insult to Bradley Nowell.
Love this pic! Sublime's Bradley Nowell, Lou dog and his son Jakob.…
Bradley Nowell's birthday is the day before mine and Eric Wilson's is the same as mine. Every sublime song I hear I relate so much to.
LAW is fronted by Jakob Nowell, Bradley of kid. Corn Doggy Dog is straight LBC strong.
Found out that Bradley Nowell died in the motel right next to the cafe I used to work at. So I have that going for me.
like I know Bradley nowell has been dead since the '90s but I still often get sad about it
I'd love to go back and see Sublime with Bradley Nowell ! Who would you go back in time to see? - Chris
Ok, so now I'm convinced that Bradley Nowell's son has a better voice than he did. Beautiful
Yeah, it's weird. Rome Ramirez sounds eerily like Bradley Nowell.
wish I was alive during the time Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley, and Bradley Nowell were alive 🍁
In light of the recent 20th anniversary of Bradley Nowell's untimely death: via
Jakob Nowell sounds so much like his father, Bradley, in his album "Mild Lawtism".
Guys! My student is the niece of the lead singer of Sublime! (RIP, Bradley James Nowell) 🌞
I had no idea Bradley Nowell's son had a and haunting how much he sounds like Bradley
Jaco Pastorius getting beaten to death for rushing a Santana show would be like if Bradley Nowell got killed for rushing a Smash Mouth show
I'd do anything to bring Bradley Nowell & Kurt Cobain back to life
Peep at the new Bradley Nowell & Friends cover from the Sublime Box Set and vinyl reissues!
After singer Bradley Nowell's death the next morning, Sublime's last show in has attained a mythic status:
On this day in 1996, Southern California lost one of its finest men. Rest in peace Bradley Nowell 🙏
Bradley Nowell put meanings to everyone of the songs he wrote, I love it so much
is the second coming of Bradley Nowell.
Music up, windows down, hair blowing in the wind and Bradley Nowell's voice gracing the air 🌞
2 days ago was the anniversary of his death.REST IN PARADISE BRADLEY NOWELL 🙏🏼
Went to go pay my respects for Bradley Nowell of Sublime this past Wednesday. Got to meet some…
Join us tonight at Churchill's Pub to pay tribute to Sublime and Bradley Nowell!
everything about Bradley Nowell, his music and his life, is so tragic
Listen to "Big Salty Tears" - The Ziggens / Bradley Nowell Cover By Dom LaColla by Dom LaColla on
Bradley Nowell's son is all growed up and headlining memorial shows for his father. He's not too bad at it, either.
On this day in 1996, Bradley Nowell died of a heroin overdose at 28.
What I would give to see Sublime in concert back when Bradley was still alive man I tell ya I would've been Mrs. Nowell
Twenty Years Later: Watch one of the best full Sublime shows on YouTube to remember frontman Brad Nowell
Check out our friend talking about Bradley Nowell.
20 Years Ago: frontman dies from a heroin overdose:
RIP to an LB legend, Sublime's Bradley Nowell, gone 20 years now.
R.I.P Bradley Nowell . February 22nd, 1968 - May 25th, 1996. Sublime was and still is one of my favorite bands
Rip Bradley Nowell. 20 years later your music still puts a smile on my face 🎵🎶
Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Sullivan, Bradley Nowell, and more it's crazy
And then it opens with the Rodney King riots which Sublime has a song about and today is also Bradley Nowell's birthday. How crazy is that.
Kurt Cobain ,Jim Morrison, Freddie Mercury,John Lennon, Joey Ramone, Bradley Nowell , and now Scott Weiland, why is it always the frontmen😩💔
Found out my friend Brad was named after Bradley Nowell
I wish Bradley Nowell was still alive so I could go to a sublime concert
19 yr old Kyle Snyder will be wrestling for a world title tonight.2 quote Bradley Nowell "Can't fight against the youth..."
& it's never gonna be the same with out Bradley Nowell.
I wish Bradley Nowell was still alive...
The full Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends album is so lovely 🌞
RIP Bradley Nowell man... always has been one of the few artists i wish i could bring back :(
"Drinking alone with Bradley Nowell and Anthony Kiedis". Could I sound any more like a brooding teenager?
lets get a drink! I've been drinking alone with Bradley Nowell and Anthony Kiedis
Who is Ruben's favorite guitarist? Trick question: it's a tie between Jimmy Hendrix and Bradley Nowell.
Bradley nowell acoustics, punky sublime, everything in between
So what Bradley Nowell and Sublime were trying to say was that they smoke joints all day long.
I'm still mad that Bradley Nowell died
the acoustic versions by Bradley Nowell are still undefeated tho
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"I don't wanna leave my bed today" -Bradley Nowell. It is too *** hot for life rn. Jealous of people with online classes
When Bradley Nowell passed, the rhythm section of Sublime formed a ten member tribute to Brad known as the Long...
