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Brad Pitts

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He might have the Brad Pitts, a case of the farmer Giles, smacked up on Imodium but that's roots 50!! Rot
Brooo if you read Brad Pitts article (with I think the New York Times) he said that franks music is getti…
Theyre geekin out over a cart with Brad Pitts name on it. Lmfao
U.S. trains are basically stuck in the past. Almost eight hours from Pitts to Philadelphia.
Angelinas Jolies shoulda killed Brad Pitts like 10 times in Mr and Ms Smith
Hair!! The Hair was and will Always be for me / in a few years it will be Held up like…
One of THE greatest films ever made, and Brad Pitts finest moment
Idc how old the movie Troy gets it will forever be my favorite... Esspecially with Brad Pitts fine self 😍
Take a look at how has left a meaningful mark on the so far.
Chelsea racist comments abt Angelina and brads kids.
We'll be getting jazzy tonight with Brad Fritcher's MOODS - come join us!
Angelina Jolie has no time for love!.
Brad Pitt is working hard to maintain a good relationship with his children, a source tells ET.…
Dude really tried to say Achilies from Troy was Brad Pitts best role... Bro what? Great film but ***
Inside Brad Pitt's home visits with his kids: via
Hello my dear friends at 2!. Could you explain to me how the tiebreaker is decided?. Thank you very kindly…
Inside Brad Pitt's home visits with his kids - AOL
Inside Brad Pitt's home visits with his kids
Conor McGregor is basically the real life version of Brad Pitts character in ***
My fav actors are the Pitts: Brad, Michael, Sarlacc
It's so hard to earn the respect & the roles you get here. Yeah HW likes its dev patels but their stars will always be the Brad Pitts & Leos
If we're being honest Benicio Del Toro could have taken Brad Pitts spot in Fight Club and I'd be happy
I'm surprised you didnt mention Brad Pitts new movie coming out on with and Anthony Michael Hall!!
How THE *** do you think Ashton Kutcher is on Brad Pitts level? That's…
Brad Pitts cadence, hair, face and the score homage to The Apprentice. I can only imagine whats imbe…
Allied. It was an OK movie... was it just me or did Brad Pitts face look more like Renee Zellwegger's face than Renee Zellwegger does?
People are discussing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts divorce. What's it to you? It's none of your business
Check out the new & video for Brad Pitts Cousin. This super fun video was shot on an iphone.
Brad Pitt and the other generous and philanthropic Pitts -
😱😱😱 Guys it's tmr y'all Brad Pitts is starring as Henrisoul 😂😂😂 is Dwayne Johnson…
Angelina Jolie now believes in God while Brad Pitt's religion is still undecided.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Brad Pitts new film Allied is class! Well worth going to see
"LA judge has officially approved temporary custody agreement with her estranged husband Brad Pitt"
Angelina Jolie has blocked Brad Pitt's number after filing for divorce
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reach custody agreement... with a few big conditions:
"I was a doctor,a lawyer,the senators son,Brad Pitts brother, and a man on the run. Anything I thought would get the job done" Boys in 2016
Brad Pitt's child visitation arrangement will be determined by a child custody psychologist
30 ago, creator Steven Knight heard about a British spy ordered to kill his own wife...
Brad Pitt's access to his children determined by single therapist, report states
Judge signs off on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s custody agreement
Watching Brad Pitts new flick👌🏽 — watching Allied Movie at Edwards Brea West 10
Jennifer Aniston declines Brad Pitt's dinner invite as it 'would be an insult to Justin Theroux'
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s child visitation ‘controlled by therapist as actor has to undergo drug and alcohol … http…
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's custody battle will be decided by a therapist
Brad Pitt's visits with kids to be controlled by therapist under new agreement:
Brad Pitts in trouble for yelling and my mom legit beat my *** with a wooden spoon straight off the shelf at bi-lo when I…   10% Off
RVP must have quoted Brad Pitts "This just might be my masterpiece" line in Inglourious Basterds, after he scored this belter
Brad Pitts hair in Fury is still fire 2 years later
Just remember, Sunday Funday is here tonight, come out to Sand Bar tonight for Brad Pitts on Acoustic with DJ...
