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Brad Sherman

Bradley James Brad Sherman (born October 24, 1954) is an American politician. He has been a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives since 1997, representing .

Congressman Brad Sherman Al Green Maxine Waters House Committee

Harder than a confused Brad Sherman? lol
Lying Brad Sherman shows Dems have no shame, no morality.
Mollie, congratulations on surviving Rep. Brad Sherman on Ingraham Angle. The look on your…
Brad Sherman doesn't know 20% of Cali prisons is illegals. As he speaks about immigration. Stands for Sanctuary. This is why Trump won.
"Impeach drumpf" protest in front of brad sherman's van nuys office.
Great new show! Improve it by not have a dip stick like Brad Sherman on it. Another reason I moved OUT of CA.
Excellent 1st week of shows with lone exception of Brad Sherman. A chimp playing with a lint ball would seem more coherent.
Brad Sherman: Congressman Brad Sherman, introduce a bill to protect pigs from abuse in factory farm... via
Two of my degrees are in accounting and econ. . Brad Sherman makes my teeth hurt.
But ask Brad Sherman about these and you will learn that the sky has already fallen.
Hate Trumpers resorting to bald faced lying about economic numbers. Politico, Zerohedge, Rep. Brad…
Did anyone see last night as Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman completely lost his cool? Why are Liberal…
Brad Sherman . I have no words left for how loony he is. It's horrifying.
Brad Sherman you are what's really wrong with the Democratic Party
Brad Sherman is a decent Democrat. Unfortunately, he is Krugman like in he is wrong on everything.
UNHINGED LITARD Brad Sherman is against the tax plan cause of his HATE fo…
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This Brad Sherman is an EVIL man. Hard to even listen to. Democrats should realize what crap t…
I met Brad Sherman congressman from california at a party at a neighbors house. you can only imagine how that hello went.…
Congressman Brad Sherman interview with Laura Ingram "I won't fail to represent somebody just because they're illegal & don't vote...yet!"
Wow your really blind to the truth Brad Sherman I so don’t agree w/ u. Obama destroyed our economy .Trump released reg & boost confidence
Brad Sherman I think Californians R not part of America.The tax plan is good plan if anyone destroyed our economy it was obama .He hated us
keep Brad Sherman off your show! You and He never sticks 2 the questions, he refutes the FACTS. SWAMP.
Only Brad Sherman, would be stupid enough to make a comment like that.
Just saw you on Looked like you wanted to strangle Rep Brad Sherman.not sure how you didn't.
Brad sherman was a complete & total disaster on laughed at him she tried hard not to then rolled her eyes 😂😂😂
I have never met a dumber politician than Brad Sherman from Sherman Oaks CA.
Laura you did NOT do well against the radical leftist Brad Sherman. Giving these leftist's an audiences is a mistake!
Better half-zipped than half witted like Brad Sherman!
Congressman Brad Sherman just claimed that he works for all members of his "community" regardless of immigration status. Sorr…
Is this guy Brad Sherman an actual Congressman? What's his district, the insane asylum.
Wondering why Fox continues to have loony Congressman Brad Sherman on as a guest other than to perhaps embarrass himself or th…   10% Off
Brad Sherman is a democrat congressman from California. Anyone that voted for this clown should be ashamed.
Brad Sherman ,You are a traitor an enemy of the United States of America !!! Everybody know it !!!
😂😂 Laura Ingraham is absolutely destroying Congressman Brad Sherman (D) California on her program.
Watching Laura on Fox. Laura and Mollie looking at each other wondering if Calif, Rep(d) Brad Sherman is smoking crack.
I loved watching Laura open up a can of whoop *** on creepy litte bald guy nerd California wiseguy Congressman Brad Sherman
OMG. Not this Brad Sherman guy again. Dude looks like bad breath. I can't. .
Laura, you were doing so well until you had on Rep Brad Sherman. If I want to hear that crap, I'll go t…
Dear Brad Sherman/DWS, we're tired of your biased agenda. The American people want answers. Stop running! ..