Constantly think about how big of a loss Amy Winehouse and Bradley Nowell from Sublime were. Vocally so big and so young when they passed
I love Bradley Nowell's music but I wouldn't hire him to run the country.
I miss Bradley Nowell and old school Sublime 💔
Happy 47th birthday to the late Bradley Nowell
Sublime with Rome isn't... actually that bad, though they still don't hold a candle to the original. Rest in piece, Bradley Nowell
that's why u call Bradley Nowell daddy
"You can drop the needle anywhere on that side & it'll be hittin" Bradley Nowell
indeed. Bradley Nowell reminds me of him. Not sure why
man i forgot how much i loved listening to sublime r.i.p Bradley Nowell they dont make artist like you anymore he was such a dope writer
Sure that's cool, but how about Sublime with Bradley Nowell. Like, 2.5x better.
Tomorrow at tributes to + Will Bradley channels Brad Nowell spectacularly!
"We can bomb the world into pieces. but we can't bomb it into peace!". ~ Michael Franti
Heard this on the way in. I even had the t-shirt with Bradley Nowell's tattooed back on the back.
Bradley Nowell's different ranges of singing makes me cry lmao
"I'm drunk by noon, but that's ok cause I'll be president someday." -- Bradley Nowell
Bradley Nowell died in 96'. It's sublime with Rome, not sublime anymore people.
Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jason Molina, Bradley Nowell, Jim Morrison, Biggie Smalls.the list goes on, but just listen to their music
Who wins in a fight between Shannon Hoon, Michael Hutchence and Bradley Nowell?
My top 5 favorite rock musicians of all time. 1. Jimmy Page. 2. Robert Plant. 3. Bradley Nowell. 4. Jimi Hendrix. 5. Dave Grohl
Bradley Nowell's son doing Romeo at 9:00. *** that's a trip.
I'm listening to Rivers Of Babylon (Acoustic) by Sublime on
Bring back the following people. Dad. Bradley Nowell. David Jackson (miss u). Logan Whitehurst . Heath ledger. Craigslist Killer
Why are the idols in my life Hunter Thompson Bradley Nowell, and Kurt Cobain with maybe a distance Jim Morrison
if I could bring one person back from the dead it would be Bradley Nowell
In loving memory of Bradley Nowell..RIP thankful always for the opportunity you gave us ocean beach kids! We miss … h…
I'm honestly in love w/ my Kurt Cobain and bradley nowell day of the dead paintings
It's such a shame that Bradley Nowell's talent was wasted on a stupid drug addiction. Sublime was 👌👌
Bradley Nowell of Sublime died in SF in 1996. Before Google, before iPhones, before gentrification. What would he think of all this?
Fans of 90s ska-punks will enjoy this mind-boggling fan art dedicated to the band
Sublime and Bradley Nowell fan art is incredible
If bradley nowell was still around, man. Smh. Rip sweetie.
Bradley Nowell and back roads raised me
If Bradley Nowell were still alive today, I think they are Dave Matthews Band level of popular
False. If Bradley Nowell remained alive they would have been generally accepted as one of best bands of all time
jk. I miss you like you miss Bradley Nowell
Bradley Nowell is such a unique singer
I have a new found love for Pisces because Bradley Nowell and Kurt Cobain
Photo: 90s-rock-tracks: Today in Music - May 25th, 1996 Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell passes away at the...
seriously. I shall be the next Bradley Nowell/Jim Morrison/ John Bonham.
you can't, Bradley Nowell makes everyone happy
I wish Bradley nowell was still alive so I could see sublime alive 😪
Imagine if Kurt Cobain, Bradley Nowell, and biggie never died.
Bradley Nowell left us on this day 19 years ago. We miss you Brad and you live forever through the music.
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"But we will survive in this world of competition, shooting guns and our ammunition." -Bradley Nowell, 1992
Bradley Nowell was the genius of the band
Bradley Nowell is my spirit animal ❤💀
The goal is to be dead by 28, Bradley Nowell style
Wish I could roll my tongue like Bradley Nowell
he's in Cuba kicking it with Bigfoot and Bradley Nowell
"A mind is a precious thing to taste." -Bradley Nowell
Today is Bradley Nowell, who overdosed in 1996 just months ahead of the release of an album then eerily titled Killin It. RIP.
I wish Bradley Nowell was still alive so the world can have that Chance the Rapper/Sublime collab it truly deserves.
"I swim, but I wish I never learned. The water's too polluted with germs" -Bradley Nowell
Honestly would sell my soul to meet Bradley nowell
I'm sorry Rome, but you are no where near as good as Bradley Nowell.