First bird to get their Brad Pitts out on periscope gets £3.99 wired to a bank account of their choice
I didn't know Brad Pitts Mexican cousin is the head coach for the Chivas
Highfields Capital Management's Charlie Ledley – of fame – in Australia recently
ummm I love st.ides a lot, and growing up, and Brad Pitts cousin is funny hah 😂 wbu? 😌
Brad Pitts yardie moment in Meet Joe Black is seminal
As Brad Pitts character in Inglorious *** said to crazy Nazi who sought to be a Martyr "oblige him"
How you like Mr Brad Pitts pinky jail soap Fight Club ?
One of Brad Pitts best movies really.
🎉🎉Happyyy Birthday Brad Pitts😂 🎉🎉. Sorry I couldn't make it to your bday party but I wish you the best and be safe.😊
You can keep your Brad Pitts and Johnny Depps, ladies. My ideal is the man, the beard, the legend.
Watching Thelma & Louise. I am so on board with Brad Pitts cute butt and boyband hair
as Brad Pitts character in 7 would say, what's in the box
Oooo like Brad Pitts in thelma and louise
Always and forever, our is Brad Pitt. His most memorable red carpet looks:
Is Conner McGregor actually Brad Pitts character from the movie *** ? All of my friends and I think so!
Literally tattoos from Algerian women. Yeah the place that Brad Pitts wife got shot at in movie babel.
Angelina Jolie: Four of Her and Brad Pitt’s Six Kids in “Kung Fu Panda 3”: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have s...
Not Brad Pitts biggest fan but he's great in inglorious ***
I got this yesterday spent most of the night and today on the Jackie Chan with the Brad Pitts *** 😡
Very tempted to go with a similar hair style to Brad Pitts... What you think?
The Brad Pitts visited me last night and my tummy is really gurgling. I do not need a noisy tummy in this very quiet meeting
Why are you two so adorable? I mean Brad Pitts got nothing on you two😝
- Tomorrow. Finally dicaprio will get to improve on old Brad Pitts bear fight in legends of the fall.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids will be in
"We ain't in the prisoner-takin business; we in the killin' Nazi business. And cousin, business is a-boomin'." -Brad Pitts best line ever 😂😂
I live next door to Nicole Kidman and she lives next door to Brad Pitts home.
Nice to see FEAST director Patrick Osborn getting a feature gig
So,do you think Brad Pitts adopted black kid wants to Michael Jackson himself because it hurts him to look diff?
I feel with a little for time it'll look like Brad Pitts "legends of the Fall"
Brad Pitts character in Meet Joe Black was mad annoying lol .
Context-less modernism would have undermined New Orleans even further—but the locals intervened.
I want Brad Pitts robe in Fight Club.
Who doesn't know that you can't put a rocking chair on a 4-foot wide porch? Post-Katrina celebrity architects.
George Clooney in friends is bloody amazing!! 😂 not as good as Brad Pitts episode though!
"Just some guy she met in the bar with Brad Pitts face and Jesus's abs"
Angelina Jolie Pitt's 'By the Sea' with Brad Pitt to Open AFI Film Fest on November 5th -
Common threads to my talk if you're interested
Brad Pitt’s Make it Right to unveil their first tiny house in New Orleans
You can buy Brad Pitt's house and wear all Brad Pitts clothes, but it Doesn't make you Brad Pitt.
I love Brad Pitts dress for the VMA's.
Want my hair like Brad Pitts in fury
Not a fan of publication but article sums up everything that is wrong with the architecture profession via
Casually in the back of Brad Pitts selfie 💁🏼😂
"What’s more, the unbuilt budget-busting houses may have been some of the modernists’ best contributions to the...
I don't see color or gender because everyone looks like Brad Pitt to me and a world full of Brad Pitts is a world I want to live in
Read on the failures of starchitects in rebuilding New Orleans:
Disastrous modernist attempts at rebuilding New Orleans are a lesson in localism.
