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Brad Stevens

Brad Stevens (born October 22, 1976) is an American college basketball coach and former player.

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Be great at the things that take no talent - Brad Stevens
Micah Shrewsbury seems too nice to be an NBA head coach, and I say that as a Brad Stevens fan
Celtics coach Brad Stevens on the Brooklyn Nets: "I think they play the game the right way and I think they're a pain to play against."
Replacing Obama with Trump is the NBA equivalent of the Celtics firing Brad Stevens so that Bill Simmons could coach.
In today's Minute, head coach Brad Stevens explains why he isn't overly concerned that G Isaiah Thomas...
Lakers performing like the Celtics when they got Brad Stevens... Younger players relate and work better around younger coach
Hoosier Hoops fans wont be happy until Brad Stevens is the coach
Brad Stevens the Second best coach in the league
Brad Stevens is a bad coach from what I've been told
Brad Stevens is the only coach that knows how to use Evan Turner
"When you coach somebody you get a lot more out of coaching them then they do from you" Brad Stevens
“How good can we expect to be if our best player is not our best teammate." ~ Brad Stevens
The Boston Celtics might have to consider forcing coach Brad Stevens to wear a tie more often this season.
I honestly have no idea why Brad Stevens let's Marcus Smart jack those terrible 3s up time and again? He's not a good shooter.
David Fizdale is a better coach than Brad Stevens
Brad Stevens and Jae Crowder discuss Minnesota's new look under new head coach Tom Thibodeau.
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Al Horford and Jae Crowder are both in the starting lineup tonight, says Brad Stevens
Brad Stevens says Anthony Davis was the "most impactful player I have ever seen" in the NCAA tournament back during their…
Brad Stevens: "The bench really got us going defensively. James' activity and Terry's activity were definitely noticeable."
Brad Stevens has singled out Kelly Olynyk's "defensive understanding." I think he might do the same later tonight regarding James Young.
Brad Stevens waving the white flag in the 2nd quarter by having Terry Rozier and James Young on the floor at the same time
Update on this: I'm told J.R. Smith eagled the 18th, a 600-yard par 5, to beat Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens
A great reminder to love a little more each day: Brad Stevens is a special guy.
Brad Stevens: "What’s most disappointing to me is the lack of physicality. That’s on me. I’ve got to play the guys that are mo…
coach Brad Stevens: Jae Crowder doing a lot better. Won't be ready next game or two, but close after that.
Jaylen Brown's favorite Brad Stevens quote is about the finer details: "Small hinges swing big doors."
Brad Stevens pissing off all of America.
Brad Stevens: Avery Bradley said he was very sore today, been that way since start of camp. ... Anticipates playing tomorrow.
Thank you, PCA is not everyone gets a trophy! PCA is Jerry York, Tommy Amaker, Katey Stone & Brad Stevens ...…
I don't normally do this BUT you need to contact this man about hoops. The next Brad Stevens is there for you.
Brett Brown is a untenable situation that I feel Brad Stevens would thrive in. Does that make sense?
Brad Stevens is 39 years and is the 6th longest tenured coach in the NBA?! That is absolutely nuts.
Brad Stevens, Marcus Smart, Al Horford salute David Ortiz for his legendary career:
With his burst (Brad Stevens buzz word!) and new-found shooting off the dribble, he’ll have so much more opened up for him.
know a great performance when they see one. Jae Crowder & Brad Stevens watched Tom Brady yesterday:
Brad Stevens on Tom Brady: "It's unbelievable what he's able to do."
There is so much here:. 1. . 2. Olynyk bro-ing out. 3. Brad Stevens looking like he was in a hostage vi…
Tim Duncan is 40. Kevin Garnett is 40. Brad Stevens is 39. Let that sink in... ☘
What do David Ortiz​, Bill Belichick, Mookie Betts, Brad Stevens, Isaiah Thomas​, and Torey Krug​ have in common?...
coach Brad Stevens is the first one up
Brad Stevens grew up not far from Chicago. You have to think Joe Maddon is coaching for his job these playoffs.
