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Bradley Manning

Bradley Edward Manning (born December 17, 1987) is a United States Army soldier who was arrested in May 2010 in Iraq on suspicion of having passed classified material to the whistleblower website, WikiLeaks.

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Statement from on the removal of Section 11 and 12 from HB500.
I added a video to a playlist The Truth About Bradley Manning
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did u see he had conversations with Bradley Manning/ Chelsea very weird.
Anything is possible! Bradley Manning is free next month. Right??
No they wanted to get him into somewhere like they put Bradley Manning. Guantanamo springs to…
Yes, yes, yes! Bradley Manning has travelled to Africa in an attempt adopt
Bradley Manning was in the Military and I bet he wore a tiara. Might be o…
Drinking an a tiny beautiful something by @ The Country Estate —
to help keep my country safe and secure! I'm not Bradley Manning or Edward I've NEVER released secret, confidential information!
Additionally, Bradley Manning is 1 singular example amongst millions of transgendered…
Bradley Manning is a MTF transsexual. It is hateful and disrespectful for you to ignor…
Bradley Manning for instance is a he not a she
it must be hard to fight a war when the face of the US military is a transgender like Bradley Manning eh ?
Real estate mogul Bradley Manning has surprised researchers by making using 'tools' to reach
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Atta boy! Keep your stubble covered chin up, son! Just don't commit any crimes, bc the cops will be looking for Bradley Manning.
Daniel Ellsberg: I was Bradley Manning. Two whistleblowers, two wars, on... via
Longer than that, how long ago did Bradley Manning go to jail?
Biggest regret in life: when Bradley Manning got a sex change, I never thought to say that he was "Making the breast of a Brad situation"
When is Assange turning himself in to authorities as he promised he would do if Pres Obama pardoned Bradley Manning? WHEN?
In fact, she developed a personal friendship with Assange. She had planned this leak all along.…
Chat logs show Manning describe events leading to her eventual role in the DIA.
bradley manning is a Tranny now too?
If u think Rachel Dolezal is crazy for saying she was born black, but think Bruce Jenner, Bradley Manning etc are women, u are the crazy one
A United States that tortures journalists' sources is beneath our national dignity. Let us make amends.
My brain is shaking: Bradley Manning has three dustmite over
Bradley Manning has changed the world for the better. He has exposed torturers and war crimes to the world.
John Pilger: The courage of Bradley will inspire others to seize their moment of truth
This Day in (9 Mar): The dangers of suppressing leaks; Lack of MSM coverage of Bradley case
Help Bradley Manning has broken the sound barrier after launching from the Declaration of Independence.
Update your maps at Navteq
Remember when the DNC loved Wikileaks and Bradley Manning? Oh right, Bradley Manning isn't a Russian operative, or is he?
News tomorrow: Bradley has been disciplined for describing Aquaman as 'worse than Jade Goody'.
Yummm. Is that your new favorite by them?
Seems to me they should let the guy put in his time and retire. If we're paying for Bradley Manning, this is no big deal.
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US government ordered to release reports on WikiLeaks; State, CIA to fight to keep them secret | Telegraph
I just find it hard to believe the agency that gave us Bradley Manning and exposed…
Apparently this dude wants to compete with Bo Berghdahl, Nidal Hassan, and Bradley Manning for biggest army...
1st sentence of above article "An Army judge on Tuesday acquitted Pfc. Bradley Manning of aiding the enemy"
Waleed Aly interviewing Julian Assange about Bradley Manning is the turducken of Q&A's favourite fantasy guests.
Just reported: Bradley Manning lost his health insurance b/c of his DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE. So now he has to pay for hi…
Ok to call men like Bruce Jenner & Bradley Manning women, but you freak at Mrs.? Libs are silly.
Bradley Manning could have been sentenced to Death for Treason. Now he/she goes scott free because of Barack Hussein O…
If Wikileaks undermined the Clinton Campaign and Bradley Manning helped Wikileaks. Did Obama just stick it to Hillary?
Why are we talking about Bradley Manning like he's some hero? Wikileaks undermined the Clinton Election more than Russians...
Bradley Manning is still a traitor. And he’s also still a man.
One move that may solidify the military is freeing Bradley Manning. Sad, sad day for the intelligence community and armed forces
Bradley Manning is the poster boy for why *** were and should always be barred from military and intelligence servic…
Jim, his DNA says he is Bradley. He's Bradley Manning. His mother gave birth to a baby boy. He doesn't get to chang…
Julian Assange offered to turn himself in but he wanted Bradley Manning pardoned by Barack Hussein Obama. The...
Bradley Manning is right where he belongs. Though the folks who gave a private access to such intel need punishing too.