Rossi: this is what happens when you touch Brad Pitts hand...
"It was the citizens of New Orleans who saved New Orleans." Outsiders were a force of chaos:
to have Brad Pitts genes and traits..
Brad Pitts performance in *** has to be one of the best ever, that and Christoph Waltz in django🔥
If you are having a bad day just remind yourself that you aren't Brad Pitts brother Doug Pitt.
ave u seen the new war film bout the war in Ireland called '71 with in its good an Brad Pitts fury is good 2
Brad Pitts first scene in Inglorious Basterds is more than legendary
is hearing that Jack Sammons will also take position at the DMC AND Brad Pitts' spot behind the bar at
Did you know the Sherman tank in Brad Pitts has a More on the blog
A few photos of the Armourgeddon sherman and the set of Brad Pitts movie Fury.
"Fury" has to be one of the best movies I've seen this year...That's gotta be Brad Pitts best movie.
Does anyone know when Brad Pitts movie fury will be released in stores
Everytime I receive a ups or fedex package at work. My natural reactions the same as Brad Pitts in Seven. "What's in the box"
I wish I had Brad Pitts' hair in this movie
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts children look like a mini version of the black eyed peas
"We're high end trash. We're like Brad Pitts recycling bin"
Brad Pitts face before he gets shot in burn after reading is money
Brad Pitts beauty is so not overrated at all
My mom is crazy 😫 she literally has my whole life planned out. 😭 Says im gunna be Brad Pitts daughter in a movie 😂
er, watcha mean? Totally have a contract with them. Brad Pitts always calling for handsome tips
Brad Pitts gonna make Logan lerman kill this soldier omg 😭😭😭
Brad Pitts hair in Fury is top notch
my mom said she would drink Brad Pitts bath water
Live action movie of Parasyte outsold more then Brad Pitts movie Fury in Japan.
Fury was great, minus Brad Pitts hair and the second half of the movie. We should've just invaded europe with 100 people if the end is true
Brad Pitts World War Two drama Fury tops the UK and Ireland box office in its first week of release.
Thinking bout cutting my hair like Brad Pitts in the movie Fury...
The London Film Festival closed on Sunday evening with a screening of Brad Pitts new film Fury
Watched last night. It was certainly a harrowing reminder of the horror of war. But mainly I liked Brad Pitts hair.
"He has the sex appeal of a thousand Brad Pitts." -
OMG Angelina Jolie has the absolute WORST daytime
Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken and Brad Pitt’s Fury make NBR’s Top 10 of 2014: . December 2, 2014...
Just met Brad Pitts brother no big deal 😏
Plan B. isn't that Brad Pitts co? Ironically many women can't even access that (Plan B)
OMG I follow a whole bunch of George Clooney's and Brad Pitts 😭
My home town Sens taking on Tavares and islanders in 30 mins. Pitts patter - here come the pesky Sens!
Did Brad Pitt Die In The Movie Fury?: Are you foaming at the mouth to see Brad Pitts new movie world war z? bv...
leave it on the mantlepiece and give Santa the Brad Pitts.
Boa : Gathers all them fans. Narae: blocks exit, makes you a stan and Brad Pitts biggest fan
Jason & Rebecca Severs and Brad Pitts at the book signing for Memphis: Sweet, Spicy, and a little bit Greasy...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Brad Pitts closing lines in Killing Them Softly make the movie
Brad Pitts sexy *** does not disappoint. Shia LaBeouf was actually great. Michael Pena and Jon bernthal were great. It's was great overall.
Angelina & Brad Pitts wedding pictures are so beautiful.
Brad Pitts is a Christian. Kelsä Clärrissä is ... Hebrew, I want to say? I see various status regarding Hebrew-based prayers you do. Charity Jones is Wiccan. Stephen Farmer is an Atheist. Valarie Tate is a Christian. And I consider them all to be my friends, (Well, Kelsey, I don't know you too well, but your personality and tastes seem to tie along very closely with my own, so we do need to speak more. :3) And Religion aside, I'd do anything for them.