For a great cause Friday at the URI Ryan's Center: Speakers Jim Calhoun, Dan Hurley, James Jones and Brad Stevens - https…
Jim Calhoun, Brad Stevens, Gregg Marshall, Brad Underwood, Pete Carrill — just some of the huge names speaking at Carr c…
Brad Stevens would have been had he stayed at Butler. I think you HAVE to have a GREAT college coach lead
Roy Williams looks like a dog show judge who awards "best in show" to the Scottish terrier handled by Brad Stevens.
we got 2 notifications of that Brad Stevens will be the next 2 weeks Right?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Hey nobody gets more out of guys than Brad Stevens. Just ask Jordan Crawford, Evan Turner, Isaiah Thomas, J…
Look what Brad Stevens did with Evan Turner, Jerebko, Amir, Jordan Crawford of all people! That's my argument for Beantown.
What do Jeff Goldblum, Robinson Cano, Christopher Lloyd, Brad Stevens, and myself have in common? No one knows but me
Report: owner, Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens, and Isaiah Thomas are in San Diego...strange .
Yo ever been to Cape Cod? . No? . Well you should. They got some nice beaches, Isaiah Thomas, Brad Stevens, etc.
Brad Stevens' first three years as the Celtics head coach:. 2014: 25 wins. 2015: 40 wins. 2016: 48 wins. Progress. ☘ htt…
coach Brad Stevens: Al Horford has added to mid-range to not only be an adequate 3-point shooter, but very good 3-point shooter.
coach Brad Stevens: The way Al Horford was flying around in playoffs, and put us in harm's way, happy he's on our side.
Al Horford to the C's. Brad Stevens about to win coach of the year.
Also, what sort of factor could Brad Stevens play in Westbrook's development into a standalone franchise guy? Big.
Brad Stevens on the summer of Isaiah Thomas and his All-Star recruiting efforts. realize he couldn't get along with Ray Allen, Dirk, Brad Stevens, Rick Carlisle, & George Karl.
Fact: Scott Brooks has 37 more playoff wins than Brad Stevens. . Fact: Wittman has 10 more playoff wins than Stevens.…
Brad Stevens recruiting pitch "Kevin, Billy Donovan is a joke. I beat his *** in college with a team full of white dudes"
Mike Gorman watched Larry Bird play, thinks Brad Stevens is best coach he's seen
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Celtics really want Gordon Hayward and have been pushing hard for a trade with Utah. Brad Stevens a big key. (via
The real brilliance of signing Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens to contract extensions
How good can you expect to be if your best player is not your best teammate? – Brad Stevens
Lmao Evan Turner. I wouldn't trust him at all unless Brad Stevens is his coach
Green Street » Full Court Press: How the Brad Stevens deal got done, the kids are alright with Danny Ainge
Danny Ainge on Brad Stevens: "We don't have to answer any more questions about Indiana & Butler. And Duke. And North Carolina."
president Danny Ainge on Brad Stevens extension: Now we don't have to answer anymore ?? on Butler, Indiana, North Carolina & Duke.
The Celtics just announced contract extensions for Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens
KD: "Brad Stevens is the next Greg popovich" . KD✈BOS
The Boston Celtics have extended the contracts of Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens:
Brad Stevens & Billy Donovan have created a market for college coaches in the NBA. Sean Miller's agent has got be happy.
Hibachi seating is always awkward. Helps when you can talk hoops with Brad Stevens.
Coaches, execs starting to fill in. Brad Stevens, Larry Bird, Jason Kidd, Vlade Divac. Doc Rivers and Rod Thorn.
He or Brad Stevens should have been Coach of the Year. Kerr wasn't even on the sidelines for a good portion of the season
There has been serious buzz for years that Brad Stevens has an Xbox Live account
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Brad Stevens on the Frank Vogel dismissal in Indy on (
He’s the most prepared coach in the gym in every gym he is in.” - Brad Stevens
Celtics getting Cousins, Kings are fed up with him, hopefully the magic of Brad Stevens changes that corrupt soul
imagine how good he'd be playing for Brad Stevens
You have Brad Stevens you will be the King of Boston and have your name go down as one of the greats Ortiz Brady Williams
brad stevens would add 40 lbs to him and turn KD into the GOAT defender
Brad Stevens steps into that pressure cooker in OKC he probably gets no respect or has to change his coaching style.
Brad Stevens fell to the right spot for his development as an NBA hc. Went to a young team w/ zero expectations. Got to try things.