Rep.Brad Sherman (Cal.) Just show the need for his state to succeed. Total corrupt lying moron. Will not acknowledge any facts. Typical
all the house members that must be voted out in 18. Brad Sherman. Ted Lieu. Maxine Waters. Nancy Pelosi. Barbra Lee. Adam Schiff. Al Green. cont...
CA Rep. Brad Sherman & TN Rep. Steve Cohen have filed Articles of Impeachment. Mr. Speaker, time to speak the "I" word. Country before party
Steve Cohen-TN Brad Sherman -CA Al Greene-TX are ALL PATHETIC LOSERS! Trump is your President if you're a US Citize…
Brad Sherman, Al Green, Steve cohen... you're all doing great
Articles of Impeachment introduced for Trump by CA Congressman Brad Sherman / Boing Boing
My congressman (Brad Sherman, D) has introduced articles of impeachment.
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Democratic lawmaker files articles of impeachment against President Trump via // Thank you Bad Sherman!
Congressman Brad Sherman becomes first to file impeachment article against President Trump
BRAD SHERMAN is the DOLT IN CONGRESS from CALIFORNIA (where else?) seeking to impeach our PRESIDENT.
Brad Sherman wasted tax payer money to file articles.of impeachment against POTUS knowing it'll go nowhere in the House! This is harrassment
Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) today introduced an article of impeachment in the House, seeking to remove President...
TODAY FINALLY! Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) formally introduced an article of impeachment against Trump. Read it here: https:…
Odds that Brad Sherman's articles of impeachment will amount to anything: 0%. Odds that the GOP is gonna fundraise like…
Congressman introduces articles of impeachment against Trump.
Reps Al Green/Brad Sherman say their impeachment article for Trump deals w/Obstruction of Justice & mirrors what was craft…
No. 3 in Brad Sherman's Trump-impeachment articles seems to take some liberties with that Lester Holt interview
Rep Brad Sherman of CA introduced articles of impeachment against today. . There is no way that he has a legit…
BREAKING: Formal articles of impeachment have been filed on *45 by Rep. Brad Sherman.
Congressman Brad Sherman, a senior member of House Foreign Relations Comm, has introduced articles of Impeachment against Presi…
How many more seats, governorships do they want gone? Rep. Sherman introduces articles of impeachment against Trump http…
Rep. Brad Sherman has introduced H.Res. 438 Articles of Impeachment of Donald J. Trump for Obstruction of Justice. https:…
Wow, only Brad Sherman and Al Green? What about Maxine Waters? For the record, POTUS has t…
Rep. Brad Sherman introduces articles of impeachment for President Trump
Rep. Brad Sherman has declared his open hatred and contempt for the American people and his declaration of war on A…
FLAG: Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) has circulated a proposed Article of Impeachment against Trump: Obstruction of Justice (la…
Oh wow.. I see Brad Sherman and also Judy Chu.. - I look fwd to attending your town hall next month at Reseda…
Brad Sherman, a great Democrat is now speaking on the House floor defending I got opportunity to hear from Rep. Sherman in DC.
main thing is..don't wanna drop punts and get Sherman or Baldwin hurt
Its on my contacts list now. Brad Sherman, we are about to get to know each other because I am going to call you...
My positions on gun safety have remained consistent over the years,...
New book on atomic design in the works from Brad Frost
Remember the fumble in the Rams game a couple years ago that the replay shows Sherman recovered? Brad Allen was the ref.
My congressman, Netanyahu shill Brad Sherman, D-CA, continues to cozy up to Trump. I find it morally repugnant and…
Jadaliyya Co-Editor Responds to Speech and Congressman on via
Done! It took 3 minutes and I spoke with a human (not a voice mail) in my Congressman Brad Sherman's office.
Dem CA Rep Brad Sherman on Trump/NAFTA: If trade deficit is higher after four years he will have failed to achieve what he promised
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Circumcision is obligatory for Jewish-born males - it must be perfor...