It was all about custom design for Angelina and Brad's Contact us for custom today!
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts wedding looks lovely:)
(I'm gonna get heat but I don't like the first photo.) Did Jennifer Aniston know about Brangelina secret wedding?
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts wedding pictures are cute, the one of him kissing her with his hands holding her face I nearly cried.
So last night I dreamt that I was Brad Pitts secret lover... And Ange's GBF. It was totes awks, but I was a great double agent!
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Marriage made several people happy
I live next door to Brad Pitts home
Brad Pitts death in the counsellor is great
was too much tonight. If you ever remember it can you hook me up with Brad Pitts number? 😂😂😂😂
Fight Club will always be Brad Pitts greatest role imho
Brad Pitts outfits in Fight Club give me life
Its funny that Brad Pitts name is brad
i live across the street from Brad Pitts home
I live next door to Brad Pitts home.
After having the Brad Pitts for a few days, what better way to bring me back to full health than a Big Mac 👍🍔🍟
Brad Pitts Achilles was way too romantic for history. He made being a prisoner of war look like a lot Ahem.
THEY appear to have the perfect Hollywood relationship, but according to Brad Pitt’s psychic, the movie star is ...
I'm stuck at home with the Brad Pitts so Judge Rinder it is! Fab entertainment I say
'Brad loves the kids but not Angelina' claims Pitt's psychic Ron Bard
'Brad doesn't love Angelina... but he's staying with her for the ... -
“Brad doesn’t love Angelina Jolie”- Pitt’s Psychic: After claiming to have foreseen their relationship, Hollyw...
'Brad doesn't love Angelina,’ Pitt's psychic says, as filming in Gozo set to start
I don't want to hear Neil deGrasse Tyson's thoughts on the after life because I'm pretty sure they won't include a pit of Brad Pitts.
Went for a long 4hr walk from home to Kingston through Richmond Park and past Brad Pitts place. Didn't stop for...
Please give me some names. These new 'stars' are not real movie stars. They aren't young Julia Roberts, Brad Pitts, etc.
Mr & Mrs Smith a top ten movie for sure. They actually based Brad Pitts character off of myself hence the name of the movie.
On Set in Atlanta today for the film Selma based on the real life events of March 1965. Kind of surreal when I think about the fact I am working on a true life movie about an event that happen 10 months before I was born! Today my scenes are with Tim Roth (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Planet of the Apes). Who is playing Alabama Governor George Wallace. This is being produced by Plan B which is Brad Pitts production company as well as Harpo Productions which of course is Oprah Winfrey. Very interesting shoot today! This has been filmed all over Atlanta as well as the actual Selma Alabama.
Joey Chestnut was Brad Pitts character in Fight Club right?
Wow Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts son is all grown up, how did that happen so fast? via
After being in World War Z and being picked for short scene with Brad Pitt (ending up rewriting last third of film so bit I was in was cut out) the same people picked me to audition for a 6 part horror show where I would be the sidekick to Eli Roth ( director of Hostel amongst others and actor in Inglorious Basterds, he was the one in Brad Pitts crew with the baseball bat). He plays himself in this and I auditioned and got to the last 12 then told I am in the last 3 and should here either way over next few weeks!! Hotel ,flights , food all paid for 2 weeks and a couple of grand in the back pocket!! Fingers crossed!!
Is it me or does the lady that plays Brad Pitts wife look ten years older than him and a little homely? Was that Angelina Jolie's idea so he wouldn't stray on her like he did with her when he was married to Jennifer Aniston?
Brad Pitts and Clooneys aside, to me, nobody beats Nicholas Cage! His latest stint Tokarev didn't receive raving reviews. But, it's one of the rare stories where the protagonist looses from beginning to end! And to whom? The Russian Mafia! Well, seems like Hollywood is off the Arabs' back in favor of a more competitive, threatening and up-and -coming Russia! Strangely typical villains in most of Hollywood's movies r Russians! Anyways,Nicholas Cage is as selfless and as intense as ever! An actor without ego!
