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Brad Pit

William Bradley Brad Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and film producer. Pitt has received four Academy Award nominations and five Golden Globe Award nominations, winning one Golden Globe.

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Do Hipsters in their 20s know of a film called Johnny Suede? By Tom Dicillo? Starring a young Brad Pit? One of the…
So Brad pit is your mentor? Try studying paleoclimatology, and then any of 100 more areas…
I think my all time favorite moment is when he threw it into reverse on pit road and slammed into Brad. 😂👌🏿
Brad got her out of the pit and to a safe place
Brad on LINE is actually just an endless pit of memes it's great
have you heard Black Brad Pit by Danny Brown?
VGK say they have six trades in place. If we're speculating - emphasis on speculating - likely to be with ANA, CBJ, CHI…
Y'all don't kill brad when he's tryna take pics in the pit
Lindsay can you ask brad paisley to clear my guitar for the pit on September 9 so he can sign it as well
Is it really the size of a poker chip?
Walked by a couple talking to their dog, a girl dog, named Brad Pit Bull. I fricken love *** people.
I think she likes brad pit to. Tell us what's wrong with him .. ??
This picture 😂😂 They look like they got beef with each other and the dude in…
Sleep well Jo! Dream the dream that you want to dream! Brad pit I expect))
She called u a 10! LOL. OMG and she knew u had a piece. and u went 4 it!. I am talking 2 a lot of pigs. LOL. Hmm Brad Pit is a ten, now
I agree. Why doesn't he win the title every other year if it takes…
I always have thought you and Topher Grace could be brothers.
Wrong SRK didnt meet brad pit actually brad pit wanted to meet world's biggest movie star :) . Feel the difference
Chech out Se7en. Brad pit with morgan freeman. Also too good a movie.
BREAKING: The Pittsburgh Penguins have re-signed 7 NHL officials leaving PIT with $2M wiggle room.
Brad and Austin head to pit road. Fuel Only for the
Brad Keselowski takes over the lead. He is the only driver that hasn't come to pit road with 7 laps to go in Stage 2
Austin will pit this time by. He moved up to p10 as the leaders pit. Brad Bayne and JJ haven't pit yet. Here comes Bayne and JJ
If you make a pit stop in OKC hit me up for some food recs
Michigan drivers update: Brad Keselowski runs eighth, while Erik Jones is scything through the field after an early pit stop, now in 22nd.
Pit seats to Brad Paisley Dustin Lynch and Chase bryant were amazing last night... Concert was one of the best!!!
Next Hollywood stars will raise their child as the opposite sex , Oh *** Charlize Theron and Brad Pit a…
I think Brad is pitting toward that end of pit road tomorrow. I see them go in you see them come out😌
nothing is greater than watching my dad (and mom) finally visit the pit area of the Speedway and shake hands w…
4-stars, 5-stars have already begun to roll in for Fedora's Freakshow ($)
The problem is most people think they are brad pit and deserve brad pit accommodations.
still can't believe we paid £100 odd for bham brad pit on get me in lol it's ridiculous
Sigh I should have fought Brad in the pit when I had the chance at ers louisville
When some guy is standing too close in the beer line but in all reality he just wants to give you free pit passes to Brad Paisley👌🏻
I will meet Dustin Lynch, I will meet him!! I am ready for. Pit access — attending Megaticket Show: Brad Paisley
San Antonio, Texas man trains pit bulls to work with law enforcement!. "Brad Croft is taking abandoned,...
Brad got my pit bike today so we can ride together 😘😘
Darius will you please be so kind in sending me a guitar clearance fir brad's show n September 9 to.…
I've got guitar clearance fir Lindsay Ell con you clear my guitar fir brad's show on September 9 in t…
You said I hope so it gets damaged? Brad paisley is signing the guitar on September 9 at the pit wi…
Will my guitar get damaged in the hoy weather ? Waiting at the venue? It's in a soft leather case br…
Sad bc there's a new thing called the Brad Pit on the Vamps 2017 tour but bc of the layout of the Hydro it's not in Glasgow :(
PLATELL'S PEOPLE: What kind of mother treats her kids like you, Angelina?  : When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit...
brad pit is single! Nevertheless I wish him well with this divorce and his children.
Con, Brad and James on Joe's IG . James really wants the how now brown cow wow pit😂.