The President forgot to mention the Moon, Mars, and the federal def...
Certainly another Brad Sherman might be annoying, but it isn't somethi...
L.A.’s Congested Freeway. Representative Brad Sherman calls for federal dollars to finance dozens of projects.
Brad Sherman isn't returning I would suggest that Caprice do some vetting on Varol Gu…
It would be great some day to have astronauts in a rover on Mars. But ...
Thanks for having Noura Erakat on, Brad Sherman was still a joke.
Brad Sherman is kind of a fake democrat
Jadaliyya Co-Editor Noura Erakat Responds to Kerry Speech and Congressman Brad Sherman on MSNBC -- [With Rush...
Brad Sherman is a primary example why democrats lose races. His mealy mouth answers are disappointing.
Brad Sherman just revealed himself to be a spineless weasel.
How can you let Brad Sherman lie and spin like he is just an American congressman w/no agenda Where is the Palestinian perspective?
over how the American History book covered Tubman to 3 pages and less than a paragraph for Sherman!
Dem AIPAC shill Brad Sherman's disgusting claim that Palestinians want to "remove all Jews from the Middle East" is why we are where we are.
the only reality is that Brad Sherman would like to eliminate Palestinians, but unfortunately he can't
Brad Sherman is the only Democrat who praises crazy pants Steve Emerson
Brad Sherman reminding us about the gross AIPAC shills in the Democratic Party. One of which, Chucky Schumer, will be Minority Ldr nxt yr.
there's been rhetoric on both sides Brad Sherman can't B more wrong about Israel wanting a 2state solution it's obvious they don't
“Shawn’s experience bringing people together to solve problems and find common-sense solutions - Congressman Brad Sherman
Phish plays my fraternity house, 1988. Vice-President Sherman looks over the proceedings. Mini tramp behind Trey.
Bob Safai, Matt Case & Brad Schlaak close on the sale of the Tower at Sherman Oaks on behalf of -…
Representative Brad Sherman - I am in the business to know what's popular, and your members love you.
Representative Brad Sherman - Those who lose the data should pay the $$'s to fix the problems caused by their lack of security
Representative Brad Sherman - it's time to repeal the Durbin Amendment
Rep. Brad Sherman: It is time to repeal the Durbin Amendment.
THANK YOU brad.sherman neensetnier and team for surprising me with such a beautiful office!…
Richard Sherman in to field the punt (Tyler Lockett sidelined with knee injury)
He's great, I'd have to watch him more though. I just hate how Norman and Sherman stay on one side of the field most the time
What is needed is an all-out science project to get vehicles off of gasoline, rather than off
Male circumcision has been practiced for thousands of years and is a deeply important ceremony
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Why are you helping the Gulen Terrorist organization -
Sherman is a paid shill for the Gulen Terrorist organization
Sherman is paid shill of Gulen terrorist organization
Sherman is a paid shill for the Gulen Turkish Terrorist organiation
Brad Sherman is a Gulen shill he needs to shut his stupid mouth.
If we want our children to value education, then we must show our appreciation for knowledg
Sherman's terrorist website vilifying Turkey and Erdogan, does this have place in US education?
Brad Sherman sides with Gulenists to disparage Turkey and Erdogan.
Shame on US Congressman uses coup to vilify Turkey while siding with Gulen Terrorists
Congress has a legitimate interest in making sure that a practice that appears to reduce disea
There are three drivers who were in that race who're racing tonight: Brent Sherman, Bobby Gerhart and Brad Smith.
Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA): DPRK "nuclear policy ... seems to call for" 12 nukes. Once it gets 13, it can sell one.
That's a lot of $$ for a scheme corner not Named Sherman.
1/2 Was(PM Modi speech) interesting but he may not be focussed on current US politics: Brad Sherman,US Congressman
2/2 When he(PM Modi) described how wonderful it might be for US manufacturers to move operations to India: Brad Sherman,US Co…
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Why didn't you ask Rep. Brad Sherman about the black panther party members who support Obama...they say "kill white babies"
So Brad, if Richard Sherman is singing, can Russell Wilson be Burt?
he's just mad Brad Johnson got his super bowl ring.