But coercing Bradley Manning into divulging secret info is 👌.
Andrew Breitbart. Seth Rich. Julian Assange. John Jones. Bradley Manning, and others...your sacrifice is not in vain. Thank you for # Trump
Colin Kaepernick has 286 passing yards in the 1st half. That's the 2nd-most in a half this season (Eli Manning, 296 vs R…
Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified info. Hillary gets off scot-free.
You liberals certainly didn't have any qualms with veracity when they published Bradley Manning info
Chelsea Manning survives another suicide attempt. Bradley OK too.
My Set and Costume Design for 'The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning' at The Playhouse Studio,…
having your maid print out classified information is a crime. No different than Bradley manning. It's in the same space.
Eli Manning is 35-12 in his career in October, but 17-28 in his career in November. He’s lost 9 of his last 10 November…
There are many more whistle-blowers but these three stands out. Snowden, Assange and Chelsea (Bradley) Manning. For…
We all been tricked by globalists since the beginning of the 90's. Why Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, Assange and Snowden "lives" as they do.
Big up , a brave and inspiring performance of The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning. Smashed it.
Collateral 'dommage,' doin' time for Wikileaks espionage. Recall what Bradley leaked.
Statement by Julian Assange on Verdict in Bradley Manning Court-Martial via
Bradley Manning is a criminal and a traitor and should stay in jail. Hillary also a criminal and should be in jail…
She did get Bradley Manning to trans with her daughter's name. No small ac…
Not to forget thanks to poor Bradley Manning.
Bradley Manning tries to off himself again in second suicide attempt
I'm very interested in soldier recovery projects and in Bradley Manning'...
I wrote about Chelsea Manning's suffering back when she was Bradley The Trials of Bradley Manning via
First Bradley Manning commited treason and is directky responsible for the deaths of US Soldiers and allies.
Bradley Manning is lucky he wasn't convicted of aiding the enemy and executed. He belongs in jail.
So proud of (as always ) and all involved in Bradley Manning. Great show. Many Congratulations
Bradley Manning should kill himself. he would be doing society a favor. He's helped wikileaks try to rig an election.
Yes the Racist Homosexuals like Bradley Manning & and them are clogs in the machine you're correct.…
xychelsea is Chelsea (Bradley) Manning. Who just has made a second suicide attempt in solitary confinement.
What kind of mind games Gov done to Bradley Manning? Chelsea tried suicide twice in Oct. Psychological torture over time (cont)
Last two shows of The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning tonight!
Must be some effective brainwashing in Guantanamo if they were able to convince Bradley Manning that he was, in fact, a woman.
I liked a video from Bradley Manning Leaked Video Clip - (Graphic)
Bradley Manning is not a woman. You do a great disservice to mental illness by playing along with…
enjoyed "The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning" and participating in the discussion afterwards...Bravo!
Oh? Bradley Manning failed again at attempted suicide? No worries Brad, Hillary will keep you company very soon!
Thank you for another truly inspiring night in the theatre with The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning. Pleas…
Great evening at Radicalisation of Bradley Manning. Well done team and !
Choose? Will you punish Bradley Manning for telling the Truth while Supporting Free Madoff campaign? Help Law or Help Crime?
?Free Speech?. Help support Julian Assange and Bradley Manning (who share the mission to shine light on the crimes...
Examples of liberals in the US military:. Bowe Bergdahl . Bradley Manning . Nidal Hasan . Benedict Arnold . John Kerry
By The Rundown Live Alex Jones talks with pastor Bradley Manning and former Clinton insider Larry Nichols about...
Alex Jones talks with Bradley Manning and Larry Nichols about the fallout of FBI findings on the illegal server.
I added a video to a playlist The Struggle for Bradley Manning| Interview with Kevin Gosztola
Report: Peyton Manning to acknowledge he's retiring
Peyton Manning will retire and ride off into the sunset. Latest column:
Chelsea Manning sentence = 35 years not life. will be up for parole in 2020 at age 33.
News tomorrow: Bradley Manning has announced he will delay a of gerbils in protests by Tokyo City Council.
Bradley Manning and me: why I cannot regret turning in the WikiLeaks suspect | Adrian Lamo
Over 1,000 days without a trial: Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, and the culture of secrecy via
Bradley Manning pleaded not guilty to aiding the enemy. Aiding the public is not aiding the enemy.
Bradley Manning: the face of heroism // admits today to being the source of WikiLeaks leaks
Bradley Manning tried to go to the New York Times, Washington Post, and Politico before turning to WikiLeaks
Bradley Manning testimony: 'These cables were the perfect example of a need for more open state diplomacy'
Imagine how ignorant we'd be of world events if not for the heroic humanitarian act (allegedly) performed by Bradley
Bradley Manning tried going to NY Times, Washington Post, Politico before turning to WikiLeaks:
FULL STORY: Bradley admits to leaking 'the most significant documents of our time’
Pssst! what? Bradley Manning has apologised projectile vomiting Religious Education!