Rahul Gandhi campaigning in Gujarat.. Its like Rajpal Yadav going to Brad Pitts house n trying to impress Angelina Jolie
12 years of slave, is an amazing movie. The girl that plays Patsy deserve an academy award. Brad Pitts character gives alot to think about.
Honestly even tho Angelina Jolie is a homewrecker, I admire the fck outta her and Brad Pitts relationship. The love they have is beautiful
Dream last night consisted of Jay-Z framing me for a murder that Beyoncé committed. Was locked up and the boys from sons of anarchy and Brad Pitts character in Inglorious Basterds came and helped me escape prison. Crazy, crazy dreams.
Watchen Rumor has it with some of my favorite actresses Kathy Bates , Shirley Mc Laine & Jennifer A . (how ever her last name is spell) Brad Pitts wife Mystery comedy who was the real Mrs. Robertson from the Graduate?
Brad Pitts sexy *** in the Friends thanksgiving episode. Yusss.
Brad Pitts on friends and he looks fine 😍😏
I'm happy with the play of the leafs tonight. They played good. Pitts 3 pp goals including a 5 on 3 with a player without a stick
Imagine being born and Brad Pitts your dad... Easy $10 million.
domain names
and why did you want it when you could have had Brad Pitts hot body? You know those things are plastic right? Made in.
Duno if Cameron d having sex with a car was the oddest moment or whether it was when Brad Pitts head popped off!?
Here's hoping Thanksgiving is the Pitts for our 'Friends' to the south. The Brad Pitts, we mean.
I love ur name. — omg thanks. i was named after Brad Pitts character "tristan" from Legend Of The Falls.
Could you ask Iron Mike what Brad Pitts reaction was when he caught Pitt sleeping with his wife ?? :P
I'd say I'm on parr with Brad Pitts attempt at being a pikey, in ***
Some guy she met at the gym with Brad Pitts face and jesus's abs
Has my mum actually just said she's heard a rumour Brad Pitts in Formby Hall tonight
Trying to warm up still. Today's cold was worse than yesterday. Watched 'While you were sleeping.' And 'parent trap'. Bill Pullman and Dennis Quaid. Such adorable guys. Love the two of them. Y'all can take the Brad Pitts and George Clooneys. I'd prefer Bill or Dennis. :)
It's Friday. I've been paid. The suns out and Brad Richardson gets his new car. If I didn't have the Brad Pitts today would be a good day
Fight Club 2 coming to a theater near u! Taking the places of Edward Norton and Brad Pitts characters will be Mr. Magoo and Roger Rabbit!
Brad Pitts best acting is definitely in twelve monkeys
Brad Pitts acting in Twelve Monkeys is brilliant.
'There are more Dougies and Dereks in the world than Johnny Depps and Brad Pitts' Gervais. How true.
Brad Pitts first job was dancing in a chicken suit to draw in customers at El Pollo Loco”
Brad Pitts speech in Inglorious Basterds is so badass
Meet Joe Black is one of Brad Pitts best performances ever!!! I love the movie so much!
My wrath will be worse than Brad Pitts in Se7en
Our children would be miniature Brad Pitts. No one would complain. Not even hamsters.
Which picture do you like best, or 6?
Brad Pitts in his 40's and he can still get it
OMFG Brad Pitt is hot AF compared to drake
Anybody else have random taste? As in I'm not attracted to the Brad Pitts or Johnny Depps of this world, but Karl Pilkington yes!
The lovely Murrays and the mini Brad Pitts!
an when you get to mine an realise you've missed the party - yer face will be like Brad Pitts when he opens the fcukin box
watching Troy just so I can see Brad Pitts bottom
Brad Pitts brother or a man on the run?
wanna have it look at the Deco, Bratt Pitt's Malibu mansion for sale. Inspirational
Legends of the Fall and Seven are Brad Pitts two best movies.
same barlow! Defo one of Brad Pitts best films xx
I should not have stayed up til 12.30 watching troy... But the lure of Brad Pitts *** was just too much!
