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Brad Renfro

Brad Barron Renfro (July 25, 1982 – January 15, 2008) was an American actor.

River Phoenix Jonathan Brandis Nick Stahl Apt Pupil Heath Ledger Corey Haim Ian McKellen Joel Schumacher Bijou Phillips Tommy Lee Jones Jared Leto James Franco Michael Pitt Huck Finn Brittany Murphy Elijah Wood Cory Montieth

Yes they are being murdered and normally put down as suicides..Been happening long time I remember…
via for Android. Hm george bush with johnny gosch, b4 he came up missing and dead..🤔 thats creepy
21YrsAgo I saw Sleepers opening night. I fell in love wth Brad Renfro❤. He became Posse 3 & will be forever. Happy 21…
Amanda Peterson (Can’t buy me Love movie)Raped River Phoenix, JONATHAN. BRAND…
Woke up and thought I was Brad Renfro again
Corey Haim/Brad Renfro actors that both died young. Both directed by Joel Schumacher. Whispers of abuse b…
Brad Renfro and Corey Haim - both directed by Joel Schmaucher. Connect the dots. Bo…
Two actors die young. Corey Haim and Brad Renfro. Both directed by Joel Schumacher.
Perfect example: Brad Renfro. Like Haim, he had drug/alcohol problems and committed suicide as an adult. So upsetting.
Ridiculoush! He worked with Jackman, McKellen, Cruishe and a young Brad Renfro who OD’d…
Jonathan Brandis,Brad Renfro,Corey Haim,River Phoenix>all boy actors who ended up a mental mess and dead. WHO ABUSED TH…
Awesome rare photo of Michael, Bijou and another ultimate favorite actor of mine, Brad Renfro, on the set of Bully (20…
Currently watching THE CLIENT for the first time. Great performance from a young Brad Renfro but Tommy Lee Jones disappointing IMO.
Ah, this reminds me of Bully: starring Brad Renfro and Bijou Phillips, the smarter version of Lindsay Lohan.
Apt Pupil. I heard regretted writing it but the movie was brilliantly acted by the late Brad Renfro & 💋
my adolescent crush was Brad Renfro 😢
also, what's up with actors dying after starring in his films? Justin Pierce? Brad Renfro?
I don't go out and get arrested anymore. The most extravagant thing I do these days is play gol
Vintage of Susan Sarandon and Brad Renfro in the film The Client,…
I really started to worry about him when Jonathan Brandis & Brad Renfro both died-My 1995 crushes were dropping like flies 😢
The only ones who properly died were Brad Renfro and Jonathan Brandis. Nick Stahl came close.
Brad Renfro was a much better actor than River Phoenix ever was
Brad Renfro on the set of the Client. With His nana, dad and Joel
i had the biggest crush on Brad Renfro when i was a kid.
Vintage photo of A scene from the film "Klienten" (The Client), with Brad Renfro
What happened to Brad Renfro? I loved his performance against Ian McKellen in Apt Pupil.
+ USA are teaming up to establish a foundation in memory of actor, musician BRA…
I miss Brad Renfro so much. He was such a great friend. Been years,Wish if he was still alive.
If I expanded the poll to include Bryan Singer's other movies, the selection would be tougher, especially with Brad Renfro and Brandon Routh
The Cure with Joseph Mazzello&Brad Renfro. Dexter (JM) has AIDS. The friend Erik (BR) tries to cure it with plants. https…
I miss Brad Renfro. I remember when he first started acting. 😐
Brad Renfro and Chris Mulkey sing the blues
Heath Ledger (1979) was older than Brad Renfro (1982). both died in January 2008. i wonder if they ever met each other
Tween me swooned over Tom, but adult me thinks tween me should've gone for Huck. (Also RIP Brad Renfro.)
All about Brad Renfro ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
This kid looks like if River Phoenix and Brad Renfro had a kid.
This kid has a Brad Renfro thing going on
I can't believe theres been 7 years since Brad renfro's death...
Happy Belated Birthday to BRAD RENFRO- a young star who dies prematurely- his death squarely goes to Hollywood.
We remember brilliant and handsome child star BRAD RENFRO who was victim of Hollywood depravity and indifference.
I added a video to a playlist Brad Renfro full movie Rated R
World, remember how beautiful Brad Renfro was.
They should have put Brad Renfro in jail. He died January of 2008 from a heroin overdose.
Watching the client. Brad Renfro was so talented jfc
Nelly Furtado was gonna make an antiwar movie until the lead male was killed Brad Renfro that was one of her...
they're both in Tart with Brad Renfro
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Thank you for capturing the sweet moment :). Brad Renfro sings the blues.