At the Granada Hillls Chamber of Commerce awards and installation dinner including Congressman Brad Sherman and...
Looking forward to having Money Expert on the podcast w/ Brad Sherman & Monday!
Forest Hills Eastern names new football coach
if young metro don't trust you I'm 'gon write a strongly-worded letter to our district's Congressman Brad Sherman concerning the issue
Selling LIMITED EDITION Brad Sherman unbreakable combs $25 dm me for details
Meet Brad Sherman, one of our awesome Sales Engineers on the MapAnything team:
Justin Burkhart and Brad Sherman giving a live demo of for the Atlanta user group!
US Rep. Brad Sherman tells Porter Ranch resident if they feel unsafe with AQMD's air testing, outsiders will test...
US Rep Brad Sherman said federal regulations needed to prevent more leaks at gas storage fields nationwide.
Brad Sherman and 17 Congress members co sponsor gas storage safety act in
I liked a video Brad Douglass - 2015 Large Business of the Year award from the Sherman Chamber of
Representative Brad Sherman introduces bill amendment in US on minimum standards in underground gas storage.
How many of these 4 Habits of the Wealthy do you share?
Brad Sherman is using the bomb hoax as an excuse to propose yet another police force...
Rep. Brad Sherman "He said the email’s text does not demonstrate that the author has studied Islam or has any…
View my op-ed in opposing the interest rate increase by
If you have a passion for children, call Congressman Brad Sherman: Phone: (202) 225-5911
Rep. Sherman: There’s no need to raise rates: Inflation is under control; Fed’s action benefits bankers the m...
Brad Sherman may have an excessive love for being a smartass.
Always capitalize "Allah": Some tips from Rep. Brad Sherman's guide to crafting the perfect terror hoax
“America needs a raise,” Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) said at the briefing, referring to a raise in pay, not...
How the LA and NYC school threats differed: Kevin Roderick: Rep. Brad Sherman analyzes the language used, the…
How the LA and NYC school threats differed, in details from Rep. Brad Sherman.
My 9 Tips to end the year in great financial shape:
Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., provides details about the hoax email that shut down Los Angeles schools on Tuesday -
Rep Brad Sherman (D-CA) out with a new stmt with details of the hoax email that shut down LA schools yesterday:
Another update--Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) has seen the e-mail threatening LA schools and says it is from an... htt…
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LAUSD threat made by someone who claims to be a jihadist, says Congressman Brad Sherman -
Shoutout to everybody in Nebraska?. Rep. Brad Sherman gives details of the email via
Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Los Angeles) doubts the credibility of the emailed threat toward the 900 schools in LAUSD.
Official: Jihadist may have made threat: California Congressman Brad Sherman says the person...
NECTAR REPLACES BLUE AGAVE: Owner of Blue Agave, Brad Sherman, has opened a new concept at…
In case you missed My Response to a Millennial's Open Letter to on
Brad Sherman says he's so close to having that quote ... but doesn't have those words.
My Response to a Millennial's Open Letter to has gone viral on
Congress wants 2 know: Rep Brad Sherman of California is a regular illusion of Larry Ingrassia of LA Times.
The State of the Union: Democratic Rep Brad Sherman Begging for the Rule o...
The S.B. Questionnaire: Brad Sherman: Musician and restaurant owner takes break from opening Nectar to talk life.
So, I have just finished emailing Sen. Barbara Boxer, Rep. Brad Sherman and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti to (cont)
TAPS announces ‘Moving Forward Initiative’ in light of finance concerns: Following the departure of CEO Brad U...
Do you share these 4 habits of the Wealthy?
Super White PM-1 gives this office a fresh and clean look: via
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And when your Sherman gets hit with an 88mm boolet you should probably react to it, AAA actor Brad Pitt
Brad Sherman is a congressman, and he will be at BHS at 5:00
What a No Vote on the Iran Deal Would MeanTo keep their seats safe, Chuck Schumer and Brad Sherman are willing to...