I'm pretty sure Kevin spacey cut off Brad Pitts wife's head and put it on a box.
The part where Mr. Smith find out about Mrs. Smith .. Brad Pitts so *** fine
world war Z bro, Brad Pitts zombie movie, its ok kinda cool not extremely badass but cool lol
well good thing I have Jesus' abs and Brad Pitts face
Brad Pitts power level increases by 9,000 with long hair
Brad Pitts in it if that sells you on the film — nah not really
also my niece knows Brad Pitts son nd she told him about my srs leg cramp nd he said he feels sorry for me but told me to click it HELP ME
Brad Pitts butt heart palpitations I surrender
Troy isn't really worth watching after you've seen Brad Pitts *** probably not even his too, nice *** double though 👀
Brad Pitts arms in Troy. I need to kiss them, so big and manly. Mm yes yes
Troy has to be Brad Pitts greatest movie
Troy on ITV2 Think Iv fell in love with Brad Pitts long hair 😍
"Brad Pitts in it, Jessica Chasten, Sean Penn, and there's some dinosaurs." - me describing the cast of Tree of Life
Why is Brad Pitts trying so hard to look like Jeff Bridges in his Chanel ad?
Actress Jacqueline *** wore Adrianna Papell to the premiere of World War Z. Jacqueline's son plays Brad Pitts...
Went to see World War Z this afternoon and I bloody loved it! Brilliant film and very well done! Great little shot of Lulworth Cove at the end which is nice! Only criticism is Brad Pitts wife. He is far too pretty to be married to her!!! It's just not believable. It was off putting. That aside, great film. Brad looked dammmn fine! :-)
Just watched World War Z and was pleased to see the 75th Ranger Regiment get some props rather than the usual "SEAL/Marines" typical ... Ranger Battalion Combat Scrolls on right shoulders of special ops team assigned to guard Brad Pitts life on mission to find cure ... RLTW
Ladies and Gentlemen. I had the honor of attending an early screening of this Movie (because i was an extra in it)...and how was this blockbuster movie you may ask? :/. and HERE's why. (Warning Spoilers ahead)                                                                     Pros: 1: Great Make up for the Zombies, plus they made beautiful sounds, to me they stole the show (and coming from me who is bored of Zombies...that's saying something). 2: well acted i say. 3: the music was nice. 4: several great angles (which was better because this early screening was in 3D) Cons: 1: VERY long.i'd wager pretty much 3 hours, this wouldn't be a problem if there weren't any, (see 2:) 2: Very slow and dull moments ...i know it was to flesh out Gerry (Brad Pitts character) and the like...but those moments and some others dragged on. 3: Seriously some bits were too funny (in my opinion) and i mean funny enough to make the film lose atmosphere (guess i'm the kind of viewer ...
Brad Pitts new film coming out soon... world war z . i was an extra on that... in the ship scene can you spot me... if so pelase let me know!
Thanks! It's just a rough manip though. I'm tired of the Channing Tatums and Brad Pitts.
Hey guys- I think it's only fair to show our DEEP gratitude to Lululemons' little yoga pant "fix" by taking a belt sander to Brad Pitts' face (before, say, dunking him head-first into a deep fryer, yes?)
Constitutional Conservatives Libertarians .. never mind republicans they want the fat guy .. build a robot the chicks like .. make him charming .. not to panty waist appearing . .no Brad Pitts or Jude Law .. or Ashton Kutchner .. give him the hunk appeal.. a sense of humor .. and a line of BS that would melt Hillary or some pro-choice in your face feminist ding bat .. then make him as logical and full of common sense as possible .. his decisions based on constitution, make him incapable of bribes, but with some compassion and heart, make him reject ideologies when they get in the way of the facts and the reality, make him not too perfect .. not too glib .. just enough to fool the bimbos who voted for Bill Clinton and Obama. For establishment republicans .. project a Jeb Bush or Chris Christie hologram over him so you can fool the knee jerkers .. I am told Gerard Butler is considered attractive to many women .. he would do . the star of 300 and Olympus Has Fallen . have pictures of him cutting fire wood w ...