I don't remember him! He kinda reminds me of Brad Renfro though 😍
I just remembered that Brad Renfro died and now I'm sad
James Franco is Heath Ledger/Brad Renfro In reality, Jordan of Russia and grandson of Alexei Romanov, twin of Ryan
I think I knew that. Was Brad Renfro in it too?
Who was ur actual number one teen crush ? I think my primary s one was tom delonge then high school Vince noir or brad renfro
That made me sad. I swear, between him and Brad Renfro, it's just depressing.
ashley renfro You are chosen Get your tickets at our link.
Have you ever seen Bully based on the Broward kids in 90s that killed kid in now Weston. Had Brad Renfro in it.
hah. he was cute in T2. I was more into Jared Leto & Brad Renfro & Ethan Hawke lol
Driving next to the ghost of Brad Renfro
O_M_G kilig brad renfro first handsome crush ever
Brad Renfro is in the physiochronology encyclopedia.
Deceased actors Brad Renfro & Corey Haim were so full of life & talent until the homosexual monster Joel Schumacher got his claws into them.
I can't believe Brad Renfro died in 2008. I just found out now. He was my biggest crush growing up aside from...
Watching The Client (1994) and missing Brad Renfro. What a talent. Wonder where his trajectory would have ended up if he were still here.
Lagi nonton Tom and Huck. Ada Brad Renfro remaja. He was talented&good looking. I have mini crush on him waktu di film The Cure :) RIP Brad.
THE CURE starring Brad Renfro and Joseph Mazzello is still one of the saddest, most tender movies ever made.
It's fantastic & the young cast are epic. So sad to watch now. Brad Renfro was so incredible. What a waste of talent.
brad Renfro forever switchblade. From thething. One left at printedmatterinc
Ah, here it is. Not required, but taken into consideration
last question at in Philly last night:"who's your favorite movie star?" "dead Brad Renfro. goodnight everyone!"
Got to work with Brad in a looping session we were hired to do. Really liked him. He was personable and easy...
Just found out that Brad Renfro, Huck Finn from the Tom & Huck movie, passed away in 2008... I had the biggest crush on him...
Remembering Brad Renfro RIP watching The Client what a great actor
'the client' RTE 1. Very sad and early end to life of Brad Renfro in real life aged 25.
Most of you probably know we cast Brad Renfro for Will. He showed up on set in bad shape. Replaced him with Jason Ritter. He was great.
Bully is on Showtime right now. So this is why I always mix up Brad Renfro and Nick Stahl
Nick Stahl probably almost died a couple times, Brad Renfro actually died, Michael Pitt should have totally been a ~movie star~
BULLY had a great young cast as well. Brad Renfro, Nick Stahl, Michael Pitt(!!), Bijou Phillips. Actually I'm kinda worried about that cast.
Please research Joel Schumacher in relation to Corey Haim and Brad Renfro's early years.
River Phoenix y Brad Renfro eran re bebes y se murieron. Too good to be true 😔
This is the most important document of modern times >> *lights candle for Jonathan Brandis & Brad Renfro*
In middle and high school I was really into Brad Renfro but now that I'm looking at pictures of him I see he looks deranged. Cool.
hi I'm Patrick Stewart and I enjoy watching Ian McKellen and Bryan Fuller take advantage of young boys such as Brad Renfro
I had no idea that Brad Renfro died and that makes me even more sad 😥 RIP 🙏 He was such a great actor and died too you…
The Brad Renfro one?? That always makes me sad, because of how his life ended...
I think I am saddened by deaths of young actors and actresses whose time has passed too soon. River Phoenix, Brad Renfro, Cory Montieth, Cory Haim, Brittany Murphy and so on. I often ask myself was it really worth it? I mean, most of these great people are gone too soon.
Me too. I always heard he was the reason Brad Renfro got so deep into drugs/died. I hope it won't be another Woody Allen
What age I was given: 12 Where I lived: Inverness, FL What I drove: my bicycle What I did: went to school, read books, played the clarinet, played with my brother, sister, and friends, and other childish things Who had my heart: Brad Renfro Age now: 31 Where I live: Beverly Hills, FL What I drive: 1999 Chevy Tahoe Who has my heart: Randy and Ashley Sallaz What I do: EVERYTHING! Teacher(both professionally and personally), mother, wife, caretaker, nurse, friend, maid, chef, chauffeur, girl scout leader, etc. Like my status and I will send you an age
He's on the Brad Renfro path, for sure.
Movie Recommendation: "Apt Pupil," starring and Brad Renfro, and directed by Brilliant film, all around.