Everybody Crying over Brad Pit and his girl divorcing...Im crying cause all my favorite players in the NBA are retiring.. *** man
Some guys wanted to be like brad pit (if you know what i mean) brad pit is something else you is something else,be yourself 💁🏻 love yourself
Jennifer Aniston steps out for first time since news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's…
there is a whole article on radar about what brad pit’s ex from the 80s thinks should happen w their divorce…. BOY! . MIND YOUR BUSINESS!
Fleury on the goalie tandem: "It's good for the team. We can both play and win. The bottom line is winning games."
Tbh Brad pit and Angelina's couple was something I always adored. They had something in between them, so sad how love fa…
In the last 48 hours how many times do you think Brad Pit has mumbled, "no tittie having *** .."?
from what i read..Brad Pit dont actually cheat, it was a scene where he kiss another actress..n theres other stories tho.
Are u really pregnant with brad pit?? I wanted to marry u
The REAL reason why Angelia left Brad for a younger Pitt
To all the straight dudes who swore they'd sleep with Brad Pit if he was single and willing your chances just increased by 50%.
Tfw people care more about Brad Pit/ Angelina Jolie drama, then a dude that got gunned down in the middle of a street after his car broke
well at least FBI is investigating Brad Pit
SO, Jolie wants a from Brad Pit. I guess this means her brother is available.
If brad pit and Angelina can't make it what makes me think Ima find love smh
Cuz if Brad Pit was talking/yelling at his SON in that plane I already know what he said that had *** shook...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Was brad pit yelling at his son or his daughter on that plane?
Damnn the media is twisting brad pit smh
Angelina and Brad Pit want to split up and here some girls are praying they dont. I dont get the idea of this.
how fitting seen with Brad Pit the child abuser They have something in common
Angelina & Brad Pit's divorce shows that it doesn't matter how long you're together with someone.your partner might still…
Sexiest Men Alive? Ben Affleck, Johnny Depp, Now Brad Pitt: It's the End of an Era for Celebrity Idol Worship: The news that Brad Pit...
Angelina Jolie stop Brad Pitt from seeing the children as she hides them in a secret location in LA: Brad Pit...
George Clooney reacts to Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie divorce as he finds out on camera
PitTalks: Perspective on the No. 2's pit stop penalty - Nascar
Brad is stills salty Jeff's pit crew beat him up!
has to do with Gordon calling out Brad K's for pit road infraction. BK not happy
📷 surf4living: Ian Walsh in the pit. Ph: Brad Masters
If MAF wants out of PIT after this season and your Brad Treliving would you want him?
Brad Keselowski forced to pit for penalty
Hey Jeff remember when Brad had to pit because his team pull out his side skirt so this 3rd time caught cheating
Brad Keselowski forced to pit for penalty: Brad Keselowski was issued a penalty for an…
Kessel facts: maybe NHL's most explosive skater, missed 0 games in last 6 yrs, cancer survivor, teammates love him, leads…
Ganna takk a good 8 spooner of coffee to pull Is out this misery pit before work 💀
Shes cute but art? Im no Brad pit but Kim Perry or are more the art Id like Id like to see.
Everyone commenting about how hot it is in San Jose & it's affecting the Ice. It's only 73 degrees there right now. Game 2 was…
The 2 team got caught cheating during a pit stop. And now Brad is mad at Jeff Gordon. He says Gordon is bias.
Brad never mentioned the pit stop, so he was playing along with what he was talking about.
To me when Brad pit crews Jackman deliberately get caught cheating in a race,black flag the car and park it. This isn't the first time
Here's what happened during Brad pit stop that brought on black flag:.
I am not an announcer Brad, and your pit crew guy blatantly nailed your car.
My first backflip attempt, Tulsa OK, 1997. My second was into a foam pit at without scorpions
I couldn't watch the race today. What did Brad do that nascar called him to pit road?
Bad Brad blaming Nascar for his 2 pit penalties. Couldn't beat the today though. And Jr was conserving gas!!
I added a video to a playlist Brad Keselowski forced to pit for penalty
Brad Keselowski forced to pit for penalty: via
Brad Keselowski suffers costly penalty after pit-crew snafu in Axalta 400 via
Brad Keselowski pays the price for a crew mistake.