THANKS to Ann Kirkpatrick, Brad Sherman, Cedric Richmond and Lois Frankel, there are now 180 supporting
Sam yebri Shanel Melamed and Congressman Brad Sherman at Iran deal event tonight at writers guild
Congressman Brad Sherman stands up and explains why he rejects the Iran Nuclear Deal.
So excited to hear Congressman Brad Sherman speak at the event!!!
Every Jewish member of California's Congressional delegation except Brad Sherman is supporting the h/t
(@ Office of Rep. Brad Sherman) So excited to train this amazing agencyw/middle eastern focus
Only thing worse than a RWNJ is a Democrat who votes like one for someone like Netanyahu. Schumer, Brad Sherman. Vote them out.
has been endorsed by Pastor Brad Sherman ! Pastor will you consider endorsing Contact
Will you join our Public Forum & Conversation w/ Congressman Brad Sherman on the Iran Deal? 8/27 in Beverly Hills-->
Do You Know What to Do in a Market Sell-off? by Brad Sherman Step - Don't panic!
For your morning commute: another fun chat w for our 3rd
Joyce receives the volunteer of the year award from Congressman Brad Sherman
Brad Sherman wants a war w/Iran. Wednesday he'll have a war w/his constituents at 5000 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks
Are you standing in your own way when it comes to My new podcast:
Carroll said Sherman and Blackmon could have played if it were a regular season game. Marcus Burley held out w/ minor groin…
Ya know, back in the day Brad Sherman did have some pretty relevant (and politically incorrect) things to say
Rep. Brad Sherman predicts what will happen if we don't pass TARP 2 this weekend.
Rep. Brad Sherman (D-California) urges Madam Chair Yellen not to raise rates until the Spring because that's when flowers bloom. REALLY
Met with Rep Brad Sherman, CA strong supporter of ARA issues.
The Food52 staff kitchen in NYC designed by Brad Sherman | Remodelista
Pleased to have been profiled in Voices! Brad Sherman: Ways Financial Advisers Can Market to
This week's kitchen spotlight goes to the cost-conscious staff kitchen at NYC HQ.
Brad Sherman is right about HFT. .. if you hold a stock for 2 seconds you are scum and a leach in my book
Congressman Brad Sherman: His Holiness is "a model of tolerance for the entire world."
Brad Pitts Sherman Tank from the film Fury is making an appearance at headcorn!
same packers fans who call richard Sherman a thug despite him never doing things like this, will cheer Andrew
Just ate next to a table of 5 whiskey-swilling golfers from Georgia and am rethinking my disapproval of Sherman's march to th…
In this Brad Pitt Avengers war movie Nick Fury is played by a Sherman Tank. Still got only the one eye, but it's a little more dalek.
Meet Brad Sherman, a designer whose trademark style blurs the line between home and office.
Brad Sherman creates offices with the comforts of home, and on a start-up’s budget.
The designer Brad Sherman’s specialty is creating cozy, functional offices for start-ups, using a little budget and a lot of
odd thing is. He had Houston briefly undefeated..threw an AWFUL pick 6 to Sherman to lose and he's never been same
update: no one asked brad Sherman to prom
You heard it here first. Brad Sherman supports underage drinking
"Our last decision as a species will probably be whether our successor species is carbon based or silicon based" -Congressman Brad Sherman
someone please ask brad Sherman to prom
"How much of House of Cards is inspired by actual events in Washington?" - me @ brad sherman tomorrow
Don't worry about failure. Worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try. - Sherman Finesilver via
"Discussing Personal Finance Can be Difficult - but it's Critical" by on
After Brad Stevens who is on your wish list for IU?