My favorite friendship movie. I cry everytime i watch this movie. RIP Brad Renfro. via
HEAVENLY DAYZ (2014): Brad Renfro will star in the first of John Hughes' five pix @ Retro RKO. Stay tuned for details.
Movie: Telling Lies in America (1997) Country: USA Directors: Guy Ferland Writers: Joe Eszterhas Stars: Kevin Bacon, Brad Renfro, Maximilian Schell, Calista Flockhart Insight Plot: Karchy (Brad Renfro) is a boy in school who has moved from Hungary to America in the 1960's. He is struggling in...
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i spent most of life not knowing that Brad Renfro, Jared Leto, and Robert Redford were, in fact, not all the same person.
"There are film sonnets and ode's to departed actors like Marlon Brando, Heath Ledger and Brad Renfro."
Thanks to a role tonight on NCIS for Lucas Black, and a little time on I cleared up a personal misconception that had me thinking he was dead. For years I had him confused with Brad Renfro who passed in 2008.
that collection is great. Have you ever seen the film of Apt Pupil? Brad Renfro and Ian McKellen - fantastic.
Is Tom & Huck circa 1995 with Jonathon Taylor Thomas & Brad Renfro really on tv right now!?
Where the *** was I to miss that Brad Renfro died back in 2008?! Or did I just block this from memory?
I miss Brad Renfro. Really wish that dude was still alive to make movies.
Confession: I thought this performer was going to be the guy from Tom and Huck in the 90s. That was Brad Renfro.
Don't even get me started on Jonathan Brandis, Nick Stahl and Brad Renfro. . There, I'm done.
I kinda’ miss Brad Renfro. You see, we had a thing back then when I was a kid. My very first. LOL
Johnathon Brandis floats on clouds with Brad Renfro.
I feel very honored that both & liked my Brad Renfro edit on Instagram
Watching The Client and was looking up what Brad Renfro was up to, died of a heroine OD at 25. What a waste 😞
"The Cure" (1995) starring Brad Renfro, & Annabella Sciorra broke my heart. How did this movie affect you?
Brad's first time on Renfro Valley's stage.
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Watching video: Brad Renfro dead at 25 - via
Brad Renfro was also very good with in Apt Pupil
Still find it so sad watchin this film thinkin Brad renfro died of an overdose..
Watching The Client. Hard to believe Brad Renfro is dead at 25. Substance abuse.
Watching The Client on 14 impressed with the young actor. Discovered he died of a heroin overdose in 2008. :^( Brad Renfro RIP
moral of the story is never ever join Our Gang. also Brad Renfro was a pretty underrated dude.
sometimes, I just feel really sad about Brad Renfro
Watching The Client. Good movie, but appalled to see what happened to young star Brad Renfro.
Sad seeing Brad Renfro's first role in and So talented. Echoes of River Phoenix
Watching the Client, love this movie RIP Brad Renfro
'Well I'll just go get hit by a truck and come back.' - the brilliant Brad Renfro in The Client.
Watching the client on more4, mint film! Brad renfro, susan surandon are ace in this film! :)
i'd hope they show up, but they left Brad Renfro out in favor of Heath Ledger that year.
or Brad Renfro. That killed me right there
Wait... Brad Renfro died in 2008?! I'm deeply distraught that 1) I was unaware of this 2) don't have my Tom and Huck VHS to mourn with 😔
I miss Brad Renfro, he could have been great
I was reading the news today and I was thinking about Philip Seymour Hoffman, Cory Monteith, Brad Renfro, Dee Dee Ramone, Paula Yates, River Phoenix, Jim Morrison And Janis Joplin who died due to heroin addiction. From all the addictions I had chance to treat using acupuncture, the heroin is the hardest to treat in my opinion. When a patient comes for an addiction treatment, acupuncture in " ONE" of many other therapies of rehab they are doing at the same time. But many researches found that if you use TCM/acupuncture to treat addiction the chances to be successful are higher than if you don't. I treated heroin cases before, and it was not easy but the patients who persevered and where willing to go to the whole process, they succeeded. But for heroin addiction the most important thing is after the REHAB you MUST do maintenance treatments and follows up with the institutions and acupuncture sessions and specially to stay away of that environment that attracts you to that addiction. So many good people and ...
Just had a moment where I confused Mark Ruffalo with Brad Renfro. Because they're the same people.