What would you name your next/first pet? — Bradley James Nowell. Your awesome if you know who he is(:
What's the status on the Kurt Cobain biopic? Do you think we could get one for Bradley Nowell of Sublime too?
thanks Jordan! I have massive respect for you because you are of the few who actually know who Bradley Nowell is 🌞
sublime has probably been one of my favorite bands since I was about 3, I have an obsession w Bradley Nowell and Lou dog
Why would you even try to replace Bradley Nowell???
it feels nice knowing my birthday is cuddled between Kurt Cobain's & Bradley Nowell's birthdays.
Man I wish Bradley Nowell was still alive
Don't do heroin just remember Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, and Bradley Nowell. All died with heroin involved. Don't do drugs.
Daddy was deeply bothered that not many humans he was associating with were familiar with the name Bradley Nowell
Bradley Nowell died two days before I was born
God *** I wish Bradley Nowell was still around
I want to be like Bradley Nowell if he didn't do ron
Yall don't even know the real Bradley Nowell 😂
Man why can't Bradley Nowell still be alive.
10 things you didn't know about Mr. Bradley Nowell
Bradley Nowell taught me that lovin' is all I got.
"Santeria" kind of sums up what's so magical about this album. Bradley Nowell's vocals were the heart of the band, but attitude was there.
Bradley nowell over Kurt Cobain all day
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I got a dalmatian and I can still get high & I can play the guitar like a mthrfkn riot. -Bradley Nowell
In the words of the late great Bradley Nowell "I don't feel no pain. I don't have no time, to listen to conflicting points of view."
melanie can't get over the fact that Bradley Nowell is dead even though he died before she was born
Bradley Nowell is black , im jacking it.
Bradley Nowell never fails to put me in a good mood 😜
If people like bradley nowell were alive still, the crrativity in music would actually be creative still.
sad that Bradley James Nowell isn't here anymore ),:
When ur friends don't appreciate Bradley Nowell :'(
'Total hate' with Bradley nowell. Greatest live no doubt performance of ALL TIME
I think about almost everyday how much amazing music we missed out on because Bradley nowell died so early
I think we should start rioting on Bradley Nowell's birthday in his memory.
Every time I listen to Date Rape, Bradley Nowell's voice reminds me of
Justin bieber and nash grier for bradley nowell and paul walker
Bradley Nowell truly is greatness on the mic & the guitar...
Bradley Nowell is one of the greatest musicians oat
solo para quien lo entiende, punk and surf in california... FOREVER MISSED BRADLEY NOWELL
sublime. Cant go wrong with some Bradley Nowell in your life.
I always wonder what Bradley Nowell would think of today's bands who were inspired by him/Sublime but those bands actually really suck.
Bradley Nowell made sweet love to his guitar
Bradley Nowell had SUCH an amazing voice. so *** sexy. forever my fav❤
Bradley Nowell's voice was one of a kind... ***
lul, Bradley Nowell from Sublime. those were Sublime lyrics
If someone ever got me a 'Robbin the Hood' album signed by Bradley Nowell, I'd marry them on the spot.
I know it happened when I was only one year old, but i still get sad every time I think about the fact that Bradley Nowell is dead
Bradley Nowell is forever man crush. 😄💕
Happy bday to the guy who kept me alive w/o your music idk where Id be Happy 47 bday Bradley James Nowell I miss you h…
It's days like this where I wish I could go see Bradley Nowell in concert
If only Bradley nowell was still alive:-(
Another morning sad about Bradley Nowell not being here
Hey While you're Not any Bradley Nowell or anything Fancy, Your Music cheerz me up, Now I Must Wash Dishez.
Whenever I hear Tuscaloosa I have to say it in Bradley Nowell's voice
Bradley Nowell is my idol, just without most of the drugs🌞
Thank you to The Pier for their thoughtful piece on Bradley's 47th!! Keeping the scene together and thriving!!...
It's the same question it's always been; the rest silly. Bradley Nowell put it best "Roots of creation, I am living in a boring nation."
I feel like when Bradley Nowell passed before his time, so much music still to be created died along with him...
The fact that Bradley Nowell starts out Caress Me Down with "Mucho gusto me llamo Bradley. I'm hornier than Ron Jeremy" just…
*** Bradley Nowell why'd you have to die
If Heisenberg and Jesse had a man child mixed with roots from Hunter Thompson Bradley nowell and Peter tosh .
Of all to go to soon, Bradley Nowell is one I wish could have stuck around...the world could have used some more of his music 🌞
I would have Bradley Nowell's babies tbh
Bradley Nowell lead singer from Sublime passed away on my birthday. May 25, 1996.
In Long Beach, California. Stomping grounds of the great Bradley Nowell!
Music wouldn't be the same if Bradley Nowell or Kurt Cobain was still here.