Lol alot of NBA cats lie like *** nowadays about teams should've hired Brad Stevens. I haven't forgotten "NBA players will eat him up"
i like to think brad stevens could fix OKC but idk if there is much you can do. havin 2 super stars and 1 with a huge ego gotta be rough.
Can you imagine Brad Stevens as our coach
you don’t think Brad Stevens or Pop or carlisle would be running different stuff with this personnel? I kind of think they wud
If the Thunder hired Brad Stevens, they’d be better…. If the Thunder didn’t make X trade years ago, they’d be better…
Hindsight is always 20/20. Nobody knew Brad Stevens would turn into what he is today.
Reminder that Tim Duncan is older than Brad Stevens
Everyone knew Brad Stevens was a sure thing, because college coaches always are
I'll agree Donavan was a bad hire, Brad Stevens is a great example of a good college coach hire. I like Kevin Ollie.
Most people think the Harden trade was OKC's biggest mistake. I think it was not hiring Brad Stevens when they had the chance.
No, but Brad Stevens would have won 5 with Florida Gators players. And he'll win Durant a few championships in BOS https:/…
coach Brad Stevens joins us on the AT&T Expert hotline right now on LISTEN LIVE:
Kelvin Sampson, Larry Brown, John Calapari, Brad Stevens & of course, Bob Knight...all have connections
going back to his nets days Jason Kidd led that team not him...can't pass up Luke Walton who could be a Brad Stevens
Mark Jackson, Kevin McHale. I wish they could get Brad Stevens.
KD, Brad Stevens, IT and the young Bull M.Smart….lethal
Dan Craig could do what Brad Stevens has done so far.
The lakers need to higher Jay Wright from Nova, he would step in and help their young players develop like Brad Stevens is doing in Boston.
Brad Stevens to Danny Ainge: "Give me Buddy Hield and Kent Bazemore next year, or I walk."
Ron Adams a vet assistant. And him over the rest because he is young like Brad Stevens and learned 2 great systems.
Single digits. Now it's time for Brad Stevens to take over.
I still dont know how i feel about Luke Walton. Could be the next Brad Stevens. Could be the next Fisher, Rambis, Brian Shaw.
Should've been Walker(Walton/Kerr) but Terry Stotts, Brad Stevens, and Steve Clifford were also deserving.
Looking ahead to Game 6, Brad Stevens spells out some adjustments BOS must make if it hopes to keep its season alive
Can someone please tell me how Steve Kerr won coach of the year over Dwayne Casey, Brad Stevens or even Erik Spoelstra???
"In the Loop with Travis Williams" Hawks vs. Celtics - live post game press conference with Brad Stevens!
Now that he's gotten a haircut, I might need to change the equation to Deron Williams + Brad Stevens = VITOR.
It is so stupid how media slurps Brad Stevens, then his team plays one bad team, and same guys are like, "AMIR JOHNSON, BLARGH, BLAH!"
So we can finally move past the "Brad Stevens is a better coach than Derek Fisher" sophism, right?
Brad Stevens coaches better at home. Playing Dillinger n Olynik more than Johnson. Dumb!
Not Amir Johnson's night. Brad Stevens right back to Jared Sullinger and he responds with a quick bucket. down 7 now.
NO WAY should Casey have finished higher than Brad Stevens in the Coach Of The Year voting...
Brad Stevens coach of the year in my book. Including last season.
Dwayne Casey, Brad Stevens, forgot his name head coach of Blazers (Terry Stotts i think)
Brad Stevens, you the real Coach of the Year.
Coaches that deserved COY more than Kerr-. Terry Stotts. Steve Clifford. Brad Stevens
I know I've joked about Brad Stevens being my life coach before, but after reading that Jackie Mac piece, there's a lot…
Brad Stevens came in 6th in Coach Of The Year voting... SIXTH. *Shrugs*
How does Steve Kerr win the NBA Coach of the Year Award after missing half the season?? Brad Stevens and Greg Poppovich were more deserving!
Jackie MacMullen with a superb profile on coach Brad Stevens, the best young coach of any sport around.
Could you imagine going from Scott to Fisher? I'm so glad Brad Stevens is here.
Breaking: Butler head coach Brad Stevens has been hired as the Celtics new coach.
coach Brad Stevens: Marcus Smart just played a great game. He's had ups and downs. But on this stage you trust good things happen.