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The Passion of Bradley Manning: The Story of the Suspect Behind the Largest Secu
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The media hasn't been free since 9/11,Bradley Manning,Ed Snowden and Julian Assange..Murdoch is the reason
Torture that the Obama Adminstration has unabashedly used for their rabid retribution
because I made it when Private Manning was named Bradley and I can't be arsed updating it.
Apps won the 2nd half. Hopefully that's what we all will remember.
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to be honest, surprised by those odds. App had control of the game most of the way last time
It starts here! Cast list is out for our June show The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning. .
They've done a great job balancing the flavors. Really intense for a lig... (Good Morning Vietnam)
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The one is trying to sell you or the one who thought torture was just treatment?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Should Edward Snowden be running for President... how about Bradley---err Chelsea Manning?
I added a video to a playlist [44] Election Hangover with Rocky Anderson, Bradley Manning, MSNBC:
Someone should have told Bonner that's it's ok to turn off the weather dome before he went to bed
It's Bradley/Chelsea Manning and he or she wants to eat me .-->
Eating me. You sound like a *** liberal . Bradley Manning is that you?.
As of today Bradley Manning must be squelched. . It is cheaper. You can't have the upper atmosphere to block.
Or if you point out that Bradley Manning and Bruce Jenner are men.
.Hillary Clinton would be cell mate with Bradley Manning if US citizens were equal...
The number of TD Peyton Manning has thrown in Denver this season... . 👀
I literally watched this game in its entirety yesterday. Best Brady vs Manning game ever & not just because IND won. https:/…
USA put their own spy Bradley/Chelsea Manning in prison for 35 years. He revealed the US crimes in Iraq War that led to ISIS.
Bradley Dack has been attracting bids in excess of £1 million, but should sell him? https:/…
From the Archives:: Bradley Manning's gender confusion made him commit espionage - And there are...
The news of Bradley Manning's sentencing is devastating. If our own can't speak up about injustice who will? How will we ever move forward?
I'm riding out 2016 at work in Cary. Hope to be home ITB soon.
and what about Cpl Bradley Manning. he is a hero..
Pacquiao, Bradley likened to NFL stars Manning, Brady -cnnphilippines
Fighters Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley were likened to NFL superstars by Teddy Atlas
With this revelation, why isn't Fed Marshal arresting her. No doubt now. Hilary & Bradley Manning can share a cell.
Teddy Atlas compares to Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady. Bradley says Freddie Roach is "no Belichick."
Teddy Atlas referring to this being a Super Bowl. With Pac as Peyton Manning and Bradley as Tom Brady. "I'm picking Brady" says Atlas.
Atlas compared the fighters to Manning and Brady. He's picking Brady (or Bradley)
Teddy Atlas on "These fighters are Peyton Manning and Brady. They’ve been to a lot of Super Bowls."
Teddy Atlas: "These fighters (Bradley and Pacquiao) are Peyton Manning and (Tom) Brady. They have proven over time to be the best."
After nearly three years, we finally get to hear the sound of Bradley Manning's voice. Here's the audio of his...
I was just introduced to art! He is an Infinite Winter participant.
Write a letter to Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning), one of the main leakers of WikiLeaks.
I hope he sets a few more against Manning and the
CRIMINAL FELON, the DOJ and the Army needs to apologize to General Peteraus, Bradley Manning, Ed Snowden and others.
Then you are the Peyton Manning of this discussion. WOW.
Kevin Gosztola's Interview on Bradley Manning's Trial for 'Democracy Now!' from
REMINDER: @ trial 2013 ' times it appeared prosecutors were putting on trial' http…
Well, given that the Feds are paying for Bradley (Chelsea) Manning's sex change, I'd guess probably so..
Broncos fans, Bradley Roby won the game for you yesterday. Quit praising Manning for the victory. He made 2 big throws, that's it.
Tom Bradley vs Oldasdirt Manning . who y'all taking??
you mean it was Bradley Manning.nevermind.
Tom Brady, it is your time to go to the Super Bowl, shut them all up and end Peyton Manning’s career once and for all
I always get Brady/Manning and Bradley Manning confused.
Denver defense makes the play Manning and the offense needed it to make. Bradley Roby forces the Toussaint...
With, of course, the odd Bradley Manning and Nidal Hasan.
Col James Steele, a name that belongs in any serious discussion of IS brutality. (Bradley Manning tried to tell you).