Story and video: busted on pit road during pit stop:
Well did you people see The Last Vampire !!! Now that was with Brad Pit and Tom Cruise !!! YES YOUR Bianca Dordrecht Holland Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
the remaining two sentences in the sample all reference Terence Malick's "Tree of Life" starring Brad Pit
Tor brad pit & angelina: How do you like your liberalism now, ya dumb fuks? You voted for it. Deal with it ***
We're Click to apply: Metallurgical Laboratory Intern - Intern Office Indirect - PA
I was caller number 12 out of 13 to win Brad Paisley pit passes and to go on stage. NUMBER 12. Oh my God. 😭😭😭😭
im no Brad Pit myself but i've seen kebabs hotter than that
White girl hanging off my arm like I'm brad pit
Cool World its on netflix with Brad Pit
The woman is the reflection of her man. -Brad Pit
If i cant get my meek , i have to go get my brad pit 💙 lol
New vamps single ordered, just need my pre-sale code now! So I can get in the wow pit! BRAD SIMPSON NEEDS TOO TOUCH ME😍😍😍
if Brad Pit and John Travolta had a son. he would look like this
Once more and do this group isn't suppose to be plyng this and like this nope s s the brad pit us t Prince
his interview of brad pit was absolutely painful to watch. I wonder if he'll get better with time?
We got pit tickets to Brad Paisley 😁
I have a pit ticket for Brad paisley available, do you know of anyone in need of a ticket.
you don't have to be Brad pit just give off the same masculine energy and she will not pass
"i see Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie here" looks like a hollywood couple promise" -G . .
MIss MIssouri said Brad Pit in association with our state. She just lost.
I'm going to push you in a tiger pit if we go to a zoo in Texas Brad, you know this now
I still can't get over how hot brad pit looks in Troy
She said yes! Fans get engaged in front of Dale Earnhardt Jr. on pit road(SPEEDonFOX)
All I hope I can do is look like brad pit one day
Everyone is going to be so salty towards me when I go to Brad Paisley because it's going to be all over my snap since I have pit tickets😈
Brad pit was hot in fight club dont ever deny it
I'd bet Brad Pitt has a room in his house that only he's allowed in called the Rad Pit and it's full of cool stuff lik…
The fact that I was suppose to buy pit tickets for hope and I at brad paisley but spent all my money makes me so mad now we are in the lawn
I'm rooting for & right now. Brad is already in and the 43 crew picked him up a position on that pit stop.
No Brad, You can't pit right now, We are eating an ice cream cone
Brad K and Jamie Mac too fast on pit road
PENALTY … Brad Keselowski and Jamie McMurray both too fast on pit road.
Bruce Willis was dead the whole time, rosebud is a sled, Kevin Spacey made it up he the bad guy, Edward Norton = Brad Pit.
Dreamt I worked in morrisons with brad pit and then my mum got *** shamed on the news.
Remember when we used to keep up with family /friends on social media? Now we post news stories on what Brad Pit looks like without makeup.
Brad Pitt was banned from ever entering China Louis is 23. New Years
Shh but it be the weirdo black girls or oddish pretty girls that date the white guys.. noo shade. I wouldn't mind attracting a brad pit
hey if u were ghost & could haunt anyone, who would it b? I choose brad pit,just 2 get a taste of the good life
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit are the most badass couple in Mr. & Mrs. Smith
defenseman Brad Stuart is being honored right now with a silver stick for playing in his 1,000th NHL game on Dec. 18 at PIT.
"Fame makes you feel like a girl walking past constructions workers.(all the time)." Brad Pit quote. Me: Table for two.
oh yeah our kids our gonna be bad af lmao like a Black brad pit and not only am I a doctor but a trendsetter as well I see you boo😎
Angelina Jolie is 39 and brad pit is 50 so I ain't even stressin. Bae is chillin in 4th grade prolly playin heads up seven up or freeze tag
If you love her to the point of madness she will become it. -- Brad Pit talking about his wife. 🙌
So weird Brad pit filmed this scene on kinda creeped out 😔
Zayn wit the jésus look Lol and Harry is looking lyk brad pit in troy these kids growin up sou fast!!
Referees for are Brad Watson & Kyle Rehman. Linesmen are Racicot & Alphonso.