As much as I love Coach Bud, he has been out coached by Brad Stevens this entire series. It hasn't even been close.
coach Brad Stevens: Evan Turner has been a big part of our team the last 2 years. I'm glad he's here.
Brad Stevens: Light doesn't get anymore green than it does for Isaiah Thomas. Can shoot whenever he's open, or thinks he's open.
coach Brad Stevens: Isaiah Thomas is a really good player, and a really competitive guy, so I'm not surprised when he plays well.
coach Brad Stevens: it was a great environment. Both teams were competing. Sometimes when you're competing it gets personal.
coach Brad Stevens: I thought we were starting to wear down after going up (20) and Isaiah Thomas made huge play after huge play.
Someone make me a photoshop of Red Auerbach killing Brad Stevens
coach Brad Stevens subs out Evan Turner early in third. Could be sign he's going to go distance in fourth.
Brad Stevens: We're going to have to knock down shots ... (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi) ... And I believe we will.
coach Brad Stevens: effort, intensity on defense has been there all series. We just have to find a way to score.
coach Brad Stevens: sample size analytically on tonight's starting lineup (33 minutes all year) is not strong.
coach Brad Stevens: Isaiah Thomas has been doing what he's done all year to get to rim, just now there's 2-3 guys there.
Brad Stevens: Kelly Olynyk would play if he could ... Had been dealing with pain from previous injury before getting popped again.
coach Brad Stevens: Kelly Olynyk did some shooting this morning, but did not feel good in afternoon and did not do shoot around.
coach Brad Stevens: From what I've been told Kelly Olynyk will not play tonight.
Brad Stevens: "We’re going to start Turner for Smart and Jerebko for Sullinger." Starting lineup: Thomas, Turner, Crowder, Jer…
coach Brad Stevens: Jonas Jerebko gives you spacing, D. Evan Turner consistently able to attack first 2 games.
coach Brad Stevens: Don't think any struggles from Jared Sullinger due to conditioning. I have to put him in spots to succeed.
coach Brad Stevens: more concerned with 0-2 this year than 0-6 over last 2 years.
coach Brad Stevens: Avery Bradley MRI came back clean. But very unlikely to return this series.
coach Brad Stevens: Kelly Olynyk questionable at best for Friday.
Brad Stevens says Kelly Olynyk is questionable for Game 3, but hasn't talked to him yet today.
Brad Stevens says there's the "potential" for personnel changes in Game 3. Expects Rozier and Hunter both to play.
Brad Stevens and Isaiah Thomas about to address the media via conference call. Let's hope it gets off to a good start.
Brad Stevens is well above average and nobody knew him before the Cs gave him a shot. Same for Mike Malone (lesser coach tho)
Brad Stevens says Avery Bradley is "very unlikely" for the remainder of series against the Hawks with significant right…
Brad Stevens says Avery Bradley told the staff he “heard a pop.”
Brad Stevens looks like a youth pastor
Tough loss, but man I love Brad Stevens.
Brad Stevens is a magician drawing up plays
can we trade ibaka and Billy D for Avery Bradley or Jae Crowder and Brad Stevens?!? BS makes OKC a 65 win team, easy.
So, Brad Stevens just got a technical...
please ask Brad Stevens why no one follows their shots. Fundamentals hello? Also my girlfriend says stop wearing pleated pants
Listening to radio guys talking NBA coaches. "Go find the next Brad Stevens or the next Quin Snyder." Spit my drink out.
Phil: "Only people I probably know will be in the interview process." If Danny Ainge shared that philosophy Brad Stevens is…
Why coach Brad Stevens might be the NBA’s next great coach, via of
Brad Stevens, while discussing the team's preparation for Game 1, says he wants the Celtics to "play with a clear mind."
More qualified to make jump to NBA than Bilły Donovan, Brad Stevens. Knows Towns, Wiggins, Tyus very well, great teacher
Brad Stevens looks like the popular youth pastor who gets busted for banging a teenage church member when she turns up pregnant.
A young Brad Stevens was told he'd be a "head coach or an actuary" when he grew up. Says "time will tell" if he made the right choice.