Morbid, but I am fascinated that I somehow missed the memo that Brad Renfro (Tom & Huck, Ghost World) + Jonathan Brandis (Seaquest DSV) died
Surfing soothes me, it's always been a kind of Zen experience for me. The ocean is so magnificent, peaceful, and awesome. The rest of the world disappears for me when I'm on a wave. -Paul Walker September 12 1973-November 30 2013. -Walker joins the list of so many Hollywood celebritys taken to soon. Adding to the list of Judy Garland, Chris Farley, John Belushi, Phil Hartman, Brittany Murphy, River Phoenix, Brad Renfro, Corey Haim, Heath Ledger, Brandon Lee, Jonathan Brandis, Sage Stallone, Johnny Lewis, Aaliyah, Ryan Dunn, Tupac Shakur and so many more, Whose untimely Deaths some at the prime of their Careers answered the calls to come home far to soon. In the Midst of this tragic loss of Walker. I am looking forward to how the Academy will Honor him at The Awards in March, Given all his tremendous talent showcased over the years in The Fast & Furious. Saga. Hoping you'll enjoy the waves Heaven has to surf. RIP my Brother,
I had a Paul Walker poster in my locker. Next to one of Jonathan Brandis and across from one of Brad Renfro. Seriously. Did I do this?!
New crush, Peter Sarsgaard...only cause he reminds me of late, Brad Renfro...hmm, that kinda messed.
I mean Brad Renfro. Really. Hollywood, you chewed him up and spit him out and you couldn't even show a stupid clip from h…
Sal Mineo and Brad Renfro mean so much to me. Thank you for making
Interesting to know: has its Toronto office in the same building that featured in the movie "Twist" with Brad Renfro.
today in 1998 - New in U.S. movie theatres: Apt Pupil, from Tristar Pictures, Ian McKellen, Brad Renfro and David Schwimmer; and New Line Cinema’s Pleasantville, with Joan Allen, William H. Macy and Reese Witherspoon.
Events October 23 1910 - Blanche S. Scott became the first woman aviator. Blanche was known, not as an aviator, but an aviatrix. She soared to an altitude of 12 feet over Ft. Wayne, Indiana. 1930 - The first miniature golf tournament came crashing to a close in Chattanooga, TN. The men’s title winner was J.K. Scott, who threatened (to shove a putter where the sun don’t shine) the first person to make a sound as he walked next to the windmill and the clown’s mouth. The women’s top ranker was J.E. Rankin, who scored triple points with an incredible bank shot off the left cushion and through the cowboy’s legs, into the duck’s bill, down its gullet (quack!) and through the mousetrap, into the cup beyond the three-foot-wide pond. 1932 - Fred Allen made his radio debut. His wife, Portland Hoffa, joined him on the CBS radio broadcast. Allen’s comedy-variety program was known as The Linit Bath Club Revue. It then became The Salad Bowl Revue, then, The Sal Hapatica Revue, The Hour of Smiles, Town Hal ...
the twisted movies are the best one! Also I miss Brad Renfro.
Today in 10/23/1998: Apt Pupil, starring Ian McKellen and Brad Renfro & directed by Bryan Singer is released
Just glimpsed The Client on telly, so thought I would google Brad Renfro coz he was one of my fav actors growing up. Shocked and saddened to read he died of a heroin overdose in 2008. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Brad Renfro in The Client was the hottest *** thing 8 year old me had ever seen.
i totally forgot that Brad Renfro died
Wow...didn't know brad renfro was dead or about how bad his drug habits and criminal history had become...I'm like 5 years l…
I kinda wanna watch Tom and Huck with Brad Renfro and Jonathon Taylor Thomas
Michelle I'm watching The Cure and it made me think of our Brad Renfro lovin days!!!
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yea, thisone I think is just an hbo movie,maybe? With brad renfro, who I think died..he was in the from the 90s
Brad Renfro said 'Annie's my girl now!' in a movie once and I have wanted nothing more from life since.
Tom and Huck because Brad Renfro was a babe.
I've read the movie starred the epic Tommy Lee Jones and my childhood crush Brad Renfro. Must be pretty good!!
Cory Montieth got an awards tribute but Brad Renfro never did. Meh.
I guess being on a relevant show helps. Brad Renfro was left off 'In Memoriam' durind the Oscars. He OD'd as well.
Glad Cory Monteith was honored @ considering the young actors who have been snubbed in the past i.e. Brad Renfro & Jonathan Brandis.