Does brad pit have to look this good 😩
I look a lot like Brad Pit if you don't compare.
Brad's PIT & Erik's GB in playoffs. John's ATL might make it. Erik, is everyone going crazy in DAL?
White girl hanging on my arm like I'm brad pit
I wish I lived back then like brad pit in Legend of the Fall.
Kooly co nd Levi's you can call me brad pit 😂💯💪
brad pit u. eso seria one a dream xD!
Amelia: U is for under pit. Me: yah you're under Brad Pitt
wants to plant an olive pit. He named it Brad.
Idea for a category on Doug Loves Movies; Pit Stains: movies Brad Pit removes his shirt.
Brad Pit got 17.5$ million in Fight Club, Edward Norton Got only 2.5$M although it was his movie. Life isn't fair, just deal with it this way
Ladies we need some names for our Hot or not game! Any suggestions? Brad Pit, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Gosling... Help me out ladies!!!
LMFAO! Charlie from perks of being a wallflower is going to war with Sam Witwicky (transformers), Shane Walsh (walking dead), and Brad Pit!
Freddy's Nightmares tv series had some pretty great actors. Brad Pit, Mariska Hargitay, Lori Petty & John Cameron Mitchell, to name a few...
'Can we start a mosh pit' Megan this is brad paisley
I'm giving away: Spy Game with Robert Redford and Brad Pit. Check it out -
I swear the sweetest couple was Brad pit and Angelina Jolie and still gonna be 👍
Whenever brad bites his lip or whenever he winks, i get this tingling eerie feeling in the pit of my stomach
I slicked all my hair back rn and I feel like I'm brad pit 😂
I don't want to hear Neil deGrasse Tyson's thoughts on the after life because I'm pretty sure they won't include a pit of Brad Pitts.
ball pit., Brad pit. Ball pit is brad pit!
“Ima be like brad pit and Angelina Jolie” they'd me a great couple.
Ima be like brad pit and Angelina Jolie
Dawg, Robin Williams was like the 90’s Brad pit in terms of star power.. I’m sad as *** b.
Pit road is a dangerous place over the wall guys and also behind the wall guys, see what happened this week at
When someone tells you that you like brad pit but a lot bigger
it's a good thing we have Brad Pit to wipe out the Nazis
Being a member of the pit crew or pit support team is always difficult, A member of the team has his tooth...
Thanks to for showing Brad Daughtery's reaction in the pit studio. That was really awesome to see win!
I just realized why brad pit counts to 12 in world war z. *** im slow
During the first pit stop of the race, crew member gets tooth knocked out, story at
crew member gets tooth knocked out during a pit stop at Watkins Glen, story and interview at
Watching Troy with Brad Pit and Orlando Bloom. Good movie, one of my favorites. Yes because it has Brad in it! Oh my!!
, yes you are correct, George Clooney, Brad Pit, David Beckham, Ewan McGregor and on the list goes
I'm no David Beckham or Johnny Depp or Brad Pit or George Clueny or Leonardo de Caprio but my heart is faithful and true
Favorite Oscar moment was when Cheap O , Brad Pit only gave 20.00 to the pizza guy.
Fun Fact: Leo isn't the only one, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Brad Pit, Tom Cruise, Hitchcock, and Amy Adams have never …
Francis Ford Coppola,George Lucas,Martin Scorsese,Brad Pit,Angelina Jolie and all the BAFTA awards nominated personalities are in the crib.Let the party begin!
A 8 year old kid asks his father,"Tell me dad,whats the difference between,'Potentially' and 'Reality'." Dad:"I will show you son." Dad turns to his wife and asks her:"Honey would you sleep with Bill Gates for 1 million dollars?" Wife:"Yes ofcouse! I would never waste such an opportunity." Dad then asks his 18 year old daughter if she would sleep with Brad Pit for 1 million dollars? Daughter:"Wow! Yes,he's my fatansy." So dad turns to his elder son and asks him:"Would you sleep with Tom Cruise for 1 million dollars?" Elder son:"Yeah! Why not,Imagine what I could do with 1 million dollars! I would never hesitate." So father turns back to his younger son and says,"You see son Potentially we are sitting on 3 million dollars,but in Reality we are living with 2 prostitutes and 1 *** !