Rep. Brad Sherman (D): I expect the Obama administration to stand with Israel at the UN. —>
Bet you guys didn't know Richard Sherman did the triple jump in college 👀
Surfers liked the decent swell the south coast had today...thanks Brad Sherman for sharing this photo from Moonstone
"Discussing Personal Finance Is Difficult For Many - but Critical" by on
I can't visit Brad Sherman when he comes to Chaminade... Im gonna cry
U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman has submitted a request to the House Committee on Appropriations for $2 million...
Casualties reported in Belgium raid: Krystal Ball, Mikey Kay and Rep. Brad Sherman discuss details of a counte...
Rep Brad Sherman tells Rules Cmte "my goal is to become a heavyweight on Capitol Hill" as Rep Stivers (R-OSU) hands out buckeyes
Feeling a bit Brad Pitt? Build the tank from . the mighty M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight"Limited release
Great time at Four Seasons with Lloyd Richman Michell...and Sherman Brad Linton.. Thank you all..
why he keep testing Sherman like that ?
I've been saying all year Cam Newton cannot throw the football at an NFL caliber, Sherman proved that
Like I said last week, Cam is back there throwing with his eyes closed. Jump ball at Sherman is not high percentage
The tank fight between The German Tiger and Brad Pitt's Sherman tank in the movie Fury is just epic!. Some serious tactical manoeuvring!
Heard it here first. That INT coming tonight from Sherman 👀 watch it
Brad Sherman gives a hitorical reminder about our nation's founding fathers in his LibationFreedom: No Accident:
Sherman Dodge of Skokie il. Sales manager sold my financial info to my Ex wife. And came 2 court 2 te…
Sean Taylor hit like Chancellor, covered the middle like Thomas, and had the ball skills of Sherman ... one man
Did you know the Sherman tank in Brad Pitts has a More on the blog
Brad had a nice bunch of 2014 Contenders NFL to take home- Manziel, R Sherman, Watkins Var & D Carr Cracked Ice Auto!
If you like your politics completely bland: Brad Sherman.
Here is my interview with Congressman Brad Sherman out now in the paper ~ He's a Kick!! :)...
Here is my interview just out with Congressman Brad Sherman ~ he's a Kick! :)...
join Brad Meltzer as he takes us on a journey of "Lost History"
Florida tweeps who want a signed I Am Jackie Robinson, event here:
FL tweeps! Next Saturday night, will speak and sign at Join us!
Next Saturday night, (!!!) will speak and sign at the Join us!
What's it like to wrangle 5 Sherman tanks, 1 Tiger tank, Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf? This man will tell you.
Pull the Pin is playing the this Saturday. I wonder what our songs sound like.
A few photos of the Armourgeddon sherman and the set of Brad Pitts movie Fury.
Sony Hack: Congressman Offers to Screen 'The Interview' at the Capitol: Brad Sherman (D-CA) said the screening...
I have a tie signed by brad among other played its Ben Sherman, rave green and black
P-Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney is one of the only things I remember from childhood 😊🐠🐟
Well...Wilson and Sherman made it without an interruption by The Shield, Ryback or Triple H..Michelle Tafoya is still the best..
"look up does Richard Sherman have fake hair extensions." -my grandma
Richard Sherman getting Maddens turkey leg will break the internet again
Richard Sherman is someone I would like to have on my team but if I played against him I would no doubt end up punching him…
If this was hockey, Sherman and Crabtree would skate to center ice, drop and throw...and Sherman would again be all over him
darn refs just gave Sherman a second int
You could have caught that ball to Sherman tonight.
I've decided that whenever my friend Brad, from Illinois, (a Sherman fan) bothers me, I'll just send him a picture of Jay Cutler.
Love him or hate him, Richard Sherman's press conference calling out the NFL's media policy is a MUST SEE. .
Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin are my heroes.
If Sherman, Baldwin, Lynch draw as much national attention for on-field exploits Thurs as for off-field antics,
Sherman Statement on Iran Extension | Congressman Brad Sherman Iran thinks it can fool West & . have atomic bomb
present from my aunt! Signed Richard Sherman football and signed Brad Evans soccer ball!