Children's television is warping my mind. On today's episode of Caillou, Grandpa brought a box with a surprise in it. Caillou kept asking, "what's in the box??" All i could think of was "Watch what you ask kid, that didn't work out so well for Brad Pitts character in Seven." Then i had this whole storyline worked out in my head with Grandpa and Caillou and Kevin Spacey.sick.
Word war Z, Brad Pitts new film is expected to e most expensive in history at 265million pounds..
We are delighted to announce that Muse will be performing a special live show to celebrate the release of the new film 'World War Z' which...
revealed: Laura M. Holson reports on the behind-the-scenes battles and the escalating stakes involved in Brad Pitt’s zombie movie.
Peng Liyuan is the stylish second wife of newly-installed Chinese President Xi Jinping. The first lady is a former superstar folk singer, and it's often joked that she's more famous than her husband: 'Who is Xi Jinping? He is Peng Liyuan's husband.'
Oh dear. Reports suggest that the production of didn’t go well at all
watching a Brad Pitt vampire movie. the only good thing is it involves drinking beer. I vant too suuuck your blood.
He is a hollywood actor named Brad Pitt
So Brad Pitt was at the cinema in Hoboken last night?
I wish I has Brad Pitts sexiness, and peter parkers eye sight
So no new songs for WWZ They'll use Follow Me and Isolated System. -YYz
It's our Mad Hatters G & T Party tonight and we are busy dressing the lobby to look all wonderlandy! It's git us thinking about Mad film characters - so the Friday question is. Who's the maddest, most outlandishly crazy film character ever portrayed on screen?
Far from Japan, here I am in Toscana Italy! This is Perro the cat, who was found in the Aegean Sea, almost starved to death. That was six years ago. She is very smart and mischevous. Since I got acquainted with her, several Hollywood stars have got their homes as well: Leonard DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. If I marry a woman, she would have a lot of luck like those stars! Wonder if Perro's spirit used to be with Leonardo da Vinci, who lived here in the western part of Toscana.
Another question first 5 to get it right goes into the draw to win PS3 drawn on the 31st of May... Which movie is it that has these 5 well known actors George Clooney, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts?
Muse doing two new songs for tht Z film wi Brad Pitt .
Dubai Palm Islands... Magnificent engineering designs, BUT if you will investigate closer, it is a DESIGN FAILURES.
kinda weird to think how time flys. just watching cool world and thinking how young Brad Pitt was in 1992 (one of his first movies) to figure out he was already 30 back then. At least the man ages well since he's always looked younger than he is.
The 75-year-old actor was meant to be promoting his new movie 'Now You See Me' but his busy schedule has clearly taken its toll after he was spotted dozing off on air during a talk with US television show, FOX affiliate Q13, on Wednesday.
What the *** dem ring and text me again..Please don't disturb me its friday don't wanna watch movie. I'm sorry please understand..Very busy with assignment. Hope you grown up. Shalom iummi problem na..
Just watched "killing them softly" with Brad Pitt...2thumbs DOWN! Next "red dawn" new version, I saw original red dawn back in the 80's.good stuff. Let the movie begin.I hope its as good as the original.
World War Z Seems to be looking good. Can't wait!
Sometimes I think it'd be a lot easier to just have an affair than to try to date. I get along better in person with married women or ones in relationships anyway. They always tell me how sweet I am and how I deserve a wonderful girl. I can really tell they feel bad for me and I'm just thinking to myself what species of women they are and why there aren't more out there like them. The difference is night and day. I've dated a lot of girls but very few have turned into something special or something that I at least thought was special at the time. I'm not the typical guy who keeps dating to himself, I'm vocal about it because I think there are a lot of people out there too afraid to say what's really on their minds and fear what people might think of them if they speak out. Obviously I'm not afraid of what anyone thinks of me because of my opinion when it comes to dating, I couldn't care less. I shouldn't have to apologize for having a personality and a sense of humor, especially when it's within re ...