Showbiz towards men: Steven Tyler looks like a mummy-yum!; Brad Pit's face looks like a raisin- hot!; George Clooney has a walker-sexy! Showbiz towards women: Lorde is ugly! Cyndy Loper is a cow! Madonna is old! Beyoncé is a *** ... It must be tough being a woman in this world.
TO ALL GIRLS : -Beyonce bought Jay Zee a jet. -Kim Kardashian bought Kanye West a ferrari -Angelina Jolie bought Brad Pit an island . And you are still begging for airtime and christmas gift.
Hamilton Collection
she was in that movie meet Joe black she banged Brad Pit.
Brad Pit and Jason Statham being badasses. ul enjoi ;)
Too cold to go out.. So its Red Wine, Fabi's Pasta and Troy! Um.. Eric Bana and Brad Pit.. Um, oh *** yes.. *** I'm sorry but these two, in this movie, are smokin..
"The Counselor" - A review I was looking forward to this film. I left afterward feeling slightly depressed. Good stuff first. The cast are excellent. I couldn't remember seeing Michael Fassbender in anything prior to this, although he's had quite a few roles, including a couple of films I've seen (Inglorious Basterds, Prometheus). He's good in this, full of considered confidence at first, then helpless in the face of unraveling horror. Brad Pit is solid in a low-key role. Penelope Cruz has been in stacks of films, however this the first one I've seen (although, to be fair, a lot of her filmography is Spanish-language). Here she is trusting, sexy, full of life -which makes what happens later all the sadder. Javier Bardem looks as though he has fun in his role as a party-boy - quite a change from his frightening role in "No Country for Old Men". The psychopath in this film turns out to be Bardem's on-screen partner, Cameron Diaz. Diaz is maybe best-known for her comedic roles in lighter entertainments such ...
Saw 12 Years as a Slave last night - terrific acting and cast - eye opening, who knew that was going on ? V depressing movie, sorry to say, but heart warming end - Brad Pit and Steve McQueen (son?) produced
Who better to imitate Brad Pit than Leif Garrett?
Christian Bale, Keanu Reeves, Bruce Willis, Brad Pit, George Clooney is some of my favs
Gladiator with Russell Crowe, Troy with Brad Pit or 300 with Gerard Butler. or... ALL THREE!
Celebrity Wedding Rings - Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pit, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise, Britney...: Sometimes celebrity wedding rings are so popular they change the face of wedding ring fashion. Intricate styles and unique custom settings adorn hundreds of celebrity-inspired wedding rings that are either exact duplicates or cheap imitations of the previous settings. Either way, wedding ring duplications are a growing market among jewelers and online websites. Here are just a few celebrities who've influenced wedding ring fashion today. -- Delivered by Feed43 service
My dad just called me to explain how some lady thought he was brad pit. What is this like the 20th time dad? Shutup you looser
Brad Pit and Angelina came to Tokyo for...
I'm being taken for a pamper day at a spa very soon. I'm going to come out looking like brad pit apparently.
name: Bradley age you look: 16 lol name in contacts: brad-pit-ly first impression: SO CUTE AND HE COULD SKATE rate: 9.5
if u you watch BABEL with brad pit its another like amores perros three part movie that connects to the story
brad pit is so gorgeous in this movie I can't
Nawh he ain't no Brad Pit or Huge Jackman lolol
Hi! Pit | oh, brad pit? | no,no My 1st name is KEJE My last name is PiNTU |
What an amzing poster..Indian Brad Pit and Morgan freeman...
My dad and brother are watching the race right now and my brother was like "Did Brad pit?" and we all sat there in silence for 5 seconds
Watching "Killing Them Softly" starring Brad Pit it's a good movie
lol please 7assastini brad pit or something x'D naa seriously, I'm just max :D
please as if I don't! He is that guy would got younger as he aged. Brad Pit.
LOL Tiffany taught Brad Pit the korean woed "daebak" :p It reminds me of Yongseo and Ueno Juri. :):)
"seriously who's Omari Johnson. girls act like he's Brad Pitt." He is way better than brad pit
my hatred for Angelina and brad pit is sooo real
Oh I forgot you don't talk to people who don't look like brad pit
Who do you think the sweetest couple is? — Brad pit & Angelina Jolie
Read an article about Brad Pit on Angelina, not crying I swear... Perfect man.