Ed Snowden was given courage by Bradley Manning. Manning was motivated by Daniel Ellsberg. Courage is contagious.
Ed, on the case of Bradley Manning how do things stand following Blair's apology and Clinton;s emails?
Bradley Chelsea Manning uploaded the data onto the wikileaks platform. assange merely created the website.
offered to come home and face music, but not treasonous Bradley Manning music. 2 heroes. 2 pardons. Done.
does anyone ever give a thought about Bradley manning, or does that have to be on mainstream news for him not to be forgotten?
I'm not saying it's still going on. It was going on for about a year. get the Bradley Manning torture treatment.
that's when you vote for either Micky mouse or Bradley Manning ;)
my money's on a pardon. And Bradley Manning. (Not her name)
So what do they think about Bradley Manning?.
Anyone who think Snowden would've been protected as a whistle-blower is crazy. Just ask Bradley Manning
Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea (Bradley) Manning. . “The statue pays homage to three who said no to...
Working on my Black Ops vertical. 13-15 (at in Raleigh, NC)
Congrats to former student-athlete & asst coach on being named interim HC! ht…
God dammit. I haven't seen anything like that from him, other than calling Bradley Manning by his delusional female name
. As SecOfState much of her e-mails ARE Classified... just ask Bradley Manning
I'm over this whole saga that is/was Bradley Manning. Lock him up for 35 years. No parole, no more news coverage.
If Assange leaves, he will be Bradley Manning's next door neighbor.
(Bradley) Manning, Edward did their duty, paid the price. Thank you!
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Peyton Manning playing with the kids 😂.
he needs to go full whistleblower and change gender, he and Bradley Manning can do each other hair in Gitmo (cc )
that's like saying the U.S. Army is responsible for Bradley Manning or Bowe Bergdahl. Lunacy.
.Free Bradley Manning, too. Maybe a swap, since they're both "spies."
Props to Will for manning up to his mistakes, learn from it & come back stronger. Everyone can't wait to see you on the fiel…
my problem is him (despite all his corporate shilling, his TFA connexion, his Bradley Manning crap etc) could-opting BLM.
It's funny watching the fascists actually expose themselves even more for going after Assange for the Bradley Manning Wikileaks vid.
This is why Bradley Manning, Wikileaks etc. are important. . Our leaders want the truth to be buried in 'security'.!
A VPN won’t change the fact that Bradley Manning is locked up
Eli Manning broke Phil Simms' franchise record for completions in a game (41) with his game-winning TD pass.
WOW!!! Eli Manning finds Larry Donnell who makes an incredible catch in the end zone for the go-ahead TD with 21 seconds …
On the official Manning ranking, that throw was somewhere between Cooper and Bradley.
Compared to Bradley Manning, Ed Snowden, and the OPM hack, Obama thinks that Hillary's illegal server is no big deal
This is one of the first things Bradley Manning leaked to Wikileaks to expose the truth:
Brandon weeden is about as mobile as Peyton manning and he's almost 40😶
THIRD. STRAIGHT. GAME. Charles Woodson gets that first career interception of Peyton Manning!
roster shuffles: Bradley, Dempsey out; Shea, Diskerud in.
Why didn't they do that with Bradley Manning then?
Chelsea Manning is serving 35 years—not life—in prison & will be up for parole in 2020.
Life in Jail would be humane, I know plenty of Service Members who'd want him dead. Same with Bradley Manning.
A couple of things I wrote about coming out, bravery, victimhood
Black President Obama put white Bradley Manning in jail. Don't think whites get special treatment in America cus its a lie!
Michael Bradley and Geoff Cameron combine to get the USA right back in it against Mexico! Watch:
I agree. The man should share a cell with Bradley Manning.
He's still got it!. At Ole Miss today, Archie Manning caught a ball being tossed around the crowd (via
looks like our nations little traitor Bradley Manning is looking for special treatment. Do not reward a traitor.
put him in a cell with Bradley Manning
Bradley Manning isn't a teller of truth.I must have missed his deep affection for Mises and Friedman.He is a confused malcontent
Most laws are unjust.I don't want people like Bradley Manning (a traitor) using that as a reason. I think Snowden is a hero btw
free Bradley Manning. Stop police racism against blacks, let Snowden come back.
Don't believe in the lies of Green Card holder to me she is Bradley Manning or Edward Snowfall
Zeynep Tüfekçi you are an *** and an intruder.You are something like Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning to me.
I wonder why? Bradley Manning has scrapped all pacts with Nigeria, following the destruction of t-shirt belonging to h...
They,ll give you the same deal they gave Bradley Manning, Ed. Better just pour yourself a Stoli and work on you
Hoax? Bradley Manning has, this year, asked Santa Claus for software.
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