Brad Stevens' credentials for Coach of the Year, and why they won't be enough to win:
I wish Brad Stevens grew on trees, Darren, because I want one.
as for Brad Stevens ...HYFR! ..BUT ..hard to argue against a team who is only the second team to reach the 70 win mark.
Brad Stevens looks like my uncle Jeff
Steve Kerr walked onto a team which was fresh off 2 deep consecutive playoff appearances... He's no Brad Stevens or Pop
Who ever votes for Steve Kerr should be banned from the NBA. He only coached half the season! Steve Clifford, Terry Stots, or Brad Stevens!
Phoenix Suns GM Ryan McDonough was the first to go after Brad Stevens.
Brad Stevens and Terry Stotts need to be co-Coaches of the Year. Steve Clifford being right behind them
Because for every Brad Stevens there is also a Rick Pitino and a John Calipari that couldn't cut it in the NBA.
Brad Stevens is a top 3 coach in the league. I say only behind Pop and Steve Kerr
Top 3 coaches in the NBA today. Gregg Popovich. Rick Carlisle. Brad Stevens
Brad Stevens's first win at Staples Center, no? Where else has he yet to win? AT&T Center? Air Canada Centre?
Steve Robinson, ( Brad Stevens it would take a lot to get him) safe hire would be Hubert Davis
Evan Turner and Isaiah Thomas, such a steal for I guess you can put Brad Stevens as a steal too
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Apparently while I was blacked out last night the made some noise out in Golden State. Watch out for Brad Stevens & Isaiah Thomas.
If you were starting a basketball team, how many coaches would you hire ahead of Brad Stevens? Factoring in age, answer mig…
Brad Stevens is a defensive mastermind
Thomas layup from side court in bounds after time out to go up 3 late in game spoke volumes about Brad Stevens
Huge fan of Brad Stevens...but he gets too much credit, IMO. Isaiah Thomas doesn't get enough. Players play.
Brad Stevens is a genius. Just ran the “Isaiah Thomas gets blocked to Jae Crowder for the corner 3” set.
should definitely be in talks for MVP. Man been balling all year, and Brad Stevens should get coach of the year in my opinion
Brad Stevens is a very good coach but others that could be considered if one was starting a team...Shaka Smart/Tony Bennett/Kevin Ollie!
It's cause David lee told Brad Stevens the secret to the warrior's success
would Brad Stevens or Eric Spoelstra be the 1st two calls UK makes when Cal is done? No doubt Stevens would be.
Pretty much all the big college coaches are over sixty. Preeminent NBA coaches over fifty. Brad Stevens is 39.
Memo to Sean Marks: please hire the next Brad Stevens. Thanks.
who would you say is the next Brad Stevens in college hoops? Shaka Smart?
Brad Stevens joins the elite ranks of coaches who have defeated the Warriors, like Byron Scott.
Brad Stevens is to Popovich what Shaka Smart is to Roy
I wanted Brad Stevens back in 2013, but no... Dan Gilbert's erratic *** went back to Mike Brown and then fired him after a year anyways.
Just a little fun fact. Andre Miller, who is still playing in the NBA somehow, is older than Brad Stevens. I love Brad Stevens.
I always had an odd feeling Brad Stevens was gonna be a good coach in the NBA
All the credit to Boston assistant coach Walter McCarty, okay maybe Brad Stevens had a say in it.
Brad Stevens' team goes to Oracle and snaps the Warriors 54-game home winning streak. Great coach.
Brad Stevens should give kings hope to go after a college coach for they go full rebuild mode. (i.e. Sean Miller, Shaka Smart, Kevin Ollie)
would you trade Paul George for Brad Stevens?
the Brad Stevens that was outcoached by David Blatt?
Steph is trading threes with Sullinger and Olynyk. Celtics down 1. Brad Stevens deserves Mark Zuckerburg wealth.
Celtics coach Brad Stevens went all in
Most IU fans want Brad Stevens. Most realistic big name would be Greg Marshall.
Stocks in my "Can't lose money team index" - the Chef, Brad Stevens, Deshaun Watson, Buster Posey, Christian mccafrey, Greg Poppovich
Imagine what Brad Stevens could do with Curry, James, Durant, Leonard, and Davis, with Westbrook off the bench.