Listening to this guys love for Brad Pit in the snack line at the movies and im like "same"
Louis and I are laughing at u soon brad pit are joining in bc i'm him
take a "trucker bad" as we say it in Denmark. Wash your "Brad" pit and then spray.
Brad pit callin me askin to use my hair for movies? Uh no
okay :) goodnight sweet dreams with brad pit!! Hope you win him lol
One day, brad pit will grow up to be christen Stewart.
Yo im so trunt your like a yung Brad pit lol
the vampire movie was called Interview with a vampire. With tom cruse and brad pit lol great movie :-P
would u hook up with brad pit or would you resist @ 1st — I would resist . And then busy out the hand cuffs
"There are at least 6 people in the world who look exactly like you." Baru jumpe satu. Brad pit. Hemmm
"And all that extra hold gel in your hair on a lock cause heaven forbid it should fall out of place okay so you're brad pit"
Funny when people start to whine about romantic movies, sweet gestures and love quotes not happening to them coz they say they are single, yet has one or more suitors. Girls: Don't expect Brad Pit come tumbling down your doorstep coz you are no Angelina Jolie. Boys: Vice-versa Good morning!
OK, now three clients have said I look like a celebrity that they can't think who it is! ...who do you think it is. it's buggin me! LOL Brad Pit maybe? :)
So yeah Shia Labeouf, and Brad Pit are on post. A few people have run into them and gotten pictures.
Nice movie, suspense action, worth to watch it, World War Z!!! You're the man, my favorite Brad Pit.
« Keep CM Punk or David Beckham & Brad Pit for the weird girl .. but Channing and me alone! »
Friday at the movies-World War Z-Brad Pit does a good job even, reminds me of Steve McQeen.
I'm not really a hockey fan per se, but I gotta tell ya - that Patrick Sharp is one *** of a good lookin' guy; he's like Brad Pit on ICE!
Was setting here thinking about Erikas wedding how beautiful it all was.And how beautiful my children and their family looked.hours spent choosing just the right outfit to wear.The mothers not only getting their self's beautiful, but dressing the grandkids making sure they look good.And believe me they looked like movie stars to me.The guys in their tuxes and suits,Brad Pit you would of been jealous. All our friends and family looked like a million dollars also.Then the icing on the cake my beautiful princess comes walking down the arm and arm with her dad,heading to her prince.She was the most beautiful bride I ever seen. The weekend was short, but having everyone but Chris together was priceless.But thanks to technology Chris was able to see everything also.Family is the most important thing there is in life and what I'm trying to say is how lucky I am,how blessed I am.God is amazing,he gave me so much love and beauty.It's called my family.
Brad Pit, Angelina Jollie, Leonardo DiCaprio & Justin Bieber are all taking the maiden voyage of Virgin Atlantic's space shuttle. What Biebs doesn't know is that the other 3 are on a peace keeping mission to drop him in space and end his era of musical terrorism.
. Which historical-adventure movies you like the best. 1-"Gladiator by Russel Crow"... 2-"Troy by Brad Pit"... 3-"300 by Gerald Buttler"...
Best part of history class so far: the five min clip of Orlando Bloom, Eric Banna, and a very buff Brad Pit
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild flora and fauna quoted last week 17th May 2013 that African nations must do more to emulate more Chinese celebrities to speak up and protect their nation through awareness. Three so far have come forward which isn't good enough. Knowing that America is one of the second largest nations in the world for illegal importation of wildlife parts then I do think that AMERICAN celebrities should come forward and now help, considering they help our beloved felines and canines then one must not be picky especially when we're trying to save the giants of the earth. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) have no problems here so maybe a leaf need's to be taken out of their book and lobbying of PETA also need's requiring as well as all famous film producers and actors People such a Brad Pit, Angelina Joli, and many more have many young followers of which tier films are viewed within Asia. It would be seen as most kind to place on one of th ...
If you could be David Beckham, Dave grohl, Kelly Jones, Brad Pit or Liam fray who would you be??