"hi Brad! Clean your car!!! Love mom" you better floss, Lucifer has no mom
Hamilton Collection
I was going with Floyd but remembered. ..Sherman is out there.and a desperate Seahawks team at home.scares me...
Powerful stuff from Brad Sherman tonight at The Big Event.
Brad Sherman promising to draft "regime-threatening" sanctions should a "good" deal not be reached in negotiations.
Asif Zardari and Bilawal with Senator Bob Casey, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe n Brad Sherman in Washington.
SEOAL baseball showdown in Jackson 5 p.m. Monday; Ironmen host Galla Academy. Hear all the action on Fox Sports 1330 AM with Brad Sherman.
We are currently working to build relationships with our Southern California Congressional Representatives. We are meeting with them this week to discuss how quintessentially American and Jewish voting is to our community. American Jews have always valued the right to vote. The original Voting Rights Act in 1965 was drafted in the basement of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. We have started talking to Representatives Adam Schiff, Henry Waxman, Janice Hahn, Brad Sherman, Xavier Becerra, and Karen Bass this week. We wouldn't be able to do this without support from activists like you!
On Wednesday, December 11th, Congressional resolution to support Rohingya will have an important hearing. The Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific of the Congressional Foreign Relations Committee will host a Markup Hearing. Your calls are important right now. Call your Representative today to co-sponsor the resolution. Now we have seven co-sponsors. Priority List To Call The following are the members of the committee who will be at the Wednesday, Dec 11th, hearings. It is a priority today to call them. Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH), Chairman MAJORITY MEMBERS Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (CA) Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ) Rep. Mo Brooks (AL) Rep. George Holding (NC) Rep. Scott Perry (PA) Rep. Doug Collins (GA) Rep. Luke Messer (IN) MINORITY MEMBERS Rep. Eni F.H. Faleomavaega (AS), Ranking Member Rep. Ami Bera (CA) Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI) Rep. Brad Sherman (CA) Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (VA) Rep. William Keating (MA)
US Rep. Brad Sherman: "I will continue to fight for recognition of the Armenian Genocide"
While Sherman snuffed the lights out in Georgia, Scarlett ate her way through the French Quarter in GWTW . . . having been turned down to play Scarlett, Bette Davis put on her outrageously red dress to fight off Yeller Fevah with Fonda in Jezebel . . . And Ava Gardner put the smoke in smokin hot in My Forbidden Past. NOLA was the platinum setting for these sparklingly strong sister girls. Getting ready to board the City of New Orleans train this muggy Mississippi morning, wondering what ur fav images are when considering the Big Easy? Anyone?
Today, A Landmark Comprehensive Reform Bill Passed The Senate, as the national need for workforce and managerial capital remains in the broken immigration system. One of the very few times that we can witness bipartisan support on this issue arriving closer to a resolution is now in Congresses hands to finish the job in taking this big step for our country. When we first opened the doors of The International Development Expansion Organization, it was with measures such as these in bridging solutions for a more progressive American society that we support growth measures such as these in operational and fiscal progress, globally. Common Sense immigration policy is a big step ahead, only the vote today shows us the variety of politicians coming together to vote for reform in order to push our economy ahead, while honoring our legacy as a nation of immigrants Immigration is more than important for our economic future, it is the fundamental basis of our place on the map. While its now up to Congress to see th ...
Yesterday's comment of the day was made by Nick Allen Helm, who said on the Patriots are __ post, "going 8-8, no longer a threat unless they start cheating again." And today's comment of the day was made by Brad Martin, who said on the question if Pats are still the team to beat in the AFC East, "Doesn't matter. Chiefs will win it all this year." (He's kidding... right?) Nick & Brad, you're entered in the drawing at the end of the month.
Congressman Brad Sherman speaks to the need for broadcasting in Sindhi at a hearing called of the House Committee...
A uniquely new and different television show dedicated to, for and about you! People Who Love To Drive Fast. JOIN US TODAY!