YES omg, he was the actual dream!! Tom & Huck with JTT and Brad Renfro. i was not prepared for that
I remember when Brad Renfro OD'd, no award shows included him at all in any of their memorials. What's up with that huh?!
in real life, Erik(Brad Renfro) died in his young age while dexter(Joseph Mazzelo) is still in (
Reading Stephen King's "The Body" - from the collection "Different Seasons", so decided I'd re-watch "Stand By Me". The film is as good - or better - now than it was when I first saw it. River Phoenix was amazing. Truly a tragedy he died so young. Feldman, O'Connell, and Wheaton were equally as good in it. Just a fantastic movie that stayed true to it's source material. If anyone thinks that all Stephen King writes is horror and fantasy, and don't condier him a real writer then I suggest you read "Different Seasons". 3 of the 4 novellas in the book have been made into movies: "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption" was made into the classic "Shawshank Redemption" "The Body" , of course, was filmed as "Stand By Me" "Apt Pupil" was made into the fantastic film of the same name starring Ian McKellan and Brad Renfro The fourth - and only - story in the book that hasn't been made into a film is "The Breathing Method" which is, I must say, another one of King's best short stories. Anyway, READ.
I think it is disgusting that Corey Monteith will be getting a Emmy eulogy while a few years ago Brad Renfro, a much more superior actor, didn't get a single mention during that years Oscar 'In Memorium' montage. Both wasted their lives with drugs but as Renfro wasn't a star in a current shrieking contest masquerading as entertainment he gets snubbed. Look him up, watch one of his films, Apt Pupil is a good place to start and throw your Glee DVD's in the bin where they belong! Viva Renfro!
Directed by Larry Clark. With Brad Renfro, Nick Stahl, Bijou Phillips, Rachel Miner. Based on a true story. Naive teenagers plot to murder one of their own, who has been too much of a bully to them.
Top 50 Movie Villains - Dussander, Ian McKellen, Apt Pupil Not the outright antagonist of the film, perhaps, but Kurt Dussander is still a twisted *** Brad Renfro’s character begins the film as the more cruel of the two, but as time goes by you get to see Dussander’s true nature come out and the balance of power between them shifts. A man who thinks he has buried his evil in his past, he finds himself being drawn back to his old ways. Not to mention, Ian McKellen is just fantastic.
I gotta edit this hot new recording of episode 3! It features the spicy Selena Coppock and the krazy Kerryn Feehan talking about 90's heartthrobs... at least the ones that are still alive. (RIP Brad Renfro.)
Look what I found on Best of the Boys by Ellen Scordato (1998, Paperback) Jared Leto Brad Renfro
he's a beefy guy with huge hands, feet, and *** and a sweet face that reminds me of Brad Renfro,
The funny thing about the TART movie is that Brad Renfro got in his role so hard that he kept inhaling cocaine and nobody remembers him
Movies would be so much better if Brad Renfro was still around...
Speaking of cute dead celebs, I was obsessed with River Phoenix for YEARS. And so sad when Brad Renfro died.
Good morning!! Is that Brad Renfro? wow.. I miss him.. and Norman is soo young!! what a cute boy. Have a wonderful day!! :)♥
Ahh sleepers is on. Brad Renfro was soo hot. :( rip
When it comes to kid actors..Brad Renfro was the best. Just fantastic.
I developed a crush on brad renfro Bijou Phillips and fatboy slim bc of bully
F off wankers. Feeling like Brad Renfro in "Apt Pupil" right now.
Corey, as in Haim? Him and Jonathan Brandis, Brad Renfro... oh the list goes on and on. I've an infatuation with suiciders.
Brad Renfro — Another young actor who, like River Phoenix, was on the verge of making his mark in Hollywood, Renfro died from accidental overdose of a mixture of heroin and morphine. Peers film, "Quick Fix" is in pre-production and will debut in the Fall of 2014.
What? Brad Renfro is dead? How was I not informed of Huck Finn's death until now?!
Deuces Wild Staring Stephen Dorf, Brad Renfro, Frankie Muniz, Norman Reedus, James Franco, Matt Dillon and Johnny Knoxville. Its like a an R-Rated version of "The Outsiders"but it premiered the Exact night of Spiderman part 1 which was the biggest movie of all time then and made this look like nothing, only time James Franco premired 2 films in one night and he loves this film wayyy more. From the Director of "the Basketball diaries" and produced by Martin Scorscese
Starring Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi, Brad Renfro. Enid and Rebecca are social outsiders who, after graduating from high school, play a mean prank on a middle-aged geek.
Just found out that I was on TV the other night on a series I was apart of. Deadly Men , I played Jerome Brudos "The Lust Killer" on Biography channel . So let me know if you see me, and don't be scared I won't kill you and have sex with you . Plus keep your foot for souvenir!! Also look for me as Napoleon in Discovery channels How Stuff Works "How summer changed the world! Also Meter Man with Brad Renfro! Didn't know I was also a great actress as well, did ha?