My girl love me like I'm Brad Pit so I tell Angelina come hop up on Brad's ***
A little snowy day fun to heat things up. Pick one of each. I tried to keep ages somewhat close to each other. Cary Grant or Clark Gable? Liam Neeson or Michael Douglas? George Clooney or Brad Pit? Hugh Jackman or Johnny Depp? Edward or Jake? (a little Twilight humor) Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum (this isn't even a competition as far as I'm concerned)
HOLLYWOOD CONFESSIONS by Sista Otis: Some girls go crazy over movie stars but not me. First of all they are actors, hello? How would you know if they were just acting? But If I, "had" to pick a movie star I would say...You can keep your Brad Pit, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp and give me, Jack Black any day! I mean life and love would be so much fun fun fun with Jack Black :) There, now you know my super scandalous Hollywood confession tee he he giggle giggle!
turkey, crow, raven, eagle, hawk, big bird, elmo, ernie, bernie, dory, nemo, black, white, green, blue, Ron, Harry, Hermione, Will Smith, Brad Pit, David Spade, Freddy Kruger, Michal Myers, Jigsaw, America, Germany, Switzerland.I just gave you random words of nonsense. There are 8 things about them. Can you guess what they are? :)
New corporate photos done - couldn't believe it - hair & make up artists too...they managed to get a Yorkshire man to wear make up - don't know how that happened. Hopefully, I'll look like Brad Pit when they come back :-)
Brad Pit and George Clooney need to have a kid already. I'm tired of all these excuses
he is son of Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie and Beyonce .. verdaad that is prime lejitimo Justin and Avril Lavigne
You a go lose if you dis Santa Cruse Yo think a Bloodclooth Mister and Mrs Smith A no Brad Pit nor Tom Cruse
Brad Pit bails on new Disney 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain Nemo!: Disney is heading to Australia to shoo...
If an actor that looks like Michael Jordan is playing a killer who actually looks like Brad Pit, would folks care. ? The use of dark skin to instill fear and rage (or hate) is such a powerful tool used by Western (and Saudi Arabian) world. When will we get over colorism/racism??? ***
Andy Thomas looks like Brad Pit and he wins 50k
WARNING: Spoilers of the book if you have not read it... So, I decided to rewatch the world war z movie trailer today because it came up in a trailer review on a show I subscribe to. Verdict... still hate it. Mind you. I am a major fan of the two books by Max Brooks and even pick up any zombie anthology book or piece that might have a short story from the universe of the books. Even picked up the audio book so that I could play it for my room mate since getting him to read it might have been a chore. I still hate the fact that the audio book was abridged and missing some very powerful chapters but with the recording reaching 12+ hours in length and with a very fantastic cast of readers... I can understand the choice. Now there is this. This movie. This pile of fetid filth starting Brad Pit that will still make money just from his name on it and being somehow tangentially related to the zombie phenomenon. As a note, I am not completely opposed to the idea of fast zombies but I rather prefer the ...
Im no Channing Tatum, Mac Miller, Brad Pit, or Justin Bieber, but I guarantee I can treat a woman as good if not better than them... Girls always say guys are shallow, but look at yourselves first... :/
I saw Legends of the Fall last night. The way Julia Ormond was so hart broken over Brad Pit reminded me of lol.
I wonder if Oprah, and Cloney, Streisand, Brad Pit, Ron Howard, just to name a few, do all these elite hollywood approve of this? Are they in on it, or suckers too? Where is the outrage. Hmmm, I guess it has there stamp of approval, after all it is acting. Remember that next time you shell out $50.00 to take your family to the movies.
Alright World! This is a big moment for me. I'm Officially growing out my hair! That's right. Since my freshman year in High School, I've sported the crew cut and it's been good to me. But I really want to know what I will look like with actual hair. I went to Fred Meyer and bought some "product" as they call it, (probably women's product because it smells like Apples), I watched a 2:00 minute YouTube video on how to style Men's hair, and I taped a picture of Jake Owen to my office wall for motivation. So I think I've done all my homework and I am prepared for the journey. Amber says as long as I end up looking like Keith Urban or long haired version of Brad Pit, she's cool with it. What do you think? Horrible idea or Go for it?
Are Robert Redford from the 70's and Brad Pit from the 90's the same person?