I'm lowkey thinking the Pacers & Cavs lost on purpose because they know Brad Stevens + Ben Simmons = 🐐🐐🐐
Brad Stevens says that he expects the Suns to play quite a bit of small ball tonight due to Tyson Chandler and Jon Leuer's absences.
Brad Stevens will figure out how to use Buddy Hield.
yea I'm guessing Terry Stotts or Brad Stevens getting it
coach Brad Stevens on Avery Bradley: it's hard to play 37 minutes on a back to back. But we needed him tonight.
Boom. OSU fans, you just landed a terrific coach. 89 Ws to start his career, tied for the most ever w/ Brad Stevens. htt…
in my opinion, it's either Brad Stevens or Terry Stotts. Two "rebuilding" teams in playoff contention
and because it's the state that Larry Bird (and Brad Stevens) is from, even if he went to ISU.
What would Brad Stevens accomplish if he had Purdue's starting five? As a lifetime rabid IU fan, I hope PU keeps Painter!
Which coach from March Madness will be the next Brad Stevens and make it big in the NBA? It's in ...
Let's check on how Brad Stevens is handling this rough patch.
VCU beats an overseeded Oregon State. Will Wade breaks Brad Stevens' record for youngest-looking coach to win an NCAA tourn…
With all due respect to Brad Stevens, Steve Clifford is the NBA coach of the year. Charlotte is quietly sneaking up on the East
Is Bowling Green big enough for both Jeff Brohm and Brad Stevens?
Brad Stevens has respect for Kevin Durant's 'ridiculous' skill
My goal is to win the next game one possession at a time. That’s it. I don’t have any other goals. – Brad Stevens
I'd love to see it happen. Brad Stevens x KD = RINGz.
Also. He's the star. Adds to tradition. Brad Stevens in place.
Billy Donovan, Brad Stevens can't help but think of tournament success
If Kevin Durant wants to have a dynasty, Boston is the place for him. Great young talent, lots of draft picks, and Brad Stevens
Stevens says the Crowder injury means the kids are going to play On
Celtic Brad Stevens.."I thought we were going to have to play really well to have a chance to win and we didn't."
Brad Stevens has respect for Kevin Durant’s ‘ridiculous’ skill
Put KD with Brad Stevens and it's a magical world
I don’t know what Brad Stevens was thinking putting Marcus Smart on KD like that
"Kelly told me at shootaround he thinks he's going to give it a go," Brad Stevens says of Kelly Olynyk.
"His ability to score is ridiculous," Brad Stevens says of Kevin Durant.
Postgame video analysis from Boston + interviews with Brad Stevens, Kevin Durant, Dion Waiters and Billy Donovan:
Brad Stevens on Kelly Olynyk's return: 'He looked like a guy that h..
Before I go to sleep... just wanna say Brad Stevens will go down as the greatest coach of all time
“The moment we as coaches can stop coaching ego's, roles, agendas and can start coaching basketball, you have a great team.…
Celtic coach Brad Stevens post blowout loss to OKC..."We just got pounded."
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This Andrew Smith piece on is phenomenal. It's hard to impress more than Brad Stevens does but Samantha Smith did i…
Brad Stevens takes part of the blame for third quarter struggles: "I didn't do a very good job."
Brad Stevens' ATO foiled by the incredible athleticism of Russell Westbrook. C's trail 66-55 at the half.
Kelly Olynyk will try to give it a go tonight, per Brad Stevens.
coach Brad Stevens indicated young players would all get their chances in Jae Crowder's absence, may be matchup-based rotation.
Brad Stevens pulled the bill belichick
if Beilein was a good coach like Bill Belichek or Brad Stevens he would have called time out. Kam bailed him out ...
No to Sloan, but I will buy Brad Stevens a beer & if he diagrams ATO plays on a coaster while we chow Ronie burgers
Brad Stevens on Tom Thibodeau visit: 'Really good to have him around'
>> Brad Stevens on Tom Thibodeau visit: ‘Really good to have him around’
coach Brad Stevens: every team I've had that's advanced far has had some guy play a big role who hadn't had one p…
Tom Thibodeau: Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens have done an 'unbelievable job' rebuilding the -
Brad Stevens' blunt halftime message helped the Celtics wake up Wednesday night.
Brad Stevens on Holy Cross going to NCAAs: "That's awesome. I couldn't be more happy for Bill Carmody. What a great guy and a great coach.