On Capitol Hill with Machon Kaplan meeting with Members of Congress Glen Thompson, Kirstin Sinema, Brad Sherman, and Paul Tonko
"I look forward to the day that our entire nation recognizes and celebrates these (same-sex) unions.” Rep. Brad Sherman
Rep. Brad Sherman on “This is an historic step forward for the state of California, America, and same-sex couples everywhere."
Ok: Central IL friends -- I need a carpenter for a few small (and one big) projects. I have tried THREE so far and they don't show up for the first consult or they stop returning phonecalls. Anyone out there know someone reliable with excellent quality that would come to Sherman??
So superficial me - every time I see a picture of this Snowden guy, my first thought isn't "what a hero for taking on the US government." It's more like, "hey, he's kind of hot." ;)
"In a big murder trial, the sandwich is important." Brad Sherman
Congrats to the Hawks on winning the Stanley Cup. 35 Days til Dolphins training camp.
WORLD WAR Z Best... Zombie... Movie... Ever... These are not your Big Brother's Zombies. They are faster, angrier, smarter and more determined. They don't have time to stop and eat you. (They have much much on their clever minds.) The first 20 minutes of this film ranks up there with the best horror movies of all time. But the tension doesn't stop. It simply ebbs a bit to give you a chance to gather your nerves for the next onslaught. I ENJOYED IT SO MUCH !!
What white people u know name they white child Ebony
Back to Lindsay this weekend. Love this place!
Dear book lovers, I could use some help with recommended reading lists for two students. One is a Dutch woman, mid 30s, looking to improve her English, contemporary fiction preferred. The other is a Dutch 11-yr-old, going on 14. He's lived in Australia before so his English is above average for his age group. His mother would like to get him to start reading English young adult books regularly. What comes to mind? Please help - especially the librarians and teachers and avid readers out there! ;) Thanks in advance.
Does anyone know of a good place to rent bounce houses?
What do you get when you put 1 Man, 1 woman and 24 years together? BLESSED
I can beleave home many Seahawks jerseys I'm ordering tues wow
Why do all these people who get asked to sing the Star Spangled Banner seem to think they have to put their own little spin on it and destroy a beautiful song. *** it, just sing it the way it was written to be sung. Absolutely hated the way it was sung at the beginning of today's race.
Won at Kettering today. Had two Home Runs Sherman Lattimore to left and Brad McHargue to center!
phew. it was a bit hot out there this afternoon. played Desert Willow and shot a net 67 narrowly losing to Daniel R Sherman who shot a net 65. He pounded the driver down the middle nonstop while I played from the brush for most of the afternoon. ARGHHH! best putter from 10' for his second putt I've ever seen!! :)
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
ok, my LadyBugs... i'll do me level best to not 'bury' this under a bunch of memes, but you know me ;) I might not be able to control myself.
alright, I'm officially in jazz fest mode. Who is joining me for any of the following? Sunday (tomorrow): Catalyst & Rudder at the Rex Thursday: Hilario Duran Big Band & Heavyweights Brass Band at Nathan Philips Square, Ari Hoenig Quartet at the Rex Friday: Brownman's Electryc Trio CD release at May Saturday: Brad Turner & Peggy Lee at the Rex (any other Vancouverites?) Sunday: TJO & Idioteque at the Rex Also potentially free Wednesday night and could be talked into any one of a number of shows, so let me know what you recommend!
Where can I get an inspection sticker on a Saturday?
Looks like our Hollie looking for her poppa, :( Puppa
The following needs just a minute or two of your time to help obtain the release of the two bishops who were kidnapped three weeks ago in Syria while on a humanitarian mission. One of the bishops is Metropolitan Paul (Yazigi), brother of our Antiochian Patriarch, John X. The other is the Syriac Arch...
Unless you're a Miss State or UCLA fan, DON'T SAY NOTHING ABOUT CAROLINA!!! They made it further than your HUSH!
nuclear fallout THE TRUTH, reposted by kevin d blanch on 3/24/13. AS the Nuclear fallout cover-up will kill millions not JUST in Japan but here in North Amer...
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