Brad Boys, Brad Boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when I Renfro you
Who played a better Huckleberry Finn...Elijah Wood or Brad Renfro?
In another world, Brad Renfro&I are shacking up w/a love child on a beach full of juicy fruits & magical plants that grow from the ground.
Just learned will play the lead in the Posh movie. Can't wait. I never followed an actor since Brad Renfro in his teens
just watched you in 5 year engagement. You remind me of Brad Renfro. Great job and best of luck.
Welcome to Brad Renfro LLC. This page is Under Construction. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please visit us again soon!
i thought u was great in 'Sleepers'. Tragic about the talented Brad Renfro
There's another movie with the the same name with Nick Stahl and Brad Renfro, pretty disturbing movie.
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And actors too. River Phoenix, Heath Ledger (prescription drugs), Brad Renfro, Dana Plato and many others on the obituaries.
Any other 80s babies agree that Brad Renfro is our generation's River Phoenix or is that just me?
ah okay, check out the 2001 film Bully when you're done. And blasphemy asking who Brad Renfro is. Our generation's River Phoenix.
that's the newest one on Netflix? Not the other one with Nick Stahl and Brad Renfro??
Watched 'Man Without A Face" again. Nick Stahl was so great in it (and many other roles). Still hoping, he won't become another Brad Renfro.
$20 of my own money to the sports editor who references Brad Renfro's character in Happy Campers.
He's on a beach somewhere with Brad Renfro and Keith Ledger!
Let's all take a moment to remember Brad Renfro.
Mine were Elijah Wood (who didn't grow after he reached 15) and Brad Renfro (who's dead). So ... yeah.
I would trade Jared Leto in to get Brad Renfro back. Not in a "kill him" way but in a "let him fade away into obscurity" way.
// I would have pegged the Brad Renfro type; young and debauchable.
Brad Renfro says, "Don't be sad, smile! You have more to live for than I did."
Watching "Bullys" with Brad Renfro...didnt realize he passed away at
Here is the statement from Lupe's family about the Oscar snub: ONTIVEROS FAMILY PUBLIC STATEMENT ON 85TH ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS CEREMONY In response to the inquiries we have received from several news outlets, we would like to express our disappointment about the unfortunate omission of our wife and mother Lupe Ontiveros from the 85th Annual Academy Awards' "In Memoriam" tribute. We believe the Academy and the show's producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron made a poor decision in choosing not to acknowledge the passing of our mother in this tribute which traditionally has become an important part of the Academy Awards. We understand that she is only one of many noteworthy actors and industry veterans who passed away in 2012 that were not included in the segment, but we believe that her contributions and dedication of nearly forty years to the film industry were worthy of this honor. As a U.S.-born actress and member of the Latino community here in the United States, she was loved and respected by many for h . ...
it was a good film. Depressing though I forgot Brad Renfro had died x
Hamilton Collection
Mark Sway (Brad Renfro) witnesses the suicide of a Mafia lawyer, who confesses that the Mob was behind the murder of a U.S. senator.
only 2 more days until my surgery, im SO SCARED
well in 2008 the week before Heath died another young talent Brad Renfro passed away. The snub was awful!!
Bookended by the ever-classy George Clooney and the ever-brassy Barbra Stresiand, the Oscar In Memoriam segment paid tribute to some of the Hollywood greats who died in the past year, including Ernest Borgnine, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jack Klugman, Ray Bradbury, … Continue reading →
they always miss people. Im still upset that Brad Renfro wasn't included.
Dear Academy Awards, if you don't have room for Brad Renfro for the "In Memoriam" section, don't squeeze in Marketing Executives ...
Oddly enough, it's mine, too. It's probably the most respectful thing at the show, with the exception of the Brad Renfro omission.
Andy Griffith was snubbed because he was once caught sharing needles with Brad Renfro.
Remember when Brad Renfro was omitted from the memoriam montage cuz he took his own life? I do. Overshadowed by Heath Ledger that year.
My favorite part. Always makes me choke up, face life and death, and wonder why Brad Renfro wasn't included.
Man, watch Brad Renfro get snubbed again THIS year.
I will never forgive the Oscars for omitting Brad Renfro from the memoriam the year Heath Ledger died. So classless.
Waiting for 'In Memoriam.' There have been snubs in recent years. Farrah Fawcett, Natasha Richardson, Bea Arthur, Brad Renfro, Kim Jong-iL
I'm still mad they didn't include Brad Renfro in the Memorial in 2008.
Though why did they forget Brad Renfro.