Dude could you imagine how good the would be if Brad Stevens had a normal NBA team?
Brad Stevens is disappointed with Isaiah Thomas for finally committing a turnover tonight: "We're gonna run tomorrow."
coach Brad Stevens on first Isaiah Thomas turnover in 106 minutes over 4 games: "Yeah, we're going to run tomorrow."
Jay Larranaga tells me Brad Stevens halftime talk to players shortest in three years: "If you don't play hard, you don't…
Brad Stevens needs to unleash the Jarrell Martin stopper -- aka Jordan Mickey -- in the second half.
The fact that Jarell Martin can get playing time in Memphis but Jordan Mickey can't in Boston. I'm tired of Brad Stevens.
I say thank you almost daily for Tom Brady and Brad Stevens, but I really don't think I say thank you enough.
Brad Stevens and Tom Brady will be the same age (39) when the 2016 NFL season begins. Pretty impressive for both parties.
Emotional discipline: Phil Jackson, Brad Stevens, & Monty Williams are fine examples: they use smarts & restraint as t…
how can you still say Brad Stevens is a bad coach when Greg popovich called him one of the best coaches
Brad Stevens says Jared Sullinger was hospitalized yesterday with a skin infection. Is questionable for tomorrow.
What a year. Tom Crean came into his own as Indiana's coach. Brad Stevens' shadow will always loom large -- greatness has that effect. (1/2)
Richard Jefferson faked at 3 point pine, drove into the paint finished a reverse layup. Brad Stevens needs some Hennessy tonight
Wow, Brad Stevens is aging! Instead of looking like a high school senior, he almost looks like a College grad
2-0 run for the Cavs by LeBron and Brad Stevens has seen enough. Timeout Boston.
Brad Stevens says Kelly Olynyk should be back practicing "anytime soon," but opts not to put a date on it.
Brad Stevens out of context: "I remember every loss vividly, including Scrabble with my family."
should fire Brad Stevens, they should be sick of these fourth quarter meltdowns
Switch over from March Madness to for a few...caller says fire Brad Stevens. Dear lord.
The day after Celtics fire Brad Stevens, we should HIre him and welcome him home to Indiana
I can't believe I'm seeing Brad Stevens compared to trash coaches like Derek Fisher and Kurt Rambis
Can I have Evan Turner's confidence, Brad Stevens' brains and Marcus Smart's heart? Please and thank you
Brad Stevens named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month: Brad Stevens probably doesn’t even want the award, b...
Brad Stevens eastern conference coach of the month. A strong final 2 months for Cs could lock up COY.
Brad Stevens is named the NBA's Eastern Conference coach of the month.
Brad Stevens on Avery Bradley's block of Gordon Hayward down the stretch: "I just felt like he would be our best bet on Gordon…
Why aren't Tommy and Mike mentioning that Hayward played for Brad Stevens.. Are we keeping that a secret for some reason?
Out coached? Brad Stevens orchestra closes out games. Snyder without a single creative counter.
Brad Stevens gets his guys an open look with game on line Every. Friggin. Time.
I know it's sacrilege as a life long Knicks fan, but I love watching Brad Stevens' Celtics.Envious of their guards..IT,Turner, Smart,Bradley
Brad Stevens has made Turner such a good player ..
I think at some point Brad Stevens sat Evan Turner down, stared him in the face, and said "you are not Michael Jordan." And Turner bought it
Brad Stevens is the next great coach in the NBA, says "And Quin Snyder is certainly there, too."
Celtics coach Brad Stevens with the hops! 😂 (via CelticsLucky18/IG)
new dunk contest: Brad Stevens vs Stan Van Gundy
Evan Turner becoming a viable rotation player for the Celtics really shows how good Brad Stevens is.
How much of Evan Turner is Evan Turner and how much of Evan Turner is Brad Stevens?
Green Street >> Brad Stevens has a lot of respect for ‘great job’ Erik Spoelstra has done in Miami via
"The difference between a good defensive team and a bad defensive team is as little as three possessions” – Brad Stevens
Brad Stevens records his 100th win with Boston, as the Celtics beat the Heat 101-89.
Brad Stevens wins games with Evan Turner leading the offense and OKC can't find ways to make a lethal offense with KD/Westbrook..
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