Only Brad Pitt cn make eatin look dis good*
I have heard it all Brad Pitt is retarded and so is sanjay gumpta if you expect me to believe there is a disease where you dont recognize peoples faces dr john says dont use the drug if you cant handle the sideeffects
I WISH! I'd be seeing Brad Pitts all over the place!
All deez phat ol' at the beach are amazing, but from the neck up they look like tella tubbies! Ha! I know I'm not Brad Pitt, but I ain't out here half naked, either!!! Lmao
had no clue Brad Pitt was in Cool World
Amazing photos over 100 years old that show an amazing resemblance to present day celebrities. Jay-Z, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Nicholas Cage, Justin Timberlake just to name a few. Are they vampires? Immortals? Time Travelers?
I will never forget how handsome Brad Pitt was in Troy. I hope that he does a sequel because he makes my knees shake when I see him with long hair all oiled up with his shield.
So maybe "World War Z" wasnt the best night time reading book.. I cant even clean my casa without being totally paranoid a ZOMBIE is gna attack me.. -_-"
true...i want to know more about Brad Pitts blindness
Brad Pitt Every time I've been lucky enough to make a movie with him, the press inevi­tably swoon, ''Wow, how great is Brad Pitt?'' — they're continually surprised. People often think that actors who are that famous can't be that talented. But then they see Brad in Moneyball or The Tree of Life and again squeal, ''Oh my God.'' In an odd way, and I'm not sure how it's possible, he gets to reemerge with every film. In Moneyball, he is truly coming to terms with his own capability. It's especially interesting to me that the same guy who played Achilles in Troy can also play Billy Beane. Achilles understood what it means to be touched by grace. Beane had to come to terms with the fact that being touched by grace isn't all it's cracked up to be, because in baseball fat guys who get on base are just as ­important as Ted Williams. You look at Brad and you think, ''Why would he want to take the air out of the notion of bequeathed greatness?'' But I think it's telling that he doesn't just want to play the hero ...
Missed a spot on my Brad Pitts now I have to go back and shave them AGAIN!
We are hating so bad, i can taste it. lol.
I'm good. Brad Pitts sex scenes will stand the test of time.
I can't wait to watch hangover 3 lol :)
Shaved off my beard. I don't recognize myself
A bridge collapses on the only Interstate from Mexico to Canada and we have 2 listen about Brad Pitts face blindness!
Hate it when people ask me if I was Brad Pitts body double when he made Fight Club :' |
The way friedel came off ees line ees definitely gotta case ov the Brad Pitts...
World War Z is Brad Pitts come back both in acting and as the sexy man he was. He was looking homeless. Lets be honest.
Brad Pitts needs some attention too from his husband stealing girlfriend Angie Jolie's Let it go jerk!
Angelina Jolie Shows she enjoys a Celebrity Thong - Brad Pitts wife, Angelina Jolie shows that she...
New poster for Brad Pitt’s World War Z and video of his surprise appearance at Hoboken screening last night
and I wanta finish reading world war z before I see Brad Pitts movie destroying it! Lol
I'm curious to see how this all looks in 3D, and I'm curious to know what a paying audience will think. But for...
Awash in relief at WWZ preview: Zombies-as-blob obliterates the pathos of zombie-human conflict
World War Flop? Brad Pitt's $400m zombie film could become the most ...
Not picking my 6yo great nephew up from school tomorrow he's still got the Brad Pitts poor lad !!
Is Brad Pitt's $400m World War Z movie set to become the most expensive flop of all time?
Brad: My drug life before meeting Jolie was the Pitts
So Brad Pitts says he has problems with remembering people's faces. Has that dude ever considered ever having anything to do with d Chinese?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
You like me, you really like me. Just kidding, you hate me.
Quick take on World War Z, which I saw and you most likely didn't
Just some guy she met with Brad Pitts face and Jesus' abs
Brad Pitts World War Z has gone from a budget of €170m to €400m. Funny thing is it looks crap.
it's okay Brad Pitts here to save me
Brad Pitts has some tough words describing his previous marriage to Jennifer Aniston. Plus Kellie Pickler takes the top spot on
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