Hollywood's biggest night is about to begin! Don't miss a minute of all of the highlights from the red carpet, the big show and backstage. HLN has you covered with all of the must-see moments of the 85th annual Academy Awards.
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I think "bully" should be shown in every middle and high school and to kids at home.
I'm still annoyed that Brad Renfro wasn't included in the "in memoriam" montage from
Fun show (45 min set) in West Virginia tonight!... after a standing ovation and encore, Brad Sparks Music got invited and booked to open in September there for Connie Smith/Marty Stewart. :D
BULLY is a necessary film that purposefully scratches only a few surfaces. This is a movie about victims and the emotional toll they experience. It speaks from the heart, not the brains.
Going to go watch Bully, its a true story about bullying.
I forgot how good of a movie Tom & Huck is. Too bad JTT doesn't act anymore. And that Brad Renfro is dead.
Have been feeling the baby move alittle since last night for the first time. I cant feel kicks or anything just little butterfly feelings lol with Brad West
Candy I made for Dave's work buddies.
Last night was one of those nights where I spend hours crying and huddled in a corner while constantly muttering the name: Brad Renfro.
For the parents out there, do yourself a favor and watch the movie Bully and watch it with your kids. First several minutes are heart wrenching. Don't mistake this movie with the other movie named Bully with Brad Renfro and Nick Stahl, that's a whole different movie.
I think I'll manage to survive: Emilie Autumn, Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil 6) and Sarah Polley in Dawn of the Dead (2004).
Am I the only one who cares about what ever happened to Brad Renfro?
Saturday night in... just ordered the movie "Bully" this will be sad :-(
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Has anyone seen the movie "Bully"? I just received it from Netflix and was thinking of watching it tonight with my kids. Is it too graphic? Is it appropiate?
The movie bully is soo good but extremely sad!! Some of these kids need to be taught a good lesson!
Bully is on. There's dead Brad Renfro and hanging out with the homeless Nick Stahl
Don't be a bully. Watch the movie "Bully" true story of a boy who bullied his best friend, and wound up dead for it. Based on true happenings in Florida. Look it up on Netflix. Ps: starring Rachel Minor, Brad Renfro, and Nick Stahl
This was Sarah's birthday so many years ago and Brad Renfro came.she was kind enough to let me have these pics since I didn't get to go to the party!
Teenage Brad Renfro makes me feel like a pedophile.
"Brad Renfro's childhood diary found, reveals love of Power Rangers"
I always assume he's part of a contemporary death triplet thing with Brad Renfro and Jonathan Brandis. Glad Sawa is around!
One of my favorite films, and favorite scores, by Dave Grusin. In memory of the Haimster, 1971-2010.
Brad Renfro and Heath Ledger are another two I miss. I was in L.A. when they both passed away within a week of each other.
So excited, gonna chill with one of my life/long BFF"s this Friday, do some catching up and a lil sippin too...can't wait - with Sheryl Renfro Bowen!
I forgot Brad Renfro was in this movie. :( So depressing.
the late Brad Renfro has a small role too. RIP Brad!
brad renfro I think that's his name idk
Brad Renfro was such a babe. It's not ok that he's dead.
wouldn't been awful movie otherwise but I really struggled w/ total lack of effort. And Brad Renfro's horrible "Philly" accent
Dexter has AIDS and becomes friends with Erik, the kid next door. Erik becomes closer to Dexter's mom Linda than his own who is neglectful, bigoted, and viol...
Watch this version then watch the movie Sleepers!!
I favorited a video In memory of Brad Renfro
Had a simply great day in Canton today. Walked and shopped til I dropped, but it was great weather and just a great time. Now getting ready to be super busy the rest of the weekend with hair cut, riding the horse, yard work, riding the horse, and getting organized for Vantage Point Farm's clinic next weekend. Can't wait!
I doubt most teenage girls these days even know who Brad Renfro is, and that makes me sad.
One of my most treasured possessions, My signed Brad Renfro pic
I've just watched loads of Brad Renfro videos on YouTube, seen them all b4 but thought I'd watch them again, He was such a Beautiful soul x
Just realized the haircut I gave myself makes me look like Brad Renfro. And I'm pretty happy about it.
Jeremy Sumpter and Brad Renfro in one video?! I think I'm in love! (
Brad Renfro movie marathon... you in?
That preacher on Justified is the kid from Jurassic Park.
I think it's safe to unblock Brad Renfro now.
Movies - Last night I watched The Client (1994). I give it an 83%. Stars Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones and Brad Renfro. Good supporting roles. The plot is good. Movie lost credibility past the halfway point as an 11 year old boy outruns, outthinks and outmanuvers the mafia. The same boy also outwits and outthinks the police and FBI. The movie starts out good. Renfro did an excellent job playing the boy. Unfortunately for him, reality wasn't as easy as a fantasy movie. He was arrested several times by the police before dying of a drug overdose in 2008 at the age of 25.