"An angry dog is a hungry dog and a hungry dog is an angry dog"-Bradley Nowell
Sand and bradley nowell's voice all i need in life
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Bradley nowell dog. the dog part is for Louie dog :)
I named my dog after Bradley nowell, so that should show how much I love them
Bradley Nowell was the definition of OG
Bradley Nowell will forever be a babe
Bradley Nowell never got his lovin'?. She stole the Stairway to Heaven?
Sublime will never be the same without Bradley Nowell, but Rome does a *** good job of filling his spot.
Ghost of Bradley Nowell, thank you for getting me through this morning.
sometimes i think of the girl in HS who discovered SUBLIME yrs after bradley nowell's death and was JUST DEVASTATED and i LOL.
Wow I just peeped that Bradley Nowell birthday 2 days after mines
Bradley Nowell from Sublime is one of my favorite singers
i still get sad that Bradley Nowell passed before i was even born.
Amazing article from '97 shortly after Sublime frontman Brad Nowell overdosed
Craving for Bradley Nowell, I'm sorry I'll put you in my appetite option tomorrow.
father, dad, when will U get your yearbooks down for me I need to look at teenage Bradley nowell asap
You can't recreate Sublime w o a Bradley Nowell, because he poured absolute truth and honesty into all of his music.
Heroin killed Bradley Nowell. How entitled/arrogant do you have to be to think it won't kill you.
"Sublime is like my favorite band ever!". Name the band members then. "Bra-". Other than Bradley Nowell. "😐"
Rome isn't great. He will never replace Bradley Nowell.
Gwen Stefani and Bradley Nowell could have been the best musical couple in history
sublime isn't the same though without Bradley Nowell
In the words of the late Bradley Nowell: "I love my dog" - Chase (Utley)
I'm a mix of Jim Morrison with Bradley Nowell reincarnated
I would like to announce that Bradley Nowell is alive and well and you can see him around Buffalo, New York. Ask for his hair, could you?
What our Tumblr ENTs are Doing. Follow for more @
i hope my dad got a yearbook for his senior year, im kinda down to see a Bradley nowell yearbook photo
Pool Shark 💉 // Bradley Nowell wrote this song about his heroin addiction
I wish Bradley Nowell didn't O.D and Sublime still toured
Bradley Nowell wasn't just amped because of his guitar, am I right?
It depresses me that I'll never get to see Bradley Nowell perform.
It's crazy to think that bradley nowell has been dead for almost 20 years.
R.I.P Bradley Nowell and Kurt Cobain - You changed music forever. You guys have made my life so much better.
Because who tf doesn't love Bradley Nowell
I want to draw Bradley nowell for my art piece but no one will know who he is
Nobody this day and age has a voice like Kurt Cobain or Bradley Nowell.
Shannon Hoon, Bradley Nowell, Andy Wood, they all seem so similar in personality and in their demons that it's...
If there's any concert I could go back in time and see it might be Sublime when Bradley Nowell was in his prime
Has anyone seen this man I'm pictured with? It's been too long! . I wanted to be Bradley Nowell so…
Kinda wanna get a Dalmatian like Bradley Nowell from Sublime 🌞
John Phillips Manager of Sublime Discusses the final hours of Bradley Nowell
I should say it's a shame Bradley Nowell OD'd back in 96'
Bradley Nowell keeps convincing me that heroine and reggae is like peanut butter and heroine
Bradley Nowell and friends acustico es Increible! SUBLIME
Seriously, if Shenron were real, I'd ask him to resurrect Bradley Nowell for me. That's my one true wish in bring him back.
. Smart. Burn out not fade away. Like Heath ledger, Jim Morrison, Bradley Nowell and Elizabeth Hurley
I wish Bradley Nowell was still with us I can just imagine how manys hits he'd have right now with Sublime
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Sublime is such an amazing band it's just too bad that Bradley Nowell died before he saw his band get recognized..
The best part of Footloose is the end
just one day they come in the studio and Gerry's possessed with Bradley Nowell's spirit and bam
*** that Bradley Nowell isnt alive performing for a generation raised on his music. I remember listening to Sublime with my dad at age 7.
Alright like give me a break.. This ain't my week
This song has such a powerful message it's a shame that Bradley Nowell passed away
if you misspell Bradley Nowell's name he becomes Bradley Knowles, Beyonce's older, whiter brother.
I wish that I was old enough to see Bradley Nowell live before he died
Slightly Stoopid is probably the only band that could ever somewhat compare to Sublime, and that's cause Bradley Nowell discovered them lol
Good music is good music, and that should be enough for anybody. - Bradley Nowell
Bradley Nowell is seriously so underrated as a musician
Bradley Nowell why'd you have die. I miss your music!
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