How does your dog fare in the popularity stakes? When it comes to choosing a dog, we are all drawn to different breeds, but each year it seems that certain canines rise above the rest in the popularity stakes. While there are some perennial favourites, as classic as Frank Sinatra and diamonds, from time to time you are bound to notice some up-and-coming pooches taking top spots on the doggy leader board and 2012 has been no exception. Here is a rundown of the most popular canines this year. Cocker spaniel While always a firm favourite in the UK for their friendly and fun-loving nature, cocker spaniels usually miss out on poll position. However, since Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their black cocker spaniel Lupo into their home, the popularity of these dogs has skyrocketed, earning them first place. Labrador The chances of you seeing a most popular dog chart without a Labrador is about as likely as a hottest man list without Brad Pit. This is one classy pooch, beloved by males and females alik ...
Watching a movie called "Twelve Monkeys" it's got Brad Pit & Bruce Willis it can't be that bad lol
Chanel No.5 AD... Mocked and Criticized!!: Joe Wright, the director of the Chanel No.5 adverts starring Brad Pit...
building up in the pit of my stomach. I become fidgety, pulling on my bonds as you work your way down my body*
What happened to your love affair with Brad Pit?!?!?!?
Softly's Bad Rap: I think I understand one cause for the death of Andrew Dominik and Brad Pit...
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"World War Z looks so dope!" replace brad pit with me in the future.
Offft brad pit with an irish accent
I just met you, you LIED to me! Luckily I didn't fall for your trick :) maybe brad pit will be nicer ;) so good to meet you!
Just bought a single ticket to see and Brad Mehldau in Durham in April. Second row pit ticket. Get out of my way.
got a good point there!! Did I meet you last weekend in the pit with ?!
My son put his shirt over his face, and my first thought was in The Money Pit. Name game is next.
Brad pit and Vin Dieseal star in Thundercats movie!!!
oh... Iv seen them all... Btw brad pit is making a thundercats movie ;)
Seeing Brad Pit in a movie makes feel so warm inside.
Just wait till that brad pit sex scene after you've downed two stella's.
brad pit just stop... you're done. byEE
ITS GOIN DOWN ! Lets settle this in a mud pit. Not that will be some entertainment.
Brad Pit & Angelina Joulie are the cuties couple ever.
LMAO what if brad pit wants to dance? 😳
I wanna see that new brad pit movie
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The last scene of seven is just epic , i wonder what i would've done if I were brad pit
I dnt c what women find so attractive in brad pit, is it his beard? Or Ryan reynold or whatever his name is
That's pretty dope. Wasn't she in a movie with like brad pit, or like someone famous
Blake kinda looks like brad pit lol.
Se7en is probably one of the best movies brad pit ever made.
World war Z is going to absolutely ROCK!,brad pit rockz
lols...hes comparing himself with brad Pit...hes living in his own world..
Is Brad Pit wearing a weave in he's new movie
You wanna be my lil angelina, ill be your brad pit. Mr and mrs smith
an i look like brad pit.. Just alot less handsome
People often confuse me for brad pit or shaqueal O'Neal. Life is funny that way sometimes.
Crumped with ms. swift, grinded on brad and Travis, Mosh pit with the student body, and crowd surfing...all at the pep rally.
Old Alabama by brad paisley, then rack city, then take a walk passion pit, then countdown Beyonce, and beauty and the beat Jbiebs...
you sound like brad pit in those Chanel commercials
Wow, reminds me of the movie Robert Redford made with Brad Pit, And A River Ran Through It.
Just got in from the river wiv hazey and my baby kailah we was over there 4 2 hours wiv hazeys boyfriend max lol she loved it :) (brad pit n Angelina Jolie) lool cant wait 2 see the pups wen they *** soon trust specialy wiv the way max was goin at haze lool x_x :) xxx
Here are our dogs in prison. They have been behind bars for four weeks, just waiting for someone to love them and take them home. These are our current New Leash on Life dogs.
After a heavy weekend of sport and drinking can honestly say today I'm still looking like Brad the Benjamin Button movie aged 5
Seems like a lot of you watch The Walking Dead? I didn't watch it from the beginning so why bother now, I suppose. So Zombie lovers, I saw 2 previews of 2 movies coming out. "Warm Bodies" which is possibly the strangest and most interesting take on Zombies I've ever seen and "World War Zombies"... looks like Brad Pit wants in on the action.
WooHoo! Just finished working out like a savage. Five pushups, 2 squats and 3 1/4's of a sit-up. Yeah Boy! I look like Brad Pit in fight club right now...
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