Found out today I may be 2 or 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon. My boss is Brad Renfro's uncle. Renfro was in a movie with Kevin Bacon.
Ahh the informers. Bit of a Brad Renfro fix. Thank you film 4
I was home yesterday with a stomach virus . . . brought on, no doubt, by the fact that the Motion Picture Academy once again failed to recognize my achievements.
Oscar prediction: a hologram Brad Renfro will present The English Patient with the Oscar for Best Picture while Nick Nolte eats steak picado
Oh my God, Brad Renfro as Huck Finn. I loved that movie!
I think about Brad Renfro sometimes and weep.
I think I've almost been sick for 2 straight weeks. It's not as bad as it was for the first few days, but about a week ago I had that "this is the last day of my cold" feeling, and I've been snottily, lethargically stuck on that day ever since...
Becky Thatcher almost ate it before introducing some country guy. Tell me you've seen the "Tom & Huck" starring J.T.T. & Brad Renfro (RIP)!
A look back at one of the most influential and powerful hairstyles of modern times.
What great actor Brad Renfro, was always look a torment nothing false.
For anyone that remembers, next Tuesday's gonna be the 5 year anniversary of Brad Renfro's death!
I don't know of it's a "nerdy" kid movie but The Cure with Brad Renfro gets me every time.
The two freelancers in our office sound like Brad Renfro in GHOST WORLD and Stephen Root in OFFICE SPACE having a convo. Hollywood really is the dream factory!
Starring Brad Renfro, another promising young actor who died too soon from substance abuse. Loved hi...
Just watched The Informers. Great film and superb actors (was also Brad Renfro's last movie). I definitely suggest it!
"It's good to have a little mystery going on." -Brad Renfro
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I'm watching some movie with Brad Renfro in it. Remember that dude?
Follow because he's a *** fine writer and he knows as much useless pop culture trivia as I do (unless the answer is Brad Renfro).
are nice people and have it right since pot is legal. Bully is a film4 movie. It's brilliant. It's got brad renfro and
Has anyone seen the movie Bully with Brad Renfro?? Awesome movie never on TV anymore though
Tonights Zombie Knowledge question which I am now going to call ZEPoardy will feature Romero for 500 but includes another of my favorite subjects. In 1998 George Romero directed a commercial for what video game release, yet was never aired outside of Japan? ~Dale
lol i wanna start off w/this guy he's not part of my list ok!:P "Brad Renfro"
Oh lord. I dated him, Jonathan Brandis, Brad Renfro and all of the Hanson brothers in my head as a child.
I saw that years ago, had a crush on Brad Renfro. Too bad he passed away.
Brad Renfro will always be my favorite.
I was going to fly the pacer but got foggy, time to go home...
Omg i think i finally found "The Cure" dvd (the movie/Joseph M & Brad Renfro) not the band) in a region free version, been searching 4 years
watching "Bully" with Brad Renfro,Michael Pitt,'s awesome!
Savannah Fritts, Trey Fritts, Knox McCrady, Sayward McCrady, Karen Odom, Stacy Sullivan, Jeremy G, Collin Steen, Mike Reagan, I love you guys tremendously.. Every one of ya'll help me get up out of bed every day and live life... June Cheatham, Mike McCrady, Anita McCrady, Shelby Hoskins, Brad Renfro, Sam Cheatham, Tom Cheatham, Zach French, thanks to all of you I no longer have fear of the end, I have been given a sense of ease, because I know now that when the time comes I will be reunited with you all plus many more..
Texas A&M is making the SEC proud tonight. They were a class add to an already dominate conference.
For Angela Olsen- in honour of your son Brad Barron Renfro.
Bobby (Nick Stahl) takes great joy in bossing around and beating up his best friend, slovenly ex-surfer Marty (Brad Renfro). But when Marty's girlfriend (Rac...
Trailer for the movie 'The Jacket'. Starring Brad Renfro, Adrien Brody and Keira Knightley. For more information on Brad Renfro visit
Mark Sway fires Reggie Love as he gets to know about her past.
Is Tony Danza still a celebrity? This guy hasn't been relevant since Brad Renfro was considered an athlete.
Resident Evil 2 commercial made by George A. Romero, featuring Brad Renfro as Leon S. Kennedy and Adrienne Frants as Claire Redfield.
I didn't know James Franco carved 'Brad' into his arm when Brad Renfro died :(
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